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  1. "Aruba!?" said Eve, dumbfounded by the inane promotion that had found its way into her mail. "At least it's not a bill," she sighed, peering dejectedly at the pile of letters remaining on the coffee table. Just then something caught her eye: a bulky unopened letter with a strange symbol on the front depicting a snake coiled in the shape of an eye. She grabbed the unusual envelope and tore it open with rampant curiosity, discovering inside a golden pendant in the shape of a cat's face as well as several notes covered in unintelligible writing. "This doesn't look like something Sandy would buy," said Eve to herself, "kinda tacky if I'm honest." She tried it on anyway, and was immediately distracted by the pile of mail falling to the ground, unsettled by her reckless grasping. Settling back into the couch after reconstructing the mail pile, Eve failed to remember that the pendant was still around her neck. She also failed to notice that her ears were changing shape, and gradually growing fine grey hairs on their newly acquired points. Beset by bodily function, she stood up to make her way to the toilet. Two steps into the journey she fell to the ground, her bare feet misbehaving and failing to support her. She rolled into a seated position to inspect the oddity and was horrified by what she saw. Her feet were growing longer, her heels receding up her legs. Eve grabbed a foot in disbelief, desperately attempting to prove this a hallucination but to no avail. She could clearly feel the unsettling rearranging of her bones. Her hands now in view caught her attention and she drew them closer, rapidly approaching panic in the wake of this madness. Her fingers were shorter and thicker, their ends forming pink pads. Soft grey fur appeared at her sleeves and made its way up to the ends of her digits, where her nails morphed into sharp claws, with a similar process occurring on her feet. Something protruding from her skirt caught her eye. A nimble appendage covered in the same grey fur, rapidly growing in length. A tail, Eve realised with horror. Just as her hands and feet, perhaps now better referred to as paws, seemed to settle into their new form, Eve felt a disturbing tingling in her upper lip. She scrambled desperately to the hallway mirror to inspect this latest development. White whiskers grew from below her nose just as her lip split to meet it. Her nose acquired a pink hue and widened, whilst her nose bridge flattened. Her teeth became fangs and her eyes became slits. The fur encroached from the edges of her face and gradually suffocated what remained of her human skin. As the transformation came to an end, one of her slitted eyes changed from blue to green, a cherry on top of a thoroughly disturbing experience. Eve stood awkwardly on her new feet, tail swaying semi-autonomously, staring horrified at her altered visage. Tears welled in her eyes as she wondered how this could have happened, and if it could be undone. It was then that she recalled the strange pendant still around her neck. Determining it the culprit, she reached up to tear it away but was stopped dead by the sound of keys in the apartment door. "Oh no," she whispered, unwilling to let her roommate see what had happened. Eve rushed towards the bathroom door seeking a place to hide but her feline legs struggled to obey. She heard the door open and turned to face it, like a deer in headlights. Sandy stood there in awe, her mouth agape, unsure how to process the frightened furry roommate who was frozen before her. But before long Sandy's face broke into a hearty grin and she dashed towards Eve and embraced her, affectionately stroking Eve's new feline ears. "Eve you are so cuuuuuute!" said Sandy. "Well, I guess that's good," replied Eve.  
  2. The evening air smelled of crushed leaves and pine. Elizabeth breathed deeply as she made her way down the forgotten path, the atmosphere was intoxicating. Her parents only left the city once every year, and she was happy that it always rested on the verge of autumn. The colorful leaves and cool weather had always been her favorite since she was a child. She pulled her phone from her jean short's pocket and sighed. Once again her mother was texting her, worried she was lost. She absent mindedly sent a generic reply saying she was alright. Her parents knew not to expect her back for a good while, for her excursions into the forest had become something of legend during her family's camping trips. As soon as the camper found its spot, she was off to explore the area, nature hungry from the many months locked in her concrete jungle of a home. She then opened up an application on her phone that contained a map of the national park's hiking trails. This year her parents had picked a secluded location named after a dead man that Elizabeth could not remember unless she was looking at the map. She looked up at the fork approaching in the trail. On her phone screen, a path was plotted to take her to the left, which would inevitably lead back to her parent's camper. She then noticed that the right path led to a dead end not too far from the fork. She stood still at the fork for a few moments twirling her curly blonde hair in her fingers, a typical habit she had while thinking. She inevitably chose to see the scenery that the right path had to offer, intending to turn back once she reached the end. She placed her phone back into her back pocket, adjusting her yellow tank top so that the bottom covered the seam of her pants. She enjoyed the sound of the fallen leaves crunching beneath her boots. Elizabeth studied the red and orange trees that hung over the trail like worshipers, bowing before as she walked. Her fantasy was however shattered when she heard her phone jingle again. Another text from her mother no doubt. As she brought her phone out, she noticed that the map of the park was still up behind her lock screen. She stared at the map perplexed, for the arrow that indicated her position was now far ahead of the path she was taking. Was the dead end a mistake? Was her Smartphone application acting up and showing the wrong position? She took a couple of steps forward on the path an noticed that the arrow moved, continuing down the invisible path. "Nope, still going." She said to herself in the silence of the woods. She stared down the path, which stretched for a long while before banking to the right, taking her farther from her campsite. She scrolled over on the touch screen and saw no other paths in the direction of the path, and presumed that the company that made the application must have missed this trail, or maybe it had been recently added to the park. Either way, it was a single trail, she needed only to backtrack to be on the map again. Then, in an instant, a rustling of leaves was heard from the right of the pathway. Elizabeth almost dropped her phone into the dirt as she spun to face the direction of the sound. She caught a glimpse of leaves settling back down on the ground. There was a good minute of silence before she got up the mettle to make her way over to the side of the trail. As she approached, she could see a distinct disturbance in the laves, as if some animal had cut a path through them as it made its way deeper into the forest. Elizabeth's eyes followed the trail far into the tress before her eyes fell on a peculiar sight. Just as the trail fell out of sight, she thought she could see some form of structure in the distance. Again she looked down at her phone to confirm that there was nothing indicated where she was, and then looked back to the anomaly. It looked like a small collection of rectangular shapes, but she could also see smoke clouds rising from random area around it. She scanned the path around her, she would still be able to see it if she made her way towards the structure. She could not possibly get lost. Putting her phone away, she stepped off the path and followed the unknown animal's trail. Before long, the structure began to take a more detailed shape. The rectangles began to look more like small buildings, each made of crude materials found in the forest. Some of the large ones had wheels on them, with horses hitched to one of the ends. As Elizabeth drew closer, she could make out a small pen of pigs and sheep resting on the far left side of the area, and many small fires burning around the buildings. And before long, she could see small figures crowded around these fires. Elizabeth reached the first of the buildings, which was merely as tall as she, and the inhabitants made notice of her. They were small humanoid figures, all obviously male, wearing tattered and makeshift clothing