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Found 66 results

  1. Digitally Corrupted

    Digitally Corrupted (Breast Expansion) Fetish tags: Breast expansion, Ass Expansion, Race change, possession, transformation, bimbo transformation, forced, lactation, domination, mind control, body swap. Natasha opened the door to her appartment, after her cursory sweep she sat down and opened her laptop, she saw an email that made her frown. "Spam folder should have detected this, "Digital Paradise" As soon as her finder made contact with the touch pad the laptop shone bright, and she was sucked into the glow, her body disintigrated to glowing pixels and the screen turned black. Psylocke, though also known as Kwon checked her phone, she was bored, upon her doing so a notification popped up. She tapped it and her phone glowed brightly before she was sucked into it, the phone clattered on the ground, screen off. Rogue strode through the jungle, completely in her element, her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth as she climbed down to the camp site, several people had left their belongings to go to the market, she opened the laptop and connected it to the long range network link the campers had brough. Checking the news she logged into her email and found something that made her laugh, Digital paradise. She clicked it and the laptop glowed bright and Rogue saw her chest disolve to pixels before the rest of her followed into the machine. Silk swinged through the city, she perched on a ledge to check her messages. She was feeling really on edge and hadn't had sex in a long time, she saw the email and moments later she was zapped into the phone which hung on the building from her web. Emma Frost was angry, she was expecting an email detailing her next operational command from Magneto, she noticed she had an unread message, it must be it. She clicked it and her body was drawn into the screen leaving nothing but the her high heels. Natasha found herself in a dark room, stony in texture, she got to her feet and looked around, she saw Emma, Silk, Rogue and Psylocke as well. She wondered how they had arrived her. "Where are we?" She said aloud. A low rumbling chuck filled the space, and the room was light by a dim blue light. A woman strode out of the darkness, a busty light skinned bombshell, with black hair to her round ass, her breasts were supple and she oozed feminine power. "You are in my part of the net, and I shall bend you to my service" Natasha felt her chest tighten, she looked down and saw her generous endowements growing until her jumpsuit unzipped then tore off, leaving her topless. She cupped her breasts, sending pleasure through her, she lost herself and fell to her knees needing her flesh. Psylocke teleported behind the woman and drew her sword to attack, before she could it vanished, the woman turned around and Kwon felt her lips fill and saw that her skin was darkening to a caremel brown, her ass widened and her uniform morphed into a pink version, with a cutout down to her navel, barely hiding her breasts. Kwon tried to teleport away, but when she used her power instead she felt her breasts surge forward, breaking from her slutty uniform. She fell forward, the Woman grabbed her by her right breast and Kwon felt herself fill with lust, for women and began fingering herself. Rogue and Emma looked to each other, before they could say anything the Woman sent a lighting bolt towards them, Emma turned to her frost form but the bolt pass through it, sending her back to human form, her skin became tanned and her breasts went from their DD cups to G cups, Emma reached out Psychically to the foe but she felt her mind torn from her body, the physical form went limp and fell. Emma was trapped in a ball of pink energy. "This will be fun" The Woman said, she turned to Silk, who knew she could do nothing, she felt like an oberver in her own body as Emma was thrust into her body, the woman sent pink energy, and Cindy felt her sex drive increase as Emma's was accomodated. With the combined sexual drive of both women, each above the average she couldn't help herself, she lept on to Rogue. Rogue felt their sexual drives enter hers and grabbed Silk's breast, instead of gaining the powers of the women she gained their appearance. Her breasts billowed out, her hair darkened and her skin tanned. She unzipped Cindy and findered her, the two woman screamed as the both felt the orgasm. The Woman then tore Cindy from her own body and placed her in the limp form of Emma. "No" Emma said through Cindy's voice. The Woman sent sexual energy in pink lightning towards her, Cindy became a perfect bimbo, her breasts reached her naval, her hips widened and her lips puffed up becoming scarlet, her black hair became blond and a dark tan covered her flesh. Cindy watched through Emma's eyes her body being changed, she knew her sexual preferences had been altered but she couldn't help herself, using Emma's psychic ability she made Silk walk up to her, she grabbed Cindy's breast and sucked it. Emma moaned in pleasure. Rogue approached the Woman, She grabbed her and felt the mysterious power flood into her, but instead of fighting her she felt the will to serve the sexual dominator, she sent energy into Natasha. Her tits became body sized and her hair grow to her knees, becoming a bright red. Kwon had regained control of herself, but before she could act Rogue rose both her hands and sent pink energy towards her. Kwons clothes vanished and her breats became impossibly firm, filled with silicone, her ass widened and became a full bubble but, her waist shrunt and her form became less athletic and more skinny. Her face became distinctly asian in appearance and her hair grew to her ass. She moaned and grabbed both her tits pushing them together. The Woman rose her hand and Rogue's hair turned pink, her breasts became beach balls, her shirt shredded in unision. Her ass widened and her lips turned brown and puffed up. Her whole skin became brown and she looked unrecocgnisable. Then the Woman took her mind and tore it out, placing Natasha's inside it, Natash felt her new body, unable to comprehend the pleasure coarsing through her. Rogue landed in the form of Natasha, immobilised by her giant breasts. Natash walked over to her, she grinded against Rogue's new booty and grabbed her breasts, then she kissed her and the two both gave in. Emma and Silk wer both still fingering each other, Silk loved this new body, she commanded Kwon to join them, her asian slutty sexified self looking more like a Korean dancer than the hero. Both Kwon and Silk sucked her tits, The woman sent a bolt of energy forth and Silk/Emma's Body lactated, the milk containted a powerful aphrodisiac and the woman became more aggressive, kissing and squeezing her titflesh. The Woman smiled, these beings would make a fine addition to her realm.  
  2. going native

    Going Native by Enfetisha Added 21 January 2017 Updated 11 February 2017 mc ff mf ft A young blonde American tourist in Africa finds herself stranded in the wilderness. Joining the native tribe is her only hope of survival or escape. Joining this tribe, though, will profoundly change her. “Going Native” part 1 (ff, mf, ft, fd) Maggie had never been more excited. She was going on a safari! As she and her best friend Juliana drove to the airport, Maggie made a mental checklist of all the things she wanted to see in Africa: Victoria Falls, giraffes, lions, rhinos. Those termite mounds that were taller than a person. Parrots! Chimps! A three toed sloth—the slowest mammal in the world! The list of interesting nature Africa boasts was practically endless, Maggie thought. The people who lived there probably had no idea how beautiful their land was. “Mags?” Juliana’s voice punctured the daydream. “You remembered your passport, right?” “Give me a little credit, Jules,” Maggie responded. Just to be safe, she reached into her jacket pocket (inside breast) and felt it. Then, to be extra, extra safe, she pulled it out of the pocket and took a look. Yep, there she was. And even though the photo was poorly lit and taken in a pharmacy, she looked pretty good, Maggie thought to herself. The picture was taken last year. She had just gotten back from a cruise—hence the honey tan and extra blonde hair—and had just taken out the braids she had paid some island girl to give her, so her hair had extra body. Pulling down the passenger-side mirror, she checked herself out. Yep, still hot. Actually, even hotter than the pick, now that her osteotomy nose job from early summer had finally healed and left her with the thin, straight nose she wanted. “Oh my God, Mags! You check yourself out every five minutes! You’re so arrogant!” Juliana teased. “Yeah, like you don’t do the same thing when I’m driving!” “I guess that’s why we get along! We both understand the importance of looking hot, even when you’re about to hop on an eighteen hour flight to go on a safari in Africa!” They laughed. It was ridiculous when you said it aloud. Their last few weeks had been spent preening in front of the mirror, practicing their poses for selfies they would take in front of armadillos and wildebeast, and trying on different, cute safari outfits. They each brought five different safari outfits, in colors ranging from tinkerbell blue to hot pink. With matching safari hats and boots, of course. Moments later, Juliana announced that they had arrived at Miami International Airport. Next stop: Tanzania! (or to be more precise, next stop, security, then the airport lounge, then the plane, THEN Tanzania) * * * The flight was uneventful. First class is the only way to fly internationally—Maggie’s dad had taught her that at a young age. In fact, it was the only way she had ever flown, but she had heard horror stories about coach. In first class, you could just recline and let the Ambien and white wine do their jobs. In a moment of lucidity, Maggie noticed Juliana chatting up a well dressed black man whose accent indicated that he was from Africa. What a fucking tourist! Maggie drifted off to sleep again in her comfortable, fully-reclined seat. * * * Maggie next opened her eyes in Kilimanjaro International Airport. The plane had landed, and all around her, passengers hustled to disembark. Juliana was still flirting with that man. The flirtation continued through baggage claim. The man—whose name was Abassi, it turns out—even helped with the dozen or so suitcases they had brought. As Juliana and Maggie got in a taxi to their hotel, he slipped a piece of paper with his phone number into Juliana’s hand. “What are you doing?” Maggie asked her friend. “What? He’s fucking hot! You has a beautiful smile, and you can tell he’s like chiseled from granite.” “Agree to disagree,” Maggie thought to herself. She wasn’t a racist by any means, and had even dated a Latin man once. She simply wasn’t attracted to black men. Maybe it was their skin tone, maybe it was their stereotypical features, like fuller lips and wider noses. Whatever it was, the end result was that Maggie was content for Juliana to experience this aspect of the local scene by herself. Still, she had to get in one last dig. “You always do this. You always have some kind of romance with the natives.” Maggie recalled the torrid (and brief) love affair between Julia and the Jamaica kid last year. “Well, I like to experience everything the countries we visit have to offer!” The girls laughed. Yep, Juliana was going to fuck that dude. * * * At their amazing resort hotel, the girls threw some shillings at the concierge to arrange for their bags to be brought up to their room and headed to the spa. After a long flight, they needed some pampering. Otherwise, what would the selfies look like? An hour long massage and cucumber mask later, they felt refreshed and went to their room. Or suite, rather. With two walk-in closets and a hot tub big enough for a half dozen people. Maggie wasted no time unpacking her belongings and arranging her outfit for tomorrow’s safari. Watermelon would be the color, she decided. While Maggie was in the closet, Juliana was on the phone. “Don’t be mad,” she told her friend when Maggie emerged, “but Abassi is coming over now.” “Oh great. Well what am I supposed to do?” “I dunno—can’t you check out the gift shop or the beach or something?” Maggie grumbled, then changed and complied. * * * Maggie walked through the gift shop. A snow globe of Mount Kilimanjaro. T-shirts with local soccer teams on them. Toy gazelles. Nothing compelling. She meandered to the postcard spinner rack and lazily looked at them. Postcards with pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro, local soccer teams, and gazelles. Nothing compelling. Then, a bizarre image caught Maggie’s eye. Toward the bottom of the rack was a dusty card with a picture of some tribespeople. The men wore loincloths, their torsos painted. Some sported plates in their lower lips, extending their lips by inches in one of the most horrific examples of body modification Maggie had ever seen. The women were equally bad. They, too, wore only loincloths, their breasts hanging, exposed. Their hair hung in long dreadlocks or hung around their heads as unkempt afros. Their bare feet were adorned with numerous rings, and their toenails were uniformly as long as most women’s fingernails. Many sported some kind of nipple piercing. Most also had what appeared to be a kind of ritualistic scarring all over their bodies. Maggie put the card down and left the store, repulsed. The beach was much better. Maggie was practically the only person there, except for the hotel staff that returned periodically to ply her with drinks. It was awesome sunbathing weather, too, with a high sun and no clouds in sight. After about an hour on the beach, Maggie, who had been lying on her stomach, decided her ass had gotten enough sun and flipped over. Feeling naughty, and with no one else around, she undid the straps holding her bikini top on, exposing her breasts to the warm, moist air. “Juliana will flip,” she thought, “when she notices that I don’t have any tan lines…” Maggie smiled and thought back to that summer in Nice where she last got that “all-over” glow. Shortly after doing so, Maggie’s attention was drawn to some commotion closer to the water. Staff had gathered and surrounded a small group. Voices were raised, puncturing the serene beach setting. Curious, Maggie got up for a closer look. She stopped at about five meters distance, seeing that the staff had intercepted three interlopers. Most likely, they had wandered onto the resort beach without invitation, as they clearly weren’t guests. In fact, they appeared to be tribeswomen, like those in the postcard. The group consisted of three women, each wearing loincloths and each topless. Two had long, black dreadlocks; the third’s hair was a frizzy/kinky rats nest. Their breasts were shocking—enormous and hanging down the bulk of the length of their abdomens. Maggie looked down at her own breasts, also still bare. They were indeed much smaller than the trespassers’, but Maggie was very glad her B cups were so perky. She also was grateful at that moment for her moderately-sized, light colored areolas and normal-sized nipples, which contrasted starkly with these women’s dark areolas as big as saucers and ending in giant nipples, several pierced with thick metal bands. Maggie could only imagine how painful those piercings were. Her jaw dropped further when one of the women turned her face, and the sun caught the metal in her face. A blunt rod traversed her nose sideways, halfway between her bridge and the tip, passing through both sides of the nose and the septum. Likewise, metal protruded from either side of her bridge. Several septum rings dangled from her nose. Each was connected by a chain to her ear. As if sensing Maggie’s derisive gaze, she turned and locked eyes with Maggie, cracking a smile and playfully knocking one of the chains with a finger. The fingernail was at least 2 inches long, and the hand bore some kind of scarred design. Altogether, Maggie had never seen anything so grotesque as these women. She was very grateful to the staff for removing these people from her beach—the mere sight of them discomfited enough to ruin Maggie’s sunbathing experience. Maggie headed back to her room, found that she was still sex-iled, and returned downstairs to the hotel bar. After she was drunk enough not to care whether her friend was having sex next to her, she went back upstairs and passed out. * * * The following morning, Maggie awoke, hung-over. She flipped in bed and saw Juliana, already awake. Next to her was Abassi. “Wakey wakey! Man you were trashed last night!” “Damn, don’t remind me.” “You still making the safari today?” “Oh shit—what time is it?” “In about an hour.” “OK good. I should be good to go. Did you decide on your outfit? Do you still want to coordinate?” “Um… sorry, love. I’m going to bail. Abassi and I want to spend some time together.” That sobered Maggie up. “Fine,” she said, curtly. She was pissed. This romance was really getting in the way of the plans she and Juliana had come up with. Maggie stomped off to the closet, threw on the safari outfit she had laid out earlier, and stormed out of the suite. * * * Maggie sat at the hotel bar, wolfing down a nice, greasy breakfast of eggs, bacon, and buttery toast. It was just what her hang-over needed. “Excuse me,” she said, flagging down a waitress. “Could you get me another glass of orange juice?” It was her third. “Cripes, someone loves OJ,” came an Australian-accented voice from down the bar. Maggie looked. The speaker was a blonde of about 25. He wouldn’t have been out of place on a surfboard, except that, like Maggie, he was wearing a safari outfit (albeit one less garish than Maggie’s). He beamed, and Maggie was drawn into his blindingly-white smile. The two began to chat. This guy’s name was Shawn, and he was actually the safari tour guide Juliana and Maggie had engaged. Chatting turned quickly to flirting. Maggie was looking forward to going into the jungle or savannah or whatever with him. If all went well, maybe she would be the one to sexile Juliana later tonight… Shawn and Maggie finished their breakfasts and left to load up his Jeep for the safari. Minutes later, Shawn was driving Maggie down the highway. “Are you ready to see some rhinos?” Maggie screamed in delight. She was finally on the road, finally going to see some cool wildlife, and maybe going to have a fling of her own. When Shawn put his hand on her thigh, she leaned in. They made light, flirty small talk for the next several hours, until Shawn spoke up. “How about I show you where the real cool shit is? Not the bullshit they usually put tourists on safari through?” “That sounds awesome!” Maggie replied. “Time to go off-road then!” he announced as he turned down a dirt path. * * * “Shhh—look over there,” Shawn said as he slowed the Jeep down to a crawl after a few hours down the bumpy dirt road. “Rhinos! As promised!” Sure enough, Maggie followed the direction Shawn pointed and, sure enough, there were three behemoths, nonchalantly chewing grass. Maggie couldn’t believe how close she was to these majestic beasts. “Can we get out and pet them?” “Are you daft? We have to get ready to floor it in case they charge!” Maggie laughed at herself. Shawn was so smart. And so cute. They continued driving and passed a group of crude huts. They appeared fashioned out of mud and straw, with thatch roofs and dirt floors. “Those will be the Tinerians. Creepy fuckers if you ask me,” Shawn volunteered. As if on cue, someone emerged from one of the huts. It was a woman, clad only in a loincloth, with long, black dreadlocks. Even from a moving car, Maggie could see all the metal in her face. “Oh my God, Shawn—I saw this woman yesterday at the hotel!” “Shit! What were they doing there?!? That’s twenty miles from where their normal territory!” “She walked twenty miles since yesterday?? That’s insane! She doesn’t even have shoes!” “Yeah, I know, right! They’re nomads, I guess. Mainly, I think they just get their jollies off freaking out the tourists!” Shawn laughed, gutterally. “I was so freaked out yesterday, Shawn. What those people do to their bodies is absolutely disgusting. The scars and piercings and everything—blecch…” Maggie gagged. “Well, I dunno, I think you’d look pretty sexy walking around topless all the time,” Shawn laughed again. “You bastard!” Maggie feigned indignation and hit Shawn playfully on the arm. The Jeep swerved slightly. “Careful, lady—don’t forget I’m the one keeping you safe out here…” “How could I forget? My hero!!!” They both laughed. And when the laughter subsided, Maggie sensed a real moment. She reached across the seats and put her hand on Shawn’s pants. Seconds later, she had pulled down his fly and begun to wrestle his penis out. She started to jerk it. Shawn grabbed her head and guided it down to his lap. She unlatched her seatbelt and began to suck Shawn’s cock. It was average size, about 6 inches. Maggie looked forward to feeling it inside her later. Shawn moaned. Maggie gave good head, at first alternating between slowly licking the shaft and holding the tip in her mouth, then gradually increasing the speed of her cock sucking until she was energetically bouncing on his cock. Shawn slouched in the seat as the scenery zipped past. Sensing that he was close to finishing, and turned on by how slutty she was acting, Maggie increased the suction. Shawn moaned again. This was the best blow job he’d ever gotten. He looked down and smiled at the beautiful, blonde American girl delivering it. She looked up, they locked eyes for a moment, and Shawn inadvertently steered the Jeep into a gnu that was crossing the street. * * * Maggie opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry at first, but after several blinks, everything snapped into focus. She was on some straw in a small shed or something. Looking more closely at the walls, she could see that they were textured. Did this shed have stucco walls? No, looking even closer, Maggie saw that the walls were made of dirt and straw. She was in one of those huts she had passed earlier. “I have to get up and find Shawn,” Maggie thought to herself. She put her foot on the dirt floor and, as she stood up, experienced sharp pain in her leg. Examining the source of the pain, she saw a large gash in her calf. It had been filled with what looked like sand. She reached in her pocket for her phone, intending to call for help, but found it smashed beyond usability. There would be no calling for help, let alone selfies, today. Ignoring the pain, Maggie walked out. The hut opened onto a common area around which other huts were arranged. The injury slowed Maggie’s gait, and her grunting drew a crowd of the tribespeople around her. It was mostly women. Sure enough, they each wore just loincloths, their large brown breasts flapping in the breeze. Their bare feet were adorned with numerous rings and the same ritualistic scarring that marred other parts of their bodies. The toenails were exceptionally long, yet somehow each foot looked clean. Their faces were heavily pierced as well. Maggie tried to press through the crowd, but the woman she and Shawn had passed stood in her way. Maggie, forced to confront this dreadlocked primitive, couldn’t take her eyes off the metal rods running lengthwise through her large, flat nose. After a moment, the woman grabbed a handful of Maggie’s blonde hair, held it up, and spoke to the crowd in a kind of sing-songy / clicking dialect. The assembled all laughed uproariously at whatever the woman had said. Next, she pointed at Maggie’s boots and said something else. The crowd found this even funnier. Finally, she pointed at Maggie’s chest and uncorked a real knee-slapper. Tired of being the butt of jokes, Maggie, painfully, pushed her aside and walked to the road. As she pressed through the crowd of women—about 25 in all—she saw that among them was a tan blonde, looking to be about 20 years old. She was as pierced as the others, with a series of septum rings and rods traversing her nose’s width up to the bridge, and dressed precisely the same, though her small, white breasts poked forward instead of down. “Weird,” Maggie thought, “but a mystery for another day.” She made it to the road and spent the better part of the day slowly walking in the direction she believed Shawn’s car to be. After a while, she could smell burning in the air, an odor that grew more potent as she continued, until she finally arrived at the charred out husk of Shawn’s Jeep, next to the charred remains of the giant mammal Shawn had hit while she was blowing him. And of course, there in the front seat was a charred corpse. It must be Shawn, Maggie realized, as she pieced together what had happened. The collision had thrown her from her seat. She injured her leg and was knocked unconscious, destroying her phone in the process, and the Tineris must have brought her back to their camp and “dressed” the wound. Mercifully, her ejection from the vehicle threw her clear of the conflagration that ensued as the gas tank ruptured. If Shawn wasn’t killed in the impact, he probably died an agonizing death, Maggie realized. The thought sent a chill down her spine. That chill was followed by an even bigger one as she realized that she was alone, with no food, water, clothing, shelter, or means of communication. And no one knew where she was. She began to sob. After crying for a bit by by the Jeep, Maggie collected herself. She was aided in doing so by night falling, which brought a significant temperature drop and, Maggie realized, nocturnal predators. With this realization, every rustle in the brush startled Maggie. Lacking better options, and with her mobility hindered by her leg injury, Maggie lay prone and rolled herself under the husk of the Jeep, where she spent a fitful and anxious night. * * * The sun’s warmth raised the air temperature even under the Jeep. Maggie awoke in a sweat. Her designer safari duds were torn and ruined with grime and blood. She had gotten almost no sleep, between her leg pain, concern about becoming some animal’s next meal, and dread about her present situation. She considered her options. First, she could walk back to civilization. The Tineris did it, after all. With her wounded leg, though, it could take her days, even assuming she followed the path correctly back to the highway. Second, she could wait by the Jeep for help to arrive. This was a gamble, as no one knew where she and Shawn were headed and they were far enough off the beaten path that it seemed unlikely anyone else would be coming down this way in the near future. Most likely, no one would even realize she was missing until, at the earliest, tonight—Juliana was in her own world and probably hadn’t noticed that her friend was missing yet. That left one more option—go back to the Tineris and ask for some help. Maybe they knew a shortcut back to the civilized world, or maybe they could even go get her some help. Maggie’s stomach rumbled. She hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since breakfast the last morning. She set aside her pain and began the slow march back to the Tineris’ camp. * * * She arrived shortly after dusk. In her approach to the camp, she could hear a steady drumbeat and wild, bestial screams. Maggie couldn’t tell if someone was fucking or getting killed—or even if humans were involved at all—but, lacking any other options, she pressed on toward the noise. A campfire lit the scene when she arrived at the outskirts of the camp. And what a scene it was. While Maggie crouched in the distance, twenty or so Tineri tribespeople, nearly all women, were gathered around one of them, rubbing some kind of dirt on her. She was totally covered, head to toe, including her hair. The process was clearly turning her on, and she tugged on her nipple rings in passion. As she did, a surprised look crossed her face, like there was something different to her breasts, but that look was swiftly replaced by pure lust. At that point, someone dumped a basin of liquid—water?—on her, wiping off most of the mud. She stood and shook off the rest, releasing her long black dreads and her smooth ebony skin from the mud. She stared at one of the only two men Maggie could see, as he stood off to the side. He nodded, and she walked toward him over some of the other Tineri. When she reached him, she silently dropped to her knees and reached under the man’s loincloth, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time. As she began to pump, it looked to Maggie like she was checking with him each time she escalated the encounter, seeing whether he gave permission to proceed. When he grunted approval, she lifted the loincloth and deepthroated the largest cock Maggie had ever seen. It was the size and shape of the lower part of the bannister at Tiffany’s. Maggie was amazed that a man could be so well hung and shocked / disgusted at the fervor with which the woman sucked that cock. Then, Maggie noticed that the rest of the tribe had broken out into an orgy. Throughout the clearing, women buried their heads between the legs of each other. The clearing was soon filled with the sound of passionate breathing and moaning. Maggie had never actually seen lesbian sex before. The sight made her gag involuntarily. Then, she noticed that several groups had formed where the women were licking one another’s feet. With utter revulsion, Maggie watched one such woman take another’s foot—the same one she walked around on all day—and lick between each of her toes, taking the long-nailed, ringed toes in her mouth in turn. The sensuality with which the licker approached her disgusting task really got to Maggie, and, without thinking, she muttered, “So gross…” Moments later, she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned and looked up to see one of the two tribesmen standing above her. His chiseled chest was covered in scars, mostly designs, but some recognizable shapes, like horses and women. A stern expression crossed his face, a look made even more ominous by the crackling fire lighting him and the gigantic, curved ring that went through his nose, entering above one nostril, passing through the septum, and exiting the other side. When Maggie didn’t immediately move, he grunted again, this time pointing away from the camp. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spy. You people were so helpful to me earlier and—” Maggie started. The man cut her off with another grunt, again pointing away from the camp. “Yeah I don’t mean to bother you but I really need—” The man grabbed her forearm. His grip would certainly leave a mark. “Please, help me—” He flung her away. Maggie stood, but the man silently guarded any return to the camp. Dejected, Maggie slunk away. She eventually found a tree she could climb and got what little sleep she could in it. * * * The next morning, Maggie knew she had to find water. She figured she could just watch the Tineri and see where they got theirs. After making her way back to their camp, she watched for a while before some of the women left carrying jugs and basins. They were clearly headed to the water supply, and Maggie would be close behind. Of course, Maggie could barely keep up with these women, who could walk faster than almost anyone in spite of the terrain and their bare feet. Maggie struggled with her leg, but her desperation gave her the strength to keep them in sight. Eventually, they approached a brook. They set their jugs down and entered to wash themselves. Maggie wandered upstream a bit until she felt they wouldn’t notice her and did likewise. She pulled off her boots for the first time in days. The stench was ripe. As she peeled off the filthy socks, she noticed that she had a bona fide sock tan line for the first time in her life. Lint from her socks stuck to her feet. The cool, soft mud on the shore of the brook felt good underneath and between her toes, and so did the temperate water of the brook. As she lowered her head underwater and drank as much as she could, she began to relax. The pain from her leg subsided with her thirst, and she soon forgot how hungry she was. Maybe she could simply float down this brook until she got to a town, she figured. Isn’t that how these people who lived around her transported stuff? She raised a foot above the water, scrutinizing its blisters and nicks. A pedicure would be high on her list of priorities when she got back. Maybe a massage too… Heated shouting punctured her relaxation. Looking at the shore, she saw two of the group of Tineri women entering the brook to chase her. She feebly attempted to escape but was captured in a few seconds and brought to the shore. “Please let me go! I only need to get back to a city!” Maggie pleaded as she was dragged from the water to a third Tineri woman. Up close, her piercings and scarring were extremely intimidating. In response to Maggie’s pleas, the woman returned indignant shouting in that sing-songy / clicking language the Tineri spoke. “I can get you money! Just let me float down this brook to a town!” Her words continued to fall on deaf ears. “Please…I’ll die…I’ll do anything…please…” At this point, Maggie fell to her knees. Her captors let her drop. Maggie sobbed inconsolably on her own as the three Tineri huddled. After a minute of apparent argument, one of the two women who had captured Maggie helped her to her feet. Maggie recognized her as the cock-sucker from the night before. “Oh my God, thank you so much, I promise—” “Shut up, bitch,” the cock-sucker said, in perfect English and with an American accent. “Here’s the deal—we helped you yesterday, and you just pushed us aside and left. We Tineri can’t just let that go.” “Wait—how do you speak English? Are you Americ—” “Don’t be stupid, bitch. Listen to me. I’m telling you what’s going on. We Tineri can never forgive a foreign bitch who insults us like that.” “Oh fuck, I’m so sorry! I was confused! I was in shock! Please forgive me!” “Shit. You really do talk too much, you know that? Just fucking listen, you idiot. We are a proud but forgiving people. We can’t forgive a foreign bitch like you, but we always forgive each other.” “Huh? I don’t understand.” “Of course you don’t.” The cock-sucker ran her fingers through Maggie’s blonde locks. The three Tineri laughed. “I’m telling you, if you want our help—and I can tell you that our help is the only way you’ll survive another day—you’re going to have to join us.” “Join…?” “Yes. Live by our customs. Become Tineri.” That didn’t sound so bad to Maggie. She’d do their trust falls or whatever, gain their trust, then, with their assistance, return to civilization and the life of luxury she had always known. “Umm. OK. What do I have to do?” “First, this.” The cock-sucker grabbed the two sides of Maggie’s safari shirt and ripped them open. Buttons flew everywhere. The woman threw the rags into the brook. Then, she took the top of the tank top Maggie had on underneath and did likewise, similarly throwing it in the brook. Finally, she reached between the cups of Maggie’s bra and unclasped it (with a strange ease, considering she lived topless). The bra too found its way into the brook. Maggie was as topless as the tribeswomen, who closed in on her until they were all standing bare chest to bare chest. Their dark skin and huge, black areolas contrasted with Maggie’s pale breasts. The cock-sucker grabbed Maggie by the shoulders and pulled her closer until Maggie could feel the thick metal of her nipple rings. Uncomfortable and self-conscious about her perky B’s, Maggie stepped back and folded her arms. The woman firmly unfolded them and the Tineri women laughed. They took turns poking her breasts and comparing them with their own ample tits, cackling the whole time. Maggie began to feel nervous. “We’ll fix your tits, don’t worry,” the woman said, ominously. “After all, we Tineri don’t wear tops.” Maggie managed a wan smile, then went over to the edge of the brook to retrieve her boots and socks. She sat down and began to put them on when the woman interrupted. “Nope. We don’t wear shoes or socks either.” She grabbed one of Maggie’s bare feet and examined it. “Don’t worry, we’ll fix your feet, too.” “What does you mean—‘fix’?” “I just mean that you’re going to love being a Tineri. Promise. In fact, let me introduce you to one of the many pleasures of life in our tribe.” She sat on a rock next to Maggie and put her right foot in Maggie’s lap. The toenails were long to the point of curving, which seemed impractical in light of the fact that they walked around the jungle barefoot all day. Four of the toes had tight bands of metal around them. Maggie had seen toe rings before (though she personally found them hideous), but these were far more ornate than what you’d find on an aging yoga instructor in the Valley. Most striking about the foot, though, was its soft, supple skin—precisely the opposite of what Maggie expected from someone who never wore shoes or visited a nail salon. The tops were well-moisturized, the dark brown color almost creamy. The soles had no calluses on them and, in truth, felt like someone had run butter on them minutes earlier. Maggie looked at her own feet, abused and angry from days of hiking. “How are your feet—” “Shhh,” the woman said, lifting her foot and putting the ball on Maggie’s lips. “You know what to do.” Maggie knew this woman expected her to kiss that foot. The idea of kissing any foot was among the most abhorrent things Maggie could imagine, but this foot had been walking around in a jungle! And the woman had super long nails and tons of toe rings and the whole thing was sooooo weird and… “I don’t have a foot fetish—” Maggie started. “Yet.” The woman finished the sentence as she shoved her big toe in Maggie’s mouth. The nail caught the roof. Maggie winced, then got the idea that there was more of that to come if she didn’t show some enthusiasm. So, reluctantly and tentatively, Maggie swirled her tongue around the toe. When the woman indicated that she wanted her second toe sucked as well, Maggie opened her mouth to allow its entry. Soon, she was holding the foot in front of her face with both hands, running her tongue around and between the toes. Her attention was fixed on that foot, as she knew that she had to do the necessary to placate these primitives. She didn’t notice as the other Tineri women began to pleasure themselves. Nor did she notice as they began to pleasure each other. “Hmm… I see what they were saying about having a white girl suck your toes,” the woman said. “You are going to be very popular with the ladies back at camp. I mean, once we fix you.” Maggie looked up to see the woman with one hand between her legs, lewdly manipulating her folds, and the other lightly tugging on the huge ring that went through her right nipple. “Come,” said the woman, as she placed her other foot behind Maggie’s head and pulled it into her crotch. “Lick me, white girl.” Maggie resisted, but the woman pulled her in more forcefully. Recognizing that she had little choice, Maggie stuck her tongue out and licked the small patch of soft, dark, curls. She had never seen lesbian sex before yesterday, let alone had lesbian sex. Frankly, the thought disturbed her. She wasn’t homophobic exactly, but she had a certain notion of what lesbians looked like and did. And that stereotype didn’t include her. But today, it did. Tentatively, she pushed aside the woman’s pink folds with her tongue. The taste was mildly acrid, but not as rancid as Maggie expected of someone without a shower. Through trial and error, she eventually found the woman’s clit and spent several minutes slowly circling it with her tongue. The pace of the woman’s breathing accelerated. Maggie licked with more urgency. The woman took Maggie’s left hand and placed it on her nipple ring. Maggie understood that she was supposed to tug on it gently, and so she did. The woman came violently as she held Maggie’s face into her cunt, making sure Maggie could feel each of her orgasmic convulsions. “You’re going to be a good cunt eater, white girl. Say, what’s your name?” “Maggie,” she said, wiping off her mouth. “Cool. I’m M’li.” Turning to her friends, who were also engaged in some pussy eating, M’li said something in Tineri. The women nodded. The four of them stood and began the trek back to camp. As they walked, Maggie, topless and barefoot, and having sucked her first toes and eaten her first pussy, wondered what she had gotten herself into. * * * M’li announced the group’s return with several loud cries as they approached the village. Maggie trailed slightly behind. She wasn’t used to walking barefoot anywhere outdoors besides a beach, and she had nicked her foot on some sharp rocks and small roots on the trip back to camp. By the time she arrived, what seemed like the entire tribe was there to greet her. “Um…hello, everyone. Sorry I was so rude before—” M’li cut her off, addressing the crowd in Tineri. She gestured broadly as she spoke, pointing at times to herself and at times to Maggie. Eventually, the din of the crowd picked up, seemingly in acceptance of Maggie’s request to join the tribe. M’li turned to Maggie. “I let everyone know you’re here to become one of us. I’m vouching for you, white girl, so don’t let me down.” “I won’t, M’li, I promise.” Maggie had conflicted feelings on M’li. On the one hand, she was the closest thing Maggie had to a friend out there, and without friends, Maggie wouldn’t make it. On the other hand, M’li had already taken advantage of that “friendship” to involve Maggie in sex acts she never would have considered under normal circumstances. Maggie decided to chalk up M’li’s actions to cultural differences and not aminus and resolved to continue to do what she had to do to survive. “Good. Now, let’s meet everyone.” Maggie spent the next hour or so being introduced to each person in the tribe. There were twenty-five or so women and just the two men she had seen the other night (no children at that time). Each woman insisted on a long, close hug. Maggie was still uncomfortable walking around topless, and each hug had the uncomfortable—for Maggie—effect of causing her bare breasts to rub against those of the woman she was hugging. Maggie certainly got her fill of feeling soft, huge breasts and giant nipple rings, though the women were quite welcoming. Maggie also got her fill of women pulling or caressing her blonde hair, poking her in her pale breasts, and pointing at her sock tanned feet, like those parts of her body were novelties. The men were both very standoffish and barely spoke, even with M’li acting as translator. One, N’krzi, was especially intimidating. He must have been over two meters tall, even barefoot. His skin was onyx-colored, in contrast to most of the women, who had a more chocolate-y tone. His hair was a close-cropped afro. Both his forearms were covered in intricate scars. And his loincloth did little to conceal the mammoth cock underneath. Maggie, standing next to him, could see it in profile when he stood at certain angles and was aghast at the thought of being penetrated by such a thing. “That’s out of the way, now let’s get something to eat,” M’li said when they had finished. She led Maggie to a part of the clearing where large stones were arranged in a circle. There were three large, woven baskets in the center, next to a pile of ceramic plates. M’li took a plate from the pile and loaded her plate up with the contents of the three baskets. The first two contained leaves, the second, some kind of meat. Maggie followed suit, her reservations about the cleanliness of the plate and concern over what exactly she was eating trumped by her need to fit in and, most of all, her starvation. Her plate full, Maggie followed M’li as they sat on adjacent stones. M’li’s huge nipple rings rested on her thighs when she sat, Maggie noticed. Maggie also paid attention to cues on how to eat. When M’li began to pick at her plate with her fingers, Maggie took the opportunity to, essentially, inhale her food. She had never had anything so delicious. “Whoa, glad you like it!” M’li remarked. “It’s so good! What is it?” “The meat is basically leftovers. We roasted a boar last night as part of our … celebration, and there was some meat left. The first leaves are from un’jaro trees. They taste kind of like a softer kale to me. The second are really cool. They’re called s’mati. It grows like a weed around here. They taste kind of like buttery cucumber. But there’s something else and them. Watch this.” M’li took a handful of leaves and squeezed them, then rubbed the crushed leaves over one of her feet. After a moment, she was finished, and her foot looked shiny and refreshed. “Better than any pedicure. Try it.” Maggie took some of her remaining s’mati leaves and crushed them in her hands until she felt some liquid release. She then took the mass of leaves and liquid and ran it over her left foot. The feeling was amazing—the leaves left her foot feeling clean and refreshed like sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, plus moisturized. Her cuts and blisters felt better almost immediately. She quickly repeated with the other foot. “Good! Now do that every day. You know, some of the girls here think white girls’ feet are nasty, but I think yours have some real potential.” “Thanks, I guess.” They sat in silence for a minute before Maggie asked a question that was bothering her. “M’li, how do you know English? And why do you have an American accent?” “Well, that’s a complicated question. I guess it would be fair to say that I lived in America for a while, but that feels like a long time ago.” “Wow—where did you live? And how did you wind up here?” “Hmm…I’ll tell you some other time. How about you finish up eating now so I can show you something.” Maggie did so, and the women got up. Maggie followed M’li into a hut on the outer limits of the clearing. Inside was nothing but a pile of straw with a leathery sheet over it. “What am I looking at?” Maggie asked. “My bed,” M’li slyly responded, as she pushed Maggie down onto the straw. * * * Weeks passed. There was still no sign of any rescuers or search party coming to find Maggie. She knew better than to ask the Tineri for help in returning to the opulent lifestyle she had known. Instead, she settled into some kind of a routine. She slept in M’li’s hut by night. The hut lacked an ottoman, but the straw bed she shared with M’li gradually felt comfortable. There was nothing else in M’li’s hut, so Maggie spent much of her nights by the fire the tribe built in the center of the clearing each night. Sometimes, she would stay up much later than everyone else, just listening to the jungle noises and wondering if she was hearing any of the animals she had originally come to see on safari. By day, she shadowed M’li as she did her chores, preparing hides and food, foraging, finding water, and washing up. M’li was quiet during these hours, focusing on the tasks she had, to the exclusion of light conversation. At mealtime, they sat together often while M’li made conversation with the other Tineri. In their spare time, M’li instructed Maggie in the language. Maggie found that she could understand more and more and even have simple conversations with the Tineri. Her daily trips to the brook to wash and get fresh water brought her by her old boots and socks. For a few days after she abandoned them, she was tempted to take them back with her, in preparation for her eventual departure and return to civilization. That urge diminished over time, and Maggie found that she actually loved walking barefoot all the time. Her sock tan quickly dissipated, and her feet took on a golden tan. Her soles thickened with use and protected her from nicks and scrapes from walking on sticks and rocks. Regular application of s’mati leaves left those same feet soft and blemish-free. The moist ground beside the brook was especially pleasant to walk through—Maggie enjoyed the cool muck surrounding her toes as she stepped, and the dirt was easily removed with s’mati. With her feet persistently bare, Maggie began to take an increased interest in them. She kept hers clean and soft and also began to appreciate the feet of the Tineri women. The long nails were a bit much, and that amount of foot jewelry looked ridiculous (and probably felt strange). Still, Maggie was inspired by their example to take the two rings she wore on her fingers and move them to the index and middle toes of her left foot. One ring was a simple band of silver, the other, a gift from Juliana last Christmas, was silver with a blue streak in the middle. Within hours of putting on the rings, Maggie couldn’t feel them on her toes anymore, but she really like seeing them when she looked at her feet. It was surprising to Maggie how much she liked her toe rings, especially given how repulsive she used to find them. Eventually, Maggie had no interest in reclaiming her boots. She liked looking at her pretty feet, and she liked feeling the ground under her. Moreover, she probably couldn’t wear them any more—free of the constraints of shoes, her feet had widened noticeably. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to coop her feet up in boots. Even flip-flops sounded horrible. One day, as Maggie walked into their hut, M’li, already lounging on the bed, acknowledge Maggie’s increased interest in footcare. “Your feet are very pretty. You have done a good job with the s’mati. I like your toe rings.” Maggie beamed. She looked at M’li’s feet, with their dark tops and peach-colored, smooth soles. She also looked at M’li’s toes, most of which bore stacks of metal rings and all of which had toenails so long they were beginning to bend. Maggie had worshipped them many times at that point, but always reluctantly. At this moment, though, those feet looked cute. “We should get you some real toe rings,” M’li said, wiggling her toes in response to Maggie’s gaze. “And you really need to grow your nails out.” Maggie thought for a moment about it—what would she look like with stacks of toe rings on most of her toes and long toenails? Would that take her from a beach bum look to … something else? Could that be a … sexy look? Were M’li’s feet … sexy? Had she developed a … foot fetish in her time with the Tineri? Shaking off those feelings, Maggie smiled and said simply, “Maybe someday.” She backed out of the hut shaking her head, as if to rid herself of these unwanted thoughts. She was from America, meaning that she belonged back in civilization, she told herself. And civilized people didn’t have foot fetishes. * * * Maggie quickly adjusted to being topless. Her pale bust became as bronzen as the rest of her. Wouldn’t Juliana be jealous of her “all-over” tan, once she got back? Over time, though, what was once naughty to her simply became a fact of life. It was simply her lot to feel the morning sun on her nipples, and a warm breeze on her areolas. One thing she disliked, though, was the constant teasing from other Tineri about her breasts. Since she arrived, they would poke her in the chest, say something, and walk off. Now that she could understand their words, Maggie was hurt. Because her breasts were so much smaller, they called her flat-chested, and because she was white (albeit tan), they said she had ugly boobs. What hurt Maggie the most, though, was when they grabbed her nipples and called her an outsider. Whether this was because of her skin color or bust size, or even because she didn’t have horseshoes hanging from her tits, was unclear. It was also unclear to Maggie why this bothered her. She was, after all, an outsider. She had every intention of leaving these primitives to wallow in their own filth. Right? So why did it bother her that they were calling her out on this, or that she didn’t meet their stupid standards for beauty. Maggie didn’t get immediate answers to her questions. Instead, she found herself looking at the Tineri women and admiring their breasts. What would she look like, with huge, pierced tits, she wondered before dismissing the thought. Maybe she’d consider breast implants once she was back in Miami, but until she was rescued, she needed to focus on getting home. * * * Help didn’t arrive, though. After a month of routine tribal life, Maggie’s safari shorts and underwear disintegrated. The constant use, including regular submersion into the brook, simply destroyed them. With M’li’s assistance, Maggie fashioned herself a loincloth out of leather and cordage. This had the effect of exposing Maggie’s pussy and ass to the air. An earlier version of Maggie would have recoiled with embarrassment at the thought of walking around nude except for two small leather patches over her crotch, but Maggie found she enjoyed the occasional breeze up her twat. That realization led Maggie to reflect on other ways she had changed. An earlier version of Maggie also wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing toe rings, but Maggie loved hers now. And perhaps most glaringly of all, an earlier version of Maggie would never parade around topless, let alone live without a top for weeks. How was she going to go back to wearing tops, underwear, shorts, and shoes? * * * Maggie’s everyday duties also extended to regular sex with M’li. Before sleep every night, Maggie was expected to worship M’li’s feet and eat her pussy until she came. Maggie’s evolving position on her own feet was mirrored in her enthusiasm for the foot fetish acts she performed. When she was new to the tribe, before her feet had tanned and widened, and long before she began wearing toe rings herself, she dreaded the point each night when M’li would put one of her feet in Maggie’s hands. Over time, though, she gained an appreciation of the fact that feet can be cute, and that appreciation extended to M’li’s feet. Maggie noticed that M’li had long, slender toes, for instance, and that her feet always smelled like cut grass, and these things helped Maggie find it more palatable to suck M’li’s toes. She still wasn’t interested in feet sexually, she told herself, but these were objectively pretty feet, and besides, it wasn’t like she had a choice. The lesbian sex acts were worse. Maggie had no lesbian leanings prior to her time with the Tineri, and (she told herself) she still didn’t. Even as she became quite adept at finding M’li’s G-spot with her finger while nibbling on her clit and delicately tugging on one of her nipple rings, Maggie refused to let herself enjoy it. She was straight, and she would return to her lesbian sex-free life as soon as she could get home. Not only was she not attracted to women, but M’li didn’t even have the courtesy to return the favor once in a while. She liked Maggie, but she couldn’t bring herself to eat out a white girl, she said. * * * Overall, despite her reservations, Maggie was acclimating to tribal life well. The safari outfit-clad girl had been replaced by a topless girl in a loincloth. Instead of boots, she wore toe rings on bare feet. And a girl who had never even kissed a girl was now at another girl’s sexual beck and call. One day, though, the facade cracked. N’krzi confronted her at mealtime. He had never warmed to her, and here, he accused her of leading everyone on, of refusing to join the tribe. Despite the ultimate truth of his comments, Maggie denied them. She pointed out the fact that she spoke the Tineri language now, but N’krzi was unimpressed—she would go home and never speak it again. She pointed out what she was wearing, but N’krzi was, again, unimpressed, calling her a skinny, ugly white woman. She had no piercings, she hadn’t decorated her skin like the rest of the tribe, and her hair was hideously light colored and straight. A hush fell over the tribe while N’krzi was verbally abusing her. Thoughts flashed through Maggie’s mind—He was such a bully! He was so unfair! He was so…hot? Maggie ran back to the hut. Minutes later, M’li joined her, hoping to provide some consolation. “N’krzi is an idiot,” she told her friend as she sat with her on the bed. “I don’t know why I’m so upset… he hasn’t said two words to me since I got here… And all I’ve done to fit in! Look at me! Look at what I’m wearing!” “Shhh…I know. You’re doing your best.” M’li stroked Maggie’s head for a while. When Maggie’s sobbing subsided, M’li wanted to redirect Maggie’s energy somewhere more production and so, gave her her feet to play with. Maggie began dutifully licking M’li’s soles. She was quite good at it by now, for a girl without a foot fetish. The mood in the hut calmed down over time, and M’li spoke. “Maggie—I’ve been meaning to tell you. We’ve got the riprasha coming up soon.” Removing the soft foot from her mouth, Maggie asked, “What’s that?” “It’s a celebration. And an opportunity.” “An opportunity for what?” Maggie said. “To truly become Tineri.” M’li slid a hand between her legs. Maggie knew she couldn’t say no, whatever this entailed. “Sure, sounds good.” M’li gestured, and Maggie went back to sucking her toes. * * * That evening, M’li disappeared from their hut for a while, then returned with a bowl full of some dark fluid. The smell wasn’t unpleasant. “Here, drink this.” “What is it?” “It’s the riprasha drink. Have some in the morning and night, every day until the riprasha.” As M’li knelt over her, Maggie held the bowl in two hands and brought it to her lips. There was a weak, minty taste. Almost immediately, Maggie felt light headed. She reclined on the bed. In Tineri, M’li addressed her. “You’ve been holding out on us. You have not been Tineri. You have barely tried. That changes now, doesn’t it?” M’li’s words clicked. Maggie nodded, her resistance drained. She had spent the last several weeks with the tribe trying to figure out how to escape and not how to meet her end of the bargain she had struck—how to become part of the tribe. “And it’s going to change because you realize now that you want to be Tineri more than anything else in the world.” “…yes…” The realization hit Maggie—why was she trying to leave the Tineri? Everything she needed was here. “The most beautiful people in the world are Tineri,” M’li continued. “…yes…” “We speak the most beautiful language.” “…yes…” Maggie resolved never to speak English again if she could avoid it. She loved the melodic clicking of Tineri. “We have the most beautiful hair.” “…yes…” Maggie looked at M’li’s beautiful black dreadlocks with awe that shifted to envy when she compared that beautiful hair to her own flat blonde hair. At that moment, she would give anything to have dark, kinky hair. “We have the most beautiful skin.” “…yes…” Maggie looked at M’li’s rich, dark skin with similar reverence. It was so creamy, so sexy, so much better than her own. The persistent sun had left her tan, and no doubt her jetset friends would kill for this tan, but Maggie realized she would never be dark enough to have skin as beautiful as M’li. “We have the most beautiful tits.” “…yes…” Maggie looked at M’li’s huge brown cans, which rested down on her tummy. They, too, were gorgeous. She regretted every negative thought she had ever had about the Tineri women’s chests; she now sincerely wished her own breasts could be so ample. Her loins stirred when she took in M’li’s black areolas. For the first time since she began wearing a loincloth, her juices ran down her legs. As Maggie’s eyes were drawn to M’li’s protruding nipples and the giant rings piercing them, Maggie no longer felt any revulsion. Instead, she saw a kind of brutalist beauty in the way flesh had been warped to allow the integration of metal. Maggie reached out to touch M’li’s tit. For the first time, she caressed M’li out of desire, not obligation. “Yes, feel my tits. Feel the nipple rings.” Maggie did so. At this point, her pussy was gushing, leaving an unmistakable smell. “You can have these, too,” M’li said, as her protégée felt her up, “once you’re truly Tineri.” Was M’li talking just about the nipple rings or the breasts in general, Maggie wondered. “I want them so badly,” Maggie said. She didn’t know herself the scope of what she said she wanted, but admitting her desire aloud was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced. “I know, love,” M’li responded. She sat beside Maggie, turned to face her, and placed the palm of her hand on the side of Maggie’s face. M’li’s long fingernails subtly scratched Maggie’s scalp as she ran her hands through the blonde tresses. The girls lapsed into a kiss. Maggie had never kissed a woman before. She never had an “experimental” phase in college, she never even kissed a girlfriend at the bar to titillate a crowd. Now, however, she passionately made out with M’li, opening her mouth to accept M’li’s invading tongue and then stroking it with her own. That was the moment Maggie admitted to herself she was bi. At least. “Tineri women are the sexiest,” Maggie whispered between kisses. “Yes, love. I can’t wait for you to become one of us.” While they kissed, M’li began to rub her supple right foot the length of Maggie’s calf and foot, the long toenails and rings trailing that tender touch with a light, erotic scratch. It drove Maggie wild with lust. After a few minutes, Maggie had to escalate things. With the sun beginning to set outside, she grabbed M’li’s foot and shifted positions to kneel at the edge of the bed before M’li, holding the foot in front of her. “Tineri women have the sexiest feet,” she told her lover. They locked eyes, a prurient look on Maggie’s face, as she opened her mouth to insert M’li’s dark foot. For several minutes, her tongue ran from the base of the ball through the ball and between two of her middle toes. She then extended her tongue in between M’li’s middle and index toes, swirling it around her ring. She had worshipped feet before, but never by choice. Now, she made out with M’li’s foot in a way that only someone extremely aroused by feet could. That was the moment Maggie admitted to herself she had a foot fetish. She was sexually attracted to female feet. M’li pleasured herself with a hand through her loincloth. Maggie paused the foot worship to rub the soft sole on the side of her face. “I have a foot fetish, love,” she told M’li. Saying it aloud made it even more real. And even sexier. “Good, I’m so glad, my love.” “I need to start wearing toe rings like you. And I’m going to grow my nails just like you.” Each admission ramped up her desire. “Yes. You will have such beautiful feet.” As encouragement, M’li placed her left foot on Maggie’s breast, teasing the nipple with her big toenail. Maggie’s breathing grew louder. This was the first time M’li (or anyone in the tribe) had done anything to please Maggie. “We have to pierce these,” M’li said as she pinched the nipple between her big and index toes. Maggie gasped. That was exactly what she had to do! Mark her permanently as one of the tribe! “YES! FUCK! PIERCE ME!” She had never been so turned on in her life. “You are going to be such a gorgeous Tineri woman soon,” M’li said. She slid her supple sole the length of Maggie’s abdomen and slid it inside her loincloth. The foot prodded Maggie’s nether regions before reaching her entrance. “Your old world has nothing for you any more, does it?” Maggie nodded deeply, repositioning herself flat on the floor. “You don’t want to leave any more, do you?” Maggie nodded deeply again, taking another lick of the beautiful foot in front of her. “And you’re ready to become a true Tineri woman now, aren’t you?” Maggie had never been so sure of anything in her life. She smiled and said, “Fuck yes.” M’li penetrated her with her big toe and proceeded to fuck Maggie to the first orgasm she’d had since her ordeal began. It was also the best orgasm of her life.  
  3. Going the Extra Mile (degeneration, Mind Control, And more) Part 1 Karla looked at her sister Linda with desperation. She was complaining again. That only made Karla furious but Linda seemed to be oblivious to Karla’s feelings. “I lose the game against that stupid Susan once again. I am furious, how could she beat me so easily?” The question was rhetorical so Karla didn’t answer. She continued picking the clothes that Linda was carelessly throwing at the floor while she talked and talked thinking only about herself. Karla was jealous of her twin sister, she was the number two player of the county and she still complained. Linda was a freshman in college and she had a sports scholarship, but she could had also get one based on her very good grades, as a matter of fact her High School GPA was almost 4. The number 1 player in the county was Susan Smith, and she will probably turn professional any time now. Linda could also turn professional if she really wanted it but not based on her game but on her looks, she was a very pretty and very curvy blonde and using her charms she could get sponsorships to play tournaments all around the country, even if she never passed the mid level. Karla could not refrain to think that life was unfair. She must be just like her sister. After all, they were identical twin sisters, in fact, genetically they were like two drops of water, but unfortunately for Karla they weren’t identical in real life. When she was still a girl Karla developed a problem in her ovaries that triggered a premature puberty, so the doctors treated her with hormones to avoid a precocious puberty until they cured the main problem in her ovaries. The treatment could had been stronger or longer than needed because she never developed as much as her sister, her breast was just a 34-A while her twin had 34-C breasts. Her hair never got the body of her sister’s blonde hair and even darkened a bit, her face was somewhat childish, her features were softer and rounder in comparison with her sister’s that looked more mature. Her only physical advantage was that due to her delayed puberty she grew a little bit more than Linda, she was 5’ 8” while her sister was 5’ 4”. At some point her parents agreed to provide her with breast implants to boost her self-confidence, but she resulted allergic to silicon, so she couldn’t have them. Karla also lost a school year due to the frequent treatments, and even after that her grades never recovered, she went from a straight A’s girl to a ‘mostly C’s’ teenager. Her current GPA was only 2.5. Probably the worst part was for Karla was that she had to stop playing tennis. When she was 11 she was a much better player than Linda but she stopped playing for 3 years and when she returned to the courts she realized that she was weaker than most of her rivals and her technique also lagged because her rivals had 3 more years of training. At the end she recognized that she was in no shape to compete and ended quitting tennis because it resulted too stressful to be defeated so frequently specially by her twin that always played mercilessly against her, most times beating her 6-0, 6-0. So now Karla was a mediocre high school senior, with an almost flat chest, a plain face and dull hair with no athletic abilities and no college aspirations, and had to bear her twin sister constant whining, even when Linda was a goddess with 34C tits, a college scholarship, a moderately successful tennis career and a bunch of guys drolling after her. Karla was also under Linda’s power. She had to move out to the same city where Linda was studying. Her parents had passed away and had left the more mature Linda in charge of the state. Karla will only had access to her wealth at 25, a good 6 years from now or when she completed college which was even farther. So Karla was under her sister’s thumb and even had to clean after her to earn her food and board. Of course Linda rationalized that it was all on Karla’s benefit, as a way to help her mature faster but the reality was that she enjoyed bossing around her less favored sister. A fully naked an unashamed Linda told Susan, “I would give anything to beat that bitch”. Admiring and envying her sister’s body, Karla could not avoid to say aloud, “I don’t think so”. “What? Are you saying that I am not committed?”, Said Linda putting her hands in her hips and making not the littlest effort to show some modesty, not even to hide her pussy that clearly showed that she was a natural blond. “No. It is not that, it is only that you have other distractions. Let’s say that you have things that are more important to you that wining the county championship or succeed in tennis for that matter” “No, that’s not true. Tennis is the most important thing for me. If I were better at it, I wouldn’t care about college.” “It is not only college. That is certainly a part of it, you don’t train as much as Susan, she is completely committed to her tennis career and you are not. But there is also something that you know keeps you out of her league. Something that you’ll never give up”. “You know I can make any sacrifice to win”, the reality was that she was obsessed with Tennis because it was the only thing that didn’t come easy for her, and some acquaintances still told her that Karla would had been a better player than her if she hadn’t had that puberty problem. So she had to prove herself that she was superior in every aspect to Karla, even to what Karla could had been. “Well, if you ask me. Your problem is up there” “in my mind?”, said Linda “No. A little bit lower. In your breast, you know you can’t make movements as smooth as Susan, she had a B cup or something like that. The case is that ‘they’ don’t get in the way when she is trying to hit the ball at full strength.” Linda covered her tits instinctively. “You only say that because you are jealous of my breast” “Whatever. If you don’t believe me, ask your trainer, or any female tennis expert. But I am not asking you anything. I know you won’t sacrifice your tits, even if that would make you the USA’s number one, so let’s forget about this”. Part 2. A couple of weeks later, Linda approached Karla and said. “How did you know?” “Know what?” “That my tits are stopping my tennis progress” “Oh. That”, Karla said casually, “I read about a girl player that went into breast size reduction surgery because they got in the way and she really wanted to improve her game. Now she had escalated 450 places in the global ranking and is now in the top 50”. “Simona Halep?”, asked Linda that had heard about her in the last week as she asked for opinions on her strokes speed against Susan. “Yes, I think it was that one. I think that she was too brave and too committed.”, said Karla. “Several professionals confirmed your opinion, they think that I could hit the ball as strong as Susan if I had smaller breasts, but they told me that it didn’t worth the effort and that an operation at this time could make me lose the summer training and I wouldn’t be ready for the season in September, so it would be worse for my career.”, said Linda. “Yes. I understand you Linda, I know for sure that If I had tits like Simona or like yours for that matter, I definitely wouldn’t do it, even if that would mean failing at my tennis career, if I had one, of course”. “Hadn’t you been listening?”, said Linda exasperated. “ I said that it would be counterproductive due to the operation. It would be affecting my season more than my ball speed, and there is always the risk of severing a muscle or causing an infection, which could affect me even more.” “Whatever”, said Karla. “Why are you saying that?” “You are trying to say me that you are more committed that I would have been, even to the extreme to sacrifice something dear to you in order to substantially improve your game, but at the same time you are trying to convince me of why it doesn’t make sense to do it. Let me tell you just one word: Bullshit. If you were really committed you would look for a way around. For example, Is an a operation the only way to reduce your breast or are there some alternatives ? But who cares? It is not like you are going to do it anyway, you are only bragging to feel superior” Linda felt trapped and furious, all her feelings of superiority were flying away. “I have the courage, and I can do it if there is a suitable way and if that guarantees me that I can strike the ball as strongly as Susan. It is not as all my self confidence is based on my tits’ size. I can be as happy with a B cup tits, most models doesn’t have more than that. Yours are even smaller and still look very cute”, she said the last phrase insincerely. Karla was angry now, she hated to be simply ‘cute’ while her twin was a sexy bombshell. She broke the conversation and walked to her room. In retrospective it all would have ended right then if Linda wouldn’t followed her and had pushed further trying to confirm her little victory. “If you find such a method to reduce my breast without an operation let me know”. A few weeks later the season was over for Linda. She had failed to qualify for the state tournament and had fallen to the fourth place in the county ranking. She was really disappointed, she felt that her tennis career was nearly over. If she couldn’t qualify for the state tournament the next semester she surely would be put out of the team and substituted by a more promising, more talented freshman. She would have drown in a mild depression if she hadn’t an academic achievement to give her some self assurance. She had finished her first college year with excellent grades and was trying to choose a good major to pursue. On the other hand Karla had graduated from High School with mediocre grades and her life was stalled and full of uncertainty because she hadn’t been admitted to the universities that she applied for. She was still undecided about what to do next, she could maybe apply for a community college or try to get a job. She knew for sure that she had to do something otherwise she will end up as Linda’s free maid, probably for the rest of her life. “Won’t you go out tonight? If you like you can come with me”, said Linda. It was a rhetorical question, her sister was already on her pajamas and was working on her computer, and well… she didn’t party often and she rarely dated. “No. Linda, I am working on something, Where are you going anyway?”, it was also a rhetorical question, she really didn’t care, and one thing was sure: she didn’t like to party with her sister, she always felt inadequate and people always compared them and asked a lot of uncomfortable questions. Karla reviewed with envy Linda’s look for the party. Linda was sexily dressed with a black micro skirt and a blue blouse with the top 3 buttons undone. She looked like a wet dream. “OK. I am going to celebrate the end of the semester with some friends. Don’t wait me awake.” The next morning Linda awaked nearly noon. She put her panties and with her hair still in disarray and no other clothes on her she marched to the kitchen to have a bowl of cereal. The fact that Linda rarely wore a shirt or even a bra when they were alone was usually a trigger for Karla’s anger, but that day it didn’t affect her cheerful mood. “Good morning Sis. How was your party?” Linda mumbled something that could have been “good” or maybe something else. Anyway she didn’t seem interested in talking about it, at least not until her body finished awaking and her slight hangover was more controlled. “Guess what?”, said Karla. Linda grunted, like saying “ok, tell me”. “I found the method.” “What are you talking about?”, said Linda, finally making an effort to talk. “The method to reduce your breast without surgery. It could be done gradually along the summer while you train for the next season. And it leaves no scars, no risk of infection or damaged muscles, and we can afford it.” “Ok. Tell me about it”, said Linda, who was expecting a joke or a flawed plan full of holes. “Well, there is this doctor Sanders of the Clark Medical Research Center, she is researching a new technique and had had a lot of success with 20 patients already but need more in order to get approval, she had nobody on your age range so it is very interesting for her to treat you and could do it for free. The treatment consists in daily sessions of around one hour each. They inject some substance in your breast and treat them with heat and ultrasound to soften your breast tissues and release your fat cells, and then carefully use a special syringe to extract some fat tissue, then they treat your skin with a special cream and an injection to maximize the re-absorption of the unneeded skin. The treatment is done little by little and using perfectly planned concentric circles to allow a perfect shape and perfect skin. Susan current right stroke is 55 mph, yours is only 46 mph, you could win her with this push. Of course you don’t have to, if it was only a brag, I’ll understand” Linda felt ditzy, she never really gave much thought to it. She was trying for a way out, but her mind was still on slow motion. Karla continued, “I know that you felt sad when you got eliminated from the state tournament. I know your disappointment, now it is in your hands to leverage the field…. Only if that is what your wish the most of course.” Linda was blushing bright red. She was unconsciously covering her tits with her right arm once again, as if she wanted to protect them. A few days ago she had given up any hopes of turning professional, her childhood dream, and had felt the frustration that she had to admit that she was defeated by what her sister’s ‘would have been’. “Well the ball is on your court. You have to decide if you are willing to go the extra mile or not. Maybe you rather like to slowly fade out during the next semester, slowly falling in the rankings until the university ask you to quit”. The image floated in Linda’s mind. She knew she couldn’t quit to the team, she must be ditched because of her abilities or an injury in order to be able to ask the college authorities to maintain her scholarship in attention to her good grades. And Linda knew that she was getting harder for her to win the games. Her opponents had frequent winner strokes while she had to painfully work every point. The difference was the ball speed, she knew, and they were improving while she seemed to have topped at the beginning of the year. Linda knew that a very frustrating semester of competitions awaited her. Linda touched her breast once again. She loved her size, big enough to get attention but not to big that looked cheap. Still she thought, “I can lose a cup size and still be hot. I am still young, I could recover later or get an implant or treatment”. “OK, you don’t think I am brave enough, but I am. And if it is safe I will do it. Being gradual, I could manage to reduce only until I get the speed that I need, and if I don’t improve in the first sessions I won’t go further”. Karla almost jumped of happiness but managed to keep an neutral face. “OK, Good for you Linda, I am really surprised and I have to admit that you are a lot more committed that I have thought. Wait a minute, let me make some phone calls”. Karla went to her room. And Linda remained in the kitchen full of anxiety. She wanted to hear from Karla that she couldn’t arrange it, but an hour later Karla returned and said. “I already made some arrangements with the Dr. Sanders, she is ready to see you tomorrow, the research center is 300 miles from here but she had agreed to pay for our food and board there and the best of all is that she talked with her sister, Laura Sanders, the former professional tennis player and she was impressed with your commitment and will couch in the summer for free!” Linda felt a knot in her stomach, she was very nervous. “Am I taking the right decision?”, but then she thought, “well after all, it is all gradual, if I don’t see an improvement I quit and no harm would be done. A little bit of reduction could even be comfortable because, I am too small for a D and a little to big for a C and the straps cut my skin.” The day and the travel to the research facility passed all in a blur for Linda. In a moment she was in her kitchen knowing about the possibility and suddenly she had listened all the doctor’s explanation and had agreed to start the procedure right then. She was presented a series of forms to sign, they were the usual disclaimers, that she understood that the procedure was experimental and could have negative effects even when they hadn’t found any yet. The research center promised in return to pay for any medical care that could result of those effects. She sighed and after Dr. Patricia Sanders reassured her telling that patients in less good shape than her hadn’t had any problems, she signed. Then she was presented another form while Karla fidgeted nervously in her own chair. It was a donation form, she accepted to donate the extracted tissue to her sister Karla. Linda’s surprise left her speechless. The doctor talked, “Linda, it was my idea, but it is your decision. Karla told me about her allergy to silicone and I told her that given that you are identical twins your tissues are perfectly compatible and we can gradually inject your fat-cells in her own breast and help her with steam cells to develop the supporting vases so the new cells survive, a couple of drugs will help her develop new skin as needed. I think she could recover most of the volume that you lose”. Linda was still speechless, to lose breast size was one thing, but to lose at the same time that Karla gains it was quite another. She felt pretty uncomfortable with that. The doctor continued, “Of course the choice is yours. If you prefer, we could incinerate your discarded tissue, in a word put it in the trash can instead of giving it to your loved sister”. Linda blushed red. The way the doctor put it, if she didn’t sign she will be ordering to dump away what her sister wanted so much. She will look extremely selfish and cruel. She said, “I like how you look, but if you want to change and I can help, well it is not a problem for me”, and signed. Karla thought, “Yes I know you like how a look bitch, I look like no competition. I finally will get some justice”, but she smiled warmly at Linda and said, “Thanks Sis. I will pay you somehow, I will help you to be the best player of the state”. And Linda smiled back, but a little nervously. Then she calmed herself down, “I hope she is not disappointed when she see that I only reduce a little bit”. Kin 08/17/17 (Thu) 15:58:49 No.1591 PART 3 A week later Linda had dropped almost half cup size and it was only slightly noticeable. On the other hand Karla was disappointingly the same size in spite that Dr. Patricia had said that the injections had been pretty successful and that most of the fat cells seemed to survive. Linda was secretly relieved by that fact. Karla on the other side seemed excited in spite of the poor results. Linda thought, “Well that is the best of both worlds, she is happy, grateful and unchanged”. Linda was training daily and was improving quickly. Her forehand stroke had passed from 46 mph to 51 mph in just a week but it was still short from the 55 target. Linda could feel her tits were a little bit smaller, when she grabbed them with her hands, she could almost cover the entire surface, something that she hadn’t been able to do since she was 16. However there was no noticeable difference once in front of the mirror. She was in a pretty good mood, she had almost reached her goal and there was almost no lost in her sexy image. She, however wanted to test her impressions and on Friday night invited Karla to go clubbing. She had to beg a little but surprisingly she convinced Karla very easily. “Perhaps she is bored with not too much to do during the day while I train”. When they arrived to a popular bar, Linda was delighted, she was the magnet as usual, soon she was chatting with two handsome young college graduates, leaving Karla somewhat out of the conversation and even a little bit physically excluded, nothing too rude but still quite obvious . Karla was however felling more self confident even when she looked just the same. She wasn’t as withdrawn as usual and even make a couple of successful attempts to participate in the conversations. She wasn’t offset either by the constant attention that her sister was getting while she was barely noticed. Back at their apartment Linda felt confident and reassured , so that night while she was slightly drunk she make the commitment to continue for a second week by making a toast. She felt more at ease knowing that she could still totally eclipse her sister who didn’t seem to be gaining much size. Karla also feel encouraged to toast and said, “Let’s celebrate our achievements the next week in the same place”, “Yeah”, answered Linda enthusiastically, she was excited by her progress and by the alcohol. The second week wasn’t as smooth. First her tennis progress wasn’t as impressive as in the first week. She had only gained 2 mph in her strokes and was still 2 mph away from Susan. By mid week she was feeling more self conscious about her tits and started wearing a louse t-shirt for breakfast instead of going topless as usual. Linda was spending more time alone in her room, and she realized that her tits started to feel different, more perky, a little bit harder, and in her perception definitely less sexy, the worst part was the story that the mirror was telling her: Maybe the first week’s changes were almost imperceptible but now her tits looked different to the naked eye, smaller, less sexy. Her size had dropped only to a B cup but still she feel flat in comparison with her image of just a couple of weeks ago. On the other side, Karla’s tits seemed to be swelling a bit, she was still smaller than a B but she feel exhilarated. Dr. Patricia had told her that the transplanted fat cells would be dehydrated by the process of extraction using heat and ultrasound and would lose their volume but if they survived the transplant, they will little by little regain volume. The doctor was pretty confident of the surviving of the cells because the process of injecting steam cells guaranteed the generation of the vascular system needed to supply them with nourishment and because Karla’s DNA indicated that they should exists in that place, so her body would not conspire against the transplant as in other patients. That is why Dr. Patricia was so interested in attending the pair of twins, the opportunity was unique and the experiment was just too interesting to miss. On Friday afternoon Linda finally gave up. She had resisted all week to go the store and buy new bras but she was tired of constantly adjusting the garments that didn’t fit her anymore. She went to a lingerie store and quickly discovered that she was indeed a B cup now. She had said that it was the size of most models, and she was right but now she didn’t feel quite secure. She bought several bras in her new size including a couple of wonder bras. “It is not that I am going to use them, well just on special occasions”. She had always mocked the girls that used them, thinking “Are they so insecure that had to fake their size?”. That night Linda was resisting the idea of going clubbing. She didn’t feel so confident now, and she really wanted to stay home, Karla didn’t seem interested in going either, she asked Linda, “Are we going out tonight”, she said, “if you don’t feel like celebrating it is ok for me to stay home and rent a movie or something”. Karla’s voice tone reflected her lack of desire of going out. Linda remained silent for a moment, the offer was tempting but, maybe her sister’s mousy attitude made her feel more self secure and she thought, “I won’t change my personality for a little loss of size up here. I am a confident woman, I can have fun and show Karla and myself that nothing had really changed”. “No. Karla, I think we should go out, we are young only once”. Karla smiled inwardly. Linda then walked to her room and started testing her party clothes and quickly realized that most of her blouses and dresses were chosen to show her cleavage and take advantage of that. Unfortunately her clothes didn’t look as flattering with her new size. After a little hesitation she decided to try one of the wonder bras and well, she didn’t look like in the past, but that thing really helped her. She reviewed her image in the mirror and thought, “Well, it is a little trick but with it I think I look almost the same as last week. I can get used to wear them, it is not a hoax or anything, just a little help get the best from my current assets”, she rationalized to convince herself that she wasn’t like those women insecure of their size. Linda waited in the living room. She was wearing again a blouse with three open buttons and a miniskirt that showed her legs to the max. She looked pretty good. Karla was wearing a skirt that went near her knees, and a sweater with a sport bra under it that diminished the size of her already small tits. She looked cute but not a real competence for Linda. That night in the club, things went almost like the previous week. Just this time Linda didn’t got the top males around, but more down to earth college students. Still she felt flattered by their servile attitude. Karla was more relaxed and could participate more in the conversations, even for brief spaces of time she grabbed the attention of one of the boys in spite of her sister’s presence. It was maybe that she was smiling more often, maybe her boosted self-confidence, maybe that Linda was less stunning now, but the fact was that the boys seemed to notice her more. When they arrived to their apartment Linda was completely wasted. She had drank a little too much. Karla literally had to drag her to her bed and she immediately fall asleep. Karla helped her out of her clothes like she usually did in those circumstances, just this time she could not avoid to take off her own shirt and bra and compare herself to Linda. She hadn’t seen her nude breasts in all week. Karla couldn’t resist to smile widely, after all those years she was now mostly the same size as her sister. She realized with satisfaction that even without a new transplant she could be equaling or even surpassing her sister’ size in a week. “They are now really smaller, no wonder she isn’t prancing around topless as usual”. Then her face showed a strange smile and she whispered, “Better get used to be small, sis because soon a wonder bra will be no help at all”. Linda awoke Saturday with a terrible hangover. When she noticed that Karla had undressed her she immediately regretted having drunk so much last night. She surely had noticed the wonder bra. How embarrassing. She was blushing bright red even when she was all alone. Normally she took her breakfast first and then she showered but now she wanted to delay the time to see Karla. She showered for a long time and then dressed fully with jeans a normal bra, and a t-shirt. She went to the kitchen expecting Karla to start teasing her any moment, but it never happened. It seemed as she hadn’t noticed anything wrong. Karla silently smiled seeing that her sister was turning more and more modest. Finally Karla broke the silence, “I saw you yesterday on the court, you had gained a lot of speed, I know that you are still short of what you had planned but why don’t you give your new power a try. I called the local country club and set a match for you, she is a college girl that had already played in the state circuit, so she could be a real challenge and a very good sparring for you” “I don’t know if I am ready. I am in the middle of a training stage and besides that, I am really tired now” “The match is for tomorrow afternoon, you will feel fine by then” “I don’t know…” “OK. I thought you wanted to see the fruition of your efforts and have some fun at the same time, but it is your call” “OK, let’s do it”, said Linda without enthusiasm. The next afternoon she arrived to the country club tennis court and found Melissa Jones a beautiful, if somewhat skinny brunette. She was slightly taller than Linda but most players were. They had a very though match, but it was obvious that Linda had to make a lot more effort to win each point. Her first service was ineffective as well as her forehand stroke, she kept in the game because she ran really fast and was a smart player but it was obvious that the other girl stroked stronger than her. At the end Linda won but she was exhausted. Melissa approached her and said with a smile, “Great game Linda. You are a formidable player, I never seen somebody so resilient, so decided to fight for each point. You have a good technique and an incredible reach given your height but to compete in the state main college circuit you must improve your ball speed, you are nearly there but believe me, at this level 3 or 4 mph means a lot, specially in the serves”. She returned home with mixed feelings, on one hand she had competed and won over a player of the state main circuit but she was aware that she was only barely competitive and after all her efforts and sacrifices she hadn’t even leveled the field with players on Susan’s level. The next Monday she skipped the clinic and went straight to the court field. She wanted to extract every drop of power with her current physique before attempting more changes. She talked extensively with her coach and they tried a few techniques and alternatives trying to improve the speed but they could only add one extra mph to her current speed. Tuesday afternoon Linda was exhausted and frustrated so she complained, “Why with the first reduction I got a lot of improvement and only a marginal one with the second? It doesn’t make sense, now I am as small as Susan and I am pretty sure that I am stronger than her and she still can hit the ball harder than me. It is very frustrating. Do I have a problem with my technique?” “First of all your technique is excellent, I don’t see much space of improvement there. And regarding your first question, the closer to your body that you can make your serve movement, the faster the speed that you are going to achieve. You ask about the difference with Susan , well it is mostly due to your height. She is taller and her arm is longer so she had an advantage there, you know the lever effect, you and her can make the arm movement at the same speed but her fingers travel faster than yours as an effect of the distance of her arm so the speed of her racket will be slightly faster than yours. “So, I couldn’t compete against her. You should had told me from the beginning”, said an angry and very frustrated Linda. The trainer explained, “I didn’t say that you can’t achieve her speed. You need to make the movement closer to you, that’s all, even a little bit closer could make the difference. And let me tell you that you had not only improved your serve and forehand, you are really faster on the court now, and more concentrated. Maybe all those movements and bouncing in your chest kept your from fully concentrating on the game and seemed to drag your speed a bit, I am certain that your reach had improved a lot as a result of this.” “Do you think that I can successfully compete in the state circuit?” “You are almost there girl. Certainly you have one of the best defenses there, and I have noticed that you are a smart player, so I am pretty sure that you would be a fierce competitor, but I won’t lie to you, your attack is still a little bit out of the edge. You’ll need to have at least average ball speed to let your other talents shine and win you the games. You will probably qualify this time but I will be surprised if you get to out of the bottom 25% in the state circuit.“ Linda was disappointed, a few weeks ago, she will content herself with qualifying to the states, but now she felt frustrated at the news that she won’t be competitive once there. The trainer, said, “You are on the edge. The difference between a good player and a great one or between an amateur and a professional, is just an inch, a mph, but to get that inch people have to walk an extra mile, or simply content themselves with being one more recreational player, always thinking about what could have been if they had really tried”. “Well not me. I really tried, I made sacrifices, and it looks like it is not enough”, replied Linda exasperated. “You can still do more. Just a little bit less and you’ll most probably be there” “How much?”, said Linda her lower lip slightly trembling at the idea of even considering a further reduction. “I don’t know just a little bit, maybe one or two more sessions, three at max. What do you think?” Linda didn’t want to lose any more but she was also frustrated by the results that were leaving her right on the edge. She was very close to be a real competitor in the state circuit , even to turn professional as the couch implied, but she was not quite there, she was just a few mph away from her childhood dream . She already had sacrificed a lot and hadn’t obtained the full result. She blushed red, and thought, “The wonder bra would conceal any small lost that I could have now”, trying to reassure herself. The reality is that she didn’t want to return empty handed after all that she had sacrificed. “Well. But let’s see the improvement day by day. I don’t think I will go further than a couple of sessions now”. “That’s the spirit! Don’t worry I will extract every ounce of speed and make it worth it! That afternoon she went to the clinic again and met Dr. Patricia called Karla who was ecstatic. During the morning she had tried the new B bras of her sister and found that they were a pretty good fit for her. The idea that soon she will be bigger than her sister had her walking on the clouds. When the session finished, Linda noticed that there was some empty space in her new B cup bra and she was very apprehensive about it. She was somewhat repented. She wanted to go home and put her wonder bra but she had still had to wait for Karla to end her procedure. “The poor thing, she is flat without remedy”, Linda thought, then she went to the bathroom and stuffed a little her bra, well she said “padded” a little the bottom of her bra to help her fill the B cup. Karla on the other side was having trouble keeping her breast constrained under a sport bra. The swelling was obvious. They drove in silence to their apartment. Wednesday showed a little improvement in Linda’s speed, she gained a couple of mph she was now on par with Susan, but her coach pushed a little more “you are almost at your max, just a little bit more and you’ll have an edge of advantage against your rivals”. She was so excited that she accepted one last session. At the end of that one she noticed that padding her bra wasn’t enough, she had probably reduced a full cup size in just two sessions, and won’t fill a B cup without really stuffing it. The drive home after the clinic was very silent. Linda was obviously stressed and tried to spy Karla from time to time without being too obvious. She wasn’t completely sure, but now she was starting to notice some swelling on her sister’s breasts, which only maximized her own sense of lost. She wanted to know for sure, but at the same time she was afraid to discover that her fears were true. Karla was also silent, but she was very excited, she could clearly see that Linda had stuffed her bra which gave her a sick satisfaction, a sense of revenge. She knew that she was now more than a B, and when this new fat cells start to collect fat again, she was pretty sure she will be at least a C by the end of the week. Soon after they arrived to the apartment, Karla announced that she was going to run some errands a buy some groceries. Linda said that she was exhausted from all her training and that she wanted to stay home. Karla cheerfully agreed. “The most important thing is to keep you in top shape for the tennis season, so rest to be ready for your training tomorrow.” Once Linda was alone, she checked that all the drapes were tightly closed and she checked that the front door was locked. Then went to her room and took off her shirt and nervously took off her stuffed bra. Her hand was slightly trembling as she looked herself in the mirror for the first time since the new reduction. She contemplated her new image with dread and some amount of sick curiosity. Her tits looked definitely smaller and a lot firmer. The proportion of fat was now nearly null. Her areolas had always been small for her big tits so now they were more in tune with her new small size, which was esthetically better but also made her look more childish. Linda’s lower lip was trembling and she was blushing red. She clasped her hands in front of her and leaned forward, the effect of the posture was a far cry from what used to be. The cleavage was miserable. She should turn away and go to watch tv or something to distract herself but she was in a trance. She looked for a bra in her closet and took one of her originals 34-C that just supported the lower half of her breast. She put it on and blushed bright red. It was a mock, the cups seemed nearly empty. Her nipples didn’t reach the fabric even when they were strangely erect. With more dread she looked for one of her new B-cup wonder bras and was even more ashamed, even with the push up there was really nothing to see. She then walked to her sister’s closet, she was blushing bright red and her ears ringed, she open the first drawer and took one of her sister’s bras and was amazed, it fit her. As a matter of fact, there was a little slack. She returned to her room and used a couple of tissues to pad each tit. They looked a little bit bigger, but not any sexier. They were just too rigid. She tried many of her blouses and then decided to try some of Karla’s trying to find something that looked right on her. She then put a B cup bra and stuffed it with tissue and then tried some blouses over it. She decided that it was her best choice for now. That night she was dressed in a baggy t-shirt , her stuffed bra and panties, Karla was dressed in a similar outfit. The curiosity was killing Linda and she could not avoid to ask Karla, “And how is it working for you Karla, I think I am starting to see your progress. That’s good, it would be a total disappointment that all those transplants go to waste.” , of course she hopped that the gaining was only marginal. Karla knew Linda’s real feelings but she said, “It is nice to hear your are interested”, while she thought, “are you afraid?”, but she continued, “as a matter of fact I couldn’t be more satisfied, I just bought a new pair of bras 34-C ! Could you believe it? And they could still grow a little bit more in the next few days! I hadn’t time to buy new bras so I had to use this sport bra for a while and it certainly downplayed my new tits a lot. Do you want to see them?” Linda was speechless, the news made her livid. She didn’t really wanted to see her sister’s progress but she was again falling in that strange trance, she had a sick curiosity once again, so she slowly nodded. Karla smiled broadly and took off her t-shirt and then her sport bra and there they were a wonderful pair of tits, with the perfect combination of perkiness and softness. “They… they are beautiful”, said Linda in a very low voice. Karla broke the awkward moment and still topless started making the dinner. “Do you want me to bring your t-shirt or one of your new bras”, said Linda that wanted Karla’s tits covered as soon as possible, they were too uncomfortable for her. “You know it is a relief to finally take out that bra, these babies need some air, you were totally right when you said that to me, I am sorry I didn’t understand you. I think I will follow your old advice of being topless while in the apartment. As a matter of fact you can take off yours too, it won’t bother me anymore now that I understand you better”. Linda blushed, she wasn’t ready to let her sister know that she was smaller than Karla’s had been. “Not today, I am chilly”. “Whatever”, then they had dinner and went to sleep early. The next couple of days, Linda really improved her game. She was faster and her hits were stronger, she even surpassed Susan’s forehand speed by a couple of miles per hour. “At least I am able to fight for the state championship”, Linda thought relieved. But Friday arrived and with it the dreaded clubbing. She tried to resist, but Karla insisted saying, “you are basically the same as last week, so why is it a problem now, come on, you will have fun”. Linda gave up, she knew she wasn’t the same as the previous week but didn’t want to show her lie yet, so she accepted. She stuffed her B-cup bra and put on a baggy blouse to reduce the possibility of being discovered. Karla on the other side used a blouse that showed a lot of cleavage and one of her new bras. Linda was normally an expert to apply the right amount and shades of makeup to make her look great, but now as the insecurity hit her, she used more make up but as a way of compensating her lack of other charms, she looked a little bit overworked, like a young teen trying hard to look adult. Karla went on an almost natural look, but it was Linda that had some trouble at the entrance but Karla managed the problem with her charms. Once in the club, Linda realized that all her teasing experience was based on her tits, she would lean or stretch to show them, but now her movements looked bad and her trying looked a little bit overworked, so she wasn’t attracting many guys. Karla then started flirting on her own, and soon had a handsome office worker that looked around 25 talking animatedly to her. That was the worst night that Linda could remember, she couldn’t grab the attention of anybody. And she was bored and jealous so she sought refuge on her beverages and soon she was very tipsy. At some time during the night she walked to the bathroom and on her way back she made a wrong turn and ended in the place’s kitchen. An 18 years old boy was washing dishes. He was a high school student and worked on weekends to have some money, he was tall and skinny and far from the handsome, rich boys that Linda dated when she was in high school. Linda was fumbling and was about to fall when the boy stopped her from crashing against some dishes. Linda slightly smiled and the boy helped her to a little room that was in the back of the kitchen. “I think you need some action girl. He said amused.”, Linda was drunk and confused and need some reassurance, her whole night at the club had been a continuous source of frustration, and she needed some reward some sexual relief even it was from this nerd. He started kissing her and touching her legs and tights, then he let one of his hands travel up her skirt to her panty while enthusiastically kissing her. They were getting hornier by the minute. He started bunching her skirt around her waist and she didn’t stop him, not even when he started pulling her panties down and even less when he started rubbing her very wet blond-haired pussy. Linda’s eyes were glassy and her mouth was open while her respiration was short and fast. Then the boy’s hand started to travel up her stomach under her blouse and she made a feeble attempt to stop him but it only raised his curiosity. He pulled her blouse up and took it off and then pulled the bra cups over her tits and some tissues fall on the floor and he could not avoid to laugh quietly and taking off the rest of the paper in the cups, he kept repeating amused “You stuff your bra!” while rubbing Linda’s small tits, and she was too shocked, too horny, too humiliated and too drunk to stop him or say anything. Just then the room’s door opened and a very furious Karla stormed in. “What are you doing, you pervert son of a bitch. Leave my sister alone or I call the police.” The boy immediately jumped and ran away while Linda was ashamed beyond believe and started clumsily trying to dress. Once Linda was dressed, they walked out of the little room. The waiters captain immediately came to their help, and helped to practically carry a wasted Linda to their car. He was very concerned about the boy’s behavior. “I am sorry miss, He will be fired immediately. Your tab is on the house, and I will be available for anything if you want to press charges or anything”. “Thanks”, said Karla, that now seemed more at ease, “I think that this was on the edge between consensual and taking advantage of my sister’s drunk state. Anyway nothing really happened and we rather like to stay away from any scandal, so we’ll be happy if you scold him, scare him a little and then fire him, so he would be more careful the next time he sees a girl in a vulnerable state”. The waiter’s captain seemed relieved and thankful, certainly a sue or a scandal won’t be good for the place and the worst was that the girl seemed underage. He wanted to say something, but he was hesitating, after all he already had what he wanted, but still her parent side could not refrain, and after putting Linda in the backseat, he approached Karla and said, “Listen miss, it is not really my business, and I am not trying to minimize the stupid behavior of my employee, but that is precisely why young girls shouldn’t drink. They have no control and it could easily turn dangerous. You shouldn’t take her to adult places, let her live her own age. For her own safety, she will not be allowed her until she is the right age”. He expected to be scolded, but he felt he did the right thing, after all he had a 17 years old daughter. To his surprise instead of cursing at him, Karla smiled warmly and said. “Thank you sir, I appreciate your concern and you are right”. Now that the fear of something really bad happening to Linda was quickly fading, she was enjoying this new humiliation of her high and mighty sister. … The next day Linda awoke with a very serious hangover, she found herself in bed, dressed only in her panties. Then she remembered her shameful night and covered her head with the bed cover in an attempt to isolate herself from the world. She won’t leave her bed never in her life. She was completely ashamed, she had been necking semi naked with a low employee that was unattractive and surely younger than her, and the worst part was that he and Karla know now that she had been stuffing her bras. What could be more shameful? She resisted going out of the bed for maybe another hour, she listened noises in the kitchen and she wanted Karla to leave, but after a while she realized that she was hungry and thirsty, and her face was on fire, so she could not avoid forever to face Karla. She put on a t-shirt, without a bra and marched to the bathroom. She realized that her left ankle hurt but she didn’t remembered the previous night clearly enough to know what happened. And her face, well her face was all irritated, she had slept with all that make up and it seemed that it had irritated her face. Dr. Sanders had told her that the treatment could make her skin a little sensitive to some substances. She washed her face until it was perfectly clean then applied some cream and she started to feel better. She finally marched to the kitchen, to find Karla cleaning topless which only contributed to Linda’s insecurity. To her surprise Karla remained silent while she took her breakfast but when she was about to finish she finally spoke. “ Yesterday was a close call Linda, you were totally wasted and put yourself in danger. We need to change things around here or you are going to get in trouble sooner or later.” Linda blushed, she was both ashamed and uncomfortable to be scolded by her sister, she used to be the boss and not the other way around. She was about to say something, but she was somehow relieved that Karla was talking about her drinking instead of her stuffing, so she let her continue. “You are also ruining your athletic abilities by drinking so much. You usually got wasted one or two times in the semester, usually in the end of semester’s parties but now you have been drinking heavy for three straight weekends. You must stop now. I won’t let that all your sacrifices to be the best player of the state go wasted just because you drink too much. From now on you are forbidden to drink alcohol. And no more clubbing until you show more responsibility” Linda wanted to protest, she certainly didn’t like to be told what to do but she felt apprehensive about losing her chances at tennis after all her sacrifices just because the alcohol ruined her reflexes and her top physical condition. She wanted to say something to agree while still making clear that she was the one in charge, but her mind was to cloudy, and she was still too ashamed of the previous night events so she simply nodded. “Yes Karla”. She immediately regretted her mousy attitude but was to tire to fight. She could not stand anymore and made a motion to stand up, but Karla stopped her. “Wait a second Linda. I got one more thing to tell you”, Now Linda really wanted to leave. Karla pushed softly down and pulled a chair so she sat very near of Linda. Linda was looking at the table, suddenly interested in her empty plate while Karla was looking to her face. “Linda”, she said softly, “Look at me”. She slowly turned to see her sister. She felt very uncomfortable with her sister’s big tits so close of her. “You know what do we need to talk about. Don’t you?”