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Found 12 results

  1. Digitally Corrupted

    Digitally Corrupted (Breast Expansion) Fetish tags: Breast expansion, Ass Expansion, Race change, possession, transformation, bimbo transformation, forced, lactation, domination, mind control, body swap. Natasha opened the door to her appartment, after her cursory sweep she sat down and opened her laptop, she saw an email that made her frown. "Spam folder should have detected this, "Digital Paradise" As soon as her finder made contact with the touch pad the laptop shone bright, and she was sucked into the glow, her body disintigrated to glowing pixels and the screen turned black. Psylocke, though also known as Kwon checked her phone, she was bored, upon her doing so a notification popped up. She tapped it and her phone glowed brightly before she was sucked into it, the phone clattered on the ground, screen off. Rogue strode through the jungle, completely in her element, her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth as she climbed down to the camp site, several people had left their belongings to go to the market, she opened the laptop and connected it to the long range network link the campers had brough. Checking the news she logged into her email and found something that made her laugh, Digital paradise. She clicked it and the laptop glowed bright and Rogue saw her chest disolve to pixels before the rest of her followed into the machine. Silk swinged through the city, she perched on a ledge to check her messages. She was feeling really on edge and hadn't had sex in a long time, she saw the email and moments later she was zapped into the phone which hung on the building from her web. Emma Frost was angry, she was expecting an email detailing her next operational command from Magneto, she noticed she had an unread message, it must be it. She clicked it and her body was drawn into the screen leaving nothing but the her high heels. Natasha found herself in a dark room, stony in texture, she got to her feet and looked around, she saw Emma, Silk, Rogue and Psylocke as well. She wondered how they had arrived her. "Where are we?" She said aloud. A low rumbling chuck filled the space, and the room was light by a dim blue light. A woman strode out of the darkness, a busty light skinned bombshell, with black hair to her round ass, her breasts were supple and she oozed feminine power. "You are in my part of the net, and I shall bend you to my service" Natasha felt her chest tighten, she looked down and saw her generous endowements growing until her jumpsuit unzipped then tore off, leaving her topless. She cupped her breasts, sending pleasure through her, she lost herself and fell to her knees needing her flesh. Psylocke teleported behind the woman and drew her sword to attack, before she could it vanished, the woman turned around and Kwon felt her lips fill and saw that her skin was darkening to a caremel brown, her ass widened and her uniform morphed into a pink version, with a cutout down to her navel, barely hiding her breasts. Kwon tried to teleport away, but when she used her power instead she felt her breasts surge forward, breaking from her slutty uniform. She fell forward, the Woman grabbed her by her right breast and Kwon felt herself fill with lust, for women and began fingering herself. Rogue and Emma looked to each other, before they could say anything the Woman sent a lighting bolt towards them, Emma turned to her frost form but the bolt pass through it, sending her back to human form, her skin became tanned and her breasts went from their DD cups to G cups, Emma reached out Psychically to the foe but she felt her mind torn from her body, the physical form went limp and fell. Emma was trapped in a ball of pink energy. "This will be fun" The Woman said, she turned to Silk, who knew she could do nothing, she felt like an oberver in her own body as Emma was thrust into her body, the woman sent pink energy, and Cindy felt her sex drive increase as Emma's was accomodated. With the combined sexual drive of both women, each above the average she couldn't help herself, she lept on to Rogue. Rogue felt their sexual drives enter hers and grabbed Silk's breast, instead of gaining the powers of the women she gained their appearance. Her breasts billowed out, her hair darkened and her skin tanned. She unzipped Cindy and findered her, the two woman screamed as the both felt the orgasm. The Woman then tore Cindy from her own body and placed her in the limp form of Emma. "No" Emma said through Cindy's voice. The Woman sent sexual energy in pink lightning towards her, Cindy became a perfect bimbo, her breasts reached her naval, her hips widened and her lips puffed up becoming scarlet, her black hair became blond and a dark tan covered her flesh. Cindy watched through Emma's eyes her body being changed, she knew her sexual preferences had been altered but she couldn't help herself, using Emma's psychic ability she made Silk walk up to her, she grabbed Cindy's breast and sucked it. Emma moaned in pleasure. Rogue approached the Woman, She grabbed her and felt the mysterious power flood into her, but instead of fighting her she felt the will to serve the sexual dominator, she sent energy into Natasha. Her tits became body sized and her hair grow to her knees, becoming a bright red. Kwon had regained control of herself, but before she could act Rogue rose both her hands and sent pink energy towards her. Kwons clothes vanished and her breats became impossibly firm, filled with silicone, her ass widened and became a full bubble but, her waist shrunt and her form became less athletic and more skinny. Her face became distinctly asian in appearance and her hair grew to her ass. She moaned and grabbed both her tits pushing them together. The Woman rose her hand and Rogue's hair turned pink, her breasts became beach balls, her shirt shredded in unision. Her ass widened and her lips turned brown and puffed up. Her whole skin became brown and she looked unrecocgnisable. Then the Woman took her mind and tore it out, placing Natasha's inside it, Natash felt her new body, unable to comprehend the pleasure coarsing through her. Rogue landed in the form of Natasha, immobilised by her giant breasts. Natash walked over to her, she grinded against Rogue's new booty and grabbed her breasts, then she kissed her and the two both gave in. Emma and Silk wer both still fingering each other, Silk loved this new body, she commanded Kwon to join them, her asian slutty sexified self looking more like a Korean dancer than the hero. Both Kwon and Silk sucked her tits, The woman sent a bolt of energy forth and Silk/Emma's Body lactated, the milk containted a powerful aphrodisiac and the woman became more aggressive, kissing and squeezing her titflesh. The Woman smiled, these beings would make a fine addition to her realm.  
  2. Bimblowout: 4th of July BimBoom: 4th of July (Women into Bimbos) Sam groans, sitting up in her bed as the light from afternoon sun peeked through the blinds of her bedroom. She grumbles and rubs the sleep from her eyes, having already partied a little to hard last night and could feel the slight nausea and headache from the drinks she had. She stumbles out of her bedroom, wearing only an over sized shirt and her underwear. She quickly heads into the bathroom and closes the door, turning the faucet on and splashing the cool water into her face. She sighs and looks into the mirror, her red hair was slightly mussed up and the slight bags under her eyes were very telling of her current condition. Sam grumbles as a knock sounds on the door. "Come on dyke! Wrenni is waiting for you to get up so we can all go to that big fancy party tonight." Came the voice of Wrenni's spoiled brat of a sister, Lilly. "Shut up Lilly…" Sam manages to groan out, continuing to wash her face and shake herself out of her hungover state. Lilly huffs and kicks the door. "Just come on…this is a really fancy party and I want to use the bathroom to look my best! Not that you would know anything about that!" The teenage brat grumbles and heads off into her own room, slamming the door behind her. The slam made Sam cringe a bit before a light knock on the door. "Sam….are you alright?" Came the more gentle voice of Wrenni, the good friend Sam roomed with. "Yeah….just a little ill this morning…" Sam grumbles. Wrenni sighs softly. "I know you partied last night…your um…..friend left earlier." She comments, remembering how the half naked young woman had scurried out of the house from Sam's bedroom. "I don't mind having company over like that…but…..just try no to have drunken romps okay?" Wrenni whispers before heading away again, letting same suffer from her own decisions from the night prior. Sam turns the shower on and gets inside, letting the warm water wash over her body and sooth her aching head. After 45 minutes, the water starting to lose it's warmth, did Sam finally turn the shower off and get out. She grabbed one of the fresh, fluffy towels and dried herself off. Afterwards she wrapped the towel around her nude form, grabbed her discarded clothing, and went back into her room. Once back inside she let the towel drop to the floor and flopped onto her bed in the nude. She sighed, not really wanting to go to this fancy pants party. It wasn't the kind of party she enjoyed, it was to high class and was run by a very strange group of people that were staying as anonymous contributes. With a groan Sam sat back up and began to get dressed. She pulled on a nice t-shirt and her least ripped pair of jeans and headed into the living room to wait on the other girls. She sat there on the couch, arms crossed as she watched Wrenni and Lilly running around to get ready. Both of the girls putting plenty of make up on as well as wearing tight little dresses. Sam rolled her eyes at the overly feminine way her friends were getting dressed, but a knock at the door stole her attention as the door opened and a fluffy grey hat could be seen. "Everyone decent?" Ebonii asks, peeking her head into the door before strolling inside. Same smiled, rather happy to see Ebonii wearing her normal stripped dress and boots along with her signature puff hat. "Yeah I'm ready…but the Princess sister's are taking their sweet time." Same jokes, smirking as Ebonii sighed and flopped down on the love seat across from the red head. "So….you kinda thinking