around their twisted bodies. Some stood up from their fires, while others stepped out from behind their small structures. They were all very small, and the tallest of them could not have been more than three and a half feet tall. But the most shocking to Elizabeth was that though they looked human in stature, they where all wrong. Each bore dark green and grey skin tones. Their fingers where long with broken and jagged fingernails. Each bore a heavy amount of dirt and grime on their bodies, and their hair was silver, and appeared to be no different than straw. But their faces where what separated them the most from humans. Each was unique, and equally hideous. Some had an uneven amount of fur on their faces, some on their brow, others around their mouths like a cruel beard. Their eyes where all large and peering, looking at Elizabeth with what she hoped was adoration, and not malice. Some had crooked noses, some had snouts, while others had no nose at all. Elizabeth stood frozen as they all made their way towards her, making both high pitched and low guttural noises. "Um...I must have made a mistake..." She stammered as she backed away towards the woods. The group of strange creatures all looked at one another and laughed. Elizabeth jumped as she felt her butt bump against something. She turned to see another one of the small men blocking her path. "No my fair maiden, welcome, welcome!" He said in a voice gurgled with every syllable. Elizabeth looked at the man skeptically. Maiden? What where these things? "Indeed, the market is open to any person who so happens to find it." Another, higher pitched voice from the crow chimed in. Elizabeth took another look around and noticed that the buildings where actually small stands filled with numerous types of goods. She noticed one of them covered with what looked like golden jewelry, so much so that the wooden frame of the stall was almost nonexistent. Others sold things such as cut meats, and crude knick knacks made from wood other found items. "Market?" Elizabeth murmured. The small ugly men all laughed with joy as some of them rushed to their respective stands, all eager to sell their merchandise to the girl. "The one and only my young maiden." One of the men said. Elizabeth looked down to see one of the creatures that wore a long red robe adorned with many fake gemstones. A crooked plastic crown sat upon his horned head. "I am called Bowsolan, head of this merchant band." The man introduced himself. "And who do we have the pleasure of serving today?" Elizabeth stared as he extended a dirty hand to her, mud and grime almost dripping from beneath his nails. "Liz. My name's Liz." Elizabeth answered without making contact with the hand. Bowsolan brought his arm back with a smile. The other's behind him jeered. "Ah don't let him fool ya lass, we goblin's ain't got no boos out here!" One of the fatter men roared from behind his kiosk that sold what looked like shards of broken glass. "Goblins?" Elizabeth said aloud, not believing the words the deformed man had said. "Will you keep your mouth shut Georgey? Don't be imputing on my stature in front of the customer." Bowsolan snapped. Elizabeth found herself once again backing away from the market, but remembered the men blocking her exit and stopped. "Did he say Goblins?" Elizabeth repeated. Bowsolan rolled his dark purple eyes and adjusted his fake crown.' "Indeed fair maiden, we are but lowly Goblins. That very reason is why we set up our caravan in places like this." Bowsolan explained. "Nobody likes Goblins!" A high pitched voice added. "They run us out of town without even considering a purchase." All of the goblins seemed to let out a sigh in unison. Elizabeth felt a hint of sorrow for these small men, regardless of how repulsive they seemed. "So you guys sell your wares in the middle of the forest? How many customers do you run across?" Elizabeth asked. Bowsolan looked away from her for a moment, and she also noticed that the other goblins seemed to do a similar motion. "Our customers are...well..." He began to say when he suddenly shook his head and looked up at Elizabeth with a smile. "Eh what does it matter, you are here, and you will surly make a purchase correct?" Elizabeth stared at the goblin man with a confused look. She guessed that meant they had little to no business at all. A feeling of discomfort began to rise. "I really can't sir, I need to get back to my campsite soon. My parents will worry." She began to say, hoping it would be enough to end this encounter. Bowsolan looked at her with a saddened face. "But Miss Liz, we have gone so long without a customer, it would be our pleasure to serve you with whatever you desire." He said, Elizabeth could see the other goblins beginning to step from behind their counters, and fear began to build inside of her. "Yes, come buy fair maiden. Come buy!" They chanted. Elizabeth looked around the stands and saw that each of the goblin men were eyeing her intently. Her idea of having a choice in the matter was beginning to dwindle, and she had to get back to the path behind her. Before she could answer their calls, Bowsolan wrapped his hand around Elizabeth's wrist, it was cold and clammy, and if he was sweating. "Miss Liz, please, let me show you around first." Bowsolan said. Elizabeth was then being tugged towards the center of the market. "Wait, I have nothing to pay you with. I can't buy anything from you." Elizabeth tried to make an excuse to get back to her campsite. Bowsolan held onto her and laughed. "Please, we can find other ways for you to compensate us." He said. Elizabeth felt a chill run down her spine at that statement. She then stopped firmly, causing Bowsolan to stumble a bit. "What is wrong?" He asked, showing a bit of impatience. "I said that I cannot buy from you today!" Elizabeth yelled as she tugged her arm away from Bowsolan, sending him crashing to the ground. The other Goblins gasped as the plastic crown atop their "leader's" head fell into the dirt. The market was silent as Bowsolan regained his posture. "How very rude Miss Liz, how very rude indeed." He said, trying to maintain a politeness in his voice. "Rude? How dare you! You are the one who..." Elizabeth began to retort before she felt something behind her firmly grasp her behind. She turned quickly to see one of the goblin men smiling at her with rotted teeth. In one quick motion, Elizabeth backhanded the little man, sending his metal hat flying into another one of the stands. The goblins then began to rush at Elizabeth, who quickly broke off a wooden pole from one of the nearby stands. She aimed the jagged end at the advancing crowd, but was knocked forward by one of the goblins behind her. As she fell into the dirt, four of the small men leapt onto her. "You evil human!" They hollered. Elizabeth kicked them off with ease, for her size gave her a great advantage over the pintsized attackers. Quickly she regained her stance and smacked her wooden weapon into one of the goblins. The little man flew a few feet to the left into the stand of jewelry, causing it to collapse. "Enough!" Bowsolan roared. The goblin's halted their attack, and Elizabeth look at the head goblin with distain. Her tank top was torn at the bottom, and stained badly with dirt. Her golden hair was a mess atop her head, and a line of crimson blood trickled from her lip to her chin. "You will return to us fair maiden. As do all who at first refuse the wares of our market." He boldly stated. Elizabeth tossed the wooden pole at the group of goblins and then ran back into the forest towards the path. She did not hear any of the goblin's chasing after her, and by the time she got back to the pathway, she could no longer hear the sheering and laughter of the market. When she looked back into the woods however, she was surprised to see that there was no trace of the structure at all. The market had vanished. Elizabeth ran back up the path, the crunching of the leaves no longer so soothing to her mind. She kept checking the trees for signs of the goblins, afraid that they would ambush her. She ran for a long while before her lungs began to ache, and she was forced to stop for a breath of air. She did not remember the path being so long, and she stared down in front of her and saw no sign of the fork that would lead her back to her campsite. As she regained her ability to breath correctly, she reached behind her in order to take out her Smartphone, when her eyes grew wide with fear. Her phone was gone. She felt around all of her pockets, but it was nowhere on her person. Then she remembered at the market when she slapped the goblin behind her for touching her butt. "That bastard." She