. Linda averted her eyes, she was speechless, her heart was pounding hard. Linda continued, “You should not be ashamed of your body, you always told me that, You only need to get used to it. Pretending to be something else won’t help you. You should learn to be comfortable with your new self. Give me your shirt”. Linda was very stressed, her face was bright red and her ears ringed. She was having a déjà vu, she had said similar words to Karla when she stuffed her bra when she was 15 or 16 years old. Just this time it was a lot more shameful because she wasn’t a young girl but an adult woman of 19. And she didn’t asked Karla to take off her shirt at that time. Both girls remained silent for a while. Karla with her hand extended waiting for her sister’s shirt. “You know you need to overcome your insecurity to get your goals, otherwise you will turn so mousy that you won’t just reduce your social life but will put your tennis career at risk.” Linda felt trapped. She saw true in Karla’s words, but she didn’t think that being topless in front of her now very developed sister would help at all with her insecurities, but as Karla continued pressing she finally took off her shirt and gave it to her. “are you happy”, she said angry and defiantly. “Well, well. You shouldn’t be ashamed, you look so cute”. Karla could barely cover her enormous satisfaction, she was thinking. “Is she smaller than I was?”. Linda on the other side blushed with shame, she knew what “cute” really mean. She had used that word many times to refer to Karla. She knew it meant girlish and not a real woman competitor. Karla observed her for a while, she was carefully examining every inch of her breast, which felt creepy for Linda who pulled her shirt from Karla’s hands and was about to put it on when Karla again took it back. “No. Linda, you need to accept yourself and I will help you. From now on you are forbidden to cover your torso when we are alone.” “Are you crazy? You are not my boss or anything, give me my shirt back you moron”. Karla pressed a little bit, “You know you need a little push, but if you are not ready to let me help you, well you can have it. I just think that you will end locked in your room if you are not even brave enough to be topless in front of me”. Said Karla handing the shirt to Linda. Linda hesitated for a moment, the she said to herself, “What the fuck. I am braver than she”, she then rejected her shirt and said, “If you think this could help, I’ll give it a try”. “That’s the spirit girl!”, said Karla. She spent the rest of the day topless. After breakfast she showered and put some jeans and her usual high heels. Outside of the tennis court she always wore high heels, in great part because Karla’s bigger height always made her feel inadequate. With her 4” heels she was on pair with her sister that rarely used high heels. She felt strange wearing jeans and heels while topless but she decided it was more normal that remaining in panties all day. She was walking to the kitchen just after that when she twisted her ankle, the same that was aching in the morning. She felt to the floor and cursed several times and even her eyes shinned with a couple of tears that she couldn’t avoid. Karla ran to help her. “You shouldn’t wear high heels for a awhile, yesterday at the club you twisted your ankle too. Right now it doesn’t seem to be any damage to your ankle, you are not even swelled, but your ankles seemed to be under a lot of stress from all the training. I think you are putting at risk the whole season by wearing those high heels all the time. Imagine if you break your ankle or something”. Karla wasn’t convinced but she was in pain and didn’t want to risk another twisted ankle, this time it could severe a ligament or something. Her jeans were a little long to wear barefoot so she changed and spent the rest of the day barefoot and wearing just very small shorts and absolutely nothing else. She felt very self conscious, specially when Karla got near. She instinctively got away every time Karla approached her, it was evident that she was avoiding being near her topless sister because the comparison was just too much to bear. Karla was amused by that behavior, but she wasn’t really used to be topless all the time, so she suggested, “Linda, you are avoiding me. If you are uncomfortable with my nakedness, I can dress, it surely feels better to be free but I can sacrifice that comfort to make you feel better. Do you want me to dress?” Linda didn’t want to see that big pair of tits anymore so she said yes. The result was perhaps counterproductive because a few minutes later Karla returned to the living room. This time she was fully dressed with tight jeans and a white blouse that was tight on her and let a lot of cleavage visible. She was wearing Linda’s heels, “I think I will wear your heels for awhile, that way you won’t be tempted to used them and risk your ankles.” Linda was angry, but she wasn’t in the mood to fight. No why she was scantly dressed and showing her small tits to the world while her sister was neatly dressed and with her high heels towered by 8” making her feel real small. The rest of the weekend they remained home with a nearly naked Linda and her neatly dressed sister. The following week was pretty much the same when they were at home. Linda never got to feel happy with her new body but was little by little getting used to it. And in the tennis court she was becoming a lioness, she played fiercely every game. She continued improving her speed and strength and was using all of her frustration in favor of her game, she hit every ball with real hate. She played against the best female students of her coach and defeated every one of them and she even played against a 16 year old boy that defeated her but not before she put a hell of a fight. At least her tennis was giving her some satisfaction. The other female players in her coach’s tennis school were a little jealous and mad about the new girl that was grabbing all the coach’s attention and who played merciless against them. One day several girls were talking in the changing room. “I hate the new girl, she is so self centered, never talks to anybody”, said Jenny a 17 year old and very promising player. “Yes she is really hateful, specially when she celebrates her victories”, continued Betty the eldest of the pack . “Hey cool down”, say Elisa, the former top player of the school, “Let’s forget about it. I don’t want to hear about her anymore. Do you have plans for the evening? I was planning to go shopping, and maybe I go for a haircut. How do you think I would look with shorter hair?”. “How shorter?”, said Jenny who quickly forgot about Linda and her modals. “I was planning something a bit radical, a bob style with bangs just above the shoulders, like this one”, she said showing her a magazine with a lot of haircut pictures. Elisa had long brown hair, it was nice but a little bit wild. Jenny said, “Wow, cool! I think you will look great you have fine factions, you will look like a model” “Thanks Jenny, I thought that short hair would be more flattering than my current wild mane, but is certainly cool to hear some confirmation”, she said with a wide smile, “do you want to come with me? Maybe join me?” “Yes and not”, she said with a fresh laugh. But then Betty who was quiet until then spoke. “Can you wait until tomorrow afternoon?” “Well… it is not really a problem, you want me to wait because you are going with us or because you are going to cut your hair too”. “Neither”, she said with a smirk, “it is only that I have a plan, we’ve got nothing to lose and maybe we could have a chance to get back at this new girl.”, She took the magazine and started cutting a few pictures of haircuts using her hands while the others observed her with curiosity. “If you agree come with me before she leaves the court, she must have just finished her service practice with the coach. Just follow me and don’t contradict me” They walked to the court and found Linda packing her racket in her bag. She never showered in the courts, so she was going to leave immediately. “Hey Linda, you are really improving your first serve”, said Betty. “Oh, yes, thank you”, said Linda who was uninterested in the conversation and turned to leave but Betty stopped her. “Linda. Betty says that you won over her the last two times just because you were lucky and because she was trying new techniques”, Linda continued walking while Betty followed. “She says she can beat you any day”, Linda was still uninterested, she couldn’t care the less about that girl jealousy if anything she felt flattered. “Whatever”, was her laconic response. “She said that you are a flat-chested bitch and she can easily beat you. I know she was bragging so I pushed her to challenge you with a bet. She challenges you to a match tomorrow morning, the winner chooses the haircut style for the looser”, Now she was angry, how does that stupid Elisa could call her a flat-chested bitch, she turned to see Elisa waiting for an apology or something , instead she found an amused laugh. She was so surprised by her long time friend ingenious idea that she could not avoid to smile openly which was interpreted by Linda as a new mockery. “I can beat you anytime”, she said while thinking “ I will turn you into a bald girl, she will learn to never mess with me again”. “We will keep this playful so to avoid anything extreme, You may choose anyone of these hair cuts”, Said Betty while showing Linda four haircut photos, not of them were too extreme, they went just a little bit over the shoulders. Linda was confused looking at the four photos all of beautiful models that looked fine, and was trying to picture in which style her opponent would look the worst or will make her feel more out of place. She was about to choose one that pictured a brunette with a fringe to the middle of the forehead and with straight hair that went just to the middle of the neck. She could picture that the cut was unflattering for most people but the model was really beautiful and wearing her make up she was probably the prettier of the pack. Seeing her hesitation Betty approached her and said, “She really hates bangs, she said she would look like an Emmo”. Linda started analyzing the only photo with bangs, she was hesitating, she wasn’t sure that Eliza would look that bad with it, but then Eliza interrupted them “No! you told her, you said you won’t tell her my tastes. It is not fair, that photo is out of question”. “OK this one”, said Linda handing the one with bangs to Betty. “If you want to back off, you can do it now and avoid the humiliation bitch”, said Linda. But then Eliza seemed to find new resolution and picked the photo with the fringes. She knew that if Linda had been observing it for the longest time, it would probably mean that she considered it the worst for herself. Linda shivered a little bit. She didn’t want a haircut right then and certainly not a short and risky one like that, but she calmed herself thinking, “the last match I won 6-2, 6-1, she is out of my league. I can have some fun and see another girl losing something dear for a change”. When Linda parted the other three laughed for a while, but then Eliza said, “The only sad part is that she will think that my haircut was her idea and that it would be a sign of my defeat”. But Betty intervened, “You may win, she will play with pressure while you don’t have anything to lose”. Still Eliza wasn’t so sure. Kin 08/17/17 (Thu) 15:59:37 No.1592 Part 4. The next day, Eliza and the girls were waiting for Linda. She arrived to the court 20 minutes late. She was feeling very bad, her period had arrived early, it had passed just 15 maybe 17 days. She had always been regular, but the worst part was that she was feeling strong cramps, and her legs ached. Her period was usually very tame and she rarely took an analgesic during it but now she felt sick. She said to the girls, “Sorry girls, but I can play today, I feel really bad”. “Do you have fever or something?”, said Jenny, showing some concern. “Is it something contagious?”, said Betty with some concern. “No, not really, but I can play today and I will skip the practice too”. “What is it then? Are you a chicken or what?”, said Eliza “It is my period stupid”, said Linda exasperated. “Your period? That is no reason to suspend the match, we all have played in our periods. What are you going to do in the tournaments. Sorry judge can you change my match for the next week because I have my period”. “No. you don’t understand this time…”, she was going to say that this time it was different and really hard but the girls keep saying, “chicken. Chicken”. “OK.”, let’s play. I see you love bangs so much that you can’t wait”. She tried to sound aggressive and self confident and tried to convince herself, “I can beat this hog with a hand tied”, she said to herself but she wasn’t so convinced. One hour later an exhausted Linda accepted defeat, she had lost 6-4, 6-0, she just couldn’t play. Every time that she tried to hit the ball at full strength her abdomen pain raised to unsupportable levels, so she tried to keep herself in the game trying to wait for her opponent errors but by the end of the first set she was very tired and her legs ached a lot. She ended accepting 5 aces in the last set which was humiliating but not as much as having her rival mocking at her serves and hitting them so hard that she couldn’t win a single point in the entire set when she was serving . She tried but she simply didn’t have the stamina to keep fighting. Linda fell to the ground defeated. She felt terrible, she felt humiliated. She had won every game to those girls and now that it was for a bet she had lost easily. The other girls picked her from the floor. “Come on Linda, you are a good sport. We will help you to feel better. They guided her to the showers, there was a small Jacuzzi. Betty said, get into the Jacuzzi, the warm water will help you, in the meanwhile I will look for some medicine.” Linda didn’t like the idea of being naked in front of those girls, specially with her new small tits, but she felt really bad and thought, “What the hell, they aren’t Pamela Anderson either”. She got naked and went into the tube and she started feeling better and better, the girls were talking playfully but didn’t pick at her or bullied her for her size as she had expected. They didn’t share the Jacuzzi either, maybe because of her period. Betty then returned with a pill and soon Linda was feeling fine. She felt very weak but otherwise she felt a lot better. Then they got dressed and went to the cars it was time to pay the bet. “You are a very good sport”, said Betty, “Your menstruation really affected you, I measured some your forehand strokes and you never passed the 45 mph while you normally top at 57 or something like that. You should see your doctor, otherwise you won’t be able to compete in several tournaments of the semester”. That left Linda really thinking. An hour later she was on the stylist chair, seeing chunks of her blonde hair falling to the floor, she was feeling really apprehensive, but she had to be a good sport and the girls had been very supportive. They had their revenge and now they were leaving behind her hate for the new girl. At the end, she looked at the mirror, it wasn’t too flattering, she looked like a middle school girl. Without the professional makeup the haircut didn’t look sophisticated at all, and the short hair wasn’t to flattering for her slightly wide face. She sighed with resignation, “well it would look better with make up”. She finally said good by to the girls who embraced her sincerely and then drove her car to her apartment. But she was so anxious to get there that she speeded a little bit and it was stopped by a young traffic officer. Normally they were easy cake for her, just a lean or a stretch combined with a smile and they let her go without a fine. But this time the officer didn’t catch any of her flirting and asked for her driver’s license. He looked at the busty long haired girl with mature makeup in the photo and the little girl in front of him and said. “I said your driver’s license, not your sister’s”. Handing back the license to Linda. She took it thinking that she maybe had taken Karla’s license by accident but it was hers! “Hey you moron, this is my license, can’t you recognize a woman just by a little haircut”, she was exasperated and wanted to go home right then it had been a long morning. “Can I go now?”, “No, ma’am, you need to show me a drivers license, otherwise I will pick the car” “Haven’t you been listening you stupid. THIS IS MY LICENSE! Now if you excuseme I have more important things to do than to talk to you”. “Step out of the car”, said the officer in a calm but firm voice. “No”, she said, she was getting afraid. “Step out of the car now!”, he said. She could not avoid to obey. “Turn around” “What, why are you doing this”, she said her voice starting to crack. “I am sorry” The officer didn’t listen her, “Turn around and bend over the car” She complied trembling and the officer cuffed her hands behind her back, she was shaking and tears began escaping her eyes. The officer didn’t say a word, he opened the back door of his patrol and helped her inside. She was openly crying now. He then said, “You insulted repeatedly a police officer and that is a felony and you are not carrying a license and most probably you are underage. Think about it” The officer didn’t want to arrest her or anything, he just wanted to scare her a little so she will be more careful next time. He returned with his cell phone and said, “Tell me the number of your sister”. He dialed it. “Hello, Ms. Linda, I have your little sister here, she was driving your car with you license and on top of that she insulted me several times. I am feeling lenient this time, so you can come and get it we are just a few blocks south of the mall”. Linda expected Karla to clarify the true but it never happened. The officer was pretty convinced that Karla was Linda, her tits were the right size and her hair was a bit darker but she could have change tints or something. If he had looked more carefully at her face he could have notice that while pretty similar they were not identical, unfortunately his sight never went that high. “Just be sure that she doesn’t drive a car until she gets her license, otherwise the insurance won’t cover you”. “Thanks officer, I owe you one”, said Karla with a warm smile and leaning teasingly to show her ample breast. She was learning the tricks very fast. Linda was angry, the officer was eating from her hand, the same officer that just treat her like a little girl and ignored her completely” The drive home was silent. Karla was pretty amused by the new events and the haircut. “What was she thinking?”. And the fact that her just a few weeks ago she was no competition at all in the love court, gave Karla a big wave of satisfaction. Part 5 Once in their home, Linda was furious at Karla. “Why didn’t she clarified it all to the policeman? Now the policeman is more convinced that I am a minor pretending to be my big sister. He saw my protests as a girl’s tantrum and Karla did nothing to change that image. I hate her”, she thought bitterly. She wanted to confront her sister, but she didn’t feel so confident right then, it had been a long and disastrous day. Her early menstruation, the lost match, the stupid haircut and the humiliating exchange with the policeman. It was just too much, she had to compose herself before confronting Karla so she went to her room and locked the door. She looked at her image in the mirror, she looked like a small town high school girl on a summer vacation. She was wearing sinkers, denim shorts and a black t-shirt with the logo of a rock band. “I look like a stupid small town girl, no wonder that dumb policeman didn’t took me seriously”, she thought. “And of course Karla was smartly dressed with my favorite black skirt and that new blue blouse of hers and my high heels and she was wearing makeup, it is no so strange that he considered her my big sister”. Of course Linda was denying to herself the fact that Karla was also taller, her hair style looked more sophisticated and had much bigger tits. “All I need is to fix my appearance a little bit and I will on par with Karla”. She looked for her more business-like clothes and put on a gray skirt that went to just above her knees and a white button up blouse. She wasn’t quite satisfied, the button up blouses didn’t flattered as much as when she had bigger tits but she simply sighed and continued her makeover while trying to convince herself, “I am not trying to look sexier now, just more mature, I can look sexier if I want, but not with this clothes”, the idea sparked in her mind, “One of this days I will dress really sexy to make that dumb policeman feel like a complete dork”. She relaxed a bit with this thought but her calm was short lived, she looked for her high heels shoes and found that none of them were in her closet. She was furious again, “She has no right. I can decide if I use high heels or not. I am not a child. This time Karla is really going to hear a word of two from me”, but she wasn’t still too confident with her appearance, first she wanted to put on some makeup and comb her hair with more style. She took her cosmetics to the bathroom and started applying some base on all her face then expertly applied some mascara in her eyelashes, a discrete eye shadow and was just starting to put some color on her cheeks when all of her face started to burn and itch terribly. She quickly washed her face with a lot of cold water and soap and little by little her face skin started to feel normal again. She cursed at her bad luck, unknown to her, Karla had spiced her cosmetics with some kind of itching powder which was pretty inoffensive after washing it but her skin will soon learn to react to the makeup compounds as if they were the itching powder making her allergic to makeup. Linda cursed, “Fuck! Looks like my skin is still sensitive to the makeup, I shouldn’t haveused that much last Friday. All I can do for now is try to improve my hair”. Without makeup her eyes didn’t look as big and her complexion as perfect. Then she started trying to comb her hair in different styles but the fringes where too short to comb to one side of her head so they ended in her forehead time after time, the rest was just as stubborn as her fringes. She cursed again, “Stupid bet. Fuck those girls, fuck this menstruation!”. She went barefoot to the kitchen, she didn’t look so different as when she entered her room, the only change was in her clothes and they didn’t look so neat either, she didn’t even tug her blouse correctly in the skirt. She probably looked even worse, like a young teen trying hard to look older. Karla was sitting there eating some fruit while watching TV. “You fucking bitch! Why didn’t you tell the police the truth! You made me look like a moron”, said Linda. “I freed you. Didn’t I?”, said Karla calmly, “It would have taken a lot more time to explain everything to him. You already looked different from your license photo, but now with this new haircut, you really look like another person and I didn’t know what to do to prove that you were really Linda, it was a lot easier to go along with what he believed” “Oh great Idea, you genius, and what will I do tomorrow if he stops me again. Should I tell him that you were joking?” “It was certainly amusing”, said Karla barely containing a laugh while reminiscing with satisfaction the whole scene, somehow that policeman not only confirmed Karla as the top female of the house but also made it clear that Linda was no longer a competitor, and even more intriguing for Karla, she realized that Linda was almost out of the dating scene, “How I wish I could do just a little push… ”, she thought, but she had absolutely no idea about what to do next. Karla continued talking “but I won’t risk another problem with the police if I were you. As a matter of fact I think you shouldn’t drive until you get a new license with a new photo that matches your current appearance. We could have trouble not only with the police but with the insurance…” Linda didn’t like the idea of saying good bye to her actual Id’s with her gorgeous image, but she accepted with sadness that she indeed needed to update them because she wasn’t going to be recognized in those photos, and the questioning would be humiliating. Still she was furious at Karla. “I will drive whenever I want, it is not that you have any authority to tell me what to do, you fucking bitch” For a moment Karla seemed on the verge of exploding but then she calmed herself and said, “it is at your risk, I won’t go again to pick you up if you are stopped by the police. And I don’t know why are you so mad at me. The haircut was your Idea, and don’t get me wrong, you really look very cute but it is a bit of a radical change to your usual style”. Karla liked Linda’s new style, she looked younger and less sophisticated. Linda then finally broke down, the day had been a complete disaster and now hearing again the word “cute”, was making her crumble. “The haircut wasn’t my idea. I lost a bet in a tennis match against Eliza and the looser had to cut her hair in the style that the other chose. So this is Eliza’s selection not mine” Suddenly Karla seemed concerned, “But why did you lose against her. You had beaten her several times and you said last week that she wasn’t on your league?” “I had my period”, she said, finally letting go all of her frustration, trying to find some sympathy. Karla raised an eyebrow, Linda had played dozens of times on her period. Linda understood the unspoken question and continued her pitiful tale, “But this period was like nothing else I had suffered before. I have the stronger colic I ever felt, and my legs ache a lot, I took a pill that made the pain bearable but it make me feel very weak. And the worst part was that this period came 12 days earlier. Can you believe it?”. Linda was on the verge of crying. “This is serious Linda”, said Karla genuinely concerned, “we need to go see the doctor tomorrow morning. I am pretty sure she can help”. That seemed to cool down Linda, she was finally finding some empathy. The next morning they were in Dr. Patricia’s office, she had been listening carefully Linda’s explanation about her symptoms and after a little bit of pondering to order her thoughts she finally talked. “I am afraid that this could be a side effect of our treatment. As I explained you at the beginning, the creams and substances that we used contain certain amounts of hormones and proto-hormones that in some rare cases could affect the balance of our patients, if only temporary. We found your symptoms in just a couple of the 20 patients that we attended before. The frequent and painful periods were part of their experience. If you are like them it will get gradually worse and peak in around 70 or 90 days, by that time one of them was having 12 day cycles counting 4 days of menstruation and then she started to regularize, the good news is that both of them returned to a perfectly normal condition in just 6 months, by their 11th or 12th period they were having normal cycles and low pain”. Linda felt ditzy, it was horrible and completely devastating for her tennis aspirations. This just can’t be possible, after all her sacrifices. She was pale, she felt the world collapse over her. “You fucking moron!”, She said when she finally managed to gtt out of her stupor, “you are ruining my career! I can’t compete at all with this menstruation, and I will have it 12 times in the semester, I won’t be able to win a single tournament, I won’t even qualify for the state circuit, You must fix this immediately. You say it in your contract asshole!”. Linda was transforming all her fear, frustration and insecurity into raw anger. “Please calm yourself down, there is no need to insult the doctor. She will help you. Don’t you?”, said Karla that was showing more maturity. The doctor was pretty upset with the insults but managed to remain professional and said, “Unfortunately it is not that easy. We could give her some birth control pills trying to regulate her periods but it won’t work because the proto-hormones are affecting the production of hormones right now in her body, if we add more hormones to the mix the results could be unpredictable maybe she could get better but she most probably get worse. There is also the birth control long term injection, it causes in some patients long cycles or even missing periods but it also mess with your muscles, and may cause depression and other mental problems, specially in young women, so in your case it is not indicated at all. Besides most of this treatments may take even more than 6 months to regularize a girl, so it doesn’t worth the effort and the risks”. “Are you a fucking ignorant or what? There must be a way? A real doctor should have known what to do”, said Linda, her face red with anger. After all that she had sacrificed she won’t even be able to show her talent in the tennis courts because she won’t be able to qualify to the state circuit and she will most probably wouldn’t be able to even repeat her previous semester mediocre performance. “Any doctor will tell you that you have to wait. It is the best and safest alternative”, Said the doctor trying to keep the calm. Linda was about to talk again with a bunch of insults which would probably have caused that they were asked to leave, but Karla intervened with a soft calm voice. Her mind had been working a thousand miles per hour since she heard the phrase “missing periods”, and after a little internal moral debate she decided to try her idea. “It is not as it would work anyway”, she thought and said “Dr. I don’t pretend to know anything, you are the doctor and you know best but couldn’t a supprelix implant help her”. To Karla and Linda’s surprise the doctor seemed to ponder her commentary. Linda was intrigued by Karla’s proposal, it seemed to her like an invented name but the doctor seemed to be thinking seriously about it. Linda never thought that Karla had any interest in medicine or any science for that matter, but it wasn’t however the time to think about her sister, she had a big problem here and must remain focused on herself, most probably Karla simply read an advertisement on those girly magazines that she use to read anyway, and Linda really didn’t care at all, she hadn’t even asked Karla what was she going to do with her life or if she had matriculated in the community college. The doctor on the other side knew exactly where Karla’s idea came from, after all she had carefully read Karla’s medical history. Karla knew very well about that implant, it was her long time nemesis. Those implants were a treatment for central precocious puberty, a single implant normally last a year, keeping puberty at bay for that time. She knew it very well she read a lot about them when she was growing because she had two of them to delay her puberty for 2 years when she was younger. The doctor finally talked. “Certainly it is an interesting option, it would almost surely suppress her periods completely, but it could have other effects, some of them unknown, I wouldn’t recommend…” She was interrupted by Linda that was exasperated and didn’t want to see this new door closed. “Listen you moron, even a mediocre high school girl knew more than you, you should be ashamed. Stop putting barriers to my cure, put me the damn implant. And let me go on with my life!” The doctor blushed with anger, she should tell Linda the kind of side effects that it may cause her. The treatment will stop or diminish the production of some hormones while leaving others flow normally or even in excess because the body could try to compensate the missing ones, all of which could cause unexpected results in an adult woman. Unfortunately for Linda, the doctor was furious at the little brat who was constantly insulting her, “This probably is not the most ethical thing to do but maybe this could teach her to listen and to respect her elders”, she thought while silently pulling a form from her desk drawer. It was a consent form for a procedure, she filled the name of the implant and Linda’s name. She filled another blank that stated that giving it’s nature, the treatment could not be suspended in less than a year. The last paragraph stated that Linda had been thoroughly informed of the risks and that she accepted them and that it was her decision to proceed and she was the only one responsible since the treatment will be done at her explicit request and not as a result of the doctor’s recommendation. “Sign this and I will do it right now”. Linda read it, “This text is designed to scare me”, she thought, “but at the end it is only legal mumbo jumbo, if the doctor expects me to apologize and beg her for information she is very wrong. If there would be a serious risk, something life threatening, she would tell me”, then she signed the paper while saying, “I have the guts to do it. I don’t care for a headache or something from time to time as long as I don’t have this fucking incapacitating periods anymore”. Just a couple of hours later the process was over and the sisters were driving home. Linda was pretty satisfied. She felt she was regaining some control , she had made that powerful adult woman listen and obey her. She felt some of her old power returning, and after the police dismissing her as young girl the previous day, she finally felt asserted as an adult woman. Karla was equally delighted on the ride home, she was driving the car and was wondering what the future could bring to Linda. For moments she feel some regrets but then she remembered how Linda called her, “a mediocre High School girl”, and the memories of all those years full of despiteful treatment flood her mind and made her feel more at ease with her conscience. Linda was ordered to rest for a couple of weeks before restarting her training. The first week was a good one. First her menstruation ended almost immediately which was very good, then she noted a little bit of swelling on her tits and she felt sexier, and hornier all the time. The constant arousal and the fact that she had nothing to do caused her to masturbate a lot which was very rare on her. She certainly had enjoyed sex in the past, but it was not such a big deal, she always easily kept her own arousal at bay which facilitated her ability to play with men desires to her advantage, she used to be a teaser more than anything else. Now her cravings seemed to be running wild but she didn’t care too much and all in all she was very happy with the treatment. She continued being topless in the apartment as Karla had instructed but now she thought, “I bet she is disappointed that my tits are growing back, ha ha”. But the second week wasn’t as smooth, first her tits receded to her now normal A-cup size, which was a disappointment, her horniness however didn’t recede at all. Her appetite was very low, she could easily go the entire day with just a couple of snack bars, and she found herself playing with her food more than eating it. On Friday night Karla went out clubbing while LInda stayed home. Karla was going to order her to stay but it wasn’t necessary as she didn’t want to go anyway. The reality was that Linda felt apprehension just thinking about going out, the last time had been too shameful and she wasn’t ready to face the flirting arena again, specially with her now gorgeous sister beside her. Karla was pretty satisfied seeing that Linda was finally surrendering and was now obviously afraid to compete with her. After those years that the situation was just the opposite it tasted like victory. After Karla left Linda went to her sister’s room and realized her worst fears were true. Karla was now using 34 D Bras! She knew she shouldn’t do it, she knew it would only make her feel worse and more insecure, but she couldn’t resist putting one of new Karla’s bras. She blushed bright red seeing her image in the mirror. The bra was almost empty! Her lower lip was trembling, she felt completely humiliated, knowing that her sister’s looks were getting more and more unreachable. She was felling regret for the sacrifices that she had done to improve her tennis, after all deep inside her she knew it was partly to win over Karla, to feel completely and absolutely superior than her twin sister, which she always felt she was in every aspect except that. She certainly was on her way to reach that goal, but she didn’t expect her sister to get the upper hand in the beauty department. She tried to shake out the depression, she looked at herself in the mirror and trying to get some courage she said to herself, “I certainly can’t compete with her udders, but look at my ass and legs, they are really great,”, and they were indeed, her legs were well toned and beautifully shaped and her ass was simply the perfect bubble ass, “I just need to learn to flaunt them with good taste. They are sure prettier than Karla’s”. From then on, she only wore her tightest shorts or panties at home. Her breast could be small but she should show Karla that she had the best ass and legs around. During the third week she restarted her training. By doctors orders she wasn’t allowed to compete nor her speed was measured because the doctor considered that she must not effort to the max until at least the fourth week, and Linda was grateful because she was extenuated at the end of the light trainings anyway. The week had been pretty unsatisfying for Linda. She knew she hadn’t returned to her previous playing level and she felt tired at the court which made her training time a lot less enjoyable, and the rest of the time had been pretty boring. She had spent most of the time inside her home and she had realized that she could not remain like that all the time or she will end up depressed or something. She was determined to return to clubbing that weekend. She wanted to show Karla that she wasn’t insecure and that she could still beat her at flirting. She had been practicing some teases for her ass and legs. “I bet I can get at least as much attention as her”, she thought encouraging herself. When Friday arrived she was resolved to go with her plan and return to the flirting scene. But things didn’t start well, she realized that she wasn’t the only one changing. Karla arrived home in the afternoon portraying a new hairdo. She had tinted her hair in a lighter blonde color, almost matching Linda’s hair. Linda felt very uncomfortable because now Karla resembled her former image much more closely than herself. If Linda hadn’t changed so much in the last few weeks, they could now really be identified as identical twins, well except for the height and Karla’s slightly bigger tits than Linda’s former ones. Linda felt disappointed, her hair color was no longer an advantage and she had to gather all her will power to keep her self confidence and resolve. She went to her room and made her best effort to look great, but after an hour of struggling with her hair and her clothes’ choice, she wasn’t pretty satisfied with the results of her efforts; her haircut and the lack of makeup didn’t help her at all, her now small tits couldn’t be effectively helped by push up bras or anything, even with the extra pad that she used to stuff it, and her only way out was to put a baggy shirt to make less obvious their small size, but the worst part was that her clothes didn’t seem to fit very well, even her mini skirt didn’t seem so tight this time. She sighed with resignation and waited for Karla in the living room trying to encourage herself thinking that she still looked great, but when Karla came out of her room wearing a killer red dress that showed all of her attributes to her best, Linda could not avoid to blush; Karla’s long wavy blond hair looked incredible, her tits were obviously outstanding and to Linda’s dismay the rest of Karla’s body looked just as good, the dress fit her like a glove giving her a very attractive hourglass figure. Linda bit her lower lip nervously, her sister’s ass and legs looked better than hers, she didn’t even fill her skirt so well today. Linda’s insecurity grew to a new high levels and all her resolve to return to the flirting scene disappeared. She felt she will be inadequate not just besides her gorgeous sister, but maybe besides most of the other women. Memories of the scene with the policeman when her usual charms were completely ineffective flooded her mind. Linda felt suddenly completely overwhelmed by her insecurities, she was almost sweating and didn’t want to go anymore. Linda waited for a few minutes to save some face, she didn’t want Karla to think that she felt less attractive than her, and then she feigned a stomachache and refused to go. Both sisters knew the real cause but Karla said nothing, she sensed this time that her sister was not only afraid of her competency but she was definitely losing more and more of her self-confidence becoming more insecure, maybe the scene with the policeman had a stronger effect on her or maybe the unflattering fit of her mini skirt was the source of her new insecurity. All in all, Linda wasn’t definitely the woman of a few weeks before and the change was well beyond the physical changes. After that day, Linda entered a period of denying, she avoided full body mirrors and desperately tried to convince herself that she looked just as before, but one day during the fourth week she finally admitted that all her clothes were getting less and less tight and not just that miniskirt. That day her shorts had almost fallen to the floor and she blamed the elastic band but when she changed into another she realized it didn’t fit so well anymore. She recognized for the first time that something new was happening to her. She was alone in her home, so nervously she took off all of her clothes and watched her image in the mirror. Certainly her hips looked a little bit narrower, her ass definitely smaller, and her arms and legs a bit scrawny, her knees seemed a little bony and… and… her pussy, it seemed as her hair down there was sparser! Linda was shocked at the changes, she tried to calm herself down by thinking, “Maybe my imagination is making me see all these changes more exaggerated than they really are, like those anorexics that always see themselves fat in the mirror”, but then realized with sadness, “No, these changes are real, otherwise my clothes would still fit me right”. She was getting more and concerned, she touched her tits. “Are they smaller?”, she thought with panic. She went for one of her sister’s former A-cup bras. She had confiscated her sister’s former bras because she was too ashamed to go shopping for that size. Linda normally didn’t wear a bra at home and used only sports bras to play, so she hadn’t try them in a while. She took the bra and with trembling hands she put it on. Her lower lip trembled contemplating her image in the mirror. Half the cup was empty! More than half the cup, she corrected herself. She got naked again and contemplating her image she thought, “Not much to see right now, I look almost androgyny, childish.”, she thought bitterly. She was on the verge of crying, as a matter of fact she felt more emotional as days passed. She tried to replace those feelings with some positive aggressiveness, “Don’t want to date for the next months anyway, I will concentrate on my tennis”. During the following days she tried to eat better but her efforts were short lived, she will serve herself a portion of meat and vegetables and end up playing with them, making towers or something while eating a snack bar or anything with sugar. But the physical changes weren’t the only ones. Linda was so concentrated in her body changes and on her practices that she had been neglecting most of the rest of her responsibilities. The time to choose a major and complete her enrolment in college was about to expire. Her debit card had expired a couple of weeks before and she hadn’t gone to the bank to get a new one, she knew she had to do it but she was afraid to go and that the clerk didn’t recognize her in her old ids. She seemed to be more disorganized and less likely to do the important things first. Karla had drove her to get new photos for her ids, the photos were her only advance on that matter, she hadn’t even applied for a new license or Id, and she had adapted pretty well to be driven to and from the tennis school by Karla. Little by little she had left Karla carry all the responsibilities of their home. The arrangement with Dr. Sanders had expired a week ago and Linda hadn’t cared to arrange a new contract with the landlord and pay for groceries or even pay for the tennis school for that matter. The fifth week, Linda’s world seemed to start collapsing. She had lost a lot of weight, from 109 pounds to 90 in just matter of weeks, and a big proportion seemed to be muscle because her speed, both running and hitting the ball was falling fast. By the sixth week her forehand stroke had fallen to 43 mph and she was losing easily with every adult woman of the tennis school. Her emotions seemed to be running wild, she easily cried after a defeat and easily exploded in bursts of rage for unimportant little annoyances. She realized by then that the implant was somehow causing her those effects, she decided that she have to stop that even if those crazy menstruation returned. She met the doctor but she said, “Sorry Linda, as I told you before, and as you read in the paper that you signed, the implant can’t be removed. It is designed to slowly pour it’s content for 12 months and then it would be slowly absorbed by your body. There is no safe extraction procedure, If we try to retire it, it could break and spill 10 months of dose in a few minutes, and that could even kill you. So I am sorry but you have to stay with it for the next 10 months, but let me tell you that the changes will stabilize very soon”. This time Linda was so shocked that she had not a smart come back at all. She listened quiet and frightened and then thanked the doctor in a very low voice and left her office to return home. Her only consolation was that at least she hadn’t cried in front of that hateful doctor, which was probably the biggest sample of self control that she had showed in weeks. She returned home defeated, she changed into a long t-shirt and no panties and went to the kitchen to have dinner. She didn’t dare to be topless, by then her breast were totally flat. She was having a bowl of a colorful cereal when her sister entered the apartment, she was accompanied by a handsome man in his early twenties. Linda was paralyzed, she was blushing with shame, she wanted to run to her room but she was paralyzed like a deer in the spotlight. Linda felt she was dressed in a completely inappropriate way to have a male visit, but Karla greeted her like it wasn’t a big deal, “Hi Linda, this is Frank a college student I met last Friday”. “Hi, Linda. Nice to meet you.”, said Frank while extending his hand looking her straight in the eyes. Linda was still blushing, she felt tongue tied and she averted her sight to the floor and with a barely audible voice she just said, “Hi”, while nervously shaking his hand. Frank felt bad at the girl embarrassment. “I didn’t like to disturb your dinner Kiddo, maybe I should come back later” Linda blushed even more at being call “Kiddo”, she babbled something unintelligible, grabbed a snack bar and marched to her room. On her way she heard Frank whispering to her sister. “She shouldn’t be so shy, I sure when she grows she will be as gorgeous as you”, Karla responded amused, “that is what I keep telling her”. Linda was so absorbed trying to listen the humiliating conversation that she tripped with a little table that was on the aisle and felt to the floor with her legs spread and her t-shirt bunched around her middle back, exposing her now flat ass and her now completely hairless pussy. After just a couple of seconds she recovered and blushing bright red she stood up as fast as she could and ran to her room leaving her snack bar behind. Even when Frank was a nice person, he could not avoid to laugh along with Karla at Linda’s cartoon like performance. When she arrived to her room, she was on the verge of crying. “He called me Kiddo. The stupid bastard and he laughed at my ass. Fuck him” Oddly she was very horny. She took her clothes off and looked at herself in the mirror. “No wander he called me Kiddo, my tits are totally flat”, she thought with bitterness, “and if my curve-less body wasn’t enough, I have this stupid pimple in my nose and the worst is that he probably saw that my pussy is now completely bald!”, she was quietly sobbing by then. She passed a hand over her tits and noticed that they were a lot less sensitive than before, her pussy in the other hand seemed to be always on fire. She masturbate in front of the mirror to a comforting orgasm. Then went to the bed and slept naked. During that night, she masturbated several times while listening Frank and her sister making love in the next room. She felt pathetic rubbing her pussy while listening Frank saying to her sister that she was gorgeous and appraising her hair, breasts or her curves. Her only refuge to stand the pain was getting sexual gratification, but she was unconsciously teaching her brain to get off on humiliation. A few days after that, she decided to fight back one more time. She was always horny and she was using more and more humiliation fantasies to get off and she realized that it was affecting her personality, she was turning meek and timid. Linda decided to do something to stop the spiraling fall. She was afraid of returning to the flirting scene but she also wanted to tame her horniness with a more healthy kind of sexual release. She longed to have some flesh contact and well, some praise to make her feel better with her new body. She decided to try to conquer a young high school boy, she shivered at the thought, but she knew that adult men won’t be much interested in her curve-less body and she convinced herself thinking that it didn't matter anyway, it was only to spend a good time, she wasn't looking for a boyfriend or anything. After another disastrous tennis training session, she went to the mall nearby the tennis school, she knew by her team mates that there were always groups of high school boys hanging out.. But she was clueless about what to do. She was very nervous, she never needed a plan or a strategy before, she normally simply used her charms to attract any boy she wanted and then the boy will do all the effort to figure a good conversation and try to conquer her. But now, she quickly and painfully confirmed that all her moves were ineffective, even with those stupid high school freshmen. After some passes that went unnoticed by the boys, she realized that even their classmates had more curves that she had now, she looked a Jenny, a 16 year old that just recently defeated her at a very unbalanced tennis match. Linda had considered Jenny a lamppost when she first met her but know she had to admit with bitterness that she envied her little curves and her long hair. She felt in disadvantage and she was getting oddly aroused but she wasn't ready to give up. "I am not in my best shape but they are not movie stars either, Maybe once they realize I am an easy lay for today, they won't be so picky", She felt cheap and naughty at the thought, and decided to try a conversation with one of them that seemed to be alone checking for some DVD’s. She approached the boy and was nervously trying to think about something to say, the anxiety, the desire, and her own inexperience on that side of the fence had her blushing continually. The boy seemed to notice her but say nothing. He picked a DVD and seemed to be examining it. She didn’t see what movie it was but she said, “Oh, I like that movie too.” The boy turned to see her. “OK, have it. I was looking something for my little sister, but I think she already has this one”. Linda felt like a complete Dork, it was a movie for little girls. She blushed ashamed and marched away. She reunited her courage and tried it again with another boy that was equally polite and equally uninterested. She returned home discouraged and defeated. Just before this summer she could have any man eating from her palm and now that she really need one, she was ignored even by those stupid high school boys. She thought bitterly that even that scrawny dish washer of a few weeks ago was now out of her league. By the seventh week, her speed dropped to 40 mph but it seemed to stabilize as well as her 90 pounds weight. But the beginning of the semester approached like a train and she felt so defeated, so scared and so clueless about what to do, that she went to Karla, trying to find at least some empathy, “I screwed it up. I shouldn’t press for that treatment I am worse than ever, I can’t compete at all, even that 16 girl beat me easily. I am done”. She was sobbing on Karla’s shoulder, embracing her, she ended sat on her lap, finally capitulating and dropping all her attempts of keeping an image of independence, maturity, self-control and bravery. Karla let her sister cry for awhile then said, “Don’t worry Linda, I have all figured out. I will solve all of your problems” Linda looked at her sister with incredulity and hope. Karla read her face and said, “Hey don’t doubt me. I’ve been taking care of you lately, you had had food on your plate, a place to live, washed clothes and your tennis lessons for weeks and you hadn’t even helped the littlest bit” Linda was about to say something. She had been so self absorbed that she hadn’t cared for those details and was about to protest that Karla didn’t remind her or asked for help when Karla continued. “It is not a reproach, I was happy doing all those things and taking care of you, even driving you to the tennis school was funny, on those moments I really feel like the big sister“ Linda smiled nervously. She didn’t want to but she really felt like the little sister, right then she felt very emotional and strangely comforted and bounded to her sister by that thought. She tried to get that out of her mind and tried to change the conversation, “So what is your plan then?” “Wait for me here”, she said and then walked to her room to return a few minutes later. She found Linda sat with her feet over the chair and embracing her knees. Her facer reflecting curiosity and a restrained amount of hope. She looked cute. “I am going to show you something but please don’t freak out. Trust me, It is for the best” A concerned look shadowed Linda’s face and Karla put a couple of credentials on the table. Linda took the first one, it was a bank debit card with Karla’s photo, she was portraying her new hair color so it was pretty recent . “So you got a debit card, what’s the big deal with…. HEY, WHY DOES IT HAVE MY NAME!” “Calm down Linda, we needed access to your bank accounts, you are the only one with access to our estate, don’t you remember, and you were in no shape to handle these matters in the last few weeks, not to mention that you know it would be extremely hard to prove your identity with your current ID’s” Linda’s head was spinning, she felt ditzy, she took the other credential and found it was a university id, again with Karla’s photo and her own name. It stated that she was matriculated not in her original campus but in their new city campus and was pursuing an art major. “What is this? I don’t like arts. And I don’t want to move out here permanently. And what with the photo. It makes no sense at all”, said Linda that seemed on the verge of a breakdown but she seemed to be more scared than angry. “First things first. Tell me sincerely Do you really want to return to your old campus? You know having to explain everybody about your changes. Do you?” That was something that Linda had preferred to keep out of her mind but when the idea had reached her mind she had felt a lot of fear and anxiety, she knew that there was many people who will greatly enjoy her current condition and she shivered just thinking about it. She rather like to confront new people, it was scary but not as scary as shamefully confronting her ex-classmates, specially some of them who she had treated really bad. “No”, was her laconic response in a very low voice. “That is what I thought. See? I am looking out for you”. “I don’t like arts”, Linda replied in a feeble protest. “You don’t have to worry about that. Just look at this”, she said showing Linda another Id. Linda was curious and anxious. She felt very insecure. She took the id in her hands, it had one of her new photos on it, but the rest of it didn’t make any sense. It said, “Karly Adams”, “9th grade”, “Brighton Academy for girls”. “What is this? A joke?”, she said more nervous than ever. She started fidgeting in her chair while biting her lower lip. “Not really”, said Karla seriously, “When you accepted to gave me the transplants I promised you to help you win the state championships” Linda was puzzled. And Karla continued. “Brighthon Academy is a boarding school and it has one of the best tennis programs of any school in the country. I went into a lot of trouble getting a new identity for you. It is based on my own records, a friend helped me change all my records to reflect 4 years less of age. We had to erase all traces of my high school and even my 9th grade record. And alter the dates of every single school register involving me. But I think it worth the effort. Now you are Karla Adams, well Karly and you have perfect elementary grades but mediocre 7 and 8th grades, and just transferred to the Brighthon Academy”. Linda was amazed and slightly trembling, her throat was almost closed. She felt weird, it all was like a bad dream. “Nobody will believe that I am 15”, she said thru her sore throat, but it didn’t sound as convincing as she intended. Karla took Linda’s hand and dragged her to the full body mirror in her room. Linda put a little resistance at first, but she realized that her she was now considerably lighter and weaker than her sister, so she decided to go along to avoid the embarrassment of being drag forcefully. “Do you think we look the same age?”, said Karla in front of the full body mirror. Linda looked at the images in the mirror, her sister was taller, neatly dressed while she was wearing just a t-shirt and nothing else. “It is not fair, your clothes are adult and mine…”, she didn’t finish her sentence, she felt paralyzed. She wanted Karla to put some baggy t-shirt or something, instead Karla was getting naked. She observed as her sister slowly took off all of her clothes, folding every piece. “Your turn”, she said after she was wearing only her high heels. Linda resisted for a bit but when Karla started pulling up her shirt, she finally gave up and raised her hands. She was having another wave of her sick curiosity to see the extend of the damage. She hadn’t compared herself to her sister in weeks and now she felt pretty afraid to look at the mirror but finally the curiosity defeated her fears. She contemplated the picture in sick fascination. Her sister was fully developed with precious 34-D tits, a nice flat abdomen and nice legs and ass. Her waist was pretty defined and gave her a very feminine hourglass figure. Her stylized hair adorned her mature looking face which was expertly enhanced by the makeup. Beside her sister’s image, a much shorter figure looked back at her blushing shyly, showing her completely flat chest, she didn’t even had big areolas or nipples to make her look flat but mature, her body was narrow and somewhat on the skinny side, her waist was just faintly defined, her bottom was a little boyish and her knees looked bony. Her childish haircut framed her cute face which was again adorned by a little pimple on her nose and by some freckles that had returned to her nose and cheek bones. Her lips showed that she had bit them too much lately. She looked at the floor nervously, biting her lips again. Karla broke the uncomfortable silence. “Look Linda, I don’t know if I can reverse all the record alterations that I did to help you, but it is your choice. I think that it would be better for you to take a break and have a fun time back in middle school while playing a lot of tennis, and after your implant stops working you may return to your old life if you want. Of course by then you won’t be in the college tennis team, but that is inevitable anyway. It would be easier than confront a bunch of college people looking like a little girl while your emotions run wild and with little control” Linda was overwhelmed, she had been afraid to return to college looking as she was now but this alternative was just too crazy, on the other hand, she probably won’t lose her scholarship if Karla managed the things right. The reality is that she really was feeling insecure and emotional, she didn’t feel like taking more responsibilities right then, and maybe she could cope better with the competition of young girls. It could be like a very weird and strange holiday. “If I accept, I will return to my life and college after this year?”, she couldn’t believe she was saying that. “Yes, of course, if that is what you really want” “Ok. I accept”, said Linda, who was anxious but finally found a way out of her current overwhelming responsibilities, disadvantages and of her very frightening near future. “Very good Karly”, said Karla embracing her “little” sister. “I am sure you will enjoy it a lot”. Karla thought about telling Linda that the Academy was a strong believer in corporal punishment and that she hadn’t been able to erase her record of indiscipline in the 7 and 8 grade so she will arrive with quite the fame, but she thought, “Why ruin the moment, she will find out anyway” Kin 08/17/17 (Thu) 15:59:56 No.1593 Epilogue A few months later Linda (Karly) was in the principal’s office, she had received a phone call there because she wasn’t allowed to use a cell phone. She was wearing the mandatory white shirt and gray pleated skirt that went to mid-tight. White socks and flat black shoes completed the ensemble. Some girls wore the skirt shorter but she didn’t like to show more of her scrawny legs. She was alone in the room but still she was fidgeting in her chair while talking with her sister. She still portrayed the same Hairstyle and had cut it twice already instead of letting it grow to make it more stylish. “Congratulations Karly!, I know that you qualified for the Nationals !”, said Karla, “I am very proud of you”. “Thanks sis”, said Linda shyly, she still refused to call her sister using her own name, so she preferred to call her Sis or Sister. “I knew that your determination and your smart game would compensate for your low ball speed and slowness”, said Karla. “Yes, sis, I had been working hard every game… and the nationals , it is a dream come true”, she flashed a shy smile. “That’s the spirit, and how is life over there” Linda bit her lower lip and fidgeted more in her chair. “Well… my grades are good, you know… I got almost straights A’s” Karla sensed anxiety, “Yes I already Knew that. Do you have many friends there?” “No… Yes… well, I have a couple” “And you are the leader of the whole generation. Aren’t you?” “Well… no… not really… the other girls… all of them…”, Linda’s voice was getting lower, barely audible but then she cleared her throat and continued, “they tease me … a lot..all the time… bully me… because I am…you know”, Linda was blushing red, and her fidgeting had became more and more childish. “I am flat and hairless down there… and I have no periods…. and they all have boobs and pubic hair, specially that bitchy Sandy, she is really big up there… and bullies me a lot… specially in the showers”. Karla seemed concerned, “Do you want me to talk to the principal?” “No.. please… it only would make matters worse… I can handle it… I am a grown girl… and….” “And what?”, said Karla Linda hesitated, it was to shameful to confess, but she needed to get if out of her chest. To tell somebody, otherwise she will explode. “well.. You will think I am weird….“, she said. “no, please tell me”, said Karla genuinely interested. “Well.. I kind of like it… you know the teasing… the mocking…. even that occasion when they stripped me and tied me…It is my secret….”, by then she was blushing red, with shame and arousal and she was touching her hairless pussy under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. “it makes me wet”, she said in a low whisper. Karla was amazed, in her first time in 9th grade Linda was more like that Sandy, she indeed bullied more than one girl at that time. And now it seems that the table had turned …. Well she decided to gave her some support, “Don’t worry Karly, those fantasies are more common than you may think, just be careful if the bully raises to another level let me know so I can stop it immediately” Linda sighed relieved. She had expected her sister to freak out. Karla then tried to change the conversation. “And what about the teachers. Are they any good?”. “They are no very patient … you know… and… their classes are boring, and they are all morons… and….you know I always say what I think……” “Yes?” “Well… they don’t take it very well… they spank me… a lot…just this morning in the classroom in front of everybody else… on my bare ass.”, Karla almost had to guess the last phrase which was said in a very low voice. Linda cleared her throat and talked a little bit louder, “It was this young teacher, Miss Katy Parker, she is 22 and she is tall and very busty and very pretty…” “I see…”, said Karla who was almost speechless. “ And… and…”, Linda was touching her pussy once again, trying to find the courage for a last confession, she was blushing red and turned her head nervously in all directions to confirm that she was really alone. “and what?”, Karla encouraged her. “I…”, she say in a low but very excited voice, “ I have a crush on her… and I think she likes me too”. She was ashamed to admit that, she had always liked boys, but boys hadn’t paid much attention to her in months, not even the 9 graders of the nearby school that seemed to prefer other girls that already had boobs. Karla was speechless. She was trying to find something coherent to say when she heard an adult voice over the phone scolding Linda. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT HAND LITTLE LADY?” “I have an itch… I thought I was alone… sorry…please ” “YOU ARE NOT WEARING PANTIES KARLY ADAMS !Say good by to the other person, and I will give you ten spanks, you certainly deserved it and you seem to be dressed for the event” Linda then talked to the phone, “I have to hang up now… something came up.” Karla said, “Ok, I will pick you up Saturday morning, so you can spend the weekend with Mark and me.”, then Karla sensed that she was maybe imposing her will over her sister and asked, “Of course only if you want. Do you want to come with us?” The expectation of another boring weekend with Karla and her handsome and rich but extremely boring boyfriend didn’t sound appealing at all. Just the thought of their very long and boring talks about art history made her yawn, but the fact was that she really wanted to see her sister, she felt more bonded to her than ever, specially after all her little confessions and Karla’s acceptance. “Of course I want to be with my big sister, silly”. Said Linda cheerfully. “I AM WAITING”, said the teacher in the background. Karla did an accomplice giggle and asked in a low voice over the phone, “Is she the one?” Linda blushed bright red and smiled dreamily, “Yes, sis”. “OK. Have fun. See you on Saturday”. The End.
  4. The Box [WG, DG, Shrinking boobs] The Box by Jason Light filtered slowly into Missy Anderson's world. The last she remembered, she'd been at Tom Landry's grad night party, celebrating the end of high school with too much alcohol and music loud enough to be heard three blocks away. “Ow,” she said, bringing a finely manicured hand to her throbbing temples and brushing aside the long blond locks that fell across her face. “I think I drank too much,” she continued, still tasting the taquilla on her full lips. The bold eye makeup and glitter she'd worn last night had dried into a glue that made it hard to open her shining blue eyes, but when she managed, she wished she hadn't. All around her, she could see tubes and hoses running from the walls of the small box she was confined in to… to her! Her hands and feet were firmly strapped to the back wall of the box, along with a strap that ran right under her full and all natural DD breasts, and yet more straps securing her toned thighs and trim waist to the box. The top, bottom, and sides of the box were a dull metal, but the front of the box, facing back at her was mirror polished, clearly showing the party worn, but stunning figure that she was so proud of. “What's going on here?” Missy cried out. “I know someone's there! Let me out of here!” “Ah, you've woken,” a dull voice came from a small speaker within the box. The cheap speaker made it hard to tell if the voice was male or female… perhaps it was neither… maybe alien? “Now that you are awake we can begin the process.” “Process?” Fear edged Missy's voice. What were they going to do to her? “Please, let me go… I promise, I'll do anything. My parent's will pay a ransom… I'll… I'll sleep with you! Please, what do you want?” “I'm sorry Missy,” the voice said. “Truly, I am. But the only things you have to offer are the things we're going to take. Now, perhaps after we're done, we can talk again, but for now I must get started. In just a moment, you will feel a small sting in your left arm. It's a drug that will make you more receptive to the work we're going to be doing. Just relax until it takes effect, and then we can begin.” “Begin what?” Missy asked as she felt the prick, followed by the sensation of something cold radiating out to the rest of her body from the pin prick. “What are you doing to me?” “We're taking back the gifts you've been given Missy. I'm afraid that there was a substantial balance on the loan that bought your perfect life, and it hasn't been paid. I'm here today to walk through the things that you were given and take them back from you.” “But… but I don't know what you're talking about. What gifts?” “Well, let's start with the big things, and we'll work our way through the list. No more questions for a while Missy, we have work to do. Now, for the record Missy, how tall are you?” “I'm five foot ten,” the buxom eighteen year old said. Not that she wanted to, she had more questions that she wanted to ask, but the drug slowed her thoughts she couldn't find the will to disobey the command she'd been given to ask no more questions. “Right then. It says here that you would not have grown to a height of more than five foot two without intervention. With penalties for late fees, we'll be reducing you to an even five feet in height.” No sooner had the voice spoken than Missy could feel a sucking sensation at her feet. Her tone, trim and long legs began to shorten, along with the trim waist that had emphasized it's slenderness with how long her torso was. Even as her legs shrank, her arms retreated to match, until she was left nearly a foot shorter than she had come into the booth. The restraints had moved with her shrinking limbs, adjusting within the box to her new height as though she had always been that short. “There now. That's better,” the voice said. “Still, we have a long way to go. What size bra do you wear Missy?” “32DD.” she said, quaking in fear. Who were these people and what were they doing to her? And how? Why? She longed to ask but couldn't. Couldn't do anything more than lie here and let them do it to her. “That's a very impressive size for a girl as slender as you are. It's a very expensive alteration of reality to let someone of your frame get so busty so young and maintain such a trim figure. According to our records, you would have naturally reached a C-cup by age twenty one, but again, there are late fees. We'll be scaling you down to a very full A-cup, and by twenty two, you should reach a B-cup.” Then it started again, a set of hoses snaked themselves under her tight shirt, affixing themselves to her pert nipples and beginning to suck. Missy began to cry as she watched her reflection, her once full bust dwindling before her eyes. How many girls had she laughed at over the years for having 'bee stings?' How many times had she nearly cum just from the feeling of Tom's strong hands on her full chest and the knowledge that she had the power to make him hard just by showing them to him? And now they were gone, leaving her tight fitted top lose and bunched up at her waist and chest, looking like it belonged to an older sister. “There now,” the voice continued. “That's the worst of it. Now the rest is in details. How would you describe your hair Missy?” “It's long, you could say it's blond, but my friends call it ice blond because it's so pale. And its naturally wavy, I barely have to use a curling iron.” “Excellent, that must be very popular, I'm sure there are many girls that are jealous of your perfect hair. Records indicate however that you should have had a more sandy tone to your hair, and that in general, you would have had a little bit of a frizz problem. With late penalties, we'll be shortening it up a bit as you'll be developing a severe problem with split ends… it should be about chin length and frizzy when we're done.” Again, hoses descended, this time attaching to her scalp. Hair that spilled nearly to her hips now drew back until it barely reached her chin, crinkling and fraying as it drew back into her head. A web of needles then stabbed into her scalp, injecting a die that flowed out to the frizzed ends of her now shorter hair, leaving it a dull lifeless brown that would be called mousy at one's most charitable. “Now, you have a very athletic figure, what sports do you do Missy?” “Cheerleading, soccer, volley ball. And I did gymnastics and dance until last year because they helped with the cheerleading, but this year I was head cheerleader and I didn't have enough time for the extras.” “Well, believe it or not, you might have actually wound up playing soccer before, though not as well as you do now. However, we'll be stripping away even that talent to cover the late fees. I'm afraid it's going to leave you considerably less athletic than before.” This time, the changes rippled across her entire body. Once toned muscles became soft, losing the strength they had once possessed and becoming weak, barely able to carry heavy text books. Once, she might have smiled and flashed stunning cleavage at a nearby boy, especially a cute one, if she needed something heavy carried, but now, how would she manage? Worse, the machine began to chug and gurgle as fat flowed down the tubes and into her body. Her trim and flat stomach began to swell, leaving an unflattering bulge hanging over her tight pants and forming a distinct muffin-top all around. Her ass swelled up, straining her short pants, and creeping out beneath the short hem, becoming nearly indecent. Her thighs swelled up until they rubbed against eachother, and her defined ankles puffed up until they formed the unsightly fusion of calf and ankle referred to as a cankle. Gone forever was any desire she would have to wear her cutest shoes, and perhaps even her ability to fit into her favorite sexy ankle boots…. now, simply finding a shoe to fit her pudgy feet would be a challenge. By no means had the change left her overweight, at one hundred and fifty pounds she had only truly gained thirty five pounds, but coupled with the loss of height, the change from slender knockout to pudgy short girl was amazing. “Almost done now dear,” the voice continued. “Your eyes are blue, and your vision is perfect, correct?” “Yes,” she said between sobs. She could not resist the voice, no matter how much she wanted to. “Well, naturally, you would have had hazel eyes, and only a slight visual problem. You probably would have needed reading glasses, and maybe by forty would have needed minor correction full time. We'll be restoring your natural hazel, but I'm afraid you will now need a significantly strong prescription to see. Without your glasses, which we will have waiting outside the booth along with a change of clothes for you, you won't be able to read, drive, or do most things, though you should manage to walk around familiar spaces without tripping or running into things.” The last change came almost as a relief to Missy. The reflection before her went blurry, becoming the indistinct outline of a girl that wasn't her, and she never wanted to be. Almost, she could pretend that it was a dream if not for the fact that she could still feel the needle in her arm, and the ever more invasive hoses. “Now then, your complexion has always been flawless, hasn't it Missy? Never had problems with acne? You've always tanned easily and never burned much?” “No, I've never even had a zit. And I only had a sunburn once, when we were surfing in Mexico for summer vacation last year. I stayed out in the water almost all day before I started to burn.” She wanted to say more. To ask if they were done making her ugly yet, to beg them to leave her something she would recognize as herself in the mirror. “Well, in future, I will recommend that you stay out of the sun if you can avoid it… your pale skin will burn quite easily,” the voice said as her stunning tan faded away. Across her shoulders and face, her skin reddened, taking on the texture of a mildly serious acne problem that was resistant to most over the counter remedies. “Almost done Missy. Tell me about your friends. Do you have lots of friends? Are they close? Do you have an easy time making friends?” “Yes, I have lots of friends. I'm closest with the other girls on the cheer squad… oh and my BFFs that go all the way back to kindergarden, we've always stayed friends. And there are lots of boys that I'm friends with. I know some of them want to be a boyfriend and not just a friend, but once we talk about it, they usually don't have a problem just being friends.” “Well, without intervention, you probably would have had those BFFs… a few very loyal close friends, but… well, late fees and all. If you had to pick one friend, who would you pick?” “Jenny Green…. we've done everything together… I even dated her current boyfriend's brother so she could get together with Derrek… I don't know what my life would be like without her.” “Jenny Green,” the voice said, pulling up more information. “She's quite the popular one herself, student body president, and almost beat you out from prom queen this year… she was the homecoming queen… would you still like to be friends with her? You can keep one friend.” “Yes please, thank you.” “Of course,” the voice said as the machine did more work. “You may not be as close to Jenny as you are right now… you'll have grown apart as she's truly blossomed and you haven't so much… but she remembers you fondly from grade school, and still thinks of herself as your friend. She even tries to help you make other friends some times. Still, you'll find that that outgoing personality that made it so easy to make friends is… diminished. You'll stumble over words in social situations, have a hard time starting a conversation, or standing up to the opinions of others.” As the voice finished speaking, the needle finally left her arm, and the hoses withdrew into the box. “Is that it?” She asked, finally able to speak without being prompted. “For the most part, yes. As I said, you will find clothes waiting in the room outside this chamber, more flattering to your new figure. Also, new ID that matches your current appearance. When you get home, you will find that the rest of your possessions match the person you are now. People will remember you as having always been this way.” “But… why? Why did you have to do this to me?” “Because, you weren't supposed to have this life. You would have had a normal life, a good and probably happy life, but not a great life. Your mother borrowed significant amounts of money to buy a new chance for the both of you. She changed herself, and you at a very young age, so you would grow up this way. She went from single struggling mother to a single and very desirable mother, and quickly from there to trophy wife. She was very good at diverting funds from her husband's business to pay her debts, but it looks like he may have caught her, or at the least cut her off. Yesterday, she fled when we confronted her about the back payments. Her balance being outstanding, we repossessed what we could from you.” “But… but it's not my fault!” Missy cried. “We know… and that's why we're going to offer you a chance Missy.” The door to the chamber opened, revealing a small room with a single bench. On that bench sat a pair of baggy pants and an oversized hoodie, some well worn sneakers, and a knockoff purse that was a size too large to be fashionable. “We'll give it all back to you… if you can find your mother and bring her back to us.” “All of it? You'd give it all back?” “Yes Missy… do we have a deal?”
  5. Race Queen by TOXIS (dg, iq, racial change) RACE QUEEN by TOXIS This is a mistake. I never should have taken their money but it was so much money. When was I going to make $1 million in one year ever again? I was so sure I was doing the right thing. Now look at me. Let me back up. Eighteen months ago, I was the newest partner in a major New York law firm, only 26 years old, one of the best and brightest. I was drop dead gorgeous but in a professional way. I knew it too knew. In college and law school, I kept getting offers to model. I turned them all down because the real money, the big money is in international trade. So I spent all my time at fund- raisers for politicians hosted by Far East business types. Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan – especially Japan. So closed, so male dominated, so very much money to be made there. I had noticed something that I was sure I could use. Of course, when I went to one of these trade things, I was dressed like a movie star – only the very best designer gowns, exactly the right accessories. Everyone looked but Japanese men stared. They ignored the other women but they talked with me. They paid attention when I said I was becoming an attorney. Some gave me their business cards and told me to call them when I was in practice. When I did, they hired me. Small matters, true, but unlike most new lawyers, I walked into my new firm with clients. I made partner in 18 months. Fastest ever, male or female. In fact, I was asked if I was interested in opening one of a series of Far East offices. It looked like Japan was taken but I had my choice of Thailand, Korea or Bhuttan. No way was I taking a backwater. I called Seiji Herakini, president of OTTII Industries, and explained what was happening. Seiji is a major client. He wanted me in Japan and expected the firm to give him what he wanted, including 100% of my time if that's what he needed. In short order, I was in Kobe with the firm's managing partners to meet with Seiji and firm up our planned services for his company. Seiji was having trouble establishing a modern image for his old line specialty steel facrication business. He needed an attorney who would be part of the team effort to break the mold and create a new identity that attracted the younger purchasing managers in his customer base. I had to be totally on board with that concept and the firm had to recognize that I was putting OTTII before it and myself to get this done. I was very enthusiastic and grudgingly the old fools running the place agreed. Well, I thought then that they were fools. Now, they look pretty smart. I had good reason to be enthusiastic. Seiji had given me a bonus agreement that paid me $400,0000 after six months and $1 million after a year if I met all goals. I did have some reservations when I read the bonus goals. It struck me as odd that I would have to (1) learn to speak Japanese in the manner OTTII wished, (2) learn Japanese etiquette the same way, (3) accept, maintain and wear the wardrobe supplied (at no cost) by OTTII, (4) comply with OTTII's exercise schedule, (5) adhere to the personal appearance (hair, makeup, jewelry, perfume, etc.) designed for me by OTTII and (5) be available at OTTII's convenience for publicity video, photography, personal appearances, interviews and the like. I would be paid an additional $10,000 to license my personal likeness to OTTII. When I asked, Seiji's PR assistant explained that the Company intended to put its most noteworthy people out in the public's eye, explaining OTTII's commitment to change. They wanted to be able to exploit those executives who made the greatest impact. I figured how can I lose. I get better than $1 million for doing what the legal work they want and letting them take my picture while I do. With any luck, I would be a celebrity when I came home. After two weeks, I was worried. No one gave me any work. I sat in my office and waited for something to happen. Nothing did. I was getting more and more nervous when a Miss Sanjuko introduced herself. She apologized for the delay but everyone was so busy. She was my designated OTTII mentor. I read a letter from Seiji explaining that Suki (her first name) spoke with his voice. I was to follow all of her directions faithfully, immediately and without question. I imagined Seiji in a military uniform giving orders. I made a small joke to that effect but either Suki found it not funny or she had no time for humor. Tea arrived. I thought it was too bitter but Suki insisted we have some to start our relationship. I finished mine but now, I can't remember if Suki ever really touched hers. She explained that we had several appointments that afternoon. I got up to leave when Suki stopped me to say that I would have to change into the clothing in the conference room. In a few moments, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I felt a little dizzy, disoriented is the better word. I was dressed in a most revealing micro-mini. The jacket was a little neon-blue bolero over a white, sleeveless, ribbed turtleneck. My stockings were white with matching blue platform pumps, sporting five inch heels. Suki pulled my hair back and under a blue satin baseball cap, my long blonde ponytail bouncing away. There were OTTII logos on the cap, on my jacket buttons, even on my shoes. My hands felt awkward as we winded down a crowded street in the Ginza. I usually carried a briefcase. We stopped at a nail salon and soon I had one-inch tips with white, blue and black swirls. A gold OTTII logo was crazy-glued dead center in the middle of every nail. Then, I was sitting in a different salon's chair, getting my hair cut. I have very thick, dirty blonde hair. I curl it because its so straight. First, they washed and conditioned my hair twice and parted in in the middle. Using a laser (I swear to God, a real laser), they trimmed my hair mid-way between down my shoulder blades. I had to wear special glasses when they did my new bangs – heavy but only to mid-forehead. Using a little penlight laser, they trimmed my eyebrows into skinny arches. As we left, the receptionist handed me a pair of sunglasses. Suki indicated that I should try them on. The lenses were very oversized and tinted a light blue. I thought that I could see images, words very faintly in the lenses. The obligatory OTTII logo was on the lower corner of my right eye and where the white and black frames came together. The rest of the morning became a blur. We stopped at a make-up shop, and there were accessories and scarves and gloves. I was carrying a big square black patent pocketbook done up to imitate a briefcase. It had the OTTII logo as the clasp. I caught my breath when we arrived at the Japanese tutor. She was at least 70 years old and nasty. Hokimini-San would going to teach me Japanese manners and language. I would learn. I would be punished if I was stupid or lazy. No lie, that's how she talked. Her English was perfect, if too stiff but she was pretty stiff herself. We began with walking. Take little steps. Hands at your sides, wrists forward as you walk. Hips swing all the time. Chin up. Smile. Lean a little forward. Let your rear stick out in back a little. Whenever you talk, touch you mouth. Whenever you meet a man, look down first, smile, look up without lifting your head, smile again, touch your mouth and say hello. All the time, I had to repeat the things she was teaching me to say. Homikini-San explained that Japanese was a very old language. It had three levels - the honorific for speaking to Buddhist priests and the Royal family, formal for speaking to one's betters and the vulgar, the language of business. I would learn the vulgar. It contained many expressions that had evolved over time. Expressions that taken alone might be considered offensive but now were perfectly acceptable, indeed required. I walked across the room to a full size photo of a man and said (in vulgar Japanese) "It is good to see you again, Mr. Smith. I hope that looking at my sexy body gives you a big erection." When I balked at saying something so humiliating, I found myself on her front steps on a busy street, wearing a dunce cap and repeating "I am a very stupid and lazy female. I hope my sexy body gives the men who see me big erections so that I will not be entirely useless." I was so embarrassed whenever anyone looked at me. At the time, I didn't object; it seemed normal somehow. Sitting at a meeting, someone finishes their coffee, I get up. I shimmy to the man's place and lean forward. I do not bend my legs. I take the man's empty cup and say "I do not understand the important things that you men discuss and I will make myself more useful by filling your coffee cup. I hope you like the way my tastelessly short skirt shows off my sexy body." Then we came to giggling. Homikini-San says that I must learn to giggle. Never laugh. I must giggle to show that I approve of what men are saying. I can show that I do not understand, that I will do as told, that I am finished a task, that I want men to look at me and find me sexy, that I am awaiting their next wish. I never giggled in my life. Well, maybe when I was like five and in kindergarten. Have you ever walked up to a complete stranger (male, of course) on a public street … you come close, taking mincing steps in your five inch heels.. Your hips swing as you go … you look down at the man's shoes and count to two, look up under batting lashes … smile, touch your lower lip with your right hand … hold your left hand out sightly, wrist up, begging …<giggle> "Sir, I am very silly and I do not know where I am." <giggle> "Can you tell me how to go to my work? I will be punished when I get there because I am so stupid and lazy." <sigh, giggle> The man usually laughs I hated that they were allowed to laugh when I could not. "I see you work for OTTII. A good company. You are very lucky to have such a good job." I smile. "OTTII is the best, most modern company in the world. I do not deserve to work there but they are kind and will give a person with no good education like me a chance." They like to ask me about America. "I come from a very dirty and degenerate city where women are rude and useless. I am so glad that I am in Japan and can act properly." Homikini-San would be a step behind me listening. There is always a pot of tea going. I sip a little all day. I used to feel confused a lot, spinning almost, but that settled down. If I don't have a cup of tea every so often, I feel sick. Homikini-San was always after me. If I fudged a single insulting line, if I failed to smile at one condescending remark, I would be punished. I followed Suki from the Mercedes to the grandstand. I could hear the sound of motors, race cars. Yesterday, she brought me to a salon that specializes in make-up. My face is very pale now and painted much like a doll's. My hair was tinted a silvery platinum. It falls thick, silken down my back. If my hair was black, from behind you would think I was Japanese. I wished many men big erections when they saw my sexy body in my tasteless clothes. OTTII is the best company in the world. I am too stupid to understand and too lazy to deserve such a good job. I jumped up and down when OTTII cars won. And I never stopped giggling. In the car, I told Suki that I had had enough. I had been thinking about it - or thrying to - for a while. Turning me into some sort of Japanese Barbie doll was not part of the deal. Give me my $500,000 and I was out of there. Suki explained that the firm had been required to post a $1 million bond against my performance. If I quit, the firm had to pay the million. When I transferred, I had signed an agreement with the firm that I was responsible for losses caused by my failure to adhere to the terms of my deal with OTTII and Seiji. She said that if I quit, I would be ruined for life. I had to ask her to repeat what she said because it was really complicated. I thought I got it on the third repeat and got so totally like made and I cursed. I tried to hit Suki, but she knocked me down easily. Homikini-San took a wide wooden paddle to my ass while Suki watched and took pictures. Homikini-San took pictures of me kissing Suki's high heeled toes. I was dressed in a way-too-tight T-shirt. My belly was bare. There were little red vinyl hot pants, white anklets and knee high white, platform soled, six inch heeled boots. I stood on a busy corner in front of a popular sushi restaurant. The restaurant's name was on my T-shirt. I held a big poster showing the menu. "Eat at Honji's Mountain Restaurant. The sushi is more succulent that my sexy body. Watch me while you eat and show me how big you are." I knew what I was saying and said it all day, and the next and the next. On Thursday, Suki noticed that I had run out of resistance, simply did not hold back. I minced about. I smiled at the men and said all the humiliating things I was told to say. I watched the men coming out and congratulated those whose buldging hard-ons were evident. I found myself at the race track in my horrible corner girl outfit. Men were drinking and smoking cigars. Suki pushed me to my knees before a young man in a dark suit. I looked up at her, confused. "Eat him," she directed. Blindly, I fished his thickening rod out of his pants and put it in my mouth. Suki began to instruct me. When to suck him in and when to pull back. Suck hard enough to hollow your cheeks. Look into his eyes. Suki taught me what to say, how to say it. Put his hard cock against my cheek. Giggle. "Oh sir, I love the taste of your member in my mouth. It is so big that I can hardly contain it. Please let me swallow your tasty sperm. I know that I will have a big orgasm myself." Why did I say it? I guess by now I knew that whatever Suki said was right. She was always right and I was just too silly and confused to know anything. I didn't see her with the palm-sized digital video camera, framed to capture me only. I saw the video later. I looked like a complete slut. After I swallowed the first man's cum, I thanked him. Suki had me offer myself to the remaining men. I wiggled out of my hot pants while they watched. I spread my legs and rubbed myself so that they would not have to endure a dry hole. I told them how wet I was getting. In turn, I mounted them and gave each a wild, bucking ride. Suki critiqued my performance until I was exactly what she wanted, a giggling, insatiable whore. At least on video. I sat in my room, dejected, pouting. How could this have happened to me? I was too smart to be trapped like this but I felt trapped. All my clothes, my shoes, my make up, jewelry, the shows that came over cable TV, the music I could play, what I could read – Suki picked them all. Mostly, I watched auto races. I read cheap romances. I dressed however Suki wanted me and went where she took me. I got used to the sex. I was so bored and it was the only fun in my life any more. I started to enjoy the sex. I found myself trying to look sexier that Suki had decided. On the street, I looked to see men stare at me and smiled, happy now, when they did. Lots of them had big erections, all for me. I sat very still when Dr. Hajji, a Pakistani, did my lips and nipples. Japanese women would not do this and certainly never see a foreigner. Suki explained that I did not matter because I was not Japanese, so a foreign doctor was okay. He was cheaper and he did a lot of work for foreign girls who were not pretty enough. I am very pretty. I do not need anything done to me. I begged Suki not to do this to me but whipped my nipples until I begged to see Dr. Hajji and pleaded that Suki guide me on just what I needed to do in order to make men think I am pretty. My lips are very full now. I have D cup breasts naturally but now my nipples are very thick and jut through all of my tops. Even the leather bras. "I am very pretty now. I can see my nipples. They are fat and men know that I always want to have sex. Men will want to put their big members in my mouth because my fat lips looks like I have a cunt on my face." No exactly Shakepeare but repeat it in front of a mirror long enough and it grows on you. Seiji saw me in his private conference room. I was in my newest OTTII uniform. A neon blue thong-cut unitard that came under my breasts that were covered by a skimpy white bandeau. The obligatory OTTII satin baseball hat, white boots, big glasses. Now, I wore big disc earrings made in the shape of the OTTII logo. Everything was OTTII. Even my hair. Streaks of neon blue and black had been painted in my hair. Suki had drilled me for the meeting for a week. "Oh, Herakini-San, I am so excited to see you." When I was a lawyer in New York, Seiji had been my close ally. I am in Japan and I have learned how wrong I am. Herakini-San is a powerful man, a demon god astride Mount Fuji. I am a stupid, lazy girl. Suki beat it in to me. I am inferior to all men. I am no attorney. I am no partner in my firm. No man wants a silly girl as a partner. Men do not respect me. They do not listen to the useless ideas that float aimlessly in my empty head. I giggle helplessly and approach Herakini-San. My feet take tiny steps. My left hand flutters like a butterfly begging for attention. The painted long nails of my right hand trace a slow arc across my lips. I look down. I did try to resist. I stopped drinking the tea and I was very sick but I was not so confused anymore. I tried to escape and Suki brought me back. She put me in a brothel and made me beg for men to please. No one wanted me. I could see their big erections. I asked to suck them. I told them I was very good. They ignored me. On the pavement by the entrance, I wiggled my hips and showed men my shaved cunt. They just laughed at me and went by. I was so excited and wet but no one would take me. Suki took me to a photographer. Japanese love to take pictures of their women in bondage. I was dressed in ropes and leather and rubber and vinyl … beaten, fucked, pissed on. Lots of pictures. Suki made sure that I smiled in lots of them. No escape now. Not with those pictures. Law firms don't have women partners who pose for dirty, nasty pictures of men pissing on them as they smile and drink it down. "Herakini-San, my tight pussy is very wet just being in your presence. Do my big nipples and sexy bottom give you a big erection?" Herekini-San laughs and claps his hands. "You have done excellent work, Suki. I particularly like her Japanese." I do not understand but that is to be expected. Suki explains that I do not speak Japanese like a real person. I speak like the cartoon girls on the anime shows on TV that I am allowed to watch. My voice is much too high-pitched. I speak to quickly and prissily to be anything other than a silly girl. I do not know any other way to speak. What can I say? "What is your name," Herakini-San demands. I blush and giggle. Suki changed my name about a month ago. I still hate it. Riki. It's a dirty joke. Riki..usually pronounced as "Lickie." I'm a little licky girl. "My name is Riki, Herakini-San." I pronounce my new name, as Suki prefers, saying "Lickie." "Do you like working for OTTII, little Riki?" "Oh yes, I love OTTII. It is the best company in the world. I would do anything for it." Herakini-San smiled and I was not so much afraid. "That is good. You see, we have a problem. The most famous symbol of OTTII are its racing cars. People all over the world know OTTII because of its race cars. I wanted to have a special Race Queen for my race cars. I tried to hire an American girl like you but they were all disrepectful and rude. I am pleased to see that under Suki's attentions you are well behaved." I blushed again uneasily, not at all sure where this was going. It was so hard to concentrate. "So I have a problem, Riki who is so helpful. You can stay and become my newest Race Queen. I will put you in many new costumes and you will be at all of the races. I will put your face all over Japan and you will be famous. Or you can leave. You know what your agreement provides. I have contacted your firm and they wish you to remain here." Herakini-San looked at me closely. I could see his enormous erection tenting his pants. Suki reminded me that I was not smiling and hurriedly I giggled and simpered. "I will allow you to sign a new contract replacing your present one. Our agreement has five months to run. I will cancel it and you can sign a new one. I will still pay you a million and change the term to three." Herakini-San looked to Suki. "Tell Riki how this is better for her." Suki made me stand on a little pedestal. I repeated what she told me to say. "This is a much better arrangement. I want to be OTTII's new Race Queen. I want to stay. I do not want to go back to America. I will be famous and everyone will know me. My name is Riki, only Riki. Thank you to OTTII and Herakini-San for this opportunity." I asked what the million meant and what three was - days, months? Suki spanked me and made me sign. Even though it wasn't true, she made say how happy I was with my new agreement. It was all on digital video. Before I was back with my teacher, that bitch Hokimini-San, a carefully edited video of my recent reeducation and new life was streaming to my old firm. The agreement was for three years and I was paid a million yen. After taxes, the cost of new uniforms, training fees and the like, I owed OTTII about $400,000 US. The engines are roaring. It's a very big race. I am wearing my latest uniform. It changes regularly. My new DD cup breast are molded in big, high orbs, jutting through my blue latex cropped T-shirt. White latex hot pants, thigh high boots, tall heels and thick platforms. My hair is pulled to the top of my head and comes out the hole in the top of my pretend race helmet. Logos everywhere. I carry the tray of drinks over to Herakini-San and his guests. They are all powerful men from America. They are not as smart and powerful and Herakini-San but any of them is smarter that a silly Race Queen like me. I set down the drinks. I giggle and catch their eyes. I trail my long nails up my thighs. I touch my hard nipples and my pouting lips. I ask in Japanese "Would any of the gentlemen like me to attend to their beautiful members? I see that I have given them huge erections and it would be rude of me to not help them." Suki translates into English. I wear earplugs under my helmet. She has turned off the sound so I do not know what she has said. I only speak cartoon Race Queen Japanese. Suki tells me that several want to use my mouth. I giggle and work my way carefully down the line. I know the next man. He seems almost afraid to use me. I beg for the honor and Suki translates. I want to run away. I do not want to be shamed this way. What will these men say tomorrow? "Please, sir, use my mouth. I am very good and many men have told me how much they enjoyed my mouth." I smile, near tears. Suki is watching me like a hawk. He nods and I go to work. Soon, he is thrusting his hips up and I can feel his orgasm overcoming him. I begin to buck my hips and moan as if I too am orgasming, just from the pleasure of sucking him off. Carefully, I clean him off and restore his clothing. I go to the next man and leave the managing partner of my old firm. Tomorrow, he will tell everyone what I have become. Not just a model in Japan but a business whore. Suki has me sign papers. Some are in Japanese, some English. I cannot read them. Suki explains that I have resigned from my firm and as an attorney. I have signed powers of attorney to her that will let her sell everything I own. I have signed another paper directing that she spend all of my money on my future education. Another paper changes my name to OTTII Riki. Finally, I stand in front of two men - one Japanese and the other American. Suki makes me say that I renounce my American citizenship and ask to be a citizen of Japan. More papers are signed, by me, by them. In another room, Suki explains. You are OTTII Riki now, only her. You are Japanese. You are a Race Queen and Herakini-San's personal plaything. You speak only Japanese. You are a nothing girl and you will do as you are told." I could run back to my American friends, ell them what was done to me, beg for their help. But Herakini-San would only offer them money to forget me and they would. Now, I am OTTII Riki, the famous Japanese Race Queen. I am waiting to see the doctor. He is going to do my eyes. Not slanted in a beautiful way, a Japanese way. Big eyes like the anime, pop-eyes, staring, vacant. Then, they will start on my hips, stomach and thighs. Sculpting me. My tits are so round and full; it's as if someone sewed big, hard balls inside them. OTTII is making me perfect like its race cars. Gleaming, a pleasure to use and drive well. If you write to OTTII, they will send you my new poster.
