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  1. Digitally Corrupted

    Digitally Corrupted (Breast Expansion) Fetish tags: Breast expansion, Ass Expansion, Race change, possession, transformation, bimbo transformation, forced, lactation, domination, mind control, body swap. Natasha opened the door to her appartment, after her cursory sweep she sat down and opened her laptop, she saw an email that made her frown. "Spam folder should have detected this, "Digital Paradise" As soon as her finder made contact with the touch pad the laptop shone bright, and she was sucked into the glow, her body disintigrated to glowing pixels and the screen turned black. Psylocke, though also known as Kwon checked her phone, she was bored, upon her doing so a notification popped up. She tapped it and her phone glowed brightly before she was sucked into it, the phone clattered on the ground, screen off. Rogue strode through the jungle, completely in her element, her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth as she climbed down to the camp site, several people had left their belongings to go to the market, she opened the laptop and connected it to the long range network link the campers had brough. Checking the news she logged into her email and found something that made her laugh, Digital paradise. She clicked it and the laptop glowed bright and Rogue saw her chest disolve to pixels before the rest of her followed into the machine. Silk swinged through the city, she perched on a ledge to check her messages. She was feeling really on edge and hadn't had sex in a long time, she saw the email and moments later she was zapped into the phone which hung on the building from her web. Emma Frost was angry, she was expecting an email detailing her next operational command from Magneto, she noticed she had an unread message, it must be it. She clicked it and her body was drawn into the screen leaving nothing but the her high heels. Natasha found herself in a dark room, stony in texture, she got to her feet and looked around, she saw Emma, Silk, Rogue and Psylocke as well. She wondered how they had arrived her. "Where are we?" She said aloud. A low rumbling chuck filled the space, and the room was light by a dim blue light. A woman strode out of the darkness, a busty light skinned bombshell, with black hair to her round ass, her breasts were supple and she oozed feminine power. "You are in my part of the net, and I shall bend you to my service" Natasha felt her chest tighten, she looked down and saw her generous endowements growing until her jumpsuit unzipped then tore off, leaving her topless. She cupped her breasts, sending pleasure through her, she lost herself and fell to her knees needing her flesh. Psylocke teleported behind the woman and drew her sword to attack, before she could it vanished, the woman turned around and Kwon felt her lips fill and saw that her skin was darkening to a caremel brown, her ass widened and her uniform morphed into a pink version, with a cutout down to her navel, barely hiding her breasts. Kwon tried to teleport away, but when she used her power instead she felt her breasts surge forward, breaking from her slutty uniform. She fell forward, the Woman grabbed her by her right breast and Kwon felt herself fill with lust, for women and began fingering herself. Rogue and Emma looked to each other, before they could say anything the Woman sent a lighting bolt towards them, Emma turned to her frost form but the bolt pass through it, sending her back to human form, her skin became tanned and her breasts went from their DD cups to G cups, Emma reached out Psychically to the foe but she felt her mind torn from her body, the physical form went limp and fell. Emma was trapped in a ball of pink energy. "This will be fun" The Woman said, she turned to Silk, who knew she could do nothing, she felt like an oberver in her own body as Emma was thrust into her body, the woman sent pink energy, and Cindy felt her sex drive increase as Emma's was accomodated. With the combined sexual drive of both women, each above the average she couldn't help herself, she lept on to Rogue. Rogue felt their sexual drives enter hers and grabbed Silk's breast, instead of gaining the powers of the women she gained their appearance. Her breasts billowed out, her hair darkened and her skin tanned. She unzipped Cindy and findered her, the two woman screamed as the both felt the orgasm. The Woman then tore Cindy from her own body and placed her in the limp form of Emma. "No" Emma said through Cindy's voice. The Woman sent sexual energy in pink lightning towards her, Cindy became a perfect bimbo, her breasts reached her naval, her hips widened and her lips puffed up becoming scarlet, her black hair became blond and a dark tan covered her flesh. Cindy watched through Emma's eyes her body being changed, she knew her sexual preferences had been altered but she couldn't help herself, using Emma's psychic ability she made Silk walk up to her, she grabbed Cindy's breast and sucked it. Emma moaned in pleasure. Rogue approached the Woman, She grabbed her and felt the mysterious power flood into her, but instead of fighting her she felt the will to serve the sexual dominator, she sent energy into Natasha. Her tits became body sized and her hair grow to her knees, becoming a bright red. Kwon had regained control of herself, but before she could act Rogue rose both her hands and sent pink energy towards her. Kwons clothes vanished and her breats became impossibly firm, filled with silicone, her ass widened and became a full bubble but, her waist shrunt and her form became less athletic and more skinny. Her face became distinctly asian in appearance and her hair grew to her ass. She moaned and grabbed both her tits pushing them together. The Woman rose her hand and Rogue's hair turned pink, her breasts became beach balls, her shirt shredded in unision. Her ass widened and her lips turned brown and puffed up. Her whole skin became brown and she looked unrecocgnisable. Then the Woman took her mind and tore it out, placing Natasha's inside it, Natash felt her new body, unable to comprehend the pleasure coarsing through her. Rogue landed in the form of Natasha, immobilised by her giant breasts. Natash walked over to her, she grinded against Rogue's new booty and grabbed her breasts, then she kissed her and the two both gave in. Emma and Silk wer both still fingering each other, Silk loved this new body, she commanded Kwon to join them, her asian slutty sexified self looking more like a Korean dancer than the hero. Both Kwon and Silk sucked her tits, The woman sent a bolt of energy forth and Silk/Emma's Body lactated, the milk containted a powerful aphrodisiac and the woman became more aggressive, kissing and squeezing her titflesh. The Woman smiled, these beings would make a fine addition to her realm.  
  2. Peachy growth

  3. boob growth magic

  4. d
  5. Kari Breast Expansion by Domo-Sensei b
  6. Paying for someone else’s crime AP, WG, TF, BE Just something i wrote in one sitting, I know it's not as good as some of the stories I have read on here previously and I will most likely tweak some things in certain places, If anybody has any suggestions that would be nice.   Carla Lavezzi Is a middle aged head of a crime empire whose world is closing in on her. The Wife of a powerful now dead crime lord, she is all that is left to try and maintain her husband’s empire. The police are closing in on having enough evidence to put her away for a long time and she knows it’s a matter of when this will happen, not if. For a while, Carla has toyed with the idea of giving her identity to another unfortunate woman by making what would essentially be a twin of herself. This would allow her to create a new identity for herself and slip off into obscurity and manage things from the shadows. In order to make this work at all, she knows it would require a carefully thought out plan with a few favours called in too. Carla began by asking two of her most trusted associates, Bill and Ben, to set up a room in a secluded warehouse where they would not be disturbed. The room contains a chair which they can tie their victim to whilst they perform the woman’s transformation into Carla, This will be achieved via the administration of several Prototype substances and machines that they had acquired in an earlier job. After they had prepared the room with everything they needed, Carla and her two colleagues began the process of finding the ideal subject. She had decided that in order to cause as little risk to her plan as possible, they had to find someone that would not be looked for if they were to suddenly go missing, therefore Carla wanted her two henchmen to find a woman that had nobody. No family, No Friends, Nothing. It took two weeks for the two burly men to find the ideal person, an upper class 23 year loner by the name of Heather. She was an average looking young woman with shoulder length brown hair, a smaller bust than Carla but she was about the same height, and although she was about 25 years younger than Carla, the girl was nobody and would easily be changed to a more mature woman. The two men reported their findings back to Carla who promptly authorised them to take Heather and bring her to the warehouse. They had discovered in the two weeks they had tailed her that she was a creature of habit. Heather always went to the same Pub, at the same time every other night where she had a couple of drinks before walking home. Bill and Ben hatched a plan where they would wait for Heather to come out of the pub and follow her until the opportune time to strike provided itself. They would then chloroform the unwitting girl before bundling her into a waiting van before anybody even noticed. Bill and Ben waited outside the pub for Heather to leave and right on time she left the pub alone. Ben got out the Van and followed with Bill close behind in the van. Once they were some distance away from the pub in a secluded area, Ben distracted Heather by asking for some directions to the nearest train station, whilst she was preoccupied with Ben, Bill drove up with the Van giving Ben the Opportunity to chloroform the girl and bundle her into the van. The girl struggled valiantly but it was all in vain as she quickly succumbed to the effects of chloroform and passed out. Bill and Ben got her into the van as quickly as possible before driving off towards the warehouse. After a couple of hours Heather came around, everything felt hazy for her and as she started to regain full consciousness, she realised something was wrong straight away, she remembered what happened to her and immediately tried to stand up. It was then she realised that she was strapped to a chair in a dimly lit room with her mouth taped completely naked! Heather panicked and tried to wrestle free of her bonds making a lot of noise in the process, but they refused to budge. Carla heard the commotion in the room and decided to finally reveal her presence to Heather. She walked into the room and introduced herself; she also introduced her cunning plan to Heather too. Heather didn’t like what she was told by Carla and the panic intensified, Carla just laughed as she knew Heather would run out of energy soon enough and left her alone in the room to calm down. Soon enough a few hours later Heather had expended all of her energy and had finally calmed down. Carla came back into the room, this time she was with her two cronies from earlier and a few bits of machinery and some what looked like unmarked chemical bottles. Heather was clearly disturbed at the site of the apparatus but couldn’t find the power to struggle any longer. Carla smiled at Heather as she set the wheels in motion for the young woman’s transformation. She ordered Bill and Ben to crab the young woman out of the chair and hold her still while she painted the girl from the neck down with what looked like thick white paste. The paste would permanently age Heathers skin to match that of Carla’s skin, as she began to paint the young woman she resumed her struggle from earlier but the two men where much too strong for her. Once Heathers skin was completely covered from the neck down it began to become slightly saggy and wrinkly with the process taking about 10 minutes to finish. Heather now had the skin of a 45 year old woman. In order to completely match Carla’s skin another smaller tub of paste was used to paint on Liver spots in areas that matched Carla. Once this process was completed Heather was placed back in the chair and strapped down again. Heather started to cry as it dawned on her what was happening. As she was strapped back in again Carla mockingly reassured her there were only be a few more things going to be done tonight and she would be left to sleep overnight, she failed to mention they would be left on all night however. Carla observed the young woman’s pussy, and admired the youthfulness of it and the lack of Hair around it, Carla wished hers was still the same, alas it was not and therefore neither could Heathers be. Carla motioned one of the goons over and told him to bring her a pot with black paste and a brush over. The older woman didn’t tell Heather what the paste would do but it would essentially stimulate the hair follicles to produce rapid growing permanent thick hairs. Carla liberally applied the paste to Heathers pussy and back passage safe in the knowledge she would have just as much bush as herself soon enough. The result’s where not instant like the paste used earlier and would take a few hours to work its magic, hence why it was being left on her overnight. Carla then produced what looked like a variety of suction cups and needles attached to some pipes leading to two different machines. The young woman winced when the first of the suction cups was attached to her pussy, this would cause it to puff up and be fitting of a well-used middle aged pussy. The other two were attached to her breasts, these had a dual function of increasing her breast size to that of Carla’s and give her that good old middle age sag. Three different needles leading to the second machine where attached to Heather, causing much discomfort in the process, one in each buttock to give her the same bubble butt look and the third in her abdomen to increase her weight to match Carla. The evil woman stepped back and smiled as she looked over the tearfully frightened girl. As the two machines switched on, the look of shock and discomfort on Heathers face was instant as she began to loudly moan into her taped mouth. Immediately her nipples stood to attention and her pussy began increasing in size. Carla injected Heather with a drug that almost immediately knocked her out to stop her from causing herself any harm during the time that she was going to be left alone overnight, after all Carla hadn’t come this far to have her work wasted. The following morning Carla entered the room and Heather was still unconscious from the previous night’s injection. The pre-programmed machines had finished their work and had already switched off. Carla inspected the now what looked like middle aged woman’s body and was astonished at how similar they both now looked from the neck down. Her pussy was swollen and big; it was going to take a rather large dildo for her to even remotely get close to pleasure. It was also now very hairy just as hers is, however Carla realised she might have gone slightly overboard with the paste as it was more hairy than her own, but no matter as she very much doubted the police would even know! Moving up Heathers body, her belly and behind was now on the saggy and chubby side like her own and would form a very nice muffin top. Her boobs were now humongous and drooped down just as she expected them to. Happy with the results Carla began to awaken the unconscious young woman, as she was coming around Carla brought a mirror in front of Heather. When Heather saw her reflection in the mirror she let out an ear piercing scream through her taped mouth and began to cry. Heather now had a face that most certainly didn’t fit her body and knew that she could not prevent what was happening. With Heather still reeling from seeing her new body Carla wheeled another machine with a mask attached to it over to the unsuspecting woman. Carla quickly pulled off the tape gag and thrust the mask onto the woman’s face, the mask covered the mouth and nose with a pipe going into her mouth, surprised by the mask, Heather didn’t have time to react and the pipe went straight in. Carla finished strapping the mask to the woman before explaining what was going to happen. She explained how this would pump a concoction of different chemicals and drugs into her mouth and that she would be forced to consume them. Some of them where made partially from Carla’s own DNA, for example one of the drugs would permanently change her vocal chords so that when Heather talks she sounds just like Carla while another will alter her genetic makeup so that a DNA sample taken from Heather would show that she is Carla, this will make it much harder for her to try and get out of trouble. The other drugs are there to give Heather some of Carla’s little quirks, for example a refined concoction of nicotine will make her addicted to smoking, another will trigger the menopause and the lovely mood swings that come with it, Carla also added a special last one that will greatly increase Heathers appetite for sex. Maybe she can fuck herself out of jail. With that out of the way Carla turned the machine on and went for a quick bit of breakfast as the drugs will take about 30mins to get into her body. Heather tried to resist the flow of mixture into her mouth but realised if she did then she would almost certainly drown. Instead Heather swallowed the horrible poison and sobbed. Carla came back and saw that the mixture was all gone just like Heathers spirit and removed the mask and promptly re-gagged her. She reassured the young woman that they weren’t too far from finished, and that it would take a few hours for the drugs to kick in telling her to enjoy what was left of herself before her new cravings kicked in before giving an evil giggle. All that remained of the old Heather was her youthful face and that was next on the agenda. Heather noticed that Carla had brought her two goons with her again which probably meant they were going to be take her out of the chair again and she was right, however this time it would take two of them to move her now due to her added weight. The goons grabbed Heather and pulled her to what looked like a hybrid dentist/hair salon seat, she struggled whilst being moved but not as much as she would have 24 hours ago, partially due to her broken spirit and partially due to her not being physically able to do so. Carla moved into the now bound again woman and introduced a hair stylist and dentist both of whom owed her a few favours and some money which she had promised to wipe off the slate if they did to Heather what she had requested of them. Carla trusted them both as she knew that they would remain loyal for fear of repercussions if something went wrong. The hair stylist went first and began cutting Heathers shoulder length hair down to the shorter mature hairstyle Carla wore, after cutting he washed the remains of her hair whilst massaging in another one of Carla’s mysterious concoctions. This would bleach her hair and permanently alter her hair follicles so that her hair would be coming through a mixture of bottle blonde and grey from here on instead of brown. Whilst the dye was working its magic, the dentist began working on her teeth so they would match Carla’s. The dentist pulled off the tape and immediately clamped open Heather’s mouth so he had immediate access to her teeth. He pulled out what looked like a tube of toothpaste and squeezed a bit onto his finger. It was a yellow smelly goop which was going to have a nasty effect on Heathers currently perfect teeth. He started rubbing it onto Heathers gums and teeth and the effect was almost immediate her pearly white teeth became permanent cigarette stained yellow just like Carla’s and now she had breath like an ashtray, Even though Heather could not see her teeth she could certainly smell the effect that it had just had on her teeth. The dentist then began rearranging her teeth so that they matched the Evil woman’s. He painfully twisted and pulled on teeth that where perfect causing them to go crooked. The immense pain this cause without any form of pain relief caused much struggle and noise from the young woman. The dentist had finished his job which allowed the hair stylist to finish his off, he gave Heathers hair one last rinse before raising the reclined chair up so he could place a hairdryer over her hair. The hairdryer had already been preprogramed by Carla and it was just a case of switching it on. Whilst the hair was drying, she motioned one of the goons to lead the Dentist and Hair Stylist out of the room as their job had now been completed. Carla turned her attention back to heather who was now nearly finished. Just the face remained not touched, that was about to change. Carla brought over yet another pot of goo and a selection of what looked like normal makeup. She explained to Heather what she already knew which was this pot would permanently alter her face to look like Carla’s, the cream was infused with DNA from Carla and would make her look like a carbon copy, Heather did not even put up a fight as she accepted her fate. With the hairdryer still blowing Carla painted on the goo, as she was painting it on she seemed to notice that the effects of the cream where taking hold extremely quickly, maybe the goo was having a reaction with the heat from the dryer. As Carla finished painting her face the transformation was almost complete she just needed to put some permanent blue contact lenses in that matched her own. Heathers face was now losing its last remnants of youth to be replaced with the wrinkly face of Carla’s. As the goo reacting quicker than she expected, Heathers hair was still not done, therefore Carla decided to put some permanent heavy make up onto Heather that would turn Heather into a unique take on Carla. Carla began by applying some dark eyeshadow and red Lipstick; the lipstick tingled as it plumped up her lips slightly to give her a slutty pout. Carla reckoned the hair would be done now so switched the dryer off and lifted it up. What was underneath deeply delighted Carla, Heathers hair was permanently dry, frazzled mess of bottle blonde and grey hair. The woman that came in earlier now looked nothing like the one that was sat there now. Carla noticed that Heather was beginning to grind her pussy into the chair and realised that the drugs she had consumed earlier where starting to work. This was an excellent time to let the new Carla hear her new voice for the first time. She removed Heathers gag and quickly moved the mirror in front of her. Heathers reaction at seeing her new body was priceless, a huge scream followed by a “What have you done to me” then the sudden shock that you sound like a husky cougar who is 25 years older than you. Carla laughed as she realised the voice changer had worked, nobody would believe that Heather was not actually Carla Lavezzi, right down to her DNA, she was now Carla Lavezzi. Carla re-gagged the now increasingly distraught Heather for the next phase in her plan. Carla now had to find a way of getting the police to arrest Heather without making it too obvious. She couldn’t just make her walk into a police station and say “Hey I’m Carla Lavezzi, Arrest me!” that wouldn’t work, Carla came up with the idea that one of her former husband’s rivals would kidnap her, with the intention of embarrassing her whilst anonymously calling the police to tip them off and eliminate Carla’s empire in the process. She feels that this would work, as it makes her rivals think she is in jail and the police will no longer be looking for her as they will think they have already arrested her. Carla has already made Heather some way towards the level of embarrassment that her rivals would try to dish out on hear by ruining her hair for life and giving her silly makeup, she however feels this is not enough. Carla leaves the rooms and returns 10 minutes later with some clothes and some other goodies to clothe Heather in her new life. She begins by waving a remote vibrator in Heather's face which both frightens her but also excites her due to her new increased levels of horniness. Carla gets Bill and Ben to grab Heather out of her chair and hold her still while she inserts the vibrator into her pussy. Carla explains to her that this will be switched on soon so she should enjoy the peace whilst it lasts. Carla introduces Heather to her first pieces of her new wardrobe, some silly looking black fur lined panties and pink fur bra. Carla pulls these up the struggling legs of Heather and pulls them around her muff, the fur on the panties and her pussy pretty much mix into each other making it hard to see where her pussy hair and panties begin and end. The bra is pulled over Heather's heaving tits pushing the one size too small bra to bursting point. Next a pair of skin tight neon purple nylon leggings is pulled up Heather's legs; they have to be squeezed around heather's bubble butt pushing the vibrator further into Heather. A bright red crop top that should never be worn by a woman of Heather's age and size is pulled over her scraggy head and over her tits, showing off he chubby belly and muffin top caused by the tight leggings, bits of fur can be seen poking under and over the top from the fur bra. Carla gets her men to force Heather to sit down whilst she pours a generous amount of glue into a pair of leopard print UGG boots before forcing them onto Heather's feet. Carla laughs as she tries to shake the boots off to no avail; these are well and truly stuck on. Carla gets out a few final pieces of clothing, a leopard print fur jacket, a fur hat and a hand warmer. Carla puts the jacket onto Heather but leaves the front open exposing her cleavage and belly. She gets the two goons to pull Heather's hands behind her back and place them into either side of the hand warmer that she has just filled with glue, heather struggles as each of the hands are placed inside the hand warmer and the fur is squeezed around her hands ensuring the fast acting glue sets around her hands quickly, she gets the goons to hold her hands still until she can be sure the glue has set. Carla puts the cherry on top on the outfit or in this case a bright red ridiculous looking fur hat. This is placed onto the top of her head with bits of her scraggly blonde/grey hair poking out from underneath. Carla steps back and laughs at Heather's outfit, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that” she proclaimed. It was a truly ridiculous outfit. It looked like a chav eskimo got dressed in the dark. Carla decided it was time for police to come and get “her” so she and her henchmen drove Heather all the way out to the middle of nowhere with Heather sobbing the entire journey. After they checked that there was no one around they pulled Heather out of the van and took her over to a public bench, she got Bill to pour some of the glue used earlier onto the bench whilst Carla had one last little chat with Heather. Heather still sobbing was feeling the drugs from earlier kicking in more and more to the point where they were now nearly having full effect. Heather so dearly wanted a cigarette and Carla taunted her saying “you will have to wait for a while to have a cigarette, but we can satisfy one of your other cravings” she laughed. Heather looked puzzle for a second until she realised the vibrator buried in her pussy, before she could even react it kicked in like being hit by a freight train and Heather was moaning and groaning, Carla ordered bill and ben to sit Carla down onto the now glued seat on the bench. Heather hadn’t noticed the glue on the seat, but she soon will when she is having multiple orgasms whilst the cops try and get her off the bench. Carla told Ben to ring the police and report that he had spotted Carla Lavezzi in a bit of trouble on a bench. Carla whispered to Heather before she left her alone “hope you have fun in prison” just as she started walking away Heather looked pleadingly at Carla just as she had her first orgasm as Carla Lavezzi. The old Carla laughed and walked away as heather was left rocking on the bench, now she just needed to assume a new identity. To be Continued?
  7. The Family Cure (BE, f2f, corruption, incest) The Family Cure By Varian Milagro “This had better be important,” Roxanne Chapman said as she turned on her bedroom light. She’d been on the verge of sleep when the knocking had started. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” Alexandra asked as she poked her head in her older sister’s room. “I thought you went to bed.” Roxanne sat up and shook her head to clear it. Alexandra entered the room dressed in a floor length, flannel nightgown. “I’ve been waiting for mom to go to bed. I think I know what’s going on between her and Dad.” Roxanne patted her bed. “Grab a seat.” No one would confuse Alexandra and Roxanne for anything but sisters. Except for Alexandra being an inch shorter and a bit smaller up top, they were nearly identical and most people assumed that they were twins. Roxanne was in fact 18 to Alexandra’s 16. They had similar long, straight, brown hair and pleasant faces. Most guys would rate them a six out of ten, but they’d have to notice them first. Alexandra sat next to her sister. “After their fight the other night I did some snooping with Jeanie.” “I still think you’re blowing this out of proportion,” Roxanne said. “Married couples fight and then they get over it.” “Yeah? Well, Jeanie overheard her mom taking with our mom on the phone. Apparently, Mom thinks Dad is having an affair and she thinks he might leave her.” “Yeah, and I heard her tell Grandma something similar when I was your age. Mom is paranoid most of the time. You know that.” “Except this time I found proof. When Mom went to her Youth First meeting tonight, Jeanie and I went through Dad’s study and we found his porn stash. Come downstairs and I’ll show you.” “Gross.” Roxanne shivered. “I don’t want to look at Dad’s porn.” “It’s more than that. You need to see for yourself.” Roxanne pulled on a beige, cotton bathrobe and followed her sister downstairs and into their father’s study. The room was filled with a mahogany desk set, two tall bookcases crammed with books, and a black, high back office chair. It had a masculine look and smell to it. The girl’s anxiety grew as they entered their father’s sanctuary. While not strictly forbidden to enter, there had always been an unstated rule that the women of the house did not enter without George’s permission. Alexandra opened the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, moved a stack of hanging file folders and then pulled out a stack of magazines and an older model Dell laptop. She handed the magazines to Roxanne and then set the laptop on the desk and booted it. “I never knew Dad was such a perv,” Roxanne said as she browsed through a Jugs magazine. “It gets worse. His laptop has all these videos of naked women smoking and having sex with each other.” Roxanne fanned out the stack of magazines and looked at the covers. “It looks like he has a thing for women with giant boobs, too.” Alexandra turned the laptop toward her sister. “Take a look at her.” It was a picture of a woman dressed in a leopard print dress and platform heels. The dress barely covered the woman’s panties and strained to contain her watermelon sized breasts. The dress was so tight that it outlined the bars in the woman’s nipples and the stud in her bellybutton. Her arms were a colorful swirl of tattoos and her hair was a peroxide, teased mess. A long, white cigarette hung from her bright red lips. “Dad’s been chatting with this woman online. Her name is Gigi and I think he’s going to leave Mom for her. He’s told her that she’s the woman he’s always fantasized about. He keeps telling her that his wife won’t indulge his fantasies and he’s sick of it. Life’s short and he wants to be with his ideal mate.” Alexandra paused until her sister looked at her and then said, “She lives in New York and Dad flew to New York yesterday.” “I’m convinced,” Roxanne said. “I think there’s one course of action if we want to keep our family together. We need to get Mom to start indulging Dad’s fantasies. If she looks and acts like these women, then Dad won’t leave us.” “I don’t know how that would work,” Alexandra said. “Mom would never do half this stuff.” “I know someone who might be able to help us: Aunt Dani. I’ll go see her tomorrow.” “Can you do go the day after? I want to go with you and I have Mathletes tomorrow.” Roxanne pointed at Gigi’s image. “You really want another day to go by with that woman digging her hooks into Dad?” “No.” “Tell you what, why don’t you go through the laptop and magazines and make a list of all the things that Dad is into. Aunt Dani and I will use the list to come up with a plan.” “I’ll get Jeanie to help me look through the stuff during lunch tomorrow.” *** The next morning Dolores Chapman made waffles for her daughters. While her daughters were old enough to make food on their own, Dolores took pleasure in nurturing her children and caring for their needs, be it food, shelter, clean clothes, or a sympathetic ear. She tried to do the same for her husband, but he’d grown distant of late. And recently there had been some trouble in the bedroom. They had enjoyed a satisfying sex life for the last 25 years and he’d never had any issues rising to the occasion. Lately though, he’d grown soft during intercourse and a couple times he’d even failed to become erect. She told herself that it happened sometimes to men of a certain age, that science had invented little blue pills that could solve his problem, yet she couldn’t help feeling less than desirable. Dolores eschewed adornment. She wanted her man to want her for who she was, not who she could become and she’d passed this on to her daughters. A life dedicated to dressing up to catch a man’s eye was a life wasted in her opinion. As a result none of the women wore much makeup; their clothes leaned toward comfortable with muted colors, their jewelry nonexistent. Lately, she couldn’t help feeling that if she were to dress up, wear erotic lingerie or talk dirty for her husband maybe he wouldn’t have issues in the bedroom. And now he was traveling for business more than he’d ever done before. She told herself that it was a coincidence, but she feared that it was an affair. “I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to your Mathlete competition today,” Delores said to Alexandra as they ate their waffles. “My boss said okay, but the HR lady is a stickler for the rules and apparently he didn’t submit my request to her in time.” “That’s okay, Mom. We’re up against Jackson High and they’re in last place. You’ll get to see me compete on Saturday at the regional championship.” “I know, but I hate missing your meets,” Delores turned her attention to her oldest daughter. “What do you have planned for after school, Roxanne?” “I’m going to help Patty at the Save a Paw dog shelter,” Roxanne said, not looking up from her plate. Dolores narrowed her eyes. “You better not be going over to Dani’s place again.” Roxanne’s head whipped up, a look of defiance on her face. “She’s my aunt and I’m 18. I should be able to see her all I want.” “As long as you live here you’ll follow my and your father’s rules. The woman is no good and she will take you down with her.” “I said that I’m helping Patty, okay?” Dolores stared at Roxanne, trying to determine if she believed her daughter. “Why are you wearing hoodie? Aren’t you hot? It’s 70 degrees out and it’s not even eight in the morning yet.” “Do you have to micromanage everything, Mom?” Roxanne stood. “Let’s go, Alexandra. We don’t want to be late for school.” *** After dropping Alexandra off at Memorial High School, Roxanne drove to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire campus where she was in her first year of an Associates of Arts degree. As soon as she parked she whipped off her hoodie, kicked off her sneakers and yanked down her slacks, revealing a pair of black tights and a low cut sweater dress. She ran a Hot Huez chalk compact through sections of her hair, giving it several streaks of bright purple. She pulled her makeup bag out of her purse and went to work on her face, applying eye shadow, lipstick, and thick eyeliner. After adding a pair of dangling earrings to her ears and slipping on a pair of low heeled ankle boots, she grabbed her purse and exited her Toyota Corolla. As soon as she exited the car she lit a cigarette and coughed slightly on the first drag. Smoking was still new, having taken it up at her aunt’s insistence less than a month ago. It was all part of Aunt Dani’s plan to make her niece into a bad girl. Roxanne had never had much success in the romance department and she blamed her good girl image. Except for a couple weeks in middle school, she’d never had a boyfriend, hadn’t been invited to the prom or even really been kissed. Guys never seemed to notice her. She’d complained to her mother, but that had been a mistake, earning her lecture about the importance of study over romance. When she’d told her aunt about her dilemma she’d gotten a much different reaction. Her aunt had squealed, given Roxanne a hug and then told her that she’d been waiting for that day. Aunt Dani told Roxanne that she was a boring good girl and it was bad girls who got the boys. Aunt Dani never had trouble getting men. Aunt Dani had bought Roxanne new clothes and showed her how apply her own makeup. Even more important she’d shown her how to hide her new clothes from her parents. It had worked almost instantly. The first week after dressing in her new, tight clothing she’d gotten asked out by a guy named Jake. He did maintenance around campus and was a bit of a bad boy. He drank, smoked and had tattoos. At first Roxanne hated kissing Jake since he tasted like an ashtray, but then Dani pointed out that if Roxanne smoked she wouldn’t mind kissing Jake and it would help further solidify her bad girl image. Roxanne took a small drag on her cigarette and then blew the smoke out in a tight stream. She still took tiny puffs. She didn’t really want to be a full blown smoker, but a couple cigarettes a day weren’t going to kill her. No one in her family knew that she was smoking or dressing up at school, not even Alexandra. She hated hiding her new clothes from her family, but she knew that her parents wouldn’t approve and she didn’t fully trust her sister to keep a secret. If they found out that Aunt Dani had bought them for her or that she’d gotten Roxanne to start smoking they’d hate her even more than they did now. The only person who knew of Roxanne’s duel life was her best friend, Patty. While Patty didn’t fully approve of her friend’s recent changes, she stood by her. “There you are,” Patty said when she spotted Roxanne a few minutes later. Patty had the kind of hair most girls would kill for, long, full and blonde. While many women would use her hair to frame their faces, Patty used it to hide her acne scars. She was standing under an oak tree in the quad between four brick buildings. As she hugged her best friend she made a face. “How can you smoke? It smells so disgusting.” “Don’t start in on me again. I had to listen to my mom go on about my aunt again this morning.” Roxanne took a small puff and then dropped her cigarette butt to the ground. “That reminds me. If my mom asks, I helped you out at the shelter today.” “You want me to cover for you?” Patty’s face fell. “But you said you were going to help me. Linda is out all this week and I don’t want to be there alone with Greg.” “He’s totally cute,” Roxanne said as she popped a breath mint into her mouth. “I know and that’s the problem. I get so nervous when he’s around. I can’t talk and he probably thinks I’m an idiot.” “Sorry, I promise I’ll help you tomorrow, but I have to see my aunt today.” “Ditching me to see your aunt the stripper?” Patty asked as they walked toward their first class. “You are so not forgiven. Why do you want to see her anyway, want her to get you hooked on crack or heroin?” “Lay off, okay? I just need her advice,” Roxanne said. “I think she might be able to help out my parent’s marriage.” “You’re at least going to have lunch with me today, right?” “I told you yesterday that I’m having lunch with Jake today. I promised him that today was the day.” “I can’t believe you’re going to give that creep a hand job in the dirty maintenance room.” “Will you be quiet?” Roxanne hissed. “I had to promise. It was the only way to get him to stop bugging me to give him a blow job.” “What do you think your mom would say if she knew that you were smoking and giving men hand jobs at school?” Roxanne glared at Patty. “And how is she going to find out?” The girls didn’t speak for the remaining walk to their class. *** During lunch that day Alexandra hung out in the library with her best friend, Jeanie. They were tucked away in an alcove set in the far wall, a place where they could see others approach, but others could not see them easily. They were making a list of George Chapman’s perversions. “Well, he’s definitely into giant boobs, real ones, too. Every woman in these magazines looks completely natural,” Jeanie said as she dropped a Jugs magazine and grabbed a copy of Bodacious Tatas. Other than Jeanie being a blonde, the girls could pass for sisters. They dressed alike, talked alike, and even finished each other’s sentences. “Keep your voice down,” Alexandra hissed. “I don’t want the whole world to know my dad’s a perv.” Alexandra stood and looked out over the library. “Anyone looking?” Alexandra sat and resumed her search on her father’s laptop. “Only Dan Jones.” “Oh shut up, like he’d look at either of us,” Jeanie said. “He’s too busy looking at Amber’s big boobs.” Alexandra clicked the mouse button a couple times. “You better add nipple piercings to the list. Almost every woman has those as well.” “I heard that Drake Preston is going to be at Mathletes today,” Jeanie said with a teasing smile on her face. “Shut up, he is not.” Jeanie lost the smile. “No, seriously. He got in trouble in Mrs. Hinkle’s algebra class and he has to help out at the meet to avoid detention.” “Really?” Alexandra said with a dreamy look on her face. “You better not let him affect your performance today. I don’t want to lose to the last place team because you’re daydreaming about Drake.” Once the girls finished compiling the list, Alexandra emailed it to her sister and then stuffed the laptop and her father’s porn magazines into her backpack. They spent the remaining time talking about Dan and Drake and not studying for their math competition like they knew they should. *** That afternoon Roxanne knocked on the front door to her aunt’s double wide mobile home. “It’s open,” Dani yelled from inside. The scent of cigarettes, cheap perfume and even cheaper booze hit Roxanne as soon as she opened the door. She found her aunt in her bedroom pulling on a pair of stilettos, wearing a dress so short that it was clear her aunt wasn’t wearing panties. “You got here just in time,” Dani said around the cigarette in her mouth. “Candi called in sick. I need to work her shift at Juicy Lucy’s.” Dani stood, hugged her niece and then wiggled her way toward the kitchen. “Do you want something to drink? Beer? Whisky?” Roxanne didn’t really want to drink any alcohol since she’d be driving soon, but she didn’t want to disappoint her aunt either. “Do you still have any of those wine coolers?” “I bought more just for you, sweetie. Grab a seat in the living room and I’ll be out with our drinks in a moment.” Roxanne looked around as she entered the living room, even though she’d been there many times in the last few months. The room fascinated her, being so opposite of her own home. Sitting on a shelf next to a 70 inch television was a bookcase holding at least 50 porno DVDs, several of which Dani had starred in. On the walls were posters of naked strippers and porn stars, both male and female, all of them signed. Roxanne sat on the pink vinyl couch and waited for her aunt. “One cherry wine cooler,” Dani said as she entered the room a minute later carrying two tall glasses and a bottle of Old Crow whiskey. She handed the glass filled with pink wine cooler to Roxanne and then said, “Cheers.” Dani drained her glass of whiskey and then refilled it. “Now what can I do for you, sweetie?” She pulled a cigarette from a pack of Benson & Hedges sitting on the coffee table and then slid the pack to her niece. “It’s my dad,” Roxanne said as she removed a cigarette from her aunt’s pack. She preferred her own cigarettes since they weren’t as strong as her aunt’s, but she didn’t want to appear rude. “Alexandra found his porn stash and she thinks he’s going to leave our mom for some slut in New York.” Roxanne lit her cigarette and resisted the urge to cough. If she choked on the smoke her aunt would know that she hadn’t been practicing her smoking like she was supposed to. “That doesn’t sound like the George I know,” Dani said and then exhaled a thick cloud of smoke toward her niece. “I know, but this could be my chance. I think that Alexandra and I might be able to convince my mom that she needs to be a bit slutty to save her marriage. If she becomes a bad girl, I won’t have to wear two layers of clothes to school and I’ll be able to smoke in the open.” Roxanne took a drag off her cigarette. “You have a wicked mind. I love it and I think I have the perfect solution, but first I have something new for you to try.” Dani hollowed her cheeks as she dragged on her cigarette. She opened her mouth, revealing a ball of creamy smoke. She sucked it into her lungs and then exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. “That’s called a snap inhale and it will drive Jake wild.” “How do I do that?” “Start by sucking smoke into your mouth like normal, but take more smoke than you have been, you want to show a nice, thick ball of smoke. When you open your mouth to show the smoke, look like you’re enjoying the smoke in your mouth, like it’s the sweetest chocolate and then pull it into your lungs. Hold the smoke for a few seconds, keeping the yummy look on your face and then purse your lips and exhale.” Roxanne sucked on her cigarette, pulling in more smoke than she’d ever taken in before. She thought about cookie dough ice cream as she opened her mouth and then thought of Jake’s lips on hers as she pulled in the smoke and held it. When she exhaled a few seconds later the smoke was thicker than ever before. “That looked great, but try taking in more smoke if you can; count to three as you drag on the cigarette,” Dani watched her niece perform another snap inhale and then said, “Now you keep practicing while I go make a call.” Roxanne turned and watched herself in the floor to ceiling mirror and took a long drag as Dani left the room. She managed three snap inhales while her aunt was gone, each looking a little better than the last. “That one was fantastic,” Dani said as she watched Roxanne exhale a thick cloud of smoke when she returned a couple minutes later. “I’m getting kind of dizzy,” Roxanne said as she trimmed the ash of her cigarette. “That will pass once you get used to the increased nicotine intake. Grab your purse, we’re taking a ride.” “Where are we going?” Roxanne asked as she stood. “My friend Marv knows this shop called Mystere’s Enchanting Curios that sells all sorts of weird items—potions, amulets, that sort of thing. He runs a web cam business and he got this pendant from the shop that turns any girl who wears it into slutty cam girl overnight.” “That sounds promising.” “Doesn’t it though?” Dani flashed her niece an unnerving smile. *** “I’m so mad at Phyllis,” Delores said to Christine Prentice, her best friend and Jeanie’s mother. “First she won’t approve my time off and then she volunteers us to work late.” “She can be a real bitch,” Christine said as she filled a carafe with freshly brewed coffee. Like her daughter, Christine was a blonde. Unlike her daughter and her friend, Christine dressed to impress, favoring floral dresses and shoes with a heel of at least three inches. “Luckily, we’ll have the conference room ready for the board meeting in less than an hour and we’ll get to see the girls compete this weekend.” She set the carafe down on a serving platter and turned to Dolores. “Is there anything else bothering you besides Phyllis or your husband?” “I’m worried that Roxanne has been seeing her aunt again. She came home smelling like smoke again. She blames it on her new boyfriend, but I think she’s smoking, too.” “I hope you’re wrong. She’s so smart; it would be a tragedy to see her follow in your sister-in-law’s footsteps.” *** “Did you get my email?” Alexandra asked Roxanne who was back in her good girl disguise. Jeanie was with them and all three were standing outside the school’s theater, where Alexandra and Jeanie had just won their Mathlete competition against Jackson High. “Yes and Aunt Dani came through. She took me to this weird store way out in the boonies and bought me this.” Roxanne held up a crystal decanter with a brass handle and stopper that looked like a devil’s head. A liquid so black it seemed to suck the light from the room swirled inside the bottle. “Just a few drops and Mom should be able to keep Dad away from any woman.” “It’s so black,” Jeanie said as she gazed at the bottle, her face full of wonder. “What’s it made of?” Roxanne handed the bottle to Alexandra. “The woman in the shop said that it is the essence of one of the original sins: lust. She said a bunch of other stuff, but it took a long time and it was kind of boring. She said that the potion is magical and one drop will change part of a person and make them more sexual. The change can be anything from their looks to how they dress or even how they think.” Alexandra scrutinized the bottle. “It doesn’t have a nutritional label. How do you know it’s safe?” She held the bottle out to her sister. “It could be poison for all you know.” “The woman behind the counter said it was safe and so did Aunt Dani. Do you think our own aunt would try and poison us?” “She might try and poison Mom.” “Aunt Dani doesn’t want to poison me and she tried to get me to take some so I could see how it worked,” Roxanne said. “Did you?” Jeanie asked. “No. This is for my mom.” “We should test it before we give it to Mom, don’t you think?” Alexandra said. “That’s a good idea,” Roxanne said. “Do either of you want to try it?” Both girls shook their heads as they backed away. Jeanie’s phone chirped. “I need to go. My dad is waiting for me outside and he hates waiting.” She hugged Alexandra. “See you tomorrow. Good luck.” Roxanne remembered Patty’s veiled threat to tell her parents about her recent, secret rebellion. “Let’s try it on Patty. She’s working at Save a Paw today.” *** The girls arrived at the dog shelter twenty minutes later with three mochas from The Coffee Bean. Alexandra carried the drinks as Roxanne led the way into the Save a Paw. A chorus of barking dogs greeted them as they walked into a large lobby. The walls were lined with display shelves crammed with dog food and accessories. A fit man in his early twenties was stocking one shelf with bags of dog food. Patty stood behind a sales counter, her face hidden behind a blonde curtain. She let out a squeal when she saw them. “Oh my god! I’m so happy to see you,” Patty said as she hugged Roxanne. “Is that Greg?” Alexandra asked quietly. “Shhh!” Patty responded. She leaned in and whispered in Roxanne’s ear. While Patty and her sister talked, Alexandra spiked Patty’s drink with a drop of the potion. Roxanne had told her that the potion’s effectiveness faded quickly once outside of the bottle, so they decided to wait until they were inside the store to doctor the mocha. It was best to consume the potion straight from the bottle, but Roxanne didn’t think Patty would take it voluntarily. “Here’s your drink,” Alexandra said as she handed Patty the mocha. “Yours has caramel in it.” Patty took a sip and her face lit up. “That’s the best caramel mocha I’ve ever had.” She drank again and was enveloped in a deep, black cloud for a couple heartbeats. She set the coffee down and placed a hand on the counter. “I’m a little dizzy all of a sudden.” “Do you need to sit down? Alexandra, grab a chair!” Roxanne said as she grabbed Patty’s arm, trying to keep her friend from falling. A loud metallic squeal filled the room as Alexandra dragged a stool from behind the counter, its feet scraping on the floor’s slate tiles. They helped Patty to sit. “Is everything alright, Patty?” Greg asked as he walked over to the girls. “I’m much better now that you’re here, Greg.” Patty said with a sly smile. “Roxanne, can you be an angel and get me a glass of water. There’s a dispenser in the break room. Why don’t you help her, Alexandra?” The sisters hurried into the back room. “I think it works,” Roxanne said as she filled a Dixie cup with water. “The whole reason Patty wanted me to come today is because Greg makes her nervous and she doesn’t like being alone with him.” “We should give her another dose and see what happens.” “The woman at the store said to be careful about doing too much, too quickly. She said to take only a few drops at a time to be safe.” Roxanne chewed the inside of her cheek for a couple of moments. “A couple more drops should be okay.” Sounds of laughter greeted them as they made their way up front. Patty was standing next to Greg as he unloaded a pallet of dog food, laughing at something he’d said. Alexandra used the opportunity to pour four drops into Patty’s water. “Thanks for the water, but I’m not really thirsty. I just wanted a moment to talk to Greg alone.” Patty said as she set the water on the counter. “You don’t want to get dehydrated,” Roxanne said. “You nearly fainted earlier and dehydration is a leading cause.” Patty gave her friend an eye roll and then drank the water. Four quick black flashes surrounded her and she faltered again. Alexandra ran around to the front of the counter and grabbed the stool, once again making a racket as she brought it around to its original home. She nearly dropped the stool when she saw Patty’s face transform. Her acne scars faded away just as eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, blush and eyeshadow materialized, looking like they’d been applied by a professional, taking her pretty face and making it gorgeous. Patty shook her head and then tucked her long, blonde hair behind her ears. “Are you sure everything's all right?” Greg approached the counter, stopping when he Patty’s face. “You look amazing,” he said with a dumbfounded look on his face. “You really think so?” Patty asked as she hopped off the stool. She sauntered over to him and placed a hand on his arm. “That’s so sweet of you to say.” “You’re welcome.” “Why don’t we go in back and talk for a few minutes. Roxanne and her sister can cover the front.” “I thought only experienced volunteers were supposed to cover the front,” Greg said as he stared at Patty’s face. Patty placed a hand on his chest as she leaned forward and whispered into his ear. A look of shock flashed across his face and was quickly replaced by big smile. “Yeah, you two watch the front. We’ll be back in a little while.” Greg took Patty’s hand and pulled her toward the back. The couple was gone for quite some time. When Patty finally returned her hair was mussed and lipstick smeared. She pulled a compact from her purse and checked her face. After wiping away the smeared lipstick she pulled a tube from her purse and reapplied it with expert ease. “Well?” Roxanne said. “Don’t leave us hanging.” Patty shot Roxanne a knowing smile. “What do you want to know first? How big his cock is or what his cum tastes like?” The girls considered the test on Patty a total success. She’d changed from timid and shy to a seductress without any obvious ill effects. As they drove home they discussed how they’d convince their mother to take the potion. Neither wanted to trick their mother as they had done with Patty. *** The girls made dinner that night. When their mom came home they not only surprised her with tacos, but also their father’s porn stash. “Mom, we need to talk to you about Dad,” Roxanne said. “We know that you’ve been fighting and that he might move out. We also know why and how to keep him here.” As they ate dinner the girls showed their mother the magazines, the chat logs and the list of their father’s perversions. “Great, so now I know that what my husband really wants is a trashy woman who smokes and has giant boobs,” Dolores said as she stared a photo of Gigi. “Now how are you going to keep your father from leaving me for her?” Alexandra set the bottle of Essenza di Luxuria on the table. “Where did you get that?” Dolores said as she stood and backed away from the table. “It doesn’t matter where,” Roxanne said. “It just matters that it works. Patty helped us test it and we’re positive that it will keep our family together.” “I don’t know, girls,” Delores said after the girls explained how the potion worked. “I love your father and I want our family to stay together, but what you’re suggesting is insane.” “Well, at least think it over,” Roxanne said. ** Part two to follow soon. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:02:59 No.1609 Part 2 “I’m so mad at Phyllis,” Delores said to Christine Prentice, her best friend and Jeanie’s mother. “First she won’t approve my time off and then she volunteers us to work late.” “She can be a real bitch,” Christine said as she filled a carafe with freshly brewed coffee. Like her daughter, Christine was a blonde. Unlike her daughter and her friend, Christine dressed to impress, favoring floral dresses and shoes with a heel of at least three inches. “Luckily, we’ll have the conference room ready for the board meeting in less than an hour and we’ll get to see the girls compete this weekend.” She set the carafe down on a serving platter and turned to Dolores. “Is there anything else bothering you besides Phyllis or your husband?” “I’m worried that Roxanne has been seeing her aunt again. She came home smelling like smoke again. She blames it on her new boyfriend, but I think she’s smoking, too.” “I hope you’re wrong. She’s so smart; it would be a tragedy to see her follow in your sister-in-law’s footsteps.” *** “Did you get my email?” Alexandra asked Roxanne who was back in her good girl disguise. Jeanie was with them and all three were standing outside the school’s theater, where Alexandra and Jeanie had just won their Mathlete competition against Jackson High. “Yes and Aunt Dani came through. She took me to this weird store way out in the boonies and bought me this.” Roxanne held up a crystal decanter with a brass handle and stopper that looked like a devil’s head. A liquid so black it seemed to suck the light from the room swirled inside the bottle. “Just a few drops and Mom should be able to keep Dad away from any woman.” “It’s so black,” Jeanie said as she gazed at the bottle, her face full of wonder. “What’s it made of?” Roxanne handed the bottle to Alexandra. “The woman in the shop said that it is the essence of one of the original sins: lust. She said a bunch of other stuff, but it took a long time and it was kind of boring. She said that the potion is magical and one drop will change part of a person and make them more sexual. The change can be anything from their looks to how they dress or even how they think.” Alexandra scrutinized the bottle. “It doesn’t have a nutritional label. How do you know it’s safe?” She held the bottle out to her sister. “It could be poison for all you know.” “The woman behind the counter said it was safe and so did Aunt Dani. Do you think our own aunt would try and poison us?” “She might try and poison Mom.” “Aunt Dani doesn’t want to poison me and she tried to get me to take some so I could see how it worked,” Roxanne said. “Did you?” Jeanie asked. “No. This is for my mom.” “We should test it before we give it to Mom, don’t you think?” Alexandra said. “That’s a good idea,” Roxanne said. “Do either of you want to try it?” Both girls shook their heads as they backed away. Jeanie’s phone chirped. “I need to go. My dad is waiting for me outside and he hates waiting.” She hugged Alexandra. “See you tomorrow. Good luck.” Roxanne remembered Patty’s veiled threat to tell her parents about her recent, secret rebellion. “Let’s try it on Patty. She’s working at Save a Paw today.” *** The girls arrived at the dog shelter twenty minutes later with three mochas from The Coffee Bean. Alexandra carried the drinks as Roxanne led the way into the Save a Paw. A chorus of barking dogs greeted them as they walked into a large lobby. The walls were lined with display shelves crammed with dog food and accessories. A fit man in his early twenties was stocking one shelf with bags of dog food. Patty stood behind a sales counter, her face hidden behind a blonde curtain. She let out a squeal when she saw them. “Oh my god! I’m so happy to see you,” Patty said as she hugged Roxanne. “Is that Greg?” Alexandra asked quietly. “Shhh!” Patty responded. She leaned in and whispered in Roxanne’s ear. While Patty and her sister talked, Alexandra spiked Patty’s drink with a drop of the potion. Roxanne had told her that the potion’s effectiveness faded quickly once outside of the bottle, so they decided to wait until they were inside the store to doctor the mocha. It was best to consume the potion straight from the bottle, but Roxanne didn’t think Patty would take it voluntarily. “Here’s your drink,” Alexandra said as she handed Patty the mocha. “Yours has caramel in it.” Patty took a sip and her face lit up. “That’s the best caramel mocha I’ve ever had.” She drank again and was enveloped in a deep, black cloud for a couple heartbeats. She set the coffee down and placed a hand on the counter. “I’m a little dizzy all of a sudden.” “Do you need to sit down? Alexandra, grab a chair!” Roxanne said as she grabbed Patty’s arm, trying to keep her friend from falling. A loud metallic squeal filled the room as Alexandra dragged a stool from behind the counter, its feet scraping on the floor’s slate tiles. They helped Patty to sit. “Is everything alright, Patty?” Greg asked as he walked over to the girls. “I’m much better now that you’re here, Greg.” Patty said with a sly smile. “Roxanne, can you be an angel and get me a glass of water. There’s a dispenser in the break room. Why don’t you help her, Alexandra?” The sisters hurried into the back room. “I think it works,” Roxanne said as she filled a Dixie cup with water. “The whole reason Patty wanted me to come today is because Greg makes her nervous and she doesn’t like being alone with him.” “We should give her another dose and see what happens.” “The woman at the store said to be careful about doing too much, too quickly. She said to take only a few drops at a time to be safe.” Roxanne chewed the inside of her cheek for a couple of moments. “A couple more drops should be okay.” Sounds of laughter greeted them as they made their way up front. Patty was standing next to Greg as he unloaded a pallet of dog food, laughing at something he’d said. Alexandra used the opportunity to pour four drops into Patty’s water. “Thanks for the water, but I’m not really thirsty. I just wanted a moment to talk to Greg alone.” Patty said as she set the water on the counter. “You don’t want to get dehydrated,” Roxanne said. “You nearly fainted earlier and dehydration is a leading cause.” Patty gave her friend an eye roll and then drank the water. Four quick black flashes surrounded her and she faltered again. Alexandra ran around to the front of the counter and grabbed the stool, once again making a racket as she brought it around to its original home. She nearly dropped the stool when she saw Patty’s face transform. Her acne scars faded away just as eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, blush and eyeshadow materialized, looking like they’d been applied by a professional, taking her pretty face and making it gorgeous. Patty shook her head and then tucked her long, blonde hair behind her ears. “Are you sure everything's all right?” Greg approached the counter, stopping when he Patty’s face. “You look amazing,” he said with a dumbfounded look on his face. “You really think so?” Patty asked as she hopped off the stool. She sauntered over to him and placed a hand on his arm. “That’s so sweet of you to say.” “You’re welcome.” “Why don’t we go in back and talk for a few minutes. Roxanne and her sister can cover the front.” “I thought only experienced volunteers were supposed to cover the front,” Greg said as he stared at Patty’s face. Patty placed a hand on his chest as she leaned forward and whispered into his ear. A look of shock flashed across his face and was quickly replaced by big smile. “Yeah, you two watch the front. We’ll be back in a little while.” Greg took Patty’s hand and pulled her toward the back. The couple was gone for quite some time. When Patty finally returned her hair was mussed and lipstick smeared. She pulled a compact from her purse and checked her face. After wiping away the smeared lipstick she pulled a tube from her purse and reapplied it with expert ease. “Well?” Roxanne said. “Don’t leave us hanging.” Patty shot Roxanne a knowing smile. “What do you want to know first? How big his cock is or what his cum tastes like?” The girls considered the test on Patty a total success. She’d changed from timid and shy to a seductress without any obvious ill effects. As they drove home they discussed how they’d convince their mother to take the potion. Neither wanted to trick their mother as they had done with Patty. *** The girls made dinner that night. When their mom came home they not only surprised her with tacos, but also their father’s porn stash. “Mom, we need to talk to you about Dad,” Roxanne said. “We know that you’ve been fighting and that he might move out. We also know why and how to keep him here.” As they ate dinner the girls showed their mother the magazines, the chat logs and the list of their father’s perversions. “Great, so now I know that what my husband really wants is a trashy woman who smokes and has giant boobs,” Dolores said as she stared a photo of Gigi. “Now how are you going to keep your father from leaving me for her?” Alexandra set the bottle of Essenza di Luxuria on the table. “Where did you get that?” Dolores said as she stood and backed away from the table. “It doesn’t matter where,” Roxanne said. “It just matters that it works. Patty helped us test it and we’re positive that it will keep our family together.” “I don’t know, girls,” Delores said after the girls explained how the potion worked. “I love your father and I want our family to stay together, but what you’re suggesting is insane.” “Well, at least think it over,” Roxanne said. *** When the girls made it downstairs the following morning the kitchen was empty. They could not remember a time that their mother had not made breakfast of some kind for them. Alexandra poured cereal into a couple bowls as Roxanne grabbed the milk. They were nearly finished eating when their mother finally made it downstairs. She wore her normal baggy dress, no makeup, and a pair of wire rim glasses. Her eyes were rimmed in red. “I talked to your father this morning,” Dolores said. “He claimed that the magazines and laptop belong to a co-worker and he was just covering for him. He said that his business trip being in the same city as Gigi is just a coincidence and he’s never spoken or chatted with her.” Dolores started crying. “I’d expected him to apologize for keeping his porn a secret from me and ask me to forgive him, not continue lying. If he’s willing to lie about the porn then he could be lying about this Gigi woman as well.” “I’m sorry, Mom,” Alexandra said. She came around the table and put an arm around her mother. “I want to take the Essenza di Luxuria. I can’t bear the thought of losing him. I’ll do anything to keep our marriage intact.” Roxanne grabbed the crystal bottle off the shelf. “Let’s start with a single drop.” Roxanne removed the devil stopper tipped the bottle over her mother’s mouth. A single black drop fell from the bottle’s lip and hit Dolores tongue. It spread quickly, turning her whole tongue black, and then disappearing. An intense, black shroud swallowed Dolores. She grabbed the edge of the table and her baggy dress fluttered as if caught by a strong wind. The dress swirled about her body, changing color and texture as it went from a beige cotton to black nylon-spandex hybrid. The sleeves disappeared as did most of the skirt, clinging to her body like a second skin. A tiny diamond shaped hole appeared in the dress, just above her navel, growing in size until it exposed most of her abdomen; a matching hole appeared in the back of the dress. Dolores’s mouth hung open as she stared into her cleavage, her face turning red. She turned and fled the room. “Where are you going, Mom?” Alexandra asked. “I’m going to go change,” Dolores said as she ran up the stairs holding her breasts, fearing that they may pop out of the dress at any moment. “I can’t go out in public dressed like this.” Dolores entered her bedroom and then shimmied her way out of the dress. Once she had it removed she discovered that her white cotton panties had been transformed into a black, satin thong. Her bra had simply vanished. Delores pulled a cotton bra and panty set from her dresser. As soon as she donned the underwear it changed, the bra turning red and padded, the panties becoming red, skimpy and silk. She removed the altered lingerie and tried again, this time ending up with a miracle bra and a g-string. Dolores removed them and picked up the red underwear off the floor, preferring silk panties over a g-string, and not wanting anymore of her underwear changing. She ran into a similar problem when she pulled on a pair of jeans and a plain blouse. The jeans turned into a pair of brown leather pants and her blouse into a halter top. As she checked herself out in her mirror she had to admit that the pants made her ass look good and her waist was slim enough to pull off the halter top, not something many women her age could say. Still, it wasn’t appropriate for work, a night club maybe, but not work. On her next try, she ended up wearing a pink tube dress that barely covered her nipples. After staring at her cleavage for a minute the thought “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” entered her mind and made her smile. Reluctantly she removed the dress, hoping for something a little more work friendly. Dolores changed clothes again and her favorite pant suit became a leopard print pair of tights and top. The top was sleeveless and had a built-in padded bra, making her small C cups look like full Ds. With a lingering look back at her closet, wishing she had enough time to magically alter the rest of her boring wardrobe, Dolores headed back down stairs. “Okay girls, I’m ready for another dose.” Dolores cupped her boobs. “The girls need an upgrade.” Roxanne uncorked the potion and held it above her mother’s mouth and let three drops fall. “Don’t overdo it!” Alexandra shouted as she ripped the bottle out of her sister’s hands. A dark shadow flashed over Dolores three times and then her flats grew four inch heels and turned a glossy black. Her tummy pulled in on itself, giving her a taut belly and then her posture changed, her shoulders pulling back, making her stand even taller, a look of confidence, bordering on arrogance, appearing on her face. “Give that back,” Roxanne said as she reached for the bottle. “She still needs bigger boobs.” “No, this isn’t right,” Alexandra said, her eyes watering. “Just look at her, we can’t do this to Mom.” Dolores placed a hand on a cocked hip and sneered at Alexandra. “Don’t talk about me like I’m not in the room right next to you. Now, do you have a problem with the way I look?” “You look like a whore, Mom.” “How dare you talk to me that way! Now give me the bottle so I can get a pair of tits that will do this dress some justice.” “No!” Alexandra ran upstairs. “Come back here this instant!” “She’ll come back down in a couple minutes, Mom,” Roxanne said. “She’d rather die than be late for school.” “I don’t know who she thinks she is, but she is not getting away with calling me a whore. I bet that a couple drops of Essenza will have her singing a different tune.” Dolores hurried after Alexandra, navigating the stairs with ease, despite never having worn heels higher than an inch. Roxanne ran after her mother. When she caught up, Dolores was pounding on the bathroom door. “Open this door, Alexandra,” Dolores said. “No, I’m getting rid of this evil potion before it turns you into a prostitute,” Alexandra yelled from the other side of the door. Roxanne ran into her bedroom, returning a moment later with a small Allen wrench. She used the tool to unlock the door. Dolores threw open the bathroom door. Alexandra held the bottle over the toilet, drop after drop falling into the water. Dolores snatched the bottle from her daughter and then slapped her across the face. “Who do you think you are? You are the child, not the parent. You do not tell me what to do, I tell you what to do.” It had been sometime since she stood taller than her youngest child. Her new high heels gave her a couple inches over Alexandra and she liked it. “Now, as I’ve told you many times when you were younger, you can’t really know if you like something or not until you’ve tried it for yourself.” “I’m not taking any of that evil stuff.” “I thought you might say that,” Delores said with a wicked grin. “Roxanne, grab her.” Roxanne grabbed her younger sister’s arms and held them behind her back. “Don’t do this, Mom!” Alexandra said as she struggled in her older sister’s grip. “The potion is affecting your mind, this isn’t you.” Dolores pinched Alexandra’s jaw and then let a single drop fall into her mouth. Her daughter was obscured in an ebony cloak for nearly a full second. Dolores watched with delight as her daughter’s breast grew from tangerines to cantaloupes. “Give her a couple more, Mom.” Roxanne said as she watched her sister’s breasts continue to inflate. Dolores moved around to the side of her daughter. The watermelons on her chest making it difficult to reach her mouth with a frontal assault. Holding Alexandra’s mouth open again she let three drops fall and then watched as she was thrice covered in darkness. Roxanne loosed her grip in anticipation of her sister changing again, but nothing seemed to happen. “Is it broken?” Roxanne said. Dolores let a drop fall into her own mouth. She felt a warmth in her breasts, centered behind her areolas. Both of her nipples popped up, making it look like she was smuggling turkey timers in her bra. “That’s it? My daughter grows six cup sizes and I get two inch nipples? What a fucking gyp!” Alexandra grabbed the bottle from her mother and ran out of the bathroom, nearly knocking her mother over with her enormous rack. She wrapped her arms around her new breasts as she hurried down the stairs, their up and down motion making navigation difficult. Once downstairs she paused and listened for pursuit. Hearing none she put the bottle in her backpack and grabbed her purse. As she ran out the front door she snatched the keys to the Toyota Corolla and called Jeanie. As she drove to pick up her friend she nearly crashed a couple times as she gazed at her new boobs. Her t-shirt and bra had grown to accommodate her new size, but her bra was bugging her nipples. It seemed to start after her mother had forced her to drink the potion a second time. It wasn’t the only thing that had changed. She wanted something and she didn’t know what it was, it was like a cross between a desire and a hunger. It had started as soon as she’d fled the bathroom. When she reached Jeanie’s house, Alexandra sent a text to her mother and sister. They’d been calling and texting non-stop since she’d left the house. She told them to stop bugging her or she’d toss the whole bottle into the nearest dumpster. With her phone finally silenced she checked out her new breasts. After a moment of groping she realized what was bothering her. She now sported a pair of nipple rings and her bra was rubbing against them. “Oh my god, you’re huge!” Jeanie said as she entered the car. “My mom made me take some of that potion Roxanne got from my aunt,” Alexandra said as she tugged at her t-shirt, trying to cover more of her breasts, wishing she hadn’t worn a v-neck. “What am I going to do at school? I look like a freak.” “I don’t know. You’ll probably be the most popular girl at school with boobs that big.” “You think so?” “The guys will be drooling all over you.” Jeanie looked down at her own breasts. Until that morning she’d been bigger than her best friend and she’d liked it that way. “I wish I could get bigger boobs, too.” The image of Jeanie with a pair of G cup tits like her own filled Alexandra’s panties with a pleasant warmth. It wasn’t just the idea of Jeanie with bigger boobs; Alexandra liked the idea of her friend wearing makeup like Patty or clothes like her mom. The thought of Jeanie without clothes flashed in her mind and she found she liked that idea too. At first she thought that the potion had turned her gay, but then she fantasized about Drake Preston sucking on her new tits and she realized that it had only made her bi-sexual. “Keep a lookout,” Alexandra said. She pulled off her top and bra and then replaced just the top. Her nipples and piercings stood out in the thin material of her t-shirt. Alexandra tossed her bra into the backseat. It looked like it could double as a hammock for twin infants. As she started the car she adjusted the rearview mirror and looked at her tits. She pulled on the v-neck, giving herself a little more cleavage. She smiled. Jeanie was right; the boys were going to lust after her and all the girls would be eating their hearts out. As she drove to school, her new hunger continued to grow and she didn’t know how to feed it. She felt like sucking on something would satiate her. She stuck the tip of her thumb in her mouth and it helped a little. *** After dropping her mother off at work, Roxanne drove to school and then changed into her school clothes and did her makeup. She lit a cigarette and smiled. Tomorrow she wouldn’t need to wear two layers of clothes to school, not now that her mom was dressing like a cougar on the prowl. A few more doses and her mom wouldn’t care if she smoked or went to school naked. First she’d need to get the potion back from her sister. She wasn’t too worried about Alexandra throwing the bottle away. She could always get more from the strange store, not that she knew exactly where it was. Her aunt had driven and Roxanne hadn’t paid attention to road enough to find it on her own again. If need be, Dani would show her how to get there. Roxanne smoked gleefully as she walked to the large oak tree in the center of campus, the spot she normally met Patty. When she arrived she saw a couple making out on a nearby bench. She didn’t recognize the guy, but after a minute she realized that she knew the girl. It was Patty. Roxanne stood near the bench and practiced snap inhales. When she finished her cigarette, and the couple was still going at it, she decided to interrupt. “That’s enough you two. Humanities starts in a couple minutes.” Patty pulled away from the guy. “Sorry, but I have to go. Maybe we’ll run into each other again.” She stood hugged Roxanne. “You smell really nice.” “Who was that?” Roxanne asked they walked across the campus. Patty frowned. “I forgot to ask him his name. Anyway, he came up and asked me if I knew where the admin building was and then we started kissing.” She watched as Roxanne lit a cigarette and realized why her friend smelled so good. “Can I have a cigarette?” Roxanne handed over the lit cigarette and then lit another. The tip on Patty’s cigarette turned red for a second and then she pulled the smoke into her lungs without choking. “That tastes pretty good. I’ve always wondered what you saw in these things.” Patty took another, deep drag. “You took to that really fast. It took me forever before I could inhale without coughing.” “You know it’s weird. Right after you and Alexandra left the dog shelter last night I found a pack of cigarettes in my purse. I threw them away and I’ve been regretting it ever since. I almost drove to the store last night to buy some.” Patty sucked on her cigarette, a look of pleasure on her face. “If I’d known they tasted this good I would have gone.” Smoke escaped her mouth as she spoke. “I’ll buy a couple packs at the student store after humanities.” *** When Alexandra parked the car at Memorial High School she tossed the car keys into her purse and found her pack of cigarettes. Her first impulse was to tear open the pack and light one, but she was on school grounds and could get expelled for smoking. She considered skipping first period and going off campus to feed her new addiction, but she had a quiz in her pre-calc class. She grabbed her bra and stuffed it into her backpack before getting out of the car. “Is that the stuff that gave you your new boobs?” Jeanie said, pointing at the crystal bottle which sparkled in the morning sunlight. “Yep. Want to try some?” Alexandra held out the bottle. “Are you serious?” Jeanie frowned. Alexandra cupped her breast with her free hand. “You could get a pair of tits like mine.” “Maybe during lunch. I’ve got an exam in Chemistry and I don’t want to knock over any test tubes or Bunsen burners if I turn abruptly.” *** Dolores wasn’t at work very long before she was called into Lawrence Payne’s office. Phyllis Westland from HR was already in the office with him. The two couldn’t be more dissimilar. He was a tall, strapping man with an easy smile and an affable manner. She was a shriveled, grey haired, little prune who lived for the rules and took pleasure in destroying careers. The only makeup she wore was bright red lipstick and the only jewelry was a pair of horned rimmed glasses which hung around her neck by a chain. Delores had never seen Phyllis put the glasses on her face. Delores closed the door and took a seat. As she crossed her legs she watched Lawrence’s gaze go from her cleavage to her panties and then back again. “You need something?” “Dolores, your attire is inappropriate for the workplace and we will need you to change into something that is more in line with the company’s image,” Phyllis said. “What on earth possessed you to wear that to work?” Lawrence said with a chuckle. “Halloween isn’t for another six months and the Peg Bundy look is a little dated.” Dolores glared at both Phyllis and her boss. “I won’t be changing my clothes. I’ve read the employee handbook and what I am wearing is in complete compliance. My legs are covered as is most of my upper body.” Dolores motioned to the leopard print outfit that clung to her body. “I don’t interact with the public and I perform my job exceptionally well,” Delores stood and sauntered up to Phyllis. “I know that you put Larry up to this and if you don’t like how I am dressed you can stick it up your uptight ass.” She grabbed Lawrence’s tie as she walked past. “I can tell that Larry likes how I’m dressed.” She let the tie slip out of her hands and then sashayed out of office. *** When Roxanne met up with Patty at noon, she was smoking with two guys. She was leaning up against the tall blonde guy while batting her eyes at the muscular guy with a crew cut. “Roxanne, this is Jeff and Peter,” Patty said. “They want to buy us lunch. Don’t you boys?” “I’m Paul and that is Jack and we’d love to buy you babes lunch,” said Mr. Crew cut. “If you’re half as much fun as Patty we’re going to have a blast.” “Can you give us a moment?” Roxanne grabbed Patty by the arm and pulled her away. “I’m going out with Jake. I’m not looking for a new boyfriend.” “Who said anything about a new boyfriend? These guys are going to pay for our meals and keep us company. Afterwards, if they keep us happy during lunch, we’ll make them happy after lunch. It’s win-win.” Patty took a deep drag on her cigarette, looking like she’d been smoking for the last year, not just the last couple of hours. “I’m not sleeping with some random guy.” Roxanne lit a cigarette and nearly choked when she tried to match her friend’s deep inhale. “We’re not going to sleep with anyone. We’ll suck them off in one of the tutoring rooms before our next class.” “I’m not giving anyone a blow job,” Roxanne said and then exhaled the smoke from her lungs. “Paul is kind of cute. I might give him a hand job.” “Awesome,” Patty said. “I think I’m going to have a salad for lunch since I’m having a protein shake for dessert.” *** At lunch Alexandra and Jeanie each grabbed a sandwich from the ala carte food line in the cafeteria and then headed outside. They walked to the woods just off school property that was the unofficial smoking area. While the school ignored underage smokers off school grounds the police were known to issue tickets. The spot where the smokers congregated allowed a clear view of the main road, giving the alert kids ample time to disperse should a police car approach. Once they arrived Alexandra handed the bottle of Essenza to Jeanie while she unwrapped her pack of cigarettes. “When did you start smoking?” Jeanie said. “This is my first one.” Alexandra lit the cigarette and took a long drag. She held the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds, a look of relaxation spreading across her face. She blew a cloud of smoke high into the air and then said, “God, I needed that. I’ve been dying for one since this morning. The potion turned me into a smoker when it gave me the tits.” “And you want me to drink some of it?” Jeanie’s asked incredulously. “Yeah, if you want tits like mine there’s no better way. Plus, no matter what changes you’ll love it. I love my new tits and I love smoking now.” She nearly added that she also loved the idea of her friend changing, becoming naughty. She wanted her to be a bad girl or a slut, just as long as she changed and for the worse. “I’m kind of scared. What’s going to change on me?” “Who knows, but it will be hot, no matter what it is.” Jeanie pulled off the devil stopper, let a drop fall into her mouth and wavered in an inky black cloud. “I didn’t see anything happen,” Alexandra said. “Can you tell what changed?” “How the fuck should I know? Think I have a mirror hidden up my ass?” Jeanie’s hands flew to her mouth. “I think I know what changed.” Alexandra smiled as she took another drag on her cigarette. “This stupid, fucking potion is making me swear. Mother fucker! What the fuck am I going to do now? My goddamn parents are going to flip the fuck out.” “Mathlete practice should be pretty interesting today,” Alexandra said. “Take some more Essenza.” “Don’t be so fucking pushy, bitch.” Jeanie tilted her head back and let four drops fall. Jeanie shot up five inches as her shoes changed into heels and her jeans strained to contain her swelling ass. As she ran her hands over her new bubble butt, her nails lengthened a couple inches and painted themselves a vibrant pink. “Baby got back! I love the stripper nails, too.” “How am I supposed to walk in these fucking things?” Jeanie asked as she wobbled over to Alexandra on her new platform heels. “You’ll get used to them pretty quick.” Alexandra dropped her cigarette to the ground and then quickly lit another. “Why don’t you take some more of the potion?” “Slow the fuck down, cunt. How about I get used to walking in the fucking stilts before I take anymore? Besides, there’s something else I want on my tongue.” Jeanie grabbed Alexandra’s head and shoved her tongue in her friend’s mouth. Alexandra’s shock was replaced by a reciprocating desire and she returned Jeanie’s kiss. They spent the rest of their lunch break making out in the smoker’s woods. *** Several miles away Delores was busy in her office, trying to finish up a report before taking off to Memorial High School. She wanted to get the bottle of Essenza from Alexandra before her daughter decided to pour more of it down a toilet. Normally she brought a salad from home and ate it in the break room with Christine. This morning she’d spent so much time changing clothes and forcing the black potion down her daughter’s throat that she’d forgotten to bring her lunch. It was a pity. The break room was always filled with men during lunch. The men of the office appreciated her new wardrobe and their lustful gazes filled her lady parts with wonderful sensations. The ladies of the office were a different story, but they were just jealous. “Do you have a moment, Delores?” Lawrence said from the doorway to her office. “I’ll always have time for you, Larry.” “I want to apologize for this morning. I let Phyllis talk me into that meeting. I’ve had a word with her and there won’t be any more discussion about how you dress. I’d like to take you to lunch to make it up to you.” “I’d love to go, Larry, but I need to make a trip to my daughter’s school.” Delores was a little shocked at Lawrence’s offer. He was married and she’d never known him to invite a female subordinate to lunch alone. “How about a rain check?” Dolores’s phone chirped with a message from Alexandra. It read, “I used potion on Jeanie. stuff is great. luv u. c u tonight.” Dolores dropped her phone into her purse. “As luck would have it I’m free for lunch.” She slung her purse over her shoulder as she stood.. “Why don’t we go to Giovanni's? They never have much in the way of a lunch crowd. We’ll have the place to ourselves.” Part 3 to follow Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:03:21 No.1610 Part 3 Mathlete practice didn’t start well. Alexandra found it difficult to focus on math, her mind firmly on the potion in her purse, wondering who she could get to use it next. Jeanie’s new potty mouth was giving Mrs. Hinkle an aneurism. Drake couldn’t keep his eyes off Alex’s new tits and kept messing up when writing the math problems on the blackboard. “The answer is the square root of mother fucking negative one,” Jeanie said triumphantly. “Language, Miss Prentice. Take that cigarette out of your mouth this instant, Miss Chapman! We’ll be disqualified for sure on Saturday if you two keep up this behavior.” “Sorry,” Alexandra said as she put the cigarette back in her purse. She’d almost lit up in the classroom on auto pilot. “I’m really fucking sorry, too,” Jeanie said. Mrs. Hinkle threw up her hands. “Let’s take a break. I want you to spend the time thinking about how much you want to win on Saturday. If you’re going to continue this behavior we may as well stay home.” She stood and walked out of the room. “Put some Essenza in her soda; that will make her lighten up,” Alexandra said. “I’ll distract Drake.” “Great idea,” Jeanie replied. Alexandra walked to Drake. “Can you do me a huge favor? My nipple piercings are bothering me; can you see if they’re infected?” She lifted her shirt and exposed her tits to Drake. While Drake stared dumbly at Alexandra’s breasts Jeanie put four inky drops into Mrs. Hinkle’s can of Diet Coke. “Cover yourself, Miss Chapman!” Bridgette Hinkle shrieked when she entered the classroom a few minutes later. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?” “Sorry, Mrs. Hinkle. Drake was just making sure that I didn’t have an infection.” Bridgette sat heavily in her chair. She looked over at Drake who was red in the face and covering his crotch with a first year algebra textbook. “I don’t know what to do with you three anymore.” She took a drink from her can of soda. Alexandra smiled as a black shadow flashed over her teacher four times. As Bridgette shook her head, piercings appeared on her face; three studs in her lower lip, a thick ring in her septum, a rod through her eyebrow, and a delicate chain running from a hole in her right nostril to her ear. She leaned back in her chair, reached into the bottom drawer of her desk and removed a vibrator and a couple dildos. “Jeanie, close the blinds and then get busy with this.” Bridgette tossed Jeanie a black dildo the size of a summer sausage. “Alexandra, lose the top and get one of your cigarettes.” Drake stared dumbly as Alexandra whipped off her top and Jeanie closed the blinds. “What the hell is happening?” “Drake, you are welcome to join in or you can finish your punishment in detention hall, your choice,” Bridgette said. “Umm.” Drake watched Alexandra light a cigarette and then start playing with her giant breasts. “I’ll stay here.” “Excellent,” Bridgette said as she flicked a switch and the vibrator hummed to life. “Drake, I want you to play with Alexandra’s tits while she blows smoke in your face.” Drake sank his hands up to his wrists in Alexandra’s expansive tits as she bathed him in her smoke. Jeanie wiggled her jeans and panties past her bubble butt, sat on a desk and then impaled herself with the massive, ebony dong. Bridgette hiked up her skirt and ran the vibrator over her panties. “Jeanie, why don’t you use that mouth of yours and tell us what you’re doing? Drake, get your face deep in Alexandra’s fun bags. Alexandra, I need more smoke from you.” “This black cock is ripping my snatch in two, Mrs. Hinkle,” Jeanie wailed. “I’m so fucking full. I love it!” “Nice, Jeanie.” Bridgette slid the vibrator inside her panties as she turned her attention to Drake and Alexandra. Drake had his face buried between Alexandra’s tits and was motorboating while she shot thick jets of smoke through her nose. “Very nice,” Bridgette said with a low moan. *** After school Roxanne helped Patty at Save a Paw. She spent two hours up front by herself while Patty and Greg busied themselves in the back room. As the minutes ticked away she grew angrier with her best friend, feeling put upon. At lunch that day Patty had hooked up with a couple of random guys and expected her to give one of them a blow job just because he’d shelled out six dollars on a salad. Once they’d finished eating their food, all four found an empty tutoring booth where Patty dived on Jack’s cock, sucking away nosily. When Roxanne refused to put her lips on his cock, Paul got pissed and called her a tease. Patty had Paul sit next to his friend and then sucked them both off. Now she was in the back with Greg, blowing him or fucking him, Roxanne didn’t know which. It didn’t matter. She’d come here to keep Patty company at work, not cover for her while she spent time pleasing another guy. When the two hours were up she headed into the back to find Patty and Greg. She found them in the store room. Greg was lying up against a pallet of dog food with his pants around his waist. Patty had her top off and she lay in his arms smoking a cigarette. “I need to leave. I have to go home for dinner,” Roxanne said. Seeing Patty smoke reminded her that she hadn’t had a cigarette for three hours. She wanted to join in, but she didn’t want to show up at home smelling like an ashtray. “Thanks for abandoning me all day.” “I’m sorry. Why don’t we go to the movies tonight?” “I’m going over to Jake’s tonight.” “Let’s double then. We can see the new Marvel movie.” “Fine,” Roxanne said. “You’re not totally forgiven though.” *** When Alexandra arrived home that night her mother was standing on the front porch kissing her boss. She watched them for a minute and then tapped the car horn lightly. The couple broke apart. Lawrence’s face was red as he turned to leave. Dolores slapped his butt and picked up a bag of Chinese takeout. She waited for Alexandra to get out of the car and join her before entering the house. “Have a good day at work, Mom?” Alexandra asked. “Lawrence not only bought us dinner, but he also bought me lunch and gave me a twenty percent raise.” “And what did you have to do for that?” “Not a damn thing, except do add a little wiggle to my walk and touch his arm occasionally,” Dolores said with a laugh. “You were touching more than his arm on the front porch.” “I had to say thank you, didn’t I?” Dolores set the take out on the kitchen counter. “How was your day?” “Well, besides the tits, I have rings in my nipples, I smoke, and I have the hots for my best friend.” “Sit down while I find an ashtray. I want to hear all about it while we wait for your sister to get home.” *** Roxanne’s nicotine cravings shot up when she entered the house twenty minutes later and smelled cigarette smoke. Alexandra was sitting in the living room by herself, puffing away on a cigarette like it was an everyday thing. “Nice tights,” Alexandra said and then exhaled a thick cloud of smoke across the room. Roxanne hadn’t bothered covering up her tights or her low cut blouse before coming home. They were tame compared to how her mother now dressed. “When did you start smoking?” “About the time you and Mom forced a certain potion down my throat.” “And Mom doesn’t have a problem with you smoking in the house?” Roxanne asked. “She’s the one who got me the ashtray.” “Perfect,” Roxanne said as she pulled a cigarette from her purse. Now that Alexandra was a smoker no one would give her crap if she smoked, too. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Dolores said as she entered the room. She marched over to Roxanne and snatched the cigarette from her mouth. “You’re too young to smoke.” “I’m eighteen and I’m older than Alexandra.” “Your sister has to smoke because of Essenza. You don’t have any such excuse. I don’t want to see you with a cigarette again while you live in this house. Do you understand me?” Roxanne pulled her cigarettes from her purse and handed the pack to her mother. “And what are you wearing? I don’t remember these clothes. You’ve been visiting your aunt again, haven’t you?” “Jeeze, Mom. This is nothing compared to what you’re wearing.” “This isn’t about me, missy. You’ve been dishonest. Your father and I raised you better than that. Now go upstairs and change so we can eat. And hurry! We’re hungry.” *** As soon as the three finished eating Dolores lit Alexandra’s cigarette and then collected their plates and took them into the kitchen. Roxanne glared at her sister while she smoked her cigarette. She wanted to ask for a puff, but knowing her luck that would be the moment their mother returned. The whole corruption of their mother scheme wasn’t working out the way she’d hoped. “I think we should back off on the Essenza,” Roxanne said. “Why? Mom is coming along great. A few more drops and she’ll be Dad’s perfect woman.” “What if there’s another reason for Dad’s porn stash? Maybe we should wait until he gets home before letting her take anymore.” “What if he doesn’t come home?” “He won’t miss seeing you at the regional Mathlete championship.” “That’s true.” Alexandra blew out several smoke rings. Roxanne stood. “I’m going on a double date with Jake and Patty. Promise me you won’t let Mom use any more of the potion tonight.” “I promise,” Alexandra said and then lit a cigarette with the butt of her last cigarette. Roxanne picked up her purse, passing her mom as she left the room. “What did you promise your sister?” Dolores asked. “She doesn’t want you to take anymore of Essenza, but I say fuck that. You get sexier every time you take some. I want Dad’s jaw to drop when he gets home and sees you.” Dolores uncorked the bottle. “No time like the present.” She let a single drop fall into her throat. Darkness obscured her vision for several seconds. When it cleared she saw her daughter in a whole new light. She let her eyes roam over Alexandra’s impressive chest and then watched her raise a cigarette to her pretty lips. As Alexandra hollowed her cheeks on her cigarette Dolores imagined that her daughter was sucking on one of her nipples. She let out a moan as a familiar, warm dampness filled her pussy. Dolores stood, walked around the table and gave her daughter a neck massage. “That feels wonderful, Mom,” Alexandra said around her cigarette. She closed her eyes and enjoyed her mother’s relaxing touch. Her eyes flew open when the hands left her shoulders and ran over her breasts. “What the hell, Mom?” Her cigarette fell into her lap. Leaping to her feet she knocked the chair over. “I saw how you were looking at me tonight, baby. I can tell that you like what you see.” Dolores let her hands slide along the contours of her dress. “You’re gorgeous and while I’m now bi-sexual you’re still my mom, for fuck’s sake.” Dolores slid the crystal bottle toward her daughter. “Drink up, baby girl. It does wonders for barriers.” Alexandra looked at the bottle and then her mother’s skin tight dress. Her breathing quickened as she took in her mother’s long legs, curvy hips and creamy cleavage. She took a final drag on her cigarette, crushed it out in the ashtray and picked up the bottle. “I hope my tits don’t grow again. These things are heavy enough as it is.” Alexandra let two drops fall into her mouth. Her lank brown hair thickened and turned black just as her jeans shrank and became a leather skirt. Red streaks shot down the length of her hair, her shirt became a leather bustier and fishnets covered her legs. “That wasn’t it.” She swallowed two more drops. Dark makeup covered her eyes, her lips turned a deep red and a saucy look appeared on her face. “That was it.” She pulled her mother into a passionate kiss. Dolores took her daughter by the hand, led her up the stairs and then made her wait outside the bedroom while she prepared the room. After lighting several scented candles and putting light jazz on the stereo, Dolores changed into a flannel nightgown and bathroom slippers. “Enter,” Dolores shouted as the nightgown changed into an erotic, red lingerie set; corset, garters, stockings, opera gloves, stilettos. Alexandra embraced her mother and French kissed her while groping her tits. She was a little disappointed that her mother’s tits still hadn’t grown as large as hers. Still, they felt wonderful in her hands and would feel even more amazing in her mouth. It had been fifteen years since she’d suckled her mother’s breasts, something she intended to do as often as possible going forward. Dolores pulled away from her daughter. “You ready, baby?” She held the bottle of Essenza to her mouth. When Alexandra nodded she let three drops fall into her mouth. Her hair thickened, turned a golden blonde and piled itself on her head, adding four inches to her height. Giant hoop earrings appeared in her ears as bracelets rattled onto her wrists and rings covered her fingers. As a thick gold chain materialized around her neck a strap-on dildo wrapped itself around her waist. Dolores ran her hand up and down the silicone phallus. “Please tell me that you’re still a virgin.” “You’ll be my first, Mommy,” Alexandra said as she undressed. *** Across town, Roxanne was no longer going through a nicotine fit, but she was having a different kind of fit. Patty had hooked her up with a pack of cigarettes and had also hooked up with another random guy. Roxanne smoked furiously as she drove to pickup Jake while Patty bobbed up and down on a stranger’s lap in the back seat. *** Alexandra and Dolores lay on the bed, side-by-side, while making out. Alex was naked, but Dolores still wore her lingerie and imitation penis. Dolores tweaked her daughter’s nipples with one hand while sliding her fingers along Alexandra’s outer lips with the other. Alexandra moaned into her mother’s mouth as pleasures she’d never imagined coursed through her body. A minute later Dolores slipped a finger inside her daughter and was rewarded by a lusty gasp. A second finger followed the first and Alexandra bucked her hips. Dolores pushed Alexandra onto her back and then crawled between her legs. She lined up the strap-on dildo to the entrance of her daughter’s pussy and pushed with her hips until the tip slipped inside. Alexandra let out a shriek. “Oh my god, that’s feels so amazing, Mom. Don’t stop.” Alexandra had heard that a girl’s first time tended to be painful. Those girls probably hadn’t been fucked by a magical dildo worn by their mother. Alexandra had dreamed about her first time over the years and imagined it happening in many different ways. She’d never imagined that it would be with her mother, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. It seemed so right. Her mother had been there for so many of her firsts, introducing her to the world, her first steps, solid food, first day of school. Who better to introduce her to womanhood? Alexandra wrapped her legs around her mother’s waist and pulled her in deeper. She wanted their pelvic bones to meet. “I love you, Mom.” “I love you, angel.” Dolores quickened her pace, the bed creaking as she slammed her faux cock into her daughter’s tight pussy. *** The two couples sat in the back row of the empty movie theater. The movie had been out for over a month and the theater didn’t get big crowds on the best of nights. Jake sat next to Roxanne and Patty next to her date, whose name was Tyler according to his name tag. Patty had ditched the guy she’d blown in the back of Roxanne’s car as soon as they arrived at the theater and was currently sitting next to one of the ushers. As soon as the previews ended Patty unzipped Tyler’s pants, fished out his cock and went down on him. Jake pointed at the couple and then down at his crotch. Roxanne shot him an eye roll. He put his hand behind her head and pushed her face towards his lap. Roxanne slapped him and moved seats. Roxanne had never given head and wasn’t about to make her first time kneeling on the sticky theater floor. She’d considered making Jake her first, but if he thought he could force her to do it he could go fuck himself. After a few minutes she decided to give Jake another chance. She stood and then saw that Patty was giving him a hand job while she sucked off the usher. “What the fuck, Patty?” “Shhh,” the usher said. Patty pulled her mouth off Tyler. “I wasn’t going to suck him. I’m just helping him out. You don’t want him getting blue balls, do you?” Roxanne turned and stormed out of the theater. As she headed to the car she thought about the potion her aunt had given her. The corruption thing hadn’t worked out the way she’d planned. She still couldn’t wear the clothes she wanted or smoke and now she was being out bad-girled by her formerly uptight best friend. *** Alexandra lay on her back, smoking a cigarette while her mother rested her head on one of her massive breasts. “I’m really jealous of your tits, baby,” Dolores said. “I’m beginning to think I’ll never get a pair like yours. I’ve got the clothes, shoes and hair, but I still need better tits. I’m beginning to think it will never happen. Maybe I should just get implants.” “It’ll happen, Mom. You just have to keep trying. Besides, the tits aren’t the only thing you need. According to my list you also need a bigger ass and take up smoking.” Roxanne took a drag on her cigarette. “I can’t help you with the T&A, but you don’t need magic to become a smoker.” Dolores sat up. “That’s true. Do you want to teach Mommy how to smoke?” Alexandra snatched her cigarettes off the nightstand and handed one to her mother. “Okay, just suck a little on that when I light it. Pretend it’s one of my nipples.” Dolores accepted a light from her daughter and pulled a small amount of smoke into her mouth. She let it out uninhaled and Alexandra felt her pussy quake. Alexandra slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. “Take a little more smoke this time. Now, open your mouth and show me the smoke.” When she saw the creamy smoke in her mother’s mouth her pussy gushed fluid. “Fuck yeah. Take another hit, but slower this time.” Alexandra slipped her fingers inside her pussy. “Now breathe in the smoke.” Dolores had a hard time paying attention to her own smoking experience with her daughter squirming next to her, fingering herself. She breathed in the smoke as ordered and managed to stifle a cough. When she released her smoke she blew it into her daughter’s face and watched as Alexandra brought herself to orgasm. “Your turn,” Alexandra said between breaths as she climbed between her mother’s legs. “Keep smoking. I hear a first smoking experience can be unpleasant.” Alexandra ran her tongue along her mother’s pussy. “This will help you associate smoking with pleasure.” She reached up and pinched her mother’s two inch nipples. Dolores took another drag and gasped the smoke into her lungs when her daughter’s tongue flicked against her clit. She squirmed as she exhaled and then took another drag. It didn’t taste much better than her first puff, but Alexandra was correct. The overall experience was much better. *** Roxanne stormed into the house. As if the evening couldn’t get any worse she’d just gotten a text from Jake. He wanted to break up. It was bad enough that he’d let Patty touch his cock and now he’d robbed her of being able to break up with him. She didn’t blame Patty; she’d been corrupted by an evil magic liquid. It was her own fault that Patty was a cock addicted slut. Roxanne made her way upstairs, hoping that Alexandra wasn’t asleep yet. She really needed a sympathetic ear at the moment. When she discovered that Alexandra wasn’t in her bedroom, Roxanne headed to the master bedroom. While she hadn’t confided in her mom in years, at the moment Roxanne was desperate for anyone who would listen and comfort her. When she opened the door it took her brain a moment to register the scene before her. “What the fuck is going on?” Roxanne screamed. Alexandra was on her back wearing the strapon and smoking a cigarette while Dolores rode her cowgirl style, her hands using her daughter’s tits for balance, a cigarette of her own dangling from her lips. “Why don’t you join us, Roxanne?” Dolores said, the cigarette bobbing in her mouth as she talked. “I don’t think Mom will give you any crap about smoking now,” Alexandra said. “We wanted to use the potion to keep Mom and Dad together, not so you could start fucking your own mother.” “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Mom’s an amazing lover.” Roxanne ran into her bedroom, threw herself on her bed and cried. Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:03:58 No.1611 Part 4 Alexandra woke up Friday morning with a pair of hands groping her tits and a tongue buried in her snatch. She sank her fingers into her mother’s mass of hair and pulled her deeper into her eager pussy. “Fuck! That feels amazing, Mom,” Alexandra said as she thrashed on the bed. Dolores grabbed the rings in her daughter’s nipples and twisted slowly until Alexandra let out a shriek of pleasure and pain. “I want you to wake me for school this way every day, Mom!” Alexandra screamed and then came all over her mother’s face. *** Roxanne woke up Friday morning to the screams coming from her mother’s bedroom. She remembered the time she’d heard her parents having sex. At the time she’d been horrified. Today, she’d prefer to listen to it on an unending loop rather than listen to her mother fuck her sister. She grabbed her headphones, turned on Pandora and cranked the volume to the max, not caring if she went deaf. A life of silence was preferable to a second of the noises she’d just heard. She lay in bed for over thirty minutes, trying to figure a way out of her current mess. If the store sold a potion that changed people into sex crazed freaks, it had to have one that changed people back into their normal selves. Even if they did Roxanne didn’t think she’d be able to find the place again on her own. She’d need to get Dani to take her. She wasn’t entirely sure she trusted Dani or the woman who ran the store to sell her an antidote. They’d probably give her something that made the situation even worse. Roxanne’s thoughts were interrupted by a call from Patty. “What do you want?” Roxanne snapped. “I’m driving you to school today. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” “You know what you can do…” Roxanne stopped talking when she realized that Patty had already hung up. She was still pissed at Patty for touching Jake in the movie theater. But she was madder at herself. She was the one who’d spiked Patty’s coffee in the first place. *** Dolores and Alexandra were sitting in the dining room sharing a cigarette and kisses when Roxanne made it downstairs. Dolores wore a skirt smaller than one of the napkins sitting on her breakfast plate. Her lacy, black bra was visible through her diaphanous top and her many bracelets rattled when she lifted her cigarette to her bright red lips. Alexandra wore a pair of laddered tights, a fishnet top, and a bright red bra. She wore dark makeup that looked like it had been applied at a salon. The bottle of Essenza di Luxuria sat as the centerpiece of the table. Dolores stood quickly, her new blonde mane bouncing on her head. “I made blueberry waffles for breakfast.” She hurried to the kitchen on five inch heels. “I have a plate warming in the oven for you.” “No thanks, Mom. I lost my appetite just now.” “Oh,” Dolores said, looking dejected. “Would you like to join us for a cigarette? Lexie has been teaching me how to smoke. Maybe you could give me a couple pointers, too.” “Lexie? Really?” “Yeah, and you could be Roxi, all you need to do is take a drink,” Lexie slid the bottle of Essenza di Luxuria across the dining room table toward her sister. “I’m not drinking any of the crap. Can’t you see how fucked up everything is? We need to get rid of that bottle, not drink more.” Roxanne’s phone chirped. “Patty is here. I have to go.” Roxanne grabbed her book bag and left the house. Patty sat in the driver’s seat of her parent’s Nissan Sentra smoking. She flashed Roxanne a weak smile and then leaned over and opened the passenger door. “You’re not still pissed at me are you?” Patty said. “No. You’re the one who should be mad. I put a couple drops of a magical oil in your coffee on Wednesday night. It changed you into a smoker and a total slut.” Roxanne lit a cigarette. “Wow! That certainly explains a lot.” “You should see what it did to my sister and my mom. Alexandra’s breasts are huge now.” “Do you have any more of the oil?” Patty cupped her modest boobs. “I’d love to get some bigger tits.” “You don’t want any more of that stuff, trust me,” Roxanne said. “Besides I’m going to get my aunt to take me to that magic store to get an antidote and you’re coming with me.” “Why would I help you get an antidote? I love the new me. I used to go into panic attacks anytime a guy talked to me. Not anymore.” “You don’t have to take the cure if you don’t want to, but I want to get some for my mother and sister. I’m going to fix them.” “What if they’re happier the way they are?” Patty said before taking a drag on her cigarette. “I don’t care. I’m not happy.” “Are you ever?” Patty crushed her cigarette out in the car’s ashtray and then lit another. *** Jeanie was waiting in the school parking lot when Lexie and Dolores arrived. Jeanie walked over to the driver’s door and motioned for Delores to lower her window. “Can I talk to you for a moment, Mrs. Chapman? It’s about my fucking mom.” “Of course, dear and call me Lola, okay?” Delores said as she exited the car. “Now, what’s on your mind?” “My goddamn mom won’t stop yelling at me about my swearing. I tried to tell her that I can’t fucking help it, but the cunt won’t listen.” Dolores reached into the car and pulled out the bottle of Essenza. “I think I have the perfect solution. Speaking of which, why don’t we have a taste before we go about our day?” Dolores removed the devil stopper and held the bottle out to Jeanie. “Thanks, Lola.” Jeanie consumed three drops and passed the bottle to Lexie. Lexie also drank three drops and handed the bottle back to her mom. Lola followed the girls’ example and also let three drops to fall into her mouth. She wobbled on her stilettos for a moment as she watched the girls undergo their changes. Her daughter’s ass filled out and her face remolded itself, leaving her looking like a beautiful, naughty version of herself; high cheek bones, fierce eyes and full lips. Jeanie’s clothes remolded themselves on her body, her jeans initially looking like they’d just been bought and now looking like they’d lost a battle with a shredder. Her cotton blouse shrank into a half t-shirt of Marilyn Manson and revealed a new tattoo just above her expansive ass, in flowery script it read, “And these three remain: Pride, Envy and Lust. The greatest of these is Lust.” It matched the one above Lexie’s tits and the one on Lola’s smooth tummy. “Wow, Mom. You look like you just came from the salon, your makeup is perfect. And get a load of those curves.” Lola ran her hands down her slender waist and over her hips. “Yeah, they’re pretty nice, but I was hoping to get an instant boob job.” Lola pulled Lexie into a hug and then French kissed her for a couple minutes. “I need to run or I’ll be late for work.” Dolores held up the bottle of Essenza and said. “I’ll say hello to your mom for you, Jeanie.” “I think I’m getting jealous of your mom, Lexie; she’s getting more lip action than me,” Jeanie said as the girls walked toward the high school holding hands. “No need, I’ve got plenty of lovin for you too, baby.” Lexie kissed Jeanie. “Dykes!” a guy yelled as he walked past with a friend. “Come here,” Jeanie said as she broke away from Lexie. The guys stopped and walked back toward them. “Sorry about my friend,” said the second guy. “He’s an intolerant asshole.” “Not a fucking problem. I know how you can make it up to us.” Jeanie said. “My girlfriend thinks that girls are better kissers than guys. While I think that kissing a girl is pretty hot, I’m trying to convince her that guys have a lot to offer. Do you think you can help convince her that guys are good kissers, too?” “I think we can help you out,” the second guy said. “By the way, I’m Alan and the jerk is Ron.” “I’ll give you a kiss that’ll make you go straight,” Ron said and then pulled Lexie into a passionate embrace. “That wasn’t bad,” Lexie said. “But I’m still not totally convinced. Why don’t we skip first period and go into smoker’s woods and we can work on your technique.” She took Ron’s hand and led him towards the woods with Alan and Jeanie following along. *** Lola strode into her bosses office, walked up to his desk and ripped his phone out of the wall. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Lawrence said as he jumped out of his chair. “I don’t want to be disturbed.” Lola grabbed Lawrence’s cell phone off his desk, tossed it into the hall and closed the door. “I see how you look at me and it’s time we stopped pussy footing around.” Lola reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. “Now stop standing there with your jaw hanging open and fuck me on your desk.” “You know, I can set my phone to ignore calls, Delores” Lawrence said as he lowered his slacks. “You don’t need to rip it out of the wall next time.” He picked Lola up and set her down on his desk. “Call me Lola.” When her boss lined up his cock to the entrance to her pussy she said, “Fuck me in the ass, Larry. Only my husband’s cock goes in my pussy.” Lawrence picked Lola up and flipped her around so her ass was hanging off the side of his desk. “Works for me, Lola” he said as he pushed his tip into Lola’s asshole. Lola let out a squeal as her asshole expanded to accommodate Larry’s girth. She was still a little sore from the work out her daughter had given her the night before. A flesh and blood penis felt much nicer in her ass than the strap-on. It was a feeling she could get used to. After fucking her boss, Lola headed to the bathroom to fix herself up. She ran into Christine on the way. “What the hell is going on, Delores?” Christine asked. “Both you and my daughter are changing before my eyes. You look like you’ve lost thirty pounds, you’ve changed your entire wardrobe, and now you’re having sex in the office. Jeanie’s posterior grew over night and she swears like a sailor. “It’s nothing to worry about, Christine.” Lola said. “You should be worried, half the office heard you fucking Lawrence,” Christine said. “I hope you know that Phyllis is gunning for you. I heard her on the phone with corporate and she intends to lodge a complaint against you.” “Really?” Lola said with a mischievous smile. “I think she needs a change of attitude. If you want to see what has gotten into your daughter and me, come to Phyllis’s office and distract her for me.” After a quick stop at her office for the bottle of Essenza di Luxuria, Lola marched into the HR office. “I hear you have a problem with how I interact with my supervisor.” “As a matter of fact I do, I will not tolerate…” Phyllis began. Christine poked her head into the office and said, “Phyllis, come quick. I think Pam is being sexually harassed.” “Wait here, I’ll be back in a moment,” Phyllis said to Lola. Once alone Lola poured the inky oil into Phyllis’s ever present coffee cup. When four drops fell into the cup she told herself to stop, but she let the liquid continue to fall. She didn’t stop pouring until she heard footsteps approach. She wasn’t sure how much Essenza had gone in the cup; she’d lost count at around twenty. “Now where were we?” “You were going to start minding your own business when it comes to the interaction between consenting adults,” Lola said. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Phyllis said as she raised the coffee cup to her lips and took a sip. “This is how it is going to…” Phyllis wavered as the room descended into darkness. While Lola could see nothing, she heard Phyllis moan and the rustling of clothing. After a minute the light returned and a new woman sat in Phyllis’s chair. She bore a resemblance to Phyllis, the way a grape resembles a raisin. Her gray hair had changed to a vibrant red, her white blouse strained at her swelling bosom and garters extended past her micro skirt, holding up a pair of black seamed stockings. “Phyllis?” Lola asked. “Now as I was saying,” the new Phyllis said as she placed her glasses on her nose with the tips of her French tip nails. “I am willing to overlook your dalliance with Mr. Payne, but I expect a little quid pro quo.” Phyllis spread her legs to reveal that she’d skipped wearing panties and that the well tended carpet matched the drapes. Dolores stood, pulled the blinds closed and knelt in front of Phyllis. “Your terms are agreeable, Mrs. Westland.” She placed her hands on Phyllis’s thighs and licked the length of her pussy. Encouraged by a nasal moan, Lola stuck her tongue as deep into the red head’s pussy as it would go. *** “What happened in there?” Christine asked when she intercepted Lola on her way to the bathroom to cleanup. “Let’s walk and talk,” Lola said as she continued her journey. She still hadn’t freshened up after her escapades with Mr. Payne. She was afraid that she smelled like cock and pussy. “That was the magic of Essenza di Luxuria.” She held the bathroom door open for Christine. “She went from an old bag in her 60s to a sexy young thing. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it.” “It can happen for you, too.” Lola said as she set the crystal bottle on the bathroom counter. “I’ve been taking it a few drops as a time, but I gave Phyllis over twenty.” Christine looked at Lola’s shapely rump as she bent over to wash her face in the sink. She then looked at her own reflection. She wasn’t a bad looking woman, but she was quickly approaching her fiftieth birthday and it showed. “I’m going to do it.” Christine held the bottle over her mouth and let a couple dozen drops fall into her mouth. Once again complete darkness enveloped the room. Lola heard the running water and a series of grunts from Christine, descending in pitch as the seconds passed. When the lights came back up a much different Christine remained. Her pink, nylon pantsuit had changed into a pair of jeans and a denim vest over a white t-shirt. Her arms were covered in tattoos and her long, blonde hair was now a shiny, black pompadour. Her breasts were nearly nonexistent and she wore no makeup. A Marlboro Red cigarette was tucked behind one ear. “Now this is more like it,” Christine said as she admired herself in the mirror. “This is how you wanted to look, Christine? You’ve always been so feminine in the past.” “Who, the fuck, cares how I wanted to look before? This is how I want to look now.” Christine took Lola into her arms. “You’re exactly how I want a woman to look.” She gave Lola a rough kiss. “Call me Chris from now on.” “Okay, Chris,” Lola said and then relaxed in her friend’s arms. “I’m picking up Lexie for lunch. We need to discuss her sister. Do you want to come? We can pick up Jeanie too and eat at Joe’s Diner.” “I’m in. Let’s get out of here.” Chris pulled the cigarette from her ear and stuck it between her lips and then held the door open. “Hurry up, toots. I need a fucking smoke.” Chris slapped Lola’s ass as she darted out of the bathroom. *** Lola found her daughter in the smoker’s woods. She and Jeanie were on their hands and knees inside a circle of football players. Lexie was sucking off number 87 while number 23 took her from behind. Jeanie was on top of number 7 in classic cowgirl position. The rest of the team was cheering the couples on, eager for a turn of their own. “I hate to interrupt, boys, but we need to steal the girls from you,” Lola said as she ground out her cigarette with the toe of her stiletto. Lexie pulled her mouth away from the wide receiver’s cock with a loud, wet pop. “Just five more minutes, Mom. Please?” she said as the running back continued to pound into her. “We don’t have a lot of time for lunch, angel.” “Is that Dan Jones you’re fucking, Jeanie?” Chris asked. “Sure is,” Jeanie said in between moans. “I love your new look, Mom. Isn’t Essenza wonderful?” “It’s great.” Chris turned to Lola and said, “We should give the girls some time. Dan is Memorial’s star quarterback. Jeanie’s been dreaming about him all year long.” “Mom! Stop, you’re embarrassing me.” “Fine, five more minutes,” Lola said and then her daughter went back to sucking the football player in front of her. She pulled a couple cigarettes from her purse and offered one to Chris. “Do you want to have a smoke while we wait?” “I have a better idea.” Chris grabbed one of Lola’s tits and kissed her. After a few minutes Dan let out a roar and bucked beneath Jeanie. She grabbed her tits and thrashed above him while letting out a high pitched shriek. Lexie held up a finger and a few seconds later both the guy in front and behind grunted and came into her. Neither Lola nor Chris noticed. They were too busy making out and were lost to the world. *** “We need to decide what to do with your sister,” Lola said. She, Chris, Lexie and Jeanie were at Joe’s diner, sitting at a small outdoor table. Lexie exhaled a lungful of smoke into the air and then said, “You could do what you did to me and force it down her throat.” “I still feel horrible about that,” Lola said as she pulled a cigarette from her purse. “I love that you’re happy how things turned out, but I was way out of line forcing it on you. I don’t want to do the same thing to your sister.” Chris lit Lola’s cigarette and then removed her own pack from her shirt sleeve. “Jeanie’s cousin was into drugs and the whole family sat him down and told him how much pain it caused everyone. He ended up going to rehab and hasn’t used drugs since.” Chris held the pack out to Jeanie. “Would you like a cigarette, Jeanie?” “I have been thinking of trying it. Lexie makes it look so good.” As Jeanie took a cigarette from her mother’s pack the waitress came out on the deck with their drinks. She looked like she was just out of high school and incredibly bored. She was about twenty pounds overweight and wore a pair of jeans and a plain cotton blouse. A name tag on shirt read, “Mandy.” “I’m sorry, but there is no smoking on the patio,” Mandy said as she set four sodas on the table. “There’s no one else out here, so what does it matter?” Chris asked. “It’s the rules, plus smoking is nasty.” Mandy turned to leave. Lola held up her soda. “Mandy, I think you brought be a regular coke and I asked for a diet.” “I apologize, I’ll replace it immediately.” While Lola poured 25 drops of Essenza into Lexie’s soda Chris lit her daughter’s first cigarette. Jeanie took a small puff and then broke into a coughing fit when she inhaled the smoke. “You should probably start with a lighter cigarette. I’ve heard that Marlboro Reds are really strong. Here, let’s swap.” Lexie handed Jeanie the long, white Virginia Slims in exchange for the short cigarette with the orange bottom. “Wow, this is stronger than I thought it would be,” she said after dragging on the Marlboro. Jeanie took a tentative drag. She coughed again when she inhaled the smoke. “Fuck! Maybe I should try some of the damn Essenza; Lexie didn’t cough on her first cigarette.” “You can do it, Jeanie,” Chris said. “You just need to keep practicing. Lola’s been learning to smoke the old fashioned way. She’s only been smoking for a day and she no longer coughs.” “Thanks, Mom.” Jeanie took another small drag and let out a smaller cough when she inhaled. “See, you’re getting better already.” Mandy returned with Lola’s replacement soda. “You’ll have to leave if you won’t stop smoking.” “We’re going to put them out, I promise,” Lola said. When Mandy turned her back she switched her new soda for Lexie’s. “Mandy, this isn’t a Diet Coke, it’s regular.” “I’m positive that it’s a diet. I made sure.” “Maybe the tanks are switched. Can you taste it? You’ll see that it’s not diet.” Mandy pulled a straw from a pocket in the apron around her waist, set it in the soda, and then took a drink. Darkness swallowed the entire patio. The ladies continued to smoke while they waited for the new Mandy to make her debut. As daylight was restored a vision in pink stood before them. All of Mandy’s excess weight had been redistributed to her tits and ass. A pink uniform dress with a delightfully short skirt strained at her new curves. Her lips matched her uniform and a lit cigarette hung from her mouth. She stood on a pair of high heeled roller skates. “Fuck the no smoking rule, ladies. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, I say.” Mandy turned on her skates and rolled into the restaurant. Lola picked up her cell phone. “I’ll call Patty. She’ll help bring Roxanne around.” Anonymous 06/02/17 (Fri) 15:04:22 No.1612 Chapter 5 That evening Roxanne followed Patty into the lobby of the Marriott in downtown Minneapolis. She’d wanted to get a cure for her family after school, but Patty had surprised her with a pair of tickets to The Black Keys. They were playing at the Target Center and Roxanne had wanted to see them live for the longest time. Since the concert wouldn’t finish until late in the evening, Patty had also booked them rooms in the hotel. Roxanne figured that she could get her aunt to drive her to the magic store sometime over the weekend Roxanne had been surprised that Patty had scored tickets to the sold out concert. She was further surprised to find out that Patty had booked rooms at the same hotel as her sister’s math competition. Her surprise changed to suspicion when Patty bypassed the Hotel’s front desk and walked straight to the elevators. “Don’t we need to check in?” Roxanne asked as Patty pressed the button for floor five. “I know what I’m doing, trust me.” When they reached room 511, Patty told Roxanne to close her eyes and then knocked on the door. Despite knowing that something strange was going on, Roxanne entered the room. She heard several people breathing and smelled a mix of perfume and cigarettes. “You can open your eyes, pumpkin,” Lola said. Roxanne opened her eyes to see her mom sitting on the edge of a queen sized bed, wearing a white dress that was skimpier than some nighties and dragging on a long, white cigarette. Her sister sat near their mother and was holding hands with Jeanie who was smoking a cigarette of her own. Chris sat next to Lola and had a hand on her thigh. Jake was standing on the far side of the room by himself. “Take a seat, Roxanne,” Lola said as she pointed to an empty chair that faced the bed. “We all have something to say to you. Now, so that this doesn’t become a shouting match, only the person with the bottle of Essenza can speak. Since I have the bottle I’ll go first.” Lola took a drag to collect her thoughts. After exhaling into the smoky room she said, “First, we all love you, Roxanne, and we want you to be happy. Something you haven’t been for a long time.” “I was happy until that came into our lives.” Roxanne pointed at the crystal bottle. Patty took the bottle from Lola. “No you weren’t. You haven’t been happy for over a year. Before Essenza you spent most of your time bitching because you thought your family was boring and now you bitch because they’re anything but. I love you, Roxanne; you’re my best friend. I want you to be happy and Essenza can do that for you.” Patty handed the bottle to Jake. “I like you a lot, but I got to be with a girl who’s willing to put out, you feel me? Your mom says that if you drink this shit you’ll love sex. If you don’t want to drink it for you, drink it for us.” “I’m not…” Roxanne began. “You’ll get a chance to speak in a moment,” Lola said. Lexie took the bottle from Jake. “When you first showed me Essenza you told me it would keep our family together. Mom and I are closer now than ever before. Join us, Roxanne. I want all three of us to be united when we see Dad tomorrow. When he sees the woman Mom has become and sees that we support her in every way, he’ll have to stay with us.” “I don’t know you as well as everyone else,” Jeanie said. “But I know that you’ll love Essenza once you try it. I was skeptical like you at first, but it’s fucking sweet. Everyone who drinks it loves what they become.” Roxanne took the bottle from Jeanie and stared at it for a moment. She looked at her sister with her giant breasts and dressed like a cross between a Goth and a punk before turning her attention to her mother who was the sexiest 48 year old she’d ever seen. “Fuck it,” Roxanne said and drank from the bottle. “Take at least twenty drops, baby,” Lola said. “It works a lot better than taking a few drops at a time.” Roxanne emerged from the darkness looking like a cross between her mother and sister. Her boobs had grown several cup sizes and she gained her mother’s curves. Her hair was a rich blonde like her mothers, but in more of a punky style like her sisters. The skinny jeans and Black Keys t-shirt had changed into a skimpy dress, looking like something her mother would wear, but made out of leather and covered in straps and buckles. Her shoes had become knee high boots with a stiletto heel. Lewd tattoos covered her arms. Her nose, tits and belly button were pierced. Makeup highlighted an upgraded face and an unlit cigarette dangled from her lips. “I look pretty hot,” Roxanne said around her cigarette as she examined herself. Jake walked over to her. “You sure, as fuck, do.” He produced a flame on his Zippo and lit Roxanne’s cigarette. “How do feel about blow jobs now?” Roxanne hollowed her cheeks as she dragged on her cigarette. “A blow job is just the appetizer on tonight’s menu,” Roxanne said and then blew out a massive cloud of smoke into Jake’s face. “I think I want to go by Roxie from now on. What do you think?” Lola took a drink from Essenza and her breasts shot out, rivaling the size of Lexie’s “Finally!” “Unless you ladies want to spend the night carpet munching, I suggest you find a few more guys.” Roxie grabbed Jake’s belt and pulled him against her. “This one’s mine and I’m not sharing.” “Jeanie, why don’t you go scare up a few men?” Chris took the bottle of Essenza from Lola. “Patty, why don’t you drink this until you find me as hot as I find you?” As Roxie undid Jake’s belt, Patty swallowed the Essenza. Roxie was forced to fish out Jake’s cock in darkness as her friend began to change. Patty got an upgrade to the wardrobe, hair and figure, looking like a busty rock goddess by time she finished changing. “I’m ready for you, Chris,” Patty said as she grabbed the bull dyke’s hand and led her into the adjoining room. Lola put her arm around Lexie’s shoulder as they watched Roxie suck Jake’s cock like the expert she’d become. She had him fully in her mouth and squirming inside of a minute. A minute after that they stopped watching and focused on each other, stripping their clothes quickly followed by a lusty wrestling match on the bed. An hour later, when George tried to surprise his family by arriving a day early, he walked in on an orgy. His eldest daughter was on her hands and knees, her boyfriend fucking her from behind, while she lapped at his wife’s pussy. His youngest daughter straddled his wife’s face while sucking the cock of a man he didn’t know. Jeanie was on the other bed, fucking another strange man while her mother pumped Patty’s ass with a large strap-on dildo. At first he thought he’d gotten the wrong room. After a moment he recognized them despite their new bodies and enhanced faces. He couldn’t understand how they could have changed so drastically in such a short time. “What the fuck is going on?” George yelled. “Daddy, you’re here!” Roxie said as she looked up from Lola’s pussy. Lexie climbed off her mother and ran over to her father, her breasts flopping on her chest. “I’m so happy to see you, Daddy!” She wrapped her arms around him, smashing her tits against his body. Lola sat up and lit a cigarette. “Surprise! Are you happy to see your new family?” “Happy? Are you crazy? Why are you having sex with our daughters? What did you do to your body? When did you start smoking?” Chris pulled out of Patty. “Look, we’ll leave you guys alone so you can work this out.” She followed Jeanie, Patty and the guys into the adjoining room. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” Lola asked. She tossed the pack of cigarettes to Roxie. “I look like one of the women in your magazines now. You don’t have to leave me for Gigi. I’ll give you everything she did and more.” “Who is Gigi?” Roxie pulled a cigarette from the pack and then handed it to Lexie. “We’ve seen your laptop, Dad. You’ve been chatting with her for months.” “I told you that wasn’t my laptop, Delores. It belongs to Fred in accounting. I took it and the magazines from his office so he wouldn’t get fired.” Lola lit Roxie’s cigarette and then Lexie’s. “Well, doesn’t that suck for you?” She took a deep drag on her cigarette and then blew the smoke into his face. “There’s no going back for us. You can either join us or get the fuck out.” “How did this happen to you?” Roxie gave her dad a run down on the last couple of days. “I should have known Dani was behind this,” George said. “Get dressed all of you; we’re going to that store and put you all back to normal.” “We’re not going anywhere,” Lola said as she took the bottle from her husband. “Go if you must, but Lexie has a Mathlete competition to win and I’m not going to abandon her.” George left the room. Lexie buried her head against her mother’s chest and cried. “I’m sorry, Mom. I screwed everything up,” Roxie said. “I had a feeling that the porn wasn’t his, but I talked you into taking some of the potion anyway. I wanted to be able to dress how I wanted and smoke without you yelling at me. I was selfish and now Dad will be leaving for real.” “Come here, pumpkin.” Lola pulled Roxie against her upgraded bosom. “Yes, you were selfish, but we’re so much happier now. Besides, it is too soon to worry about your father leaving. He has a lot to digest. He still might come around.” “Speaking of cumming, should I invite everyone back into the room?” Lexie asked. “No, the desert social starts in less than an hour and I think we should introduce your competitors to some Essenza di Luxuria.” *** “What the fuck did you do to my family?” George yelled into the phone as he drove east on interstate 94 toward his home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. “What’s your fucking problem?” Dani said. “Why would you do this to me? To them? What did we ever do to make you hate us so?” “Hate you? What are you talking about? I did you a fucking favor. You had the most boring ass family. Now you’ve got a wife that knows how to party. You should be thanking me.” “How do I put them back to normal?” George asked. “Why would you want that? Your wife is hot as hell and RTF, Ready to fuck.” “Not every man wants to fuck sluts, Dani. I was happy the way they were and I want them back. You need to make this right.” “I don’t think that’s possible. If it’s any consolation they’re really happy now.” “Fuck you!” George ended the call and then spent the rest of his drive home in silent thought, trying to figure out how to save his family. *** As Jeanie, Chris, Lexie and Delores headed to the hotel’s banquet for the Mathlete dessert social, Patty and Roxie headed to the hotel’s kitchen with the bottle of Essenza. After using the obsidian oil to change a couple waitresses into porn versions of themselves, they enlisted the new recruits into distracting the rest of the kitchen crew. Patty poured Martinelli’s sparkling cider into champagne flutes while Roxie spiked the drinks with Essenza and the waitresses sucked off the cooks. In the banquet room Chris and Lola sat at a table, chatting with Coach Hinkle while Lexie and Jeanie scoped out the competition. The other teams sat at tables with their school’s name, their parents and their coach. There were nine teams from high schools from mid-west states and one home school team. Lexie was most worried about the two guys from His Grace, the Christian school and the two girls from Saint Trent catholic school. The other teams were tough, but those two were the favorites to win. Several stacked waitresses in skimpy uniforms sauntered out of the kitchen carrying trays laden with champagne flutes. Roxie stood in the doorway and gave her sister a thumbs up. “If I could get everyone’s attention,” a man in a suit and tie said into a microphone. “I’m Mark Hastings, the director of the Mid-west division of Mathletes, and I’d like to make a toast to this year’s competitors. I’ve seen a lot of great teams over the years and we’ve sent some strong competition to DC, but we’ve yet to have a team from our region win the national title. I look over ten teams and anyone of them is strong enough to take the title this year. May the best team win tomorrow!” Lexie smiled as sixty people drank Essenza di Luxuria simultaneously and the room plunged into an impenetrable darkness for several minutes. “Oh my god,” Lexie said when her vision was restored. The women at the Saint Trent table were dressed in shiny, latex catsuits, each a different color. They looked like they’d just stepped out of a S&M porno movie. It was hard to tell which of them had originally been high school girls. Five muscular men, wearing little more than wearing strips of black leather, stood up from the His Grace table and advanced on the catholic school vixens. Lexie turned her attention to the other six teams. It was a sea of large, powerful men, wearing denim and leather and curvy women dressed in tight, revealing clothing. Some looked like Goths, some like punks, and others looked like a crosses between heavy metal rockers and outlaw bikers. Many of the women looked like they were ready to start swinging around a pole or turning tricks on the street. Everyone was tattooed and pierced. They paired up indiscriminately, men with women, women with women and men with men. Clothes started flying. As a full orgy broke out Chris inserted herself between a couple of women at the catholic school table while Lexie and Jeanie joined the writhing bodies in the center of the room. Patty and Roxie made out with a couple of the waitresses. Coach Hinkle escorted Lola to the podium where Mark Hasting struck poses, dressed only a pair of bikini briefs. His body was tanned, oiled and bulging with muscles. Lola let out a gasp at the sight of him. Letting go of the coach’s hand she ran to her Adonis. She ran her hands over the slabs of iron on his chest while he kneaded the massive pillows on hers. “Rip her dress off, Mark,” Coach Hinkle said. She dropped her slacks to the floor and then sat back in a chair, fingering herself. “Now fuck her ass up against the podium.” Coach spent the next hour instructing the couple how to fuck each other’s brains out while the orgy raged around them. *** George wasn’t having nearly as much fun as the rest of his family. He walked into a house that smelled like an ashtray and a bedroom filled with lewd clothing and sex toys. Knowing that his bedroom held too many memories of how his wife had been and what she’d become, George tried to sleep on the couch. Unfortunately, the living room also held too many, once cheerful, memories. He ended up making an impromptu bed on the floor of his study. He was awoken in the morning by an incessant pounding on the front door. He tried to ignore it, but instead of taking the hint, the person moved around the house and pounded on the back door. When he finally rose and answered the door, he nearly slammed it. It was his sister, Dani. “Can I come in?” she slurred. “Yeah, why not?” Dani stumbled into the house and collapsed on the couch. She looked like she’d been up all night drinking, her hair was mussed and her makeup smeared. She reeked of cigarettes, booze and sweat. Her eyes were bloodshot and weren’t lining up very well. As she pulled out a cigarette George nearly protested, but then looked at the butts already in the ashtray left by his wife and daughters. His once non-smoking house was no more. He’d be moving out soon anyway. “What do you want, Dani?” Dani exhaled toward her brother. “I feel like shit.” “Yeah, well, you might want to ease up on the booze and the smoking.” “No, not that. I feel bad about what I did. I’ve always been jealous of you. You’ve got it all; a family, a job where you don’t have to fuck anyone or take off your clothes.” Dani motioned with her arm at the room about them. “You’ve got a beautiful home. I live in a shitty trailer. When Roxanne came to me with that crazy idea of turning Delores into a slut I bought her that potion. If I couldn’t have your life, I wanted your family to have mine. I’m sorry.” George glared at his sister for a minute, fighting the impulse to strangle her. “As much as I like hearing you apologize, I need to start packing. I can’t spend another night in this house.” “No!” Dani tried to stand, but fell back on the couch. “I have an antidote. I went to the store and bought it this morning. It will put them back to normal.” Dani held up an L shaped piece of white plastic. It looked like an inhaler a person with asthma might carry. “Give them this and it will reverse all of Essenza’s effects.” “Where do you get these things?” “Go and fix your family. If you’re still talking to me tomorrow I’ll tell you.” “Thank you!” George ran to his car and then began the 90 minute drive to Minneapolis. *** Saturday morning Lola, Roxie and Lexie woke up naked, entangled and with a hazy memory of the previous night. Roxie picked up a pack of cigarettes, shook it a couple times and then crushed it. “Do we have anymore cigarettes?” Lexie opened her purse and pulled out a fresh pack of Virginia Slims. “I hope that I never lose this purse. It would suck to have to start buying cigarettes. I hear that they’re really expensive. “Oh my god,” Lola said once her vision cleared up enough and she read the time on her phone. “You need to be in the banquet room in fifteen minutes or you’ll be disqualified.” Lexie scrambled about the room, looking for her clothes, while Roxie ran naked into the next room, looking for Jeanie. “Don’t be picky, just pull on anything you find. It will change into clothes that fit,” Delores said. When she heard Jeanie shriek in the next room she relaxed a little; between clothing that instantly changed to fit and the girl’s immodesty they’d be able to make it to the meet on time. When Roxie returned to the room a minute later she poured whiskey into several Dixie cups and handed them to her mother and sister. “A little hair of the dog.” She tossed back a shot and poured herself another. When Jeanie finally appeared Lexie gave her best friend a lit cigarette and then ran out of the room to the elevators. None of the hotel employees bothered them about smoking in the common areas; most of them had drunk Essenza the night before and wouldn’t care what they did. They arrived at the banquet room with three minutes to spare and were the only team to show up. After waiting thirty minutes to be safe, the judges awarded the girls the regional Mathlete title and the honor of competing in the national championship later in the month. When they made it back to the room, Chris and Jeanie headed to the adjoining room to go back to sleep while Lola and her daughters sat on the queen sized bed and made out. Roxie was French kissing her mom while Lexie sucked on her nipples when the knocking started. “It’s open,” Lexie yelled and went back to kissing Roxie’s tit. George walked into the room saw his wife and daughters groping each other and stopped in his tracks. “Did you want something, George?” Lola said when she broke away from Roxie. “I mean you’re welcome to watch if you want, but I have a feeling there’s something else on your mind.” “I have a cure,” George said. “It will restore you to the people you were before you tried Essenza.” “Girls, will you wait in the other room while I talk to your father?” Lexie put three cigarettes in her mouth and lit them while Roxie pulled up her top. “Jeanie and I won the Mathlete title, Daddy,” she said as she handed cigarettes to her mother and sister. “I wish I could have seen it.” “Yeah, well it was pretty anticlimactic.” She placed her cigarette in her mouth and then ran her hand over her father’s chest as she walked past him. “We did all of this for you. Please keep that in mind.” “Mom gave up everything to keep you from leaving her,” Roxie said. “I’ll take it from here girls.” Lola said. When her daughters left the room she patted the bed. “Come, sit.” She hollowed her cheeks on her cigarette while her husband sat next to her. “We don’t want a cure, honey.” Lola exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. “Your daughters and I love our new bodies. We love fucking. I’ve had more orgasms in the last 24 hours than I had all last year.” Lola took another drag. “Hell, I even love smoking. I’d stay the way I am just for the pleasure smoking gives me.” “You’ve been having sex with your own daughters, Delores!” George said. “I could probably live with the three of you dressing like prostitutes and smoking, but not incest!” “They love it just as much as I do. You’ll love it too, if you give it a chance.” “What are you saying?” “I want to fuck you, George and afterwards if you still want me to go back to Mrs. Vanilla I’ll be willing to discuss it, but once you’ve had a taste of the new me, you won’t want me to go back.” George let his eyes roam over his wife’s new, luscious body. “I think it would be best if you just took the antidote right now,” he said without conviction. “I’ll tell you what, George, if I can make you hard without touching you, I get to have my way with you. If I can‘t, I’ll take your antidote.” Lola stood and started swaying to her own music, running her hands over her immense bosom and then down along her slender waist and over her full hips, her cigarette dangling from her lips. George smiled in spite of himself. His wife had never been sexually aggressive before, he’d always been the initiator. Not that she’d been sexually repressed, they’d had a satisfying sex life, but she’d been quite correct about the vanilla comment earlier. There was no way the old Delores would have performed a sexy dance for him, a dance that bordered on masturbation. From the look on her face he thought that she might have an o rgasm right in front of him. Lola took a drag on her cigarette and removed it from her mouth. “I see you like my little dance.” Her eyes locked on his crotch. “Let’s see how little Georgie likes this.” She pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her tits. She watched her husband as she lifted her tit to her mouth and licked her own nipple. She didn’t have to look at his crotch to know that he was fully erect. His face said it all. “It still doesn’t make it right,” George said under his breath as his wife fished his cock out of his pants. “Baby, I was just getting warmed up. I do things now that you’ve never even dreamed of. Now lie back and let mama show you a true blow job.” “You’ve given me blow jobs before,” George said as he lay back on the bed while his wife stroked his cock. Lola laughed. “No, not really. I put your cock in my mouth and I called it a blow job, but I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I do now.” She took a last drag on her cigarette and then ground it out in the carpet. “Prepare to have your mind and cock blown at the same time.” As his wife deep-throated him, George gripped the bedspread and tried to hold still. She’d been right about the past blow jobs paling in comparison, but more than that, he’d never felt pleasure like it before. It was better than anything he’d ever felt. It was like she’d tapped directly into his pleasure center and was playing him like a master musician. In minutes he was erupting in her mouth. As he recovered she undressed him. Once he was completely naked she climbed up on him and straddled his waist, grinding her pussy against his spent cock. “Give me 15 minutes and I’ll be ready to go again,” George said. “If I don’t get you hard in less than a minute I’ll take your cure.” “Really?” George said as he started to sit up. “On your back, stud. I’m not through with you.” Lola leaned forward and rested a tit in his face while she continued to slide her slick pussy along his growing manhood. She had him fully erect and buried to the hilt inside her snatch within 40 seconds. “Come back in girls,” Lola shouted as she bounced up and down on her husband. George pushed his wife’s breast out of his face. “Don’t bring them in here; we’re having sex for goodness sake.” “You’re going to hurt my feelings, Daddy,” Roxie said as she strode into the room, wearing nothing but a pair of thigh high boots. “You don’t have to be shy around us, Daddy,” Lexie said around the cigarette in her mouth. She too was naked save for a pair of high heels. “We want to watch you fuck Mom. We think it’s hot.” She sat down on the bed next to her father and stroked his hair. “Hot as fuck,” Roxie said as she sat on the other side of her father. She leaned over his face to receive a smoky kiss her sister. “You like that, do you, George?” Lola said as she felt her husband swell inside her. “They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Isn’t this better than them fighting all the time?” “But it’s not right,” George said with a moan, not taking his eyes off his daughter’s make out session above him. “Roxie, get the Essenza. I think he’s ready.” Roxie jumped up and grabbed the bottle while Lexie ran a hand over her father’s cheek. “Okay, George, Roxie is going to pour, all you have to do is open your mouth. Everything that seemed wrong will become oh so right.” Roxie uncorked the bottle and tipped it over her father’s closed mouth. The first drop slipped over the rim of the bottle and fell. George tracked the drop as it raced to his lips. He opened his mouth and let it hit his tongue. More drops fell and he accepted them all. The room darkened and the girls were pushed off the bed by their father’s swelling frame. George moans deepened until the windows rattled from the guttural bass. Lola screamed as her husband grew within her, feeling like she would be split in two. A loud crack echoed off the walls as the bed succumbed to George’s new weight. The lights came up and the girls marveled at the behemoth lying beneath their mother. Lola had her eyes closed and was still screaming, but her cries of pain had once again turned to pleasure. George put a massive hand behind his wife’s back and stood, his head nearly hitting the ceiling, looking like he’d just come from a Mr. Universe competition. He slid his wife up and down his erection a few times and then tossed her on the bed, revealing a cock that would put a Clydesdale to shame. He picked up his jacket, ripped open a pocket and pulled out the antidote. “We won’t be needing this,” George bellowed and tossed it in the trash. “Come here girls and help me blow my load.” Roxie and Lexie leapt up, ran to their father, knelt on either side of him and proceeded to lick their mother’s juices from their father’s tower of flesh. “That’s it girls, keep kissing my cock. I want to drown your mother in my cum.” Pleasure beyond his comprehension surged through his cock and up his body. He screamed as jets of creamy white spunk splashed off Lola’s body and onto the girls. His daughters abandoned his cock and leapt on their mother, lapping up their father’s seed. As the flow of cum abated his erection still stood tall. “Which one of you girls think you’re up to taking on my giant fuck stick?” “You should fuck Roxie first, Daddy,” Lexie said as she stopped licking semen off her mother’s tits. “She’s the oldest and the one who got the Essenza in the first place.” “That’s generous of you, Lexie. Tell you what, why don’t you rim your mother’s asshole and get it nice and wet for me. After I’m done fucking your sister’s brains out I want to fuck your mother’s ass while she sucks my cum from Roxie’s snatch.” Lola rolled over onto her hands and knees to give her youngest daughter better access to her asshole while Roxie took several deep breaths, reading herself to be impaled by the baseball bat swinging between her father’s legs. “Get your tongue deep in there, angel. I need to be nice and lubed up if I’m going to take all of your father’s cock,” Lola said. She looked to George. “Honey, you should invite your sister over to the house next weekend. I think we’d all like to show her how much we appreciate all she’s done for our family.” “I think that’s a marvelous idea, baby,” George said as he broke in his eldest daughter’s cunt. “Her plan to fuck us over may have failed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all fuck her. We can take her with us when Lexie competes at the nationals. There are a lot of fuckers in Washington DC that deserve a nice dose of Essenza di Luxuria.” When it came time for Lexie have her turn with her father, she called Jeanie into the room, wanting her best friend and new lover to witness the event. As her father positioned himself between her legs, Lola and Roxie sat on one side of her, holding her hand and stroking her hair while Jeanie sat on the other side. “I’m ready, Daddy.” Lexie gritted her teeth in preparation for the pain that was surely to come. There was no pain, only the greatest pleasure she’d ever known. Her family was whole, she was filled to capacity and her best friend in the whole world was sucking her tits. What more could she want? The End
  8. Fitting in Around Here by Tang (BE; culture change) This has ended up a very British story, certainly with the focus of questions of social class and the names, fashions and tastes associated with different classes. The appearance and especially the outfits featured, I have seen on women in various parts of southern England in the past few years. The outfit worn at the end of this story was an actual one worn by a middle-aged woman I saw in a mall in the city of Southampton, being led by the hand by a man. Fitting In Around Here (BE; culture change; id change; tattoos; piercings) by Tang Christine Sumpter parked the car in her allocated slot at the base of the low-rise block of flats. Her divorce had meant downsizing and she had left behind the detached house that she shared with her cheating husband David to rent this flat. She imagined it could have been worse. The estate onto which she was moving had been all privately built at the end of the 1980s and was a mixture of houses of differing sizes and places like this. It was certainly very different from some of the grotty conversions and blocks of flats she had seen over the past few weeks. It might not be the leafy suburban street she had left behind, but it seemed clean and had a low crime rate. It certainly was nothing like the former council estates or inner city areas she had worried would be all that she could afford. There was a convenience store at the head of the close and a small shopping centre ten minutes’ walk beyond that. Christine was in her late thirties. She had had an unremarkable career as an accountant and even that she had given up when she had married David. However, she had filled her time with voluntary work and looking after elderly neighbours. She had no children and to some degree thought that was a good idea given the long hours her husband had spent working in his own estate agents and, as it had transpired more than a year ago, sleeping with a number of the clientele. A car pulled up in the road and a woman stepped out. Christine turned and guessed this would be the former tenant who, rather than the letting agent, had been charged with handing over the keys. Christine did not consider herself a snob, but like many British people was very conscious of her place in the class system. She knew that how you dressed and behaved, what television programmes you watched and newspapers you read, where you went on holiday, the people you associated with, even the food you ate, all said a great deal about your standing in society. She hoped that she had always lived up to what would be expected of a woman of her class. However, as she saw the previous tenant approaching, she worried a little that coming here marked a step or more down. She repeated to herself the mantra that all of this was only temporary and, once the house she had shared with David was sold and the final divorce settlement was made, she could move on to somewhere better. “Tina, Tina Summers?” “Erm, I am Christine Sumpter: is that who you mean? About the keys for the flat?” “Yes, yes, that’s it. Sorry if I got the name wrong, it’s what the agents told me. I am Kaitlyn Pierce.” The woman extended a tanned, overly manicured hand with studs set into each of her nails and a pattern replicated on each. Rather uneasily Christine took it and shook, jangling gold bracelets on Kaitlyn’s wrist as she did. Kaitlyn looked a little younger than her, Christine imagined that partly that was from her clothes and make-up. The belt of three rows of pyramid studs that sat loosely on her hips was something Christine would not have associated with a woman in her mid-thirties, but for some reason Kaitlyn carried it off. She was a bit shorter than Christine and certainly curvier. Her ample breasts seemed to be straining against the white ribbed top she wore beneath the figure hugging leather jacket. Her hips, shown in very tight jeans were broad but shapely of a type that Christine knew many men would like. She guessed that Kaitlyn was one of those women who was keen to please men. Her skin was very tanned, presumably from a salon, her hair was bottle blonde and her make-up was very obvious. “This flat is magic, it really turned my life around. I hope it does the same for you. I’ll be sad to go, but you know: a new man, a new life.” Kaitlyn said with a smile, nodding to the shiny car that was pulled up near the entrance to the close. Christine looked at the man behind the wheel. He was probably in his early forties, with a shaved head and a stocky build. The car and the expensive leather jacket suggested he was doing well for himself, but there was a roughness about him that Christine’s mother would have felt made him look like ‘nouveau riche’. “Would you like me to show you around?” Kaitlyn asked. “No, thanks it’s fine, the agents let me have a look.” “Okay. I am sure you’ll soon find that you’re just like the kind of people who live in this area. It takes a little time, but you’ll soon be adapting to be right at home.” Christine felt a little uneasy as she smiled in response. She did not intend to live here long; she had no particular urge to be just like the kind of people around here and certainly saw no need for adaptation. She wondered how this woman looked on her, she guessed she had noticed the differences between them and naturally saw her approach to the world, to the clothes she wore and the company she kept, as an ideal one. To Kaitlyn, Christine had no doubt she might seem a little aloof, maybe even stuck up. Christine felt that she mixed with people of all classes pretty well, but she had no desire to become anything like them. If her neighbours were anything like Kaitlyn, and Christine suspected they would be, she could imagine nodding good morning to them, but certainly not inviting them in her flat. She shuddered a little as she envisaged accepting an invite to one of their homes and no doubt being subjected to Eighties-style furnishings and chatter about soap operas or holidays on one of the Spanish Costas. Kaitlyn handed over the keys with the bubbly manner that she had exhibited up to now. Then with a wave she sauntered off to the car. In moments she was being driven away and Christine was left in the close empty bar herself. She turned and walked to the flat deciding to check it before she attempted to move her stuff in. It was furnished which had meant that she had not had to argue with David about taking any furniture from the house, it would be better to get the monetary equivalent and buy new when she got her own place. The furniture that the flat held was what had made her think that her neighbours’ stuff would be of that overblown style popular thirty or so years back. There was a leather suite in a cream shade, pale grey carpets and decor that mixed the slightly flowery with sharp-edged designs. Christine had always favoured more traditional stylings or at least ones with a nod to a pastoral flavour, even if that was rather false in suburbia. The flat was on the second floor and Christine was soon at it. She opened the front door to be confronted with a full-length reflection of herself in the mirror at the end of the short hall. The mirror showed a woman of slightly above average height, with mousey hair that naturally curled tight to her head in a manner that she found difficult to alter. Her features were long both on her face and across her body, her fingers were slender and her legs, as they briefly appeared from the wool skirt reaching well beyond the knee, looked a little too trim, almost as if she had been ill. There was a bust there, nothing on what Kaitlyn had and anyway Christine tended to down play it with the floral dresses or plain blouses matched with cardigans as she was wearing today. Her skin was pale, freckled here and there. In the past, what Christine liked to think of as her elegant, refined appearance had led people to make the mistake over her age as well as her state of health. Christine was not displeased by her appearance, she certainly preferred it to the brash, what her mother might have called ‘brassy’ manner of so many women these days. Kaitlyn would easily be put in that category, as would, Christine feared a little, many other women in this district. For now Christine dismissed all such thoughts, there was a lot to be done and she had to concentrate. She went through the flat quickly just to check that nothing had been altered since she had last seen it and that Kaitlyn had left everything behind that she had been supposed to and that none of it was undamaged. At the bottom of a kitchen drawer she found an old letter addressed to a Katherine Pearson at a different address. She wondered if someone had got Kaitlyn’s name wrong and that was why it had ended up here. Christine’s attention was caught by the hoot of the small removals van and she hurried down to direct the men where they had to deliver her things. With furniture in place, she had not had to bring that much with her, really just clothes, personal items, kitchen utensils, some ornaments and her computer. They were all quickly unloaded and Christine shut the door and allowed herself to slump down in the dated but reasonably good condition sofa in the living room. It had been a comparatively painless move, but she enjoyed the fact that now she felt a bit more independent. Coming here marked a clear break from David. She might only be renting this place but for now she felt it was her territory and that she could allow in only those she chose. For the first time, Christine worried suddenly that she might be lonely here. She guessed she would have little in common with her neighbours and worried a little that she would get cut off. She had friends of course, but most of them she had shared with David and it would take some time to see on which side of the divide they would fall. Her best friend, Lucy, was off in America and Canada for the next few months, just at a time when Christine felt she needed her support most. Christine found herself thinking that it might actually be a good idea at least to try to fit in this area, especially if the legal wrangling with David was going to drag on. She was sure there were local societies she could join. Though she had no desire to rush back into a relationship, as she thought about it, Christine wondered what it would be like to return to dating. She felt more experienced than she had been when she had met David. She certainly felt as if next time it needed to be a no-nonsense man who was not going to play games with her, well, at least not with her mind, with her body, that was a different thing. Of course he would have pay attention to pleasuring her as much as himself and have a decent sized cock. Suddenly Christine was finding that she was missing sex, not just the intimacy of being with her husband, even if, as it had proven, she had been third or fourth in line. No, she found she was missing the full-on physical contact of skin against skin and a cock sliding hard into her. Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:15:03 No.1623 Slightly flushed and more than a little embarrassed at herself, Christine focused on the unpacking she had to do. After a few minutes there was a ring on the doorbell and going to it she found a woman, who, for an instant she mistook for Kaitlyn, but as she looked more carefully she saw that while similar in style, this was someone else entirely. She was probably a little younger than Christine but dressed younger than that. She had on a long baggy teeshirt under a loose cardigan but it did little to downplay her ample breasts. Below she wore tight shiny black leggings and flat ankle boots of black leather. Her hair was blonde and pulled back into a pony tail. “Hi, there, you must be Tina. Kaitlyn said you’d be moving in. I’m Gill, did she mention me? No worries if she didn’t. I’ve bought some biscuits. Have you unpacked the kettle?” Christine was powerless to resist the forceful, bubbly personality of this woman as she basically marched into the flat. She guessed this Gill was a neighbour. “Erm, it’s Christine. Yes, no, I have done.” Christine said uncertainly as she closed the front door and followed Gill into the kitchen. “That’s great. I live downstairs you know. It’s good to have another girl upstairs from me. Me and Kaitlyn got on so well and it’s a shame to have seen her go, though I am happy for her and Don, of course. I don’t know what it is about this place but it always seems to turn people’s lives around. You know, only six months back, she came here, after a messy divorce, looking so dour, so untrendy. Now look at her, sexy, sassy and getting hold of a man miles better than that bastard she left behind.” Gill continued at full flow. Christine could imagine, given their similarities, how Kaitlyn and Gill had got on so well. Though Kaitlyn’s story seemed a little like her own, she could not envisage an outcome of the same kind for herself. “Too many women forget that if you want a man, or even if you want a decent shag, you have to go out and get it, dress in a way that makes you feel good but attracts men too.” Gill looked to be casting an appraising eye over Christine and seemed to tut a degree of disapproval. Christine imagined that Gill would have thoughts of encouraging Christine to dress differently, no doubt in the brassy way that she and Kaitlyn did. Christine thought it best to head off such plans quickly. “Erm, well, I’m pretty happy with what I wear. I’m not looking for a man at present.” Christine did not say that she was not looking for sex either as Gill’s comments made her remember her earlier burst of lust. “Come through.” Gill said now the coffee was ready. She walked into the living room with the cups as if it was her own flat. Christine felt unable not to follow. As she sat down and took the coffee and then the biscuits Gill proffered she began to feel that she had been a little hard on the woman. After all, it was better to have a warm welcome from a neighbour rather than her scowling silently at you as you came in and out of the block. Gill might not be the sort of woman Christine would have associated with before, and her kind were not found in the suburbs where Christine had lived previously, but this estate was different and Christine was coming to feel, that here she might be the one to stick out. “You must feel a little out of sorts for the moment.” Gill continued, “But I am sure you’ll soon be fitting in, you know, look like a woman from these parts; Kaitlyn found it easy.” For a moment Christine felt Gill was telling her not to step out of line and come with what her mother would have termed ‘airs and graces’. However, in seconds, Christine found she was welcoming the advice and thinking of ways how she could fit in better. She could not envisage dressing like Gill and certainly not having the tanned complexion that she had. Then again, why not? She was in her thirties not her fifties, why should she not dress a little more fashionable? How could she judge what it was like to go to a tanning salon if she had never tried it? “Thank you Gill. I’ll bear that in my mind.” The response seemed to delight her neighbour. “That’s great, Tina …” Christine was about to correct Gill’s repeated mistake but she felt it would be a little rude to do so. “What are you doing Friday night? Do you fancy meeting for drinks at ‘Oscar’s’? It’s a great place, a little into town. I can introduce you to couple of my friends, Hazel and Sarah, I’m sure you’ll love them.” “Erm, yes, yes, that seems like a good idea.” Christine responded, surprised at how enthusiastic she sounded. She felt she should have been a bit more ambivalent in how she replied. She wondered if she would have anything common to discuss with Gill, let alone her friends, if she was in their company for any length of time. Typically Christine talked about exhibitions she had visited and her favourite parts of France and guessed that the only topic she would raise that would come close to what Gill and the others would discuss would be movies. Even then, Christine imagined, rather dismissively, whereas she enjoyed serious independent films, it was likely Gill preferred the latest Hollywood rom-coms. There seemed no need to rush into making new friends, especially with women who were not of her type. She guessed she would enjoy some weeks of calm and relative isolation. However, something quickly suppressed those thoughts. Perhaps it was Gill’s infectious enthusiasm that seemed to make it so hard to say ‘no’ to any suggestion she made. Anyway, Christine now thought she was foolish to be so dismissive of Gill and the fun she was offering. “Great, I am glad. It’s always a good laugh, all girls together. We can go on for a bit of a boogie later, we’ll show you the best clubs in town.” For a moment, Christine felt unease at this added suggestion from Gill. Surely both of them were too old to be heading out to discos; not that Christine had ever visited more than one or two even when a student. However, that quickly seemed ridiculous. She was not getting any younger, but there was no reason to stop enjoying herself. “Sounds wonderful.” Christine added almost automatically. Her positive response seemed to send Gill into a renewed burst of enthusiasm and the next thirty minutes passed quickly as she outlined all the great places she and her friends had been to over the last few months and the trip to Ibiza the summer before. “Well, I am sure you’ve got to unpack.” Gill said suddenly, standing. “I’ll see you Friday night, let’s say seven. I’ll drop by and pick you up. Okay?” Christine nodded her compliance. “That’s if I don’t see you before. I am manageress for the branch of ‘Disclosure’ in town; if you catch me there, make sure you ask for the ‘manager’s special’. We’ll do coffee too, there’s a nice little place in the next stretch of shops along.” Christine’s query about how Gill supported herself was answered. ‘Disclosure’ was a comparatively new chain store selling lingerie and even fetish wear, not the kind of things Christine ever envisaged herself buying, but she knew they had become highly accepted in the high street. In a couple of minutes she was showing her neighbour to the door, promising to fulfil everything that Gill suggested. With the front door closed, Christine felt as if the flat was a little too quiet. She reflected that maybe she had been far too judgemental regarding Gill who appeared well intentioned. They had not discussed Gill’s relationships but Christine wondered if she had been in a similar position herself in the past and just wanted to prevent Christine from getting too down. Maybe part of her interest was business too; Christine guessed that she was in the demographic that Gill’s shop mainly sold to. Anyway, Gill was probably right, Christine conceded, it would be so easy just to mope around the flat. Now she worried that, before she knew it, she would have turned into one of those elderly women with too many cats and who mumbled constantly to herself. Christine applied herself to the task of unpacking. She slid back the wardrobe door in the main bedroom to find that it was not empty. There was a pair of black jeans and a number of sets of leggings. There were some scoop tops, a denim jacket to match the jeans and a cropped leather jacket. There were a couple of leather skirts of differing lengths; three pairs of high-heeled shoes and two pairs of long boots, one in leather and one in suede. It appeared that in her rush to leave for her new life, Kaitlyn had left behind a number of clothes. Christine thought it best to simply bundle them all up and have the agents send them on. She called them to come and collect the items. However, they said that Kaitlyn had left no forwarding address with them, she had no obligation to do so, especially as all her bills had been settled. Christine thought about sending the clothes to a charity shop, though given how new these things were, presumably expensive too, she was hesitant to do that. She felt certain that Kaitlyn would make an appearance to reclaim them when she realised things were missing as she unpacked wherever she may have gone. Christine went in search of her own clothes to hang in the wardrobe but to her annoyance could not find the suitcases she had put them into. She searched the flat twice and then called the removal company only to get an answerphone message. She wondered what to do. She guessed she could rush out to a shopping centre and grab some things to tide her over until her own clothes reappeared, but she was uncertain which way to head from here. Furthermore, having spent much of the day in packing and moving she did not relish having to traipse around the shops. She went back to the wardrobe. Whilst the clothes were not her style they looked about her size. She guessed, given the crisis, the only solution was to borrow some of Kaitlyn’s stuff and clean it before she came to collect it. Rather frustrated, Christine unpacked all her kitchen things and then set about installing her television. She found that she did not have the range of channels that she had had in her old place. Checking with the company was another thing she added to her growing list. She idly flicked through what channels were available and there seemed to be a choice between pop videos, soap operas and shopping channels, even some pornographic channels which fortunately at this time of day were not on. She wondered if this had been some parting shot from David. Then again, Christine reminded herself, it was such a labour these days to get any service company to provide what you actually wanted. Christine found it difficult to concentrate on the unpacking. Once she had her internet set up she found herself whiling away time reading online fashion blogs and celebrity stories. These were things that had never really interested her before, but she found herself being drawn into them. She wondered if this was a result of finally breaking from David. She felt that she no longer needed to justify herself and could do whatever pleased her. If reading these things made her happy, Christine decided, why should she not do so? Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:15:22 No.1624 **** Three days had passed and Christine felt herself settled. Where the time went she did not know, somewhere between reading online gossip and watching her favourite soap operas. She realised she needed to eat and popped to the convenience store which was becoming where she frequently shopped, not being bothered to go to a larger store. She planned to get a salad and some milk; she had tea in the flat – somewhere at least. The shop assistant, Kelly, seemed to have expected her and Christine. From the first visit, she had proven very chatty; knowing all about the area and ‘Oscar’s’ which Gill had apparently mentioned Christine was going to be a regular patron of. Coming out of the shop this time, Christine looked down into the carrier bag, realising that chatting meant she must have picked up someone else’s. In place of the skimmed milk, salad and newspaper she thought she had bought there was a glossy celebrity magazine, a pie, some full fat milk and a packet of cigarettes. She turned to go back inside to change them. However, a voice halted her. “Tina, so you got my call?” Christine looked back surprised and then realised it was Gill. “Erm, sorry, what?” “I called your mobile.” Christine had no memory of giving Gill her number. She fumbled in the denim jacket she wore but realised she must have left it in her flat. Rather guiltily she was now going around in what Kaitlyn had left. “Sorry, I must have left it at home.” “No worries, you’re here, that’s great.” Gill nodded to the tanning salon that they were a few steps away from. Gill clearly believed that Christine was happy to go into the tanning salon with her. Christine had never been one for tanning on a beach, let alone from a machine. However, she saw no reason why she should not go along with Gill; there was something about her enthusiasm that Christine found infectious. At the moment she had nothing else particularly urgent to do and followed Gill inside. It turned out to be pretty much like going to a swimming pool, she undressed and put on a towelling robe. She guessed some women would wear a bikini and for a moment she thought she would keep her bra and panties on, but something encouraged her to take them off. As she stepped from the cubicle she saw that Gill was naked. Her breasts seemed very round and certainly firm for her age. Christine guessed that Gill had had cosmetic surgery, something she did not approve of. However as she looked at Gill’s taut body she imagined she might change her opinion. Her body was decorated with a few tattoos, one of a fish on her shoulder, stars along her wrist and a butterfly close to her styled pubic hair. Christine had never considered shaving her hair there, but on Gill it looked very elegant. “That’s it, all off, I’m not a fan of tan lines.” Gill chuckled. In the next few minutes Christine was equipped with a pair of goggles and soon was sliding into the bright light of the bed. To her, it looked a little too much like a sandwich toaster, but as she slid into the warmth she understood why Gill enjoyed this so much. Christine found herself drifting away and felt more relaxed than she remembered being for quite a while. It was Gill who woke her. “That’s enough, you don’t want to end up like burnt toast.” “No, but it does feel good.” Christine said sincerely as she looked down at her body which seemed surprisingly brown for just one visit. “Sure does. Let’s shower then go and grab a coffee.” Christine spent the entire afternoon with Gill as the coffee had turned into dinner. The bar-restaurant was not the kind of place she would normally have gone into and she had felt a little frumpy compared to the other women in there. She had little recollection of what she and Gill discussed but she remembered having fun and deciding that she had to start watching the particular soap opera on one of the satellite channels that Gill had been raving about. **** Stepping through the door to her flat, a couple of days later, Christine found a letter had arrived. It was addressed to ‘Tina Summers’, but Christine opened it without thinking. It said that she had been approved for membership of the 1-2-1 Club. She had no memory of applying for membership of anything and imagined that this was simply advertising. Then she wondered if it had been something Gill had signed her up for. If that was the case then it would seem rude to ignore this offer. Gill seemed fair and Christine had to admit that whilst she might not have been the kind of woman she would have made friends with in the past, she actually enjoyed the woman’s bubbly manner. It seemed that hanging out with her had allowed Christine to relax and enjoy life a little. That was probably what she had needed. Now Christine read the club’s brochure with more interest. It appeared to be some kind of dating organisation though like many these days, emphasising the social aspects rather than simply straight on matching. Christine guessed that that approach might suit her perfectly at present. It would allow her to widen her circle of friends now it seemed that many that she had shared her … her ex-husband, David - that was it - had now stopped bothering to contact her. Christine felt that if she ran into a nice man while at one of the club’s events, then, all well and good. The large manor house a couple of miles out of town seemed like a nice relaxed setting. There were a range of events from meals, drinks parties and more full-on discos. The people shown naturally looked sexy and enjoying themselves and certainly seemed to be of Christine’s age group, some perhaps a little younger. She saw that they had an event that weekend and Christine found herself planning to go. Now Christine lit a cigarette and turned to her gossip magazine, it was only when she was halfway through that she realised she did not smoke and yet there were already two butts in the ashtray. As in the tanning salon earlier in the week, after a burst of concern, Christine found she felt relaxed and that while it might be something she had not done before it gave her a satisfying feeling. Turning back to an article about the new house of a footballer and his wife, Christine found herself drawing on her smoke with pleasure. Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:15:40 No.1625 **** Having paid the driver, Christine stepped from the taxi and headed to the wine bar, ‘Oscar’s’ where she had arranged to meet Gill. As she stepped inside the place seemed reasonably stylish if a little dated. She imagined that brash Eighties was the common design around here. She had not walked far when Gill called out to her. She hurried over in a clinging leopard skin dress and hugged Christine as if they had been friends for decades. Christine was quickly introduced to Hazel, a woman of her own age with a cross-over top of some shiny material and a black leather skirt and Sarah, a little younger, with a bandeau top and skin-tight, coated capri trousers. Both had long, permed hair with blonde highlights. Christine was glad she had thought to change her style a little; otherwise she would have looked like these women’s schoolteacher. The removals firm had ended up compensating her for her lost things and she had gone out to buy some new clothes. For this evening, Christine had thought she had put on her dark blazer and matching blouse, a pair of the new, plain leggings that she had bought and a pair of court shoes. Now, however, as she was led to the bar and looked at her reflection behind it she saw the blazer was replaced by that leather jacket; her blouse by a dark red scooped top and rather than the plain leggings she now wore shiny ones, what she had heard described somewhere as ‘wet look’. On her feet were a pair of patent shoe-boots with quite a heel. This seemed incredible. She must have been in more of a daze as she got dressed than she had realised. Where had these clothes came from anyway? Then she began to recognise them as some of the things she had assumed Kaitlyn had left behind. However, given their difference in stature and body shape it seemed incredible that these clothes fitted perfectly. Christine began speculating seemingly mad things such as herself ordering clothes online in some sort of computer-using sleepwalk and that for some reason she had bought things to match what had been left in her wardrobe. As she looked at how good her legs appeared in the leggings and how sexy she felt in this outfit as a whole, Christine told herself to stop worrying. Perhaps she had some innate fashion sense that was coming to the fore now she was not dressing for her ex-husband. Though she was slightly apprehensive at first, Christine quickly found herself getting caught up in the infectious spirit of the three women. A lot of their conversation seem to revolve around celebrities and fashion and she found that now she was familiar with those things. Soon they were rating the men in the wine bar and making raucous comments that Christine felt sure would get them barred. Catching sight of a man she would not normally have thought twice about, she admired his smooth ‘silver fox’ ways and began to fantasise about what sex with him might be like. Then Gill quietened the ladies down and then spoke in a conspiratorial tone. “Now the surprise.” She placed four tickets on the table. They were for a local nightclub. “Fantasy Men – do you know them, Tina?” Hazel asked Christine enthusiastically. Christine found herself smirking. She did not know of them but she could imagine precisely what they were – a troupe of male strippers. As she was handed her ticket she saw she was right. She had no idea if it was the spritzers or the cocktails that had followed, but seeing muscly men stripping naked seemed to scratch an itch she had only begun to realise that she had. **** Hazel and Sarah waved and shrieked at Christine and Gill as they left the taxi and walked into their block of flats. Gill looked dead beat and Christine found it difficult to accept that her friend was finally quiet. For much of the night she had been hearing her shrill voice being excited about one thing and then the other. “Night, babe.” Gill said as she air-kissed Christine and headed wearily into her own flat. “Night.” In a couple of minutes, Christine was through the door into her own place. She slumped on the leather sofa and flicked on the television. She reached to unzip her shoe boots. Then as Christine sat back she realised she had been howling at the strippers just like the women around her. Had her voice been as shrill as Gill’s? Had she been as unrestrained? She did recall that there had been an urge to be photographed alongside them and fantasies about having sex with one of them. In fact Christine realised that she was highly aroused, something that she had not expected. She wondered if David’s attitudes had completely closed her off from the kind of things she really liked to do. However unusual it felt to Christine to get so much fun out of an evening like this, she could in no way deny it was fun and more than she could remember having in a long time. Christine felt too wired for sleep. In fact, more than that, she realised she was very aroused. She guessed that being in a room of stripping men among a group of women who apparently wanted to mount them there in front of everyone would have that effect. Irritably she began flicking through the channels until the grunts and moans showed her she had reached a porn channel. It looked like a businessman was taking his female colleague on his desk at night in a deserted office and Christine recalled the silver fox from the bar. Without rational thought, Christine’s hand was down the front of her shiny leggings, and her fingers were sliding around her lace thong to find that her sex was awake and wet. Soon Christine was thrusting her clenched fingers into her pussy in time with the man’s thrusts on the screen. She easily imagined herself in the tight red leather skirt suit being taken this way, the features of the man from the bar merging with the glistening oiled bodies of the male strippers. Christine’s thumb nuzzled clitoris and she felt a strange empowerment, in sitting here, blatantly in her own flat, fingering herself because it made her happy. Seeing herself dimly reflected in the television screen, the shininess of the leggings and the leather jacket she still wore added to the sense that she was a sexual woman unafraid of all that she could be. With her free hand she was soon released her breasts from her bra, watching her nipples hard against her tight top, playing with them between her fingers, imaging what it would be like to have them pressed so tight against a leather bustier as she had seen on one of the women tonight. All this melange of exciting thoughts was soon sending Christine squirming back and forth across the leather of her sofa; the sensation almost too good to bear. Then she came, her legs skidding out from beneath her, her body feeling that she was tumbling down a chasm, her head being knocked from white light into colours, her limbs shaking as if she was shocked. The orgasm kicked again and in that Christine felt that whatever changes had come upon her, were precisely right. If this was how Tina Summers felt, then she had no desire to live as anyone else. Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:16:05 No.1626 Christine was rather nervous as she walked into the tanning salon. It had been different when she had come here with Gill, but now alone, coming back for another session made her feel a little uneasy. The big images across the windows meant no-one could see her from the street, but she was worried that she would run into someone she knew inside. Then again, she reminded herself, it would most likely be Gill or Hazel that she encountered and she guessed they would be more than happy that she was doing the kind of things they did. That made Christine uneasy again. Once she would never have thought she had anything in common with women like that. However, once she walked up to the desk and spoke with the smiling assistant, Beth, Christine soon found all her concerns fading. As she went to the changing room, she found herself quite excited about what she was about to do. She had no plans for a holiday just yet but half-an-hour or so in here, she felt, could make her feel just as good. Within minutes she was naked bar her goggles and heading into the tanning room, with them on. She lay on the sunbed and switched it on, pulling the upper layer down on her. The light was intense but as she lay back she found it thoroughly relaxing and as the warmth penetrated her, Christine wondered why she had not come back here sooner; maybe she should make it a weekly event. It did not seem to be very long before the timer sounded. Christine extracted herself from the machine and headed towards the shower room, her skin tingling in a pleasurable way. She understood now why women enjoyed being tanned and felt that was going to become a fan of it too. She looked at how the skin on her hands and on her thighs had gone from that rather pale complexion to something looking more vibrant. That realisation made her feel aroused and she had to focus hard to shake off thoughts of a man’s hands running all over her wonderfully tanned skin. Christine ran the shower and stepped in. Something caught Christine’s attention about her reflection in the shower door as she reached over to sponge her shoulders. There seemed to be a dark mark there. She tried to keep calm but worried that it was something like melanoma. She stepped from the shower without switching it off and manoeuvred herself so that she could look over her shoulder at the reflection in the long changing room mirror. It was immediately apparent that it was not an ailment but she still looked at her body in alarm. It was apparent that there was a tattoo on her right shoulder, it looked to be a small seahorse. As she turned back she reached her left arm to run her fingers over it, but she could feel nothing, it was not something that had somehow become stuck to her skin. As Christine lifted her hand away she noticed markings on the inside of her wrist. She quickly looked down and saw there was a small cluster of stars tattooed there. Now, she began looking all over herself and was relieved to find the only other ink was the rose curling around the side of her breast. It did look good, she told herself. Perhaps she needed a couple more tattoos. There was no rush, she liked the ones she had, they had class and that was what she wanted in her body decoration. However, as she dried herself she noticed the scroll work in the small of her back and felt that was the kind of thing she liked and began pondering new locations. Though she had not mentioned it to anyone, not even Gill who she had her usual Saturday morning coffee with, that morning Christine had decided to go to the 1-2-1 club. She felt a little apprehensive and worried that she would get there and be too lacking in confidence to speak to anyone. However, given how her sexuality seemed to have been woken up by the Fantasy Boys performance, she realised that even if she wanted a quiet life, her body was beginning to make demands. Fingering herself in front of porn movies had its place, but she felt she wanted much more. The club might not provide the solution but it seemed like a place to start; to build up her confidence. After all, there was no point in trying online dating if she was simply going to get cold feet once she arranged a date. In addition, Christine felt that she wanted a different kind of man from the ones she would have gone for in the past; certainly one who would treat her like a princess – perhaps a naughty, sexy princess, but in that way all the same. Dried and back into her leather leggings, long suede boots, tight velvet top and biker jacket, Christine bid farewell to Beth on the front desk of the tanning salon and headed back home. She had lots of ideas of what she wanted to do with her hair and make-up and wanted to get just the right dress and shoes for tonight’s visit to the club. That, she knew, could take the rest of the day. **** Brushing her hair aside, Christine was sure it was lighter in shade than before. She tried to think if she had asked Stella to dye it last time she had had it cut. She wondered if it was simply the contrast to the lovely caramel tone of her skin skilfully worked up by the tanning beds. She did not know for know and she guessed it did not matter. She loved how it had been shaped into long curling tresses. This style was classy, she told herself; feminine and with a sassiness to it. She tried to think back to when she had first come to the flat. She was sure she had dressed much more dourly back then. However, she guessed that was the result of the fall-out from Dave. Now, however, she had all her good stuff out and felt she was getting back into the sexy style she had always favoured. Considering the shade of eyeshadow she was going to use, Christine looked at her reflection carefully. There seemed to be a small dent in the side of her nose. She wondered what had caused it: had she knocked herself while asleep? As she looked at it she was reminded of an empty piercing in an ear and then remembered something Hazel had said when she had last been in the shop and they had run into each other. “Why don’t you wear your nose stud? I never see you with more than one set of earrings either. Did you chuck them out because your ex bought them for you?” Hazel had observed. Christine’s confused response had been cut off by a group of teenagers bowling noisily into the shop and she had forgotten about it until now. Was this a hole for a nose stud? She brushed back her hair to look at her ears. There sat the plain studs she had worn during the day for as long as she had been at this flat, but behind them seemed to be a couple more holes. For a moment Christine wondered how they had got there. She worried however mad it seemed, that she had been going out and getting piercings as she sleepwalked. That thought was quickly forgotten and she found herself thinking that, instead, Hazel had been right. Of course, she would have had these done long ago; it was just, well, before she had come here and got to know Gill, Hazel and her other friends in the neighbourhood she had simply been as plain and simple as she could. Now she had written Dave out of her life she needed to get her own jewellery and not leave these piercings empty. Christine went to her jewellery box. Had it always been this large? From it she pulled a small piece of card holding her nose studs and she slipped in an amethyst and silver one. Then she found large gold hoop earrings and smaller rings to fill the other piercings. As she turned her head, Christine liked the way her earrings butted gently against the side of her face and her nose stud caught the light. She looked good in these and surely that meant they were precisely right for her. Christine searched the drawer for a plain bra; she wanted something that was comfortable. Though a bra might look sexy, there was nothing less sexy than her having to tug at it and adjust it all night long. She could not remember buying this black lace one with the scarlet silk panels. Had this too been left by Kaitlyn? She had left messages for the woman with the letting agency but had had no response. Her own clothes had never materialised. While she had been able to buy some new things, her initial qualms about wearing the stuff abandoned here had quickly faded as she found that not only did it all fit her, but it matched the style she had adopted. Finally Christine found the bra she was looking for and moved to put it on. It felt awfully tight around her breasts. She looked at herself in the mirror. It did not seem possible that her breasts were larger, but that certainly seemed to be the case. They seemed firm, rounder than what she had looked at for more than twenty years. This bra was not going to do, she knew she would be terribly uncomfortable. She went back to the drawer and pulled out the lace one. It certainly seemed to be larger. It seemed wrong to wear another woman’s bra, but this one looked brand new. She unclipped her white bra at the back and felt relieved. A little self-consciously she picked up the silk and lace one. As she held it against her breasts, she knew she had made the right decision, it felt wonderful on her skin. She realised this one clipped closed at the front and for some reason that seemed unusual but right. Then into her mind came the thought of a man, not David, but some strong, unknown man unclipping this bra from her. Not for the first time, Christine shook her head as if to clear it of such thoughts. She glanced at her watch; it was almost time to go and she was still in her underwear. Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:16:40 No.1627 **** Christine walked from room to room in the large manor house on the outskirts of town where the 1-2-1 Club meeting tonight was hosted unable. She found herself to settle. The woman at the desk seemed to think that Christine or at least ‘Tina Summers’ had been to their events before. Not for the first time did Christine wonder if this was about more than simply an error and that somehow she was being mistaken for this Tina and accessing things that were hers. For the moment, however, there were more immediate issues to deal with. Travelling here in the taxi, Christine had felt very sexy in the terracotta devore top and the knee-length suede skirt in a complementing shade. Her strappy plum-coloured high-heeled shoes seemed to set off the whole outfit and showed her smooth, well-tanned legs to their best. There were various rooms – one with a buffet and drinks; one with a disco and another like a lounge. There were single men and women here, but most seemed already to be in couples. Christine had felt a little foolish that she had misunderstood the nature of the club. It seemed more like something social for middle-aged people. Maybe they did do singles nights and this was just not one of them. At first, she had wondered if, as a result, she had dressed too sexily. However, having seen the women around the house, she realised it was not a problem. A woman had just strode passed her in a leather bra and shorts with glistening boots almost reaching her crotch. A mischievous thought told her she could dress the same if she fancied. She did wonder what kind of man she might attract if she did. Then again, she was feeling the return of that ache to have some sex and to have it soon. As a result she pressed on, taking care to ensure any men she glanced or smiled at was alone not awaiting a woman to return with a drink. “Hi, Tina!” Christine looked around at the sound of the woman’s voice. At first she did not recognised the woman. She was probably in her thirties. She wore a red shiny tube dress that clung to her. Her feet had high-heeled shoes with a transparent platform and held on to her feet only by a slender spiralled dark red strap. Her blonde hair was loose and shoulder length; her make-up heavy, so fitting in with much of that worn by the women here. “I didn’t know you were a member. We could have shared a cab.” The woman continued. Then Christine realised this was Hazel. “Erm, sorry Hazel, I was miles away. Er, yes, well I’m a new member. It seemed like a good idea to come along.” Christine did not add that now it seemed like she had made a bit of mistake. “Oh, it is, you won’t regret it. I’ve been coming here for the past three years, you know. There’s a great selection of guys and new ones always joining. Come on, join me, we’ll double our chances.” Without any better plan, Christine sat on the seat beside Hazel who was soon bubbling away about this club. It seemed that now she imagined her and Christine were members of the same club there was no reason why they should not move on to being really good friends. Christine steadily found herself entranced by Hazel’s dress. Of course, she could never have envisaged wearing something like that even ten or fifteen years ago, but she found it was intriguing to imagine what it must be like to slip into a tight dress like this. There was something delightfully simple about it, no zips or straps to worry about. Christine guessed you had to have ample breasts like Hazel to be able to pull off something like that, or, she laughed to herself, to keep it on. The fact that Hazel just had the dress and the shoes that themselves were so skimpy seemed to fit perfectly into these surroundings. “I like your dress.” Christine found herself saying. “Thank you. We need to get you one if you’re going to become a regular. This one’s from Gill’s place. I’ll bring their catalogue round. Maybe something in gold for you, maybe electric blue, what do you think?” “Erm, I don’t know it would suit me.” “Nonsense, you’ll look great in one. Why don’t you come round and we can have a girls’ night in looking through the catalogue?” Christine found it difficult to agree with Hazel, but she muttered politely that that would be nice. “Evening ladies.” Christine looked up a little startled at the sound of the man’s voice. Standing over them was a bulky man probably close to fifty. He had a head of white hair and heavy features that, for some reason, seemed reassuring. He would a long loose purple shirt open a little at the top, baggy black leather trousers and thick soled shoes. “Hi there.” Hazel responded. “What sort of evening are you having?” That question caught Christine’s attention as she realised that rather than go for a question with a yes/no answer he had asked something which would need something fuller. “Very nice one, but I’m hoping that it’s going to get even better.” Christine was not surprised by Hazel’s coquettish response, but found that she did not disapprove. In fact, it seemed like just the right thing to say. “This is my friend, Tina and I’m Hazel.” Christine knew she should feel unhappy at again being referred to as Tina and that Hazel had drawn her into the conversation with this man. She looked up at the man and smiled, to be polite. “Nice names. I’m Malcolm.” “Good to meet you Malcolm. And how ‘bout you, what are you looking for this evening?” “Oh, to spend some time with a couple of nice ladies. Maybe take it upstairs if that is what seems good. Does that sound like the kind of thing you’re looking for too?” Christine found it difficult to follow precisely what was being meant by the conversation. She guessed that Hazel was being chatted up and she thought she should feel like the gooseberry, but somehow she did not. Soon Hazel was moving closer to Malcolm and doing those little touches which signalled to Christine that she was interested in this man even if he did not notice them. “I’m hogging the limelight.” Malcolm said abruptly. For a moment Christine wondered if he was going to move on, which she felt was a shame for Hazel. However, he pulled out a small phone. “I have a mate, Derek. If you’d like Tina … you’re just the sort of woman he is keen to meet. Are you interested?” Christine found herself nodding. “You don’t have to ask twice.” “Tina’s a real goer. You should have seen her at that Fantasy Boys gig the other night, you’d think she’d blow one of them there on the stage if he’d asked.” Hazel tittered. “Derek’s not an oiled hunk, but from what I’ve heard from ladies, you’d want to try him out in the sack.” For an instant Christine wondered about how blatant all this was turning out to be. Then she chased off that thought. She needed sex and it looked like that, despite her early pessimism, she might actually be going down the path to getting some. She was an adult after all, and if this Derek was half decent, then she wondered if she could try taking ‘it upstairs’ to one of the rooms. “Dez, it’s Malc. There’s a lovely lady called Tina who’s here all on her lonesome and she’d like to see what you’d be like for company.” Malcolm chuckled. “Yes, we’re in the back lounge. See you.” He grinned at Tina and he needed not to say anything else for her to feel a bit of excitement. In some ways she felt she had trapped herself into something, but that simply made the sensation sweeter. Her courage was not going to let her out this time and if she was right, the first sex she could remember in weeks was on its way. As a man walked into the room, she looked up and smiled broadly. “Hello … Tina. I recognise you, don’t I?” For a moment, she could not place him but then realised that fate had brought her back to the man from ‘Oscar’s’. “’Oscar’s’” Christine smiled her glossed lips with genuine delight. “We were both there.” She gestured to Hazel though she was now head-to-head with Malcolm. “But you disappeared before I had a chance to come over. I saw you on the 1-2-1 website; that you were coming tonight. So that’s a dream come true – you’re my kind of woman.” Derek was about Malcolm’s age, perhaps a little younger. There was a bulk about his body that Christine imagined came from labour or outdoor activities rather than posing in the gym. He was in a black tight short-sleeved shirt and tight canvas trousers that did nothing to conceal what he kept below or that he was clearly pleased to see Christine. “Shall we leave this pair … and go get a drink Tina?” “Sure, Derek.” Christine said as she stood, taking his proffered hand. However, she turned and bent over to collect her hand bag, her hand gently sweeping over the rear of her leather skirt as she did. There was something pleasurable about playing this way. Tonight seemed to have altered abruptly and Christine felt she was going to get precisely what she needed. They were quickly with glasses of wine, but they had barely sat down again before Christine found herself leaning over to Derek and kissing him, loving the taste of the drink on his lips and the strength of his body beneath her breasts. She moved into the arc of his arm and they talked briefly about themselves and the club. Derek spoke as if Christine had always known this was a swingers’ club and she found no surprise as it was revealed to her. In fact, she understood it was what she had wanted all along. With their drinks finished, she was letting Derek lead her up the stairs, picking her way cautiously in her tight skirt and stiletto heels. Derek opened the door to a room near the end of the corridor; reds on others showed they were occupied. “In here, erm, Chris…?” “Tina.” Tina, that was how she thought of herself, this was not something Christine would ever have envisaged even thinking about, let alone doing. “Tina, this room good for you?” Tina nodded and sauntered into the room as Derek held open the door in an old fashioned way that she found she liked. He followed her in and locked the door. Tina was aware that this time things were a little different and certainly they did not want any other couple or group gate crashing. Tina wondered what she felt about Derek. She was already picking up vibes that this was not going to be simply a passing encounter and that there would be other occasions between them. She wondered if the fact that they had met at a swingers’ club suggested that there could never be anything more substantial than perhaps being each other’s favourite. As Tina crossed to the chair and low table she realised that she did not in fact worry about that. She knew there would be times when she would want a good fucking and that having a number of different partners kept things fresh. She imagined Derek would feel the same, there was no need to keep this exclusive, but she could see the advantage of having someone regular, a real fuck buddy. Tina liked that thought, she liked the direct language she was using in her mind. “Fuck.” Tina said aloud, savouring the feel of the word on her lips. “Sorry?” Derek asked as he walked towards her. “I want a fuck, I want to be fucked.” Tina said, shuddering pleasurably as she knew that that was true. Derek grinned broadly, clearly enjoying what he was here. “Well, that’s what I’m here for, precious. You want my big hard cock in you don’t you?” “Yeah, I want you riding me hard.” Tina said, feeling quickly aroused by how this conversation was going. “I want your meat deep in me.” Tina widened the stance of her legs and pressed her dress down between her legs, so that her palm pressed on her sex. She let the stretchy material spring back before hitching the hem of the dress up further, revealing more of her thighs and then her sex, barely concealed beneath her thong, with her pussy hair trimmed to a narrow strip, just on show. Tina was not surprised how sodden her pussy was, simply walking around in this dress and these shoes had begun the process and meeting Derek had developed it further. “You want some rough handling.” Derek said and Tina found she wanted it to be a statement. Now Tina stood and walked to the fireplace. She braced herself against it with her legs spread wide thrusting the hem of her dress’s skirt even higher, allowing her bum to show; she was glad she had not bothered with panties or a bra. Tina glanced over her shoulder at Derek who was shedding his jacket. Catching his eye Tina rang her tongue lasciviously around her glossed lips before turning back and closing her eyes, waiting in anticipation for whatever Derek chose to do. She was then aware of Derek moving around behind her Suddenly Derek’s hand looped around Tina pressing her shiny dress down on her midriff and the pressure made her aware of the two studs at either end of the arc into her navel. Then she felt his other hand slide between her legs and she enjoyed feeling pinned between the two. Tina realised, as his broad fingers stroked down the lips of her pussy, that he was assessing her state of arousal and as he did she stepped up another level and rocked her hips to press her moist sex harder on his fingers. Then Derek’s cock replaced his fingers. It was coated in rubber and so felt as slick as her own sex. Tina wanted more friction and worked her pussy muscles to clamp as hard as she could on her lover’s flesh. Then she rode it, pulling herself up and down on it, loving the fact she could not see him; getting off on the sense that she was being used as a gaudy sexual toy; knowing that she was that kind of brassy, tarty, sassy woman who loved sex and demanded it the way she needed it. Mentally Tina marked herself out from all those repressed women who might look at her in her glossy dress and her high heels; her tattoos and her piercings and yet she knew they signalled what was at the heart of her; the hunger that was in her body; the real need for sex like this. Those thoughts spiralled and then crashed within Tina and then she felt as if a cold wave had come down on her. In moments it heated and she shuddered and squealed, locked into the sensation, shuddering in her sexy dress, convulsing her sexy body, then shrieking, raking at the wall with her talon like nails, strengthened and ornamented at the nail bar just that day. Everything reminded her that she was simply a sexy woman and that reverberated the pleasure in what she was doing all the harder. Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:16:54 No.1628 **** The evening was moonlit, dry and felt warm. Tina imagined it was ideal weather for dogging. She liked the fact that she could think these things through; they made her feel completely in control of her sexuality and sophisticated in knowing what she wanted and going out and getting it. Of course, the 1-2-1 Club had not been about dating, it had been about sex. However, having spent much of the night with Derek, she had found that she not only liked his cock but his company too. He had taken her out the next night which began with a meal and ended with the kind of rampant sex Tina knew she loved. There had been other men since Derek, of course, but these days it was he who took her to the club and then ‘swapped’ her in that old terminology, for another woman. He had got it on with Hazel and Tina had had a good time with Malcolm. There had been Faiz, a younger man with lovely smooth brown skin and Roel from Holland for when Tina liked it almost mechanical. There had been other men whose names she had not caught but she had nicknamed, like Mr. Clit-Licker, an attribute he shared with Derek. Tina smiled to herself as she recalled some highlights from recent weekends. As Derek turned down the narrower road Tina found that she was becoming more aroused with every mile they took towards the rendezvous point. Of course she was a swinger, she knew that she had admitted that to herself when she had gone to the 1-2-1 Club. However, she had not realised how much excitement she would get from having sex with comparative strangers in a public place. Tentatively she slipped her finger beneath her leather skirt and felt how hot and wet her sex was. She loved the fact that she was such a blatantly sexual woman and that Derek was more than happy to let her indulge that. Now Derek pulled the car off the road and Tina realised they had arrived. It was early and so far there were two other cars here with their headlights on. Tina knew that often these things would attract many other couples and voyeurs and that was part of the fun, that, before long, you could have a whole orgy going on. She found she loved the fact these locations, mundane places by day, could be turned at night into somewhere for daring sex. Tina got out of the car quickly and walked round to join Derek. Looking over the other two women already there, she guessed from the website messages that these must be Linda and Samantha. Tina knew that she had come suitably dressed. Her boots were a little longer than theirs which, like hers, were black vinyl. Also in common with her, they wore hold-up fishnet stockings. Samantha, the younger one had a tight bustier that, like Tina’s top, taut against her breasts kept round and in place by their implants, left her midriff bare, exposing her pierced navel. Linda, a little older than Tina was in a simple short and tight black satin dress. Both of them had bleached blonde hair much the same length as Tina’s. She noticed the way they moved side-to-side that they were probably as aroused as her and keen to get the sex started. “I’m Tina Summers.” Tina, said nodding to Linda and Samantha. It was probably unnecessary, but she felt pride in saying it out loud. In the next couple of minutes she was introduced to Gary who was with Samantha and Chas who was with Linda. The ice broken the women began to lift their skirts and to stroke their shaven pussies. Tina was glad that she had shaven her own, it seemed to fit with the style that went around dogging and she was pleased to fit in. Derek came and pressed a strong kiss on Tina and groped her bum. Then she turned and went back to his car. She hitched up her skirt to expose her bum and stood there with her arms resting on the car rocking back and forth tentatively, keen that someone’s cock filled her wet pussy; the crotchless panties gave easy access. Then she felt a man behind her and could hear his breathing. It was not Derek but she was not sure of the other two who it was. That ignorance, she realised, made it all the more exciting as his hand slid between her thighs and stroked at her pussy lips. Tina felt the man’s breath on her neck, glad that it was minty and that she could smell a good class after shave over any sweat. The head of his cock was now stroking back and forth on her pussy lips and Tina found herself groaning in anticipation. Her nipples were rock hard against her top and she ached to toy with her sex. Then with a jerk, the man’s cock slid right in, pressing hard and deep inside her. Tina wanted to yelp but instead let out a long moan that felt good in itself. “Smile.” Tina turned in the direction of Derek’s voice and as was usually the case now, she saw herself being filmed on his phone. She really got off on these videos, seeing herself such a sexual creature, squeezing the most out of the lifestyle she and Derek loved to share. This was too much for Tina, she knew she had been building up to a big climax all day and with all these elements in place it was all too hard to hold back. She guessed the man in her would take time to get there so she tried to focus on something mundane. However, her mind was simply full of memories that made her hot scenes from the Club, the Fantasy Boys in various fantasies; even her body tanned, tattooed and pierced brought excitement. As the wave crashed on her, Tina jerked against the car, thumping her augmented breasts into the glass, sending her back. She had lost the man’s cock, but she could hear from his groans that this was a good enough sight to please him. Tina shuddered, her body seeming to strain against the tight clothes that wrapped it. The sensation did not let up and Tina found juice running down her stockinged legs as she convulsed. The man’s jism spurted past her and she looked over her shoulder coyly loving that this one could get off on her orgasming for him. That jolted her again and Tina got another quick burst. For her this was taking her up to a place she guessed she would stay all night. She now had the desire to consume Derek in her pussy. Tina turned away from the car, not bothering to hitch her skirt down. She strutted on her long boots. “Off to a good start.” She said eagerly. “Now, Linda, how about a bit of girl-on-girl? You only live once.” The woman looked a little apprehensive, but then Tina stepped towards her and groped at her breast. The nipple beneath the satin was hard and Tina knew that this was something Linda had perhaps fantasised about but as yet had not had the courage to take the next step. Tina felt nothing special for women but she knew it got the men all fired up. More than that, she had the sense that Linda needed to really get into this scene, to be coming her dressed in leather, ready to spread her legs for any man who took her fancy; building up her pleasure, building up her sense of ‘why not?’ was going to help her get there. Anonymous 05/01/17 (Mon) 13:17:12 No.1629 **** The removal van and men had gone and Derek with them to supervise the unloading at the other end. He was going to come back and collect her. Then they were off for a special lunch to celebrate her moving in. He had asked her, the morning after the dogging and it had seemed so right. As it was, her six-month contract on the flat was coming to an end so there was no fuss with the agency. From the letter that had arrived that morning she understood they had tenants lined up eager to move in right away. Tina was glad she had hired some friends of Gill’s who cleaned professionally; the place looked better than new. She wanted it perfect for whoever was taking over from her in here; perhaps the same way she had once done. Tina felt that she and Derek knew each other well enough to see that this was not only going to work, it was going to work very well. Tina relished the fact that she would have no need to have a job. As Derek had told her, all she had to do was look beautiful and be his ‘sex goddess’, roles that Tina knew she could fulfil with intense, howling pleasure. To emphasise that she had tossed aside the old clothes she had worn to supervise the removals and now looked at the outfit she was going to wear. This was going to signal to Derek just how strong her ‘yes’ to becoming part of his life was. Tina gazed at the leathers, they were sexy and yet had a style about them. She felt a frisson about putting them on. Of course she had worn leather before but not a whole outfit like this. It seemed to indicate a particular kind of woman, one who was sexy and made no apologies about that fact. Tina knew that summed her up perfectly. There was something else too, these clothes had been bought for her by Derek and he had suggested, well, it had been firmer than that, that she should put them on. She knew that if she complied with what he had directed then she would be showing that she was happy to dress and behave in the way that he wanted. Tina considered it and realised that, in fact, that was certainly what she hoped he would understand, that she was happy for him to lead her wherever he wanted. She was tired of having to do everything for herself. To have a man look after her properly would be wonderful. Tina took a lacy thong and slipped into it. Then she reached for a plain black bustier and pulled it on. She liked the way it seemed to present up her ample breasts decorated with their tattoo for Derek’s approval. Then she turned back to the leather trousers and quickly slid them on. They were tight and she loved how the leather clung to her shapely thighs and her rounded backside. Naughtily she spanked her bum, loving the sound of the slap and began thinking how good it would be to have Derek spank her in these. Tina realised she was getting turned on just getting dressed like this and that seemed to re-emphasise that following the path Derek had laid out for her was the right decision. Quickly she eased into the jacket and swept out her long blonde hair so it hung loose down her leathered back. Finally she zipped her feet into a pair of pointed, stiletto-heeled ankle boots and then paraded in front of the mirror, really enjoying the way she looked. It was clear that Derek had an eye for ladies outfits and had selected this one perfectly for her. That was yet another thing in his favour. With that thought Tina knew that going to live with him, becoming his ‘leathered lady’, his babe, was the thing she most desired. Tina checked her make-up – the glossy lips rimmed in black, the striking mascara with a switch at the corner of her eyes that she loved and the copper shade on her eyelids. Her favourite glistening hoops swung in her ears, matching the stud in her nose; her long blonded hair cascaded down her leathered back. She felt priceless and as always when she dressed these days – excited. Something in her made sure that her libido ran at full throttle almost constantly. Distantly Tina tried to remember life before this flat, but it was incredibly vague and in many ways she felt that she had really only truly come alive when she had begun to pay attention to what her body was demanding. Tina tugged at the door of the mirrored wardrobe for one final check. However, she could not make it budge; the one in the spare bedroom proved just the same. She was sure she was just fussing, doing an unnecessary check just to fill the time. She wandered into the kitchen which had been stripped out. All that was there was a letter from the letting agency for the new residents: ‘Jenna and Honey Hunter’, it said on the address. Tina wondered what they would be like. Were they a lesbian couple? Then a text came to her phone – it was Derek confirming he was on his way. Tina cast one last look around the flat and then headed out. As she left the block she glanced across at Gill’s flat but the curtains were drawn and Tina imagined her friend was still sleeping off last night’s session at ‘Oscar’s’ to mark Tina’s leaving. It was not that she was moving that far, but then again, Gill would never pass up on an excuse for a good time and Tina knew she was much the same. She wondered how Gill would get on with this Jenna and Honey. A car packed to the top with belongings, pulled up in front of the block of flats. Two women emerged and immediately Tina saw that they were in fact mother and daughter. The mother was in a tweed skirt and blouse that would have looked dated thirty years earlier. Her chestnut hair was pulled back in a bun. Her daughter was probably in her early twenties, maybe unemployed after having returned from university. Her darker hair was in a mess. Her face was unmade-up and her figure was concealed in a duffel coat and baggy, turned-up jeans, making her look like a character from a children’s story. Tina bowled up to them. “Hello, you must be Jenna and Honey Hunter – moving into my old place.” The mother looked at Tina with clear contempt, but Tina never interested herself in anyone else’s judgement, she knew who she was and was proud of it. “No, it’s Holly Huntley.” The younger woman corrected petulantly. “And I am Jennifer Huntley, not Jenna, not even Jenny.” The mother made a face at the last name. “Ah, okay. Well, there’s a letter for you in the kitchen.” Tina said with a strange feeling that they would find many other things in the flat. “I am not impressed.” Jennifer Huntley declared to all in hearing. “That agency never seem able to get anything right.” “Beggars cannot be choosers.” Holly observed sourly. “At least it looks clean and it’s not noisy.” “Yes, the flat might be alright, especially given the situation your father left us in … but, the area.” “Oh, I am sure you’ll both find yourself fitting in very well around here before very long.” Tina said with a cheerful tone. Jennifer Huntley clearly did not know how to respond and settled on simply looking indignant. Then Derek pulled up, beeping his horn as he did. Tina smiled and waved, strutting in her sharp heels to the car, loving the creak and ripple of the tight leather that held her. As she slid into the passenger seat, she could see from her lover’s grin and the bulge in his trousers that she had done right with this outfit. In moments they were pulling away. “Ready for your new life?” Derek asked. “Always.” Tina replied. THE END
  9. Filling Out the Role(BBW,Corrupt, BE,Culture change) MC FD GR FT SF NC Model Bethany finds herself slowly becoming a burlesque bad girl when she tries out for a plus-sized troop. Filling Out the Role By Joel and Edward Hyde Bethany Bishop had made a more then comfortable living modeling for the majority of her adult life. As far as models went she was exceedingly basic. She was your standard barbie doll look alike. She was tall, tan, blonde, and thin, with the type of feature’s that while attractive made her hardly distinguishable from any other generic cheerleader dancer or actress. In short she was the perfect hanger for clothes. Attractive enough to hold one’s attention but not unique enough in any way to distract from the clothing. Despite this Bethany had a very overinflated opinion of herself. Which to be fair how could one blame her she’d been able to make a living off simply looking pretty that was no small feat. So what if her delusions of transitioning into acting one day were totally unfounded beyond being just another generically good looking face in a few commercials. In most aspects Bethany was surprisingly average as far as attractive ladies went. Her taste in music consisted almost exclusively to the latest on the pop chart and her taste in television consisted little beyond the Kardashians and other reality stars she wished to emulate. Her taste in movies consisted entirely of awful comedies and the latest chick flicks. And she read virtually nothing save for the latest gossip and fashion rags. Her pastimes included nothing else of much interest either shopping, partying, guys, repeat basically summed it up. With the exception of one dark little secret a passion Bethany had kept completely to herself. Bethany had a secret interest in burlesque. She’d briefly dated a guy that was seriously into it and she’d been totally enamored by it. While one may see very little difference between it and her day job of modeling Bethany was drawn to the vast differences. These ladies weren’t just racks for clothes they were individuals each with a unique routine and look. They also didn’t take direction from photographers, directors, managers etc instead totally owning their stage. Also unlike her they had unique beauties boasting thicker figures, bustier chests, more mature looks, wild hair, tattoos, or any combination of the above. They were also larger than life characters with over the top stage names and attitudes. Bethany had been instantly drawn to the sharp contrast to her own trade. Periodically she’d even catch herself fantasying about a larger than life character for herself. With a different name, a different personality, a different look! It seemed at least a small part of Bethany desperately wanted to be unique, to stand out, too have something to say. Every so often Bethany even snuck out to attend a club a local troop performed at. This place was not one of her normal hangs it was seedy and catered to the type of underground punk, comedy and other forms of entertainment that she would be confused and angered by. Her interest in the art got her to venture out every so often though. The group was a talented one too the way they commanded a room and dominated a stage was awe inspiring. They weren’t particularly attractive in the traditional sense though. They were almost uniformly big gals not a one of them probably weighing in at under 200 pounds. And while a small part of Bethany had to admit these babes carried their weight with a degree of confidence and swagger that simply had to be considered sexy Bethany mostly found it cute. If these heifers could drive a crowd wild she could only imagine what she could do with her perfect 10 looks and incredible size two figure. Bethany kept her thoughts to herself though. If it got out that she ever did something like that what would her friends say, her clients, her contacts? No her fantasies would have to stay that just fantasy’s. Until one day the cattiness of her fellow models made her change her mind. Bethany had just finished a lucrative catwalk for a new designer line and while she changed clothes she overheard some of her supposed “friends” talking about her. “God how the hell does that basic bitch get all the good gigs?” A voice she thought she recognized as Kim a model several years younger than her and a few tiers lower on the career ladder lamented. “Ugh don’t even get me started basic is the perfect description.” Another voice she thought she recognized as Stacy a model closer to her age she had thought of as something of a friend. “I freaking know right!? I swear that chick has no style no personality she’s just a total copycat. Whatever is on the cover of Glamour or Cosmo she wears. And has she ever had a haircut that didn’t belong to Taylor Swift first?” Kim giggled. “Totally and she’s such an airhead. Like I know we’re models but shit even in a room full of other airheads she makes me feel smart.” Stacy continued. “Totally I don’t know how she gets all the good gigs?” Kim huffed. “Cause she’s fucking Jack I figure.” Stacy replied. “Lucky bitch leave it to her to bribe the only manager that’s not gay or taken with sex!” Kim barked. “It’s cool hun I wouldn’t worry about it too much. She’s approaching her expiration date it’ll be our time soon.” Stacy laughed. “How you figure?” Kim asked. “Cause she’s about to be 26 and she still hasn’t really made it yet. Pretty soon the offers will mostly dry up and even if she does have Jack wrapped around her finger he’ll have to start pushing a new face.” Stacy explained. “And then it will be our turn!” Kim exclaimed. Bethany then stormed out of the dressing room and to her car absolutely livid! She’d have punched something if she wasn’t terrified jacking up her nails might cost her a job. Then by fate or happen stance she saw a flyer under her windshield wiper. Bethany picked it up and realized it was for that crumby club she occasionally checked out the burlesque babes at. It read “Boom Boom Bombshells seeking a replacement for Bodacious Becky think you have what it takes?” And then try out dates were listed below. Bethany then briefly studied the pic of “Bodacious Becky” Like the rest Bodacious Becky was a severely overfed girl tipping the scales at somewhere in the ball park of 250 pounds. To even someone not into women of size they would admit that she was well proportioned with a sturdy firmness to her bulk. Becky was incredibly curvaceous with a wild sexy school girl from hell look. She had short spiky hair thick nerdy glasses clothed in a dark sexy school girl uniform type top and a black plaid skirt. If not for the well fed gut protruding from between the skirt and the shirt even Bethany would have conceded that she was hot. Between the belly and thick thighs though Bethany instantly declared her a heifer. “Screw it if that sorta cute fat chick could do it so could she! She’d prove those bitches wrong she wasn’t ready to be put out to pasture yet! Dita Von Teese was in her forties and still getting loads of lucrative work. She’d show them she’d corner a whole other market not on those bitches radar and if things went really well she could go public so to speak and use the experience to majorly bulk up her modeling portfolio.” Bethany could all but see it know she’d try out for that troop get some experience then reenergize her brand from there. Part 2 Bethany had practiced her routine for about a week assembled an outfit and came up with a moniker for herself. It was simple she knew but when they saw what an improvement she was on their former heifer she doubted they’d mind. She’d purchased a school girl outfit of her own consisting of fishnet stockings, a grayish plaid skirt, black belt, white blouse, gray jacket, and one of those little ladies mini ties to lay between her breasts. Bethany then gave herself a touch of bad girl edge via much darker makeup then she would normally wear and a medium length dirty blonde wig fixed in an edgy style. And thus “Beautiful Becky” was born. It was simple yes but her name also began with "Be" so she figured she had just as much right to the Becky moniker and plus compared to that last heifer she was hella beautiful. Feeling quite confident Bethany throw on a jacket and headed to the club. The troop must have rented it out for the night for auditions because it was totally empty when she arrived save for the four dancers. Upon entering a severely plump and busty red head dressed in an edgier version of 50s office girl attire remarked with a laugh “You lost skinny I’m not sure you belong here?” “Yeah twiggy I’m not sure where you’re supposed to be right now but this ain’t it.” A Latina babe a few years older than Bethany with a majorly overfed pear shape balanced out by some obviously fake tits and an over the top punk/metal look. “Ladies ladies goodness you can be such little bitches sometimes. She’s obviously looking to audition aren’t you hun?” A southern lady in her late 30s or early 40s declared with a little twang to her accent. Bethany glanced her way recognizing her from one of her previous trips to the club. She was an attractive lady even Bethany had to admit that clothed in a revealing black dress with a look akin to the late Anna Nicole but a good fifty pounds fatter than even the late models heaviest days. While rather tubby Bethany noted just how shapely and firm all her bulk was like despite her size she waddled into the gym fairly regularly. “Umm that’s right.” Bethany answered meekly. “I don’t know she’s awful skinny ain’t she.” A young black lady as overfed as the rest with a wild white Mohawk type hairdo butted in. “Oh hush darlin. You may have forgotten but I remember you use to be a twiggy little thing yourself. The Anna Nicole look alike giggled. “Now honey don’t you pay those big bullies no mind. Now you can call me Jayne, that there with the red hair is Tess, Latina chicka is Blare, and that’s Sugar we’re happy to have you right ladies?” Jayne declared. “Sure, Whatever, Yeah…” Were more or less the responses of the other ladies. “And you are?” Jayne inquired. “Oh um Bethany.” She answered. “Sorry guess I should have been more specific we don’t use Christian name’s here I mean what’s your stage handle?” Jayne replied. “Oh uh yeah sorry umm Beautiful Becky.” Bethany responded. “Well ain’t that cute. Well looks like your our last audition for the night so how about you let our Blaire Witch here rig you up some music so we can see what you’ve got. Got any music in mind?” Jayne asked. Bethany responded positively and pretty soon some music from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack was playing and she was up on the stage. Bethany went through the paces feeling confident that she was striking that balance between strong and sexy. She also figured that with her tight toned little bod she’d have driven any men watching the exhibit wild. Then as the song began drawing to a close Bethany was relieved to hear the ladies clapping. “Thank goodness those heifers do know sexy when they see it.” Bethany thought with an inward chuckle. Then she heard it aside from clapping they were laughing big booming belly laughs all of them! Suddenly a flood of emotions washing over her she was equal parts embarrassed and confused what had she done wrong? She was also immediately angry and defensive what the hell do those fatties know about anything! Their just jealous of my figure she inwardly raged. As the music ended Bethany meekly replied to the laughter with “I’m sorry did I miss a joke?” “Yeah your stage show.” Sugar responded producing a new round of laughter. “Sorry honey ain’t nothing sexy about rid bones.” Tess chimed in. “The itty bitty titty committee meeting is around the block Blare butted in. “Ladies ladies that’s enough!” Jayne declared upon suppressing her own chuckles. “Ugh yes ma’am” The three said one after another. “I’m sorry ummm Becky it seems something’s brought out the devil in these ladies today. You three run along and I’m going to talk to Becky about when to come back for a second audition.”Jayne said. “Suit yourself… See you later skinny.” Tess said as she sashayed toward the exit working her curvaceous bod like she was the one on stage. “Whatever… better luck next time pipsqueak.” Sugar declared following Tess. “Audios chicka la flaco.” Blair added. By the time Bethany had made it off the stage and over toward Jayne they had all departed. “Don’t let those bitches get to you. You did …alright.” Jayne said trying to sound polite. “So what made it just alright?” Bethany asked. “Mainly it was your lack of confidence.” Jayne responded. “Lack of confidence!? I’m plenty confident I’m a well paid runway model for Christ sake.” Bethany replied hardly canceling her annoyance at the absurd remark. “Exactly you’re good a faking confidence but you don’t really have that much of it do you?” Jayne replied matter a factly. “What that’s ridiculous?” Bethany replied flabbergasted. “It’s ok hun you don’t have to fake it with me. I saw it in your eyes the whole time you were on stage. It was subtle and professional but you kept looking our way for approval and direction like you do with the photographers, the manager’s , and directors.” Jayne replied sweetly. “What really I did?” Bethany asked. “Yeah poor thing you’re so use to that you didn’t give it a second thought did you? But we could tell you were painfully uncomfortable out there having to go with your own instincts.” Jayne said. “What …I mean maybe just a bit..” Bethany stammered. “Come with me I’m grabbing a drink then we’ll talk.” Jayne replied sweetly. Jayne then positioned herself behind the bar and made herself a jack and coke before saying to Bethany “Want a beer or one of these for yourself?” “Umm I don’t really drink stuff like that.” Bethany replied. “Well I’m not fixing you some skinny girl daiquiri or anything like that. Here have a beer live a little.” Jayne replied. Bethany instinctively turned the bottle over to study it’s calories. Jayne then snapped “Save that shit for your day job! Boom Boom Bombshells don’t count calories. That’s your other problem you’re not confident in your body.” “Of course I am I make a living off this body.” Bethany replied. “You may think that but the way I see it stuffing your top and counting calories aren’t signs of confidence are they?” Jayne responded. “Well I guess not but..” Bethany began before Jayne cut her off. “No buts if you’re not confident in your body how are you going to get a good reaction from a roomful of horny guys and gals? The other thing is this look this outfit this isn’t you why did you pick it?” Jayne asked. “Well I saw from the flyer that this was the look your old chick had so I figured you wanted a replacement for it.” Bethany tried to explain. “It doesn’t work like that. Becky was a sexy school girl type very intelligent and oh so naughty that was her she picked it for herself we’re not just trying to fill her shoes with a copycat. The question you should have asked yourself is who is the sexy side of Bethany straight laced runway model by day?” Jayne explained. “I umm I don’t know…” Bethany replied. “Well when you’ve figured it out then you should come back.” Jayne said. “Alright umm thanks for the drink.” Bethany said as she started to get up. “Wait one more thing. The other ladies were being bitchy but they weren’t wrong curves are kinda a prerequisite for the gig.” Jayne announced. “Yeah I know I’m kinda lacking in that department but I really want this.” Bethany replied. “Tell you what I’ve got an idea.” Jayne responded before wondering off to a back room. When she came back she had a jet black corset in hand. “You can have this wear it next time and it’ll do something about your lack of curves.” Jayne announced. Bethany studied it for a moment and instantly wanted it picturing how sexy she’d look with it contorting her slim frame into a sexy little hourglass. Plus she could tell by the design this was no cheap gift. “Really? Thank you!” Bethany responded eagerly. “One catch though.” Jayne responded with a playful glint in her eye. “The other gals were right honey you are way too damn skinny. If you take it you’ve got to promise me you’re going to try eating for a change. Live a little eat be merry. Gain five pounds hell gain ten your tiny ass would still be called considered skinny if you gained 30. Just try it if you don’t like it you can always lose it. But I suspect you’ve got the bone structure to be a curvy gal yourself. So just try it the worst that could happen is that you love how it makes you look.” Jayne said with a playful laugh. Bethany briefly mulled it over before saying “Ten alright … I guess I can agree to that.” “Excellent! You got a change of cloth’s in the car because it starts tonight. I don’t know about you but I’m famished and making you eat like a Bombshell sounds very fun sug.” Jayne said with a wicked laugh. The next thing Bethany knew she was laying in her bed mildly intoxicated and more stuffed then she’d ever been in her life. She could vaguely remember Jayne dragging her to multiple restaurants getting a little order here, another little order there saying she was going to remind her of all the foods she’d missed out on since taking up modeling. And every time she’d protested saying she couldn’t possibly eat anymore she would merely smile liquor her up some more and then drag her somewhere else. Along the way Jayne had flirted with and made friends with every waiter, waitress, and busboy they’d encountered. Despite her size they’d all seemed instantly taken in by her looks and Bethany was half sure they’d never been made to pay anywhere they’d gone. All she knew for sure was that she was tired, stuffed, and happy to have that expensive corset in her possession. Ch 3 Bethany awoke late the next day feeling slightly hungover and overstuffed. She reached down to rub her stomach and was surprised to feel it enveloped by the tight constricting material of the corset. “Huh I don’t remember putting that on?” Bethany thought to herself confused. She brushed it aside though she was moderately intoxicated it was totally possible that she’d decided to see how she looked in it and then passed out soon after. Being unable to remember how exactly she had looked in it she decided to head over to the mirror and check herself out. “Mmmm not bad at all.” Bethany thought admiring herself in the mirror. She looked a little worse for wear. The night had obviously been a long one the skin under her eyes was a bit dark and her color was not quite right either because she was due for a trip to the tanning bed or just due to dehydration. Aside from that though she thought she looked quite sexy. She’d have thought the corset may give her already slim waist a cartoonish proportion but it looked largely the same. It had however served her small breast up into a more generous portion. They wouldn’t be called big by any means but in this thing she at least had a handful which was a look she suddenly thought suited her quite well. By compressing her waist in the corset also made her narrow hips seem to flair out a touch which she also found quite hot. All in all while she felt she looked a touch ragged she rather loved the image staring back at her. Feeling sexy and maybe even a little empowered she cranked up some music and began practicing feeling significantly more confident in the routine she was mentally tweaking. After the song played on a loop for she didn’t know how long she decided she’d best get ready for the day. She then slipped off the corset and then headed toward the shower. Just a few moments after getting in though it hit her an intense wave of hunger. “The hell I felt stuffed silly just a little while ago there’s no way I can be hungry now?” Bethany said to herself. Even though that sounded totally rational her stomach seemed to staunchly disagree and began to intensify its rumblings.  This was not like her at all typically she pretty much skipped breakfast all together just fixing a cup of coffee or grabbing an espresso or cappuccino from the Starbucks near her apartment. She tried to ignore the rumbling and finish getting ready. Realizing she’d totally forgotten her workout she’d pulled her hair back into a simple ponytail after exiting the shower and doing her makeup and hygienics. She then popped in a yoga DVD and began trying to go through her routine. It was hard as hell though her stomach would just not shut up. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she wasn’t going to make it through her exercise routine feeling like this. As such she began fast forwarding through large chunks of the video barely even hitting the highlights. Next she popped in her workout DVD expecting to have to speed through it as well. But instead the hunger seemed to give her a little extra motivation to hurry it along. She speed through her weights, sit ups, pushups in record time. Then she dashed to her fridge and cabinets to see what she had in the way of breakfast food. Unsurprisingly she had next to nothing. Suddenly it dawned on her that there was that dinner across from the Starbucks she could go check it out. Her stomach seemed to agree with that notion as it largely piped down as she jogged out the door. Upon stepping inside and looking at the menu she found herself at an impasse it all looked so good that she couldn’t decide. For perhaps the first time in her adult life she ordered a large platter. Pancakes drenched in syrup, eggs, hash browns, and bacon for a brief while all thoughts of diets and calorie counting went out the window. She ate with a gusto that was totally alien to her. It was all just so good though especially the bacon! She adopted a semi vegetarian diet years back in order to make keeping her weight down easier and she now felt like an idiot for having ever done so. As she struggled to sort through the joys of the wonderful tastes she’d nearly forgotten and a vague concern for her waistline rolling around in the back of her mind she’d suddenly realized her platter was empty. She’d eaten it all! Every last bite she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. How could she have done that? Hell after her food filled evening with Jayne how did she possibly have the room left in her to do so? The confusion faded though as she let the forgotten warm satisfaction of being full wash over her though. “If I keep this up I’ll put on that 10 pounds Jayne dared me to in no time.” Bethany thought with a shockingly matter of fact attitude. After paying she began to walk back to her apartment planning an extra workout or a jog to make up for her overindulgence when she caught something out of the corner of her eye in one of the star windows. And before she knew it she’d stepped inside to purchase one of the large boxes of chocolate she’d seen in the window. It had been quite some time since she’d treated herself to chocolate and if she was going to let herself put on a few pounds this seemed like a very enjoyable way to go about it. Once she’d gotten back to her apartment she’d planned to relax for a moment pick at a few of the chocolate’s then go for a jog. Instead she’d turned on Netflix and zooned out for several hours and absentmindedly worked her way through a good chunk of the box. What finally broke her from the pseudo trance she’d entered was her cell buzzing from a text. She picked it up and saw it was from Jayne and read “Picking you up for night two of the Bombshell diet see you shortly.” “I can’t I’ve got a gig tomorrow.” Bethany responded not at all remembering that Jayne and her had exchanged numbers. “Nonsense sug I won’t keep you out to late.” Jayne responded. Bethany didn’t want to stay out to late with her gig being tomorrow and she figured she really shouldn’t let herself be stuffed silly like Jayne had done her the night before. But what was it Jayne had said to her “loosen up, live a little” maybe she was right. “Ok just give me a few to get ready.” Bethany replied. “Sure, and here’s an idea put the corset on I want to see you in it.” Jayne texted back. Bethany feeling playful rather liked the idea and had it on when Jayne arrived at her door. Upon seeing her Jayne filled her with compliments as to how she looked in it and Bethany did the same regarding Jayne’s choice of attire. Like last night Jayne was dressed in a black dress though this one was of a different style and showed off even more of here ample figure. In addition to her massive bust this number showed off her full upper arms, and a slit showed off one of her thick full thighs. Even Bethany had to admit Jayne’s enhanced size gave her one hell of a figure! After that though things got blurry although Bethany was rather confident that food played a heavy role in the evening that followed. Ch 4 The next morning Bethany stretched out in her bed noting that she once again had that same warm comfy feeling of being overfed and mildly intoxicated. Her fingers then worked their way down to her stomach and she smiled upon realizing she had once again fallen asleep in the corset. “How the hell does this keep happening? She thought with a smile. After taking it off and stretching she jumped in the shower and then right on cue the rumbling in her stomach she felt yesterday morning resumed. “God I’m getting way to use to this Bombshell diet.” She thought with a chuckle. About that time while lathering her bod she noticed something odd two purplish bruises on her ankles? That was odd what the hell had she done last night? Today though she saw little point in soldering through the hunger to do her workout she’d just do it after breakfast. Without giving the massive amount of calories she was about to put away a second thought she marched down to the dinner from yesterday and ordered the same massive platter. After cleaning her plate she couldn’t help but think “Mmm I could get use to eating like this.” After eating she crashed in front of the tv again for awhile to watch Netflix but today after only a bit over an hour she forced herself off the couch and popped in her workout dvds. Even without the hunger getting to her she found herself skipping through large chunks of the yoga it just felt so boring all of the sudden. The calisthenics and weights which she usually didn’t care much for seemed rather easy today though and she even found herself wondering why hadn’t she gotten any heavier weights yet since these were so easy? Then while she was doing some curls she heard her phone buzzing from a text. Upon picking it up she saw that it was from her manager and pseudo boyfriend Jack and it read “looking forward to seeing you today babe guess you were busy barely heard from you yesterday.” Then suddenly it dawned on her the gig today! “Oh shit! Shit! I totally forgot.” Bethany said out loud in a near panic before looking at the clock and realizing while she wouldn’t be at all early she was probably alright. She then rushed to fix her hair and makeup before taking off for the runway gig. About an hour later Jack greeted her at the back entrance with a kiss “Cutting it a little close aren’t you babe?” He asked after their lips broke contact. “I know, I know I’m so sorry am I late?” Bethany asked in a mild panic. “No… no your good just wish you’d have gotten here sooner just get to the dressing room.” He said trying to stay sweet. He wasn’t mad but he was a bit annoyed he liked to run a tighter ship then this. The gig wasn’t anything major a new designer was showing off some outfits to investors and a few of the chicks he managed had been tapped for the private showing. Once they got to the dressing room and Bethany began changing into her outfit Jack noticed she looked a little different. It wasn’t anything to dramatic but it was like he hadn’t seen her in several weeks rather than a few days because some subtle differences were there. Her tan had rather noticeably faded which was part of her thing and had she done something with her hair? Bethany had naturally light almost platinum blonde hair and today it looked a couple shades duller and darker. Then he got a good look at her figure as she undressed. He wasn’t about to say anything now but it rather looked like Bethany had put on some weight. Ten or fifteen pounds maybe? Wasn’t too drastic but Bethany definitely looked less bony and slender. In fact it was even a good look on her he thought especially the new fullness in her chest. From the looks of things that B cup bra which was new to him appeared a touch tight. If she would still fit into the outfit he had for her was something of a concern though. Even more concerning was how the hell had she put on a minimum of ten pounds in what two or three days since he’d last saw her? That was not at all normal… Then he saw something else on the back of her ankle as she changed shoes was that …a tattoo? “How the hell could you not talk to me first before you got a tattoo.” Jack said he’s annoyance starting to show. “A tattoo..? What the hell are you talking about?” Bethany asked sounding genuinely confused. “There on the back of your ankle what is that?” Jack asked. Bethany then took a look for herself and was shocked to see a tattoo of a slightly cartoonish bat. Remembering the bruise on her other ankle she checked it out as well and saw that she had identical tattoos on both. “Holy shit I swear to god I don’t remember getting those!?” Bethany said in a genuine panic. “Seriously you don’t remember?” Jack said sounding somewhat dismissive but Bethany’s face remained genuine. “Alright alright so you’ve been partying that hard this week that’s why I’ve not heard from you. You were so out of it doing I don’t even want to know what that you got two tattoos and don’t even remember it?” Jack declared. “I..I mean I’ve gone out the past few nights but it wasn’t like that all I did was drink.” Bethany responded. “You sure about that? I mean you sure you didn’t just start off drinking and it escalated from there?” Jake said now coming off rather accusatory. “I …..I …don’t know?” Bethany said exasperated. “Whatever fuck it it’s not that big a deal we can cover it up. I don’t know who you’ve been partying with but I’d stop it though before either they let you really screw up or put you in a really shitty situation.” Jack said taking a slightly authoritative tone. The two didn’t have time to argue or discusses this further though. In short order they got her dressed and while Bethany didn’t complain he could tell the outfit was too tight. He made a mental note to bump her up a dress size before her next gig. She was thin going up a size shouldn’t hurt her marketability any or at least he hoped. Then he sent her out there in the skirt button up combo. Things proceeded fine at first Bethany looked poised, professional, and maybe even lovelier then ever up there and the potential investors seemed fairly interested in the line. Then it happened without warning Bethany slipped. Maybe it was dumb luck or maybe something had been left on the runway either way it happened. It wasn’t a complete disaster Bethany regained her balance before falling flat on her face or anything too embarrassing but the sudden motion lead to something perhaps even more so. As she raised straightening her back the tight shirt had decided it had all that it could stand and the top two buttons of the shirt gave way giving the investors a pretty good view of Bethany’s fuller chest. Bethany thought she would literally die of embarrassment after seeing the investors break out into laughter. As soon as she made finished on the runway she bolted to her car. “You going after her?” The makeup lady asked Jack after Bethany had bolted. “No better to just give her some space.” Jack said before storming to the designer to give him a piece of his mind. Better he act like it was their fault then admit his model had outgrown the outfit. After dealing with the situation he couldn’t stop replaying the scenario in his head. In spite of how embarrassing it had been he couldn’t help but find her popping the buttons like that more than a little hot. Once everything was settled he rather looked forward to rewatching the recording of the event. As for Bethany aside from stopping at the store for some alcohol she struggled to choke back both tears and embarrassment. After a getting a few drinks into her system while at home she calmed down and for whatever reason the new corset caught her eye. Better she practice her routine then wallow in self pity she figured and slipped it on. Not long after Jayne shot her a text asking about her day and Bethany replied that it was horrible. “Sorry sug should I come over I know a big old piece of cherry cobbler always picks me up after a shitty day and I just got done making some should I bring you some over?” Hours later upon laying in bed Bethany couldn’t for the life of her remember what she’d responded but the empty plates she found in the kitchen the next day seemed to indicate that she had stopped by. Anonymous 04/17/17 (Mon) 19:01:59 No.1635 Ch 5 That Bethany woke up yet again wearing the corset hardly seemed worth taking notice of at this point. And after taking it off she proceeded to the shower and then the mirror to get ready. Had something not be amiss with her she’d have been shocked by the differences in the Bethany that stared back at her in the mirror. Her tan had now totally disappeared though she wouldn’t yet be considered pale. Her hair to was noticeably different. The last of her light platinum color had vanished being totally replaced by the dirty blonde tone of that wig she had worn to the audition. Her figure had also undergone some further changes. Her hips had spread out in line with her bust to give her an hourglass shape and some weight had also settled into her hindquarters giving her a nice pinchable bubble butt. Bethany seemed oblivious to the changes though as her hunger had kicked in and she simply wanted to get to that amazing dinner around the block. Had she not been so out of it she doubtlessly would have noticed that upon squeezing her new hips and buns into a pair of skinny jeans produced some minor rips and tears as the denim attempted to accommodate her new curves. There was also zero chance that any of her bras would accommodate her new assets but fortunately she absentmindedly slipped on a new lacey black number that presumably Jayne had left for her. Not feeling like walking/jogging to the dinner today she opted to take her car. Upon stepping inside she felt like quite a few gazes drifted her way and she rather liked the feeling. She also noticed that the waiter seemed to have a bit more pep in his step and seemed to be trying his best to get her food to her and make sure she was well attended. She could get use to service like this she thought with a smile. After polishing off her plate she returned to her car and suddenly found the pop station she had previously had blaring sounded cringe worthy. She then flipped through the stations in rapid motion each sounding worse than the last before giving some college station a chance The disc jockey was introducing a band/guy she’d never heard of called Danzig.. To her surprise she found the guys voice rather sexy and she cranked the radio back up. After enjoying the song she began fiddling with her phone to figure out who this was. To her surprise this solo artist wasn’t anyone new but rather an aging punk rocker. After finding some pics from his hay day though she found herself getting a little hot and bothered checking out his bodybuilder like build and vampire like looks. Apparently she got to distracted by the images though and passed through a stop sign leading to a police officer to cut on his lights and race behind her. She came to a stop on the shoulder of the road and then the strangest thing happened. For the second day in a row she felt a button snap loose from her blouse. Little did she realize her breasts had just inflated up to a D-cup. Before she could process what had happened though the police officer had appeared at her window.   The policeman then remarked. “Know why I pulled you over ma’am?” “Umm the stop sign.” Bethany stammered. “That’s right got anything to say for yourself?” He remarked. Bethany’s nerves then leveled off as she realized his gaze had not left her cleavage for even a moment. She then as sweetly as she could exclaimed “I’m so sorry officer! I just got turned around and was trying to miss with the gps on my phone.” “Well I reackon that could happen to anyone ma’am just don’t let it happen again anytime soon.” He said giving her tits another long hard look before returning to his police car. Bethany had no idea where this new cleavage of hers had come from but she decided she could get rather use to it. Once she arrived home she chilled for a bit then popped in her workout DVDs again largely bypassing the yoga stuff. When she got to the weights and calisthenics though she was surprised to see that her puny little starter weights had been replaced by larger ones. “When the hell had she found time to buy those?” She wondered for a brief moment before getting into a more challenging but far more enjoyable workout. About the time she finished she heard a knock on the door and went to answer it and discovered it was Jack. Looking at him she suddenly found herself getting more than a little excited when was the last time they’d enjoyed some private time together? For Jack’s part he was rather surprised by who greeted him at the door briefly wondering if it was even Bethany? Her hair was way darker and her breasts even bigger than the day before. The hell had she gotten some work done just since yesterday that was crazy. Clothed in her yoga pants and tank top he could also see the other changes her body had undergone. She’d clearly packed on some weight. She’d still be considered skinny and all but her ribs and other prominent bones were no longer at all visible. Her frame too had even seemed to subtly change her shoulders looking broader and her arms more muscular. Plainly visible due to the yoga pants though he could see that her hips had grown broader, her ass curvier, and her thigh gap had nearly ceased to exist. “Umm just wanted to make sure you weren’t still upset about yesterday?” He said more than a little surprised at this fuller figured version of Bethany standing before him. “What about yesterday?” She asked sounding genuinely confused. “You know the wardrobe malfunction at gig?” He responded. “Oh that I’m over it don’t give it a second thought.” She said with a smile before motioning for him to follow him into her bedroom. He did as instructed confused by her straightforwardness. Upon entering the bedroom she then nudged him onto the bed before saying “I’m just happy to see you. Feels like it’s been forever big boy.” Before she took off the tank top revealing how large her breasts had somehow become. Much to Jack’s surprise the two had some of the best sex of his life. Bethany had always been very easy on the eyes but not especially good in bed. Today was a totally different experience however. Bethany was remarkably dominating compared to her usual self and seemed to know exactly what she wanted, when, and how. And Jack found himself rather enjoying the feedback and direction as opposed to her usually passive nature. He also found that he could not get enough of those killer breasts she’d gotten. He knew there was no way in hell they’d grown so much so fast but they didn’t feel at all fake either. Jack had always had a thing for oversized boobs but given that his relationships tended to stem for work these days he’d had precious few opportunities to enjoy them in recent years. As such getting to the bottom of that mystery was the last thing on his mind though as she put him through his paces. Once they’d finished Jack was exhausted in the best sense of the word and Bethany was apparently hungry. “I don’t know about you but I worked up a hell of an appetite after that.” Bethany giggled. “Yeah I’d be up for a soup and a salad or something like that.” Jack replied in reference to Bethany’s typical diet. “No silly a real meal. I said I’m starving remember.” Bethany said with a laugh. She then began musing about their dining options and referencing some of the nicer places around and debating between some very large meals. This was downright bizarre Bethany had never cared about food like this. He was no slave driver about making his clients stay in shape and Bethany had always vetoed any suggestion of consuming anything that would put her over her calorie count with the extremely rare exception of something sweet. From the way she was talking now though she planned on putting away far more than he ever did. As she rambled on about food she started to get dressed and Jack inspected her new figure as she struggled to get it into her clothes. In addition to her new boobs she was no size 2 anymore that was for sure. More like a six or even an eight? Jack then began to think about her marketability at this size. He had a few clients who worked with models just under plus size so this wasn’t too far outside of his ball park but there was far less demand and cash involved in work like that. Then he checked out her enhanced chest and curvier backside. With those proportions she’d be far more at home doing swim suits and the various car and men’s magazines/ sites that included curvy ladies near their products. Jack had thought he’d legitimized his business away from stuff like that. As such as much as it would make him sound like a dick he was going to have to talk to her about dieting if she wanted to maintain her career. He then cut her off and said “You sure you can afford to be eating like that?” “What’s that supposed to mean I’m not skinny enough for you asshole?” Bethany responded with an edge to her voice Jack was not at all used to. He didn’t think she was really that angry but he was not use to her talking to him like that. “What no I’m not talking about me I’m talking about your career.” Jack responded. Although in the back of mind he had thought that Bethany could stand to tighten up if not drop a few. “Well if I’m not overly concerned about my career right now neither should you.” Bethany responded. “Hey I’m not trying to be an ass if you want to try a new look or whatever do you. But my finances are also tied up in your career so you could have given me a heads up before deciding on whatever the hell it is your doing with yourself.” Jack snapped back harsher then he’d intended. “Please Jack skinny blondes are a damn dime a dozen me putting on a few pounds won’t affect your bottom line that much.” Bethany responded. “Looks like more than a few to me.” Jack muttered. “I’m sorry I didn’t know I needed your permission to damn live a little and actually eat for a change." Bethany snapped. “Look I don’t mean to be a dick but your making a mistake keep this up and you’ll get to see just how few opportunities there are for plus size models.” Jack responded. Bethany was briefly taken aback by the plus size remark sure she’d put on a few but she wasn’t inching into plus size territory was she? The second thought that entered her head though was so what if she was! “Yeah well it’s my mistake to make asshole. Maybe I’m tired of being a twiggy little Barbie doll ever think of that? But if you don’t have any interest in working with a real woman your loss. Now I’m going to get something to eat with or without your permission if you’d like to come fine otherwise I’m certain I can find someone else who’d appreciate the company of a woman that’s not a walking bag of bones.” Bethany declared before turning her head to him and finishing getting ready. “Whatever talk to you later maybe you’ll have come to your senses by then.” Jack said exasperated before heading out the door. As he made his way out the door Bethany thought over how that exchange had gone and she found herself thinking it had gone quite well. She briefly wondered where that line about "real women" had come from and the answer undoubtedly had been Jayne. After getting ready Bethany’s phone began to buzz from a text “Wonder if assholes come to his senses?” She wondered aloud. Instead it was a text Jayne “Whatcha doing sug? It read. “Thinking about grabbing something to eat, you?” Bethany responded. “Seems are stomach have become synchronized lol I was just about to ask if you wanted to grab a bite. And then there’s a concert at the bar tonight probably not your thing but thought I’d see if you’re interested?” Jayne responded. “Hell yes to dinner!” Bethany responded. Then followed up “Why wouldn’t I be into the concert?” “Their kinda a punk rock/ rockabilly type band. Didn’t strike me as your thing.” Jayne replied. Bethany didn’t really know what rockabilly meant? But she responded “I like punk” “Really lol like who?” Jayne quickly responded. “Misfits” Bethany texted back. “A bit generic but good answer sug. Alright if you’re interested happy to have you.” Jayne replied. “Cool so where should I meet you?” Bethany asked. “Don’t worry about it I’ll pick you up?” Jayne responded “You know my address?” Bethany asked to which Jayne merely sent back a winky face. In short order Jayne had appeared at her door greeting her with a light hug. “Gosh sug someone’s looking lovely.” Jayne cooed in her slight southern twang. “Thanks I think I’ve put on those ten pounds we talked about.” Bethany joked nervously. Jayne could clearly see it was more than ten but so no reason to correct her. “I see that so what’s the verdict you like?” Jayne inquired. “Well I don’t think I’d be going out to dinner with you if I were trying to lose it.” Bethany responded with a laugh. “Good answer honey.” Jayne responded with a laugh before adding “You’re just a couple more pounds away from a sexy Bombshell body.” “You want me to gain more?” Bethany exclaimed. “No just a suggestion sug I mean you’re looking fuller up top but some broad sexy hips would complement those sexy tatas wouldn’t they?” Jayne continued. “Well I suppose… I wouldn’t want to get to big though.” Bethany responded mulling over the prospect. “Your call of course just saying if you were to put on a couple more I could see you rocking a sexy hourglass shape.”Jayne replied. “Think so?” Bethany responded trying to picture herself with some modest hourglass curves. “Trust me honey it’s a gift. I can tell when a gals not eating enough, with your work ethic, frame, and shape you were never meant to be a petite little size two.” Jayne said with commanding confidence. "Well in that case to hell with my manager I'm even having dessert!" Bethany declared with a laugh. "He giving you shit about your weight?" Jayne asked. "A bit he said if I didn't watch it I'd be a plus size model and there's no money in that." Bethany responded. "Asshole sounds like he just doesn't know what to do with a real woman." Jayne laughed. "I know right?" Bethany replied. "Shows how little he knows as well. Curves are coming back even Sports Illustrated can't deny it." Jayne laughed. "Oh yeah I saw that! She was gorgeous!" Bethany gushed hardly remembering the rude remarks she'd made when she'd first saw that cover. "Eh I think she could stand some good southern cooking but yes certainly gorgeous compared to those pathetic little things they usually employ…present company excluded of course." Jayne added with a laugh. "No offense taken I sure don't feel little anymore." Bethany responded then in short order they were out to eat at a nice bar and grill type restaurant. Upon being seated Jayne snatched the menu away from Bethany's hand declaring "I'm buying so I think it's only fair I order. Besides got to make sure you maintain those Bombshell curves your working on." Jayne laughed. For the next hour Jayne then stuffed her absolutely silly bread sticks, soup salad, and then big juicy steaks with a mountain of fries. How Bethany kept pace with this lady roughly twice her size she didn't know but keep pace she did. All the while they knocked back beers and chatted with Jayne asking her about the corset and how practicing her new routine was going and so on. Additionally Jayne was being a total flirt with their cutie pie waiter who treated them as if they were his only table. Never being far from sight and joining in on their conversations whenever possible. "How do you do that?" Bethany caught herself asking after he darted off to service anther table. "Do what sug?" Jayne replied. "That you've got that hunk eating out of your damn palm. And I swear it's been that way everywhere we go." Bethany exclaimed. "Oh that its easy it's called confidence, confidence is a sexy trait in a woman." Jayne replied. "Sure but come on it's got to be more to it than that?" Bethany insisted. "Ok you caught me it's magic." Jayne said dead seriously. "Excuse me?" Bethany exclaimed. "The twins sug their absolutely magic when you know how to use them." Jayne said with a laugh. "Haha now that I believe." Bethany exclaimed taking a look at just how massive the juggs Jayne had at her disposal were. "I mean they are the universal persuader after all. I mean sure not quite everyone was breast fed as a child but it's a primal instinct deep down we're all drawn to them for nourishment or pleasure and the bigger the better am I right? I mean come on don't tell me you've never used yours to get what you want?" Jayne asked. "Well the other day I think this cop let me out of a ticket just because I didn't cause a fuss over me checking them out." Bethany giggled. "That a girl! Just think what you could do if they were bigger." Jayne responded. Bethany then found herself imagining herself with melons the size of Jayne's. It was an absolutely ridiculous image supporting juggs like those on her slim frame was painful to just think about. Then Bethany's thought about Jayne's plump voluptuous figure. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant right? Suddenly that sturdy zaftig figure made a lot of evolutionary sense… Then Jayne broke Bethany's train of thought by whispering "Check out that fox to your right." Bethany then turned her head and spied a rather gorgeous lady on the lower end of plus size with a very well endowed chest. "She's cute." Bethany responded. "Cute? Honey that's a fine example of the female form when properly fed and nourished. You know if you were to gain some more weight I figure that's about what you'd look like." Jayne replied. Bethany then took another look at the lady. She was smaller than Jayne but significantly larger then herself. Still though Jayne was right she was a natural beauty that lovely round face of hers could easily compete with those of most of her model friends. And that body Jayne was right with curves like that what harm was there in having a little belly. "Maybe I could get into that…" Bethany responded before realizing just what had escaped her lips. Jayne then smiled an ominous smile before saying "Now leave the pretty lady alone I've got dessert your skinny butt is supposed to help me finish." She said playfully as Bethany suddenly realized she was still admiring the lady. After dessert they then headed to the bar which was considerably more packed then Bethany had ever seen it. Upon arriving Jayne made a beeline for the bar "Best get our drink on before they start because I'm in the mood for dancing." Jayne joked. Upon sitting down Bethany's eye caught a flyer for the band who seemed to be called the Horrorpops. The flyer had sort of a mockup of Bettie Page on it among other things. "Oh I absolutely love Bettie Page." Bethany remarked. "Yes she was a real beauty you know for a skinny girl." Jayne said with a chuckle. "God you've really got it out for us skinny girls." Bethany joked. "Eh let's just say I have it on good authority that the female body is rarely meant to be so tiny. But yeah she was amazing in her day. You know you ever been told you look a little like her?" Jayne replied. "No way you think?" Bethany gushed. "Yeah sug there's totally a resemblance bet if you ever did your hair that way you'd look a lot like her." Bethany began to picture herself with that hairstyle but the train of thought was interrupted by Tess of the Boom Boom Boombshells looking just as much like an overfed Joan Holloway as Bethany remembered though her outfit tonight was toned down but similarly retro. "So what's your new skinny friend doing here? Tess declared. "Why she's here for the music of course. And she may be skinny now but when she gains some more weight she's trying out again aren't you honey?" Jayne asked. "Yeah I can't wait I've been practicing a lot." Bethany replied it hardly registering that Jayne had moved away from the theoretical and instead had said when she gains more weight. No sooner had she responded that she couldn't wait though Jayne and Tess watched approving as her face did some rounding out developing some chubby cheeks that seemed unsuited for her average sized figure. After chatting a little while the music began and Bethany was absolutely transfixed she'd never heard anything like this before yet at the same time it sounded like exactly her favorite kind of music the thumping of the upright bass, the fast punk beat, everything just spoke to her on an almost primal level. And little did she realize the lyrics, attitude, and spirit of the music had begun to shape the new and improved Bethany. Once she rushed to the front of the stage the rest of the night became a total blur. All she remembered for sure was the dancing and banging her head in a way she had never done before. All the while getting more than a little bit of a kick out of how the gentlemen and even a few of the in the vicinity had to work hard to keep from staring at the new bounce in her chest. If there was ever a shadow of a doubt before it was decided now she rather loved the attention of being bustier. Anonymous 04/17/17 (Mon) 19:02:31 No.1636 Ch 6 Bethany woke up groggy and more than a little hung over which seemed to be her routine as of late. As she slowly came to her senses she realized wasn’t in her bed alone she was snuggled up next to someone. A few seconds later when someone’s hair brushed her shoulder she realized it was actually two someone’s. After readjusting herself a bit she realized she was sand witched between both Jayne and Tess’s bulky figures. She then thought to herself “what the hell did we do last night?” Before she passed back out. When she came to again she was a bit embarrassed to discover she was not just cuddled up Jayne she even had a hand resting on the swell of her extremely well nourished belly! “Well someone’s a grabby little thing.” Jayne said embarrassing her as they all began to come to. “I know how you feel a guy would have paid a pretty penny to be in between the both of us like she was last night.” Tess laughed. “Uhhh sorry..” Bethany replied her face painfully red. “It’s fine sug I’m sure I also got a little touchy the first time I shared a bed with a real woman.” Jayne said in her big booming laugh. “So umm not sound like a shitty host but how did you ladies end up here?” Bethany asked. “Well while someone was dancing up a storm last night they ripped their jeans so we figured we’d take you out for a bit of shopping today. Plus with how late we got in and how wasted you were we figured we may as well spend the night here.” Jayne replied. “Sounds reasonable enough.” Bethany responded. “Hey one of you come get in the damn shower already I’m all finished and I’m ready for some breakfast!” Tess barked. “Mind if I go on ahead sug looks like your still not quite awake yet.” Jayne said to Bethany. “Oh yeah sure go on.” She answered. Bethany then lay there awhile partially asleep and trying to piece together the rest of the events of last night. It was a total blur but somehow she’d ended up back in the corset. Maybe she’d put it on to show them her new routine? That made as much sense as anything. Then another thought entered her mind. Why did they all end up in the same bed? She had a second bedroom and a couch. Sure Jayne and Tess were probably a bit large for the couch but they could have dumped her on it. They hadn’t done anything kinky last night had they? Surely that she would remember surely! She thought with a touch of alarm. Then after Jayne was finished she made her own way to the bathroom and was rather surprised by what she saw in the mirror. Bethany's skin tone had now totally faded from her usual tan to pale alabaster. The change in her skin tone didn't seem to register with her but the change in her hair did. "They must have convinced me to color my hair last night?" Bethany wondered taking a look at her new hair color. She'd never done anything different with it then her natural blonde but now it was jet black. It wasn't a bad look on her she determined but she didn't understand why she didn't remember coloring it. Truth be told it was actually a pretty attention grabbing look contrasting well with her now pale skin tone and making her light blue eyes pop amazingly. Bethany was only vaguely aware of this though. After briefly playing with her hair she then removed the corset. Upon removing it she couldn't help but notice how much wider her waistline was not to mention the development of a bit of soft roundness to her formerly flat stomach. "Wow I really have been eating well" She thought poking at the soft accumulation of chub. After showering and getting ready the first thing Bethany did upon seeing Jayne and Tess was ask so we colored my hair last night? The two just giggled in response for a moment before Jayne responded "Well it certainly didn't change colors on its own. Remember after we looked at that flyer you wouldn't shut up about how great you thought your hair would look darker and it just so happened that I love doing hair. So you approve? While you were drunk you certainly did." Jayne laughed. "Yeah I like it a lot! Just kind of surprised me a bit when I first looked in the mirror." Bethany explained. "Oh yeah bet that was really surprising then." Tess giggled. Not long after that they were out for breakfast at Bethany's new favorite dinner. As they dug in it suddenly occurred to Bethany to ask. "So neither of you have work to be at soon?" "No I co own the bar and I've got a couple other business interests to support me sug." Jayne responded. "Oh how about you Tess?" Bethany asked, "Well I worked at an advertising agency until you recently you know thus the stage persona. But now aside from a few little odds and ends I do more than fine doing just doing the Bombshells full time." Tess answered. "Really you do that well?" Tess exclaimed. She knew the Bombshells performed a little circuit outside of the bar Jayne apparently co owned but she was surprised one could make a living mostly just off that? "Oh yeah totally we'll explain if you make the cut." Tess responded. "Don't listen to her obviously she meant to say when you make the cut." Jayne replied reassuringly which made Bethany feel good. After that they mostly just enjoyed their extremely healthy portions of food and chatted about nothing in particularly until Jayne asked "Is your hair bothering you honey you keep brushing it back like it's bugging you?" Bethany suddenly realized she was right she'd brushed or tucked it back for the umpeenth time but it still kept ending up in her face. "Yeah I don't know just can't seem to keep it out of my face the past few days it's giving me such a headache." Bethany found herself replying. "Well I've cut more than my fair share of hair if you'd like a little trim before we go shopping?" Jayne asked. "That sounds great." Bethany responded enthusiastically normally she paid a small fortune to get her hair done but for whatever reason she totally trusted Jayne with it. After their large breakfast they returned to Bethany's apartment and Jayne and Tess asked her to close her eyes after they sat her down in the bathroom to do her hair. "Come on it'll be fun." Jayne insisted. "I've got the perfect style in mind for you and if you don't like it I'll pay whatever price you want to go to someone to fix it." Jayne added. "Alright sounds fair enough." Bethany conceded before shutting her eyes. Bethany then heard the sound of snipping for a bit and felt a seemingly significant portion of her hair fall to the floor. "Alright open them and let me know what you think?" Jayne announced. Bethany then opened her eyes "Oh my god she hadn't she thought for a second. " Bethany's eyes went wide for a second Jayne had trimmed her length a little but nothing to dramatic. What she'd done with the front though was extremely dramatic. She'd hacked away the front of her hair leaving it an inch or so above the eyebrows making for the classic Bettie Page bangs. For a second Bethany got flustered thinking about the repercussions of this. Jack really would be pissed when he saw that she'd changed her look so radically. About the time that thought entered her mind though another one did. "Who the hell is he to have any input on the way I look!" An internal voice screamed within her. After this realization she studied her reflection in earnest. She didn't yet comprehend just how round her face had become but she recognized this shift framed her face rather well. Her next thought was that Jayne was right she totally had an awesome Bettie Page look going! She’d never noticed it before but Jayne had been right with the new hair style she really did resemble her idol. “Let’s see Jack bitch now if he can’t market a model who looks like Bettie Page he’s the problem not me.” Bethany thought defiantly “Oh my god I love it!” Bethany declared. “Happy to hear it sug told you all you needed was the hairdo and you’d have a total Bettie Page 2.0 look going.” Jayne chuckled. “Yeah you totally called it. And how long have you been cutting hair? I feel like you had me close my eyes just a minute or two ago and your already done not to mention how perfect it looks.” Bethany exclaimed. “Trade secret hun maybe we’ll let you in on it once you’re a Bombshell but let’s just say Jayne has a gift for bringing out a ladies full potential.” Tess responded. “So ready for some shopping sug looks to me like it’s time to upgrade your attire? New look new you right?” Jayne asked. “Of course just let me run to my room real quick.” Bethany answered. Upon entering her bedroom something caught Bethany’s eye on the night stand. “That’s funny I could have sworn I had my credit card in my purse.” She thought picking it up Then she realized it was Jacks. Suddenly an unfamiliar desire entered her head. “Ladies it seems my dickhead manager left his credit card here. What do you say we have some fun a good chunk of its money he owes me I figure.” Bethany declared. “Bethany never pegged you for the bad girl type.” Tess said with a mischievous grin. “Eh people change right?” Bethany responded. The trio did indeed have a great deal of fun with the card. As a thank you for the corset and the hair cut Bethany treated Tess and Jayne to some purchases of their own. For the most part though they set about updating Bethany’s wardrobe. Bethany felt almost like they were playing Halloween dress up. The styles the two ladies selected for her contrasted greatly with her normal attire. At no point did they step foot in the familiar Rue 21s or H&M’s were she got her casual attire or the various trendy boutiques she frequented for upscale purchases. The clothing choices were also far different from anything she would normally purchase they pushed a heavy assortment of dark colors and blacks her way, as well as styles much more reveling then she was accustomed to, a number of the outfits they directed her toward had a very vintage vide to them as well but all of the sudden she thought that it really worked for her. At one point though right before approaching the cash register Bethany noted something odd. “Hey what’s the size 22 for you getting one for yourself to?” Bethany asked. “Oh no sug it’s the damndest thing. The inside labels are all right but the outside tags are way off.” Jayne answered. “Huh that’s odd.” Bethany responded without seeing the need to double check it herself little did she realize much of what she had just purchased was meant for a lady much larger then she currently was. Later the three were in large changing room trying on lingerie together. Suddenly it was all Bethany could do to stop from staring at Jayne and Tess. Their soft voluptuous builds their uber curves they were hard to keep her eyes off of. She suddenly felt a touch bad all her previous remarks about them being heifers. The two were overfed sure but all the excess pounds had been channeled in such a way as to produce two sexy as hell Amazonian type bods as while they were large there was a definite firmness and slight athleticism to their bulk preventing them from looking overly flabby. “I see you sneaking a peek over there Beth.” Tess giggled. “Sexy as hell number huh?” Tess wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest that was one sexy as hell outfit she’d selected. It was a lacey leopard print number that served up her massive breasts like melons and gradually became more translucent as the material drifted down to the trim. Aside from serving up her chest the gradually translucent material also showcased the slight hourglass curvature of her waist despite her soft tummy not to mention the broad womanly dimensions of her hips. “Extremely” Bethany replied feeling a bit short of breath. “I know right! Now since you’ve been checking me out this whole time here’s an idea. How about I get to watch you try this on?” Tess asked playfully. “What… oh no … there’s no way I could wear something like that.” Bethany replied certain that it would all but hang off her slender frame. “Oh come on have some fun. It’s not as big as it looks and it’ll give us some idea as to if we should go hunt one down in your size.” Tess responded. “Well uh alright.” Bethany responded. A few minutes later Bethany began to slip it on herself. For a split second it all but hung off of her as she had predicted and then too suddenly for Bethany to understand what was happening her figure seemed to make a bold attempt to grow into the outfit. Her breasts perked up to a DD in a futile attempt to fill Tess’s massive cups. Elsewhere her hips and shoulders broadened in an effort to fill out the oversized outfit. In contrast to the more pronounced hourglass shape she was assuming her stomach also rounded out a touch more. The slight chub she’d first noticed accumulating on her formerly flat belly asserted itself further into a slight beginner belly and her twiggy arms and long chicken legs gained a helping of new flesh. It wouldn’t be accurate to refer to Bethany as now chubby or plus size but skinny no longer seemed appropriate either. After her upgrade in size the outfit still didn’t fit her but it had gone from draping of her relatively slight figure to being loose on her busty and well fed build. The fact that she’d just gone up a size or two in a matter of seconds didn’t really register with Bethany. But she saw her current proportions for more or less what they were. “Oh my god I’m getting so chubby…” Bethany whimpered. “What was that sug?” Jayne asked sweetly. “I..I ..how could I let myself go like this I’ve gotten so chubby. Just look at this belly! Jack was right Christ I’ve eaten my way into plus size modeling.” Bethany whimpered overcome by a flood of emotions she wasn’t sure if she wanted to cry or scream at her new friends for egging her on down this path. “Now where the hell did this bellyaching come from honey you look sexy as hell.” Jayne said with authority. “Sexy? I look f… fa..fat.” Bethany replied on the verge of tears. “Oh cut that shit out. I’ll tell you how you look you look like a sexy woman instead of a little boy with boobies. Just look at that pretty face of yours, those big sexy breasts, those womanly hips, and this big ole booty.” Jayne said with a chuckle giving her bottom a playful slap. Bethany then half turned surprised by the new curvaceous dimensions of her behind which had been flat as a board not so long ago. “But look at all this weight I’ve gained.” Bethany responded. “Well what of? Only weak males who need a woman that’s tiny and malnourished to feel like a man need a skinny girl. Real men appreciate strength, curves, an appetite a lust for life not denial. Remember that hunk behind the cash register how about I prove a point.”Jayne declared before poking her head out of the dressing room. “Excuse me cutie pie. I don’t suppose you could come give a gal a real man’s perspective on an outfit now could ya?” Jayne asked in her southern twang. The cashier a tall fit hunky type responded positively and came her way. “Now cutie pie how’s about you dispel the notion our friend here has in her head that she’s filled out to much to look sexy.” The cashier then cast his gaze toward the smallest of the three ladies who despite being in the ill fitting outfit looked just as sexy the other two. “Now Bethany I saw him leave his barcode scanner at the front desk so that’s something else entirely protruding from his pants.” Jayne laughed before Jayne and Tess left the two to talk. After that hunk was so complementary and flirty with her Bethany’s confidence returned and feeling mischievous she even thanked him with both a kiss and by placing his hands on her now busty bosoms for a moments play. The guy of course expressed no displeasure with the arrangement. After he returned to the cash register she found herself feeling so good that she hardly noticed the new tightness in her outfit which she had now outgrown by a size or two. Her fuller legs and these were extremely constrained in her jeans as was her now noticeably plump backside. Her beginner belly also caused her shirt to ride up her midriff a bit reveling her new tummy fluff and deeper naval. Against the strain of her new chest the v cut of her shirt had also changed from putting a small amount of skin on display to a decent helping of cleavage. Her bra to had done from fitting perfectly to feeling rather tight not to mention little did she release the straps of her bra now dug into her fleshy shoulders and torso in a way they simply never had before. After departing from the store though the trio passed by Jack of all people who was scooping the mall for new talent. As he passed Bethany he literally did a double take due to how much her looks had changed. Bethany for her part flashed him a playful smile. “Bethany? The fuck did you do to your hair?” He exclaimed upon realizing it was her. “You like thought I’d try something new?” Bethany merely responded. “No I don’t like. The hell the hair, the tattoos, the weight, the boob job? Are you trying to make me fire you how the hell am I supposed to market you like this?” Jack remarked still questioning the boob thing. “Not my problem Jackie boy. It’s my job to turn heads it’s yours to market that and trust me I’m turning just as many heads now as I was as your scrawny little dumb Barbie doll.” Bethany laughed. “That’s it fuck it do whatever you want I’m not going to let my business take a hit trying to market whatever the hell you call this bullshit look.” Jack exclaimed on the verge of losing his cool. “Oh speaking of money Jackie boy you seems you miss placed your credit card would have been a shame if someone had run up a bunch of expenses with it. You really should be more careful.” Bethany said with a smile before dropping it at his feet.” By the time he picked it up she was strutting off and he got a fine view of how fat her ass had become. “So you’re the one who filled her head full of all this bull shit you’re going to fill bad now that her modeling career is over and she doesn’t have the brains for much else.” Jack barked at Jayne. “Oh I’m sure Bethany will get by and by the way Jackie boy my eyes are up here not down there.” She responded with a chuckle in reference to her attention grabbing chest. “Oh don’t flatter yourself I manage beautiful women for a living I’m not eying up some heifers fat tits.” Jack exclaimed. “Tell yourself that all you want Jackie boy but you certainly are eying them. But so you run a modeling agency that could be useful to us.” Jayne mussed stepping closer to Jack. “The hell you talking about?” Jack responded suddenly feeling a touch intimidated by this strange lady with the stature and look of an overfed Amazon. Jayne then stepped in closer still and said “You know there’s an awfully thin line between a boob man and fat admirer let’s see if we can get you across it?” Jayne then leaned in and gave him an extremely sexual kiss. After a the briefest moment of disgust and resistance he then found himself kissing back and with a raging hard on protruding from his tight jeans. As she broke contact to his shock she’d somehow changed in that brief instant. Instead of looking like an overfed chunky woman she instead looked like a voluptuous knockout with curves for days. Her round face suddenly seemed more lovely then the vast majority of his models. Her broad hips and giant ass meanwhile suddenly seemed immensely erotic not to mention her supersized chest. Her other wobbly bits bothered him not at all the swell of her tummy even interested him suddenly it seemed to say here was a woman who wasn’t afraid to live life rather than deny her appetites. She looked like someone had taken Ann Nicole Smith and given her both a gym membership and lifetime pass through the buffet line before making her over into a sort of southern fried Morticia Addams. “Who the hell said you could kiss me?” Jack stammered. “Those wondering eyes of yours sug now run a long Jackie boy I figure you’ve got a whole new side of yourself to learn about. And good luck working up the enthusiasm to keep booking those bean poles anymore Jacky boy! ” She said with a laugh. Suddenly that sexy as hell voluptuous red head made her way over to him as well. To his shock she placed a hand on his raging erection before saying “Not bad Jack.”With a lusty smile. Before adding “Congrats judging by that tent pole in your pants Jayne here has significantly improved you’re taste in women!  Jack then tried to shake off the weird feeling that had overcome him before checking the time and tried to get his hard on under control. He was supposed to meet a perspective model while she did some shopping for her next shoot. The young lady was nothing special your typical late teens early twenties airhead with delusions of being Americas next top model. She was a looker though and through Facebook networking alone she’d scored a handful of low paying gigs for herself. So he figured with Bethany acting like an idiot he could use a new cute young blonde. After texting back and forth a bit he found the store she was in at the mall and headed that way. As he passed through the entrance he spied he right away. From a distance it looked like she was exactly what he needed to potentially replace Bethany. She was dressed quite cute and rather modest as opposed to flashy. She had on a pair of skinny jeans, a white v-neck top, and dark blue jacket. Her shoulder length blonde hair was styled to perfection her green eyes popped even across the store and she seemed to know exactly what she was doing with her jewelry, makeup, and accessories. Jack’s interest was pretty well piqued until he moved in closer. As he drew nearer he was shocked by what he saw despite all the positives he had just observed there was no way he could hire this chick. She was so so … so absolutely scrawny. He found himself thinking. In truth she was no thinner then the vast majority of his clients but in his mind she seemed slim to almost a sickly degree. “Sure I mostly deal in slender girls but this slender? No way. He thought.” The young ladies thigh gap suddenly seemed to be a mile apart. Her waist painfully narrow and what had happened to her chest she had almost no breasts to speak of!” Jack began to turn around in order to avoid meeting with this possible anorexia case but she seemed to recognize him saying “Hi Jack? Over here it’s Kerry.” Feeling caught Jack then introduced himself. He tried to be friendly enough but there was no way he could work with this chick. His clients wanted skinny models sure but not ones this skinny! Then as they chatted a sales lady asked if she could help Kerry with anything. Jack then glanced her way and he was star struck the sales lady was drop dead gorgeous particularly standing next to this emaciated would be model. The lady was in her mid to late 20s with light blonde hair cropped short in a youthful pixie cut with a playful streak of pink. While a touch on the plump side Jack thought she had just the most gorgeous curvy figure strong sturdy legs, broad sexy hips, a well padded rear, a touch of softness on top of relatively hourglass torso, and plump busty chest. Not to mention that face which was round and full with dimpled cheeks, while still not overly fleshy, ruby lips, deep brown eyes, and perfect features. He also rather liked her style rocking a vaguely indie rocker look while still looking professional enough. When she noticed his gaze she cast him a smile that got him more than a little excited. He immediately began going through a checklist in his mind of if he could offer her a job rather then this bag of bones he’d come to meet with. What was she a size 10 or 12? That wasn’t so big maybe he could work with that. She was to plump for the cat walk he figured but then again he had started to get a few requests for plus size models which he had up to this time ignored. And even if she was too heavy for his current batch of clients with that face of hers she still had plenty of opportunities available to her in the makeup and hair world alone. He then suddenly remembered he did have one friend in the industry who kept a small number of plus size ladies on his roster. Then he glanced at the lady one last time and actually found himself thinking you know it’s too bad she wasn’t a few sizes bigger. He vaguely remembered his friend complaining that his models who were in between plus and straight size actually got the least work. Jack checked out her curvy figure once again with a shape like that she could handle a bit more padding he figured. Hell it may even make her resemble that sexy red head from earlier. “Umm Jack I thought we were like doing an interview why do you keep glancing over at that tubby sales girl.” Kerry asked. “Tubby!?” He exclaimed. "You should be ashamed talking like that she's a lovely young lady." Jack found himself answering. "Fine whatever she's cute for a fat chick. Now what about me? Are you going to help me with gig or not?" Kerry asked. "Sorry I just don't see my agency having a spot for you." Jack said dispassionately before adding "Your welcome to contact me again once your expand your portfolio a bit but for Christ sake before you do have a meal once a while put on a few pounds you look downright sickly." Jack added much to Kerry's surprise as she was unable to even respond to that outlandish suggestion. Jack then made his way over to the cash register and asked "Miss I don't suppose anyone's ever told you that you have a face for modeling?" "Aww that's so sweet handsome you don't have stretch the truth like that just to ask me out though." The sales lady replied. "Oh no I'm serious." Jack responded fumbling through his wallet looking for a business card. Picking it up off the counter the sales lady's eyes went wide "Wait you can't be serious? Me a model?" "No I mean it with a face like yours you'd have plenty of opportunities." Jack replied. "You mean if I lost a good bit of weight right?" The sales lady chuckled. "No not necessarily. You know with the market starting to change I figured my agency could use some clients with more so alternative looks." Jack responded. "Alternative looks? It's alright handsome my scale works your trying to say plus size right?" She asked. "Well umm I guess you could rephrase it that way." Jack replied. "I see so how many plus size models are on your agencies roster?" She asked. "Well it's a brand new department so umm maybe you could be the first Gabby." He said glancing at her name tag and having to force himself away from her deep sexy cleavage. "The first huh? So no joke you’re serious?" Gabby asked not knowing what to make of the offer. "Totally uh just Google the agency real quick if you'd like it's legit." Jack suggested. Gabby did so and was a bit taken aback to see that he wasn't lying or joking hell his photo was even on the site and in some of the videos. “So uh you haven’t hired like a single plus size model yet?” Gabby asked again. “No like I said brand new branch of the agency.” Jack answered. “I see well if you want cute plus size gals I’ve got to go introduce you to my friends over at Torrid.” Gabby eagerly suggested. “Torrid that’s a plus size store right?” Jack asked. “Yeah if you really think I’m model material just wait until I introduce you to some of my girl friends.” Gabby replied. “Sure if their half as attractive as you that would be a big help.” Jack responded. “Awesome handsome!” Gabby gushed before following up with “I’ve got a break coming up soon any way so let’s head out.” She said grabbing his by the wrist as she rushed out the door as quickly as her chubby thighs would carry her. As she reached out with her arm he caught the sight of a cute floral pattern section of tattoo on her forearm. “Oh and I hope it’s alright if their bigger than me.” Gabby asked to which Jack almost caught himself replying the “the bigger the better” Upon stepping into the store he was shocked by how attractive the staff and a healthy portion of the customer base seemed to be. He was baffled where were the frumpy porkers the grossly overweight women he’d always assumed frequented places like this? With only a few exceptions these ladies were shapely, voluptuous, or truly just big boned not grossly obese. Not to mention rather stylish and pretty. Jack didn’t understand it he considered himself a fairly open minded guy he could acknowledge it when once a blue moon you saw a heavier lady who was genuinely still attractive. But all throughout the day he seemed to have seen example after example of sexy plus size babes as if to show him that they were far more common than he had assumed. He was baffled where had ladies like this been his whole career? If sexy plus sized ladies had always been this common he’d have started a plus size division years ago. The idea that it was actually his own tastes which had changed never entered his mind. Instead the only explanation he could come up with was maybe all this talk about steroids and growth hormones being pumped into the food really was having an impact? Maybe all these cute plus size ladies would naturally be cute slender ones if not for the shit in the food these days? It seemed as good an answer as any he figured. Ch 7 Bethany awoke the next morning feeling rather excited as tonight was the big night she was going back for her second audition. After shopping and dinner Jayne and Tess had given her pointers and even helped her come up with her stage persona. With her new Betty Page haircut and ankle tattoos the proper moniker had suddenly come to them. On stage boring old Bethany would be the kinky voluptuous bad girl "Batty Page". Even thinking about the name put a devilish smile on her face. Her look had also been decided on. She'd take the stage wearing unassuming loose pants and a baggy white blouse before slowly stripping them off to reveal sexy vintage lingerie not to mention her new curves. Standing in front of the mirror Bethany simply could not get enough of her new curves. She had no clue how her chest had grown so many sizes in so little time but the question hardly worried her she was just ecstatic that they had. Cupping her bulging DDD breasts in her hands she simply could not get over how full, firm, and sensitive they had become. The weight too was a vast difference compared to the insignificant oranges she once possessed. Even her areolas and nipples had grown significantly. Feeling extremely naughty she decided to see if her breasts were large enough for her to lick her own nipples. To her surprise they were but just barely. This train of thought led her to wonder if Jayne or Tess who were even more well endowed could suck on their own nipples and if that was really as pleasurable as porn stars made it look? It wasn't just her breasts that had changed though. Her hips had grown significantly fuller and her ass significantly bigger which was a milder turn on but a turn on none the less considering the nonexistent ass she was use to. She absolutely loved becoming so voluptuous and buxom. The way men and women had begun to stare at her and the preferential treatment they had given her she simply could not get enough of. After Jayne and Tess departed she'd texted that hunky cashier and invited him over and it soon became obvious that she wasn't the only one strongly in favor of her new bust. If Bethany had been processing things more clearly though she'd have realized that it wasn't just her curves which had undergone another expansion. She had more or less grown into her new chubby round cheeks. Had she stepped on the scale she would have seen that she'd put on a minimum of fifty pounds since her last modeling gig. There was little beating around the bush now Bethany had officially become a plus sized babe. The new chubbiness of her thighs was major change from her once long lean chicken legs. Her tummy too had changed significantly. Long gone was her flat toned stomach. Now in its place rested a soft bulging belly and her once noticeable ribs had been long since iced other by new fleshy meat. Her upper body had changed quite significantly too. While she didn’t come all that close to the Amazonian looks of her new friends there was a new broadness to her shoulders and what seemed to be some muscle growth on her arms iced over by a thin layer of meat. Bethany was more or less oblivious to these facts though as she dressed in clothes a size or two larger than those she had tried on just yesterday. After getting ready she went out for late breakfast early lunch unfazed by her the new appetite she’d developed. Before leaving she engaged in some uncharacteristically forward flirting with the waiter going so far as to slip him her number. Upon arriving at home she changed into some unfamiliar workout garb and began her workout. Giving it little conscious thought she shifted from her normal routine which focused heavily on yoga and cardio to a weight intensive strength building routine. That her weight set had been upgraded yet again didn’t occur to her either. Once her workout was completed she settled into the recliner and flipped on the tv. Suddenly the Kardashian’s and Vanderpump Rules cast seemed ridiculously annoying not to mention painfully thin and airheaded. “Damn Khloe you’ve got to start eating again you look like hell without your curves.” She caught herself thinking before changing to a horror movie. Bethany had never had any use for horror movies but this one Return of the Living Dead suddenly seemed very cool and Bethany zoned out snacking and sipping on a few beers. She enjoyed the film so much she zoned out long enough to watch the sequel as well which she ended up considering inferior. After that one finished she checked the time and figured after stopping for a burger and a shake she should head to her audition. Upon entering the Club she found other performers Tess Von Voom, Blaire Witch, Sugar, and of course Jayne Minesfiled as their stage names went were already waiting on her. Blaire and Sugar seemed surprised by Bethany’s new looks. “Damn Becky looks like your skinny ass has filled.” Sugar remarked with a bit of surprise to her voice. “Chica mas voluptuosa.” Blaire added also looking surprised. “Their not wrong babe you’re looking thick and sexy.” Tess said. “You ladies should know better than to doubt me by now. Told you she had some potential.” Jayne added with authority. “Thanks girls it’s not Becky any more though that little twig has grown into the beautiful and bad Batty Page.” Bethany added before working her way up to the stage this time Moulin Rouge was not playing and instead it was Vampira by the Misfits. As Bethany began going through her routine she felt a one hundred and eighty degree difference from the last time. Gone were any doubts that she wouldn’t make the cut, gone were any nerves or jitters, and gone was any doubt about her own looks. Suddenly she felt strong, confident, and extremely sexy. In short she didn’t feel like weak little Bethany anymore she felt like …. Like Batty a strong, sexy, woman with a little bit of a bad streak in her. As she began to show more skin she found herself wishing she had more of an audience. It was a shame only the troop was seeing this. Batty Page’s debut to the world deserved more. After she began to show off her new bod she could tell she had the Blaire, Sugar, and Tess eating out of the palm of her hand although Jayne’s expression reveled little. She wasn’t performing for them though she was doing it for herself. By the time the blouse came off and her bountiful curves were let loose the trio were practically drooling over her of course with looks like hers Batty supposed she would too. Once her routine was finished the troop erupted in applause and Batty beamed with pride from their enthusiasm the old Bethany hadn’t gotten a reaction like that she thought with a smile. After the applause died down Jayne at last spoke up “Well if it wasn’t obvious by the other ladies enthusiastic acclaim honey you’ve certainly made the cut.” “After a reaction like that I would certainly hope so.” Batty chuckled. “Yes we do have just one more matter to settle before we make your membership official though.” Jayne replied. “Oh and what’s that?” Batty asked curiously. Jayne had now made her way up to the stage as had the other ladies. “Well truth be told we’ve been somewhat less than honest with you sug.” Jayne said with a slightly unsettling smile spreading across her face. “How so?” Batty asked feeling as though something was amiss. “Well for starters we aren’t just a burlesque troop you could also say we’re …how would you phrase it ladies?” Jayne asked. “Witches.” Tess responded bluntly. Batty then began to chuckle “Oh so we’re like wiccans right? Is that what ties all our shticks together?” “No honey we’re the real deal.” Jayne responded. “You can’t expect me to believe something like that?” Batty replied her chuckle growing more nervous. “I don’t know sug how else do you explain spouting those killer breasts and packing on like fifty pounds in a week.” Jayne remarked. “Ummm a couple ladies in my family thickened up in their mid 20s to 30s. And I’ve not gained fifty…. 15…20 tops.” Batty responded trying to rationalize her changing appearance. “Your right honey your thick family genes may have caught up to you but not this fast. Plus I’d say fifty is far more accurate what do you say?” Jayne said snapping her fingers before saying “Just check that mirror behind you.” Batty turned around and was mildly surprised half sure there hadn’t been a mirror there before. When she looked into it was as if the cloudiness that kept her only fixated on only her good curves had lifted. For the first time she perceived her new figure in full not just her new hourglass shape. Her chubby thighs, her soft plump little beginner belly, the meaty bulk of her upper arms and torso. In particular her now soft round face stood out to her as a total contrast to her former look. As she stared almost believing the mirror was stretching her reflection or something one of her hands reached upward to feel the new plumpness of her face while the other reach downward to grasp the new weight that had rounded and plumped up her stomach. Despite her hope that the mirror was laying she could feel the changes that had taken place in both areas. “Oh my God I’ve gotten so … so …chubby! How the hell did this happen?” She exclaimed. “Why all that eating you’ve done sug. All that fine dining had to settle somewhere. Five pounds here eight there with every meal we’ve been changing you from scrawny model to one of us.” Jayne said with a smile. “But why? Fucking how?” Batty exclaimed both her hands now gripping the layer of pork that had amassed around her waist before trying in vain to suck it in to some degree. “How don’t start talking like that airhead Bethany again. Witches remember stands to reason it was via magic then.” Jayne laughed. “As for the specifics though I’ll give you one guess what did all this start with?”Jayne asked. The answer was suddenly obvious “The corset!” Batty exclaimed. “There you go sug don’t let your new brain cells go to waste. Yes the corset every time you wore it especially every time you slept in it. It was rebuilding you little by little. Giving you that sexy hourglass shape, expanding your little thighs and waist, and adding new bulk up top. In short it was making a new woman out of you. A stronger, smarter, more beautiful one I’d say how about you? Don’t tell me you don’t love the new you especially these epic breasts?” Jayne grazing them with her index finger. "Well…yes but the rest .. you've made me so chubby." Batty replied calming a touch. "I made you… no no no sug I only gave you the corset I didn't make you wear nor did I make you fall in love with these amazing breasts now did I?" Jayne asked now cupping her expanded bosoms in each hand. "Feels like a distinction without a hell of a lot of difference." Batty responded. "Clever sug maybe you’re on to something there. I don't know why you should hold it against me though. Are you really going to miss being an air headed bag bones as opposed to a real woman? And as for your other wobbly bits I think these full chubby thighs are a hell of a lot sexier than your old twigs." Jayne said running a finger nail down one of Batty's thighs. "As for the tummy it's such a cute little thing. Ain't nothing sexy about rib bones a little belly though that shows that a woman enjoys life not starves herself. Plus a real man when you're lucky enough to find such a rare commodity they tend to appreciate having something to hold onto right ladies?" Jayne joked, too much applause before grabbing a hold of the slight love handles Batty had developed. “Come on honey you can’t tell me you don’t love the new you?” Jayne asked. Batty was still blown away by her new reflection in the mirror. Jayne wasn’t wrong she certainly didn’t hate the new her but she didn’t feel like this change was something she’d asked for either. “Maybe you’re not wrong. But why? Why me? Why do this at all?” Batty asked still somewhat rattled. “Oh lots of reason sug to refill our ranks for one. With Becky gone we’ve got shoes or should we say lingerie to fill.” Jayne said with a chuckle. “As for why you? You tell me? We didn’t pick you. You came to us. That’s how this works women come to us. Women seeking a change, a new direction, to let loose another side of themselves that’s been cooped up far too long. Sounds like you no? Weren’t you tired of your old life didn’t you feel like the walls were closing in your old life, career? Didn’t you feel you were aging out of your career your look getting stale? You wanted desperately to forge a new path for yourself right a more independent one? Well here you are.” Jayne responded. Just how persuasive Jayne was sounding was starting to bother Batty the more Jayne talked the more sense she seemed to make. “Take Tess here for instance. Not so long ago she was a pathetic little pushover of a thing walked all over by would be Don Drapers. You’re no pushover any more are you Tess?” Jayne asked. “You bet your fatass I’m not.” Tess responded. “Or Blair how about your tale not so long ago you were a yoga instructor right? What a waste starving yourself committing to nonsense pop philosophy all for what to keep weak men who desired scrawny little girls as opposed to women.” Jayne replied. “And Sugar if you can believe it use to manage one of those trendy nonsense health food stores. But she was far from healthy. She was unhappy, unfilled, and a struggling anorexic. We fixed that now didn’t we?” Jayne asked to which Sugar responded positively. Batty’s resolve clearly fading she then asked “Fair enough….but …but how? Magic really how can you do these things?” “Oh now that we can’t get to into detail on until we make you a full fledged member so to speak. But I’ll tell you this we get our power form an unfortunately forgotten deity whose name we’ll simply shorthand down to Regina. Regina was worshiped as a deity with dominion over feminine, beauty strength, fertility. It may come as a surprise but the standard for feminine beauty wasn’t always the rail like dimensions of your former self. Once women were expected to be bold, voluptuous, and powerfully built. Scrawny little girls simply weren’t likely to survive in harsher times. As such Regina was who offerings were made to in hopes that daughters would grow and flourish and that wives would become big beautiful providers for offspring of their own. Sadly such views fell out of fashion but some of us still prefer the old ways don’t you?” Jayne asked. Batty’s mind was racing as she struggled for an answer “Umm….uh y…yes.” She finally stammered. “What was that sug?” Jayne asked. Batty then took another look in the mirror. The weak little slip of a thing she had once been was already gone and even if there was some way to bring her back did she even want to? “Yes” Batty replied more confidently. “Excellent you’re not quite one of us yet though.” Jayne responded. “What’s left to do?” Batty asked. “I’m glad you asked.” Jayne responded before snapping her fingers and following the appearance of a cloud of mist a boiling cauldron appeared. “You need to drink deeply from this brew.” Jayne replied. “What happens then?” Batty asked her uneasiness returning. “Your change will become more permanent. Right now the corset hasn’t affected you as much as you think. This form isn’t so far removed from the one you were meant to have. In a few years had you started eating, your families genes kicked in etc you’d have ended up growing to about this size. Without the brew though this is less then permanent. You were right you didn’t exactly choose this path but for it to take root you must. Without the brew you’ll soon begin to lose your new muscle, your amazing breasts will shrink, weight and curves will fall off though probably not enough to return you to your former state. We don’t want to simply make this permanent though. We need for you to take a double dose. Becky left behind some big brassiere’s to fill and we need you to fill them. Simply put we’re going to build you up into a big ole babe just like Becky!” Jayne said with another sinister grin. Batty’s mind then began to instantly picture Becky. Wow Becky was a seriously big babe and they wanted to make her that big! Batty wasn’t sure what to think about that. Sure she wasn’t skinny any more but she wasn’t huge if she wanted she supposed she could tone up her jiggly middle at the size she was now without too much difficulty. Becky though that chick was BIG 200+ easily hell maybe even 250. Batty figured there probably wasn’t much coming back from that. Toning up or dropping weight if they made her that size would be difficult if not impossible. Maybe she was alright with what she looked like now but was she willing to become an official fat chick? She then studied the ladies around her if she agreed she’d become the biggest of the group easily. Tess and Jayne were probably in the ball park of 200 or more but compared to the images she’d seen of Becky they seemed merely plump and voluptuous Becky in contrast was a seriously hefty babe. “This..this is a lot to take in. I..I don’t know about going through with that. Becky was a really really big girl.” Batty responded her panic returning. “True. But she was big in the very best senses of the word BIG curves, BIG muscles, BIG personality, BIG appetites and I’m not just talking about for food.” Jayne chuckled. “Come on you saw her perform before don’t tell me Becky wasn’t an absolute beauty.” Jayne replied. Actually Batty wasn’t sure she had ever seen Becky perform but suddenly she could picture her perfectly. Her beauty, her strength, confidence, the way she worked the room, and God her curves that woman had some of the biggest breasts she had ever seen! Batty couldn’t argue that Jayne had a point. Becky was a true beauty. But to become so large could she handle that? What about her career? Maybe not with Jack but Batty still totally had the looks to work as a plus size model but at Becky’s would she have any sort of a day job waiting for her? “Sure she was but I’m just not sure if I handle becoming that … that big.” Batty responded her resolve fading a bit. “Oh sug you’re not thinking clearly. You’re just hung up on what Becky’s weight must have been on the scale and those were just numbers. Becky was taller then you and her curves were spread across a healthy core of muscle she wasn’t some overweight slob with a halfway pretty face. No she was a big beautiful powerfully built Amazon. Trust me that lady got precious little shit for her size. I mean who would dare criticize her for it. Plus I know you love these sexy new boobies of yours. Just imagine them even bigger. Maybe even twice as big. Hell you’d be the bustiest lady in town with the frame to support them. I mean your new girls are cute and all but their not even as big as mine wouldn’t you like to change that?” Jayne said giving one of Batty’s breasts another squeeze. With that remark Batty’s resolve weakened further still. She tried to picture herself with Becky’s humongous hooters it wasn’t an unpleasant thought in the least. She also thought about what Jayne had said about Becky’s build. She was right she was rather solid and powerfully built rather than excessively flabby. Then she thought about Becky’s height she had been taller than her by an inch or three but she was no small woman either maybe she had the frame to distribute that sort of influx of additional weight? “I see your thinking about it. Mmmm just imagine the big perfect melons.” Jayne said squeezing Batty’s breasts. “The wide womanly hips, the bodacious bottom.” Jayne now working her way down to Batty’s hips and backside. “And the frame and musculature to support it.” Jayne declared now feeling Batty’s beefier arms and broader shoulders. “Goodness sug you’ll be a goddess amongst ants take the deal before I drink it down for you!” Jayne announced with a bit of moan in her voice. “Don’t, I want it.” Batty responded bluntly the words leaving her lips at virtually the instant she had thought it. “Wonderful Tess Sugar why don’t you offer your new sister some support. Wouldn’t want her to panic before the change takes place.” Jayne announced. Then before Batty realized what she meant Tess and Sugar had moved in with surprising agility for such large ladies and had pinned her in place locking one of her arms each. Batty resisted naturally but despite being nearly the same size as the two they had her significantly outmatched in the strength department and she was weighed down by their anchor like weights. “Now sug what you causing a fuss for now? You made your choice their just there to make sure you don’t panic or get cold feet once we get started. They aren’t going to hurt you.” Jayne replied. Batty realized she was right she had asked for this there was no turning back now and she relaxed. Jayne then produced two fairly large chalices and filled them to the rim with the brew. After approaching Batty she then sat them on the floor at her feet and began to recite something in some language Batty did not recognize at all Latin perhaps? Eventually Jayne switched back to English declaring “Lady Regina please accept this puny wretch as one of your favored followers. By drinking deep of your nectar may she be remade in lines with your ancient ideals bigger, stronger, smarter, and of course far more beautiful then she was before.” Jayne then raised one of the chalices to Batty’s mouth before declaring “Now drink and be changed!” Batty’s mind had been racing and while Jayne had been speaking she wondered if Jayne would try to force the liquid into her but within an instant of finishing she had instinctively gone for the liquid and began to drink it down. It was absolutely awful thick, hot, and bitter. However despite this she gulped it down greedily taking not even a single break to breathe. As she lapped it down Jayne raised the chalice and still more of it continued into her. Batty had begun to wonder if the drink had a bottom because no matter how much she gulped down more and more continued to flow from it. Finally after she’d totally lost track of time the chalice finally ran empty. “Wonderful job that was every single drop. Congratulations with that the old pathetic slender Bethany is gone drowned by Regina’s nectar. I think the new you still has some room for growth and improvement though don’t you?” Jayne asked. Batty huffed for a bit trying to catch her breath before replying “Yes! More!” “Ask and ye shall receive.” Jayne laughed before raising the second chalice to her mouth. Again Batty without even thinking about it greedily sucked the liquid down only this time it tasted infinitely better while the force had been somewhat rough to get down this one went down smoothly and sweetly and the more Jayne poured the more she wanted. Finally this one too ran empty. “Huff…huff… nothing’s happened?” Batty asked confused. “Give it a moment sug oh and best we get rid of these before they smother you.” Jayne said before cutting off her vintage lingerie with one of her nails which was suddenly razor sharp. Batty felt slightly uneasy being completely naked in front of the group but it passed within seconds as she could feel it happen. She couldn’t articulate how it felt exactly other than mildly orgasmic but it was happening she was changing. All at once her body was filling up and out as new pounds and inches established themselves. Her chubby thighs first grew sturdier as a layer of muscle established itself before quickly being coated by another layer of pork. Her figure also spread out several inches as both her hips and shoulders strengthened and broadened. As her hips spread out her plump little bubble butt took on a life of its own expanding into one seriously hefty badonkadonk. Her waist to changed as a new round of pounds settled into her pudgy little beginner belly. In seconds it outgrew the euphemism of pudgy though as it rounded out and established it’s as the full fledged fattened up tummy of a woman who appreciated some seriously fine dining. Her arms meanwhile swelled with a unique mixture muscular strength and ample coating. Her breasts though were where the biggest changes were taking place. With her new bulk she shock off Sugar and Tess with relative ease and cupped her breasts as they gradually expanded. Batty was absolutely mesmerized by how they blossomed. They had seemed so large already but now they were as large as Jayne’s and still growing. Right before her eyes they were growing rounder, fuller, and heavier and flying through the cup sizes Es, Fs, Gs. And as they swelled she could also feel her torso continue to change. Her spine straightened her shoulders and even lat muscles strengthen to support these massive water melons. By the time they swelling came to a stop all she could see when looking down was cleavage and breasts! She had gone busty Ds to simply humongous H cups? She had little idea she’d never seen breasts like this in person. To her surprise though despite their great size and weight their sag was about as minimal as one could ever hope for given their dimensions. “So you like?” Jayne asked snapping her fingers and causing a full length mirror to appear before her. Batty then saw the minor changes that her face had undergone her face had grown a bit plumper still along with just the ghost of a double chin. Once she could pry her eyes off the enormous breasts before her she also wondered if she had grown a couple inches in height? And then it hit her she hadn’t grown to the same size as Becky. She’d literally grown into an exact replica of her overfed fit fat Amazonian proportions. Batty was in absolute awe at the reflection looking back at her. This woman had almost nothing in common with Bethany Bishop up and coming runway model. But maybe that was a good thing? She then explored her new form her breasts, the new swell of her tummy, the new firmness of her arms. Oh my god I'm so f..fa..fa..t.."No I love I look fucking fabulous!" She declared confidently. "Mmmm that you do sug that you do. Hell I'd say your even bigger then Becky and certainly more beautiful." Jayne said exploring Batty's supersized bod a bit before giving her a hug. "Welcome to the Coven you've just entered a whole new world. Now let's get you some clothes hopefully some of Becky's old stuff will fit I've got some of her stuff in the back. Batty followed her and after reaching the back room Jayne did some rummaging around before tossing her an outfit and saying "Let's see if this fits?" As Batty tried it on Jayne added "Oh and do me a favor sug hit up Jack tomorrow." "That dick why?" Batty asked surprised. "Well he and I had a brief talk at the mall and I think I talked some sense into him regarding women of size and I'd like for you to see if I'm right?" Jayne replied. "You mean you put a spell on him?" Batty asked. "Oh a minor whammy at best. Just a nudge really he's a boob man right? Well I say the line between a boob man and a chubby chaser is a thin one and maybe I nudged him right across it." Jayne chuckled. "Why even bother? Batty asked. "Because of his agency. Just think what he could accomplish for ladies of our size if he wasn't so wrapped up in skinny bitches?" Jayne asked. "Interesting point." Batty responded. "Very interesting I say. Just think with his resources maybe we could even liberate some pathetic skinny little women from the clutches of starvation diets and encourage them to embrace their potential curves." Jayne laughed. "If that be Regina's will." Batty caught herself responding instinctively. "Having a little trouble there sug?" Jayne asked as Batty played with the outfit. "Yeah uh it's a little snug." Batty giggled. "Where?" Jayne asked. "Umm the middle and around the ta tas mostly." Batty responded. "Damn sug you really did out grow Becky a little. Don't worry looks to me like your even sexier though. Now give me a look and we'll see what we can do about it." Jayne responded. Batty then turned around to give Jayne the full view. She had tried on one of Becky's old outfit it was a sexier as well as edgier version of a retro housewives dress jet black with white fringe and cut to show off plenty of legs and cleavage. Batty was right though it was definitely a size or two small for her putting even more of her chest on display. Jayne judged that she looked quite sexy if a little uncomfortable due to dresses tightness. "Damn sug you really did outgrow Becky by a bit." Jayne giggled. "Good more of me to love right?" Batty joked. "Oh honey you have no idea." Jayne said with a smile admiring her handy work. "Too bad about the outfits though." Batty responded. "Not at all we can fix that." Jayne said before snapping her finger's which resulted in the dress increasing by a size or so to better cover Batty's supersized curves. Anonymous 04/17/17 (Mon) 19:02:55 No.1637 >>909 Epilogue 3 Months Later Kim and Stacy sat in the lobby of Jack's agency waiting to see him. As soon as they sat down though they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Framed on the wall was the cover of some fetish rag that Jack's new girlfriend had posed as the cover model for. The duo had been utterly flabbergasted by his hooking up with this chick whose name also seemed to be Bethany but she preferred going by her stage name Batty Page. How the hell she'd slithered her way into his life was beyond them. He'd often seemed to date within the agency and Stacy had hoped it would be her turn after he'd finally broke it off with that basic bitch Bethany but then this lady had come out of nowhere and she was very much not his type. This Bethany was an absolutely supersized lady with some of the largest breasts Stacy had ever seen. She was also some sort of Burlesque dancer and alternative model. And ever since she'd shown up Jack had made some crazy business decisions and this seemed to be the craziest yet. Stacy looked up at the framed cover. The magazine was called "Second Skin" and was apparently the Cosmo of fetish. Batty Page was seductively posed with a black riding crop and dressed in a shiny, black latex parody of a 1950's pencil suit. Her bee stung lips in a cruel pout. Her massive pale white breasts jutted out like torpedoes and the center of the dressed attempted to cinch her waist into a cartoonish hourglass. Even through the tight latex, Stacy could make out the outline of a rounded tummy. All and all, Batty looked like the over fed cousin of a retro bondage pinup. But kind of hot, Stacy had to admit. "The hell latex lingerie? That's a thing? Freaking weird." Stacy remarked. "Who gives a damn what that whale is wearing I just want to know what the fuck Jack is doing trying to market her. Instead of me…us!" Kim barked. "With Bethany gone it's our turn god damn it. But instead that sumo sized bitch is ruining our agency." Stacy continued. "I know…I ..I don't know what's gotten into Jack's head. Kim responded flabbergasted "He's suddenly convinced that the markets ready to embrace these crazy plus size and alternative looks! Did you hear he told Lauran he'd chip in heavily if she wanted to get more tattoos. Like like a LOT more tattoos. She's going to be a tattoo model apparently." Stacy responded. "Plus size you mean fat fuck size!" Stacy barked. "Hell forget the tattoos apparently he gave Nikki this a huge check and in return she's shaved her head like Amber Rose and she's going to start doing lots of crazy haircuts." Kim continued. "I don't care how much he offers me I'm not shaving my freaking head if that's what he offers me." Stacy replied. "Screw that unless this meeting is to tell us he's done with this crazy experimenting I'm quitting." Kim chimed in. "Feel free to quit then I won't stop you. Or you can step inside for our meeting." Jack responded without the two realizing he had stepped into the lobby. Kim probably didn't think much of it but Stacy was blown away by his change in appearance. Matching he's new girlfriend he'd also adopted a somewhat more punk look and at the moment he was rocking a leather jacket and a slicked back platinum blonde hair look that reminded her of James Marsters. He also looked bigger like he'd always been a really slim guy but he'd seemed to have packed on some weight and muscle tone recently. Kim looked a bit afraid having been caught mid rant but the two proceeded into his office none the less. To their surprising waiting on them in the office was his new girlfriend. Stacy hadn't been around her much and suddenly she had to admit for such a massive babe she maybe got what Jack saw in her she was sexy in her own outside the box way. Currently she was dressed in black daisy duke style jean shorts that showed off her semi solid tree trunk legs not to mention her incredibly curvy hips and backside. Her top meanwhile was a Misfits t shirt with cut off sleeves and a v neck design that caused her seemingly mile of cleavage to be placed on prominent display. The cut off sleeves also drew attention to her massive arms. Stacy had to give the chick this although she must eat like a horse to have grown so large but she also seemed to hit the gym a lot. Her upper body wasn't all athletic looking though as the swell of her plump pale tummy and love handles frequently threatened to protrude from beneath the slightly to small shirt. "So I see you two were discussing Bethany's magazine cover. As it should be obvious by now I'm taking the agency in a bit of a different direction focusing less on dime a dozen size 0s and more on alternative models." Jack explained. "So does this mean we're out of the job?" Stacy asked. "That depends. I'm already stacked when it comes to slim models especially one's with no distinguishing looks. However if you'd like to keep your jobs I plan to significantly push our new plus size division and I rather like the idea of chronicling a skinny girl going plus size. So what do you two say any takers?" Jack asked. "This.. this is fucking crazy I'm out." Kim barked before storming out of the office. Stacy meanwhile sat there another moment looking at Jack's girlfriend particularly her gigantic breasts! Batty then wiggle waddled over to Stacy who was seated in a chair and leaned over spilling her cleavage out just inches from her face. "So what do you say honey any interest in ditching the boney look and getting yourself some big ole titties like mine?" The next thought that entered Stacy's mind was "If you can't beat them join them." She simply couldn't pull her gaze from those gigantic sexy breasts. As she stared she even found herself picturing what it was like to have those. Which led to her envisioning herself with similar supersized hooters. The image though was utterly ridiculous how could a skinny chick like her support those giant things? This plot hole was then resolved by her mental image fattening up and sporting a similar plus sized body to the Amazon standing before her. She was acting crazy she thought trying to shake off that mental picture. "You mean those udders why the hell would I want to look like that?" Stacy responded. Batty then got a devious smirk on her face and responded with "You keep staring and I can tell it's not a stare of disgust it's of jealously. Stop pretending hun trust me you'd love the new you I sure as hell did." "What that's absolute crazy talk." Stacy responded with bothered by the idea that she was jealous of this fat chick. "Tell you what if you want to stare how about I give you a real close look" Batty chuckled before shoving Stacy's face right into the expansive plush of her breasts. Then after a few seconds she pulled Stacy up by her feet and said "Come on just feel what your missing out on." before smothering her in a bear hug. After a moment she loosened her hold looked Stacy in the eyes. To Stacy's shock Batty's eyes seemed to have an odd glow to them. Then Batty went in and kissed Stacy on the cheek right after whispering something in her ear. Following the kiss Stacy had a strange feeling come over her body. She couldn't describe it any other way but as pleasurable and once the feeling had passed her clothes had become tight. Little did she know she'd just packed on 15 pounds with many more to soon follow. Smothered up against her like she was Batty could feel the change in Stacy's frame. Stacy's thighs had grown a bit rounder, her hips a touch broader the biggest changes were in her upper body though Batty could feel a hint of softness straining against Stacy's waistband as well as a slightly fuller chest. "Now now take it down a notch Bethany don't want HR filing a complaint against us." Jack laughed. "Oh no no.. it's fine on second thought I think I am interested actually anything to support the agency." Stacy said nervously. "Trust me hun you won't regret it." Batty said with a big smile. "So umm how much were you thinking about me gaining?" Stacy asked with a nervous laugh. "Oh honey we're going to build you up into a great BIG babe just like me. Hope you're hungry my friend Jayne just dropped off a great big apple pie and I'm going to need help finishing it." Batty said. "I'm not really one for sweets." Stacy replied. "Oh you'll make an exception for this trust me honey her recipe is absolutely magical. And when we're done I've got a special gift for you." Batty responded. 6 Months later Jack had just finished hanging a new framed magazine cover in his lobby and looked it over feeling a touch of pride. It was of his two most popular models Batty Page and Dolly Dreams formerly known as Stacy. At first glance you'd have never recognized her as Stacy. Under Bethany's influence Stacy hand undergone some BIG changes. Bethany had exaggerated a little she hadn't made Stacy/Dolly into a great big babe like her but she'd come damn close plumping her up into a 220 or so pound plus size cutie pie. The cover featured Batty and Dolly posed in front of the American flag with the Headline of the alt fashion magazine Stunner reading "We are going to make you believe in a curvier America!" Under this headline a smaller caption read "Skinny model ditches diet and embraces natural curves and she thinks you should too!" Following this were a selection of quotes from her interview including such gems as "The men in my life can't get enough of my new curves." and "And I feel like the thin me just wasn't the real me." In the corner of the page they had included a small picture of Stacy's former look slim, medium length dirty blonde hair, dark tan attractive Jack still conceded but utterly interchangeable with any of the 20 something chicks on the various CW tv shows. As such the former her paled in comparison to Dolly who stood next to Batty saluting the American flag. They were both decked out like sexier Rosie the Riveter's. Batty's look of course having more than a touch of punk rock edge. Dolly meanwhile more so had the look of a cutie all American girl next door if she was brought up on a diet of equal parts hard work and apple pie. Admiring Dolly she also developed some semi solid tree trunk thighs and broad womanly hips. Unlike Batty though more of her weight had settled into her rear giving her one full sexy backside partially on display due to the angle of the image. That wasn't to say she hadn't also developed some big ample torpedo size hooters although hers jetted out at only an E-cup. Her middle meanwhile had plumped up majorly as she'd grown big all over as opposed to Batty's hourglass shape. Like Batty she had developed some firm muscle tone up top coated in a layer of pork giving their Rosie flexes considerable umph compared to the original. Finally Jack admired Dolly's cute girl next door face framed by her victory roll hair style. Dolly's face had absorbed more weight than Batty's giving her a plump chubby dimpled face with a noticeable second chin. The chubby roundness helped to give her a slightly younger appearance then Batty the larger of the two in both build and height despite their being nearly the same age. All in all Jack couldn't be happier with how the cover turned out and couldn't wait to take the two out for dinner to celebrate.
  10. Jason (WG, BE, DG)

    Jason (WG, BE, DG) Since Jason was 10 years old, he recognized that he could make certain changes in his environment at will. He couldn't create living things but he could change them while he slept. The most amazing thing was that the world seemed to accommodate to his dreams. Everyone accepted the changes as if they had always been so. The first time this happened was when he got his first pet. Jason wanted a dog since he was very young. His parents said that a dog was too much trouble. The compromise that they reached was that Jason could have a hamster. The hamster lived in Jason's room and was fun to play with but Jason still would have preferred a dog. One night before he went to sleep, he was holding his hamster and said "I wish you were a big police dog and not a hamster". As he drifted off to sleep, he had a firm image in mind of the dog he wanted a strong brown german shepard who slept in his room. His dreams were very vivid and intense that night. In the dream his hamster morphed into a dog and his memory of going to petstore changed also. He saw himself going with his parents and buying a beautiful german shepard puppy. When he awoke in the morning, there was something licking his cheek. It was Brownie his german shepard. More amazingly, when he went downstairs, there was a bowl in the kitchen for his dog and him mom seemed very comfortable with the dog while she had always been afraid of dogs before. Jason knew that his world had changed overnight but he didn't believe his dreams were the cause. The next event happened when Jason was 13. He was fighting with his little sister Amy before bedtime and his parents punished him by taking away his computer games. He felt the fight was as much Amy's fault as his. When he was laying in bed he was furious and thought "I wish Amy was someone else's sister". That night he dreamed about his neighbor Kevin and Kevin's sister Amy who was always getting in the way of them playing basketball outside. In the morning he awoke with a start and ran to the extra bedroom next door. His parents had always wanted a little girl but after he was born, the doctors said she couldn't have any more kids. A look out the window at Kevin's backyard showed his neighbor Amy on the swings. A part of him knew this hadn't always been the case and he felt a certain sense of sadness. He remembered the night he got his dog and began to realize it was his wishes and dreams that had changed Brownie and Amy (and the world around them). This thought scared him more than exciting him. When Jason was 14 he had a terrific crush on Kimberly Stanton. Everyone in school did because at 16 she looked 18 and was dating guys from the local college. She was a cheerleader and filled out her uniform tightly and beyond. One night, Jason was masturbating and imagined Kim getting younger to age 14. She kept her 36d chest but her face looked younger. She was also a few inches shorter now then Jason. Most importantly in his fantasy she was his girlfriend and found him irresistable. She had no interest in older boys. They bored her now. In fact her interests were all the same as Jason's. She loved basketball and would watch games with him all the time and beamed at his wonderful ability on the court. She also was aggressive and wanted to find places for them to make-out. She even experimented with oral sex with Jason which would have made either of their parents crazy. As Jason pictured her beautiful face at his waist he lost control. After he cleaned up, he fell asleep content with this fantasy in mind. As he dreamed, Kim was with him and he was sleeping with Kim because his parents had left him alone for the weekend. He couldn't believe her beautiful body was next to his. He savored her smell and soft skin and didnt' want to awaken but the sun tugged at his eyes and he lost the dream. When he awoke he was shocked to feel a soft leg cuddling his in his bed. Kim's soft blond hair lay over his shoulder and she was naked against his erection. He wondered what they had done last night and whether he had the sense to dream about a condom! Kim awoke with a smile and then a start. She said "What time is it? I told my parents I was sleeping at Cheryl's house and better get home before church or they are liable to call Cheryl's mom. I had a great time last night but we were pretty crazy to do this." Jason was too stunned to say anything so he just kissed her and helped her find her clothes around his room. The next two years were like a dream. Jason's life was like a fantasy to him. Kim was always there sharing his basketball games, going to dances and taking long walks to the quarry for fun at night. He couldn't believe his luck at being granted the power to make these dreams come true. If anything, he began to find that things were too perfect. He was a great student and the star player on his basketball team. Kim was the perfect girlfriend (if a little horny) and got more beautiful every month. It was Jason's boredom that ultimately was his undoing. He began to fantasize about all kinds of fetishes. Goth girls and piercings, tattoos and heavy girls. It all came to a head one night when he was masturbating in bed and fantasizing about a different kind of Kim. He was 28 and married to Kim who was the same beautiful girl but heavy and pierced with tattoos and most stimulating of all, she knew about his power and dominated him to use it for her benefit. When he came, he saw her riding on him with her monsterous breasts dangling in front of his mouth to suckle. As he sucked her breasts, he felt weaker and weaker and heard Kim laugh with her smoker's voice. He fell asleep with this image in his mind. When he awoke, it was in another room. He smelled the stench of old smoke and heard snoring from next to him. He realized this was his new world and worst of all he felt timid and obedient to Kim lying next to him. As Kim awoke, he realized she knew what he had done. This made him afraid. "So" she said, "this is what you wanted me to look like you idiot. Well now here I am 250 pounds of tattooed joy. I'll make you pay for this don't you worry". She lumbered out of bed and hit the shower and Jason knew he was in trouble but with his fantasy, he was weak and timid and he had been transformed to meet this character. Now he would passively accept whatever Kim did to him. That day, Jason kept his distance from Kim. She was very occupied on the computer and seemed to be working overtime in photoshop. By the end of the day, Kim was printing photos and pulled Jason close. Come honey, we are going to bed now. While she played with him naked in bed, her rolls of fat laying on him, she insisted that he stare at the series of photos. In the pictures, Kim was back to blond, beautiful and slim but she still had her enlarged breasts. She also still had her tattoos. Jason realized that the Kim he had created through his last dream enjoyed having tattoos and smoking. So at least for now she was not going to change them. More disturbing were the images of Jason in the pictures. His muscle mass was all gone and he had shrunk to 5'2". This Kim towered over him and in his new timid self this excited him even more. In one image he was suckling from Kim's breast with real milk coming out. That pushed him over the edge. With the image in mind, Jason was rocked to sleep by Kim. The next day he saw that more had changed then he realized. He rolled over and saw that Kim was much bigger then him. He felt so small and weak and went to look in the mirror. He looked like he was 14 years old again. He had most of his body hair and everything but his dick looked like a young boy's. Kim awoke and instructed him to come to her. He obediently came back to bed to pleasure her. Her breasts were bulging and leaking and he felt compelled to feed. She began to moan as he entered her. In this changed world, he was her cousin living with her and serving her. She was 28 still but he was just a teen. After they finished she sent him off to school and got ready for work. She said tonight we will have more fun Jason. In school, Jason realized he was obsessed with Kim. In his new role, he only wanted to please her. To the degree that he knew she wanted him to do well in school, that was all that let him concentrate on his schoolwork otherwise he was just fantasizing about pleasuring her. In some part of his revised mind and world, he knew that it was wrong for a 14 year old to be with a woman of 28 but this was only a small distraction. In this world, he had always loved her and would always serve her. When he got home, Kim was waiting for him. She towered over him and pushed him between her legs. He would do anything for her, and least of all he was happy to service her needs. When he was finished she brought him to the living room and they watched a video of a mature woman of 38 in bed with a nubile 18 year old girl. The woman had big breasts and a corset holding in her voluptuous body. The girl had puffy nipples and a hard tight ass. She had short blond hair and bright blue eyes. Kim kept saying imagine yourself as that young girl Jason. Wouldn't you enjoy making love to a curvaceous woman like that? You would make such a pretty girl Jason. Jason had a bad feeling about the video and what tomorrow would bring…
  11. Bathtime (FtF WG BE) by Thalia Thrandil This is a story I've been working on lately. The title is completely subject to change depending on how it progresses. Feel free to leave feedback as it helps me write better in the long run! (Don't expect a second part anytime soon (For that matter, don't expect it late either, it really depends (This is getting tedious isn't it))) Enjoy! C1 Cara placed her finger beneath the tap, the searing water burning her finger. “Ah shit!” She said as she recoiled backwards. After a quick readjustment of the tap, she placed her finger more cautiously under the tap and found it to be pleasantly warm. “That’s better,” She sighed. The bathroom door suddenly opened and a large man walked in, his giant hands resting on her shoulders. “How about a shower with me babe, I can scrub you off,” James Frederick said, his intentions clear. “I just need some alone time hun, maybe later today,” She responded, his big blue eyes going puppy on her. “Don’t do that! I promise, one tonight,” She added, his expression lighting up like fire. Cara’s husband turned and exited the bathroom, the door shutting quietly behind him. “Finally,” she exhaled. After brushing the raven fringe of her pixie cut from her eyes, she continued on to grab the hem of her yellow knit over-shirt which she carefully removed and placed on the marble bench-top. Minutes later, Cara stood bare back before the mirror. Her dainty hands cupped her almost full A cups, a pang of disappointment in her mood. “You look fine!” Jim called from the other room almost as if he knew what she was thinking. Silently she ran her hands down her waist and to her unusually wide hips, her primary defining feature. “Are you psychic or something!” She called back, an audible snigger coming from outside the room. Tearing herself away from the mirror, Cara turned back to the bath and switched the tap off. After a quick pawing of the water, she decided it fit for a bath. Lifting her leg and lowering a single toe into the water, she went ahead and dipped her lower leg in. “Aaaaaah,” She breathed, “That’s good,” Slowly she placed her alternate foot in the water and then she proceeded to lift the rest of her body over the edge of the basin. Her small buttocks slowly lowered into the warm water followed by her lower body, the small bush over her vagina soaking in the water. As the water came up past her belly button and then her breasts, Cara relaxed further and further, her entire body finally loosening up as the crystal water touched her chin. Slowly she laid back, her eyes shutting as she entered into a doze. The soft light of the early morning sun filled in through the bathroom window. The birds of the cityscape chirped their morning song as small frogs leaped from lily to lily in the pond in the park. Atop a shelf that appeared over the bathtub sat a rolled up towel that loomed daringly close to the edge of the platform. At a snails pace, the towel unravelled causing it to roll over so slowly toward the edge. As it drew closer and closer, it came to a point where it was almost balanced on the border of the drop. It swayed slightly, a bit forward, a bit back. Like in a cartoon, the towel rolled over the edge and almost seemed to hover a bit over the edge. But we all know cartoon physics aren’t correct. “Ah! What the hell?” Cara yelled, her breathing heavy from the sudden awakening. As she struggled to pull the waterlogged towel off her face, she noted an odd feeling around her chest. Finally the towel was released from her grip as it dropped to the floor beside the bath. Cara screamed. Jim exploded into action, the duvet flying off his naked body as he clambered out of bed. It hadn’t even landed before he reached the bathroom door ready to assist if his wife was in trouble. “Cara! What’s wrong!” He shouted through the door, his breathing heavy from the sudden anxiety. “I… I’m alright!” Cara called in response, her hiding of the fear in her voice calming Jim a little. “What happened?” 
“No no, it’s alright. I almost dropped the hairdryer into the sink,” She responded, Jim barely noticing the lie. “Let me in, I want to see if you are alright,” He answered back being still unconvinced. “No really, I’m fine. I need to get ready anyway,”
 “For what?” “I’m going out,” “With who?” “Some friends,” She lied, another fabrication to buy time. “Do I know them?” “No, no you don’t,” Feeling the conversation no longer mattered, Jim turned away from the door and began down the hall before he was spoken to again. “But wait! Could you… uhhh… oh yeah, could you go to reception and pick up a package. It’s under my name,” Cara spoke, a simple way to get him out of the room. “Uhhh… sure. What is it?” “Just some cosmetics,” Feeling finally convinced of her safety, Jim strode back into their bedroom and dressed in a pair of jeans and an old band tee he’d bought some time ago. Grabbing his phone and his room card, he walked to the door and stopped. “Call me if there are any issues!” He yelled before pushing open the door and stepping out into the hotel corridor. Jim strode down the hallway until he reached the elevator, his somehow muscular index finger firmly pushing the ‘G’ button. “Since when did reception take packages?” He said to himself, as the lift travelled down from the 27th floor. The elevator slowed and stopped at level 7, the metallic doors slowly opening to reveal a tall and slim blonde vixen. “Penny? How long have you been here?” Jim questioned to the busty woman who had just stepped in with him. “Jim! It’s so good to see you!” She returned before she wrapped her arms around the muscular giant. “Brad and I landed just yesterday! Oh wow, that’s coincidental…” She added, the final comment slightly reserved. “What do you mean?” “Kim’s here with Jacob, strange really,” She answered. Jim stood there rather awkwardly, his knowledge of Cara’s friends being rather limited. Detecting his confusion, Penny replied in a ‘Are you serious’ way. “Kim? You don’t know Kim Francis?” Jim just shrugged while feeling rather pissed at himself for not knowing. “She’s been Cara’s closest friend since kindergarten, how has she not told you? How long have you been married?” “3 years,” Jim replied still feeling confused. 
“Ugh, god. Well anyway, what are you doing out of her sight?” “Needs me to pick up some cosmetics or whatever from reception. Did you know packages can be sent to reception?” Jim inquired, his feeling of unease building at the thought. “Yeah, hell yeah. I’m expecting something later today. Its great though right?” His feeling of unease instantly diminished, the proof of his task finally arising. The lift doors broke open allowing the buzz of reception to flow into the room like humid air. “Well, see around anyway, tell Cara to call me,” She said as she strolled out of the lift. Jim followed close behind but broke his path as she headed over to a group of girls Jim had never seen. Spying the reception in the distance, Jim changed path and began towards the busy desks. 48 minutes later. “Hi, I’m expecting a package for Cara Frederick?” Jim said, his voice croaky from being in a line for so long. “Cara Frederick? As in Cara Liam Frederick?” The brown haired receptionist returned, her eyes fixated to the computer she typed into. “No, Cara James Frederick. She’s in room 496,” “One moment please. Take a seat if you will” She said as she stepped out of the chair, her hand indicating a lounge across the space. Feeling rather defeated, Jim slumped into the black leather lounge after having crossed the room, his temper barely rising through his lethargy. Another 48 minutes later. “Mister Frederick!” The sleek receptionist called, Jim just barely hearing his name. After finally registering the request, he popped up and strode back to the desk. “It says that there has been nothing left for Cara Frederick, but if you’d like any discounts for ferries or bus tours, just ask us here at reception,” Jim turned and walked off, his anger finally surfacing. Minutes later, he arrived back at 496 with his head hung low. Pushing through the door, he discovered a note on the dining table. “Had to go, was running late. Soz! XOX” Jim read. “I’m going to sleep,” “Where to ma’m?” “Could you take me to the nearest mall?”

“Sure thing, what would you be looking for?”

“Retail, clothes, that kind of stuff,” 
“Ah, basic stuff. Sure thing,”
 The taxi broke away from the curb and fell immediately into traffic, the cabby already beginning to honk. Cara sat in the back seat and kept to her own thoughts, the various questions the driver asked receiving only short, to the point answers. Like a rollercoaster, Cara’s mood changed drastically over the hour long drive, from sorrow and questioning to anger and hatred, finally settling at a flat, depressed mood. “That’ll be 86 dollars,” “86! Are you serious?” Cara yelled, her anger building again. “Hey lady, you’ve got to give me some compensation for the traffic! I could have driven 4 more people in that time!”
 Digging into her purse, Cara pulled two crisp 50’s and tossed them at the driver. She stormed from the taxi and continued in through the glass gates that held entrance to the mall. As the automatic doors came apart, the sheer noise of the busy mall blasted into her ears, a few seconds taken to adjust to the volume shift. Peering down the long wide hall, Cara spied an information board about 40 feet from the door. As she walked toward the board, she passed many stores. Retail, makeup, newsagents and even a lego store which was uncommon where she had come from. As she reached the board, she found a group of Chinese tourists had taken up all space before the board, their old fashioned camera’s snapping wildly at any thing that walked, talked or gawked. “Um, excuse me. I need to use the information board,” Cara asked politely, hoping that the group would get out of her way so that she may continue. Without so much as a word, the entire group turned towards the woman and found her to be rather intriguing. Picture after picture was taken before Cara was fed up. “Get out of the way!” She yelled, the time around her stopping as everyone stared at the angered woman though the asians seemed uncaring. As the group continued to take pictures, she decided to push through them with minimal effort, finally arriving at the LED board. 