whispered looking back towards where the market had been. "That bastard!"She repeated, yelling this time. She then remembered the text message from her mother that she never responded to, and that her map application was gone. Tears swelled in the young woman's eyes, but she soon wiped them away. Again she began to run, hoping that she would soon come across the fork in the path. All she needed to do was make the left and she would be back at her campsite. Minutes of running dragged on, and she came to a right curve in the path, slowing to a stop, she was dumbfounded. This was insanity, the path was not like this when she had been walking before. Did she make a wrong turn? "I need to go back..." Elizabeth said to herself. As she turned around, her legs gave out an she dropped to her knees. The path no longer extended straight, but instead made a sharp curve to the left. The path had changed right behind her. "No way..." - Elizabeth was lost. The sun in the sky way beginning to darken quicker with every passing minute, and the young woman was wearily making her way down the winding path. She wondered how long she had been on the trail. It was noon the last time she had checked her phone, and the more she wondered about the time, the quicker it seemed to pass her by. Her stomach ached for food, and this made her journey all the harder. She had not seen any sign of the forked path that would take her home. Any time she ventured off of the path, she found it again. She called for help, marked trees with shreds of her tank top, and even tried to climb a tree in order to get a better view of the forest. All of these attempts ended in defeat, and now she stumbled down the ever darkening trail hoping to come across her campsite. "Mom...Dad..." She whispered, too weak to call out any louder. "Somebody..." Elizabeth then fell to the ground, her legs pulsating from all of her running. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and could fell her tears building up again. She held them in as long as she could. Then, in the distance, she could hear voices laughing. She looked to see a group of lights a ways into the forest. They lights were made by small fires darted around rectangular structures. It was the market, and the voices where from the goblins. Elizabeth immediately thought of the many food stands that were present at the caravan, and her mouth watered. She was starving, and was certain that the goblins where responsible for the maze of trails she was on. She wondered if they still had her phone, and maybe if she could get it back somehow. The sun had almost completely disappeared and she had no other choice. Summoning all of her strength, Elizabeth rose to her feet and slowly made her way for the Market. As she approached, the area once again came into sight in increments. First was the animal pen, then the individual stands and carts. and finally, the fires surrounded by the goblin men. As they noticed her approach, each of the men began to laugh, motioning to each other until the whole market was aware of Elizabeth's return. As she finally made it to the center of the market, the goblins all crowded around her, some afraid to be too close. "Look who came back eh? Little Lizzie couldn't handle herself out in the forest." One of them sneered, Elizabeth could not remember his name, something with a "G" she thought. "I'm lost." Elizabeth said in a weak voice. The goblins all laughed in unison. "That's enough! All of you!" Bowsolan's voice echoed throughout the market. The goblins cleared a path so that the small man could make his way to Elizabeth. He then stood before her, his purple eyes filled with pity. "You left in such a hurry that we never got to mention that you dropped your talking machine." He said. To Elizabeth's surprise, the goblin took her phone from his coat and held it before her. Elizabeth slowly reached for the phone slowly, and then took if from Bowsolan's hand. "Please...do you know the way out?" Elizabeth asked as she placed her phone into her back pocket again, unable to understand the sudden kindness of the goblin men. "Of course, of course Miss Liz. But the night is setting in, and you look positively famished." Some of the goblins began to snicker at Bowsolan's words, but a quick glance silenced them. "You...want me to buy..." Elizabeth said, her physical state almost making it hard for her to form words. Bowsolan smiled and nodded. "Buy from our market, and I will give you a map that will lead you right out of our forest." He said. Elizabeth was out of options, and so hungry that her midsection felt as if it was twisting inside out. She swallowed hard, and then looked past the goblins to one of the market stands. "That." She said pointing. The whole crowd turned to see the stand filled with colorful fruits on golden platters. The goblins cheered with joy and Bowsolan smiled at Elizabeth. "A good choice fair maiden." He said. A group of the goblins lead Elizabeth over to the stand. One of them pulled up a small crate so that she could sit on it and eat from the counter. "But, I still have nothing to pay with." She said as they moved a large platter of fruit in front of her. Bowsolan stepping into the stand and sat across from her, once again giving her a smile. She looked down at the mountain of fruit and was immediately skeptical. "We can worry about that later. Eat Miss Liz, eat." He said to her. The other goblins where crowded around Elizabeth. She eyed the food in front of her intently, her mouth watering. Something inside of her would not allow her to touch it. A small part of her mind was still weary of the goblin men, still uncertain of their craft. She hesitated as she reached for one of the grapes, moving past the pears and peaches, and even passed up a peeled banana. The goblins around her began to groan, even Bowsolan was staring at her with contempt. "Miss Liz...please..." He motioned to the food. Elizabeth took a deep breath and removed her hand from the platter. There was something wrong with this fruit, and she would not be a victim of the goblin men. "What is wrong with it?" she stared into Bowsolan's enraged eyes. "After the hospitality we have shown, you dare accuse me of poisoning my customer?" He asked. Elizabeth pushed the platter away from her and into the goblin's chest. "I am not a fool, and I would rather starve than..." Elizabeth was suddenly cut off as one of the goblins behind her stuffed a handful of grapes into her open mouth. She felt the fruit burst and the juices rush down her throat, causing her to cough and she rose from the crate. The goblin's around her began to laugh and cheer as the backed away from her. Elizabeth cleared her throat and whipped the grape juice from her mouth. Though she suddenly felt very dizzy, and had to sit back down on the crate. "No...No...NO!" She screamed as she could feel her insides beginning to churn. She turned to Bowsolan, who was contently sitting back in the market stall. "Poison...why?" She was on the verge of tears as she could feel an odd feeling rushed through her body, followed by the greatest feeling of hunger she had ever known. "You may be a smart girl, but you have no idea of the true nature of our fruit." Bowsolan said. Elizabeth clutched her stomach as she turned herself towards the counter of fruit again. Almost unable to control her own movements as she reached for one of the apples on the platter. "What...no stop!" She hollered at her own body as she pulled the apple closer to her own mouth. Unable to stop herself, she began to chomp down of the fruit, eating it one bite after another. The goblins watched and laughed as the girl downed the apple, and then reached immediately for a pear."What am I doing? What have you done!?" She screamed before her mouth was stuffed with the fruit. "I must say, you are by far the most resilient human we have ever come across." Bowsolan laughed as he slid the platter closer to Elizabeth, who was trying her hardest to resists finishing the pear. "This is the first time we have ever had to resort to force feeding our customer, but it all works out the same." Elizabeth could feel pressure in her ears as she moved on to eat another piece of fruit, it was is if someone was pulling on them. The goblins however could see that the young girl's ears had grown larger, losing their human shape and taking a more flopped appearance on the side of her head. "It's starting!" One of the goblins yelled in a high pitched voice. Elizabeth could see her new ears out of the corner of her eyes, but was unable to reach for them, as her hands where too busing moving more fruit into her mouth. "What's starting...what's happening to me!?" She