this party is some kind of time share trap or something along those lines?" The curvy black woman asked Sam, who could only shrug. "I don't know….as long as they got booze there I also don't really care." Sam laughs and leans back into the cushions as Wrenni and Lilly finally come into the living room. Lilly was in a long white dress that reached down to her knees, the top showing off her pert cleavage that was obviously being exaggerated with a push up bra. Wrenni was a little more conservative in her outfit. Wearing pantyhose under her tight black dress, her silver hair done up in a rather nice fashion. "So are you all ready?" Ebonii asks, getting to her feet. "We are taking my car~" She smiles, twirling the keys to her PT Cruiser on her finger. The girls all loaded up into the car and stated towards the inner city, where the party was being held on top of one of the highest and wealthiest towers in DA City. They pull up at the end of the line of cars all waiting in front of the Patriot Tower. Sam looks over the front seat and huffs. "You know for a high class party….a lot of these cars and people look pretty average….." She comments before noticing something else strange. "And they are all women." She grins, thinking she might have a good time now after all. After thirty minutes of waiting in line they finally get to the front of the building, where they leave there Ebonii's car for the valet to park. The four girls head into the lobby where a security checkpoint sends them through a metal detector and ushers them to an elevator where they head to the rooftop penthouse for the party. The silver doors opened to reveal the fine area where all the people where gathered around the various tables of food and drink. The four girls smile and begin to head off to mingle with their choice of women. Sam heading directly towards the wine, where a two other women where standing. One of them wearing a red dog collar and the other a pair of glasses and a flat hat. "Um excuse me…" Sam huffed, carefully stepping around the two girls. Same got herself a full glass of sparkling wine and began to drink it down eagerly. Ebonii and Wrenni headed towards the center fountain, while Lilly ran off towards the other teenage girls. Ebonii sat down, talking to a rather cute asian girl who was named Emiko. Sam was now talking to the two by the wine counter, who she learned were from overseas. The Irish girl was named Kiara and the English girl was named Nicole. Wrenni just quietly sat by the fountain and looked around, unsure of what to do really as a well dressed man made his way up to the podium in front of the penthouse. "Welcome women of DA City!" He announces to the guests to get their attention. Sam stops from her conversation with Nicole and Kiara to turn and look at the man in the white suit. "I a proud to welcome you all to our first Bimblowout celebration~" He explains and motions around. "This is in appreciation for all the women of our dear city and show them a good time on the dollar of the wealthy." He continues and clasps his hands together. "Now we have a very….special fireworks display for you all tonight if you would like to turn your attention to overhead." He motions, before turning and hurrying back in to the penthouse. The servers and entertainment all seemed to follow, leaving only the guests outside as the first whistle of a firework sounds. Sam rolls her eyes and went back to refill her glass as the first streak of pink shoots overhead, a loud pop sounds as the first firework explodes. The bubblegum pink light bathes over all the guests as their mouths collectively go slack, all except for Sam who was busy refilling her wine glass. Wrenni looks at the pretty pink sparkles and lets out a bubbly giggle as a slight haze begins to settle into her mind as the pink sparkles slowly drift towards the ground. They don't vanish like normal however, and begin to home in on the guests. The first of the sparkles lightly land on the women as changes begin to wash slowly over them. Ebonii would bite her lower lip as the fog began to settle into her mind, but her hand would travel up to her already large breasts, squeezing and massaging her breasts as the flesh expands under her hands. She lets out a lewd moan as her body begins to heat up with desire. Wrenni on the other hand was placing a hand on her head, her brain almost aching as her thoughts began to slow and simplify. She looked over to watch as Ebonii let the girl she was talking to begin to fondle her swelling chest, Emiko letting out a bubbly giggle as she states. "They are like….sooooo squishy!" Lilly would grind her thighs together as her hips and butt swelled larger, her pussy practically beginning to drool from the strange magic settling into her body. Sam was still unaware as a single pink sparkle lands on top of her head, causing an shiver to travel down her spine as her hair began to lengthen and smooth out. As her hair reached down to her neck and soon her upper back did she turn around. "What the fuck…." She whispers, turning to spot Nicole and Kiara eagerly making out with each other as their own swelling breasts pushed against each other through their tightening tops. Sam blushes at the sight for a moment as her own sex begins to heat up a little, but her lengthened silk smooth red hair and the strange tightness around her own chest, hips, and butt drew her back to reality. Sam bites her lip and pushes past the kissing girls, looking for Wrenni or Ebonii. However before she could get far a few more pink streaks launch from the roof into the sky, exploding with a pair of pink flashes. The other women all looked up, mouths agape as a slight string of drool drips over the fuller lips. The mist in their minds growing thicker as their intelligence. Sam was lucky, not catching a direct flash so the fog in her mind was very slight and she slowly figured out what was going on as the pink sparkles fluttered to the ground again and settled onto the women. Sam gasped as some more sparkles settled on her and the changes flowed into her body even stronger than before "T…the fireworks are doing this…." She gasps out, the crotch of her jeans becoming damp as her sex drools uncontrollably. Her once small A cup breasts begin to balloon out further, pushing against her t shirt as they plump out into plump D cup tits. Sam groans and pulls her t shirt off, letting her creamy skined tits bounce free of their undersized containment. "Gotta….gotta find Wrenni…." She pants, watching as the other women began to strip off their own to small clothing. Sam spotted Ebonii, her face burried between the legs of a very curvy asian bimbo. "Keep licking! Emi pussy so haaawt!" The asian girl moans out, Ebonii only giggling as she licks and laps at her partner's sex like like it was the most delicious thing in the world. Sam bites her lip more, her thighs rubbing together as her panties pulled up between her swelling ass cheeks. The small cotton panties getting so small on her swelling form that it pulled between her now puffy pussy lips as well. Sam let out a humiliated whimper as she pulls off her jeans and panties, standing naked among the many other nude women. "Wrenni!" Sam calls out, spotting her friend leaning back against the fountain with her dress pulled up. The silver haired girls hands eagerly massaging a tit while the other pumped her fingers in and out of her sex. Wrenni only giggled as Sam approached. "Saaaammmy! Your like…totes hawt now…wanna….like…fuck?" She pants out to her friend, her eyes showing nothing but a vapid horny emptiness. Sam pauses for a moment, a droplet of her feminine honey coming from her aching sex. "I….we need to run….we are all turning into sluts or something…" She whispers, but turns as another loud whistle sounds as three pink streaks head towards the sky. "No no no no!" Sam panics, turning and running towards a table before quickly sliding underneath. She made sure the tablecloth was fully covering the ground as three pops sounded and all the girls let out vapid moans as the minds were collectively snuffed out into a puddle of vapid bimbo bliss. Sam shudders as the slight tint of pink washes over the white table cloth, but she didn't feel any dumber or change any further as far as she could tell. She whimpers and looks down at herself. Her once slender tomboy body was now that of a curvy redheaded bimbo. Her breasts swollen D cups with her hips and butt plump to match. She waits until the pink tint fades away before peeking out from under her table, gasping when she spots all the women now busily pleasuring themselves or each other. They all looked almost exactly the same now with the exception of their hair and skin colors. Each of their bodies where overly exaggerated and feminine, sporting at least G cup tits, jiggly asses, and hips that would sway with the slightest movement. Sam couldn't help but look at their sexes as well, noticing that they all lacked any body hair and that their pussy lips were all plumped up and swollen in lust. Sam groaned, her thighs rubbing together as her now increased libido begged for her to give in to her needs. But her brain was still in charge, a little fuzzy, but she was still herself. She crawled out from under the table and quickly pulled the table cloth off, using it as a towel to hide her nudity before she ran towards the penthouse to get help. Just as she approached however the doors opened and the waitstaff all began to exit, strange collars held in their hands. They each headed towards a group of women and began to clasp the collars firmly around their necks. Once fastened the bimbo would tense and stand up at attention before marching to the center stage and lining up with the others. Another of the staff would walk past each of the changed girls and write their name and a number on their flat stomachs. Sam gasps and turns to run, realizing that whoever threw this party was the one who did this to all of the others. She turns to run, but runs right into one of the staff. "Calm down you little slut…" He grumbles and reaches out with the collar in his hand towards Sam's throat. "Oh no you don't!" Sam growls and punches that man in the face, but lets out a pitiful yelp as her now weaker arm did little but surprise the large man and cause her knuckles to ache. "It seems we have a defect~" He grins and grabs Sam's wrist, spinning her around and clipping the collar