“Level 2 north. Ground Level east…” She recited, her dainty finger picking out several retail and beauty stores that she would need to visit. After finally picking out the most urgent place, she pushed back through the group and continued to her destination. Anonymous 04/07/17 (Fri) 06:29:14 No.1650 Here's part two, not as long but it drove some plot development that I felt was necessary. Regardless, enjoy the story and if you feel it is a bit rough or just bad, please leave feedback. Cheers! Also, if anyone has any idea for a title at this stage, feel free to ask me for I believe that "Bathtime," doesn't fit the bill. C2 “Hey, c’mon Penny. We’ll figure this out, I promise,” Brad said, his words doing little to help her condition. “Look at me!” She screamed, tears streaming down her face; “I’m ugly!”. Brad leaned over and wrapped his hands around hers as she sat against the wall. “C’mon, we can’t hide forever. I’ll go out and grab some clothes for you and we can figure this out,” Wiping a tear from her eye, Penny decided to suck it up and get on with life. Standing with surprising ease, Penny revealed the damage done. Gone were her illustrious curves and her bountiful bosom, Instead she stood completely stark naked, her body now rectangular, flat and bony. “I’ll bring a scale, we can see what you lost,” Brad said, his words now calming Penny. Quickly ducking into the other room, Penny was left alone. “How the fuck could this happen?” She swore, there being no logical explanation that made any kind of sense in her head. Meanwhile in the other room, Brad grabbed the scale and dashed back into the bedroom. “Here, you know what to do,” He said as he placed the scale into her hands. Tenderly placing it on the floor, Penny gave Brad one last look before stepping onto the device. “86 pounds!” Penny screamed before bursting into tears a second time, Brad quickly stepping into to embrace the morose skeleton. “I’ll always love you,” Brad whispered into her ear, a single tear rolling from his eye. The pair broke from their embrace and Brad retreated towards their wardrobe, his hands rummaging through their suitcase for something. “Wha… What are you looking for?” Penny said between sobs. “Tape measure, you’ll need something to go out in so you can at least get some more stuff,” He replied. “Ah!” Brad exclaimed as he turned and held the roll of tape in his hands. Minutes later, Brad slammed shut the door after giving Penny a kiss on the cheek, that being the least he could do. Jim’s hand slammed down on the snooze button before the alarm could even go off. As his hand slid off the clock, he knocked his phone off the table causing it to fall and clash with the polished wood floor. “Shit!” He yelled, his brown mop popping out from beneath the beige covers. Leaning over the edge of the bed, he reached to the floor and grabbed the device, his fingers running across the cracked surface. “Oh for fuck’s sake,” He exclaimed before pressing the on button and finding the phone to still be functional. “Oh thank god,” Jim said, feeling relieved that he could at least get it repaired. A tone fired and a message appeared on screen. “Cara?” He questioned, his body decidedly rolling to the side and finding that he lay in bed alone. “Oh,” He droned, the message finally coming to his attention. “Hey Jim, soz, had to stay in a motel last night. It was pretty late. My boss wants me back in LA. I’m getting a promotion! Plane leaves at 5, sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner,” Jim read, his expression falling from surprise to fury. Quickly turning back to the clock, he read the time as 3:45. Like lightning, he dressed and burst out the door, his goal set to see her before she left. After sprinting down the long hall, he turned into the stairwell and jumped the full 10 steps to the landing. After short minute of jumping down stairs and dodging few people, Jim arrived in the lobby and stopped. Through the large glass walls, he spied a taxi parked on the curb. After bursting through the glass doors, his hand raised, “Taxi!”. The door to the yellow vehicle burst open and he jumped in. “Airport,” He said before tossing a hundred to the driver, “Make it quick,”. With a grin on his face, the short greek man slammed onto the gas and sped down the street. Cara’s fingers hammered away at the cheap plastic keyboard, her cursor finally shifting over the big red “Finalise” button. “I guess this is it,” She said, her memories of time spent with Jim flooding to her. As a tear pooled up in the corner of her eye, she grabbed her phone and silently entered the message telling him what was going on. “Send,” Cara said as her thumb planted onto the blue text. Gently grabbing a cloth, she wiped the tear from her eye before discarding the fabric to the waste paper bin. Grabbing her suitcase, she stood from her chair and exited through the motel door. “Feeling better?” Penny silently dug into the burger, her mind trying to stave off from the conversation. Through clumps of food, she managed a simple, “Yeah,” “Two seconds,” Brad said before standing from the dining chair and hurrying to the doorway. 
“When I was down there, I got some clothes as well,” He commented catching Penny’s ear. “Where are they?” Brad came back over from the doorway carrying two relatively full bags. Dropping the burger to her plate, the naked girl scurried to the bags; she was full anyway. As Penny rummaged, Brad came over to the table and found only a third of the burger was eaten. “Are you going to finish this?” Looking up from her activities, she once more spied the fattening food. “I’m full,” Lifting the bag in which it had come, he investigated the images of a clown and his friends on the side. “It’s only a kids meal,” Brad commented, a look of further concern on his face. “Look at this,” Penny said changing the topic entirely. She stood holding a set of black cotton underwear in her hands. “They’re tiny!” She cried, a sense of realisation in her voice. “They’re in your size,” Brad added making sure that they both knew the reality. “Give me a minute,” Penny added before rushing into the pairs bedroom. “What!” Jim yelled, a mixture of anger and relief surfacing. “Come to 819 Tourney Boulevard, I need to show you something,” He read aloud, several passers stopping and staring at him. “What a day,” He added as he turned and exited the terminal. After a short few minutes, a cab finally appeared and allowed him in. “Where to sir?” The indian man asked as they drove from the terminal. “819 Tourney Boulevard,” Jim replied, a deep groan resonating from his voice. “Tough day?” “Yeah, I guess,” “You’ll get through. Hey, cab is on me,” The cabby added, his sympathies calming Jim. “Thanks for that man. Hey whats your name?” “Kunal sir,” Jim passed over the final hundred for the day, “Thanks for this,” “No worries,” He replied with a broad smile. The cabby feeling rather good about his day turned out of the airport and down the road, the late afternoon sun slowly ducking beneath the far off hills.
  12. My Beautiful Wife – Chapter 1 (WG, AG, BE, REALISTIC) by Kai Janessa and i have been married for three years, and she has been my muse the entire time, but I felt like there was something missing in our relationship. My name is Keith, and i have the perfect life with the perfect wife. She is amazing in every way, she has a great career, her own money, she takes care of me when we both get home from work, and the house is spotless most of the time. I could not ask for a better wife, a dream that most guys want, I have. Even the sex… Oh the glorious sex! She is a Donna Reed in the kitchen and a dirty whore in the sack. So why did I feel like something was missing. Janessa was gorgeous, she had medium length brown silky hair, her face would be considered the girl next door type and very bright with smiles. At five feet, and six inches tall she was very average height with a curvy figure. Her breast were larger than average at a "C" cup with a shrunken in waist and a flared out waist with a bubble butt round ass. Her legs were a average length and lacked a little tone but mostly because of her hip to ass thickness ratio that seem to travel down to her knees and ankles. A little background on myself, I was a star athlete in high school, descent grades, got into a good University, and popular with my classmates. My relationships with women were always good, I dated a lot, most of them cheerleader type. Usually blonde hair, athletic to curvy bodies, the usual popular jock type girl friends but usually lasted a short time because of this empty feeling. I was always missing something, something that i could never tell anyone because of popularity standards and society ridicule. I was into bigger women! Large, fluffy, luscious, fat, glorious, rotund, women. They type of female body that the Greeks admired with wide child bearing hips and soft cushy skin. There were many times I would cook a huge meal for my girl, Janessa loved to eat but was always watching her portions and I could never tell her what I really desired without feeling shame. I went to satisfy my own needs, scouring the internet for beautiful naked big women. But again I felt empty, sure this helped me with my sexual desires but again it was empty. I came home one day and as usual my beautiful wife made everything perfect from a long days work. After dinner we lounged in the living room and watched some television, randomly talking about our day or news. Janessa got tired and went to be early. I sat there watching TV until a commercial came on about a woman who was on a new miracle weight loss pill and showed a before and after photo. The TV actress looked much better before the weight loss, she had a very voluptuous body with a little bit of tummy, huge breasts and a big round ass. This got me a little hard and stiff so I decided to go into our home office, turn on my computer and glance at some big naked women doing sexy bad things. After my dirty escapade I went to take a quick shower and wash off my sweat and shame. Got out, threw a towel around my waist and walked down the hallway to our bedroom to put on some pajamas. The office door was open, my heart started to race, did I forget to turn off my computer, did I leave porn on my screen? I turned the corner…. There Janessa was sitting at my desk, looking into my computer history and looking at everything I was just browsing through for the past half hour. She turned around swiveling the office chair towards me, her eyes red with sadness about to cry. I could only stare back like a deer in headlight, my jaw dropped low. "What is this?", Janessa said as a single tear dropped from her eye. "I… ummmm…. I… am not sure what to say." I responded. "I want to know what I am looking at?" "Well, that is my computer that you are looking at… " I stupidly said, trying to buy some time to an explanation that didn't sound like a lie that would not freak her out. "NO! SHIT! It is your computer, what the fuck are you looking at." This is why I love her, she knows me well enough to know I am just buying time to come up with a really bullshit lie. "I am going to be completely honest with you hun, please just calm down." I rubbed my forehead while squinting my face, this was going to be a long night. "So I am into women, with a different figure." She stared at me blankly, the blinked her eyes twice. "Huh?" I got closer to her and kneel down on one knee making sure my towel didn't fall off. I grabbed her hand and covered it over her knee. "Hun…. I am into bigger, fatter girls." He eyes welled up even more, tears jerked from her ocular canals and now began to stream down her beautiful cheeks, her face turned pink. "Do you not like how I look?" "I think you are beautiful Janessa… I just wish you were a little more…", I had to use a flattering word, "Plump…". She half giggled and cried at the same time. "Oh my god you are a perv." "Hun… I am sorry, can we just not talk about it anymore… I am sorry I will not look at that stuff again, you are beautiful and I will stop." She got up, completely silent and walked out of the room, pulling her hand away from mine slowly. I followed her into the bedroom, she got into bed, pulled the covers over her and rolled to her side showing her back to me. I put on a pair of athletic shorts to sleep in and headed for the living room to sleep on the couch, I knew when she needed space. She will never understand, and maybe never forgive me, but i will do anything to keep my wife so i will stop dreaming about bigger women. ——————————————————————————– The next morning, I woke up and headed straight to the shower, washed up and again with a towel around my waist went into the bedroom to grab my clothes to go to work. Going down the hall i noticed a smell, it smelled like breakfast, but very different, almost like a weekend breakfast. During the week we usually just eat some cereal or a bowl of fruit and head out the door, weekends are reserved for eggs, bacon, pancake, style breakfast's. I hurried into our bedroom and threw on some clothes quickly and walked quickly to the kitchen allowing the food aroma to guide me to its position. I found Janessa cooking french toast, her back to me as she was cooking. The dining table was laid out into a feast there was a bowl of scrambled eggs with cheese on top, about a pound of sausage links, a gallon carton of milk, old fashioned breakfast potatoes with green and red bell peppers, and a 2 tall stacks of 16 pieces of french toast made from Kings Hawaiian Bread sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon next to a a large ladle of warm syrup. Janessa turned around wearing an army green tank top and a pair of short jean Daisy Duke style bottoms. She looked straight at me, then used a spatula to grab the last of the french toast off the pan and placed them on the stack of the current French Toasts then grabbed a shaker of Cinnamon and Powered sugar and shook them on top of the newly sweet pieces. "Hi Keith, why don't you sit down and enjoy a great big breakfast before you leave for work hun." Pulling out the chair in front of me opening up her hand to it as to pointing me exactly where she wants me to be. I immediately looked up above the chair for an anvil, and looked underneath for spikes or a cut chair leg. She was acting overly happy and a little creepy with this huge breakfast after the happening the night before. She sat down across from me, quickly placing things on her plate and pouring a huge glass of milk, she was acting insane. i watch her grab quickly a heavy portion of eggs, almost half the bowl, about a pound and a half of breakfast sausages, a big scoop of the breakfast potatoes all on one plate. "Oh, I forgot!" She got up quickly and grabbed a plate sized shallow bowl and placed 4 french toast pieces in it and smothered it in syrup. She took a huge gulp of milk and set it down and stared at me. "Are you not going to eat?" I was starring at her intently and didn't move a budge and inch while she covered her plates in food. "To be honest I wanted you to take the first bite in case the food was poisoned. You are acting very strange." "Don't worry, I did not poison it, in fact most of this food isn't for you, it is for me." "Excuse me?" "I am obviously not sexy to you, so if you like fatter, than I am going to make myself fatter." "Janessa, I do not want you to be fat." "Really?!", she said in a soft creepy happy voice, "Because last night you spent over 30 minutes looking at women who were literally one-hundred pounds bigger than me." "Janessa you are perfect to me, I just have a weird fetish thing going on, it will go away." "No, it will not! I actually have noticed when we are out together you eyes wander towards other women, at first I thought maybe you detested them or were in awe of how big they were. But now i realize it was lust. It all made sense to me last night.", she took a huge bite of eggs chomping and biting down furiously. it was one of the largest bites i had ever seen her take chewing away as if in anger, her eyes like daggers. Her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk and it was comical how long it took her to chew enough of the eggs to swallow without choking. "You want fat? I am going to give you fat." "Okay babe, you have officially lost your fucking mind. I am going to work now, so I am not sure what you are doing. I guess i will just come home, whenever i am done." i walked out the door without eating a bite of the food I was starving and stopped by a convenience store for a quick bite and coffee. After work I came straight home, after a long days work I had calmed down a lot. I have decided to be completely open with her and tell her everything about what I love about larger women, and how she is my soul mate just in a smaller body. I stopped by and grabbed some chocolates i know she loves, and some deep dark roses. When i arrived home, things were really off, all the lights were dimmed or off but Janessa's car was still home in front of the garage. It had not moved since yesterday and this morning. I unlocked the front door and shuffled into our home. "Hey hun? Are you home?" I spoke loudly, taking my shoes off at the door and turning on the hallway light so i can see where I am going. "Over here…" Janessa said from the living room, sounding sad. I walked over to the living room where she was laying across the couch, she was hugging a pillow and watching television. "Here go you hun." Handing her the flowers. She took them in her hand, sniffed them and put them on the corner table within her arms distance. I could tell she was holding back a smile, she was still mad at me but I knew she still loved me. I then handed her the chocolates. Her eyes welled up and got a little puffy. "Aww do not cry hun, please do not cry, I am really sorry." I immediately apologized. She nodded her head from side to side. "It's not that, Kevin." "What is it then?" Worried something else happened. She pulled the pillow back behind the couch and let it drop, she was wearing the same exact outfit but I could see a little round bulge pressing out from her stomach area. "I want the chocolates but I am so full still. I ate so much!" "Awww babe, it is okay." I smiled. "It hurts so much, I can't believe i ate so much." a few tears left here eyes. "It is okay hun, here let me help." I pulled up her shirt and began rubbing it in a circular motion as if i was trying to help her digest from outside of her skin. I massaged the side of her waist, kneaded her round belly with the palms of my hands. I put my face against it to feel her smooth warm skin against my face flesh. "unnnnnggggghhhhhh…" she moaned lightly, then a small burp came out. My head popped up quickly and faced her. "Opps…" she brought her hand up to cover her mouth, "Excuse me." her voice a little high pitched like a cute school girl. My god this was so hot to me, rubbing her little belly. She had eaten so much she was helpless. I needed her now, I got up and pulled her up by her arms, she flung her body forward into my own arms and held me tight as I returned her grasp. I held her tight as my cock grew hard feeling her waist against my cock. She let her grip go a bit so we could look into each others eyes. We pressed our lips together, kissing in passion holding each other even tighter, wandering our hands to explore each other body I dipped my hands inder her ass and pulled her pelvis into mine so she could feel just how hard she was making me. One of her hands wandered downwards into my crotch as she massaged my ball and stroked my shaft through my pants. I couldn't take it anymore, I swung her body around and led her towards our bedroom, her hand in mine as she took the lead. Anonymous 03/27/17 (Mon) 12:33:08 No.1654 File: 1490617988230.jpg (65.57 KB, 568x736, Janessa_02.jpg) Chapter 2: A few weeks past, and our sexual relationship got stronger, more than ever before. the best way to describe it was addiction, her body was blooming outwards and I could not get enough of it. She even noticed that my hard-on's were much thicker, longer, and stronger when we were making love. She even decided to eat more during the next few weeks, not as much as the first day she found out about my little secret but instead of counting calories and eating raw vegetables all the time she decided to change her diet. Instead of cold salads she would cook vegetables with butter and Parmesan cheese, instead of her normal six ounce portions of proteins they were increased to eight ounces to twelve ounces, breads became a new standard food group on the dinner table. I could never see what she was really eating for breakfast and lunch because of my work schedule but i did notice our fridge was a lot more full of foods. I came home after work and she was wearing the same outfit that faithful night. She was drinking a smoothy when i walked in. "Hello beautiful." I greeted her. She downed the drink quickly and wiped her mouth with a paper towel. "Hello, yourself.", she smiled a flirtatious grin. "What were you drinking?" "A quick smoothie…. With some extra proteins and calories." I instantly got excited, "Really? If I had not known any better I would think you are trying to gain weight now." "Well I am married to this totally weird guy who wants me fatter, so the least I can do for him is to show him a good time." "I love you so much", as I rushed around the counter and planted my lips on hers. I could feel the difference a few weeks can do to a body. Her short five foot, five frame was quick to increase in girth. I could feel her belly rub against me, and my arms needed to reach out further to grab her in. Her breasts were humungous now, I could feel them pressing against my chest as if large round pillows were pushing against me. I grabbed her waist to pull her in tighter into my kiss and found a little roll pouring out her shorts, I cupped it with my hand and massaged both sides with my fingers. She pulled up her arms and pressed my hand away, embarrassed of what I had found. I put my hands quickly in the same space and grabbed her sides squeezing her fat and giggling a little, letting her know I found it sexy. She could feel my erection slowly crawl up my leg and hers as I groped her. Even her lips through our kiss were better, much softer and juicier. I reached my hands towards her ass and placed them on each but cheek, finger flared outwards. I grasped each butt cheek firmly, my fingers sunk into her spongy half spheres. Now I could not control my erection at all, it was straining to get out. I grabbed her ass even hard now. "Ouch!" Janessa surprised scream came out and broke off her lips. She stared at me in fear, and I stared back like an animal in lust with its prey. "Grrrrrrrr…." I growled, she smiled, i picked her up by her glorious ass and brought her into the bed room.
  13. The Costumer's Always Right. (AP, BE) Sandy hated her job. No, she loathed it with a passion. The unfortunate truth was that she was sort of stuck with it. She was a junior is college and trying to make her way with the only job she could really get. Pay wasn't too bad at the small country diner she worked at, mainly due to the tips she made. To be blunt, she wasn't a knock out, she didn't have large breasts or a nice ass, but she did have a cute face and would put on a fake smile to win people over. It was pretty easy when most of the customers were old trucker men that had the nasty habit of flirting with younger girls. And this wasn't innocent flirting, no, this was gross leering flirting complete with cat calls and licking of the lips. Sandy wasn't one to really take that kind of crap from greasy old men, but to maintain a professional image and, well, her job, she had to suck it up and deal with it. Today, however, was going to be a whole different day. A day that would change her life forever. When she entered the diner she noticed a girl sitting at one of the booths. She looked around and noticed that there weren't as many people in today. It was a Saturday, so this place should be swamped. She shrugged thinking that this was a good thing. She clocked in and ran into one of her co-worker Sam. The diner was small enough to really have only two or three servers working and the cook in the back. Sam was a little older than Sandy. Sandy was going on 25 while Sam was 29. The good thing was was that Sam looked great. Fit, tall, and all in all, beautiful. She looked great for being close to thirty. Looking at her, you would think she was at least Sandy's age. Her look was also complete with long blond hair kept in a neat pony tail. She adjusted her glasses on her face and looked at Sandy. "Glad you could join us." Sam said. By the tone of her voice, she seemed a little aggravated. Sandy could pick up in frustration almost immediately. "What's up?" She said as she was putting on her uniform top over her T-shirt. Sam only gestured for Sandy to follow her out to the bar area. She pointed to the girl in the booth. "You see that girl?" "Yeah…?" "Well, she's been there for hours and hasn't ordered anything but coffee. Either she has to order something, or leave." Sam told her. Sandy only shrugged. "Why don't you just tell her yourself?" Sam wasn't someone to be upfront and mean to people she hardly knew. "I can't do it, that's why I need you. You've been stern with people." Sandy groaned at her request. "Really? For fucks sake…" Sandy took in a deep breath and walked over to the girl. "Hi there, can I take your order or have you been served?" She said with that 'customer service' tone that sounded an octave higher than what she normally spoke. The girl looked up at her. Getting a good look at the girl, she realized that she was really pretty. Should dark hair with bangs that covered some of her face. One thing that really struck her were her eyes. They were a very vibrant orange color. It was almost as if they stared right through her. But another thing that caught her attention, well, make that TWO things. Her boobs were absolutely massive! When the girl lifted her head, she got a clear view of the girl's deep and inviting cleavage. This actually made Sandy blush and even a little jealous. They looked so perfect in her low cut black tank top. "No, I've been taken care of." The girl said snapping Sandy out of her little daze. "Alright, but from what I understand, you've been here for a very long time and only ordering coffee." "Is that a crime?" She asked not even so much as cocking an attitude. Sandy was actually having a tough time concentrating talking to this girl. "No, but if you want to stay in here, you have to order something. This isn't a place to just sit around." The girl looked at her and narrowed her eyes. "Fine, if it will make you happy, I'll order something." Sandy gave a mental sigh of relief. She hated customers that gave her a hard time. But she was a bit more tolerant of this girl, but none the less annoying. "Alright, what will you have." "Grill cheese." The girl answered not even so much as looking at the menu. This honestly made Sandy's blood boil. "Alright…" She said writing it down and going into the back. When she walked into the kitchen and placed the order to the cook, she ran into Sam again. "Well, how did it go?" Sam asked. "I seriously wanted to smack that bitch." "Right!?" Sam said a bit loudly. "And did you also see her boobs?" "Who couldn't?! Those things were like flesh covered water balloons." Both girls laughed about it making Sandy feel a little better. But just thinking about taking the food out to her was going to make her feel bad again. "If only I had boobs like that though. Think of the possibilities!" Sam said poking her own modest C cups. Sandy looked down at her large B cups and giggled. "Sam, if you had tits like her, you'd break in half!" Their conversation was cut off when they heard the cook call for the order up. Sam did a quick rock, paper, scissors session to see who would take the food out to her. Sam pulled paper, while Sandy pulled rock. "Ha! Paper beats rock!" Sandy grumbled as she took the food and walked out into the cafe. She quickly realized that the girl was gone! "Fucking kidding me?!" She said in the now empty diner. Sam rushed out and quickly discovered the same thing. "She left?! Unbelievable…" Sam said as she walked back into the back. Sandy walked over to the table where the large breasted girl sat and sat down. She put the food down and even took a bite from the grill cheese. She then saw a folded piece of paper underneath the coffee mug. She slipped it out. "Better be a tip…" She said opening it up. No money. In fact, it was a slip of paper with something written in it. "'No matter what, the customer is always right'. What the hell does that mean?" Sandy said as the front door opened as another customer strolled in.PART 2 Sandy turned and greeted the customer with a smile. Thankfully it was a somewhat younger guy with what appeared to be his father. The man seemed to be in his late 20s where is dad looked to be much older. "Hi there, please take a seat anywhere and I'll be right with you." Sandy said as they took a booth near the back of the diner. Sandy grabbed the grilled cheese that the girl was suppose to eat and took it into the back. She put it in a small box for later when she needed to eat, but for now, she wanted to attend to the customers. She brushed herself off and grabbed her pen and paper and walked over to them. "Hi there, my name is Sandy, I'll be your server this evening. Can I start you off with something to drink?" She asked the two men. "I'll have a coke." The younger of the two said. "And I'll have a Bud Lite." The older man said. As Sandy was writing down their order, the older man began to speak to her. "Young lady I have to ask you something." Sandy looked up at the man. "Yes sir?" She said. "You a college girl ain't ya?" The younger man began to blush. Like he knew what his father was about to do. "Dad…" He said sounding a bit nervous. Sandy wasn't quite sure how to answer the question, mainly due to the fact that she didn't WANT to answer the question. "I'm guessing you graduated?" Sandy was only about to say that she was in college. "Yes sir." What? She was a junior! She didn't graduate yet. The old man smiled and patted his son on the shoulder. "My boy here graduated college last year and is looking for a girlfriend." His son hit him lightly on the shoulder. "Shut up dad…" Sandy could only blush. She wasn't looking for anything herself. She was far too busy trying to make it by after she too graduated college. "It's quite alright, I'll be back with your drinks." She said as she rushed back to the back to get the drinks. Something about the situation didn't seem quite right. She graduated college for sure, but it felt as though her Senior year was a blur. Then almost like a hammer hitting her head, waves of memories came flooding in. She remembered graduating with honors, she remembered getting her bachelors degree, she even remembered what parties she attended when she had some free time. She even blushed when she remembered one of the guys she gave a blow job to. She shook her head as she smiled. She made the coke and beer and came back out with the drinks. "Thank you for waiting, have you decided what you want?" "We sure have. You start son." The older man said to the younger boy. "I'd like to have the bacon cheese burger, well done." She smiled as the older man chimed in. "And I'll have the Rib-eye steak, medium rare." As Sandy was writing down the order, the old man once again began to speak to her. "I promise this will be the last question." Sandy mentally groaned as she looked at the man. "How old are you?" Jesus, this guy was getting a little creepy for her taste. But before she could even say anything, he started up again. "Wait, don't tell me…" Even his son was getting a little awkward out. At least Sandy and this kid were on the same page. "Lets see, yer a collage graduate, so I'm gonna say….28!" "Wow, right on the dot. Good guess." She said trying to sound cheerful. "Well, let me go and get your order set. As she was getting ready to turn around, she heard the door ding once again. This time it was a another young boy. But this one had to be at least 18 or something. "Hi, be right with you." She said as she placed the order for the burger and steak. She walked over to the boy and smiled. Hopefully this kid won't be annoying or anything. "Hi there, my name is Sandy and I'll be-" "Yeah, yeah, could I have a mountain dew…" The boy said rather rudely cutting her off. Great, just her luck. Today was going to be one of those days. She didn't even say anything as she walked into the back and ran into Sam. "I swear to God, I didn't graduate college just so I could be treated like shit." Sandy said getting the mountain dew in a glass. Sam only chuckled. "Oh Sandy, you're only, what, a year younger than me? If I can do it, you can." She smiled. Maybe she was right. Sandy looked in the reflective surface of one of the pans. "Geez, I'm 28 and I look 40." With a playful smack from Sam, Sandy left again to give the boy his drink. "There you go. Can I get you your food now?" She asked politely, or at least trying to. "No…look lady, I'm here waiting for my date and I nervous as hell." Ooooh, that would make sense. She guessed? She sighed. The boy then seemed to change his demeanor when he looked back up at her. "I'm sure you've had more than a couple dozen boyfriends. You have any tips?" He said pulling out what looked like a condom pack. He was right, she had had more than a couple dozen, 32 to be exact. She only looked at the boy and shook her head. "Oh I have plenty of tips for you, but I'm only here to serve people their food, not sex ed." She put away her note pad and pen as she turned away from the boy. "Order up!" She heard from the kitchen as she saw the burger and steak ready to be brought to the customers. She grabbed the food and brought it back to her first customers. "Here you go, enjoy." She noticed that the old man wasn't there. But she payed no mind assuming he went off to the rest room. "Excuse me, Sandy was it?" She turned and saw the son. "I want to apologize for my dad's behavior. He's a bit…open." He said. She nodded her head and actually gave him a genuine smile. "I appreciate that. And don't worry, I get customers flirting with me all the time." She let out a giggle. He too chuckled. "I can only imagine, I mean, you're really pretty for being 28 years old." She wasn't exactly sure to take that a compliment or what. All she did was nod and walk away. As she did she saw the father come out of the bathroom as she assumed and took his seat. Just as she about to round the corner to the back, she just so happened to hear, "She got a fat looking ass", come out of the fathers mouth. She gritted her teeth and wanted to say something to him. Truth be told, she was pretty self conscious about her butt. She did have a big butt and the fact that her pants made it look more so didn't help. "I know that look." Sam said looking at Sandy. "I swear, if I had a dime for every time someone talked about that ass of yours, I'd be coming out of this place with an extra fifty bucks." Sandy only looked at Sam. "It's not funny." Sandy said leaning up against the wall crossing her arms. "Really? If I had an ass like that, I'd be showing that off. You realize people pay money to have their asses look like yours? Hell girl, you put Nicki Minaj to shame." With that Sandy laughed. "Yeah and maybe I'll be in her next music video!" She said mock twerking. "Whoa now, none of that in the work place." Sam said giggling. "Anyway, if you want, you can take your break soon." She said looking at her watch. This prompted Sandy to look at hers. Wow! 4 hours had gone by already! "Yeah, I think I may take mine now." She said as she walked over to the time clock. "Alright, I'll take over." Sam said. When Sandy clocked out, she went out through the back. Each step to the car sent a small jiggle through her ass as she approached her car. "So, hows work?" She heard a voice from behind her. She turned around and saw the girl from before. The girl with the boobs! "You look good." She smiled. "What do you want?" She asked kind of confused as to why this girl was just sort of…stalking her. "I just wanted to know how was work. Fun at all? I'm sure it was ASSpiring!" She let out a giggle as Sandy blushed. "BUTT, I'm ASSuming you're on your break?" Sandy rolled her eyes. "Seriously? Look, I know I have a huge ass, lay the fuck off! Just because you were being a bitch earlier, doesn't mean you can just continue, alright?" She was getting fed up with this girl. "Oh, common, I'm only messing with you. Besides, it's a nice ass." And before Sandy could even react, she felt a firm, hard smack on it as it rippled and shook. She jumped and looked at the girl hard, but almost as if she couldn't do anything else, she just jumped into her car and shut the doors and locked them up. What the hell was with this girl? She then knocked on the window. Sandy was hesitant to roll down the window, she did anyway, but only half way. The girl bent down, showing a very revealing and deep view of her cleavage. "What's your name?" Sandy asked with a mixture of curiosity and fear. "Ash." Sandy only looked at the girl and her canyon of cleavage. "Remember what I said…'The customer is always right'…" She smiled and blew a kiss to Sandy. Anonymous 03/27/17 (Mon) 13:01:52 No.1660 PART 3 Sandy came back into the diner and clocked back in from her break. "So, how was your break?" Sam asked innocently. "God, fucking, awful!" Sandy said putting on her apron. Sam only looked at the frustrated girl in confusion. Sandy only looked at her back and knew just what she was going to ask. She took in a deep breath. "Okay, you remember that girl from earlier today? The one with the huge boobs?" Sam nodded her head. It was sort of hard getting boobs that big out of ones head. "Well, I think she's stalking me! She just straight up came up to me while I was on my break. Smacking my ass, talking weird to me." She kept on about. "Damn, lucky girl, I'd like to smack that ass." Sam said rather out of character. Sandy only looked at her in disbelieve. But then Sam looked up at Sandy's face. "Common girl, I'm joking…" She said with a stern face. Sandy only sighed and headed back out onto the floor of the diner. She noticed that the man and his son was gone. "Oh, thank god." She went over to the table and began to clean up the dishes and utensils. Low and behold, she found a twenty dollar bill pushed underneath the beer bottle. "Oh thank you perverted asshole." She said smiling as she put the tip in her apron. When she was heading back into the back to put the dishes in the sink, she heard the front door ding again. She poked her head out the front to see a young girl walk in. "Here we go…" She said coming out fully only to see the young girl sit where the boy was sitting. So, that's his date. She thought to herself. She dusted off her apron and came out with her notepad. "Hi there, I'm Sandy. You're friend told me he was waiting for you. Can I start you out with a drink?" Sandy said smiling looking down at the girl. She had to admit, for a young high school girl, this girl was something to look at. Hell, she questioned how this snot nosed kid scored with such an attractive girl. Blond hair, angelic face, thin body, modest breasts. She only guesstimated that this girl was in her late teens, but she could serious pose for Vogue in a few years if she really wanted to! "I'll have a coke." The girl said politely. "I'm sorry, we only have Pepsi products." Sandy said apologetically. "Would a Pepsi be okay?" "No, Pepsi would not be okay, I want a coke!" Sandy's smiled went away almost as quickly as it came. "I want a coke." Even the boy was sort of getting awkward. It was too good to be true. I guess in this girl's case, she was accustom to getting what she wanted, and when she didn't get it, she would throw a fit. And it seemed this is exactly what she was doing. "Look, make an exception or something!" She said with a nasty tone. Sandy was not having this. "I'd like to speak to the manager please. Are you the manager?" Sandy only stood there for a moment. "Yeah, I am the manager." With that said the girl's tone had gone down a bit. "I'd still like a coke." The girl said sounding calm, but ready to explode if the answer was still no. "We don't have coke. If you want a coke, go to the gas station next door." And as if on cue, that little shit exploded. "I can't help it that you're some dumb bimbo, who flunked high school!" Sandy was shocked. This girl was just mean! Sandy turned around and walked away trying to hold back the tears. She couldn't help it that her IQ was well below average and that high school was too hard for her to handle! Hell, she couldn't even make it past her sophomore year. She barely passed her freshman year! She stormed back Sam. "Whoa! Hold up, what's going on?" "There's, like, this really mean girl out on the floor and she made fun of me and was mean and-" "Shhhh, it's okay." Sam said cutting her off hugging her before she got too worked up. "I'll take care of it, you sit here." And with that, Sam walked off to the front to confront the girl. Sandy took this time to cool off a bit. She headed to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. "It's not like I was, like, born with these boobies…" She said sort of dumbly considering she grew them herself. But it was true. When she was in middle school, she was an early bloomer. By the time she was in 8th grade, she was already a D cup and often teased for it. By the time she was a freshmen in high school, she was a DD going on E cup. And by the time she was 24 years old, they officially stopped growing at a whopping 34 M cup! But on the bright side of things, she had an ass to match. But she was never the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, as mentioned before, she failed to finish high school because of the fact that her IQ was pretty low. She often wondered how she landed a job as a manager at a car diner. It could have been the fact that the man who originally hired her was starting at her boobs for more than half the time. But she really couldn't complain too much. She had a lot of attention, mostly positive, she got great tips, especially from the guys, and best of all, she got plenty of money to buy more custom bras! When your chest is as big as hers, one would go through bras like no ones business. She sighed and sat down on the toilet. "Time to let off some, like, steam." She let out a small giggled as she took off her apron. She set it aside and slowly slipped her hand down in her pants. She often did this if she was having a stressful day. After all, being a manager, five out of seven days a week was pretty stressful. She began to feel her pussy get wet as she rub it slowly. She had done this so many times that she truly mastered her own personal technique. She began to rub her pussy in circles getting it more sensitive before any insertion was going to happen. The more she rubbed the more her boobs bounced which gave her more momentum oddly enough. Once she was breathing heavily and feeling herself twitch with anticipation, she quickly inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. She pulled them back slightly only to shove them back in more forcefully. She began to let out moans that echoed in the small bathroom. She couldn't help it! At this point, she inserted another finger inside and then another and eventually most of her hand was inside pumping at the sopping pussy. A combination of wet noises and moaning filled the bathroom. Sandy was getting so close to cumming she could almost taste the juices. She was just about to cum! Then suddenly the bathroom door opened. Sandy jerked her up and saw a large man standing in the door. "Well, looky what I done found!" She recognized that voice. It was Larry! He was a usual and his reason for coming almost every day was that he practically lusted after Sandy. "I knew you was a dummy, but you done walked into tha mens room." Larry said pointing at the sign. —————————– Authors fun fact: 34 M cup is actually the cup size of one of my favorite adult models; Leanne Crow. Check her out, you won't regret it! Anonymous 03/27/17 (Mon) 13:02:22 No.1661 CHAPTER 4 Sandy looked at Larry and then the sign. She did walk into the men's room. A mistake she did often. I mean, the signs looked so much the same! And it's not like Sandy was the best reader in the joint. Larry Moody was something of your typical redneck. Large, hairy, smoked on a regular basis, had a massive beer gut, complete with thick southern accent you would find a western parody film. It looked as though Larry had just gotten back from doing some hunting as he wore camo pants, large boots and a stained tank top that didn't do a very good job covering his gut. "What's uh little thang like ya doin in the men's room eh?" He said grinning showing off some of his missing teeth. Sandy had no clue what to do or say. She just sort of sat there with her legs up and fingers still in her pussy. "Wut? Cat got yer tongue?" He said closing the door behind him and locking it. After all, the bathroom only consisted of a sink, a toilet and enough room to really fit two people…conveniently. Sandy continued to look at him as she finally sat up and began to cover herself up. Larry only raised a hand. "Oh no, no need ta do that." He smiled again and stepped closer to the woman on the toilet. He slowly began to unbuckle his pants. "I been waitin' so long fer this." And with that, his pants were down and Sandy gasped. His dick was huge! It was to her shock, she had seen this man come into the diner often and would constantly hit on her and make her feel uncomfortable, but most of all, she imagined her had a tiny dick. Oh how she was wrong! And to make matters even worse, he was only semi-hard! Her small brain could only guess that he was maybe nine inches already, but as he looked at her massive melons, she slowly began to see it perk up and harden like a rock. Once it hit it's full glory, she could tell that thing was well over nine inches! Maybe, if she thought long and hard, it was about eleven inches? Maybe twelve?! She was snapped out of her little haze when she smelled his cock. Clearly the man had not washed it in a few days and the smell was rather pungent. It practically violated her nose as he brought it up to her face. "Suck it." He said rather nonchalantly. The request made Sandy feel very uneasy and of course she was a little hesitant to. But at this point, Larry was already being pushy, literally. He slowly shoved the cock into her face and pressed it firmly into her lips. She could have easily moved out of the way, or if she was feeling ballsy, she could have easily bit the bastard's cock. But somehow or another, she was just too stupid to do any of those things. She opened her mouth and in when the cock. Suffice to say, it tasted awful! The sweat and the smegma only made her want to vomit more, but she had a strong stomach…she hoped. But the cock slid in further and down past her throat. She choked and gagged on the massive dick. "Ya can't choke!" He said almost on instinct as he heard her gag. And with that, she stopped gagging. She was shocked that she gagged on it the first time. She had nearly lost her gag reflex years ago. So, choking on this cock was the first, but after having it slide down her throat, she got use to it. At this point, the cock was easily sliding back and forth in her throat with ease. Thankfully the taste of his cock was getting washed off by her spit, so it wasn't too bad after a minute or so. Although she could hear Larry beginning to grunt and groan. She could only put two and two together and figure out this guy was about to cum. She hit the nail right on the head as he soon began to shoot load after load into her mouth. She tried in vein to gulp it down as best she could, but soon some began to ooze from the corner of her mouth and down into her expansive cleavage. "Oooh gawd! If only ya wer mah wife!" Once the cum had stopped, she gulped down the rest of what was in her mouth. "Who else would I be?" Sandy said smiling. She held her hand up and saw the ring on her finger. She remembered like it was yesterday. 25 years old and she was still working at the same diner. Larry would come in and act all kind of awkward, but it was one of those things that she got to know him better and learned that he wasn't all that bad. A few dates later and about another year of dating, they got married. Now, she was Sandy Moody. She got up from the toilet and stood up smiling and holding close to her husband. She gave him a huge wet kiss on the mouth as he walked to the door. "I'll pick ya up when ya get off work." He said smiling to his loving wife. She quickly cleaned herself up and got herself dress and walked out of the bathroom. She hurried into the back where Sam was standing there with her arms crossed. "In the bathroom? Really? Come on Sandy, of all places!" She said not sounding so much angry, more so disappointingly upset. "What am I going to do with you Sandy?" She stood looking like it was a legit question. "It's a rhetorical question Sandy…" She said rolling her eyes. "You know what, just take the garbage out will you?" Sam asked as nicely as she could. Sandy obliged and went to the back to collect the trash. Once it was all collected she went out back to the dumpster and began to unload the trash. "Hot damn!" She heard a familiar voice from behind her. She turned around to see that same busty girl from before; Ash. "Well now…what do we have here? Overly busty, dumb, and now a married woman? Wow!" She said clapping her hands together as if mock applauding her. "I can only imagine how this is going to end up. I swear, and you're apparently now the manager of this place? I'm surprised this place hasn't collapsed yet." She was having a bit too much fun with this, looking over at the girl. Ash walked up to Sandy and looked at her massive breasts. "Jesus…I think you might be bigger than me. Let me see…M cup right? Don't worry, I'm not a customer." She winked at her. Sandy of course was a little confused. "Don't worry, you're dumb as a brick, so naturally this will be very confusing to you." Sandy had to admit, she was very confused. "But I'll let you in on a secret since you have…" She looked at her watch. "…about two and half more hours on your shift. So lets make this fun. Remember when I said that no matter what the customer says, they're always right?" She paused waiting for a response from Sandy. All she got was a small nod of the head. Good enough. "Well, so far, you haven't noticed any of these changed you've been going through, right?" Again a small, yet confused nod. "Okay, so now, you're going to notice them." She smiled almost devilishly and with a snap of her finger, a swarm of memories intruded her head. She remembered everything! She was 25 years old, college student, smart as a whip and certainly was no bimbo with massive tits and she sure as hell wasn't married! But all these conflicting memories made it all the more confusing! She wasn't very smart, she always had massive boobs, and she was happily married. "Like, what did you do!?" She said holding her head and falling down to her knees. Ash only just shrugged. "Like I said, I'm making things a bit more interesting now." She walked over and knelt down to Sandy's level. "Like I said, you have about two and half hours left on your shift. Once your shift is over, your changes are permanent." She smiled and she pecked her on the cheek and walked off. Sandy looked around and saw that the girl had gone. She stood up whipping the dirt off of her clothes. She shook her head and began to walk to the door only to find that she was not use to the huge weight on her chest, but thankfully her plump butt evened out the weight, but she still stumbled as her massive breasts wobbled. "Like…what am I going to do?" She said realizing just how dumb she sounded. She then opened the back door and prayed these last couple of hours were going to go a little smoothly. Anonymous 03/27/17 (Mon) 13:03:09 No.1662 CHAPTER 5 Sandy walked into the back door slowly. The weight of her "new" breasts made her balance all out of wack. Even shutting the door was a problem as she nearly shut the door on them! She mentally cursed herself as she looked around hoping that no one saw the klutz she was. Or…DID people know? After all, apparently in this life she had now, she was the busty bimbo manager that everyone seemed to lust after. Looking down at her expansive cleavage only made her realize just why. She tried to quickly make it to the small break room that was in the back of diner before she heard Sam calling to her. "There you are. Geez, how long does it take you to do the trash?" She laughed playfully. At least she didn't seem upset or anything. "What's wrong?" Sam asked realizing that Sandy was acting a bit different. She only shook her head. "Oh, it's nothing." She groaned to herself as she forgot just how ditsy she sounded. She sounded like a freaking 12 year old! "Well…just let me know if you need anything." Sam said sounding almost genuinely concerned about her friends odd behavior. Sandy only nodded her head. "I think I may take, like, a breather and stuff, you know?" Sam only looked at her with a stern look. "Fine, but five minutes okay?" Once that was said, Sandy immediately bolted to the break room and locked the door behind her. "Oh Jesus Christ!" She taking several deep breaths. This in turn made her massive breasts heave up and down. She looked down at them and gripped them tightly trying in vein to press them back into her chest. "Why are you so, like, freakishly big?!" She said maybe a bit too loudly for her own good. She paused hoping that no one heard. But once she realized that her melons wouldn't shrink into her chest, she let them go, feeling their weight as they plopped back down into her custom bra. "Okay, just, like, calm down. you can fix this…" She said trying to think, but to her shock, thinking was a tad bit hard. Maybe a little too hard. "Like…how?" Came out of her mouth like she didn't know what was going on. She smacked her head trying to jog her memory, but only made her head start hurting. She shook her head trying to shake off the pain. Once the stinging went away she tried again. "So, like…maybe if…um…I get the customers to…uh…say what I want…then…maybe…I'll, like…go back to normal!" She clapped excitedly as she finally got what she wanted to say out of her mouth. But she had to admit, after all that, she could probably feel the smoke coming out of her ears. But her excitement was cut short when there was a sharp knocking at the door. "Hey! Five minutes has way past!" She could hear Sam on the other side of the door. Sandy's face went a little pale knowing that she had a mission to do, but executing said plan was going to be tough! She went over and opened the door to see Sam standing there. "Glad you could join us Boobs McGee." She said casually. "You got a customer." She walked off into the kitchen. Sandy took in a deep breath and grabbed her pen and notebook. She walked out trying to contain the jiggle her breasts gave and saw who was sitting there. It was a woman. If she had to guess, she was maybe in her late twenties, average build, and frankly, kind of hot. She felt her face blush as she walked up to her. "Hi! Like, my name is Sandy and I'll be your waitress this evening! Can I like, start you out with a drink?" She said giving off her normal speech. "I'll have a- Oh my god! Sandy?!" The woman said excitedly. Sandy only looked at her blankly. "Do you not recognize me?" Sandy still looked at her blankly before finally piping up. "No?" She tried to say politely. "It doesn't surprise me,but it's me Megan! We took algebra together! Freshmen year? Remember?" She said hoping that the gears would start turning in her head. When they finally cleared the cobwebs and the steam started rolling, she remember! Megan Turner! They became sort of friends during their freshmen algebra class. "Oh yeah!" She looked around and thankfully saw there was no other customers. She looked at her watched and saw that she had an hour before clocking out and ending this nightmare! She then sat down across from her old friend. Megan broke the small silence. "So, what have you been doing?" Megan said rather excitedly. Sandy paused and sort of gestured to the diner. "I've been, like, working here a lot. I'm, like, the manager." She said knowing full and well, she wasn't just a few hours ago, but these new memories were overpowering her old. So, naturally, what was coming out of her mouth seemed to flow like water. But she remembered, she had a mission and this girl was going to be easy! At least she hoped. "I see the girls are still with you." Megan giggled pointing Sandy's large assets. She looked down and figured this would be a good opportunity to try and swindle her way back to normality. "I don't know, I, like, think they're a bit small." She said hoping that would trigger something in Megan. "Are you kidding!? Those things are bigger than your head! I would have assumed you got yourself a boob-" Sandy then cut her off immediately! "Nope! Nothing like that happened!" Both them paused as Sandy and Megan only looked at each other. She smiled as she didn't feel any changes to her already massive chest. Her boobs were big enough, she sure as hell didn't want implants in them! "Grew them naturally!" She said even more awkwardly loud. "O…okay." Megan replied a little silently. Gee, she was off to a GREAT start! "So, like, what are you doing?" Sandy said trying to avoid anymore changes. Megan leaned back in her seat. "Well, you left after sophomore year and I was kind of sad, because you left." This made Sandy feel a little bad. "But I graduated with honors and right now going to school for Psychology." Whoa, that sounded like something that Sandy's former self would have wanted to do! "Like, are you married?" Megan only shook her head. "I never have enough time for even a relationship, let alone marriage!" She laughed. "What about you? You married?" Sandy winced, but then realized, damn, she WAS already married to that beer gutted redneck Larry! Her face reddened and nodded her head. She casually lifted her hand and showed the ring on her finger. "Oh awesome!" Megan said. "I'm so happy for you! He treated you right, I hope?" Sandy the recalled all kinds of things that Larry would have her do. He was in no way abusive physically or mentally. In fact, he surprisingly was a great husband. But to put it lightly, he was a sexual deviant. He would constantly make her dress up in sexy lingerie, costumes, what have you. His personal favorite was having her dress up as a Catholic school girl, mini skirt, stockings, and of course a tied off shirt that only covered her massive breasts. Her blush must have gone noticed. "You okay?" Megan asked wondering just how long her pause was going to be. This then snapped her out of her haze. She nodded her head. "He's great." She smiled. Megan nodded her head. "Good." She paused. "I imagine you got a kid or something?" Shit!! Sandy then realized it was too late, memories began to flood into her head that when her and Larry got married, they immediately went to have a kid. It turned out to be a boy, named Tommy. He was going to be three years old soon. She smiled actually, surprised to look fondly at the memories. "Earth to Sandy?" Megan said once again seeing her dazes. She snapped to it and nodded her head. "Like, one, Tom." She said also taking notice how her belly felt flabbier and slightly loose from the birth. She recalled the birth was extremely painful, but after all the hard work, it was a beautiful experience. And even Larry was there for support. Megan laughed. "Gee, I can only imagine the stress you must have. That would drive you to smoke or something." Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! She thought to herself this was going horribly wrong! "It is stressful…" Came out of her mouth to her shock, but she didn't want Megan to notice. She felt something form in her bra. Something…rectangular. She fished into the deep caverns that was her bra with Megan looking and everything. She then pulled out a pack of Newport 100 cigarettes. She was shocked at even her own choice of cigarettes. "And I do smoke." She smiled. Megan looked at the pack. "Well, you should try and quite hon. That's not good for you, especially if you're breast feeding. Sandy only nodded. "I, like, know, and I'm trying to quit." She said idly stuffing the pack back into her bra. " Okay, say you're nine months pregnant-" Sandy's eyes widen. She knew that Megan was going to try and make a point, but that point cost her dearly! Within seconds she felt her tummy tighten up and swell outwards! She tried in vein to bite her tongue and not scream. Further and further her belly grew bigger. It slowly approached the nine months range when her clothes began to alter. Her pants slowly began to change into stretchy maternity pants that covered more than half of her growing belly. Even her custom bra was beginning to develop pads the absorb leaking milk that her quite literally udder had. But once the belly stopped growing, she looked down and saw how huge her belly was. She thought that her breasts were massive, but this belly poked out exceedingly farther from her breasts. "- your baby would be suffering from your smoking habit." She said as though her dialogue was practically re-written to fit the new scenario. "You know what I mean?" She said looking at her like nothing was wrong. Sandy, still pale in the face nodded her head. "Sorry, but would you, like, excuse me…" She said still not trying to scream. She got up from the table, hitting her massive tummy on the way. Her ass, her breasts, and now this massive tummy made her feel all unbalanced as she waddled over to the bathroom. Megan would only assume the baby was just sitting on her bladder. Geez, pregnant women. Sandy closed the door behind her checking the sigh to make sure she was in the women's room before locking it behind her. She rushed over to the mirror and had to bite her lip to stop herself from screaming! Her belly was MASSIVE! She looked at it at all angles and even lifted up her shirt and lowered her stretch pants and saw just what the damage was. Oddly enough, she remembered lathering her belly up with cocoa butter to prevent stretchmarks, and found that the product did what it said it would do. Her dome of a belly was mark free as it looked so perfectly round. At first she was very freaked out over her sudden swelling, but then memories once again flooded into her head about how she was pregnant with a little girl, Larry was so happy to have a daughter, and Tom would have a baby sister to play with. She then found herself rubbing her belly as though she had always had it. She took a breath and let it out slowly. "Okay, like, this isn't so bad." She said to herself looking at herself in the mirror. She then instinctively pulled her pack of cigarettes out of her bra once again and was about to fire it up. But then she thought about what Megan said spat it out. She was right, she needed to look out for her little girl. She dawned a small smiled on her face as she quickly waddled over to the door before she heard Megan talking with someone. She looked a little confused as she opened the door and saw just who Megan was talking to. It was Ash! Anonymous 03/27/17 (Mon) 13:05:35 No.1663 >>829 CHAPTER 6 Sandy looked at Ash in shock. And Ash only looked right back with a smug look on her face. But of course it all changed when Ash pipped up. "Oh wow! Look at you! You're so big!" She could hear that mocking tone in her voice. However, she tried in vein not to go over and punch the bitch in the face. "Come over here and sit down, you must be exhausted being pregnant and all." She smiled. Sandy slowly went over and sat down, wiggling her large belly into the booth. "I was just talking to your friend Megan here about you." With that, he face went a little pale. She thought for a moment and realized that no changes happened to her while she was in the bathroom, so she could only assume that they were good things. "N-nothing bad I hope?" Sandy asked a bit nervously. Ash could tell that she was nervous and like a cat playing with it's food, she smiled. "Oh of course not. I was just telling her about how your were married, on the way with a kid, this and that. Nothing big deal." Sandy looked at her. She was up to something…but what? She glanced over at the clock and realized that she only had thirty minutes left on her shift! She just prayed that Ash wasn't going to purposely make this into some crazy disaster! Ash leaned back in her seat, making sure her own large breasts were thrust outward for everyone to see. This of course made Megan feel a little out of place among these busty women. "So…how did you two meet?" Megan asked striking a conversation. Ash giggled. "Oh me and this girl met at the strip club!" Sandy eyes grew wide. "The Wet Blanket! Remember? That's where I work." Sandy didn't WANT to remember, but she did. She recalled going to a strip club that opened up called The Wet Blanket and meeting Ash there. She wasn't a dancer or anything. In fact, she was the bartender there. "Oh I see." Megan said. Sandy wanted to try to explain her situation, but of course Ash interjected. "Remember when you came in that one night and got SO drunk that you actually got up on stage and started dancing?" Shit…she did remember that. "And then the manager saw and you pretty much got hired on the spot?!" Ash smacked her leg in laughter like it was the funniest thing ever. The memories came swarming in as she remembered it all so clearly. By this time in her new life, she had had Tommy and Larry was at home taking care of him. It was his turn after all. She went into the club and went straight to the bar where her new friend Ash was. Of course she recalled that Ash was a very popular bartender at the club and for very obvious reasons. But she would always help Sandy out with stress and give her little discounts on the booze. But she recalled going into the bar in a particular mood and decided to drink it all away. This in turned got her rather drunk. Ash of course didn't really help, considering that it was one of those nights that any girl could come up to the pole and dance. Ash pestered and nagged before Sandy nodded her head in a drunken stupor and went up to the pole. Naturally every man in the joint hollered and cat called her. Sandy felt pretty good about it, considering that out of all the actually strippers in the place, her breasts were the largest. And clearly, the men loved them! Little did Sandy know that the manager was watching the whole show and offered her a job. Sandy of course was still drunk and wasn't thinking all too clearly, but accepted the offer anyway. She did recall the next morning Ash called her up saying that she was now a stripper and that she would see her way more often! Sandy was shocked at her sudden realization, but Ash was actually a damn good friend. "Yeah, I do remember that." Sandy laughed back, even though she was confused she was. Her thoughts were so confused. First she hated Ash and didn't know how the hell she was, and now they were practically best friends and actually DID like her. What the hell was her already dumb brain going to do with all these conflicting thoughts? It almost gave her a headache! "So…do you still strip even though you're managing this place and…well, pregnant." Megan asked curiously. Though Sandy could hear a small hint of her being slightly disappointed with her old friend considering that she was a stripper. Sandy was of course going to say something, but Ash interrupted. "Are you kidding? You'll be surprised on how many guys love a pregnant girl!" Once again memories came in. Sandy only nodded in response. "It's true. I've actually, like, been making more money pregnant, than I was not. It's almost, like, guys love as big pregnant belly more than just huge boobies" She said giggling and then immediately thinking to herself why was she so okay with this?! "I know right? Almost makes me consider getting knocked up." Ash said jokingly. "Besides, she's even gained the nickname The Baker." Megan was naturally confused. "Because she's been pregnant so often, that the club made her the official pregnant stripper!" Sandy looked at her in shock and Ash only smiled and winked. "You're on your…what…sixth kid now?" That bitch! She couldn't help but nod her head as she was still pregnant with her little girl, but recalled having five other children before her, including Tommy. "You having your sixth kid? Geez Sandy…" Megan sounded even more disappointed with her. A stripper, smoker, pushing out kids left and right all for the sake of her job, Megan was finding out more about her friend than she really wanted to. "Yeah, it's pretty much her job to stay pregnant. Sandy looked at the clock and saw that she had fifteen minutes left! She was almost home free. "Well, I think I better get going." Megan said sounding like she was uncomfortable with the whole situation. "Awww, that's a shame." Ash said scooting out of the booth to let Megan out. Megan on the other hand was not really making so much eye contact with Sandy as she tried to leave the diner. Sandy got up and went after her. "Wait, wait, Megan, please, do me a favor before you." This was her only chance to try and reverse this whole mess. "Just…tell me I'm back to my normal self?" That…was the best she could do? Damn that stupid brain!! "Normal? You are far from normal, you have become a stripper, you smoke, you drink, you have to be pregnant to keep your job AS a stripper? Who the hell are you? You're nothing like the girl I met in high school. If anything, you kept your massive udders and smaller ass brain!" She headed for the door, but before she opened the door, she turned around to Sandy. "If you want to be constantly pregnant so fucking bad, be a surrogate mother, you bimbo!" And with that she slammed the door. "Surrogate mother huh?" Sandy held her head as memories flooded in, but actually replaces other. She was on her sixth child, but it wasn't hers. In fact, none of the children she had were hers! Not only was she a manager at a diner, a sort of well known, pregnant stripper, but she was also working as a surrogate mother for couples who can't have kids. She looked down at her belly and rubbed it. This baby was a girl, but it was for a couple of who had been trying to have a child for years, but found out that the woman couldn't have children. The job paid her handsomely. In fact, she often wondered just why the hell she was even working at a diner in the first place? The strip club was at least fun, but this was…torture. "What the hell was all that yelling about?" Sam came out from the back. Ash got up from the booth she was sitting at and walked over to Ash. "I don't know, some bitch Sandy had to deal with. You didn't even know her, did you?" And with that…poof, gone. Sandy shook her head. "No, I didn't know her." But of course there was that little speck of something in her brain that sort of remembered her. Sam at this point checked her watch. "Oh shit, you need to clock out Sandy. You forgot to last time and I had to fix it." Sandy was so excited that she was going to clock out, but before she could go anywhere, Ash stopped her. "Hey, I just remembered something. You're leaving this place after today aren't you?" Sandy looked at Sam and Sam looked at Ash. Sam only looked for a moment, before something clicked. "Oh, that's right, you're leaving us." Sam said a little saddened. Sandy smiled and hugged her friend. This proved to be a little awkward due to her massive belly and breasts, but Sam none the less hugged her tightly. "It's, like, not the end of the world. You have my number and Facebook, so we can still, like, hang out!" She said happily. "Besides, I'm like, totally giving you my mangers position!" She smiled even bigger. Sam looked as though she was going to have a heart attack. "Really?!" Sandy nodded and this only proceeded with more awkward hugging. Sandy looked at Ash. Ash was confused as she actually didn't do that. Sandy did that on her own free will. After a couple of minutes, Sandy walked into the back where the clock in machine was. "Once I clock out, this is all, like, super permanent." She thought. Sure, she may be a little dumb, her back may hurt a bit from her massive breasts, her being pregnant all the time may have her going to the bathroom left and right, and she may have the unfortunate smoking habit, but she thought about the other aspects. She was happily married to a man that treated her like a queen, was best friends with a girl that made her laugh and have fun, and she couldn't help but think about how awesome her two other jobs were. Being a stripper was actually a load of fun! And being surrogate mother was fun as well. She giggled as she also realized that the two jobs also paid a shit ton! So, she was clearly financially set. She took a deep breath and punched out for the final time. Within seconds of clocking out, her head began to swim. Those lingering memories of her past life began to fade away and were slowly being fully replaced by her new ones. After several minutes, she gained her composure. She went into the back and grabbed her things and headed out the door. Once she was outside, it was like nothing had ever happened. This was just a typical day in the life of Sandy Moody. As she walked out, she saw Larry leaning up against his huge Ram 1500 trust. She remembered how after she got her first check from delivering her first of many children, they had enough to but themselves a new truck and pay off several of their bills for the year. "Well, hello there beautiful." Larry said as they embraces each other in kisses. "Did ya have a good last day?" He asked helping her into the large truck. She nodded her head. "It went really well. Ash paid a visit and there weren't too many customers. It was kind of a slow day." She said as the memories of the day had vanished completely. "Good. Well, I'll be at home while yer at the club. Is Ash givin ya a ride back home?" Larry asked as they began to drive down the road. "Yeah, she's, like, giving me a ride." Larry looked over and saw Sandy rubbing her massive belly. He reached over and rubbed with her. "Ya think maybe we can have a kid er two?" She looked over and smiled holding his hand. "I don't see why not." She smiled lifting up his hand and kissing it. "Though I'm, like, so glad you have a thing for pregnant girls." She giggled. "Oh, I have a thang fer big tittied bimbos like yerself!" He laughed as she playfully smacked him in the shoulder. "Like, shut up!" She giggled. This was indeed a typical day for Sandy Moody. THE END
  14. 2:34 by Thalia Thrandil (FF, BE, WG) Madam Moony's Cookbook (Various) A very short story that I wrote a while ago. Give your feedback! Cheers! ———————————————————————————————————————————— A static beep rang through the apartment, the irritating sound reverberating against Gina’s eardrums. The lithe woman rolled side to side, bumping into her husband over and over in an attempt to shield her ears from the noise. “Augh Dammit!” Gina lifted the duvet off herself and sat with her legs hanging off the bed, standing slowly as not to wake her husband. She stumbled in the dark, navigating through small piles of clothing until she reached her husbands side, the sound more irritating than ever. “2:34? Oh god, how do I turn this off again?” She fiddled around with the various unmarked buttons, pushing and pressing all the buttons in hopes of deactivating the alarm. Almost as she started, the alarm stopped and the LED darkened as the device shut down. “Well, I think that fixed it,” Suddenly, a shiver passed down her spine and into her legs, forcing a mild moan from Gina's lips. "What the hell?!" Her tan nightie all of a sudden didn't feel so comfortable as a throbbing pressure started to build around her abdomen and belly as her stomach swelled. As it grew, the hem of the garment was lifted up, revealing her similarly coloured lace panties which (Understandably so) were also hugging tightly to her ever expanding waist. In the background, Gina's dozing husband stirred, rolling back and forth as Gina suffered. Speeding into the bathroom, Gina almost slipped over as her dainty foot landed on the tiles. Regaining her balance, she peered into the mirror just in time to see her previously angelic face twist into a somewhat less attractive and otherwise unimpressive stare. All the new information was too much for her, and the lights seemed to dim in her head. A loud infantile shriek rang through the mansion, the irritating sound reverberating against Gina’s eardrums. The hefty woman rolled side to side, bumping into her husband over and over in an attempt to shield her ears from the noise. “Augh Dammit!” Lifting the duvet and swinging her fat legs over the edge of the bed, Gina stood with as much grace as 8 and a half months of pregnancy could give. Stumbling hastily over to the cot, she peered inside and found two pairs of crystal blue eyes staring straight at her. “Really? This early?” A quick glance to the side gave her what she needed. “2:34? Geez. One moment,” Gina bumbled along to her bathroom and winced at the touch of the cold marble floor. Living in a mansion made almost entirely from some sort of stone didn’t do well for insulation. Annoyingly, the first sight to greet her was her less than desirable body. Large breasts sat atop a large belly, large amounts of fat riddled every part of her body and don’t forget the large amount of distaste that came with it. That’s a lot of large. After a splash of water to the face, Gina exited the bathroom and stood over the cot, the eyes stared greedily as ever. “Come here you two,” Gina expertly lifted the two infants into her arms, their baby lips wrapping around each puffy nipple instantly. The suckling always managed to make Gina giggle. Madam Moony's Cookbook (Various) 03/27/17 (Mon) 12:44:09 No.1669 File: 1490618648708.jpg (133.43 KB, 866x922, thailand_sun_by_fukari-d7y….jpg) >>820 2:34 (Penny) by Thalia Thrandil (FF, BE, WG, AG) Another short (Very) story based of the 2:34 concept. I have to say that these are fun to write, especially at 2:34 in the morning! Onwards and upwards! ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Penny! Penny, let’s get in the pool!” Harriet lightly shook Penny’s shoulders, just enough for it to be marginally irritating. The grouchy blonde rolled over onto one side and shot a deadly glance from under the covers. “2:34? This early?” “C’mon! It’ll be fun!” Harriet turned and carved her way down the hall, obviously bumping into a few things on the way. “Oh bloody hell,”
 It took a few minutes but Penny was finally up, though her attention levels were still debatable. Parting the blinds just enough allowed a wondrous view of the backyard pool, sharp corners bordered with tough bluestone and a vibrant purple light partnered greatly with the pitch dark of the cool night. Penny stumbled thoughtlessly to the nearest dresser, it’s contents conveniently topped by a drab grey one piece. It always confused her to as why she kept it, though the question of why having bought it in the first place remained untouched. After quickly undressing and pulling the thin nylon garment on, Penny plodded along down the hall and out into the night air. “C’mon Pee Pee!” “I told you not to call me that,” she mumbled under her breath, the small child taking no notice to the sound. The brisk winds of the night-time rushed across the girls pale skin, goosebumps popping into existence. “Get in! It’s nice!” There was no point left in refusing. Penny had already come so far and Harriet wasn’t about to let her leave. As Harry took a neat swan dive into the back end of the pool, Penny merely stepped unceremoniously into the icy depths. After brushing the mop of dusty blonde hair out of her vision, the bite of the cold began to become truly apparent. Though it was uncomfortable, the further she swam around, the warmer she became. The lights went out. “Harry, what time is it?” The somewhat moody 16 year old frowned at Penny but lifted her lithe arm anyway, the small golden wristwatch finally getting some attention. “2:34,” “PM?” “What do you think dumbass,” After slightly adjusting the broad rim of her straw sunhat, Penny redirected her attention to the pudge on her belly; a strange sense of unfamiliarity emanating from it. “Hey Harry?” A heavily filtered mumble drained from her blonde sister’s lips. “What,” Penny folded the page on her book and stood from the deck chair, the removal of her hat freeing her ginger curls for them to bounce peacefully in the blazing sun. “Do I look fat?” “Yeah,” Somewhat pleased but similarly taken aback by the answer, she readjusted the hem of her white bikini top and grabbed her stuff, her wide hips swaying effortlessly as she entered the house. Stopping past her sister’s bedroom, she glanced inside and saw a drab grey one piece sitting peacefully in the corner.