screamed before she began devouring an orange. Bowsolan motioned for a couple of goblins to come to his side. "Fetch the mirror, our little star here deserves to see this." He said, Elizabeth's heart sank when she heard this. What was this fruit doing to her? "You see Miss Liz, each of our wares produces a unique effect on humans." He said turning his attention back to the feasting girl. Elizabeth could feel her jean shorts becoming more snug on her waist as she ate, and when she was able to sneak a peek down, she could see her belly growing rounder underneath her tattered tank top. She wanted to get up and run, but whatever was in the goblin's fruit was forcing her to sit and stuff her face. She could feel the juices of the fruit trickle down her chin and stain her tank top, and wanted nothing more than to stop whatever it was that was making her behave in such a way. She felt the button on her shorts pop off as her stomach expanded in size, slowly lowering the small zipper to the bottom. "Make way, make way." One of the goblins said. Bowsolan removed himself from the stand so that the two men could place the large mirror in front of Elizabeth. As she looked up, her eyes filled with tears at what she saw. Her ears were exactly as she feared, flopped on either side of her head in an animalistic fashion. but as she finished another apple, she saw that her nose had turned up and her nostrils had flared to large holes, she could feel her mouth expanding as she ate, and could see that it was morphing into a pig snout. "No!" She screamed, fighting to hold her hands still, as to not take another piece of fruit to her mouth. The goblin's laughed at her reaction, and Bowsolan pulled up a box in order to sit next to her. The goblins were amazed at her ability to resist the fruits spell, but after a good few moment s of holding back, her hands shot forward and pulled the entire platter of fruit towards her maw. "Oh yes, miss Liz, you were indeed one of our most cautious patrons to date. But now it is over for you." He said placing his twisted hand on her shoulder. "You will continue to eat, and continue to change, until there is nothing left of you but a sow. And then you will join the rest of the market's customers in the animal pens." He said into her ear. The goblin's all mocked and snickered at the sobbing girl as she continued to stuff her face, unable to control herself. She refused to look at the mirror, even as she could see her snout growing before her eyes. She could feel her hiking boots fall from her changing feet. Underneath her socks, she lost the feeling in her toes one by one. She couldn't look down at them, but she knew they were now hooves. She winced in pain as her increasing size tore the seams of her jean shorts, splitting them down the sides and allowing her new corkscrew tail to twitch freely in the open air. Elizabeth was too terrified to be embarrassed at her new indecency, but was humiliated when she felt one of the goblin men pulling on her tail. "Coming along nicely, you'll make a fine addition to our market pig." She heard one of them laugh, causing another roar of approval from the crowd. She hated hearing that, her name was Elizabeth, but soon she would only be known as Pig, her human life lost. As she heard her tan top ripping along her expanding back, she mustered up all of her anger and shoved the platter of fruit from her face. The goblin's gasped as the still considerably human girl rose from her box. Bowsolan lept from his perch and adjusted his plastic crown in amusement. "Still so much fight in you eh?" He commented. Elizabeth stumbled away from the stand, her body fighting to regain control over the goblin's spell. She could feel herself being pulled towards the fruit, and hobbled slowly away from it on her new hooves. She felt her body contort and reshape under her shredded tank top, with her female breasts being swallowed by her new barrel shaped body. Some of the goblins gathered up some fruit from the stand and began moving it towards the changing young woman, who eyed the food in terror. "No!" She squealed more than screamed, making an attempt to run from them. However her lack of human feet sent her to into the dirt. "Miss Liz please, you are only making this worse for yourself. The fruit has been eaten, ceasing to eat will not reverse the spell, only prolong the certainty of your new form." Bowsolan scolded. "Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up!" Elizabeth was sobbing her words as she crawled away from the approaching fruit, the goblin crowd followed her to always keep the transforming girl in the center. Her body was now almost entirely that of a sow, with her rapidly transforming hands quickly became her front hooves. Her limbs where being lost to her new frame as they bent and broke. The goblins had finally dumped a large amount of fruit in front of Elizabeth and laughed. "More food for the new pig!" The laughed as Elizabeth was unable to resist the temptation of the fruit and buried her snout into the mess of colors. As she ate, the transformation resumed its normal pace. Her limbs twisted and reformed to match her new pig body, allowing her to remain on all fours with ease. And finally all at once, the remaining female features on the girl's body where swallowed by her transformation. All at once, her urge to devour the fruit halted, and she was finally able to stop. She lifted her new head from the juice soaked ground and looked around at the goblin men, all smiling wickedly at her. They began to cheer louder than ever, while Bowsolan strolled over next to Elizabeth and placed his hand on her back. He was much taller than her now, and she found that she must arc her neck up to look at him. "Good job boys!" He called out. "Looks like we have a new addition to the pen." With that, the goblins all rioted around the pig. Elizabeth tried to cry out, but all that could escape her lips was a porcine scream. Two goblins threw a rope around her neck, tugging her hard so that she fell to one side. Elizabeth looked towards the fruit stand to see the goblins gather up the remains of her human clothing. She watched as they paraded them around, tearing them to shreds and tossing every bit of them in the surrounding fires. She tried to protest this, but even her inhuman squeal was interrupted as the goblins dragged her with the rope. Soon, she was pushed into the animal pens along with the other pigs, and the makeshift wooden gates slammed shut. Elizabeth winched as one of the goblin men reached through the gate and cut the rope from her neck. "A real pain in the behind, I'll say." One of them said throwing the rope aside. Elizabeth looked up at the group of monsters with tearful eyes. Her curly blonde hair lay lathered in fruit juice and mud across her face. "We'll have to shave off all that nice hair, maybe we can make a wig from it." Another piped up with a jagged voice. "In time." Bowsolan said as he approached the pen. Elizabeth stumbled over the him, squealing in protest. "For now, let the sow wallow in her new form. Once she is used to the body we have given her, we can adjust it." He stared at the new animal with distain, for even though she had gain a decent amount of weight, she was still scrawny like her previous form. "We will also need to fatten her up if she will be any use to us in the future." Elizabeth rammer her head against the pen, hoping to break free. She had to get away from these creatures, had to get back to her campsite. "My my, you still try to fight." Bowsolan laughed. The goblin crowd was slowly beginning to disperse, the appeal of their latest conquest already dying down. "Understand me sow, your human life is finished now. Even if you break free and escape us, what good will it do? Your life as Liz is over." Elizabeth suddenly halted her attack on the wooden posts and stared into the goblins eyes. Tears will rolling down her chubby cheeks. He was right. She tried to plead with him again in vain, squealing and grunting like a pig possessed. Bowsolan smiled at her, and took a chunk of hay from a pile next to him. "Now eat up, we need to get some meat on those new bones." He said as he threw the golden food in front of the pig. Elizabeth lowered her head and obliged, shutting her eyes as she took the hay into her snout. As the goblin leader left her alone, she looked around at the other pigs in the pen, wondering if they too used to be human. She trotted over to a group of them who where napping in the corner of the pen. Elizabeth slowly lowered her body to the ground and nuzzled against the other animals to keep warm. Then, unable to control her cries, sobbed until she fell asleep.  