  6. Squeeze Play by T.F. Wright (WG, Personality Change) A man wishes his wife was more of a sports fan. Enjoy, and check out my new web site, which has a transformation story sorter, allowing you to look through my work by searching multiple transformation tags. ~ “He was safe! Safe! Goddamn safe!” shouted Brian as he slammed his beer down on the end table. “Honey, please, the language,” said Victoria, raising her palms close to her face defensively. Raven-haired with sparkling, eye-shadowed emerald eyes, Victoria’s femininity was only outdone by her retrained sensibilities. “Sorry,” Brian began begrudgingly, “but that ump’s gotta be goddamn blind!” “If he’s blind, then why are they letting him play?” asked Victoria. “Shouldn’t they have, you know, one of those ‘special’ leagues for disabled people?” “I didn’t mean…and besides, the ump doesn’t…argh,” he groaned. “Didn’t they have any baseball in London?” “Of course not—they have cricket. But I’m not much for that, either…just not a fan of sport, generally. So slow, so repetitive. No sense of drama, you know? Now if you were willing to give the theater another go, we could…” “Get me another beer!” he grunted in disappointment. His beloved Cleveland Indians had just let St. Louis get a Grand Slam. “Sure—I’ll get a coaster for you this time, then I’ll check the fridge,” she said, gingerly tip-toeing over there. Brian rolled his eyes. “Whatever,” he said, dismissively. She set the coaster down for him. He tried to reach out and grope her slender little butt, but Victoria just swatted his hand away and let out an exasperated-sounding, high-pitched chuckle. “Microwave that sausage in the fridge, would ya?” he asked. “But smell it first, make sure it’s still good.” Victoria wrinkled her nose up a little at the thought of smelling something unusual, and then crinkled her eyes at the thought of sausage. “Did you see that CDC report I sent you on the dangers of red meat and colon cancer?” she asked. “Yeah, I saw it. They’ll pry the sausage out of my cold, dead fingers!” “That’s precisely what I’m afraid of,” she replied, and she left the sausage right where it was. “I’m enjoying some celery. I’m happy to share, if you’d like.” “No way,” Brian said brusquely. Victoria’s vegan raw-food diet kept her exceedingly thin, without many curves to speak of. He’d heard that many women, upon getting married, stop dieting as strictly. But much to Brian’s dismay, Victoria hadn’t budged an inch, and neither had her curves. “Does beer cause colon cancer, too? When’s that gettin’ here?” “Brian, looks like you drank the last one. If you’d like, you can try a glass of this Petit Bordeaux I picked out yesterday…” Brian shook his head as he extricated himself from his favorite easy chair. “I’m going out!” ~ “I watched the first half of this game at home,” Brian, unprompted, explained to the bartender. “But my wife, well…doesn’t care for it. Probably because she’s English.” “Well, it might not be just that. There are plenty of American women who don’t consider themselves baseball aficionados…” asked the bartender. He had a shock of frizzy, silver hair, with a distinctive glint in his otherwise faded grey eyes. “She says she prefers plays and such,” Brian interrupted. “She dragged me to ‘My Fair Lady’ last week. Can you believe that?” “A real snooze-fest, I take it?” “Oh yeah— but there was one song that stuck with me. ‘Why can’t a woman be more like a man?’ Well, why not, you know?” Brian asked. “Not quite sure what you’re getting at…” “We say men and women are meant for each other—but you know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Take my wife and me. We don’t have the same taste in food, in entertainment, in manners, in anything!” “So you’d want a woman who’s more like a man, then?” the bartender asked. The question was unusual enough for a few heads to turn in Brian’s direction. “Hey, listen, I’m not gay or anything,” Brian asserted. “I just, you know, wish we were more on the same page. You feel me, right?” “Of course, of course,” said the bartender. “That can be arranged,” he added in a low voice, a little grin on his face. “Huh?” asked Brian. “I said, would you like another beer? On the house, on account of your troubles, my friend.” “Yeah, sure, thanks.” Brian said. It certainly wasn’t what he’d heard the first time, but he wasn’t going to say no to a free beer. He put it out of his mind, and didn’t give the conversation further thought. ~ “Alright, Victoria, going out,” Brian said, putting on his jacket. After the debacle last night, he certainly wasn’t going to risk watching even part of a game with Victoria around. “Out? Where?” “Not to the store, if that’s what you’re getting at,” Brian snapped. “No, just curious,” she called out. “Well, if you must know, to watch the game at the bar,” he said. “Figured since you’ve got such a problem with baseball…” “Brian, just because we don’t share the same interests doesn’t mean I have a problem with baseball,” she countered. Brian begged to differ. His adulation of the game made any differing opinion a sign of disrespect. “Well…I like the bar food,” he threw in. “We don’t have any good snacks here.” “Really? I got some Polish sausage at the market today…” “You serious?” Brian, said, practically throwing off the jacket and heading towards his favorite chair. “Why the change of heart?” “I know you left in a huff last week, and I just wanted to try to make it up to you,” said Victoria. ~ “Cleveland’s crushing it!” said Brian. “You’re my good luck charm, sweetheart!” “Awww, much obliged,” Victoria said. But when Brian turned around in his chair to glance at her, he noticed she wasn’t looking at him, or at the TV screen, but instead at his plate, which had just a single bite of sausage left. She had a bowl of celery sticks in front of her, her usual snack, but she hadn’t touched them. “You still hungry?” Brian asked. “Wanna try a bite?” He knew full well his vegan wife would refuse. “Well, if it’s going to go to waste otherwise, alright,” she rationalized, heading over and grabbing the last little morsel. Brian’s jaw dropped—was she really going to try meat? “Oh, wow! That’s…that’s…bloody brilliant! I know why you were so out of sorts when I forgot to pick them up!” “Heh, you like ‘em, eh?” said Brian, smirking with satisfaction. “Hell yes! Let me go heat up another!” she said, hopping up to her feet. Brian’s gaze followed her as she made her way to the microwave. Her walk seemed a little different, like she had a little extra oomph to her hips. “So…” Victoria said, as she waited for the microwave. “How exactly does this game work?” ~ “Oh, let’s get some of these loaded potato skins! And some chips, salsa, bean dip, sour cream, guacamole…this is gonna be a great game day!” said Victory excitedly. “Hey, Brian, what kind of wine do you think goes with chips and dip?” Brian was a little perplexed at how eager she was to join in his love of sports and of decent food. But why the sudden change of heart? “Beer is usually the preferred drink of fans,” Brian said, trying to mimic her affected English accent. “Haha, that’s pretty good!” Both the hearty sound of her laugh and the fact that she appreciated his joke were also totally out of character for Victoria. As she bent over to pick up some jalapeños, Brian could see that her ass was a little rounder and fuller than usual. He recognized that she was wearing her “fat jeans,” an oversized pair which Victoria only wore when she was feeling bloated, but now they looked tight on her, showing off her improved caboose. Brian moved next to her to get a closer look, and when she stood up, he caught her reflection off the mirrored lenses of the little tray of sunglasses at the end of the aisle. “Hey, Victoria, you wearing a new shade of lipstick today?” Brian asked. Normally Brian didn’t pay this much attention to his wife’s fashion choices, but the bizarreness of recent events kept him on especially high alert. “Nah, going all-natural for a change,” she explained. So that’s why her lips looked different. Victoria—or, at least, the Victoria he was used to— always wore makeup, even to bed. She had a plastic cover on her pillowcase to prevent smudges. Going ‘all natural’ was just so…not her! ~ “Want me to help in the kitchen?” said Brian, once they got home. “No, no, no, you just sit on the sofa and relax,” she said. “The game’s almost on, and I don’t want you to miss a second of it!” “Great, thanks!” said Brian. By the time Victoria sat down, it was already the bottom of the third inning. Cleveland was down one against Boston. But the moment she took a seat, Cleveland hit a double. “So, that’s good, right?” Victoria asked. “Yeah, that’s good!” Brian said, before doing a double take. When had she found the time to change into a Cleveland Indians tee shirt? Did she even own a Cleveland Indians tee shirt? “Open wide…” said Victoria, interrupting his train of thought with a loaded potato skin. “Wow, these are fantastic!” said Brian. “Homer! Yes!” “I’ll get us some beers to celebrate!” she said, running back into the kitchen. “Let’s chug!” Brian said as soon as the cans were opened. “Chug?” Victoria asked. “You know…drink the beer real fast all at once,” Brian explained, rolling his eyes. “Oh…right…” Victoria said. “Chug, chug, chug!” They both tilted their head backwards using the exact same motion and started gulping the stuff down. “Done!” Brian said, smashing the empty can on the end table before letting out a loud, proud belch. A moment later, he glanced back at his wife nervously. She’d been so nice to him today, perhaps, Brian thought, he shouldn’t push things too far. “Sorry about that,” Brian said sheepishly. “Quite all ri—” Victoria began, before letting out a loud burp of her own. “Woah there,” Brian teased. “Better out than in, right?” The moment of embarrassment lasted only a moment before the TV intervened again. “Another home run! Woo!” Brian said, jumping up and throwing his arms in the air. “Woo!” Victoria said, hopping up out of her seat, too. As she raised her arms, her T-shirt rode up on her just slightly. Brian could see a tiny little roll of fat sticking out over her jeans. Beer bellies didn’t happen that fast, did they? The euphoria of the game—and the unique pleasure of finally getting to actually enjoy it with his wife—pushed the uncomfortable questions out of Brian’s mind, at least for the moment. “What else did you make?” said Brian, as he finished off the second-to-last potato skin. “We’ve got…” Victoria started, before she deftly scooped up the last potato skin herself and then shoved the whole thing down in one big bite. It left a little smear of melted cheese on her chin. “…burritos!” “Great!” said Brian. “You’ve got a little cheese there,” he said, pointing to her chin. “Oh, where?” she said, dabbing the wrong side. “I’ll get it,” he said. Brian leaned in and licked it off. Her chin felt a little softer than he remembered. But he certainly didn’t mind the feeling of soft, warm flesh against his lips. Victoria leaned down and gave him a little smooch on the lips. “I’ll go get the main course,” she said afterwards. Brian had expected her to walk back with a tray of individual toppings and tortillas so that both of them could make their own. That would allow for customization, but it might be distracting and could cause them to miss a moment of the game if they were glancing downwards… Victoria had the tray, but instead the tray contained two colossal burritos, each as large and as long as his arm, wrapped using multiple tortillas. “Damn, girl, good job,” Brian said. “This is like…a Brontosaur's leg or something!” “Glad you approve,” said Victoria. Brian lifted the mammoth burrito and took a huge bite. Tears welled up in his eyes from the spiciness of the peppers inside. “Another beer,” Brian gasped. “Take one from the cooler,” Victoria said, pulling it closer. Cooler? When did they have a cooler? He didn’t remember buying it at the store with her… Brian’s desperate longing for more beer to soothe his scorched tongue meant he was drinking that beer before asking where it came from. Despite its spiciness, though, the burrito was heaven in a tortilla. Brian kept on eating. But before he’d even finished half of it, Brian started to feel full. Did Victoria really think he could finish two of these massive things? “You gonna eat that?” Victoria said with her mouth full as she pointed towards the other half of his burrito. “You…you finished the whole thing already?” Brian said, his jaw slack with shock. “Yeah, and?” Victoria said, shrugging her shoulders a little. In doing so, Brian could see the indentations of modest breasts against her shirt. But Victoria was always flat chested. Was this beer goggles in overdrive, Brian wondered? Or was she really changing? “Ok, we’ve got one on third,” said Victoria. “What should they do?” “Hoping they go for a squeeze play,” said Brian. “Oh, sounds fun, what’s that?” “It’s where the batter hits a short bunt, probably gets out, but gives the runner on third a chance to run home,” he explained. “Hmm…so sacrifice one thing for the sake of something better?” asked Victoria. Even in his tipsy state, Brian could recognize something about those words that sounded symbolic. Brian looked at Victoria. What was she losing? Her makeup, her fashion sense, her femininity, her slender figure… And what was she gaining? A love of baseball. Better taste in food. Some sexy curves. And, of course, a closer relationship with her husband. Everything he’d wanted, right? A fantastic trade, in Brian’s book. “Woah, they did it! Just like you said!” exclaimed Victoria, pointing at the screen. “A squeeze play, nice!” said Brian. “Wanna squeeze play with me?” Victoria asked. Just in case he didn’t grasp the meaning, she got up, sauntered over to Brian and placed his hands on her growing breasts. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Victoria usually declined any of his advances outside the bedroom, and was a cold fish even then, so this was a real treat! Not many things could distract such an ardent fan like Brian from a baseball game, but this was one of them. He squeezed both of her breasts eagerly for a moment, enjoying their soft, spongy texture. He hadn’t bothered to wipe off his hands before he lustily fondled her. As a result, her shirt was now smeared with the wet slurry that issued forth from the bottom of his overstuffed burrito. But his wife, who’d been an OCD neatnik just a few days ago, merely giggled. Then she lay down across Brian’s lap. Brian was surprised at how heavy she felt. She leaned across him to grab what remained of his burrito and started stuffing herself. “Mmph,” she said, as she struggled to undo the button on her jeans with just one hand. “I got it,” said Brian, helping her poor, beleaguered tummy break free. Watching it jump out was a sight to behold—a little, white, proud dome suddenly leaping to attention. And with each bite of the burrito, her tummy grew larger and larger. Brian had always liked a girl with a little meat on her bones. Watching her hedonistic gorging cause her doughy belly rise like bread in the oven was deliciously erotic. The chair groaned a little as Victoria’s weight increased. As her arms strained to pick up the last few sautéed onions that had fallen out of the burrito, Brian could see them growing thicker and huskier. When she licked and smacked her lips after slucking them down, Brian could see her lips growing thicker and her cheeks getting rounder. “What’s wrong, honey?” Victoria asked Brian. “You’re barely paying attention to the game.” “I’m just…admiring how beautiful you are,” said Brian, thankful that he could evade the true intent of the question without having to actually lie to her. “Aww, you’re such a sweetie,” she said. She put her arm around the back of his neck and grunted a little as she struggled to pull herself up again. The posture bent her body forwards and accentuated her tummy, making it look even larger than it was. “You feeling a little randy, Brian?” she said, obviously feeling his erection digging into her plumper thigh. “Maybe a little,” he confessed. “Is that a common thing? Men getting aroused by baseball, that is?” Victoria teased. “It’s only common when you’re around,” said Brian. “I’d say let’s take this to the bedroom,” said Victoria, “But I don’t want you to miss any of the game.” “Well, I mean…I love baseball, but I don’t think I love it—” Brian began, but Victoria silenced him by putting her finger across his lips. “Shh…just listen to yourself, Brian. I don’t want to make you choose between two things you love,” she cooed. Slowly, she pulled off her tee shirt. She didn’t do it slowly just to be sexy—Victoria was having a hard time getting her too-big body through the arm sleeves and neck hole—but the unintentional snail’s pace of it all made her disrobing more tantalizing than the most perfectly practiced striptease. She threw the tee shirt behind her and it landed on the windowsill behind the TV. The image of the Cleveland Indians was visible, but so were the stains she’d racked up with her messy meal. Next, she stood up and shimmied her legs, trying to escape her jeans. Easier said than done, of course—after the amount of weight she’d put on tonight, her fat pants looked like skinny jeans. Finally, with a series of determined tugs, she managed to get them off, revealing the beautiful, wide flare of her new hips. “That was an ordeal,” she said with a sigh. “Now, where were we? Oh…I remember,” she added slyly, straddling him on the sofa, before helping him out of his own jeans. Victoria’s softer, creamy thighs gently rubbed against his while they slowly ground together. With each motion forwards, Brian could feel his wife’s bust rubbing against his nose. Meanwhile, in the background, Cleveland just kept hitting run after run. Brian hooted and hollered in approval. ~ “Morning, baby,” said Brian when he woke up the next day. “I had the craziest dream last night…” “What was that, dear?” said Victoria as she pulled herself up out of bed. “Oh, fuck!” Brian said, as he looked up at her. It was real! Somehow, his wife had put on tons of weight in just a day. And she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all! “What’s wrong?” she asked, stroking his face affectionately. Even her eyes looked different—were they brown instead of green now? “I…it’s…I dunno,” Brian sputtered, his groggy mind struggling to explain what was going on without sounding like he was going crazy. “Something weird has been going on, that’s all.” “Weird? What’s weird?” she asked, before yawning absentmindedly and scratching under her chin and her underarm. “Well, you enjoyed a baseball game with me last night, right?” “Sure,” she said with a little shrug. “What of it?” “Well…I thought you hated baseball,” Brian deadpanned. “So? I’m trying new things. Didn’t you want me to give baseball another go?” she asked. “Well, yeah,” Brian said. He hadn’t expected such an ordinary explanation for such a sudden, dramatic, and inexplicable change. “What about eating meat?” “I tried a bite and I was hooked. You eat meat every day, so you must know what I’m talking about,” she deflected. “Huh…” Brian said. That seemed perfectly logical, too! The only thing that she couldn’t explain away was her sudden weight gain, but knew bringing that up was asking for trouble. “Do you…you know…” he began slowly. “Do you think you look any different than usual?” “Hmm…” Victoria said, glancing down at her plump little belly and giving it a good shake. “Maybe I put on a pound or two recently. But I didn’t hear you complaining about it last night!” That was true. Brian was more attracted to her now than he’d ever been. “There’s one downside, though,” said Victoria as she struggled mightily to pull on a frilly white blouse. “None of these clothes fit right!” She sucked her stomach in and then yanked it on, but as soon as she exhaled, her belly flopped out of the bottom and her breasts managed to cause a seam to tear near the top. “Then we’ll get you some new clothes! We could go to Bryant Avenue or Dress Emporium, or—” Brian began. “Nah,” she said quickly, “I can just pick up some more tee shirts and sweats at Wal-Mart. I heard they’re having a sale on chicken pot pies, so we'll get some of those while we’re there. I’ll borrow your clothes while we’re out, if that’s ok,” she said. She then reached into his side of the closet without waiting for a reply, and put on one of Brian’s shirts and a pair of his jeans. He was surprised to find they fit perfectly. That didn’t make sense; he was at least 6 inches taller than her, wasn’t he? “Hey, pretty comfy,” she said, walking up to him. Brian stood up and realized he and his wife were suddenly at eye level. She leaned in and gave him a little peck on the cheek, before reaching behind him and giving his ass a little playful squeeze. “Alright, hun, let’s go to Wal-Mart,” she said. “Alright,” Brian said with a shrug, surprised that she didn’t jump at the chance to go get some expensive, designer clothes. At least they’d save on some cash, right? ~ Brian couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure, Victoria had saved some cash by buying oversized, plaid, blue-and-red flannel shirts, stretchy blue-and-red yoga pants and sweat pants, and a sensible pair of boots now that her tiny sandals were no match for her growing feet. She also bought an 8 pack of Cleveland Indians baseball caps, “just in case,” whatever that meant. But the savings from the clothes was more than wiped out by the snacks that they got. Pot pies turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. Victoria had splurged, adding in stuff that she would have scolded him for buying until just recently: pork rinds, honey roasted peanuts, cheese-stuffed pretzels, spicy pickles, and nearly a dozen bear claws. “Don’t worry, I’ll save you one,” she said, pointing to the bear claws. Then she let out a big, belly-shaking guffaw. “Anything else you wanna eat?” Brian asked. “Let’s stop by the soaps and deodorants,” she said. “Ugh…I hate the fact that it’s all pink and princess-y. Like they think every woman is stuck being a six year old,” she said, surveying the options, which had names like ‘Sweetly Soft,’ and ‘Delicate Delight.’ “Isn’t this what you buy?” Brian said, pointing to a pink tube labelled ‘Flower Power.’ “I…I guess…” said Victoria, struggling to square her memory of buying it with her current aversion to everything it stood for. “Maybe it’s time to switch it up, though, right? Let’s see what they have on the other side,” she said, turning towards the men’s section. “Primal, Dragon’s Claw, Elder Spice…oh, wait! Brian, you gotta smell this!” With one hand, she reached around Brian’s face and covered his eyes. With the other, she pressed the stick under his nose. “That smells kinda like…the aftershave I wore in college,” Brian said. “Glad you like it! Wolf’s Bite it is!” she said, tossing it into the cart. Brian opened his mouth to object, but he didn’t know what to say. The smell wasn’t bad, per se—actually, it was pretty pleasant and brought back some good memories. But there was something about his wife smelling like his old aftershave that just felt…unorthodox, to say the least. Brian’s shoulders slumped forwards a little as he continued to struggle with the dilemma. “Getting tired? Let me push the cart for ya,” said Victoria. “No, I’m…” Brian began, but when he wouldn’t budge, she gave him what she intended to be a gentle shove out of the way. Brian was caught off guard by the force of her impact and had to steady himself to avoid falling backwards against the shelves. “Ready to go, Victoria?” he asked. “Could you not call me that?” Victoria asked, narrowing her eyes as she frowned. “Sounds so frumpy and old, ya know?” “What do you want to be called?” Brian asked, fearful of what the answer might be. “How about…Vicky?” she asked. “Sure,” Brian grumbled. Was anything else going to change today, he wondered? ~ “I have a good feeling about playing the Cubs today,” said Brian. “After the last one, I think this has gotta be a walk in the park! No pun intended,” he added with a sly wink. “They’re much better than Boston, by any metric. So we’re the underdogs, no question about it,” said Vicky. “Wha, really?” Brian asked, scratching his head. How could his wife really challenge his baseball intuition, especially since just a few weeks ago, she knew next to nothing about the game? “Yeah, but that’s just your opinion,” Brian countered, feeling a little smug. “It’s not just mine, it’s Nate Silver’s,” said Vicky. “I read on his blog that Cleveland’s got the ninth best Elo rating. Cubs are third, Boston is 16th.” Vicky said. Brian’s jaw dropped. It wasn’t just her opinion! It was a well-informed opinion! Hearing that she could back up her claim with a qualified authority only made Brian angrier: it meant he really had been wrong. And, of course, it meant that Cleveland would have a substantially tougher time this time around. “Nate Silver is the guy who created the…” Vicky began. “I know who Nate Silver is!” Brian said, feeling condescended to. “Let’s just…get ready to watch the game, okay?” “Sure,” said Vicky, walking over to his favorite chair and flopping her fat ass into it. “Hey, is that a joke?” Brian said, trying to contain the frustration in his voice. “Is what a joke?” Vicky said, stretching her flabby limbs a little and adjusting the reclining gear of the chair so she could lean further back. “That’s…my chair!” Brian whined. “Hey, you snooze you lose,” Vicky said nonchalantly. “Hey, while you’re up, think you could get some beers chilled, get the pretzels from the pantry, and heat up a few bear claws in the toaster oven?” “But…but…” Brian blubbered. “Hey, I made the snacks last time. Get to it or you’ll miss the first pitch,” she said, snapping her fingers. Of course, Brian knew there was no reason for him to feel angry—he shouldn’t have a monopoly on the good chair, or on not making snacks. But once again, the salience of her point only made his situation more difficult to endure. Not only did his pride and manhood feel as if they were under siege, he also knew he had no grounds to complain about it. ~ “Booooooo!” Vicky shouted when the Cubs got another run. “Fuck this!” she complained, reaching her fist into the jar of pickles. Her wrist had grown wider as her arms grew thicker and fatter, and it got stuck as she tried to extricate herself from the jar. She had to shake her hand back and forth to finally get free, which had the effect of spraying the carpet with spicy pickle juice. “Hey, watch it!” Brian said. “Pff, whatever,” she said, noisily chomping on the pickle before letting out a belch. Is this how Victoria felt, Brian wondered, whenever he didn’t use a coaster? Brian watched with a worried fascination as Vicky gorged her way through the mountain of snacks they’d bought. With each bite, she became larger and messier in some way. When she ate the cheese pretzels, the definition between her chin and her neck melted a little, and her lips and mouth gained a few orange smears, as though they were a kind of replacement for the makeup she no longer wore. When she dipped into the big carton of honey roasted peanuts with her wet fingers, some of the sugar melted, leaving her increasingly bloated, stubby fingers sticky. The pork rinds caused her ass to bloat, stretching the seams of the oversized yoga pants she’d just bought, as well as causing a little trail of crumbs to fall down her neck and land around her flannel shirt. A few fell onto the fabric and into the pockets, but most fell into her increasingly prominent cleavage. Bear claw after bear claw went down the hatch, and as she devoured each one in a flurry of big bites and lip smacking, Vicky’s big tummy grew larger and larger. The tiny potbelly which Brian had adored had now swollen into a vast gut, much bigger even than his own stomach. It pushed outside the confines of her shirt, sitting proudly and widely across her waist, which was itself awash in thick, heavy love handles. “I couldn’t have another bite…” Vicky began. Brian wasn’t sure if he should feel relieved or disappointed. “So…I’ll just have one more beer,” she concluded with a drunken grin. When she finished the last can of beer, she smashed it against her forehead. The motion caused a few more buttons to pop off, landing noisily around the room. Now she only had a single button left – it was between her big belly and her massively buxom breasts. “Hey, we’re fighting back from behind!” Vicky said, when Cleveland finally got their first run, at the bottom of the ninth. “This ball game ain’t over yet!” “Great!” said Brian, reaching down from his position behind the chair and fondling her breasts. They felt very warm and much softer than he expected in his hands. “That’s nice,” she said, a wide grin breaking out across her chubby, snack-stained cheeks. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so it was easy for Brian to gain access to her nipples and start playfully flicking at them. “Yes, yes, yes!” she shouted as Cleveland made another run and Brian twisted and pulled at a nipple at the same time. “Strike three! That’s the game, folks!” said the announcer. “Ah, no, no, no!” she screamed, stomping her foot and seemingly causing the entire house to shake. A little picture frame toppled from the mantle and shattered as it hit the floor. Brian ran over to clean up the broken class. He examined the picture as he did so – it was one taken of Brian and Victoria, on the day they’d met. The two were as different as night and day back then, but opposites attract, right? “Sorry about the game,” Brian said, as he sauntered back towards his wife. “But, hey, doesn’t mean the rest of the night has to be a bust…” he said, reaching back towards her breasts. “Sorry, Brian, not in the mood anymore,” she said glumly as she crossed her arms. “Because of the game?” he asked. “They were one run away from extra innings! Maybe you didn’t notice, but I did!” she said angrily. “I almost smashed my head against the wall! There’s just no justice in the world to bring hope into the hearts of millions of fans in Cleveland and then snatch it away like that! Did you know that no sports team in Cleveland has won a national championship of any kind in fifty years? We’re due for some wins!” she ranted, her words slurred from the beer. “We’re overdue?” Brian asked. “Come on, Victoria, er…Vicky. You’re a transplant!” “So!? Weren’t you the one that wanted me to get more into baseball?” she replied. That was true. He just never expected her to really do it. ~ “Was gonna watch this game at home, but can’t really watch baseball in front of my wife,” Brian said to the bartender. “Really?” the bartender asked, looking surprised. “What’s the problem now?” “She’s just…not been herself lately, hard to explain,” Brian said. He hadn’t had much luck explaining what had happened when he’d broached the subject with his wife, so Brian certainly wasn’t expecting to have much luck conversing about it with a virtual stranger. “Try me,” said the bartender. “This one’s on the house,” he said, sliding him another beer. “Alright,” Brian budged. “She’s just been acting really strange. She used to spend hours getting ready, always trying to look dolled up. Now, she just wears whatever, and her diet's gone to hell.” “Ah, so your wife got fat on ya, huh?” the bartender asked. “And I take it larger ladies aren’t exactly on your menu?” “Well, actually…” Brian began, but then trailed off. How was he supposed to admit that he actually enjoyed that part of the change? “Watching the games when Cleveland wins is fun, but during the last game…” Brian started, hoping to change the subject. “Ugh, that was a terrible game!” agreed the bartender. “I nearly smashed my head against the wall at that almost-comeback!” “That’s what she did!” Brian exclaimed. “She just got so angry…and she’d been drinking, so that accentuated it…” “I’m not sure why you’re so concerned, isn’t all of this what you wanted?” asked the bartender. “What I wanted? I’m not even the man of my own house anymore! Let alone going to a bar with her. It’d be downright embarrassing, being shown up by her. Why on Earth would you think I wanted this to happen to her?” “Weren’t you the one who said ‘why can’t a woman be more like a man?” the bartender reminded Brian. “You told me you wanted your wife and you to have more in common, so…” “So…you did something?” Brian asked. “You messed with my wife!?” “Speak of the Devil,” said the bartender, pointing towards the door, as Vicky walked in. Brian wanted to continue his conversation with the bartender, but he couldn’t say anything while she was around… “Brian, that you?” said Vicky. “Thank God I found you, we almost missed the game! Against the Yankees, no less! Can’t miss that!” “I’m gonna watch the game here,” Brian said. “This is a sports bar,” he explained. “I’ll see you at…” “Sure, we could watch here,” said Vicky. “But first we gotta play this cute little game over here!” she said pointing towards a grip test machine. 'Will you be a famous baseball player?' the machine said, in brightly-lit letters. “Oh, brother,” Brian groaned. “Come on, it looks fun!” she said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a few quarters. Why was she keeping money in her pocket, Brian wondered – where was her purse? If he was going to do something, Brian thought, he’d do it right. He grabbed the grip machine and squeezed with all of his might, trying to channel some of his frustration with what had happened to his marriage into the machine. 'Cold Fish!' the machine read—the lowest possible level—before making a “Wah-ah-ah,” noise. “Cold Fish!?” Brian exclaimed. “That doesn’t even make any sense!” “Move over and let me try,” she said, shoving another quarter in and biting her thick lip as she gripped the machine. The lights shot all the way up. “Babe Ruth!” it read, and then played a MIDI version of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” “Alright, you’ve had your fun, let’s go…” Brian said meekly. If she could leave quickly, maybe they could avoid an incident… “Woo-hoo! This place rocks!” she shouted, pulling up a barstool between Brian’s seat and the three other patrons at the bar. Her big butt didn’t quite fit on the stool, and a little lip of excess fat hung over the edge. “Vicky,” Brian began, “I don’t think that you heard—” “Play ball!” she shouted up at the screen, as the game began. “Oh, come on, that was a strike! That ump’s blind!” she shouted, and the guys seated at the bar nodded in agreement. Brian rolled his eyes a little and quietly sipped at his beer. Of course, he agreed with Vicky, but he was too proud to say so out loud. Would she notice if he crept out of the bar and tried to find another one, Brian wondered? As Brian started to head for the exit, the bar doors creaked, and in walked a man with slicked back hair and thick black sunglasses. “Hey, get me a Whiskey Sour,” he said. “With a yuuuge amount of sour,” he said. From the sound of his accent, he was obviously a New Yorker. “Yeah, yeah, good one!” he shouted while clapping, when the Yankee pitcher struck out Cleveland’s first batter. “Let’s teach these mooks a lesson!” “Hey, buddy…” the bartender began in a soft voice. “In case you forgot which city you’re in, this happens to be…” “Pathetic, pathetic!” the man from New York interrupted—the next batter got a strike. Brian was about to make a second attempt at escaping from the bar, but then his wife stood up. “Hey, buddy, we don’t take kindly to disrespecting the Cleveland Indians around here.” “You’ve got a lousy team with a racist mascot,” he said, turning away from her and sucking down his drink. The pinched features on his face grew even more twisted and ugly in the process. In a split second, Vicky wound up her arm for a punch and then flattened the guy. He tumbled from his barstool and fell to the floor. “You…you hit me! I’m calling the cops!” he said, touching the little trickle of blood coming from his nose. “Yeah, and if you do, I’ll say you grabbed my tits. I got some witnesses that’ll back up my story,” said Vicky. All the other guys at the bar raised their hands in the affirmative. “You crazy bitch! I’m outta here,” he said, hobbling away. As soon as he left, the entire bar burst into raucous cheering and applause. “Alright, I gotta piss like a racehorse,” she said, strutting her way towards the restroom. “Is that the wife you’re always in here complaining about?” said one of the guys, as soon as she left. “She’s a knockout – literally!” “She’s a keeper in my book!” “Are those tits real?” “I…uh…thanks?” Brian asked, feeling a little stunned. He thought he’d have to feel ashamed of being with a woman like her. He never expected the guys at the bar to actually approve of the new Vicky. “What is it, exactly, that’s got you so upset about her, anyway?” asked the bartender. “I…um…I don’t know,” Brian said sheepishly. He couldn’t think of a single thing. ~ Cleveland dominated the game against the Yankees, winning by five runs. Neither Vicky nor Brian paid for their drinks all night, as the rest of the patrons bought their rounds on account of Vicky having provided ‘good luck’ for the Indians. In the meantime, they’d both loaded up on bar food. Vicky consumed basket after basket of crispy onion rings, drowning each of them in a vat of ranch. Most of the onion rings made it into her mouth but some splattered on the floor, the bar, her shirt, and her double chin, which looked like it was in danger of tripling. Vicky’s dainty nose looked like it was broadening, too, taking on a more porcine look. When they ran out of onions, Vicky switched to fries, which she grabbed by the handful instead of individually, as had been her custom. She squeezed the ketchup bottle hard enough to empty it completely, causing it to produce a wet sound similar to flatulence. “What’s that sound like, huh, guys?” she asked, to universal laughs. Even Brian chuckled a little. Why fight it, he thought? Each time Cleveland got a run, Vicky smashed her fist down on the bar in approval, causing multiple patron’s beers to spill. But they took it in stride – even when she was making a mess, she was still the life of the bar. As Vicky rattled off baseball statistics that Brian had never even heard of and waved her hands around for dramatic emphasis, she caused the flab on her arms to jiggle and her heavy, bra-less breasts to sway and knock against each other. Everyone, especially Brian, was spellbound. They took a taxi home – and, when they arrived, the driver told him that the bartender had covered their fare. He also said the bartender had left a note for Brian inside an envelope. Inside was a scrap of paper with just two words: “You’re Welcome.” ~ “What a night,” said Brian, as he and his wife staggered into bed. “I can’t think of how that could have gone better!” “I can think of one thing,” said Vicky, pulling her clothes off, revealing just how much she’d changed. The delicate frame that she’d once possessed no longer existed. Instead, Vicky was a big powerhouse of a woman, someone Brian might have assumed was a softball player. Her arms and legs were both wider and longer than his, and as she leaned closer to him, he could tell that she was at least 2 or 3 inches taller as well. As Brian felt her sloppy kisses decorate his forehead, he felt his pathetic worries about being ‘the man’ slowly melt away. Now, instead of feeling embarrassed by her, Brian only felt embarrassed that he’d resisted this for so long. Brian soon disrobed as well. But when Brian leaned in to kiss her, she pushed him down on the bed instead. Then she turned around and leaned over him, placing her wide, cellulite-pocked thighs on either side of him, before gradually lowering her crotch to his face while her big, soft belly weighed down on his neck and chest. Brian cautiously lapped at her, but his enthusiasm increased when she leaned down and began to lick his cock, eagerly swirling her mouth around him. Then she leaned against him, taking him all the way inside her throat. The massiveness of Vicky’s thighs and ass meant that Brian could barely breathe, but that only enhanced the intensity of his orgasm when he finally shot his load. Vicky gulped it down eagerly. She let out a few deep groans as she came too, then gingerly rolled off of him. Brian snuggled himself against the softness of her flabby shoulder, while his hands massaged her large, sweaty belly. Meanwhile, Vicky cradled his head in her large, hugely husky arms, while her fingers splayed through his hair. The flesh that brushed against his cheek was softer, warmer, and more giving than any pillow. Brian drifted off to sleep with a big smile on his wet lips. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so happy. Vicky felt the same way. The End
  7. Bad Influence (MC,DG,WG) Alex Dubois surveyed herself in the mirror. Despite being 28 years old, her outfit was that of a woman at least 10 years older. Today, she wore a bulky, olive green sweater and a black, ankle length skirt, with her long ebony hair tied into a stern bun. She was a high school teacher, and while she knew many of her colleagues felt comfortable wearing more relaxed, casual outfits, she felt it was only proper to dress professionally when in a classroom environment. Besides, she had been gifted with luscious DD breasts and a pert round bubble butt, and she didn’t need to give the high school boys another reason to be distracted. Slipping on her professional, black rimmed glasses, she gave the hem of her sweater one final tug before heading off to school. It was the first day back after summer vacation, and Alex was eager to get started. She was young and idealistic, and generally got along with the students, despite her generally flat, professional demeanor. Stepping back into the fluorescent-lit hallways for the first time in months, Alex inhaled the familiar, sterile scent. She waved smiling greetings to her colleagues who were also there getting their classrooms set up. She made small talk with a few of them, discussing their various summer vacations, when all of a sudden Alex’s jaw dropped. Through the door strode a woman. The first thing Alex noticed was her hair; the left side of her head was buzzed tight, with the rest parted to the right to show it off. Her hair also had a bright pink streak across the front. The girl was obviously very pretty, but she had piercings all down her ear as well as a ring in her nose, which Alex found somewhat shocking. She was rail thin, but what little curves she had she highlighted with a tight white t-shirt and a black skirt that ended above her knees. This also showed off the woman’s other defining feature: she was covered in tattoos. All up and down the woman’s arms and legs, Alex saw intricate, colorful designs twisting and curling into one another. Alex wanted to be disgusted, her tastes running much more in the conservative direction, but for the life of her she couldn’t tear her eyes away. Alex was still in her hypnotized silence as the girl walked up to her. “Excuse me, do you know where the principal’s office is?” she asked sweetly. The woman was friendly and polite, not at all how Alex expected given her appearance. “Uh, right down this hallway,” she said pointing, breaking out of her spell. “I’m Dana, by the way,” the girl smiled, shooting out her hand enthusiastically. “I’m the new art teacher here.” Alex once again found herself mesmerized by the girl’s tattoo, but quickly caught herself and shook her hand. “Alex,” she smiled weakly. “Well Alex, looks like we’re the two youngest teachers here. I hope that means we’ll be good friends!” Alex was about to correct her, to tell her that she actually had more in common with the professional middle aged teachers here than she did with some tatted up art teacher, but once again she found herself agreeing. “I’d like that,” she smiled back. “Hey, I don’t know if you drink, but I’m kind of new to town. Maybe we could go out after work and you could get me up to speed a little bit?” Alex almost never drank, but Dana seemed nice enough, and it did seem like she could use a positive influence… —— Alex met Dana at a bar that her new friend had chosen, as she didn’t really know of any bars herself. The bar was in a seedier part of town that Alex almost never visited, and as soon as she stepped inside she could tell why Dana had picked it. The place was dimly lit, and the air reeked of stale beer. Loud punk music was blasting from the speakers, and various tattooed men and women loudly joked and laughed. “Hey, you made it!” Dana laughed, wrapping the bewildered teacher in a warm hug, the smell of beer already on her breath. “Isn’t this place great?!” “Yeah…” Alex muttered, looking around overwhelmed. “Why don’t you sit down over there,” Dana shouted over the music. “I’ll get us a couple more drinks.” —— At first, Alex was on edge. The music was loud, the people intimidating, and the only drinks they had seemed to have were whiskey and cheap beer. But, after managing to choke down a couple drinks, Alex found herself strangely at ease. She was fascinated by this mysterious young woman, and wanted to learn everything she could about her. “S-so… Dana…” Alex asked, at this point slightly intoxicated. “Can I ask you about yer tattoos?” “They’re pretty wild, huh?” Dana smiled, as she showed off her two inked up arms. “Yeah,” Alex said, as she took a closer look at the actual patterns and designs Dana had chosen. “But aren’t you worried they’re… unprofessional? They could be a bad influence on the kids…” “Please,” Dana laughed. “The kids have plenty of bad influences without me. Besides, tattoos are fun. They’re harmless. For me, they’re just another form of self expression.” Alex nodded along, feeling increasingly buzzed. “Haven’t you ever wanted any tattoos?” Dana prodded. Alex’s head was swimming. Obviously the question had come up whenever a girlfriend of hers had gotten a tattoo, or she’d seen someone like Dana who was inked up all over their body. She’d had fleeting fantasies of it, but never gave it any real thought. She’d wanted to be a teacher her whole life and teachers, she knew, didn’t get tattoos. And yet, Dana seemed like a great teacher. Smart, personable, dedicated to her students… Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad? —— Dana awoke the next morning with a pounding headache. As she groggily rolled over in bed, she tried to remember just how many drinks the two of them had put away last night. She lazily trudged to the kitchen and began making coffee. She popped in a couple Advil and slumped into the kitchen chair as she waited for the coffee to boil. Everything ached, her head, her knees… even her back hurt. As she sobered up slightly, she began to realize her back hurt in a different way than the rest of her. Her body was engulfed in a dull, aching throb, but her back was more of a sharp pain, as if she’d been poked by needles… Suddenly all the tattoo talk from the night before came flooding back to her, and she rushed to the bathroom. She tried to calm herself down. She knew she always tended to be a little anxious, she’d probably just bumped into something, or slept weird, or… But, as she got to the bathroom and lifted up her night shirt, the reality of the situation came rushing back to her. There, sitting proudly above the shelf of her bubble butt, was an image of a smiling little bird. Heh, sorry to disappoint people, but WG was part of how I imagined this story going. But don't worry, I'll get back to some more of the tattoo stuff in the next installment. Alex gingerly touched the smiling bird on her lower back, the sharp jolt of pain convincing her it was no rub on. Despite her best efforts, she could not remember what had led her to getting the tattoo. She just remembered going out with Dana and drinking and talking and laughing… then the rest of the night disappeared into a warm, hazy blackness. “At least it’s cute…” Alex comforted herself as her heart stopped racing enough for her to look at the situation objectively. Tattoos didn’t have to be permanent. She could get it lasered off… maybe even tonight after school. Or this weekend. Whatever, she decided she could figure it out later. Right now, she needed to finish getting ready or she’d be late for the second day of school. Showering was an odd experience. At first she was careful to avoid her lower back, but occasionally she’d drift off and forget about it, only to have a sharp dagger of pain remind her of what she’d done. Mentally, she chastised herself for the mistake, but what surprised her was the fact that she actually found herself enjoying the pain. The physical sensation alone sent a shiver up her spine, and it also made her feel a little cool and edgy for once in her life. However as she stepped out of the shower to towel off, she shook her head, trying to clear it of all these strange thoughts. She had children to teach, after all. —— She arrived at school wearing one of her trademark sweater/skirt combinations. She kept her head down as she briskly walked to her classroom, hoping to avoid any personal interaction until she could get the little bird removed. She was almost at her classroom when she heard the last voice she wanted to hear. “Hey, there’s my little party girl!” Dana called, jogging up to her new friend. “Hey, don’t… talk about that,” Alex whispered, looking around nervously. “Oh my god, loosen up,” Dana laughed, shoving her roughly. “So you went out drinking one night. What’s the big deal?” “You know what the big deal is,” Alex muttered through clenched teeth. “Oh right!” Dana beamed, her bright blue eyes lighting up. “Lemme see!” she said, reaching for the hem of Alex’s sweater. “What? Stop!” Alex said, swatting her friend’s tattooed hands away while simultaneously trying not to make a scene. The two wrestled for a few seconds before eventually Dana backed off. “Fine, jeez,” Dana said with a laugh. “God, you weren’t this boring last night…” “Look, I… have to get to class,” Alex mumbled. “Hey, I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable,” Dana replied, finally taking a serious tone. “You just seemed like you were having such a good time last night, I just figured… Listen, how about I take you out to lunch to make up for it?” Alex wanted to say no. Her brain was telling her to avoid this bad influence, get the tattoo removed, and never speak to her again. Still, she didn’t want to be rude, and Dana was so friendly… One lunch couldn’t hurt, could it? —— Once again, the location Dana had chosen was not exactly Alex’s usual stomping grounds. The diner, while clean enough, looked old and weathered, and the patrons looked like a similar crowd to the one she’d endured last night. As they sat down at an empty booth, Alex began carefully perusing the menu, hoping this place had at least one healthy option. The two women made small talk, comparing horror stories from the first couple days, when an older woman approached them. “What’re ya havin’?” she asked flatly. “I will have the bacon cheeseburger,” Dana smiled, handing the waitress her menu. “And you?” the woman asked, turning her stony gaze on Alex. “Um, would it be possible to get the cobb salad… without ham?” Alex asked politely. “Oh come on…” Dana moaned. “I knew you were gonna do that, and I let you order anyways. She’ll have the same as me,” Dana said to the waitress, grabbing Alex’s menu and handing it to the older woman. The woman shrugged and headed back to the kitchen. “What was… I’m not a child, I know what I want to eat,” Alex mumbled, red faced with embarrassment. “Clearly you don’t,” Dana retorted. “You’re at a diner, hun. You don’t get a salad.” “Look, I’m trying to watch my figure…” Alex said, recovering slightly. “Oh who are you kidding? You know what I’d give to have a rack and can like yours?” Dana said loudly. Seeing Alex’s embarrassment, she pressed onward. “What? You think I can’t tell under those grandma clothes you wear? I have eyes, my dear…” Alex was normally incredibly uncomfortable talking about her body, but the confidence and ease with which Dana approached the topic somehow put her at ease. By the time their food arrived, any embarrassment was forgotten and they were talking like old friends again. “Oh my god, that smells amazing!” Alex moaned as the two greasy platefuls were placed in front of them. “See, I told you,” Dana said with a smile as she began eating. As soon as Alex took the first hot, juicy bite, the neurons in her brain began going wild. She’d denied herself unhealthy food for so long that she’d forgotten how good fat tasted. She had polished off half the burger in a matter of minutes when her conscious brain began chastising her for letting herself go crazy like that. “Oh, I should stop,” Alex said pushing the half-eaten burger away from her. “Maybe… maybe I’ll get a to-go box,” she added, unable to tear her eyes away. “Or, well maybe I can pig out… just this one time,” she concluded, feeling a warm tingling sensation emanate from her lower back as she quickly polished off the rest of the burger. TrunkKeyFitz Transformation Master Posts: 111 Joined: Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:44 am Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:10:54 No.1603 >>977 More tattoo and weight gain in the next installment, I swear. Alex was practically moaning in pain as she drove back to school. She couldn’t believe she’d finished that entire burger… and all the fries too. She rubbed her tender, swollen belly, which was surprisingly tight and firm to the touch. “I’m eating salad for the rest of the week,” she thought to herself as her stomach gurgled loudly. And yet, that very night as she drove home from school, the smell of a passing McDonald’s brought back memories of her orgasmic meal earlier that day, and on a whim she swerved her car in. Convincing herself that eating healthy would start tomorrow, she ordered a double cheeseburger, large fries, and large Coke. At first, she was shocked at just how much food that was, but as she drifted off to sleep on her couch, too tired to move to bed, all the wrappers lay empty on her coffee table. —— Over the next four months, Alex made occasional efforts to start eating healthy. Every week, she’d start by promising to eat better, but by Wednesday she’d inevitably give in to the allure of fast, greasy food. It also didn’t help that she was hanging out with Dana more, and feeling more comfortable in her company. They began going out to drink at least once a week, and by the time winter break rolled around she was putting down beers just as fast as her skinny punk friend. Of course, all this had taken a toll on her waistline. Due to her meticulous regimen of diet and exercise, Alex had never in her life been the slightest bit overweight. But, as she got dressed on the last day of school before break, she stared forlornly at what could only be described as a muffin top. Poking sadly at the soft, squishy bulge that hung over her panties, Alex frowned. Turning around, she saw she also had some additional padding on her ass and thighs. “At least you still look cute,” she smiled weakly at the bird, which still sat happily on her bulging lower back.” —— Walking into school, Alex cringed as she felt the way her belly and thighs were jiggling, a strange and uncomfortable sensation for her. Fortunately, nobody could tell under her baggy clothes, but she knew she’d have to hit the gym hard over the next month so she wouldn’t be sporting these extra pounds when school resumed in January. Suddenly, she was caught off guard by a punch to the arm. “Hey there, you sexy bitch!” Dana laughed. Alex laughed too, no longer made uncomfortable by Dana’s lewd remarks. “Now now, we’re in a place of learning…” she teased back. “I gotta run, but we’re still on for tonight, right?” Dana asked, her blue eye’s looking right into Alex’s. “Of course,” Alex beamed back. “I can’t believe you’re gonna be gone for the whole month!” she whined. “I know, it sucks, but family, the Bahamas… you get it. But don’t worry, we’ll make tonight a night to remember,” she smiled as she danced off with a wink. —— The next morning, Alex woke up more hungover than she’d ever felt in her life. Her head pounded, her vision was swimming, and the bright morning sunlight felt like daggers in her eyes. She half rolled, half stumbled out of bed, craving coffee more than she ever had in her life. She shambled into the kitchen and opened the cupboard, pulling out an empty bag of coffee grounds. “Oh, motherfucker!” Alex cursed, tossing the bag aside. Quickly, she slapped her hand to her mouth, as she caught herself swearing for the first time in years. Then she shrugged, overcome by another wave of nausea and dizziness. “Whatever, it’s too early for this shit…” She trudged back to her bedroom, resigned to going out for her daily dose of caffeine. She eyeballed her outfit from the previous day which was draped carefully over a chair in her bedroom, but the thought of putting all that on seemed like way too much effort with a hangover this bad. She looked down at the plain white shirt and grey boy shorts she wore as pajamas and, deciding they were good enough for the two block walk, slipped on some shoes and headed out the door. The fresh air perked her up a little, and she tingled at the feeling of the cold winter air on her exposed skin. She realized it had been ages since she’d just worn shorts and a t-shirt, and made a mental note to try it more often… at least on weekends. But, as she waited in line at the coffee shop, she began noticing something else: people were checking her out. Normally, guys staring at her made her blush and look away, but for some reason right now she found it… exciting. She caught a guy or two checking out her chest which, as she glanced down at it herself, she couldn’t blame them for. However, many more had their eyes firmly glued on her rear. Maybe it was the extra padding she was packing, she mused as she felt her booty jiggle with every step. Or maybe it was… Oh god, the tattoo! She realized her t-shirt had ridden up on the walk over, exposing the little bird for the world to see. She quickly tugged the shirt back down, but it snapped back up, her added belly bulge more than it could cover. Oh god, what kind of woman do these people think I am, she shuddered, getting a full mental image of her standing there: a chubby girl in a t-shirt and booty shorts with a tramp stamp proudly on display. “I’m a teacher!” she wanted to shout, “not some skank.” But, as she was forced to stand in line, her face burning crimson, she began to realize something else: she liked it. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:14:42 No.1604 Sipping on the coffee, her eyes darted around, wondering where she should go next, her plans of curling up with a book completely out the window. She spotted a couple giggling teenage girls walking out of the Forever 21 across the street, and a lusty grin spread across her face. Her immediate thought was that their outfits were far too skimpy, their tops showing off their midriffs and their shorts barely going below their butts, but her second thought was that was exactly what she wanted to wear right now. She ran in, grabbed the first pair of cutoffs she could find, and headed for the dressing room. She struggled pulling the denim over her soft but still shapely rear, the fabric pushing up against her thick, fleshy mounds. Eventually she gave up, her butt jiggling wildly as she let go, and went back out to grab a few things the next size up. An hour later, she walked out the door with two big shopping bags full of clothes, enough to replace her entire wardrobe. She stepped out of the store wearing a pair of hip-hugging cutoffs, as well as a white lacy midriff-bearing top that she made sure showed off her little bird. Walking out of the store was a revelation. She had guys ogling her left and right, and rather than blushing and shying away she winked lustily at them. Internally, she giggled to herself. This would be a fun little role play, living another life… at least until school started again. But as the days went by, she found herself feeling increasingly addicted to the attention. She made sure to spend as much time out of the house as possible, and every stare, every glance sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. One day, she found an especially cute guy staring at her tattoo, and that inspired her to get another. This time, it was a sailor woman and an anchor on her arm, figuring that’s the kind of tattoo that all those tatted-up women had. The positive reaction to this one inspired her to get another one, this one a star on her forearm, just high enough not to be noticeable once she switched back to sweaters and skirts when school started again. By the end of break, she was hooked. She spent her last free afternoon getting a large nautical scene tattooed around her upper thigh, almost down to her knee. At this point, all thoughts of dieting went out the window. She knew she was no longer the fit, skinny girl she used to be, but she really didn’t care. Like Dana had said, guys were drooling over her luscious tits and ass, why should she worry about a few extra pounds? Of course, by the end of break it was no longer “a few” pounds. She now had a sizable belly roll that pooched over the waistband of her skintight shorts. Her arms had also gotten flabbier and her thighs had developed small ridges of cellulite, and quivered gently at even the slightest movement. Rather than be alarmed, however, Alex found she enjoyed this attention as well. One day, she caught a guy blatantly staring at her exposed belly roll, and found herself just as turned on as she did when guys were checking out her tits or her ass. Struck by a moment of inspiration, she stopped by her usual tattoo place and asked them to pierce her belly button. She got a blue sapphire stud, and was all smiles as she walked out, squishing her belly to look at it more. She briefly considered the possibility of taking it out when school started, but she figured who would even notice once she was back in her dowdy old sweaters. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:15:03 No.1605 Alex sighed as she stood naked in her bedroom. It wasn’t because of her flabby body — she was used to her pooching potbelly, thick hips, and flabby thighs by now. No, it was the prospect of having to hide herself under bulky sweaters and swishy skirts now that school was starting again. Her eyes briefly flashed to the cutoffs she was wearing yesterday, which she had noted were coming dangerously close to revealing her sagging ass cheeks, and pictured herself strutting into class in them. But no, she sighed, her eyes drifting back to her trademark olive sweater, she knew what she had to do. As she slipped the sweater over her head, she was shocked at just how tight it felt. At the beginning of the year, she was practically swimming in them, deriving some comfort from their baggy weight. Now, however, she felt her breasts pressing against the thick wool, the elasticity of the sweater squeezing her belly roll slightly. Previously, this sweater hung down almost to her knees. Now, it ended barely 2 inches below her belly. The skirt, on the other hand, didn’t want to fit on. Even holding her breath, the zipper refused to go all the way up. Alex was on the verge of calling in sick when one final massive breath allowed her to get the zipper closed. Letting out a deep sigh, she felt the waistband pinching her hips mercilessly, and she could only imagine the deep red welt that would be there when she got home at the end of the day and could finally strip back down. Normally, she was always excited for the first day back after a long break, but as she pulled into the faculty parking lot, she found she was actually dreading it. Not only did wearing all her old clothes feel boring and constricting, somehow even the prospect of teaching didn’t seem as exciting as it once did, especially compared with her past several weeks… Plus, the idea of showing up to work 20 pounds heavier was mortifying, and for that she was actually glad for the bulky, amorphous clothing. Her spirits rose slightly when she saw Dana skipping down the hall towards her, looking pink and flush from the holidays. “Oh my god, I missed you so much!” Dana squealed as she wrapped her friend in a hug. Alex was excited to see her too, but cringed as she felt Dana’s slender arms press into her squishy midsection. “Ooh, pack on some holiday pounds, did we?” Dana teased, grabbing a handful of Alex’s spare tire. “It’s… just a few pounds,” Alex said, looking down and blushing. “Don’t worry about it,” Dana smiled, gesturing at her own exposed midriff. “I packed on a few myself.” Alex looked, but while Dana’s midsection may have appeared slightly softer, it was nothing even close to the belly roll she was packing. Still, after the initial embarrassment, the two friends got back to talking without missing a beat. Dana told her all about her visit with her family, while Alex gave a modified retelling of her past couple weeks, leaving out the bits about the new tattoos. While she knew Dana would find out eventually, there was something about being back in school that suddenly made her feel shy and timid, her skimpy outfits and tattoos feeling like part of another life. —— When Dana did finally see Alex’s tattoos, her jaw practically dropped, before she burst into a fit of laughter. It was a few weeks after school had resumed, and Alex finally worked up the courage to wear one of her new outfits on one of their regular weekend excursions. Dana opened her door and caught sight of Alex, tattoos on her arms and legs, belly spilling out between her short shorts and crop top and couldn’t believe her eyes. After getting over her initial shock, however, she had to admit Alex was pulling it off quite well. The two got to talking about Alex’s recent feelings, and Dana was amazed to realize that this shy, quiet girl might have more in common with her than she had originally thought. Offhandedly, Dana made a comment about Alex changing her hair style, and she was surprised to hear Alex agree immediately. The two girls walked to Dana’s usual salon, and Dana instructed the stylist to chop her long, brown locks into a cute bob cut. Alex also agreed to have her hair dyed jet black, with a single white streak down the front. Alex examined her reflection in the mirror, and was amazed to find herself completely unrecognizable from the girl she had been only a couple months ago. Dana squealed with delight when she saw the results. Alex decided to get a tattoo on her upper back to celebrate. —— Her students were shocked on Monday when they saw the results, but overall they seemed to approve. “Wow, Ms. Dubois is actually pretty cool,” a few of them muttered. Alex simply smiled. —— By this point, Dana had made a few friends in the area, and Alex began joining them in their weekend activities. This usually involved hanging out, smoking, and drinking beers — either at a bar or a park or someone’s house. Despite wearing her new outfits, Alex still felt shy and awkward hanging out with these edgy, hip guys and girls. But, the more she hung out with them the more comfortable she felt, and pretty soon she was pounding beers and joking as if they were old friends. She even began smoking for the first time in her life. At first, it was just a puff or two from a friend’s cigarette, but she began to love the feeling of the hot smoke in her throat, and pretty soon she couldn’t get enough of them. She limited herself to one cigarette before and after school during the week, but on weekends she could easily go through a pack a day, and began making sure she had a pack in her purse at all times. Of course, none of this interfered with her skyrocketing weight, and it may have even contributed to it. The constant drinking and snacking made itself known in her waistline, which continued to expand. What had been a cute little potbelly was now a full grown gut, and sagged crudely over her waistband, practically obscuring her shorts from view. And yet, she wasn’t at all turned off by it. In fact, she kind of liked it. In her drunken hazes, she often found herself absentmindedly playing with her belly, squishing it, stroking it, tracing her chubby fingers over it… And when it inevitably came time to go shopping again, rather than looking for clothes to hide her figure, she simply bought the same outfits she had over winter break, only in a larger size. She also bought some new dresses for school, but figured the sweaters she could hold out on until next year. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:15:18 No.1606 A short bit to move the plot forward. It was the last week of school when the extent of Alex’s weight gain fully sank in. She was pulling on one of her sweaters, excited at the prospect of finally being able to put them away for the summer, when she made the startling realization that they no longer fit. The sweater, which had formerly swallowed up her slender body, no longer made it down past her tummy. She gave the fabric a few tugs, but try as she might there was a sliver of pale belly fat exposed. Turning to examine herself in the mirror, she was shocked to see that her belly now stuck out as far as her massive breasts, and even under the sweater she could make out the crease where her belly folded in half. She thought with a dry laugh that she looked a little like the Michelin tire man. Maybe that should be her next tattoo, she mused… But, realizing that nothing she owned would fit any better, she headed out the door with a shrug. She just had one week to go, she could figure out her wardrobe later. Alex was just as excited as the students for school to be over, so the past few weeks she’d toned down the academic rigor she was known for. Her plan for this final week was to show movies, so she could browse the internet in peace, always on the lookout for new styles and tattoos. Alex was a shorter girl, and had to stand on her tiptoes to insert the DVD. She could feel her sweater riding up, and was nervous to get the DVD in as quickly as possible before anyone said anything. Unfortunately, just as the DVD was sliding into the machine, she heard a girl in the back call out. “Ms. Dubois… is that a tattoo?” Alex’s shoulders slumped. The room was suddenly abuzz with whispers and laughter. She had been so careful to hide it, and now, in the last week of school… Well, who cared? Suddenly, her back straightened. Really, who cared about a few tattoos? It’s the 21st century, why should she be ashamed. “Actually,” Alex said, looking up with a wicked smile. “I have a few.” At the urging of her class, Alex peeled off the now-skintight sweater, her belly and breasts bouncing as she did. The tan, sleeveless undershirt Alex was wearing was also far too small for her, and her class was just as shocked at her weight as they were by her tattoos. Most of the boys in her class had a huge crush on her from day one, and they frequently fantasized about what was under those formless sweaters. Now that they saw, they were a little disappointed, although the low-cut undershirt gave them a fantastic view of her veiny rack and deep, dark cleavage. The class quickly rushed to gather around her, studying her now fairly sizable collections of tattoos. “Wow, this is so cool,” one boy whispered. “See? I told you she was getting fat,” a girl giggled cattily. Pretty soon, the movie was all but forgotten, and the class turned into a Q & A session about her tattoos. By the end of class, Alex was red faced and exhausted, but secretly thrilled by all the attention. She didn’t bother putting on the sweater for the next class, and soon she began to relax about showing off her ink in public. That is, until she got a call to the principal’s office. Alex quickly threw on her sweater, wondering what this could all be about. Surely, nobody had complained? There were a few prudish girls in her class, but they seemed just as fascinated that a smart woman like Alex could be into tattoos. So she was still hoping for the best, when she stepped into the principal’s office and saw the look on his face. “Ms. Dubois, I’ve heard reports that you exposed yourself to your class today.” Alex’s face flushed, a mixture of shame, confusion, and anger. “What? No, I just took my sweater off to show the kids my tattoos…” “You have tattoos?” the principal asked, raising an eyebrow. “Yes, just a few…” Alex mumbled, her face burning brighter. “What you do… to your body is your business, Ms. Dubois. But what you expose my students to is mine. I can’t have a teacher showing obscene images to these impressionable young minds.” “They’re not obscene!” Alex protested. “They’re… art. And besides, what about Dana? She has tattoos too…” “Yes, well, be that as it may, she’s an art teacher. She’s held to a… different standard. You teach history, a very important subject, and I can’t have you doing anything to make the children take it less seriously than they already do.” “Fine,” Alex muttered, wanting to get this over with. “I won’t show any more classes my tattoos. Happy?” “I’m afraid it’s not that simple…” At that, the principal paused. “What you did today was inexcusable. Your tattoos and your… figure are all the children are talking about. I’m afraid this school can’t afford to employ someone with your poor judgment skills. You may finish out the week, but I’m sorry to say we won’t have a place for you next year.” Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:15:48 No.1607 “I can’t believe they fucking fired me!” Alex spat, pacing the floor and puffing angrily on a cigarette. “I mean, who the fuck do they think they are?” Dana sat on Alex’s couch, sipping on a glass of wine. She had immediately agreed to come over for emotional support when she found out what happened, but she knew for now it was best to let her friend blow off some steam first. “I mean really,” Alex fumed, putting out her cigarette and taking a deep gulp from her own glass of wine. “Was it the tattoos? It sure as shit can’t be the fact that I took off a fucking sweater in class, can it?” Hands shaking, Alex lit another cigarette and took a deep draw, momentarily relaxing and enjoying the smooth flavor. “Honey, you know that principal is an antiquated pig, right?” Dana replied, pulling her legs onto the couch and sipping on wine. “I just… don’t know what to do,” Alex sighed, her anger dissolving into fear. Hands shaking, she poured herself another glass of wine, almost to the brim. “Teaching is all I know. And who’s going to hire me with all this?” Alex said, staring at the multicolored ink covering her arms. Alex was barefoot, clad only in her undershirt and a pair of gym shorts. As she paced around the room, Dana couldn’t help but marvel at how big her friend had gotten. The undershirt was probably too small 50 pounds ago, and with all of Alex’s pacing it had now ridden halfway up her belly, leaving several inches of pale doughy flesh exposed. The shorts were probably loose and baggy at one point, but now they barely covered her fleshy, jiggling ass. Dana was shocked to realize that she found it all very… erotic. She shook her head. Now wasn't the time for wishful fantasies, her friend needed help. "Girl, you need to relax a little," Dana replied, putting down her glass of wine and tipsily standing. It was weird, Dana didn't know why she was just noticing it now, but as she walked towards Alex, she realized the girl was actually taller than her. Perhaps it was because she was so shy and quiet, she'd always thought of Alex as tiny. But here, drunk, smoking, and nearly bursting out of her clothes, she realized Alex was quite tall, and had truly blossomed into a full-figred goddess. Dana had originally intended to wrap her friend up in a hug and tell her everything was going to be alright, but now she suddenly felt uncertain of herself. Their eyes locked and everything went silent. Dana could feel her heart racing. Suddenly, Alex wrapped her thick, flabby arms around Dana, and passionately kissed her. Dana immediately reciprocated, passionately running her slender hands up and down Alex's soft back. Dana couldn't believe how warm and soft and supple every inch of her was, especially her lower back, where the bird tattoo was… Breaking out of their passionate embrace, both girls were red faced and out of breath. Even though she'd initiated it, Alex looked just as surprised as Dana, with just a tinge of embarrassment. Meanwhile, Dana was flushed with excitement and confidence. "Don't worry," she said with a dopey smile. "I'm sure we'll figure something out…" —- Heidi scanned the room nervously. She didn't know why she was here. The lights were dim, the noise was deafening, and the smell of cheap beer and cigarette smoke suffocated her nostrils. Still, she'd agreed to do this, and she wasn't one to break her word. "You made it!" someone called out behind her, before wrapping her up in a hug. Heidi instinctively struggled to get out of it, not a huge fan of being touched. "Relax a little, jeez," Dana said, releasing the girl from her embrace. Heidi was an incredibly average looking girl. She had long, mousy brown hair, a long, oval face, and pale skin dotted with freckles. She was fairly tall and skinny, with no real curves to speak of. Currently, she was dressed in a black, ankle-length skirt and a baggy brown sweater. Dana led her to a table, and they both sat down. "So you're the new history teacher, eh?" Dana asked. "Yep," Heidi replied curtly, struggling to maintain a cheery expression. "You know, you have a pretty big sweater to fill," Dana said with a wink. Heidi forced a laugh, not entirely sure what the weirdo art teacher meant. "You knew her?" she asked. "Oh you could say that…" Dana replied with a laugh. "In fact, she's here tonight…" "Really?" Heidi asked, caught off guard. Was this evening going to have some professional merit after all? Before she could follow up, the waitress appeared. The first thing Heidi noticed was the woman was fat, though apparently completely un-self conscious about it. She wore a torn up black t-shirt that proudly displayed the bottom of a prominent belly roll. She wore tight, cut-off jean shorts and leggings that proudly highlighted her flabby, dimpled thighs. Despite all this, Heidi couldn't help feeling a tinge of jealousy as she stared at the woman's chest. Heidi had struggled with being flat-chested her entire life, and this woman's massive melons were easily bigger than her head. Like Dana, the woman was covered from ankle to shoulder in colorful, intricate tattoos. Her face was still quite pretty, Heidi admitted, though she could probably do without the nose and lip rings. "What're ya havin'?" the woman asked, taking a drag from the cigarette she was holding. "I think you know what I'm having," Dana smiled sliding out of the booth. Heidi's jaw nearly dropped as she saw Dana wrap her arms around the woman's hips, and stand on her tiptoes to plant a deep kiss on her lips. "Heidi," Dana said, turning back around, her arm still around the larger woman's waist. "I'd like you to meet Alex."
  8. Research (whore; dg; IQ-; culture change) by Tang It had been six months since Kirstie had completed her course in creative writing. She had self-published a couple of e-books she had produced during it and now had a romance novel set in the 19th century going out to agents and publishers. However, she had not yet found something to provide her break-through as an author. Her friend, Rebecca had told her that in the age of gritty crime novels and erotica on the supermarket shelves, she needed to find something more realistic; more sexual than another Jane Austen pastiche. One night, the coffee shop she usually frequented to write in having closed, she wandered the streets seeking inspiration. However, what she could see, mainly homeless people or office workers who had been delayed getting home, hardly seemed the kind of subject matter she needed. Then as she began to wonder where she had got herself, Kirstie caught sight of a woman standing close to a street light. For a moment she thought the woman in the short, flared skirt and the leather jacket with the faux fur collar was a night clubber. However, as she walked up and down and then stopped to chat to a woman in a red leather miniskirt and a matching jacket, Kirstie realised these were prostitutes. Perhaps this was serendipity and she had been presented with a way to get what she needed for a gritty but sexy book. A little nervously she walked up to the woman with the fur collar. “Hello.” Kirstie said, smiling and hoping not to appear a challenge. “You want a date?” The woman asked. She looked Kirstie up and down as if appraising her and then along the street, Kirstie imagined, for her pimp’s approval. “Erm … no. I just want to ask some questions.” The woman looked at Kirstie a little scathingly. She hurried for her purse and pulled out some notes. “I can pay.” “And you want questions?” “Yes … if that’s alright. Yes, I want to ask some questions.” Kirstie said trying to sound a little more confident. “I’m Kirstie.” “I’m Tereza.” The woman responded and took the notes from Kirstie’s hand. “I’m a writer.” She offered now concerned to make it clear that she was not from the police or some religious group. “So you come here like a vampire?” Tereza said, challenging Kirstie. “What do you mean? I am doing research for a book. I want to make it as authentic … as real as possible.” “Yes, I get that. You expect to get our stories and put them into your book and make lots of money out of it. Yes, you might change the names and mix up some women or put them together into one, to make it easier, but it will be our stories and you earning the money.” “Well, yes … you know, I don’t mean to cause offence.” Kirstie protested. Tereza smiled. “No, you won’t do that with what we have planned. Isn’t that the situation Jada?” Kirstie could only guess; she worried about what Tereza was suggesting. “You want to get to find out what it’s really like to be working these streets?” Jada asked but seemingly in a friendly way. Kirstie wondered if Jada was truly more sympathetic to what she wanted to do. “Yes, yes, I would like that.” Kirstie replied quietly, feeling that despite Tereza’s attitude she might be about to get what she was seeking. “You heard her.” Jada said, turning to the other women. “She wants to experience what it’s like to work these streets. I am sure we can give her that, well, certainly with your help, Zyla.” Now a small woman with long dark hair stepped forward. She wore a blush shade leather jacket and a lacy bustier in pink, a short white vinyl skirt and long boots with a high heel and platform of the same colour and material. Zyla stepped right in front of Kirstie and gave a sweet smile. “Hello, Kayla, I am Zyla.” Kirstie sought to correct the woman’s error about her name, but imagined it was not worth it. The woman reached out and gently took Kirstie’s hand between her own small, tanned pair. Kirstie was unresisting. As she felt her hand resting on the palms of Zyla’s their fingers reaching from white leather fingerless gloves, Kirstie found herself suddenly relaxed as if all her problems were going to go away. “Look into my eyes.” Zyla said softly. Kirstie found she could do nothing but obey. The mascara and the eyeshadow made Zyla’s dark brown eyes look impossibly large; Kirstie felt that she could not escape their gaze. She was aware of words coming to her, almost as if they were going direct into her consciousness rather than being heard. “You are Kayla.” Zyla said and this time it became the truth. “Remember English is not your first language, your accent is strong; the way you think a Russian woman would speak. You are a prostitute, nothing else. Your pimp is Carl Robertson. You love him; you will do everything that he wants. You sell your body for him. You suck cocks, you give handjobs; you let men fuck you for money. This is your job, your only job; you love it and you cannot think of doing any other job. You know you have to wear the sexiest clothes – short skirts, bustiers, shiny leggings, long high-heeled boots or shoes, leather jackets. You love it all tight and shiny so you can show off your body and get those men in to pay to fuck you. You know you have to have sexy make up – long lashes; cock-sucking glossy lips. You know you have to have the right jewellery – a nose stud, large hoop earrings, a navel ring. This is you Kayla, this is what you know you have to have; you know nothing else except this life as a prostitute.” In Kirstie’s mind, so much was gently rubbed away. Any idea of her being an author, of all but the most basic education went from her quickly. Then in its place was the truth of her as Kayla, a prostitute strutting on this street selling her body; handing over her money to Carl. By the time Zyla had released her hand that was her existence. Slightly confused Kirstie looked around her at the women she knew were her sisters on the street. Something felt peculiar as she looked down at the checked shirt, skinny jeans and canvas shoes she wore. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 12:42:01 No.1620 “Why am I dressed like this?” Kayla asked. “You went on a visit, remember.” Zyla said softly. “But now you’re back, you need to get changed, you’re missing tricks out there.” Tereza nodded to the street. Kayla realised that that was in fact the case. “Yes, love, you need to get changed.” Jada was walking in with a man. It took some moments before she realised he was Carl, her pimp. “Come with me, I’ll take you to your place. I am sure Zyla’s done a good job, but I need to check it out.” “Where are you putting her boss?” Tereza asked. “Since they deported Nadia, her room’s empty. You’ll be happy sharing with the new girl, won’t you Jada?” Jada smiled and nodded. “Show her the ropes during the day. I want to make sure she’s giving the best.” “Sure.” “I bet you’ll love it you dirty little lezzie, having her practicing on your dildo.” Carl joked. Recognising what her pimp was talking about, Kayla found herself getting aroused. “Come on; you too, Jada and Tereza.” Carl said. Kayla obeyed. As she stood up, Carl wrapped his arm around her and groped her bum. She liked that and snuggled tight into him. Jada and Tereza followed on behind. Kayla glanced over Carl’s shoulder to see them gossiping. Kayla had expected to be taken in Carl’s car, but in fact she was soon walked to a rather dingy block of flats. The lift, however, did work and she was soon being taken to the ninth floor. Jada led the way into the flat which was surprisingly clean. “You two, get her sorted.” Carl instructed. Jada and Tereza grunted agreement. Kayla was released by him and he grasped her bum. “I’ll see you,” he grinned at Kayla, “when they’ve got you looking right.” Kayla smiled back, happy that she was clearly pleasing the man who was at the centre of her life. She was taken into a bedroom which was a little dusty but fitted out with generic furniture in reasonable condition. Jada went to the wardrobe and slid it back to reveal a range of clothes of the kind that Kayla knew she liked. “I bet she’s just hungry to get into some hot gear.” Jada said. “I bet if you were there dressed in, what shall we say …?” Tereza added, seeming to enjoy it. “A nice tight, rubber skirt. Black and shiny clinging to that bum of yours.” Jada chipped in as she lifted down a skirt just like that. “A good pair of long, shiny boots, touching the top of your thighs. Wicked heels you could really strut on.” Tereza said, clearly getting into the game; she pulled out a pair of long boots. “For a top – it has to be a bustier, make it glossy too; sliding her tits around under a cute cropped leather jacket.” Jada added enthusiastically. Kayla was aroused by what they were saying. She glanced down at her clothes, wondering if somehow the two women had not changed her clothes into what they were describing; disappointed when she found that was not the case. She realised that her pussy was hungry for it to be true. Into her mind came the image of her strutting on high heels, her bum swaying in the shiny rubber as she moved. Quickly she slipped off her biker-style leather jacket and was taking the shorter one in smooth leather that Jada passed her. Distantly she struggled to remember buying these clothes, but assumed they had to be hers. It seemed likely Carl had got her the bulk of this stuff, he was good to her, she knew. “Right, come on then. Let’s get you out of that stuff and into something a bit more exciting.” Jada said encouraging. At first Kayla was unresisting as Jada removed her long-sleeved teeshirt and plain bra beneath it. Soon she was being clipped into a wonderbra and Kayla did not move as Tereza stepped forward with the shiny black bustier. She wrapped it around Kayla. Her breasts rose in anticipation. Then Tereza eased up the thin zip, sealing Kayla’s breasts and midriff in the tight leather. Kayla simpered. The feeling of her nipples straining in the shiny vinyl was delightful. Jada was soon tugging at Kayla’s jeans and the panties beneath them. Kayla giggled, finding she was enjoying this, but now took the initiative. She went to the drawer in the dressing table and opened it to find packets of open crotch fishnet tights. She pulled on a pair and found herself stroking at her pussy, wondering why she had not shaved it but liking the way her legs were ensnared by the fishnet. “Give me that.” Kayla said but not harshly; for a moment her accent seemed strange, but she dismissed that thought quickly. Kayla took the skirt from Jada and stepped into it. She quickly pulled it into place, cupping her bum and barely stretching down her thighs. Kayla smoothed it down across the top of her thighs her fingers savouring the smooth feel. She watched how the light caught it as the rubber stretched taut between her legs and across her naked cunt. Tits and cunt, these seemed to be the right words for those parts of her body; those parts which were getting excited she knew. These were her kind of clothes and so it was no wonder she felt most comfortable in them. Jada held up the thigh-length boots, but tonight Kayla knew she wanted something different. However, that seemed to please her friend for some reason as she went to the cupboard and pulled out a pair of high-heeled ankle boots. Quickly she was pulling up the gold-coloured zips and rising on their heels and the platforms. She looked down at her legs from the shine of the tight skirt to the tips of her boots. For some reason she ached to be spreading these legs and having a cock between them. Kayla guessed it was a good thing she enjoyed her job. “Come.” Jada said and led Kayla to the dressing table and make-up mirror. Kayla did not have to be told to sit down. Jada smiled and pulled out some make-up from the drawers which she put down on the table. Kayla did not say anything but let Jada do what she wanted with her. Within minutes Kayla’s lips were glossy, her cheeks blushered, her eyelids painted, her hair back combed, long silver chains had replaced the studs in her ears. Then she painted Kayla’s nails shiny black. “Good, you’re ready.” Zyla said as she walked in. Kayla twisted round to see what she as carrying. She scooped up clothes left on the bed and placed them in a bin bag which she handed over to Tereza. “There’ll be no way back for this one.” Zyla said softly. The small woman came to stand by Kayla. “Good, that’s excellent, Kayla. Here’s your phone.” The woman handed it over and Kayla wondered where she had left it. “Thanks.” “Well, now you’re back, there’s no hanging around. You need to get out there, earning.” “Sure, Zyla, you’re right.” It made perfect sense to Kayla. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, admiring what was reflected. She licked her glossy lips and rocked her hips from side-to-side watching how the rubber stressed and released and rippled across her hips. She like how she could see her nipples straining in the shiny top. She felt excited, aroused and yet protected behind the gloss which clung to her body, giving her body a shiny, slippery, squealing second skin. As she felt the clothes becoming suited to her as they fitted to her body with every move, she felt herself becoming suited to them. She knew she was the type of woman they showed her as. She felt no qualms at being so blatantly sexy. This was her. Carl appeared at the bedroom door. Zyla turned to him and clicked her fingers. Kayla found herself looking but unable to do anything. “Carl – can you hear me?” “Yes.” Carl responded in a monotone. “Good. This is Kayla, she is one of your women; she has been for over a year. She came here from somewhere abroad and is happy to work for you because she worries she’ll be deported. You will treat her the same as the other women, you employ. This is her flat. She will soon have all the right papers; she’ll go and get piercings and a tattoo tomorrow and you’ll love them. Do you understand?” Carl nodded but also spoke. “This is Kayla, she’s worked for me for more than a year. She’s from somewhere foreign, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, somewhere like that. I look out for her as she’s worried she’ll get deported. I treat her well; I treat all my women well. This is her place. She’s not got all her stuff yet, but she’ll soon have it. Tomorrow, she’s going to get some serious tattoos and piercings, you know on the nose, the belly, that kind of thing.” To Kayla this sounded just the way Carl spoke and his words made those thoughts harden into beliefs and assumptions in her own mind. She was looking forward to what she would be doing tomorrow. “Good.” Zyla said. “Now, I’ll leave her with you, so that you can see how good she is.” The small woman turned to Kayla. “Remember everything you’ve ever seen or heard about sucking cock and do it like it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for so long; something you really love.” Kayla nodded, feeling the emotions that Zyla had outlined, rising up to fill her mind. Zyla smiled and in the next few moments she, Tereza and Jada had gone. “Fuck me, you’re one sexy bitch, Kayla.” Kayla simpered at the compliment and sauntered over to Carl. “Thank you. Now there’s something I want to do … need to do, to say thank you properly.” She pressed her hand against Carl’s trousers feeling how hard his cock was becoming. She liked that reaction because after all, she lived, she earned, by turning men on. Kayla felt that that had always been the way with her and was glad she could put it to use. With gentle nudges she guided Carl on to the sofa and then went down on her knees. He sat back and she unzipped his trousers. His hard cock rose out of them quickly. Dipping her head, Kayla licked the tip, loving the taste of his skin. A thrill ran through her as she took in herself dressed so sexily, abased in front of her boss, pleasing him the way she knew he loved. She slipped two fingers beneath her rubber skirt and played with her wet pussy, aware it needed shaving. Kayla took as much of Carl’s cock into her mouth as she could, her free hand toying with his balls as she now slid up and down the shaft and licked around the top, closing and opening her glossy lips. Carl said nothing just whined and grunted which Kayla took to be signs that she was going it right. As he began to shudder and then his cock throbbed, Kayla felt the warm jism squirting into her mouth and drank it down. That sense that she was a living receptacle for what her boss sprayed, pushed her further into the delight of being something to be used. This way she had no responsibilities, she simply had to be sexy; to live for sex. The thoughts triggered her own climax and Kayla knelt back quivering with pleasure, the tight shiny clothes that enclosed her seemed to trap it and amplify it. That meant she knew she had to keep dressing this way. “Fucking ‘a’, Kayla. Wow, you’re the business. You are.” Carl said rather incoherently. He stood up and zipped up his trousers. Kayla clambered to her feet and tugged down her latex skirt. She went into the bathroom to wipe her thighs and check her make-up. “Right. A freebie’s good, but we need to get you earning. Come on.” Carl ordered. Kayla complied without thought and in the next few minutes she was back on the street, walking up and down looking speculatively at passing cars. One slowed and wound down the window. Kayla sauntered over to it, feeling excited that this might be her first john of the night. He asked the price for a blow job and in moments Kayla was sliding her latex-coated bum into the passenger seat and they were powering away to some street that led to currently closed warehouses. Kayla was pleased that she had snared a man so quickly and was back into earning without hesitation. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 12:42:17 No.1621 Kayla did not know how long she had been with the man, but she was satisfied that she had pleased him and he had paid without complaint. She was pleased when he asked her name and said that he would see her again soon. As she resumed her place on the pavement, Kayla saw Zyla talking to a woman dressed in a parka and jeans. The small woman glanced around and now seeing Kayla, waved for her to come over. Kayla walked in her sassy way, wondering what kind of deal was being discussed here. Carl stood nearby smoking, but, as yet, not intervening. “This is Kayla.” Zyla said as she walked up. “You might recognise her.” The woman in the parka looked at Kayla intently then looked away and back as if uncertain at what she was seeing. Kayla smiled and tried to look alluring. She was not averse to going with a woman if it paid well. “This is Rebecca.” Zyla introduced but the woman said nothing. Zyla then turned from Kayla to speak to the woman herself. “So you came back? If you’d had sense you would have never returned.” “But we had a deal.” Rebecca said. “I kept my side of the bargain. I gave you a woman in place of me.” “Yes, yes you did. Yet you felt you had to check it had all worked out rather than doing the sensible thing and staying clear.” Rebecca nodded. “Well, here she is – Kayla; showing what you so easily could have been.” Zyla looked at Rebecca’s reaction then spoke again. “You knew her, she wasn’t some woman you just persuaded to come down here, was she?” “She was a friend of mine.” Rebecca confessed. “And you sold her out to me to save your own skin? Hardly a good friend. Well one good turn … bad turn, deserves another.” Zyla said as she stepped closer to Rebecca. “You have lovely black hair and a nice tan. Are you sure you’re not Spanish? Reia – habla Espanol – eh?” To Kayla, this Rebecca looked frozen as if she had fallen deep into Zyla’s eyes. “Yes, you will be Reia, newly arrived from Bilbao, but you’ve already met the woman of your dreams. You work the streets each night for your pimp, Carl Robertson, pleasuring men as they demand. Then, however, you go back to the bed of your lover, Kayla. It will save on me having to find another flat. You educated women, you’re too well fed and too clean to let go to waste. You were curious what being a prostitute was like, now you will know, for the rest of your lives.” Zyla said eagerly. “Now, Kayla come and help me with Reia, get her into your flat; get her ready to work.” Zyla gave Kayla, Rebecca’s hand. The woman looked dazed but steadily adoring and they proved unresisting as Kayla led her towards the flat. “Come on Carl, more work for you. A busy night heh?” Zyla grinned broadly, clearly delighted with all that she had achieved. THE END
  9. Jason (WG, BE, DG)

    Jason (WG, BE, DG) Since Jason was 10 years old, he recognized that he could make certain changes in his environment at will. He couldn't create living things but he could change them while he slept. The most amazing thing was that the world seemed to accommodate to his dreams. Everyone accepted the changes as if they had always been so. The first time this happened was when he got his first pet. Jason wanted a dog since he was very young. His parents said that a dog was too much trouble. The compromise that they reached was that Jason could have a hamster. The hamster lived in Jason's room and was fun to play with but Jason still would have preferred a dog. One night before he went to sleep, he was holding his hamster and said "I wish you were a big police dog and not a hamster". As he drifted off to sleep, he had a firm image in mind of the dog he wanted a strong brown german shepard who slept in his room. His dreams were very vivid and intense that night. In the dream his hamster morphed into a dog and his memory of going to petstore changed also. He saw himself going with his parents and buying a beautiful german shepard puppy. When he awoke in the morning, there was something licking his cheek. It was Brownie his german shepard. More amazingly, when he went downstairs, there was a bowl in the kitchen for his dog and him mom seemed very comfortable with the dog while she had always been afraid of dogs before. Jason knew that his world had changed overnight but he didn't believe his dreams were the cause. The next event happened when Jason was 13. He was fighting with his little sister Amy before bedtime and his parents punished him by taking away his computer games. He felt the fight was as much Amy's fault as his. When he was laying in bed he was furious and thought "I wish Amy was someone else's sister". That night he dreamed about his neighbor Kevin and Kevin's sister Amy who was always getting in the way of them playing basketball outside. In the morning he awoke with a start and ran to the extra bedroom next door. His parents had always wanted a little girl but after he was born, the doctors said she couldn't have any more kids. A look out the window at Kevin's backyard showed his neighbor Amy on the swings. A part of him knew this hadn't always been the case and he felt a certain sense of sadness. He remembered the night he got his dog and began to realize it was his wishes and dreams that had changed Brownie and Amy (and the world around them). This thought scared him more than exciting him. When Jason was 14 he had a terrific crush on Kimberly Stanton. Everyone in school did because at 16 she looked 18 and was dating guys from the local college. She was a cheerleader and filled out her uniform tightly and beyond. One night, Jason was masturbating and imagined Kim getting younger to age 14. She kept her 36d chest but her face looked younger. She was also a few inches shorter now then Jason. Most importantly in his fantasy she was his girlfriend and found him irresistable. She had no interest in older boys. They bored her now. In fact her interests were all the same as Jason's. She loved basketball and would watch games with him all the time and beamed at his wonderful ability on the court. She also was aggressive and wanted to find places for them to make-out. She even experimented with oral sex with Jason which would have made either of their parents crazy. As Jason pictured her beautiful face at his waist he lost control. After he cleaned up, he fell asleep content with this fantasy in mind. As he dreamed, Kim was with him and he was sleeping with Kim because his parents had left him alone for the weekend. He couldn't believe her beautiful body was next to his. He savored her smell and soft skin and didnt' want to awaken but the sun tugged at his eyes and he lost the dream. When he awoke he was shocked to feel a soft leg cuddling his in his bed. Kim's soft blond hair lay over his shoulder and she was naked against his erection. He wondered what they had done last night and whether he had the sense to dream about a condom! Kim awoke with a smile and then a start. She said "What time is it? I told my parents I was sleeping at Cheryl's house and better get home before church or they are liable to call Cheryl's mom. I had a great time last night but we were pretty crazy to do this." Jason was too stunned to say anything so he just kissed her and helped her find her clothes around his room. The next two years were like a dream. Jason's life was like a fantasy to him. Kim was always there sharing his basketball games, going to dances and taking long walks to the quarry for fun at night. He couldn't believe his luck at being granted the power to make these dreams come true. If anything, he began to find that things were too perfect. He was a great student and the star player on his basketball team. Kim was the perfect girlfriend (if a little horny) and got more beautiful every month. It was Jason's boredom that ultimately was his undoing. He began to fantasize about all kinds of fetishes. Goth girls and piercings, tattoos and heavy girls. It all came to a head one night when he was masturbating in bed and fantasizing about a different kind of Kim. He was 28 and married to Kim who was the same beautiful girl but heavy and pierced with tattoos and most stimulating of all, she knew about his power and dominated him to use it for her benefit. When he came, he saw her riding on him with her monsterous breasts dangling in front of his mouth to suckle. As he sucked her breasts, he felt weaker and weaker and heard Kim laugh with her smoker's voice. He fell asleep with this image in his mind. When he awoke, it was in another room. He smelled the stench of old smoke and heard snoring from next to him. He realized this was his new world and worst of all he felt timid and obedient to Kim lying next to him. As Kim awoke, he realized she knew what he had done. This made him afraid. "So" she said, "this is what you wanted me to look like you idiot. Well now here I am 250 pounds of tattooed joy. I'll make you pay for this don't you worry". She lumbered out of bed and hit the shower and Jason knew he was in trouble but with his fantasy, he was weak and timid and he had been transformed to meet this character. Now he would passively accept whatever Kim did to him. That day, Jason kept his distance from Kim. She was very occupied on the computer and seemed to be working overtime in photoshop. By the end of the day, Kim was printing photos and pulled Jason close. Come honey, we are going to bed now. While she played with him naked in bed, her rolls of fat laying on him, she insisted that he stare at the series of photos. In the pictures, Kim was back to blond, beautiful and slim but she still had her enlarged breasts. She also still had her tattoos. Jason realized that the Kim he had created through his last dream enjoyed having tattoos and smoking. So at least for now she was not going to change them. More disturbing were the images of Jason in the pictures. His muscle mass was all gone and he had shrunk to 5'2". This Kim towered over him and in his new timid self this excited him even more. In one image he was suckling from Kim's breast with real milk coming out. That pushed him over the edge. With the image in mind, Jason was rocked to sleep by Kim. The next day he saw that more had changed then he realized. He rolled over and saw that Kim was much bigger then him. He felt so small and weak and went to look in the mirror. He looked like he was 14 years old again. He had most of his body hair and everything but his dick looked like a young boy's. Kim awoke and instructed him to come to her. He obediently came back to bed to pleasure her. Her breasts were bulging and leaking and he felt compelled to feed. She began to moan as he entered her. In this changed world, he was her cousin living with her and serving her. She was 28 still but he was just a teen. After they finished she sent him off to school and got ready for work. She said tonight we will have more fun Jason. In school, Jason realized he was obsessed with Kim. In his new role, he only wanted to please her. To the degree that he knew she wanted him to do well in school, that was all that let him concentrate on his schoolwork otherwise he was just fantasizing about pleasuring her. In some part of his revised mind and world, he knew that it was wrong for a 14 year old to be with a woman of 28 but this was only a small distraction. In this world, he had always loved her and would always serve her. When he got home, Kim was waiting for him. She towered over him and pushed him between her legs. He would do anything for her, and least of all he was happy to service her needs. When he was finished she brought him to the living room and they watched a video of a mature woman of 38 in bed with a nubile 18 year old girl. The woman had big breasts and a corset holding in her voluptuous body. The girl had puffy nipples and a hard tight ass. She had short blond hair and bright blue eyes. Kim kept saying imagine yourself as that young girl Jason. Wouldn't you enjoy making love to a curvaceous woman like that? You would make such a pretty girl Jason. Jason had a bad feeling about the video and what tomorrow would bring…
  10. Carol (whore, dg)

    Carol (whore, dg) This is a short dg story I found somewhere on the net. I do not know the name of the author neither the name of the site… Enjoy! CAROL Carol didn’t want to go in. She knew what would happen. She knew what the old lady would say. It wasn’t helping. She should just turn around and walk away right now. Go home, get some sleep, get back to normal. That’s what she should do. Just turn around and leave. Now. She stared through the window some more, sweat clinging to her skin. The neon hurt her eyes. She found it hard to see, especially since she’d stopped wearing her glasses. They didn’t fit her look anymore, so she didn’t bother wearing them. Reading wasn’t that important, after all. She tried to turn around and walk away. Nothing happened. Carol thought back. Was this the fourth night in a row that she’d been here? Fifth, maybe? Every time, it was the same thing. The woman read her palms. The first night, it was pretty innocuous - at least, it seemed that way at first. Something about upcoming adventure, big changes in life, a new direction. Carol assumed everybody got more or less the same spiel. She woke up the next morning and, for no reason she could identify, decided to wear her tightest skirt to work. She went out that night, getting drinks with some of her coworkers once the office closed down. Once she left the bar, tipsy and a bit disoriented, she barely notice that she was headed back to this same window again. It wasn’t until she walked in the door that she became aware of where she was. It was like being in a trance. The woman’s predictions were much the same, but slightly different in tone. She was going to find passion and thrills in unexpected places. She was undergoing a personal transformation. She was going to learn new things about herself. Carol lost track of the next couple of days. She felt slightly hungover in the morning, so she called in sick. She went to the mall instead of working. She got a makeover. When she was out to lunch, some guy bought her a drink. She wound up sucking his cock in a men’s room stall. The next day - or maybe that evening? Carol had lost track - some guy catcalled her while she was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for a bus. He thinks I’m a whore, she realized slowly. She waited for the expected feelings to rise up: outrage, embarrassment, anger. They didn’t come. Instead, she was vaguely flattered, and very aroused. She played with her hair as she got in his car. In between, she came back here at least once or twice. Every time, being told the same thing. You’re changing, evolving, becoming someone new. Breaking out of your cocoon. The old you is fading away, someone new and exciting and enticing in her place. Carol found herself simply nodding along to the woman’s words. It was all true, clearly. Carol didn’t know who she was anymore, but her old self just felt… irrelevant. So: tonight. She stood out in the humid air, the street smelling like sweat and exhaust. She pressed one palm against the cool glass, staring between the neon letters. She knew that she couldn’t do this many more times before something irreversible happened. On one of these visits, the woman was going to stop playing around and simply tell Carol that she was a whore now, a witless sex addict with no willpower. Carol quivered at the thought. She wanted to hear that, she found. It was already what she was, after all. She knew that. But hearing it, having it become real… god, that just sounded so… so… She walked in the door. The cool air was such a relief.