tightly around her neck. Sam gasps as a surge of numbness flows through her mind and body, but she was able to fight it. "Get….this…of…m…me!" She stammers out, fighting her body from marching over to the others. The man frowns and pulls out a remote from his vest pocket and pushes a button. Sam stands straight at attention as the power of the collar grows stronger as she turns and marches onto the center stage, standing at the end of the line of bimbofied women. Sam was frantic inside her mind, she was a prisoner in her own body and standing naked up on stage like some kind of merchandise. She struggles but only manages to twitch one of her fingers. "Now ladies and gentlemen…let our real party begin~" Came the familiar voice of the host from earlier as the doors to the penthouse opened and a crowd of finely dressed people exited the building. The people walked past the stage, admiring the bimbo's on display. "Now then my dear friends….we will start our annual auction once you are all seated and finished looking at the girls." He explains. Sam twitches as one last staff member gets to her, writing her name on her belly along with the number 50. Sam was disgusted, she was going to be sold like some piece of meat……along with her friends. A single tear rolled down her cheek as the auction starts with Bimbo Number 1. Sam continued to struggle, trying desperately to get her body to move or to talk. Her struggle lasted for a long while until she hear something that made her heart drop. "And now for Bimbo Number 12: Lilly." The host announces. "She started at 15 and is now fully legal after her transformation and just like all the others is fully customizable before ." He explains and points to the crowd. "Do I have a starting bid of $500,000?" He asks, a hand quickly raising to meet the price. Sam looked over, spotting the blissfully smiling blond bombshell that used to be her friend's teenage brat of a sister. The curvy woman posed and moaned as the crowed bid against each other to own her. Finally the crowd quiets down as a man stands up and heads towards the stage. "Thank you sir for your purchase…..Bimbo 12 is yours for $729,000." The host smiles and motions to Lilly. "Now sir….how would you like your new bimbo customized?" He asks. The man smiles. "Well I have a teenage son who is starting to desire girls…..but I really do not wish to care for another person in my household so…..change her into a high quality sex doll." He smirks up at Lilly, who could only keep the vapid pouting look on her face. The host nods and begins to poke at his tablet. Lilly would shudder as an artificial gleam grew on her skin as it quickly changed into silicone. Her mouth parted slightly as her throat became a ridged tube, while her eyes glossed over and hardened into glass orbs. She gives a final shudder before falling back onto the stage with an artificial slap of silicone on wood. Sam whimpers, looking at the girl who was now turned into a silicone sex doll. A few men picked the doll up and carried it off. "We will deliver her to your house tonight sir." The host tells Lilly's new owner and moves on to the next girl. Sam began to zone out as the auction continued, various bimbofied women being changed further and unquestioningly accepting their new role in life. Once the Asian girl named Emiko followed behind her new Mistress, wearing a fresh french maid outfit, did Sam snap back to the situation at hand. "Next on our list is Bimbo Number 24: Ebonii." He announces as Ebonii mindless walks forwards and gets on her knees, hands behind her head as she shows off for the crowd. "She was once a powerful magic user and has been reduced to one of our customizable bimbos…..upon purchase we will throw in her magic amulet for free." He explains and motions to the crowd. "Can I get an opening bid of $750,000?" He asks, as the crowd begins to rapidly bid on the mindless black beauty. Finally a winner was declared for a purchase of $910,000. The woman stood up and strolled up to her soon to be bimbo. "I am honestly more interested in the amulet…but I suppose I can always use another servant." She smiles and looks over to the host, handing him a small flash drive from her purse. "Please upload this to the transcollar….I change others myself and I prefer my personal settings." She explains, handing over the small flash drive. "Just run PurpleDrone.EXE." She continues, also handing over the check for her purchase. The host takes the check and looks at the flash drive. "Ok then Miss….whatever you want." He grumbles and plugs the drive into his tablet and pushes a few buttons. Ebonii moans out as the collar around her neck glows. Her chocolate colored skin begins to change in hew as it changes into a deep midnight purple. Her hair begins to fall from her head as the purple spreads to cover her from head to toe. Her eyes close as her lips plump up and becoming an artificial ruby red. Her skin now flawless smooth purple rubber. The rubber drone that used to be Ebonii stepped off the stage and followed her new mistress back to her seat, where a few other identical purple drones were waiting. Sam blinks and looks at the drones, unable to tell which one had been her black friend. Sam sobbed inside her head, a few stray tears actually trailing down her cheeks. "And now for Bimbo Number 30 and Number 31." He announces, Nicole and Kiara stepping forward. "These two are best friends….so we have decided to offer them as a package deal…" Sam hears the host explain before zoning out again. Soon she watches as the two girls are lead off stage, now wearing tight leather pony play gear. The two whinnying and prancing around by the man leading them off to their new lives. Sam sinks as deep as she can when she hears her last friend. "Now we have Bimbo Number 46: Wrenni." The host calls out, as the bubbly silver haired woman strides forwards. She drops to her hands and knees and poses, making sure to show off her curvy ass to her potential owners. "We will begin the bidding at $650,000." He announces and commences the auction. Soon a woman stands up, a large smile on her face. "Congratulations Miss Chesshire on the purchase of your new bimbo." The host welcomes the red headed woman up onto the stage. "Oh the pleasure is all mine~" She grins at the blankly smiling bimbo. "I have something special in mind for Wrenni here." She chuckles, remembering some old competitions she had with the once sweet teenage artist. "Turn her into a sexy doggy girl." Chesshire commands to the host, who pushes a button. Wrenni lets out a canine whimper as she arches her back, her spine pushing out and sprouting silver fur. Her fingers merged and changed into puffy cute paws while her ears lengthened and flopped over at the tips. Her eyes glossed over as her mind was rewritten before they focused again on the smiling face of Chesshire. "Arf!" Wrenni barks, her eyes filled with pure adoration for her new owner. Her tail wagged rapidly as Chesshire clipped a leash onto the new dog collar Wrenni was wearing and lead her off. The audience turning and admiring the cute puppy girl's exposed and glistening sex before they turned back to the stage and the remaining 4 bimbos. Sam's heart sinks. Her friends were gone and she couldn't move, she was doomed to a life as someone's personal plaything. "And last we have a….special bimbo." The host explains. Sam whimpers as her body marches forward to the center of the stage and poses, hands on her hips with her face in a come and get me look. "This young woman is not fully changed…her mind is still in tact….so she will be cheaper than the others but her new owner will get the pleasure of snuffing out the remainder of her mind. Sam gulps, trying one last time to get herself to move, to run, to do anything beside stand there like a vapid slut! "We will begin the auction at $300,000." He announces, but no hands come up. Sam perks up, thinking that if no one wants her than mabye she could get away. "I'll take her~" Came a voice from the back of the audience. Sam's heart sank as a terribly dressed dudebro stood up and headed towards the stage. "Anyone else want her?" He asks, looking around before smirking at the host. "Looks like I win~" He chuckles and drops his credit card onto the podieum. "Now….how about we change her into what I want before we get rid of that mind of hers." He grins and pulls the tablet away from the host. "Hmmmm….let me look." He hums, flipping through the tablet. "How about…..a sexy housewife milf~" He grins and pushes a button. Sam's body heats up as her hair pulls back and ties into a pony tail while a bandanna appears on her head. Her breasts swell a few cup sizes, reaching GG cups while her hips and ass swell even larger than the other bimbos. Her pussy began to itch as a deep red bush sprouts from her bald mound before clothing begins to materialize on her body. A tight pair of lingerie, stockings, and a matching lace bra were quickly hidden under a classical housewife dress. Sam felt her skin begin to tingle as she began to age, the 20 year old young woman soon aged until she looked around 40 years old. "Now that is a sexy milf~" Her soon to be owner grins, giving her juicy ass a spank. "Now for the best part~" He grins and turns, taking a sparkler from one of the staff. He pulls out a lighter and lights the sparkler, which erupts to life in a fantastic pink light. Sam sobbed as her mind began to melt away. Her friends and family fading away as her years of schooling warped to knowing how to cook, clean, and keep her man happy. Samantha let out a bubbly giggle as her mind became fully reduced to a puddle of MILF bimbo bliss. 3 Months Later "O…ooooh Master!" Samantha moans out as she rocks up and down on her owner's shaft. Her well used sex eagerly taking him into her folds before clenching around his shaft with every thrust into her. She was so lucky to be Master's slutty housewife. She thought to herself as she continued to rock her hips to bring that wonderful rod in and out of her sex. She reached up and let her Master squeeze and rub her breasts, a few droplets of milk trickling from her perky nipples. "Gonna make sure you are a real milf you filthy….ugh….slut!" He groans under her as he floods her womb with his seed. Samantha only grins mindlessly as the warmth floods into her body, she wanted nothing better than to let the man under her decide everything she would ever do forever more.