  3. Monkeying Around by j-pwn

    “Stay with the group, boys! Don’t make me ask you again!” “Sorry Mrs. Reed” Jake Suzuki said after his teacher scolded him and his friends for lollygagging. It was the annual 7th grade class field trip to the local zoo. Normally Jake would be enjoying the relatively carefree day away from the classroom but he was instead bemoaning the recent conflict he had with his parents. See, Jake’s single mother ran an especially tight ship in their home, a remnant of her own strict Japanese upbringing, and Jake’s recent report card had not met their expectations, so she decided to enact a punishment that Jake felt was not entirely fair – she took away his Xbox for the remainder of the school year. “It’s just not fair, dude” Jake bemoaned to his friend, Danny as they half listened to the zookeeper’s lecture to the class. “Most parents would be happy with A-s and B+s, but nope! Not my mom! That’s grounds for punishment!” “That really sucks, man” Danny said, expressing sympathy. “Sucks for me too, now we can’t play each other online until you get your system back.” “I just don’t get how me playing video games hurts my grades” Jake continued to complain. “I swear, sometimes it really sucks having a mom that are so out of touch. She’s always going on and on about me wasting time monkeying around on my Xbox.” “Did I hear you mention something about monkeying around” an unfamiliar voice butted into the boys’ conversation. Jake and Danny were taken aback to find a zookeeper had been eavesdropping on their conversation. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you boys” the man said. “I just like getting a kick out of what’s on the minds of today’s youth.” “Uhhh, yea don’t worry about it” Jake said, unsure of what to make of the strange zookeeper who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “So I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re having a bit of a disagreement with your mom. She’s the one tired of you monkeying around?” the man asked. “Uhhh, yea that’s right. She thinks playing video games is hurting my grades” Jake elaborated as he stayed back to talk to the strange man, letting Danny continue with the rest of the class. “Oh good, parents are usually worried about too much horseplay. It’s been too long since we’ve had some monkey business” the man muttered to himself as he began rifling through his backpack. “What was that?” Jake asked, not quite hearing what the man said. “Oh nothing, just talking to myself” the man answered as he finally found what he was looking for – a banana. “Here, take this.” “A banana? Why are you giving me a banana?” Jake asked. “Because I’m trying to help you” the man answered. “Just give the banana to your mother and before you know it, she won’t have any issues with you monkeying around and you can resume your video gaming.” “Really? All I have to do is give her this banana and I can have my Xbox back?” Jake asked, being rather skeptical of the too-good-to-be-true offer. “Why are you helping me? What’s in it for you?” “Oh, I just like helping out a young man in need” the man answered as he pulled a business card from his bag and handed it to Jake. “All I ask is that you give me a call. You’ll know when the time is right.” Jake examined the card, which was almost entirely blank, save for a single phone number on one side. It didn’t even have the man’s name or the zoo logo or anything. Confused, Jake was about to ask for the man’s name when he looked up to see that he was alone. The man had seemingly vanished into thin air! Shaking his head, Jake put the banana and card into his own bag and hustled to rejoin his class before Mrs. Reed could chew him out again. The rest of the field trip was rather uneventful as Jake and the rest of his class explored the grounds while receiving lectures on all of the different animals, but Jake couldn’t shake his odd encounter from earlier in the day. Between the odd gift of a banana and the man’s sudden appearance and disappearance, Jake couldn’t help but wonder if he was going crazy. In fact, the strange encounter was on his mind right until he walked in the front door upon returning home. “How was your field trip, Jake?” Renee Suzuki asked her son as he walked into the living room. Although her legal name was Reiko, she went by Renee ever since immigrating to America as a young girl. The 43-year-old widow was in the middle of paying bills, one of the many additional duties she had to pick up after her husband tragically died some years earlier. “It was fine, I guess. Nothing too exciting” Jake responded. “That’s good. Did Mrs. Reed give you any homework for the weekend?” Renee asked. “No, we just spent the day looking at animals” Jake responded, sulking at the fact that he was already being grilled about his schoolwork after being home less than 5 minutes. “Alright, well I still want to see you do some studying tonight, ok?” Renee instructed. “Ugh, fine” Jake said as he shuffled to his room. He knew that his mother would start cracking down on his studying but he had hoped it wouldn’t be so soon. Upset at his mother’s draconian rule, he decided he’d try out the zookeeper’s banana. Jake figured what’s the worst that could happen? After spending his Friday night studying instead of playing video games like he normally would, Jake snuck down into the kitchen early Saturday morning with banana in hand. Knowing his mother always has some fruit for breakfast, he made sure to place it front and center before returning to bed. Sure enough, within the hour, Renee poked her head into her son’s room to wake him up for the day with a half-eaten banana in hand. “Wake up Jake, it’s time to start the day” Renee said as she drew her son’s blinds to let in some daylight. “Get moving, we’re going to the grocery store this morning.” As her son got ready for the day, Renee finished her breakfast and made her way to the master bedroom to get dressed herself. After fixing her straight, shoulder-length black hair, Renee threw on a simple purple blouse and jeans over her plain bra and panties. Standing at a mere 5’2”, Renee managed to maintain her figure into her 40s. While her rear end had a bit more plump to it than she would like, her petite frame combined with her high cheekbones and smooth complexion made her look much younger than she really was. After putting on her wedding ring (she still wore it to honor her late husband) and fixing her makeup, Renee was ready to take on the day, but she had to wait for her son to hurry up and join her. Renee did love her son, but her tough love practice didn’t always show it outwardly. She did feel bad at times for the way he reacted to some of her punishments, like when she took away his Xbox, but she remembered the strict upbringing she had growing up and reminded herself that it was for the best. He may not realize it now, but she knew that Jake would thank her one day. Once Jake was ready to go, the pair hopped in Renee’s SUV and made their way to the grocery store. Normally, Jake hated these shopping trips as his mother always followed her list to a t, never buying him anything he wanted but this time was different. Jake couldn’t help but notice that his mother was wandering around the store much more than usual, seemingly ignoring her shopping list. Jake was hoping that the zookeeper’s banana was helping Renee let loose a little more. Maybe the crazy guy was onto something, maybe Renee would be more fun now. Jakes suspicions proved to be correct as he was able to sneak some candy and cookies into the shopping cart without his mother noticing. In fact, she seemed to be completely spacing out as she wandered the store, walking past multiple aisles that contained necessary items, instead heading towards the produce section. Jake knew that they needed some fruits and vegetables in the house but he was rather surprised at how much his mother was adding to the cart. There must have been dozens of apples, heads of lettuce, berries, you name it. Jake thought about saying something to his mother about her odd shopping behavior, but didn’t want to risk her reverting back to her usual strict self. Instead, he went with the flow as Renee paid for her purchases. Keeping an eye on his mother as they made their way to the car, Jake couldn’t help but notice how much she was leaning on the cart, seemingly using it for balance. She even continued to lean forward after returning the cart to the corral, swinging her arms back and forth as she lumbered to the driver’s seat. Jake was starting to grow concerned as his mother was acting even weirder, constantly scratching herself throughout the ride home. And while he couldn’t tell for sure, Jake could’ve sworn that his mother’s hands looked different, almost as if her fingers were longer. “Jake, can you take the groceries in please?” Renee asked upon pulling into their garage. “I think I’m coming down with something.” Jake could only watch as his mother exited the car and made her way into their home, continuing to lean forward and swinging her arms all the while. While Jake unloaded the groceries, Renee made her way upstairs to her bathroom, looking for something to cure her of her sudden aching and itching. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she had been feeling off all morning. Stumbling into the bathroom, Renee quickly turned on the sink to splash some water on her face, hoping to shake herself out of her daze. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Renee was convinced something was amiss but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was almost as if the mirror and counter were both taller than before. This coupled with the relentless itching and muscle aches she had felt most of the morning, Renee was convinced she had come down with some strange bug. Unbeknownst to her however, Renee’s ailment was no ordinary sickness. Beneath her clothes, a wave of thick black hair and begun to grow, covering her back and part of her chest and stomach, beginning to make its way down her arms and legs. And beneath that, her muscles and bones were shifting, slowly growing and shrinking to new…simian proportions. Quickly rummaging through her medicine cabinet, Renee found her bottle of painkillers and after struggling to open the cap, managed to pop a couple of pills before heading back downstairs to rejoin her son. Jake, meanwhile, had been anticipating his mother’s return downstairs. Having noticed her odd behavior earlier, he was hedging his bets that whatever effect the banana was having on her would make her more open to returning his Xbox. But seeing his mother struggle downstairs, hunched over worse than ever, Jake started to grow concerned. Still, Jake figured he’d give it a shot. “Hey Mom? I was wondering if I could have my Xbox back” Jake asked. “I’ve been studying a lot and I figured I’d earned it.” “No way. I thought I made myself clear, Jake. No more video games until the end of the school year!” Renee barked at her son, rather taken aback that he would even ask. “Besides, you know how I feel about you monk-EEEEEEK-ing around.” Jake was floored. Not only did his plan not work, his mother was acting incredibly strange. She didn’t even seem to notice the odd sound that she had made while scolding him. He was beginning to get genuinely worried. “You ok, Mom? You don’t look so good” Jake voiced his concern. “I’ll be fine, Jake. Don’t worry about m-EEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEK” Renee had another, much longer outburst, her voice becoming much more piercing and shrill in the process. “Come on, Mom. Sit down before you hurt yourself” Jake said as he led his ailing mother into the kitchen. Helping her into the other room, Jake was perplexed at the fact that he was suddenly a good 2-3 inches taller than his mother, having previously been the same height. “Jake, honey, why didn’t you put all the groceries aw-AAHH AAH AAH?” Renee asked through another shriek upon noticing the counter still full of produce from their shopping trip. “Oh, well you got so much fruit that there wasn’t enough room in the fridge” Jake admitted. “Actually, maybe you should eat some. It could help you feel better.” “That’s a good idea, sweetheart. In fact, that fruit does smell awfully good” Renee admitted, reaching for a nearby head of lettuce. Quickly tearing into the lettuce, Renee started mindlessly munching on the meal as she entered a trance of sorts. Jake could only stand idly by and watch his mother go to town on the food in front of her. Not only was she ripping into the food much more vigorously than he had ever seen before, her body continued to change before Jake’s very eyes. Renee continued to shrink in stature, hunching even closer to the counter as she brought her legs up onto the seat cushion, all while her arms continued to grow longer. And as a kicker, Jake could’ve sworn that her fingers were lengthening each time she ripped off a lettuce leaf while her thumbs grew shorter and stubbier. Jake finally knew something was definitely not normal when he saw dark hairs make their way down his mother’s arms until she sported a thick coat of black fur. As the fur reached her elongating hands, her smooth, pale skin quickly became incredibly rough, turning a dark grey color. If Jake didn’t know any better, he could’ve sworn that they looked like the hands of a… “Monkey! She’s turning into a monkey” Jake muttered under his breath, realizing what was happening to his mother. Paralyzed with shock, Jake stood helpless as Renee continued to chow down, oblivious to her situation. The tipping point for Jake came when Renee’s wedding ring slipped off her changing left hand. Still in a trance of sorts, Renee picked up the shiny object to examine it. “Ook ook ook” Renee grunted as she sniffed the ring, trying to determine whether or not it was edible. Quickly realizing that it wasn’t, Renee tossed the ring across the room and resumed her feast. “Mom!?!? Mom!” Jake called out to his mother, pulling the rest of the produce out of her reach. “Something’s wrong! We gotta get you help or something!” “Ugh, yea you’re right Jake” Renee said, coming back to her senses. “My feet are killing me, I gotta get my shoes off.” As Jake watched helplessly as Renee got up from the barstool, he had to cover his mouth to keep himself from screaming. Renee could no longer stand upright. Instead, she was using her knuckles to walk to the living room. And to make matters worse, she looked like she had shrunk by a solid 2 feet, now a fraction of her former size, essentially swimming in her now baggy clothes. Reluctantly following his changing mother, Jake watched as she struggled to remove to simple flats with her chimp hands, eventually removing the footwear to reveal that her feet had undergone a similar transformation! Her toes were significantly longer, now looking more like fingers than human toes. Her big toe had migrated down her foot, becoming much more opposable much like a thumb. And to top everything off, the skin had turned the same dark color as her hands while the tops of her feet were covered in the same fur that now adorned her shorter legs as well. Renee was relieved that her primate feet had been freed of their confines, but upon gazing down at her altered appendages, something clicked in her mind. Seeing her hand-like feet made her realize that something was amiss. Looking over her feet and moving her focus up to her hands and arms, Renee finally started to grasp what was happening. Jumping up from the living room couch, Renee sprinted on her hands and feet past her son to the first floor powder room, using her shorter, stronger legs to jump straight up onto the counter to gaze at herself in the mirror “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” the normally quiet, reserved Renee screamed and shrieked at the top of her lungs upon seeing her reflection. “I’m turning into a monk-EEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEK!” Renee couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was finally aware of just how small she had become, standing comfortably on the counter and grasping the side of the sink with her hand-like feet. Ripping open her blouse revealed a hairy torso, completely void of her feminine curves. In fact, it looked almost like someone had placed her human head on a monkey’s body, that’s just how much she had changed. “It’s all my fault! I did this!” Renee’s attention was drawn to her sobbing son who had joined her in the bathroom. “You? You did this to m-EEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEK!?” Renee asked, taken aback by her son’s revelation. “I didn’t know this would happen! I’m so sorry!” Jake admitted as he continued to cry over his mother’s situation. “I just wanted my video games back! I’m sorry!” “You wanted to play video games, so you turned me into a monk-EEEK?” Renee asked, completely flabbergasted by Jake’s confession. A million thoughts ran through her mind. Initially, she planned on asking Jake to call for help and hopefully stop her transformation, but a new, stronger thought quickly entered her mind. Rage. It was a completely foreign feeling to the normally calm, collected mother. Renee felt a blinding anger unlike anything she had ever felt before and she had to take it out on something, or someone. Without even thinking, Renee started screeching at her son. “AAAAAAAHHHH AAAAAAAHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEK” Slapping her hands against the sink, Renee jumped off the counter and quickly dashed out of the bathroom, continuing to shriek in anger. Jake could only watch as his monkey mother grabbed anything she could get her hands on and just started tossing it around the room. Books, tv remotes, phones, you name it Renee threw it. She even grabbed a lamp and chucked it straight at her son’s head, luckily missing him by a narrow margin. “AAAHHH AAAHHHH EEEEEK” As Renee bounded into the kitchen, the fur that adorned her entire body began to overtake her once beautiful face, all while her well-maintained human hair receded into her scalp, becoming the same rough, black fur. Beneath her hair, her petite ears were pulling away from the sides of her head, sticking out much more than before while growing slightly larger. Grabbing much of the food that remained out in the kitchen, Renee continued her rampage, tossing it all around the room with no real goal in mind. She was simply angry and her simplifying psyche thought that this was the best way to express it. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK” Somehow, Renee’s shrieks were becoming even louder. Her mouth was beginning to push away from the rest of her face, pulling her shrinking nose with it, forming a small primate muzzle. Inside her mouth, her canine teeth had lengthened tremendously as the rest of her teeth were changing shape, rearranging themselves in her new mouth. All the while, the skin on Renee’s face was becoming rougher and tougher as wrinkles and some fur grew in on her forehead. “Mommy?” a frightened Jake asked as he poked his head into the kitchen. While the young man normally tried to act as maturely as possible, seeing his mother become a dumb chimp before his very eyes had essentially reduced Jake back to being a little boy as he pined for his mother’s comforting embrace. But seeing the mad chimp in the kitchen, Jake was absolutely terrified that he would never have that embrace ever again. Renee, upon hearing her son’s voice, paused her rampage and looked back at Jake who was bawling his eyes out. For only a brief moment, a rational thought ran through Renee’s head as she wanted to comfort her son. Jake could see the love in his mother’s eyes, the only remaining human part of her body and Renee could see the fear in her son’s eyes. But just as mother and son locked their gaze, Renee’s eyes went wide. As Jake helplessly watched, Renee’s brow became much more pronounced while her beautiful, dark brown eyes began changing color, losing their white outline in the process and quickly becoming the eyes of a primate. And just like that, Renee Suzuki was nothing more than a common chimpanzee. “OOOOK OOOOOOOK AAAAAAHHHHH AAAAHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEK!” Jake lost all control of his emotions as he watched the chimp that used to be his mother continue to run amok. The chimp having completely forgotten why she was angry, turned her attention to the baggy clothes that still stuck to her furry body. Confused by the foreign garments, she kicked off the pants and tore off the loose bra and panties, leaving her completely naked in all of her furry, bestial glory. Free of the confines of the clothing, the chimp’s attention turned to an alluring smell as she noticed the food strewn all around her. “M-m-mom? C-c-can you understand me?” Jake asked the chimp as he slowly regained his composure. He didn’t know how much of his mother remained in the chimp that stood before him but he was determined to help her out. Unfortunately, the chimp didn’t understand a single word the boy was saying, instead focusing solely on the bunch of bananas that sat on the floor before her. “Mom? Mom!?!?!? Mom!!!!!!!” Jake became increasingly forceful as he tried to get the chimp’s attention, but sadly, all this did was spook the dimwitted animal. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” the chimp shouted as she grabbed the bananas and darted out of the kitchen, away from the human that was bothering her. Darting up the stairs, the chimp used her newly developed muscles to leap from the railing and latch onto the ornate chandelier that hung from the foyer of the Suzuki home. Watching the animal that used to be his mother cling to the fixture with her feet while chowing down on some bananas, Jake had a sudden revelation. The card! He had completely forgotten about the business card he received with the banana from that mysterious zookeeper. Jake figured things couldn’t get all that worse by calling the number, so he quickly sprinted to his room to dig out the card and call the number. Expecting to hear a helping voice on the other end of the line, Jake was taken aback when he simply heard a recording say, “Thank you for calling, assistance is on the way” before hearing a click and a dial tone, signaling the end of the call. Trying the number again resulted in the same cryptic message. Pacing back and forth in his bedroom, Jake contemplated calling his grandparents, or even calling the police for help, even if he had no idea how to explain how his mother became a chimpanzee. But before Jake could decide on a plan of action, he heard a loud crashing sound, along with an all too familiar shrieking coming from downstairs. “EEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK” Sprinting downstairs, Jake was shocked by what he saw, and what he smelled. For one, the chandelier that the chimp had been hanging on was in pieces, strewn all over the foyer. But that wasn’t the worst thing Jake saw as he gawked at the chimp hunched over in the corner, poking a fresh pile of feces with its finger. Jake’s jaw nearly hit the floor as he watched the chimp that used to be his proper, demure mother sniff her shit-covered finger before picking up the feces and tossing it around the room. Jake had no desire to stick around and get hit so he quickly ducked out the front door so not to alert the crazed monkey. Shortly after Jake stepped outside, he saw a van pull into the driveway. Still trying to get a grasp of the situation, Jake was thrown for a loop as he saw the logo of the local zoo plastered on the side of the van. He was even more taken aback when he saw a familiar face step out of the van – it was the zookeeper that gave him the banana the day before! “Hey kid! Great timing, huh?” the mysterious man greeted Jake as if they were old pals. “I…uhhhhh” Jake was at a loss for words. “So, she’s all ready to go I assume? Do you know where she is?” the man asked. “I…what? Who? She?” Jake asked in response, still at a loss over what was happening. “Your mom, ya dumbass!” the man chided Jake. “That was our arrangement remember? I give you carte blanche to play your video games, you call me when the deed is done. Well, you called so I assume your mom is ready to go?” “She uhhh…she’s inside” Jake said rather hesitantly as he pointed the man into his home where his former mother was amusing herself with the mess that she made. Before Jake could ask what was happening, the man opened the back of his van to reveal a large cage. After entering the home, the zookeeper returned shortly as he led the chimp into the cage, effortlessly locking her in. “She…my mom…she’s a monkey! You…you turned my mom into a monkey!” Jake whimpered at the man, finally reacting to the gravity of the situation. “What are you so glum about, kid? You got what you asked for!” the man chided Jake rather nonchalantly as he finished loading the chimp into the van. “Your mom took your video games away, now she couldn’t possibly care less about them so go play your games already!” Jake could only stand idly by as the man finished his business without a care for Jake or his mother. Just before the man was ready to head out, Jake got one last look at the monkey in the cage. His former mother was busy digging her finger in her ear, seemingly without a care in the world. As the tears began to well up in Jake’s eyes once more, the man quickly shut the doors to his van and hopped in the driver’s seat and just as quickly as he arrived, he was gone with a new zoo resident in tow, leaving Jake standing all alone in his driveway. The man was right – Jake did have all the time in the world to play video games. In fact, it was basically all he had left.  
  4. Good Source of Calcium [TF] - by KoopaCap
  5. [ReadyArt] She-Hulk

  6. Ric Quiroz TF Sequence [Woman to Drider]

    Ric Quiroz TF Sequence [Woman to Drider] (source)
  7. Your fate (Pig TF) by tf-mistress.

    Some of my fantasies is to become a fat piggy. you are walking home, another long day of work or school. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl. It does not matter if you are young or old, or if your figure is amazing or plain. Try to imagine what you are wearing. Perhaps you like to dress more conservatively, or maybe more risqué. In any case, you are not expecting today to be any trouble. You’re not with anyone today, the path home so familiar that you are practically walking on auto-pilot. Lost in thought, you do not notice a man approaching you from behind. Suddenly, and violently, wraps his arm around your neck, and stuffing rag into your mouth. You’re in shock, unable to react in time, as you fall back into his grasp. As the reality dawns on you, the fumes of the rag enter your mind. You are scared, your brain firing off survival instincts, yet your body relaxes with your muscles numb and weak. You are practically a prisoner in your mobile body as you are dragged into the trunk of a truck. You try to scream, but your lungs cannot manage more then a silent cry. You don’t know how long the ride is back, as you drift in and out of consciousness. It still feels like a dream. You’ve heard of people being kidnapped, but never thought it could happen to you. You sleepily watch as the truck parks and you are dragged out towards a building. It looks like a hospital… You awaken again, this time with a start. You feel more alert, your strength coming back, allowing you to view your surroundings with clarity for the first time. It what looks like a doctors office. It lacks any decorations or reading of an actually office however. Most of your clothing has been removed. Your chest is bare, making your nipples freezing in the cold office, as only the underwear around your crotch remains. This was not be design however, but rather you awakening as just the right time, as a man in a lab coat is in the process of removing them. Unaware of your consciousness, you are able to kick him in the face, blood spraying out of his nose. You jump to your feet as he falls to the ground, and swing the door open. Your heart sinks, as you see you are not alone. Nearly a dozen, intimidating men, turn to see you. A few of them are carrying unconscious men and women, seemingly capture just like you. You try to make a break for it, but it is hopeless, as they surround you. The strongest looking of them wraps his arms around your naked waist, lifting you in the air, as another grabs your legs to stop you from kicking. You scream and swear as you are taken back into the office, the bleeding doctor being helped by the others. You are bent over table, your legs being held to the ground, and your arms pinned. You feel your underwear being lowered down to your knees as you continue to yell. In the corner of your eye, you can see one of them with a syringe filled with brown liquid. Then, you feel a prick it is injected into your left ass cheek. Your whole body feels like it is on fire. Your nerves are searing, and your muscles spasm. The