  11. Selena's Reality Bent (weight gain, degeneration) Selena's Reality Bent: Part I Mike was bored, okay bored was an understatement he was ready to drill a hole through his head. He had done it in the past and it had made him less bored for a little while but people normally freaked out and cops were called. It really wasn't a good thing, too much of a hassle really. The form Mike took at the moment was an attractive one. Someone who looked tall, strong, vibrant, and young. Someone to be trusted. He noticed a few women looking at him as he walked down the street. He checked their minds, and there was nothing of interest. Oh the normal about how good he looked in his suit and wondering what his job was but no thoughts that had any teeth to them. That wouldn't do at all today. He was itching to make a few adjustments but he needed someone willing he was sure that he could sweet talk any one of these women who passed by him into doing it but their wishes would be so…. plain. Better jobs! More money! Different looks! Better family! It sickened him at this point. Oh sure the odd one here or there was interesting but he needed something he could sink his teeth into and at that exact moment he heard a passing thought coming from an apartment nearby. He smiled to himself, this sounded promising. The thought he was hearing were the thoughts of Selena Gomez as she read over the tabloids. Once again EVERYTHING was about her friend, Taylor Swift. Not that Selena could blame Taylor for that. Even when she had been nominated for award she knew that she wasn't going to win any awards over her friend. It wasn't that her latest album was bad it just wasn't Taylor's. It didn't always bother her that things were this way. She knew that Taylor has a certain charisma about her, not everyone can build a squad, but at this point Selena was feeling downright jealous. She was wearing a better dress and looked better than Taylor but just because Taylor threw a bit of shade at Kanye and won awards the media was all over her. She huffed and puffed a bit. "I wish that for once it was Selena and Taylor not Taylor and Selena," she sighed annoyed about this. She knew she had no reason to be, she was still famous and well off but she wanted to be on top! Mike was standing in the room, invisible to Selena as he listened to her words and read her thoughts. Now this was interesting! Yes, this was a human worth of his attention, he straightened his jacket and made himself appear hovering over the table in front of Selena. "Ahem!" he coughed to get her attention. Selena nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard another voice. She was the only one here today and she hadn't heard anyone come in, she looked around and there was a strange man in her apartment! Who also happened to be hovering over her table! Her jaw went agape and she was unsure what to do. "You know most people attempt to call the police when they first see me. It never does anything but people do try," he said laying on his back and crossing his legs as he continued to hover over the table. "How…. what…I…huh?" Selena was able to get out and Mike rolled his eyes. He transported himself next to where she was sitting on the sofa which caused her to scream a bit. "Oh relax! I'm not here to hurt you! In fact, I'd say this is your lucky day Selena, I can call you that right?" he asked with all the confidence in the world. "What do you mean?" Selena asked finding her voice as she fumbled around hand trying to find her cellphone without taking her eyes off him. Mike sighed and willed the cellphone into his hand. "Look let's cut to the chase, you recently made a wish that you were more famous than your friend, right?" he asked. Selena watched the cellphone appear and was worried there was a gas leak or she had gone insane. This wasn't normal in the slightest. This man had just repeated what she had said not five minutes ago. That was impossible. "Oh I assure you it's not impossible," he said reading her thoughts. "You see I'm Mike and I am for lack of a better term an entity of sorts. Imagine part angel and part demon but I don't believe in the whole good versus evil stuff. No one really wants to play politics but I act in a similar function. I have amazing powers that can make your wishes come true," he said and to prove himself to her he waved his hand and two glasses of wine appeared on the table for them to share. Alcohol did nothing for him but he found that human females appreciated it and it made them more likely to accept his offer. Selena listened along and had a bit of a hard time following him. This man's voice rang true with confidence but nothing that he said made any sense to her. Selena almost felt her heart stop when the wine appeared. She looked over at him and he nodded at her. She reached out with a shaky hand to grab the glass and sipped it. It was just the way she liked it. "Good, good…now do you understand what's going on?" Mike asked. Selena shook her head no. "I…I understand a bit but…how is this possible?" she asked downing a bit more of the wine not noticing that the glass didn't seem to empty at all. "Okay," Mike said standing up. "Simply put I'm a…reality bender. I can change certain things about your reality such as take those drapes," he said pointing to the red drapes in the room. "I can do things like make them purple," he said snapping his fingers and the drapes turned to a hue of royal purple. Selena couldn't say that she was surprised, based on what she had seen and heard from him so far he seemed to be the real deal. Another sip of wine would calm her down. "So…if you can control reality you can change anything?" she asked fearfully. Mike shrugged. "To an extent such as I can change small things but I can't actually change anything about your life at the moment," he answered honestly. "I could change looks of your friends for example," he said snapping his fingers and making Demi Lovato appear although her eyes were dead and glazed over. "What the…" Selena started to say but Mike shushed her. "It'll be over quick, I could make her…skinny" he said snapping his fingers and all the excess fat melted off Demi leaving her with a waif like skeletal form. "Change her hair," and suddenly she was a blonde. "Or even make her 6 inches tall," and Demi looked more like an action figurine at that point. "Okay I think I've showed enough," he said returning Demi to normal and sending her away. Selena couldn't believe what he was able to do. He just changed one of her best friends like it was nothing. "So why can't you do that to me?" she asked scared. "Ah see that's where things get sticky. I can alter reality to a point. Such as changing drapes, because that's unlikely to change anything too big. I suppose it could inspire a friend to buy them, leading to a fight with a spouse, which leads to a divorce, with leads to step kids, which leads to an A-bomb going off but that only happened one time so I'm not too worried about it," he shrugged. "But I'm unable to change anything big about you because of the way you see reality. I could go into it but I feel like your brain would explode. Just know for now that for me to make any big changes YOU have to agree to let me meddle," he explained. If the girl was smarter he'd have gone more in depth but she wouldn't care about the details right now. Selena listened to his words and was sure she was dealing with a lunatic. A suave lunatic. Still it made her feel better that there was nothing he could do to her yet. Between that and the wine she was basically falling into the sofa. "So why are you here?" she asked. He sighed. "That wish you made! I heard it and I have to say it's not fair of that Taylor to always want to come in first. I mean S comes before T in the alphabet! Why isn't your name first?" he asked certain he was breaking through. Selena looked at him and nodded. "Exactly! I mean I'm just as famous as her! I have Disney clout!" she said sitting up straight and he knew that he had her. "Alright Selena we're both adults here and we're wasting time. Fact of the matter is I can do a whole lot to make this better. I could turn Taylor into a mom in Iowa," he said snapping his fingers and an image of Taylor as a beery Midwestern mom appeared in a suburban setting trying to take care of three children, the stress getting to her. "A meth head," he said showing off the image of an emancipated Taylor, missing chunks of her hair, missing more than a few teeth, and trying to get some sleep on a park bench. "A blogger," he said showing off a softer Taylor sitting at her computer in her home typing something up while snacking. She was wearing glasses and her hair was up but she looked fairly normal. "Yeah people always assume basement dweller when I say that, not sure why," he said sitting down next to Selena again and making the images disappear. Selena had to admit that seeing this man able to change just images of Taylor liked that filled her heart with glee. If he could do that then what else could he do? The sky was the limit, she realized smiling as her brain ran through ideas of what to do. "Yeah…. I know that'd be fun to just change her and I could do that easy but you know what's more fun? Changing the whole dynamic. I mean sure I could change things around so you're still friends and such but really where does that leave you? Not better off then you are now, you're just making Taylor worse which while good doesn't really solve the problem. Don't you want to be the true leader of the squad? I mean sure I make Taylor less famous there's no promise that you come out on top of everyone," he said in a logical tone. Selena listened to every word he said and she realized that he was right. There was no way to make sure that she stayed on top forever. Her heart sunk a bit and she looked at him. "Is there any way that you could…make that happen?" Selena asked uneasily. Mike did everything he could not to smirk. "Of course! You see you just sign this contract," he said making one appear in his hands. "and I can fulfill your wish! Basically you make your wish and allow me to alter your reality. I'll make it come true for you and well everything will be set and taken care of by me," he promised. He knew she'd leave that wish vague. Selena put the glass of wine down and looked over at it. "Why do I have to sign a contract?" she asked. "Oh just simple things, sign the contract and shake my hand and then I can use my powers. Even near infinite beings have to follow the rules and red tape. You just sign the contract, say your wish, we shake hands and let Magic Mike take care of the rest," he said holding out a pen. Part of Selena knew that she should be afraid but he seemed so nice and everything made perfect sense. Besides he must hate Taylor too if he heard the wish and was interested in it. "Taylor won't die or anything, right? I still want us to be friends I just want to be the top dog," she said taking the pen. "Sure thing! Don't you worry, just put that in your wish," he said trying to get her to move along. "Okay," Selena said signing over the contract without reading it. She put the pen down and Mike nodded at her. "I wish that while Taylor and I were still friends I'd be the more famous one!" she said putting out her hand for Mike to shake it. Mike smiled and shook it. "You have a deal Selena! Now you just go and relax, it'll take me some time to change everything but don't you worry your pretty little head," he said patting her on the head and poofed off. He had so much to do today. Selena sat there stunned for a moment. The glass of wine was still there and her drapes were still purple proving that he had been there and that he had changed a few things. She picked up the glass and took a sip, the wine still tasted perfect, the only difference was that with Mike gone the cup would empty. She sat there for a few minutes waiting for some seismic change to happen that would tell her that reality had shifted but nothing like that happened. "Well he said it would take some time," she shrugged. Maybe she had just gone crazy and imagined the whole thing? Maybe it had been a dream? Maybe those drapes had been purple all along? Oh well nothing she could do about it. Best case it would be Selena and Taylor and worst case nothing will have changed. She needed to clear her head so she decided to take a shower. The hot water felt good on Selena's skin as she relaxed, the steam was really helping to clear her head out. She was a little tipsy from the wine. While she was in there she started to sing a little bit. In her head it sounded just like her award winning voice but something was different about it. It was weaker, it didn't have as much power. It sounded like someone who had a nice voice but would never make it in a recording studio. The shower lasted about thirty minutes and Selena was feeling better about everything as she toweled off and put on a robe. Her heart was racing a just a little bit in anticipation. It's been a while, surely Mike had done something. She made her way back over to her computer to check the tabloids and see if there was any mention of Taylor Swift, best friend of Selena Gomez. In her haste to get back to the computer Selena missed a few things. While she didn't put all her awards on display she had a few Teen Choice Awards that she kept out. They weren't much but they'd do until she won a Grammy and they were absent from their spot. A quick search of Taylor Swift did not disappoint Selena, while it didn't mention her in them it showed a bloated looking Taylor out and about. Her cheeks looked chubby and Selena went over the pictures to see the start of a double chin. Her hips seemed wider than ever in a pair of jeans and for the first time in Taylor's life she had a big ass. Selena was shocked, she couldn't see much of Taylor's top half because she was wearing a heavy jacket but Selena doubted that it was still tiny. Was that his plan? Just make Taylor fat? It wasn't a horrible plan really. Housewife Taylor had been funny to look at and if that excess weight meant Selena was the top dog then that would be it. Reality was changing for the better. She was going to celebrate by getting a snack. Selena wasn't one to keep too much junk food in the house, at least at the moment. It varied from time to time and since it was award season she had done everything she could to remove temptation but she had some cookies around here somewhere. She was shocked when she didn't have to dig to find any sweets. She didn't worry too much about it though, she was still in a good mood and she started to nibble on a few cookies. Unknown to Selena as she ate the cookies the makeup of her body was changing. Her face remained soft but it matured. No longer would Selena look like she was somewhere in the stages of puberty. Her face was still fat the cherubic look that she often would be gone forever. Selena was not what one would call stick in but to call her curvy would have been a small stretch, she had curves but not overly so. That was changing. Her hips were starting to truly round out while her ass spread out making itself truly known. Her waistline took on a bit of pudge but was otherwise left spared. Her breasts swelled a bit in size as if stung by bees and her upper arms became meaty. Her thighs were not spared either and filled in, destroying what thigh gap she had. Selena was not quite fat yet but now she could be defined as thick and she didn't even realize it. The robe was loose enough that it hid the changes, for now. Selena licked her lips and let out a content sigh as she finished off the bag of cookies. That hit the spot. She'd need to have some good gym time to burn it off. Just then there was a knock at the door and Selena went over to see who it was. She looked through the peephole and saw Taylor, now with long hair, standing out there. "Selena! It's me!" Taylor said sighing impatiently. TBC Anonymous 04/07/17 (Fri) 06:36:24 No.1648 Selena's Reality Bent: Part II Normally even with Taylor there Selena wouldn't just answer the door in her robe but with Taylor having a small weight issue Selena felt like showing off. She put on a bit smile and answered it. "Taylor! How are you? Come in," she said smiling. The one thing Selena had been expecting to see was Taylor looking a bit disheveled. She expected the weight gain to have taken something out of Taylor but no, Taylor still seemed to have an aura about her. Not quite the same as before but still there. "Hey Selena, how are you?" she said pulling Selena into a hug and the first thing that Selena noticed was that Taylor was even bigger than she was in the pictures from earlier. She was still wearing jeans and a jacket but they were larger sizes. Selena lingered, hugging Taylor a bit longer than normal, she couldn't help it! Taylor just felt so soft! She knew she shouldn't be happy about this but it wasn't like Taylor's health was in jeopardy. It was just enough chub to make Taylor more B-list. Taylor finally broke the hug and gave Selena a weird look. "Did you forget that we were supposed to hang out tonight?" Taylor asked with a hint of fear in her voice. It was as if she was worried Selena had forgotten or made different plans. "Oh this?" Selena asked looking at her robe. "No, I was just getting ready. Where were we supposed to go again?" she asked. Taylor chewed on the inside of her chubby cheek for a moment. "Ummm what we normally do, just hang out here and get some take-out" she said. Selena was taken aback. The old Taylor liked to go out. Staying in for the night was something they did rarely. Selena opened her mouth to say that they were going out but it was obvious Taylor wasn't dressed to go out. Ah well they'd go out another time, besides Selena was feeling a bit tired herself. "Sure, just let me get dressed," Selena said rushing to her room while Taylor went straight to the kitchen and opened the pantry, taking out a bag of chips and a jar of salsa. Selena took a moment to admire just how big Taylor's ass had gotten before walking into her bedroom. Selena wondered if Taylor still worked out at all because her body was bigger but not in a way that was unpleasing. She would certainly be considered curvy and not fat, in most circles. Selena was so busy thinking about Taylor that she was on autopilot, she put on yoga pants and a loose t-shirt without taking the time to get a good feel of her body. She walked back to the living room where Taylor had migrated. The TV was now on, her shoes were now off and she was making herself comfortable for the night. "So what do you want to get tonight," Selena asked grabbing a handful of chips herself, she started to munch on them. Taylor pursed her lips and thought about it hard. "I'm thinking a deep dish pizza with some breadsticks, and a cheesecake from that one place," she said stretching a bit. Her shirt rode up and showed off her pale, pudgy belly. Selena smiled brightly. God Taylor had turned into a pig. What do her concerts look like now? She couldn't imagine Taylor squeezing into any of those outfits or bringing the same energy that she used to bring. Maybe she could steal an idea or two of the old Taylor's ideas. It wasn't really stealing when this one didn't seem to have used it. "That sounds great! How about you place the order, you know what I like," Selena said. "Yeah you like pepperoni, sausage, and jalapenos," Taylor said taking out her phone. Selena opened her mouth to say no but that did sound good to her. "Of course," she said almost automatically. Selena looked a bit perturbed as that came out of her mouth. She wasn't a big fan of that walking heart attack but it did sound amazing at the moment. Taylor called in and placed the order. It would be about an hour and a half to get it. About ten minutes later Taylor pouted. "Looks like we're out of chips," she said grunting a bit as she got up to get more snack food. As Taylor walked off Selena took a moment to really look at her old friend. The long hair suited her chubby face well. Selena hated to admit it but even with her chubby cheeks and double chin Taylor retained most of her beauty, it simply wasn't as sharp as it was before. Her breasts had grown a bit, that had never been Taylor's strong suit to begin with and while they were bigger now they were by no means huge. Her arms grew husky and her waistline seemed to be lazy, oozing over the sides of her jeans. Her hips had grown wide enough and her thighs had grown thick enough to affect her gait. There was a rolling to her walk now that hadn't been there before. It wasn't a waddle though; this was more of a strut. Selena wasn't sure she'd be strutting if her ass was that big but good for Taylor, Selena thought as Taylor returned with wine and cheese. "Where'd you find that?" Selena asked. "Where I normally find them…." Taylor trailed off wondering what was up with Selena. "I mean whenever we do these nights you have them set up, were we not supposed to eat them tonight?" Taylor asked worried she had offended her friend. Selena shook her head no. "No, it's fine. They're for us I'm just…I've had a weird day," she said honestly and Taylor just nodded. "I know how you feel. All the attention we're getting lately is well weird to me, normal for you of course," she added in. Ah! There it was! Mike had held up his end of the bargain. She sipped on the wine contently and ate a small block of cheese. She was the Queen now! Tonight they'd stay out but soon enough they'd head out to party and Selena would be the one getting out of the limo first. Selena and Taylor chatted while waiting for the pizza and unbeknownst to both of them the room was changing around them. Things were become a bit more stylish, the couches they sat on were far more comfortable, even her carpeted floors turned into hardwood. By the time the pizza arrived Selena was starving even though she and Taylor ate all the cheese, and were working on another bag of chips. Selena didn't know why she was so hungry but thought it was just because she was giddy that she had a new life in front of her. Taylor paid for the pizza and put it on the table. "I'll get plates," she said running off to the kitchen and coming back with two red plates for the two of them. Selena had planned on only have a slice but as soon as the box was open she knew that wasn't possible. This thing smelled amazing! There were six slices in all and she knew she was eating at least three. Along with some breadsticks. While they sat and talked more changes occurred to both of their bodies. They grew thicker with every ounce of cheese they ate. Selena's face grew rounder along with her arms but her chest grew too. Before they were just starting to show off their size but now they were full-fledged DD cups. Her waist was totally gone now, covered by layer after layer of soft and inviting flesh. Her lower half wasn't spared either. Her hips grew wide was if she had children already, and her ass continued to grow beneath her and push her pants to their limit. Even her calves were thick. There was no denying that Selena has an hourglass figure that was full of too much sand. Taylor meanwhile grew as well but in a different way. Her lower body was where all of those pesky calories seemed to go. Her hips, thighs, and rear would have broken through the jeans if Mike hadn't made sure they'd expand with her. They'd always be too tight but not overly so. Her stomach pooched out over the waistband and her breasts weren't exactly small either, a D cup. Her face had softened into something warm and inviting instead of something sharp and pointy. Selena was taking the last bite of her pizza when Taylor squealed. "Oh Selena this is about us!" she said turning up the volume on some show on E! "And finally tonight big news in the world of modeling. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift join Ashley Graham in this year's SI Swimsuit Edition, the three plus-sized models make history…" the talking head on the screen continued to talk but Selena wasn't listening. Plus-sized model? What? She had to have misheard him. That wasn't true, it couldn't be true! But looking down at her body Selena's eyes went wide. She was bigger. She felt herself to see if it was true and there was fat there! A look on the screen showed pictures of Selena and Taylor having fun on a beach, both looking fat! "Is everything okay Selena?" Taylor asked looking concerned. "I…uh…. I need to get something from my room," Selena said excusing herself. She felt sick. This wasn't supposed to happen. She stopped in her tracks. She had to check something quick. "Hey Taylor, have you ever heard the song 'Shake It Off'?" Selena asked. Taylor shook her head no. "Who's it by? I wish I could have been a singer but I never had the voice," she said wrinkling her nose and Selena's heart dropped. "Oh…okay just give me a minute," she said walking stiffly to her room. Once safely inside she noticed the bed was bigger, no doubt to cater to her fat ass. God she looked so fucking big on TV! And she was in a bikini no less! People all over the world were seeing her rolls. She looked in her closet and two things struck her right away, all of her clothes were bigger and they were also more fashionable. Selena was close to hyperventilating. She needed to take care of this. She wanted to scream but she didn't want to alert Taylor either. "Mike," she said sharply. "Mike, I need to talk to you, come here now," she commanded stomping her foot. "That's my name!" Mike said rising up from the bed as if he was a puddle. "So what do you think about the changes I've made," he said smiling. Selena looked at him like he was crazy. "I don't like them," she said her mouth hanging wide. "Really? I don't know personally I think being a size 16 SI model is something to brag about," he said looking around. "Hmmm let's give you some pink alarm clock," he said switching out her basic one. "I didn't ask for this! You broke the deal!" Selena said huffing and puffing. "Hey careful, there are people under you. Don't want to cause an earthquake for them," Mike said laughing. "But seriously if you don't want to be fat lay off the deep dish. You and Taylor doing it like every week are why you both look this way," he said as if it was obvious. "Also I didn't break the deal. You wanted to be friends with Taylor and more famous then Taylor. You didn't say you wanted to be singers. Not that you guys could do that now, seriously try to sing Amazing Grace," he commanded her. Selena did try and the whole time her voice cracked and didn't sounds anywhere near where she was used to it being. She started to cry a bit as she realized that no amount of training would return her voice to her. "I wish I was back to normal, same with Taylor," she said. "oh sorry kid I can't do that. According to Article 4, Paragraph 2342, sentence 3, word 1," he started and cleared his throat. "Pineapple," he said laughing hysterically. "Seriously though, read the contract and you get one wish. It's not my fault you made it vague. You should consider yourself lucky! I could have made you a cam girl," he said and suddenly Selena found herself in nothing but a bra and panties in a dingy little bedroom in-front of a webcam with music playing while she danced and tried to act sexy. "Reality show trash," he said and now Selena found herself wearing too much perfume and too much gaudy jewelry as she and a few other people she didn't know sat around and drank. Apparently this was brunch. "The world's most famous banjo player," he said and Selena appeared on a stage with a banjo in hand in front of a large arena holding a banjo and wearing overalls and a straw hat. The arena was empty. "Yeah world's most famous banjo player isn't saying a lot," he said returning Selena to her rotund body in her room. "I don't care! You know what I meant! Now make me normal again," she said shoving him a bit. At this Mike's face darkened and his eyes grew wide and his body seemed to grow as he looked down at her and Selena felt scared. "Listen, you made this wish and you agreed to allow me to change reality. When it was Taylor it was all fun and games but now that you've never missed a meal you're mad? That's not how this works. All deals and sales are final. If you're really that unhappy I'm sure I could…try something else," he said cracking his knuckles, daring her to keep going. Selena looked up at him fearfully and just nodded. "This is fine…" she squeaked out and Mike grew back to normal size and wrapped his arm around her. "Good! Anyway look on the bright side! You made history. You're not Ashley Graham getting the cover but…you're more famous than Taylor. You got your wish honey. Anyway that's about it. I'm off! Remember The Internet saved the radio star! Video games will save the world! Invest in baseball cards! BYE!" he yelled and disappeared leaving Selena alone. It took Selena a few moments to recover from that barrage and just then she heard a knock on the door. "Selena are you okay?" Taylor asked. "Oh yeah, sorry I was just…I can't believe we made it into the magazine and you can come in," she said opening the door for Taylor. "Well I don't know why you were worried. You were going to make it in! Thanks for convincing them I had to be in it. This is going to help both our modeling careers so much! You're a great friend," Taylor said hugging Selena who couldn't help but notice the way their bellies and breasts rubbed together this time. She felt a bit of guilt. Taylor was going on about what a good friend she was but really she had condemned both of them to the world of plus-sized modeling. They'd make money but nowhere near what they were making before. Selena let out a sigh and hugged Taylor tight. They had to stick together now. "Anything for my best friend," she said simply. "Now let's get that cheesecake," she said smiling as she and Taylor went out to finish eating. She'd do everything she could to make this reality better than the last one. Mike smiled to himself as he watched the pair start to pig out on cheesecake. Now THAT was fun! Maybe he should stay around here, there had to be other celebrities with whiny wishes. He just had to keep his ears open. The end A/N: Just wanted to do something a little quick. I might do some more stories in this vein if people are interested. If so are there any celebrities you'd like to see next?
  12. How to make a gingerbread stripper (WG, DG, MC) She was an unusual find, a girl with enough power behind her emotions to light up a small town. A beauty both inside and out who refused to drink or smoke because she valued her control too much, Laura was like a unicorn. With her red hair, expressive green eyes, long firm legs, and toned stomach, she had all of the qualities that would make any man crawl over broken glass just to feel the touch of her lips. James wanted her badly. He had wanted her the moment he felt her essence in the coffee shop a month earlier. Through neuro-linguistic programming and a little hypnosis, he had encoded her to want to become a stripper and she “willingly” obliged. She had absolutely no memory of this happening though. One day she was earning her degree in Psychology, the next day she was grinding on men for money. James had convinced her that it was the best idea that she’d ever had. Smart and sexy—he couldn’t wait to make her fully his, but he wanted to break her down slowly until she had absolutely no willpower whatsoever. She went under the guise of Ginger, and spicy she was in her little dominatrix costumes, always with a whip in hand. James enjoyed the illusion of control that he gave her by “letting” her be “dominant” at work. He came in twice a week just to partake in the waves of sadness, arousal, anger, and dissociation that he felt radiating from her. The latter emotion was one that he enjoyed immensely because it allowed him to tap into her mind and mold it into what he wanted her to become. See, James had the ability to not only control minds, but he could also feel the emotions of his victims, which allowed him to manipulate them anyway that he saw fit. Anytime that he felt Ginger dissociate, he would buy lapdances from her and program her. One night he took her into the backroom and suggested many ways in which she may enjoy her job more: “Ginger, you like drinking alcohol, right?” “Not really, but would you like me to enjoy it?” Ginger asked. Her eyes were glazed over, which meant she was fully in a hypnotic state. She had no opinion of her own—he had made sure of that the first time he ever talked to her—she was to take orders from him and him alone. “Yes, Ginger, I think that you need it to function at your job. In fact, next time I come in here, I want you to be drunk. Do you understand me, Ginger?” “Yes, Master,” she sighed as she gyrated on his lap. “I’ve put five bottles of Hot Damn 100 proof in this bag. You will drink nothing else. I want them to be empty when I come in here next. You will finish them. Do not pour them down the drain. Bring the finished bottles to me.” “Yes, sir,” she said. “As time goes on, you will find that you can’t go through a day without being drunk. Now, tell me, Ginger, do you workout?” “Of course I do, Master; it’s how I stay in such good shape,” Ginger said with a tipsy giggle. “Anytime that you feel the urge to work out, you’ll drink four shots of Hot Damn and have four hits of marijuana from the bag of joints that I’ve included in your little goody bag. Is that clear?” James asked with a wry smile on his face. This was going to be a lot of fun. “Yes, Master, but isn’t that going to make me fat?” Ginger asked with no emotion. His demands were just bringing out natural fears that were stored in the back of her mind. “Yes, Ginger, you’re going to get fat. I want to watch you as you grow. I want to be here the day that your manager humiliates you when he tells you that you’re getting to heavy to be a stripper,” James said with a chuckle. His erection was pulsing through his pants as Ginger put her perky breasts in his face. “But, Master, I don’t want to get fat,” Ginger said as she rubbed her perfect ass against his lap. “Oh, don’t worry, my pet. You’re going to find that you’re simultaneously embarrassed and turned on every time you stuff you belly, which you’re going to find yourself doing every time you get high instead of working out. I’ve included $1000 that you’ll feel compelled to spend on the most fattening food you can find. You’ll purposefully look at the nutrition facts and choose the most calorie rich foods you can find; it’ll become an obsession for you. Of course, you’ll be too drunk to realize that your clothes are getting too tight. The only time you’re allowed to be sober is when you go to the grocery store. Have I made myself clear?” “Yes, Master,” Ginger said. “Tell me you want to be fat,” James said. “I want to be fat, Master. It’d turn me on so much to stuff my belly for you until I can’t fit into my clothes,” Ginger said. She started to blush and grind harder against his lap. The bouncer looked in through the window of the private dance area and frowned. “Cum for me, my pet. Stick out your belly as far as it’ll go and rub it as you cum. Pretend that you’re stuffed with chocolate cake.” “Mmmmm, oh god,” Ginger said as she stuck out her tiny belly as far as it would go. Her hips buckled as she orgasmed. “That’s a good pet. Now, you will forget everything that I’ve told you tonight. Go get cleaned up and eat the two Big Macs that I bought for you. Eat them in the bathroom so no one will see you gorging. I don’t want anyone to know our little secret yet, my dear. You’ll feel so much better when you’re full.” “Yes, Master. I’m starving,” Ginger said. “I know you are, my pet. Now snap out of it,” James said Ginger collected the money and plastic bag from James as she put her short red dress on. He also handed her a McDonald’s bag that stopped her in her tracks. “Are you sure this food is from McDonald’s?” Ginger asked incredulously. “I swear you’ve given me a steak. This is the best food I’ve ever smelled in my life. Normally I try to stay away from fast food, but I’m starving.” “Enjoy it, Ginger. I’ll see you soon. Have a great night,” James said as he walked out of the private dance area and smiled menacingly. Ginger found herself hurrying to the bathroom with all of her goodies as fast as her stiletto heeled feet would take her; it was the most important thing that she would do at work that night, but she didn’t know why. As she locked herself in a stall, Ginger reached into the greasy bag and pulled out one of the Big Macs. The meat and cheese coated her tongue in a feeling so euphoric that she actually started moaning and laughing as she stuffed the sandwich inside of her mouth. With each bite, she found herself growing wetter and wetter, until she couldn’t take it and shoved her fingers inside of her gstring to pleasure herself. By the end of the second Big Mac her little stomach was pushed out further than when she tried to stick it out for James. Tangy sauce fell onto her c cup breasts, which made her nipples stiffen. She felt embarrassed by her gluttony as she crammed her two-hundredth French fry down her throat; it was enough to send her over the edge. Luckily, her screams of ecstasy were drowned out by the sounds of “Turn Down for What?” being blared over the loudspeaker. “Let’s give it up for the lovely Chrissy, everyone,” the DJ said over the loudspeaker. “Next up we have the gorgeous Ginger.” “Oh no,” Ginger said as she tried in vain to wipe the ketchup and special sauce from her face, tits, and dress. Grease was all over her mouth and hands. As she scrubbed at the stubborn stain, she realized that her belly was protruding like she had swallowed a bowling ball. “How am I ever going to dance like this?” She sluggishly walked up to the stage while rubbing her tummy. Six men from different walks of life were sitting at her stage. “Playing with Dolls” by Slayer played as she started slowly swaying her hip back and forth. “When are ya due, Honey?” One of the men in a cowboy hat asked her as he put a five dollar bill on the stage. “I’m not pregnant,” Ginger said as she lay down on her back and spread her legs. She was offended, but felt that similar tingle begin in between her legs. “Shucks, Honey, you got a big ol’ belly then, dontcha?” He asked snidely and his friends snickered. “Gimme back my five dollars. I ain’t payin’ for no piggy to dance for me. What, did you stuff your face before you got on stage?” Ginger didn’t know how to feel. She started crying as she struggled to get back to her feet. The cowboy and his two friends left her stage leaving her with a couple of men in their late forties and a guy who looked like he’d been drinking since last New Year’s Eve. “There isn’t anything wrong with a girl who likes to eat. You’re thin everywhere else. I think it’s sexy that you’re a little full,” said one of the middle aged men in a polo shirt as he put a twenty-dollar bill on stage. “Aw, thanks. You’re the best,” Ginger said as she put her boobs in his face. She felt her belly rub up against his chest and it gave her goosebumps. As “A Tout La Monde” by Megadeath faded into the ether, Ginger left the stage and went straight to the dressing room to take three shots of Hot Damn to take the edge off. It was a good thing that her shift was over for the night so she could go home and pass out. She cradled her stuffed belly as she squeezed into her jeans—they wouldn’t button, so she just covered up with her sweatshirt and called it good. ——————————————————————————————————————— Sunlight filtered through the crack between the black curtains in Ginger’s bedroom at 9 am, but she paid no mind to the UV rays because she was passed out cold from drinking one of the bottles of Hot Damn the night before. Usually, Ginger sprang out of bed like a lioness chasing a gazelle as she threw on workout clothes and did her normal P90x routine, but today the only motion going on in her house was the steady snoring of the hungover. At noon, Ginger groggily reached out for her iphone and started perusing Facebook. A Buzzfeed Tasty video for “How to make Biscuits and Gravy Casserole” caught her eye and she felt a warm rivulet of drool slide down her cheek. Brushing away the saliva, she questioned her pavlovian response. “Last night was rough. I need to work off those Big Macs and all of that alcohol,” she said out loud to her dog Lydia. Lydia replied with a wag of her yellow lab tail and licked Ginger’s hand encouragingly. “Thanks, buddy,” she said as she pulled on her running tights and squirmed into her sports bra. As Ginger walked up to the white double doors to go for a run, an overwhelming sense of exhaustion crept in and she walked over to the couch and absentmindedly pulled out the bag that James had brought. Four shots of Hot Damn and four hits of Chem Dawg marijuana later, Ginger felt giddy and hungry. Opening her pantry, Ginger sighed as she surveyed the contents of each shelf. “Quinoa, granola, rice, saltines, black beans, and beggin’ strips…Damn, I don’t like to buy anything exciting, do I? You’re the only one who gets anything flavorful here,” she said, petting Lydia’s fuzzy head. A Fat Shack menu was on the refrigerator as a joke because she went there once with her boyfriend and thought it was disgusting, but today it seemed like the perfect choice. Ginger picked up her phone and dialed. As soon as she heard the words “Fat Shack, how may I help you,” come from the other end, Ginger felt like she was entering a trance. “Hello, can I get a large Fat Slob, a large Fat Cow, an order of jalapeno poppers, and a milkshake, please?” Ginger asked. The Fat Slob sandwich had cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, French fries, ketchup, and mayonnaise on it. The Fat Cow sandwich had macaroni and cheese, bacon, French fries, mozzarella sticks, and buffalo ranch. She had never ordered that much food for herself in her life, but felt a growing sense of excitement and warmth fill her body. Twenty minutes later, her food arrived, and Ginger had consumed three more shots of Hot Damn, and finished off the rest of the joint. She stumbled to the door, grabbed her food, paid, and kissed the cheek of the bewildered deliveryman. Opening the steaming Styrofoam container made her nipples stiffen. As Ginger calculated how many calories had to be in everything, she began rubbing her clit through her running tights; it felt as though her hand wasn’t her own. Mouthful after mouthful went into her gaping maw as she intermittently let out little moans of excitement. Her belly pushed out painfully by the time she was done with her food orgy, and she had managed to give herself three orgasms. Exhausted, high, drunk, and full, Ginger put on some "Adventure Time" and mindlessly rubbed her belly until she fell asleep. The next couple of days that Ginger had off from work went by in a haze of binge-eating, alcohol, and weed. In between drunkenness, she managed to make it to King Soopers and spent two hours loading up her cart with the most fattening foods she could find. Customers looked at the bloated girl strangely as she compared items and talked to herself about their caloric content. “Mmmm, these cookies have 400 calories per serving, while these only have 300, but the devil’s food cake cookies have high fructose corn syrup, 50% of my recommended dose of saturated fat, and 600 calories per serving. Devil’s food cake it is,” she said as she tossed her treasure into the cart. Obsessively, she kept track of serving sizes in her calculator, and she added up caloric content per day based on the items she purchased. 7500 calories a day is what she averaged in her mind. “There are 3500 calories in a stored pound. If I get 7500 a day, I can gain 2 pounds a day.” The thought made her panties soaked in the frozen food aisle, and it took everything in her power not to play with herself right then and there. When she grabbed a container of weight gain formula, she shuddered and sighed. A little voice in her head was panicking about the thought of getting fat, but James’s programming made it seem like little more than a whisper.
  13. Vallie by Altide and Badcompany8888 (makeover, wg) It is strange to see how little things you do may change your life. Valerie is a good example of what I tell you. It was at the beginning of July. The first day of 2 months of "holidays" for Valerie. Valerie was a unique woman. At 35 she had the body of a 14 year old 5’2 tall and 110 pounds. Her long brown hair and A cup breasts helped give her this "young" look that she sometimes had difficulties accepting. She knew that this "young" look she had was the reason she was not at a higher level in her accounting department. She knew also that, because of her small size and general style, she looked like a child sometimes. Every time she found herself in a meeting, she was a little shy and her face reddened when someone talked to her. She knew also that she had no confidence with herself. All these things mixed together had limited her progression in her job. Her life was very simple. She lived alone, perhaps because she was too shy to see too many people. But even so, she knew that she was a real woman with the needs of a real woman. Sure, she had sometimes strange sexual dreams. She rejected these ideas when it was possible. But for sure…she had some needs and also found some self-pleasure when looking at certain web sites. In some forums, she had read several stories and had found a preference for the kind in which one woman was submissive to another. But she rejected this acting on this idea too… it was so different of her real life. These two months of "forced holidays" for Valerie were due to a transfer of the accounting department where she worked to a new organization that had bought the company six months ago. She knew that some selections in the team had to be done and that she could lose her job. Valerie couldn’t let that happen. She really needed this job. She had no family to ask for help and losing her job would make getting by really difficult. She had to do something. She had to be more confident and more mature! She had thought of the situation all during the evening. In her head she was always thinking "What can I do, what can I do…”. She was not able to sleep. It was 2 AM she has decided to surf on the web during some hours to clear her head of all these depressing thoughts, and for the first time she had gone a little farther than as usual. She was looking on some pages for exciting things and had seen a little movie of a woman shaving her legs in a hair salon. She found the idea new and fun. So she decided to do the same. It was dumb, but she needed to do something to clear her head of all these sad thoughts. She put the video on pause. She was not too hairy and did not have many problems with shaving, but as she wanted to put a skirt on in the morning it was a good thing to do. It was an erotic idea, shaving at the same time this woman on the computer was shaving herself. She had taken her shaving cream and a razor in the bathroom. She pushed on the play button and the video restarted. At the same time the LED of her web cam was glowing red. The woman was using the same brand of shaving cream and the same razor as her's… it was really funny and made it more exciting. She was a little turned on looking at the screen doing the same as the woman, moving her razor in the same places the woman in the video was. Doing the same, Doing the same… but one moment, her face became red. She was ashamed…what has she done ???!!! By doing the same as the woman in the video, making the same strokes with her razor, she had shaved close to half of her sex. But something was strange. She had not noticed before, but at the beginning of the video the woman seemed slimmer than now. In this part of the video her belly looked more round. The woman was still shaving and despite feeling ashamed, Valerie kept shaving too, almost as if she was hypnotized. Valerie and the woman kept using their razors, completely shaving her pussy. In her mind she had mixed feelings. Was the woman slimmer before? At one moment, Valerie was close to having an orgasm. Looking down, between her thighs, she looked now the same as the woman, But now, the woman in the video seemed to have more meat on her thighs that at the beginning. Her mound was completely bare… Valerie was ashamed but had a bigger orgasm than ever when watching the video. And now it was showing another woman wearing a tee shirt with the name and address of the beauty salon written on it. The new woman came on the screen with a large cake in her hands telling that she was satisfied with her dyke slave. The woman then started force feeding the cake to her slave, pushing handfuls into the slave’s mouth. She put her hand on the slave’s round belly and squeezed, estimating the thickness of the fat. The sensation was new for Valerie. It was very exciting, and she was definitely turned on. The new woman, the Mistress, seemed older than her Slave, and was a little overweight. She wore pants perhaps two sizes too small which showed the protruding outline of her fatty cunt. It seemed that these next parts of the video had been taken at different times. From one scene to another the cake seemed different and the body of the shaved woman looked really plumper. She had from the beginning of the video gone from slim to chubby. The end of the video was drawing near. One of the last scenes served as a confirmation for Valerie. A slide show with several pictures showed that the slave had gone from chubby to fat. The screen was showing the dominatrix pass her plump hand on the bare skin of the fattened and swollen cunt of her slave and pinched her fat belly. During the video from the beginning to the end, some quick messages where flashing on the screen, but she did not have time to read them as they came and went very fast. She was disturbed as the red led of her web cam was on and it went off at the end of the video. Valerie was really excited by this scene of domination and submission between these two women. Strangely, this vision of feederism was new and exciting for her. The act of shaving her privates for the first time had given Valerie more confidence. She was proud of herself, but afraid at the same time, since she knew now that she was able to go further than her dreams and make changes in the real life. It had been a first step. She had found it pleasant and slowly put her g string on, the sensation of her bare sex on her underwear giving her some pleasure. She had another problem now… She was unable to understand why she had been excited watching the part of the video with the woman force feeding the other. At any rate, she was tired and she was now able to sleep, her mind free of worry. She fell asleep with the image of the plump, bare pussy of the woman in her head. In the morning she was still a little tired but not too bad. With a smile she passed her hand on her shaved sex. It was not a dream, she had done it. So, today she decided that she will use these 2 months out of work to take some other actions and perhaps change a little more her look. She had to change… In her head she added "Change for my Mistress". Where was this idea coming from? She still had the images in her head of how the slave in the movie had changed for her mistress. Looking at her body in the mirror, she was sure that it was not for her as she was so small and slim. Still, she had done something to her body by shaving her sex, but she knew that no one else would know about it, since it was a change that couldn’t be seen. She did not want to change her appearance too drastically, but she wanted others to see that she was more mature than how she looked. It had to start with her hair perhaps. Length, color maybe? She was not sure. She had not seen a hairdresser in 10 years and her hair was long now, all the way to her little bottom. Her mane was a beautiful brown with auburn highlights, no trace of grey hair at all. She knew it accentuates her young look. She found herself walking, getting farther and farther away from home. She was walking down a street she had never been on before. For some reason it seemed logical for her to go in this direction. It was impossible for her to imagine that the simple act of pushing a door open would be the start a new life for her. She was in front of the "New Wave Salon". She felt she had seen the same logo on something before. It seemed familiar, may be a new fashion brand she didn't know. It looked like a new shop. Not giving it anymore thought, she opened the door and went inside. Why this salon… why not? She didn't know. Her mind told her “Go! Time for a change!” There was a woman inside mopping the floor. The place was empty. No customers other than her. Valerie said, “Good morning, do you have some time for me?” The hairdresser greeted her, “Good morning Miss, yes, you are lucky. The salon is empty today. It's not opened yet, that’s why I am working to get this place clean. What would you like? A brushing? A shampoo? Another thing? I've started setting up shop two weeks ago and I haven’t had time to put all the panels and offers up.” Valerie listened to the hairdresser as a strange sensation overcame her. This woman seemed familiar. She was a pudgy woman wearing very tight pants and a tight tee shirt with the logo "New Wave Salon" and the address written on it. The hairdresser continued, “My name is Belinda, and I haven’t told you yet, this place is more than a hair salon…we also do nails, and some piercing and cosmetology, if that is what you want. But as you know for minors, it is necessary to have an authorization.” “An authorization? For what?” Valerie asked. She replied, “I can’t legally give you any piercings without an authorization from your parents. If that is what you are looking for today.” Valerie laughed and took out her wallet, “Ok, have a look, See my ID? We are good now?” “Woah, excuse me… you look so young! I thought…Please accept my apology Madam…” “He,he,he… No problem. It is always the same. And in fact it is one of the reasons that led me to open your door. I want to change a little…in fact, if it were possible…I’d like to look a little more mature,” Valerie glanced at the ground, feeling a little embarrassed. “You want to look older???” Belinda asked, her eyebrow raised. “Not necessarily, but I want to change my look a little, to be sure, to be ….more attractive for my new boss. Change for my Mi…My..” Valerie trailed off. But Belinda pressed her, “Your what? Go ahead, you can tell me more.” “I’m sorry; I've had a strange idea in my head since this morning. Let me explain the situation: Our company has been bought by Conglomerate Corp. You may know or imagine that in these situations, they have to let some employees go. And… I'm afraid of being…” Belinda frowned, “Nooooo are you sure?! Do you know who your new boss is?” “My new Boss… If I'm not dismissed, will be Mister Hector…from “xxx” corp.” Belinda was smiling now. Valerie looked like she did yesterday when she had seen her via web cam. She was so young looking and so shy. Belinda liked these kinds of women. They were so easy to manipulate. Valerie had an idea! “So you new boss will be Hector? Ok I understand. I know him. He is a friend of mine!!! Be confident, I'm able to make you his dream!!! If you are ok with it, with my help… and be confident, I'm sure that you will be able to keep you job.” Valerie nodded, intrigued that this hairdresser actually knew her new boss, “Yes, his name is Hector. But I have not met him. I'm afraid that I've been told that he is a little rude. If I do not change, I'm sure that he will drop me out of the new company within a second. And, as I told you… I really need this job.” Belinda said, “Maybe ‘Rude’ is not the term I may use…” “But… you know, I'm sure that I'm able to adapt to all situations. I've always answered the need of my managers. Sure, I've often dreamed of being a manager in the account department myself, but between us, it is a secret…. I know that I'm at my best when told what to do.” Belinda gestured to a salon chair for Valerie to sit and said, “Please, sit down and continue. You say that it is like prefer to be taken by the hand and do what you are told to do? You seem troubled, your face is red. Do you want a cup of tea to calm your nerves?” Valerie sat down and continued, “Yes, it’s my main problem. It's always the same… I'm too shy. Yes, thank you, I would like tea, but please without sugar. I try to avoid sugary foods and drinks; it’s not good for the teeth. And yes, I think that you are right in a sense, I like to be guided. But, since Mr. Hector is your friend, please do not tell him that…” Belinda returned with the tea, “Don’t worry, Valerie. In fact, between us, you are telling me that you are a little on the submissive side? Do you want another cup of tea, its home made. With sugar this time? A little sugar won’t hurt, you know.” Valerie finished her tea and said, “Submissive? Not…not exactly… I'm not… sure, but…I'm so stressed, yes I will have another cup of tea. It is strange, I do not know you yet I'm in confidence with you…” “Don't be afraid to add sugar. It will reduce your stress. Nooo, I promise I will not tell him that you are a submissive woman. It's ok… but I've been surprised that you told me that freely, and it's an interesting aspect of your personality.” Belinda took Valerie’s cup and refilled it. “Have more tea, with five sugar this time. Drink it. It’s good for you.” Valerie drank as she was told, saying, “Hmmm It's excellent. My person.. ality so…interesting… Why do you find it interesting?” Belinda answered, “You are really stressed. You need to eat something. When you are stressed, you have to remember that you will always find comfort in eating.” She set the teapot down and opened a plastic container. Here, have a cookie, its homemade. I've said that it was interesting because, according to me, the good term for Hector is not that he is rude. In fact, he is what we call a little bit of a pervert. Now yourself, on the other hand, you think that you are shy, but in fact the truth is that you are a submissive inside. You two may be a good tandem. Maybe…” Valerie was chewing through the cookie, saying, “Your coo…cookies are…are so good. May I have another… need another? Yes me.. know that he..iz.. boss. It .. normal. But wha..bout you?” “You can have more cookies in a moment. Right now, I want you to relax. I count 10, 9…. 1, O. I can read your mind. It seems that you have not really understood. I tell you that, he likes to have some domination over people. He is always looking to find a woman in the submissive role. You may be perfect for him. I'm sure that you have been on some exciting Web sites? Looked at some videos?” Belinda winked at her knowingly. Valerie nodded, her eyelids were heavy all of a sudden. “Yes but.. How du you know…Your tea is so…I do not underst..and. and why …closing the salon door and… closing the curtains?” The hairdresser touched Valerie gently on the head, petting her hair back, “Relax, you are calm. I closed the door, because the shop is closed… As I told you it is interesting to meet someone like you. You are really interesting.” “Apologies.. if it's closed I…should go…” Belinda put her finger to her lips, “Shhhh, you are really stressed… what have I told you to do when you are stressed?? Remember, I can read in your mind. No need to be afraid. I've closed the salon, but it's open for you. Only for a little new submissive who want to be taken by the hand. A little submissive wanting to become her boss’s dream girl, remolded body and mind, no? Do you know what is good for you when you are stressed?” “Yes, I know that…eating somethin… calm my nervo..nerves, Please gi..give me ..nother cookie… Or two dis time… But…I.. I'm so ashamed…Let me go… I do no wha I have tuld you tha… About me submiss..ives tend..encies.. It's i..diut.” Belinda set the box of cookies on the table next to Valerie. “No it is not a wrong thing to be brought out in the open. Tell me what you are. Tell me that you are a little submissive. De-stress… tell me!” Belinda urged. Valerie shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts, “You are so… No i'm not.. Yes.. I'm…” Belinda’s lips curled into a smile, “If you could see yourself now…your face is becoming red. I may burn one egg on your cheeks! Your eyes are half closed. You are ashamed, but I see that you continue to speak with hesitation. Are you still stressed?… It's hot no? Be confident with me. You know that I will help you and make the changes you need. You know that soon you will look like the submissive woman you are on the inside and the woman your boss is looking for. I'm sure that you are excited when I tell you that, no? Tell me that you are excited, you little pervert!!!” Valerie was struggling with what she was hearing, “I..I'm not able to…You voice is so…It's not… Yes I am excited, but I'm not a per..v't.. It's nut…” Belinda brought her face close to Valerie’s and said, “Really, are you a baby!?!?! Do you imagine what we may do to change you to suit your Boss’s perverted tastes? Do you know yet how we will make you adapt your body externally to the one of the sexual freak you are internally? If you wish, I've all the tools here in the salon. We may tattoo you, change the color of your hair. Make you look like a completely different woman than you are now?” Belinda moved to the side and whispered in her ear, “Record this in your mind: You will always remember that I'm your best friend now, and understand that you are my submissive. Now, tell your best friend that you are excited by what she says!!!” Valerie said nothing, her head was swimming and she felt fuzzy. Was she hearing this woman right? Belinda urged Valerie some more, “It's easy, say ‘Yes , I'm….’" Valerie finally spoke, “Yes…my… friend. I'm exci.. ted…because… because I did not know that what I really wanted… I have now. I've always refused to admit that I… was a… a Submissive. I want to… wan…be your submissive…Mistr…” Belinda interrupted, “You are going too fast Vallie… In fact.. are we sure that you are really a submissive? You say you are, but you have shown no proof. What could you do to prove it? How far are you willing to go? Do you know what it is like to be my property, body and mind, and the consequences of your choices?” It was Belinda who was getting excited now, thinking about what the future would hold for Vallie. “I… I will prove it to you… Because you are ..ma.. best fri..end and I'm confident with you. I have two months before start'n..new job… with Mist… Mist.. Hector…” Belinda asked, “You mean that during these next two months you will prove to me that you are a real submissive and ready to change? You will do everything I will tell you to do? But…what are you really ready to do. What are your limits?” Valerie squinted, trying to think, “Me so ashamed.. do not know… Friend. Me.. lost. So new.” “Don't stress. Take another cookie. You know from now that you will always find comfort in eating cookies and cakes and sweets. I need to see how you look today. Remove your clothes. Don't be shy to be nude in front of me. Always remember, that I'm your best friend,” Belinda smiled. Valerie mumbled, “Yes my..friend…best…” A few minutes later Valerie was in front of her "Best friend" with her bra and g-string. The tea had done his job and she was in a state or reprograming and submission. She was eating another big cookie. Her body was slim, her skin was clear and without any trace of tan. She looked much younger than 35 years old. Her face was red and her eyes were looking at the floor. Belinda put her hands on her hips, “I've told you that I want you nude. Remove your bra and your string. I want to see your small tits and your mound!” Valerie did as she was told and striped nude, but she had one hand on her mound and the other covering her breast. She was making her best effort to swallow the last bite of the last chewy cookie from the box. Belinda was growing impatient. “I've told you that I want you nude! Remove your hands now!! I've told you that I want to see your small tits and your cunt!!!!” Valerie was still looking at the floor and slowly put her arms at her sides. Her face was burning red with shame. She had no willpower, no power to resist what her best friend said. It had all slipped away. What was more embarrassing was that she was excited by the situation. And it was not due to the tea. In fact one of her most personal and secret fantasies was becoming real: To be dominated by another woman. Belinda looked upon Valerie and frowned, “You have no pubes? Are you THAT young baby???? And with these small tits. You have not grown?.. What are you, a child? You skip puberty?” Valerie’s face could grow no redder. She tried to speak, “No… I've…” “No what??!!” Belinda yelled. “I…ummm… I've sha..ved them…” Belinda scowled, “You did what!!?? I told you that you were a pervert!!!” Valerie tried to explain, “I…Yesterday, was looking…at a video… she wa..z shaving her legs only… but she has… her mistress… Fatten..her …” Belinda crossed her arms and said, “Let me get this straight. You tell me that you want to be seen as a real woman and not a baby and you shave down there?! To start you change, you will let your pubes grow from now. And I want to see a real, thick pelt of fur…the sooner the better!!! And as a punishment I want to see the same for your armpits.” Valerie did not hesitate to agree, “Yes my friend… whatever you say…But also… you…know she was feeding…make her fat… had a belly and fat thighs … at the end…video…” “Don't be ridiculous, I'm you best friend, call me ‘darling’ or ‘my love’, remember that you haven't other friends besides me. No need to discuss it.” Belinda took the empty box away and brought out a chocolate cake, almost dripping with chocolate frosting. She set it beside Valerie. “So her mistress was fattening her? It is a strange idea… who wants to be fat? Now, eat some cake. Your are in good hands !!!” Valerie mumbled, “Yes… Slim at the begi…start video.. chubby… then fat. Yesss, cake… but… I'm bloaded… Cake is Xcellent but its…so rich… so filling. The m..stress looked like you…” “You liked what the mistress did no? You know just like her slave knows that fatty food is good for you. Think a little, Valerie. You are so slim. Looking at you, I'm sure that you regret now having shaved your cunt. You know it makes you look like a baby. Plus you are so flat. You know that you need and that you want to pack some pounds on this tiny body. You are a real woman and want to show it, having curves will help. Also, remember that I'm your best friend and I know, we both know, that you will prefer to be hairy, no?” Valerie found herself agreeing with everything Belinda said, “Yes dar..ling, I'm really too slim, …woman like me has .. to.. to be hairy. Your voice is so… yes becoming hairy… rounder, it's better for me.” Belinda was very pleased so far, “Yes, you have to understand that you are not a child anymore. I personally think that you are too slim. You really should gain a little weight don't you think so? You will have to be confident and open with every piece of advice I give you.” Valerie looked at Belinda with confused eyes, “Yes my… love, you ..are… sure? But, I like how … me…I am actual …right now. Friends tells me… Me beautiful…” Belinda scolded her, “Don't be stupid !! You know that you have no forms. It is why you look like a teen. And you have no friends except me!! Remember that! Anyway, if you gained perhaps 40 pounds to start. Do you imagine how you will look with your meatier thighs and a pudgy bare cunt?” Valerie paused for a moment, imaging, “Yes darling… me… imagine. You… are right. Will look like a… big baby if shaved. Not a woman.” Belinda nodded, “You see? You can trust all my advice. Many women would love to look as young and as fit as you are at your age, but it is not for you. You are 35 years old and you know that to look older, more mature, for you the hairier is the better. You are not a young girl anymore, and we do not want you to look like a little chubby baby. In fact I think that making you look older may be the best thing to do if you really want your job. Growing fat is one thing, but looking more mature calls for other adjustments.” “No darling, you are right. I don’t wan… taken as …big baby. It's soo cool… you … always right. I'm ok wiz yu, should be bett..best for meee.. promo…tion at work, if …me… looked … 35 years.” Belinda got up close to Valerie again, saying, “Burn that thought into your mind!!! You really need to change, you are a mature woman. We know that you are perverted, but at 35, you understand that you have no need to seduce your boss with a perfectly trimmed bush. You want him to know that you are a real, mature woman. Yes…I'm sure that you will want to show everybody how mature you will look soon!!! You want to show your boss that you are a grown woman and not a chubby baby or a young silly teen. In my opinion at 35… if you looked more like a 40 to 45 year old woman, it may give you a more serious and confident look. Maybe even closer to 50 is better yet!” Valerie lifted another piece of cake from the table and paused before shoveling it in her mouth, “Yes … love you’re right. Mature look … be best for meee… confident.” She took a big bite, savoring the rich chocolate taste. Belinda explained more to Valerie, “You want to show Hector that he can trust you. Show him that you do not want to seduce another man, but only him. You will look more mature and make your best efforts to be less attractive to other men. We may also have to make your breasts less firm, they should have some sag to them. Add this to that the fact that you will put on weight. You may want to go so far as to double your weight to look like the voluptuous and mature woman you are inside and want to be on the outside!!! You want to show him that he can count on you. And that he will be able to dominate you.” Belinda’s words were sinking into Valerie’s mind, “Yes… serious… mature… some pounds…. less ….tractive…Yes….” “Does a serious woman shave?” Belinda asked. “No my love, you are right… Sure no… A serious womans… hairy. Hairy iz…serious.” Belinda was pleased that her suggestions were taking hold in Valerie’s mind, “Good, Vallie. But I know that you are a pervert, so you must not be too serious. I'm sure that you are thinking about asking me some advice on how to become plump and mature. But first you need to be able to show Hector you are not too serious and can still excite him … may be that becoming a little vulgar may do the trick, no? Valerie’s mouth was full of cake as she asked, “Wha… d..you mean… darlin’?” Belinda was thrilled with how things were going. It was so easy with Valerie. According to Valerie, she had two months to turn Valerie into the perfect dumb submissive slut. Belinda’s smile grew. She did not have any friend Hector. She just said that so Valerie would believe she was helping her keep her job. When she had seen Valerie on the webcam, she knew immediately that she would make the perfect subject. She was serious about Valerie putting on weight and changing her appearance. Belinda had been waiting a long time to find the perfect submissive for another video. Valerie was not the first woman to find herself in Belinda’s control, being made fatter and fatter. She had made more than a few videos and it made Belinda very proud when she found out that Valerie had shaved looking at one of her videos. It seemed that the subliminal messages that were added to the video had done their work. She had tested several extreme messages, and the future would show how well they will work. In her head she was working with her imagination, looking over Valerie's body as she ate cake. Her smile grew even wider thinking of the changes Valerie will have to agree to and support. Serious changes… She finally answered Valerie, “You know, some men like particularities in women.” “Yes darling… I know that. Please my love… help me to seduce Hector!” Belinda laughed, “What a slut!!! We are talking about you and your first idea is to seduce your boss. Anyway, if you want to be an exclusive seductress for him, a big, mature one, you will need to be a little more explicit with you needs. But you have to take care. Hector likes specific styles and attributes, like mature blonde women with heavy and saggy breasts, and I'm not sure that you will be able to accept to change to suit his desires. You can make some efforts but may be surprised if at the end he does not like you.” Valerie responded, panic in her voice, “Please darling… I really want my job. I will do everything to seduce my Boss. And have a job.” “I think that to be sure to seduce him, you need to be a little more vulgar, a little cheap. It excites Hector, instead of this silly; ‘Please my love, help me to seduce Hector,’ you should speak as you want without inhibition. Like; ‘Please my love, I want to be fucked by Hector.’ It's more clear ,no?” Belinda smiled watching Valerie take another slice of cake. She was really stressed. Her language was starting to become clearer, showing that her state of docility and trust will now be permanent. Thinking a little more, Belinda had an idea. She had to convince Valerie to send a letter to her new company. If she did, Belinda could make a fake reply letter from her new boss, and she won’t be able to refuse Belinda’s advice and the changes that would follow. Valerie was speaking with less hesitation. She knew that soon the effects of the tea would wear off and Valerie will return to her normal self, but without knowing that she had been reconditioned. Not knowing that she had been simply reprogrammed to follow what her new "friend" wants for her. What Valerie will ask or do after the tea wears off will make sense and seem natural for her. Thanks to her new mental programming, she will ask to do changes according to all her fantasies. It was the fabulous power of this special tea, it unlocked her hidden fantasies. She may ask for something that Belinda didn't even know about yet. It depended on what secrets her mind held. Belinda knew that it was the same with the cookies and cake she had given to Valerie. From now, Valerie would always associate cakes, cookies, and other sugary foods with comfort. It will be difficult for her, for she will have no power to resist having something to eat. Soon Valerie will grow chubby, then fat, then maybe even obese! Looking at Valerie’s eyes, Belinda knew that the effect of the tea was done now. It was not possible to add more reprograming to her new victim. Valerie would not have memory of what she was told during the reconditioning, but everything Belinda said was etched was in her mind now. It had to be tested now. Belinda said, “Hey Vallie, slow down a little on the cake, or you will gain weight!” Valerie shrugged, “Its sooo good. I know you are right darling, but in fact putting some meat on my bones may be a good thing. I really think I'm too slim.” Belinda replied, “No, I think that you are perfect as you are now. How much do you weigh?” Valerie said, “I'm at 110 pounds. It's ok for my height of 5"2', but I do not know why, I think that if I gained weight it may give me a more mature look. I don’t know, but what do you think. If I gained 20 pounds, I will be at 130. Will it look good on me?” “Yes maybe. But is depends on where the pounds will go. I prefer big butts myself. Anyway, I'm not sure that a beautiful and slim lady like you will like having a fat butt?” Valerie waved her hand and shook her head. “Darling, I’m sorry, but it is my body. If I want to gain weight, if I want to have a fat butt, it is my problem, and it’s my decision! You are my best friend, but I only need advice. I only want to know how much you think I should gain. You may think that I'm a little vulgar, but it excites me when I say that ‘I want to be a lard ass!’. I think that I may be more fuckable with a fat, soft ass.” Belinda smiled, knowing the reconditioning as a success, and said, “I like when you use words like that. I like when you speak frankly. It is not vulgar; it is good language for a mature and experienced woman. If you want my opinion, then fine, but remember it is your choice. If you really want my opinion, I think that you may need to put on more weight than you said. I think that 20 pounds is not sufficient. Valerie thought about what Belinda was saying, “Yes my love. Are you sure? How much weight should I gain then? You know that I'm really confident with you. I need your advice. Do you know if my pussy will fatten also?” Belinda nodded, “I am positive, you trust me yes? Hmmmm, I think that at 180 pounds you will start to look really sexy. At 180, with you being 5’2, I’m sure that you will start to develop a good round butt and fatter pussy lips. But still, I’m so sad for you…” She trailed off. “Why are you sad darling?” Valerie asked and actually set the piece of cake she was working on down. Nearly have of the cake was gone already. Belinda shook her head sadly, looking at the ground, “Because I know that Hector will still not accept you. It may be a solution… but…” “Help me my love, I really need my job. Give me advice!” Belinda looked around for a pad of paper, “Well, you know what you are willing do to keep your job. What you will do to your teeth, to your body, and so on. So why don’t you write Hector a letter? Put your conditions in a letter and send it to him, along with a personal souvenir from you. Then when he replies, you will have your answer and you will know what you must do exactly. No need to wonder.” “Are you sure?” Valerie asked. Belinda set the pad of paper in Valerie’s lap and said, “Listen to me Vallie. Tell him that you have some conditions. That he will have to call you Vallie at work. Tell him that you are a sexy, mature woman. Tell him some exciting things. I know he is dominant and a pervert. Show him you are a pervert too. Remember that when he sees you two month from now you will be a different person in tight clothes showing your privates, with plenty of new curves, a more mature look with heavy and drooping breast and a smile and big thick lips like he wants.” “Why do you call me Vallie. And why should Hector call me that? It seems like a little bit of a stupid name, no? And what about my teeth? They’re perfect!” She smiled, showing her rows of white, straight teeth. Belinda said, “Yes, I know that Vallie seems like a stupid name, but Hector doesn't like intelligent women, like many men. Some men, like Hector, prefer women to be vulgar sometimes. You will have to make some grammar errors in your letter to show him his superiority. For the teeth, well, it is another story we will discuss that in time.” Valerie smiled, “Yes darling you are right!!! It's funny. It's stupid. It's like if you asked me to write; ‘ D'you wan to Fuck ma big ass?’” Belinda smiled also, “I really like you Vallie!!! It's perfect. It seems stupid yes, and why not?” Valerie, following the advice of Belinda, started to write the letter. The two were laughing while writing the whole time. Dear Hector, Me Vallie, am you new acount woman. I am a pleasnt and charmin woman with plenty of curves and big saggy tits for you to feel. With me, your hands will be full. I'me mature and readi to all mission you want me to do on you. You now what I mean big bad boy. S'kuze, I wanted to write Big Boss. I'm so stupid sometime. I do sooo much errors. You may spank me on my fat booty when we will work togezer within two monthez. Tell me that you are ok to work wiz ma. If a promotion iz possible. I will love to be the responsible for the acount department. Signed: Your devoted Vallie. P.S: Kisses Belinda took the letter from Valerie and folded it. “Excellent! With this letter, if he doesn't make you responsible for the accounting department, it’s because he is an idiot or doesn't want you on the team. I'm sure that he will answer soon. But we haven't any pictures or personal things from you to send to him. How are we able to show him that you are a perfect lady for him?” Valerie had a suggestion, “We may put some of my hairs in the envelope?” Belinda looked confused, “Hairs? Why? You are a brunette. You know that…” Valerie interrupted, “My blond hairs!!! Darling, please dye my hair and we will cut some for him! It will show him that I'm his ideal woman!” “Vallie… if you dye your beautiful brown hair blonde, it will destroy it. I'm a hairdresser and I know that. Anyway, if you want to do that, I will. Also for a more mature look it is better to have your hair a little shorter than it is now. And perhaps add some grey streaks…” Valerie asked, “Do you think you will be able also to dye my eyebrows too? I do not know if it is a good idea.” Belinda shook her head, “It is not easy to dye eyebrows. Please do not do that. I'm not sure it will please you. Becoming blonde will fry your hair and make your look a little vulgar, and while you should trim it a little bit, do not cut them too short because when you will gain weight it will make you face look fatter.” Valerie laughed at Belinda, “Hey darling!!! It's my body, I do what I want!!! I've also decided that I will never shave my privates and armpits anymore. I'm sure that when I will be blonde it will be an exciting contrast for my lover. Mmmm, a nice dark bush and bleached blonde hair! Which reminds me, I really want to have bigger cunt lips. I want to have a camel toe that shows if I put on tight fitting pants. I think it will be vulgar and sexy!” “Ok, but if you become blonde, why not send him a picture later when you start to plump up. And it may be necessary to work on your smile.” Belinda paused, looking sad. “But…no. It's too much. I'm sure you won’t have the kind of smile with big cock sucking lips like he wants.” Valerie put her hand on Belinda’s, saying, “I'm in confidence with you darling. I’m OK with everything. And for the smile I'm OK. I agree to whatever it takes. What do you want me to do?” Belinda kept shaking her head no, “No, Vallie, I told you, it’s too much. I cannot ask you to do that. It is really too much. Breaking a tooth is not easy. Especially when it’s a front one.” Valerie raised her eyebrow and asked, “He likes women with broken teeth?” Belinda explained, “No, he likes when a woman has fat lips and only one of her top front teeth broken in bevel. It adds to the cheap look. Sure it is possible to repair and easy to do, but it is not an easy choice as he also likes all the other teeth to be yellowed as he likes women who smoke. Again, adds to the cheap look. Anyway, I have the tools and the ability and can do that for you, but… It is your choice not mine. You have to decide if you want this job or not. Like you told me; it's your body, not mine.” Valerie thought about it for a moment, “It's difficult… I'm not a smoker. You're sure he wants me to smoke?” Belinda said, “We may color your teeth a little to make them as the one of a heavy smoker. Although I know he prefers his women to actually smoke. He finds it sexy and prefers the smell on their breath. So…. what is your opinion?” “I need to have something to eat. I'm stressed.” Belinda reminded her about the half-eaten cake and Valerie started on the last few pieces. She said with her mouth full, “But… You know…I'm afraid about breaking one of my teeth…” Belinda shrugged, “Afraid of what? Eat more cake. It will de-stress you.” Valerie finished the cake off, thinking about what she should do. She swallowed the last of the chocolate confection and said, “I'm sure it will be difficult to do.” “It depends if you want it done or not. I may do it for you if you are Ok.” Valerie took a deep breath, “I'm Ok but I'm afraid.” Belinda smiled, “No need to be afraid. You trust me, yes? I will show you how it is done. Smile for me.” Valerie felt a little better, “Ok Darling.” She smiled big, with a little bit of chocolate frosting showing on her pearly white teeth. Belinda moved close to Valerie, “I only need to put this metal thing here on your front teeth and CRACK!!!!” “AAggghhhh !!! Vat as you done?” Valerie cried out. “It's done! Look, it is cut as he likes. Look in my hand. This little triangular white piece is what we have removed of one of your front teeth. It really changes your smile.” Valerie was probing her chipped front tooth with her tongue. “Youz broken ma teezz?!! I vell it wizz ma tongue!!” Belinda had already handed her a paper cup filled with liquid, “Now wash your mouth with that. Swish the product around for two minutes in your mouth and then its ok.” Valerie just said, “Yez Darlin'” and put her lips to the cup. Belinda watched the clock and said, “Ok, that makes two minutes now you can drink the product.” Valerie swallowed and made a face, “It waz nod good. Very azzzi… athh… azid!!” Belinda grinned, “Now darling, look at the mirror and smile. Hector will be happy!!!” Valerie smiled at the mirror and immediately covered her mouth with her hand. She gasped, slowly taking her hand away, “What hazz you done?!!!! My beautizzul zmile!!! My teeth are not white anymore, they iz stained… and between my teeth and by my gumz ze color iz brown!” Valerie looked in the mirror some more, coming to terms with how she looked now. She said to Belinda, “But you are right ze broken teethzz gives a zeap look to my zmile. I understand what my Bozz likez now. You zaid somezing about zick lips. Do you not zink that my lips are too zzzin…zszzlim for him?” Valerie pursed her lips in the mirror, making kissing faces. Belinda looked over Valerie’s shoulder at her reflection in the mirror and said, “Hector would certainly prefer his dream girl to have a set of puffy lips, like soft pillows to wrap around his cock. Botox injections would certainly do the job. But you know, it’s up to you to decide.” Valerie touched her tongue to the chip in her tooth again, and decided. “Yez, I truzt you Darling. If you zay Hector requirez big, fat lipz, then I need big, fat lipz.” Belinda waved her hand back at the chair and Valerie took a seat. Belinda prepared a syringe and came back to Valerie. “Let me clean the spot with this wipe. Now, hold still, this won’t hurt much but instead it will make your lips and face numb.” Valerie nodded a bit and Belinda stuck the needle into her bottom lip, watching it swell. She did the same to the top lip, only did not use as much there. Valerie felt her lips turn numb but did not see until Belinda handed her a mirror. “Oh my!” Now it seemed like Valerie couldn’t keep her mouth closed. Her fat lips were spread just enough to be able to see her chipped, yellowed teeth. She could still close her mouth just fine, but it seemed to default to the partially opened position when she wasn’t trying. Belinda smiled, “Yes, that is much better. You still may need some more treatments to get your lips to the proper size. And you look even less intelligent with your mouth open like that. A good side effect of the Botox, no?” “I don’t know… Iz hardly look like myzelf anymore! But you are right, it doez give me a much lezz intelligent look, and that is what I need to keep my job.” Valerie touched her hand to her brown locks, “Canz you do my hair today too, darling?” Belinda replied, “Yes, Vallie, I can do your color and cut but like I warned you…” Valerie waved her off, “Truzt me, my love, I know what I want. I wantz to go blonde!” “Very well,” Belinda said. She made Valerie lean over the sink and washed her hair, then began the process of applying the foul smelling bleach. As she worked, Belinda said, “The bleach is stripping your natural color away, it’s going to be such a change for you Vallie.” Valerie could not see what her hair was looking like yet. She said, “I know, I am ztarting to get nerzouz again! Do you haz anyzing to eat pleaz?” “Yes, Vallie, just wait until I am done washing the product out of your hair and then I have a nice big milkshake for you,” Belinda told her. A minute later, Belinda moved her back to the stylist chair and turned it away from the mirrors on the wall. She placed a 100 oz mug in her hands and Valerie wasted no time in wrapping her plumped lips around the straw and sucking up the milkshake. While Valerie drank her shake, Belinda began cutting her hair. She made the comment, “Tsk, tsk, the bleach sure did fry your hair! You had such nice, straight brown hair before, and now it is all frizzy! I am going to have to take quite a bit of length away.” Valerie paused from her shake long enough to say, “Yez, my love, whatever you zay. You zaid it needz to be zorter zo make it as zort as you zee fit.” Then she went back to sucking on the straw. “Before you go back to work, we will need to make your hair much shorter, but for now I will only cut it back to the upper part of your back. We can take more off later,” Belinda said. Valerie felt the hair falling away from her bottom, then from her lower back, and on up. Belinda set her scissors down and looked at Valerie, smiling, “Wow! What a difference! Are you ready to see? Wait! Not yet, it’s missing something.” Belinda picked up a blow dryer and set it on the hottest setting and began drying Valerie’s hair. The excessive heat caused the processed hair to frizz up again. She had cut most of the split ends off when she had given her the cut, but now the split ends came back, even more severe, due to the heat. Belinda was a professional hairstylist and knew the worst thing to do was to blow dry freshly bleached hair, but that’s why she did it. Belinda’s lips curved into a wicked smile. The shy, cute, brown haired girl that walked into her salon a couple hours earlier was already practically unrecognizable! Valerie nodded while making sucking noises with her straw, having drained the huge mug. Belinda turned her chair to the mirror and Valerie’s mouth dropped. She looked in the mirror at a different woman!! Any trace of her healthy, shiny brown hair was gone, turned blonde and all dried out. The process had indeed left her hair frizzy and still reeking of bleach. Valerie smiled slowly. She still wasn’t used to seeing her new smile. She knew many men would find it unappealing, just like her hair, but that was the point! Be more attractive to her new boss, and less attractive to other men! “Oh yez, it’z incredible, my love!!” She lifted her arms up and imagined the contrast of her blonde hair once she had dark, hairy pits. She added, “But I can’t even recognize myzelf! No one will recognize me! My ID lookz nothing like me! What zhould I do?” Belinda looked thoughtfully at Valerie, “Well, I have an idea for that. What if I gave you a wig that looked like your old hair? Just to use for now? Then you can tell people you know about your plans to go blonde. After that, you can stop wearing the wig. It will help you adjust to it too.” Belinda found the wig she was looking for in a cabinet. She placed it on Valerie’s head and adjusted it to fit right. She purchased the wig earlier in the morning, once she had taken a still picture of Valarie from the webcam from last night. It was a good match. “Good ideaz Darling! But I bet a znack would help me adjuzt too! Hehehe!” Valerie laughed. “I zink I am going to ztop at ze bakery on ze way home!” Valerie got dressed and said to her new best friend, “Thankz a lot darling!” Valerie stood up and prepared to leave, feeling more confident than ever. She could sleep easy tonight! She was going to not only keep her job, but she would surely get a promotion too! **** Anonymous 03/26/17 (Sun) 11:58:06 No.1677 Vallie walked home, feeling confident, yet a little uncomfortable. She was bloated and her clothes were tight. It was not a big problem as she knew she had to put on weight to please her future boss. Adding to her discomfort was the effect the two white stickers on her arms, both with small writing that said “4 grams”. Belinda had stuck one on each arm right before she left the salon, telling her that they will help solve her problems with cigarettes and help to please Hector better. Vallie was feeling happy. She didn't look much more mature but she had found confidence to express herself and it was a first step for her. Belinda was a very good friend and she was happy to have found her. But as Vallie got closer to home, she grew a little afraid. She needed to go to the bakery, but how would she explain to Cathy about her broken, stained teeth and plumped lips? Cathy worked at the bakery and was an old friend. She was worrying and stressing, starting to feel the need to eat when she bumped into a woman walking around the corner of a building. Vallie fell to the ground, hitting her face and scratching it on the concrete. “Excuse me, oh I am soooo sorry!!! I did not see you!” said the woman in a strange accent as she got down on the ground to help her. The woman’s breath smelled of cigarettes, which mingled with the odor of cheap perfume. She was a buxom woman, with black hair, clothed in a too small top, showing off her big breasts and a short skirt that was tight on her heavy bottom. “Oh no!! What I have done? You are bleeding!! I've perhaps broken your nose and chipped your tooth too… What a pity, your mouth has also gotten hurt… your lips are starting to swell!” Vallie moaned, “Need zomezing to eat… It will calm me… I'need to eat….” “Wait for me child; I’ll go to the bakery here and get something for you. One of my new friends is working. She will give me what you need,” The woman got up and hurried into the bakery. Meanwhile, Vallie was holding her bleeding nose, muttering, “Strezzed… need to eat…” Three minutes later, the woman came back with a big bag full of cakes and pastries. “Here, here, girl, have a sticky bun. Again, I am very sorry,” The woman helped Vallie up, then said, “You cannot imagine how perfect is my new friend at the bakery is becoming. She gave me all these for free because they didn’t sell. She also gave me some cartons of ice cream and I need to put them in the freezer. Come with me to my place and we will get you cleaned up and we can see how bad it is.” Vallie agreed. She was already feeling better now that she was snacking again. They arrived at a small studio apartment on the rougher side of town. There was a big bed in one corner, unmade with lots of pillows. There were clothes and wine bottles on the floor. The kitchen was dirty and cluttered also. The ashtray on the table and near the bed was overflowing with butts. The woman had given Vallie a big cake and went into her bathroom to collect the cleaning products and a bowl of water. Vallie saw when the woman came out she had changed into a snug, short bathrobe. It showed off her cleavage and the tattoos on her arms and legs. Vallie had already almost finished the cake while she was in the bathroom. “Whooaa, you have an appetite. Have more pastries and another cake if you want, Katie had given us lots. Let me have a look. Hmmm… your nose is broken, I think, and your front tooth is also. Tomorrow you lips may perhaps return to normal…” “No… need big lipz for Hector…” said Vallie, with her mouth full. “Who is Hector? Oh my manners, I forgot! My name is Zora.” Vallie replied, pausing in between bites, “Hector z'ma man. Change for him. Call Belinda… vill help me… Tell her it'z Vallie.” “Oh… you're Belinda’s girl. Another one to be exact. I know Belinda, she is a good friend of mine. I will call her, but first let me clean you up a bit more.” Zora wiped Vallie’s face and noticed the punctures from the syringe by her lips. “Ah, yes, you have told the truth. Botox injections, I see. Have you done more?” Vallie nodded, “Hair… Blonde… Another cake pozzible?” “Blonde?” Zora put her hands on Vallie’s hair and pulled away the wig. “You have a wig? Why? I like your blonde hair! All frizzy and beautiful. If I had hair like that I may have more customers.” Zora giggled while tossing the wig away and added, “Bad boys are always happy to pay for a blonde vixen. Yes Vallie, you cannot imagine the customers Katie has since she went blonde.” “Katie of ze bakery? I only know a woman named Cathy. We went to college together. And Cathy iz a redhead.” “Cathy has seen Belinda. Just like you. Have you seen your friend in the last month?” Vallie shook her head, “No ze lazt time I've pazzed in front of ze Bakery she wuz not here. Instead it wuz a blonde woman with a zhort zkirt and a big bottom.” “Yes, she WAS Cathy, now she’s MY Katie. Do you want ice cream?” Zora gave Vallie an entire carton with a spoon stuck in the middle and said, “I’ll call Belinda. I will tell her to give me more fluid for Kate also. While I call, take off your clothes. I will give you something else to wear, as yours have some blood on them.” Vallie didn’t have a chance to ask what she meant by more fluid, Zora had already returned to the bathroom to call Belinda. “Hey Belle! She is with me. It has worked just as we planned.” ……………… “Nooo… Some blood not too much, it may be broken, but it will be easy to take another step now.” ……………… “Yes, I need some fluid for Katie. I have to work more on the hips and the lower belly. I only have ten liters left and I am going to use that all on Vallie.” ………………. “Ok, fine, you are no fun! I will use only five on Vallie.” ………………… “Oh come now! You promised me…. Yes you promised that if I helped you… Ok only four liters for Vallie but I get to decide where I want them to go…..Plus you give me an additional ten liters for Katie! Ok, deal, it's a pleasure to help you.” Zora emerged from the bathroom and said, “Hey Vallie, I've called Belinda she will come within two hours at max. You seem to be calmer now, now that you have eaten. Me, when I need to calm myself I like to smoke.” Zora lit up a cigarette and breathed in deeply, then released the smoke through her nose and mouth. “You and I can have a talk while waiting? I know you are nude, but we are both women, no need to worry. Remove your hands from your breast and your crotch.” Vallie removed her hands like Zora said and instead clutched her small tummy, “Ohhh… Yez… I know zat I need to gain weight but three cakez and a liter of ize cream is too much for me… My belly iz hard az a rock.” “You know it is good for you,” answered Zora, taking her hand and rubbing Vallie's belly. She wanted to check something and her hand traveled down her belly to between her legs. Zora smiled, “Little pervert… I see you are shaved down here? It seems have grown since this morning. Do you want me to shave you clean? My, your pussy lips are so tiny. In my line of work, a girl doesn’t have a small, tight pussy like this for very long.” “No, I never zhave anymore. I want to be hairy and have a camel toe zhowing when in pantz.” “I can help you if you want. It is easy to do. I’ve got one product that increases the growth of hair and another that can make your lower lips a little more plump. Do you want?” Zora asked with a smile. Vallie nodded, saying, “Yes I want plump puzy lips.” “Ok, but nothing is free,” said Zora. “If you want me to do that, then you have to accept me preforming processes where I want on your body.” Vallie just said, “I want Plump puzy lipz and growing pubez.” “Ok wait a second. I will put something over your eyes,” Zora took a dark colored scarf and tied it around Vallie’s head. “I zee nothing… hehe, this is fun!” Vallie giggled. Zora blew smoke from her lips and smiled, “Yes, Vallie, it is going to be very fun. Now you must be still. You will have a sensation of little punctures, but it is not going to hurt. Be confident, you will have big pussy lips soon!” Zora took a drag from her cigarette and continued, “After that is done, I am going to put some grease on you, and you will feel a strange sensation. It is for the pubes. I will do also your armpits.” Zora went to work. She had four liters of solution to inject for Vallie. It was a specific product that changed to pure fat after being injected. The other product was revolutionary. It made it possible to increase the growth of body hair but could generate hair and create roots wherever it was applied. She started to make injections one small puncture after another over Vallie's cunt lips. She had decided to inject half a liter into cunt lips. Then with that done, Zora moved onto her personal choices. She used one liter on each ass cheek, a half-liter on each thigh, and the last half liter she distributed on her arms and chin. Vallie felt herself getting turned on by Zora working on her sex. She was ashamed because she was getting wet and knew Zora would notice. But Zora said nothing, only grinned as she did her work on Vallie. “It'z hot. I'tz strange Zora. Why did you have to make all theze puncturez. I only need plump cunt lipz.” “It’s the price to pay,” Zora said simply. “Wait!!! What are you doing??!!” Vallie cried out as Zora added a small amount of grease under her nose, just above her lip. “And you really need to put zat zo high on my belly?” “Hush, it’s already done,” Zora said, as she kept rubbing the grease in and all around her vagina. Vallie even felt her reaching behind her to her butt crack. “Hey! What are…” Zora cut her off, “It's done I said. Stop asking silly things.” The doorbell rang at that moment. “Wait right here, don’t move! It's my friend, I will return in a few minutes.” Vallie, still blindfolded, waited calmly. Parts of her body were very hot. She was smiling thinking about having big fat cunt lips. She heard that Zora was speaking with another woman, and could not hear what Zora was saying, but she heard the other woman. “… Zora darling I've told you it was too much. When I walk my thighs rub now! It makes more than sixty pounds now…..No…No, more… How much have you injected in my ass cheeks now? I had told you….no… Not in my love handles… Ok do that too…” She heard a sigh. Zora said quietly so Vallie would not hear, “Hush… you work at a bakery… you must be large so people believe your food is delicious…And I know some dirty boys who still think your behind is too small!” There was more whispering that Vallie couldn’t hear. Then she heard the door close and Zora returned. “Time to wash up.” Zora took a wet rag and wiped Vallie down, “That was Katie. She is really unpleasant sometimes. I do my best for her and it is like she is never happy. She is not very appreciative! I think you will be happy, though!” Zora took off the blindfold, saying, “Look at your beauty!” Vallie dropped her gaze between her legs. Right away her thighs seemed thicker, not touching each other, but thicker than only an hour ago. And at the top of her thighs and in the center, was her pussy, the skin was slightly red and irritated. Her neither lips were now beefy and fat, and it looked like it belonged on a woman twice her size and much older than her. What was more was that only this morning her pussy was smooth and bare. But the special grease that Zora applied was very powerful. Heavy, black stubble was already spread across her newly engorged pussy lips. But it was also showing up on the insides and tops of her thighs, and on the bottom of her belly… “It is a good start yes?” Zora asked. “A start?! Oh I think it is finished now. I wasn’t expecting my pussy to look this fat until I gained some weight. And its itchy too…” “The hair follicles have been stimulated. That special grease causes hair to grow much faster, and much thicker too. You can already see a difference from an hour ago! Just wait until you wake up in the morning!!” Vallie saw a hand mirror on the table and picked it up. She held it to look at her butt, noticing that it too looked a little red. She felt her cheeks, noticing how her fingers seemed to sink into her butt cheeks, when before they were firm. And although she couldn’t see well, she could tell the same thing that was happening to her pubes was happening in her crack. Vallie set the mirror down, forgetting to check her face with it. Instead she took both hands and put them on her butt and shifted her now chubby behind. She let go and felt it jiggle too. It felt very strange. Zora was watching with a smile on her face while she smoked, “Your customers will love your new forms!” “But I am an accountant! I don’t have those kinds of customers! Hector is the one I must please…” Zora interrupted, “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now here, put this on, Belinda is almost here and we must depart when she gets here.” Zora picked up a couple articles of clothing off the floor. One was a pair of black cotton shorts, and when she asked for underwear, Zora just laughed. “You can’t achieve a camel toe by wearing underwear beneath your shorts, silly!” So Vallie struggled into the shorts. She was normally a size 4 and these were a size 8 and they were still very tight. Once Vallie had them on she looked and saw the outline of her plumped up vagina. It screamed, ‘Look at my sex!!’ The sight of her camel toe was getting Vallie excited and if she wasn’t careful, she would leave a wet spot in the shorts, and anyone would see that! The top was next. Vallie was about to ask for a bra but she stopped herself. She knew the woman probably didn’t have one in her size, since Zora’s breasts were much larger than her own. Instead she pulled on the shirt; it was a purple spaghetti strap top that showed her midriff. In silver cursive writing it said, ‘Naughty’. Zora even gave her different shoes to wear. They were purple heels that matched her shirt. Zora stood back and looked her over, saying, “Looking good, sweetie!” Just then the doorbell rang again. Zora pressed the buzzer and Belinda stepped through the door. Vallie was hit with a strange sensation when Belinda came into the room. It was a mix of fear and pleasure. Belinda was her Best Friend, sure, but Belinda was also a type of Mistress for her. Her face, she knew, was becoming red. She touched her hand to her nose, noticing the soreness. But she was confident. Belinda was here and will solve the problem. She was more afraid of Belinda’s reaction to what Zora had done to her. She had the camel toe she liked, but also a set of big ass cheeks now. She hoped that Belinda will not be unhappy of what she had done. She was happy with herself in a way, since she had made a decision on her own. She was becoming more mature and was able to make decisions. It was a real plus for her. Decision making will be needed when she works at a high level position with Hector. Belinda came through the door, wearing a knee-length blue dress. “Ohhh, my poor Vallie!!!” She hurried over to Vallie and inspected her face. “When Zora called, I tried my best to join you quickly. It seems your nose is indeed broken.” She picked up the hand mirror from the table and handed it to Vallie. Vallie saw that her nose was changing color to a dark brown of sorts, and it was swollen from the impact. There was no doubt it was definitely broken, flat with a bump toward the top. But Vallie also saw the results of Zora’s work on her face. Under her nose she could see small black dots, the new roots and start of hair growth. And her face seemed fuller. He cheeks were plump, and… did she have a double chin now? Yes, it was true, and when she moved her head to look down, it became even more obvious. Belinda looked closely at Vallie’s face, “In a way you are lucky. It’s in line and not crooked left or right. I'm not sure that it is necessary to go to the clinic for that.” Vallie protested, “But look, my love… Ma noze haz not the zame zhape. It'z more flat and makez a…” Belinda interrupted, “Yes, but in a certain way, it looks good on your face. You nose was too straight before. Now it has this hump right here, and your nostrils look a little wider now because it is flattened out. Plus, now that it is a little flat it gives your eyes a different attraction. If it was me I think I would not repair it. What do you think Zora?” Zora came close to Vallie, smoking a cigarette and exhaling near Vallie’s face. The hot smoke in her face was not pleasant, but intriguing at the same time. Zora studied her face for a moment and said, “You are right Belle. Looking at her face now, I am sure that if her eyebrows were higher it may give her face a better aspect to it. She is really attractive. I really think that it's better not to repair it.” Zora looked her in the eye and smiled, “Really Vallie!” Vallie said, “You are sure? Why not? If you zay it'z better… but what can I do about my eyebrowz? It's not pozzible for me to contract my eyez every time to make them higher?!” Vallie made faces in the mirror, raising and lowering her eyebrows. “We have a solution for that,” Belinda answered. “Zora has done it several times. Katie has to come tomorrow to my salon tomorrow. She had received this procedure herself. She will show you. So ok? It is decided, we do not go to the Clinic, yes?” “No we do not go to ze Clinic! My noze is perfect now!!!” answered Vallie with a large smile showing her broken teeth. She was pleased with herself again, for making another decision for herself. Belinda made the same observation, “I really like the way you think now Vallie… You are making quick decisions. You are becoming more mature each minute.” Vallie face was more than red. She was really happy. But she had a strange sensation between her thighs. A wet spot was forming on her shorts. It was obvious now… she understood immediately. Yes, there was no doubt that she was a pervert. She loved to be taken by the hand and the mixed feeling between humiliation and acceptance made her excited. She made another quick decision and decided to be brave and do nothing, letting everybody see the spot on her shorts. Belinda looked down at the beautiful camel toe showing and the wet spot on Vallie's shorts. She smiled and passed her hand across Vallie's face, feeling the start of her double chin. Belinda’s smile grew and she said quietly, “I love you Vallie.” She moved closer and planted a kiss on Vallie’s plump, Botoxed lips. She placed a hand on her damp camel toe. She breathed in her ear, “You are really beautiful. You may be perfect if you wanted. The perfect naughty womanl!!!” Belinda pulled her hand from Vallie’s crotch and brought it up to her nose. She looked at Vallie and added, “You smell good…mmmm!” “I'm yours love!!!” answered Vallie with a smile. “Ok now!!!” Belinda stepped away before anything could happen further. “Vallie you will come with me and Zora. We will go to your home and help you to make it a better place for the confident and mature woman you are becoming. I hope it's not a doll's house with pink everywhere. You looked like such a baby when we met the first time!! We will have to see what we will have to go out and buy to replace the things we get rid of.” “T'z ok,” answered Vallie while moving her hand to her crotch, where Belinda's was before, then smelling her fingers. “Yez love, It zmell good!!!” Belinda asked, “Do you still have a razor at home? Maybe the one you used last night on your legs, and…well, you know! I think that you may need it as your upper lip is showing some traces of growth. There is not too much. Every mature woman has this problem. And Zora, please take your T-Gun. This has given me an idea we will work on this evening. We will all sleep at Vallie's home tonight.” Vallie still had a razor at home and said so. Zora went and got a metal case with a handle, not saying what was inside. “Vallie, do you want to change your shorts?” Belinda asked, knowing what the answer would be. “No dear, it will dry and I really like zis zmell.” “So we go now!!!” Belinda announced and led the way through the door and to the street. Vallie felt upbeat on the ten minute walk to her home. She was getting looks from guys, and she knew they noticed her fat twat bulging out of her shorts. Vallie led the women to her apartment, on the third floor of a nice, but modest building, opened the door with her key and turned on the lights. Zora had a cigarette hanging from her lips when they entered Vallie’s apartment. Vallie turned to her and said, “Oh pleaze, can you put that out? It’s no zmoking in here.” Zora laughed, blew some smoke into the air and said, “Not anymore, haha! It smells girly in here now, like flowers. A mature woman’s house smells like smoke and sex!” Belinda agreed, “Yes Vallie, she is right. We are going to have to make some changes around here, I can tell.” Belinda walked up to the refrigerator and looked inside. “For starters, how do you expect to grow a large ass for your boss to squeeze by eating this healthy food?” “Yez darling, you are right, az uzual,” Vallie said. She got a black trash bag and gave it to Belinda. “Throw out what you think I shouldn’t eat anymore. I you know I truzt you completely.” While Belinda went through the fridge, Zora spied Vallie’s Accounting diploma and her high school diploma were hung on the wall. She said, “Vallie, you really ought to have a full length mirror right here. So you can admire your beauty before you leave your apartment!” Vallie came over and said, “Yez, good idea, but were should I hang my diplomaz?” “I will find a good, safe place to store them. You shouldn’t display them like this. No one likes a show-off, and intelligence is a turn off for many men,” Zora said. At that moment, Belinda had finished cleaning out the fridge and said, “Vallie, come to the bedroom, I need you! Bring more trash bags!” Vallie turned and went into the bedroom. With her no longer looking, Zora took the diplomas off the wall and threw them in the trash. Then Zora took Vallie’s laptop and started typing. Meanwhile, Belinda and Vallie were in the bedroom, with Belinda opening her closet and looking through her clothes. She told Vallie to hold a trash bag open for her, and she began filling it with clothes that Belinda thought may already be too small for Vallie’s recently inflated ass, and clothes that she thought were too conservative. Belinda was pulling clothes off hangers and throwing them in the bag, asking, “Why wear pants, Vallie? It does not get that cold here. Pants do not show enough skin. Much too boring. The only kind of pants you should wear are spandex… do you not have any spandex?” “No, my love… no zpandex…” Vallie answered. “Oh, you definitely need to get some! Spandex is the perfect way to show off your forms, not to mention that juicy camel toe!” Belinda said with a wink. Vallie felt her face turn red and she let out a little quiet moan. She was submissive after all, and being told what she would wear was exciting. She liked making decisions now, sure, but she also liked when Belinda made decisions for her. “Hold that bag open again,” Belinda said. “You don’t need all these long sleeve shirts, jeans, pants, long skirts… we can donate all this. Some young, pretty girl will enjoy all these clothes. They don’t suit a mature, heavy woman. We are going to need to take you shopping tomorrow.” “But… being out of work, I don’t haz much money coming in yet…” Vallie protested. “Don’t worry about that. We will shop at the second-hand store. Sure, some of the items there may be low quality and worn, but it is inexpensive there. And if you need a small loan, I am sure I can help.” Belinda said with a smile. She secretly hoped Vallie would need to borrow money from her, as then it would be even easier to control her if she had a debt over her. Belinda went through the dresser next, opening drawers and digging around. She started tossing some of Vallie’s panties in the trash bag, saying, “G-strings and thongs are what you keep. No full-butt panties. They cover your chubby buns, and that’s not what a vulgar, mature woman wants.” She opened Vallie’s bra drawer, and removed it from the dresser completely. Belinda said, “You don’t need any of these anymore.” She dumped the contents into the bag. “Your breasts need to be free from restriction. Let them settle were they are meant to be.” Vallie listened to Belinda tell her what she should be wearing and watched her bras disappear into the black bag. It was humiliating, but at the same time, that’s why it was turning her on. Belinda put the drawer back, finished with the dresser. “Where do you keep your toys?” Belinda asked. “Toyz? I have no toyz, I know I looked very young when the day started but…” Belinda stopped her, “No silly! Sex toys!! Where are your dildos, vibrators, and so on?” Vallie’s face grew very red. “Oh I… uhhh, I don’t have any.” Belinda looked at her with surprise, “You have no sex toys?!” Belinda shook her head in disbelief, “Well, that explains why your house is so clean. You spend too much time cleaning, and not enough time taking care of your ‘womanly needs’. We will have to do something about that very soon. I know a shop, don’t worry.” Next, Belinda took the curtain and pulled it down, right off the window, tearing it and leaving a scrap hanging. “You won’t be needing these anymore.” “What are you doing!? Now everybody can zee in here!” Vallie complained. “Don’t be dramatic! You are three stories up, not everyone can see in. Only those from the building across the street will be able to see you. And is it so bad that people can see in and view a beautiful, mature woman like yourself?” Vallie felt another rush of warmth to her privates. It was a big building across the street, and now anyone with a window facing hers would be getting a free show every day. While Belinda worked in the bedroom, Zora worked on the computer. She found the websites of the schools that were on the diplomas. She started with the university. She clicked on ‘records’ and was prompted with a screen that asked for an admin password. Zora removed a usb drive from her purse and plugged it into the computer. A few commands later and the program was hacking the university’s website. Zora found herself with access to the degree record server. She typed in Valerie’s full name, and her accounting degree came up on the screen. Zora took a drag from her cigarette and smiled wickedly, letting the smoke drift from her mouth. She said to herself, “Its best that submissive women have no education.” She clicked ‘Delete’. The website asked, ‘Are you sure?’ Zora clicked ‘Yes’. The screen turned black, and a message appeared: ‘Record Deleted’. Zora typed in Valerie’s full name again. The search results showed; ‘0 matches’. She followed a similar process at Vallie’s high school’s website. After obliterating any record of her graduating, Zora unplugged the usb drive. She then started searching through Vallie’s browsing history. She found some dating sites, which she deleted Vallie’s profile from and blocked from future access. She also found the dirty sites that she had visited in the past. Zora was pleased, and knew Belinda would be too, but some would need to be added. She typed ‘mature_cam.net’ in the address box, created an account for Vallie, and bookmarked the site. She did the same with some forums, like ‘40plus_plumpers.net’ and ‘all-natural_fatties.net’. Satisfied for now, Zora closed the laptop and went to speak with Belinda. Belinda was loading Vallie’s pink and white sheets and blanket into another trash bag when Zora entered the bedroom. “This looks like a child’s bed. No man is going to want to have kinky, dirty sex in a bed like this! Only a sicko would! Don’t worry, I have an idea. Zora? Will you pick up a new bed set for Vallie? And some dinner? I have a list of other items also.” Zora agreed and took a piece of paper from Belinda, scanned it and smiled, “There is a store two blocks down is open and will have some of these things. Some other items we will have to get for her tomorrow or order them on the internet.” Belinda agreed, “Yes, they don’t sell clothing either, so we will have to take her shopping for clothes tomorrow.” Zora took the list and left. Belinda brought the bags to the living room and Vallie followed. Once Belinda set the bags down, she again reached down and touched Vallie’s damp, swollen sex. She brought her hand up and held it in front of Vallie’s nose, who closed her eyes and drew in a sniff. Belinda gave her a mischievous look, saying, “So, you know you like how you smell. Maybe you will like how other women smell?” Then Belinda surprised Vallie by removing her top and her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties under that skirt and her vagina was on full display. Belinda had a well-trimmed landing strip of dark hair, and normal-sized lips that hid her clit from view. Belinda grinned and said, “Go ahead Vallie, smell me. I know you are a little pervert and I know you’ll like it!” In moments, Vallie was on her knees in front of Belinda. She slowly pressed her nose to Belinda’s landing strip, drawing in the aroma. She smelled fresh and clean, which was different from her own slightly sour odor. Belinda asked, “Do you like?” “Yes, you smell beautiful Mistrezz…” Vallie moaned. Where had the ‘mistress’ come from? “Have a taste, Vallie.” Vallie’s eyes got wide, “But, but I never…I’m not…” Belinda cut her off, “Shhhh, just have a taste. Do it for your Mistress.” Vallie paused, trying to make sense out of what was happening, but she felt herself moving. Moving her face back into Belinda’s crotch, her tongue coming out and touching Belinda’s slit. She ran her tongue up all the way to her clitoris, feeling the juice from Belinda’s pussy coat her tongue. She did it again, and again, enjoying Belinda’s taste. “Good girl, keep going. Show me that you like the taste of another woman…” Belinda was playing with Vallie’s blonde hair and smiling wide. Vallie didn’t stop. She did like Belinda’s taste. She kept going, making her Mistress’s pussy wetter and wetter. She had no idea how long she had been licking Belinda, but she didn’t want to stop. She kept going until the door suddenly opened! Vallie jerked her head toward the door to see Zora entering the room with a bag and three pizza boxes. Her face turned red. She was so embarrassed! She looked at the floor, not knowing what to think. Zora set her items down and came over to Vallie. She grasped Vallie’s chin and brought her head back up, looking in her eyes. “There is no reason to be ashamed, babe! Here, eat some pizza and you will feel better.” Belinda brought the box of pizza over and set it next to Vallie, who started stuffing her face immediately. When Vallie had finished the pizza she was feeling much better. Very full, but also completely de-stressed. But when she looked up from the empty pizza box, she was in for another surprise. Belinda and Zora had both sat down on the sofa next to each other. Now they were both nude. Both of their legs were spread apart, with their pussies on display. Juice was seeping from their cunts and onto the sofa. Zora’s pussy was very different than Belinda’s. Zora’s sex was shaved smooth, and she had a tattoo of an octopus on her lower belly. The octopus’s tentacles went down to her pussy and pointed toward her clit, which was pierced with a gold ring with a green jewel hanging from it. Also unlike Belinda’s, Zora’s lips hung open a bit and Vallie could see inside her dark hole easily. “Now it’s my turn. Smell me, taste me, Vallie!” Zora urged. It didn’t take any more persuasion than that. The submissive inside Vallie had been awakened. She crawled over and buried her face in Zora’s crotch. Zora began bucking her hips, pushing her cunt up into Vallie’s face as Vallie explored her with her tongue. Minutes later, Zora climaxed, squirting a bit as she did. When it was over, Vallie was burning up in shame and humiliation. She felt so confused. Thoughts of Belinda and Zora and Hector and her job and all the changes she had made to herself ran through her head. Belinda put a hand on her shoulder, “You look upset, Vallie. There is no reason to worry. Zora and I are nude, maybe you would be more comfortable if you were too?” Vallie found herself removing her own clothes. In moments she too was naked. “Good,” Belinda said, “Here, sit up on the sofa and eat some pizza. It will help.” Zora and Belinda both stood up now and had Vallie take a place on the sofa. She felt their juices on her bottom when she sat down, the cushions were now soaked and stained. Vallie was already rather full, but the food made her feel better, so she slowly fed herself slices of greasy pizza. Belinda and Zora got down on the floor and told Vallie to spread her legs. Belinda inspected Vallie’s cunt and said to Zora, “Oh look at these pubes! There is at least a centimeter of growth already! And that was only a few hours ago you gave her the treatment. Just think what it will look like in the morning!” “Yes, and all around here too,” Zora added, touching Vallie’s thighs and lower belly. Vallie felt the women start touching and probing her sex. She felt Zora’s finger enter her. She gasped with her mouth full of pizza. Then another of Zora’s finger’s entered. She began moving them in and out, back and forth. “This twat of her’s is sooo tight! I can hardly fit two fingers in!!” Zora exclaimed. Vallie felt Zora’s fingers vacate her, and felt Belinda’s enter. In and out, back and forth. “You are right Zora. That may be a problem. Many men like a woman to have a tight pussy, but Hector likes his women mature, and mature women have looser, slack vaginas.” Belinda looked to Vallie, saying, “Your cunt lips look very appealing all plumped up, and you will certainly have a thick bush soon. But if Hector were to enter you… he would know you are not a true vulgar, experienced woman.” “Zo you are zaying I need to….” “Stretch your cunt,” Zora finished for her. “Yes, it is for the best I think. But you don’t need to worry about that now. Just relax.” Vallie took another slice of pizza, closed her eyes and relaxed. She felt both women’s hands on her cunt, exploring the outside and inside, teasing her clitoris, pushing inside her hole…in and out, back and forth… Vallie’s breathing grew rapid and deep as her climax built. The orgasm hit Vallie hard. When she had finished screaming, she lay panting on the sofa with her head on Belinda’s lap. She stroked Vallie’s frizzled, blonde hair and whispered, “It’s ok, just close your eyes and relax. You must be very tired.” Vallie was very tired, and when she closed her eyes she quickly fell asleep. Belinda and Zora let her sleep. There was still work to be done. They both got dressed and Zora went to work installing small hidden cameras in each room. Meanwhile, Belinda made Vallie’s bed with the new sheets and made a few other changes in her room. She also peeled the white squares off each of Vallie’s arm and threw them on the floor. She applied two fresh ones, both with ‘4 grams’ printed on them again. Then both women entered the bathroom and started work there. Sun was shining through the open window when Vallie awoke. She blinked the sleep away, realizing that she was no longer sleeping on the couch. The women had moved her to her bed. She realized she was sleeping on black satin sheets, and it felt good on her bare skin. She was still nude, covered up with a leopard print blanket. Her pillow cases were black satin also, and now there was a black sheer curtain hanging from the ceiling that surrounded her bed. Vallie sat up and got out of bed. Her bare feet now sank into a thick leopard print rug that matched her bed and covered the whole floor of her bedroom. On her wall there used to be a colorful picture showing a flower garden. In its place was an abstract painting that looked like a close up of a set of woman’s dark red lips holding a smoldering cigarette. It was strange and a big difference from before, but Vallie liked her new home. It seemed so much more mature and she was happy with the changes. She smelled breakfast cooking, and heard sounds in the kitchen. She walked out of her room and into the hall, but before going to the kitchen, she wanted to make a stop in the bathroom… Vallie entered the bathroom, still nude, and was surprised to see that it had changed also. Instead of the little mirror was a large one. It was possible for her to see herself from head to toe. It was positioned so she could see herself as she peed. Her image seemed strange to her, very little of her old self was reflected in the mirror. And…Yes! She had a full bush now!!! Her pee was flowing from a big mass of pubes. She estimated the length at more than 5 cm. She also had hair growing on her lower belly and inner thighs. And she felt another sensation. It seemed that her butt crack was moist with pee… Vallie stood up from the toilet and turned in the mirror. She saw the forest of hair in her crack and… she liked it. Her armpits were the same and Vallie sniffed them a bit, noticing how the hair seemed to retain smell. Yes she knew she was becoming mature and she liked that. “But… I have zome mustache!!!” she said, touching her hairy upper lip. Not using any toilet paper or anything, she rushed into the kitchen where Belinda and Zora where discussing and making bottles of a white substance. “I have a mustache!!!! Darling I haze a….” Belinda cut her off, “Good morning Vallie. There is no problem, it’s not a mustache, it’s just a little upper lip hair. We have discussed that. Don't be afraid. Be confident I have some ideas to make your face perfect. Since you have now a pretty flat nose, we need to arrange how you look a little.” Belinda’s eyes traveled down Vallie’s nude body, “Whoaaa!!! It is fantastic! I love it! You are really hairy now and… you smell good!!! Now time to eat and Zora will make your face perfect. We have made some bottles for you and you will have to drink one before each meal now. It will give you energy as we will have long days to prepare you for your future boss. Take one!!” She said pointing to the table. Vallie started to calm down, “I'm confident Love, I was zo afraid… all zis brown pubez on my lipz… Before eating , I have to wash my forest I've not taken time to dry my pee.” Belinda shook her head, saying, “Leave it like it is Vallie. It smells very good. You will see after some time your pubic hair will change color from being saturated in urine all the time. It will be very sexy. Hey! Don't drink from the bottle, do not forget to put on the accessory!! Look!!” The bottle did indeed have an accessory. It looked like a black penis. Belinda plugged it on the top of the bottle and gave it to Vallie, “Always drink from this beautiful cock. Your lips have been done to adapt to it. Be confident suck on it, it is perfect.” Soon Vallie was sucking on the black thing and drinking from the bottle. Belinda was smiling. Each Bottle contained half a litter of a very specific potion. Sure, it was fattening, but the other effects where very intriguing. It needed to be digested to see if it was working on Vallie. Vallie emptied the bottle and was feeling a strange sensation coming on. She was a little tired but she was also very excited and she put a hand on her fat cunt. The sensation was pleasant. She started to look for her clitoris with her fingers in her heavy pelt of hair and found it. It was very hard and sensitive… Belinda yelled, “Hey pervert!!! Stop that now!!! Zora is ready to make you beautiful and you think only to masturbate? You are really a pervert!!! We are waiting for Katie as she will come to give you your cake this morning. Before that Zora is going make you presentable. Put on a skirt and top and we will continue.” Vallie felt her face turn red with shame. She looked at the floor, irritated that Zora had put her cigarette butts on the floor and there were some burn marks, and also some used coffee filters and napkins on the floor too. Zora now spoke, “Ok Vallie sit on this chair. We will start by removing all this lip hair. Close your eyes and do not open them before I tell you.” Vallie closed her eyes and Zora started to work. First the razor was passed over her upper lip. She was happy that the hair there was gone and she began to smile, displaying her stained, chipped teeth. “Do not move vallie. I don't want to cut you!!!” Zora said sternly. Then she had a strange feeling, as it seemed that Zora was doing the same process on her eyebrows. Afterward, Zora washed her complete face with a smelly product. Then she felt the sensation of punctures over her eyebrows and heard a low buzzing sound like a little motor. She kept her eyes closed the whole time and after a few minutes the buzzing sound stopped and was replaced by the sound of the door. “Perfect timing, Katie!” said Zora. “You can open your eyes Vallie.” When vallie opened her eyes she was not able to understand. In front of her she saw the face of a person she knew but was not able to name her. She had short blond hair, a puffy face and round cheeks. She was smiling but her teeth seemed very small and spaced apart. She had to be over 300 pounds, and it was all stuffed in a white, skimpy baker’s outfit that looked more like a slutty Halloween costume. “Cathy?” “No my name is Katiiie!” answered a very childish voice. She began to sing, “I'm here to feed you your cake. Our cakes are the best… Enjoy our cakes… These are the best cakes!!! See how they make beautiful forms. See how it make beautiful hips and healthy women!!!” She turned and swayed her gigantic butt back and forth, her asscheeks and thighs jiggling about. Katie sounded very silly and stupid, but Vallie was feeling drowsy and disoriented, one of the effects of the white fluid she had drank. Katie turned around again, facing Vallie and rubbed her round belly, dancing side to side, singing, “Enjoy our cakes we have the better one's, the butter one's, it’s the creme del la crème!” She stopped dancing and singing and asked, “Do you want it from my hands or from my lips?” It was difficult for Vallie to understand. It seemed like if she was in another world. She was excited and answered, “…lips?” With a smile, Belinda took 100 dollars from Vallie’s purse and gave it to Katie. Katie put the bill between her breasts and removed her short skirt. She sat her large butt on a chair. Her sex was bare and a cake was tattooed on her mound. She began to sing, “You want my Cake, You eat my cake! It is good on my lips only 100 dollars, but it's the best we are not liars…” Belinda did not have to explain to Vallie. She knelt in front of Katie and soon her face was between her thighs, teasing Katie's lower lips. When she would come up for air, Katie would have a handful of cake waiting to shove in her mouth. The food she was not able to eat due to the speed of the feeding was falling on the floor. Katie’s breathing became heavy, and she started shoving the cake in her pussy for Vallie to eat. The chair became slick with Katie’s juices and smeared with cake and frosting. After the second large cake, Vallie was exhausted and practically passed out on floor, her face covered in juices and cake. Katie had a big smile on her round face, showing her small teeth. She was happy, another 100 dollars. Belinda made a sign with her hand telling her to leave. She put her skirt and left Belinda, Zora and Vallie sleeping on the floor. Belinda smiled looking at all the LEDs of the cameras she had put in the room blinking red. All had been recorded. Looking at Zora she said, “We have to discuss!” Zora shrugged her shoulders, “What is there to discuss?” “What have you done with Katie's teeth????” “Nothing more than what she has asked Belle,” Zora said. “How much has it cost me?” “Nothing, Belle, nothing. She has used her own money to pay for that.” Zora got down on the floor with Vallie and produced a small container of cream, which she started to apply to her face. “Fine with me. But what about Vallie. She only asked to look more mature. Now what are you doing?” Zora didn’t stop what she was doing, and said, “Only what she asked, Belle.” Belinda felt a little uneasy, “But she only wanted to look more like her true age. When we started she wanted to look closer to the 35 she is… now… she looks much older than that even!” Zora rolled her eyes, but Belinda couldn’t see it. She was finished with the cream anyway and said to Belinda, “Ok… You were right. We have to discuss. So…Belle, you remember the first time we have met?” “Yes Zora, How is it possible to forget?!” “So…Belle, if you remember… You were a little skinny photographer, looking for scoops and leads, never able to finish a job in a month. Always in lack of money. Living poorly with dreams of ‘peace and love’. But you had this skill. This ability to enter the mind of a person, to see their thoughts. It is why I've chosen you. Now, see, you are almost perfect. You have done more than a scoop, you are the scoop! You are now rich, you are beautiful, you have a new lover, me…!” Zora said with a wink. Belinda thought back and felt a little embarrassed, “I know that Zora. I know what you have done for me, and I will never be able to thank you as much is needed. Anyway, you know that some changes you have done to me have been difficult for me to accept, and I'm afraid each time you choose a new girl…” Zora held up her hand to shush Belinda, “Again, we are talking about Babe!!??” Belinda shot back, “And why not speak of Barbara?” Zora rolled her eyes again, “Ok, it continues!!! Babe as asked to be fattened by you. You have made a good video. You have made thousands of dollars. Sure she may be a little too fat for your taste now, but be confident some customers like her.” Belinda looked at the floor, seeing Vallie laying before her, “Yes.. I'm ashamed of having done that video. She was so sexy before…now she looks like a ball of grease. Did I go too far?” “Ashamed of what!!! Of the video you have used to get Vallie? Or about the pig you have asked me to tattoo on Babe’s left ass cheek?” “Yes you are right Zora.” Belinda thought back to her first meeting with Zora. “Speaking of the time I met you, when my manager had sent me on my last mission. To snoop around and find out about the organization. He called it ‘The Queens of Change’. I was to interview and photograph the one they called ‘The Beauty Queen’. Once I laid eyes on you, Zora, I knew you were her. Please apologies…” “No need for apologies. Are you not happy to see Vallie sleeping on the floor? Do you think that Valerie slept on the floor in her own home before? She is beginning to look more mature, no?” Belinda looked at Vallie. She was more than just beginning to look mature, she already looked very mature. “Yes Zora, you are right, but…” Zora cut her off, “She has asked to be more mature and she will be. We do what they ask us to do. We are not to be ashamed of what we do to help them. The same for Katie. She has never had so much money and now she pays herself to have her cosmetic changes.” “Yes but… Vallie has asked for a more mature look… seeing her masturbate, deleting her diplomas, etc… that is another thing. It's like for me when…” “When, what Belinda??!! When you told me only one month after our first meeting that you wanted to change your hairstyle? I've done it or not?!” “Yes but it's not that…” Belinda was looking at the ground again. “Well… yes, you had your hair long like the silly hippies you were living with at the time. But admit that when I shaved your head you had an orgasm. And I've let you have long hair ever since. I've been good to you!” Zora said impatiently. “Yes Zora… you are always right. But recognize that my breast…” Zora stopped her again, “Ok. You had tiny B cup breasts and thanks to me in a month’s time you had big D’s. You found them a little too big for your frame. Right?” “Yes…” “You told me to find a solution. And I helped you another time!” Belinda swallowed and said, “Yes but my friends…” “Your friends what?! With my solution the problem has been solved!!!” “Yes, but making me gain weight to compensate for the fact that I had big breasts was one thing. But making me gain a hundred pounds was perhaps too excessive! Plus all that weight I gained spread all over my body I'm now an F cup…” “Yes and I love you Belle,” Zora said with a beautiful smile and a wink. Belinda let out a deep breath and felt relief. “I love you too Zora. Please apologies and forget what I've told you.” “Ok, Ok, Ok…” Zora changed the subject back to the sleeping Vallie. “Our potions seems to work well. Have you seen how excited she was? And now look at her body, don't you see?” “Yes darling. It seems that she is not only gaining some weight, but her skin is becoming less firm. But about her face?” Zora smiled, “Look for yourself. I think it was a good idea. She will have to spend a little more time in front of her mirror now.” “What are these things on her face? Belinda asked. “She has some red spots.” “It's hormonal… She is starting her menopause. Sure it's a little early, but…” Zora shrugged. “Anyway, leave her two packs of cigarettes and a lighter. We have to finish making her home perfect. You need to help me move something to the dump, along with these bags. We are going to make an exchange there.” Zora and belinda took the garbage bags they had filled with Vallies clothes and personal things and a few other items and closed the door laughing. Vallie was lying on the floor, not comfortable at all. She pushed her hair from her face and turned her head and saw a cigarette butt on the floor right in front of her nose. The smell got her craving a cigarette. She could also feel her stomach groaning for something to eat. She sat up on the floor, looking around her home and at the cigarette butts, food, and other garbage on the floor. She saw the clumps and crumbs of cake and remembered her encounter with Katie. She put her hand on her sex. It was still moist. She smelled her hand and looked to the table, spying two packs of cigarettes. She got to her feet and withdrew a single cigarette. She placed it between her plump lips and used the supplied lighter. She drew in a breath of smoke, held it inside her for a moment, and let it back out, smiling. It was very pleasant, and another drag and another drag followed until it was gone. She set lighter down and picked up the next to a bottle of potion, attached the black penis type attachment and started to suck it down. She had to pee so still drinking she went into the bathroom. First she put some water on her face, then she sat on the toilet. The sound off piss flowing in the toilet was the only sound in the room. She was looking at the mirror with some satisfaction. There was no doubt she looked mature now. She was happy that not only had Zora shaved her mustache, but she had made her even more beautiful. Instead of her normal eyebrows, she had now higher ones tattooed on, giving her a look of stupidity. ‘A woman didn't need to look intelligent for her man,’ Vallie thought to herself. Her skin seemed to have lost its youthful appearance. Her face was looking more mature and around her eyes and on her cheeks it seemed that some traces of age appeared. She looked between her legs and watched the last drops of urine falling from her forest. She loved this sensation. It felt almost like she had peed in her knickers. She looked at her blonde hair on her head and and dark roots where apparent. Was it somehow related to the rapid rapid growth of her pubes? She will have to ask Belinda about that. She had always has good ideas. She put her hand on her sex again. Her clitoris was still very hard and swollen… it was not possible for her to resist. She started to caress herself looking again at her aged face with her flat nose, big lips and beautiful tattooed eyebrows. She opened her mouth and touched her tongue to her chipped front tooth, then running it across her ugly, yellow teeth. She was close to orgasm when she heard some noises and laughter from Zora and Belinda. Not using any paper to dry her massive, dark bush, she stood up, having a bit of difficultly. She knew she was perhaps eating a little too much, and her body would take time to adjust to the extra pounds that were forming on her body. But as a mature woman she had only to please one man; her Boss. She knew he wanted her fat. Upon opening the bathroom door she stepped on something. It was an old orange peel. Under her other foot there was a greasy wrapper from a burger. She heard Belinda and Zora laughing and laughing. The house smelt strange, but Vallie found she liked it. “Hello Love, Zora!! What are you doing friendz?” Vallie said as she came into the kitchen, finding them emptying a bag full of garbage all over the floor. “We are making your place what it has to be. A place where you are not afraid of having pleasure, eating, smoking or having a good time. I see you have had another special bottle and it seems you have had a cigarette. Where have you put your cigarette butt after?” Belinda asked. “On the floor with the otherz. You are not the only onez to have pleasure and enjoy yourzelves! It's my home no? Zeaking of cigarettes, I think I’ll take another now.” Vallie lit another and took a drag, loving how the hot smoke felt inside her. Zora grinned, “Do as you want Vallie it's your home, friend. Have something to drink to celebrate the new you and your new life.” “No, I haz nothing, I've nothing to drink…” She exhaled the grey smoke. Zora shook her head, “Idiot! Open the little door here. You had your washing machine here. We have sent it to the dump and look what we have put in place. Plus, we called the water company and cancelled your account. You do not need running water now. Thanks to us you will make save some money!” Vallie opened the little door and she was surprised. Instead of her washing machine the closet was full of bottles. Vodka, bourbon, whiskey, etc… “Have one Vallie! Drink from the bottle, celebrate the moment, the changes you are making, and that you have friends like us!” Belinda smiled. Taking a bottle of vodka, Vallie started to drink and drink. It was strange it was burning her inside, but she loved it. Before long she had drank half of the bottle. “Zoo good… *Burp!*… Zo good my head iz turning… like it…” “We knew you would love that,” Belinda said. “As you will drink at least a liter per day, Zora and I have bought a big stock for one month for you. Sure, we used up the rest of your savings, but its ok. We checked your mail box and you have received a letter. It’s addressed from your company. Perhaps your lover?” Belinda winked. Vallie snatched the letter from her hands, “Give it to me! It's from….yes! Wait…oooh noooooo…!” Vallie swallowed and said to her friends, “He iz telling zat he doesn't want to hear from me anymore. He tellz me I’m a stupid idiot and a liar. He tellz that he haz checked with my univerzity about my diploma and zat I had nozing…..” Vallie sniveled a bit, “Howwww??? Noooooo….” Belinda grabbed the letter back from Vallie, her eyes scanning the paper, “He has not chosen you as the boss of the accounting department, with all the things you have done for him? Men are shit!!!” “And after all these changez I made for him!! Like dis blonde hair… I will show him. I don't want any more blond hair!!! Zora please shave my head now!! I don't want to zee blond hair on me!! We will put them in the letter and zend it to him! That will show him!” “You do not prefer to wait when you will be sober Vallie?” Zora asked. “No!!!! I know what I want. Iz a mature woman now!!!” Belinda and Zora looked at each other, then decided. Belinda said, “Yes, Vallie, but a mature woman doesn’t go around with a shaved head. That is something for young goth girls to do. You want the blonde hair gone, ok, I can help you but we must do it tomorrow in my salon. You can wait till then.” Vallie frowned, but Belinda retrieved a large chocolate cake from the refrigerator and set it before Vallie, saying, “Eat. You know it will make you feel better and calm you down. And don’t be afraid to smoke too, it will help calm you even more.” Vallie lit up a cigarette and drew in the smoke, exhaled and said, “But what will I do about money? You said my savings went to the liquor…” She took a gulp from the bottle of vodka. Zora and Belinda helped her to the couch, bringing the cake with them, “You don’t worry about that tonight. Trust Belinda and I. Just relax. You have plenty of good food in your fridge. Have another drink, and smoke some more, it will help. We will see you tomorrow morning with Katie to discuss about how to help you.” When Belinda and Zora left, Vallie was sleeping on the sofa, which was also covered with greasy papers and cigarettes burns. She still had a half empty bottle of bourbon in her hand. She was touching her clitoris in her sleep with her other hand, which was still full of cake from feeding herself. “Vallie really took losing her job hard, I hope we can find her something that will suit her,” Belinda said to Zora as they left the apartment building and went out to the sidewalk. “By the way, you said we had to stop at the post box, but why have you several letters?” “Don’t worry, Belle. I have a plan for Vallie. And these are the letters for Vallie’s new identity and new past. I’m sending them to a friend of mine. He is the one who has made the USB key I've used for Vallie's diploma erasing.” ***************** Zora and Belinda walked down the street, laughing. Vallie awoke hours later, still on her sofa, still naked and covered with wrappers and cake. In the kitchen, she retrieved one of the bottles her friends left and attached the penis looking apparatus and sucked it down. It tasted great, and by the time she was done she was already feeling better. Still, her belly felt empty. She took her growing gut in her hands and was reminded of her boss. That asshole, Hector! He wanted a blonde, chubby head accountant? But she was not good enough? “Well, I will show him! Later today Belinda will get rid of my blonde hair, and I will work hard to grow into not just a chubby woman… but a large, obese woman!” Vallie went to the fridge and retrieved one of three cakes that her friends had left her. “I’ll show him alright… I’ll be too fat for him soon!”  
  14. A Curse Among FRIENDS (Downgrade, various) A Curse Among Friends Part 1: Phoebe Janice Goralnik was not a happy woman. By all accounts she should have been, in recent years she had gotten married and had kids but there was something missing in her life. She knew exactly what that something was, the thing was Chandler Bing. Chandler was the person that she was certain she was supposed to be with. It felt right when she was dating him. She was a fool to have gone back to the mattress king. She could have had him, but then again there was a lot that went into it and she couldn't blame him. No she couldn't blame her Bing-A-Ling. The person to blame was Monica Geller. Monica had stolen Chandler from her, Janice had no clue why Chandler felt that way about Monica. In Janice's mind it was obvious that Chandler had been so heartbroken over her that he had just gotten together with the first woman that he could find. Yes, it all made perfect sense to her. Honestly Monica and Chandler just never made any sense to her. Monica was such a shrill woman, a bit of a spoiled brat, way too neurotic, and just plan annoying sometimes. Personally Janice liked all of Chandler's friends and had Chandler been with her she might have been able to stand Monica but it was time to make a change. It had taken her over a year to find this camera. She had searched the internet almost every day and searched through almost every antique store in the New England area but finally she had found it. The man who sold it to her told her that if she took a picture of someone it would show off two photos, one of who they are and one of what they'd become. Janice hadn't been a hundred percent sure about it but she tested it out on some squirrel that quickly became the road kill that the bad photo had shown. Okay that may have been a coincidence but it was enough for her to go on. She knew that she could get to Monica easy enough but the question was what to do about Phoebe and Rachel. Janice had spent the better part of a week debating this. On the one hand she did like them but either of them could quickly move in on Chandler. She had seen the way that Phoebe looked at her Chandler and she had never quite liked that Rachel. Sure she had that thing with Ross but she had tried to move on to Joey once and she couldn't be trusted not to move in on Chandler either. It was a bit of a pity because she had always liked them but they had to be moved out of the way. Well Chandler could always find new friends, the kind they could make together and he'd still have Ross and Joey so it was all good in her mind. So there she stood at the door of apartment 20. She knew that Chandler was working, and the other guys would be out. It was a bit of a risk that she was assuming the other girls would be there too. Then again most of the time they were in that apartment and she could just find the other two later. She still hadn't fully thought out her story but it didn't matter all she had to do was flash that camera and everything would be good, at least for her. Janice took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Inside apartment 20 Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel were all there. They were just talking about their weekend plans, nothing too dramatic. Monica went to the door to open it and felt her whole body tense up when she saw Janice. What was this woman doing here? Both her and Chandler had basically told her to stay away but she didn't seem to get the message. "Janice….what are you doing here?" Monica asked. She couldn't just be rude to someone even if it was Janice. Phoebe and Rachel just looked at each other, this couldn't be good. "Should we leave?" Rachel whispered to Phoebe. "No, this could get interesting fast," Phoebe said wanting to enjoy the show. Rachel gave her a look but shrugged it off. After all it was probably nothing she just needed to get something back from Chandler. "Oh hello girls I promise I won't be here too long," Janice said forcing her way into the apartment. "I just wanted to return an old camera of Chandler's that I found. It's his after all and he should have it back," Janice said smiling. Monica gave Janice a bit of a look but that didn't seem so bad. It was odd but maybe the camera had some significance to her husband. "Well thanks Janice…I'll just take it and tell him that you dropped it off," Monica said reaching to take the camera from her. "Oh well I wanted to take a few pictures with it just to be sure it works and if it doesn't I'll pay for it. Would you mind if I took a few pictures of you?" Janice asked knowing that this was a bit of a stretch but they had never been the three smartest girls. Monica gave her a look and then looked at Rachel and Phoebe who both just gave a shrug of the shoulders. "Okay that's fine what do you want a picture of?" Monica asked. "Oh how about one of you, one of Phoebe, and one of Rachel?" Janice asked knowing this would confuse them but they'd say yes anyway. Rachel thought that something might be up but she was looking cute today and really what harm would another vanity shot be? Phoebe was starting to get a little worried, after all no one just did this but there was no downside to it so she nodded her head. When it seemed like both Phoebe and Rachel would go along with it Monica saw no real issue either. "Sure, why not?" Monica said striking a pose in front of the sofa smiling. This would be the tricky part for Janice, she had to keep them from seeing the pictures as they came out. Janice found that there was a shutter function on the camera. Apparently it made things more delicious so she elected to do that. She quickly took Monica's and took all of the photos in her hands and moved onto Rachel who gave her a cover models pout. Okay that was easy enough and last but not least was Phoebe who shot her a weakish smile. Ah well the pictures didn't need to look good they just had to get done. "Perfect!" Janice said handing each woman the good picture of them. They all seemed mostly pleased with it but it was Rachel who noticed that Janice was still holding onto another set of photos. "What's with those? Are they extras or something?" Rachel asked. Janice gave her a big fat grin. "Oh something like that you see girls…this isn't really Chandler's camera. It's something far more special!" Janice said looking over the photos and laughing in that annoying laugh she had. All three women looked at her like she was insane. "What do you mean?" Monica asked very annoyed with all of this. This woman wasn't making sense and she was just annoyed as hell now. "Well you see this camera puts out two photos, how you look now and how you'll look in the future…have a look girls," Janice said putting the three pictures on the table and moving towards the door in the event that she had to make a quick escape. The three sets of pictures on the table told a far different story from the previous pictures that Janice had given them. The first one was Phoebe, instead of the classy New York woman that she had become over the years the image was that of a hillbilly. A trashy hillbilly at that. She looked like someone who could have been respectable with a bit of work but instead of that image it was that of a massive woman who had a few poorly chosen tattoos. Her clothes looked undersized for her body and she honestly looked a bit slutty. The second one was Rachel, instead of a glamorous woman in the world of high fashion a fairly plain woman took her place. The nose was a hair too large and she seemed to not want to show off any skin. She looked quite nervous too and there was a glazed look in her eyes that showed a woman who didn't quite understand what was going on. Nothing about her was eye grabbing with the possible exception of the nose which was larger than Rachel's old one. The final set of pictures was Monica. For all the changes that had happened to the other two pictures Monica still looked like herself, if she had never lost the weight. She was bursting out of the clothes in that picture and had taken on a massive size. If Monica had never went on a diet and lost weight then she would have looked like this woman. The look on her face was that of hunger, hunger for food and sex although she didn't know the latter quite yet. The pictures in a row told a story it showed Monica going from thin to fat in almost no time at all. The three women looked at Janice. Phoebe looked a bit frightened, Rachel looked nervous, and Monica looked pissed. The vein on her forehead was popping out and she was doing her best to keep her breathing steady. "Janice…leave. You had your fun a nice joke camera," Monica said picking up the photos to tear them up but found that she couldn't. So she tried it with a bit more force but still nothing. Janice just smirked at her. "You can try all you want but those photos aren't going anywhere. They're what's going to happen to you!" she said with some emphasis. Phoebe had heard of stuff like this before but she never thought it'd actually happen to her. She knew that she should stay but she had to contact one of her friends, she might be able to help her. Without another word Phoebe just got up and grabbed her photo and left. A large part of her wanted to punch Janice but she might need Janice for later. It was still early enough to reverse whatever this was. There was a chance that Janice was simply playing a prank on them but all of her attempts to rip the photo didn't work as she walked down the stairs. Once downstairs she asked someone for a lighter to see if she could burn the photo. The fire did nothing to it confirming her fears that this was real dark magic. The cab couldn't move fast enough as she looked back and forth at the pictures. The women barely looked the same. Phoebe could feel a cold sweat coming on. She knew that she should probably call Rachel and Monica but she wanted to see if this would work first. Once she was fine she'd call them and tell them to come over. It'd be easier if she was just there. At least that's what she told herself. As the cab slowly made its way thru New York traffic Phoebe kept checking her image in anything that had a reflection. So far nothing seemed to be happening. That was good, it meant that it was a slow moving spell which would give her time to find a fix to this. She knew that her friends often made fun of how she believed these things but she was happy that she did now, otherwise there would be no way that any of them could get back to normal. She had seen the other pictures and she wasn't sure who got off the best. Oh well that didn't really matter, all that mattered was fixing this, she thought to herself as her heart kept racing like crazy. It took about an hour but she finally got to her friends place. She knocked on the door and waited for Mindy to answer. Mindy was a self-described witch who said that she knew how to handle dark magic. Phoebe could only hope that she knew how to undo a curse like this. She knocked again on the door harder, and more impatient. After another 30 seconds Mindy came and answered the door. She was an older woman in her early 40's. She dressed a bit odd, like the 60's had never ended. "What's up Phoebe?" she asked in a breathy voice. Phoebe pushed her way inside. "Okay well I got a curse placed on me and I need you to break it," Phoebe said smiling and showing the picture. Mindy looked concerned for a moment and pursed her lips. "Have you tried destroying the picture?" she asked shrugging her shoulders. "Yes, is there anything that you can do?" Phoebe asked a little scared. Mindy just yawned a bit and looked over the picture. "Okay I can try something," she said going into the kitchen and coming back out with a bottle of red liquid. "Just try drinking this and you should be fine. That'll be 50 dollars," Mindy said. Phoebe didn't fight with her and paid the money. She went back out to catch a cab home. She'd just be alone for a while, drink this, and she'd probably be fine. After all Mindy had removed the curse that her buildings janitor had put on her so she'd be fine. As soon as Phoebe was in a cab she drank the liquid down fast. It tasted horrible but at least it would get the job done. She sat back and got her heart to calm down a little bit. Okay this was good, it was all good. She told herself. Suddenly her cab came to a stop in front of a…RV? "Why did we stop?" Phoebe asked wondering what was up with this guy. "This is where you told me to go," the Indian cabbie barked at her in a thick accent. This wasn't right…was it? After all why would this be right? But she had told him to go here apparently and she tried to remember if she had lived anywhere else and no. It was this RV. A sense of calm came over her. She loved the RV, it meant that she could go anywhere and do anything that she wanted. If she ever needed to travel for days at a time she never left her home. She smiled, this was right. She paid the cabbie and walked up to her home. Opening the door a stench hit her nostrils hard. "Oh wow! I need to clean this place," Phoebe said not noticing that her inflection was a little bit different now. It had a bit of a twang to it. Phoebe didn't notice it as she started to clean up a little bit. She put the photos down on the table and wasn't really sure where to start. There were clothes everywhere, old food, and what looked to be spilled motor oil. How had she left this place get so bad? Well it was time to make everything nice and clean. She thought to herself as she started to pick up some clothes. Just then she felt the room start to spin. She was getting a bit dizzy. She blinked a bit and held onto the table. What was wrong with her? That was when she realized that the last time she had eaten was hours ago. She needed to go and get something to eat. Then she could come back and focus on what she had been doing, whatever it was. She knew of this burger place about a block or two away. So she didn't need to go too far to get something to eat. The place was a little bit rundown and wasn't exactly the cleanest but Phoebe liked it. It was always fast and a she never had to worry about a long wait for food. She wasn't the kind of person who'd wait more than five minutes for something to eat. For some reason the thought of eating meat should have disgusted her but she shook her head. Who in their right mind didn't like to eat meat? She looked at the menu and thought it over for a minute. "I'll have da triple bacon burger with extra-large fries," she said not in a New York accent but one that sounded like she was from Tennessee. "Oh and I'd love a large shake," she said smiling as she went to sit down. It took them about five minutes to get her food ready and to bring it to her. Phoebe thanked them and started digging in, grease dribbling down her chin as she ate. As she ate the greasy food a few changes started to take place to Phoebe. It started at her toes which swelled up into something resembling ham hocks. Her ankles and calves formed into one solid mass of pure cankles. Phoebe had always felt that she had an ass that wouldn't quit, in fact she was certain that it was one of the better features that she had. That was going to quickly change. Her thighs started inflating as she chomped on that burger and ate it faster and faster. They quickly met each other and cellulite started to litter the back of her legs, making it seem like she had been this big for a long while. Her body started to rise in its seat a bit as her rump started to grow out in all directions. She noted that the formerly hard wood chair felt a bit better now and she adjusted herself to get a bit more comfortable which was easy. Her hips flared out over the edges of the chair, the seat wasn't exactly huge and with Phoebe's new figure she was spilling out of it. Not that it bothered her though, the food was good and she needed more of it. She started to suck hard on her shake and her stomach started to grow forward. A tire of fat now circled her waist, her new stomach flab was actually touching the table. It felt a little uncomfortable now but she shrugged it off. Her love handles oozed out of the back of her body. Her chest had always been decent sized, not too big but not too small in her mind. That changed rather quickly, her breasts surged outward and grew to a massive size. She had B cups before but now she easily had an E cup. That amount of heft would have been fine had her breasts remained perky but gravity quickly took hold of them and since her bra has disappeared they came to rest on top of her rather large stomach. She was close to finishing her meal now and was really in the home stretch. She started feasting on the last half of her fries. Her arms grew to that of a husky woman. A kind of woman who never lifted anything but food to her mouth and simply opened doors. It was devoid of muscle tone and in some ways her arms were as useless as a T-Rex's. Her clavicle disappeared under a layer of fat along with her neck and cheek bones. She had always had a pretty face but the excess flab made it a bit more plain looking. She was more a homely woman now with two chins and was quickly working on getting a third one. The excess fat affected her nose a little bit, causing it to look more bulbous. Phoebe had walked into the joint a 120-130 pound woman but she was now easily 250 pounds. Her clothes had grown with her but they had also changed. At this point in her life Phoebe was wearing clothes from higher end places but they had been replaced with a ratty pair of jean shorts and a white tank top. Everyone could see her nipples but no one said anything about it. After all they weren't exactly the best place in the world and she was a regular. Phoebe downed the rest of her food quickly and took a second to catch her breath. She had eaten too fast and her face was red now. She fanned her face with a napkin to cool down. The grease that she had eaten did have a slight effect. Her face was a hair more broken out a bit but nothing awful. Her skin was just a bit more damaged than before and a had a few ugly red marks all over it but those could easily be hidden with make-up. Phoebe rested for about five minutes before getting up from her seat. She grunted as she got up, not happy that she had to carry around all of this bulk. She debated calling a cab as her thighs rubbed together as she started to walk but it wasn't worth the money. She'd be okay, she had done it before and she'd do it again. Instead of the expensive heels that she had been wearing before she was wearing a pair of well-worn flip-flops. She didn't look like she was even from New York anymore. She looked like she belonged in a trailer park in Georgia. She got a few disgusting glances as she walked but also a few interested ones. After all she was showing off her nipples and her giant chest. She wasn't the best in the world but there were at least a few men who wouldn't mind being with her for one night. Thanks to her increased size it took double the amount of the time to get back to her RV. She was sweating and panting as she reached there. The RV seemed a bit tighter now for some reason but she wasn't sure why. She shrugged it off, her head was still aching a bit and she probably needed a bit of sleep. The mess didn't even bother her as she went to the back of her RV to get some shut eye. She undressed, left her clothes on the floor, and elected to sleep naked. No one would come around here to bother her. She wasn't in a great part of town but she was in a semi-safe area. Besides if anyone did try anything she had her shotgun by the side of her bed. Which she happily patted. She flopped her body down on the bed causing her mattress to squeak. In all honesty she needed a new one but she didn't have the money for it. She took out a pack of cigarettes that she rested by the bed and started to smoke them like it was the most natural thing in the world. Some nagging feeling told her that something was off, something about all of this just isn't right. She tried to focus her brain a little bit as she thought about her day. She knew that she had gone to visit…someone and something had happened but she simply wasn't sure what. She puffed away on her cigarette some more. She had visited someone else to get some drink and had wasted some money. Ah well it didn't matter too much anyway. Tomorrow was Saturday and she had big planes for tomorrow. She was going to go out and get herself a man and bring him back here. She was feeling a bit horny and she needed something to get her through the next week. She knew a few places that she could go. For a split second she thought about going to one of those fancier clubs but just smiled and laughed at herself. "Shoot gurl, ya know ya can't afford them fancy places," she chuckled. She put out her cigarette and fell asleep for the night. The next day Phoebe woke up late. Wait…Phoebe? "Why do I think ma name is Ph-o-be?" she asked herself. Going to the table she found a letter from the government about receiving assistance. It was addressed to Porsha. "That's right…I dunno what I was thinkin' before," she said to herself scratching her head. She her hair looked like a rats nest at the moment and her formerly perfect blonde hair had changed overnight into something that came from a bottle. One of the expensive ones at the pharmacy, a whole ten dollars. Porsha walked over to the fridge and found it mostly barren except for beer. She shrugged and started to drink it. She let out a fart as she did so and simply shrugged that off as well. She wasn't really a fancy kind of girl. Part of her tried to remind her that she was supposed to be and she wanted to be that girl but her stomach rumbled. She went over to hear wallet to see what she had in it. Nothing much, her license which she hadn't renewed in five years. It still had her weight at 170. A few government cards and two dollars. That wasn't right…she had a multitude of credit cards yesterday along with over two hundred dollars in there. Ugh! There was that damn voice again. She never had any of that stuff. She chugged her beer to silence that voice in her head and grabbed a pack to smoke. She was still naked from the previous night. She decided to sit back and watch TV until it was time to head out. She'd find some guy to buy her some food that way she'd eat. It wouldn't be hard she knew a bar about 10 blocks away. She'd have to take the bus but that'd be fine. Porsha spent the rest of her day just lazing around and drinking. After the second hour she started to get a good buzz on and was feeling really good about everything. Part of her had wanted to clean up for a little bit but really what was the point of it? She'd just dirty it up later and she knew where everything was. Besides there was no reason to go all out. Men didn't mind a little bit of dirt. So what if there was a pizza box from three months ago on the floor? She'd get to it eventually. Soon enough it was time to head out for the night. She went to the bathroom to wash her face and found a surplus of make-up in there. "Oh right! How da hell could I have forgotten to put my face on?! Dumb Porsha," she said laughing and hitting herself on the head a little bit. She needed to look her best. Phoebe had always known how to do make-up just right. It would occasionally be a little heavy but it always looked good on her. All of that information on make-up had apparently been sucked out of Porsha's head. She had no clue how to do any of this stuff to make it look good. She just knew what she liked and what she thought men liked. Before too long her face was caked in purple eye shadow on top and yellow eye shadow under her eyes. She put too much foundation and blush on her cheeks, giving them a rosy color that was most unnatural. She put on fire truck red lipstick as well. It wasn't perfect but checking herself over in the mirror she was happy with it. She started to scratch her ass and took a deep look into the mirror. Just then Phoebe was able to take over and caught sight of herself in the mirror. "Oh my god…." She screeched as she looked over her body. "I need to get out of here…I need to do something…" she said trying to move but found it very difficult to. The stench in the RV hit her nose hard as she left the bathroom and she looked around in horror. The potion hadn't worked she needed to do something. This wasn't her, she wasn't some piece of white trash. She started to hyperventilate and that gave the Porsha part of her the chance to take over again. "What da fuck am I doin' out here?" she asked herself her twang coming back. She felt a small sting in her gut as she heard that twang. Something was up with it but she didn't have time to think about it. The bars would be filling up soon and she had to get out there. There wasn't too much that she could do with her hair so she wore it up in a bit of a messy beehive look. It looked pretty appalling but Porsha felt it looked fantastic. "I look so good I wanna fuck ma self," she said happily. Just then she remembered that she should brush her teeth and get some good breath before she headed out. She went to do that and as she brushed her teeth the magic took control again. Instead of cleaning up her teeth it made it look like she was someone who had never gone to the dentist. Her previously straight teeth become crooked, the perfect white shine she had taken years to get dulled into that of a dull yellow, stained by liquids and nicotine. It was obvious that she had a few cavities but she didn't have money to get them fixed so she mostly ignored them. Besides her teeth really didn't hurt that badly. As she finished brushing one of the teeth came loose and she had to spit it out. It had rotted to the core. She smiled to herself in the mirror and shrugged it off. It was one that you couldn't see and she couldn't fix it so she should she care. In fact the only reason she had a tooth brush was to fix up her breath when she went out but it didn't matter, she had fairly rancid breath no matter what she did to try and make it better. Luckily the stench of alcohol mostly covered it up. She then moved on to go and put some nail polish on. Previously her nails had been fairly simple and straightforward. Nothing too crazy, just some simple polish to look a bit better. As she put the polish on her nails they slowly yet surely changed. They grew longer and became very fake. The kind that she could go and get in a nail salon. Instead of a simple red color they became trashy and pink with white spots on them. They didn't really look good and they would make it harder to do things with her hands but she thought they looked super cool. She blew on them just to make sure that any polish on them was dry. "Jus' gotta be sure I don' break a nail," she murmured to herself. It was making it harder to go and get stuff done but luckily most of the hard stuff was done. She just had to get dressed and she'd be ready to go. As she walked to her closet all of her previous lovely clothes were being replaced with clothes that she had either gotten for free or found at Goodwill. Nothing matched and most were ratty but Porsha loved them. To her they were the fanciest things that she owned and she was out to impress tonight. That's why she elected to go with a lime green dress that was about a half size too small on her. She was able to squeeze herself into it but flesh oozed out every opening. She could barely breathe in it and if she tried to sit down she'd most likely tear it. Still the dress showed off her Grand Canyon of cleavage and that's what most men would be looking at. So what if she had a big blue vein at the top of her cleavage? No one would even notice it. She put on some cheap perfume which stunk and thanks to the magic of the camera made her body stink even more than it already had. Her whole body would carry that stench wherever she went now. She elected not to wear any underwear, tonight was going to be a fun night and she didn't want anything getting in the way of it. Besides all them celebrities probably didn't wear underwear so why should she? Porsha didn't own a pair of heels so she'd be wearing flip-flops but she knew this dive bar where no one cared. She slowly yet surely made her way to the bus. She got on and paid the small fee, there was room to sit but she didn't feel like she could get away with it so she simply stood and held onto the rail. While holding onto the rail she revealed her armpit to the world and it became obvious that she was too lazy to shave as a small patch of brown hair blossomed out. That was her natural hair color after all. Her roots were showing on her head but the fake blonde was the primary color. Her look disgusted a great number of people on the bus but a few guys were staring at her humungous ass and chest. She noted that and felt sexy. She gave them a little wiggle every time that the bus moved. It took about 45 minutes in traffic since it was a Saturday but she finally got to her stop. She slowly made her way off and into the bar. It was a fairly depressing place. It didn't look like it had ever been good. The whole place was rundown and full of men who simply wanted a cheap drink along with a few hookers who knew that they could get someone who would pay them some decent money they couldn't find anywhere else. Porsha looked over everyone and smiled. She felt at home here and went up to the bartender and ordered a few Bud Lights. Something night and cheap, she took out a cigarette to smoke. Technically it was probably against the law but the owners didn't care. They wanted to smoke and no one complained about it so what did they care? Porsha downed her first beer rather quickly and ordered another as a drunk man stumbled over to the bar. He was dressed in a suit and looked like he had been dragged here by someone else. This guy actually looked kinda respectable. She tugged at her dress to be sure that everything was on full display and went over to him smiling and showing off her awful teeth. "How y'all doin' tonight darlin'?" she asked putting her charm on full display for him. The drunk man looked over at her and smiled. He could only focused on her chest and didn't seem to notice anything else about her. "Darlin'? You're a bit far north for that," he said laughing in a New York accent. Still her accent did something for him. They didn't get too many Southern Belles up here and this was his chance to get with one. "Oh ya know just pretty ole me tryin' to make it big," Porsha said putting all of her charm on. The man smiled at her and looked straight at her chest. Porsha didn't care, as long as he was looking at something on her it was better than nothing in her mind. "Let's get this pretty lady another round," he slurred out and started talking to her. "Thank ya! My name is Porsha," she said chugging down the beer. As long as he was buying she was going to drink her heart out tonight. They two of them spent the next couple of hours talking and getting more and drunk. It turned out that he was a business man whose brother was in town and he wanted to go to this place. Porsha had to admit that the brother wasn't bad looking either but she was more focused on whatever his name was at the moment. It took her about ten beers to make her legs slowly yet surely feel like Jell-O but soon she was laughing and everything was on full display. "SWEET HOME ALA-BAMA!" she shrieked out. Years of smoking and drinking had destroyed her voice and she sounded like a cat. The only plus was the Southern twang but it was like putting lipstick on a pig, no amount of accent could save her singing voice. Not that John, that was his name, cared. In his eyes here was this beautiful big breasted blonde woman who seemed interested in him. He honestly wasn't sure what to fully do with it and he looked over to his brother who gave him the thumbs up. Now his brother didn't have the best taste in women but his blessing had to mean that she was decent. His beer goggles were on and he needed just an idea of what he was dealing with. "How a….about we-we head somewhere," John suggested smiling as he wrapped his arms around her. She felt a little large but he simply chalked it up to him being drunk. There was no way that she could really be that big. She was just a curvy woman, she felt kind of good really. Porsha blushed a bit, she may love sex but that didn't mean she didn't feel a little embarrassed about it. "Ya gotta car?" she asked him. She didn't feel like taking the bus again. "Sure! My place or yours?" he asked quite happily. He was horny as hell and he was ready for this. "Mine," Porsha said. She didn't want to have to deal with having to find her way back to her RV and it was just easier this way. She was currently hanging on to him and was basically ready to have sex with him right now. Something about his smell was turning her on like crazy. Part of that was the magic increasing her libido tenfold. Her legs were shaking with anticipation at being with him tonight. She moaned and licked her lips causing her lipstick to smear. She hadn't put it on great and was paying the price for it now. "Let's go!" he said leaving his brother behind. His brother was currently chatting with some heifer, oh he felt bad for him. John didn't drive anything too fancy just a Volvo but Porsha was impressed. "Damn this is like a super cool car!" she said slowly lowering herself in. Despite her best efforts to be careful when she sat down the seat of her pants ripped. She had too much to drink and she her stomach was pressing against her dress hard. Neither of them noticed the loud ripping noise as they were both too drunk and horny to notice. "So where do you live?" he asked trying to sober up somewhat so he didn't get caught drunk driving. "Oh its close! Just gotta go an' make a left for a bit," she said looking at all of the buttons on the car. Previously she had known what all these buttons did but now it was like she was looking at some French cheese eating surrender monkey shit. So she decided not to play with them at all. Besides she'd be very likely to break a nail and she didn't want to embarrass herself like that. She'd just die if she looked anything other than her perfect self in front of him, she thought as she carefully and quietly let out a rather large fart. It took them about fifteen minutes to get back to her RV and John looked a bit confused as he pulled up to it. He gave her a look. "You sure this is the place?" he asked raising and eyebrow. "Yessir!" she said happily and getting out of the car. "I didn't realize they had RV's in New York…" he said hiccupping a bit. He was slowly starting to sober up but it wasn't going to happen quickly enough. "Well that jus' make me diffren' from y'all!" she said trying to do her best sexy walk to the RV. John just followed her and he didn't noticed that her dress had ripped and was basically falling off her. She led him into the RV and the first thing he noticed was the horrible stench and how messy it was. Part of him told him that he should go and get out of there right away but then he saw her breasts and he elected to stay. "So are y'all ready for this?" Porsha asked in a husky voice. She started doing the best sexy dance that she could but given the tight space and her overall size it was very hard to do. Really all she looked like was a jiggling mass of flesh as she tried to take her dress off. It was hard to do but as she bent over to try and show off her breasts there was a loud ripping sound and the rest of the dress ripped off and showed her body. John was starting to have serious regrets but he had come this far and he was horny. So what if she wasn't the best looking woman in the world? At least she was a woman and he had been able to get her. Besides this erection wasn't going to take care of itself he just had to deal with the stench. He thought that it had just been the bar before but it appeared that it had been her. He was going to take a deep breath and just go and get into it. "So are you ready baby?" he asked in a husky voice trying to sound his best. Porsha just smiled and jiggled at him. "Oh you betcha darlin'!" she said leading him to the bedroom. She started to kiss him as they got into the tiny room and he just realized how bad her teeth were. He was fairly certain that he felt a loose tooth on her. He started to run his hands over her large body and found it to be quite fleshy and thick. He moved his hands to her breasts and while they felt overly large he was happy with them. They felt great to play with and Porsha laughed a hick laugh as he touched her. "Oh hun! That's fantastic!" she moaned out as she fell onto the bed with a thud. She went to remove her thong but it was so old that she had worn out the elastic a long time ago and it basically fell tore off. Ah well she'd just stop by Goodwill tomorrow to get something, they were clean enough after all. John started to undress himself as he got a better view of her body she still looked solid and he climbed on top of her after he got undressed. "Oh lord you're beautiful…" he murmured as he took in her whole body. Even in his drunk state he found her fat very soft and comforting. The one downside was that she was a bit sweaty but the bar had been warm and there was no air movement in here. He started to play with her chest a little bit more and sucked on her nipples. As he started to touch and feel her body the camera worked its magic again. Small hairs started to appear on her body along with some stretchmark's from her rapid weight gain. As he inserted his penis into her pussy it started to lose a little bit of traction. It was as if she had been with way too many men in her time. Her pussy felt tight at first but now it was starting to feel a bit loose, not as fun as John thought it was going to be. He started to kiss her fat neck as he did his business. It wasn't amazing and it wasn't great. It was simply sweaty, simple, steamy, stinky sex but it was satisfying for the both of them. Porsha came and was happy about it. She held onto him tightly even after they were done. She loved the feel of him on her skin. All of the activity and all of the beer that she had drank tonight were starting to hit her now. She stretched a little bit and wrapped him into her fat arms and was about to sleep when she heard a noise outside. "Ya hear that?!" she screamed and reached for her shotgun. John was scared as he looked up at her. He just wanted to fall asleep but she heard something outside. That couldn't be good. He was scared for a second as she headed outside with her shotgun. Just then he heard a shout and some happy whooping. "What was that?!" he shouted at her thinking that she had killed someone. "WOO WOOOOOOOO!" she screamed coming back in and holding a raccoon by its tail. "I got us some good eaten fer tomorrow!" she screamed proudly showing off the killed raccoon. "Ya don't always find some coons round here! But when ya do they're amazin'!" she said smiling happily and showing off her catch. John was now certain that he may have made a mistake and that this woman was not the love of his life. He was going to go and leave but she just threw the dead animal into the kitchen and joined him back on the bed. She yawned and wrapped her arm around him again. "Night," she mumbled making it impossible for him to escape so he did the only thing that he could, he fell asleep and thought of a way to escape without eating any raccoon tomorrow. When John woke up in the morning he could hear Porsha snoring next to him. He debated the best way to get out of her. Looking at her he noted a hairy mole on the back of her neck. He made a note to kill his brother. This woman was just a horrible mistake. As soon as he saw the RV he should have just ran out of here. He took a deep breath and tried not to gag. Her smell was horrible! Was it her or was it the RV. As he took a closer look around he was sure that he saw a wet towel with some mold growing, at least that's what he thought. He did his best to slip out from under her embrace. Not actually too bad really, her sweat made it easy for him to get out of her embrace. He felt sweaty and he wanted to take a shower but he escaped. He just put on his underpants and grabbed everything else. As he made his way to the door he could smell the rotting flesh of that raccoon. He almost threw up but he was able to open the door quietly and he made his way to his car. Once he was in his car he felt safe and started to drive away from there as fast as humanly possible. He checked the time, it was only 8 AM. This would be the biggest walk of shame of his life. Meanwhile the loud snoring in the RV grew louder and louder as the day went on. She didn't awake from her drunken stupor until a little after noon. "Where'd dat boy go?!" she asked no one in particular. "Ah well he ain't that great anyways and I got me some coon!" she said happily and lumbered her heavy form up off the bed. Her lumbering caused the RV to rock a little bit but she was used to it at this point. Porsha made her way into the kitchen to start skinning the coon so she could deep fry it. There was nothing like a good deep fried coon. She would have liked a few squirrels too but most of the squirrels seemed to have disappeared from the area. She'd live with the coon. She hummed to herself as she set everything up. She just tossed anything that she wasn't going to eat outside the RV with any luck she'd attract some other critters that she could eat. As she deep fried it her skin slowly yet surely started getting worse along with her overall health. It was as if she could feel her body getting clogged with all of the grease and fat that she had eaten over the years at once. It made her feel more tired, and slower. She yawned a little bit as she fried it up. It took her about fifteen minutes to get it fried up to her liking. She licked her lips. This meant that she was going to eat today. She had only had something to drink yesterday and she was ready to go crazy on this. As she ate her raccoon something started happening to her insides. Phoebes' stomach had never been the best since she had grown up on the streets and had just been able to eat whatever she had been able to get her hands on back then but she had never eaten critters like Porsha did. The effect was that her stomach had been ruined over years of that awful diet. It meant that she felt bloated and gassy all the time but hungry at the same time. She needed to eat and it did make her feel better even though she got very gassy. It only took Porsha five minutes to finish off the coon and just as she did Phoebe was once again able to take control. Of course as she did Porsha had let out a large fart which horrified Phoebe as she took over. Phoebe felt horrified as she looked at her fork. She was eating meat! Why was she eating meat?! Then she took a deep breath and nearly threw up from it. The curse was working…wait she needed to stay calm. If she didn't stay calm then she'd never get back to normal and suddenly she heard a knock on her door. She looked around for something to cover herself and found a robe. It barely fit her and it showed off all of her flab but it was better than nothing. When she opened the door the face of Janice met her. "You bitch!" Phoebe said. Janice just smiled at her. "Oh hello there Phoebe Mind if I come in?" she said making her way in and dealing with the smell. Oh how far this woman had fallen. She knew the transformation was complete and it was time to gloat a bit. "Where are Monica and Rachel?" Phoebe asked putting her hands on her rather large hips. "Oh don't worry about them you'll see them again in about a week I just wanted to make a quick stop in to see how you were doing. It appears that you're about where I expected," she said nodding her head and leaving the door open to air this RV out. It smelled of death and sex. "Why did you do this?" Phoebe asked getting to the point. "Oh Phoebe that'd ruin all of the fun for you! I want you to understand that this had to be done. I'm sorry you ended up like this but it's for the best for both of us," Janice said patting the heavyset woman on the shoulder. "No! Stop this! You can reverse it I'll give you anything," Phoebe said. "Oh you'll have your chance to beg later as I said this was just a small check in to be sure the camera was working and I can say that it is, by the way what's with the dead raccoon outside?" Janice asked. A look of horror came over Phoebe's face and wanted to throw up. "Oh god….that's what I was….you are an evil woman! You didn't need to do this!" she scream and debated making herself throw up. Then again it didn't seem like it would taste any better coming up. The worst was over, the worst was over she told herself. "Oh you'll find out I'm just happy that you're doing so well. I hope that you have a pleasant day…what was your name again?" Janice asked. Phoebe looked confused and was about to answer correctly but her new self once again took over. "Porsha, who da hell are y'all?" she asked confused at who this odd Jew girl was in front of her. Janice just smiled and nodded her head happily. "Oh don't worry too much about it honey, I just stopped by to see who lived here. Thank you very much," she said walking off back to her expensive car. Porsha just watched her and her tiger striped pants leave. She gave a bit of a shrug. That seemed odd to her, started smoking a cigarette out of habit. These New Yorkers were always odd. They acted like they had never seen an RV before. She went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. "Hey I still have some coon left!" she said going to the plate and licking it up. While she finished eating her food she looked down at this odd photo that she had. Well it was actually two of them together. One of them was of her smiling happily in her RV and the other was of this odd stick of a woman. Something was odd about her. It seemed like a kind of person that Porsha wouldn't know but at the same time it was like she should know her. Ugh this made her head hurt. She needed another beer, she thought and grabbed one. She almost broke her nail opening the can. Still she couldn't stop looking at this picture of this woman. Who was she? And why the hell was her picture here? Had it blown in or had she found it in the garbage when she was looking around for some leftovers? This whole thing was just stupid and why as she wearing this robe? She was all alone! She should be naked. She took it off and looked to see if she had missed any food around the house. After digging around in the pantry for a little bit she ended up finding some chips! She couldn't believe her luck, they were past the expiration date and when she took a bit out of them they were a bit stale but it was good enough for her. She walked over to her broken couch and laid out on it. She put the chips on her stomach and started chowing down as she flipped around. She didn't get many channels but she was able to find some trashy reality TV. She was happy with it. As she lay there stuffing her face there was one last effect that took effect. The changed history that had made Phoebe into Porsha had aged her a bit. Not in actual years but it made her look older. About three decades of hard life was sure to ruin someone's looks more than it already had. Her hair become frizzy and lifeless thanks to years of using dyes. The heavy smoking and drinking had destroyed the looks on her face and previous small lines on her face had grown and made her look a good ten years older. It was as if she was tired all the time. She let out a heavy cough thanks to the layer of ash covering up her lungs. If she actually went to the doctor she'd find that she had high blood pressure and cholesterol but it wasn't like she cared. She loved her fried foods and found them to be too good to give up. In fact she wished that lady earlier had left her some money so she could go and get some food. It was time to start begging again. She got up and let out a grunt. The excess weight that she carried had worn down her joints. She went and took some Advil to help deal with the pain in her knees and back. She didn't know why it hurt she just knew that it did and she loved painkillers. She went to the closet to find her most tattered clothes that she could find. Nothing too much, just an old pair of ripped shorts and a ratty shirt that looked like it was from the 80's. She put on some flip-flops and took a hat with her. There was a corner she went to when she needed money. The worst part was that she couldn't smoke or drink. She had found that people didn't like to give her money when she did that. To walk the five blocks to her favorite spot took her a good forty-five minutes. She was exhausted, sweating up a storm and collapsed onto the sidewalk. She just put out her hat and sat there breathing heavily and doing her best to look pathetic. It didn't take long for people to start giving her money and she just thanked them. She looked over to her side and saw someone playing the guitar, for a second she thought that she could do that but as she thought about it the person started playing better. The camera had sapped all of her talent and sent it over to the other player. All she could do was look on with envy as she played better and got more money than she did. She had always wanted to learn to play the guitar but it was really pointless. Learning to play would just take away from her time watching TV or drinking. So there Porsha said pathetically. She had to rely on the kindness of strangers. What had previously been a strong independent woman was a woman who hadn't taken a shower in days and probably wouldn't until she came across a YMCA in her travels or if it rained. Someone came by and asked why he should give her money. "Well y'all should cause I can dance!" Porsha said struggling to get to her feet and once she did she started to try and dance a little bit. It was awful. She was jiggling all over and her shirt wasn't even covering her massive stomach anymore. More people passed by and felt sorry for her so it meant that she could get more money. She could only keep it up for five minutes though until she had to stop and fall back to her well-padded ass. Janice had happened to pass by and couldn't help but laugh. She'd have to come and get her later but it was amazing how far she had fallen. No, Phoebe wouldn't be a threat to steal her Bing-A-Ling ever again and that was just how she liked it. Chandler was hers, she had just finished visiting Rachel and she was no better than this. She honestly wasn't sure which one was more pathetic at this point. She stood there for a few minutes to see what the new Phoebe did. Once she got enough money she made her way into a McDonalds and started to chow down. As she was sitting her pants slid down and showed off her massive asscrack. The woman really had no shame and was even hitting on one of the teens in there! Janice just shook her head and continued on her journey. She was getting there, it wouldn't be too long before Chandler was his forever. She'd visit Phoebe, no Porsha, again in a week all there girls deserved one last chance to be together. It would be quite the humiliating experience. Please review and if you are interested in anything like this please contact me. Second part to be up soon. swiggy3000 Member Posts: 42 Joined: Sat Aug 18, 2012 12:13 pm Top Re: A Curse Among FRIENDS (Downgrade, various) Postby Alice » Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:49 am Really great tale. I hope we'll see you continue it. Alice Top Re: A Curse Among FRIENDS (Downgrade, various) Postby swiggy3000 » Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:49 pm A Curse Among Friends Part 2: Rachel Rachel watched Phoebe run out the door and felt her heart fall into her stomach. If Phoebe was leaving that couldn't be a good thing for any of them. Rachel often felt that Phoebe was a bit of an odd one but the woman seemed to have a sense for curses and the like. Normally they turned out to be fake but Rachel couldn't help but feel that things might be a bit different this time around. She looked her lips and looked over at Monica who just seemed to be pissed. "Really Janice? You think that you can just come in here and show us joke photos?" Monica asked placing her hands on her hips. The vein in her head started to throb, Rachel noted. Rachel saw the smile on Janice's face and that gave her pause so she stepped in. "Okay this was really funny Janice, these were funny but I think that well it's a bit too much," Rachel said trying to play peacemaker. After all if Janice had no qualms coming in and insulting them then she might not have any issues doing other things. Janice just rolled her eyes at them and smirked. "Oh girls you need to realize what Phoebe realized, this isn't a joke. Those are your true selves and the sooner you accept that and adapt to it the happier you'll all be," Janice said smirking. Rachel felt her heart pounding. She had to be making this up, she just had to be making this up. There was no way that this could be true. Magic didn't exist. Just telling herself that calmed her down and made her feel a ton better. "Oh trust me, the next day or so will be illuminating for all of you," Janice said looking at the both of them. "I'll see both of you later," Janice said taking her camera and walking out of the apartment with it, giving them both a little wink as she made her escape. Neither of the women tried to stop her, they both weren't sure what they should do or say. "She was just making that up, right?" Rachel asked and Monica gave her a look. "Of course she made it up, she was just trying to mess with us. She just knew you were sensitive about your nose and she had someone Photoshop you looking like this. Phoebe is just being Phoebe. You'll be fine," Monica said rolling her eyes. Anonymous 03/25/17 (Sat) 12:31:09 No.1696 A Curse Among Friends Part 2: Rachel Rachel watched Phoebe run out the door and felt her heart fall into her stomach. If Phoebe was leaving that couldn't be a good thing for any of them. Rachel often felt that Phoebe was a bit of an odd one but the woman seemed to have a sense for curses and the like. Normally they turned out to be fake but Rachel couldn't help but feel that things might be a bit different this time around. She looked her lips and looked over at Monica who just seemed to be pissed. "Really Janice? You think that you can just come in here and show us joke photos?" Monica asked placing her hands on her hips. The vein in her head started to throb, Rachel noted. Rachel saw the smile on Janice's face and that gave her pause so she stepped in. "Okay this was really funny Janice, these were funny but I think that well it's a bit too much," Rachel said trying to play peacemaker. After all if Janice had no qualms coming in and insulting them then she might not have any issues doing other things. Janice just rolled her eyes at them and smirked. "Oh girls you need to realize what Phoebe realized, this isn't a joke. Those are your true selves and the sooner you accept that and adapt to it the happier you'll all be," Janice said smirking. Rachel felt her heart pounding. She had to be making this up, she just had to be making this up. There was no way that this could be true. Magic didn't exist. Just telling herself that calmed her down and made her feel a ton better. "Oh trust me, the next day or so will be illuminating for all of you," Janice said looking at the both of them. "I'll see both of you later," Janice said taking her camera and walking out of the apartment with it, giving them both a little wink as she made her escape. Neither of the women tried to stop her, they both weren't sure what they should do or say. "She was just making that up, right?" Rachel asked and Monica gave her a look. "Of course she made it up, she was just trying to mess with us. She just knew you were sensitive about your nose and she had someone Photoshop you looking like this. Phoebe is just being Phoebe. You'll be fine," Monica said rolling her eyes. Rachel did feel a little bit better when Monica said that. It did make sense, Janice had been around them a lot and just talking to Chandler she'd know what made them feel sensitive. It'd stand to reason that she knew how to mess with them. Rachel felt better about all this and allowed herself to breath. She smiled at Monica. "So are you going to call Phoebe or should I?" Rachel asked knowing that one of them should go and calm her down. Just then Monica's cellphone rang. "Oh it's Chandler I gotta take it, how about you call Phoebe and we'll get together later tonight," Monica said shooing Rachel out with her hand. Rachel didn't really want to leave but she knew when it was time to go. She grabbed her purse and her phone so she could go and give Phoebe a call. As she left she took out her phone to place a call to Phoebe but found that Phoebe's number wasn't in her phone anymore. Rachel thought that was odd and she tried to remember the number but it just wasn't coming to her mind. She pursed her lips and let out a sigh. Ah well she'd head down and get some coffee while she thought these things over. She'd get in contact with Phoebe there soon enough. Maybe Gunther had her number. At the thought of Gunther Rachel couldn't help but smile. He was such a cutie after all this his hair…and handsome looks. Wait what was she thinking? She had always liked Gunther after all but she had never thought about him like that. Ugh what was up with her? She was just letting Janice get to her. Rachel went downstairs to Central Perk and moved to sit on the couch but found that other people were sitting there. That was odd, normally there was a little reserved sign there but it wasn't around. Oh well she'd just go and get her coffee to go. She got her coffee and started to make her way back to her place. She was living with Phoebe right now? No, it was Joey? Ross? Ugh who was she living with? She could feel a headache coming on and started to rub her temples and drink her coffee. It was like she started to go on autopilot at that point. She didn't really know where she was going but she just moved her legs one after the other until she reached what looked like the slums. She walked up the stairs and found the apartment she was looking for. It was a small little place, a main room that served mainly as a kitchen with a bathroom and a bedroom. It was nothing special and it was very cramped. The kind of place that one person could live if they didn't care about their living conditions. "What am I doing here?" Rachel asked herself. This wasn't home, or was it? She was having issues remembering things now. She went to the bathroom. Maybe if she washed her face she'd have a better clue. The place was a bit dirty, not too bad but it needed a good cleaning. Walking into the bathroom was a little sad, it was only a shower with a toilet and a sink. It looked like a germ infested place that she'd never go if she had the choice. However it was her home, wasn't it? She turned on the water and noticed it seemed just a hair dirty. Rachel really didn't want to wash her face but screw it. She washed her face off and looked up. Oh there was a nice mirror there. Well okay this place wasn't a total shithole. She looked in the mirror and smiled at herself in it. It was then she noticed something off. Her nose seemed weird. Rachel went up to touch it and feel it, was it bigger? Had something bit her? She wasn't sure but as she touched it she could feel it growing. Not just feel it but actually see it growing right in front of her. She turned her head to the side and gasped as she saw it stretching out and even hooking just a little bit. The whole thing was huge now, it's not even funny how big it was. It was looking like she was some cartoon character. At first she thought that she was on drugs as she went and tried to push her nose back into her face but found that impossible. Rachel could see her nostrils flaring and she wanted to start to cry. It was even bigger than her pre-nose job nose. In fact it reminded her of something…oh god that photo! She went to her purse to see if she had taken it with her and it appeared that she had. Holding the photo up to the mirror she found that it looked just as big as before. She gasped as a chill took over her entire body. It was real! All of this was real! This was real and Janice was attacking them. She needed to call both Phoebe and Monica. She reached into her purse which was no long a designer bag. For a second Rachel was sure that someone had stolen her purse but now…all of her stuff was in it except it wasn't what she had before. Instead of the normal contents of make-up, her wallet, her cellphone, and other things she found only a simple wallet. In a bag that looked like she had gotten it from some knock off store. It said that it was a designer bag but it was a fake, a really bad fake. Her cellphone was gone as well meaning that she couldn't talk to Phoebe or Monica. She could go and talk to them in person but suddenly found that she had no clue where they lived. Her head started to ache as she thought about this. It wasn't normal, something was wrong with this. This wasn't her reality. "No…No…you're Rachel Green you're Rachel…" she said to herself closing her eyes and trying to will herself back to normal. Still just wishing it didn't seem to be working at all. When she opened her eyes she found that her nose was still there and not only that, her clothes had changed. Instead of the stylish Ralph Lauren clothes that she had she found her new clothes to be quite plain. Not even cute plain. It was just plain. She looked like one of those Middle Eastern women who weren't allowed to show off their bodies. She tugged at the fabric to pull them off right away but suddenly a pang of shame came over her. Yes she was at home but still there could be men watching her, she couldn't allow them to see her body. She felt a little weak at the knees and wasn't exactly sure how to feel. This wasn't right, this wasn't how she was supposed to look like. She went back to the living area and started to pace around a little bit. Everything was all wrong and off. She found that there wasn't much room to pace though. This wasn't good, at least whatever it was. She couldn't take off her clothes and she looked like Toucan Sam. She looked around as she paced and not only was this place small but her possessions were very meager. Nothing looked fancy and it looked like the kind of stuff that Phoebe would have picked up at a flea market. Just then Rachel felt her stomach rumble. It had been hours since she had eaten and she needed to get something to fill her stomach. She thought about where to go out but as she thought about that it was as if a million recipes suddenly entered her head. The rush was almost too much for her, she started to rub her temples to calm herself down. She was starting to lose it. She was Rachel Green from Tel Aviv. No! She was Raziela from Long Island. No! That wasn't right either. This was starting to become too much for her. "Food…I need food and I'll feel how you say…better" she said going into the pantry to make herself something to eat. The pantry may have been small but it was well stocked but not with the kind of food that she would normally eat. Instead it was the kind of food that you'd find down the ethnic food aisle at the store. She really thought about going out again but the idea of potato pancakes sounded fantastic right now. She went into the pantry and quickly found the ingredients and started to make them. She started to hum a bit as she did. It started out as a rock song but slowly yet surely changed to something a bit more ethnic. She didn't even realize that she started speaking some of the lyrics in Hebrew as she cooked. As she made them she couldn't believe how big a batch she was making. She had only meant to make one or two for herself but instead ended up with ten. How had that happened? She could save some for later but they weren't really good heated up and she couldn't throw them out later. That would be wasteful and her mother would never allow that. One could not waste the food that they had made. She'd just have to eat all of her dinner by herself. She didn't have a ton of friends in the building. While she was frying up the pancakes she noted that her hair kept getting in her face. Not only was it annoying but it was just unladylike. She tied her hair back into a ponytail but that still seemed wrong. Her hair could still get in the way and really it wasn't modest. No one should have to see her hair. She had read that this only really applied to married women but a man shouldn't just get to look at her hair, it had to be something special. Rachel quickly went to her room which was only big enough for a bed, dresser, and TV really. She took out a plain looking scarf and wrapped it around her head. She was pleased that no one could see her now and she went back to frying up her dinner. More changes took place while Rachel fried up the food. All of the make-up that had previously adorned her face disappeared. In fact all of her make-up was gone, she had never bought any because her family had taught her that only sluts wear make-up to attract men and she certainly didn't want to be a slut. This had two effects on her face. She looked plainer, more down to Earth really. She still had a natural beauty it just wasn't on display as much as it had been. Her skin also broke out a little bit. There were a few minor blemishes but nothing too bad. The real issue were pox scars that marred her body. They were mostly hidden from view and even then did not make her look like a freak but when she had been younger she had gotten chicken pox, and measles. These bumps along with the scratching had left her body with angry red marks on her pale white skin. She could remember having those diseases and sighed. It was awful but her parents did not wish for her to get sick from the vaccines, it was for the best after all. Soon enough she was done cooking her food and proud of herself. She had learned how to cook from her mother who was an amazing teacher and she felt like such a good student. Her parents had been worried about coming here. Wait, that wasn't right. They had been worried that she was in the city but there wasn't a huge worry. What was going on? She just wished that she knew what was going on, the room was starting to spin. She needed to get some food in her and just as she thought about that she found that they were done. She put the potato pancakes on a plate and went over to her table to eat. It wasn't much, it was basically a folding table with what seemed to be a sturdy chair. She plopped down into the chair and wondered why she had such a big chair but the smell of the food had gotten to her and she started to devour her food. While Rachel ate the food her body was starting to absorb every calorie that she was eating like a sponge. Her ass was absorbing most of what she was eating, growing slowly yet surely. Had she been wearing the clothes that she had been wearing earlier it would have ripped but the conservative garb she had on was flowing and airy. Her thighs were growing out and plumping up like hot dogs. Her previous thigh gap was being filled by fat and it was going to slowly yet surely turn her sexy walk into more of a waddle. Her stomach flowed outward and started to take up her lap. It was more than likely lucky that she did not have a daughter otherwise there would not have been a lap for the poor girl to sit on. Her chest which was already impressive grew and sagged a bit thanks to gravity but not too bad. She still had a cute perkiness about her. If she wore the right bra then men would find her perfect. Not that she wanted men to find her too perfect. She preferred it when men didn't glance at her. The thought of a man looking at her and thinking about her body both embarrassed her and turned her on. She licked her lips which were slowly filling with fat along with the rest of her face. Her high cheek bones that had given her face its distinct shape were covered by layer upon layer of fat. Her chin had grown a friend to go along with it. Gravity helped it hang down lower and gave her a very plain look about her. Oh she was still cute but there was nothing special about her or her figure. Rachel was eating with her hands now and her chunky arms swayed as she gorged. She used to think that this was the sin of gluttony but as her mother had said. It would be wasteful if you didn't eat it. It wasn't gluttony, gluttony meant that one could not stop eating and she could stop whenever she wanted. Soon enough she was down and she leaned back in the chair moaning and groaning. She was feeling very full at the moment and could not eat anymore even if she tried, however she started to get mad at herself. She had wanted to go and have something that she could eat later and she had eaten it all up. "Stupid! Stupid girl! Food costs money," she said to herself and hit her head somewhat roughly. She was not a rich woman, she could not just waste meals like that. Looking down at her figure she knew that her mother would have some comments for her about it and she felt great shame. She needed to be smarter about how she ate, if she wasn't then she would end up on the street like some lazy person begging others for food. Raziela slowly made her way to the couch to sit down so she could watch some TV. She did not always understand what was happening on the shows but she found that she could mostly understand and pick them up, at least the good ones. She had watched a show one time about a cartoon sponge, it made little sense to her but maybe that was why American children were so dumb they watched things that they shouldn't be watching. Of course she knew that she should probably be doing something more constructive and as if it was out of thin air some knitting needles appeared next to her along with some yarn. Ah yes! She could do that while she was watching TV. That was another plus about America, the thread was so inexpensive that she could knit her own clothes. When she had first arrived she had walked into a store called Macy's and had nearly fainted when she saw the prices. Over forty dollars for a thin garment that would not keep her warm?! She'd have to go and buy a jacket with it and that was over a hundred dollars. The Star of David she kept around her neck was not that expensive and it was a religious icon. She had promised herself that she would never become as shallow and fake like the women who were working and shopping in the store. She grunted a bit as she got up to get a soda, her knees hurt from the weight she had put on. She had come here as a little twig who looked starved compared to the people of this city. She had always wanted to go to America to see if she could make something of herself. It was not that she didn't love her family back home it was just that she wanted to go out there. She was a modern woman, she didn't need to live at home until she found a husband. She could find one in America and maybe he would be rich enough to help bring her family over. As she opened the can of Coke she caught an image of herself in the mirror and almost dropped it. "Oh my god my nose…" Rachel said bringing her hands up to her face. It was so big, it was bigger than before her nose job. "Wha-What? This isn't my body!" she squealed as she looked at herself. Something was wrong and Janice and something to do with it, if she could find her maybe she could beg for forgiveness. After all Chandler had only accidentally seen her naked once she had never been interested in him. Rachel was breathing heavier and feeling suffocated. Maybe it was all of the extra fat but she knew that something was wrong this was wrong. She looked down at her arms and cried out. They were covered in scars of some sort she had never seen anything like this before but her once soft and perfect skin was no longer there instead it was this ugly kind of think. She looked like the kind of girl that she had seen in skin care ads. "I need to get back home…" Rachel said thinking hard about where that was and once again she felt a headache coming on. "No…no….no…" she said to herself. She had to stay in control. This wasn't her life this wasn't who she wanted to be! It was pointless though as Raziela looked at the can of Coke in confusion. She couldn't remember what she had been thinking but she assumed that it was not that important since she would have it in her head otherwise. She sat down to sip on her soda and watch TV. While she drank the soda another change began to take place. When she had been in Israel her parents had barely given her sweets of any kind and the only drink had been water, tea, or coffee. She had been fine with that not knowing what she had been missing. When she got to America the first thing she did was have a Coke and she was amazed at how good it was! Of course they had soft drinks in Israel but her parents had forbidden her to get one. They weren't around now and she was drinking them all the time. Unfortunately her dental hygiene could not keep up with the rate that she was drinking them. The sugar that she was eating was slowly starting to destroy her once lovely teeth. She needed a dentist to clean them but with no health insurance and no pain she simply figured that they were fine even if her mouth did taste a little fuzzy at times. As she finished up the drink her stomach began to jut out more. She did not realize the amount of calories that she was putting into her body with every can in fact all she knew was that the cans had odd numbers on the side that she wasn't sure what they meant. She thought it might be nutrition but she had trouble reading them so she simply kept on drinking them happily not realizing that she had become addicting to the sweet bubbles. The bubbles did calm her stomach down though and she quickly found herself sprawled out on her couch. It was a bit too tiny for her but she was okay with it. She was watching some show with a blonde woman that she didn't fully understand why it was funny but she heard other people laughing on the show so she did the same. Soon enough the caffeine had worked its way through her system and she was feeling quite tired. She stretched out a bit and yawned. Her eyes grew heavy and she fell asleep for the night. She had work to do tomorrow and she had to get her rest in. She found herself so tired that she didn't wish to move to the bed. Raziela woke up fairly early the next morning. She did not have to work until noon today and that meant that she could eat a little bit before she had to work. She would go in early though as she loved to see Gunther. Ah Gunther just the thought of him made her whole body tingle with excitement. She had yet to learn if he was an immigrant like herself or if he was born here but there was just something about him and his hair that made her so happy. She desperately wanted him to notice her but she was too shy to say anything. She was amazed that she had been able to get through the interview, she had been looking for a job when she had gone into that place to get some coffee and never wanted to leave. She had tried talking to him but her English wasn't so good and he had assumed that she was asking about the job. Too embarrassed to say no she had said yes and here she was currently a waitress who had trouble doing her work because she did not want to take her eyes off him. Raziela let out a shy as she felt her womanhood quiver. She knew that she should not be having these thoughts but she found that she was unable to help herself and her body reacted in such a way that the more she thought about him the more she found herself to love him. She wished that she could say something to him but anytime she did she found herself unable to speak her thoughts and simply places an order. Really though he was a good man, he owned the coffee house and had made something of himself. Gunther was the kind of man who could take care of her. She dreamed about working at the coffee house with him and then having children who would take it over one day. She just needed to get him to notice her first. She had thought about wearing some of the fashion that she had seen but found herself unable to bit the bullet. All those clothes were too expensive and too revealing for her. She sighed as she started making herself some breakfast. Nothing too insane simply waffles and eggs with a can of Coke. She found that she just needed one to start up the day and make her feel happy, she yawned and started to cook. Soon enough it was time for her to go into work and she elected to wear a shirt that she had bought at Goodwill. It had short sleeves but they weren't too short, they went up to her elbows and she felt that was perfect for the job. Something that was casual but cute at the same time. Next was a skirt that went to her ankles and hid her legs from the wolf like glances of the men in the city. Raziela looked in the mirror and debated if she should cover her hair or not. She saw many women in the city didn't do it, even the Jewish ones! She smiled at herself in the mirror and thought she was pretty enough but since she didn't wear make-up she was quite plain. A few people would call her ugly thanks to the ugly scars that marred her face. She played with a strand of her hair and sighed. It wasn't worth it and she quickly wrapped up her hair. Maybe one day he'd be able to see her hair but it would not be today. Raziela had to take three buses to reach Central Perk today. She wished that there was something a bit more direct but the way she understood the bus schedule this was it. Sitting on the bus was never too bad, at first it had been most uncomfortable but recently she found that her hardest problem was fitting in when it was full. There had been more than a few times that she had to sit next to someone and had to simply smile and say 'sorry' because her wide hips would touch the other person. Today that wasn't an issue and Raziela was free to spread out and stare off into space. The city was just so massive it felt like she would get lost in it sometimes. She remembered her childhood home it had been so big! Wait, big? No that was not right it had been quite small. She did not live in some lovely home it was small and cramped. Why had she thought that? She closed her eyes to think and her mind landed on New York. Raziela did her best not to laugh at that thought. She had not been lucky enough to be born in New York. If there was one thing that she found quite odd about the city it was the Jewish population. Most of them did not seem Jewish to her. Oh of course she had found a nice little church where people were kind. It was perfect, mostly married couples and families though. There were a few single people but none of the men seemed to have an interest in her. They just did not know enough about her family. It hurt but Raziela understood that, she did not have a lot to offer men. She was not beautiful like her sister. That had always bothered her, when the pox had come they had both gotten them but her sister was too young to remember or cause any damage to her skin. She knew that her sister would be married off to a wealthy merchant soon enough. She sighed, she would never be good enough for a successful man like Gunther. When she walked into work she almost walked over to the sofa to sit down. Now why would she do a silly think like that? The sofa was reserved for the best customers only she walked behind the counter and tried to tie the apron around her waist but she had grown so large and soft with fat that it was difficult for her to do. "Let me help you with that," Gunther said. She blushes as he touched her. It was only a small touch and he wasn't really touching her but feeling the back of his hand through her shirt made her womanhood happy. It was going to be a tough shift if it was happy like that all day long. Raziela quickly went to work serving the customers. Her first table wasn't bad, it was two women who both ordered coffee and muffins. They were out quickly and nice enough tippers. The best part was that there was half a muffin left! She could simply throw it out but that would be wasteful. That was something she saw too much of her, wasteful people. It had only been half an hour but already her knees and back were hurting her and she had to take a break to sit down. That was the worst part about this job, she ended up in pain far too much and she had messed up some orders. Unbeknown to Raziela as she worked more and more English was leaving her head. She had been able to chat with the first table fairly well but soon the only English words she really knew were orders and that was only because she looked at the menu and Gunther had helped her with it. Gunther wasn't really sure what to make of Raziela. She was a hard worker and did what she could although sometimes she misunderstood the kind of muffin that someone wanted. He was doing his best to help her adjust but it was slow going and she just seemed to smile at him all the time. It was honestly kind of creepy. Still he needed someone and people weren't lining up, plus she didn't break anything. So what if a few small things got screwed up? As far as he was concerned she was better than half the other people that he could get. Raziela got up from her break and walked over to a table to take their order. Unfortunately the table happened to be a bit too close to another