  3. Ho! Ho! Ho! by Melvillain (WG, AP, Bimbo, Cuckold, Weird) Seasonal Story that's been rattling around my brain too much not to write down. Some aspects of it I'm sure have been done before but I promise to give it my own strange twists. Enjoy! It was December 23rd and Clara was drunk. But, not so drunk she couldn’t see Mark flirting with that redheaded bimbo Mr.Collins had for a secretary. Mark had put up such a fight about coming to the Office Christmas Party, his excuse being that he was jewish and all, but now based on how he was laughing and touching that busty whore’s shoulder he seemed to be having the time of his life. That slut rubbed her hand along his short brown beard and squeezed his bicep as he flexed it. UGH! Clara finished her glass of wine angrily and adjusted her dress, looking at her reflection in a nearby window. She looked amazing! She’d made herself up highlighting her blue eyes and big red lips. She’d gotten her blonde hair in an updo and put on a shimmering black dress. It even had a tasteful panel in the front that showed enough of her pert 25-year-old C-Cups that Mr.Collins eyes had lingered a bit too long on them. There was no reason Mark should be talking to that skank. Clara picked up her courage to go confront them but once she took a step she wobbled drunkenly and had to stop. “Woah ho there miss! Be careful!” chortled an unfamiliar voice from the corner. Clara turned to see the Santa that Mr.Collins had gotten for photos sitting in the corner on his throne. She thought it was one of her coworkers in a costume but she couldn’t figure out who was low enough on the totem pole to be forced to dress like that. “I’m alright! Don’t worry Santa” Clara laughed at herself, treating him like he was real. “Why don’t you come over here and tell Santa what you want for Christmas?” The man chuckled. Clara noticed the photographer drunk across the office talking to the gay kid from the mailroom and wasn’t exactly sure why Santa was pushing it but she had a dark little thought and a smile creeped across her face as she shakily stepped over to the man. He looked up at Clara and smiled when she was above him. She looked across to Mark who briefly looked up from the fat udders of the redhead and smiled at her. Clara slowly lowered herself onto Santa’s lap still looking at Mark as she stealthily but obviously ground her ass up Santa’s thigh and into his crotch. Two can play the jealousy game. “Oh , ho! Ho!” Santa laughed, suddenly rosy cheeked. He cleared his throat “ Um what do you want for Christmas little girl?” Clara looked closer trying to figure out who was playing Santa. It seemed to be an older guy though he didn’t have many wrinkles but up close his short cropped grey beard was real and at least to her eye looked pretty fashionable and sexy. She was surprised at how solid and manly he felt as she sat in his lap. She decided to pull an experiment and as she spoke she used her nails (manicured red for christmas, naturally) to pop a button on his shirt. “Well…” Clara leaned in close “I really wish I would be treated like the goddess I am…” Clara got the button loose and slid her hand inside but instead of the padding she expected she felt her hand against a solid, hairy belly. Clara was shocked. She had no idea who in the office had a big, beachball belly like this so this was obviously some outside hire. She was already committed though so she stroked the warm flesh and…anyway…maybe it was better it was some rando. “….Um” Clara continued. “ I mean what I would like is to be respected and loved right…and to really humiliate my boyfriend over there” Santa looked over at Mark who now seemed to have his gaze trained on them. Clara rewarded that with another rub of Santa’s belly and a shifting in his lap. Her eyes widened though this time as her ass felt something new. Santa felt like he was packing a steel rod in his red pants, and a huge one at that. In spite of herself Clara was getting a bit wet. She turned to Santa “ I know how you can get me my wish right now” Clara grabbed Santa by the stylish beard and planted a big long kiss on her lips. She’d expected him to be shocked but instead he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue in hers. She was on drunk and horny autopilot and started making out, loving the soft scratch of his beard on her face. His mouth tasted like cinnamon and peppermint so she didn’t want to stop. That is until she felt a tug on her arm and looked up to see Mark fuming above her. “C’mon” he growled staring daggers at the Santa “You’ve had too much to drink” Clara smiled as Mark yanked her up, her plan had worked. “Bye Santa” Clara moaned in a husky voice “I hope you have a good Christmas!” “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa said “I’m sure I’ll see a good girl like you in a couple of days when all her dreams come true!” Clara couldn’t help but notice the giant bulge in Santa’s pants but she was already melting in Mark’s strong grip, she knew what would happen next. Mark was a strong guy but jealous and easily manipulated. Rather than take her home, Mark took her to the small executive kitchen and locked the door. He pulled out his 7-inch circumcised dick and Clara smiled that he was already rock hard. She sat up on the counter and was careful to take off her own underwear (she didn’t want Mark to see how wet she’d gotten on Santa’s lap) before he angrily thrust himself into her. As Mark pounded her she rubbed her hands over his torso. Mark spent plenty of time at the gym and his muscles were obvious even through his shirt. For an accountant he was built like an underwear model. He towered above her at 6’2 which she enjoyed…and made for great leverage. Mark flipped her over and she gripped the sink as she felt him reaching his climax. Clara smiled, sweating. She was still pretty worked up and he hadn’t gotten her off but he’d sure forgotten about the redhead. “How about we continue this back at my place?” Clara purred as Mark zipped himself back in, panting. “Uhhh , yeah.” Mark said seeming…out of it “I…I could use something to eat though” As if on cue Clara’s own stomach GROWLED loudly and she laughed. Mark went over to the executive fridge and popped it open. It was full of cookie trays and eggnog for the party. Mark took out a carton and a tray and they sat down at the table and dug in. Both were surprised at how famished they were though after a few dainty bites and a small sip of eggnog, Mark felt as full and sleepy as after a thanksgiving dinner. He looked over at Clara who seemed to not share the feeling. She thirstily downed a whole glass of eggnog and tucked into the cookies, wolfing two down like a woman possessed. For some reason this sight seemed to perk Mark up. She poured another glass of nog and dipped in a cookie, eating it down in two bites. Then another. Then another. Mark felt himself getting hard watching Clara eat like this. He stood up and walked over to her. Clara stopped for a moment crumbs covering her face. Mark poured her another glass of eggnog and took a cookie in his hand. He gave her a big gulp of eggnog then shoved a cookie in her face which she scarfed down. He did the same again and again. His dick was rock hard now. Mark reached for the carton when they heard keys in the kitchen door. Mark sat down quickly, hiding his hardon. Mr.Collins stumbled in, holding the ass of his secretary and slurred “Whaddre you two doing in here?” Mark and Clara flushed with embarrassment and stood “Uhhhh getting more snacks for the party” Clara improvised. Mark went to the fridge and pulled out all the trays of cookies and held them low, covering his erection. Clara grabbed 5 cartons of eggnog, feeling the crumbs on her face and her dress tight on her body and they exited quickly. “I wanna get you home and fuck your brains out “ Mark whispered as they headed to the elevators, both not thinking of the armloads of holiday treats they were still carrying and neither noticing that Santa had disappeared from the party long ago. In the taxi home Clara continued to quietly eat the cookies and Mark found himself unable to look away. He paid the driver extra to speed to her place as he found it all very distracting. They stumbled in the door of her small apartment and both of them felt twice as drunk as they had at the party. They didn’t even turn on the lights, as they stripped in the faint glow of Clara’s Christmas tree. Mark was completely naked when he turned and saw Clara struggling with her dress. He came over to help but he also had a bit of trouble pulling it over her torso. It had looked good that night but he had no idea how tight it was on her and now it was caught on her ass. He gave it one good yank and her ass wobbled free another and it got up to her tits. He put an arm around her to get leverage and felt strange as it sank into soft flesh. Her crossfit usually kept her pretty tight. How many cookies had she eaten tonight? One more yank from both of them together got the dress over her breasts and they slapped against her, free from their prison. The dress was chucked away but Clara still grabbed one more cookie and ate it as Mark pushed her onto the couch and mounted her. Part 2 Mark woke up on Christmas Eve and felt terrible. He was cold and sore and his mouth was full of a minty, sugary taste. He groaned and felt weak as he he stood up from the couch in Clara’s small apartment. He looked around for his underwear and grabbed them, almost toppling over as he bent down. The ground seemed a lot closer than it had the night before. He put his legs through the holes in his briefs and pulled them up but was dismayed at how baggy they were fitting. This was a new pair but the waistband must have stretched out and they were way loose on the front. Fuck it, he thought, and threw the underwear back on the ground. Mark walked to the kitchen sink and poured himself a glass of water but as he drank he felt worse. He went to the fridge to see what Clara had and immediately spied the cookies and eggnog from the night before. Eggnog seemed like a dumb hangover cure but really anything was worth a shot. He poured himself a glass and greedily chugged it down. He didn’t want to admit it but as he did he immediately felt better. A warmth passed over him and he suddenly felt full again. He also grabbed a cookie and though he was full after just a half (what happened to his appetite?) he felt even better. So good in fact he looked back towards his naked girlfriend expectantly. In the morning light, covered in a blanket up to her shoulders Clara looked like a goddess. He couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid to flirt with the other girl at the party. She was the one he wanted. He decided to call his family and cancel coming home for Christmas today: He was going to stay with the girl he loved. He crept towards the still-sleeping Clara but his eyes widened as he got closer. First, her normally straw blonde hair seemed…almost platinum. Had she dyed it for the party? Was he really so drunk he hadn’t noticed that change. Second…maybe he’d never seen her without makeup before? Even though she was 25 in this light she had little bags under her eyes and the beginnings of smile lines and crows feet. Her neck seemed a plumper too, maybe starting to smooth the line to her chin. Mark’s dick still stirred looking at her, he’d always had a thing for older women…he thought…maybe? Mark couldn’t resist a peek at his favorite part of Clara’s body: her perky tits. So he gently tugged the blanket back. Clara was almost roused and groaned in her sleep rolling from her side to her back but as her covering slipped away Mark got more than he