  15. The Police Woman (Bimbo, BE, TF, DG) - by lustache69 We were just about to finish our shift when the dispatch came through. Obviously. Hey, guys, there's some crazy ass motherfucker wigging out on the corner of Parrott and Delorme. You guys are pretty close, right? Why don't you go check that out? Who cares if you've got other places to be? Go and find the headcase, and then come back so we can make you fill out reams of paperwork about the headcase. "Goddammit," I growled when I heard the location. If the folks at Dispatch were screwing around, I promised myself I would rip out their intestines and hang their smart asses from the ceiling. A few weeks back, they'd sent three patrol cars after a supposed robbery in progress, over on Compton Road. Until, that is, they realized that Hugh Jass might not be an actual person. I couldn't believe those clowns at Dispatch were allowed out of their fucking playpens, what with how much competence they'd demonstrated. "Oh, that's right, you had a date, didn't you, Ellen?" said my partner Rick, as he made a U-turn and flipped on the lights and sirens. I'd just made a grumpy confirmation to Dispatch. And I didn't particularly feel like getting shit from Rick "I've-Asked-Out-Every-Girl-Living-Or-Dead" DiFontano. Particularly since he didn't seem to think I was a member of the fairer sex. Or maybe he just wasn't into Asians. Whatever. I would've turned him down, anyway. "Shut up and drive," I replied. He was right, of course. But it wasn't just any date I'd gotten. I'd managed to get the hottest cop in the whole county, Mike O'Connor, to agree to a night out. All the other girls in the precinct had been jealous of me, except for my friend Tina Alvarez from Vice. She had more of a thing for Lieutenant Swanson, but Tina had always been a bit weird. He started to say something, and I shot him a withering glare. If my eyes had shot daggers, he'd've been a pincushion. If I could've lit a match with a look, he would've turned into a strikingly hot inferno. If this had been an Indiana Jones movie, his face would've melted off. As it was, he just shut up. And kept driving. We reached the area of the report, and sure enough, there was some nutjob running around. He was shrieking something, though it was hard to make out. Rick brought us to an abrupt stop and killed the sirens. I was caught up in reporting to Dispatch, so I didn't notice that he'd already gotten out until I heard the shrieks redouble in volume. The man's arms were flailing around as Rick tried to get him to settle down. It didn't seem to be working, so I dropped the report and hopped out of the car. "Settle down, sir," Rick kept saying. "Please, settle down, and come with us, so we can get this sorted out. If you don't, I'll be forced to arrest you as a public nuisance, sir." But the moment I met his eye, something changed. He inhaled deeply and seemed to remember something. "Good," he said, looking into my eyes. "Good. Good." Somehow, I had the feeling he was seeing deeper than I even knew. "Wow, Ellen, you got him enthralled," Rick said, as I stepped up next to him. He slapped me on the ass. "Next, you just put-" Rick never got to finish that sentence, because the crazy guy snarled and launched himself at Rick. He sunk his teeth into Rick's shoulder, and his nails into Rick's face. If I'd been able to, I would've just savored the tableau unfolding before me. My annoying partner getting mauled by a headcase, apparently for patting my ass. Sadly, duty called. With a sigh, I pulled out my stick and waded in. I drew my arm back, holding the stick exactly like they had taught at the academy. This was going to leave a mark. Before it landed, though, the guy seemed to realize that something was going on. He looked up from where Rick was fruitlessly attempting to fend him off, and his eyes widened. "Good," he said, and rolled off of Rick, holding his hands up. "Good. Good. Good," he repeated, locking his eyes with mine. I lowered my stick and stowed it on my belt again. He still held my gaze, long past the point where it was disturbing. "Help me up, won't you?" Rick groaned, panting on the ground. I was pulling out my handcuffs to get John Doe into the back of the car. The formerly violent man wasn't even resisting me. He actually got up and put his hands behind his back. "Probably not a good idea, don't you think?" I pointed out. "Last time we touched, this guy tried to bite your head off. Literally." I put the cuffs on John Doe and opened the back door. "Mind your head," I told him. He ducked obligingly as he got inside. "You gonna take him out, Ellen?" Rick asked, trying to push himself to his feet. He was on his knees, but his wobbly stomach seemed to be keeping him there. "Or you just gonna fuck him?" "You want me to report you to IA, Rick?" I replied sweetly. "Or should I just kick the shit outta you?" He reddened but shut up. John Doe had managed to draw blood with his fingernails, giving Rick a little red slice on his forehead. It made him look much better than usual, and I indulged, for just a second, in imagining Rick covered in blood. I laughed and finally gave him a hand. He grunted as he rose to his feet. "What's so funny?" he asked suspiciously. I shook my head, then nodded it back at the car. Rick laughed too, though I don't think he knew what he was laughing at. John Doe didn't seem to be perturbed at the sight of me helping my partner up. He was just staring at me, eyes wide. His eyes followed me as I got into my seat. It felt so creepy that I started tingling, as though I could feel the impact of his stare. I called in the incident, and Rick put the car back in gear. There was no one nearby to ask about John Doe, so we turned around and headed into the station. An idle thought ran through my head: Parrott and Delorme was a fucking wasteland. On all four corners, there was nothing. Yet someone had somehow seen John Doe and bothered to tell us about him. Who could that have been? And why would they call us? Before I could say anything, I felt my brain tingle. It occurred to me that whoever it was could've been passing through. Or maybe they were an ex-con who didn't want to deal with cops. That made more sense than some dark conspiracy, or whatever I'd been about to concoct in my imagination. Just people being people. I rubbed my ass. Man, there were some times I hated having to wear pants on the job. I'd gotten a real butt when I'd gone into puberty, and it had thrown off my martial arts for a bit. Since then, I'd learned to cope, but it was still hard to find clothing to fit my butt and the rest of my body, which was as slender as you'd expect. When I was off duty, I kinda liked to wear skirts, because they gave me some room to breathe. "Ellen…" Rick started to say. I put up a hand to forestall him. "Rick, if you're going to do that whole 'junk in the trunk' thing again, I swear I'll throw you out of the window," I told him. "It's not funny, and I don't like it. At the very least, I'll definitely report you for harassment." He looked bewildered. "I didn't…" he stammered. "I never…" "Just shut your trap and let's get this over with," I said. "Seriously, Rick, you might think you're God's gift to women just 'cause you've got a badge and a gun, but you need a hell of a lot more than that." His mouth opened and closed like a fish trying to breath air. "And did it ever occur to you that I might not like having an ass like this? Maybe it gets in the way quite a bit?" Wisely, he shut up, but not before sneaking a glance, his eyes wide. It wasn't the first time he'd looked at me like that, nor was he the only man to do so. And every time I thought I was used to the comments, I got another, throwing me off my game. I really should've been used to it by now, but maybe it was just wishful thinking. Maybe I was naive to think that people would treat me professionally, just because I was being professional. When we reached the precinct, I led John Doe out of the back. He seemed to have calmed down, and this time, he just hissed at Rick, rather than trying to attack him. Still, Rick gave him a wide berth. I almost laughed again, but managed to hold it in. My scalp tingled a bit, and I reached up to scratch it. "So, this is the guy who managed to beat up poor Rick," said Charlotte, the African-American desk sergeant. John Doe beamed at her, and she chuckled. "He's a real hard one, huh?" she said to Rick, who glowered at all of us. "I dunnoh what he's thinking," Rick said, trying to just shrug it off. "He's just nuts, that's all. Maybe he's just got a thing for chicks, who the hell knows?" Charlotte and I exchanged smirks. I started to maneuver John Doe away, towards the holding cells, when Charlotte held up a hand. "By the way, Ellen," she said. "I know you've got that wonderful head of hair, but you know it's supposed to be up when you're on duty, right?" "Oh, sorry, Sarge," I said, feeling at the back of my neck. Sure enough, my ass-length curtain of straight black hair had come undone. It had all cascaded down in all of its glory. Must've been when I'd been cuffing John Doe. "I'm about to go off the clock, okay? Just gotta take this guy to the lockup." "Alright, I suppose," Charlotte replied. Her own hair looked pretty decent, and it was streaming down her back, too, but I decided not to point that out. Mostly because she was a sergeant and I was not. And that meant she might chew me out and force me to stay and do my paperwork. I had already lost too much time I could've spent on my date with Mike. He might understand, what with both of us being cops, if I were late, but I didn't want to chance it. When I got to the lockup part of the precinct, I found my least favorite cop in the whole world, Kristine Jensen, on duty there. That blond bitch thought she was hot shit, just because her daddy was the police chief. Thought she could give the rest of us orders, even when I had more seniority than she did. Thought she could go behind our backs and carry stories to her daddy, because she was so fucking special. God, what a bitch. "Much as I appreciate the offer," Kristine said, smiling lazily behind the desk, "he's supposed to be in interrogation. And the Captain said she wanted you to stay a little bit longer, to help with him." She nodded at John Doe. He smiled at her and she smiled back. God, what a slut. "What the fuck!" I shouted in frustration. A few people nearby gave me a sidelong glance, but I ignored them. "C'mon, that's just not fair," I said, trying not to whine too much. "I'm about to go off duty." "You can ask the Captain, if you want," Kristine said, tearing herself away from John Doe's eyes. "She was pretty clear about it, though. I think they're going to bring in Detective Ramirez, and have her take a look at him. Maybe a shrink, or something. They probably want you because he likes you. Or whatever." She unbuttoned the top part of her uniform, showing a surprising amount of cleavage. I muttered something uncomplimentary under my breath, a little Mandarin curse word I'd picked up from Great-Uncle Ho. It implied something about the Captain's taste in men (specifically, what she liked to taste). Kristine gave me a smirk. She didn't speak any Mandarin, as far as I knew, but my tone must've said enough. God, what a slutty bitch. "Have fun missing your date," Kristine called to me as I walked away with John Doe. I ground my teeth but said nothing. It just wasn't worth it to get into a mess with her. Even if her daddy dearest didn't listen to her complaints, she could still make my life hell in the precinct. Besides, my ass beat her boobs any day of the week. I took John Doe to the interrogation room and said, "Have a seat, please." He sat down, as I asked, then looked up at me and smiled. I got another tingly feeling, this time around my chest. Something felt a little off about it, besides the tingles. When I looked down, I realized that I'd forgotten to wear my usual uniform. My boobs had popped out all over the place right around the time my ass had done the same. That had made martial arts even more of a challenge, but I'd managed. And running was harder, but I still managed to bring in most of my perps. Some of them just gave themselves up when they saw my rack. Once, I'd gotten a murderer to put himself in handcuffs in exchange for a hug and a kiss. It was a bit unconventional, perhaps, but it had worked. The only problem with being the hottest cop around was that I had to wear a special uniform to accommodate my boobs and ass. Now that I thought back to the beginning of my shift, I remembered what had happened. That klutz Tommy Czernitsky had spilled the new office water tank all over me, from head to toe. I'd borrowed a spare uniform from someone else, and all I'd needed to do was switch nametags. It was a bit of a problem, though, when all they had were normal uniforms. Surely no one would mind if I eased my burdens just a little bit. I unfastened the top two buttons on my top. Sure, it would show a bit too much cleavage, but I was supposed to be going off duty right about now. If Detective Ramirez came in, maybe I could convince her that I should be let off babysitting John Doe. Just as I was thinking that, the door opened, and in walked Detective Lieutenant Angelica Ramirez, and a woman I didn't recognize. The other woman was a pale-skinned redhead in a very businesslike navy blue suit. From the expression on her face, she'd just heard a joke she'd liked. Detective Ramirez was smiling, too, which was a bit unusual. Right when the door was about to close, it swung open again, and Rupinder the Prick walked in, causing Detective Ramirez and I to groan simultaneously. Rupinder Misra, everyone's favorite humorless social worker, had a terrible reputation in the precinct. Partly it was just that her job often required her to be antagonistic to us. But our dislike of her mostly came from the fact that she went out of her way to insult us constantly. Her favorite was the "I've got way better degrees than you guys" gambit. Oh, great, you went to Yale, lah-dee-dah. Too bad they didn't teach you how not to be a bitch. "Why is John Doe in handcuffs?" she asked briskly, and Detective Ramirez looked over at me. I started out of a bit of a reverie. "Because he assaulted my partner, Ms. Misra," I said. "I was about to read him his rights when everyone came in here." "That assumes he's mentally competent to understand those rights," the Prick said. "And it assumes that he was mentally competent at the time of the incident in the first place. Besides, we don't even know his name…" "I am well aware of that, Ms. Misra," Detective Ramirez replied, with a surprising amount of patience. "That's why I asked Dr. Alexandra Wood to evaluate him. She's a clinical psychologist specializing in amnesia, and a professor at Taylor University, too. Believe me, I want to get to the bottom of this, too. And if he really was not mentally competent, I doubt we'll end up charging Mr. Doe." She gave a little smile. "Besides, he went after Rick DiFontano. No one around here would've lost sleep if John Doe here had killed that little scumbag." I could only agree with Detective Ramirez on that count. "Please, call me Alex," Dr. Wood said. "Based off of the description I got, this seems very much like a fugue state. A dissociative fugue, to be more technical. It can be seen as a subtype of what we call dissociative amnesia. This is characterized by a subject having difficulty retrieving stored memories, even to the point of losing their identity. A fugue state is often reversible, but it can last anywhere from hours to years." "Umm, Detective Ramirez," I interjected meekly. Everyone in the room turned to look at me, various levels of annoyance on their faces. "My shift is supposed to be over, and if you don't mind, I'd like to clock out. I mean, if you don't need me here…" I trailed off. "No, Officer Zhou, I'm going to need you," the detective said. "We're going to need your description of the events that led to John Doe's detention, in order to decide whether to arrest him formally. And you've demonstrated a certain rapport with him, which might be useful." She stroked her chin meditatively. "On the other hand, we don't need you right now. Why don't you take a bathroom break? If you've got plans for the evening, you can get those figured out while you're out." "Okay," I said, ducking out of the room. Behind me, I could hear the Prick renew her argument, until the door closed completely. I pulled my cell phone out of my tight pocket, and saw that Mike had texted me. "Heard you had to stay late. Reschedule?" his message said. My brain tingled a bit, and I tried to remember my schedule for the next few days. I had the same shift for the rest of the week, but on Thursday and Friday, I was going to be doing a little freelancing at Paradise, the "gentlemen's" club down the street from my apartment. When I'd moved into the neighborhood, I'd thought it was a bad place, but it turned out that putting my assets to a good use could make me a hell of a lot of money. "Saturday," I replied, then stowed my phone again. As I walked towards the bathroom, I passed the locker room. My brain tingled again, and I had a good idea. I didn't really have much in there, aside from my keys and some clothes I'd been planning to wear on my date. If I packed them up, I could save some time when Detective Ramirez let me go. I opened up my locker and got out my keys and my clothes. Maybe a more modest woman would've found the clothes embarrassingly skimpy. I was a woman who made part of her living from showing off her naked body, so modesty wasn't my top concern. The keys fit in my pocket only with a huge amount of effort, so I didn't bother trying to wedge in my clothes, even though they were pretty small. Actually, it turned out I didn't really need to go to the bathroom that much. All I really needed was a chance to walk around a bit. Pretty soon, I was marching back into the interrogation room, carrying my clothes. When I opened the door to the interrogation room, I nearly dropped my clothes out of sheer astonishment. The Prick was smiling. She was wearing her usual "I'm a professional with a new set of tits" clothes, but somehow, she was smiling. Maybe she'd just gotten the memo about how men react best to hot women when the hot women aren't frowning. It was a pretty good look on her, actually. I reached up and unfastened another button without really thinking about it. "We need to find out who this guapetón ees, chicas," Angel said in her fluid accent. "Esomeone must know quien él es. Loook at heem! Would choo pass up esuch a estud?" Alexandra blushed and stammered, "N-n-no," then licked her thick, cocksucking lips. God, Angel had no idea how much I envied her that accent. It was liquid sex for the ear. My folks had been in America too long for me to have a sexy accent. And even if I did have an accent, it would probably just make people think of chopsticks and General Tso's Chicken. "'Ut i' he hash dish 'ugue thing," Rupinder said, "how can we 'ind out who he ish?" Her lips weren't moving much. That was probably the most irritating thing about her. If Rupinder's mushmouth came from some freak accident, she had all my sympathies. But if this was some weird affectation, she was obviously a total bitch. My guess was that it was an affectation. "Um, I know this may seem odd," Alexandra interjected, "but my clothes are really itchy. Can I take them off? I- I don't want to disturb anyone, but…" She trailed off nervously, scratching at her chest. "Esure you cahn, mi chica," said Angel. "_¿No somos mojigatas, sí?_ Chust eshow us yoor _chichis_ hwenever joo like." I didn't know a lot of Spanish, but I got the gist of it. And I completely agreed. There was nothing wrong with the furiously blushing redhead taking off every scrap of clothing, as she had started to do. Unrestrained, her _chichis_, as Angel called them, were even bigger than mine. But I had a much better ass. Alli sat back down, her giant breasts slapping against the table. Her whole body seemed red with embarrassment, but I had a sneaking suspicion she enjoyed the humiliation. Part of that may've been that I could see the fluid that was leaking from her pussy onto the chair. The other part was that her nipples were rock-hard. "As long as we're, like, changing clothes and stuff, can I, like, put on my cool clothes?" I asked, and Angel nodded. I had no qualms about taking my clothes off in front of other people. In fact, I briefly considered asking everyone else in the room for money, for the show I was going to put on. But that might've taken things a little too far. I grabbed my borrowed uniform shirt and pulled hard. The overstressed buttons popped off, flying all over the place. One of them bounced off of Rupi's plasticky head. Another struck Alli's right titty, causing it to quiver. When I looked closer, I could see that a bead of white liquid had formed at the point of her right nipple. "Ohhhhh… moooooooo…" she groaned. "Sooooo… gooooooood…" She squeezed both of her titties, sending a stream of milk into Rupi's wide-open mouth. It was a great bit of nourishment for Rupi, who was the best precinct sex doll anyone could want. With a herky-jerky motion, she silently wiped some of the milk from her face, using her straight hand, the one she used for the female officers. Her circular blowjob hand usually saw a bit more use, since there were more male officers. More milk spilled from Alli's titties, all over the table. Angel looked slightly annoyed. "I tought dat joo wass goin' to meelk yoorself before we came een here, chica," she said. "Deed I noht tell joo dat, joo vaca estupida?" "Moooooo," Alli said in response. Her big brown eyes were vacant of thought. When I looked into them, all I could see was milk, and the promise of milk to come. With a start, I realized that I had forgotten to finish undressing. Alli was just that sexy. I tossed my ruined shirt aside and began the task of extracting myself from my pants. This was a task that required some serious pushing and pulling. Man, I really should've remembered my normal clothes. By the time my borrowed pants hit the ground, they were coming apart in several places. Tina was going to have a lot of trouble wearing these again. I unfolded my change of clothes and started putting them on. The chest was a bit tighter than I'd expected, but my top was partly spandex, so it fit well enough. Why had I even bought these clothes, when they obviously didn't fit me that well? I shook my head. They looked pretty nice, so that was probably why I'd picked them up. John Doe shifted next to Rupi, catching my eye. I'd almost forgotten about him, and I wasn't entirely sure why. Now that I got a good look at him, though, I had no idea why I'd taken my eyes off of him in the first place. He was so handsome and dreamy. His arms rippled with muscles, and… Ah-ha. The voice echoed through my head, and I froze. That's how that works. I'd totally forgotten how to do that. Where could it be coming from? Confused, I looked back at John Doe. He smiled at me and nodded. It's good to actually be able to talk to you, Ellie. I mean, aside from saying, "Good," like some retard. "You're actually talking to me," I said in disbelief. "Angelica, I mean, Angel! Alli! Rupi! Something weird is happening!" The other three women were all busy with their own pleasures. Angel was sucking from Alli's leaky tits while she fingered herself, swapping nipples every so often to milk the redhead evenly. Rupi was under the table, her plasticky ass sticking out. I could see her licking Alli's bare pussy, tongue sticking out as usual. I'd seen Rupi doing that thousands of times - or had I? Oh, dear, John Doe said. It looks like you're a bit confused, Ellie. Was that my actual name? Didn't I hate being called Ellie? Because it was demeaning, or something vaguely feministish? Perhaps if I fuck you, you'll feel a lot better. "Yes! Yes, I would!" I exclaimed. It was the perfect solution. Gosh, John Doe was brilliant. He was the smartest smarty around! I bent down onto the table and spread my legs, ignoring the fact that my skirt was ripping itself apart. That just made it easier for John Doe to get at me. With one last groan, I split it the rest of the way, leaving only a bit of material at the waist intact. My skirt was still on me, but it now covered up nothing important. John Doe's hands gripped me from behind, and I felt skin pushing up against my cunt. His cock brushed against my clit, and I shuddered. Could I get an orgasm just from having my clit touched? His cock touched my rock-hard clit again, and I got my answer. "Ooooooh fuuuuuuck!" I screamed as I orgasmed. John Doe took the opportunity to slip his cock in my dripping cunt and begin fucking me in earnest. I bucked and screamed with another orgasm the moment his cock entered me. Why wasn't sex always this good? He slammed me forward against the table, and I felt something wet on my cheek. I opened my eyes again, and found that a lot of Alli's milk had ended up on the table, and that it was pooling near me. I lapped a bit up, and orgasmed again. Alli had such delicious milk, as if all her orgasms had gone into her breasts. Another powerful thrust from John Doe reminded me that I was getting fucked, and I giggled. That was so Ellie, getting distracted by milk while a hot guy was plowing me from behind. His hands reached around to cup my breasts through my top. I felt his fingers touch my diamond-hard nipples, and I orgasmed once again. Every time John Doe touched me, like magic, I orgasmed. Every time he thrust deeper, I orgasmed. Every time I lapped up another bit of Alli's milk, I orgasmed. By the time I heard John Doe grunt, and felt his cum shoot into my cunt, I must've orgasmed, like, I dunnoh how many times. And of course, when he stuffed me full of his cum, I orgasmed for what felt like forever. When I came down from that orgasm-induced high, I found myself sprawled across the table. My cunt was still wet as hell, though some of the might've been John Doe's cum. A squirt of something wet hit me in the face, and I licked it up. Alli had given me a little milk, and I orgasmed once again. John Doe had taken Rupi out from under the table, and was holding her upside down. His cock was deep inside the sex doll's cunt. She seemed completely unfazed at being fucked upside down. For her, it was just a very sexy handstand. "Oooh, chica," said Angel. "Joo are esoooo esexy! Can I leeck yoor panocha, yoor poosy?" I nodded, and Angel got on her knees. She wasn't quite able to reach me, so I sat up and scooted a little closer. At last, I felt her tongue flicker over my clit, and I moaned in pleasure, closing my eyes. Skin brushed up against my face, and I opened my eyes. Alli was standing over me, a big, vacant smile on her dumb cow face. "Mooooooo," she said, then got up onto the table. She straddled me and aimed a nipple towards my mouth. "Great idea, Alli!" I said, taking the offered nipple between my lips. At the same time, I reached down and started rubbing at Alli's cunt. She mooed again, and I went deeper, slipping two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Her mooing became louder and louder, until she climaxed. Her climax sent an extra helping of milk into my mouth, which I swallowed as fast as I could. The milk, combined with my preexisting state of horniness and Angel's licking, brought me to a sort of dazed multi-orgasmic paradise. I knew that I was shaking with orgasms, and that my two companions were shaking with me. But I felt sort of disconnected from all of that, drifting through a haze of pleasure. At some point, it had to come to an end, and that was a big disappointment. I came out of it feeling utterly spent and pleasantly buzzed. That had to have been a world record for "best orgasm ever". All I could do was sit there and grin, as Angel and Alli fell to the side, panting in exhaustion. Well, that was all lovely, John Doe told me in my mind, but it's time for us to get out of here. Make yourselves a little more presentable, girls. I nodded, and started wringing the milk out of my hair. There was nothing I could do about my ripped up skirt, or my milk-drenched top, but I could try and make my hair a little less wet. Rupi didn't need much work to make herself presentable, though she looked awkward while doing it. Sex dolls always had a sort of herky-jerky motion to them, which I supposed had to do with actual dolls, like Barbies. But it could be inconvenient at times, and it was hard to make it look sexy. Angel and Alli were licking each other clean, giggling and shuddering as they did so. Those two were so airheaded, that even I was smarter than them. I didn't know how intelligent Rupi was, because she couldn't talk, though I did remember something about her going to Harvard. Which was silly. Sex dolls didn't go to the Ivy Leagues. We're going to need a nice diversion to get ourselves out of here, John Doe said, rebut toning his shirt. He closed his eyes and grimaced. I imagined that I could feel something pass through me, like a wave of energy. It felt nice, like I was being tickled in all the best places. A wave of giggles came out of my mouth, and I could hear Angel and Alli following suit. Rupi, being a sex doll, said nothing. That's what I'm talking about. John Doe sounded very satisfied with himself. We just need to wait a little bit, and the coast will be clear. The women will be uninterested in stopping us, and the men will be… busy. He grinned, and I grinned back at him. The five of us stood there for a little while, not doing much, which was hard. All four of us ladies wanted to have sex, because we were still so horny. Or, at least, I presumed Rupi wanted sex, since she still wasn't talking. But any time one of us let a hand stray towards anyone's pussy, John Doe shot us a hard glance, and we pulled back. I guess it just wasn't time for sexy business. After some time, we started hearing the sounds of orgasms through the walls. John Doe nodded and gestured us forward. I was about to move when something occurred to me. "Uh, wait a minute," I said. "You, like, never told us your name." John Doe looked startled, then thoughtful. I… I don't know my name, he told me finally. It's just not there. You've been calling me John Doe. Why don't you keep calling me that? It's as good a name as any. I nodded, and John opened the door. The interrogation room had seen plenty of debauchery since we'd gone into it, and that seemed to have spilled out onto the floor of the precinct. Every woman in the place seemed to have gotten plumped-up and bimboey. Every man in the place seemed to be fucking the women. I saw Kristine Jensen getting all three holes stuffed by a balding detective and two junkies who had been in the holding cells. Served her right for being such a stuck-up bitch. And my boobies were way bigger than hers. So there. Rupi slowed us down just a little, but that meant we could take in some of the sights around us. Two high school seniors, working as interns, were plowing into Delores, the captain's secretary, who must've been four times their age. Or perhaps the same age as them, which is what she looked like. Sometimes I had trouble remembering. Right next to them, a white girl wearing an intern badge was taking it hard from a burly black patrolman. She grinned stupidly ahead, her enormous tits shaking as her new friend screwed the brains out of her silly head. A Hispanic guy from Personnel saw her empty mouth and unzipped his pants, a big grin on his face. None of them so much as glanced at the five of us. Being around this many men is not pleasant, John Doe said, and I saw him shudder. And I can't affect them the way I can affect you, my dears. I smiled at what he was "saying". But I'm not surprised that lesser men are distracted by your lovely sisters. I pouted a bit. They're not as lovely as you, Ellie, he added, and my pout subsided. We passed the conference room, where the Captain was on top of the table. Her titties hung down, nipples brushing against the table. A fat consultant had his cock up her ass while the other men in the room either jacked their cocks onto the table, or partook of a female consultant. Even though the door was closed, I could hear the Captain barking as the consultant thrust himself into her asshole. At last, we reached the lobby, and found two separate little parties. In one corner, Tina Alvarez had shacked up with Lieutenant Swanson, and a young man who looked like he might be related to Lieutenant Swanson. That was when I remembered hearing that the kid's mom had needed to go on a business trip, so the kid had come in to work with his dad. Well, Junior Swanson, whatever his name was, sure was getting an education. Right now, he was becoming very familiar with Tina's mouth. Behind the desk, an African-American bimbo who vaguely resembled Charlotte, the desk sergeant, was taking it hard from three other cops. I recognized my partner Rick on Charlotte's mouth. The other two were unfamiliar to me. Perhaps they were from another precinct. But they seemed just as happy as Rick to be screwing Charlotte. John threw open the double doors at the front of the precinct, and stepped out into the evening. Free! he exclaimed, and I smiled, as did Angel and Alli. Rupi couldn't smile, but I bet she was happy, too. How could she not be happy for John, our Master? A big, black SUV turned left on to the street in front of the precinct. John seemed to zero in on the SUV, narrowing his eyes. The SUV screeched to a halt, and the driver's side door opened. "Come on, Cassandra, get out," said the driver, who was taking her own advice. She was an older-looking blond woman. Her clothes were really boring, but I knew John could improve her body, at least. "We gotta get into the backseat. Master says so." John stepped out into the street, carefully looking both ways. Ellie, you take the driver's seat. Callista and Cassandra will ride in the back with me, he said. The previous driver, who I assumed was Callista, opened the rear door, and John hopped in. Angel and Alli, you can ride in the middle. Don't get milk everywhere. Rupi, you're up front in the passenger's seat, because you won't distract the driver as much. "Mooom!" said the blond young woman in the passenger's seat. "What's going on here? This is so weird. What are you doing?" John frowned, and Cassandra stopped talking, unbuckled her seatbelt, stepped out, and got into the back with her mother. Angel and Alli got into the middle, giggling the whole way. Rupi had a long way to go, and she was the slowest, so I took the time to settle in. Angel and Alli both seemed to be having trouble with their seatbelts, but I buckled mine instantly. Even if I wasn't some kind of Einstein, I was definitely smarter than either of them put together. At last, I took mercy on them, as they struggled to put the buckles into their holders. "Imagine Master's sticking his cock in your pussy," I told them, and shortly thereafter, I heard two clicks. When Rupi got in and buckled herself in, I looked back in the mirror. Cassandra and Callista sat on either side of John, and both looked a lot hotter than they had before. "Where do you wanna go, Master?" I asked, as the blonds' titties got noticeably bigger. He looked up, and smiled. You should know where, he said, and now that I thought about it, he was right. The answer was already in my mind. "Thanks, Master," I said, as I put the car into "D", for "Drive". The whole car rumbled a little, and Alli and Angel moaned. Then they started making out, and milk spilled from Alli's titties, like usual. As I drove, I thought a bit, which might seem unusual for a bimbo. Maybe Rupi was thinking, too, but she still couldn't talk. She was, instead, sliding her straight hand into her pussy, as deep as her joints would let her get. But I couldn't help but think: why was I John's driver? Why was I even capable of thinking? Why wasn't I just another giggly slut? Why did I even think of him as John, and not as Master? Because you were the first person I've ever known to show me even a little kindness, John said to me. I looked in the rearview mirror, and saw Callie and Cassie giggling as they ripped off the shreds of their old, boring clothes. It was almost impossible to tell the twins apart. I barely remember what happened before we met, but what I do remember is not kind. You were willing to trust me, just a little bit. And you're a beautiful woman, too. I blushed at his compliment. Then something occurred to me. Obviously, John had the power to change women's minds and bodies. Our escape had more than demonstrated that. "Uh, Master? Did you change me?" I asked, turning onto a highway. John threw his head back in silent laughter. No, Ellie, I didn't change a thing about you. You're perfect just the way you are. Why mess with such a good thing?  
  16. Orbs of Change by Jason [Multiple changes, BE, AP, AR, WG] –The Purple Orb– Candice looked at the strange orb her mother had brought into the living room with a mix of anticipation and fear. “So,” she said, unwilling to stir from the couch she was lounging on to take a closer look. “Does that really work? Have you tested it?” “Oh, it works,” her mother Janice said, looking over her daughter's slim and youthful form stretched out on her living room sofa. “The orb makes no changes in personality or memory unless we request it to. It transfers attributes between people, whatever we ask it to move. If there are other things that go with those attributes, it moves those too. Anyone inside the room with the orb when the change happens remembers how things were before. Everyone outside the room thinks things have always been that way.” “That's cool and all,” Candice said, rousing from the couch to take a closer look at the orb. Padding across the floor on her delicate bare feet, her long legs carried her to the table with the orb in a handful of strides where it's radiant purple surface captured the gaze of her crystal blue eyes. “So, how's it work?” “Well,” Janice said, looking up at her much taller daughter's face. Even in her work heals, her college age daughter still stood several inches taller than her. But it gave her an idea. “Let's say that, for a few giggles, we wanted to trade heights. We both touch the orb and think about our height. The orb does the rest.” “Okay,” Candice said, reaching out and touching the orb. “I mean, I guess it could be kinda fun to be short for a weekend or something. You're what mom? Five foot even?” Reaching out and touching the orb, Janice smiled as she looked down on her much shorter daughter. “Heaven's no dear, you're the one who's five foot. I'm five foot eight.” “Wow,” Candice said, snatching her hand away from the orb and staring up at her mother. Her mom had always been on the larger side, tending towards what some would have called stout. Now that she had her daughter's height however, she seemed almost imposing in her size. Looking down, Candice was stunned to realize how much closer the ground looked… and how much larger everything else seemed. Especially her breasts. On her formerly five foot eight frame, the D-Cup wonders had seemed the perfect size. Now, on her reduced frame, they seemed much, much larger. “Amazing isn't it?” Her mom's voice jolted her out of her thoughts. “And it can trade other things to, not just physical things.” “Oh?” Candice asked, still a bit stunned from the change. “Like what?” “Well, you know how much you like my cooking?” “Yeah, you're an awesome cook!” “Well, I've always wanted to know how to dance, and you took dance lessons all those years. So, if you touch the orb and think about 'dancing' while I touch the orb and think about 'cooking.' Well,” Janice said as she placed her finger tips back on the orb. “Try it, you'll see.” Touching the orb again, Candice let herself think about dancing, and for a moment, years of dance lessons flashed before her eyes, but then, those thoughts were replaced as her favorite recipes began to fill her mind instead. Lobster ravioli, or pan seared Ahi Tuna. The list seemed endless. And all of it felt so easy to prepare, like she'd been doing it for years. Across the orb from her, Janice watched her daughter lick her lips at the tasty delights that filled her mind. She'd miss being able to whip up such tasty concoctions on her own, but she felt the trade was well worth it. After all, there was nothing like the feel of excitement and romance you got from crossing the dance floor on the arm of a strong man in a powerful tango, or the floating feeling of a waltz… yes, so worth it. “Wow mom,” Candice said, pulling her hand away again. “So I guess it's on me to do dinner tonight.” “Well of course dear,” Janice said, leaving her hand on the orb. “But tell you what. I've been thinking. How would you like it if I took your mid terms for you? And your finals this term too. Would you be interested?” “Um… let me think about that a moment,” the short, buxom blond said. “Um, duh, yeah, I'd have to be stupid to pass that one up!” Candice said quickly putting her hand on the orb and thinking about her college classes and her tests. Moments later, Candice stepped back from the orb in shock, nearly tripping over the sensible heals she'd worn home from work today and staring at her mother, who stood before her in a faded gray University sweatshirt and jeans. “Um, mom,” Candice said, looking down at the smart blazer she'd worn to emphasize her cleavage and distract the men in her business meetings today. “What just happened?” “Oh, why we traded dear,” Janice said as though it were the simplest thing in the world. “I'm a college student. I'm taking all your classes for you. But if I'm in college, that means you have to have my job. I mean, I think it's a fair trade, don't you?” “Sure mom,” Candice said, reaching out and snagging the orb from beneath her mom's fingertips. “So, we're good like this till the end of the term right? I do your job, you do my classes. And, for as long as you want to be tall, I'll cook.” “Wait,” Janice said reaching back out to the orb. “I was thinking one more thing…” “Nah,” Candice said slipping the orb into one of her jacket's pockets. “I think we're good here mom. Besides, I want to take the orb to work with me tomorrow. I think I might have a few ideas for it there…” Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 03:58:43 No.1750 –The Blue Orb– Linda smiled as she brought the fist size blue orb into her dorm room. The willowy brunette had been astounded by the demonstration she'd seen of the Orb's power, and she couldn't wait for her room mate to get back to try it out. She probably should have passed her time waiting by studying for her History of the Ancient world class… but some how, she just couldn't make herself focus, even if it was on one of her favorite subjects. So, instead, she spent the time rummaging through her clothes, looking for something… fitting to wear on this occasion. Not that she really owned much of note. The best she could say was that at her height, nearly five foot ten without heals, any skirt she wore appeared both shorter than it really was, and showed the only truly notable feature she possessed; her stunning legs. Her room mate of course, was another story. Kaitlin was another brunette, but there the similarities pretty much ended. Where Linda was tall and slender, Kaitlin came to barely five foot four, and filled every inch with curves. Both girls were good students, but while Linda brought home honors and was poised to graduate with highest honors, Kaitlin simply passed her classes, putting in just enough effort to breeze through school and save her time for parties and more important things… like her boyfriend of the moment. No sooner, of course, had she thought of Kaitlin than the other girl entered the room. “Hey Linda,” Kaitlin said in musical tones. “What's with the funny rock?” “Oh this?” Linda said, fighting to conceal her glee. “You probably won't believe me till you've tried it, but it's a magic rock that lets us trade things.” “Trade things,” Kaitlin laughed. “Okay, I'll borrow your magic rock… and you can borrow… my sweater that you like so much. Seriously, how much did you pay for that thing?” “No, silly, its not for trading things you own. It's for trading things you are. Here, you really have to see it to believe it, so I'll explain, and you can try it. And if I'm wrong, you can laugh at me and tell everyone in the quad what a loser I am.” “Okay then string bean, let's get with the explanation and the demonstration then.” “All right, it's simple enough really. You think of something of mine that you want, and I think of something of yours that I want. Then, we both touch the orb, and we trade. It can be anything. Height, weight, attitude, lifestyle… anything you can think of, we can trade. The trick is… we have to trade the same sort of thing. So, I can trade say… my height for your height…. but I can't trade my height for… let's say your singing skills.” “Okay string bean,” Kaitlin sad, shaking her head. “Let's say I buy it. So I just think of something, and we trade that thing?” “Yup,” Linda nodded enthusiastically. “So are you ready to try it?” “Sure. What the heck. I'll humor you. So what do you want to swap?” “Breasts,” Linda said in a rush. “I want to know what it's like to be that insanely busty.” “Ha,” Kaitlin said as she reached out and touched the orb. “If you want these monsters, you're welcome to them. My back could use the break,” she finished, thinking of how much lighter Linda's breasts would be on her. “Wow,” Linda said, staring down at the deep valley of cleavage her breasts formed. “You weren't kidding Kaitlin, these things are massive!” “Oh my god,” the formerly busty girl gasped, hands flying to her bra-less breasts. “It really works, it really fucking works!” “Yup,” Linda said, hefting her new endowments and marveling at the weight. Bra-straps the likes of which she'd never felt pulled firmly at her back, supporting the wonders and pushing them up into the scoop neck of a shirt she'd never have dared to wear before. “Wild isn't it?” “Yeah… we'd better trade back before anyone sees though. I'd hate for Mark to drop by and wonder what my boobs are doing on another girl.” “Oh, don't worry about it,” Linda said, placing the orb on a small table between them. “As far as anyone outside this room is concerned, you've always been an A-cup. So your boyfriend won't even notice that anythings different. And people will think that I've always been… what are these anyway?” “Custom. I think the last time I got an official measurement, I was a 34-G, but sometimes, I wear a 32-H instead. Or, I used to.” “Wow. Double wow.” “Yeah. So, about trading back?” Kaitlin pressed. “Fine, if you really want them back. You can have them back. I thought we could have some more fun first though. Besides, I thought you were glad to have a load off for a while.” “Yeah, but… when you've had them for so long, they sort of become a part of who you are, you know? I don't feel quite like me without them.” “Oh, I get it. We can fix that I think. But only if you want to keep having fun with this. If you want them back, I'll give them back and we can stop.” “Well,” Kaitlin said hesitating. Looking down at her chest, and for the first time in… years, seeing something other than her own cleavage… feeling something other than the strain in the shoulders, it was sort of a relief. “Okay, so what do you have in mind?” “Well first, let's even a few things out, physically. Hips, butt, legs… I feel top heavy enough that I think I'm going to tumble here, and that's not a good thing.” “Oh, okay. But… if we're trading that much… how about height too?” “Um… sure, why not. Ready?” Linda asked, touching the orb. “Yes,” Kaitlin said, thinking of Linda's long, sexy legs and her overall slim figure as she touched the orb. Blinking, for a moment, Kaitlin thought her friend had vanished, until she looked down, and realized she'd been looking over Linda's head. “Wow, this is just… really, really… cool.” “Isn't it?” Linda said, running her hands over her now stunning curves and smiling at the sight of her friend as the new 'string bean.' “So this is what I was thinking. The Orb is supposed to be able to trade roles and things like that too. And you were saying you were used to always being the busty, curvy one. So, I was thinking. I'll touch the orb and think about being the party girl that you are, and you touch the orb and think of being the kind of girl that I am. It should make you feel right about how you are now. And then, after I've had a chance to party it up a bit, and you've had a chance to relax from the party scene for a while, we can swap back. How's that sound?” “Yeah, sure, that sounds like it could be a kick.” Touching the orb, the room seemed to flicker around the two young women as photos changed, along with the contents of closets, purses, and a multitude of other items changing to fit the girl's new life style. “Wow,” Kaitlin marveled, looking over the stack of books that had appeared on her desk. Her entire side of the room had changed, becoming neat and organized… just the way she liked it of course. Linda's side of the room on the other hand, looked like she'd only been present long enough to bounce from one event to the next, discarding last night's clothes in favor of something fresher, but obviously things outside the room were far more important than anything in it. Further observation of changes was interrupted by a knock at the door and the call of a familiar voice. “You decent in there babe?” Mark asked, moments ahead of opening the door anyway. “Mark!” Kaitlin cried in shock at his lack of manners. “What if I'd been changing in here?” “Oh, sorry Kaitlin,” Mark said looking somewhat sheepish before turning to Linda. “So, you ready to get going babe?” He asked, offering a strong hand to the slightly stunned Linda. “Oh, sure,” she said, standing and marveling at how her head barely came to Mark's chest. His strong, strapping chest that he held her so close to. “Um, I'll be back… some time Kaitlin. Don't wait up or anything.” Too stunned at the sudden loss of her boyfriend, Kaitlin could only stare as Linda slipped the orb into a pocket and left the dorm, arm in arm with Mark. “Oh, Mark,” Linda asked as soon as she neared the edge of campus and the heavily wooded park that bordered it. “You play baseball right?” “Yeah, center field… but you know that babe.” “I know,” she said, pulling the orb from her pocket. “I was just wondering… how far into the woods do you think you could throw this?” Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 03:59:04 No.1751 –The Green Orb– Anna Lynne pushed her chair back from her desk, dropping her glasses on the cluttered surface and rubbing her eyes in frustration. Four hours. It was four hours since her shift had 'ended', and she was still staring at the same report. But at nine o' clock on a Friday, there was really no choice but to stay until it was finished… that, or go home with a half finished report and risk having no job to come back to on Monday. The past two years at Gamble & Proctor had been the most grueling of her life. The economy had hit the law firm hard, and as clients began to withdraw their retainers, the amount of staff the firm could support shrank. Whereas before the economy took a nose dive, the firm had been able to keep several paralegals on staff to be 'available' to the clients who 'might' just need legal services, now, the firm could only employ enough staff for the work it actually had. Or, more accurately, it could employ enough paralegals for the work it had at any given moment. If, on a month like this one, they found themselves buried in more work than they'd had in months… they just didn't have the staff to handle it. So everyone worked long, hard hours… and hoped that when the work died back down there was enough money to get through the next time things were lean. The constant stress, long hours and reduced wages had taken their toll on Anna. At twenty six, she should have been in her prime. Top of her class as a paralegal, she'd given up running track in school to focus on her studies, but she'd figured that once she graduated, she'd be able to shed the extra pounds in no time. That… hadn't happened. Hadn't close to happened. When she'd traded her size sixes in for size eights in college, she'd accepted that she'd be back in her 'skinny jeans' in no time. But those eights weren't her skinny jeans any more.. the size tens she'd traded up to after her first year at Gamble and Proctor were her wistful hope… but if she were honest, her belly was pushing over the tops of her size twelves in an increasingly unsightly fashion, and the band of her 38D bra was starting to dig into her softening shoulders even more than her 34C had back when she'd left college. At least, thus far, she'd managed to refrain from smoking like half the other legal staff in the office, but lately, she was starting to see the appeal more and more. If for no other reason than the fact that senior management seldom begrudged an employee the right to a 'smoke break'… especially since they all smoked. But as a non-smoker, Anna felt herself lucky just to get away from her computer long enough to use the bathroom, much less take an actual break during the work day. “Hey Anna,” a familiar voice called from the end of her aisle of cubicles. At this hour, the voice could belong to few people besides Kimber, the firm's most junior associate attorney, barely out of law school and working the same sort of long hard hours that most of the paralegals put in. “Hi Kimber,” Anna said smiling at the other woman's presence. Sometimes, it was good just to know that there was someone else there in the building with you after close, even if the stunning blond was likely headed to a hot night club after work while Anna headed home to her empty house. For the moment, they were both at work long after bankers hours, and could share in that bond. “I think there's still some coffee in the break room if you need it. I was thinking about getting a cup myself.” “Nah,” Kimber said, fishing a pack of Virginia Slims out of her pocket along with a lighter. “But if you want, why don't you grab a cup and keep me company on the balcony while I light up. I think we could both use something warm and a little fresh cool night air before we finish slaying the paperwork beast.” “Sounds good to me,” she said, putting her glasses back on and grabbed her favorite mug that read 'The best part of the Work Week is that it ENDS.' “Actually Anna,” Kimber said when they reached the small break room. “Maybe you'd like to smoke more than I would. I…. I'd like to make you an offer,” she finished hesitantly as she withdrew a small green ball from her pocket. “Have you ever seen one of these before?” “What, a ball from a pool table?” “No, no nothing like that. It's an old piece of magic. There are quite a few of them wandering around. This one… it lets you take things from another person that you're jealous of. It has to be something you envy about them. Once you take it, they can't ever have back whatever you took. And… the person you took something from gets the orb. You can use it right back on the other person, take something else… but then they get the orb back. It can become a very… vicious cycle of jealousy.” “Seriously? Kimber… I know we've been putting in long hours, but you're going to get me thinking that you're smoking something other than those Virginia Slims.” “I'm serious. There are a few things you have that I want desperately… and I'd give a great deal to have them… I know you're not going to believe me until you see it work, so I figured I'd offer up a demonstration… and give you first crack at me afterwords. Are you game?” “Yeah, sure,” Anna said as she finished adding the second pack of sugar and cream to her coffee. “Go right ahead,” she laughed. “Great, because I've always been really jealous of the way you keep from becoming a smoker in this place. I've always wanted to be the one that managed to hold out and not give in to the addiction.” As she spoke, the plain green ball in her hand began to glow, emitting a bright light from deep within. Moments later, the orb vanished, only to reappear in Anna's pocket…. right next to her lighter and pack of Marlboro Lights. “What the? How…” Anna gasped, her surprise causing her to cough a bit and her heart to race. “I told you, the orb is magic. Come on out on the balcony with me, I'll take the coffee, and you can have a smoke. We'll talk about it and what I have in mind, then, you can let me know what you decide. If you don't want to help me, I'll let you pick one thing of mine to take, and you can have it as payback for becoming a smoker. But… I think you'll like my deal more.” Out on the balcony, Anna stood stunned as Kimber outlined her ideas. Stunned… and smoking. And it wasn't like it was her first cigarette… her body had craved it… felt like it had been craving it for hours when she lit up. Then, the smooth draw of smoke, calming the craving, soothing her nerves… it was like a familiar old friend come home. “So you're telling me that no one will know what we've done? They'll think things have always been this way?” “Yes. The orb bends reality… refracts it like light. When it's done, only the people who are present for the changes know that anything is different. The orb has been passed down for twenty years from woman to woman… in exactly the way I'm passing it down to you. And make no mistake Anna, if you give me back the orb and agree to take more, you will become it's proper inheritor. That will be the very first thing I take from you… if that's not a price you're willing to pay, then pick something small as compensation for the smoking and walk away.” “But I don't get it… if you want to leave your husband so badly… why not just leave him?” “It doesn't work that way. My husband… well, he became my husband eight years ago, right when I graduated high school. His previous wife was done living the 'trophy wife' life… she wanted my freedom. I wanted her money… her position. If I had been less of a fool, I would have taken more from her than I did. She'd been his kept wife for almost as long as I've been… and she'd taken the position from the woman before her…. For twenty years, Max Draylan has had a young, beautiful trophy wife… everyone knows it, and no one questions that his increasingly young wife is really only in it for the money. Maybe the first woman with the orb got a prize worth having… twenty years ago, Max was in his fifties, still somewhat vigorous. Now… he's in his seventies… and his wedding pre-nup gets tighter each time the orb is used to move his marriage on to a new spouse. At this point, any marital infidelity annuls the marriage, and worse, requires the repayment of any assets taken under 'false pretense.' Max won't die for years to come, he's too wealthy to suffer the frailties of old age without the best care money can provide. So it becomes a prison. You can be young, beautiful, rich… but Max, though loving, is no longer a man that can provide any level of intimacy. It gets lonely. Eventually, you start to yearn for freedom. And, when that day comes… you pull out the orb and go looking for someone to take your place.” “I guess. I guess it makes sense. But if you walk away from this… what will you walk away with?” “Well, a great deal of that is up to you. You decide when to walk away with the orb. You need to be the one holding the orb in the end or there won't be an escape for you. I only took two things from my predecessor before she walked away… the first thing I took was her sense of style and sophistication… and she payed me back by taking my 'young and natural breasts.' At the time, I didn't understand why she'd want to be so flat chested… I was barely a B-cup at the end of high school. But, after the past eight years of carrying around this much silicone, I understand where she was coming from. And let me warn you, Max may not touch much, or often, but he's definitely a boob guy… you may find yourself under pressure for a set of implants yourself if you don't watch out… he's been after me the past few years to have mine redone… something in an F-cup he keeps saying.” “And what was the other thing you took?” “I took her intellect. She had a brilliant mind, and I had barely graduated high school. The marriage gave me the money to go to college, and she gave me the brains to do it. But when she showed me what she thought of that move… I felt like the price could get exceptionally steep. After she took her last thing, I walked away.” “What did she take?” Anna asked, trembling slightly with fear. “My family. She had been an only child, and her parents were long gone. I had an older brother, two younger sisters…. my parents loved me… we had just gotten a puppy for my youngest sister's birthday. I never thought I could lose them like that… but, when I ran across them that fourth of July, they were all out in the yard, laughing and running around the family pick nick with the woman who took them from me. I haven't been able to go back to them since.” “Oh Kimber….” “It's okay… I knew the game going in. Like I said, it can get ugly. But you're one of the nicest women I know here, and this isn't an easy company to be nice in. I trust you to not take too much advantage of me.” “Okay Kimber,” Anna said, snuffing out what was left of her cigarette and heading back towards the door. “Why don't we come in from the cold, and I'll take your deal.” “Thank you Anna,” Kimber replied as she followed the shorter woman back into the building. What would it be like, Kimber wondered, if Anna chose to take her figure, to carry around that much extra 'junk in the trunk?' Or to be that short… to have her thighs rub together as she walked? Would Anna take her perfect sight and leave her with those thick glasses? “Okay Kimber,” Anna said at last. “I know what I want first. I'm really jealous of the way men look at you. The way their eyes follow you as you walk across the building, the way they strain to see if you're going to expose just a little more cleavage when you walk and bounce. I'm jealous of the way they get awkward when you catch them looking and the confidence you have to know that they are looking. That's what I'm most jealous of.” Moments later, the orb reappeared in Kimber's pocket. A pocket that now belonged to a less form fitting jacket, with a less cleavage baring shirt underneath. Her skirt had lengthened several inches, and her heals had dropped a few inches. While still exquisitely tailored, her clothes now belonged to a woman who was used to going unnoticed by most men, even if the figure beneath was truly stunning. Anna, on the other hand, couldn't help but smile as she felt her breasts lift in a cleavage maximizing bra, pushing the limits of the scoop necked sweater she wore and highlighting the 'more to love' figure she kept the men of the office drooling over. Behind her, a fitted skirt accentuated every curve of her ample posterior, showcasing it's hypnotic sway wherever she walked, her steps marked by the sharp clicks from the spike healed shoes she now found on her feet. Yes, this is exactly what she wanted. “I expect that you'll be taking the curves that go with those looks shortly then,” Kimber said as she absorbed the changes. “So, you knew this is what was coming…. I'm jealous of the fact that you're not married to Max and I am. I'm jealous of the way you can attract any man you please, see who you want and not have to worry about who you spend your time with. I'm jealous that you aren't locked into a marriage with only one way to escape, that you don't have to be a kept woman and a trophy wife subject to the whims of your aging husband. I'm jealous of the fact that people don't see you as a gold-digging whore who's only out for money.” This time, the flash took only moments, moments in which the quality of Kimber's garments changed substantially, becoming the retail chic of a freshly graduated attorney who still had mounds of student loans to pay off… professional for sure, but by no means extravagant. Anna's clothes, on the other hand, became the finely tailored garments of major designers, carefully calculated to show her best assets most, and minimize the 'roll' effect that her spreading middle tended to have. A heavy set of rings appeared on her left hand, with diamonds worth enough to buy most luxury cars, and ear rings to match. Finally, the orb itself appeared in her outstretched manicured hand, waiting further instructions. “Thank you Kimber. Thank you so much. But I think this is everything I need. I'm going to walk away now. I hope you understand.” “But wait…” Kimber cried out. “Don't you want more? My height maybe? Or maybe you'd like to be thin? Please… anything…” “No Kimber… I'm sorry, but I can't risk any more of myself. You were right to be cautious about what someone might take next… and I can't risk my family. I love them too much. But I'll make you a promise. While I can't take the chance that you would take my family… I can help you build your own. I don't think I need to work here… I tried… I really tried to be a normal woman after I married Max… but it just doesn't look like this is going to work out. But I've made a great friend here. A friend that I would like to hire as my personal legal assistant. I know it's not glamorous, but I promise the pay is good. We can get you away from the long hours that stop you from meeting people… maybe a good husband of your own… what do you say? Will you take my offer?” Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 03:59:25 No.1752 “Of course,” Kimber said, her voice cracking and her eyes filling with tears. “Of course I will.” Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 03:59:52 No.1753 – The Orange Orb – Kelsy Morrison stared at the small, run down shop that she'd come to find on the lower north side of town. She still didn't know weather or not she should believe Marcie that prior to her visit with this 'Madam Olga', she'd been a hopeless klutz. It was hard for Kelsy to imagine the elegant dancer without thinking of her perfect graceful movements, but then, Marcie said that she hadn't been a dancer when she'd gone to Madam Olga… she'd been an accountant. The bell above the door tinkled softly as she entered, announcing her presence to the cluttered shop's only visible inhabitant; the red tabby lounging on the front counter. “Um, hello?” She called to the deserted looking store. “One moment dear,” a strong, confidant voice called in response from behind stacks of books towards the back of the shop. “Somethings take just a few extra moments…. There. Stay. The books of course, not you,” the owner of the voice finished as she emerged from behind the stacks of books. Long red hair framed a face that was neither young, nor old, and could have been anything from a middling thirty to a well preserved forty… or anything in between. “Um,” Kelsy said, surprised to see such a… modern looking woman in a shop named 'Madam Olga's Mystical Marvels.' Or maybe just surprised that the proprietor was not a hunch backed, hook nosed woman of eastern European descent. “Are you…” “Madam Olga? Please, call me Carol,” the woman said, extending a hand and shaking Kelsy's firmly. “Honestly, the name of the shop is just there to draw interest. Now, it's not often that I get such well endowed beauties as yourself coming to me… my specialty is in providing those things that nature does not take care of on it's own. So, what brings you to my doorstep Ms.?” “Kelsy,” she replied, blushing and pulling her light jacket a little tighter over her over large endowments. “Kelsy Morrison. Um, look, I feel kind of silly… it's just… my friend Marcie said that you could change things. That you could change the way a person lives their life.” “Ah, the accountant. Yes, she is living a life quite a bit different from her old one. Tell me, does she seem happy to you?” “Oh, very. She's always been one of the happiest people I've known. It's like dance was what she was born to do. Some people just have natural gifts… and it's like, nothing could be more perfect for them than to do what they were born to. And dancing… it's just her passion, her thing.” Carol smiled, taking a seat behind the counter and clearing a space in front of herself, moving aside countless nick knacks, candle stubs and minor stones. “I'm glad to hear that. She wasn't that way when she came in last week. Oh, the passion was there to be sure, and she could tell me the names of every great dancer to grace the stage in the past fifty years, but she couldn't put two feet to the music to save her life. So, yes, in a sense, I help people match what they need to what they should have always been. Which brings me back to you dear. Nature has blessed you more than most any woman I've seen come through these doors. You're tall, thin where it matters and curved where it counts. I've not seen a finer head of natural blond hair, or more sparkling blue eyes outside of Sweden or Finland. So, what my dear is it that you are lacking? For you to be here, I can't think that nature has cursed you with a lack of intelligence, most people suffering that affliction are obliviously content to wallow in their status quo.” “No,” Kelsy said blushing. “It's not that I'm dumb. That really might make life easier. I worked my ass off in business school, and even harder in law school. I have a double major on my bachelors and a masters in business law. But the thing is… no one would guess it. And when I tell people, they think it's a cute joke. At my last interview, the hiring manager thought I was a stripper hired for his birthday. He made such a big deal about being embarrassed and trying to figure out which of the junior partners had hired him a stripper that by the time I convinced him it was a mistake, there was no way I could work there without everyone thinking that's what I really was. Or at least thinking that I got the job for something other than my professional skills.” “Ah, I think I'm beginning to understand. Nature has blessed you in ways that seem to contradict each other, and you want to choose one path, and ignore the other.” “I guess you could say that. I just feel like, I can't get where I want to go with the… burdens,” she said, gesturing to her impressive chest, “that nature's given me.” “So, is it all of your beauty you wish to rid yourself of, or merely your chest?” “Really, it's the chest. Though as much as I love my Nordic heritage, the blond hair and blue eyes don't go with the 'smart lawyer' that I want to project.” “Very well then. I think I may be able to help you.” Reaching under the counter, Carol produced a small wooden box and a large leather bound book. Flipping quickly through the old pages of the book she stopped on a blank page and pulled out an antique fountain pen. “Now, before we go any further, I need to know what you want out of life aside from freedom from your burdens. There must be more than release for the scales to balance. What would you have in place of nature's gifts?” “I know it sounds… cliché I guess, but I want a job. I want a job that recognizes me for my talents, not my body. I want a job where people don't treat me like just another woman, but treat me like… I don't know… like just another co-worker. It's so hard to try to fit in when all the men are staring at your chest and half the women in the industry are rampant feminists. I just want to be accepted for what I can do, not what's in my bra.” “I see,” Carol said, making small notations. “And what is it you do now?” “The same thing that I've done since I started pre-law. I'm bar tending. At least that way I can put a solid piece of oak between myself and the groping hands, and the tips pay the bills. But… I want to be so much more than that.” “Yes… yes, I can help you with that. Let me explain what's in the box. I dare not touch it myself, the temptation would be too great. Inside the box you will find a small orange orb, a piece of crystal that refracts your life. When you touch it, think of the pieces of your life that you want to leave behind. The breasts, the hair, the blue eyes. All the phisical bits. Leave it behind. And when you've thought of all of the things you want to leave behind, I want you to think of a word. Imagine that word as a ribbon, and tie it around the package of everything you're leaving behind. Then, I want you to do that again with your job and your social life. Wrap up the way people treat you at the bar, the way people form shallow relationships with you for nothing more than your body, all of that an put a bow on it. When you leave today, you'll have left behind the keys for someone else to pick up those pieces of your life. They cannot receive your gifts until you also take out a gift. Once I've arranged the portion that you are to receive, I'll call you back to pick it up. When you have what you are to gain, and they have your gifts, you will both return home, and go to sleep. The next day, you will wake to a new world in which only those who have touched the orb know that anything was ever different. Can you accept that?” “Yes,” Kelsy said, a new hope filling her voice. “Yes I can,” she said as she opened the box and laid her fingers on the orb within. Dropping the dusting cloth she'd been scouring the living room table with, Amanda Hastings pulled her buzzing cell phone from a pocket and flipped it open. “Hello?” “Amanda,” a vaguely familiar voice asked from the other end of the line. “Speaking, who is this?” “It's Carol, from Madam Olga's. I think I may have found what you're looking for, but the price is steep. Are you still interested?” Sitting down, Amanda allowed her hand to brush briefly across her barely there breasts as her breath froze in her throat. “You've found breasts that would compete with the ones my husband sees every day? Breasts that might finally draw his attention back to me?” “Yes, breasts and more. But, as I said, the price is steep.” “I don't care. I've been suffering this sexless marriage for nearly three years. I'll pay anything.” “Well, that's just it Amanda. It's not you who will ultimately pay this price. You'll need to send Thomas down, he's the one who has the price that's been asked.” “But… I don't understand. You said that I would have to place something in the orb in order to pull anything out.” “And you will, there must always be balances. But, before I make you any promises, I need to talk to Thomas. If he's not willing to pay the price for your chest…” “He'll pay it,” Amber said with hard determination. “I know he will.” Hours later, Thomas Hastings looked nervously around the run down buildings that bordered the shop he'd come to. It wasn't his first visit to Madam Olga's, though Amber didn't know that, and he intended to keep it that way. When Amber had called him at work, he'd been in the middle of finalizing contracts for two of X-Plicit's newest stars, and wading through the fine print with a pair of starlets who's bra size exceeded their combined IQ had taken all the patience he'd had. Had he been less frazzled by Candy Cummings (not a stage name amazingly enough) and her constant attempts to negotiate more money by seducing him, he might have given away his excitement when Amber called to 'convince' him to visit a strange mystic in a run down part of town. As is, he felt that his exasperated tone had conveyed just what he'd hoped it would. For the past five years he'd managed to stay married to Amber, but each year it got harder and harder for him to ignore his inner drive. The fact that Amber had an aggressive and insatiable sexual appetite only made matters worse. That, and the fact that a jealous actress had gone running to Amber to tell her that she'd seen him looking at her lustily when he'd had to go by the set to get paperwork taken care of. The fact that he'd been staring at her male co-star Ivan had completely escaped Tracy, who, for the past several months had been delighting in teasing Amber about how she wasn't 'woman enough' for him. As if any woman could be 'woman enough' for what he wanted. Still, no matter how hard he'd tried to put Tracy off, he'd found her taking every opportunity to 'drop in' on him at work… usually half dressed and fresh off the set smelling of sex. Or worse, she'd drop in at home, often bringing some forgotten item from the office or on an 'errand' from someone in upper management that she always seemed to be available for. It had to stop. “Carol,” he called over the ringing of the bell as he entered her shop. “Amber called me at work, said that you needed to see me?” “Yes Thomas,” Carol said, a trace of sadness clinging to her voice. “Thomas, I'm so glad you were willing to come after last time.” “I know things last time weren't really your fault Carol,” he said gently. “It just made it difficult for me to come back around.” “Well, I think I might have a way to make things up to you a bit today. But the price, as always, is a little steep.” “I have my own price for coming back, Carol, don't forget that.” “I know,” Carol said sadly. “I haven't forgotten. I think I can deliver on your price this time. Are you sure that it's still what you want though?” “More than anything. It's been been too many years, and I can't do it any more. I can't live like this anymore. Give it all to someone else, I can't do it anymore.” “All right then Thomas,” Carol said pulling the wooden box out of the counter and placing it on the counter top. “You already know how it works, in this case, you put it all in one package… most especially the job. I have the package you're to pick up already within the orb, once you've left yours, I'll give you the key.” “Finally,” Thomas said, laying his fingers on the orb and watching the glow build within for what he hoped was the final time in his life. “So, Amber,” Carol said a short hour later, “Are you ready to prepare your own package, and receive what you've been asking for?” “Yes, more than anything. You told me I'd have to leave a few things behind. What will those things be?” “Does it matter?” Carol asked, saddened most by how eager Amber was to receive something so… trivial. For Thomas… and Kelsy even, she understood. Each of them was looking to change their life, change what fate had given them in the hopes of finding happiness. But Amber… here was a woman who wanted only the material and the physical, and thought those things would bring her the happiness she longed for from other sources. Of all of them, Carol expected that Amber would be the one returning. “Well, no, not really. You know I would give anything.” “Very well. Place your fingers on the orb, and think of each thing as I name it to you. I want you to think of your dark hair and it's short cut… think of your tan skin and chocolate eyes. I want you to think on your petite frame and how truly short you are at five foot three. And of course, I want you to think on the small, barely there breasts you've been given by mother nature. Wrap all of those things up in a bow and give it a name…” The next day, Amber Morrison woke feeling better than she could ever remember feeling. Brushing her long blond locks out of her face, she smiled as she let a delicate hand trail over her ample breasts. Never again would she endure the taunts of those strumpets, teasing her for her for her under developed chest. Rolling over, she stretched her long legs, arching her back and stretching her broad shoulders. At five foot ten, she would tower over the diminutive figure sleeping next to her, but that was just one more part of her improved figure that she could revel in. Of course, it all went with her sparkling blue eyes and strong Nordic heritage she'd taken on. Every part of her body felt super charged, stronger, more powerful… and more able to get her what she wanted most… Reaching out with long manicured nails, she began to run her hands through her lover's hair, hoping to stir the slumbering figure into what could be the most pleasurable morning of her life… so far. Kelsy woke to the feeling of hands running through her short dark hair and her wife's powerful legs wrapping around her. For a moment, everything felt normal, like it was natural to be woken each morning by the ravishing buxom blond running hands through her hair. It felt natural to stare up at those sparkling blue blue eyes and smile as she ran her own delicate fingers across the other woman's engorged nipples. It wasn't until she found her nose inches from a familiar birthmark on Amber's left breast that recent events penetrated Kelsy's sleep fogged mind. Amber's breasts that had, until yesterday, been her own. “Um… Amber?” Kelsy said “Yes honey,” the blond purred. “Do you like them?” She said, cupping her new endowments for Kelsy's viewing pleasure. “I told you yesterday, everything is going to be different now. No more coming home to a skinny little wife after you have such a … hard…. day at work staring at all those porn set pinups. Now, you have your own busty sex goddess to come home to.” “But, Amber..” “Shhh… not another word,” Amber said, thrusting her now impressive chest into Kelsy's face. “There are more useful things for you to do with that tongue of yours…” Across town, Thomas woke much later in the day, still feeling tired at nearly noon. For the first time in years, he woke alone. Taking a deep breath of free air, he grabbed one of the pairs of tight jeans in the closet and pulled a thin white t-shirt over his powerfully muscled frame. Standing in the elevator to the bottom floor of his apartment, he felt the familiar weight of eyes locked onto his backside. This, of course, was nothing new. For years in his old life, Thomas had grown accustomed to women admiring his form. What surprised him, however, was the feeling he got from it. Rather than the usual sense of dread that came with the awkward feeling of feminine eyes undressing him, and the fear of how he would rebuff the advances of a woman he had no interest in he felt an inner thrill of excitement. Turning to glance over his shoulder he let his eyes wander down every curve of the athletic brunette in her tight sports bra and jogging shorts. While her breasts came nowhere close to the size he was accustomed to seeing on the porn sets at his old job, something about the slim, powerfully athletic build appealed to him. “Hi,” he said, putting on his most charming smile. “I'm Thomas,” “I'm Heidi,” the brunette said with a shy smile. “I think I live about three doors down from you.” “Well Heidi,” he said. “I don't know how I've let myself live here this long without saying hello before, but if you've got time to join me for lunch, I think I can make up for that mistake.” “Sure… I've got time…” Walking into the office, only an hour or so late, Kelsy tried to figure out what she'd tell her boss if he asked for an explanation of why she was late. Somehow, she didn't think 'I was busy getting fucked by a sex starved blond with my old breasts' would cut it. That, and the fact that even though things in this new world she'd woken to made it seem almost normal for her to be married to the blond vixen, she still wasn't quite sure how she'd fit in with the rest of this new world. “Hey Kelsy,” her boss, Rick called from the door to her office. “Glad you could make it in today. Amber keep you back?” “Well, um,” she started. “Ha, I knew it. Lord knows if I was married to a hot piece of ass like Amber I'd have a hard time making it in on time every day. Look, I was just going over the new hire paperwork on the girls you signed yesterday, that's some top notch work you put together. So, I was talking it over with Bruce, and we were wondering if you could handle a special assignment?” “Sure,” Kelsy said, smiling that for once, someone wanted to give her work for something she had done… rather than tripping over themselves as they struggled to keep their eyes off her body. “We had in mind to set you up as our new talent recruiter in addition to keeping you on as our general legal council. We'd like to go ahead and have you audition the new girls, get the paper in line and deliver the ones you think are worth it to our production team. I know it's adding a ton of extra work, but, if you're willing to take it on, we're willing to set you up with your own personal assistant.” “Well,” Kelsy said smiling from ear to ear, “When you make an offer like that… I don't know how I can refuse.” “Great,” Rick said as he leaned out of the office for a moment. “Tracy, why don't you come on in and tell your new boss how much you appreciate her giving you a chance to work behind the cameras instead of in front of them?” “Oh, I'll make sure she knows,” Tracy said, strutting into the office on her towering six inch heals and shaking her silicone filled breasts with every step. “After all, I'm sure Kelsy can appreciate that I really only got into porn to fund my degree… of course,” She continued as she took a seat in her new boss's lap. “I'm sure Kelsy won't mind if I still do a little… work.. around the office.” Laughing, Rick turned to leave the office. “I'm sure you two have a lot to 'discuss', so, I'll leave you alone. Just remember… we meet with the distribution company at two this afternoon…” “Carol, there's something about this I just don't understand,” Amber said, pacing up and down the house, cell phone glued to her ear. “I thought Thomas was trading away his job so I could get bigger boobs… but… how did I wind up married to this… Kelsy chick? She looks like… like a younger version of me almost…” On the other end of the line, Carol spun the dial on the safe containing the orb beneath the counter and turned to the book that cataloged its contents. “It was part of Thomas' price for giving up his job. As much as he respected you, he said he never loved you the way he should have. And, the fact that he was gay didn't help.” “WHAT!?” Amber cried in shock. “Gay? No, that's not possible… I was married to Thomas for five years… I would have known.” “Of course… but Thomas was like a lot of gay men… he married not because he was attracted to you, or because he loved you, but because you were close good friends and he felt safe with you. It gave him a 'normal' life when he lacked the confidence to be different. But, he didn't want to be trapped in a loveless marriage anymore…and honestly, he didn't want to be gay anymore either. So, in our new world, Thomas is a straight man, still as stunningly handsome as always, but trapped in a life of shallow relationships and one night stands, much like the life Kelsy used to live. In this case though, I think it's a life Thomas can find contentment and happiness in. And Kelsy, in taking on his job, and his marriage to you, became a lesbian. You see, the scales all have to balance at the end of the day.” “So… Thomas wasn't really staring at those busty porn stars all day long? He really wasn't under constant temptation to stray… and I didn't really need to take on these monster breasts just to keep his eyes on me instead of them?” “No… although, if you're considering trading them back just remember something… Thomas might not have been paying attention to the big breasts thrust his way at every turn… but Kelsy is a different story now.” “Oh no…” Amber sighed, sinking to sit on the floor. “So now what do I do Carol?” “Oh, I don't know,” Carol said smiling. “I think, if you put your mind to it, you'll come up with some way to keep Kelsy wrapped around your finger. And of course, if you find that you do need more help… you know where I am.” Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 04:00:12 No.1754 – The Yellow Orb – “You said you wanted to see me Mrs. Ryan?” Alison said as she hesitantly entered her English teacher's office. “Oh, Alison,” the older woman said, turning in her chair and resting a hand on her large, pregnant belly as she regarded her student. Most people would have called the diminutive redhead 'cute' or 'pixie like' if they felt like being kind. Alison was the kind of girl who would never be the center of attention, but would always be right there at the edge of looks and popularity. In short, the pale skinned red head couldn't have been more different from her stunningly beautiful teacher, the tanned, leggy and busty blond who had always been the center of attention, always been the popular one. The successful and intelligent woman who'd married a handsome and successful businessman and was getting ready to have her first children. “Is this about my last paper Mrs. Ryan?” Alison asked, afraid of the answer. She'd put everything she had into that report, staying up into the small hours of the morning to finish it, and yet, she'd gotten another 'F', her fourth in a row in Mrs. Ryan's class. “I worked really hard on it, I just don't know where I went wrong.” “Well, I guess this could be about your paper if you want to think of it that way,” Mrs. Ryan said as she pulled a small yellow sphere from her desk drawer and set it on her desk. “Consider this something like… extra credit. If you can take on a project for me here, I can make sure that you pass my class. Would that interest you?” “Um, yeah.” Alison said, for the first time since hearing that Mrs. Ryan wanted to see her after school, feeling that there might be some hope for her. “What do I need to do Mrs. Ryan?” “Well, to start, why don't you call me Emily. I need to ask a favor of you, and it's very personal. I have to absolutely trust you, can I do that Alison?” “Of course you can Mrs., um, Emily. You know I'd do anything to have a chance to pass. I've been working so hard, and I've been trying to listen to everything you taught us, but somehow, whenever I try to use it all, it all goes sort of wrong.” “Does that happen with a lot of things you do?” “Um, yeah, almost everything. I'm getting a C- in math right now, but I'm in a class full of freshmen. And, um… I'm getting a D+ in Current World Events. I don't know why people are all bent out of shape about things like how the Canadian Dollar is worth more than the American Dollar now. It's not like you can spend Canada money in America anyway, so what's the big deal right?” Inwardly, Emily cringed. The weak American dollar was yet another sign that the economy was still struggling to recover, and the fact that for the first time in decades, the Canadian Dollar was worth more than the US Dollar put all sorts of pressure on an already strained community, like theirs, that lay so close to the border. For a moment, Emily considered backing out of her plan, not sure that she could trust such a… dense… girl with something so important. But already, she'd waited too long to get to this point, and she'd have to continue as planned if she had any hope of getting away from this burden. “Okay, this is going to be very important. It's about my babies, and I need your help to make sure that things go okay, all right?” “Okay,” Alison said, jumping quickly to a conclusion. “You need me to babysit for you this summer or something?” “Well, it's kind of like baby sitting. We're getting very close to the end of the year here Alison, Senior Projects are coming due, people are getting ready for college entrance exams, it's a very important time of year.” “Well, yeah, I'm like… so behind on my senior project. I thought I'd do one on helping the homeless or something, but I never got any farther than all the time I spent at the shelter passing out soup. And my advisor said that it wouldn't count if I didn't finish my paper about what I learned and stuff.” “Well, I can help to make sure you pass your senior project. But I need you to help me with my babies here. I'm due in just two months, right when people will be counting on me most. It's only my second year out of college, and I'm afraid that if I take my maternity leave right when people need me, I won't be able to come back to teaching like I want to.” “Wow, that would really suck, you're such a great teacher and stuff. And you're young, and cool, and you get the rest of us. The older teachers don't have a clue, but you actually get it.” “Right,” Emily said, brushing her fingers over the yellow sphere again. “So, will you help me?” “Sure, I'll do whatever you need me to Mrs. Ryan. I mean, Emily.” “Good, then let me explain what this little yellow ball does. You'll have to believe in magic, but I'll show you how it works and then you can help me. First, you have to put your hand on the ball, then I put my hand on top of yours, okay?” “Okay,” Alison said, slipping her hand onto the small ball, then feeling the warmth of her teacher's hand settle on top of hers. “Now, because my hand is on top, I'm in control. I can pick something of yours that I would like to trade with you. Once we trade, everyone but me, including you, will think that things have always been that way. History will be rewritten so that things are different. Do you get it?” “I think so… but what would you want of mine?” “Well, let's say I wanted to be a pale skinned Irish red head like you,” Emily said, concentrating briefly. “The orb would make that happen.” “But Emily,” Alison said, confused as she used her other hand to brush her long blond locks out of her eyes. “You've always been a red head.” “Right, you see, everyone, including you, thinks I've always looked like this. But the truth is, when you walked in here, you were the one with red hair. I know… I know, it's hard to believe. But, if your hand was on top, you could pick something of mine and everyone would think it had always been yours.” “Okay… if you say so,” Alison said, wondering if perhaps the pregnancy had made her teacher a little crazy or something. They said a woman's hormones went all nuts when she was pregnant, maybe that was making her see things or something. “Here,” Emily said, taking her hand off the young girl's. “Take your hand off the orb and put it on top of mine when I touch the orb. Then, just pick something of mine that you want to have… like, the color of my eyes or something, then you can see the trade for yourself. And then I'll explain how you're going to help me.” “Okay,” the short, tanned blond said, looking over her teacher for something that she wanted. While Emily's face was pretty, and her blue eyes were nice, Alison thought her green eyes looked really special, as not many blonds had them, and she didn't want to give those up. As she scanned lower; however, her eyes stopped on the one thing, or two things rather, that would prove that the magic ball could do the impossible. And no sooner had she thought about it, than she found herself staring at her teacher's small chest in wonder. “You see,” Emily said to the busty teen, oblivious to the change that had just taken place, but assuming the young girl had taken her hint about eye color. After all, Alison didn't seem bright enough to make decisions without being led by the hand, and who ever saw blonds sporting that deep of a tan with green eyes? “It works, just like I said it would. And with eyes like those, I'm sure you'll catch even more attention that you did with your chest alone before. Now, take your hand off mine so that I can explain what I want without any accidents. As long as my hand is on the bottom, I can't let go of the orb.” “Oh,” Alison said, still in shock at how much she'd just changed. And how the picture on Mrs. Ryan's desk had even changed to show her, arm in arm with her husband, and sporting a much reduced chest. Removing her hand, she looked at her teacher with rapt attention, waiting for what would happen next. “You see… and this is where I have to absolutely trust you, I need your help. I need you to become the mother of my husband's babies. You have to look at me and think 'Bruce's babies' for that to happen. Then, you'll become the one who's pregnant. I promise, I'll make sure you pass your classes and your senior project. Even if all I do is change your grades to make sure you graduate, I'll do it. Then, after they're born, I'll just 'adopt' the twins, and you can go to college, or whatever you want to do, and I can raise my kids. Can you do that for me Alison?” “Well, okay Emily,” she said. “But couldn't we just use the orb to trade back after school ends?” “No, I've thought about that a lot. If we use the orb to trade back, then things will get re-written so that I had to take time off for my babies. You have to be the one to have them. But I promise, I'll adopt them, and you won't have to spend your life starting as a teenage mother. Okay?” Emily finished by laying her hand back on the orb. “Okay,” Alison said, laying her hand back on top of her teacher's and thinking about the children growing inside her. “Now,” Emily said, looking across her desk at the mother of her husband's children and her large, swollen belly. For a moment, she wished she'd used the orb in the beginning to take the young girl's breasts. It was bad enough that she'd caught her husband with her young student, and she'd known that he had a weakness for busty blonds, but she was determined to make this arrangement work… and that meant trusting the girl that was carrying her husband's children to do the right thing. “I promised I would help you to make sure that you could graduate, and pass your senior project, I was thinking, now that you understand the orb, we could work to find someone who has the intelligence you need to be a success here.” “Right,” Alison said, thinking how nice it would be to be as smart as Mrs. Ryan. Moments later, her eyes widened as she realized what that idle thought had done to her. It was as though a ball of wool had been pulled from between her ears, or a constant white noise had been removed. She could think, clearly, and on the heals of that realization came others. Mrs. Ryan, on the other hand, blinked in confusion. She trusted that Alison was doing the right things with the orb. She had to be, after all, in the past seven months, Emily had come to rely on the assistance of her star student, both in her increasingly strained love life, and in the subtle ways that Alison helped her to preform her job's duties here at the school. After all, Emily had barely managed to graduate college, and without her husband's help and influence, she never would have secured her current position teaching high school. More likely, she'd have wound up teaching elementary school, or worse, pre-school. “Is something wrong Alison?” She finally asked after a long pause. “Well, I was just thinking, isn't it going to be a bit scandalous for your husband to have gotten a teenage girl pregnant, and then for you to adopt her kids? I mean, the marital infidelity that's implied, even if it weren't true, would haunt you for years.” “I know. We're making the best of a bad situation here. Maybe I should have left Bruce when I caught you with him… but I just love him so much, and he promised that he loved me. Then, when you told us you were pregnant… it's just the best idea I could come up with. You don't want to be a teenage mother after all, you have such a bright future ahead of you. You're smart, and sexy, you could probably go to any school you wanted, get any kind of job. I'm just lucky to have made it this far in life.” “See,” Alison said smiling. “I think I can help with that. Make some of the scandal, well, go away.” “And how would you do that?” “Oh, I was thinking that to start with, it's really not appropriate for someone to be bearing Bruce's babies who isn't married to him.” “I don't get it,” Emily Thompson said, her no longer nimble mind getting lost in the changes Alison was making to her reality. “You and Bruce got married as soon as the ink was dry on our divorce papers. I just… I couldn't stand to be married to him after what he did… with such a young girl. You were barely eighteen when he got you pregnant….” “Oh, I don't want to hurt you Emily,” Alison said, amazed at the large diamond ring that had appeared on her hand and the other changes taking place in Emily's office. No longer was the tall, skinny red head depicted in pictures with a smiling husband. Instead, her only companionship seemed to be that of a large scruffy dog, or a pair of cats. “Maybe it would be better if we gave you a chance to start over. Would you like that? A chance to not have to be hurt by it all? No one would look at you for losing your husband to a younger woman… we can use your orb, make it all go away.” “Could, could you really do that Alison?” Emily asked. “Of course I can dear,” she said, blinking rapidly as her position in the room changed. Across her desk from her sat the much younger Emily Thompson, who looked somewhat dazed at everything that had just transpired. “There you you go now, isn't that better?” “Thanks Mrs. Ryan, I don't know what I'd do without your help. It's bad enough that I have such a hard time passing my classes…. but when I come to your office, it really feels like you take a weight off me. Honestly, I can't really even remember what was bugging me so much when I got here…” “Nothing important,” Alison said. “I remember what it was like to be teased for being short and flat chested too.” She continued, looking at the now diminutive teen across her desk from her. “You'll have your day soon, I promise. And when you find the right man, he'll love you for just the way you are. Now,” she finished, taking her hand off the young girls and plucking the orb off the desk, hiding it back away in a drawer. “Why don't you head home for today, and when you come back tomorrow, we'll sit down and work on writing that final paper of yours, just like I promised. After all, we can't have you start off fresh if you don't graduate high school.” “Thanks Mrs. Ryan,” Emily said, bounding around the desk and giving her teacher a hug. “I don't know what I'd do without your help.” Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 04:00:40 No.1755 Years later, the tales continue. By request, I've finished this one up to share with everyone here. –The Red Orb– Tina Evans had everything. At seventeen years of age, the world was her oyster. Her father was a rich Texas oil tycoon, and her mother had been a beauty pageant queen in her own younger years. Tina had inherited not only her mother's stunning looks, and slim, sleek figure, but also her father's sharp intellect. The only thing she seemed not to have inherited, was the ambition or drive that either parent had possessed to become the best. As far as Tina was concerned, she was already there. “Tina,” her father called, rousing her from her sunbathing poolside. “Come see me in my office. We need to talk.” For a moment, Tina considered putting a light robe on over her revealing swim suit, but then dismissed the notion as impractical. It was already nearly one hundred degrees, and the sun had yet to reach noon. Besides, her father didn't believe in air conditioning in his office. If his employees on the oil platforms had to work through the heat, so would he, he always said. Personally, Tina thought him a bit daft for it, but that was her opinion. Entering the office, Tina was surprised to find Rosa Lin Melendez, the fat Mexican housekeeper she'd fired yesterday, already sitting in her father's office and sipping cool lemonade. Her father, the picture of Texas businessman from the crisp white shirt to the bolo tie at his neck, sat rolling a glass ball back and forth between his hands on the desk. “Tina, 'bout time. I was just talking to Rosa Lin about what happened yesterday.” “Oh, dad, you're not seriously going to believe a word that this dumb spic has to say about it are you? She did more damage yesterday that she's worth. The dress she ruined is worth almost as much as we pay her in a year. It's just not worth keeping that kind of waste of space on staff when they make mistakes like that.” “Funny,” her father said, picking the glass ball up and rolling it between his finger tips. “Because the way I heard it from the rest of the staff, you were the one who ruined the dress when you came home from that party… drunk, and spilled coffee all over your expensive dress. As I hear it, it was Rosa Lin who was trying to get you cleaned up, and who was trying to stop me from finding out you'd come home drunk from a party I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO TO!” Mr. Evans finished, slamming a powerful hand down on his desk. “Daddy,” Tina pleaded, backing away from her father's temper. “Please, it wasn't like that. You know you can't trust half the house staff…. they barely have enough brain power to speak English, and none of them can be trusted to not wander off with the good silver when you're not watching them. She's lucky you took pity on her for so many years as it is daddy.” “You see what I mean Rosa?” he said, turning to the other woman in the room. “She has no idea what it is to work hard for anything, no notion of what it is to earn every penny you have. I might have taken over my father's business, but when I started, he owned only a single off shore platform, and I was barely eighteen when I started working for him throwing chain. It's dangerous work, and I've seen chain throwers lose an arm when they make a mistake, but I threw chain, ran pipe, and became drill master of that platform long before my father would consider giving me an office and a role in the greater business. Even her mother worked day in, day out, harder than most people think, to gain attention of the modeling industry from the pageant stage. I can't imagine the disciple it took for her to get where she was when I met her. And now I have a spoiled daughter that has no concept of hard work. What am I to do with her?” “Daddy,” Tina began, only to be interrupted by her father. “Shush dear. You've said more than enough. I'd like to hear Rosa Lin for a moment.” “Perhaps, Senior Evans,” Rosa Lin said slowly, taking care to use the correct words. “Ms. Tina could do my old job, cleaning the clothes and the kitchens.” “I think that would be a fabulous idea Rosa,” he said, spinning the glass ball between thick fingers. “Tina, you have wronged this woman, and for that, you will pay a price.” As he spoke, the ball between his fingers began to glow red, bathing the room in a blood red glow. “Your punishment will last one month. Every day you act out will add two days to your punishment. Do you understand?” “Daddy! You can't do this! I'm your daughter! I can't do her job for a month!” “Darlin,” he said, placing a cigar between his lips as he continued to spin the ball. “You don't understand. This ball was a gift to me from my father, it's been in the family for a while. It can be used to hand out justice. You've wronged Rosa here. I will be the judge, but if her requests for restitution are reasonable, I will grant them, and the orb will make it happen. She wanted you to do her job for a month, so you will. Look,” he said, fishing out a file from his desk drawer. “You're already on file as an employee. Your salary is two hundred dollars a week.” “But daddy! You can't do this to your own kin! It's not right,” Tina wailed. “Senior Evans,” Rosa said softly. “When you tell to me that the orb is magic, and can change things, you tell me it can change anything.” “Well, not anything,” he said around the cigar, blowing a thick cloud of smoke towards the office ceiling fan. “But anything she has, you can have. And anything you have, she can be given so that she understands what it's like.” “I understand. Can you make me your family? Give her my family? Then she will not be your daughter while she works for you.” “I think we can do that,” Mr. Evans said slowly. The ball flashed red and many things changed. For Tina, her swim suit vanished to be replaced by the uniform of the house staff. A plain, shapeless dress in dull blue, with a crisp white apron and flat shoes that had been purchased at a Payless on sale. For Rosa Lin, the change was also striking. Gone was her housekeeper's uniform and in its place she now wore a one piece swimsuit along with a comfortable flowing wrap. Her feet were adorned with designer sandals and an expensive necklace glittered from her neck. “What just happened?” Tina asked. Speaking with knowledge bestowed by the orb, Mr Evans answered. “You have traded families. Now, Rosa Lin is my adopted sister. You are Ricardo Melendez's wife. For the next month, you will do her job, attend to her family, and live on her income. Maybe then you will appreciate all that you have been given!” “Daddy, it's not fair and you can't do this to me! That fat old spic doesn't deserve to be part of our family! She can't even speak English properly! She'll be an embarrassment!” Tina screamed. Desperately, she tried to stand up from her chair, but found she was unable to move. The red orb pulsed, it's light keeping her pinned to the chair, unable to leave until justice had been done. “This isn't right daddy! I'm too young to be married to her old dumb husband! You can't make me sleep with him!” “Senior Evans, she is right. You can no do this her,” Rosa Lin said, touching the necklace she now wore almost wistfully. For a moment, she had felt what it was like to dress like one of the rich people, who could lay about the pool all day without worry. But this was too much to do to a girl and she wouldn't force it. “No Rosa Lin, she's right, but she's also wrong. She needs to learn a lesson, and it's going to be a hard one, but by God she will learn! I'm sorry, but I can't let her off this easily. Tina, since you think it's such a problem to be so much younger than your husband Ricardo, then you should spend the month as old as Rosa Lin and let her enjoy your youth for the month.” The orb flashed and Tina looked down at herself in horror. She had maintained her slender figure, but her hands now showed the wear of age. In an instant, she had gone from seventeen to forty seven, and as a housekeeper, those years had not been kind. Under the shapeless dress, she could feel her once perky breasts sagging heavily into her bra, the straps digging into her shoulders. Tina's once bright blond hair dulled, fading in several places to a steel gray and losing much of its luster. For Rosa Lin, the transformation was exactly the opposite. Years melted away from her instantly, leaving her skin fresh, firm and youthful. Her graying hair darkened becoming rich black and lustrous falling about her shoulders in long waves. Her figure still bulged within her one piece swimsuit, but it was a more youthful softness, showing the promise of ripening womanhood. The swimsuit itself became lower cut and brightened in color, becoming more suitable for a young woman. “Daddy, please, no more!” Tina begged, now truly frightened of what the orb could do. “I'm sorry pumpkin,” he said, snubbing out his cigar in an ash tray on the desk. “But I'm not done yet. I think you need to be a good wife to Ricardo, and you should be able to speak to him in his own language so from now on, you can have her education, and she can have yours.” “Mr. Evans,” Rosa Lin said, now sounding like a young girl who had attended an expensive private school. All traces of her former accent had vanished, replaced by a slight Texas drawl. “You didn't need to do that, really, I think she's had enough.” “Rosa, call me Daddy, or Papa. You're my daughter for the next month, it's only right. Mrs Melendez here can call me Senior Evans, can't you Mrs Melendez?” “Si Senior,” Tina said automatically before putting a hand over her mouth. “No, papa, you can no do this!” Tina continued her protest, hating the faint rasp in her voice showing yet another place that age had not been kind to her. “I very sorry, I never do again! Please! Turn me back now and I give back fat spic's job. She can be not fired! We pretend never happen, okay papa?” “Damn it Tina,” her father shouted, slamming a meaty fist on his polished desk. “I thought you would have gotten it by now. You CAN NOT BEHAVE LIKE THIS! These outbursts are only adding time to your punishment. If you keep this up, Rosa will be starting college in the fall instead of you. But since you seem to need further admonishment then I will let Rosa decide which part of your latest insult she would like you to suffer. Rosa, it's up to you, you can be thin or white, losing one of the two might finally make it through to my defective daughter.” The latest outburst had stung, and sapped much of Rosa's reluctance to further punish Mr. Evans daughter. “Can you make me not only thin, but pretty as your daughter was?” Rosa asked hesitantly. She had always been a heavy girl, and over the years, her diet had been generally poor which hadn't helped any. “Done,” Mr. Evans said, causing the ball to flash yet again. Weight vanished from Rosa, and even more changed as it did. Her one piece swim suit changed, becoming a daring two piece exactly like the one Tina had been wearing when she first stepped into the office. The soft white fabric of her top lifted up her full, perky breasts, creating an enticing valley of cleavage. The skimpy boy short cut bottoms hugged hips that were narrow and a buttocks that was firm and toned. The light wrap she still wore around her waist had been allowed to drape open, exposing her long and well shaped legs. Her face took on a more refined shape without the bags and jowls of weight she had possessed for most of her life. Her nose was smaller with a slight upturn at the tip and her chin was thinner and well defined. Her full lips now sported a light coat of lipstick and artfully done makeup accentuated her high cheek bones. In a word, she was stunning. The effect on Tina was just as jaw dropping, but in an entirely different way. Gone was the thin older woman she had been moments ago, in her place sat a jowly woman with a face like a potato. Her cheeks puffed out and her double chin sagged hiding her neck in folds of flesh. The pale blue housekeeper's uniform bulged in several places showing rolls of flesh heaped one on top of another. Her once proud breasts now sagged and her bulging gut protruded further forward than the low hanging breasts would ever manage. Once toned legs now rippled with cellulite and fat cankles gave way to pudgy feet shoved into her cheap Payless shoes. “Now, have you learned your lesson Tina?” Mr. Evan's asked sternly. “Are you done being defiant?” “Si Senior Evans,” Tina said as she began to sob. She buried her face in thick pudgy hands and wept in what was no longer her father's office. Reality crushed down on her as she realized that it truly was the office of her employer, and that if she didn't do as he told her to, she would never be his daughter again. She would end her days as the fat old wife of Ricardo Melendez. “Papa,” Rosa said, her heart breaking at the sight of Tina in tears. “Papa, can you give her one more thing for me?” “I don't know Rosa,” he said. Finally, he felt like he'd gotten through to Tina. “I feel like Tina has what she needs to learn from her mistakes…” “No, just this one thing, I promise,” she said, walking over to put an arm around the man who was now her father. “Give her the love I feel for Ricardo. Let her at least spend this time loving the man she is married to.” Mr. Evans took a deep breath and looked from the vision of Hispanic beauty that had replaced his daughter to the sobbing housekeeper that his daughter had become. “Only if she agrees to it,” he said after a long pause. “What do you say Tina, will you accept Rosa's kindness?” “Si Senior Evans,” Tina said between deep sobs. “Gracias Ms. Evans. You very kind.” With a final flash from the orb, Tina calmed a bit. She had become old, fat, and barely spoke English. She had lost her wealth and family and every part of the life she knew. But deep down she knew that tonight, when she was done with the washing and the moping, she would go home to the small apartment she shared with Ricardo and he would wrap his strong arms around her… and the world would be a better place. Even if it only lasted for as long as he held her. “You can go now Tina,” Mr. Evans said as he put away the glass ball. “I'm having clients over for dinner tonight, I trust you'll have Rosa's best dress cleaned and ready for her?” It was a hard task to give, and he half expected her to explode in another of fits, but instead she stood with a small smile as she stood, drying tears from her puffy cheeks. “Si Senior Evans. I have ready in time for you Ms. Evans,” she said as she left the room to face her punishment. “That was a nice thing you did Rosa. It's almost a shame you'll only be my daughter while she finishes her punishment.” “It's okay papa,” Rosa said with a smile as she hugged her former employer. “I'll just enjoy it while it lasts,” finished before turning to leave the room herself. And who knew, if Tina made too many mistakes while she was being punished… it might last longer than anyone thought.  