one and as she walked by her rather wide hips knocked the cup of coffee off the table. "Hey!" a man screamed. "Oh I am…sorry sorry sorry" Raziela said her own accent coming out as she bent down to clean up the mess. She groaned a bit as she cleaned it up. She was on all fours, her ass sticking up in the air. The only reason she didn't look worse was because her skirt had some give to it. She cleaned it up easily enough and grunted as she got back up. "What you have? I get more," she said smiling. She was nervous but she always needed to smile. "Coffee black," the guy said relaxing a little bit. It wasn't this really this woman's fault. It had been a complete accident and he knew how rough some foreign people could have it in this country. "You were a bit rude," a woman with a British accent said to him pouting her lips. "I'm sorry Emily you're right. I just need to relax a little bit. I know she's trying it's just…well annoying," the man said feeling somewhat bad. "I know but look at her, she didn't even know what you were saying. She just knew it was her fault Ross. You're leaving her a big tip," Emily said to him. Ross grumbled a little bit. "Okay you're right, besides it looks like she could use some new clothes. Not everyone can be lucky enough to have such a stylish wife as I have," Ross said leaning over and kissing his wife on the cheek. Raziela looked over at the couple and found herself jealous that the woman could so easily kiss the man. Looking at the man she found his hair to be quite odd. She had never seen anything like it before and it confused her but she simply shrugged it off. She returned to the table. "Coffee, blackberry muffin," she said smiling. It was odd ever since Gunther had put these muffins on the menu a lot of people had been ordering them. Ross simply looked up and her and gave her a tight smile, "Thank you," he said nodding his head wondering how the hell he got a blackberry muffin. "Well you did say black, you should have just said plain or something like that," Emily shrugged picking at it. "It is quite good," she said and Ross rolled his eyes. The rest of the day went in much the same way, Raziela was having to be more careful about how she moved otherwise she was going to break something and she hated breaking something. She was certain that Gunther would take it out of her pay and he would be right to do it. It was her fault that she was messing up so much. Her mother told her that she was a screw up and today was simply a case that she had been telling the truth. Soon enough her shift was about to end. The coffee house was closing at ten tonight, something that she was thankful for. On the weekends they would stay open later and she could work those twelve hour days. She hummed an odd tune to herself and wiped down all of the tables. Once she was done she walked up to Gunther and smiled, showing off her slowly rotting teeth. "Is good?" she asked proudly. She wanted to make Gunther happy and show him that she was a good employee. Maybe if she did then Gunther would notice her and then they could get married and a have a lot of babies. Gunther smiled at her and nodded, "Very good," he said to her. Normally he avoided speaking in complete sentences to her. He had to admit that he loved it when she smiled. He wished that she knew a bit more English but she seemed to be trying and she knew enough to get by. A few people had complained but no more than would about any waitress that he would have hired. Raziela was proud of herself took off her apron to head home. She wished to put her feet up but first she had to stop off and get some McDonalds. Normally she didn't like to eat food like this but she did not feel like cooking tonight and she had gotten a very nice tip from that odd man earlier. She stopped off at one close to the bus stop and got in line. Once up there she held up one finger and said "Number one please," That was all that she really knew how to order but she found it quite tasty and it made her happy. That was something else that she loved about America, there had been nights where her family worked and her mother was suffering while cooking them dinner but with this she could get off work and have a meal in no time. It was quite amazing in her mind. She got her food and her Coke and made her way back to her home. The food had smelled so good that she had wanted to eat it on the bus but simply drank her Coke, she'd eat it when she got home. Soon enough she was home and made her way up to her apartment. She opened the door and was surprised to see another woman in there. At first she thought that she had screwed up but as soon as her mind realized that it was Janice, Rachel took over again. It took Rachel a moment to realize what was going on and when she did the food dropped to the ground and she glared at Janice. "You fucking bitch!" Rachel screamed. She went to go over to Janice quickly but found that her increased bulk and fat between her thighs was making it quite hard to do so. Janice just laughed at her. She had come over here after visiting Ross earlier. After all it wasn't his fault he was going to be in a bad position. So she had elected to help him. "Oh please this isn't my fault. This is just what you were meant to be. The camera could have easily shown you as a super model," Janice lied. There was really only one thing that was going to happen when the picture was taken and it wasn't going to be good, that was why Janice was so careful with it. "How could you do this to my body?! And clothes," Rachel said tears watering up a little bit. This apartment was so small, it smelled strange, and nothing seemed right to her. She wanted to go home, she just wanted to close her eyes and wish herself away from this nightmare. Just then the full day dawned on her. She just realized that she had been a waitress again all fucking day! That was when she remembered the customer from earlier and she started to sob a bit. "That was Ross…" she said realizing the full weight of everything that had changed on her. Janice just smirked as Rachel cried. "Oh yes it was. You see I felt bad for Ross. It wasn't his fault that you're a whore and we did date for a brief time so he has good taste. Not the best person in the world but still I didn't want to see him screwed over by your choices. So I did what any woman would do and helped him out," Janice said walking around the apartment and crinkling her nose. The whole place seemed like some sort of cheap disaster area. "I knew he'd have gotten married to Emily and been happy if it wasn't for you so I put them back together. They'll be very happy. He'll have the kind of family that on Sunday morning will read the paper in bed while his daughter or son get close to both of them. See Rachel you could have had that but you were too caught up on the whole 'break' thing. It was dumb and wasted a lot of time," Janice said rolling her eyes. Rachel was starting to get angry now and she was breathing heavily. "Change me back…please….I have money I can give you whatever you want!" Rachel said knowing that if she could just get into her old bank account all of this would go away. Janice simply laughed yet again. "Do you REALLY think this is about money? Still I'll give you this your groveling is more interesting than Phoebe's," Janice said. Rachel felt her blood run cold for her friend. "Where is Phoebe?" Rachel asked hoping that maybe if she found out the two of them could figure out a way to make the world back to normal. "Oh it doesn't matter and you'll be seeing her soon enough. Simply put she's much more American than you big nose," Janice teased. "Janice…I never did anything to you! So why…" Rachel started but was cut off by Janice. "Oh don't you say that! I know that you had eyes for Chandler. You'd spend time alone with him and don't tell me you didn't think about stealing him from Monica. You can spew out your lies all day but I know the truth. You and Phoebe would have been ready to pounce. I'm just nipping things in the bud right now!" Janice ranted. She was crazy, Rachel thought. She was attempting to deal with a crazy person and someone who couldn't and wouldn't listen to reason. There was nothing that she could do to change her mind. Maybe if she could find the camera or even another one she might be able to get back to normal. She started to plot when Janice interrupted her once again. "I just thought I'd stop in and see how you were doing, looks like the transformation isn't complete though," Janice said making a face. Rachel's eyes went wide. "WHAT?! How can there be more?!" she asked. "Oh you'll see what else is going to happen to you, there are big plans," Janice smirked. Rachel made a fist and thought about hitting her but Janice just laughed at the sight. "Please, you think violence will help you? If you do anything to me you'll never get back to normal and trust me you won't be yourself soon anyway," she said as she started to walk towards the door. Just then Rachel felt another headache coming on and her heart started to race. It was happening again, she could feel like this was losing all control. "Janice please turn me back, if you do I promise to leave the state and never come back. Hell I'll even leave the country I just don't want to live like this," Rachel said putting her hands in the air and looking around the room. "I want Ross back too I just…I miss him and oh god was I hitting on Gunther?" Rachel asked herself as her headache got worse. "I'll see you later Rachel…oops I mean Raziela" Janice said walking out and closing the door. At the sound of the door closing Raziela was once again in control and was very confused. Why was her food on the floor? And why didn't she remember what she was doing. She looked around to be sure that no one had attempted to break into her apartment and once happy she picked up the food and sat down on the couch. She turned on the TV and started to watch some odd show that took place in a bar. Who would want to spend all their time in a bar? She wondered to herself as she started to eat. While Raziela stuffed the fast food into her face changes started to take place once again. Every bite she took brought another change to her already bloated figure. Her feet started to fatten up quite a bit making her little toes truly look like piggies in their own right. Her ankles and calves grew so much that her cankles grew quite large. Her thighs expanded outward even further and changed the way that she sat. Instead of her knees going straight forward like they had in the past she had to open up her legs a little bit to accommodate all of the extra thigh flab. Halfway done with the sandwich and her ass and hips blew out in every direction. Cellulite now dotted her lower body and riding the bus was going to get even more difficult. There was a good chance that she was going to have to take up two seats now when she sat down. Of course it also mean that buying clothes was harder, that was why she made most of her skirts herself. It was hard to find something that wouldn't rip under pressure. Her stomach started to expand even more with more and softer flab covering what had once been flat abs. It was good that she didn't feel the need to wear pants, otherwise she would have gotten a muffin top that would have been one of the larger ones in the city. Her breasts started to expand much to the chagrin of her. She had never wanted large breasts they simply drew unwanted attention but hers were large and eye catching now. A bit too large really as she could start to feel a decent amount of back pain early on in her shift. Raziela started to dig into the fries and her upper arms started to expand. When the heaviest thing she was required to lift was a coffee pot a lot of muscle didn't form on them to keep them shapely. Instead she simply had chunks of flab on them that jiggled as she ate her delicious fast food dinner. The last bit to change was her face. Her double chin grew so much that it now covered up her neck and was on the verge and tripling. Her chubby cheeks grew and gave her permanent dimples when she smiled. Honestly it brought more beauty to her face and made her look warmer and less nervous than before. She sipped down her Coke and smiled. She was still a little bit hungry but she would be fine for now. A small burp escaped her lips and she rested her hands on her stomach. She hated how fat she was looking at the moment. It was making her job harder and harder to do. She was not certain of her weight but judging by her stretchmark's she had to have easily been over 300 pounds. Her feet started to hurt when she stood on them for too long which was sadly all of the time for her. She wished she could afford better and comfier shoes but found that it was impossible. Most of the shoes she found were overused and offered little in the way of support. Still it was better than going barefoot as she had at times in her youth. She shuddered to think what walking one that hot sidewalk would be like without shoes. She laid down and continued to watch American TV not quite understanding anything that was going on but picking up more and more of it. She was mostly watching body language and was completely focused on the show to try and figure out what was going on. She just laid there, almost like she was in a trance for a while. Soon enough it was time for bed, she was going to have a twelve hour day tomorrow and she needed to get her rest otherwise she'd be falling asleep mid-shift and good workers never did that. She honestly only took a break due to the aches in her body. She felt that she was just being lazy when she took one but the relief made her feel somewhat better about taking them. As she laid in bed that night she thought about Gunther and attraction took over her whole body. The thought of him being in bed with her was making her go crazy. She undressed down to her large nightgown and looked around the room. No one was around and really she just wanted to see what it felt like. She attempted to lift her large nightgown up but found it a bit harder than it should have been. Thanks to the increase in her bulk and flab it was a bit harder to maneuver but after a bit of messing around she was touching her womanhood. Her womanhood had remained unshaven and she didn't bother to trim it that much. She did shampoo it because she thought that's what she was supposed to do but she was uncertain and she didn't want to ask her mother. That would be far too embarrassing a conversation to have. Raziela wasn't fully certain what went on down there, she had heard a bit of talk but all she knew was that a man put his manhood up inside of her. She experimented a bit by touching herself and found it to be quite pleasurable and very wet. She knew she shouldn't be doing this but she decided that she'd just pray for forgiveness later. Just thinking about Gunther was driving her crazy. She wanted him to be the one doing this instead of her. She moaned a bit as her body reacted to her touch. Things were starting to get a bit messy down there and her face felt like it was on fire. In fact her whole body felt like it was on fire. She moaned a bit and as she did so the image of her mother entered her mind just looking at her and judging her. Raziela opened her eyes and pulled her blanket tighter around her rotund body. That had felt amazing but the deep shame she felt now had ruined it. Her body ached for a release but she couldn't do it. Not when the image of her mother was in her mind. She sighed a bit and rolled over onto her side. It was going to be a long night. She started to pray in Hebrew and she drifted off to sleep. She woke up the next morning to find the same dampness in her panties that she had last night and she sighed. She knew that the devil was testing her, she simply needed to be strong. After all no one liked a woman who showed off too much. She had to be humble, she could not allow the city to corrupt her like her mother said it would. She grunted and lifted her heft out of the bed. The mattress she was currently using was more than a little old and had been used by too many people. The sheer weight of her body was causing the mattress to mold to her body. Raziela stretched and caused her back to crack as she did so and she got ready for the day. It was very hot in the city today and she wished that she could wear something a bit thinner but she had gotten used to the heat in Israel and she would life with it here. She put on a shirt much like the one she wore yesterday the only difference was it was pink today, she found it cute. She carefully put a skirt on and was happy to find that it wasn't super tight. That was just what she needed today. Her underwear was of course nothing special, that was the only thing that she bought new but there was nothing fancy about it. It was simply there to help with her back pain and to cover her rear end. She didn't know what it meant but they were certainly granny panties. She put on her well-worn flats and started to head into work. Today was going to be a long day and she had woken up late. She stopped on the way to work to get something to eat. She had three hot dogs and a Coke from a hot dog cart. She found the taste to be quite interesting, she did not know what kind of meat it was but it certainly wasn't bad. She had asked the man if it was kosher and he simply nodded at her so she felt secure in eating it. Raziela burped as she walked in the door, the food was disagreeing with her stomach but seeing Gunther there working made her feel a thousand times better. She put a big smile on her face and was ready to get to work for the day. Gunther helped her get her apron on, sometimes he wondered why he hired someone that was so big but in general the customers seemed to like her. After all they loved her accent and ended up tipping more just because she was interesting. "Muffin?" she asked Gunther. She was feeling hungry and if she asked he sometimes gave her something. "Sure," Gunther said and she looked at him confusion etched over her face. He remembered to nod and her fact lit up as she started digging into it. He knew that the girl wasn't starving but it brought him joy to make her happy. He'd never date her or do anything with her. She wasn't his type and he never liked to date employees but he still liked to make her happy. With the sugar slowly making its way through her system Raziela went and started doing her job with an extra bit of pep in her step. It was peaceful working at the coffee house in a way. She didn't understand what anyone was saying so she mostly zoned out everything other than orders. She found it more peaceful to be ignorant. She still wanted to learn some English so she could actually talk to Gunther but she was in no big hurry. It was a fairly normal day and then this woman with a big mouth, big hair, and big nose walked in with this guy. He reminded her of the odd man she had served yesterday but she shrugged it off. "What you like?" she asked quickly. Janice smiled, her life was going fantastic at the moment. Chandler was with her and things were slowly yet surely going her way. Phoebe was doing whatever she could for money and she now had the chance to mess with the new Rachel. "What's good on the menu?" she asked. "Good?" Raziela asked inwardly panicking. That big mouth was moving but she didn't understand anything that was coming out of it. "What do you like?" Janice asked. She knew that she was being a little bit mean but the worst that would happen would be that Gunther would kick them out for a bit. "What you want?" Raziela asked just trying and hoping that someone else would come over and take them from her but everyone else was busy so here she was just standing there. She was starting to shake a little bit out of nervousness. "What. Do. You. Have?" Janice asked saying every word rather loudly. "You like coffee?" Raziela said going to get them some coffee. It was basic but she figured that it would work and if they complained well she would feel shame but she really couldn't think of another thing to do. "You like?" she asked "No…we didn't order this! I demand to see a manager," Janice said trying to make a scene. Raziela hung her head and went over to Gunther. "Manager," she said pointing to Janice and hanging her head. Gunther could tell that she was about to cry so he rubbed her shoulders. "It's fine…" he said soothingly. "Can I help you?" he asked going over to see Janice and Chandler. They were regulars so it seemed a bit odd to him that they had a problem but one never knew. "Oh hi Gunther I just wanted to stop off and say hi. I just asked to see a manager and I don't know why she reacted the way she did," Janice said doing her best to manipulate him. Chandler for his part couldn't seem to take his eyes off Janice which was a bit odd, he seemed like he was in some kind of dream trance. "Ah well just be careful with Raziela, she's still learning English and sometimes she thinks she did something wrong," Gunther said. "Oh my god….I'm so sorry I didn't mean to make her feel that way. Give her a pastry on me," Janice said faking nice and pouting. "Sure thing, and thanks for being understanding," Gunther said. He wasn't quite sure what had just happened but at least it wasn't anything super bad. He went and found Raziela sitting down and looking nervous. He brought her another muffin and nodded at her. "Is good," he said getting back to work. A huge weight went off her chest, she had honestly thought that she had messed up and was sure that she was going to be fired. Instead it was all good and she got a free muffin. She munched on it while resting her legs. They were starting to get a little bit sore and she didn't want to over tire them. The rest of the day went fairly well and like most of her days. She tried to sneak peeks at Gunther while thinking up ways to make him notice her and like her but there was nothing that she could do about it. She just seemed to be stuck in this rut and there was no way to escape. It was around midnight when she got off and she was famished. Of course she had been eating half eaten pastries all day but to her that wasn't really a meal. She thought about getting something out but instead elected to make something when she got home. She had tomorrow off so she could afford it. She went back to her small apartment which seemed more cramped every time she re-entered it but it was home. She decided to fry herself some potatoes. That was something that was nice and filling and it'd make her night better. She couldn't make them like her own mother could but it was better than nothing. She lay down on the couch and watch the TV that she didn't understand. She truly felt like she was a stranger in a strange land but there was nothing that she could do about it. At least she had Gunther, as long as Gunter liked her she felt like she had some sort of hope in the world. One day she would work up the courage to tell Gunther how she felt. She just needed to know when the time was right and the time wasn't right now. Her hand started moving further south and she thought about touching herself. The apartment was empty except for her and she wanted to experience that kind of pleasure. She took a deep breath and started to do it. Where before had been a woman who was into fashion and would have been out having fun at this time, in her place stood a woman who felt lost in this world and the greatest joy that she felt was touching herself. Somewhere out there Janice was laughing. Seeing where both Phoebe and Rachel were was making her more than happy with her plan. All that was left was Monica. The other two had been quick flashes in the pan, something to get her ready. Monica would be the main course and it was going to be very tasty when her transformation was finally complete. Anonymous 03/25/17 (Sat) 12:31:38 No.1697 A Curse Among Friends Part 3: Monica Monica watched Rachel leave and suddenly felt very vulnerable. Sure she was on the phone with Chandler but there was just something about it that sent a chill down her spine. Still she just needed to relax a little bit and not let Janice get to her. "Hey honey how's it going?" Monica asked feeling a little bit better now. "It's going fine just wanted to call you and say that I miss you," Chandler said. Monica felt her heart melt at those words she was really lucky to have someone like Chandler in her life. "Aww you're too sweet, I can't wait for you to get home. It's been a…interesting day," Monica said debating if she should tell her husband about Janice or not. After all it was a little bit odd and Chandler did tend to freak out when Janice was brought up. "Interesting how?" Chandler asked. "Oh just something that Phoebe and Rachel did," Monica said shrugging it off. He didn't need to know, after all it was just a bad joke. If she kept on harassing all of them then she'd say something and get the police involved. "Oh you made some new friends?" Chandler asked. "No…I just had Rachel and Phoebe over," Monica said confused. "Yeah…I heard but I have literally never heard you talk about either of them before," Chandler responded confused himself. Monica felt her mouth go dry. Was something wrong with Chandler? How could he not remember two of their best friends? She opened her mouth to say something but her stomach gurgled loudly. She needed time to think about this, maybe he was just messing with her. That could be it, it could just be a joke. "Yeah…they're new friends…umm I'll see you tonight, love you," she said to him a little nervous. "Love you too hon," Chandler said. Monica walked around the apartment now looking for anything that was different. Something was certainly up and she didn't like it at all. First Janice comes over and now Chandler was acting weird. She picked up the phone again to call Rachel but found that the number was no longer in service. She called again hoping that it was simply a bad connection but the same thing happened, her call wouldn't go through. In her nervousness she made her way to the kitchen and started to nibble on some chocolate to try and calm herself down. She couldn't dwell too much on it, Rachel may have just forgotten to pay her bill. She picked up the phone and called Phoebe and found the same thing. Monica started to eat the chocolate faster, this wasn't good. She couldn't get in touch with either of her friends and Chandler seemingly had no clue who they were. Monica walked over to the living room to look at some pictures and images of Rachel and Phoebe were absent. Monica couldn't remember if she just didn't have pictures of them or something else was up. She probably just didn't have any pictures of them by accident, yes that made sense. Monica was feeling a little hungry and started snacking on some chips, she and Chandler would decide what to do for dinner when he got home. No sooner had she thought that then Chandler walked in with two large pizza boxes. "Oh you took care of dinner?" Monica asked wondering why he didn't check with her first. "Yeah, I felt like pizza and I thought you might want a night off from cooking," he said. Monica had to admit that he was right about that. She let out a long sigh and smiled at him. He meant well and he looked so cute that she couldn't hold it against him. "You're right and I do appreciate it, it's just been a weird day for me. I can't really explain it," Monica said not wanting to bring up Phoebe and Rachel again. She went to the pizza expecting to find veggie but instead it's two meat lovers' pizzas. Monica's eyes go wide and she licks her lips. "Meat lovers?" she asked trying to remember how many calories would be in just one slice but that knowledge is seemingly gone from her mind. "Yeah they're your favorite," Chandler says. At those words Monica fills out just a little bit, maybe ten pounds if that. No one would be able to really notice unless they were looking right at her. Monica picked up a big greasy slice and started to eat it. She knew that she probably shouldn't but it didn't seem like a big deal to her anymore. "Well thanks for remembering that it's my favorite," Monica said. She really was lucky to have Chandler, she understood why Janice wanted him back so much. They spent the rest of their dinner chatting with each other, Monica at times was a bit more interested in the food then her husband. "I need to go for a run tomorrow," Monica mused. Chandler just shrugged at it. He didn't really work out as much as he should but it was good that Monica wanted to do something like that. "So I was thinking that you should meet Rachel and Phoebe sometime," Monica said. She wanted to test out the waters to see what Chandler would say. He liked jokes but he rarely kept anything up for any extended period of time. "Oh that'd be great, it's good that you're getting out there and making friends," Chandler said. "Making friends?" Monica started and as she thought about it she felt herself becoming more socially awkward, much like she had been in high school. Her main friends were Joey, Chandler, and Ross. She had tried to make female friends but found it quite difficult. She could feel a bit of confidence slip out of her as she nibbled on her pizza. Chandler for his part was afraid that he had said something wrong. He knew that the wrath of his wife would be quite terrible. It was kind of a sensitive spot that she didn't have that many female friends to do things with and he didn't want her getting more sensitive about something because of him. "I only meant new friends, after all you work so much…" he said deciding that it would behoove him to shut up and focus on his meal. Monica for her part felt a headache coming on. Something felt wrong about all of this. She knew that she had friends. She could remember both Rachel and Phoebe living in her spare room in her apartment. Why would she think that if she didn't have them as friends? Why would Chandler act like he had never met them? She could remember Chandler meeting Rachel at when Ross brought him home for Thanksgiving. Her stomach rumbled now, it wasn't hunger this time she simply felt sick. None of this was making any sense. She needed to actually go and contact Janice tomorrow. Monica couldn't come up with a good explanation for any of this and talking to Janice seemed like the best idea. Monica weighed her options, either Janice was pulling a massive prank on them and talking to her would end it. Sure, Monica knew that she'd look like an idiot but at least it would be over instead of her sitting here not really sure what to make of it. Worst case, Monica felt sick at this thought, that Janice was telling the truth. The image of the photo was at the forefront of Monica's mind. She saw how bloated she looked, how different everything was. Suddenly she didn't feel as hungry anymore. She wasn't going to be a fat girl again, she had taught herself willpower. When she felt too hungry she started to clean. It kept her hands busy, sure she was a chef but she was a skinny one and her food was damn good. Monica shook her head, she just needed to make it through tonight and everything would be fine. Chandler was looking at her now and she smiled at him. "You alright? You've seemed a little off all day today," Chandler said reaching out and holding Monica's hand. Monica smiled at him and remembered why she married him. Even when everything was going crazy in her mind she could feel safe with him around. As long as Chandler was with her all of this would work out somehow. Even if Janice was some sort of witch, she wouldn't have Chandler and there was nothing that she could do about it. "I'm doing fine it's just…I don't know it was an oddly stressful day. I have this headache and I'm just being paranoid," Monica said leaning into him. Chandler rubbed her shoulder gently. "I understand but just relax a little bit, I'm home now and everything is going to be alright, you have any plans for tomorrow?" Chandler asked and Monica shrugged. "Oh nothing too big…I'm feeling a bit off so I think I'll take a day off. Don't exactly want sick people serving food," she said jokingly and sniffling a bit. In reality she was going to spend tomorrow trying to find out and fix whatever had happened today. "Okay well if you need anything just ask, you know I'm always there for you, cause you're there for me too," Chandler said. Monica smiled and nodded at her husband of a few years. She realized that this was part of the reason that Janice wanted Chandler back, this feeling of them being together, feeling safe, and knowing that someone always had your back. It was too bad for Janice though, she had her chance on multiple occasions and always broke Chandler's heart. Monica wasn't going to make the same mistakes or bitch about her husband and how he could do more. She was just going to appreciate him. In fact, she was going to do that right now. She took Chandler by the hand and put on a come hither look. "Let's go to the bedroom," she purred. "What about the plates?" Chandler asked not sure what else to say. "We'll worry about those later," Monica said lifting off her shirt as she walked to the bedroom. She heard his footsteps follow. They spent the night together in a near endless passion. They had always been electric together but tonight was something else entirely. Everything was wonderful and every single touch felt like it was their first time together again, only Monica wasn't drunk this time. They were able to keep it up for a few hours before it was finally enough for the both of them. They were both laying on their backs, hot, sweaty, breathing heavily, and staring at the ceiling. "Wow…" Chandler said. "I know…that was amazing…" Monica said taking a few moments to catch her breath and cool off before cuddling back up to her husband. Monica didn't know what had possessed her but it was more than enough to have made this their best night ever. "Well whatever you did today…do it again because just wow I can barely see straight," Chandler joked, Monica laughed. "Oh trust me there will be a lot more of that," Monica said running her fingers over his torso. No way was Chandler going to get away from her. No way was she giving an excuse for his eye to wander. They were going to be like this forever. Chandler chuckled and placed his hand on Monica's firm but juicy ass. "Works for me," he yawned. "You know the worst part about going to sleep is that its eight hours that I have to be away from you and I know that I'm here but I don't get to fully spend them with you," he said. "Awww that's so sweet," Monica said kissing him. Her heart was melting as she started to slowly yet surely drift off to sleep. The Rachel and Phoebe stuff had been weird but this was as close to a perfect night as it could get. She'd savor this moment for the rest of her life. The next morning when Monica woke up she found that she was alone. She pursed her lips and felt out for Chandler but found him not there. A little odd, she tended to wake up before he did but after last night everything felt discombobulated so perhaps this was just par for the course today. Monica stretched a little bit in bed and ran her hands through her hair. She didn't really want to get up yet and maybe she could force Chandler to come back to bed. All she had to do was call in the restaurant and she'd be off work today. She needed to do that today, whenever Chandler came back in she'd triple-check with him about Phoebe and Rachel. Monica stayed in bed for another half hour but didn't hear anything from Chandler, she double checked the time. He wouldn't had into work this early unless he was called in. which was possible but it had only rarely happened before. Monica unhappily got out of bed to investigate where her husband was and she found a note on the table. Mon, Got called in early, last night was amazing! Anything sounds good for dinner. Love you, Chandler XOXOXO Monica let out a sigh of relief, for a second she had thought that Janice had worked some magic again. She shook her head and looked down at the note. Okay, this was fine she was just all panicky about thing. Her stomach rumbled. She couldn't go out and about on an empty stomach so it was time to get to cooking. Some chocolate chip pancakes sounded fantastic today, some bacon too, oh and sausage, she couldn't forget about the sausage. Monica happily spent the next half hour or so cooking up a storm. She made enough for herself and Chandler even though he wasn't here. For some reasons she just felt incredibly hungry today, like she was starving, she just needed to get some food in her system and fast. Once everything was done Monica just started to eat, and eat, and eat. She was aware of time passing but the food was just so good she couldn't stop herself, it was like she wasn't herself anymore as she feasted. A little while later it was all done, all of the food was gone. Monica felt a little embarrassed at her gluttony. She hadn't eaten like this in a long time. She felt bloated from the carbs and sugar, and greasy from all the bacon and sausage that she made. Her face flushed bright red when she thought about this, she needed to get out and at least walk a bit. Monica went to the bathroom to take a shower, she had a lot on her mind. She felt so fat at the moment and she hated the hell out of that. After all she didn't eat like this anymore. This wasn't high school, she had conquered all of her eating problems a long time ago. This was just a minor slip up due to stress, yes that was all it was. At least that's what she told herself as she washed her hair and her body. As she felt her body she couldn't help but acknowledge that her body felt a hair softer. Not too much or by any means fat but it did stop her heart for a second. She was always really good about watching her body in case any extra pound found their way onto her figure and while most would say this softness only make her sexier it did unnerve her a little bit. She wasn't even thinking as she was washing her hair. As Monica stepped out of the bathroom she could once again smell the wonderful aroma of what had been her breakfast and her mouth started to water as she found herself hungry yet again. Monica felt her legs go a little bit weak as she quickly made her way to the bedroom to get dressed. She wasn't a fat girl, no matter what Janice and her camera said. She had deal with her weight problem years ago and she wasn't going to get fat. She wasn't going to give Chandler any excuse to leave her. Right then it hit her, this was Janice's ploy. None of this was true. Janice just wanted her to feel self-conscious about herself so she'd go nutty and drive Chandler away. Okay it didn't explain the whole Phoebe and Rachel thing but maybe she had gotten to Chandler too. Yes that had to be it and she did something to the phone. It was a bit unlikely but honestly it made the most sense. Janice was just playing mind games with them so that they'd lose it. Monica snorted to herself she wasn't really that hungry, she just thought that she was. She had just gotten dressed to go and deal with Janice right now but then there was a knock on her door. Monica hurried up to open it and found Janice standing right there in front of her with a huge smile on her face. Monica to her credit was able to smile back. "Hello Janice, come back to play your mind games?" Monica asked. Janice looked over Monica and was disappointed. She had just seen both Rachel and Phoebe and they were basically done. Then again she had picked the option to extend Monica so it made sense. She looked for any change and didn't really see it, although Monica's hair did look a bit different, a little frizzier maybe? Well either way it didn't matter she knew that the magic would work, Monica could deny the truth all she wanted because within a week this would all be over. "Oh they're not mind games, I just wanted to see if you were a butterball yet. I guess I'm a bit too early judging by your kitchen I won't have to wait too long," Janice said smiling at Monica. "I was just a little bit hungry because you're in my mind. I know what you did Janice, you messed with my phone, messed with me, and messed with Chandler, you're lucky that I don't call the cops on you," Monica said putting her hands on her hips. She honestly believed that this was all just some trick. "Oh I'm sure that would work. This woman is coming around just talking and not making threats. If you didn't want to talk to me Monica you wouldn't have opened the door," Janice said. Looking around the apartment she still saw that she was still with him. She now wished that she had picked the faster option. She wanted Chandler to be with her today. She just had to tell herself that torturing Monica would be worth it. "Anyway it's over Janice, just leave us alone. You had every chance to be with Chandler but you ruined it and you made him so freaked out that he had issues with women," Monica shot back. Janice just rolled her eyes. "Please Chandler had issues before me. He always wanted me and I'm just trying to correct what was a horrible mistake by letting him get away," Janice said getting annoyed. She had all the power previously and now that she didn't it bothered her. She knew the magic wouldn't stop for some time but she still didn't want to play her hand too early. Unlike Phoebe, Monica did have time to fix this up. "Whatever, if you really believe that then you wouldn't be here talking to me," Monica shot back. "Yeah well…nice bacon grease on your chin," Janice said turning around and leaving quickly. She needed to give this one a few more days before she started to gloat. It was no big deal, she had just mistimed this. Still she was furious that Monica still felt she was all superior to her. She just needed to wait a week, she just needed to wait a week. That was all she kept telling herself. Monica smirked, she had won this argument. That should be that for Janice, she decided that she would go to Central Perk to celebrate but as she grabbed her purse to head down there something else came to her mind. A burger and fries would be quite scrumptious. A large part of her knew that she shouldn't be that hungry, after all she had just had something to eat but that was a few hours ago and she was celebrating a victory over her rival. Yes a little bit of food would go and do her some good. Then she'd make something for her and Chandler for dinner. She just needed to head out for a little bit to clear her head. She took out her cellphone and tried to call both Rachel and Phoebe again but like yesterday she got nothing for her troubles. That was the one part that still concerned her but she'd see them soon. After all it could just be something wrong with the cell tower. Everything could be explained simply if she just thought about it. Instead of letting her mind go into all of these crazy fantasies she just needed to remain grounded and realistic. Monica planned to stop by Central Perk at some point but she needed some food first. She went to this burger place that they sometimes went. It was really good, amazing burgers with parmesan fries. Monica wouldn't call it upscale but it certainly was a step up from McDonalds. Monica walked in and walked up to place her order. Normally all she got was a plain cheeseburger and small fries but before she even know what she was saying the words came out. "I'd like a double bacon burger with extra cheese, extra bacon and grilled onions. A large order of parmesan fries, and let's just stick with a Coke to drink," Monica ended up paying the man but she had no clue how all those words had come out of her mouth. She was hungry but she wasn't that hungry. She just needed a light lunch so she could cook something amazing for dinner. Well she just wouldn't eat all of it, Monica decided. If she had half of it and saved the other half for another day then it was fine to order something like this, she sipped on her Coke. Her number was called quickly enough and Monica quickly regretted ordering a double cheeseburger. She had forgotten just how big a regular cheeseburger was her and a double was gigantic! She was sure that she'd have something to take home got later. The mountain of fries was right in front of her too. It was actually a funny sight, a woman as small as Monica with all that food in front of her. Monica took one bite of her burger and her taste buds exploded. They had good burgers there but today was extra amazing. She took a larger bite and had to stop herself from moaning. She needed to slow down a little bit and though the fries might help her. One bite of the grease covered fried potato though did nothing to sate her hunger. Instead it only ramped it up. Everything here was just amazing today. This was how a burger and fries were supposed to be. So Monica spent the rest of her meal just mindlessly eating. Not even checking her phone or worrying about anything. She only had one goal and that was to eat the entire thing. Before Monica knew what had hit her, her meal was gone and she was rubbing her bloated stomach. Between her heavy breakfast and lunch she had no clue how she was going to make something big for dinner tonight but she was going to have to. Chandler was expecting something for dinner but she was so full that she could barely move. Monica sat around for about five minute just kind of digesting her food. It was so amazing and the worst part was that she wanted even more. It made no sense to her, why should she want even more to eat? She licked her lips and glanced at the menu again. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the place before she ordered something else. Monica walked a bit slower down the street. Why was she eating so much? She had faced off with Janice and won. There was no way that she should still be in Monica's head. Monica walked around a little bit and ended up walking into Central Perk to get something to drink. Hopefully Rachel and Phoebe would be there. As she walked in a chill overcame her and her memory started to get a little fuzzier. Rachel and Phoebe were still there in her memory but something seemed a bit different now. She couldn't place her finger on it. She looked over to see the couch taken. Wait, didn't Gunther have that reserved for them? She supposed not. Gunther seemed to be busy with one of the waitresses, a rather large woman in Monica's mind but it was fine. She just grabbed a table and another waitress came up and took her order. "Large coffee, extra cream, extra sugar and how about you bring me two muffins. One chocolate chip, and one banana nut," Monica said, once again before she could stop herself. Normally whenever Monica ordered something the amount of calories that she was consuming went off in her head. It was never exact but she had a decent idea whenever she went out. Now though she had no clue if those muffins had 100 calories or 1000 calories. Her coffee and muffins came quick enough and Monica started to nibble on them. She decided that she'd wait around a bit and see who showed up. She had the time and she just needed to wait. Rachel and Phoebe had to show up. Monica sat there for about an hour, eating her two muffins, then another two, and getting three refills on her coffee. No one she recognized ever came. The most interesting thing was this Israeli girl that Gunther had hired was stomping around the place acting very odd. Monica didn't pay her too much attention. The poor girl didn't seem to fully understand what was going on. Must be new to the country. Hopefully she'd avoid having her serve her until she knew English a little better. Still it was nice to Gunther to try and help her out. Monica then paid and left heading back up to her apartment. The whole afternoon had left her with more questions than answers along with a very full stomach. Monica had no clue how she was going to make something for dinner tonight for the two of them. She hadn't eaten like this since high school. The thought of high school sent a shiver up Monica's spine. Oh sure the last year was fine enough because she was thin and had Rachel on her side but early high school had been awful. She was bloated and hugely fat. She didn't want to be that heavy ever again. She doubted that Chandler wanted it either so she'd just make a light dinner, a nice salad or something of the sort. That was the plan at least but when Monica got home she found both her pantry and fridge stocked with food. A lot of it junk food. Monica hadn't bought Twinkies in years but here they were. No…she wasn't going to eat empty calories she might as well make something filling but low fat for the two of them. That was how Monica elected to make spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. She also threw in some Italian sausage because she had them and she might as well use them. It would make it heavier but she knew that Chandler would like it added just a little bit more to dinner. Instead of just some pasta and red sauce. She spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and snacking a little bit. It seemed small but Monica did open a bag of chips to simply nibble on while she made a large Italian dinner. The smells were getting to her while she was cooking and she started to eat more and more of the chips to help settle her stomach down. Monica ended up making a nice meat based sauce with some cheese stuffed meatballs, Italian sausage, garlic bread, enough noodles to have fed all of her friends, and a nice red wine. She wondered if Chandler would mind two Italian dinners in a row but she figured that Chandler wouldn't mind. He'd be more than happy with this. She poured a bit of olive oil so they had something extra to dip the bread in if they chose to. Monica hummed as she stirred the sauce and tasted it. It was very heavy, very rich, and delicious. Just then Chandler walked in. "Hey! Wow you're cooking up a storm," Chandler said walking in and putting his briefcase down. Monica smiled and kissed him. "Well you left so early today that I thought you deserved an extra special dinner tonight!" Monica said giggling a little bit. Poor Chandler looked tired and she handed him a glass of wine. "Long day?" she asked sipping her own. "Eh not too bad, just had a server problem early so I had to go in but it was done with by noon so the rest of the day was kinda blah," he said taking a sip. "Pretty good, I'm happy you cooked tonight," Chandler said pulling Monica into a hug. "You do anything interesting?" Monica shrugged. "Oh just this and that…" Monica said not wanting to say that she really just ate, cooked, and did dishes the whole day instead of anything constructive. Chandler for his part didn't seem to mind and just sat down so he could enjoy their dinner together. They started eating and things about Monica started to change, they were subtle at first but the magic of the camera was finally taken over. After a day of worrying about it, Monica wouldn't even realize what was happening. Monica had of course lost weight but losing weight and keeping it off long term is hard and Monica tended to have a lot of days like today where she ate way too much and didn't get enough exercise like she should. Her face started to soften a little bit, instead of the angular chic face that had been there many years a round one replaced it. Her cheek bones were covered by excess adipose, her jawline softened, and while she ate formed a second chin. It was by no means unpleasant to look at, simply a different jollier version of Monica. The expansion started to move downward and softened her arms and shoulders. Her clavicle could no longer be seen thanks to her new padding. Her breasts once again grew eagerly, some of the perkiness remained but as soon as Monica took off her bra she would find that they were heavy and controlled by gravity. So far most of the changes would be considered pleasing or relatively small but then her waistline was effected. Must like rising dough in an oven her waistline grew. At first it was just a little bit of pudge around her middle but there was no denying that she had a doughy belly and thick love handles. She adjusted her pants, they grew a bit to take in her new form but not enough to avoid the dreaded muffin top. Finally her lower half started to grow. Monica rose in her seat a little bit thanks to the pound accumulating on her ass. She may have been standing all day but genetics were a bitch and while her mother had the restraint not to eat, Monica had not gotten that willpower and her ass started to fill out the seat of her pants as the chair she was sitting on. Her hips expanded slightly to be more fitting of her rump. Her new thighs were of the cottage cheese and thunder variety. Cellulite was rampant now and there was no light between her thighs. Her calves also expanded but compared to the rest of her body no one would notice it. When it was all said and done Monica had packed on about 40 pounds and suddenly felt worried as she ate. She hadn't put on that much weight since she had gotten married but she still worried sometimes about her figure. It wasn't exactly the slimmest. She sucked in her stomach a little bit as she ate but found that it did little good. Even when she was sucking her tummy in you could still see how much fat was there. Chandler for his part didn't seem to care that much. He knew what he was getting into when he married Monica and while his past girlfriends were better looking, mainly Janice, he did love Monica. Monica completed him and while he did sometimes wish his wife had a tighter ass or a smaller waist he was perfectly happy and content with his marriage. He reached out and touched Monica's mildly fleshy hand and once again smiled at her. "I love you so much," Chandler said. Monica blushed and giggled a little bit. "I know…" she said and rubbed his hand back. She looked around their apartment and all of the pictures around the apartment had changed now to show off a fleshier Monica. She was slimmer at the wedding but that was only after a grueling six month period where she was working out non-stop to look her best for the wedding. The weight had quickly been put back on as the chef in her was allowed to come out and she no longer needed to worry about the wedding. Monica and Chandler spent the rest of their night eating and chatting with each other. Eventually they moved and turned on the TV. It was kind of nice to have a night in, they only really went out on weekends after all. Monica spent the rest of the night snacking. Even after dinner was cleaned up and they had cheesecake for dessert she just couldn't get her mind off food. At this point she was eating just to eat, grazing like a cow. There was a can of nuts that she took a handful from, a snack cake, a couple of cookies, a slice of cheese just because she wanted something that wasn't sweet, a couple of crackers to go with her tea. Monica honestly spent the majority of the time getting up and down from the sofa. Chandler didn't really mind, he wished Monica would kick her snacking habit or just pick one thing but he wasn't about to bring it up this late at night. Besides he had to admit that he loved watching her rear sway as she walked to the kitchen. Finally around ten at night Monica found that her hunger was fully sated. In fact she felt overfull now. She didn't mean to eat that much but she had been so hungry before that nothing else mattered and now she was so full she felt like she was going to burst. She was cradling her stomach and walking carefully to the bedroom. She really wanted to have a repeat of last night but found that it was close to impossible. She just felt so heavy and bloated that even the promise of another fun night like last night couldn't force her to move. "I'm sorry honey…I just…don't feel up for it," Monica said stifling a belch but found herself unable to stop a fart. She blushed a deep shade of crimson. "Sorry…" she said. Chandler for his part didn't care that much. "Hon, it happens sometimes just relax about it," Chandler said rubbing her back. He did find it cute that even after all these years together she was still sensitive about things like this. Monica didn't know why her insides were fighting like crazy tonight but they just were. The combination of all that grease and sugar just wasn't good for her stomach and it was going to be a long night. She wanted so hard to be sexy for her man that she was trying her best to hold it in and be quiet. Of course Monica didn't realize that once again Janice and her magic were at work. Most of her life Monica had always had very good digestion and there were never any problems. That was slowly being changed as things were now going to start bothering her stomach if she wasn't careful and even when she was there was a chance that she'd get gassy. It wouldn't be non-stop but it wouldn't be something that Monica had experienced before. She couldn't hold one in any longer and let a small fart out once again feeling great relief. Chandler didn't say anything and simply cuddled up to his wife for the night. It'd be fine as the night wore on she just needed to stop snacking so much. Like last night they fell asleep as one and in love. Monica woke up the next morning with her stomach rumbling. "Ugh why am I so hungry?" she asked herself as she sat up in bed. She looked down at her body and her eyes went wide. Last night she hadn't realized it but this morning she had her senses back and she grabbed her belly. Where had this come from? She stood up quickly and walked over to a mirror and she wanted to scream. "I don't look like this!" she screamed taking in all of her body. Where had all these pounds come from? She knew that she had eaten a lot yesterday but…you couldn't gain weight this fast! Then she remembered last night and…she looked like this? At least she thought she did. Something was wrong she didn't look like this at all. She walked over to where she hung her wedding photo and instead there was a photo of her and Ross, and she was fat in the photo. That didn't make sense and Monica felt her heart stop. She ran back to the bed and Chandler wasn't there, she checked the closet and it was all her clothes. "No…no no no no no no," Monica said running around the apartment in her nightgown. All over her place she found her stuff and only her stuff. Nothing in the whole apartment made it seem like a man lived there. Monica was numb, she sat down on the couch and started to sob. She didn't know what this meant. The Rachel and Phoebe stuff could be explained away with her hands but there was no way that Chandler would just leave and take all of his stuff in the middle of the night. Monica sat there for about half an hour or so crying over this. She had talked down to Janice yesterday and had blown her shot to get things back to normal easy. She walked over to the kitchen and found some pumpkin bread there. She put some butter on it and started to eat it up. She needed food to feel better about herself right now. After finishing half the loaf all of her tears had dried up and it was time to take stock. Standing up Monica slipped off her nightgown and walked back to the bedroom to take stock of her body and she didn't like what she saw. She was nowhere near the highest weight ever that was for sure and most would only call her chubby but she was softer and fatter. "All of that food I ate yesterday won't help," Monica mused as she played with her breasts to find them excessively heavy. She did the same thing with her ass and grimaced. The damn thing was just too big for its own good. Monica felt her stomach gurgle a bit and sighed. So she was fatter, apparently wasn't married, she had double checked her ring finger to find no ring and no ring tan so unless Chandler somehow had magical powers Janice was the one that she had to go and find. Monica sat on her bed feeling the full force of her new weight all over her body. She needed to go and fix this. She had money saved up. She'd go to Janice and beg. Yes that would work, if she begged and pleaded she could find Janice's price. Everyone had one she just needed to find it for Janice. She grunted as she stood up. "Haven't done that in years," she mumbled to herself. First things first she needed to get some breakfast in her. Today it was waffles with bacon and hash browns with scrambled eggs. Monica told herself that this was the one time that she could do it. After all she'd talk to Janice, get this all fixed up and she'd be super skinny again in no time. So she might as well ingest all the calories she wanted now. They were basically free as far as she was concerned. After a very greasy and sugary breakfast Monica started moving slowly to the bathroom and already her stomach was rumbling again. Only instead of hunger a storm was brewing. She let out a rather loud fart. "Ohhhh…." She moaned. At least there wasn't anyone here right now. Still she needed to hurry and get this fixed because this was just going to be awful until it was done. Monica just did her best to ignore it while she showered and it did eventually settle down but that didn't make it any less embarrassing. She washed herself up very quickly wanting to face off against Janice. She'd need to put her humble face on. She started to dry her hair but quickly found it becoming a little frizzy again. Monica went to her closet to see what she had to wear and was unimpressed. Thanks to Rachel and how well she had done over the years, she had built up a sizeable wardrobe full of amazing looking items and dresses. When she opened her closet she found interesting clothes. Yes, that was the word. There was nothing wrong with them but there was nothing stand out about them either. Before she could have put on something simple and it would have caught someone's eye but now all she had were clothes that were made for comfort and not looks. Now that wasn't to say that she was wearing clothing from Wal-Mart or anything like that. They were still fairly nice clothes and she could pull them off but she were clothing for a bigger women which meant that she was stuck with only a few things. That's how New York is though, and she could only accept it for what it was. Monica put on a pair of jeans that actually flattered her figure, they had taken forever to find and she did have to take them in for some alterations to be sure that they fit but it was easier and cheaper than driving all over looking for a pair of jeans that fit her like this. It was starting to get cool so she put on a loose blue sweater. It was a little homely but it hid her tummy without making her look like a blob. The one thing that was easy to find though was jackets and although she had to pay a little bit more for her leather one it was very worth it. She checked herself in the mirror and nodded. It actually wasn't that bad. Hell she was a bigger woman but she was able to pull this off. Maybe high school wouldn't have been so bad if she had this kind of fashion sense in high school. Of course a fart slipped out of her ass just then and ruined the moment but it was a small victory and one that she would take. Yesterday Janice had come to her but Monica doubted that it would be that easy today. She didn't really know where Janice lived, she recalled Chandler mentioning a street once or twice but nothing solid. She supposed that she could wait around for Janice to come, that way she could confront her on her own turf but she had no clue what was going to happen in the next couple of hours. Maybe nothing would change or she could experience a change again. Hell she had put on all that weight last night and didn't even realize it. Something could be happening to her right now and that unnerved her. Monica walked over to the fridge and grabbed a can of Pepsi and started drinking it to calm her nerves. She couldn't sit around and just wait for things to happen she had to go and take the risk. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was just going to have to hope her feet were going to lead her to Janice. She opened the door and looked at Apartment 19 across the way. Maybe Chandler still lived there, after all she didn't know what all had changed. She could just walk up and knock on the door and maybe she could see Chandler and try to convince him that they were together. Chandler would probably think that she was crazy though. He'd just think that she was his friend from across the way or even worse they might not even fully know each other so she'd sound stark raving mad. Her heart couldn't deal with that kind of heartbreak. "Once I talk to Janice and get this fixed, everything will be back to normal I just have to be patient," Monica said and she left the building. A chill overtook her as she left. She took that as a bad sign. She was going to have to eat a lot of humble pie to fix this. She started to walk and started to think what she'd have to give up to get things back to normal. Odds were Rachel and Phoebe were in the same boat that she was only she had no clue where they were. What were they thinking about right now? Were they worried about things? Or had they slipped to where she was last night, the land of ignorance? She couldn't think about that, it was up to her to get them back to normal. It was probably going to take a lot of her money but it was only money. She would still have plenty of life to earn it back and with what she was paying on that apartment, it would be no big deal. Some of her beauty? It was obvious that Janice had some sort of magic, if Monica was lucky it was just the camera and if not then she was going to have to give up part of her body. That would be bad but hell if she had to keep the weight, she could work the weight off. As long as she still had Chandler and Chandler still loved her then they would be fine. Monica was just walking around aimlessly as she thought. Getting Rachel and Phoebe back might be tough, she may have to pick between them. Of course it would be Rachel. They were better friends and while she loved Phoebe there was really no comparison. On the other hand she may not have a choice, would she had to screw over Rachel? Ugh, Monica wished that she had taken a better look at their photos. That way she'd know what they looked like so she could find them and hopefully break the curse. Maybe that would be it, they had to come together. How hard could they be to find in a city with millions of people? "What am I doing?" Monica said to herself. Her feet were starting to get tired now. She apparently didn't have the same muscle or stamina in her legs that she used to have. She was just walking around, looking for an address that could be in the opposite direction. She was literally hoping on magic to bring her and Janice together. This was just insane, she should turn around and head back home. Just as she was about to do that she ran into someone. "Hey watch where you're…" the nasally voice started before a very annoying laugh broke out. "Oh hello Monica! Looking a little fuller these days," Janice said getting off the pavement, no one really paying them much attention as they passed by. Monica just gave her a tight smile and nodded. "Hello Janice…apparently I was wrong yesterday. Is there somewhere we could talk?" she asked. Janice nodded at her. "Of course my apartment is right this way," she said and started to lead Monica. They walk to the apartment was silent. Monica was sweating inwardly trying to figure out the best way to have things go her way while Janice was overcome with glee. This meant that everything was falling into place perfectly. Upon entering the apartment Janice eyed Monica's hand and noted that the ring was missing from her finger. Janice felt her heart soar. That meant that her Bing-A-Ling was single again and she could just reach out and take him, no one was standing in her way. Well almost nobody, Monica was still there and unlike the hick and the immigrant she still seemed to have most of her mind left. That troubled Janice a bit, both Phoebe and Rachel had tried to avoid the curse but it had taken all of their power to break through. Monica on the other hand seemed a little off but not anymore than usual. She couldn't let her leave this apartment. She might find a way to do it before time ran out. She thanked the lord she didn't give Phoebe any extended time because that weird girl would have found a way around it. "So what do you want?" Janice asked dumbly. Monica rolled her eyes. "You know what I want, I want my life back. I don't know how but you caused this," Monica said grabbing her stomach for emphasis. "Is that all I caused?" Janice asked needing to be sure, plus Monica seemed riled up enough that she'd spill everything right away. "No…you know what you did. Chandler isn't my husband anymore, I live alone, and I don't know where Rachel and Phoebe are. I want everything back to normal," Monica demanded. Her nostrils were flaring and she was starting to lose her patience. She didn't want to be here dealing with this she just wanted her amazing life back. Janice relaxed a little bit. So things were exactly how she thought they were. "And what do you want me to do about this?" she asked. Monica stared at her, her mouth agape. "I want you to fix thing, make things how they were before you used that awful camera on us," Monica said putting her hands on her expanded hips. She couldn't help but notice how soft they felt. "And what will you give me if I do that?" Janice asked slowly walking about the room. She was the predator here and she had to let Monica make all the mistakes. "How much money do you want, I have a good amount in my bank account. I'll give you everything I have," Monica said simply. She could always borrow money from Ross or Joey for the short term. Janice just laughed. "You think this is about money?" she asked seemingly insulted that Monica would even think such a thing. "Everyone has their price and Chandler spent his entire life saving up money. You could pay off a couple of things and with my money added in you wouldn't need to worry. I can't imagine that the mattress king gives you that good of money in alimony," Monica said. She may have come here begging but she wasn't going to let Janice forget her situation. Janice pursed her lips and glared at Monica. She was technically right, she wasn't hurting for money but it wasn't like she could live the lifestyle that she could years ago. Janice tapped her manicured fingernails on a table. "You're going to have to do more than money," she said simply. "Then what do you want, name your price," Monica said doing everything in her power not to lose control. She didn't want to be resorted to begging yet but she'd get on her knees if she had to. Janice thought over her options. She could just send Monica away like she did yesterday but Monica would more than likely spend the rest of her day figuring away to beat the camera and while the camera and its power might hold out long enough if Monica found some last second way to beat her then things could end up really bad. No, Janice needed something to keep Monica busy for a while. A light bulb went off in Janice's head. "Okay Monica I'll turn you back to normal but you have to cook for me for a week," she said. Monica raised one eyebrow, "Why would you want that?" she asked suspiciously. "I've been to your restaurant before and I've enjoyed your cooking. I just want it for free now, just be my personal chef for one week and everything will be good," Janice promised extending her hand. Monica thought it over a second. This seemed like a trap but she'd be with Janice meaning Janice couldn't do anything without her knowing about it. Plus she might have a chance to really look at the camera and somehow, someway reverse everything. Monica extended her hand and shook Janice's. "You have a deal, I'll cook for you starting now. What do you want?" Monica asked hating that she had to be a personal chef but it meant getting Chandler back so in the end it would all be worth it. Janice smiled politely at her, she didn't want to give any of her plan away so she had to play this cleanly. "Oh I have some chicken in there, how about make me some fried chicken, you should find everything you need," Janice said feeling a surge of power. Anonymous 03/25/17 (Sat) 12:32:28 No.1698 Monica sighed and started to walk to the kitchen letting out a small fart as she walked. It was getting to be too hard to hold it in so she just had to be careful about it. The idea of having to cook all this for Janice made her sick. "Do you want enough for just you?" Monica asked her stomach starting to rumble. Being in the kitchen was starting to make her hungry. "Myself and make some for you. After all you're my personal chef now. I want you staying here with me so you might as make some for you too," Janice said. She didn't add in that she wanted Monica to eat it to be sure that there was nothing wrong with the food. She doubted that Monica could find anything that could cause her harm but why take the risk. "You didn't mention that earlier," Monica pouted. "Does it really matter? I would think that you staying with me would be a small sacrifice. Unless you don't want things back to normal…" Janice trailed off. Monica just let out a long sigh. "I understand and it'll be great spending time with you," she said putting on her best bullshit smile imaginable. She'd rather spend her own nights at her home but this was a fairly big apartment and she'd just stay in the guest room. Hell maybe she'd make this food so good that Janice would reward her right away. Monica knew it was a foolish hope but she clung to that hope as she got to work to fry the chicken. While Monica was in the kitchen cooking up a storm Janice took out her little black book and dialed a familiar number. If the magic was working correctly then Chandler would still be Chandler. An extra lonely Chandler at that, sure it would be cheating but Janice knew that they belonged together that was the entire reason that she had bought the camera. Once all the competition was gone Chandler couldn't say no to her. It took some time but Monica had finished the meal and was bringing it out to the table. "Okay so we have some fried chicken with green beans, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese," Monica said putting everything down for the two of them. "Oh and I made some biscuits. I'd recommend honey," Monica said running back into the kitchen to get the bread. "Everything look good?" she asked. Janice just nodded, she had gotten off the phone with Chandler and it had gone amazingly well. He seemed like he really wanted to connect with her once again. He said he hadn't really dated anyone in a while and was interested in giving it another shot. Janice felt giddy, they were going on a date tonight. She'd have to keep Monica busy but she doubted that would be much of a problem. The wonderful chic Monica who had spent years coming out was starting to be replaced by this version. Just by looking at her Janice could tell that Monica had less confidence then before. Really it was a perfect situation, Janice had satellite TV and Monica would have nothing but time on her hands tonight. A match made in heaven. "Oh this looks very good," Janice said as she started to eat her chicken with a fork and knife. She took a little bit of every side but nothing excessive or crazy. Monica on the other hand piled her plate high with sides and was starting to make a mess as she ate the chicken with her hands. That was the way you were supposed to eat fried chicken in her mind. Janice smirked as she watched Monica mindlessly eat. There was no reason for her to actually eat that much, it was her meal after all, but Monica didn't seem to notice or remember it she just needed to eat. She even started to gulp down soda like crazy. Janice smiled wickedly as she watched the woman eat. This is what it must have been like for her family while Monica was in high school. It really was a wonder that Rachel had been her friend. "Do you like the food?" Monica asked after Janice had taken a few bites. Janice had barely touched her meal but Monica was already halfway done with her large plate. "This is fantastic, you did such a great job Monica," Janice said taking a note of how happy Monica looked with the simple praise of her cooking. "You know I think this'll be worth it for the two of us, I finally get to have good food. I haven't eaten this well since the last time I ate as your restaurant," Janice said. That much was true, one thing that magic didn't change was Monica's natural talent in the kitchen. Most of that talent was starting to end up in Monica's expansive gut. Janice wondered if Monica realized how many calories she was really eating. She figured that Monica didn't and sipped on her water as she finished the meal. Leftovers weren't a problem. Janice ate enough to fill her up while Monica ate the rest. That was perfect as far as Janice was concerned. She was going to have to bring Chandler back here at some point and the last thing Janice wondered was Chandler getting an image of hot Monica in his mind and ruining her best laid plans. The lunch was finished, mainly by Monica and Janice stretched out. "Alright I'll be going out tonight but I want you to stay here in case I want something when I get back," Janice commanded. Monica did her best not to sneer. "Of course, that sounds fantastic," she said full of semi-fake cheer. She didn't love the idea but she doubted that Janice would take the camera with her, wherever she was going. So that would give Monica the hole she needed to grab it, explore it, and maybe even turn the tables on Janice a little bit. "Well you can go and clean up everything now while I go and get ready," Janice said shooing Monica back to the kitchen. It wasn't super late but she was meeting up with Chandler early and she wanted to take all of the time to look her best. Monica grudgingly walked over to the kitchen. Why'd she had to say fried chicken? She couldn't have said soup or something easy to do? But no, Janice had to have something that would mess up the kitchen and keep her in there for hours. Monica debated, for a second, not doing that a good a job but the idea of leaving a mess caused her eye to twitch just a little bit, so she did as she was told and cleaned up. Meanwhile Janice was in her room setting everything up for tonight. She had to be sure that Monica wasn't going to snoop around her place. Of course Monica was probably going to do that but Janice needed to be sure that Monica didn't get the camera. The last thing that Janice wanted was to walk back into her apartment and have Monica snap a picture of her or Monica looks over the camera and figures out some sort of way to change it back to normal. Janice handled the camera carefully, she didn't want to accidentally set it off. She opened a trunk that she had bought a few years back for decoration and put it in the bottom of it. She really needed to buy a safe or something but until she could she'd just have to hope that a seventy year old latch would hold up. Janice started to feel a little sick to her stomach about this. She really wanted to go out with Chandler but there was a little bit of fear. She was trusting her own door lock and trunk lock. She thought about it and something inside of her told her that everything would be fine if she did it. Once she felt solid with her plan she went back to getting ready. Monica was just finishing cleaning up the kitchen as Janice slinked out of her bedroom in a little black dress. Even Monica had to admit that Janice looked amazing in it. It hugged all of her curves perfectly and while Janice was an older woman, she'd get a few looks from most men tonight. "I'll be out for most of the night, you can do whatever you want around the house. You just have to stay out of my room. It's locked up so if you get inside then I'll know," Janice said sternly. Monica just nodded and smiled at Janice. That was the biggest lie ever as soon as Janice was out of the apartment Monica was going to cover every single inch of this apartment starting with Janice's room. Monica figured that she had at least two hours to find what she needed. She'd wait about half an hour just to be sure that Janice wasn't trying to trick her. "You'll find this place just as you left it," Monica promised trying to act dumb. Janice looked her over for a few seconds. She didn't believe that for once second but it felt right. Janice just had to hope that her feeling was the right one. "Okay, I'll be back later," Janice said. She'd tell Monica that she was with Chandler later. After all there was no reason that Monica needed to know about this. Especially when Janice was still wary about the magic. Janice left the apartment and Monica sighed as she went and turned on the TV. Might as well watch something while she did the dishes. Janice had a fairly nice apartment. The open kitchen allowed her to do dishes and watch TV. There were three bedrooms with it and two bathrooms. Monica didn't want to know what Janice had to pay for this. At least she'd have her own bathroom and wouldn't have to share with Janice, Monica let out a fart and sighed. The sooner this was fixed the better everyone's lives would be. Monica waited her half hour and started to move to Janice's bedroom. Okay this was going to be simple, she'd just put her shoulder into it and break down Janice's bedroom door. Then she'd find the camera or what the camera was in and head home to plan. She smiled as she pulled back and braced herself to hit the hard wood but she didn't follow through with it. A headache started to come on as Monica thought about the consequences. Janice had told her to not go through her stuff and it would be wrong to do that. After all she was supposed to listen to Janice for the whole week. Janice was nice enough to let her stay with her too while all of this was going on. She just had to listen to Janice and everything would be back to normal soon enough. She had made the promise and something about Monica felt the need to trust Janice a hundred and ten percent. She nibbled on her lower lip. She was so close to getting what she wanted but what if Janice was just waiting for her to mess up so she didn't have to keep her promise. Monica felt her stomach rumble, she needed some food so she could think over it. Still after she had just cleaned up all of the kitchen Monica didn't want to go and just mess it up again, so she elected to order some Chinese food. It would be easier and she'd have to go and probably make something tonight for Janice, so why should she go and kill herself? "I'll take an order of General's Chicken, some Orange Beef, Shrimp Lo-Mein, fried rice, Crab Rangoon's, egg rolls, pot stickers, and oh why not the Orange Chicken," Monica said as she ordered. She knew that there was no way that she could eat that much but it would be something easy she could make herself later just in case Janice didn't tell her that she could eat with her again. Wait, why did she care what Janice though or told her? She may be her personal chef but it wasn't like Monica was her slave. Still it wouldn't be right to eat the food meant for Janice for herself. That would violate the trust between the two of them if she just did that. Plus she couldn't give Janice any excuse to go and break her promise. It was Monica's place to accept this. The woman who would do anything to get her old life back was starting to feel more nervous and was more likely to play it safe. It took about half an hour but her Chinese buffet arrived and Monica was more than happy with it. The plan was to eat a little bit so she could save up the rest as a quick meal but as she opened everything up one by one the smells started to get to her. She was salivating like crazy. What started with one small plate was quickly leading to eating out of the bins. After all it was going to be her food. She wasn't going to share it with anyone else. Janice probably wouldn't want her food so she could eat freely and she'd be fine. She flipped around the TV a little bit and found some trashy TV to watch. Monica rarely watched TV but there was nothing else to do. She didn't want to go out, so she figured that she might as well find something that she could really sink her teeth into. As she watched TV Monica started to eat mindlessly she started to lose track of time as she ate and ate and ate as her mind numbed on the TV. Before Monica even realized what had happened she had eaten the majority of the food. There was enough food there for at least six people but somehow Monica just couldn't stop eating it. As she ate another change occurred. Monica's face became even rounder then before, deep dimples on her cheeks. Her double chin which had only shown up every now and then before was there all the time now. Her face was still cute but instead of a face that a model might be jealous of or could be in an ad campaign, it was simply a plain looking face. Nothing supremely special about it at all. The spell worked its way down her body once again, giving her flabby bingo wing like arms. Tank tops would be out of the question now unless she wanted everyone to see her bread dough arms. On the plus side her breasts grew in size once again becoming a DD cup. Gravity once again did its work and caused her breasts to lay lower on her body. It was only through the saving grace of her bra did she maintain perkiness. Her stomach had only been pudgy before but now it was forming into a nice potbelly. It seemed to be a rather large pot though as her stomach surged forward and took up most of her lap. Her love handles expanded and become fully grown. She was a flabby woman no matter how anyone put it now. The walk she took earlier would seem to be a brisk pace at how fast she'd be able to move now. Her lower body was hit again. Her ass simply exploded in her seat. She rose up several inches while sitting down as both her ass and thighs were affected by the curse. Cellulite had taken over her whole lower body now and she always had a cushion whenever she sat now. Her hips surged outward as well and it gave her quite a pear shape. If it wasn't for the size of her chest she would look like an overripe pear ready for the picking. Monica hadn't noticed any of these changes. She was too concerned with both her eating and what was on the TV to really care about it. She pounded down her fourth Coke of the night and sat there contently before realizing the time. Janice would be home soon and she didn't want the house to be a mess. She compressed the Chinese food into a couple different containers. In reality she should have had a lot left but since she ate with abandon she found a perfect place in the fridge to hide her gluttony for the night. She threw everything else out and decided to look at the other rooms. She figured she had a one in two chance to pick the right one. The first one was a full one guest room. The sheets were pink and properly pressed. Everything about the room just oozed that it was there for someone to use, it had a big screen TV with cable and it reminded her of the guest room that she kept at her apartment. A room where almost anyone could feel welcome and one that could easily be converted to someone else's room if a roommate wanted to move in. Then she checked the other room and she knew right away that it was hers. There was something just odd about the room, something cold to it. Monica couldn't quite explain it. The TV was nice although a few years dated and the bedspread was something more simplistic. Opening the closet she found it full of maid uniforms instead of empty like the last one. Yes this would be her. Even though she was a person chef she had little to no doubt that she'd have to wear that. The uniforms in there were actually a little slutty as far as Monica was concerned, they would hug her curves far too well and considering that she was now as over 200 pounds she didn't want that. She wanted something large and loose that she could hide behind instead of something that would put her ample breasts and overly ample ass on display. Monica sighed and closed the closet the only plus side was that it was connected to a bathroom. Monica went in there and turned on the light. She was not impressed. There was a small bathtub and shower combination, a sink, and a toilet. At her size it would be impossible to navigate in there. Perhaps she could go and use Janice's bathroom…she thought. It was right across the hall and it wasn't like Janice would care. Monica went to open the door and found it to be big enough to two people with no real problem. A mirror with vanity lighting, a rather large bathtub to soak in, along with two separate sinks, and a lovely toilet. What would be the harm in using it? Monica thought as she let out another fart. She really needed to use the bathroom and this was just so nice, surely Janice wouldn't mind if she used it. She went to the toilet and started to undo her pants but something stopped her. This was Janice's bathroom. Monica had a bathroom connected to her room. It was only right to use that room. Monica waddled back to her bathroom and it some uncomfortably tight but she would make do with what she had. On the other side of town Janice was having an amazing date. She was feeling something that she hadn't felt in a long time. Chandler was hanging on her every word and sure some of it might be because of the camera but she was loving it. She had completely forgotten about Monica and any worries that she had. The only disappointment was that she couldn't take Chandler home with her or go home with him tonight. The last thing she wanted Chandler thinking as that this was some kind of booty call. That would drive him away like the time he went to Yemen. She had tried to call his bluff on that but the man had actually gone to Yemen. She had forgiven him for that of course. The worst part was that the date had to end. They already had plans to meet up again tomorrow, it was going a little fast but Janice knew that she wasn't getting any younger so she had to get him while the getting was good. As Janice walked back to her apartment she was broken out of her dreamlike state. She needed to be ready for anything. Odds were that Monica was planning some sort of surprise and Janice needed to be ready. Sure she had the power of the camera on her side but she couldn't simply rely on that if Monica had something smart planned. Janice walked into the apartment and felt an odd sense of relief. Nothing was going on, in fact that apartment smelled clean. There was an odd scent of Chinese food but that scent was quickly overpowered by apple pie. Apple pie? That didn't make any sense. "Monica are you here?" Janice asked. Monica walked out of the kitchen and Janice's eyes almost popped out of her sockets. During the time that she was gone Monica had grown once again. If she wasn't at her high school weight yet she was getting closer to it. Janice had seen pictures of fat Monica and she was getting closer and closer to that by the second it seemed. "Oh hey Janice! I didn't know if you'd have dessert tonight so I figured I'd make an apple pie, if you don't want it tonight you can have it for tomorrow. If you'll give me your credit card I can go out tomorrow and pick up some ice cream if you don't have it or if you want anything else," Monica said in a chipper tone. It took Janice a second to recover from the shock of it all. She had thought that Monica wanted her dead and instead she was baking for her. Janice smiled to herself, it had to be the magic of the camera. Monica was slowly starting to lose her grip on reality. "Oh hun thank you for making the pie but only cook something when I tell you to," Janice said. She took an odd joy in it as Monica's face fell and she looked like a puppy that had been kicked. "I'm sorry I thought it would be a nice surprise," Monica said dejected. "Oh well you didn't know, that's something that I really should have specified earlier. Cut me a slice of the pie tonight and there is some ice cream in the freezer. Vanilla. You will serve me a slice of it with ice cream and tea. From now on though don't make me anything without my asking for it," Janice said. The old Monica would have screamed, yelled, or grumbled about it but this new Monica nodded eagerly and started to do as she was told. Janice walked over to her room and found the door still locked and nothing amiss. So Monica really had kept her promise. This camera was getting better and better by the second. Janice basically had her own slave now and walked back to the living room to find a piece of pie waiting for her. Janice picked up her fork and started eat. She nodded at her. "Very good, I'm impressed. Have some for yourself and do you know where your bedroom is?" Janice asked as she felt a headache coming on. She hadn't been the one to design the room, it was the camera and the knowledge of the room and contents of it hit her mind. Janice was a little pissed off the second bathroom was smaller and all of her expensive furniture she had put in there had been replaced but maybe she'd find some extra money in her bank account and if not then she still had Monica. "I did go looking around and a little bit and the bedroom is quite nice," Monica said. Janice had to stop herself from laughing. That room was a dump and the bathroom was even worse. Still if Monica wasn't going to complain then Janice wasn't going to give her a reason to complain about that. "Perfect, the rest of the pie is yours," Janice said. She honestly wanted some more but she had to stay in tip top shape, might as well let the garbage disposal that was Monica Geller eat everything up for her. Monica's face lit up and she nodded eagerly at her. "Just take it to your bedroom for the night and tomorrow I'll expect you to be wearing your personal chef garb," Janice said realizing just now that she had apparently supplied Monica with a uniform. She shrugged it off and happily enjoyed her pie. "Of course Janice, do you want anything for breakfast tomorrow?" Monica said grabbing the pie as she prepared to head to her room for the night. "No…I'm going to grab something on my way into work tomorrow and I'll have a date as well. Just have a light salad ready for me when I get home. Make sure you make yourself something and use your credit card to pay for anything at the grocery store," Janice said. Monica opened her mouth to fight, she thought it was unfair that she had to spend her own money on Janice but it was only for a week. Her finances could take the hit and once she was with Chandler again a few hundred dollars wouldn't matter. Monica just nodded dumbly at her. "Of course Janice but I will need a keep to your apartment, I don't want to leave and leave it unlocked," Monica said. Janice just nodded. "I'll leave the extra key out for you tomorrow. I expect perfection, can you give it to me?" Janice asked and Monica nodded. "Whatever you say Janice, Everything will be back to normal within in the week right?" Monica asked almost desperately. "Of course," Janice said. She didn't have the heart to tell her that the part of her life she had come to love was over. She should just start to accept who she was now. Janice munched on the pie and finished it. Her nose crinkled up as she smelled something bad. She watched Monica walk down the hallway. Must have been her, well that was going to be annoying but it was another piece of ammo she had to humiliate Monica with. The rest of the week processed the same way. Janice would wake up and if she had demanded a breakfast the night before she'd have it and if not she'd hear Monica snoring in the other room. Janice did have to work but she spent most of her time chatting with Chandler. It would be on the computer, phone, or in person. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with him and she could feel herself growing closer to closer to him. On the other hand Monica was slowly yet surely leaving the old person that she used to be in the dust. Everyday Janice noticed another change in Monica. The wardrobe choice seemed to bother Monica but she didn't say anything. She just spent most of her time trying to cover what she could no longer cover. Monica seemed to be expanding a little bit every day. Maybe ten pounds here or there. The poor woman's stamina just seemed to disappear these days. She was huffing and puffing all around the kitchen, at least when she wasn't farting up a storm. Each day her hair stuck out on the sides a little bit more too. Monica seemed to know that this was going on because she spent every possible second in the bathroom trying to tame her while hair but it didn't seem to work at all. She might have it straight and flat for a little while but her hair soon devolved into a bush. Weight seemed to be a bit of an issue too. Monica was at least 250 pounds at the moment. Her face was heavily coated in fat and you could no longer see her neck from the front. Her double, maybe even triple chin these days was covering it up. Her breasts at grown large and heavy and the only kind of bra that Monica could wear as a heavy duty one now. Her arms further expanded and she had finally gained so much weight that her fingers was as plump as sausages, making it very awkward to close her hand. Monica's stomach stuck out even more now, if she was too close to the counter when she attempted to reach for something her stomach would rest on the counter quick lazily. The uniform that Janice had 'given' Monica was more like a Victoria's Secret nightie and was basically two pieces so Monica's stomach was always on display. It seemed to bother her a little bit but she didn't say anything about it. Janice wasn't sure if Monica was simply shy or if she actually liked it. She was pretty sure that Monica was simply too afraid to say anything to her though. The worst part was Monica's ass. The thing was the size of Staten Island. It just kept on getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Thanks to her expanded rear end and her hippo hips. It actually got in the way a little bit when she was trying to move around the kitchen or serve her. Janice had a few potted plants that had fallen in the prime of their life thanks to Monica's heft. It was actually kind of funny to watch the poor woman try to walk around and those thighs did her no favors. Janice could only imagine the immense amount of chafing that Monica had to deal with as she walked. Had she been wearing actual pants it was very likely that the chafing would have been minimal but thanks to the embarrassingly paltry uniform that Janice had her wearing, she was sure that Monica's thighs were bright red from all the walking. Of course it wasn't that much walking but it was enough to tire her out. Monica spent most of her time cooking, eating, watching TV, lazing around, or sleeping. The apartment was clean enough so Janice didn't care too much about the lazing around. Besides Monica was just fulfilling her fate by becoming fat so any extra moving would have only been harmful to her. Janice could feel that they were getting closer and closer to the end game. Phoebe and Rachel were stuck in their new lives. She had visited both of them recently and neither of them seemed to even understand who she was. They just kind of looked at her dumbly. Janice had made plans for them to come over soon. She wanted all three of them together one last time just so they could see what had happened. They'd have a few moments of terror before the bliss of ignorance took them over for the rest of their lives. Tonight Janice had decided to have Chandler over to see how Monica would respond. She had been such a good listener and so obedient the last couple of days that Janice was no longer worried about anything going wrong. She had told Monica that she was having a special friend over for dinner tonight so it was to be good wine, beef wellington, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, and cheesecake for dessert. Yes everything was going her way and Janice was certain that this would end wonderfully for her. Meanwhile Monica was sweating like crazy working to get this meal done on time. There was a lot of prep that went into something like this and if she was at a restaurant this would be no big deal. Her restaurant…she hadn't called them up in a couple of days and didn't see any missed calls on her phone. Did she still work there? Had she ever? She wondered to herself as she once again passed gas. She didn't even really notice it now. It just felt like it had been there forever, she was so happy that Janice was willing to put up with her. She grunted as she moved her heft around the kitchen. Her feet were starting to hurt from all of it. She had no clue how fat she was no, Janice had a scale in her bathroom but Monica wasn't really sure that she wanted to know about it. Her mind was starting to go in and out more. She was still horrified about all this extra weight but it was becoming increasingly normal for her to realize that she had put on even more weight. She sighed and stirred the sauce a little bit. Her week was almost up and Janice kept on promising that everything would be okay. Of course Janice seemed to be going out a lot more recently. Monica wasn't sure why but it had made her job easy. She must have a new boyfriend or something. After all why else would Monica be cooking this big romantic dinner for two tonight. She took that as a good sign though. It meant that she was moving on. Everything that Monica was doing for her this week was working and she was seeing that it could be worth her while to let Chandler go. Janice came home a bit early from work and found Monica nibbling on a pizza. "You ordered out?" Janice asked. "Yes…I figured that I needed to be here cooking the food but I needed something," Monica said blushing meekly. Janice for her part didn't care, she just liked to push Monica's buttons and see what reactions she'd get out of her. "That's fine, and here put this one," Janice said tossing Monica something that resembled a tent but really it was a XXL maids uniform. "Oh you don't want me wearing this anymore?" Monica asked a mixture of panic and relief. Relief because she didn't have to show off anymore and panic because it could mean that she had done something wrong. Monica wiped her face down with a paper towel. The mixture of sweat and all that greasy food were really causing her to break out more. Some skin care products could have taken care of it but Monica didn't dare buy them. "We're having company tonight and when we have company you need to dress more…appropriately," Janice said. She was fairly certain that if Chandler saw some fat maid wearing next to nothing he'd freak out and lose his appetite. So today was the one day that Monica got to wear something that didn't show off every single molecule of her flab. Monica nodded dumbly and went to put it on, walking carefully as she did so. She didn't want to knock over any pictures or anything of the like. She walked past the other bathroom casually passing gas as she did so. She waddled into her bathroom and quickly changed. Relief washed over her as she did so. It felt nice to be fully covered again. She hadn't been like that since she had gotten here almost a week ago. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt horror pass over her for a second before remembering that she still had a dinner to finish. She didn't want anything to burn up because she was taking too much time. Monica hummed happily to herself while snacking on her pizza as she cooked, she was hungry, very hungry right now. Honestly the idea of making a little extra beef wellington for herself sounded amazing but she couldn't do that. So she just ate her extra-large pizza and when she was done with that one she started to eat her second one, and the garlic bread. She was still having issues getting full. Living with Janice had helped that somewhat, there were moments at night when she felt content but they never lasted that long, she just wanted to eat again and eat more than before. Even now she was thinking about leaving when Janice's date got in and getting some fast food for herself. While Monica was focused on the cooking Janice was finishing everything up for the night. She had on a red dress that put her breasts fully on display. She played with her face a little bit though. She couldn't deny that she was starting to get older. Time was kind to hear but she wasn't what she used to be. She had thought the man had said that the camera could be used for positive changes but she was too frightened to try them out. She had seen the full power of the camera in action and honestly wanted no part of it. All three of Chandler's old friends had changed horribly and she had too much to lose. She supposed she could play around with it and test it out on others but there was no one else she hated or loved that much to try it out on. No, tonight she was going to get Chandler and her life would be perfect and tomorrow Rachel and Phoebe were coming over for one last fun moment. Janice put some diamond earrings on and smiled. "Tonight is going to be perfect," she said to herself and started applying the last of her make-up for the night. It was around six at night now and Monica was just finishing up dinner. The candles were lit on the table and everything was being put on it. "Are you done yet?" Janice called out in her nasally voice. Monica was starting to get sick of that voice. "Almost, I'm leaving the cheesecake in the fridge, what do you want me to do tonight?" Monica asked as there was a knock on the door. "Get the door, let him in, then you can spend the rest of the night in your room," Janice said. This was the final test of the magic. If Chandler didn't remember Monica then there was no going back. She had to give them a chance to see each other. She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. This just had to go her way, it just had to. Monica opened the door and her heart stopped. In front of her was what she had been pining for ever since she had come to Janice's that day. Here was Chandler right in front of her. Her heart soared, obviously Janice meant for this to be a romantic dinner between the two of them and everything could quickly be turned back to normal. "Oh hi I'm Chandler, I'm here for Janice," Chandler said simply. He gave the strange girl in front of him a once over. She seemed to be a bit old to be a personal chef for him but he didn't judge. She certainly looked large enough, she must make some pretty amazing food she looked almost 300 pounds to him. "Janice?" Monica asked her heart slowly breaking. No, he couldn't be here for Janice. Chandler had to be here for here. Maybe he just needed a second to remember. "This is Janice's place are you sure you're not here for anything else?" Monica asked. Chandler was a bit taken aback at this girl who was literally blocking the doorway. He had asked for Janice so why wouldn't he be here for Janice? He debating trying to get sarcastic with her but fighting with Janice's personal chef wasn't going to get him on her good side. Besides the food smelled amazing although there was an odd aroma in the air that he couldn't quite place. "Yes Janice and I have a dinner date tonight," he said thinking now that the woman might be a little slow. She was looking at him kind of funny. Monica felt her spirits deflate and the full weight of her fat on her body. "Umm well right this way…Janice! Chandler is…here," she said doing her best not to cry. Janice came out of her bedroom with a wicked smile on her face. "Oh hi Chandler! I'm so glad that you could make it tonight, Monica thank you for cooking hun but you can go away now," Janice said shooing Monica away like she was some sort of child. Monica stood there for a second, looking at Chandler, her eyes pleading with him to remember her. She could remember it all right now their vows, their song, just everything that they had ever done together. Chandler didn't seem to remember it though and was focused squarely on Janice barely paying Monica any attention. "Wow…you look amazing tonight," Chandler said leaning in and giving Janice a hug and kiss. Janice was on top of the world right now. She had done it, Chandler had seen Monica, a bloated version but still her, and he had chosen her! This was better than any of her wildest dreams. She felt lighter than air as she started to make small talk over wine. "Really Monica, Chandler and I need some alone time," Janice said waving her hand at Monica. Monica hung her head and sulked off to her room. Once there she collapsed on the bed which creaked a little bit as she felt on it. She opened up a draw next to hear bed to eat up some gummy bears as she cried and cried. She could only imagine what they were saying to each other out there and Monica was powerless to stop it. She felt like she was broken into. As the night wore on the last of the magic started to effect Monica. Her hair became super frizzy and unmanageable. Even the best stylists in New York would find it a rather large challenge and speaking of large the last of the excess pounds started to hit Monica. This would make her a very nice 350 pounds. Her face was bloated to the point that no one who had only seen her skinny could be able to tell it was her. Her jawline was so soft that it was hard to tell that she even had a chinbone or cheekbones. Her eyes become beady and all the excess fat gave her a look of a very greedy girl. Her breasts expanded once more, so much so that she'd have to order a special bra to keep them looking alright. They would be a pain in the lower back the rest of her life and she'd always have the pain of a bra strap digging into her back fat. Her stomach had become a full grown gut. There was no denying it now, she didn't even have a lap anymore. Shirts would be impossible, her massive belly could only force her to tug down on them all day. She needed to wear nothing but dresses now. She widened a bit more, giving her the look of a circle. Her sides were full of love now. Maybe a lumberjack could grab all of her love handles in one squeeze but that was debatable. Her ass became the largest part of her and the most embarrassing. Certain chair were impossible for her to sit in now and others were such a tight squeeze that it was going to be hard to get out once she got in. She let out a loud fart, yes that was something that had only gotten worse as she feasted on greasy fast food. She could go to a doctor to talk about it but she was far too embarrassed. Her hips expanded so that she would have some trouble fitting in some tighter doorways and taking the subway would be a no-go. Between her hips and her ass there was no way that she'd take up less than two seats. Of course she could always walk and avoid embarrassment or she could if her thighs weren't so big. Her thighs had grown to such a huge size that she waddled wherever she went now. She even had to use cream on her inner thighs to help with the chafing that she was experiencing. Finally her calves were hit. Much like her fingers from earlier they had been able to take the brunt of the weight gain alright but at Monica's new weight there was no denying it now, she had cankles. There was no telling where her calf ended and her ankle began or vice versa. She was nothing but a fat girl now, one who was feasting on candy while her love was out there. Monica knew that she should go out there and fight for him but he didn't even know who she was, what was the point? She cried into her pillow until she fell asleep for the night. The next morning Monica was awoken by a knocking on her door. She was still sniffling from the night before. "Just a minute!" she called out. It was a bit of a struggle to get up. She found herself swimming in fat now and nothing was as easy as she remembered it. She farted and grunted as she got out of bed. She opened the door to find Janice, bright eyed and bushy tailed in front of her. "Good morning! Please come out to the living room, you slept until about noon," Janice said in a chipper tone. Monica didn't know why but she felt embarrassed about that. "What do you want me to wear?" she asked. She didn't know why she was still listening to Janice. There was no reason to, she wasn't going to give her what she wanted. "Just wear what you're wearing and hurry up we're waiting!" Janice said and shut the door in Monica's face. Monica sighed and stopped off at the bathroom really quick which felt even smaller now. She took a look at herself in the mirror. For a second she could see the old her in it but it was quickly replaced by this fat and doughy version of her. Monica wanted nothing more than to stay in bed and cry the day away but Janice was waiting for her and she couldn't keep Janice waiting no matter what. Monica washed her face and make herself semi presentable with her frizzy hair and slowly lumbered her way to the living room. When she walked out there she saw Janice with the camera and her hear rose. There were also two other girls there. Monica thought she recognized them but she couldn't be sure. She moved slowly and slowly plopped herself down in a chair, she didn't feel like standing. "So what is this?" Monica asked looking at the two girl. One looked like a redneck and the other looked just scared and like she didn't know why she was here. Janice smiled at them and pulled out the camera. "A little while ago I took pictures of the three of you and as you know I've visited all of you since then. Well now I think it's time that we fully have a good bye because the last one was rather rushed so come on now remember," Janice said. Monica felt everything clear up now. Her aggression was slowly returning and she looked at the other two women who had a look of shock and horror on their faces, they looked like they wanted to cry. "Rachel? Phoebe?" Monica asked the two of them and they nodded dumbly. "What happened to you?" she asked. Phoebe found her tongue first. "I…I don't know I think I have an STD, I ate possum or raccoon maybe…I get drunk all the time. I'm on the streets again it's…Monica it's awful," Phoebe cried out and looked over at Janice. She looked like she wanted to say something but knew that it would do no good. "Mon…I work at Central Perk again…" Rachel said. It looked like she was still in shock. "You!" Rachel said looking at Janice and standing up and heading her way, which wasn't any small feat given how big she had gotten. "You did this to us! You made Monica fat! You made me fat! And Pheebs do you still have all your teeth?" Rachel asked sympathetically. Phoebe closed her mouth and felt around and shook her head no. "Okay you've had your fun! Change us back right now," Rachel said feeling brave. At Rachel's words Monica could feel her aggression returning. If she had taken advantage that first night then everything would be different now but she had been timid. It was that damn camera, it was doing all of this to them. Janice laughed annoyingly. "Why would I do that? I have Chandler now, oh sure I could let you go but I know how you three work. If I let one go you'll just go and try to help the others and I'll end up worse than before," she said simply. "Besides I've seen all of you over the last couple of days, you yourself said that you were very happy Miss. Raziela," Janice said. Monica saw Rachel's eye twitch as she struggled to remain in control. "I did say that but you know that I didn't mean that. You're messing with our minds and making us dumb," Rachel said. "Rachel's right!" Monica shouted as she slowly yet surely got up to her feet. "You've messed with my mind. I was listening to everything that you had to say and just went along with it," Monica said throwing her hands in the air and Rachel nodded. "By the way sorry you look so big Mon," Rachel said fully taking in how big her friend looked. At that moment all three friends really took a look at each other and neither could decide if they were lucky or not with their fates. They all seemed horrible in their own way. "It's fine…" Monica said moving slowly, her face was already turning red. "You can't do this to the three of us. Look I came here the other day because I wanted my life back. Well…I'm not sure that's possible now. So…I'll give up Chandler and you have to turn all three of us back to normal and if not me then Phoebe and Rachel," Monica said feeling her heart race and her mouth go dry. "Monica you don't have to do that," Phoebe said and Rachel just gasped. "Yes I do, because you two did nothing wrong, nothing at all. Janice you want Chandler well you have him. You've won, I acknowledge that. If you're worried then I'll stay how I am so I can buy their freedom," Monica said. Janice pursed her lips. "I'm sorry Monica but I can't take that chance. You see I know that Phoebe attempted to seduce Chandler once and you and Rachel are so similar that maybe she'll think she has an in with Chandler one day. The fact is, all three of you need to accept your fat. The hick, the immigrant, and my personal chef," Janice said. This only served to piss the three of them off. Nostrils were flaring and they were glaring at her. All three of them were planning their next move. There were three of them after all and only one of Janice. They weren't fully sure how the magic worked by they all had enough of their minds left that they felt secure. They all looked at each other for a second. This could go really bad for one of them but it would be worth it. Phoebe was the quickest of the three. She spent the most time walking around and had put on the least amount of weight. She was by no means fast but she was the first to reach Janice and she actually would have made it and tackled Janice had she not tripped on the tile. She wasn't wearing shoes and the sweat from her own feet did her in. Rachel got there next, she was carrying more bulk so she had more momentum behind her. That served her well enough but not quite well enough. Janice was able to dodge her as Rachel tripped over a table. Her well-padded ass broke her fall but she was going to be down for the count for at least a little bit. Lastly there was Monica, the heaviest of the three and the one that Janice couldn't avoid. She had gotten lucky with Phoebe and was too focused on dodging Rachel to remember the 350 pounds woman in the room. Monica hit her hard, hard enough that the camera dislodged from Janice's hands. That should have been the end of it. Monica should have had the camera and should have been able to fix it. She even felt an odd power flowing through her but as Rachel tried to get up she feel down again and stuck her leg out which caused an escaping Monica to fall to the ground. Monica ended up on her back with the camera in her hands and she was struggling to get up. Knowing the power that the camera contained, Janice jumped on top of Monica. It was a sight to see a 130ish pound woman fight one who was nearing triple her own weight. There was a struggle over the camera. It was going back and forth. Phoebe wanted to come over and help but she couldn't find her footing and Rachel just felt too weak. They were mere spectators in the fight that would decide their fate. It was going back and forth for a minute and then a flash went off. Monica wasn't blinded by it but Janice was. Janice felt her heart sink to her stomach. "No, no, no…not me!" she whined. The shock of the camera going off had loosened Monica's grip and Janice was able to snatch it up. The pictures slowly came out. She knew it couldn't be good, it couldn't be good after all. She closed her eyes to gain her composure so she could know her fate. Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe on the other hand were smiling. Monica even started to laugh at her. "Well Karma is a bitch isn't she? Tell you what Janice we'll help you turn back to normal if you help us," Monica said. They'd all go back to where she had gotten the camera together and they'd figure this out. After all there had to be some sort of magical law about using the camera like this. "I can't look, how bad is it?" Janice asked passing the photo over to Rachel. Something sounded off about Janice's voice. Rachel took the photo and her jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me?!" she screeched and suddenly found the strength to get up and show the picture to Monica, Phoebe came over and her jaw nearly hit the ground. "Is it that bad?" Janice asked her voice sounding less nasal. In fact her nose was shrinking. "What?" Janice asked. None of them could find the words, they just watched as Janice slowly yet surely started to change before their own eyes. Her nose started to shrink. What had once been an obvious sign that she was Jewish become the button nose of a movie star. Janice had always had nice looking hair but the shine coming off it now was at a different level. It had never been brighter and healthier, and speaking of the bright the same thing could be said for her teeth and skin. Like the rest of her they hadn't been bad but they were being rejuvenated. Her breasts were once again perky but now they were DD cup and seemed to defy the laws of gravity. If someone was to see her they would assume that they were fake. After all something that perfect just had to be manmade. All of the excess flab that Janice had picked up over the last twenty years just melted off her like butter and was replaced by hard muscle. She lifted up her shirt to discover that she had an almost six-pack! "This is amazing and is this my voice!" Janice cried out. There was still a bit of a New York accent in there but it sounded very pleasing to the ears. Much like Scarlett Johansson's. There was something just sexy about it. There was an extra energy in her voice now, it was the kind of voice that men would find irresistible. The camera's magic then hit her ass and it became a perfectly sculpted runner's rear and her thighs grew, but not heavy with fat, heavy with muscle. She had runners legs now and in fact even felt the itch to go and run. Everything about her was going crazy. She felt young, strong, she felt just perfect. She looked down at the camera. "Oh…well it seems that while you and I were fighting Miss. Monica a few switches got flipped. Apparently you gave me something that was good and fast acting!" she said. All three of the women had to admit that Janice sounded amazing now. Monica saw this opening. "See! That's great! You can have any guy now, you don't need Chandler anymore," she pleaded. For a second Janice listened to what Monica had to say. For a second what Monica said did make sense. Chandler was a great guy but with this body she could get any one in New York. Hell she could go and be a future Governor's wife of mistress. All of that sounded great to Janice but only for a second. What Janice really wanted was to be with someone who would make her feel good all the time. She wanted something real and not something fake. None of the men she met now would be in love with her they'd only love her body. She was going to stay with Chandler, it was the only option. "Nice try Mon but I want someone who will love me for me and that's Chandler," Janice said glaring at the three of them. "I must give you credit, you almost beat me. Then again I guess it's good that you did that so I could be given this new body," Janice said laughing and instead of her annoying laugh a melody filled the air that was very pleasing to the ears. "Well you three look like a mess. Still I'm glad we all got to have this good-bye. Monica you should be happy unlike these two you get to keep your name! You're going to remain my personal chef though," she said. She wanted a small part of Monica to die every single day. Every day that Janice was with Chandler she wanted Monica to pine for him. All three of the girls were shaking now and Rachel started to cry. "Please you don't have to do this," she said. "Oh but I do, you three can't be trusted I suggest remembered the last of your old lives because in the next minute they'll be gone forever, so how about you say anything that you need to say," Janice said as she started counting the seconds. "I'm going to miss you guys…" Monica said and started to sob. "The best years of my life were spent with you guys," Rachel said starting to lose you. "I never thought that I'd get to have friends like you," Phoebe said. "You think that be friends in our new lives?" Rachel asked. "Don't think about that, let's just enjoy the time that we have left," Monica said and they hugged each other and cried. They all hoped that they'd be able to retain their minds but it was unlikely to happen and they knew it. They watched the clock intently and just held each other as they waited for the end. Porsha ended up not living too badly. She spent most of the time in her trailer, fucking guys, begging, or doing anything for money. She needed alcohol and food. She simply bled into the background of New York. A few people knew of her and most avoided her when they saw her. She was simply another freak of New York City. Raziela was very content. She had Gunther in her life and a job in the greatest city in the world in the greatest country in the world. She wished that they would have children but they had not been blessed yet with children. Still she found her life to be very nice. She woke up every morning, had a job, and got to serve interesting people. Even her English was improving as the days went along. All of her other issues remained but they did not seem like a big deal anymore. Monica eventually found a good rhythm in her life. Shortly after everything went down Chandler moved in with Janice and Monica looked on both of them with envy. She hated how amazing Janice looked, how successful she was. Apparently she had recently gotten promoted and was making money like crazy. Of course Monica didn't see any of that. At least she didn't have to pay for the groceries now. She thanked Chandler for that. Things had gotten nicer when Chandler arrived. She still had to work but it wasn't a chore like it used to be. He was nice and actually kind to her. She wished that she could have a man like him and her heart broke a little bit when she looked at him. Still he had been nice enough to set her up on a date with his old roommate. It had basically been a pity date but after enough wine they had their fun. Joey never called her again though but she didn't blame Chandler for that at least he tried. "Monica! I need more wine," Janice called out for her. Monica sighed and struggled to move her body around. It felt like she was getting fatter every day. Her feet and knees ached. She wished that she could be thin and beautiful like Janice but that was simply a dumb dream that she had. This was her lot in life and she had to accept it for what it was. She slowly made her way to the table and carefully refilled Chandler and Janice's glasses. "Can I get you anything?" Monica asked. "No…everything is perfect," Janice said contently as she watched her personal chef waddle off. Everything was perfect. The End