bargained for. Instead of the usual handfuls, two plump jugs flowed out of the blanket, lolling to the side of her body. Mark didn’t know much about cup sizes but these had to be bigger than he was used to and it looks like gravity was dragging them down into her armpits. On top of that the little pink nipples he was used to on top of her breasts were gone and now hit with the cool air of the apartment they stood up into thicker, darker wide teats. Mark yanked back the rest of the covers and gasped looking down at his girlfriend. Instead of her taut tummy, she had a plump little belly and softly moving up and down with a rolling crease in the middle from her sleeping position. Even bigger where her hips which now filled most of the couch , pouring part of an ass cheek off of it into the open air. Stranger still was the platinum blonde bush she was sporting. He could have sworn she was totally waxed when they fucked last night. Clara suddenly yawned and stretched grabbing the blanket as she awoke “You perv!” She chuckled. As she sat up Mark watched, dazed how her plump, rubenesque body shifted and juggled. Her tummy pressed outwards and sat on her lap and her breasts swayed. How much had she eaten last night? That thought sent shivers through Mark and he felt his dick stiffen. “B-baby do you feel okay?” Mark asked “ Something really weird is happening. Your body looks…” Clara looked down at her body and smiled warmly. And then up at Mark and cocked an eyebrow. “I feel fine…great even” Clara said “And from the looks of it you think my body looks pretty great too?” Mark flushed with embarrassment as he got even harder. “I mean, things are different, right? I’m confused” Mark said turning his erection away from her Clara smirked and stood up “Well I see you dyed your hair a little lighter maybe? Was that a surprise for me” Mark felt his head…he had to get to a mirror but Clara embraced him closely before be could move. Even through the blanket he felt her curves and thickness press him. He was face to face to her….was she still wearing her heels? She kissed him hard and he tasted that peppermint, cinnamon flavor again. In spite of himself he felt ecstasy wash over him. Before he could do anything Mark felt himself cumming all over the blanket Clara was wearing. Clara pulled back, laughing. “Ooooh boy, looks like I’m a pretty good kisser” She said as she chucked the blanket away. Mark didn’t know what to say, embarrassing himself in front of his chubby girlfriend standing before him. Luckily he was saved by the fierce growling of her stomach. “ooooh , don’t bother cleaning up baby. Why don’t you give me an early Christmas present and get me something to eat” Clara said, swaying her big ass towards the table. She sat down, nude and confident, her thick booty spilling over the sides of the chair. Mark was confused and scared but …for some reason…he was very excited to feed his girlfriend again. Melvillain Member Posts: 22 Joined: Tue Dec 08, 2015 7:08 am Part 3 (sorry for the delay, I had a bit of a flu) Mark’s head spun as he loaded up a plate with cookies and a glass with eggnog. Clara’s fridge was bare so he was glad to see the two cartons and a cookie tray left. He looked over at Clara who rubbed her plump belly in anticipation and, in spite of having just cum Mark felt himself getting horny again. Mark brought the plate and glass over to his naked girlfriend and she greedily grabbed the nog and chugged it. Mark’s jaw dropped as with each glug down her throat he saw a throb in her swaying tits. It was like every vein and ounce of flesh pumped outwards and by the time she was done he could have sworn she was a cup size bigger. He didn’t even have to wait for Clara to ask as he felt himself feed her a cookie. She opened her mouth wide and he stuffed them in as she ate, spilling crumbs all over her chest. Mark watched her chubby chin waggle with each bite and felt himself get more excited. Yesterday he’d been all about the lithe, cute Clara but seeing this plumper pig out was even better. He was woken from his reverie by the sound of the table sliding slowly across the kitchen floor. Mark looked down as he stuffed more cookies in Clara’s mouth and saw just as the eggnog seemed to swell her tits, the cookies seemed to send her belly jiggling forward and spill her thighs and ass further out. Once Clara finished her cookies she leaned back in her chair which creaked under her weight. Mark leaned forward and touched her soft, forgiving shoulder. Feeling her thick flesh was electric to him and he couldn’t help but grab one of her thick nipples and give it a tug. “Ooooh” Clara moaned “That’s like…so good…I want more of that, please, baby”. Her voice sounded different and Clara wasn’t usually much of a talker during sex but either way Mark felt himself shudder and almost orgasm but held back, he needed to control himself. Clara’s stomach gurgled again, loud. Mark took the opportunity to get more food from the fridge. He turned back to the fridge and picked up the carton of eggnog but paused and had a dark thought. He was always a tit man anyway, wasn’t he? He grabbed both cartons and brought them over to Clara. “mmmm yummy yummy” Clara said, licking her lips. The plate of cookies hadn’t done much but smooth out her look a bit. She was still a natural beauty. She was curvy now, probably sporting some DD breasts and wide hips for her big booty but in spite of her belly nobody could deny she was fuckable. Now Mark was just going to make sure everyone’s head turned when they looked at her. “Open Wide” Mark said, his voice cracking. He coughed. Maybe he was getting too excited. Clara opened her mouth and Mark poured the remains of the half-drunk carton slowly into her mouth. Clara gulped it down almost orgasmically, letting barely any but a small dribble escape her lips. Mark grinned as he watched her tits grow larger and larger as she chugged. He grabbed one in his hand and massaged it, feeling warmth and throbbing. She had a full on pair of jugs now and the effects of gravity were taking their toll as her free breast began sliding down the side of her stomach. The telltale stretchmarks and wide nipples of a big bosomy woman began appearing under Mark’s hands but he was too busy groping to notice. He also failed to notice the carton he was pouring was totally empty. That is until Clara started giggling at his dazed look. “You’re such a silly boy” Clara said pushing him back with surprising force “So obsessed with my titties” Mark smiled hungrily. He’d never heard Clara talk about her body this way before and it was so hot. “You’re a busty goddess but I want more!” Mark attempted to growl sexily but his voice cracked again, making him feel self conscious. Clara laughed again but stopped when one of her fat tits slapped against the table and she had to rub it tenderly. He quickly grabbed the last carton and began feeding Clara. He bit his lips as he watched her tits cross past the threshold of any pair he’d handled. He’d watched porn with a girl with G-Cups and these were at least that now and still growing. Her nipples especially pushed out further and more prominent as the titflesh around them cascaded down her body. Standing up they might hang down to her navel but In an industrial sized bra they’d probably look like a couple of bowling balls. He was entranced. The trance broke quickly though as he felt Clara’s newly-thick sausage fingers wrap around his cock and start stroking. He’d been trying to hold on but he already heard Clara laughing and before he could stop the high-pitched moan he made , or the last of the eggnog escaping her mouth and cascading down her chest, he’d sprayed cum all over her fat new hooters. “OH MY GOD! You’re a messy little perv!” Clara said, somewhat angrily. Mark didn’t want her to be angry. He felt so ashamed. “Clean me up!” she commanded. In his mind Mark turned to get a paper towel but somehow he felt his body not responding. Instead it drew him closer to her tits until he felt himself stick his tongue out. Before he knew it he was licking up the mess of crumbs, cum and eggnog off of Clara. Normally Mark considered even kissing Clara after a blowjob as gross but now cleaning her up like this felt like something he had to do. He relished every lick on her sweaty cleavage and it tasted amazing. “Get it all you messy slut” Clara groaned. Mark could tell she was getting some pleasure from it but he doubted it was anything like what he felt serving her. When he was almost done he spied one last drop on her nipple and latched on. Clara moaned and he leaned in, sucking. One of his hands groped her free breast while the other fell into the folds of her belly and found her navel. As mark felt her nipple plump and fill his mouth his finger got knuckles deep before it reached the end of her belly button and he almost lost it again. Luckily he was saved by a familiar and massive rumble which shook his finger and caused Clara to push him off her breast. “Stupid horny boy! You don’t get to cum again until I, like, stop being hungry!” Clara demanded. In spite of himself, Clara’s orders only got Mark’s dick harder and he ran straight to the fridge. Chapter 4 In his mind Mark knew that Clara eating more cookies would just get her fatter, and his feelings about fat girls were confusing right now…but he just had to do what she said. He needed it. So instead of just a few cookies, he grabbed the whole tray piled with cookies. He pulled it too quick and was surprised by how its weight felt so heavy and awkward. That coupled with Clara screaming “FEED ME!” caused Mark to falter and spill the tray all over the ground. Clara laughed at him and Mark felt his face go red (though his dick stayed rock hard). Clara slid back her chair from the table, and it creaked as it dragged heavily along the floor under the weight of her nude body. She stood. Mark once again felt her new presence. She now loomed over him, her body taking up much more of his sight line than her tiny frame had before. She was a Thick woman now and stood confidently, her belly hanging to just above her white bush and her gigantic breasts taking up most of her torso. Mark couldn’t meet her gaze and instead stared at her massive, juicy thighs and how their fat now puckered and indented around her kneecaps. “I guess I’ll just have to feed myself” Clara said in a somewhat sultry tone. She dropped onto her knees and the floor shook with her weight. She leaned forward on all fours and began shovelling cookies into her mouth. Yesterday Mark could have imagined the small Clara turning down a second cookie but here she was big and beautiful going to town like a hog. Her former playboy breasts now hung low like udders piled on the kitchen linoleum, dragging back and forth as she reached out for more and more. It wasn’t long before Mark noticed the effects of the cookies taking shape on the rest of Clara as well. She seemed to be eating so fast the changes were struggling to keep up. Her hands and fingers ballooned into fat sausagey paws. Her forearms got thicker and thicker while behind the small indent in her elbow her upper arms began to loosen and flap with dimpled fat as Clara grabbed the remaining cookies. Mark saw Clara’s chin turn from a cute double crease to a full wobbling bulge which disappeared her neck into her shoulders. Her cheeks plumped up thick and rosy and he could even swear her nose seemed to chub up. But the big attraction was her belly. On all fours it had almost looked smaller than when she stood, overshadowed by her gigantic endowments resting on the floor as it hovered 6 inches off the ground. But with the stream of cookies piling in her face Mark could