  17. OD (WG,DG) Female weight gain, degeneration, breast expansion Danica puckered her lips and blew herself a kiss as she finished applying the last of her ruby red lipstick. Stepping back and surveying herself in the mirror, even she was impressed with how hot she looked. She had just had her hair styled, and her wavy ebony locks perfectly framed her angelic face. Her pale skin made her luscious red lips and smoky blue eyes pop even more, and she knew she'd be turning heads from the moment she walked in the room. Her skintight blue dress hugged her modest curves, but as Danica sashayed out of the bathroom, she smiled knowing they wouldn't be modest for much longer. She strolled to her kitchen, and casually emptied a bottle of plain white pills into her blender. She chopped up a banana, poured in a generous serving of soy milk, and began blending. Now, Danica was no drug addict. Depopregnazone was merely a cosmetic enhancer, or at least that's how it was used. Originally, it had been developed as a birth control pill, however as women began noticing what it did to their breasts, the drug company that produced it quickly changed their marketing tactics. And, when some enterprising young woman found that grinding up the pills made the effects take place almost instantaneously, well, let's just say the clubbing scene was changed forever. Danica was one of many young women who frequently "pilled up" before going out clubbing, joining the ranks of other dolled up girls sporting perfect, bouncing DD's and E's. However, Danica was tired of being just another pair of tits. No, tonight she was going all out. Normally, women would take two or three pills, but as Danica poured out the pale creamy mixture into a tall glass, she was about to ingest around 20 of the innocent-looking little capsules. Normally, women would just snort the powder, but for this concentration Danica decided a milkshake would be the best delivery mechanism. With a little smile and a thought of "Here goes nothing," Danica downed the entire concoction. Then she grabbed her keys, tossed them in her purse, and headed out, waiting for her experiment to begin. By the time Danica arrived at the club, she didn’t notice any effects from the concoction, and wondered if maybe they didn’t work if you drank them. Kicking herself for having wasted $200, she pulled out 2 emergency pills from a small container in her purse, ground them up and snorted them, then headed into the club. As she stepped into the steamy air and pounding beats, Danica felt unusually self-conscious and flat chested. Here she was with her B cup breasts, while all the bimbos around her were flaunting their D cups with wild dance moves and low cut tops. Still, Danica knew it was only a matter of time and began dancing slowly and seductively. Almost immediately, a handsome enough young man approached her, and the two began dancing. However, not long after, Danica felt the telltale warm tingling in her breasts, and excused herself to go to the bathroom as her body changed. She arrived at the bathroom just as she felt her breasts beginning to expand, feeling a jolt of pleasure as her nipples were pressed into her dress. Her dress stretched along with her, as stretch fabrics had become commonplace in all party dresses since the Pill became popular. She felt them begin to swell and sag slightly, and as she strode out of the bathroom she couldn’t help do a little bunny hop to feel the weight of them jiggle. As she stepped back out on the dance floor, the man she had been dancing with eagerly waved her over. She smiled slightly and turned away, knowing now she was way out of his league. Her eyes locked onto one of the hottest guys she’d ever seen, his tight shirt slightly unbuttoned to reveal his muscular, masculine chest. She wiggled her way over to him, and he quickly moved away from the busty blonde he’d been dancing with and began grinding on Danica. Things were hot and heavy from the get go. He placed his hands firmly on Danica’s shapely, toned hips and pressed her into him. Danica was in heaven, when she thought she felt him put his hand on her breasts. She was about to gently move his hand away (there was plenty of time for that later) when she realized it wasn’t his hand at all: her breasts were still growing. Danica began feeling wet as the pleasure of her breasts expanding combined with the feeling of this man’s hands all over her body. She stared at her blossoming breasts, and estimated they must be nearing G cup range, as each one was nearly the size of her head. She turned around and watched as the man’s eyes widened, and she took the opportunity to put her arms around his neck, pressing her soft fleshy orbs into his manly chest. Things only got more intense from there, the man’s hands practically groping her. Danica was getting ready to tell him to call them a cab, when his hand brushed across her midriff, and it sank into a small roll of fat. What? Where had that come from? Danica pushed the man away. “Relax,” he smiled. “I don’t have any problems being with bigger girls.” Danica resumed dancing with him, but her head was still spinning. “Bigger girls.” She had never been a bigger girl in her life. She worked hard to maintain her perfect figure, and she wondered if perhaps this was a side effect of taking the pills the way she had. She tried to get back into the dancing, but found her rhythm was off. A few minutes later, she felt tired and out of breath and excused herself as she went to find a booth to sit down at. As she walked off the dance floor, it became perfectly clear why she was tired. Her breasts were enormous, and every step felt like she was carrying a sandbag attached to her chest. They were beginning to go beyond the sexy range, each one nearly a foot in diameter. It looked like she had stuffed beach balls down her dress, only these beach balls jiggled and swayed with every step. She found a man sitting alone at a booth, and asked if she could join her. When he recovered from the shock of seeing her breasts, he quickly agreed and poured her a drink. As Danica sat down, she was treated to the unwelcome feeling of her belly bulge expanding and folding over itself. She accepted the drink and began chatting, but couldn’t help noticing that her dress felt tighter and tighter with every passing second. She had to constantly tug on her hemline, as it threatened to ride up past her tiny pink thong at any point. The man asked if she’d be interested in going back to his place and, not wanting her stash of pills to have gone to waste, she agreed to join him. The man slipped out of the booth and offered Danica a hand, when suddenly she had a horrifying realization. She was stuck. Her breasts were now so large they spilled onto the table, and apparently her gut had grown to match. She felt the cold edge of the table pressing deeply into the warm flesh of her belly, and she knew getting out wouldn’t be a dignified affair. She told the man to go ahead and grab the car, as she wanted to go to the bathroom first, but as soon as he was gone she began wiggling and struggling to get her massive body unstuck. Sucking in a deep breath, Danica wiggled with all her might, and went spilling to the floor. She got up unsteadily and dusted herself off. She noticed for the first time that her legs were huge as well and covered with cellulite, the blue dress now digging into them mercilessly. She looked around, panicked, to see who saw, and noticed a couple skinny bimbos pointing and laughing at her. She knew she couldn’t let anyone see her like this, so she ran as fast as she could out of the club, her massive tits swinging and bouncing wildly with every step. She quickly caught a cab and gave the driver her address. Every second of the ride felt like an eternity, as she felt her breasts expanding ever forward, and the hem of her skirt rising inch by inch. When they reached her apartment, Danica tossed the driver a 20 and attempted to get out of the car. However, she barely got her massive ass an inch off the ground before her new equilibrium sent her tumbling back. Red faced with embarrassment, she asked the driver if he’d help. He reluctantly agreed and grabbed Danica’s now thick, sweaty hands, careful not to get caught staring at her creamy white thighs and now almost-invisible panties. With a mighty pull, he got her out of the car, and with a mumbled thanks she waddled back to her building. The steps up to her apartment were an unusual chore. Normally, she took them several times a day without even thinking about it. Now, by the time she was half way up, her hair was sweaty and disheveled, and she had to sit her massive body down to rest. Eventually she made it back to her apartment and immediately peeled off the dress, feeling a sigh of relief as her belly rolls spilled out of their constraints. Standing there only in her panties, she looked like a fat slob, with a dimpled belly that completely covered her crotch. Her thighs were huge as well, completely swallowing her formerly cute underwear. What was most noticeable, however, were her breasts. They hung down now nearly to her belly button, milky white and lined with blue veins. Danica was eager to go to bed and forget this entire night, but suddenly she realized: she was starving. She quickly dialed up a pizza and sat down and began stuffing her face as she waited for it to arrive. By the time her doorbell rang, Danica was even fatter. As she hoisted her massive body off the couch, her belly now hung almost to her knees, her love handles spilling over and obscuring her underwear. Her thighs were enormous, with deep craters of cellulite, and her face was now framed with a large, drooping second chin. Her arms now appeared tiny, and Danica was unsure if they could reach across her sagging, pendulous breasts. She opened the door naked, knowing nothing she owned could cover her expansive flesh. “Hey,” she said to the speechless delivery boy. “Mind feeding that to me?”  
  18. Brittany and the Beast by Mark Kaine WG, BE, AG, Revenge Enough was enough for Matt. He finally had proof that his live in girlfriend Brittany was cheating on him. He had bought a house two years ago for both of them to live in, and decided to split the bills, everything was good for one year then Brittany had lost her job. He begged and pleaded with her to find another job quickly but all she responded with were excuses. He ended up getting a second job to pay the bills but the more he made the quicker Brittany spent it on designer clothes, going out to the bar, doing her hair and nails. She became self-centered and only care about herself keeping her body in shape and looking pretty was her only concern. Quickly they grew apart emotionally with him being gone all the time trying to keep up with the finanaces and Brittany becoming more focused on having fun, they started to detest each other. He thought she would at least keep faithful but one night she came home from the bar drunk and left her phone unlocked. Matt scanned through the texts and messages with pure anger finding all kinds of conversations where she was meeting up with these other men and doing who knows what with them. He was completely mortified, he always thought maybe when he could afford to stop working as much they would rekindle the love but now that could not be possible. He found a way to get his revenge for one whole year he slaved, and now all he felt for her was anger. He drove up the driveway to his normal suburb home. Calmly got out of the car and walked up his cement walk way up to the door, pressed his key into the door lock and opened it. His home was quaint, quiet, and after today it felt more his again. Before when he would get home everything looked like a price tag of things Brittany bought with his money but today everything was his once more. He walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a little folded in half envelope and opened it carefully. Then he poured a white power substance into the glass emptying everything into the liquid, pulled out a spoon, stirred it until it dissolved. He grabbed it up and went to the backyard, one of the reasons he purchased the house was because it had a pool and everyday he came home Brittany was back there trying to chase a tan she could never achieve. He opened the large sliding glass door that led to the backyard and closed it behind him. He found her exactly where she usually was. directly in the sun, laying down on a beach style lawn chair, reading a book with a sunblock tanning lotion by her side. He almost re-thought his plan after seeing her. She was shorter than the average woman only standing just over five feet tall with beautiful straight flowing blonde hair down to the small of her arched back and beautiful big brown eyes that filled her face. She had a perfect curvy body with 34C cup breasts a 28 inch waist and a plump round killer ass at 32 inches. Her tiny frame accented every curve she had wrapped with her smooth white soft skin and luscious full lips. If she were clothed she would be cutest little girl but half naked she is a vixen, the figure head of sex symbolism. Unfortunately she tattooed some of her body but she was still a beautiful sexy woman. Today she felt a little patriotic wearing a American flag bikini that barley covered her womanly parts. "How are you hun? How is the tanning going?" he said in a coldly but uplifted voice. "Oh… Hey." Brittany replied almost completely ignoring him. "So I went through your phone the other night." "You did what!" she perked up, "Why the fuck would you invade my privacy!" "Well since I pay all of the bills, it is actually my fucking phone." Matt replied still in a monotone voice. "Well fuck you Asshole!" she yelled again, in the past year she got used to them arguing and yelling at each other, this was no new thing. "I want you out of my house, you have been cheating on me and I am done with you." "Fine I will get my shit and leave." "Only with the close on your back hun." "We will see, I have plenty of guys that will take me in and take care of me, and some of them are crazy enough to take care of you!" "Are you threatening me?" "Take it how you want limp dick, the only reason I stayed was so I didn't have to work." "That is what I figured." Matt pushed water glass in his hand outward throwing the liquid all over Brittany's body whom was still laying down. Brittany quickly got up off the lounge chair thinking the worse. She thought maybe he threw acid on her, or maybe something else nasty, she quickly brushed the water off of her, grabbed a towel and dried down. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" she dried off and threw the towel at Matt, as he quickly dodged it. Matt smiled, "how do you feel." "What do you mean, how do I feel? You think water is going to shut me….." she stopped mid-sentence. She felt odd, her body felt warm her hands flew up to her breasts and even he skin radiated heat. "What… what have you done to me." "Nothing my darling, except you dare not speak to me that way to me again." he smiled even wider showing his teeth. She pressed her hands against her breasts feeling the heat getting stronger, her skin crawled but more sensitive as if her her whole body was as sensitive as her nipples. She shuttered in ecstasy as she began to rub her breasts grabbing them hard and massaging her nipples. She knew Matt was watching but her body felt so good she did not care. "uggghhhhhh, what did you do to me." she squeezed her nipples harder and brought one of her hands on her stomach rubbing it softly feeling each one of her skin pores give out electrifying pleasure. She closed her eyes not wanting to see Matt looking back at her and imagined another man touching her and feeling her body, but her skin felt different, softer, more plush. She opened her eyes again looking down to see what was wrong, looking into her breast cleavage she could see they looked larger growing outwards into her left hand, she brought up her right cupping both breasts as if to stop them from expanding forcing them into her chest. She could see the gap between each breast press against each other with out her squeezing them together. Her breast flesh surged slowly outward pulling her tiny two piece swim suit top tight cutting into her back skin, shoulders and underneath her tits. While cupping her tits her flesh separate her fingers, each globe flowing through her fingers plumping up each second, pressing her hands away from her body filling them with more breast flesh and fat. "My tits? What have you done to them?" She cried in fear. "That not all my dear." Matt glared in hate. She bent over a little to look down finding that her stomach pooched out a little and raced out forward, spreading out slightly to match her expanding breasts. She turned torso to the side glancing at at hips and ass worried if they were changing as well. Her fears were met with reality and she could see her light skin swelling and dimpling dimpling around her perfect thighs and butt. "Please do not do this to my perfect body Matt." Her left hand flew to her belly as her right hand stayed on her again trying to keep her body from expanding any further. Tears left here eyes and ran down her face as she had no control over what was going on and she was scared beyond anything that has ever happened to her her mind raced with images of what she would become or if she would ever return to normal. Brittany's breasts enlarged even more into a full double-D cup of gelatinous fat settling into her too not too tight bikini top like two large jello mounds trapped into two evenly sized soft nylon nets. Her skin still felt very sensitive but her fear overwhelmed her more than her pleasure senses. The growth in her breasts began to slow down giving her a small relief she looked down again to view her rump. "On no… My perfect tight skin what have you done?" her eyes red and puffy from crying. "Nothing you do not deserve my little chubby piggy." Her ass and hips fattened past her bikini bottoms and her sensitivity increased to overwhelm her fear her skin felt hot as if it had a fever she began to perspire to a sweat. Her hands slid down her humongous breasts on her small frame sitting on her little pot belly and race down to her flaring hips that had widened out she guess into a 36 inch size, passing the string of her bikini that was cutting into the skin between her ass, stomach, and thighs. Placing both hands firmly on her perfectly round ass feeling beads of sweat now pouring out from her skin, again she fought against the pressure that was bulging outwards now matter how hard she tried it would stop growing giving her the same feeling with more sensitivity as her breasts she couldn't contain the 2 globes from billowing outwards feeling the hardness turn into pillows of glutinous fat. She couldn't help her own curiosity as she grabbed a hand full of her has a jiggled it to see if it was real as wave of pleasure and skin jiggled across her ass to the thighs watching her foreign white skin go from tight to loose blubber. She felt her hands slip and slide from the moisture her body was producing. "Please… Please" softly she pleaded. "Make it stop!" Her ass and thigh growth declined and another wave of relief hit her but she could not release her hands from her body it felt too good. Feeling her self up in confusion her skin felt so sensitive and she lusted to touch more of it, but the fear of loosing her perfect body in minutes had her alarmed, and then there was that ass hole Matt just staring at her, smiling and giggling. Her body was wide on the top and bottom giving her a voluptuous hourglass figure it was comical on her tiny frame. She was still sexy since all of the fat flowing into her body went straight into her womanly curves with a little padding across her stomach and thighs evening her curves slightly. There was a groaning coming Brittany's stomach. "Oh no, not more." she cried out. At first she felt if she had an empty stomach but then the waves of pleasure subsided and lessened. Both her hands flew to her belly that began to swell outward. "Uggghhh… I am so heavy… I cant… Breathe" Her tiny top was so tight across her breast it constricted her regular lung air intake expansion. She quickly waddled to a patio chair her body swayed from side to side feeling the weight trying to drag her down, gravity slowing her movement. She was able to sit down, trying to loosen the bikini straps from the back as her belly flowed forward and outward. Her whole body thickened and her slim svelte arms chubbed up light rising dough constricting her ability to reach behind her and untie her bikini strings. "Getting… So tired." Sitting down she slouched, sitting up straight was not as comfortable as she remembered. Her stomach ballooned even more catching up with her huge breasts. She tried again to press her skin down bringing her hands to her face and catching more tears streaming from her eyes her cheeks felt chubbier and she could feel a double chin form. Brittany's newly found growing fat no longer had pinpointed into her specific curvy areas and decided to open a flood gate into her whole body. Her belly rose up like dough her thighs swelled up and joined towards each other meeting for the first time. She pouted her puffy lips, "I Hate you!" she screamed at Matt. Matt leaned against a house pillar, crossing his arms and admired his handy work. "Had enough yet?", he chuckled again almost a loud laughter came out but he was too satisfied at what had happened his once sexy slim curvy vixen was now fat piggy. But he had to admit as much as she puffed up like a marshmallow in the microwave she was still very sexy she did not loose her beautiful face and with her curves destroyed in weight mounds she was able to keep a cherub cuteness. "Please stop it… I promise I will be a good to you." "Will you be my good little girl for now on?" "Yes please help me, don't do this me." She felt helpless, she knew now she could never be the same woman, no man would want her the way she is. Her only hope was to stay with Matt or pray she could reverse what had happened to her. One more push of fat injected into her body rising her from her seat gaining and inch of height from a seated position her legs inflated more going down her legs turning her molded calves into plump legs into her feet giving her making her ankles disappear on the way on the way. The bloating stopped, she examined her body looking all over the details were outstanding. Her fingers were small portly sausages her wrist bones gone in the layer of plump skin, her knees were nothing but small little bumps that protruded out of her more rotund legs. Brittany's large breast sagged on her fat belly that was stacked on top of her thighs down her legs. Her perfect round ass now spread across the chair and had a shelf of its own on the top of it. The belly fat compacted in her seated position to fold over each other from her back and over her hips. She was sad, defeated, and now in complete loss for words. Matt walked up to her, as she starred at him in dis-belief. He poked her belly watching his finger sink into her round belly. "Now let's talk about you looking for a job ." End  
  19. Career Oportunity by nwofns (mc, dg, be, drugs…) Unfinished Career Opportunity by nwofns (2006) Big plans Michelle woke up and smiled as she rolled over and began her morning stretch. Her big day was finally here and she was excited, overjoyed, happy, sad and ever other emotion a bride to be could be. Michelle took a look around her old room and was flooded with memories of her teenage years. Her parents had left her posters on the walls, her books on the shelf and her stuffed animals on her bed. As Michelle swung her feet off of the bed, the aroma of fresh cut flowers filled her head. Michelle got up, went to the washroom and headed from her old room to her parents kitchen. The smells from the flowers and her mothers coffee and homemade biscuits filled the air. So did another scent. Cigarette smoke. Just as Michelle turned the corner into the families living room, she could smell the tell tale smoke from her younger sisters cigarette. Michelle loved her kid sister, but not enough to let Julie smoke in the house. Especially not on her wedding day. “Julie, get that stinky cigarette away from my fresh flowers!” “Come on Michelle, don’t be such a prude. It is not like the smoke will kill them.” “No it won’t, it just that I don’t want them to smell like smoke. You know how much Mark dislikes even the faintest whiff of smoke.” “Yah I know sis. Sorry about that. I’ll go outside to finish my smoke while you get a bite to eat. Then it’s off to get our hair done.” said Julie with a hint of glee in her voice. “OK.” was Michelle’s only response as she turned and walked away. Julie took one last huge drag from her cigarette, exhaled it all over the wedding bouquet, then turned and walked out the front door of the house to finish her smoke. The cell phone rang with the cutest little ring. “Yah” “Of course it is ready. It was ready when you left it here wasn’t it?” “No, I can’t see how anyone would ever know, unless you tell them. Now stop worrying and get the hell over here.” Kim hung up the phone and waited for her friend to arrive. Julie drove her little red mini to the hairdressers. Michelle’s was telling Julie all about her honeymoon, what things she and Mark were going to do and how excited she was that the big day had finally arrived. Michelle then began describing her wedding night lingerie, and how she was going to please her man. All the while, Julie smiled and nodded politely, while her body was kicking and screaming that it needed a smoke. “Do you think that Mark will be surprised?” “Hello space cadet, I said do you think Mark will be surprised?” “Sorry sis, I was just thinking of how beautiful look you are going to be today when you march down the aisle. Mom and dad are so happy, and so am I, and yes I think Mark will be very surprised with your little treats.” Julie had mastered the art of sounding sincere, while being the biggest two faced, cut your throat bitch known to man. Julie was plotting Michelle’s down fall for years, biding her time until all the components were in place. Now she had the perfect opportunity to test her theories, electronics and drugs. Julie had to bite her lip to keep from laughing while Michelle rambled on about how perfect her life was going to be. It was going to be perfect all right, perfect for the biggest, loosest slut in the city. By the time Julie was done with Michelle, there wouldn’t be a cock that she wouldn’t lick suck or fuck. Michelle snapped Julie out of her dreamy state. “We’re here. Hurry up and get parked so we can get in and out ASAP. I want to have lots of time for us to hang out together Julie and Michelle walked through the parking lot and into Kim’s Whims, the newest and most hip stylist in the neighborhood. “Hello, May I help you?” asked the receptionist. Michelle spoke up, “Julie and Michelle Downs for a wedding prep” “I got it” chimed Kim Choat, as she stepped into the reception area. “My name is Kim and I am the owner of this salon. You must be the bride” Kim said to Michelle. “I can tell by the way you are beaming from ear to ear.” Michelle smiled an even larger smile. “Have a seat here and let’s get started. What type style would you like?” “I would like a wash, cut and set. I like the old style look; you know an Audrey Hepburn type style. Nothing to fancy mind you, I need to be able to fix it up as the day wears on. I also don’t want to be here any longer than I need to.” “Not a problem. Let’s get your hair washed and put some relaxer in it to help me style it.” While Michelle got seated in Kim’s seat, Kim went to the display case to get shampoo and relaxer. As she walked past Julie, she gave her the slightest nod and smile. “I am going to duck outside for a smoke.” chimed Julie as she headed out the door. “Nasty habit” said Michelle as she watched her sister stop just outside the door to light a cigarette. “I can’t really comment. I smoke also.” “Really, you don’t look like a smoke, and you certainly don’t smell like a smoker.” “Oh I don’t smoke much, but it is enough to say that I am a smoker.” Kim gently washed Michelle’s hair twice then she put the relaxer in to set. After she had the relaxer worked into in Michelle’s hair, she placed Michelle under the big hair dryer. “This will take about 15 minutes to work. While we are waiting, I will get your bridesmaid and get started on her hair.” And with that Kim walked to the front door and stepped out to call Julie in. “She under the dryer” Kim said with a chuckle. Julie laughed and fished a smoke out for Kim. “Did you use the entire bottle of relaxer on her head?” “Of course. Isn’t that what you said to do? Wash, repeat then relax.” Julie looked at the sky for a second while she did the mental math of how long Michelle would take. “Between the chemicals and the magnetic waves from the dryer, she should be quite open to suggestion in five more minutes.” Kim was starting to grin. “Excellent, just enough time to finish my smoke and make some plans for her future changes.” Kim and Julie finished their smokes and went back inside the salon. “I’ll wait here while you check on her state. She should respond to commands with ease and acceptance.” “OK. I’ll call for you if she is ready. If not, I start styling her hair until she is ready” said Kim as she headed back to where Michelle was sitting under the hair dryer. “How’s everything going?” asked Kim as she slowly lifted the dryer hood from Michelle’s head. Michelle tried to answer, but her glazed over look was all Kim needed to see. “Well poke you with a fork I think you’re done. I am just going to call for Julie. Why don’t you just sit back and relax.” “Julie, come on back here and give me a hand.” “I’m coming Kim.” said Julie as she walked past Denise the receptionist. Denise was packing up her bag and getting ready to go shopping for the remainder of the day. Working on Saturdays was the best deal going. You worked ‘til noon, got paid ‘til four and still had the best part of the day left for whatever you wanted to do. “Do you want me to lock up when I leave?” inquired Denise as she left. “Sounds good and see you Monday” was all she heard from Kim as she closed and locked the door. “We have about an hour to work on her hair and her mind. We are set to meet mom at 2:15 for a late brunch. What do you want to do first?” asked Julie “Well, what do we want to do with her?” Julie thought for a few moments and had some truly evil plans formulate for her sister. “First I think she needs to skip out fucking her husband. He should suffer, and she should she. She also needs to smoke, fuck and suck and degrade herself for my amusement.” “I’m thinking she should become very well versed in the usage of drugs, get some bigger tits, then use her new tits for movies, pictures and whatever else we sell her for.” “My my Kim, I didn’t think you would get into this as much as you are.” replied Julie. “Well you know what they say, all work and no play makes life shitty” Both women laughed as they walked over to a well relaxed, totally out of it Michelle. “Hello Michelle, can you hear me?” “Yes Julie, I can hear you.” Kim was amazed at what she saw. “Look at her, her brain is so messed up that she can’t even tell that she is in serious trouble.” “You can say that again. The trick will be to go slow for the first little while, then pour it on and make a big scene as we finish her reprogramming. I’ll go first” “Why do you get to go first?” quizzed Kim “Because she is my sister, my inventions and my idea. Any other questions?” “No, I guess not. You better hurry up. It is almost 12:45; we don’t have much time left.” “Michelle, how are you feeling?” “Dreamy and foggy” “Good, it feels nice to be in the dreamy foggy place doesn’t it” Julie said more as a statement than a question. “Yes er no I don’t know.” “Yes it does Michelle and you know it. Now I want you to listen to me very carefully. You will go about your normal day-to-day shitty life, but you will always be ours to use. Kim and I are your friends, confidants and the only people who truly understand you.” “uh huh” “Good, now for your first lesson you will remember that you have a yeast infection. A bitchin case of the itches, so bad that it is slowly driving you crazy. You have been using the cream for your cunt, but your twat is still infected and itchy as hell. You can’t even think about having a cock jammed into your tight pussy while it is burning with the yeast infection. You will have to hold off consummating your marriage to Mark until after the infection has cleared up.” Michelle frowned, and then wrinkled her nose as she began to feel the itching start in her groin. “Michelle, I want you to stop fidgeting and listen to me. Your pussy will not be itchy except when you are thinking about fucking Mark, sucking him off, or even thinking about him in a sexual way.” Michelle immediately stopped squirming and began settle down. “Excellent Michelle. See how much better things are when you listen to your best friends.” “Yes” “Kim is going to finish your hair now. When she is finished, you will sit and daydream about smoking while she does my hair. Once we are finished, you will make a standing appointment once a week to have you hair done. Do you understand?” “Yes I Understand.” Julie turned to Kim and asked if she had anything she wanted to add. Julie turned to Michelle, smiled and her most sultry and clear voice instructed Michelle to watch women smoke, fantasize about smoking, search smoking glamour and how to smoke on the net, and report back during her next visit. Michelle and Julie hopped back into Julie’s car and headed back to their parents house. “God I loved that place. I know it is expensive, but I have never looked better. I think I should call and set-up an appointment for myself after I get back from the honeymoon.” “You don’t suppose that you look this great because your getting married in a couple of hours, do you?” Michelle’s programming was beginning to work as she looked over at Julie, noticed that her purse was open, and that her cigarettes were right there in the open. She didn’t know why, but Michelle felt compelled to ask her younger sister why she smoked. “So tell me Julie, why do you smoke? It’s unhealthy for you, it’s expensive and it smells bad.” “I know all the negatives about smoking, but I also know that a smoke calms me down when I am stressing, perks me up when I first wake up and gives me something else to do with my mouth so that I am not eating all the time. I also like to think of the cigarette as a cock and the smoke as cum, which I am working on sucking deep down into my body.” Michelle began to blush as she listened to her younger sister speak. “Look at you Michelle, I bet that you can picture Mark’s cock sliding in and out of your mouth as you give him some head. Now imagine picturing that as you bring a cigarette up to your lips. I am constantly thinking of deep throating while I smoke. Hell, that’s probably one of the reasons why I still smoke.” Michelle began to picture Mark’s cock in her mouth, and immediately began scratching at raging yeast infection. Julie noticed her squirm and kept quiet while having an ear to ear grin in her mind. “Is everything all right? You’re doing some serious squirming.” “Yes I am fine, just a yeast infection. Figures that it would go full tilt on my wedding day. Hopefully it will settle down before Mark and I make love tonight.” Julie made a mental note to work on Michelle’s vocabulary The wedding ceremony went off flawlessly until Michelle had to kiss her husband. The one quick kiss caused the worst itching she had felt to date. Events at the reception were not much different. Each toast to the newlyweds caused a kiss, which in turn caused more itching, which was slowly getting to Michelle. The only other thing that was different at the reception was that Michelle caught herself staring at the women who were smoking. Several times she even went as far as to sit and talk to Julie and her group of smokers while they were sitting at the table. As the reception wound down, Julie couldn’t help but wonder if Michelle was going to screw her new hubby while they were on their honeymoon, or what kind of stories Michelle would have to tell when she got back and went for her next stylist appointment. The Fun Begins Michelle’s honeymoon was a far removed from enjoyable as you could get. The flight to Cuba took six hours and had two stopovers, and was probably the best part of the whole trip. The yeast infection did not clear up, but got worse by the day. By the end of the two weeks, Michelle had to sleep on the couch because the simple act of touching her husband aroused her and sent her yeast infection to new heights. The lack of intimacy caused some serious issues between the two, getting a totally drunk Mark into serious shit as he began calling his wife nasty names and threatening to go find a real women to sleep with. As if this were not enough, Michelle found herself watching women smoke with rapt fascination, but not knowing why she found them appealing. The first thing Michelle did was to call Kim’s Whims and book herself an appointment for 11:30 on Saturday morning. Next she called her mom and shared most of the details of her honeymoon. Michelle conveniently left out the parts about watching women smoke, and not consummating her marriage. Her next call was to Julie. “Hello sis, I’m back. Miss me?” “Hello Michelle, as a matter of fact I did miss you. How was you honeymoon?” “It was alright. We should get together and I can tell you all about it. What are you doing tonight? “I have to stay late at work tonight. How about Saturday?” asked Julie knowing full well that Michelle had booked herself into Kim’s at 11:30 “I can’t. I have a hair appointment at 11:30.” “Why don’t I tag along? I can get my hair done as well, and we can catch-up with each other.” “It’s a date” The next few days pass by quickly for all three women. Kim and Julie spent a fair amount of time planning for Saturday while Michelle was spending more time staring at women smoking and thinking how beautiful they were. Michelle also spent time on the Internet looking at pictures and videos of female smoking glamour. Michelle even found a how to start smoking page and had even read all nine sections on how to go from non-smoker to heavy smoker. Saturday morning finally arrived and Michelle got herself ready to go. She put on her makeup a little bit heavier than usual and picked a nice deep burgundy lipstick. As she was putting on the lipstick, Michelle saw all of the pictures of women smoking with dark lipstick on. She really loved the way the lipstick marked the cigarette and highlighted that it was a woman who smoked that cigarette. Julie arrived at 11:15 and did not have to wait for Michelle at all. “What’s up? You are never on time.” chirped Julie. “I was hoping to have time for a smoke before you came down from your apartment.” Michelle pondered about her sisters need for a smoke. Then she said, “Go ahead and have one. I know you need it.” Julie put on surprised look and cheered inwardly at how well the first conversion session worked. “Are you sure? I know how much the smell bothers you.” “The smell doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers Mark.” “OK, sure, why not.” said Julie as she pulled her package of Benson & Hedges Menthol Lights from her purse and proceeded to light one up. Julie smoked for the rest of the drive to the salon and chit chatted with Michelle about her trip. Michelle couldn’t help staring at her kid sister while she puffed away on her cigarette. The more Julie smoked, the more intensely Michelle watched and the more intensely Michelle watched, the more Julie smoked. At one point Julie thought she could see Michelle licking her lips as she watched her long drag followed with an almost perfect snap inhale. “Well, don’t hold out on me sis, how was the sex?” “What sex. The yeast infection didn’t go away, and Mark turned into an asshole as every day passed that he didn’t get some. The whole trip was shitty, and it cost us $3000 to boot.” “That sucks. What did Mark do to be such an asshole?” “Well, Mark got hammered, which as it turns out, looks like it might be a regular thing for him. Once he got shit faced, he started coming onto me, me with my itchy twat and all, I didn’t even want him to touch me.” “That asshole.” said Julie as she parked the car and two women got out. Julie stepped on her cigarette but so that she put it out without crushing the filter. She then open her purse, grabbed her pack and flipped another smoke out of the top and into her waiting lips. “We’re early, so I thought I would pound another smoke into me nice and fast so I don’t have to go for one during the session.” Michelle stared intently as Julie lit her second cigarette in less than ten minutes. “Go ahead. We can talk out here. As I was saying, shit faced Mark was coming on to me, then when I wouldn’t fuck him, he began calling me some nasty ass names and threatening to go find a real woman to sleep with. I am so pissed with that jerk that I could just scream.” Julie nodded, and hugged her sister, pulling her in tight. Pulling her in tight had three purposes: First it hid Julies face from Michelle’s face, which gave her the freedom to smile at her sister’s sexual misfortune, second, it made Julie smile even more at her sister’s use of vulgar language, and lastly, it gave her a chance to have smouldering cigarette smoke waft through her sister’s clothes, which would cause another big fight between Michelle and Mark. Both women finished their hugs and headed into the salon. Denise was in her usual seat and smiled as she saw the two sisters enter the salon. “Kim, your 11:30 has arrived.” “Coming” replied Kim’s cheerful voice. “You look fabulous. The sun did you a world of good. Come on back and we’ll get started.” Kim led Michelle to the hair wash stations and proceeded to wet down her hair. “The salt air from the south was hard on your hair. You definitely need some relaxer to get your hair back up to snuff.” “The salt air wasn’t all that was rough. I have been thinking that perhaps the trip was not the best idea I have ever had.” Just as Kim was going to dig a little deeper, Denise yelled for her. Kim excused herself and went to the front of the store leaving Michelle to have a mental relaxer. A few minutes later Kim returned, looked at Michelle’s somewhat glazed over eyes and added a second dose of relaxer to her hair before placing her under the big dryer. Kim looked at Michelle and decided that she didn’t even need to explain to her where she was going. She just left Michelle and went for a smoke with Kim. “I just stuck her under the dryer. She already looks half baked.” “Good. I want her true training to start today.” “Her honeymoon sounded liked it sucked. Did she tell you anything about the trip?” “Only that it sucked, she didn’t fuck her husband, he got pissy about it and belittled her and said that he was going to sleep with someone else.” “Wow! She has some serious shit going on. She mentioned having some second thoughts, but she didn’t elaborate on what she was having the second thoughts. We should explore this avenue further.” “Let’s go check on her. I don’t want her mind so fried we can’t have any fun.” Julie and Kim went back to check on their pawn. Michelle was under the dryer get magnetic waves sent through her head. The combination of the waves and the relaxer had fried Michelle to the point where she had some spittle running down from the corner of her mouth, and couldn’t put together a complete thought if she needed to. Julie sat down in one of the other hair wash seats, opened her purse and took out her cigarettes, and lit one. Kim turned off the dryer and removed the hood from Michelle’s head. Michelle did not move or say anything as Kim took her hand and guided her to the salon chair. “Hello Michelle. How are you?” asked Kim. “Warm and fuzzy.” replied Michelle. “Good Michelle. Being fuzzy feels so nice doesn’t it.” “Yes.” You like the fuzzy feeling. You like the way you feel, the way people view you, the way people think of you, the fact that when you are fuzzy you are sexy and hot.” “Sexy and hot.” “Yes very sexy and hot. Do you know what men want from a slut like yourself?” “I am not a slut,” said the faintest voice from Michelle. “Michelle, you are what we tell you to be. You’re a smoker aren’t you? Just the other day you told me that you wanted to try a cigarette, but just didn’t know how to ask for one. Now today, you have decided not to bum one from a friend, but you are going to buy your own package of Benson & Hedges Menthol, and try one without having to explain you experimentation to anyone.” “Smoke smells good” “Good girl Michelle. Smoke does smell good. Does Mark like the smell of smoke also?” “No. He hates the smell of smoke, the sight of smoking and the idea of smoking.” “Well then he must hate you, you being a smoker and all.” Kim said matter of factly. “Don’t push her to hard, we don’t want to loose her. “Screw that, I want to work her over quickly. If this stuff works the way you say it does, I have a ton of people I want to use it on.” Julie sighed, but did not say anything. She knew that Kim was right, and that this was going to be so much fun. “Michelle, while you are having your first cigarette from your own package, and you take your first drag and inhale for the first time, you will instantly be a satisfied addict, craving the nicotine and dying without it. You will be hooked hard, fast and for life. You will need to smoke at least thirty cigarettes everyday, for a year, then you will increase the amount you smoke by five cigarettes per day every day until you are smoking sixty cigarettes per day.” “Satisfied addict…” was all Michelle could say before she started to stare into space. Julie continued to chain smoke, being very careful to make sure that she exhaled onto her sisters’ clothes and hair. Michelle would reek of smoke when she left here today, which should stir up some shit for her at home. “My turn Kim. Put some more relaxer in. I want her good and ready for me.” “I thought you said too much of this stuff would fry her brain?” “Fuck it. We are going to fuck her up anyway. Lets go big or she’ll die trying.” Both women laughed as Kim put more relaxer in Michelle’s hair. “Lets give her a few minutes before I start.” “Good idea. Let’s get our plan together so we can work on her from all angles.” Julie began to smile as she formulated a plan. “Ok so now she is a smoker. I think she needs to start doping it up, with a little drinking added in for the lush effect.” “I like it. Any thoughts on what type of drugs she should start doing? “I don’t know. I heard E is a nice buzz and it does permanent damage to brain cells. I also thought of some Coke or maybe some Heroin.” “You are one nasty bitch. She is still your sister Julie. Do you really want to screw life that much?” “Hell ya. I want to use her as my test subject to see how far we can use this stuff. Her being my sister is even better because I can observe all of the changes first hand, as well as step in and do damage control if this plan fucks up.” “You are deliciously wicked. God I love you. What else are we going to add to her slowly decaying mind?” “What do think about her tits?” “I like where you are going with this. She could easily be a D or a DD. I bet that would make her popular as an Internet slut, or even as a prostitute on our own streets.” “When we are done with her, she will be so slutty that she won’t be able to do any better than a common street whore.” The transformation goes full throttle Michelle opened her eyes and looked around. Kim was talking on the phone by her salon station, and Julie was reading a magazine. She felt different, but at ease with herself. She looked over at Kim and tried to picture her having a smoke. Was she elegant or was she butch when she smoked. She would have to find out. “Sorry to leave you under the dryer for so long.” said Kim as she pulled the dryer hood off of Michelle’s head. “No problem. I think I dozed off anyway.” Michelle got up from the hair drying stations and moved over to the seat at Kim’s station, checking herself out in the big mirror the entire time. Michelle had never really noticed how small her tits were. Did she just say tits? Oh well, that’s what they are, and man are they small. “I’m going out for a smoke,” announced Julie as she put her magazine down and got up from her seat. “You go; I’ve kept poor Michelle waiting long enough.” Michelle looked at Julie as she left. “Go ahead and join her. I can wait a couple of minutes.” “Are you sure?” “Yes I’m sure.” replied Michelle. Kim turned around ad headed out front with Julie. Michelle waited until she heard the front door close, then she got up out of her chair and headed to the front of the salon. Michelle picked-up a magazine, and pretended to be interested while she stared at Julie and Kim. “They are so hot, and the way they smoke, man it’s makin me want to smoke just watchin them.” Michelle continued to stare and to day dream about smoking. “Is she still watching us?” “You bet. Are you sure your shit works, and that your sister won’t wake up and realize what happened to her and be really pissed at us.” “Yes I’m sure. Besides, what is she going to do? Tell my mother, tell her sex starved husband? Stop worrying and let’s finish her hair so she can go home.” Both Kim and Julie stepped on their cigarette butts and headed back inside. Kim and Michelle talked casually about various topics as Kim did her magic and gave Michelle a trim and style. Julie stared at the two while she pretended to be reading an article in her magazine. Michelle was checking Kim out, and thanks to Julie’s suggestions, she was unable to be subtle. Michelle’s eyes were staring at Kim’s tits full out. Without even knowing it, Michelle began letting her eyes wander down Kim’s body until she was staring at her snatch. Was she furry or smooth? Shaved or waxed? Pierced or not? Michelle’s thoughts were all over the road, though with Kim and Julie’s suggestions, Michelle didn’t even realize that she was not thinking normal. Actually, Michelle’s thoughts were quite normal for a common gutter whore. “How does that look Michelle? Do you like the style” chimed Kim as she swung a small handheld mirror around Michelle’s head so that she could see herself from all angles. “I like it a lot. Very hot, yet conservative. What do you think Julie?” Julie put her magazine down and looked at her sister. “Wow sis, you look great!” Michelle looked at her watch and saw that she had been at the salon for over 4 hours. “Whoa, we gotta run. Can you book me in for another session next Saturday, say around 11:30?” Kim walked over to her calendar and flipped to the following Saturday. “Sorry, no can do. I have a wedding party coming in at 10, and they will probably take three or four hours.” Michelle almost freaked when she heard Kim’s reply. What was she going to? She needed to see Kim and Julie smoke, and she needed to have her hair set. “No problem, I will call later this week and make an appointment.” Michelle paid Kim and she and Julie left. “Go ahead and have a smoke Julie. I know you want to, and like I said, it doesn’t bother me at all.” “Aren’t you worried about what Mark will say if come home smelling like smoke?” “Fuck that. He has been such an asshole that I don’t care what the fuck he thinks. If he thinks that he can prevent me from hanging out with my sister, he has another thing coming.” Julie fought back her giddy laugh as Michelle shared her new thoughts and attitudes with her. “Geez Michelle, I did not realize just how bad things are between you and Mark. What’s up?” “Never mind. I am sorry that I got all mouthy for a minute. It has been a long week at work and I just want to de-stress and recharge my batteries.” Julie pulled her car into Julie parking lot, reached over and gave her sister a big hug, making sure to hold her smoldering cigarette as close to Michelle’s hair as possible. Michelle’s earlier coaching now prevented her from noticing this, or if she did notice, she wouldn’t think of it as out of the ordinary. “Thanks for the lift Jules. I’ll call you later”, and with that Michelle closed the car door and headed up to her apartment. As she waited for the elevator, the coaching Julie and Kim had provided kicked in and began working it evil. The longer Michelle waited for the elevator, the more her anger towards her dickless husband grew. He was an asshole, and she had always known it, but felt that she had to marry him to please her parents. He was slowly, no quickly trying to kill her spirit and make just another fat, ugly, housewife with a snotty kid hanging off of each tit, sucking her small tits dry. Why had she married him? Michelle couldn’t remember. It is not like he overly sexy, or has a nice big dick for fucking and sucking? He is not rich, nor will he ever be rich, and he was becoming a wedge between Julie and herself. The elevator arrived, and Michelle hopped in and absently minded pressed the button for her floor. Her thought drifted between how hot Kim looked, how sexily she smoked her cigarette and how small her own tits were compared to some women. As the doors opened on her floor, Michelle was formulating a plan. She would address her small tits on Monday morning, and she would talk to Mark about the direction their relationship was going. “Where have you been all day?” Michelle could tell from his tone that this was going to be nasty. “I went and got my hair done. Do you like?” Mark stepped closer to Michelle and sniffed deeply. “God you absolutely stink of smoke. Go take a shower and wash the stink off” was all that Mark had to say on the matter. “No.” “What did you say” asked Mark? Michelle had never been so argumentative, and now it seemed that she was getting more hostile ever day. “I said no with a big fucking capital N asshole. I spend time and effort looking good for you, and this is how you say thanks. You don’t like the way I smell, then stay away from me.” Michelle was almost screaming and she was getting more pissed by the minute. “What, no snappy come back big man. NO, not only do you disappoint me, but you sicken me.” Mark’s mouth hit the floor. Gone was the woman he had dated, replaced with this foul mouthed bitch. “And another thing Mark. You will never fuck me as long as I live. I would rather be a crack whore fucking and sucking infected cocks before I will ever let your small little boy sized cock touch me.” And with that, Mark turned around and walked out of the apartment. Michelle’s blood was boiling and she such a bundle of nerves that she could not stop shaking. I have got to let this go or the anger will consume me and fuck up my otherwise good day thought Michelle. It was a that exact moment that Michelle’s life was going to change forever. Michelle recalled the conversation that she and Michelle had in the car on the way to the salon. “I know that a smoke calms me down when I am stressing, perks me up when I first wake up and gives me something else to do with my mouth so that I am not eating all the time.” Michelle knew what she needed to do. She grabbed her keys and her purse and headed out the door, not even bothering to lock it. The 7-11 was just around the corner, and she would be there in less than 3 minutes. Michelle entered the store and looked around at the aisles. Where do find an ashtray in this place, and why just one ashtray, why not several? I think Julie has many ashtrays around her place. I can’t imagine that she takes her ashtray with her from room to room. Michelle roamed the aisles until she found the ashtrays. Doing a mental count in her head, Michelle picked out 6 ashtrays in various shapes and sizes. That should cover the ashtrays. Now I need a lighter. Michelle turned and looked at the front counter, and she easily spotted the lighter display. Michelle also noticed the cute looking teenager behind the counter. She liked the way that her tits stood firm even though she was at least a “C” cup. Michelle’s tits were a woefully small. If only she had bigger tits, then more guys would like her and she could fuck until it hurt. The next thing Michelle noticed was how blond her hair was. There was no way that shade was natural. Bottle blond. Hmm, looks brassy and sassy. I wonder if Kim could help me out with the hair? Michelle walked over to the checkout and put her ashtrays down on the counter. Next she grabbed five lighters off the display and put them next to the ashtrays. “Looks like someone is regretting throwing out their supplies when they quit” commented the young clerk. Michelle was mesmerized by the clerk when she saw her nose stud, and heard the distinctive clicking sounds made by her tongue stud as it bounced off of her teeth. “Sort of, well I mean no really” was all Michelle could come up with. “You sound confused. Are you giving up on the quitting thing, or are you supplying a bunch of people with ashtrays and lighters? “Well actually, now that you mention it” stumbled Michelle as she tripped over her tongue, “I have given up being a non-smoker.” The cashier gave Michelle a funny kind of look. “You go girl, it is just that I never see people who are over twenty or twenty-one start smoking.” “Well now you have seen a twenty-five year old start.” “Cool, what brand do you want?” Michelle did not what to say. She had never really thought about it before this exact moment. “I don’t know, what would you recommend?” The cashier looked at Michelle and smiled. “You look like a Marlboro Menthol smoker, same as me.” Michelle felt her cunt slick up with her juice. This gorgeous blond was a smoker, and was helping her to pick a brand. “Works for me. Do you mind if I ask you when you started smoking?” “I started three years ago when I was thirteen. Wanted to impress a boy at school, and thought the best way was to go for smokes with him. How about you, why do you want to start? It is an expensive habit to get into.” “I need to relax, and I like the way it looks when other people are smoking. My sister and my hairdresser are very sexy when they smoke.” The cashier reached behind her and took a carton of Marb Menthols and placed then on the counter. “That will be $39.85” Michelle took out her money and paid the cashier. She then grabbed her bag of goodies and headed home. Why did I just do that? I don’t smoke. The more Michelle thought about her recent purchase, the more at ease she became with the idea of buying and smoking cigarettes. Kim and Julie had worked in some special messages to make sure that the more Michelle thought about anything, the more normal and natural the thought seemed. The other bonus was that each and every time used her brain to think, a small piece of her brain in the neocortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for most higher level functions such as vision, hearing, mathematics, music, and language shut down, and never reactivated. Michelle was already being fucked by Kim and Julie’s instructions, and she smiled as it happened. Michelle opened the door to the apartment and went to the dining area. She set her bag of goodies down and sat in her seat. As she unpacked her bag, the slickness between her legs came back, and she could smell her own musky scent. Michelle took a package and removed the cellophane wrapper, and the inner paper. Next she pulled out a long slender cigarette, placed it between her lips and grabbed her red lighter. One deft flick and the flame was aglow on top of the lighter. Michelle brought the flame to the end of the cigarette and drew in a decent size breath as she lit her first cigarette. Michelle inhaled her first drag and instantly knew this was meant for her to do forever. Michelle thought about this for a minute, turning off a piece of her brain in the process. God, I can finally see why Julie and Kim smoke. Michelle took a huge drag and inhaled like a pro, orgasming when the smoke bottomed out in her lungs. From that point on Michelle never questioned her smoking habit again, just feeding it as needed. Mark came home three hours later to an apartment the reeked of smoke. As he looked around the living for Julie, Mark was floored to see his wife sitting in her futon chair smoking a cigarette. “What’s going on Michelle?” “I decided to start smoking. Got a problem with that?” retorted Michelle in a nasty tone. “Yes I do have a problem with that. I didn’t marry a smoker, hell I don’t even know who I married any more?” Michelle laughed, “You poor fucking baby. Get over. I am a smoker and that’s that” and with that Michelle took a drag and blew the smoke straight at Mark. “Fuck this shit, I’m going out” said Mark as he turned and headed out the door. “Don’t bother waiting up for me.” “I don’t plan to be here later” yelled Michelle as the apartment door slammed shut. “Fucking asshole. I’ll show him.” Michelle got up from the living room and went to her bedroom. After opening Mark’s side of the closet, Michelle proceeded to smoke three cigarettes, exhaling all of the smoke onto his clothes. Michelle even lit a cigarette and let it smolder in the ashtray inside of the closet. “Now what am I going to do?” thought Michelle. Michelle picked up her phone and called her sister. “Hello, you have reached he number you dialed. As you can tell, I’m either busy or screening my calls. You know what to do when you hear the beep.” “Fuck, she’s not home.” “Hi Julie, it’s me. Just needed to talk to someone. Mark and I had another huge fight. Call my cell when you get this.” Not knowing what else to do, Michelle grabbed her purse, put three packages of cigarettes in it, then looked at how much space was left and decided to put the rest of the packs in also, grabbed her open pack and a lighter and left the apartment. Michelle walked around her neighborhood smoking the whole time. Then it struck her. It was Saturday, which meant that the bars downtown would be full of people, people smoking and having a good time. Hell if she was lucky, she might see some nice tits and maybe even some well hung guys. Michelle walked towards the center of the city. Michelle knew that this was not the place for a single white girl to be, but Kim and Julie made sure that any seconds thoughts she might have about going downtown were only a fleeting thought. A Michelle turned the corner onto Maple Street; she spied a dive called Poppy’s. That was the place for her, and she knew it. Walking through the doors, Michelle was hit by the strong odor of smoke, sex and something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. “What will it be for the pretty lady” asked the bartender. “Jack Daniels on ice” came out of Michelle’s lips before she even knew what she had ordered. “Why would I order that? I don’t drink the hard stuff.” “That’ll be three-fifty” said the bartender as he set the drink down in front of Michelle. “Can I run a tab; I think I might be here for a couple of drinks.” “Sure, just need you credit card.” Two men and a woman were eyeing Michelle as she sat at the bar. “That’s her alright. Looks just like Julie said. Now remember, make small talk, keep her drinking, and take her to the shitter and coke her up. We’ll take it from there.” And with that the woman got up, grabbed her smokes and went to the bar. “I’ll have tequila and a Bud.” Without waiting for a reply, the woman asked if anyone was sitting there, and proceeded to sit down. “Nope, knock yourself out.” “Thanks. Names Trudy, how about you?” “Michelle.” Trudy and Michelle made small talk for about an hour, with each one buying a round for the other, as their glasses got empty. It didn’t take Trudy long to get Michelle drunk. “Gotta go to the john to powder my nose. Wanna come.” Michelle thought about having a piss and got up from her stool to join Trudy. Trudy had to use all of her strength to keep Michelle from stumbling to the ground. Once they were inside the bathroom, Trudy opened her purse and pulled out her vial of coke. Michelle stared at the powder as Trudy loaded up the spoon and placed it under her nose. One good snuff and all of the powder was gone from the spoon. Trudy loaded the spoon again and held it out for Michelle. “Want some?” Michelle thought about it, then nodded yes. All of Kim and Julie’s suggestions were working overtime. “Just close one nostril with your finger and snuff with the other one.” Michelle did as she was told, snuffed the coke ad let her mind explode in drug heaven. Michelle shivered a bit as the coke took her higher than any alcohol had ever done before. She was so distracted that she did not notice Trudy load the spoon again and put it under her other nostril. “One more to even out the buzz.” Michelle snuffed, fried her brain even more and had an orgasm at the same time. “Holy fuck this is wicked.” Was all Michelle could say before she orgasmed again. Trudy smiled and led her back out to the bar. “I think those guys in the corner are eyeing us” chimed Trudy as Michelle staggered back to the bar. Michelle turned her head to get a look, and by doing so too quickly, gave herself a head rush like she had never had before “Yah, I think your right.” was all Michelle was able to slur before her mind started to wander. As if on cue, the guys got up from the table and walked over to the bar. “Hello. Would you two fine ladies like to join us?” asked the taller of the two men while his friend sized up Michelle. “We’d love to, wouldn’t we” said Trudy. “My name is Trudy and this is Michelle.” Michelle managed a smile and a nod, even though she was in her own stoned world. The four of them headed back to the table and continued to drink for an hour or so. Michelle didn’t realize at the time that she was buying the rounds for the entire bar on her Visa, and barely noticed when the bill for thirteen hundred dollars was placed in front of her. Michelle signed the tab off, took her credit card and excused herself before going to the bathroom. “Get after her bitch. She needs more blow,” said Louis as he smacked Trudy on the side of the head. “I ain’t gonna let your skanky ass fuck this up. You better bring her back primed or your ass will be hoeing in the crack house tonight bitch.” Trudy got up and ran after Michelle. The two returned five minutes later, and Louis could see from the spittle running down Michelle’s chin that she was fucked up. “Let’s get out of here and go back to my place.” And with that simple sentence, Michelle’s new life went into overdrive. For the next twelve hours, Michelle snorted line after line of coke, had Louis and Tyler fondle her tits while commenting on how tiny they were while Trudy massaged her clit. The coke blurred the orgasms were some of the most intense that Michelle had ever experienced. Louis and Tyler worked with the suggestions that they knew Julie and Kim had planted. When morning came, Michelle was ready to become a whore for whoever had the coke. Trudy walked Michelle to a bank machine, took eight hundred dollars off her Visa and another eight hundred from her savings account, and gave her own eight ball of coke and her own little vial to carry the coke in. On the walk back to Louis’, Trudy took Michelle’s cell and programmed in her own number and Louis’ number so that Michelle could get in touch with them when the time was right. Michelle was beginning to come out of the drug haze from the previous evening, and just wanted to go home. She tried calling Julie for a lift with no luck. Then, without even knowing how or why she knew Kim’s cell number, she dialed it. Kim answered the phone and Michelle asked for her for a lift. “No problem Michelle. I’ll get dressed and be there in fifteen minutes.” Michelle smiled at her good fortune as she told Kim where she was. Michelle went outside to wait for Kim and to have a smoke. When she opened her purse, she saw that she only had four packages of cigarettes left. “Wow, I must have smoked like a chimney last night” thought Michelle as she grabbed a pack and unwrapped the cellophane. As she fished for her lighter, she spied the vial of coke. A smile crossed her face as she remembered the buzz from the previous night. The next thing she knew, the little voice in her head that got her to smoke, go to the bar, and let strangers fondle her was telling her to have a toot of coke. Michelle didn’t even question the voice, as grabbed her vial. She tried to remember how much Trudy had placed on the little spoon, but her hung over brain couldn’t remember, so she heaped the coke on the spoon and snorted it all in her left nostril. Next came the same in her right nostril. By the time Kim arrived ten minutes later, Michelle’s brain was fried, and she was ready for more. Mark Mucks About Kim pulled over at the curb in front of Michelle. “How ya doin chicky?” Michelle answered with a big stoned smile. “Great, How’s about you?” “Not as good as you. Are you still drunk from last night or something?” “Sumpthin.” was all Michelle bothered to slur in response. “Do you want me to take you home? Michelle?” “Ssssure thing.” Michelle began to rifle through her purse. When she saw her coke vial, she gave a little smile, long enough for her to remember the awesome sensations, but not so long that she forgot about getting her smokes. “Can I smoke?” was all Michelle asked before she clicked her lighter and lit up a cigarette. Kim looked over at Michelle and was amazed at how much she had changed in one day. Michelle had started smoking, snorted a quarter gram of coke and let strangers play with her tits and cunt, while she laid back and enjoyed it. Kim was almost worried that perhaps the transformation was going to quickly, but then again, she was as much to blame for the changes as Julie. Kim continued driving while she worked on Michelle’s address. Michelle being of little help in her current state did not make the trip any easier. Once Kim found the building, she helped Michelle out of the car and up to her apartment. Kim got the door open and Michelle inside, when as she was closing the door she felt a distinct push. The door swung open and there stood Mark. “What the hell is going on?” barked Mark as he looked at an obviously stoned Michelle. “I wuz jus getting ready for bed baby.” “You’re just getting home now. Didn’t you get any of my messages?” Michelle was having a very difficult trying to understand all of the gibberish that Mark was saying, so she just walked out of the room. “Who the fuck are you?’ ‘My name is Kim. I am a friend of your wife .” replied Kim not sure where Mark was going to go with his questions “You said you’re a friend. What kind of friend brings home her friend all spaced out on what ever she’s on? That’s what I want to know.” Kim tried to leave, but Mark blocked the door. “Michelle has been acting very fucking weird lately, now all of sudden her new “friend” shows up at my house with my wife so out of it that she can’t even stay and explain what is happening to her.” “Look buddy, I just gave her a ride, nothing else. Let me go and I will be out of your hair” and with that Kim twisted and turned and slid past Mark and out the door. Mark tried to stop her, but Kim was too slick and was out the door before he realized what happened. Mark then heard what sounded like low moans coming from inside the bathroom. Turning on his heals; Mark went down the hall to the bathroom to find Michelle blowing the entire contents of her stomach on the bathroom floor. “Awe fuck Michelle” was all Mark got out when Michelle looked at him with a strange look in her eyes. Mark instantly felt bad for being angry with her for hurling on the floor. “It’s OK baby, I’ll look after you.” Mark got Michelle cleaned-up and into bed, where she passed out/slept. While she was asleep, Mark went through her purse, and was floored to find the cocaine and the vial. The cigarettes and lighter were no surprise as he had seen her smoking the day before. Next was her cell phone. There were three numbers that he did not recognize; Kim, Trudy and Louis. He dialed Kim’s number and got a machine telling him to leave a message. Trudy and Louis’ number both had answers until they heard his voice. Across town at Julie’s apartment, Kim was busily telling her friend how screwed-up things were. Just as Julie was about to go into serious damage control mode, her phone rang. “Hello.” “Hello Julie. It’s me Mark” “Mark, is everything OK” said Julie in her most sincere voice. “No, no it’s not. I think Michelle has made some new friends who are getting her involved in some bad things.” “I’ll be right over Mark” “Thanks Julie.” Mark went back to the bedroom and stared at his passed-out wife wondering what could have happened to her. Across town, Julie hung up her living room phone. Once Kim heard the click from Julie and Mark’s phone being hung up, she quietly hung up Julie’s bedroom phone. “What are we going to do now? He saw my face and everything.” “We’re going to have to reset him also. We’ll both go over, and once I’m in, I’ll leave the door open for you, and then boom! we got him.” Kim and Julie made their plans about how Kim was going to get in the apartment and what she was going to do to Mark. By the time they arrived at Michelle’s the plan was complete. Julie went to the front door and rang the security buzzer. “Hello?” ”Hello Mark, it’s me” Mark buzzed the door and Julie entered the foyer closely followed by Kim. Julie headed up the stairs to Michelle’ apartment while Kim took her time and sauntered behind, making sure that she was at least two minutes behind her. Mark was standing in the apartment doorway as Julie emerged from the stairs. “Hi Julie. I am so glad you came over.” Mark didn’t even wait for Julie to get inside before he started talking about Michelle. “I don’t know what to do? Michelle is totally different than she has ever been. We fight all the time, she started smoking, I think she is using drugs. The whole thing has become a nightmare, when it should be a fairy tale. Mark was so engrossed in his story that he didn’t notice that Julie did not fully close the door, but rather she shut it so that the latch did not catch. Mark and Julie went to the bedroom and looked at Michelle. Julie got wet looking at how spent her sister looked. The plan was going great, and she was going to get the added bonus of messing Mark up also. Julie and Mark returned to the living room. Julie sat in the wing chair which looked directly at the front door, which in turn made Mark sit on the couch with his back to the door. Kim had stood in the hall for ten minutes and was now slowly opening the apartment door. She could hear Julie and Mark talking about Michelle and about the strange woman who had been in the apartment with Michelle when he arrived home this morning. Kim crept in the apartment and slunk behind the couch. Michelle watched as her friend got into position behind Mark. Once she was certain that Kim was good to go, she leaned in towards Jim and lowered her voice as is she were going to tell him a secret. Mark leaned in to listen, and that is when Kim struck him on the base of his neck with a rolling pin that she had brought from Julie’s. Mark lurched forward and fell to the floor. Julie got out of her seat and moved over to where Mark had slumped to the floor. “Christ Kim, did you have to hit him so hard?” “Yes I did. He only knows me as the reason for his wife’s decline from nice to this. I am no going to get screwed over by him.” “Ok, ok, put the relaxer on his head.” “Are you sure three doses is safe? I don’t want to kill him you know. How would we explain that one Julie?” Julie was beginning to lose her patience with her friend. “Look, without the magnetic waves, we need more relaxer. Stop being such a baby and get that shit worked in his head.” For the next hour the two women worked on Mark, bringing along his fat, skanky, white trash whore fetish. By the time the two women were done with Mark, his love for Michelle was gone, replaced with an overwhelming desire to give strange men blow jobs, leer and make rude comments to decent women. Mark could only cum when a the nastiest of nasty white trash whore was slamming all four hundred pounds of lovin against him while having a smoke and belittling him. Mark was gonna love his new life, even if it was going to suck by most people’s standards. The last thing the women did was program the mush that Mark had left of his brain to leave Michelle in the morning and not look back. “Should we talk to your sister?” “Let’s do that. I want to hear all the juicy details of last night.” Kim and Julie woke poured some relaxer on Michelle’s head, let it sit for ten minutes, and then they woke her up. All three women smoked while Julie and Kim pumped Michelle for all the details of the previous night. Both women took turns asking the questions and when they had heard all they wanted, they did some more programming. element Member Posts: 35 Joined: Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:48 am Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 02:38:56 No.1790 Changes up Front Michelle woke up, lit up a smoke and went to the bathroom. As she smoked and used the bathroom, she could hear tapping on a keyboard. Michelle finished her business and went on her way to find the tapping sound. As she entered the living room, she spotted Mark typing on the computer. Mark either did not notice her or did not care that she had just entered the room. She walked over to the computer and stood beside the desk. “Hey cunt, what’s up?” rolled off of Mark’s tongue without any hesitation. “Not much. Gonna look for a doctor I can go see about getting some nice big tits and maybe lips. What’s up with you sissy boy?” “Just surfing the net.” “Don’t you mean trolling the net you perv.” “Fuck bitch, don’t you just know me.” Both Michelle and Mark laughed at his last comment. “I met the real sweet girl on the net. She is coming to get me later on this afternoon. I’m hoping we can have some fun times, maybe get a second guy to join us for some bang up action. Wanna see her picture?” Michelle nodded her head yes as she exhaled a thick stream of smoke at the ceiling. Mark called up his favorites and opened the url for trailertrashlover.com “Here she is!” beamed Mark as he opened her home page. A greasy haired-shitty blond dye job, four-hundred pound women appeared on the screen. Michelle read her bio as she chained into her forth smoke of the day. “What a sack of shit. She has more hair under her arms than you do on your head. I can’t see a slit anywhere, so you should make sure you have some flour to roll her in so you can fuck the wet spot” quipped Michelle as she walked away from the monitor. Her head was starting to ache, which she took as her body telling her that she needed some more coke. “Fuck you! You just pissy because she is twice the sex goddess you are.” Michelle was headed to her room to get vial. “Whatever.” The door buzzer went off and Mark jumped out of his seat and ran to the door. Peering through the peephole, Mark saw that it was his beauty, and almost creamed his pants before he could get the door open. “You Mark” she asked as the door swung open. Before Mark even had the chance to answer, Karamel had oozed her massive frame past him and into the apartment. “Fancy place you got here. You rich or something?” “I have a decent job, and my room mate does OK for herself.” “Roommate! She’s gotta go stud, if me and the cats are gonna be livin here. You got cable, cause I ain’t gonna be missin any Mauray. Got it. Now be a doll an get me a beer?” Mark smiled as his behemoth beauty took over the couch and proceeded to scratch at some unimaginable thing that was living in her hair. Quick as he could, Mark got a beer for Karamel and then he proceeded to go to the bedroom. Michelle had heard the entire exchange coming from the living room. She resigned herself to having to find a new place to live. She only thought about her dilemma for a moment as she pulled the second spoonful of coke into her nostril. Once the coke started to work, she stopped thinking. “Coke head, I don’t know if you heard, but the lady of the house wants you gone. The sooner the better. Understand?” Michelle nodded and smiled as the spittle ran out of the corner of mouth. She packed her purse with the coke vial, her remaining cigarettes, lighter, cell phone and two soup spoons. Mark didn’t even say anything to her as she walked out the door. Michelle spent the next hour roaming the city without a care in her head. When she started to come out of her haze, she noticed that she was back in the center of town on Maple Street. Michelle dug in her purse for her phone, got it and her smokes, lit a smoke and made a call. “Hello.” “Hello Trudy, it’s me Michelle.” “Hey chickie, what cha doin? “Lookin for a party. How about you?” “I’m always up for a party. Come on by and we’ll find a good time.” Trudy hung up the phone and turned to Louis who was sitting on the couch having a grand conversation with Julie. “That was Michelle. She’s on her way” announced Trudy as she walked over to the couch and sat down beside Louis. “Once she gets here, get her coked and then work on her head. She’s primed to listen to whatever you or Trudy tells her. She has about forty-five hundred in the bank and another ten grand between her credit cards. Clean her cash out, tramp her up, then have some fun.” “No problem. How long after we finish her changes before I get her ass? “As soon as I am done with her. Don’t rush this Louis, she will be one of the best girls in your stable once we’re done.” “Good. I got me some big plans for her.” “I gotta go Louis. Enjoy your fucked toy” quipped Julie as she grabbed her smokes and headed for the front door. As Julie left, Trudy closed the apartment door and returned to the living room and sat on the couch next Louis. Louis had the thinking look on his face, so Trudy did not speak, instead she lit a smoke and the unzipped Louis’ fly and fished out his member. Louis nodded his approval, but did not speak to Trudy. “Damn you make it hard to think when you suck my cock like that.” “Mghph” was all Trudy could mumble as Louis grabbed her hair and drove her head down his shaft, only stopping when he could feel her nose on his groin. Trudy was just getting her deep throat rhythm down when Louis stopped her. “I don’t want to cum just yet you stupid cunt. I wanna save my jism to blow on her face.” Trudy sat up and licked her lips. This Michelle bitch was cutting in to her time with Louis and she was starting to get pissed. “What’s first for Michelle.” “I want her cash. We can clean out her bank account over the next couple of days and I know a guy who will max out her plastic for a small price. We need her to get her to Doc Norton and get her tits fixed and maybe some good cock sucker lips added. She needs to be branded and pierced also. When I am done with her, I her to be want the fakest, bimbo around.” Trudy listened to Louis and worked on her plan for Michelle. Michelle knocked on the door. She could hear Trudy and Louis talking through the door. Trudy opened the door and invited Michelle in. Michelle entered and as she passed Trudy, she was rewarded with a deep kiss. “Damn you got rough lips Michelle. You should get them fixed.” “Fixed? What do you mean?” ”You know, puckered up. Same as tits except lips” “Oh, I get it” replied Michelle, even though she didn’t Just then Louis walked in and smiled at Michelle. “Lookin fine Michelle. What cha gotta goin on today?” “Nothing much, just hangin with Trudy.” “You girls wanna party or stand in the hallway and talk all day?” “Party!” replied both Michelle and Trudy as the three of them went into the living room. Both Trudy and Louis worked on Michelle for the rest of the day. Michelle was fed good, barely cut coke at a steady rate, beer to help level off the coke buzz and cigarettes just to get her addicted to one more thing. Louis had learned early in his career that addiction was a pimp’s good friend. The other part of the equation was the breaking of the psyche, which was going exceptionally well. Trudy had made plans to take Michelle to the doctor first thing in the morning to get her tits enlarged and her lips filled out. Michelle was going to go from a small set of A cup tits to forty-four D’s in one leap. Michelle was so in love with the idea of big tits that she was eager to have them implanted. The lips were a bonus. By the time morning came around, Michelle hadn’t slept and she had coked her mind out of reality and into lala land. She was on her third pack of cigarettes and was coughing to match. She had called her boss overnight and left him a go fuck you message for first thing in the morning. Trudy and Louis had taken turns licking, kissing and caressing her all night. Michelle was on the verge of an orgasm all the time and was about ready to beg for mercy when Trudy stopped her fondling, got up off the couch and went over to the phone. Within five minutes Michelle had her plastic surgery appointment booked for noon. It was going to be costly for Louis, but worth the expense. Besides, the stupid cunt was going to supply him with cash and gash for the next year or two anyway. Michelle slept for about 2 hours while Louis and Trudy made their plans for Michelle. First call was to Louis’ doctor friend, Mike Norton, to get the tits and lips booked for Michelle. Mike was busy with legit customers, but when Louis offered up a fresh meat, straight of the bus, corn fed slice of goodness to break in, Mike couldn’t resist. He would work on Michelle tonight after the clinic closed for the day. The second call was to Aaron Simms, owner of the very sleazy tattoo-piercing parlor where Louis took all of his bitches to get the branded. After booking a block of time in the afternoon today and Thursday, Louis made his third to Kim, who booked her for a dye job and nails on Saturday. Trudy woke Michelle up from her sleep by placing some coke on the small coke spoon and stuffing the spoon in Michelle’s nostril. The sudden rush woke Michelle with a start and almost made her fall off of the couch. “Come on sleepy head, we got places to see, people to do.” Michelle tried to speak, but was having a difficult time sorting out her thoughts. Trudy and Louis helped Michelle out to a taxi which was waiting for them. Louis got in front with the driver, leaving Trudy in back with Michelle. “Take us to the Purple Kangaroo Tattoo Parlor.” “Sure thing buddy.” was all that the driver said as he pulled away from the curb. As they drove to the tattoo parlor, Louis noticed the driver staring at Michelle in his rear view mirror. “Like what you see?” inquired Louis. “They are both hot, but I like the look of the brunette more than the other one.” “If you like her now, you should see her in a week.” The cabbie smiled and fantasized about screwing Michelle as he drove. Five minutes later, he pulled the cab over to the curb in front of the Kangaroo Tattoo Parlor. “Make you a deal hack. You come back hear at five and take us to our next appointment, and the blond will suck you off right here and now, or you can drive us to and from our appointments over the next week, and you can fuck the brunette.” “How do I know that she’s good for a fuck”? “Reach out an grab some tit. She don’t bite you know.” The cabbie turned around in his seat and reached back and squeezed Michelle’s tit. Michelle let out a little moan and smiled. The cabbie turned back to Louis with an anxious smile on his face. “Deal. Give me your details and I will make sure you have a ride when you need it.” While Louis gave Dean the cabbie his details, Trudy unloaded Michelle from the cab and walked in the front door of the tattoo parlor with her. “Hey there Trude’s, didn’t expect to see back for more work so soon.” called Aaron as Trudy and Michelle entered. “Hey sexy, this is not for me, but rather for her. Do you have a room where we could powder our noses?” “Sure, just go over there into room 2 and lock the door. Gimme a shout when you are ready for me to come in and do whatever.” “Don’t ask me, ask Louis when he comes in.” Trudy took Michelle into room 2 and locked the door behind her. Once she had Michelle seated in the tattoo chair, she pulled out her vial of coke and small leather pouch. Trudy took a nice big hit of coke and stuffed some up Michelle’s nose. Trudy then smeared some coke on Michelle’s tongue and gums, effectively numbing them from pain. Trudy then turned her attention to the small leather pouch. She unzipped the pouch and unfolded the pouch revealing a needle, spoon, rubber hose and a small vial of heroin. Trudy dumped a small shot of heroin on the spoon and heated it up with her lighter. Once the heroin was cooked, Trudy sucked up the brown liquid into the needle and turned her attention to Michelle. “Gimme your arm” was all Trudy said to Michelle. Like a well trained animal, Michelle presented her arm to Trudy without as much as a thought about the consequences. Trudy tied off a vein and stuck Michelle with the needle. Michelle stared at the needle, but didn’t say a word as Trudy pulled some of Michelle’s blood into the needle. Once the H and the blood mixed, Trudy pushed the plunger and sent Michelle’s brain spiral into another dimension. The H numbed her brain and the coke that Trudy had smeared on her tongue and lips number her flesh. “Were ready for you Aaron” bellowed Trudy once she had cleaned up her kit. “Excellent. I spoke to Louis and he gave me the lowdown on what he wants done. “Let’s get started then.” Trudy sat in the corner and watched as Michelle had her nose, eyebrow, tongue, navel, nipples and clit hood pierced. Her ears were done seven times each and had hoops of all sizes threaded through the holes. The piercing process itself went quickly, the Michelle process was much slower going. A smoke every twenty minutes and two snorts of cocaine take time. Aaron then began on Michelle’s tattoos. He started with a property of Louise in plain black letters on Michelle’s ass followed by some barbed roses stems entwined on her right bicep. Aaron was taking a short break to get some head from Trudy when Louis announced that they had to leave. Trudy finished blowing Aaron and began collecting Michelle. Louis spoke with Aaron and arranged to bring Michelle back next week for her finishing touches. Trudy and Michelle got in the back seat of the waiting cab while Louis got in the front seat. “I like what I see. Is this what you meant by wait until next week” ask the cabbie. “Hello no! Take us to 69 Pleasant street.” replied Louis with a slight laugh. “Ain’t that the plastics place that the rich bitches go to make themselves look less wrinkly?” “And to grow tits and cock-sucker lips” The cabbie looked at Michelle in his rearview mirror. She was sitting talking to the other bitch and smoking up a storm. Every third or fourth word, he caught a glimpse of her shiny tongue stud, and his mind sent messages to his cock, which was getting harder by the minute. After short drive they arrived at the clinic. Trudy helped Michelle get out of the car while Louis spoke with the driver. Finally after what seemed like forever, Louis exited the car. “Get back in and go home Trudy, no need for us both to be here while she get done.” Trudy nodded her acknowledgement and got back in the cab. Louis helped steady Michelle as she teetered down the sidewalk and into the clinic. “How ya doin Mike. Here is my latest conquest, a slice of corn fed goodness fresh from a life of joy and happiness in yuppie land” Mike looked Michelle over from top to bottom. Her lips were small and could stand to be plumped up, and her tits were incredibly small for her frame. Without taking any measurements, Mike figured that she could easily be a D-cup. “Any ideas on what you want done Louis?” “She needs huge ass titties and some good cock-sucker lips. I’m thinking at least double D tits. She’s gonna go work in the movies for a while. Can you fix her legs so she needs heels all the time? “ I can fix her lips no sweat. Her tits should go to a D cup, and I can cut her Achilles tendon down, but she’ll be off her feet for a week” replied Mike as he started making the mental notes on where to nip and tuck and where to add some body to Michelle. Louis thought about his options for all of 1/8 of a second “Do her up” “Come back in a five or six hours, and bring me my payment.” “No prob” was all Louis said as he walked out the door smiling to himself. To be continued… …sadly never was.  