  15. The Competition ( culture change, wip, good story, degeneration. Liam smiled as he saw his friend up ahead. "Hey Carson!" He walked over, smiling. "Ready to do this, man?" Like many young men their age, the two often butted heads over certain issues, each seeking to prove they were the better in the competition. However, this competition today would be far from ordinary. Liam grinned and patted his bag. "Got the laptop here, pal! Honestly, how can you think a little hocus pocus can match up to the shit I found on that program? It's the 21st century, for crying out loud!" The two set off walking, eyes checking out the crowd at the mall… "No way your program can match the mystical arts man." Carson replied as he scanned the crowd. "You're just stuck with whatever the program pumps out. My magic gives me finesse." Today was the big day. Liam and Carson had been arguing over the merits of their respective transformation abilities for a while now. Carson had been taken in as a wizard's assistant about a year ago. It had taken a lot of practice to learn the spells, and when he had he showed his buddy Liam. They'd had a good time with it, but suddenly Liam found some program that could change people as well. Ever since then they'd argued which method was better. Now they were going to find out. "So we've got the rules straight, right? We pick each other's targets, specify changes, and can give challenges." Carson received a nod from Liam in understanding. "Okay, cool. Your turn first. You see those two little girls by the wishing fountain? For the next ten minutes make them aware their wishes will change each other, and change them accordingly." Liam grinned, and gave Carson a thumbs up. "No problem." He set up his laptop, and scanned in the two girls. Both 12 years old… both went to the same school even. Amy Phillips and Lisa Washington apparently… Lisa was evidently a girl who would grow up to be pretty, with long, jet black hair. Amy was a freckled redhead, and chubbier than Lisa. The two were clearly not friends. In fact, Lisa was bullying Amy once again, who was close to tears. Lisa pushed Amy, almost pushing her back into the fountain. "What a crybaby!" Lisa jeered. "Stop it!" Amy was pleading. "I wish you'd just grow up!" And with that, noticing they were stood next to the wishing fountain. Liam decided to intervene. Lisa mainly laughed off Amy's pathetic little wish, but then both stared in shock… as Lisa began to grow! She was definitely getting taller! But that wasn't all. She was… aging too! Puberty definitely kicked in now, as Lisa was now nearly 5'7", and had filled out nicely, with nicely formed breasts and hips. She looked to be at least 18 now… Which was what Liam had edited her age to be, from 12. She made quite a hot 18-year old too! Amy was staring, agasp, at her former bully. Who stared back. "What… what did you do to me?" she stammered. Liam and Carson laughed at this scene. They even ogled the new, rather hot Lisa a bit too. Amy was stammering in shock. "I… I… I don't know… I just… made a w-wish… and I think… it came t-t-true!" she blurted out. Lisa looked down at her new body, and then at the fountain. It was impossible… but she put two and two together… and spoke out. "I… um… wish I was back to how I was!" She liked her new form… but she didn't want to lose 6 years of her life like that! Liam, of course, did nothing. Carson had stipulated, that only wishes on each other could work. Of course, Lisa and Amy didn't yet know this, and Lisa kept trying. "I wish I was younger again! I wish my age was twelve!" Damnit, this had to work. "I wish I was as young as you!" She said to Amy, and Liam stepped in on this one. However, it would not work in the expected way. And certainly not on Lisa. Liam clicked on Amy's profile. He clicked on age, which of course read "12". And he now changed that to "18", too! Both girls once again stared in shock… as Amy too began to grow and age to 18! So now, Lisa was indeed as young as Amy! However, Liam checked Amy's profile. In contrast to Lisa, who'd grown up into quite the stunner… the already plainer, chubbier Amy had clearly had the years of bullying take a further toll. While somewhat pretty now, she was clearly not in Lisa's league like this… and she'd clearly taken to eating to help with the bullying, while hardly obese, or even really that fat, she was still out of shape, at a rather heavy 175 pounds, with ill-fitting clothes. Amy just gaped at her new body, even more shocked than Lisa had been. And while she was speechless, even the surprised Lisa was already smiling and laughing at her apparently still victim. "Wow! You got even fatter, huh?" she laughed. While Amy just gaped, Lisa was at least pleased that apparently her wishes worked. Both were slowly clocking on too, that wishes only worked on the other person… Likely no way that either would agree to return the other to normal now. But could Lisa exploit this? "I wish I was prettier than you!" Lisa said, to Amy. And just like before, this change didn't affect Lisa. Instead, Amy's looks deteriorated further! Her teeth now became crooked, and yellowed somewhat. Her freckled face now became heavily acne-ridden, while her long red hair became thick with grease. She'd gone from rather plain, if slightly pretty, to unattractive, even outright ugly! Lisa was disappointed it didn't make her hotter, but still nonetheless pleased. Amy, however, nearly cried as she looked at her reflection in a nearby shop window. She wanted to beg Lisa to work together, to return themselves to normal. But part of her longed to see vengeance now, on the girl who'd bullied her throughout school. "I wish… you were pregnant!" Amy cried… and Liam made it so! Lisa stopped laughing straight away, and moaned, as her belly swelled outwards, pushing harder and harder against the front of her jeans. Her breasts also grew into nice C or even D-cups now, filled with milk. And worse, this was no mere simulation of pregnancy. Lisa could feel the baby boy kicking inside her. Her hormones were driven crazy. She felt starving… but for, oddly, pickles and burgers! And her emotions ran wild. Both Amy and Lisa couldn't believe this was happening to them. Mere minutes ago, they'd been ordinary 12-year old girls, now both were 18, Amy was very unattractive and Lisa appeared to be 9 months pregnant! And Lisa was NOT happy at what Amy had done to her! At all! "I… look so fat!" she moaned. She looked close to tears, likely more due to the hormones than anything else. "And I feel… awful!" Amy was just about to call a truce, and set about having them each change the other back. But a furious Lisa struck before anything else could happen. "Think you'll make me fat?" she demanded, clearly more upset about that aspect of her appearance, than any other part of her pregnancy. "Well, I wish you were the fattest girl in school!" Amy opened her mouth to scream, thinking of the current fattest girl in school, who weighed over 300 pounds! But no sound came out, luckily attracting no attention from any passerby. She was simply too horrified. "N-no…" she moaned instead. But it was too late. The already heavy girl swelled outwards. Soon, her belly was already bigger than Lisa's. And then she overtook the previous fattest girl in school… and left her far behind! Her clothes luckily grew with her, but remained skintight and far too small for the now obese Amy. She was enormous now. She dwarfed the previous fattest girl… as Amy was now 400 pounds! Her previously fat face now had two huge chins, almost a third! Her breasts were massive, but wobbled shapelessly atop her gigantic belly. Her arms and legs were like an elephant's, and her ass was possibly the biggest part of her! "Oh no… oh no… oh no…" Amy whispered. Liam and Carson were definitely enjoying the supernaturally-empowered argument they had created. Meanwhile Amy looked down at her obese body with a groan, as Lisa's pregnant belly rumbled with hunger. She really needed some pickles now! Amy wanted her revenge upon her tormentor… but knew she had to end this now, before her situation got even worse! Lisa was smiling, and clearly about to make another wish. Amy panicked, and quickly made the first wish. Anything to try to stop this madness! "I wish you were just a kid again!" Carson looked at Liam. Stalemate? Neither of them wanted this back the way it had started. Liam indeed looked stalemated… Until he smiled. Perfect way to finish this! Especially as the ten minutes were nearly out! As the wish took effect, Lisa's pregnant belly shrunk down… as did she! Lisa was shocked but slightly relieved, returning to 12 again! She began to smile… but she didn't stop there! Soon, she was 10! Then 8! Then 6! Then, she shrunk down into a baby, before Amy's horrified eyes, and finally… vanished. Amy was horrified. What had she done?! But then… she began to change herself! Liam's laptop had determined that in making Lisa unborn, as he had, it had to go to the nearest woman, of mothering age… to be her mother! And not only hers, but also Lisa's baby, now her twin brother… growing within Amy's womb! "Oh no!" Amy shrieked again, as her belly swelled even further! Her breasts became even more bloated with milk too! And her hormones warped the same way that Lisa's had earlier! As Amy slumped to her huge ass, and began to cry into her hands, she thought of how she was now 18, unattractive, obese, and pregnant! She couldn't have kids! She was still a kid herself! But Liam began to implant new memories now. Amy kept her old ones… just had new ones. Ones of being bullied every day, and retreating into food to comfort herself, getting fatter and fatter, until she was obese. It only made her feel worse… So she had began sleeping around. She'd literally sleep with any guy who'd have her… which admittedly wasn't many. Any attempt to feel pretty. And lo and behold, soon she'd ended up pregnant with twins… and had no idea who the father was… She still hated Lisa, her old bully… but at the same time… still loved Lisa and her twin brother Leon with all her heart. Drying her eyes, she lumbered to her fat feet. Amy waddled towards the food court, enormous belly rumbling. "C'mon kids…" she mumbled. "Mummy's eating for three now…" "I've got to admit that toy of yours has some power" Carson said as he watched the new mother head towards the food court "but it's nothing I couldn't do." Carson noted the frown cross his friend's face. "Don't be like that. It's still early in the game and I gave you a compliment. I'm up next. What do you want to see?" Carson scanned the crowd, wondering who Liam would pick. Liam felt sure that nobody could possibly top that. He glanced once more at Amy, lowering her bulk onto two separate chairs with difficulty, waiting for her massive meal to be brought over. And then he began scanning the crowd with his laptop, looking for the ideal target. Then to think up a challenge. And then he found just the right one. Or two, rather. Diana Walker was out shopping with her fiance, Sean Patterson. The two were almost sickening, in more than one way. Firstly, their looks. Diana was a gorgeous, tanned brunette, with long brown hair, and a slim physique. Sean was well-built, nearly six feet tall, and very handsome, in a classic, chivelled way, with short brown hair and a beard. But also their fortunes too. Diana was 31, and a well-loved, very nice teacher at one of the best schools in the city, Sean was 36, and an investment banker, and just as nice and generous as Diana. And to further add to this, the pair were almost sickeningly happy, madly in love. To either of them, the other was a visage of perfection, and they couldn't wait to be married together. They held hands, smiling with excitement, and periodically kissed. Liam grinned at Carson. "How about this? Keep changing one or both of them in whatever way you want, physically, mentally or otherwise… until you've split them up, forever. But the only rule is this, keep their memories, and knowing they're being changed!" This was another area where Carson and Liam differed. Carson enjoyed a bit of showmanship, and liked to give people at least some sort of chance when he changed them. It was almost like a game sometimes. If they ended up worse for the wear it was their own fault. Even with his challenge Amy and Lisa had the opportunity to help each other, but they couldn't stop squabbling and faced the consequences. Still, Carson wasn't one to back down, and his pride wouldn't allow him to lose. "You make it too easy sometimes Liam. Alright watch and learn." Carson took off his top hat, revealing his short and shaggy black hair. There was a time the fashion choice would be very odd indeed, but in the age of hipsters he received less stares than his master would. Reaching inside he pulled out a simple wand. It was the kind of thing a parent might give a child to play with, black with a white tip. Carson's master had gone on a tirade about how his wands had become cliche, and Harry Potter had created unrealistic expectations. Carson pointed at the couple and got to work. "There's still so much planning to do." Diana complained to Sean. "How willed get everything in place in just three more months?" Sean put a comforting arm around his fiancée. "Don't worry Sweetie. It will be the perfect wedding for the perfect bride." Diana smiled back at him, then paused. "Honey, when was the last time you shaved?" Sean was confused by the question. He had meticulously trimmed his beard this morning. There was no way it could look wrong. He did feel a bit odd though. If he had to describe the feeling it would be… Itchy. Yeah, that was it, itchy. "I shaved this morning." He replied turning back to Diana. "When did you pierce your ears?" Diana had felt a pinching briefly, and raising a hand to her ears revealed Sean was right. She pulled out her compact and saw a stud in each ear. The pinching returned and several more pieces of metal joined them. Then the feeling came to her nose, then tounge, her lips, then lower. Diana let out a small moan as metal pierced her nipples and clit. "What's happening Sean?" She put down the compact and saw Sean, but he was different. Sean's hair was more ragged, as if he hadn't shaved in a while, darker and coarser. It wasn't just that. He looked to be getting more muscular. With each second that passed his muscles pulsed, abs tightening, triceps bulging. In moments he looked like he could knock out Hercules. His outfit changed to tight jeans and a tank top that showed every rippling fiber of muscle. Diana couldn't help feeling turned off. She couldn't place a finger on why, but she hated people with physiques like this. She knew that moments ago she loved that Sean went to the gym each week, but she couldn't stand the idea of it now. Meanwhile Sean was watching Diana change further. Her sleeves disappeared revealing arms covered in various tattoos of all sizes and shapes. There were elaborate depictions of koi fish, some skulls, and two female gender symbols joined together. Her clothes changed. Diana now wore white and black striped stocking under a pair of red jean shorts. Her torso was covered by a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut away. Diana's hair shortened to a pixie cut, before being hidden under a black beanie. "Sean, I'm scared." Diana was trying her best to hold back tears. "Don't worry baby. We'll figure out how to fix this." Sean tried to sound strong. He wasn't sure if it was for Diana's benefit or his own. "What do you think we should do Sean?" Diana asked more calmly. In fact, she didn't feel afraid any longer at all. This actually felt kind of exciting. Some force was changing them, and there was nothing they could do. Diana could only think of the things she could do with that kind of power. "I'm not really sure. This whole thing is just crazy. What if we can't change back? What if we keep changing? How will we ever know we are safe?" Sean was terrified. He'd never been this scared in his whole life. Suddenly everything seemed more terrifying. Was that women staring at him? That guy who just passed by bumped him slightly. Did it mean something? Were those two boys talking about him? All Sean knew was he wanted someone to hold him, and comfort him. He wanted someone to speak sweetly to him. "Would you get a fucking spine." Diana groaned at the pathetic display in front of her. Since when was Sean such a pansy? She'd get no where with him like this. As she watched the muscular man quiver like a scared kid she couldn't help feeling repulsed. "You know what? I don't even give a fuck about changing back. I like the new me." "B-But Diana, we have to try. Please." Sean pleaded, but saw no sympathy in Diana's eyes. He did see her change again though. Her face looked fresher, more like how it had when they first met years ago. She seemed so young now. The more Sean looked at Diana the more he couldn't see how things would work out. She had become so mean, and she didn't even care. What he needed was an older woman who could take care of him. He needed someone to coddle him, and make sure everything was alright. He needed someone to be his mama. "No, I'm fucking done with you. I can't stand to look at you anymore." Diana proclaimed as she watched Sean's penis thin men and lengthen in his pants in disgust. "I can't stand anything about the new you. You're a total pussy. No that's not fair. Pussy is so much better than you. A nice fat pussy." Diana moaned as she knew her tastes changed. She imagined fat women bent down before her, lapping at her cunt. She wanted to dominate them, and watch them grow fatter. Knowledge of how to tend bar, and make the perfect drink came to her as she decided to quit her old job. After all, she was back to being a sexy 24 year old. "Let's just forget the wedding. I've got bigger and better people to check out." Diana said as she walked past Sean. Sean stared after her dumbly for a second before tears filled his eyes. He couldn't help but run away crying. Diana paid him no mind. She had found the perfect girl to start a new relationship with. A lonely looking thing that was taking up two chairs by herself. Her size, the way she was putting away food, how every fold quivered as she moved. Diana quickly made her way over and sat before the girl. "Hey I'm Diana. Anybody ever tell you how damn hot you are?" "Oh, um, I'm Amy. Not really." The obese cutie introduced herself. "You'd better get used to it." Diana smirked. With one last flourish of his wand Carson leaned back in his chair. "Next time give me something hard. That was so simple I had to create my own fun with it." Carson could tell his friend was not happy with him. "You can check your program. I didn't cheat, they still remember everything, and know exactly how they've changed. You're up next. See that son and father over there. Their names are Jake and Lucas Heywood. Jake is all of 17 while his dad's 48. From what I can discern they have a pretty negative view of anyone who isn't white. I want you to copy and give them a trait from every woman or girl of another race they pass until they're both fully women." Liam had chosen to give Carson an easy task to start with, and one that was definitely enjoyable. Love was supposedly the great, unconquerable force… and so it was pleasing to think that his own power, and Carson's, could destroy even that, with such ease. He watched as Sean ran crying from the mall, and Diana continued to flirt with the obese, pregnant Amy. But then he turned his attention to his next victims. Carson had given their names, but Liam needed more information. And so, he scanned the pair. Indeed, Jake and Lucas Heywood. Jake was 17, Lucas his father at 48. But Carson had made something of an understatement. Jake and Lucas were outright racist in their views, hating anyone who wasn't white, or even vaguely foreign. This had to change… and so did they! The son and father entered a sporting goods shop. They were looking to make an order on some hunting equipment. Both considered themselves "men's men", and were almost exaggerated in that regard. Jake was tall, around 5'7", and fairly slim, but well-toned and muscular, and with blonde hair and blue eyes. His father was easily recognizable as such, only broader and more muscular, taller around 5'9", and visibly older. However, as they made their way to the gun aisle, to look at them, they spotted something that made them pause, and consider leaving the store. It was another customer, who, in their opinion, had violated two sacred rules, and shouldn't be here. The customer was female, and why should a woman be in a HUNTING store?! And two… "Fucking niggers… Just can't get them out of our country, and back to where they came from…" Jake muttered to his father. Despite the fact that the woman was speaking with a clear American accent, and was clearly American. At this point, Liam struck in. He made a relatively simple change. Well, simple, as in he literally unticked a box, and ticked another, on Jake, Lucas, and then on the black woman's profile. But complex from Jake and Lucas's point of view… "I know, honey. And I know he's a man, but your father wouldn't be pleased to hear that a nigger was in his favourite store…" Louise said to her daughter, Jade. Liam had indeed swapped traits with the trio. The black woman, was now a black man! But she, now he, seemed completely unfazed, as if he'd always been a man! And likewise, Jake and Lucas Heywood were now… mother and daughter Louise and Jade Heywood. They were now women! And thought they'd always been! The program had kept them mostly as similar to their previous forms as possible, as nothing else had been changed. They still had their blue eyes, but now their blonde hair was hanging longer down their backs. Their physiques had slimmed quite a bit, becoming more femininely fit. Their genitals had completely swapped to female, and they each now had a pair of breasts, even if they were only A-cups for now. And now, they were only in here to buy hunting equipment for Louise's husband, and Jade's father, who had been their mother until now. Liam turned to Carson, who was raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, I know you said to end it when they became fully women… but I have another idea…" Carson had to admit he was curious. In cases like this Liam proved to come up with some unique and interesting changes. As a fellow changer of fate Carson could appreciate a burst of inspiration altering the course of a transformation. The problem was this was a competition, and there were a few ways to consider things. One was Liam had put in a pitiful effort, and made the bare minimum change. Another was that he had broken the rules. They had agreed to pick each other's targets, and follow their rules and restrictions in each case. Technically, Carson could call this round done, as Liam had reached the stated end by making the Heywoods female, but hadn't done anything about changing their ethnicities. The last was to allow Liam to continue. If Carson stopped this a pair of racists got to go around with little punishment, and he'd never know what Liam was planning. Carson finally relented. Looking between the Heywoods and his friend he said "fine. I want to see what you have in mind." His gaze turned serious, and his tone gained an edge. "But don't think you're off the hook for breaking the rules. You're the one who wanted to prove something today, so I suggest you take my kindness, and stop bending the rules." Liam shrugged. "Sorry, it was all part of an idea, man. We get to see the real fun now…" And as they watched, Louise and Jade headed over to the counter. The clerk smiled at them pleasantly. "Good morning ladies. Is there anything I can do to help you?" Jade gave a cold look at the clerk. She was clearly of Latina descent, but, despite her pleasant nature, Jade had just taken the clerk's skin colour and race at face value. "Yes, you can." she said coldly. "You can help by not serving me, and getting your manager instead…" The clerk looked confused, and a little hurt at this, and went to get her manager, unable to understand what she'd done wrong. As she went into the backroom, her skin lightened up, becoming rather pale. Even her features shifted very subtly. Meanwhile, however, Jade's own skin was darkening. It looked as though she spent a LOT of time sunbathing now. It was almost a caramel colour, but neither Jade nor the clerk seemed to notice. The clerk's Latina features were less noticeable now, whereas Jade almost looked mixed race of white and South American. When the clerk returned with the manager, that was the final straw for both Jade, and Louise. "Not another nigger!" exclaimed a furious Louise. The manager was indeed also a black woman, who looked outraged at once. "What did you call me?" she tried to remain calm, but almost shrieked. But at this, Louise and the manager were subtly changing too. The manager, less so. Her skin ever so slightly changed, as did her features. She was still clearly black though. But as for Louise, the previously pale blonde was darkening up, like Jade… but even darker than her! As she did, her nose slightly widened, and her lips got thicker. She wasn't black… but she now looked mixed race too… But it did nothing to dampen her outburst. "Are there no Americans to serve us? What is it with people like you, probably criminals anyways, taking jobs from good, hard-working, honest whites! I know that my daughter and I are mixed race, but that's still a step above you and your kind!" With that, leaving a shocked manager and her clerk, Louise and Jade stomped off outside. Louise and Jade turned on their heels, stomping straight outside the store, furious at this… injustice. "Never you mind…" Louise growled to Jade. "We'll head to the food court then. See if we can get some proper American food at least!" As Louise and Jade headed off, they scowled and tutted at all the other women surrounding them. Literally any other woman. Even the white women were at least vaguely foreign. And that was their downfall… Jade shook her head disgustingly at a petite Chinese woman. And as she did, they both changed. The Chinese woman suddenly shot up in height. The previously maybe 5'2" girl, was now towering at about 5'10". She definitely towered over Jade, who was 5'7". Or rather she had been. Now she'd apparently lost the 8 inches that the Chinese girl had gained. Now Jade was 4'11". She was a short, mixed-race Latin American/white girl, as opposed to the tall, well-built, white guy she had been. But nobody seemed to notice any different. Only Liam and Carson… Louise avoided the gaze of a rather chubby black woman she was passing. She must have been maybe 160 pounds or so. But as she passed Louise, the black woman began to slim down. And down. And down. She not only became slim… but nicely toned now! She carried herself with more energy, more confidence, and looked overall much fitter now, almost like a professional athlete! Meanwhile, the now mixed race black/white Louise wasn't looking so slim herself now. She wasn't as toned as this other woman had become now. And as a result, she was getting heavier than the other woman had been. She now weighed around 180 pounds… Louise's face now possessed a second chin, as well as fatter cheeks. Her breasts, previously small, pert A-cups, were now heavy and sagging, while her belly was bloated and fat. Her ass pushed out firmly behind her, and her arms and legs were both fat. Her clothes had grown somewhat, but were still too small on her fat body, even if she wasn't obese or anything yet. Louise waddled along beside her shorter daughter, even if they looked less and less alike now. Especially as they passed a Polish woman with brown hair, and a black-haired Italian American woman… who now suddenly had blonde hair. Meanwhile, Louise now had dark brown hair, making her look less strange as a mixed race black and white woman, while Jade now had jet black hair, fitting in further with her increasing Hispanic appearance now. The two headed into the food court, still unaware of any changes. Louise and Jade entered the food court, still unaware of their changes. And this was only the beginning. Louise gave a disgusted look around. "Oh, for fuck's sake… Can't even go into a proper American food court, without seeing all these types around…" Jade shook her head too. "I know what you mean, mom. I bet most of them don't even want American food. Just disgusting foreign food…" As luck would have it, just after Jade made that remark, a woman passed, carrying a burrito, while another larger girl walked past in the other direction, holding a tray of chicken. And at once, their food was suddenly transformed! They were both eating salads now… "I'm gonna go over and grab some Mexican food, okay, mom?" Jade now had a sudden craving for anything Mexican, especially hot, spicy, and gassy. Louise smiled. "Okay, I'll be in the KFC. I'll meet you there when you're done." The two split up, unaware that their racism had become even more hypocritical now. An interesting side effect of the changes… The two splitting up also meant that they would cover more ground… pass more people… and change more… Jade passed a pair of larger Hispanic women, who both now slimmed down, just like the black woman who'd passed Louise earlier had. They had previously just been on their own, but were now on a double date, with their boyfriends, having more confidence since they were slimmer. Jade, on the other hand, had taken a double shot of weight gain from them both. The formerly slim, and now quite short girl, was now short and chunky. No, outright fat now. She'd nearly doubled in weight now, even fatter than her mother, at over 200 pounds. Her face was thicker, and fat now, with thick arms and legs. Her belly rolled under her shirt, and over her jeans somewhat, which were now very tight. But her breasts and ass took a massive gain each too. It seemed that she now possessed a plump hourglass figure, even exaggerated! Her breasts were oddly firm for their size and weight, and looked to be E-cups, maybe even F, while her ass was similar massive. Meanwhile, being in a food court meant that it wasn't long before Louise passed overweight people too. And Jade wasn't the fatter of the two women for long… The already plumped up Louise passed a family of fat Europeans. And suddenly, just like before, the family slimmed down. Granted they weren't quite as toned as the black woman Louise had gained weight from before, or the two Hispanic women Jade had passed, but now at a normal weight. Louise, however, piled on the pounds. Like Jade, she almost doubled in weight too, but her weight had already been more than Jade's. Before long, she was now over 300 pounds! Jade was overweight, but Louise was definitely obese now! The family actually shot her a disgusted look now, fittingly. She was enormous now! And the next changes were both fitting too. Both had their speech changed, just as they went to order… Jade glared at a Russian couple, speaking together in Russian. "Speak damn English when you're in this country…" Jade hissed under her breath, and went to order. Meanwhile, Louise shook her head at a pair of admittedly rather ghetto-ish black girls, speaking in thick accents, with lots of slang and swearing. Suddenly, the Russian couple were speaking perfect English to each other, and the black girls had almost gone from one stereotype, to another, in terms of speech… "And so, as I was previously stating, I informed the promiscuous female that if she did not cease and desist in observing my boyfriend, I would perform bodily harm upon her!" "You were most right to do so!" Her friend agreed. It was bizarre hearing them speak this way! Even their accents had cleared up perfectly too! Jade stepped up to the counter. "Ola, senor!" she smiled at the attractive guy behind the counter. "I have two large bean burrito, and taco, si?" Meanwhile, Louise was at the KFC counter. "Day-am, Ah gotta get meh sum fried chicken, an' fuckin' lots o' it!" She'd become even worse than the black girls were previously. In the Mexican food place, Jade sat down with her food. "Dios mio, me hungry…" she muttered to herself, not noticing anything wrong with that. Likewise, in KFC, Louise had found a table with chairs that creaked, but were otherwise fine with her weight. She just waited for the guy to bring her her food. She didn't want to be stood up too long. Her feet hurt with that… With both women, as they sat there longer and longer with their food, they each found that, strangely, they were both getting hungrier and hungrier. Both had to go back and re-order more food, since they were that hungry. Oddly enough though, the women near them found they were only eating small salads now, having hardly any appetite… And it was notable that Jade seemed to thrive now on a diet of tacos and burritos. Whereas all Louise seemed to eat was chicken… and lots of it! But they were changing in other ways too, throughout their meal, besides just appetite increases. Jade found her skin darkening even further, along with her hair, now raven black. Her once exotic, attractive face now became duller and plainer, with duller eyes, more swollen features, and thicker lips. It seemed she was no longer mixed race. She was out and out Mexican now… Meanwhile, Louise was altering too. Her even skin darkened, until it was a thick chocolate color, with dark brown hair. Her nose widened further, and her lips thickened. It continued until she'd left all traces of white behind too. She was now pure African-American… When the Mexican girl was finally done eating, she got up, and left the food court, but not to meet her mother at KFC any more. Her mother wasn't even in America now. She was back home, in Mexico. The two girls were no longer even related, or even knew each other! And so, Jacinda, as she was now named, simply waddled out of the food court, to head home. On the way, she passed a poor immigrant woman begging in the street. As she passed, the beggar stood up instead, with the hat full of change in front of her, vanishing. Her clothes began to change, until they were less shabby… and now decidedly rather nice. And she was off to her job, never remembering ever being homeless. Meanwhile, Jacinda's clothes became messier, and shabbier, as well as cheaper… until they were just a step above homeless! And the home she was headed to, changed from a nice suburban one, to a cheap, dirty, tiny apartment, in a rough neighbourhood, dominated by several gangs… Louella, on the other hand, was only getting fatter and fatter as she left the food court. The fatter she got, the slower she moved, and the longer it took to pass all these other fat women, who were toning up, and slimming down. And the longer it took her to pass them, the fatter she got… She wasn't even getting a nice hourglass figure like the fat Jacinda had gotten. Instead, Louella was getting a clear apple shape, her belly dominating even the rest of her fat figure. And by the time it was done, Louella was now massively, enormously obese. She must have been nearing 500 pounds! Even walking short distances was enough to tire her out now! Liam was worried now that the two would leave the mall and go their respective ways before he had chance to complete their transformations. But luckily, as this point, Jacinda passed another immigrant with a less-than-minimum-wage job… and it was perfect. At this point though, Louella had just stepped past a group of girls who were walking into a shop, with intention of shoplifting some jewellery. They had picked it up… but then shook their heads, strangely… and walked up to the counter, and paid for it. On the other hand, Louella stopped what she was doing, and waddled into the store, breathing deeply from the now heavy exercise (for her) she was doing. And she began to stuff jewellery down the front of her pants, her concern for the law gone altogether. Meanwhile, Jacinda's already poor, shabby clothing morphed even further. It now looked like a shabby, dirty maid's uniform, because that's what it was! It was even clearly several sizes too small for the short, fat Mexican woman, and pulled tight on her fat body, cutting in slightly, with a lot of flab overflowing. She had inherited the woman's bottom-of-the-ladder job now, who was now in college in Jacinda's place. Jacinda now worked as a maid for a rich white guy. It got even worse. The woman stopped, and headed back past Jacinda, since the now older college student had somewhere else to go. As a result, Jacinda inherited something else! The woman was now losing age, rapidly, becoming younger and younger! Now she fit into high school instead, as she was now 17! Her face looked youthful again, and she'd lost some height and some pounds… On the other hand, Jacinda was GAINING age, up to the woman's previous age! Now, the former teenager was now 15 years older, at 32! Granted, she wasn't that old… but a lifetime of too much sun, too much work, and too hard a life in general made her look much older. Her skin was as weathered as it was dark, a couple of grey hairs could be spotted amongst the jet black, and her body ached considerably… "Ay caramba…" Jacinda mumbled in her deep Mexican accent, holding her back slightly. Her huge breasts didn't help matters. Though sometimes, she caught her employer looking at them appreciatively. She should feel offended… but couldn't help but feel a little turned on. No man had touched her in a long time, and she was longing, somewhat. Even better, what if he wanted to marry her? Then she might finally have a chance of being an American citizen! She waddled off to her job, feeling a little more excited now. Meanwhile, Louella was now being dragged out of the jewellery store, with immense difficulty, by two policemen. "Git yer fuck'n' hands off'r' meh!" Louella shouted in the thickest African-American accent ever. She, like her former daughter/son, had become a deep parody of what they'd previously thought of another race as. The policemen just continued to drag her out, struggling with her bulk. "Ah ain' done nuth'n! Dis is racism! Racism! Ya white pigs are racist!" She shouted, as they pulled her to her car. They stopped… and radioed in that they'd need a larger vehicle for the 500 pound woman… Carson couldn't help but chuckle at the men's fate. He may change people, but he never discriminated. It was part of why Carson had been so adament to learn under his master. He hated people that abused the system, and got away with unfounded hate against others. Now everyone had an equal chance to be changed, but people like Lucas and snake really made it worth everything. "Always the cruel one, aren't you Liam? Can't say that I mind in this case. Those two deserved everything you gave them. I've got to admit that program is a little better than I thought, but I still have something better in mind. Still, it's my turn again, so that will have to wait. What do you have in mind next?" Liam chuckled at his friend. "Oh, you can't say they didn't deserve that? Besides, it was the perfect karmic punishment. They essentially became their own racist interpretations of other races! It couldn't have worked out better!" But Carson did have a point. It was his turn now. What should he have his friend do? He eyed up a comic book store nearby. A small, scrawny guy was reading a comic book there. He was ever the picture of a nerd. He wore thick glasses, his face was covered in glasses, and he practically screamed "lack of social skills!" His name was Sam Weathers, and he was an 18 year old college freshman. He was only partially reading the comic though. He kept looking at a girl stood outside with her friends. Jenna Dawson was absolutely stunning, and she knew it. She was the classic alpha bitch, with long blonde hair, a gorgeous face, perfectly fit body, and lovely C-cup breasts. And she acted like she was better than everyone. There was no way she'd ever be interested in Sam, and he knew it… "Simple, here's what you have to do. Every time Jenna there does anything remotely nerdy now, she'll find hers and Sam's situations are reversing. Make sense?" "Is that going to be it for my challenge? That's a simple curse at best, but if that's what you desire I can make it happen." Carson sighed. It seemed Liam was still looking down on his powers. Either that, or his scope was small minded. Surely Liam was saving the bigger changes for last, right? For the moment Carson knew the ball was in his court, and got to work. A simple incantation, a wave of his wand, and a light enveloped Jenna and Sam, unnoticed by either, or those around them. "Hey look, it's Scrawny Sam." Jessica said to Jenna. Jessica was a tall, curvy girl with medium black hair. It wasn't often that people in school saw Jenna without her right-hand girl around. Jessica rivaled Jenna in looks, but Jenna had dominated their friendship since they were young, injuring her self-reliance, and making her crave Jenna's acceptance. She was happy to follow orders and move out of the way if it meant Jenna was happy with her. "Oh, this is perfect. I was looking for something fun to do." Jenna sneered as she looked at the pathetic boy. He was 18 years old, and still watched cartoons and played board games like a little kid. He didn't even make the effort to improve himself. If he just spent some money on some gel for his hair, some cream for his acne, and actually hit the gym for once in his life, Sam Weathers could actually make something of his life. Oh well. There had to be people to serve as stepping stones on her way to greatness after all, and he brought it all on himself. Sam saw Jenna Dawson and Jessica Parker approaching him. Oh no, had she seen him staring? Maybe things wouldn't be so bad. He just had to be confident, and maybe she could fall for him after all. He stood as tall as he could and tried to look cool. "Hey Jenna. Hey Jessica. What's up?" He greeted. "Shove it nerd. I don't have the patience to listen to lame pick up lines from some virgin whose only experience is with his hand. What are you even reading?" Jenna said as she snatched the comic from Sam's hands. It was some sort of superhero comic. Jenna didn't care enough to know which one. She just cared about hot guys who played them like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Hemsworth. Real men. As she looked over the comic things started to get blurry. She was having trouble even making out the pictures, let alone the words. Did she forget her contacts? She pulled her glasses out of her purse. They were ugly coke bottle style that her mother had insisted on due to her prescription, and Jenna avoided them whenever possible. She turned her attention back to Sam, but realized her glasses were smudged. She took out a cloth and carefully wiped them down so nothing obstructed her vision. "Now where was I?" She tried to recover. With her glasses on her intimidation fact not completely gone. "What's so great about all of this stuff anyway?" Jenna gestured toward the shop behind Sam, but paused as she looked inside. There were all sorts of games, cards, and assorted books. For some reason she felt drawn to it all. "It's just a lot of fun. The community is full of great people, and there is something here for everyone. They've got games that range in difficulty, tons of things to collect, and there are always tournaments." Sam said, wondering why Jenna seemed to have some enthusiasm in her voice. "Tournaments, huh? Alright, I want in on this. Let's check it out." Jenna said in her usual commanding way. "Really?" Jessica and Sam nearly screamed at the same time. "What the hell Jenna? I don't want to spend my day playing board games with losers." Jessica complained to her friend. "Relax Jessica. If it's a tournament then there has to be a prize involved. We might be able to make some quick cash today. Besides, how sweet will it be to beat these dorks at their own game." Jenna said as she walked into the store. Jessica grumbled a bit, but followed her friend inside along with Sam. The group approached the check in desk where the store's owner Ron Mitchell sat. "Hey there Sam. Who are your friends? I haven't seen them around before." Ron greeted. Sam introduced the girls. "This is Jenna and Jessica. They wanted to check the place out. Jenna was thinking of joining today's tournament." "Was she? I'm a bit surprised. No offense but you're not the usual type. The more the merrier though. Just watch out for ole Sam here. He may seem meek, but he's one of the consistent champs around here." Ron patted Sam on the back as the scrawny boy blushed. "You're embarrassing me Ron." Sam laughed good naturally. "I'm nothing special. Just got lucky in a few close calls is all." "Can I just get signed up already?" Jenna interrupted. She was here to compete, not listen to this guy stroke Sam's ego. Ron sighed, but gave Jenna a pen. Jenna quickly signed her name and checked out today's victims. "Are you going to sign up today Sam?" Ron inquired, offering the pen and sign up sheet. "Sorry Ron. You know I don't do tournament play. I just like to play a little if my friends want, but the tabletop stuff isn't really my scene." Jenna drew one of the first lots for play. Her opponent was another geek from school, Candace Miller. Candace was a plump girl, shorter than most at 4'9" tall. Her swollen gut dominated her figure, and her stature gave her a sticky appearance. In her circle she was often compared to a dwarf, which she took pride in. "Hey Jenna." Candace greeted enthusiastically. "I didn't know you'd be playing." "Just shut up. I'm here to win, not to make friends." Jenna snarled. "Geeze, somebody has a temper. How have you put up with her all day Sam?" Candace asked her friend. Candace and Sam had been close friends since they were young. Their parents thought they'd make a cute couple, and Candace was more than willing, but Sam was hesitant. He did like Candace, but he felt he could do better. "She's just trying to psych you out. That's all." Sam replied. The tournament went on for a couple of hours. At first Jenna made a couple of blunders, but as her competitors watched it was like she flipped a switch. It seemed that out of nowhere she knew every secret of the games, and could think several moves ahead of them. "With that I take your King." Jenna said as her braces flashed for a moment. "Dark Magician attacks, and you're out of life points." Came the end of the next round. As she stood and shook her opponents hand he briefly thought she had been shorter than him before, but he must have been mistaken. "I can't believe I'm at the finals." Jenna cheered. "Thanks for coming to support me Jessica. You're the best." She smiled at her friend. "Than you too Sam." She blushed as she addressed the boy. "Yeah, yeah. Just hurry up and finish already. I'm leaving soon no matter what." Jessica told her friend, though that was a strained relationship in her mind. Jenna had seemed cool as a kid, but she never seemed to grow up. She still played with toys, watched cartoons, and hung out with several dorks. If she wasn't a stacked blonde with long legs she'd be no better than them. Jenna walked away from her friends to prepare for the final round. Jessica turned to Sam and apologized for the day. "I'm so sorry you had to spend the day like this. I know you're not really into this stuff, and she told me it wouldn't take all day." "Hey, no worries. You can just make it up to me later." Sam smirked confidently. Sam took out a comb through his blonde locks. He knew he could have Jessica by the way she was looking at him. She was a total hottie, and would be a fine notch in his belt. He had set out today to make it with Jenna Dawson though. He wasn't sure why he was attracted to the girl. Jenna was exceptionally tall, towering over most at 6'4". She had some acne, and her glasses made her look like a nerd. The braces didn't do much to help. She even dressed like a dork, clad in a pleated skirt and a blouse with a white and black checkerboard pattern. She had a killer rack, and legs that went for days though. She may not be the best trophy, but she'd be his. Jenna was thrilled that Sam was spending so much time with her. He had complimented her throughout the day, and given her encouragement during the assorted games of the tournament, even if he didn't really know what he was talking about. His chiseled jaw and muscles more than made up for it though. Jenna sat down for the last game, a match of pokemon trading cards with decks prepared by the store. She had a tough time with I, but lured her opponent, Ron himself, into her trap. She was ecstatic to take the win with a Charizard. He had been her favorite ever since the first generation. "Well, shoot. You really got me that time Jennifer. I didn't expect that combo." Ron laughed. "It was a close one. If I didn't have the type advantage over your Meganium, I'd have been a goner." Jennifer shook Ron's hand. "You definitely earned the top prize this time. I'm proud to award you with a $50 credit for anything in the store." Ron said as he handed over a gift card. Jennifer quickly accepted her prize and ran over to her best friend Candace to celebrate. "Can you believe it? $50 for anything. That's the best prize I've ever gotten." Jennifer cheered. "What are you going to use it on?" Candace inquired, having to look up at the much taller girl. Their friends often joked that they were like Gimli and Legolas. Candace was short and squat like a dwarf, and Jennifer was tall and willowy like an elf. It made for an interesting sight to see them next to each other, but they accepted who they were. "I' don't know. There are some manga I've been wanting to read. Maybe I could pick up the new Final Fantasy though. Or we could get the new expansion to D&D." Jennifer gushed as she scanned the store. She stopped as she noticed Sam Weathers and Jessica Rizzoli heading out of the shop. Why had they been here? She couldn't help but swoon over the quarterback. He had perfect tan skin, and rippling muscle. His smile showed perfect white teeth that sparkled in the light. Jennifer could also tell from the bulge below his waistline that he had a very impressive package. There was no way he'd be interested in a girl like her though. "Why did we even go in there?" Sam grumbled to his girlfriend. It was only natural that the head cheerleader be dating the quarterback after all. "I told you. My little cousin is into this shit, and I had to look for a birthday present. Mom threatened to take my keys if I didn't" Jessica replied. "Just look at these freaks. Can you believe they spend their lives like this?" Jessica berated the people in the store. Sam looked back at the other customers. The one that stood out the most to him was a ridiculously tall girl with mousy brownish blonde hair. Her arms were gangly and awkward. Her legs were spindly and lacked tone, like she never strained herself. Her plain looks were offset with laughable glasses. What was worse was that she had no curves. She was flat chested, and her hips barely made an impression. Sam felt like he had seen her before, but couldn't be bothered to remember her name. "Let's just get out of here. You still have to make it up to me." He said with a wink and slap of Jessica's pert ass.
  16. A Royal Betrayal (FtF, class, wg, various weight gain) Pippa Middleton was jealous of her sister, very jealous. In her mind she had always been the prettier one, the better one, even the smarter one. Yet somehow Kate was the one who was a duchess, it irked her to no end. She had even tried to steal Kate's thunder at the wedding with her dress and while she got some attention everyone quickly turned their attentions back to Kate. It was this boiling fury that caused her to start to look at ways to take Kate down a few pegs. Most of her searches ended up being fruitless. The voodoo doll that she had bought did nothing, the witches curse was a fraud, and the less said about her chemistry attempts the better. That was when she found a pair of necklaces though. A master one and one that the victim would wear. Pippa honestly wasn't expecting that much from it but she figured that it was worth a try. Pippa had given the necklace to Kate as a birthday present and they two were going to have a girl's day. She knew that Kate would wear it to be polite and it would give Pippa and Kate a chance to be alone, with Kate coming to Pippa's apartment. Pippa was sipping on some wine and thinking what to do. Allegedly one simply had to be in the same room, they both had to wear the necklaces, and Pippa would just have to think about what she wanted to Kate's and it would be hers. She doubted this would work but hey it was worth a try. The allure of being a duchess was too great for her not to try all avenues. Besides it was only 500 pounds. Given that she was the sister of a duchess and came from a well to do family it was really nothing. Just then there was a knock at the door. Pippa opened it to find Kate's happy face smiling back at her. "Hello Pippa! Are you ready to go out?" she asked looking overly stylish as always. Of course Pippa had to look that way too, the press would have a field day if either of them were caught wearing sweats. "Oh in a minute or so how about you sit down I just need to finish getting ready," Pippa said heading to the kitchen. Okay there was no time like the present to try this. Pippa figured she needed to try something that would be noticeable right away. So she thought about having Kate's lovely hair in addition to her own. It would give her near perfect hair. She took a peek from the kitchen and her eyes went wide. Kate's hair wasn't perfect! It looked frizzy in spots. Pippa went to her purse and took out a little mirror that she kept with her to check her own hair out and smiled. It was perfect! Like the kind of hair one could only get through Photoshop! She was nearly bursting with excitement. Now the question was what to do to her spoiled sister? Oh she had so many ideas she simply needed to mold Kate into whatever she wanted. "Are you coming?" Kate asked running a hand through her hair. She had the best stylists in all of the U.K. and she still had issues with it on occasion. Ah well it wasn't like Will had the best hair anyway so it wasn't that big a deal but it was one flaw she wanted to fix. She had even considered wigs but that embarrassment of being found wearing a wig would be fair greater than some flawed hair. "Oh yes my dear sister…I'm coming," Pippa said thinking of everything that she could do. She played with her necklace and looked over at Kate. Pippa closed her eyes and imagined that Kate had a bit of an overeating problem. She basically sapped all of the willpower out of Kate. Pippa smiled as Kate expanded before her eyes. She was expecting a hundred pounds of pure fat added to her but instead it was maybe twenty or so. Pippa grimaced a bit, it was a start but she would have loved a bigger one. Honestly Kate simply looked a bit more…normal now. Her cheeks had a bit of a rosy glow to them and they looked fuller. Pippa cursed herself, even when she was trying to make Kate look worse she looked better. Pippa failed to notice the changes to her down figure though. She was a bit slimmer but not overly so. Her face was a bit more angular and that was about it. "Well shall we get going now? I'd like to stop and get something to eat" Kate said her stomach grumbling a little bit. Hearing that grumbling gave Pippa a better idea. Pippa wished that her love for sweets, grease, salt, and alcohol were transferred to Kate. She'd still eat them every once in a while but she would no longer crave them. The effects to Kate this time were unmistakable. Her skin had a bit of a greasy shine to it and a few blemishes even dotted her face. She was looking a bit more run down too and an additional twenty pounds had found their way onto Kate's once lithe frame. All of the gossip mags now talked about how she was such a pudgy princess. Kate even started to have the beginnings of a double chin. Her rear end had grown and was pressing the seat of her skirt to its limits. Pippa was sure that her sister was hiding some thick thighs and a gut under her clothes. She could only assume that Kate was using a body shaper. Kate yawned a bit and looked a little annoyed at Pippa. Kate was feeling a little lethargic and just wanted to get going so she could get back home and be with her husband. Pippa on the other hand felt her energy increase ten-fold. Her lack of love for all of that bad food had quite an effect on her. She had rarely eaten that badly before but not her body was totally clean. Her skin was perfect and she just felt flawless. She was just giddy with energy at this point. "Can we just get going please Pippa?" Kate asked and Pippa smirked at her. She wasn't used to having this power and it was time to lord it over Kate. She wondered if she could make Kate remember what she used to be like so she tried to make it happen. Instantly Kate's eyes lit up in shock as she looked over her body. Horror slowly yet surely crossed over her face. "WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?" she screeched running her hands all over her body to see if this was real. Pippa simply smiled and went over to the door to lock it. "Oh my dear sister you need to understand something…I did this to you and more is going to happen," Pippa said evil taking over her voice. Kate looked at her sister with shock, her jaw was agape which gave her a very noticeable double chin. "But…but…why…and how?" Kate asked thinking about calling her security detail that was outside. They'd get her right out of this and fix her up. "Oh the how isn't important but the why is. Personally Kate I'm tired of you getting everything. I think it's time that someone more deserving got a chance that's why I'm going to take half of your intelligence away" Pippa said smiling. Pippa didn't quite realize what she was going by doing that. Kate never made it to the University of St. Andrews. She simply didn't have the intelligence to get there. Honestly she had barely made it through primary school. Kate had a glazed over look on her eyes and her clothes changed. Instead of the high class skirt and blouse that she had on before her clothes were much simpler, less stylish but there was certainly a good bit of fashion sense there. Kate couldn't have called anyone if she had tried because she was no longer a duchess. Meanwhile Pippa felt her mind expanding. She had always been fairly sharp but this felt like she was going on overdrive. Everything suddenly made sense to her. Things that she hadn't fully understood were clear as day. The overall effect of her added intelligence hit Pippa too. She had been the one to go to the University of St. Andrews and it had been her who had met William and fallen in love with him. Well not really love because Pippa wanted the power but she did care for him. They were now standing in a lower-middle class apartment that belonged to Kate. It was Pippa who was the visiting party now, she was out in jeans and a red shirt that hugged every single curve she had. Kate was well aware of what happened and felt like crying, a few tears escaped her eyes. She really did love Will and she was stuck here now. She tried to remember any of the college work that she had done but it was all above her now. "Please leave Pippa," she croaked out. Pippa shook her head no. "Why not?! You have everything now just leave me in peace," Kate said as she started to lose it. "Oh my dear sister we've only just begun this is still too nice for you. You know…I happen to know something that you don't know. Dad really isn't your dad. Mum slept with someone before dad and then had you!" Pippa teased. "That's not…" Kate started to say but the magic took hold and it became true. Her mum had slept with some low class man she had met at a bar. So while Pippa was a pure bred Kate was more of a mutt. The overall effect wasn't too bad, she simply lost some of her beauty and became a lot plainer looking, her nose and ears grew while her lips and eyes shrank. Meanwhile Pippa was taking full advantage of her added beauty. While she already had a prettier face thanks to all of the previous changes the addition of Kate's body gave her a look that most supermodels would envy. Her nose was a cute button, her lips were plump without being overly so, she had cute doe eyes, and just perfect little ears. "Too bad you didn't get the Middleton beauty, isn't that right half sis?" Pippa asked smirking. Kate simply sneered, she hated life right now and wanted to go and get something so she walked over to the fridge and found it stocked with beer. That actually sounded really good at the moment and she took one out and started drinking it. She hated how good it tasted. "Shouldn't you be going now?" Kate asked wanting to be alone to think about what she could do. "Oh but Kate there's still so much fun that we can have together! I mean what kind of person would I be if I didn't worry about my half-sister? Oh I know what's missing from your hand, a cigarette!" Pippa said giving Kate a bad smoking habit. Cigarettes randomly appeared on the table next to Kate along with a lighter and several ashtrays. Kate sneered at the development as her teeth turned a little yellow thanks to all of the nicotine stains. She coughed a bit, she could only imagine how black her lungs were now. She really didn't want to smoke but the need to light up was too great. She took one out and started puffing on it. It made her feel a little bit better but she still felt the need to cry. Pippa on the other hand smiled and showed off her teeth that were almost too white. Having never felt the need to touch cigarettes in her whole life either. Not that she ever really smoked but it was still nice to have her teeth be even better. Looking at her sister Pippa realized what Kate was starting to look like, did she dare go all the way with it? Oh yes. After all they were half-sisters now and no one would judge her based on someone she wasn't fully related too. "You know Kate it's too bad that mum and dad never treated us the same. I guess that those awful genes from your father really got to you. I mean you always were quick to anger," Pippa said as she felt a calm come over her. All of her excess pent up rage was leaving her body slowly yet surely. There were of course times where she'd get mad but only when it was necessary and never too quick. Kate was breathing heavier now and it wasn't because she was smoking. She could feel the rage take over her whole body. "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" she screamed out starting to feel better. She was no longer sad at everything, she was just pissed that things were happening like this. She should still be the duchess not her stupid sister. She hated how Pippa referred to her as a half-sister. Memories of fights and suspensions that she had gotten in school had filled her head along with multiple punishments. Not that she cared, she was simply sticking up for herself, what was wrong with that? Pippa just smiled keeping herself calm, perhaps overly so. "Oh Kate I explained it already. You always were the perfect sister, the one who people loved, the one who got everything that she wanted. Well I think it's time that I'm the top Middleton around her. Besides why would you have ever been the duchess I mean look at your class!" Pippa said feeling all of the royal training that Kate had gotten go into her head. Although Pippa was now the duchess there were still parts of Kate's old life that remained in her head. Not only was Pippa learning how to be the perfect duchess but she was stealing all of Kate's manners as well. The effect on Kate was immediate, she let out a large belch and a fart. She went and picked her nose and well, flinging the booger across the room. She simply didn't know any better anymore. She recalled her mum trying to teach her these things but she had been too busy doing other things to truly learn any of it. She lifted up her armpit and gave it a nice scratch. She was wondering how she was going to get out of this or how to make it stop. Of course she could have simply taken off the necklace but between losing her intelligence and all of the drama currently going on she couldn't think about it even if she tried. "I have to say Kate it's a pity that both of us were born. You have well had such wonderful qualities. I think its better that I just have them. It will create the future Queen that England deserves" Pippa said. She was really debating stopping right now. She had what she wanted and there was no way that Kate was going to be a threat in the future so she might was well just end it now. If Kate has simply kept her mouth shut then everything would have been alright but being quick to anger and unable to fully think thing through was taking its toll. "NO! I WANT MY LIFE BACK! I'M THE DUCHESS! I'M THE ONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE THAT! NOT MY STUPID BRAT OF A SISTER WHO'S TOO SPOILED TO REALIZE THAT SHE'S A GIGANTIC BRAT!" Kate screamed. That made her feel better. She was loving life at the moment and opened up another beer and lit up another cigarette. Smiling and happy with herself over everything that she had said. Proud as a peacock really. Pippa looked shocked at her sister, she pursed her lips. "Well I was going to stop it here but I think that you're the brat and you need a little change. Your fashion sense is too good for one," Pippa said. She watched as Kate's clothes became horribly mismatched. She was now wearing red sweats with a ratty old blue t-shirt that was just full of stains. Her make-up was overdone too and she looked a bit like a clown. Pippa looked in the mirror and her clothes changed too. She had looked amazing before but now she was wearing a lovely red dress with a black belt. Everything about her look was immaculate. Not a hair was out of place and no one would say that she looked bad in the dress. Not too sexy but not too conservative. She hit the balance perfectly and she was thinking of all the new clothes that she could wear and enjoy. Kate squinted a little bit, she was going deep into her mind to figure out how to look like Pippa but nothing good came to her. All she could think about was sweat suits or something comfortable. The idea of putting on a dress like that seemed so foreign and wrong. Even when she put on a dress it was something trashing that showed off her fat cleavage. Looking over at Kate, Pippa was beginning to realize that her sister was looking a little bit like a chavette. Oh….well she was starting to look like it she might as well go all the way with it. "You know Kate it's really a pity that you dropped out of school. I mean life would be easier if you had finished Primary School. The effects on Pippa were minimal. She simply became a hair smarter but since she had stolen a good bit of Kate's brain to begin with the overall growth was small compared to what it had been before. The whole world shifted on Kate again. Instead of a lower-middle class apartment she was now in a pure lower class place. Not finishing school left her with few options and other than the basic necessities, beer and cigarettes. Kate tried to think how she could get herself out of this but nothing was coming to mind. God thinking was just so hard! Why did it have to be like this? She started to sob. "I want me own life back," she looked up at Pippa quite pathetically. Her grammar had obviously been affected too by not finishing up school. "Make me myself again, I'll give ya whateva ya want!" Kate promised. Pippa just laughed. "Kate my dear I have everything that I already need! In fact I can have everything that you want and more! I think you may have a bit too much," Pippa said walking around. Looking at this new apartment she still felt that it was too nice for Kate. Besides she knew that Kate could still be fixed. Classes could be taken and she could fix herself up and make a nice life for herself. She couldn't have that happening. "Besides you wouldn't follow through, you were always lazy," Pippa said. The whole room got dusty and messes were formed all over the apartment. The place now had the look of someone who really didn't care enough to clean. Kate's look changed as well, her hair became a bit greasy and her skin broke out all over her body. It was annoying but Kate didn't see the point in showering or doing anything like that anymore. She could use make-up to cover herself up and it was really a waste of time. Kate was shaking with how angry she was. She had been one of the most powerful women in the U.K. when she had woken up this morning and now she was simply a lower class loser. It wasn't fair! Pippa had a lot herself why did she have to go and make her like this? What was in it for her? She looked over at Pippa and sneered. "You're a fucking horrible sister you know that?" she spat out. Meanwhile Pippa felt herself becoming more and more energized. She was bouncing off the walls and felt like she could go and run a few marathons. "Oh please! You're the horrible one. You never wanted to share anything and you're simply getting what you deserve. You have 32 perfect years and it's my turn to have that," Pippa said not acknowledging that fact that her life had been pretty amazing also. "Anyway we'll be done here soon enough my sweet sister, oops I mean half-sister. Your changed are almost complete I just need to make a few more minor changes to you and you'll be perfect," Pippa said giving Kate a little wink. "What the hell else can you do to me?!" Kate demanded to know. "Your voice…it's too nice and I think you should have a bit of a potty mouth," Pippa shrugged. She felt the magic hit her throat and thought it was time to see what her voice was like. "What do you think my dear?" Pippa asked her voice sounding angelic. Kate was afraid to open her mouth. If her sister sounded like that it could be good for her. She wanted to tell her sister that she was a horrible person for doing this but when she opened her mouth to talk this came out instead. "Ya know! Ya fuckin' awful ya fuckin' cunt!" Kate looked down at her mouth and put her hands over it. It caused her make up to smear a little bit she didn't care at the moment. She wanted to try it again. She wanted to tell Pippa to simply change her back to normal. "Ya betta' change ma arse back to its fuckin' booty-ful self or hella else," Kate said starting to feel a little helpless. "Oh my! Mother should have washed your mouth out with soap when she could my dear Kat," Pippa said. Yes her sister was a Kat now. Kate was too refined for a woman who talked like that. "I suppose it is to be expected though," Pippa said thinking what else she could do to finish making her sister a chavette. She was almost perfect there were just a few last changes to make and it'd be complete. "You know Kate you really should get off government assistance," Pippa said and the last change was made. The apartment they were in was now horrible, so small and tight. It smelled like a pigsty and looked like one. It was obvious government housing and Pippa felt a little uneasy about being here. She was the duchess after all and she wanted to be nice, of course that meant a security detail was right outside the door. Kate felt helpless, there was nothing left that she could do. She didn't even have her own place anymore. She was reliant on the government and if anything happened she was screwed. In private she had made a few comments about how horrible the poor were and was regretting those comments now. Here she was fat, uneducated, and drunk. She let out a loud belch and looked down at the ground sadly. "Well Kat my dear I really must be going! It was nice to see you though and I'll do you a favor. You're not going to remember your old life so I hope you enjoy your new one" Pippa said making it so. Kat looked up at her sister confused. "Pip why you fuckin' here? Doesn't ya arse belong wit all them fuckin' tight losers?" she said. Pippa just smiled. "Oh yes…I must be going," Pippa said knowing that Kat would look different the next them she saw her half-sister. She had left her with many addictions and they would start to take their toll on Kat before too long. She just wouldn't realize what was happening. Kat just sat in her place confused at her stomach rumbled. It didn't make sense that her sister had been there. They barely talked and she hadn't even been invited to the wedding so whatever. She was feeling hungry and decided to go down and get something to eat. She didn't have a ton of money but she'd just flash someone and she'd get some food. She had done that a lot in her youth and it started to show on her body. Kat didn't even realize that her body was swelling up. She had been about 150 lbs before thanks to Pippa's basic changes but more than a decade of living this way had an effect on her, especially since she had never set foot inside a gym. Her body slowly started to swell up to 250 lbs of pure woman. It started at her toes and feet, she went up a few shoe sizes thanks to this change. Her ankle and calves formed into one and became cankles. The fat continued up her legs and gave her a lovely pair of thunder thighs. Thanks to the age of her tracksuit and how big her thighs were a whole had started to appear in her pants. She was really going to have to steal a new one. Maybe something in blue. Her ass had grown to immense proportions forming a bit of a shelf behind her. Thanks to the tightness of the track suit you could see the dimples of her cellulite on her rear end and the back of her thighs. Her hips could only be called baby making hips at this point. Kat focused a little hard, had she ever had kids? She knew she had a few pregnancy scares but no she didn't have kids luckily. She'd never be able to support them at all. Moving up to her stomach she had a combination of a pot belly and a beer belly. Years of drinking and eating greasy food had given her quite a gut. It tended to get in the way and she had started to avoid booths because of it but it didn't really matter because she was still drop dead sexy! One just had to ignore the angry red stretch marks that formed on her stomach thanks to her rapid weight gain. Kat's once perky breasts had grown too, she was at least a DD cup now. Sadly the size that she had gained always caused her chest to start to sag. Kat looked at herself in the mirror and played with her tits a little bit. "Gawd I'm so fuckin' hawt!" Kat said pushing her tits up to she could give them a small kiss. That caused a lipstick stain on her chest but she didn't care. She loved how she looked and she was ready to head out for the night. Her arms had grown quite beefy, like a lunch ladies arms. There wasn't an ounce of muscle on her arms but she didn't care. She wasn't planning to work out and she didn't need to do that at all. Finally the excess of a decade reached Kat's face and the effect was unmistakable. A double chin had firmly places itself on Kat's face and the angles of her face were hidden from view thanks to the excess flab. Kat should have care but she didn't. "Ya look so fuckin' good tonight gal" Kat said to herself. Honestly she looked like a mess but with her low standards she thought she looked amazing. Checking the time it was almost two in the afternoon and she hadn't even had vodka yet! She had to go and get some but her accounts were very low at the moment and she needed to find a way to get some. Well she knew this cute guy that she'd sleep with on occasion, he'd be willing to buy some for her. She put on her trucker hat and was read to head out for the night. She slipped on a pair of hooker boots that were scuffed and stained. Kat looked a mess, between those boots, the ratty track suit, the oddly placed hat, the awful make-up. Wait! Something was missing and Kat tried to figure out what it was. Something looked strange and off about her like this wasn't really her. A few seconds in the mirror and she realized what it was. Jewelry! Duh. "How da fuck could I 'ave forgot?" Kat said slapping herself on the head. She waddled on over to the bedroom which was really nothing more than an assortment of clothes on the floor with a mattress. She didn't even bother with sheets, just had had a blanket on it. What was the point? She was never going to make her bed, only fancy pants types like her bitch of a half-sister cared about that. She went over to her dresser and opened up her jewelry draw, if it could really be called that. Mostly it was just an assortment of cheap knock offs that she had gotten over the years. The total cost of that drawer with everything in it was probably about twenty two dollars but to Kat it was how she made herself look pretty. Kat looked at some things and elected to put on about four bracelets on each wrists, some large hoops earrings, and about three rings. That was when she saw the necklace around her fat neck. Where had that come from again? She couldn't really remember. If she had she'd have tried to sell it but thanks to Pippa's magic she simply shrugged and left it on. There was no point in taking it off. It wasn't really her style but it fit well enough. Just to be on the safe side she put on a fake gold necklace with a fake medal on it. Yes, that's exactly what she needed. One last look in the mirror and she was ready to head out for the night. So what if it was still day time? There was plenty of time to drink at least three bottles of vodka if she wanted to. Meanwhile Pippa was making her way back to her new home. Hmm perhaps she had been too mean to her sister. She thought about maybe improving her sisters' life for a second but decided against it. There was no reason to fix her. She was on government assistance, she was a leech really. Her security detail was happy when her car was back on the good side of town. It was a bit too much for them to be around all of these…unstable people. Still Pippa wasn't content. She was still a long time away from being the Queen. Even if that old bat kicked it she still had Wills father and that tart he had married in the way. She drummed her fingers on the window as her driver made his way back. Something would have to be done about that just as something would need to be done about her sister. More changes would likely have to be made to Kat, Pippa just had to wait and see what else she could take from her sister. She was certain things would come up as the day went along. Eventually she reached her home and walked in to hear a crying baby. Shit she had forgotten about George. She supposed that she hadn't fully realized how the magic of the necklace would work. Oh well she simply made it so that he went back to his real mother. Things didn't work out that bad for George really. Kat had given birth to him but had given him up for adoption right away. He had been adopted by and upper-middle class family and would have a very good and charmed life, even if he wasn't a royal. The effect the pregnancy had on Kat was felt right away as her body become covered in stretchmark's. Her genetics from before would have saved her but another thirty pounds ended up added to her frame and she was starting to feel tired. She had only walked a few blocks but was starting to feel out of it. She needed to go and get vodka soon. Pippa wasn't truly affected that much by it. Her body simply missed the stresses of pregnancy which she knew she'd have to go through at some point, the family did need an heir after all. She'd just like a totally fresh start and some time to fully appreciate the royal house and all the perks that she could truly take from it. She went and really had a good look around the house. It was nice just like she deserved. Pippa started to mull over her options. She had truly gotten everything that she had wanted out of life but she was kind of stuck. Kate was now Kat and looking awful. She was her parents' favorite of course and she would be Queen but she still wanted more! Looking down at her lap she thought of something. She was never a huge fan of shaving, not that she had to do it anyway. Still she might as well give that aspect of her body to Kat. She closed her eyes and wished that all the body hair that wasn't on her head would never grow. As she was walking Kat started to scratch herself. Looking at her arms she mumbled out swear words. She had always been a bit of a hairy girl but she was too lazy to shave most of the time. It was about that time of the month to take her forest of hair off. She cursed her father. That's who she had to have gotten this unfortunate aspect of her body from. Her stupid fuckin' half-bitch of a sister never had to deal with this. That last part was true, Pippa started to run her hands all over her skin and found that it was quite smooth and had no inkling of unnecessary hair on it. It was something she knew that Will liked about her. God she felt so pretty and so beautiful! She wished she could see the bush that Kat probably had now. Ah well she'd be sure to pay her a visit again soon enough, she was probably a mess at the moment. She walked over to the kitchen and found a bottle of wine. She wondered where the servants were but she was happy to be alone for a bit. She pour herself a glass and sipped on it. Ah that hit the spot she wondered what Kat was doing right now. Kat was currently on the street begging passersby for money. "Com on ya lazy bastards! I need some fuckin' money!" she screeched at people. Her voice was more like nails on a chalkboard now. Between losing her lovely voice to Pippa and years of smoking she sounded like a harpy. People would give her some change just to be sure that she shut up. It took about an hour but she had the money she needed for the night. Enough for two bottles of vodka and some fast food! A perfect night all around. She made her way into a liquor store and bought her two bottles. One strawberry and the other was some sort of cupcake mix. She had only just left the store and took a large swig of the strawberry one. "Fuck ya!" she screamed feeling a lot better. Pippa had taken the bottle of wine and drew herself a bubble bath. She had never seen the master bathroom before and it was huge. The kind of tub that she could just cuddle in with her hubby. Ah yes…Will. She was going to be attached to him forever. She didn't love him but she couldn't divorce him. If she did that then she'd likely have to give up any right to the throne. Well he was nice enough and she was sure that she could go and fake it. She'd have to have a child with him at some point but she'd just give some of the bad parts of pregnancy to Kat who was more than used to them. Just then she heard someone come into the bathroom and looked up to see her husband's smiling face looking at her. Speak of the devil she thought to herself. "Oh hello dear how are you?" Pippa asked sweetly. "Not as good as you, I thought you were going to visit your sister?" Will said sitting down by the bathtub. Ugh she just wanted to be left alone. "First off, she's my half-sister and second of all it didn't go well. I don't know why I try she really is a horrid girl. You should hear how she swears," Pippa said acting like it was some scandal. "Well it's still nice that you try, you just need to be careful. She seemed a bit unstable and I don't want anyone finding out that you're related to her," Will said shaking his head. "Oh hun don't worry about it. It'll be fine I don't even think my parents talk to her anymore," Pippa said not realizing that she had just changed reality again. She knew that she had been the favorite child and was doted on but now it was a bit to the extreme. Before her mother had at least sent money to Kat to help her out but having been ripped off one too many times she refused to help Kat anymore. That meant that even with the governments help Kat was barely making it. The meager possessions that she had became less than before. She didn't even have proper plates or silverware. Not that she really used them, she ate out all the time and when she did eat at home she never cooked. That change had depressed Kat at first, she didn't really care about talking to her mum. After all she was simply a nag and wasn't worth dealing with but she did miss the money. Things were even tighter now. Ah well it was okay, she still had a place to live and she knew a few men that she could get with if she needed somewhere to stay for the night. Those government places were too cold anyway. "You know though I swear we help the poor too much. Did you know my sister has an iPhone? I swear she is some kind of Queen, taking advantage of the system," Pippa said pouting. Of course Kat didn't have an iPhone before but she did now. She mostly used it to check Facebook and tell everyone how drunk she was but she did have one. "Hmm something may need to be done about that. Do you think I should talk to my grandma and the Prime Minister about this?" Will asked as he started to undress to he could join Pippa in the large tub. After all she was his wife. Pippa squirmed a bit to make room for him. She hadn't planned on that but anything that made Kat's life harder couldn't be a bad thing. "You know honey I think you should! That's such a great idea!" she said wondering if she could start pulling his strings to get him to do what she really wanted to do. "How did I marry someone so smart?" she gushed getting up and cuddling with him in the hot water. "Well what can I say? I did go to the best schools," Will bragged as he started feeling up Pippa's breasts. Ah well there was always a price to pay. It took about a month for these changes to go into effect. It involved some heavy campaigning on Pippa's part. During that time she had stolen all of Kat's likability which meant that she had nearly a hundred percent approval rating. Even the people who were going to be kicked off welfare were seeing her side of the story and thought it might be right. While Kat simply became less and less likable. It was nothing that she was doing, she was just losing friends on Facebook like crazy and had somehow become more and more annoying. It was amazing how many people hated her now. Even horny men that she could depend on before were ignoring her requests and money was getting tighter and tighter. She thought about getting a job but didn't see the point. She wouldn't be able to sleep in until noon or drink and she'd be giving up hours of fun just to please some shitty boss. Of course life was getting harder for her. Next month she was going to get kicked out of her place. She was one of the few who did not fit into the new regulations. Most of the people who were going to be kicked off made the simple adjustments and filled out the new paperwork but Kat was too lazy to do so. Besides at least it meant she wouldn't have to clean up anymore she just needed to find the right man to be with. There was one man that she had met at the bar the other night and had slept with. She was going to try and crash with him for a while. She packed up her meager belongings in a backpack and elected to try and stay with him. Kat reached his apartment and knocked on the door. A scrawny man answered and looked fearful. Jake had met this woman the other night and had been thankful when she had left on her own but had come back. "Jake how are ya! It's great ta fuckin' see ya! Been too long, anyways I got knocked outta ma place. Goddamn idiot peeps. I jus' need a fuckin' hang out. Ya mind if I crash at this hell hole?" she asked pushing her way into his place. Jake wanted to say no but he had seen her nearly get into a fight at the bar. "Oh…sure…" he said meekly letting this horrible woman in. As she came inside she let out a belch and a fart. Another couple months had passed and the Queen was dead along with Charles and Camilla. It had been horrible really. A tragic car accident. It had been snowing like crazy and they just had to get somewhere. The driver had been so sure that he could make it there okay. After all it was only twenty minutes away but they had fallen right off a bridge. Of course Pippa had nothing to do with it. The fact that the brakes failed was simply a tragic accident. "Okay it was a little evil of her but she knew it was for the greater good. She had been pitching dozens of reforms to her husband but the Queen wasn't interested. Of course she hadn't wanted to do this originally but one night in an attempt to be more passionate for Will during sex she had taken Kat's passion. When Kat had been Kate she had been a very passionate woman and someone who was passionate about getting more and more power. Pippa had never realized that about Kat and quickly found her mind finding ways to gain all the power in the world. She just had to be sure that people didn't stand in her way. On Kat's end it simply meant that she became lazier, often simply falling asleep on the couch rather than make her way to bed. She was just drifting at the moment and there was nothing that Jake could do about it. He thought about calling authorities but there was no way that she'd stay away forever besides that would be too much of a headache to deal with. He just had to find a way to her out of here without causing himself any harm. His place had become a mess and he was pretty sure that there was mold growing somewhere. She was just so disgusting. All she did was drink and eat. She had to have been almost 300 pounds at this point. His couch was starting to creak when she sat on it. Of course she basically jumped on it every day so maybe that had something to do with it. He couldn't believe how hair she was either, it looked like she was starting to grow a moustache. He had bought some razors and put them in the bathroom just to try and get her to shave but she rarely even showered anymore. The odor was making him lose it and gag whenever he walked into the room. Right now she was watching TV and yelling at it. "That fuckin' cunt! Dat shoulda been me up there ya know!" she screamed and threw an empty beer bottle at the TV, nearly breaking it. Jake just rolled his eyes she was watching the coronation of the new King and Queen. "I'm sure," he said. "Its da fuckin' truth! She ma half-sis and a fuckin' stuck up bitch at dat. Never helped my fuckin' ass out. I jus' wanna git somma dat money," Kat said spitting on the carpet. Jake needed to get her out of here. Queen Philippa, what a nice ring it had to it. She had the power now. Of course her husband had all the real power but that was fine. She needed a figurehead. That would simply make life too hard on her. She could enjoy everything now. She looked down at her stomach and rubbed it. She was currently pregnant with the heir. The only part of the day that wasn't perfect but it had to be done. Everything was secure now. It was time to bring her sister here. It turned out that her sister was fairly easy to find. She was in jail after Jake had finally had enough and called the police. It had taken three of the stronger officers to pull her out of there. She was yelling and swearing all the while. She couldn't believe that Jake wasn't cool like that. She just wanted to stay there for a little bit longer. So there she was, sitting in a bra and sweat pants waiting for a judge to do something with her. Not that she really cared, she didn't do anything wrong. Just then some royal guards came and escorted her to a limo. She didn't know what was going on but it was better than jail. In the back of the limo there was a bottle of champagne that she opened and started chugging. It had been over eight hours since she had her last drink. Eventually they reached a building on the outskirts of town and was led inside. The room was bright and big. It hurt her eyes. Kat looked like a mess, her hair was a rat's nest, her makeup was smeared and she had to waddle inside. She even had some hair on her chest. Pippa wasn't too surprised by this. Pippa was about three months pregnant at this point but was wearing a nice loose dress that hid her bump and if anything made her look slimmer. Honestly she could look for anything and find a way to look good in it. "Well if it isn't my half-sister," she said as Kat rubbed her eyes to adjust to the light. "Well if it ain't ma stuck up bitch sis with that fuckin' fat stick up her fuckin' fat arse! Thanks fer helpin' me though," Kat said grossing her arms while chewing on some gum. She had probably been chewing that piece for two days at this point. "You know Kat it's really sad what happened to you isn't it, I mean look at your body," she said poking and prodding Kat's fat. Kat wanted to respond but she really couldn't, she knew that there were guards all around and the second she attempted to do anything she'd either be shot or tackled to the ground. She simply blushed and called Pippa a cunt under her breath. "Ah well I remember a time when you didn't look like this and I think you should too!" Pippa said smirking. Kat felt her head hurt like crazy as the truth hit her head like crazy. "Ugh what da fuck Pippa!" she screamed as everything came back to her. She remembered every little thing. This wasn't right! This wasn't her life. "Ya fuckin' better change me back ya cunt or I'll fuckin' murder and cut up ya pretty face," Kate said. She wanted to sound more refined but found herself unable too. "Oh Kate…Kate, Kate, Kate. There is no going back. As far as anyone know you're Kat now and that's how it should be," Pippa said watching Kate blush. That made her wish that Kate would have all of her shame and if anything Kate became more horrified while Pippa would become shameless. Before she had felt a bit bad about the Queen and what not but now it was an end that justified the mean. Kate started to cover herself up. "Fuckin' fix this!" Kate said getting angry again. That gave Pippa an idea. "Oh I'll consider fixing it but you have to go and do something for me. You have to lose twenty pounds, convince someone that you should be Queen, and for good measure get a job. If you do all of those things I'll change you back but if not then you'll be Kat forever," Pippa said looking at her nails. "I'll get all dat shit done or my name isn't Kate fuckin' Middleton!" Kate said proudly. Pippa smiled. She knew Kate wouldn't be able to do any of that but figured it would be fun to watch. "Go ahead and do it, I'll be watching," Pippa said leaving the room. She told them to let her sister go as is and not to give her a ride. She also told one of the closest advisors to her to tape all of it so she could watch her sister try and fail. Kate kept all of her previous memories but that was it and she was let go. She looked a mess in a strange part of town and didn't know what to do. Well she could start to go and lose weight. She thought about going for a run and tried it before falling flat on her face thanks to her heels. Pippa laughed from the balcony loud enough to be sure that Kate heard it. "GREAT start," Pippa said. Just then an idea came to Kate, her parents! They'd believe her. So Kate made her way to her parents' home slowly yet surely. Sadly they wouldn't even see her and her mother told her to go away. "You are an awful bastard child and not really my daughter. You simply have wasted your life you horrible girl," her mother said sending her away. Kate started to sob a little bit, not even her parents believed her. Then again she didn't think that she'd believe her either the story sounded extreme. She kept on knocking and begging for her parents until her mother threatened to call the police. Kate hung her head and elected to go and find somewhere to stay. Well okay that wasn't going to work. What was next? That's when she saw the Daily Mail. It was a bit of a rag but she was related to Pippa and she was sure that she could get her story out there. Amazingly they let her in and believed her. After all there was some evidence linking Kate to Pippa and they let her talk. Heck they even fed her. What she had wanted was some salad but that's not what came out her mouth. "Fish an' chips would be fan-fuckin'-tastic! Greasier da better oh and some ice cream!" she shouted. Okay losing weight would be harder than she thought. She ended up talking to them for about three hours and told them everything that had happened. Perhaps she had doubted the Daily Mail, they were more than willing to talk to her. She'd be back home by the end of the week. They even let her stay in a hotel for the night, the perfect time to go and enjoy a nice and lovely smoke. She should have taken a shower but she wanted to go and watch some TV instead and fell asleep naked and snoring. When she woke up the next day she checked the Daily Mail to see her story but instead of what she had said the paper had called her a raving lunatic. The bloated half-sister of the Queen is most likely on drugs. A royal official confirms they haven't talked in years. Kate started sobbing onto the bed, why didn't anyone believe her? Pippa simply smiled as she watched the video. This was more than perfect. The Mail had made up the part about the drugs but it was time to make that a reality. Kate would have a bit of a drug habit. A baggie of cocaine and an assortment of pills appeared in the hotel. Kate was feeling so bad that she simply grabbed the pills out of pure habit and took them. It would take twenty minutes but she'd feel better soon. Kate was still a bit high when they kicked her out of the hotel and she started to wander around. There was no one who could help her she was utterly lost at the moment. At least she had on a robe that she had been able to steal from the hotel and was covered up. She walked into a fast food joint and ordered a bacon cheeseburger. When the young teen asked for payment she simply flashed him and he couldn't say no to it so she was able to eat for free. Kate didn't realized that the chair she sat down at was kind of weak but she didn't care. Soon enough her food came out and she started stuffing her face like crazy. It was far too much food and wasn't going to help her weight loss but she didn't care. She should have though, the food she ate added just enough weight to her that there was a large cracking sound and before she knew it she was on her ass. The chair had broken and everyone in the fast food joint started to laugh at her. Tears came to her eyes and she tried to get up but her mass was just too great for her to get up right away. She had to get on all fours and lift herself up. She had never been so embarrassed in all of her life. She ran out of there, her pace was that of a fast waddle and she was sobbing. Pippa was watching form the palace and laughing. Her sister had tried and failed miserably. She should change her back to Kat but she elected to leave her as Kate for the time being. It would be much more fun. The next nine months were hell on Kate. She had put on more weight and was pushing 350 lbs now. She just couldn't stop eating and doing drugs. To keep her lifestyle going she was willing to sleep with anyone who wanted to. It meant that she had caught a few STD's, as she could tell because her crotch was itchy all the time, but it was better than nothing. Most of the time she slept in abandoned buildings but was sometimes able to go and herself into someone's house or apartment for the night. She had also taken to standing on the street and tried to tell her story to anyone who would listen. Some did but it was mainly to laugh at her. She begged them to believe her and even got on her knees to beg but no one ever did. Pippa had given birth to a lovely daughter, something she was happy about. After all she was the Queen and her offspring should be able to hold that title. All of the baby weight had fallen off quickly, thanks to her giving Kate her excess weight. That was part of the reason that Kate had gotten so large. Right now Pippa was watching her sister telling some drunk guy her story. Kate had grown massive, her face was so fat that she didn't even look like a half-sister of Pippa anymore. Her bras, if she was ever to wear them again, had to be at least G cups at this point. Of course Kate couldn't afford bra and simply let them hang and swing. Most of the time though they simply rested on her gut which was larger than Pippa's belly had been during the pregnancy. Her thighs touched each other all the way down to her knees and she seemed like a mermaid. They were coated with a healthy dose of cellulite and her ass wouldn't be able to fit into most chairs now along with her hips. Pippa smirked. She had won this battle. She should have turned Kate back into Kat but really this was more fun. The look that crossed Kate's face every time that someone didn't believe her was one of despair. She wanted so bad to have her life back. She had even told people that she was pregnant and she wanted her baby back. Looking down at her daughter Philippa the Second she felt some guilt. She erased that memory from Kate's mind. She knew that she shouldn't have but she did feel that went a hair too far. Pippa laid down on her bed. Will was in India dealing with something or another so she was the one in charge of the country while he was gone. She turned off the TV and took a nap for a bit until there was a knock on the door. "Excuse me my Queen but your….sister is here to see you," the servant said with disgust in his voice. "Please send her in," Pippa said. Yes this would be the last time that they saw each other Pippa was going to make certain of that. A distraught overweight woman made her way into the room. She was shaking from the lack of pills and it made her whole body looking like Jell-O. It was a sad comparison when they were next to each other. Thanks to everything that she had taken from Kate along with her own looks Pippa was without a doubt the most beautiful woman on the planet. Hell she was winning most beauty contests in other countries in the hope that she'd come there to accept the award. It was just amazing how far looks could get you but Pippa knew that she needed her brain as well. She had plans in the making to make France part of the U.K. it was her first step on the way to world domination. Of course she was doing it so lives would not be lost. In a few months France's economy would suddenly take a dive and the political situation would be so unstable that Pippa would have to say something about it. She'd make the suggestion and it would gain steam. Ah the plans she made. "Hello my dear sister you know, you really did give me a lot. Thanks to your looks I am the epitome of perfection," Pippa said taking off her robe and showing Kate her naked body. Kate had to begrudgingly admit that it was a perfect body. Hell even she was getting turned on. Kate shook her head and got back to what she came here for. "Please Pippa…please stop this," she said getting to her knees. "This is jus' too fuckin' much I just wan' a decent life," Kate said crawling towards Pippa tears falling on the floor. For a second Pippa considered it but if she did she could ruin her plans later on. No reason to take the chance. "I will help you Kate or should I say Kat," Pippa said. Kate looked hopeful at first but quickly realized what had happened. "No…" she said as the memory of Kat was erased forever. She blinked a few times and looked around the room in disgust. "Wha' da fuck am I doin' here? And Pips? Nice fuckin' place! Ya mind if I stay for like one fuckin' week?" she asked. "Guards! Come and take my sister and take her out of here. Drop her anywhere I don't really care. Just make sure she doesn't steal the silver," Pippa said. Quickly the guards came in and dragged the behemoth away leaving Pippa to take out her map and make her plans. Pippa could hear curse words and screaming as she was dragged off. "Oh honey its okay that was just your rude aunt" she said to her daughter. "She thinks she should be the Queen but that would be bad for the world," she said. Yes the world would be changing all of this was for the better. The Middleton Dynasty would rule for centuries. She thought while she played with her necklace.