only stare as Clara’s belly, jiggling as it grew, swelled to fill the gap. In seconds it too pressed on the floor but after a moment Mark could see Clara adjusting her stance as it began pushing her up. This sight seemed to affect Mark. He couldn’t remember why he’d even thought for a second he didn’t love a fat girl. He worshiped them! He wanted to see her resting on a huge gut. Seeing Clara become fatter and fatter was his horny boy dream and he had to have her now, now, NOW! Mark ran behind Clara as she ate the last of the cookies and was delighted at the sight. He always loved doggy style but a week ago he would have been met with a pert ass and clear view of Clara’s womanhood. Now her ass had ballooned to a massive ghetto booty of two wobbling melons of flesh. Those combined with her thighs, still swelling with cellulite and thickening as she ate, seemed to completely cover her pussy. Still Mark thought he knew enough of where to aim, grabbed his dick and straddled on, driving his dick between her mounds. The feeling of swelling as she crunched into the last cookie was amazing and Mark used all his strength to keep from cumming. He was going to finally fuck Clara right this time. He kept thrusting and grunting. This position was working pretty well. He could have sworn when they tried it on the floor before he’d pinched his back thrusting downward into her but now he seemed totally level with her. God it felt so good. It felt- Clara laughed a hearty belly laugh and Mark was pulled out of his reverie. “Are you–Do you think you’re FUCKING me?” Clara chuckled, pulling herself away from Mark. “Do you think that little dick of yours could reach my pussy through all this ass?” Mark looked down at the cock in his hand and wanted to scream. Instead of the 8-inch two hander he was used to he now saw a 4 inch dick that barely cleared his palm. Even worse that sight, combined with Clara’s laughter made him–oh god. Mark started cumming as Clara got to her feet shakily, struggling under her weight. As he finished his load he looked at how different Clara was now. Her breasts had stayed the same but now rested on a shelf of a belly twice their size. It hung mid-thigh completely covering her pubic region. She was wider now too with thick hips and an ass practically visible from her front. It felt like she towered above him even though she was only…oh damn…half a head taller than him. She also looked…older? Definite crow’s feet and laugh lines were on her face though the fact that her platinum blonde hair looked almost white in this light didn’t help either. He….he loved mature women though. He loved fat older women and loved… “NO!” Mark screamed “No, Clara don’t you see what’s happening, how we’re changing? I’m a big guy with a big dick and I’m…getting smaller. You’re, you’re massive” Clara squinted her eyes for a moment and considered his words. Then she smiled warmly her chubby cheeks glowing. “Oh Mark, like, all I see is my little guy and his little dinky trying to worship me and getting frustrated again but if he’s naughty Santa won’t come!” “SANTA!” Mark thought, remembering back to that guy at the office party kissing Clara. He must have done this he must have…done something… “Now can my Markie get me some more milk and cookies?” Clara asked, sitting back down on the kitchen chair as it groaned and crackled, barely supporting her weight. “Uhh…sure just um…let me go to the bathroom” Mark said. He felt compelled to obey her but he needed to fight and find something to stop these changes. He grabbed his phone and ran to the bathroom. He closed the door. At first Mark was hesitant but turned to the mirror to check the damage. He was definitely shorter. About 5’4 by his estimation. He breathed a sigh of relief that thankfully he was still proportionally pretty muscular even if they looked a bit odd because…it seemed like most of his body hair was gone except for a few whispy pubes and armpit hairs. His face also looked pointy…almost feminine. And on top of all that he remembered Clara had talked about his hair which seemed, rather than it’s usual darkness, almost blonde. This needed to stop. He looked at his phone and quickly web searched “Santa makes Fat Woman”. He was frustrated when the results changed to “Did you mean: Santa makes out with fat woman” but the image results in the middle of the page made him pause. Five photos of santas sticking their tongues down the throats of chubby models were making him feel something. He clicked into the image results. A page of images of Santa kissing women, groping them and Mark felt sweat drip down his back. “Would you like to stop filtering explicit results” called out to him from the top corner of the browser. He clicked. The screen filled with porno shots of men in red suits with beards in various stages of fucking fat women. Some of the Santas were clearly muscular porn stars in fake beards but his eyes travelled to real bearded, chubby men sucking on fat tits and pressing their face into fleshy laps. He unconsciously began stroking his shrunken cock. He clicked through more and more photos. Chubby women taking full cocks in their mouths til they pressed against grey-hair covered bellies. Santa taking one woman from behind while groping another’s fat tits. Santa spraying a load all over….god…if only that was Clar- The door burst open and Clara filled it with her massive body, swaying and rolling with her laughter. “OH Markie do you have a new boyfriend” Clara said reaching over to his phone. Mark struggled to keep her from taking it but she was stronger than him now and easily pulled it away. Worse still he felt like he was about to cum again, the feeling of being caught by her was so good but he breathed deep and stopped it. “Now, like, I told you to get me food so get going” She said and it was too much. She was so close and so big and…he wanted her bigger. He went over to the pile of his clothes on the floor but as he put them them on his heart sank. The shirt billowed out from his body and the arms hung long on him. His waist barely filled his pants and his underwear looked flaccid and empty. “Don’t worry Markie, I got an outfit for ya” Clara said chuckling. She tossed him a pair of striped red and white tights and a floppy green sweater of hers. He didn’t want to put them on but couldn’t help himself. The tights felt smooth and good on his skin though did very little to hide his raging hardon. He struggled to pull the sweater down over it, barely covering it and hated that the embarrassment was already starting another wet spot of precum on his tights “Ooh you look so festive! Now go spread some cheer while I wait for you honey. Momma’s so hungry!” Clara said, plopping down on the couch. Her flesh took up so much of it. Mark was scared but the image of Clara splayed out in her fat glory was enough to drive him out into the world to find some milk and cookies. Melvillain Member Posts: 22 Joined: Tue Dec 08, 2015 7:08 am Chapter 4 : Finale! Mark got home well after nightfall, exhausted. He’d spent the day walking to closed stores and and finding shelves bare of cookies and eggnog. On top of that his outfit got stares, whispers and giggles from revelers on the street and he found himself constantly stopping and hiding away behind buildings and in public bathrooms to jerk off his shrunken cock but he was only able to come once when someone stumbled across this pathetic display in an alleyway. Once it became dark out the Christmas Eve drunks were more on the street and he got catcalled and groped by men straight and gay who took him for some small, shy piece of ass. He tried to fight the erotic feeling the attention gave him because he wanted to draw attention away from the bulge in his tights. He’d finally found a small corner store with a package of christmas cookies and a slim carton of eggnog left and hurriedly bought it. The man behind the counter licked his lips at Mark who tired to protest but his high voice just resulted in the clerk laughing and Mark leaking a bit in his tights. He almost felt relief as he opened the door to the apartment…that is before he saw the mountain of flesh on the sofa waiting for him. Clara hefted herself up to sitting position and Mark remembered how much he wanted her bigger. “I’m like SOOOO hungry and horny! Where were you!” Clara moaned “ FEED ME!” Mark shut the door and brought the cookies and nog to her. “This is all you got?” Clara laughed “You were probably too busy whoring your sweet ass around. Take off that outfit little man before you cum all over it” Mark shuddered with pleasure as he stripped down and exposed his small body to Clara once more. Clara smacked the couch beside her with her palm and Mark obediently came over and sat beside her, feeling dwarfed so close to her body. It radiated heat and he eagerly held the eggnog and cookie package. “Well you can have your snack first, honey” Clara said smiling down at him. Mark hadn’t even thought of eating any. He didn’t want to change any more. He hesitated. “EAT!” Clara laughed slapping him on the back. Mark grabbed a cookie and took a bite. The bite was so much more filling than any had been before. He looked down at his stomach and saw his abs disappear under flesh and his belly pooch out slightly. “What a little cutie!” Clara beamed “ You can’t even finish your cookie” she reached out a hand and tickled Mark’s belly which caused him to let out a high pitched giggle he wasn’t used to. His dick was rock hard once more. “Now have a sippy too!” Clara opened the carton of eggnog and held it up to Mark who felt warmth wash over him as it entered his mouth. His hand lazily went back to his dick but he pulled away sputtering when he felt his hardon shrinking even more in his hand! Clara smacked his face “You messy little imp! You , like, don’t even deserve this!” She took the eggnog and sucked it down greedily, dribbling it down her face. “You don’t get to feed me anymore, you don’t deserve it pipsqueak” Clara said, grabbing the cookies and going to town. Mark should have felt free but her denial wounded him deeply. He just wanted to serve her, to worship her body. He felt even smaller next to her now but he groped at her flesh. He tugged on one of her fat nipples and dug his other hand deep into the folds of her belly massaging it. He found himself desperately humping the side of her body like a little dog in heat. Clara laughed at the display, spraying crumbs of her cookies but let it continue even as he started to leak a bit over her. She was obviously getting a little pleasure from the attention. “P-please let me fuck you” Mark groaned sounding like a whiny cartoon character. His voice was no longer cracking. He was a real soprano now. “You?” Clara said, finishing off her last cookie” “You with this little thingy?” Clara reached out a fat hand and pinched his cock between her thumb and forefinger. It was about 3 inches now and compared to her sausage links looked tiny in comparison. She squeezed it hard, laughing as Mark was overcum! “You can’t even stop from, like, blowing your load when you my beautiful bod. You’re a pathetic little man who can only serve me don’t you agree? I need a real man to fuck me!” Mark stopped as her felt her words take root. She was right. He wasn’t a real man anymore…he was pathetic and small. His tiny dick could never please a fat experienced goddess like her. She seemed…dumber now…obsessed with sex and for the rest of his life all he could do was humiliate himself. Mark tried to hold it back but he felt tears welling up and the trying just made it worse. He was humiliated completely and he started to bawl , high pitched like a little kid. He was in