  20. Changing The Balance [Attribute Transfer / BE / WG/ Other] This is an old story that I stumbled across while looking for places things I lost when my archive drive crashed might still live. I didn't see it here, and I figured people would enjoy it. I've given it only the most cursory edit, apologies for any errors. Changing The Balance Saundra and Sidney Larson lived average lives. Born as identical twins, they'd grown to age seventeen in much the same way. 5'4" in height, medium length brown hair, neither slender nor heavy, with emerging curves but nothing extraordinary. Both wore glasses though their light prescriptions allowed them do do most things without… reading the blackboard in class or driving required they don their moderately fashionable frames. Their parent's lived in an average suburban home, made decent enough money to keep their daughters in fresh new clothes, but hardly on the cutting edge of fashion. At school, they held slightly above average grades, mostly Bs and Cs, with the occasional A… or the occasional D. They dated infrequently, had crushes without finding deep loves, had few friendships, though what friends they had were close. Yet no matter how you viewed their lives, at the end of any examination, they proved to be unremarkable in any way. That, however, was about to change. "Do you have it Sid?" Saundra asked her sister. "I do," her twin replied taking an ancient scroll from her book bag. "Are you sure about this though?" "Yes. Sidney, we'll be seniors next year… then off to college if we can make it there… I don't think either of us will get many scholarships though. Within a year or two, most anyone from high school will have forgotten us. We'll lead quiet lives like mom and dad do… no one will know who we are or remember us when we're out of sight. I don't want to spend my life being 'that girl down in accounting… the one with the brown hair and the glasses… what's her name?' I want more than that. And I want more than that for my sister too." "But… this… are you really sure?" "Yes, I am." "Maybe we should flip a coin or something," Sidney said nervously. "I know you said you were willing to take the 'short end' on this…. but I don't feel right with you volunteering like that. It could be either of us… it could be me, it doesn't have to be you." Saundra sighed, but she couldn't blame her sister. All things being equal, as right now they were, it could be either of them. So, she reached into the pocket of her size eight jeans and produced a quarter, spinning it in the air and catching it on the back of her hand and covering it instantly. "Heads you win, tails I do… ready?" Seeing Sidney nod, Saundra looked under her hand at the coin and sighed again. "There, you win by coin toss," she said setting the coin aside. "Now, can I have the scroll?" Content with he sister's toss, Sidney handed over the scroll she'd brought home from the old crone's cart at the market. A week ago when the crone had offered them a chance to change everything they'd been nervous and too scared to buy the magic scroll. Today, they'd found their courage, and they were ready. Unrolling the worn parchment, Saundra began to read aloud from the scroll. "Twins we are and twins we shall be. All things balanced for all the world to see. Let the balance be shifted, Let both become gifted, For everything we will share, Our gifts to move from here to there, All things we have to measure, To become our greatest treasure, A new balance to make, A new road to take." Between them, a glowing set of scales appeared, each side of the scales covered in golden coins. The scales lay perfectly balanced, neither side heavier than the other, waiting for the twins to make a change. "So, now what do we do?" Sidney asked. "Now, we move things… but before we end the spell, we have to balance the scales. You can't have more than me, and I can't have more than you… but we'll be different." "What should we do first then?" "Well… it's like we talked about… one of us will be the beauty, and the other will be the brain. Since you won the coin toss, you get to be the beauty. Here, I'll do the hard part first." Slowly, with the slightest tremble in her hand, Saundra reached for one of the coins on the scale and thought about her modest breasts. A B-cup wasn't exactly small, but neither did it draw attention. But, for Sidney, who also wore a B-cup, was about to gain much more. Picking up the coin, she placed it on her sisters side of the scale and watched as it tipped ever so slightly to one side. Sidney gasped as she felt a swelling in her chest as her breasts grew larger. It took only a moment, but in that moment, her bra changed from the lightly supporting lace bra she'd been wearing, to a heavier full coverage bra, one that supported her D-cup breasts much better than her other bra could have. Meanwhile, across the scales from her, Saundra's bra disappeared entirely as her bust shrank to almost nonexistent, barely more than the buds under her nipples. "Oh my god… it really works… My turn then, what should I give you to balance it?" "Don't yet," Saundra said quickly. "I think it will be easier if we do my half first, then balance from your half. My half is the easy part anyway. Here," she said reaching for another coin and thinking of weight. This one was somewhat trickier as she thought about both her weight and her sisters… moving slenderness from her side, and picking up a coin from her sister's side and depositing it on her own to complete the process. Sidney looked down at herself in amazement as she began to… shrink in a sense. Weight melted off of her as she went from size eight to size three in moments, though some how, she knew that in the right brand of jeans, she could wear a size one or zero…. Meanwhile, Saundra tried not to think about how hard it was to find something that looked good in a size fourteen and tried not to think too much about the numbers the scale in the bathroom would show if she dared step on it again. Picking up another of Sidney's coins, Saundra found her glasses becoming thicker even as her sisters vanished entirely, revealing the sparkling brown eyes so few people had seen past the distraction of her glasses. Gaining confidence in the process, Saundra began moving coins more quickly as her sister gained four inches of her height, making her 5'8" while Saundra herself shrank to an even 5'. More adjustments flowed, taking some 'negative' traits from her sister and replacing them with 'positive' until it left Sidney a radiant beauty with a face that could grace the cover of a magazine, and a body that could model the skimpiest of swim wear. The glowing scales between them lay heavy on Sidney's side, and woefully light on Saundra's. "I never imagined," Sidney said staring at her reflection in the room's mirror. "That this could be me." Her hands moved from her full breasts to her trim waist, tracing elegant fingers down her long legs. "But now, sister dear, it's my turn." Sitting back down before the scales, Sidney began to move coins. Discipline, focus, creativity and resourcefulness were amongst the first to move as she began to re-balance the scales. More she moved, drawing on her artistic abilities, her musical skills, everything she moved to her sister, trying to balance the scales of the tremendous gift she'd been given. Finally, with her hand on the last coin, she thought about intelligence… and placed it on her sister's side. On the wall, next to the cheerleading trophies that had appeared with Sidney's name, new certificates appeared, honor roll, academic merit awards…. and on the desk, scholarship applications and college brochures. Saundra smiled as she felt herself becoming more clever, felt her mind sharpening. Then her smile froze for the scales had stopped moving, and still sat heavily on her sister's side. "Saundra… I…" Sidney began. She'd been given so much…. and she wanted so badly to make it up to her sister, to give her enough in exchange to restore the balance between them. But her mind, now much diminished from even the average intelligence it had once boasted, gave her no answers. "It's okay Sidney," Saundra said to her sister. "You have everything I could give you, and I want you to have it all. If it makes you greater than me, than it's okay. We'll see if the spell will let us end it, even with the scales unbalanced." "No, wait," Sidney said as her eyes fell on a coin she'd some how missed. A coin that her sister had tossed in the beginning. Thinking only of her desire to make things up to her sister, she placed the coin on Saundra's side… and watched the scales tip to perfect balance, then dissolve into tiny motes of light. "What," Saundra said slowly. "What was that?" "Love…." Sidney said with the faintest glimmer of a tear in her eye. Epilogue. At the end of their senior year, Saundra accepted a full ride scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley. Part of that, she admitted, was so she could care for her sister. While Sidney had become an amazing beauty, she was something of a ditz and would often forget important things… like paying her bills, or where she'd parked at the mall. But, Sidney had signed a multi-million dollar modeling contract with an agency in Los Angeles, and Saundra managed both her career and her money for her, which left Sidney free to enjoy things like parties… and boys. In the end though, it was Saundra, not Sidney who married the man of their dreams… the tall, rugged foot ball player she'd met at one of Sidney's many famous parties… a man who wasn't interested in looks as much as he was interested in… Love.  
  21. Scientific Desire by entrancetime (Breast Expansion with a twist, HU) This is my first shot at a story. I don't really do any creative writing so bare with me. Let me know what you think (and if there are any typos I need to fix)! I updated the story. I didn't change the setup part by I condensed the transformation so that it flows better. Scientific Desire By entrancetime Part 1 Anna Willington loved science. She had always loved it even as a young girl. Her wealthy parents had nurtured her love of the subject by sending her to science camps and schools dedicated to the field – money was no object. In college, Anna decided to focus on molecular biology since she found the structures that formed the basis of life fascinating. It was during this time that she met her friend Selena. Selena and Anna, despite being friends, were very different. Selena had always been the athletic girl with a boyfriend. She was 5 ft 8 with raven colored hair, a deep tan, athletic build, and a big chest. Selena turned heads with her pair of perky 34dd breasts. Not only were her breasts big and incredibly firm but they were nearly perfectly round. Selena made girls with artificial breasts envious. On the other hand, Anna was the nerd who stayed in the lab. She was 5 ft 2, with light brown hair, pale skin, glasses and a slender build. She had small b cup breasts. It was seemingly mere luck that the two even met. Anna met Selena in a cooking class during college. Anna had to take an elective and decided that cooking would be a useful skill after graduating. Selena had taken it because her boyfriend, John, thought it would improve her abysmal cooking skills. Like all of Anna’s classes, she quickly became the superstar. Selena struggled with the dishes presented during the class and so Anna took it upon herself to help Selena. The two girls bonded over each dish throughout the semester and thus a friendship was born. After college, Anna was immediately hired by the federal government to work in a top secret military research and development facility – quite the accomplishment for a 22 year old. She moved into a giant house in Northern Virginia (paid for by her parents). Selena ended up being hired to work as a pharmaceutical saleswoman for a major drug company also located in Northern Virginia. Anna figured that this would be a perfect opportunity for the two to live together. The only contingent for Selena was that John, her boyfriend, could move in with them. John was a nice guy who adored Selena, especially her body. . John himself was gifted in the body department. He hosted a muscular physique and rugged good looks. Anna didn’t mind John was moving in. She was mesmerized by the dynamic between the John and Selena. The animal attraction was palpable. Selena often teased John by wearing tight sweaters (without a bra) and low cut blouses showing off the size and shape of her beautiful boobs. Deep down, Anna felt a hint of jealousy every time Selena walked by in a bathrobe or in lingerie after a late night sex session with John. One night, Anna overheard John mentioning how much he loved Selena’s perfect breasts, so big and firm. He especially loved their shape; they were so round. Selena’s breasts were so round, wide, and firm that they seemed to defy gravity. Due to their roundness, Selena’s breasts barely had any space between; they nearly touched. For John, this meant they were perfect for tit-fucking; Selena didn’t even have to use her hands when tit-fucking John. Selena loved her breasts. Oftentimes, after showering, Selena would walk in front of her full length mirror to marvel at them. From the front, they were wide and sat high on her chest with her nipples perfectly placed right in the middle of each breast. Selena would then turn to see each globe from the side. Her glorious grapefruit sized breasts were nearly perfectly spherically. She would stare at them lovingly, then grasp them, feeling their firmness, thinking how lucky she was to have such a set of boobs. However, from time to time, while looking at them in the mirror, she would wonder what it would be like to have even larger breasts - truly massive ones. She would hold her hands a few inches in front of each breast imagining that she had cantaloupe sized and shaped breasts that would overflow her hands. Quickly she would get this thought out her head – feeling embarrassed by her greed. Anna was enjoying her new job. However, she knew there were bigger and better things going on in the facility. Rumor had it that the restricted area at the end of the hall on her floor had some new weapon that was being developed. It was driving her crazy that she couldn’t see what was in that room. Then one day she decided to make her move. Anna had noticed that every time her supervisor Harvey, went to the bathroom, he left his ID on his desk. “Well”, Harvey said, “Gotta go take a leak. Be back in a minute.” “No problem Harvey, I can man the fort here until you get back” replied Anna. With that, Harvey left and Anna quickly retrieved the ID on the desk and went straight to the restricted area. She opened the door to see a large machine. The machine looked like a large box with a crane on the front of it. However, as she drew closer, she realized that the crane had a laser attached to the front of it. Anna quickly read over the documents, which showed the schematics of the machine as well as the purpose of it. Apparently, the government was attempting to create super soldiers using the machine. However, the testing had been unsuccessful. Anna quickly made copies of the documents and went back to her office, dropping the ID off right where Harvey had left it. Over the next few months, Anna began building a replica of the machine in the basement of her palatial house with her own improvements. Selena and John were curious about what was going on in the basement night after night but Anna wouldn’t say. Furthering their suspicions, Anna always kept the door locked. After many days, the machine was finally ready. It looked exactly like the military’s version except that it was slightly smaller; Anna was convinced it would work. She thought to herself, “Now I need a test subject. I guess I’ll just have to do.” She stood in front of the machine and hit the remote control. The laser fired on Anna and then quickly stopped. Anna quickly went to a mirror to see if she looked any different. She didn’t. And she didn’t feel any different either. The next morning she woke up feeling strange. That night she had vivid sexual dreams about Selena and John. Anna had always been a little attracted to both of them but never had a dream like this before. As the week wore on, the dreams became more intense and Anna starting feeling intense jealousy about Selena’s big round chest. Eventually, Anna was consumed with jealousy and lust. Anna furiously worked on the machine. It seemed her jealousy and sexual desire fueled her work. She made all sorts of changes until it was finally ready late one night. Anna invited Selena and John to stay in and eat dinner with her. Anna was going to cook up something special for the two of them. Anna said it was for celebrating a “big accomplishment.” After the dinner, Selena asked “Thanks for the great meal, Anna. What was the big accomplishment we are celebrating.” Anna replied, “You are about to find out.” And with that Selena and John fell unconscious. *** Selena opens her eyes slowly to find that she can’t move her arms or legs. She has been tied with her arms spread and attached to the ceiling. Her legs are spread and with chains attached from her ankles to her floor. The position of her arms and legs make her look like the letter X. Selena is cold and notices that she is totally naked, except for her socks, with a strange crane like machine in front of her about 15 ft away inside the dimly lit room. All of a sudden, the machine starts making a whirring sound. Selena struggles to break free but it is no use. The crane part of the machine starts to glow red and then fires directly at Selena who closes her eyes. As she opens her eyes the lights come on in the room. From behind the machine steps Anna. “Hello, Selena”, Anna says sinisterly, “How are you feeling?” “What’s going on?” replies Selena nervously. “Oh, just getting some measurements. You know Selena, I’ve always thought you were gorgeous but I wanted to see it in numbers. Let’s see, height – 5 ft 8, weight - 120 lbs, waist - 24 inches, breasts - 34DD, breast type - round and wide globe shape with breast mass evenly distributed, breast consistency - very firm, areola size - ¾ inch diameter, areola type – flat, nipples -1/8 of an inch erect, shoe size - 7. Now that we have those measurements in, let me drink you in.” With her eyes hypnotized by Selena’s breasts, Anna walks forward slowly. “Wow, these are exquisite” Anna says cupping Selena’s breasts. “You know, John must really love these tits. Anna says as she lightly caresses her big full breasts. “I bet he just loves how they almost touch due their roundness. Oh and are they firm. So much firmer than I ever imagined. They feel like the fully ripened flesh of a melon. Must be great for titfucking” Selena looks at Anna blankly as Anna moves away from the scared girl. “Now how about we soften up these big firm melons so we can get to work?” says Anna menacingly. “What is phase 2?” Selena says, her voice shaking. “Just watch. Or better yet feel.” Anna hits the remote control and the familiar whirring of the machine begins. This time a green glow comes from the laser. It fires and hits Selena directly in her glorious chest. A green glow surrounds each of Selena’s breasts. Selena feels a pleasing warmth shoot through her large mounds. Selena watches as her breasts vibrate ever so slightly as the laser beam hits her big chest. The green beam light intensifies as the warmth increases in her breasts. “Feels good doesn’t it? Don’t close those eyes. Keep watching those big firm tits” Selena notices that her breasts quiver more and more as the beam brightens. “That’s it, soften for me big girls so I can reward you” says Anna. Selena can feel her breasts becoming less firm with every second. “Don’t take the firmness from my tits” screams Selena, watching her big tits jiggle and bounce. “I don’t want saggy breasts. I want them to stay perky!” screams Selena. “Who said anything about making your tits saggy? When I’m done, your tits will be perkier than you can ever imagine” replies Anna. The laser becomes blindingly bright. Selena feels a final surge of heat in her breasts. Suddenly, the laser stops and Selena sees the room in a haze. When the haze clears, Selena looks down at her breasts and is relieved to see that they are still their wonderful round shape and full size. She also notices that a clear sheet of plastic about the size of a riot shield is positioned a foot away from the end of Selena’s nipples. Anna moves away from the machine and towards Anna. She slides between the plastic sheet and Selena’s breasts, and then squats slightly so that her face is about an inch way from Selena’s left breast. “Lovely” as Anna speaks, her breath causes Selena’s breast to wobble in and out and up and down like gelatin. “You must be wondering what that plastic is behind me. Let’s just stay it will help me measure my work and hopefully prevent me from overdoing things. Now, it’s time for me to take the hands on approach.” Anna slides out from in-between Selena’s breasts and the sheet and moves around out of sight from Selena. Selena gasps as Anna grabs her breasts from behind. Selena can’t believe how good Anna’s hands feel. She immediately notices that Anna’s hands are in a strange position on Selena’s breasts. Anna has cupped her hands in the shape of a C around each breast; however, Anna’s palms are on the outer side of each breast with her fingers on top and thumbs on the bottom of each breast. It’s as if Anna, is holding a pair of binoculars, extremely large binoculars. “Get ready for some fun, Ms. Round Tits.” Anna slowly begins to stroke Selena’s breasts with her hands. Selena feels pleasure flow through her breasts. Anna strokes Selena’s tits slightly down and significantly out with her fingers while her thumbs only stroke outward. Anna’s fingers and thumbs meet at Selena’s nipples with every stroke. “Down and Out. Down and Out,” Anna says to herself, as her fingers and thumbs knead the proud grapefruit-like mammaries. Selena closes her eyes savoring the feeling of Anna’s nimble hands. Suddenly, Selena feels a delightful pressure concentrate in the front of her breasts; it builds rapidly. “Ooh” squeals Selena in delight. The pace of her breath quickens. Take a look at your big tits” commands Anna. Selena opens her eyes to see that her breasts aren’t quite as round. Her breasts are bulging forward so that her nipples are further away from her body “My breasts…ahh…look…oohhh…longer” Selena can barely get the words out as her breasts lengthen slowly towards the plastic sheet. “What are you…ooohh…doing to my tits? Stop…please…Stop!” whispers Selena weakly, as she is begins to be overcome by the pleasurable pressure in her breasts. “Giving you your deepest desire. I know you want huge tits, Selena. Huge cantaloupe sized and shaped tits. You want them to overflow your hands, don’t you Selena? Well, I’m going to give you exactly what you want…well, almost exactly” says Anna. “Down and Out, Selena. Focus on my words. Down and Out.” Anna keeps repeating the words as Selena’s breasts elongate further – unstoppably, moving toward the plastic sheet in front of them. The roundness of Selena’s breasts diminishes faster and faster as Anna increases the pace of her stroking. The tops of Anna’s breasts now slope very slightly downward. “That’s it. Grow for me my babies.” says Anna. Selena moans with pleasure as her breasts surge forward – her nipples now less than 3 inches away from the plastic sheet. As Selena’s breasts lengthen, the formerly small gap in-between Anna’s tits has widens significantly. Selena’s tits are no longer wide and round but are shaped like two huge canisters. “Oh God, my tits feel incredible!” screams Selena. She is now totally under Anna’s control. “Now let’s make these big tits fuller” says Anna. As Anna speaks, the underside middle part of Selena’s torpedo breasts inflate rapidly, filling up like water balloons. Selena can feel her tits becoming fuller. “My tits…AHH…feel so BIG. Make them…OOH…bigger Anna! I want the biggest tits in the world!” yells Selena. Anna strokes Selena’s long full tits harder and faster. The underside of Selena’s breasts curve down further with their added size and then arch back up to the nipples. Selena’s nipples brush the sheet. “YES!!! Bigger, Longer, Fuller!” screams Selena closing in on an orgasm. “Of course. We can get past this sheet, no problem.” Anna pulls the ends of Selena’s tits apart separating them from each other so that she can stroke each breast around the plastic sheet, giving them more space to grow. Anna furiously strokes each tit out towards the sides of the room. Selena’s breasts now extend 3 inches past the sheet. The undersides of Selena’s breasts are titanic. They look like they are in the shape of two huge fat bananas, except that the tops of her tits do not curve down as drastically. Her nipples arch toward the ceiling. “So close now, Selena, you are going to have the most exquisite banana tits of all time.” As Anna finishes speaking, Selena’s breasts regain their previous firmness. Selena feels an explosive orgasm concentrated in her huge tits. “AHHHHHHHH” screams Selena passing out from the pleasure. Anna leaves the room. Anna awakens slowly. As her everything comes into focus, she can’t believe her eyes. Her formerly perfect round globes now look like two huge fat bananas; much larger than her previous orb like 34DDD. Her breasts look like they are from the 1950s The tops of her breasts arch down slightly towards the middle and then gradually slope up with two small nipples at each end curving upward. “What did you do to my tits? What will John think - he loves my round tits” says Selena. Anna looks at Selena with a sinister grin. “Oh John will see. But it doesn’t much matter what he thinks. They are much better now. I love them. A classic look. I’d say your tits arch and extend out from your body about two feet now, wouldn’t you say? Look at the sheer size of them. They are incredible. You couldn’t ask for perkier, more sensitive tits.” With that, Anna quickly squeezes the ends of Anna’s breasts. They wobble ferociously as Selena has another intense orgasm. “Now let’s do something with those flat small pink nipples. They need to match your new and improved breasts.” “My nipples!” yells Selena. “Don’t do anything to them. They are perfect!” “Just wait. They’ll be way sexier when I’m done with them” responds Anna. With that, Anna moves back behind Selena and extends her arms out as far in front of Selena’s body as she can so that she can put her hands right behind Anna’s nipples. She makes circles with her thumb and index finger of each hand and slides them up about two inches behind each small pink areola. Slowing Anna constricts each circle formed by her fingers and then loosens them. Selena feels the pressure and pleasure rise and fall behind each of her areolas. At first, each squeeze merely causes Selena’s areolas to puff up and widen and then return to their former size. Then slowly, each areola begins to retain some of the puffiness as some of the fat at the end of each of Selena’s banana tits moves into her areolas. Selena feels pleasure from the increasing fullness of her nipples and areolas. Each squeeze makes her areolas puff out and widen more. Half an inch…one inch…1.5 inches. Selena’s areolas look like marshmallows expanding in the microwave. The pleasure behind Selena’s areolas is unbearable. Selena squeals in delight as she watches her two formerly small and flat areolas gradually turn into two miniature big top circus tents. Finally, as her puffy areolas expand to 3 inches in length and width, she has an earth-shattering orgasm. Anna stops. Moves back in front of Anna and pauses. “Alright, now let’s get John” says Anna. “I want him to see my work. He needs to see his new and improved girlfriend. And then it is his turn.” With that Anna walks out of the room….  
  22. Goddess of power and change (FMG, BE, MC, ugly) Anonymous 01/23/17 (Mon) 12:23:02 No.1863 Goddess of power and change (FMG, BE, MC, ugly) First story! Feel free to point out any mistake/ issue: Prologue: Kashmir, 1241 A.D. The priestess entered the temple, knowing she was now a priestess only by name: the invaders were currently ransacking the city, and most of her followers were dead, with barabarians only minutes from her. She was wearing an ill-fitting, heavy chainmail, dragging a giant sword behind. She knew the sword would be little help in her current state, as she was about to be savagely raped or killed… unless her Goddess heard her call. She climbed the stairs to the statue of Kali, and tossed the sword on the side, sighing from the effort. She took one last look at the scary statue, with its eyes seemingly staring at her, and then prepared to give away her life, an ultimate sacrifice to her people. She began the forbidden prayer: Goddess Kali, consort of Supreme God Shiva! Goddess of power and change! Grant me the form I most desire, so I can strike my enemies and reconquer my land! Her heart almost exploding, the priestess stood for a few seconds, fearing she had angered the gods, a fate even more terrible than her impending doom. However, when a sudden jolt ran through her body and paralysed her, she knew she was granted an audience with the Goddess. First, the statue's eyes started to glow and blink, then its dark skin lost its stone texture and became real skin. Now that it was an incarnation of the goddess, the statue walked down from her pedestal, and grabbed the priestess's arms and waist with its four arms. As the entire statue started to radiate a blinding light, the priestess screamed as an intense pain penetrated her entire body. First, all her bones thickened and stretched, until she was taller and larger than any man on earth. Then, she felt her body gaining in power: all her muscles started bulging until the armor intended for a man became too tight. Her once thin waist ballooned with giant abs and a thick layer of fat, the best natural protection for combat. Even her helmet was now too small. Once the change was complete, the statue let go of the new born creature, and lost its supernatural glow. As for the former priestess, she had entered state of shock, staring at her thick hands and trying to cope with the alien thoughts invading her mind: all the years she had spent worshipping the gods and learning the holy texts were now a distant memory. She instead felt pure rage, and only wanted to grab the sword and spill the blood of her ennemies. However, she quickly remembered her immediate duties and kneeled to the statue. Goddess, I thank you for granting me this form, and promise to use it to serve you till the end of my life. she had almost stuttered as she realized how gravelly her voice had become. Still panicked, her expression softened a bit when she felt a statue's hand lifting her chin, and saw the loving expression on the its face. You served me well for many years, my dear subject, and your wish was a final act of devotion to your gods and your people. You truly deserved to receive my gift. Despite these kind words, the former priestess lowered her head in shame, once again paralyzed by fear. My apologies, Goddess. In my haste, I couldn't prepare any offering. Forgive me! You of all people should know worship is all I demand from my followers. Now go! Our enemies are already invading this sacred place! Just as the Goddess spoke those words, two soldiers armed with lances stormed the room. The woman who had become the ultimate warrior quickly grabbed her weapon, ran down the stairs and swiped the sword at her assailants. Despite a simultaneous attack, both soliders got their weapons knocked off their hands when they met with the sword. They just stood with their dropped jaws and eyes agape as the second sword strike decapitated them. There was nothing gracious or skilled about the way she moved. It was just the most natural, efficient way of killing her foes. As she prepared to exit the temple, she shuddered as she glimpsed at her face on a nearby mirror: she was covered in blood and now had the face of a demon, an ugly abomination that would instill fear and disgut in any adversary. This form was truly perfect to defeat anyone. As she tossed away her former life and ran screaming to the outside, the statue stepped back to its original place. However, a sad expression remained on its face as Kali knew her favorite servant would soon die, eventually overwhelmed by the army rampaging her land… To be continued in present time Anonymous 01/23/17 (Mon) 12:23:30 No.1864 Chapter 1: bad intentions U.S. Trinity College, present time Err, Sydney, I already told you, it's really tight, you're hurting my… OWW! By now, I thought you would know your place, slave. And how many times did I tell you to call me Mistress! Indeed, Nigel had half expected a reprimand. But the sudden kick on his back, and the heel now digging in it as he was face down on the floor, was a painful development in their usual routine. Some background information was necessary to understand Nigel Bailey's current situation. Sydney Fox had become a media sensation in the 90's, an unorthodox, sexy archeology teacher who often used unusual methods with her students. Her risqué reenactments of exotic dances, and frequent leaves for dangerous expeditions had more than once made the university consider firing her. Fortunately, all this also brought a welcome attention from the public, securing her position at the university and a steady stream of money. When Nigel had first heard of her, he had fallen in love with her, and was overjoyed when the university offered him a position as her assistant. For years, he followed her around the world, coping with her incessant preposterous demands and humiliations. However, he had quickly realized she wasn't just bossy and capricious. She was way, way into BDSM… as a dominatrix. As their relationship gradually shifted from professional to personal, they started forming a top/bottom bond: Nigel quickly became known as a wimp in the university, and in private, they started living together… or in the same house anyway. As soon as they were home, Nigel would put one of historical male slave outfits from Sydney's collection, which had grown quite large over the years, and act as one for the rest of the day. While he was not totally content with this routine, he accepted it for Sydney, who he still deeply admired. However, the couple of explorers had gone downhill in recent years. The time and expeditions had finally taken their toll on Sydney's beautiful face, and the media had grown tired of her antics. While they were still employed by the university, they had not been able to secure the fundings for an expedition in a long time. And this greatly displeased Sydney, who had become accustomed to the admiration of her students… and jealousy of her peers. As for Nigel, he had managed to negotiate a role reversal once in a while, but that was a thing of the past too. He had started to question his feelings, and resent Sydney for dragging his career down. Actually, he knew full well Sydney was growing more sadistic as their fame faded. And today's session only confirmed Nigel's doubts. He was lying on the floor of the living room, wearing a heavy, worn out outfit mostly made of smelly leather strips, held by iron parts. The outfit was too small and digging in his skin and his crotch, shackles held his hands in his back, and a giant collar with a chain linked to his torso was designed to prevent him from standing up. Sydney, on the other side, was wearing her favorite black leather outfit: a strapless corset with a front zipper and a few buckles along the waist, a leather string, long gloves, and laced boots with painfully pointy 5'' heels. Despite now being in her 40s, she had kept a nice figure. A little help from the waist belts gave her killer curves, her long hair was flowing on her naked shoulders, and the corset pushed her breasts up to show a fair amount of cleavage. And Nigel could only watch as the woman of his dreams was trampling him. …yes, Mistress. Could you please at least tell me what kind of outfit it is? She lied down on him, pressing her breasts against his back, for the sole purpose of building his frustration. She whispered in his ear: This is a rare lower caste slave outfit from the ottoman empire. They were worn by special slaves called the Alm'kul, raised for the sole purpose of being humiliated. They were first taken from the slums as babies, and given a decent living and education to become a servant. Then, when they reached 10 years old, they were castrated and tortured until their mind broke. They would spend the rest of their lives as servants, sexual slaves or just toys, at the discretion of their owners. They might have been the most pathetic men on earth! She stood up making sure her knee took support on his back, and pulled on his collar to force him to stand on his knees. She circled him running her finger on his sweaty face. you have no idea how much time and money I spent to find an authentic one. And from the account that came with it, its previous owner had a long, terrible life of abuse and torture. And this, my little assistant, is about to become your life! what!? That's how you spent my last savings in the past months? I trusted you because you told me you were on to something big, but that does it, I'm done with you! Untie me! Now! Nigel surprised himself with his recent outburst. However, while he was hoping for Sydney to listen to him, he was preparing for her retaliation. But instead, she was looking at him intensely, visually aroused and with a large grin on her face. Oh, don't worry. Once you become my Alm'kul, all your complains will vanish. And you'll be too busy serving me anyway! This last sentence made Nigel's heart sink. Had she finally lost it? Was she going to castrate him here and now? He was definitely starting to fear the worst, and the fact that she had started a weird dance, singing a vaguely indian prayer didn't help. Out of despair, he tried to wriggle out of the medieval torture device. Sydney! Mistress! Please! I'll do anything you want from now! I beg you! I… UHNNG! WHAT… THE HELL? He had suddenly found himself unable to move and in great pain. Had he been drugged, or hit by a tazer? Sydney, on the other hand, was ecstatic. YES! IT WORKED! I hope you enjoyed our little sessions, because you'll be living one from now till you die! Ah ah ah! he still hoped to get out this situation in one piece, but the next turn of events made Nigel finally snap: a glowing figure started materializing out of nowhere between them, from which four limbs extended and grabbed him. Next, a blinding light invaded the room, and the pain in his entire body turned into a warm, enjoyable feeling. While he was still hysterical, he felt an immense rush of power hit him, and pain returned, but this time from the outfit! It was gradually becoming too small, with the leather burning his skin as he couldn't stop shaking. Fortunately, the worn out strips quickly snapped one after another, ultimately freeing him. Even the rusted shackles eventually opened under the pressure of his thickening wrists. After this supernatural transformation, the last change healed Nigel's damaged mind: he felt his sanity return, and amazingly, he was starting to understand the situation. New knowledge was settling in his head, and the words spoken earlier were starting to make sense: it was a prayer, a wish to reward years of worship to a goddess. And this goddess was currently standing in front of him. …Goddess Kali, consort of Supreme God Shiva. Goddess of power and change. And suddenly, the blinding light vanished. Nigel stood up, tossed away the slave outfit now in tatters, and started exploring his new body. He felt… great. One look at his arms and chest, and he knew he was ripped, as if all the years of training had finally paid off. Any movement made him feel muscles in places he hadn't suspected. And one look at the full-length mirror in the room showed him his new body in all its glory: it was not bloated as a bodybuilder's would be, but had retained a delicate quality despite the visible muscles. His face now sported a square jaw and expressed power and self confidence. He was any woman's dream. When his eyes finally met with Sydney's, he surprised himself having to look down. And he realized she looked like she was about to explode. NO! You were supposed to become my slave, not some beefcake! What did this second-rate goddess do? Wait, wait just… sit down, maybe I missed something… there's gotta be a way to fix this. Of course, he had no intention of obeying her. He was actually trying his best not to slap her, but there were more pressing matters. Ahem, Sydney? I think you should show more respect for our guest. Indeed, another woman was now in the room. She clearly had an Indian origin, was quite short, rather unattractive and was wearing a tailored business suit. She would have been plain looking were it not for two important details: she had four arms and her skin was a light shade of blue. Visibly angry, she started speaking to her summoner with a strong indian accent. What is the meaning of this? First, you don't prepare an avatar and make me come in person, and then you force my gift on someone else? I should have known something was amiss when I heard your prayer coming from this side of earth. and assuming Goddess Kali's gift transforms the followers to fit the clothes they wear? Only a beginner could make that mistake! Our Goddess listens to our desires! Nigel paused to reflect on his sudden quip. Before, he wouldn't have dared interrupting someone, a Goddess less so. And why did he express so much respect towards her? How did he know so much about Hinduism? Actually, he knew all there was to know about religions, or past civilizations. He had become the archaeologist he always wanted to be. Kali stared at him for an instant, and seemed to calm down. …well, maybe you'll be worth my time after all. You Americans are known for your wealth, where is your offering? The gravity of the situation was beginning to dawn on Sydney. All this had begun as a twisted fantasy, but the being standing in front of her, despite her modest appearance, had an aura that made her skin crawl, and definitely represented a force not to trifle with. She did her best to conceal her anger, and handed a large pouch to the Goddess. It contained many relics, some bought, some stolen. While attempting to sell them would have only awarded a few years in prison, they still had an important historical and material value. But far from appeasing the Goddess, the offering threw her into a rage. Her face was more distorted than humanly possible, and an invisible force made the pouch fly from Sydney's hands. You wretch! What good are these trinkets! Do you expect me to sell them on the street! Haven't you heard of paper bills! Her eyes sparked, and the dominatrix found herself pinned to the ground, in great pain and unable to move. I should turn you into a pig! Or break your body in a thousand pieces, and reassemble them in ways you cannot imagine! But instead of executing her threat, she took a few breaths and regained her composure: …but times have changed. Even unwillingly, I still gained a follower, and your foolish stunt might give me an opportunity to penetrate the American market. Despite his newfound knowledge, Nigel had trouble making sense of this. While he was struggling to fit in his sweatpants (and discovering the new size of his private parts), he felt he had to question her: Pardon me Goddess Kali, but what do you mean by market? Well, as I said times have changed. The Gods have had trouble adjusting to the modern times, but now we have a solid operation going. We are building a strong network across Asia but we still have… trouble with this internet thing. And being summoned here was certainly a first. Others members of my family would not have tolerated this botched prayer. She started running her hands on his strong torso: So what do say, my newest disciple? I forgive this blasphemy, and you in exchange help me spread my word on this continent? The sole contact of her hand made him aroused. She was a Goddess, she had gifted him with power and knowledge, and now she entrusted him with a mission. The visible bliss on his face spoke for him. Kali smiled for a moment, then frowned at Sydney. Of course, I still have to punish this infidel. We crafted special punishments for people like her, but this too is out of fashion I guess? I'm feeling generous, and you'll need a servant for your duties. So, as you humans say, an eye for an eye? I'll turn her into what YOU desire most! Still unable to speak or move, Sidney opened her eyes wide. She had risked and lost everything trying to strip a man from his strength, sanity and free will. And her fate was to be decided by this man, now blessed by a Goddess. It's settled then. I see you had a change of heart from the recent events. Still rather indulgent, but appropriate… She gave him a gentle kiss. Remember, Nigel Bailey. I am very generous when it comes to rewards. Don't disappoint me. Now that the goddess was satisfied with the outcome, she proceeded towards her paralyzed victim. Her body started once again to irradiate a blinding light, and her four arms grabbed Sydney's arms and head. This time, she made no effort to dull the pain of the transformation. Instantly, Sydney felt as if her entire body had been filled with needles. Any struggle only made it worse, she couldn't even breathe deep enough to scream. She felt like a giant hand was crushing her torso. Among the pain, new sensations were invading her body. After what felt like hours, the stinging migrated to her head. Still aware, she felt her very being getting rewritten. One after another, her defining memories were replaced by others that she didn't fully understand. Instead, she felt her mind gradually filling with conflicting thoughts. Half of her felt like dying. And the other half was becoming something else. And then, as fast as it started, the transformation was complete. She once again fell on her knees, and had to take support on her arms. The couple was now alone in the house, the pain was gone, but her heart was racing. Actually, she was still choking! A quick look down told her why: her corset had become way too small, and her breasts were literally overflowing from the top. Acting fast, she grabbed the pull tab and the sheer pressure immediately forced the zipper open down to her waist. Panting heavily, she tried to assess the situation. At least, she hadn't turned into some animal or mythical creature, but she was scared of checking the mirror. Would she still look like herself? Did she still have a chance of getting her life back? At least, she knew her body would please Nigel. Confused, she dismissed this last thought and finally forced herself to look up. Her reflection made her jaw drop. She didn't look like herself. She looked like a BETTER herself! Years had been wiped off her face, but had her lips ever been so plump, and her hair so full and luscious? She couldn't believe her eyes as she continued to explore the changes: her hips were flaring out of her corset, but her waist was now fitting effortlessly in the belted waist. And now that the top was open, a generous cleavage was spilling out of it… and what a cleavage! She had always considered her small breasts the most forgettable part of her body, but they were now firmly sticking away from her torso, forcing the sides of the corset away despite the lost support. She was so ecstatic she started to laugh nervously… and gasped as she discovered the new and pleasant sensation of her breasts jiggling. She had failed to notice she was now shorter and had lost her athletic tone, but right now she was too infatuated with her appearance. She was already making plans to regain media attention and fundings. With these looks, it would be a piece of cake. '' Ha, you had me at your mercy and you use this chance to make me perfect? Look at me, that's what a Goddess should look like! I guess you're content with being my master after all! My mas… what? When her eyes landed on him, she froze. He now towered over her, but something else was amiss: she had meant to say 'stay her slave' but somehow calling him master felt… right. She couldn't look at him without being overwhelmed with a strange feeling. Fear? Respect? Love? She couldn't even tell. She just stood in awe as he finished dressing, terrified but transfixed by him. He smiled as he noticed her surprised stare, and finally spoke to her. Well, looks like I got the better end of the deal. If you didn't guess yet, there will be some changes around here. First, I think you proved you were unfit to handle our accounts, so you'll give me full control over them. Yes master. Second, I don't think you belong in the university any more. You'll send your resignation tomorrow. she couldn't believe how the words seemed to flow out of her mouth. She had to use all her willpower to object: …pa… pardon me master, but wouldn't I better serve you if I followed you at work? Of course, she hadn't intended to sugar coat her reply so much. But at least she didn't just comply to his order. Sydney, what was the capital of Assyria? She knew it was a trivial question. But, the more she thought about the answer, the more it eluded her. She panicked as she realized all her academic knowledge was gone, and cried as she failed to answer her master. ''do we have an understanding then?' (sob) yes master. finally, you are not to leave the house unless I allow you to. And then, you are to complete your tasks as fast as possible.'' Yes master. It was like someone else was controlling her. He was forcing the most ridiculous requests on her, and she just agreed. She wanted to scream, grab one of the relics lying on the ground and assault him, but instead she had taken a submissive pose and was feeling a wave of pleasure every he ordered her something. When taking a second look at the mirror, she thought she was frowning, but instead she surprised a vapid smile on her face. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't get rid of it. And she now realized her proportions were so ridiculously over the top, no one would take her for an adventurer. This plus her constantly open mouth, she looked more like a pornstar. Of course, we'll also have to do something about your clothes. I think a maid outfit is appropriate. And for good measure, you should craft it yourself. I'm sure you will do your best to create a nice one. she cringed. In part because she would have to have to wear such a degrading outfit, but mostly because she did know how to craft one. She now knew how to sew, clean, cook… she had become the perfect maid. Anonymous 01/23/17 (Mon) 12:24:07 No.1865 Chapter 2: good manners The day started as the previous one, the routine having settled in. The maid would wake up a few minutes before her alarm clock was set to ring, and turn it off. She couldn't risk it disturbing the master. At first, she was terrified of missing it and kept waking up about an hour before, but now it was nothing more than a safety. She would then put her ironed outfit on, and proceed to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast as the sun rose. Once the pastries were cooked and the table dressed, she would prepare for the true beginning of her day: she would stand in front of the bedroom, her hands joined and her back arched, waiting for the master to emerge. However, this day, he was a little late. Her heart started to race thinking about the soufflé deflating, or the butter melting on the tablecloth, but she couldn't risk leaving her post. Her fears dissipated as she heard noise coming from the room. The door finally opened, and he walked past her barely paying attention. Morning Syd. Finally reunited, she would follow him to the table and prepare anything requested. These silent moments together were her favorite time of the day. As she stood by him, everything in its place, she felt almost fulfilled. Almost, because despite her best efforts, something was a bit off. Next, she would prepare his clothes for the day as he took a shower. Even with the large time window, she always hurried to be ready to hand him a clean towel. While he dressed up, she would peek though the door to get a glimpse of his hard body. She might not have another chance today, and this sight would help her deal with her time away from him. And when he finally left, he usually gave her a full kiss and reached under her skirt to grope her ass. Then, she was alone once again, still horny from the short interaction. But it was no time to dillydally. As usual, the laundry, cooking, dishes, dusting would take the better part of the day. Not to mention sorting out the growing pile of business mail, as the master had recently negotiated publication contracts for academic papers and a few books. These were over her head, but she still could take care of managing paperwork and copy editing, and she took great pride in it. The day progressed quickly, and only dusting was left on her duties. She grabbed her feather duster and started working on the most difficult part of the house, the shelf displaying all their relics. As she grabbed one, she suddenly reminisced how she obtained it. It was a large, varnished, dark wooden phallus from Thailand, used for fertility blessings. It wasn't anything rare or expensive, but this one was dear to her heart, as it was a gift from… …Oh crap. How long has it been this time? The remnant from her past life finally made her snap out of her submissive trance. She checked the date and sighed in relief since it had only been a day since her last… awareness. At first, she sometimes realized she had been absent-minded for a few hours during a boring task, but a few weeks in and she would wake up every day as this slutty parody of herself, and act as such until her duties were complete. But once in a while, a memento would bring her true self back. And she quickly noticed her mind was her own for gradually shorter periods of time, and today was no exception with most of the afternoon gone. It had been a few months since her conversion, and she dreaded the time when she would spend an entire day as this stupid maid. Would she then ever be able to awaken from this slumber? Maybe it could be a blessing… as the maid, she was completely oblivious to her condition, and even enjoyed it. But as her true self… all these memories of humiliating servitude and sexual acts, and the raw pleasure she felt at the time made her feel nauseous. The worst part was, she couldn't fight her conditioning, it was as etched in her. One day, she was tasked with some shopping (she was glad she was allowed to wear decent clothes for such occasions), and tried to enjoy some time away from home. Alas, panic started to build as soon as she started wasting time. She hurried until she ran home, and almost ripped her outfit when she jumped out of her clothes and put it on. A intense feeling of guilt reminded her of her mistake for the rest of the day. And this damned maid disguise did nothing to ease her situation: the high heel shoes achieved 'elegance' by being painfully narrow, and the long cotton socks felt like standing in an oven. As for the main dress, the skirt and shoulder were so puffy, she had to keep her lower arms up. The tight velvet fabric did a good job at pushing her breasts up in a glorious cleavage… rising every time she took a constricted breath. The lacing under her chest was merely a decoration, as her waist was actually encased in a large leather belt concealed inside the dress. And even though she was now barely a size 4, it still dug in her skin. The buckle in the back was intended for the leather bangles: Nigel enjoyed watching her as she struggled working with only one hand, or servicing him with both hands tied. And of course, the outfit wouldn't have been complete with some stupid headwear and lace flowing from every rim. The heavy leather collar was the last straw. She hated every inch of it because she had made it this way. After her 'master' ordered her to craft one, it became a devouring obsession. She quickly ordered a base velvet dress, all the materials and a sewing machine, and barely slept until it was completed. All this time, she just stood wearing only the painful shoes, working on this dress thinking she had some control over the design. But as she first put it, she found out it was just as he intended: incredibly uncomfortable and impractical. So there she was, standing in the middle of the room, looking, dressing and acting as her worst nightmare: an obedient airhead. She had a few hours of respite, but she pondered her options. She was miserable, humiliated, with no chance of escape, so would oblivion be so bad? She shook her head at the stupid thought. No, I am stronger than that. As long as remember who I am, I can still turn the situation over. There's got to be other gods than this… this… than Goddess Kali. Even now, something reminded her her head had been filled with garbage, including this unconditional respect for her tormentor. Hopeful, she scanned the other relics. She knew some of them had a supernatural origin, so who knew? Next thing she knew, she was standing in the entrance, purposeless. Dammit! Not again! The afternoon was now over and she didn't need to think about the last hours to know what happened. As she checked the relics, she noticed some specks of dust and compulsively grabbed her duster. She dutifully finished cleaning the house, and finally took her usual position to greet her master. Actually, she could hear his car slowing down outside. Maybe I'll act as such, but I won't be your slave tonight! I'll spend the rest of the day as myself! But as he entered, just handing her his coat, she had to summon all her courage to fight the adoration his sight forced on her. She managed to keep her act for a few hours during the uneventful evening, standing by him as he worked at his desk or ate dinner. A few times, she caught him taking a glimpse at her, but how could he know which of her personae was driving her? As he tied her hands in her back and collapsed on the couch after dinner, she feared the worst. And indeed, she could see his erection building in his pants. The goddess had truly blessed her, with his 12 inch cock bulging and riding along his leg. He had to struggle and pull his pants down to finally set it free. Once it was standing straight, she found herself unable to look away, hypnotized. For an instant, she wished her maid personality took over for would come next, but once again the remainder of her free will made her fight her condition. But it was a lost cause. His next line destroyed her hopes: What are you waiting for? You deserve a reward for your hard work. She painfully collapsed on her knees between his legs, and felt her mind slipping again as her lips avidly locked around his fat cock. She emerged from sleep, blinking from the sun rays coming from the window. She felt well rested, but as usual decided to indulge herself with a few more minutes of sleep before going to the university. But the returning memories from the past months made her jump from her comfortable bed. Wow! What happened? I'm back? she was in her bedroom. Not the small storage room where Nigel had made her set up a small bed, it was her usual bedroom, with her usual stuff, her usual nightgown, and most importantly, her usual self and body… or rather her old body. She cringed as she reacquainted with her wrinkles and sagging breasts. But at least, her body was no longer her prison. A quick check confirmed her memories were intact, as if this cursed encounter had never happened… and had it? She could remember Nigel pounding her ass, almost ripping her in half a few hours ago, but right now there was no trace of pain. As far as she could see, she had her life back. Hopeful, she opened the door and expected to find her wimpy assistant sleeping on the couch. But instead of the usual room, she found the maid bedroom on the other side, with the modest bed crammed in a corner next to a pile of boxes and tools. It was definitely meant for someone worthless. And its owner was currently standing in the door frame. The maid was in the room, with her slutty body and clothes. Sydney was about to panic. Reality was literally collapsing around her. She was standing in a closed space, with a fancy, sunny bedroom on one side and a small, messy room on the other, showing a starry night sky through its only window. And her short Doppelgänger was staring at her with a stunned look, her mouth forming a perfect O. The maid broke the awkward stare: So you're the freeloader who's been hindering my work! You've eluded me long enough! surprised by the outburst, the professor put her hands on her waist and did her best to take authority over the stupid looking servant. What? Who are you calling a freeloader you fake! And what is this place? Tell me how to get out, now! Well I'm in charge here, and I cannot tolerate a trespasser with such bad manners! Oh come on, I can't cope with this bullshit anymore! You're not real! Do what I say, or else! she launched her arm to slap her, but her opponent grabbed it and pulled her in the dark room. With her free hand, she closed the door with a huge slam. She effortlessly threw her prisoner over the small bed and pinned her down. She struggled, but the maid didn't move an inch. She could as well have weighed a ton. Whoa… how can you be so strong? That's impossible! I told you, I'm in charge of everything here… including you. And I'm afraid you're the one who's not real! You just didn't realize it yet… after you opened to me, I was willing to give you time to accept your fate, but I see you leave me no choice! Sydney was devastated. Was this a battle inside her mind? Did she end up here only because of her short moments of doubt? Did she 'open to her' just by wishing she would take over? All this didn't matter right now. She was completely at her mercy. But she was still not ready to admit she was just a ghost in some bimbo's head. The maid's hand working her way under her nightgown interrupted her thoughts: Hey get your hands off me you little bit-oooOOAAAHH! she had readied her arm to punch her, but instead it clenched the sheet as the hand started to slowly and expertly finger her pussy. Now that her victim was under her control, the maid let her other arm free and started groping her small breasts. A compassionate look appeared on her face Just… let yourself go okay? I promise our life will be perfect if you let me in charge. Hmmf… NO! It would be worse than death! Can't you remember what Kali did to us? You're not a slave! You had a life, you were famous! You… WE were a strong and admired adventurer! The maid froze, confused. What she just heard was the exact echo of the strange thoughts that would pop up in her mind from time to time. But as she remembered how these thoughts always interrupted her work, she resumed teasing the adventurer's pussy, more determined than ever. She embraced her with her other arm, spread her large breasts against hers, and forced a french kiss. This was Sydney's limit. She had managed not to orgasm until now, but the intimate contact, and expert caresses of the fucktoy made her lose control. She felt her hands move against her will, to the maid's pussy and her back. And suddenly, the intense pleasure she felt multiplied, as if their sensations were connected. In unison, they stopped kissing and stared each other in the eyes, as if watching in a mirror. Still fingering their pussies, faster and deeper, they saw the roof and walls of the fantasy room collapse and shatter, circling around the bed as a tornado. But they were too far gone to notice. They both orgasmed in a blissful explosion as the floor disappeared, throwing them in the surrounding emptiness. Anonymous 01/23/17 (Mon) 12:24:39 No.1866 Epilogue The day didn't start as the previous one. The maid woke up drenched in sweat, furiously masturbating and fondling her firm breasts. She stopped as soon as she was aware, terrified her moans would disturb the master. She luckily had plenty of time to clean and prepare, so she turned off her alarm clock as usual and proceeded to the garage to wash in the large basin. As she took a sponge bath in the cold room, her ass still hurting from the evening before, she thought about the strange dream. She vaguely remembered a weird woman, trying to convince her she wasn't meant to be a maid. She giggled at the absurd scenario, and resumed her usual routine. This day, she discovered unprecedented vigor as she prepared breakfast . And when her master sat down, she felt intense pride as everything was perfect. Nothing out of place, herself standing by him. No more doubt, no more regrets. She was fulfilled. When he prepared to leave for work, her master surprised her with a question. She couldn't remember the last time they had a conversation other than the usual greetings and orders. You really overdid yourself today, Syd. Did something happen? Nothing important, master. Something at the back of my head was bothering me, but I got rid of it. I'm all yours now… oh silly me, of course I'm yours! I always will be! Her large smile slightly faded as she saw a sad expression landing on his face. Well, that was bound to happen sooner or later… whatever, you're a better mate than she had ever been. I have a date this evening, so I might come home late with a guest. You know what this means? Yes, master. I am to get in my room before your return, and not make a noise. Good girl. I wouldn't mind a threesome, but your presence might be difficult to explain. So, see you tomorrow I guess. And again, he kissed her grabbing her butt, and she stood motionless for a few minutes after he drove away. She wouldn't see him until the day after, but she couldn't care less: he just praised her, and called her his mate! Invigorated, she doubled her efforts to keep today's track record perfect. She scrubbed every corner, cleaned any piece of textile of the house, checked every cupboard and shelf to organize anything that could be. And finally, she admired the result of her work, her body aching and her nose overwhelmed by the detergent smell. Thinking of her master having sex here with his guest in this spotless house, she almost orgasmed. But she grew confused as she realized she had nothing left to do for the rest of the day. Was it the first time it happened? She could have sworn time always seemed to stop until she was reunited with her master, whenever her schedule was complete. But today, she just felt like something was supposed to happen, but couldn't. She stood this way for a few minutes, browsing the room, unable to take a decision. And when her eyes landed on one of the relics, a strange thought invaded her mind. She tried her best to dismiss it, blushing at her own audacity, but just couldn't. When she considered the long hours before the master's return, she stopped resisting. Hmm, I have at least three hours left, so it would take me about thirty minutes to clean afterwards, but how much time would it take me to… oh, whatever! she grabbed the relic from the display shelf, and almost tripped when she ran to her room in her high heels. Feeling light headed and burning hot, she jumped on her bed and didn't bother removing her dress. She just lifted her skirt and started ramming her pussy with the wooden dildo. The end and that's it for my first story. I have plenty of ideas, please give some feedback so I can improve my writing/ storytelling!  
  23. Changing Clothes (Racial, BE, FF, Slave, Fantasy) by TangChanging Clothes by Tang. Yvonne ran her fingers along the top of the rather dated wardrobe the previous residents had left in her house. With all her unpacking undone she had decided to arrange things to her satisfaction. Despite its age the wardrobe's mirror was still clear and she liked the colour and feel of the wood. He fingers brushed against something slippery. She reached further and pulled it down. It was some sort erotic clothing, a kind of glossy harness, something she heard about from friends who had attended lingerie and sex toy parties but had never seen in real life. She did not consider herself prudish but it did feel strange holding something so sexual. Yvonne stroked the slippery material and it made her feel aroused. She stepped back and held it up to herself looking at her reflection in the mirror. Suddenly she felt the urge to wear it. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, why had she felt that? It did not belong to her, she should bundle all this stuff off and see if the estate agents could forward it, but it was so smooth and shiny. This was her house now, and anything in it belonged to her. It looked unworn, there was no-one to see her, why should she not try it on? It would be a bit of a laugh. Yvonne laid the harness down on the bed and found that without thinking she was unbuttoning her blouse. That felt good. She continued removing her blouse and then more quickly she unzipped her skirt. A glow was awakening in her pussy, as if rewarding her for doing the right thing. There was nothing to stop her quickly stripping out of her bra and panties. Yvonne picked up the harness, keen to feel the gloss material against her naked body. As she slipped into the harness it clung to her hips, her back and her body coating them in the gloss. As she buckled it tight, she realised that it ran as a thong through her bum and lifted her naked tits. It was split at her crotch and her pubic hair showed through. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and twisted back and forth so the gloss rippled. Yvonne felt relaxed and yet aroused. She also felt something was missing. She reached on top of the wardrobe and her fingers touched on something else slippery. She pulled out a long boot and then another. Tucked inside each was a long glossy glove. Yvonne could hardly believe she had found such erotic clothes, but in moments that thought had been driven from her mind by a mindless urge. Quickly she eased first one leg then the other into the clinging shiny thigh-length boots and rose on their sharp high heels. She ran her hands up and down the glossy boots and strutted around the room, enjoying the way they made her legs look so sleek. Quickly she pulled on the long matching gloves, then stood looking at herself as a sex-toy, dressed erotically. She felt relaxed and aroused, her bare pussy was juicy, her clitoris was erect, her breasts firm and excited. Yvonne slowly lowered herself to the floor. She could not stop herself laying sprawled across the carpet, teasing her clitoris with her glossy fingers, grunting with pleasure. **** Yvonne awoke, her alarm had gone off. She looked at herself, startled by what she wore. For a moment she told herself that that was what she always wore, then double took. It was what she had worn in her dream. It all came back to her as if it had been real. She had been in a large court with people dressed in ornate, bright clothes, courtiers, courtesans and slaves. A slave, that is what she had been, dressed as she was now, lying at her mistress's feet while she was stroked like a pet. Yvonne shuddered at the thrill of it even now. She shook herself and slipped out of her boots, the gloves, the glossy harness, the slave harness as she thought of it now, but she could not put them away as she dressed for work. During the day the dream seemed distant and she did not notice that she was less talkative than usual, more compliant, especially towards women. When she got home she cooked her meal, ate it, and then showered, barely able to hold herself back from hurrying to her bedroom and slipping her body into the gloss. She worried at first that she might not fall asleep, that she would not dream. However, sprawled cat-like looking at herself in the mirror, gently teasing her soon juicy pussy she drifted away. **** Yvonne was again awoken by her alarm. She stretched lazily, the images of the other world, clear in her mind as if she had just left it moments before. "Cypha." She said the name aloud and her whole body lit up with arousal. That was what she had been called by her mistress. Her sex ached hungrily as she remembered being servile and obedient, how she had licked out her mistress, how she in turn had ridden her with a two-ended dildo. The whole experience was more erotic than she could ever have imagined. All through the day incidents would come to mind and Yvonne would disappear into dreams of the other world. To her workmates she seemed increasingly meek and distant. The weekend came and Yvonne was almost shaking as she switched off her alarm and strutted on her heels to her usual place on the rug. Her hair was blonded and pulled back tightly. Her face was sharply made up the way her mistress, she knew as Cazine, liked it. Yvonne lay down running her fingers over her glossy boots with her shiny fingers, preparing to become her alternate personality, Cypha. Distantly Yvonne wondered how she had become addicted to what she was doing, all other interests had faded, all that concerned her were the more than real dreams of being a sex-slave in some alien world. Had she somehow uncovered a hidden side of herself, sexual and erotic? Cypha could not be bothered with such questions, she was impatient to return to serving her mistress and enjoying the colourful life of Princess Dalia's court. Vaguely she wondered if she would ever return to this world. **** Yvonne woke in the middle of the afternoon as Cypha had gone to sleep after performing in a cage with other sex-slaves as an entertainment at a ball. She had been oblivious to the events around her. Whereas Yvonne would have been interested in the court and its people, Cypha's concern was with serving her mistress and giving and receiving gratification from the other sex-slaves caged with her. Yvonne felt frustrated, she could not wait to return. The other world was becoming more real to her than this one. She fingered herself, thinking of the erotic things she had done, and lay back on her bed, but sleep would not come. Irritably she returned to the wardrobe, she had not bothered with it since finding the clothes. She was eager to find something else, something to bring her closer to the other world. She stood on a chair and reached to the back, as she did her hand touched something slippery. She almost shook with the thrill as the sensation told her it was something connected with the clothes she wore. She grasped it and pulled down a collar, as black and shiny as the harness and boots she wore. Yvonne chided herself, it was the one item that Cypha wore that she did not. She remembered Cazine linking a leash to it and leading her like a pet through the court for all to see, and she knew that all the other sex-slaves wore them. Yvonne stood back from the wardrobe. She pushed the chair back against her dressing table, but then turned to look at herself in the wardrobe's mirrored door. She admired how the gloss held and exposed her sexy body. She looked more relaxed, more sensual than she had remembered, better suited to the clothes she wore. Slowly she reached up and clipped the collar closed around her neck. Now she looked like a proper sex-slave, now she looked like Cypha. Suddenly Yvonne felt tired, her body comfortably weary as if she had been dancing all night. She lowered herself to the floor, and was soon asleep. **** Yvonne awoke refreshed. It felt warm, her face was resting on silk. Quickly she opened her eyes. She was not in her bedroom, but in a small ornate chamber with large silk cushions strewn around. She felt aroused, she was back in Dalia's court. Then she realised that something was different, it was all more real. She tried to remember her house, her work, but it was all distant as they were in a dream and one that she was quickly forgetting. She found it difficult to remember her name, her real name. No, she was being silly, Cypha was her name. She must have been very tired after the ball, and had some strange dreams. She stood up and admired herself in the mirror. She turned back and forth so the gloss rippled, and squealed. She delighted in the firm flesh of her naked breasts and bum, the shapely curves of her hips and thighs, the dark tan skin that coated her and the shiny black hair which stretched far down her back.. Yvonne's initial confusion quickly faded. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, it startled her and snapped her out of her reverie. She turned round to look at the woman who had touched her. Somehow she knew that this was Mizzi. She was dressed just in tight shiny cycling shorts split at the crotch and long clinging boots. She moved her legs apart to show her pussy. There was glossy collar at her neck. Her hair was cropped tight, her breasts were firm and shiny, her skin was dark brown and oiled. Mizzi smiled and purred, she ran her hands over her naked breasts and down the gloss to her naked sex. She ran her tongue provocatively over her lips and gestured for Cypha to approach. Cypha got off the cushions walked hesitantly forwards realising that her body was being tempted by the woman. She could not stop her pussy softening and running with juice. She stepped closer until she was standing right by Mizzi. Mizzi took Cypha's hand and stroked it over her own breast, then took it down to her pussy. As she ran Cypha's own fingers across the soft black hair at her lips her free hand stroked Cypha's firm bum. Mizzi rested her fingers on Cypha's lips, as if telling her there was no need to speak. She began purring and then stopped as she took her hand from Cypha's mouth. She started purring again, looking eagerly at Cypha, encouraging her to copy. Yvonne hesitated she could not believe this was real, but something was telling her she should just yield and truly become Cypha. Then slowly she began to purr and her body was lit up with excitement. Uncontrollably, she grunted, there seemed no need to speak. She felt so animal, so erotic. Mizzi, pleased that Yvonne was accepting things and becoming just like her. She began to stroke Cypha's breasts as accessible in the slave harness as her own. Yvonne panted. Then she felt Mizzi's fingers teasing her pussy whilst her tongue teased Cypha's breasts. Yvonne lost herself in the pleasure. She let herself be led to a silk cushion and reclined as Mizzi kissed and stroked her. The two women sprawled on the floor. Yvonne felt relaxed and sexy, she was enjoying the pleasure and began to think of nothing else. As Cypha writhed with Mizzi, her slit juicy, Yvonne began to feel her will fading away. Part of her knew she had to break free, but her body would not let her stop the pleasure, it was keen to yield. Mizzi was slowly stroking Cypha's body, gently teasing her tits with her tongue. At first Yvonne just let her, lying back yielding to the soft caresses. Then she began slowly to respond more. She gently stroked Mizzi's body. She loved the way her smooth skin felt. She thought of nothing but the pleasure. She was enjoying pleasing this woman and getting the same in return. Uncontrollably she began to feel the urge to be like Mizzi, to remain here, to be an erotic sex-slave for real, to truly become Cypha. Mizzi licked her tongue and Cypha responded, savouring the pleasure before her body shuddered in orgasm. She grunted loudly, knowing now there was no turning back. She was speechless, slowly she began to sigh then as she came closer to orgasm, she began to moan, the pleasure increasing, she knew her body could not resist, it was yielding, welcoming the change that she knew would come. Cypha wanted to speak but she found it difficult to. Slowly she began to purr, it felt more natural. Mizzi looked pleased, and purred in return. She then smothered Cypha's lips with her own and Cypha felt their tongues stroking each other as Mizzi caressed her clit bringing her to orgasm. Cypha sought out Mizzi's pussy and began to do the same. Soon were both shuddering and groaning as they climaxed. Slowly Yvonne began to feel her identity drift away, unaware she was undergoing the final change. As she tried to think clearly all she could remember was that her name was Cypha. At that her body shook with the thrill, Cypha was a sex-slave, she was Cypha, a sex-slave. She glanced into the mirror and saw herself writhing, realising that her body was as shiny and sexy as Mizzi's. As she looked down at her tanned shapely body, she felt a surprise. She snatched at her collar and fumbled for the catch. It came undone. **** Yvonne found herself in her room, sprawled on the carpet. She still wore the glossy harness, gloves and boots, and held the collar in her hands. She was sweaty and her crotch was covered in her sexual juice. She realised that what she had felt was real, but her body looked different. In the other world it was darkly tanned, the skin smooth, her luxuriant black hair hanging down her back and her breasts firm and easily aroused. There she was truly a sex-slave. She knew all she had to do was click the collar closed and she would be returned to the bondage, back into her aroused body, worn by herself, but the property of her mistress. In comparison this world seemed so dull. For a couple of instants she wondered what people would think of her disappearance, but those concerns quickly faded from her mind .Without thinking Yvonne stroked at her sex and teased her nipples, her mind slowly thinking of the pleasure she had had from Mizzi, unaware that her thoughts were already easing more firmly back into the mind of sex of the other world, unsuited to the world she was currently in. Rationally Yvonne knew she had to stop, but her body would not her do anything else. Yvonne lifted the collar to her neck, eager for it to click shut. She could feel her body changing, again becoming that of a sex-slave, her skin was already taking on a sheen. As the collar clicked shut, Cypha knew this time the change would be permanent no matter what she did, her body resumed the form it was destined to have. Cypha stretched luxuriously, running her hands over her smooth skin as her lover lapped at her pussy. Cypha awoke on silk cushions, she reached for Mizzi and though she was gone for the moment, she knew they would be back for more pleasure. Cypha heard the click of sharp heels and recognised the footsteps on her mistress. Cypha sat up, shaking her main of dark hair, then pulling it back tightly from her face into a thick ponytail. Her mistress, Cazine entered wearing a cropped leather jacket over her naked breasts, a short leather skirt and sharply heeled ankle boots. On seeing her Cypha felt both pleased and aroused. "Ah, Cypha." "Yes, mistress." Cypha rose on her sharp heels and walked over the cushions to Cazine. "Cypha, lick me out." Cazine ordered and Cypha fell to her knees, her smoothly glossed bum pointing upwards. Cazine pulled up her skirt and Cypha began lapping at her mistress's pussy. Cazine grunted with pleasure. She took a shiny black dildo and slipped it on. Cypha did not have to be ordered, she leant on the floor, her glossy bum thrust upwards as her mistress eased down to her level and slowly slipped the hard rod into her sex-slave. Cypha writhed in pleasure, grunting loudly. Her shapely gloss coated body twisted and shuddered with the pleasure as her mistress fucked her. Cypha orgasmed and Cazine slid back and stood. "You are a perfect sex-slave. I have no idea how you came to this court, but I am glad you did and that you stayed." "Yes mistress, I am your sex-slave." Cypha replied and meant it. Cazine smiled. "Stand, we must leave." Cypha obeyed, Cazine clipped a leash to her collar and led her away. As she did Cypha noticed the small silver lock which held her collar in place. As Cypha was led by her mistress she was oblivious to the courtiers and servants around her, she was another sort of being. She was unlike them, she was a human plaything, a sexual toy. She strutted on her high heels, her rubber slave harness rippling and squealing as she moved, her bum swaying sexily with every step, her attention focused on her mistress. THE END.