  17. The Librarian

    The Librarian Albert was a nerd to his core – not even a nerd, but a geek. An out and out dork. Painfully, shamefully, embarrassingly so. He had lobbied publicly to begin a Dungeons and Dragons club at his high school, sat in the front row of all his classes, raised his hand for every question, and could go on forever about his point. Worse still, he looked the part of the socially hopeless dork. He was overweight, had thick glasses, greasy hair to match his greasy complexion, and was in the habit of dressing in garish, mismatching colors as if it didn’t occur to him to consider coordinating his top and bottom halves. The boy passed his time in the way dorks do – acing his classes, reading thick reference books for enjoyment, playing tabletop RPGs with his dorky friends, and day-dreaming about all the girls who would never, ever talk to him. Today, Albert was excited about his latest book – more so than he was about most books he picked up. It was a book of witchcraft. He had originally only grabbed it for use in adding flavor to his next D&D game, but the specificity of it had intrigued him, and he had found himself unable to resist the urge to try some of it out. Not that he’d expected anything to happen, of course, but even if nothing happened, no harm done. Yet he found that once he got the hang of the arcane language, each experiment produced the promised results – mostly small things, like organizing his bedroom, changing the color of his t-shirt, or telekinetically moving an object across the room (and the spell took far more time and effort than simply getting up and fetching it himself). As his comfort level with the material grew, he began to ponder practical applications for his newly acquired knowledge. And like any teenager, Albert’s thoughts naturally turned towards sex, and before long he was frantically leafing through the spells to bend a girl to his will. It was a disappointing search. Several spells came close. One could modify the mind of a subject, but the subject had to voluntarily agree to it – useful to help someone quit smoking, but no girl was going to volunteer for what he had in mind. Another spell could suck the subject into a dream state that Albert could control, but they would remember it upon waking, and much as it might stroke his ego to make girls dream of doing things to him, no way would they do it in the open in their waking state. Spells to paralyze, spells to make physical changes… but nothing to make a girl his willing sexual partner. He was very disheartened for a while, but, as dork’s will do, he devoted himself to the problem until he finally hit upon an idea that might work. It would take some planning, some luck, and could backfire horribly. But it had a chance – and a chance at having a hottie at his beck and call was not something he could pass up. He would test it tomorrow. And he knew just the subject to test. Melissa Warren strode into the school building confident as ever. She had checked her appearance meticulously, and exuded precisely the professional demeanor a professional like herself ought to. Her hair was packed tightly into a neat bun; her dress ran down to mid-calf; her blouse was buttoned to the neck and concealed beneath a billowy sweater; a small, tasteful stud in each ear. She could never forget the lessons she learned on her path to this job – that for an attractive young woman, if you let people see you as such, they would never see you as anything else. After all, appearances were important in her job. Melissa played a vital role in the improvement of young minds. She was a media specialist (not merely a librarian), and she saw it as her job to provide access to and promote engagement with only the highest quality information resources. Though the sign next to her office door read “librarian,” she had put in the request to have it changed to her proper title post haste. Moreover, having graduated from this school only five years earlier, many of the teachers still remembered her as the valedictorian, editor in chief of the school newspaper, class president, yearbook supervisor, and captain of a half dozen academic teams – in short, a kid desperate for their approval. But that was all in the past, and now she insisted on having even the other staff calling her “Ms. Warren” rather than the familiar “Melissa,” just so they remembered the serious professional she had become. The day began as it always did. She scanned the night drops and assessed over-due fines. Matt Fischer had returned a book three months late with a note in the front cover reading, “sry – ima get next 1 in on time.” Melissa repressed a shudder at the hideous vulgarity of modern text speak. She then perused some of her professional magazines for up-and-coming texts she may wish to consider stocking the shelves with, then idled through a few databases for periodicals that might be worth investing her office’s meager funds in. Most of the day was spent in preparing her budget proposal for the coming year. With the school’s funding cut short, she knew that people viewed her area as especially marginal, and so she was doing every bit of research she could to give them reasons to keep her afloat. John – Principal Vickers, to the students – had been a jock all the way through his own high school and college careers, and always favored funding athletics over academics. That she even had to worry that the football team could be prioritized over the school library was indicative of just how much was so very wrong with the world. She had to present her proposal to John the following afternoon, and she was still looking for every tidbit she could find to bolster her position. It was the focal point of her existence, and every intrusion into her library elicited a sigh of annoyance. Teachers straggled in and out to use the work room – Melissa irritably ignored the usual half-veiled sexual innuendo of Carl Jenks, the wrestling coach and nominal health teacher – and classes came by to use the computer lab or work on projects. Then Albert came in. He was her student aid during the last period of the day – he put books away, distributed over-due notices, and did other minor chores. Most of the time, he just rambled on and on non-stop to her about the most boring subject he could find. Despite being a fellow intellectual, she couldn’t quite make herself like the boy. Perhaps it was because he was friends with her younger brother, who had graduated last year, and she still had memories of him leering at her in years past when he came over to hang out. Or perhaps Albert was just so much of a dork that he was completely intolerable. “Afternoon, Melissa,” Albert said, stopping across the counter from her. “Ms. Warren,” Melissa corrected. He still occasionally fell into the habit of calling her by her first name, having done so for years before she was hired on here a few months ago. “Sorry, Ms. Warren,” the boy grinned, obviously not taking the title seriously. “Hey, you would not believe what I learned in AP physics this morning. There was this guy, Paul Dirac, who did an experiment on–” “Sorry, not today, Albert. I have to finish my budget proposal – I’m presenting it to the board tomorrow afternoon, and it still needs a lot of work.” Melissa was glad to have an excuse not to have to speak to the boy. “Oh, sorry – I’ll let you work then.” Melissa didn’t respond, and immediately turned back to her work. She worked intently through the rest of the hour – so intently she didn’t notice Albert’s chanting behind her. Melissa rose from bed the following morning, strangely not from her alarm. She looked at her clock, and saw she had overslept – it was already 9:00, and she was due in to the library at 7:45. What had happened? She was never late! She was furious with herself, and hastily rushed to dress herself. That was when she realized something was wrong. First, she finally realized she had slept in the nude – something else she never did. She couldn’t even find the pajamas she’d worn to bed, or the outfit she’d worn the previous day. Which was problematic, because her wardrobe had done an about face. Gone were the conservative, dignified clothes which dominated her day-to-day dress. Instead, she was astounded to find her closet filled with parodies of her outfits. There were skirts that barely touched her thighs, most of which looked to be spandex. Blouses with top buttons so low they would never hide a bra (convenient, since she could no longer find any bras). Her underwear drawer was filled with skimpy Brazilian cut panties, thongs, crotchless panties, and all manner of sexy lacey frilly silly things. Her wardrobe had been replaced overnight by the clothing of a call girl who apparently enjoyed variety. She was simply at a loss, and couldn’t begin to guess how such a thing had happened. Still, with her presentation this afternoon she definitely could not afford to take the day off to investigate, so even as late as she was, she had no time to do anything about it. She didn’t even have time for a shower. Melissa just donned the least revealing top she could find – a blouse which was two sizes too small and clung to her like a second skin, but at least concealed most of her cleavage – and slid into a black miniskirt. Even her glasses had changed – no longer the sophisticated frames she usually wore, but instead a set of ludicrous wide frames that looked like something from a 1950’s era librarian stereotype – or a porno imitating one. Her shoes had shifted as well, and so rather than running into the building, she delicately minced in on five-inch high heels. (They were the shortest she could find.) If she had woken up on time, she might have been able to call a friend and ask to borrow something and make up some reason for it, but this late already, and with her presentation this afternoon, she couldn’t afford to be a minute later than she already was. She rushed into the building with her head pointed down. Mary Ann, the secretary, frowned in disapproval at her as she walked by the reception window. “Late again, eh?” the dowdy woman behind the counter chastised. “Again? This is the first time I’ve ever been late!” Melissa said defensively. “Sure. You must suck a mean cock, or I can’t imagine why people put up with your behavior.” Melissa’s eyes bulged, but then the phone rang and Mary Ann turned her attention towards it. The librarian stood a moment aghast, but the receptionist showed no signs of returning her attention to her, so she composed herself and continued down to the library. Melissa tried to concentrate on not having her breasts wobble so much as she teetered around on her heels. Melissa secluded herself behind the desk and did her best to avoid stares from the students who were filtering in and out looking for books or just to use one of the library’s computers. Shockingly, her efforts at evading notice seemed to be working – while several students ogled her (or for several of the young women, looked at her with some amount of contempt), none had the shocked expression she expected. If anything, they seemed to accept her whorish appearance as a matter of course. That was the good news. The bad news was the raging migraine that was building. She didn’t remember waking up with one, but perhaps it was the stress of being late. Still, every time she tried to concentrate on her presentation, it came back with a vengeance. She popped a couple pills to help relieve the pain and gave herself a couple hours for them to take effect, during which she flipped through pages in an illustrated book about some war or another – the pictures, for some reason, suggested little to her of time or place. The Civil War? Vietnam? Something like those, she felt sure. Trying to read the words just made her headaches come back stronger than ever, so she just zoned out enjoying pictures and wishing she’d chosen a book with prettier ones. She was almost done with her budget proposal presentation, anyway – she could finish up after lunch when the headache cleared. She had her eyes closed, trying to think through the pain, trying to ignore the tension that all the bizarre occurrences had wrought in her, when she felt a pair of strong hands on her shoulders. They rubbed firmly, and she unthinkingly melted into the tender gesture. She hadn’t realize how tense she had been, and between over-sleeping, the problem with her clothes, the incident with Mary Ann, and this horrible headache, she didn’t even care who the hands belonged to. It felt marvelous. They kneaded her shoulders, moving then to her lower back as she slumped forward in her chair. Melissa could feel her blouse sliding up her lower back, and knew that her thong was showing above the back of her tiny skirt. Still, with the delicious sensation of those hands assailing her, she purred in contentedness, a warm flush coming over. Melissa barely even noticed as as the hands slowly drifted around to the front of her, massaging everything along the way. She was sitting there, squirming happily, when she began to wonder who was so brazenly fondling her tits. (“Tits?” They’re breasts. Where did that other word come from?) She opened her eyes and looked down to see a pair of hands reaching over her shoulders and calmly, casually undoing the buttons of her blouse. She watched in a stupor, making no move to stop them. “Wh-what are you doing?” “Shhh… just relax, gorgeous. You’re doing fine,” a man’s voice said from behind her. The headache, perhaps in response to the light, suddenly returned, and Melissa closed her eyes. It helped a lot. Moments later, her blouse was completely undone, and her tits were bared for anyone who walked in to see. Somehow, rather than panic her, the thought was strangely exciting. Besides, then she could feel the man’s mouth on her neck, kissing her, nibbling her tender flesh, kneading her breasts with manly firmness. His breath was pleasingly warm on her, whereas the rest of her torso was now exposed to the chill air of the barnlike library. She moaned softly, and her breathing came in soft pants. “God, I love your tits, Ms. Warren,” the voice said. “You mind if I…?” Melissa shook her head. She didn’t know what he wanted to do, but everything he had done so far felt fantastic and she knew she didn’t want him to stop. He released her, and she whimpered at the break in contact. “But, my boobs!” she whined. “Fill in for me a sec, babe. I’ll be right there.” Melissa pouted, but decided that having her own hands on her tits would be better than having no one’s hands on her tits at all, and began fondling herself. She wondered how hot she looked, if the man was enjoying watching the topless librarian – media specialist, she corrected herself – feel herself up in front of him. She heard a zipper being undone, and she impatiently waited for him to be done doing whatever he was doing. She opened her eyes to find the man standing right in front of her, and her vision was completely obscured by his dick. It looked nummy! (Wait, nummy? Since when does Melissa Warren find anything, much less some stranger’s cock, “nummy”?) Her musing was short-lived, as the cock playfully tapped her playfully on the nose a few times. The man laughed at the gesture, but all the smacking did was bring back her headache, so she closed her eyes again. That was better. Suddenly, her nipples were being pinched, and she squealed in delight. The man chuckled at her reaction, but Melissa didn’t care if he laughed at her as long as he kept teasing her nipples. Her titties had never been this sensitive, but today she was sure if he kept rubbing and toying at them, she would cum from breast-play alone. The man pinched again, then asked, “now why don’t sit on up and give me one of your world-famous titty-fucks, Ms. Warren? Doesn’t that sound nice?” Melissa thought. She hadn’t ever let anyone do that, so she didn’t see how she could be famous for it. Still, all that friction on her boobies did sound delightful. She smiled and nodded. The man laughed again, and patted her head. “Good girl.” She wasn’t thrilled about the condescending attitude, but as she straightened up, that thick warm cock slid in between her tits and she stopped caring about anything but getting her tits fucked. They had never seemed so sensitive before! Suddenly though they were alive with sensation, every caress and pinch and stroke of the stranger’s cock sending soft convulsions of pleasure through her. She grabbed each of her hefty melons, never having been so happy to have big, fuckable tits before in her life. The man pinched her nipples again, and she moaned in response. It felt good, and she hoped if she moaned enough that he would see how happy she was and let her continue. “Hmmm, too dry babe – why don’t you get it nice and wet?” Melissa frowned, and wondered what exactly he wanted. “Umm… do you mean, you wanna fuck me?” Melissa reasoned her pussy was very, very wet right now, horny as she was. More laughter. Unmistakingly mocking, unapologetically patronizing laughter. “No, sweetie, just suck it a little. That’ll be enough.” Melissa had learned by now that opening her eyes brought the headache back, so she just opened her mouth good and wide and tried to blindly get that dick in there. She sorta forgot she could use her hands – fondling her boobs felt too good to think about taking them off. She wondered how ridiculous she must look, sitting at her desk, tits in hand, blindly lunging about for a dick to suck. But then she found it, and carefully wrapped her lips around it and started sucking it. This was actually kind of fun, she thought. Why did I never do this before? I can feel it twitching and pulsing when I suck it good! How fun! She bobbed her head up and down delightedly, forgetting her reason for sucking him until he tapped her forehead. “Hey Ms. Warren, you’re a fantastic cock-sucker,” she squealed and giggled through her stuffed mouth to show how grateful she was for the compliment, “but… your tits?” She pulled back, wanting to kick herself. “Oh right! My tits! I’m so sorry!” She pulled her tits apart to invite him back in. Melissa felt his wet cock slip back in – wet from her mouth! – and she purred. This time it was much better. Her spit had made his cock nice and slick, and so as she pumped her sensitive boobies up and down against it, it glided with marvelous ease. “Yeah, that’s it, you big-titted slut,” the man grunted, obviously nearing climax from his tone. “That’s it, wrap your fuck-bags around my cock, fuck it faster!” Melissa giggled at how silly he sounded, but heeded his advice anyway. The sensation of her tits jiggling up and down furiously against his cock was almost too much for her, too, and she knew her own orgasm would be along soon. And soon came quickly. Suddenly the cock pulled away from her – naturally, she leaned forward to keep it between her jugs as long as she could – and then, as she sat there pawing at her titties with her eyes closed, her mind too overwhelmed by this assault ofp leasure to register what was about to happen, it was spraying. The first blast caught her right between the eyes, and then jet after jet of warm cum spurted all over her exposed tits. She screeched in pleasure as an orgasm rocked her, and her skimpy panties flooded with her own juices. As she came down from her high, she was aware of the sounds of pants being zipped up as the man got dressed. Melissa couldn’t believe it. She’d just orgasmed from having a man titty-fuck her, and then use her face and chest like a sperm cup at a donor clinic. She’d never let a man titty-fuck her before – she’d never even used the word “titty” before – or “fuck,” for that matter. Hell, she didn’t even know who’d just done it. She opened her eyes, and was pleased that the headache didn’t force her to close them again immediately. Perhaps the orgasm cleared my head? She turned her head to see Matt Fischer smugly grinning at her, the lazy idiot who had been so late with his book the day before. Wait, that had been a student?! “What do you think you’re doing?!” Matt shrugged. “You looked tense, and I knew I owed you and all, for the book.” Melissa’s eyes attempted to bulge out of her head. “And you thought you’d make the matter better by molesting me?!” “Come on, you usually let me pay you in trade. Geez, you sure can be an uppity cunt.” Matt rolled his eyes, looking annoyed. “I can be a…!” She sputtered. The headache was coming back, but she was too angry to care. The student began walking out of the library casually, and she raced after. Well, rapidly trotted after, given her ridiculous heels, catching up to him right outside the library doors. It was between class periods, so the halls were packed. Good, she thought. Now all his friends can see me discipline this punk back down to kindergarten. “Matthew Fischer! You stop right there. That kind of behavior is unacceptable. How dare you do that to a staff member! And then to say such a thing!” A wolf whistle caught her attention. “Nice tits!” someone yelled. “Need someone to cheer you up, baby?” another called out. Melissa looked around to find a large gathering of students around her. The girls stared at her with undisguised loathing and disgust, and the young men with raw lust. Several had cell phones out and were snapping pictures and video. It was then she realized she was standing there with her blouse undone and no bra, Matt’s jizz still running down her face and painting her exposed tits. She went pale as a sheet, and raced back into the library to echoes of student laughter intermingled with congratulations issued to Matt. She was going to be fired. Her career was over. She flopped back into her chair and looked for some tissues to clean herself with. She couldn’t find any, so she just began wiping it off with her finger. She was about to wipe it off on the carpet or something when she thought, I don’t want to sit here next to it all day, so maybe… Without considering it further, the haughty librarian slurped her cummy finger clean. It was delicious! Twice as nummy as when she’d been sucking Matt’s dick a few minutes ago. No, three times! Nummy ummy yummy, she decided, and she continued scooping blob after blob of jizz off of her tits until she could finally button up her blouse again. What to do now? Should she go try to explain herself to Principal Vickers? What would she say – that she had been sitting there with her eyes closed and accidentally let a student fuck her tits? Would it even be any better if she said she thought it was a staff member? And look at her clothes! The way she was dressed, it was no wonder Matt had thought she wanted that – she looked like a body spray commercial waiting to happen. While she sat there, dreading her coming termination, the decision was made for her as Principal Vickers walked into the library, frowning. “John!” “We’ve been over this, Melissa. Mr. Vickers.” Wait, wasn’t it the other way around, John and Ms. Warren? But this was no time to worry about titties. Err, titles. “Mr. Vickers, sorry. Umm, I guess you heard, about… well, yes. I can explain. You see–” “Save your explanation, Melissa,” he interjected. He sounded annoyed. “We’re all used to your indiscretions, but… frankly, I’m a bit concerned that you’re now letting it carry out into the hallway. It’s one thing to treat the library as your own personal brothel… well, I suppose brothels charge admission. Regardless, it’s quite another for you to be roaming the hallways topless. “We have an obligation to provide these students a quality education, and we tolerate a lot from you because you’re a hot piece of ass and you’ve let us use you to help us cut some costs and boost retention. But if you are going to disrupt our mission, Melissa…” “Wait, what do you mean! Cut costs? Boost retention! I’ve never done anything like this before!” “Save the innocent act for visitors, Melissa. You think I’ve forgotten about how you went down on the whole school board last year to guarantee our raises? Or the gang-bang you promised the football team if they won conference? They didn’t even win, and you delivered anyway – we’ve never had student athletes so dedicated. Or how about when you offered yourself as a sex slave to Dr. Snyder for spring break to convince him to stay on at reduced salary? Do I need to go on?” Melissa shook her head – in denial of his accusations, though he interpreted as her expressing a wish for him to end his litany. “Now, you do what you need to do in here, but you keep yourself clothed in my hallways. Am I understood?” Melissa nodded. She was too grateful to have been allowed to keep her job to be as yet willing to protest the outrageous charges. “Very well. And Melissa?” She sat up straighter, chest thrust out. Men liked that. Maybe it would cheer him up. “Yes, Principal Vickers?” “You still have some semen on your face.” She frowned, and quickly scooped up the jizz from her face and shoveled it into her mouth by some strange new instinct, sucking every drop off of her finger at length. Belatedly, she realized she was seductively slurping cum off of her finger in front of the principal, and removed the digit and folder her hands into her barely-covered lap. Lady-like. Principal Vickers shook his head in disgust. “God, you’re a fucking slut,” he said. “If you were half the librarian that you are a whore…” He sighed, and walked out of the library. “But… but… media specialist…” she whimpered to the empty room as the door swung shut. Anonymous 02/24/17 (Fri) 18:57:13 No.1714 The Librarian — Chapter 2 Melissa Warren slumped down in her desk, head in her hands, and tried to make sense of the most bizarre and humiliating day of her entire life. Waking up naked, the shift in her wardrobe, the outrageous accusations by Mary Ann and then later by Mr. Vickers, way she blindly opened herself to having her tits fucked by a student… and worst of all, how her thoughts kept betraying her as she analyzed it. But you look so good naked… Free wardrobe! And SO much sexier! Can you blame them for thinking so little of you with the way you’re acting? OMG that was totally the best orgasm EVER! And hey, at least was a senior – no statutory! After a few minutes of wallowing in her total misery, she decided the only thing to do would be to just keep going. If they weren’t going to fire her, she needed to continue working, and continue earning her keep. She unlocked the library door, bracing herself for a flood of students coming into to ogle the librarian-turned-whore – media specialist turned whore – but no one came. She sat down and resolved to get back to work on her presentation, not even noticing for a bit that her headache had suddenly disappeared. When she did noticed, she spared only a moment to be grateful for its absence and threw herself into the presentation. She was still frustrated, her fingers tripping over the keys and her mind freezing up when she reached for choice words, and more than once her calculator saved her from embarrassing errors in her figures. Duh, three times five is fifteen, not thirty-five. Still, it was a relief to be working, and just the feeling of working was its own reward. Even with her brain still muddied from the crazy day, she could tell she wasn’t doing her best work, but at least she wouldn’t have to walk into the school board meeting naked. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Lunch came and went, and the library remained mercifully empty. There was a balance in it though, for by the time lunch passed – and Melissa most definitely ate alone today, unable to face her colleagues after the incident – her headache had returned, as violent as before. Tylenol did nothing for it, and she had no one to return to for help. She was afraid to close her eyes again, lest her body betray her again like with Matt Fischer. So she sat there, hands folded in her lap over her joke of a miniskirt, whimpering to herself. Melissa was still engaged in this when the library door opened. She straightened her posture, all too aware of how her breasts were jutting forth obscenely in the painted-on top, and was for once glad to see that her visitor was not a student, but Carl Jenks, wrestling coach and health teacher. Melissa detested the coach – he was the sort who gave hard-working public servants like herself a bad name. Behaving as I have today, I suppose I’m not much helping, she admitted privately. But the coach was the same old guy day in, day out. A muscle-bound idiot who gave out grades according to his whim and with a reputation for leering at the young women – and some said doing more than just looking. She still remembered feeling uncomfortable in his class a handful of years ago when she had attended this school. Heaven knows he’d made enough passes at her since she’d been hired on as faculty. But Principal Vickers always sided with the jocks, and Coach Jenks had three state championships under his belt. The libr– media specialist braced herself for a lewd comment, a perverse stare, anything the Coach might throw at her. Instead, for the first time she could remember since she began working here, he completely ignored her. He walked right past her desk without more than a cursory nod, and went back into the nearby teacher’s workroom. (Melissa had tried to convince Mr. Vickers to be allowed to make it an office for herself, but no luck yet on that score.) She resumed nursing her headache, massaging her throbbing temples, nearly forgetting he was there before she heard the coach’s gruff voice call out. “Hey Missy, can I see you in here?” She positively snarled – she was irked to be called by her first name, much less the cutesy derivation Missy. No one had called her that since 4th grade, and she would be damned if she let this barbarian revive it now. She stomped awkwardly on her towering heels into the workroom to find the Coach using the machine they used to make letters for bulletin boards. He seemed deep in thought for perhaps the first time she could remember. “Now you listen here, Carl, I do not appreciate being referring to in such familiar terms. It’s Melissa, please.” She kept her tone insistent, and only belatedly realized she had meant to tell him to call her Ms. Warren. “Sure, whatever,” he responded dismissively. “I wondered if your gorgeous self could gimme a hand here.” “Carl!” Melissa sputtered. “Mister Carl,” he smirked. “Mr. Carl,” she corrected herself, “please keep yourself professional. I am not some tart you can just win over with mere flattery.” “Oh, I’m sure it’d take a wink and a $20 to seal the deal with you,” he laughed, “but for once I actually need your technical expertise. I’m trying to do an educational bulletin board for the kids, and I figured you’re the expert, so…” He moved on from his insult so quickly and made his request so earnestly she forgot her outrage. “Oh. Well. I suppose I am the media specialist.” “Don’t push it, Missy.” She opened her mouth to protest, but he continued too quickly. “I’m doing a board on STD’s – you know, what to be aware of, symptoms, how to avoid ‘em, all that stuff. Any advice?” She gaped. “And why would you think I would be in a position to give advice on such a subject? I mean, I’m sure we have books on the topic, but you can do your own research.” “If I wanted to read a book, I’d talk to a real librarian. I just figured you’d have some tips from the school of hard knocks – you know, biggest slut in the school and all.” Missy was confounded. What he had said was easily grounds for termination in any state in the country – and yet why had it made her knees go weak? Why did she suddenly feel flushed? And damp? “Mr. Carl! You– I– Why–” “I was kidding, Missy, damn. Coach is fine, if you wanna use a title. It’s what you used to call me in our little after-school tutoring sessions, remember?” He winked. “Our…? No, we never… did I…?” Missy thought hard. She remembered being in the Coach’s class. She remembered the looks, the leers… just the memory of her made her so hot… she didn’t remember acting on them, but surely if he had suggested it… just once… or more if it felt good… “Oh, don’t get too excited, Missy. Back then you were in mint condition, but now you’re damaged goods. Ain’t no way I’d shove my dick in that gentleman’s club you call a pussy now – that hole’s had more visitors than Mammoth Cave, and is twice as wide.” He laughed. “My pussy is not wide!” She hefted her skirt, bunching it up to a two-inch ribbon around her waist. She was surprised to realize she’d omitted panties in her outfit that morning, but it worked to her advantage now in her demonstration. She grabbed the Coach’s meaty hand and thrust it between her legs, which she spread for his ease of access. With a smug grin, the Coach slipped in a couple fingers. “Not bad – it’s no henhouse, but it ain’t no barn either.” He probed around, and she found herself wriggling and writhing as she impaled herself on it. His thick thumb rubbed at her clit, and her sweet little cunt just oozed around it as it readied itself for something more interesting than some fingers. The Coach amused himself playing with her, chuckling at how she responded to his artless ministrations. Soon Missy found herself hopping up onto the countertop, legs spread wide, moaning and panting. “Fuck me, Coach. Mmm, fuck me…” she pleaded. “Yeah right,” the Coach said, suddenly pulling his hand back. “There ain’t enough condoms in the world to make me feel safe plugging a cunt like yours.” He looked at her in disgust. “No! I’m clean! Pretty please, Coach! I promise, I’ll fuck you so good, just stick it in me, pweeeeease! You can trust widdle Missy!” she heard herself pleading. “That’s what they all say, slut – I’m not buying what you’re selling, even though I hate to leave you high and dry. Or sopping wet, I guess.” He laughed. “Say, I know. Why don’t you put that pretty little mouth of yours to use, and while you suck me off, I’ll let you play with yourself. How’s that sound?” Though his tone suggested he was being entirely facetious, Missy locked on the idea. It had been fun having Matt Fischer’s dick in her mouth, after all! How much more fun would it be with a big muscley man like the Coach? She threw herself forward and off the counter, landing on her heels but letting the momentum carry her down to her knees, where she frenziedly tore into the Coach’s belt buckle and jeans. Suddenly, there it was before her – the Coach’s cock in all its glory. It was already hard! From her! Missy was so proud of herself. She’d done something good today after all – maybe she couldn’t concentrate on some stupid presentation or remember to keep her titties covered in the hallways, but she could for sure make cocks hard, and that was braggable, she thought. Then it was her mouth, and conscious thought evaporated in a torrent of sheer feeling. It felt so right! She eased it deeper, deeper, until the Coach’s thicket of pubes tickled her nose. She giggled as she tried to slide it into her throat – she’d read about that somewhere, she was sure, how boys like it when girls took a boy’s dick into their throat. Missy moaned; she loved books almost as much as she loved sucking dick. “Oh, you’re as good as they say,” the Coach grunted as he began to piston his hips in and out of her mouth. “As who says?” she tried to say, only it came out “uzh huhs zhuh?” The Coach rolled his eyes, not knowing or caring what came out of her mouth and instead simply enjoying what he was shoving in her mouth. Missy was having so much fun she barely noticed when Mrs. Kunstler stepped into the workroom behind her. She tried to twist her head to see, but the Coach thumped the top of her head and then held her head in place and started to fuck her face at a nice leisurely pace. “Sorry, Mary – little bitch couldn’t help herself. Again.” Mrs. Kunstler clucked her tongue. “I can hardly blame you – it’s easier to give the bimbo her fix than fight her off, I hear. Did you hear she was parading around the halls this morning without even a bra on? One of these days, John really needs to put his foot down.” The Coach’s voice was a bit strained – Missy could tell he was close to blowing his load in her mouth. It renewed her commitment. “Yeah, I hear he tried to let her go last year, but then she traded a weekend at each school board member’s house for her job. I guess until cheap sex with a hot piece of ass goes out of style, we’re stuck with her.” Mrs. Kunstler filled her coffee mug and looked down at Missy with utter contempt. “You just don’t give a fuck, do you?” The older woman sighed, and just for spite started tapping Missy’s forehead like she was testing a melon. “Anyone in there? Anybody home?” “Ouuuummmm!” Missy griped through a mouthful of Coach. The two laughed derisively at her irritation and discomfort. Missy considered stopping the blowjob – that’d show Coach to be nicer to her! – but then his body tensed, and suddenly he was spewing cum like a firehouse. The taste of it triggered Missy’s own orgasm, and as her vision blacked out from the magnitude of the pleasure, she dimly remembered she had forgotten to finger herself while she blew him. As she came to, she became aware of two shapes standing over her. She heard a man’s voice speaking. “… really sorry about your coffee – when she fell off me, it just sort of sprayed.” “It’s fine – I’ll set the mug on Missy’s desk. I doubt she’ll mind.” A woman’s voice. “Yeah, she’s probably so used to it by now she wouldn’t even notice.” The man again. Coach Jenks? Yes, his voice.” Missy was still lying there spread eagle, gingerly jilling herself off, when the two walked out. She made a mental note about the coffee… something was in it. She’d already forgotten what. She was still there when another teacher walked in. Mr. Prendergast, the chemistry teacher, all set to retire this spring. “Morning, Missy. C’mon, stand up and let me take care of you.” As the hexagenarian bent her over the letter machine and slipped his wrinkled old cock into her, Missy forgot all about coffee and presentations and did her whorish best. * * * Meanwhile, back in the real library, Albert stood over Ms. Warren’s prone body from where it had slumped forward on her desk. His spells were working – it had put her to sleep, and the illusion seemed to be working better than he had hoped judging from the faint moans and twitching of her hips. Soon he would wake her up, and see if he could manage to seal the deal. Anonymous 02/24/17 (Fri) 18:57:30 No.1715 Librarian — chapter 3 With Mr. Prendergast satisfied, Missy was finally able to get back to work. Her thong had disappeared – perhaps taken as a trophy? Or perhaps she had only dreamed she had ever worn one. It didn’t matter. With cum leaking from her pussy and still salient in her mouth, the erstwhile media specialist was beginning to wonder if the rumors about her promiscuity were true. She’d already tit-fucked a student, sucked off the Coach and fucked the chem teacher, and it was only a little after noon. Still three more hours to go until the last bell rang and she delivered her proposal to Principal Vickers. Her proposal! That snapped her from her contemplations and induced her to return to her desk. A small assortment of books sat on the adjoining counter where students had apparently left them for her while she’d been busy rutting. She blushed to realize the door had been open, and they had probably heard her squealing and grunting with clarity. Still, she had to admit, it was kind of hot. It was only after she began working again that she realized her headache was once more gone, and this time she devoted serious consideration to the question of why. Usually strenuous activity made those worse, didn’t it? It seemed like it should. But then, it had gone away this morning after her tit-fucking with Matt Fischer, and though it returned after a couple hours, her recent exertions had helped the pains go away. She made a mental note of this as she buckled in. Her report, she believed, was sorta done now, but she still needed to go back and edit, proofread, and rehearse the presentation. Every time she went back to it, she found more errors – especially from her work this morning – and the rehearsal was miserably slow-going, as even the simplest parts just did not stick with her. As soon as she finished reading a section, she realized it had not stuck at all. She pictured herself having to read directly from her note cards during the presentation, and what an idiot she would look like. Think, Missy, think! Business was mercifully slow that afternoon – no classes were scheduled to come by, so it was just the occasional student popping by during their passing period to return something or grab something to read. The young men ogled her openly – and who could blame them with her boobies being on display in a blouse so tight? In an effort to begin to restore her credibility with the students after storming out bare-chested earlier, she made sure to be super gracious and extra EXTRA friendly, smiling brightly and making light hand on hand contact to show her openness and friendliness. One boy, a pimply little freshman, had simply stared at her chest as she tried to figure out how to work the scanner thingy that she was pretty sure did something to track the books – she felt badly for him, and took her time so he could get a nice eyeful. When she was done – though she never did figure out the thingy – she leaned up and gave him a peck on the cheek. Poor dear. He had a big old stiffy, she could tell. That thought distracted her for a few minutes, but with the urgency of her report looming, she forced herself to return to work. Sure enough, the headache began to reassert itself. Missy tried to ignore it, thinking maybe she was thirsty and a some fluids might help. She downed her coffee in a gulp, and soon found herself feeling better. “Did they change the brand? That’s SUPER nummy,” she announced to no one in particular. Suddenly she remembered overhearing that the Coach’s jizz had wound up in there as she had fucked up the ending of his blowjob and let some of his stuff fly. She giggled in embarrassment, which further intensified when she distantly realized how much better she had thought the coffee tasted. “Cream, no sugar!” That was funny too. The pain abated somewhat and Missy became even more sure that the sex and the cum were the cure. Of course, knowing that didn’t do her much good – after all, she worked in a booky place, not a sperm bank – but maybe she would find some way to get some more. The headache returned with a vengeance; she idly diddled at her clit, splaying her legs wide as she sat trying to type with one hand. It was slow going – she realized after an entire page of typing that she had misspelled the word “library” almost a dozen time. It’s li-BRARY, not li-BERRY! She could be so silly sometimes! The deadline was looming though, and while she remembered she had not had very much left to do today, her slow progress, constant back-tracking, and the heavy side-tracking as she let the occasional lazy orgasm wash over her, were slowing her tremendously. The masturbation was barely keeping the headache at bay, though – not nearly as good as the fucking had done earlier – though each orgasm left her in a daze of several minutes. Once, three boys stopped in and snapped some pictures of her; she had been too lost in contemplating how best to get herself off again to sto them or cover herself. Or ask them to help. And then Albert walked in. That meant it was seventh period, fifty-five minutes to go until school let out and her presentation began. She still had not managed to get one full run-through done, and her head was such a jumble and she was so dazzled between lust and her head pains that she knew she had no prayer of completing one. After all, she had gotten two pages done in the past two hours. She needed another boost. Hmm. Could Albert provide it? As the plump boy said hello and began yammering on about some boring technical nerdy thing she could not begin to understand, she contemplated whether she might be able to use him to satisfy her needs. She’d caught him looking at her before – more than once, actually. And today, Missy knew she was looking hot – surely she could seduce him, get her fix, and then put in some good hard work on her presentation! “… and that was when I said ‘hold on Mrs. Durst, don’t you mean the negatively charged ions?’ And she said… I’m sorry, I’m boring you. Was there any work you needed me to do?” Albert looked at the stack of books she’d been unable to figure out how to check in. Missy straightened her posture, thrusting her chest forward semi-subtly, batting her eyelashes innocently. “Albert, do you think I’m pretty?” The boy blinked, then looked down at the countertop. “Oh, well I guess… I mean… I dunno…” He grinned bashfully, and Missy found herself for the first time admiring him as a man, not just a pupil. “Albert, look at me. Look at me, Albert.” Slowly, the boy raised his eyes; they never made it up past her chest. She giggled, and moved her biceps together to deepen the line of cleavage visible above where she had stopped fastening buttons. “Now answer my question. Do you think I’m pretty.” His face reddened, but his eyes never strayed from their destination. “Oh gosh, Ms. Warren, I think you’re probably the prettiest woman in the whole school.” “Call me Missy, Albert.” She grasped his hand where it rested on the counter, and with gentle pressure, herded him back around behind it to her work station, where they could have at least the privacy of the desk. “Don’t think of me as a woman – what about compared to the other girls here? Am I as pretty as them?” Albert seemed to analyze the question, and she restrained herself from just throttling him to the ground and assaulting him with her mouth. “Well I guess so, Ms. Wa– Missy, I mean. You’re the prettiest girl I know.” Missy’s grinned like the cat who ate the canary. “Am I just pretty, Albert? Use that big brain of yours. Tell me what else I am.” As she leaned in closer to him, he stepped back. She followed him until he bumped into the back wall, and she stopped a few inches from him. “Oh. Geez. Well. Umm… you’re… hot? Is that what you mean?” She felt her body respond to his timid praise like it had been Shakespeare. Or maybe that cute baby-faced singer she kept hearing the students talking about lately. “That’s what I mean, Alby. What do you want to do to me? Tell me.” Her chest pressed up hard against his. “Please.” He was paralyzed. She nuzzled herself against him, grasping his collar in each hand and fidgeting with it. “Tell me.” Apparently, words were not enough. In an instant, he grabbed each side of her blouse in his hands and shredded it down the middle, exposing her breasts to the air. Then his mouth and hands laid into them – there was no art to the teenager’s groping, no tactics behind his suckling, yet the sensation hit her like a freight train. Her knees went weak, and she soon collapsed to the floor at his feet. As if by instinct, she tore at his denim shorts, frantically working through them to get to his treasure trove. Then it was there in front of her. His cock was glorious! Painfully erect, throbbing in time with his rapid heartbeat, thick and wonderful. Reason left her. All thoughts of her report vanished. She had to have this inside her, this wonderful perfect icon of sex. “Mmm…” she purred. She nuzzled Albert’s cock with her smooth cheeks, her nose, her lips sneaking kisses as she alternated from side to side, luxuriating in its warmth on her flushed skin. Albert was grinning down at her as she looked up to make eye contact. For the first time today, she saw no condescension, merely appreciation. He was smiling, but he wasn’t laughing at her. She trembled with desire as he spoke softly, his tone shy. “Umm, so do you wanna suck it, or–” He was never given opportunity to present another option as she engulfed his member in her mouth. It was divine – the taste, the feel, the way his body tensed and relaxed as she lashed out at the sensitive underside with her tongue. She felt her own arousal building, sharpening, spiking as he patiently allowed her to deep throat him, looking up at him with a broad smile around his broad shaft until she felt pleasure so intense she could no longer keep them open. Missy could not have said how long she had been sucking his cock before she felt him tense in preparation for his climax. She pulled off hastily, replacing her mouth with her silken hand so as to keep him close. “So do you wanna–” This time it was she who was unable to finish the question as her hand evidently brought him too close and thick ropes of his semen launched forth. The first caught her square between the eye with enough force as to make an audible SPLAT. The one-time media specialist felt her tummy begin to tremble in preparation for her own release and she dimly realized she was about to orgasm merely from giving a man a blowjob. And then another jet of his cum spurted, catching her across the nose, mouth and chin, and several more across her bare chest before he laid still. Missy shrieked as the sensation washed over her, falling onto her back and practically convulsing as the most severe orgasm of her life coursed through her body. As she recovered, she saw him standing over her body, his manhood still as erect as ever. “I’m sorry, Ms. Warren, but that was just so amazing, and you just look so… you know, lying there, it just won’t go down!” Albert’s face was as apologetic as his voice. She pushed herself to her feet, and like a gentleman, he offered her a hand up. She smiled at him through her jizz-plastered face, his own visage blurred by the glob on her left lens. “No apology necessary, darling. But I need you to do two things for me. First, I need you to call me Missy. ‘Ms. Warren’ doesn’t work here any more.” Albert blushed. “OK… Missy.” She smiled. “And two… I need you to fuck me as hard as you can. Can you do that for me?” She shed the remains of her blouse shamelessly, followed by her flimsy little miniskirt, then stood before him smiling wantonly. Again he responded with action, and spun her around hard, grabbing her tits to pull her back against him. She could feel his dick nuzzling back and forth between the cleft of her ass cheeks. Holding her firmly against him, he walked forward until she was in front of her desk, and as she arched her back and widened her stance, she felt him glide that monster cock inside her. She leaned forward across the library desk, the stack of returned books toppling sideways as she shoved them aside so that her body could achieve the ideal angle for fucking. Albert gradually increased his pace, giving her time to appreciate her situation. Before her eyes rested a copy of Beowulf, and on impulse, she flipped it open. It had the Old English on the left page and a modern English translation on the right. She smiled, both from the feel of having her needy pussy stuffed by such a fantastically girthy cock, as well as from reminiscing at reading the Old English version in college. The fucking was relaxing her, and she began reading a page about Beowulf’s battle with the dragon. And then she realized – she was reading Old English! With ease! No headache, no ditziness! Even while distracted by Oh GOD that felt wonderful!!! “Albert,” she panted as she pushed her ass back to meet his thrust, “your cock, miracle, everything, clear!” She squealed with glee and suddenly had an idea – an idea! The first idea she had been able to have all day! With effort, she lifted her naked chest up off the desktop and wriggled free of Albert’s embrace. He looked confused. “Did I do something wrong? Missy, I’m SO sorry if I did,” he apologized, his body heaving breathlessly. “No no – just… sit in my chair, OK?” She gestured to her work station. Looking still more confused, Albert nonetheless complied, plopping down his naked ass in her leather swivel chair. She approached him, turning her ass to him right at face level, and he rewarded her brazenness with a two-handed grope. She let him enjoy it for a moment before she settled down pussy first into his lap, his cock embedded deep inside her. As she eased herself into place, she spun to face her computer screen, delighted at how, for the first time today, it was all so clear. “Ummm, Alby honey? Can you do me a kind of weird favor?” “Well everything about this afternoon has been kind of weird, so I guess why stop now, eh?” He laughed nervously. She giggled, genuinely amused and sharing in his sentiment. “Your cock – your delicious, magical, wonderful perfect cock – is just melting my headache, and I haven’t been able to concentrate at all today and my presentation is in less than an hour, and… would you mind giving me a nice, slow fuck while I finish it up, just to help me think?” Over her shoulder, she saw his face looking beyond puzzled. “Wait, you want me to have sex with you while you work, to help you concentrate?” The boy sounded skeptical, but she nodded, giggling, pleased he understood her request. “Well, if you want, only…” He mumbled something. She frowned, concerned. “Only what? You can tell me, sweety. Let Missy make it better.” He ventured a timid smile. “Well, it’s just that you’re so pretty, and this all feels so good, I just don’t know how long I can… you know.” Panic welled up inside her. This had to last! He had to last! He was her only hope! Nothing all day had come close to making her head – or her cunt – feel this amazing and right! How to slow it down… “Hmm, can you find something to distract yourself with? Like thinking about baseball, or something?” He frowned. “I don’t know anything about baseball.” Her mind raced, until she saw the stack of books sitting there. “Oh! Or read something! You like books, right? Books are fun! Read, and just concentrate on the book and not on my pussy!” He gave it a moment’s thought. “I guess I’ll try. Is it OK if I read out loud? I need to practice my Latin anyway,” he said as he grabbed a book of Virgil’s poetry sitting nearby. She nodded exuberantly. “Perfect! You read as loud as you need – I’ll just be here working.” He smiled. “OK. And Missy?” “Yes Albert?” “What happened to you today?” She thought, and as she did, she spoke her musings aloud. “Well… I guess I used to take myself too seriously. Like, I was all ‘I’m the media specialist, call me Ms. Warren’ and all, you know? But today, I totally just realized that I like dressing sexy, and having sex and sucking and fucking and being sexy, and it’s what I’m best at, and I need to use my best talents for the school. It’s just been really hard, because…” Missy lowered her voice. “I’m not very smart, and I can’t even keep my thoughts together unless I have a cock in me. And honestly, Alby? Yours is the best I’ve felt all day – no, in my whole LIFE. Like, you’re actually fucking my brains in, if that makes sense. I hope you won’t mind if we, like, do this more often?” Albert smiled brilliantly. “Missy, we can do this as often as you like. I want you to be good at your job, and to be able to use big words and read things – I like seeing you happy like this. I’ll do this stuff with you whenever you want, as long as you promise to return the favor.” He blushed a little. “Omigosh, Alby, I would never get tired of this, not EVER! You can fuck me any time you want, day or night, for serious!” She giggled. Giggling wasn’t something smart girls did, she thought, but then, she wasn’t actually very smart except when she was getting cock. He smiled. “Good, good. Now Missy? I’m smart, right?” She nodded vigorously. “You’re like SUPER smart, Alby!” He stroked her hair affectionately. “That’s right. And I have some advice for you, for your presentation. Before you start preparing, just take a few minutes to clear your mind of all this stress. It will help – I do it before all my big presentations, and it always works. Just for a few minutes, close your eyes and forget your presentation, and just think about your life. Think about today, and how great it has turned out, and how happy you are right now, how much you love being the way you are right this moment.” She frowned. “But Alby, the presentation is like right after school! I gotta hurry and get ready – I only have like a half hour to…” He put a finger to her lips. “I know. Just for a few minutes, OK? If you do it, you’ll work twice as fast afterwards, so you’ll get in fifty minutes of work in twenty-five minutes instead of thirty in thirty.” She smiled at how numbers made sense to her again. “OK. Focus on today, you said?” “Yes, close your eyes, and think about who you are, and how happy you are right now, right like this…” She obeyed, closing her eyes, reliving the days’ fuckings, thinking about all her sexy outfits, about how awesome of a fuck Alby was and how much she wanted to keep doing him over and over all day, not even just so she could be smart, but just because it was fun. It was the best possible version of herself. * * * Back in the real world, Albert carefully positioned the naked media specialist’s body atop his cock – which, thanks to the very spell he was about to use on Missy, was every bit as impressive as it was in the dream she was having. After first using a spell to put her to sleep and another to give her a dream, he had focused on creating a scenario that would make the version of Missy that he wanted seem ideal to her. He needed her to want to become a stupid slut. He had thrown away the actual clothes she had worn that day and on the floor lay a replica of the slutty uniform she had been parading around in during her hallucinations, the buttons cut off the blouse to simulate how he had torn it off of her body. He had switched out her usual glasses for the porno librarian pair (though the pair he had put on her had plain glass lenses, as he did not know her prescription), and while she lie there exposed he had nervously masturbated and ejaculated all over her face and chest, fearing that despite the door being locked, someone could walk in at any moment, or worse, that the sleep would wear off and she would wake up. But no one did. Now, her pussy – which was tighter and wetter than the virginal nerd could’ve ever imagined – was impaled on his cock, and the dream had reached the critical phase. “No guts, no glory,” he murmured, and then he spoke the word to wake her up. Ms. Warren shifted only slightly, and he thought she was adopting the pose she had held in his fabricated dream world. She didn’t scream. She didn’t panic. She didn’t even open her eyes. He tried to master his own panic, knowing that if this went wrong, he could be looking at some very dire consequences. He tried out his voice. “Missy? Are you concentrating, just like I said?” She responded in a sleepy tone. “Yes, Alby. Love being sexy. Love fucking, love cocks anywhere. Not smart. ‘Cept when you fuck me. You fuck me smart. I’m fucking smart!” She giggled – he had never actually heard her giggle before. He was glad he’d jerked off, or the sound alone would have made him cum all over. “Good girl. Now you keep thinking that while I try to keep relaxed, OK?” “OK, Alby…” One of her hands diddled at her clit, pleasuring herself to the lingering sensations of her dream. The tome in hand, Albert began reading the spell, the one that changed people according to their own desires. He had first tested it on himself, made himself an inch taller and a few pounds lighter – enough that he would have measurable results to verify its efficacy, but not so much that anyone would notice. When he found it worked, he played with a few other things, but not much. Ultimately, Albert was happy with who he was. It was other people whom he wanted to change. He chanted the words, practiced nearly to the point of memorization over the past week of study. Using a small pot of paint he had set next to their chair, he traced the required symbols on her bare back – she seemed to enjoy being touched. Thank God she’s not actually as frigid as she pretends to be, he thought. He went on for several minutes, concentrating as best he could with her cunt pulsating around his cock. He had practiced the spell while jerking off to simulate the distraction; it was now paying off as he seamlessly conducted the ritual. And then, per the instructions, he shouted the last few arcane words, and the spell was concluded. Missy turned to him, and in the sudden silence after the sudden loudness, she opened her eyes to look at him. “Albert?” He swallowed past a lump in his throat. “Yes?” “Like, can you let me work on my presentation now?” She smiled hopefully, and behind her eyes, he saw the dim spark of intelligence that remained, the damaged cognition she had left herself hidden behind a smiling, cum-stained face. “Of course, Ms. Warren.” She giggled. “Call me Missy.” Anonymous 02/24/17 (Fri) 18:57:44 No.1716 Librarian — epilogue The spell had gone perfectly, more or less. Due to her formerly high opinion of her intelligence, Missy seemed to have mistaken what he’d intended to be only below average reasoning in the dream as being downright imbecilic. That afternoon, as she finished her presentation rehearsal, he fucked her raw, right in the library, pausing a few times to remind her not to scream so loudly. She apologized, but kept forgetting anyway. He handed her a note he’d fabricated telling her that it had been delivered while she was unconscious from her fucking – which she had loved as much as she had hoped, now completely devoted to Albert and her brain convinced at a very primal level that any sexual attention from him felt beyond incredible. The note told her the presentation had been moved to the following day, and apologized for the delay. The nerd-turned-sex-god invited himself over to her house that night, telling his parents he was helping tutor someone. Which, in a way, he was, he supposed. She was confused when she found her wardrobe from that morning had switched back to the old one (“but like, everything is so boring again!”), but he said they’d fix that in time. She smiled, knowing he was smart and therefore knew what to do. He tested her limits, and found that as long as he promised sex, there did not seem to be much she wouldn’t do for him, and that she seemed to enjoy earning it. The love of a challenge was no doubt a hold-over from Ms. Warren. She cooked for him, fed him by hand, washed dishes by hand in naught but an apron, let him grope her, swat her tight little butt, kiss her, etc. She even threw away her old glasses for the fake ones, complaining that they made everything all fuzzy, but he told her they’d go to an optometrist (“that’s an eye doctor, Missy”) later and fix it. For now, he just thought these were sexier, and that was enough for her. Just to test her limits, he had her beg and plead to be allowed to suck his dick so she’d have the mental energy to get in a chapter of her book before bed. He acquiesced, and she insatiably sucked him off and eagerly swallowed what he produced. He patted her on the head and went home. The following day, Missy was disappointed that nobody seemed to want to fuck her. She dressed as sexy as she could, a white blouse with a couple too many buttons undone over a tight tan skirt that came to mid-thigh (something she’d worn in college when going out to bars). Some students noticed, and the Coach even leered openly – that was good. She’d get some good clothes soon, and then they’d want to fuck her again. The headaches didn’t come back – Albert was glad her self-imaging in the spell had not retained that, as he didn’t wish for her to suffer – but she had a hard time concentrating and figuring out how to do her job. She left the books for Albert to check in, but then they spent the whole period locked up in the teacher’s workroom fucking. It had been her idea, knowing she needed all her smartiest smarts for the presentation, and she giddily coerced him to cum in her four times before last period was over. During the meeting, Principal Vickers listened semi-patiently to her presentation. She kept her intelligence intact through most of it, though by the end she was stumbling over big words, mispronouncing others, and no longer able to explain the relevance of data on the fly. She hoped it made more sense to him than it did to her. At the very least, she saw him admiring the way her skirt clung to her, and the cleavage she let show through. “… and so I really really hope you will keep giving the library the same amount of money you did before. Thanks!” She smiled brightly at the principal, and if she thrust out her chest a little, it was only to put her best feature forward. Principal Vickers spoke first. “Now Ms. Warren–” “Missy, please – no need to be all serious with me!” She giggled. “Missy then, fine, you make a lot of fine points. But the fact of the matter is we just don’t have the money. We’re already eliminating positions in art and music, and extracurriculars are taking a pounding as well. You know I respect what you do here, but we have to be realistic about this.” She pouted. “Does… does that mean you can’t give the library money?” He nodded, trying to look disappointed that the uppity bitch before him was getting to witness firsthand how little he thought of her. “But… but… books are good! Like, did you hear all the stuff I said about how good they are?” Her chin quivered. “I did, ah, Missy. But other things are good too, and we have to spread around what little we have.” “But… please? Pretty pretty please!” She fell to her knees, crawling around behind his desk next to him. He straightened in his chair, shocked by her behavior, though not displeased by the long look down her blouse to see her bare tits swinging freely. “What? No, begging isn’t going to help, Missy, now please, pick yourself up.” “Like, not even if I suck your cock?” He blinked, and in his hesitation, she crawled forward and rested her head on his lap. His dick began hardening, and was soon pressing against her chin. She nuzzled at it. “Excuse me, Ms. Warren, this is highly inappropriate…” “It’s Missy, Principal Vickers! And like, Missy wants to suck your cock! Or do you wanna fuck me? I’ve seen you checking me out, and like, you could totally fuck me. Just bend me over your desk and fuck me super hard!” “Keep your voice down!” he hissed, fearful the secretary would over-hear. “Missy, you can’t seriously be offering to… just to maintain your funding?” “Principal Vickers, books are SUPER important to me! And I’ll do anything,” she kissed his cock through his pants, and it was suddenly at full mast, “ANYTHING for them!” Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “I mean, like even sexual stuff.” She nodded. “Is this some kind of set-up? I mean, are you recording this to get me fired or something?” He could not believe the up-tight media specialist, renowned for her frigidity, could be whoring herself out over a simple budget proposal. “Fired! No, I want to make you feel good! I want to suck and fuck! And if you let me keep my money for my books and stuff, like, I could suck and fuck you whenever you want!” John Vickers no longer cared if she were setting him up. This gorgeous slut was on her knees begging for it, and if it cost him his job, he could at least brag to everyone in the unemployment line about how it happened. He hefted the tart by her armpits and stood her up, then per her request, threw her forward across his desk, her face landing on a picture of his wife and three children. She wasn’t wearing panties, and was plainly aroused – it had already soaked through her skirt, which he promptly pulled down. She waggled her ass at him enticingly. “Come on, Principal Vickers! Fuck Missy!” He gave her what she wanted – twice, as she volunteered to suck his dick clean after he came in her, and that had turned into a sensuous blowjob. His secretary knocked during the middle of it, and he position Missy hurriedly under his desk and admitted her. Mary Ann frowned at his flushed appearance, and noted his crooked tie with a disapproving look. “What happened to Ms. Warren?” “Who, Missy? She left a little bit ago.” “I didn’t see her leave – must have scooted out while I was distracted. And did you see how she was dressed? Pathetic, what some women will do to score points.” Mary Ann clucked her tongue disdainfully. Missy’s head thudded into the underside of his desk, and John pounded a fist as quickly as he could to cover for it. Mary Ann frowned. “Yeah,” John said, “especially since I’d already decided to approve her funding request.” Beneath the desk, Missy began a squeal of glee at hearing these words. She was promptly silenced as the principal shoved her head down and lodged his dick in her throat. That was nice, too, she thought. “Darned squeaky chair,” John explained lamely. “Mmhmm.” Mary Ann scowled. “Anyway, your wife’s on the phone.” Her eyes glanced casually to where the picture frame still lay tipped over. “Thanks, Mary Ann, but I’m, uh, in the middle of something. Could you take a message? In fact, hold all my calls for the afternoon – I have a serious budget matter to finish up.” Missy giggled silently into his cock as Mary Ann left the office with a judgmental glare for her employer. The principal began simply pistoning into and out of her face now, fucking her mouth with abandon as Missy just tried to keep up. He pulled out just as she looked forward to savoring a mouthful of yummy cum and instead released his load all over her pretty face. She didn’t orgasm from it, like she had with Albert – nothing was as good as pleasuring Albert! – but she did fall back, moaning and fondling her tits in one hand and toying with her clit with the other. Missy didn’t even notice when he took out his cell phone and snapped a picture of her grinning and saturated with jizz. “There – now in case you try to blackmail me, I have some proof you enjoyed yourself too.” She nodded and giggled. “Oh, I for SURE did, Principal Vickers! And thanks so much for giving the library its funding.” She marveled at how much more easily words came to mind after making a man cum, smiling at how she was blessed with the ability to make that happen so well. “My pleasure, Missy. Now you clean yourself up and just sit in the corner for a while – I really do have work that needs doing, and now I can’t let you leave until Mary Ann’s gone for the day.” “Like, OK!” She smiled, putting her skirt back on and sitting down, oblivious to the mess on her face. John went to work, but before long turned to where she sat, in the seat usually reserved for misbehaving children. “Oh, before I forget, I just got an email today – they said your new door tag is in, the one that says ‘Media Specialist.’ We’ll have it put on tomorrow.” She grinned and shook her head. “You know what, Principal Vickers? I think I prefer just being a librarian.”
  18. Jan's Trip to Africa by mdDubya (race change, body mod) Jan's long time boyfriend and now fiancé was an avid hunter. And from the time they had met and begun dating she had known he dreamed of going to Africa to hunt on a safari. In spite of the fact that Dave made pretty good money, there was no way he was ever going to save up enough to fund his dream trip and hunt. But when a elderly neighbor she had been helping care for passed away and left her a sizable amount of money, she saw the opportunity to finance it. So she began to make the necessary arrangements behind Dave's back thinking it would be great if she could surprise him. Dave already had a passport from a past business trip to South America, so she arranged for his time off from work, booked the flights, and even procured the guides and accommodations. And therein lies the dilemma, not thinking about the possibility of unscrupulous people, Jan simply chose due to price not reputation. Finally a couple of days before they were scheduled to depart she relented and told him what she was packing for. Needless to say Dave was elated initially. But the more he thought about it he began to worry. As much as he loved and adored her, Jan wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. She was your stereotypical beautiful blond, great to look at, awesome to make love to, but borderline dumb as a rock at times. But her looks did make up for a lot, 5'5", 125 lbs, 34D-24-36, topped off with a gorgeous face and mid-back length thick blond hair with just enough wave to it to hold a curl if desired. Dave quickly realized there was no way to double check her arrangements without hurting her feelings, and most likely royally pissing her off, so he decided to hope for the best and go along with them. Their initial flight was on Delta, so far so good, and when they landed in Africa it was in a major city. But when they began trying to find their connecting flight to deliver them to the safari Dave began to worry. They were finally led to a small hanger just off the airport property. The building was rather dilapidated looking, and when they saw the bush plane both of their hearts sank. The plane looked even worse than the building. To make matters worse the people present barely spoke English. But after showing their paperwork it seemed it was understood where Jan and Dave where supposed to be dropped off. The take-off was terrifying, for what seemed like an eternity the plane coughed and struggled to get airborne, and once it was nobody seemed sure it could stay that way. The pilot was constantly having to fiddle with the controls to keep the engine running even semi smoothly. Eventually Dave made himself quit watching the pilot and look out the windows of the plane. The view was amazing, but it was obvious they were heading farther and farther away from civilization. Most of the safaris Dave was aware of and had looked into weren't really that far from a city. Mainly due to the civil unrest and simple lack of communication, they generally tried to stay as close to the major cities as possible. But it was obvious they were not, it had been hours since they had seen anything other than raw untamed wilderness and Dave began to wonder how long the plane could fly on a load of fuel. Apparently he was psychic because soon the engine began sputtering, only this time no amount of adjustments by the pilot was going to correct it, they were out of fuel. Jan and Dave quickly buckled in and braced themselves as the plane nosed down towards the ground. An experienced pilot would know how to glide in for a unpowered landing, but the panic on his face confirmed that their pilot had no idea what to do in this situation. The landing gear snagged on some brush as they came in hot and heavy and the plane instantly tilted up onto it's nose and began to disintegrate. When Jan came too she did a quick inventory of her body, somehow she had survived virtually unscathed. She was still strapped into her seat, and still in what was left of the plane. The pilot was obviously dead though, and where was Dave? As her head slowly cleared she removed her seatbelt and picked her way out of the wreckage. Dusk was quickly approaching as she began to search for him. After checking all the pieces of wreckage she could find, she finally located him. His seat had been ripped loose from the plane upon impact and he had been thrown over 25 yards, still strapped in. When she reached him he was still unconscious and obviously in a bad way. His right leg was bent in a unnatural way due to a compound fracture. One end of the bone had punctured the skin and he was bleeding badly. Finally she was able to rouse him and help him unbuckle the seatbelt. Between the two of them they were able to get his leg straightened out as much as possible, and with Dave instructing her Jan applied a make-shift compound bandage to the open wound to slow the bleeding. They were actually on a high spot of the otherwise flat terrain, so a quick survey told them they were isolated and completely alone. Again with Dave directing and instructing her, Jan gathered up what wood she could find along with the of the debris from the plane and built a fire. As they huddled together beside the fire both began to wonder what the future held for them? Somewhere around 3am they both received their answer. A nearby tribe of natives had seen their fire and come to investigate. Dave had passed out earlier, and in spite of having been told by him to stay awake, (in case of marauding wild animals) Jan had dozed off also. The natives presence had woken Dave initially, and he shook Jan to get her attention. It was soon apparent that neither side could understand the other, but Dave's injuries and the plane wreckage nearby made it obvious what had happened. The natives rigged up a stretcher of sorts and soon they were taking them back to their village. Once there Dave was taken to what they later realized was the medicine man's hut. Jan was initially allowed in, but once Dave's injury was diagnosed she was led back out. After a few minutes she heard Dave's blood curdling screams as his leg was reset as best as could be done under the primitive conditions. At this point, Jan began to take in her surroundings. The village was made up of many grass and mud huts, all surrounding a huge fire-pit in the center. Their rescuers were obviously a native and primitive African tribe. The men and women both were naked from the waist up, and all the men wore was a rather small loin cloth of sorts. The women on the other hand, wore what appeared to be a grass skirt. The women also all had bald heads. Not just stubble, but completely smooth and shiny. The members of this tribe were all very dark skinned, around the color of dark chocolate. It seemed any female over the age of 12 or 13 had a lip plate inserted inside of a slit behind their bottom lip. The plates got larger as the wearer aged apparently. The women also had very stretched out earlobes, some of them actually dangling down to their shoulders, and pierced nipples for goodness sake. As much as she wanted to be with Dave, the tribal women were having none of that. Instead they took her to another hut and through hand gestures and attempts at communicating verbally they let her know this was where she would be sleeping. Exhaustion took over and she soon fell fast asleep. But just a few hours later she awoken by several women. As she stood they began to lead her to a nearby stream. There she was undressed and her minor cuts and scrapes were cleaned as she was bathed. As they were tending to her Jan began to notice their teeth. All of them seemed to have very small and blackened teeth. She also began to take notice of how stretched out and saggy their breast were. It was obvious they had never worn a bra, but apparently the thick gold rings they wore through their nipples were quite heavy? Climbing out of the stream once her bath was over Jan looked for her clothes. They were no where to be seen, instead she was given a grass skirt to wear just like the other women. She was mortified to have to walk around topless, but it seemed she had no choice in the matter? Later that morning she was finally allowed inside the hut where Dave was to check on him. He wasn't doing anywhere near as well as she had hoped. He didn't seem to be in any pain somehow, but it was plain to see he was very feverish and uncomfortable. He was drifting in and out of consciousness constantly. She couldn't even tell if he recognized her? In all actuality he had, and had wondered why she was dressed as she was, but he had been unable to say anything due to his mental state. Three days later Dave's condition had not improved, and Jan was becoming distraught. What was to become of them, what if Dave died? What if they were never found? In her haste to plan the trip and keep it a secret from Dave, she had neglected to actually tell anyone where they were going. Since no one knew where they were, how could they find them? They wouldn't even know where to begin looking. All this combined had Jan a nervous wreck in no time. Seeing her distress, the women of the tribe gave her what looked like a root of some sorts to chew on. Through gestures Jan finally deduced it would calm her nerves, so she put it in her mouth and began to chew it. She was just about to spit it out, it tasted extremely bitter, but just before she did it hit her. Wow, it was like the best high she had ever experienced. All her troubles and worries faded away as she continued to gnaw on it. The days passed much quicker and easier thanks to the root she was chewing on constantly, and soon Jan fell into a routine of sorts. Every day she would go with the other women of the village to bathe in the stream, and then as they gathered various fruits and grains. After a few days it even felt natural to be topless all the time. She would help them prepare and cook the meals of the day, and even helped care for the children of the village. The days turned into weeks as she became more and more accepted into the village, and due to the psychotropic properties of the root she was feeling more and more a part of it. Everyday she would visit Dave, but he never seemed to be improving. Even to a lay person it was obvious his leg was infected, and badly so. Thanks to the herbal remedies of the medicine man/witch doctor, gangrene wasn't setting in, but the infection just wouldn't go away. As a result, he was still drifting in and out of consciousness, and remained too weak to speak. Had he been able to, he no doubt would have expressed to Jan his concerns over her diminishing appearance. The lack of shampoo or soap was beginning to show on her beautiful hair. It was looking much duller and becoming a tangled mess from its lack of brushing. Then there was her sensational smile and what was happening to it. What neither of them knew though, was that between Dave's inability to speak, and Jan's rather easy compliance to the separate sleeping arrangements, coupled with the fact that both of them were blond haired, it was assumed by the members of the village that they were brother and sister. As the weeks continued to pass, Jan found herself learning how to communicate with the others. Their language wasn't that elaborate, so by watching their gestures as they spoke, she soon was learning some of the appropriate words. Finally even Jan knew her hair was a mess, and she tried express this to the other women. She did succeed in getting her point across, but sadly did not completely understand their remedy. She was given a extra large piece of the root to chew on, and once it had kicked in she was told to sit in the middle of the hut. As she sat on the dirt floor, two women knelt on either side of her and began rubbing something into her scalp. It tingled at first, and in no time her scalp was numb. In unison the two flanking women grabbed and handful of Jan's blond hair and yanked it out by the roots. Thanks to the numbing of her scalp it didn't hurt that much, and as soon as they would pull a clump of hair out they would rub the substance into the bare spot relieving any pain there was. Unfortunately it was also completely killing off the hair roots at the same time. Due to the effects of the root/drug, Jan wasn't all that alarmed over losing her hair, and after about 45 minutes all her formerly gorgeous blond locks lay strewn across the floor, and her entire head was as bald as all the other women in the tribe. It seemed the women of the village took Jan's willingness for them to remove her hair as indication that she wished to join their village and tribe. Because as Jan sat there in her state of stupor, they summoned the medicine man and began making the arrangements. A hole punch of sorts was brought in, and after rubbing the numbing herb onto her ears and nipples, the piercings in her ears were enlarged to much larger and large heavy hoops were suspended from them and sealed shut. Then the same procedure was repeated on her nipples, and at this point Jan realized just how heavy the nipple rings worn by the tribes women actually were. She understood now why their breast hung so far down, each ring felt as if it weighed 5 pounds suspended from her nipples. As she sat there in a state of shock, her bottom lip was slit open and a lip plate was inserted after the numbing agent had taken effect. Finally they began covering Jan from head to toe, even her palms and the soles of her feet, with what looked and felt like mud. Once it was dry they led her to the stream to wash it off. But when she stepped into the water and began scrubbing, the mud came off, but not the color. Her skin was much darker, much darker. But before it sunk in they pulled her from the water and were slathering her down with it again, only this time they avoided her palms and the soles of her feet. After a while longer she was again placed into the stream, and when she climbed out this time she was as dark as the other members of the tribe, even darker than some. When she looked at the palms of her hands she saw that they were lighter, giving her the coloring of a true black person. As she numbly walked back to the village with them she saw the enormous bonfire burning, and as they got even closer she saw the chair/table beside it. She instinctively knew she was supposed to sit in it, and soon found herself strapped to it, secured with vines, her dark brown legs splayed out to the sides and her grass skirt bunched up around her waist. At this point she found out what the men of the tribe had been hiding under those loin cloths. The Chief/medicine man stepped up in front of her first and removed his loin cloth, exposing the biggest, blackest cock Jan had ever seen. Thankfully the numbing herb was rubbed onto her pussy because even with it she felt as if he was splitting her in two as he roughly entered her tight pussy. Once the Chief was finished, one by one the men and older boys of the village stepped up and fucked her. Each of them possessing enormous cocks, and depositing an enormous load of cum deep inside her. The train went on into the night, then the morning. The men would fuck her, go do whatever, then return when it was their turn again. This went on for three full days until Jan's mind snapped, she was totally delirious by the time they had finished, her pussy was raw and opened up to the size of a coffee can by the time they were done. Finally she was untied from the chair and led back to her hut where she collapsed from shear exhaustion. After sleeping the better part of 24 hours straight she finally woke up, only to find herself clear minded for the first time in weeks. She also found herself bald, pierced, black, and possessing the sorest most stretched out pussy she could even imagine. Thank god they had left some root beside her grass mat, she quickly popped a piece into her mouth and soon was feeling that delightful sense of calm it always produced. Once her emotions had settled a little from the root she went to check on Dave. As she began walking towards the hut he was in she felt the large and very heavy rings hanging from her nipples and earlobes. Damn they were heavy, it felt as if they were pulling her tits down to her waist and her earlobes were being ripped from her ears. In fact, due to having gone braless for the better part of two months already, her breast weight from being D cups, and the added weight of the heavy gold rings, they were indeed hanging to her navel now. Her earlobes were already being stretched, the punched out holes becoming elongated and permanently misshapen. She also noticed an odd sensation in her pussy. Having lost all sense of modesty since arriving, she stopped and lifted up her grass skirt and was shocked to see and feel her pussy lips hanging down from her stretched out gaping pussy. All those huge cocks had really done a number on her. As she walked into the hut were Dave was he heard her and stirred slightly, raising his head up to see who it was. He really was hoping Jan would come see him today, but instead it was just another of the women of the village. For a brief second he thought she looked vaguely familiar in the face, but no, it was just another black, bald woman from the tribe, same stretched out earlobes, same ugly sagging titties, same elongated pierced nipples, lip plate poking out from her bottom lip,, the same blackened nubby teeth, even the same slightly bow legged walk they all had. Thinking it wasn't Jan, he slumped back down onto the mat he was laying on. Just his luck, he was finally feeling better and Jan was nowhere to be seen. Jan's shoulders sagged when she saw Dave collapse back down onto the mat. Damn she needed some comfort and consoling from him after all she had been through. Thinking he had passed back out she turned to exit the hut. But as she did so Dave sat back up and saw the vague outline of the tattoo Jan had on her lower back. He could barely see it showing through the dark brown skin but he was positive it had to be Jan. Calling out her name he was at first relieved when she spun back around, but then he was horrified at what he saw once she was facing him. Standing before him was a black, bald version of the love of his life. How could this be Jan? The woman before him was black, bald headed, she was wearing a lip plate just like the native women who had been caring for him. She had the same stretched out earlobes, the same disgusting sagging breast with the pierced nipples, fuck, she even had the same grotesque rotten looking black teeth they all seemed to have. But as he stared at the woman her face lit up and Jan's sweet voice came from her. Well, it sounded like Jan for the most part, the lip plate was effecting her speech quite a bit, but it was definitely Jan's voice. The shock of it all was more than he could bear in his weakened state and he passed back out cold. Jan knew he had recognized her, but mistakenly took him passing out from shock as not being interested in her anymore. And even though Dave was feeling somewhat better, he was still unable to get around and would still occasionally drift in and out of consciousness. During her rare moments of lucidness Jan could see why Dave wouldn't be interested in her anymore, but under the effects of the root she chewed constantly she was furious over it, and determined to show him up. This she deduced could be best realized by completely and totally becoming a member of the tribe in every way. And that meant being available to any and all males of the tribe at any given time. She had realized that the tribe lived more along the lines of the hippy communes of the sixties than in a more traditional marriage based society. So from that moment on any time a male showed any interest in her she would make it obvious she was available. As a result Jan quickly became a very popular member of the tribe, with the men anyway. She was getting fucked numerous times a day, and never slept alone from that point on. The constant assault by the huge cocks on her already stretched out cunt naturally finished it off. Soon she was able to accommodate the largest of the cocks in the tribe without any discomfort at all. Of course that also meant that Dave's cock, while average sized back home in America, would forever seem miniscule to her now cavernous cunt. And while Jan was now super popular with the male half of the tribe, she was quickly becoming hated by the female half. And seeing as how revenge is a universal emotion, they soon began hatching plans to diminish her newfound popularity among the men. With limited resources at hand they went with what was available to them, primarily, food. Jan's meal portions were increased incrementally so as not be noticed or arouse suspicion. But between the effects of the root, and Jan's naivety, they soon had her eating twice as much as before. And with no gym to work off the added calories she soon began to put on weight. Before long there was a extra jiggle here and there when she'd walk. Her already large heavy breast increased in size and weight, which naturally caused them to sag even farther down onto her blossoming belly. When she'd walk they were now flopping and slapping noisily together and against her chest. Her legs and arms began to thicken and quiver with each movement. Her thighs soon rubbed together and her chiseled facial features were softening as her face rounded out. But men being men, she was still getting fucked often in spite of becoming a plumper. And as a result her monthly friend finally failed to visit. She was pregnant by one of the tribal members. One of the traditions of the tribe was that as a rite of passage, once a woman became pregnant she was marked as a sign of honor and prestige. This was done by making small slits in the skin and rubbing a mixture of oils into the would that would cause raised bumps to be formed. Elaborate patterns would be formed covering the breast and shoulders and back. It took several weeks to finish Jan's design, but once finished Jan's upper body, upper arms, and most of her back were permanently scarred for life. Especially her formerly beautiful breast. They were now almost completely covered with the scarification bump patter, and hanging pendulously down onto her swelling belly.
  19. Makeover (WG, Change of status, Various) I've always wanted to work in a beauty salon. Sure, it was not what my parents wanted me to do and I had my degree to work as an accountant. Anyway without experience, and because of my young look, it was not easy for me to find employment. Since six months I was at home and looking for an opportunity. My parents where a little strict. My mother was skinny as me and did some sports. For a woman of forty five, she was in top form. My father was in the military before and was really strict and loved sports also. Today was my first day in the beauty salon. I was waiting at the door of the shop. It was not a big one and seemed a little old fashioned. I had been told that maybe they had a job for me. I was dreaming thinking of all the things I will be able to do as according to my opinion, I had a real skill for hair cutting. At home I did the haircut of my mom, sister, and father. I knew how to do haircuts long or short, I had also good experience with colors or permanent as it was what my mom always asked for. She wanted a classic haircut, long hair, always a dark colour, as it gave her more class. According to her taste. Stacy, a friend of mine lived in another house in front of ours and sometimes I had to cut her hair or her mother Janice's in order to make some money for my clothes. Stacy looked like me, and sometimes it was possible for us to exchange some clothes depending of the events. What was funny was that my mother did the same with Stacy's mother. I did my own haircuts myself at home. It was easy as with my brown long hairs and some experience, as I had to only cut one inch from time to time and to check for maintaining my fringe just over my eyes. Waiting I was thinking of the last haircut I had done for my sister, Abby, one week ago. She had asked for a big change this time. Since she has a new boyfriend her tastes had changed. She is 3 years older than me and I really love her. She is beautiful and her new shorter hair cut accentuated her natural beauty more. It is true that the weight she has gained recently gives her a more womanly look. One week ago she had long hair like me, today she has an asymmetric bob. It was necessary for me to shave a little her hair on her neck to achieve a good look. I did not want to cut her hair so short but her boyfriend was with us during the cut and when I've asked about my doubts about the length, she looked to him and answered: It's ok sister, Dave have told me to ask you for a shorter haircut. Perhaps when you are done he will have a surprise for you. During the haircut I was always thinking about my doubts as this haircut gave my sister a more round face. I had not really taken notice of that before, but now, with this shorter haircut, her rounder cheeks and start of a little double chin were showing. Anyway, it was her choice and I had not to fight. I had seen that every two hours she took some pills; two blue, one red and yellow ones. Perhaps she had a condition and I preferred to wait for this information coming from her instead of asking her. I knew my sister and if it was important she should have told me. By chance, when I have told her that it was done, she was really happy of the result and Dave seemed really happy too. I was not cupid, thinking of a little present, but I asked;" And now? My little surprise?" Dave answered: "I've found a job for you in my sister's beauty salon. If you want, you will start next week. You will have a full week training in her salon to start. You will live with her during this time in her house.” I was happy and instead of giving a kiss to Dave, I gave one to my sister telling her, "Thank you Abby!!!" It was funny as with the flat shoes she wore every day since dating Dave we were at the same size. She was smiling showing little dimples on her round cheeks. "No need to thank me Lisa, thank Dave. And please, I prefer, if you want, if you called me by my second surname Roberta, or Robbie if you prefer Lisa." I was surprised but it was fun to know that my sister wanted to use the surname of our grand-mother. Wanting to know more I made a strange look to her. With her large smile she answered "Dave prefers this surname…" "Ok Robbie, as you want!" I had said. Now I stood at the front door of the salon with my bag and some clothes and things for the week of training, I looked at my watch and it was five to 9 AM. One woman was coming to me and with no doubt she was Dave's sister. Same athletic look, blond hair and blue eyes. Same superficial look. She was as tall has him. Dave himself was well built with strong muscles. She was a little less muscular than Dave, but perhaps a little too much for a woman, according to my taste. Dave and Davina didn't look natural, too clean and beautiful. Artificial almost. "Good morning, you are Roberta's sister? I'm Dave's sister, his twin to be exact. Please call me Davina.” She was smiling and her was voice pleasant. "Hi Davina, I'm Lisa, Dave told me you had a job for me?" She smiled another time opening the door for me, "Lisa? Dave told me your surname was Louisa?" I had a little laugh. The twins seem to have the same taste of using our second surname. "You can call me Louisa if you want; it is my second surname the one of my aunt." The salon smelled of perfume, shampoo and coloring products. I loved this smell. In fact it was kind of old fashioned. It was, how can I say, vintage, if you know what I mean. With pictures of women of the fifties. Another part of the salon was designed in another style. More in the punk look, with what looked like a chair and table for tattoos. Another door at the back was showing a label written "Laboratory". I was surprised by the general aspect as it was not meeting Davina's style. Giving me a chair, close to a mirror and taking my bag, Davina was looking at me and pushed me on the chair. "So, you are looking for a job. I've seen Roberta's haircut and it seems that you are a good hairdresser. You have made it too long, anyway it's well done. I don't know why you have not made her light blonde?". The start of her sentence was pleasant, the end of it less. I had to justify myself? "Robbie has asked only for a haircut. She had not asked for a color. I'm good in coloring too. It is not that…" Davina was smiling at my answer passing her fingers in my long hair. "And yourself, Louisa, have you never wanted to change your colour?" Davina's eyes were strange. Her voice was pleasant with a certain confidence. I was losing my confidence myself and I felt like a little child. "No… Never changed … becau…No I like my brown hair.” It was a strange sensation and these eyes, these blue eyes and her voice… Davina pushed on a little switch and the lights were on in the salon. It was also a noise. I was still looking at her eyes. The curtains were closed now. I was not afraid, but I was not able to be myself. Davina seemed so confident. The sensation of her hand on my leg made me more confused. I wanted to move my hand to remove her's but she was moving her hand under my skirt on my thigh and was soon close to my intimate parts. I was still looking at her eyes when she asked, in her pleasant voice, "Are they brown also here or are they yellowed by your juice?” At this time I had this sensation, I had not taken care of it before, I Was very moist, I was excited. I opened my mouth to answer but no sound was coming. After one minute she had removed my string and I was able to say "Hrughhh…" She turned the chair in front of the mirror still looking at me in the reflection and asked: "Look at this forest. Do you not think it is a little yellow? Sure it is not the same color as your hair." I looked in the mirror at my crotch and she was right my pubes where yellowed, brown near the roots and yellowed or close to auburn on some parts. I didn't know why. It had always been like that. It was more visible as I had not trimmed my pubes in months. I answered "Yes.. right you're.. right… Not same…" Passing her hands in my long pubes she added , "And they are really curly no?" She was right too. My pubes were very curly and looking at my bush I was regretting not having trimmed it before coming to my training. The color was not beautiful and the general aspect gave me the image of a dirty girl. Looking at my eyes she told me, "Are you sure that you don't color your hair? It should be the same colour as your pubes. Curly as they are, I think you take time for brushing and flat ironing each day. Your hair is naturally curly no?" I was ashamed and my face was becoming red, "No, I've ..never colored my hair… And…" But she interrupted me. "I do not like liars! You have a very beautiful bush with a beautiful color with some nuances and you color your hair brown? We will solve that. And from now if you want to work with me, no more straightening. If your hair is curly then it has to be curly!!!" My face was red and tears were coming to my eyes, " I… Am not cur…ly. No color…” Her fingers entering my moist slit stopped my speech. She looked at me and used a scissors to cut my skirt at the front. "I've told you I do not want a liar! I will solve the problem, it will be ok. Thanks to me you will have no need to shave you armpits now. Everything will match." I was close to orgasm when she removed her fingers from my private parts. I was really leaking of pleasure now. Using her hands she pushed my legs apart more to show my full bush and looking at some colored papers she made calculations. I was lost, I was crying now, tears falling on my cheeks. I was so ashamed and more ashamed of the pleasure I had from this humiliation. I had closed my eyes without moving from the chair. I was ashamed also of the smell coming from my inner thighs. I heard the door of the laboratory and ten minutes after it was open and shut another time. Davina was returning. I still kept my eyes closed. Looking at her eyes was so fascinating, but I was ashamed and didn’t want to face her. I felt her hands and fingers were moving through my hair and it was a smell of a chemical product. Soon I had the sensation that all my hair had been washed with another chemical. It smelled of ammonia and other strange and smelly products. Davina was moving my long hair as she wanted to make them fuller and she turned them then applied other products. I heard her moving in front of me, turning the chair. "Yes, perfect it matches very well now!!! I prefer this natural look for you Louise. Open your eyes now and spread your legs." She turned another time the chair and I was in front of the mirror. Opening my eyes it took a moment for me to understand… What has she done???!!! My long brown hair I loved so much, were now looking as my pubes, as curly, as yellowed with auburn highlights! It was as if my bush had been put on my head. It gave me a cheap and dirty aspect. At least she had not cut them. She lost no time t