agony. After a minute he felt Clara’s big arms wrap around him and drag him close. He couldn’t stop crying but the feeling of her fat flesh warm and swelling with the effects of the cookies started to calm him until he was just choking back sobs. “Like, there there little guy” Clara said her voice sounding strange. He looked up and was shocked to see Clara looking even older. She was a real 40-something MILF now with bags under her eyes and her massive fat chin matched with the start of some jowels. Her head was topped with greying hair, no longer blonde. “I know what makes a tiny boy feel better” Clara said hefting up one of her big floppy breasts. Mark wiped his tears as he looked at her veiny, large tit and remembered the feeling of sucking on them earlier. Deep down he knew that if he took her bait it would change…it would be the end but he needed to stop crying, he needed to stop. Mark latched on and Clara cradled him like a baby as he sucked and her massive nipple filled his mouth. On the third suck his mouth was filled with a wonderful sensation as eggnog began pouring out of her ducts. Mouthful after mouthful of sweet liquor passed through his lips and he felt his whole body warm. He could feel himself become smaller in her arms and against her bosom. She ran her hands through his hair but stopped and played with the tops of his ears , which seemed to have become much more sensitive. Mark was almost falling into a woozy sleep when there arose such a clatter he sprung awake and turned from Clara’s leaking nipple. Mark let out a small gasp as he looked straight up at Santa Claus standing in front of the fireplace in the apartment. Not just any Santa, the one from the Christmas party before. “Ho , Ho , Ho!” Santa bellowed, shaking the apartment with his laughter “ Look what we have here” Mark pushed himself away from Clara. Even after all of this it was shocking to see Santa just …standing there. “It looks like you’ve been a very good girl, Clara” Santa said “You got everything you asked for this Christmas. You look like a real fertile goddess and you’re little boyfriend Mark is looking pretty pathetic” Clara smiled and leaned back, spreading her legs towards Santa “ Like, not everything Santa” she purred plunging a hand into the darkness beneath her belly “I said I wanted to get loved right” “Ho, ho ho! Well some presents Santa wants to deliver personally” Santa proclaimed, unbuckling his belt. Mark didn’t know what to do but he was filled with a jealous vigor so he lept from the couch and got between Santa and Clara. “Now wait a minute” his voice sounded practically cartoonish “I’m not just gonna letcha fuck my girl” “Oh Mark, I almost forgot to give you your last present” Santa said, turned around reaching for something in his sack “You’ve been naughty but every little guy deserves at least one gift” Santa turned back and held a small hand mirror out to Mark. Mark took it in his dainty hands and his finally got a good look at himself and the latest changes. His face was feminine and small, topped with a mushroom cut of bright blonde hair. But it was his ears that stuck out. Small and pointy he had little elf ears. He looked like a perfect cartoon helper for santa….well almost. “Now Mark, I really appreciated how you’ve helped turn Clara into this fat horny milf, just my type. But I think you’d agree you’re not quite ready to be Santa’s helper, right?” Santa said finishing unbuckling his belt. “I want to show you what Santa looks like and you tell me how a helper should look different” First Santa removed his shirt. What caught Mark’s eye was Santa’s hairy chest and how it spread to his armpits and down over his big taut beachball belly. He was hairy like a man. “N-no hair” Mark felt himself say. Santa snapped his fingers and Mark looked down as the last vestiges of whispy pubic hair disappeared from his body. He was completely smooth and doll-like now. Mark also looked at Santa’s build. He had expected a fat man but Santa looked more like an old timey strong man who’d haul great loads with big biceps and thick pectoral muscles. Only his gut seemed to stand out. He was so masculine. “N…” Mark hesitated not wanting to say it “ No muscles!” Santa snapped and Mark felt a woozy wave of weakness hit him. His whole body began to deflate and become boney. His arms looked like little twigs, smaller than a child’s and his torso thinned out except for his little milk-fed potbelly. Santa smiled and finished undressing, pulling off his pants. Mark’s heart sunk when he saw the massive bulge in Santa’s briefs. He knew what was next, he could feel it coming. Santa pulled down his briefs and a massive, 12-inch rod popped out pointing straight at Clara who began fondling herself more furiously than before. “No cock” Mark said, crestfalllen. “Ho! ho! Ho! that’s no fun” Santa said, winking. He stood beside the Elfin Mark who now barely came up to his navel and had a real eyeful of his cock. “We want you to still be turned on by Clara, don’t we?” Santa snapped and Mark looked down at his 2-inch pecker. His small balls shrunk right up inside him but while the cock receded, thinner and smaller it stopped as just a little nub above his pubic bone. He touched it and felt a shiver run through him as a little cum leaked out. “There you go little buddy” Santa said “Now enjoy the show!” Mark turned in horror forgetting the coup de grace to all of this. Clara leaned far back on the couch and Santa tipped her a bit over the side sending her breasts up into her face and her jiggling belly back, exposing her wet grey bush. Santa got on top and with his muscular buttocks began ramming Clara hard who almost immediately exploded with an orgasm. “Oh god!” Clara moaned “ FInally! God that pathetic elf couldn’t get me anywhere!” Santa kept going all night, from all positions filling Clara up as Mark could only watch and rub his little nub. Every once and a while they’d pause, wipe off their sweat and laugh at his little display but he could only cum in response. He was in ecstasy watching this real man take his girlfriend over and over. She was his goddess and she deserved a dick like that. Mark passed out about halfway into Santa taking Clara’s ass and Santa was careful to place the sleeping little elf between he and Clara as they fell asleep that night, exhausted themselves from all their naughty fun. ********* The next morning Mark groggily awoke and peeled himself off the crusty sheets. He felt a coldness on his back where he could have sworn was a warm, furry belly pressing against him. His eyes fluttered and he caught sight of Clara beside him but he sat up with a start. She was small. She was there, naked with her little c-cups and her dark blond hair. Her pert ass and taut belly. Was it all a dream!?? Mark looked down and thanked god that his muscles were there, he flipped off the sheet and saw his 8-inch morning wood and almost wanted to cry. Mark went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. What a weird dream. Though he had to admit it all did make him feel sort of….horny. In fact thinking of it again had got him pretty ready to go. He plodded naked out of the bathroom, his dick waving but he stopped when he saw an unfamiliar Christmas Card on the kitchen table. He walked over and picked it up to read the inscription inside. “Merry Christmas Mark, You have 365 days to fatten Clara up again! No magic help this time, just your hard work and worship. For every pound she doesn’t gain you’ll be sure to become a little smaller so make sure you get her just how I like her. You know she needs a real man at least ONCE a year! Love Santa” Mark wanted to scream but the thought of Clara getting fatter was almost as hot as the thought of him being smaller and broken down again. He just felt a similar sensation as his balls siezed up and he prematurely ejaculated like the little guy he knew he really was inside.
  4. From Boss to Bimbo (bimbo transformation) Alexis Saint stepped out of her limousine and onto the side walk. She felt the glare of the morning sun on her face, as she looked out at the street across from her Company “Saint Inc.”. She almost never got to see the building like this, she usually exited the limousine in the buildings underground parking, next to her private elevator. Then again normally the city wasn’t tearing up the street in front of her building and blocking the vehicle entrance. She would have to make a few call before noon and get these idiots fired. As she walked down the side walk, she found herself suddenly surprised as she stopped at a small shop window, the words engraved and painted on the window read, “Ms. Hawks Brew shoppe”. She looked up at her building across the street and guessed where her tenth floor office was. This place should have been in plain view of it, but she couldn’t remember having ever seen it. As Alexis stood there and looked to the right and left, she could clearly remember the two businesses on each side. The bar and the Shoe store, but she thought they shared a common wall. She looked into the store from the big window. That when she found herself looking at her own reflection. She wasn’t sure why, She stood there in a thousand dollar grey business suit, her red hair tied up tight and peering out past her glasses. The glasses were a prop, she hadn’t needed then in years, but she found it easier to intimidate people while looking over them. She was still admiring her business chic, when she heard a tap on the store glass. As Alexis looked in she could see a woman, she could only describe as “ultra-feminine”. The woman was tall, but curvy. Her look made it hard for Alexis to pin-down her age. She seem to be in the perfect balance of vibrant youth and vintage beauty. From the body of her luxurious full hair to her large natural, perfectly balanced breast and down to her flawless long legs, Alexis hated her on sight. Alexis knew she was attractive in a more athletic and erudite way, she still got a passing glance or long look, from most men. She had never been a seductress or won battles on her sex appeal, but she could still turn a head or two, not that she cared about such things. She considered sex and for the most part sexuality beneath her. So why did this woman make her so intersected about the whole thing. The truth was so obvious and that what made her mad. To be honest, compared to this woman she was almost plain. She was still fuming as the woman pointed to the door of the shop, Alexis instinctively turned her head, as the woman’s hand took the sign at the edge of the window marked “Sorry you Missed Us” and Flipped it over to read “ Come in we’ve been expecting you”. Alexis thought, she can’t be that perfect. With her curiosity peaked she walked in. It was worse than Alexis had expected. The raven haired woman greeted her with a voice that could have melted the coldest heart in the artic. She couldn’t figure out the accent, but it felt like a mix of English and something Italian or perhaps Greek. The woman wore a loose cotton sundress that seemed to still flatter her figure, and of all thing, she was barefoot. Alexis took in the small shop only to find it was a coffee house. The inside had a long counter with brass stools and fittings. The walls were covered in a warm stained wood and a few table leaned against them. The traditional equipment lined the wall behind the counter. It looked clean and neat if a bit antique. As Alexis took in the shop, the hostess seem to take in her. She looked at Alexis, “Your Ms. Saint, aren’t you, may I call you Alexis, please” her voice almost insisted that you be friends with her. Alexis, replied “only if you’ll tell me yours, and who your