men release you, as you fall writhing to the ground. A few of them are laughing as they exit the room. A woman in a lab coat has entered, taking the place of the man you injured. She begins to write on a clipboard, as she watches you. You are drenched in sweat, as you lose control of your bladder. You can barely form words as the spasms continue, your body trying with all its might to reject whatever was injected into you. Slowly, your body surrenders this battle, as the convulsions stop, though your muscles continue to seer. You feel sharp pain coming from your teeth. Your bottom incisors are growing. Their points become sharp, as they lengthen past your lips. You can’t help but touch your two white tusk like protrusions, confirming they are real. You try to get up, but your balance is all off. You can’t take more then a step before you fall back to the ground, landing on all fours. Despite your mind thinking a thousand things at once, you can’t help but notice that your hands felt nothing from that fall. Looking at them, you let out a shriek. Your numb fingers are swelling, taking on a pink tint as they do. You can’t move them, and can only watch as they become hard and stiff. Your other hand is changing even more rapidly, changing into what is unmistakably a hoolve. You scream at the doctor watching you, though find it difficult to form words with your new tusks. You beg to know what’s happening to you. She merely looks at you with cold indifference, as a new wave of coldness washes over you. You try and get up once more, but fall right back on your hooves. Your inability to get onto your feet make you realize that they too have transformed, and looking back at them confirms it. You scream again, though your cry sounds like a high pitched squeal. Your heart is pounding faster then ever before, as you feel your nose expanding, pushing forward so you can see it growing out between your eyes. You feel the snot dripping down your face as your nostrils grow wide. The hair on your head is falling out in large clumps. As if to compensate, short white hairs are growing out from everywhere else on your body. You can feel your ears growing, brushing against your newly bald head. They have become flat and floppy. You want to feel them, but your shoulders don’t allow your arms to bend enough to reach your head. Meanwhile, your skin is turning pink. You are crying without restraint. You suspect what is happening to you, what you are changing into, but your mind tries to deny it. It’s just to horrible to even consider. Instead, futile as it might be, you open your mouth to beg with the woman watching you. Your voice sound gravely, deep, and blocked. As you speak, you cannot help but let grunting noises interrupt your words. Realizing you ability to speak is being stolen from you, you let out another high pitched squeal. Your stomach feels bloated as the skin around your belly inflates like a balloon. You’ve never felt so full in your life, like you just ate twice your own weight in a matter of seconds. It’s not just your stomach thats growing. Fat and flab cover your limbs as your body expands. You try desperately to drag yourself across the ground, but you are way too fat for your arms cary. You’ve already gained two hundred pounds. While this happens, you feel something pushing itself out, just above your fattening ass. Looking back, you once again squeal. A curly tail as sprouted out of you. this one change, perhaps more then any other, sends you into a panic. Something about it makes you realize that you can no longer deny what you are becoming. You are turning into a fat, disgusting pig, and there is nothing you can do about it. Your face presses forward, joining your long, wide snout. Meanwhile, your feet elongate, while your thighs shorten. You are truly designed to be a quadruped now. Your arms are getting shorter, looking more like huge slabs of meat. The genitalia between your legs subtly shift position, growing larger as it does. It hurts, but also fills you with waves of desire. Though this lust is not like anything you are used to. It feels raw, and animalistic. Erotic thoughts swim through your mind in response, but it is not the picture of humans that fill your fantasies. The though of a pig off the opposite sex, the idea of mating and procreating with them, fills every fiber of your sexual desires. Through the mountains of lust filling your every thought, a small voice of horror rings out at the realization that the changes aren’t just physical. Your very mind is being taken away from you. You continue to inflate, becoming abnormally fat, even for a pig. Even the lady watching you seems surprised, as she writes faster. It takes all your effort to move your obese body even a few inches. You feel so tired, and lethargic. You feel like you need to get away, but you can’t remember why. Why are you so scared? Do you even have a name. Slowly, those thoughts begin to fade, as your brain forgets everything you used to know. You can’t read, or remember how you got here. You can barely even think. All you want to do is eat, and mate. You let out a frustrated grunt, eager procreate. The changes are stopping now, with no trace of the human you used to be. You are a swine now, and as far as you can recall, you have always been a swine. The lady watching you is saying something, but you can’t understand it. The door opens, and you are led into a truck with other pigs. You want to mate with the first one you see, but you are led away into your own little space. In the corner is a troff, which you eat the slop out of. However, there is still a small part of you, cut off from the rest of your body, that is trying to resist. You can’t remember your name, or what are words, but you know you are not meant to be a pig, and are not supposed to be eating this disgusting slop. But that part of you cannot reach the rest, which keeps eating. Finally, the truck opens, and you are led into a field with other pigs. You immediately begin to roll in the mud. It feels so cool against your hot skin. You lay there for hours, driving in and out of consciousness. When you awaken, you feel the old lust again. You drag your heavy body towards your desired mate, as they accept your advances. That small part of you that remembers what you’re supposed to be is screaming now, wanting to do nothing but prevent the act from occurring. But that voice is easily silenced by the mountains of animalistic lust coursing through you. You procreate once, then twice. That small voice of protest never truly goes away. But it has already lost. You are a pig. You were always meant to be a pig. And you will remain one for the rest of your life.
  8. Classes were done until the fall, and a summer job working at a farm would be great on her resume. She was studying to get her bachelor's degree in agriculture, then planned on applying to work at a facility that made genetically modified seeds. This farm was owned by a sister company of theirs, and though they mostly seemed to raise cattle, she hoped it would show her interest in the company as a whole. She was a bit nervous though, she hadn't actually been out to the farm yet, and the details on what she was going to be doing weren't explained to her that well. All she knew is that she was going to be working as a Hucow, and they would be monitoring how much milk she could produce. She didn't know much about cows, but she was sure she could get whatever cow they assigned her to make as much milk as possible. She was a bit surprised when she arrived at the ranch that there was very little pasture land for grazing, and the barns looked more like small houses than a place to store animals. Eventually she spotted one of the management and got their attention, they were happy she arrived so quickly and were eager to get her to work. First they needed to give her a small injection, just a small immune booster they said. She didn't like needles, but she wasn't going to complain in front of her new boss. The shot stung worse than she expected, and she immediately felt like her body was on fire. She gave the man a frightened look, worried she was having an allergic reaction, but was unable to voice her concern as everything started to go black. It turns out that all the Hucows experienced a similar reaction to the injection, and though frightening it served as a good way to keep the patient unconscious during their transition. She didn't know exactly how long she had been out, but when she woke up she figured out exactly what her job was. She wasn't raising a cow, or trying to get it to make more milk. She was the cow making the milk. Her once small breasts had swelled out into massive milk filled mounds with nipples the size of soda cans, and she now had fluffy ears and a cow tail. After she had calmed down the management explained to her that she had signed a contract and would have to stay here as a Hucow for the summer, but after that time was up they could mostly reverse the process. They could get rid of the ears and tail if she wanted, but her breasts would only shrink down as small as they were when empty of milk. On the other hand, she could choose to stay like this after her summer of milking was up, and get monthly blood tests for their research. They would not only offer her a job at the facility she was looking to work at, but pay her quite well. There was no need to rush the decision though, she had all summer to think about it...
  9. boob growth magic

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  11. Muddy Piggy

  12. Giraffe Transformation

  13. Unicorn Hiker

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