plastic surgeon is”. The woman let out a rustic but still charming soft laugh and added, “ I’m Penelope and I’m afraid this is all natural” the woman slide her arms down both sides of her body as if to drive the point home. Alexis replied sarcastically, “ Well Penelope ,Guess some of us just won the genetic lottery” Penelope smiled back and winked, “None sense, I think both of us know we make our own luck and decisions, I mean you of all people should know that, the way you developed that giant track of land in the amazon and then sold it before anyone figured out how bad the damage was, and when you maneuvered you way thru all those fat union retirement accounts and used them to finance your corporate take over last year, genius “ Alexis was almost, shocked, she seldom thought she had fans out in the non-business world. It seemed like she might have just walked into her biggest fan’s business. Alexis smiled, “you know most people think I’m some kind of corporate pirate.” Penelope filled a cup with a dark rich brew, Alexis could almost taste it from the aroma. Then slide it to Alexis, who tried to fish some money out of her pocket. Penelope simply waved for her to relax and pointed to the steaming cup of coffee. Penelope said with a smirk, as Alexis lifted the coffee. Then added “don’t worry I’ll have you pay for it all later”. Alexis felt it was a curious way of saying it, but took a sip. Alexis nearly drain the cup, it was so good, even if Alexis normally took cream and sugar. It was as if Penelope sensed this and produced both from under the counter. As Alexis watched her hostess pour what seemed like the whole sugar container into the cup, followed by most of the cream. She then topped it off with a little coffee. Then returned the refilled cup and one of the delicious looking pastries to Alexis “Some people are jealous, but to be honest Alexis I’ve always had a question?” Alexis sat back in one of the chair thinking she might have missed judged this woman, as she picked up the coffee and looked at the content. The light tan color looked like her preferred mix. Alexis wondered how all that liquid had fit in a single cup. She took another sip expecting it to taste too sweet or weak. Instead it was perfect. She drained half the cup and then looked down and scooped up the pastries. She hadn’t seen anything like it, before. She paused and took a bite of the pastries, then said “well with coffee and pastries like this I’m almost ready to move in, so I guess an answer is the least I can do”. Penelope watched as the thick ropey white cream, that had a strong resemblance to male ejaculate, poured down from her guest chin, as she stuffed the last of the pastry into her mouth. Penelope slide another one to her guest, this one was long with two bulges on one end and had the unmistakable shaped of a very large phallic. The powerful executive didn’t seem to notice, and instead scooped it up and began to suck the cream from the small end, while licking stopping to lick the glaze from the shaft. Penelope asked, “Well Alexis don’t you ever feel bored, wish you could have a little more fun in life, maybe be a little more wild?”. Alexis seemed so relaxed around this woman, She replied without thinking or trying to guard what she said, “Not really, I enjoy ruining little people, watching then suddenly realize I’ve out smarted them and taken everything, the more virtuous and needy the better” She finished draining the second pastries and her second cup of coffee. Penelope her another cup and said, “well it getting late and we wouldn’t want you to be late for work,”. Alexis looked down at her cup, “Do you want me to finish the coffee, before I go Penelope?” the powerful executive sounded as if she was asking permission of the Hostess before leaving. Penelope patted her on the head and told her, “Take it with you, but remember to bring it back after work, and don’t forget to wash it”. Alexis smiled and licked her lips, “sure thanks Penelope, I make sure its good and clean”. The hostess refilled the cup and then walked Alexis to the door, letting her out, with a sharp slap on the executive’s bottom. The as she walked across the street Penelope called after her, “do a good job and maybe I’ll give you a job”. Alexis looked back confused, “but I already have a job?” As Alexis watched Penelope simply walked back into her shop and let the door close. She headed across the busy street and into her building. She was going to be late and she knew it. She stopped to adjust her suit, it felt tight and hot. As she stood in the reception waiting area, she tried to adjust the skirt. No matter how she pulled or shifted, it didn’t feel right. Then suddenly it did, but Alexis couldn’t figure out how She finally it came to her, “why not pull up her skirt” so she did. As she stood there with her skirt above her waist band, she was once more muddled. She could have sworn she wore a very expensive pair of French cut lace panties, but when she looked at her hips, along with the room of strange men. Alexis wore a pair of ultra-tight neon green latex thong. She could see the puffy outline of her sex thru the small front panel, She stop to ponder what that was called and after a minutes or so, remembered. Suddenly the executive power broker yelled out, “it’s a camel toe, I have a camel toe” then burst into giggling. One of the girl that worked the reception desk, walked over and asked her boss if she was alright. Alexis still unable to stop giggling said “Yes I’m fine”. The woman helped her get her skirt back down and then to the elevator. Alexis couldn’t find the key to her private elevator so she had to ride the public elevators. As she stood there, the young receptionist hit the button for the top floor. Then stepped out and watched her boss disappeared behind the twin metal doors. The receptionist, considered call up to her boss office to make sure she made it. I mean she was a grown woman and she had said she was “all right”. Of course she didn’t seem “all right” at least she didn’t act normal, but something must have agreed with her, Ms. Saint was 45 and looked like she was 40. She had yesterday, but today she looked more like 25 maybe younger. Alexis stood in the elevator, she kind of enjoyed the way the way it made her butt and boobs jiggled. She finished her coffee and the deposited the empty cup in her briefcase. As she looked down, the top three buttons of her blouse popped off. The front of her silk blouse spread to show off her bra. Alexis was surprised and almost lost her footing. As she continued to look down she noticed her cleavage was pressing up, squeezing out of the top and around the cups of her bra. She suddenly realized her bra was kind of small, even if she had been a B-cup since college, As she watched she knew "had" was the right word. Her top was more likely a D or DD cup and it seemed to be growing. She watch her breast fight for freedom, jiggling and shifting. She was so enthralled that when the elevator opened on her floor, she forgot to get off. She also had failed to notice that one of her escaping button had hit the button to the lowest basement level. As she stood there, the door closed and the elevator headed down. As it reach the bottom, with a sudden jerk, her poor bra gave in and popped right across the front. Her huge breast popped forward then sagged slightly as gravity took hold. She let out a gasp and then took in a deep breath. It was a shock to find herself so unrestricted. She looked up at the doors. As they opened and four of the building janitors stood there, Alexis felt part of her want to cover herself, but she remembered an old business saying, "If you don't advertise you won't make a sale". So instead of covering her breast, She pulled up her skirt and began to rub her "camel toe" thru the thong's front panel of thin latex. The janitors looked shocked, they hadn't expected a sex show, as they had been waiting for the elevator car. They now all stood there with a nearly topless twenty year old Alexis, skirt up and rubbing her now very wet pussy.
  5. A Christmas Carol by MsGrey (Bimbo TF) By: MsGrey It was Christmas Eve and Elizabeth Scrooge wasn’t at all ready for the holiday. Unlike most, Elizabeth hated Christmas. Why, you may have asked? Who really knew, in all honesty? People would say it ran in her family. After all, she was the great, great, granddaughter of the stingy, cold hearted Ebenezer Scrooge. Maybe it was the fact she hated her last name. Or maybe it was as simple as the idea of Christmas itself that always put her in a crabby mood, the idea that giving is better than receiving. To put it bluntly, Elizabeth was a bitch. She was very beautiful, no doubt about that. She could make guys mouth water if she were to enter a room. She was a cute, petite girl with a perfectly proportionate body, complete with perky C cup breasts and a small pert bottom to match. However, Elizabeth was not only gifted with good looks, but a brain as well. The downfall was, she used it for her ill will. She would always take money from her parents and spend it on accessories that she, frankly, didn’t need. Her parents were rich, as were the past generations of Scrooges, so they never even cared. Additionally to add to her own self importance, the fact that Elizabeth was British made her feel superior to others. Guys loved an English accent. That made them easy to control, she would think to herself. Girls usually avoided her and guys would feel instantly attracted to her, but intimidated at the same time. For the most part, she was often alone, shunned by her peers for one reason or another. This would bring up another important fact. Elizabeth didn’t have any friends. Or at least, she did at one point, but that friend moved away. Her name was Jackie. Elizabeth only thought of her as a bimbo. Jackie’s bimbo look was completed with the works; long wavy blond hair, big E cup boobs, a perfect bubble butt, and the IQ of a rock. Jackie and Elizabeth would always go shopping together, but it usually ended up with Elizabeth having more, if not, all the merchandise, leaving Jackie with practically nothing. Then came the day that Jackie moved away. It was hard for Elizabeth, in a sense that she couldn’t use her anymore. That was the real loss for Elizabeth, the loss of someone to use for her own benefit. She would use Jackie almost constantly, but the bimbo was too dumb to catch on. It had been perfect. But since she had been gone, what would Elizabeth do now? And so it was on Christmas Eve that Elizabeth sat in her room looking at fashion magazines. She laid on her tummy in her panties and large T-shirt, her jet black hair pulled back in a pony tail. “This is so stupid. I hate Christmas. The only reason I like it, is because you get free shit.” She said to no one in particular. Elizabeth had turned twenty one last week, so she felt a need to curse more, now that she was considered “a real woman”. As she flipped through another magazine, her mother came through the door. “Lizzy?” “What mum!? Jesus! Can’t you knock on the bloody door!?” Elizabeth screamed. “And stop calling me ’Lizzy’!” “Alright! Goodness gracious, I just came up here to tell you that your father and I are going to a Christmas party. Will you be okay here by yourself?” “Mum, I’m not a little girl anymore. Fuck…” “Watch your language young lady!” Elizabeth rolled her eyes and flipped through her magazine again. Her mother closed the door and eventually, she could hear her parents drive away in their brand new Ferrari. “Finally.” With a smile, she hopped out of bed and ran through the mansion of a house she lived in. And since she was home alone, she decided to pull her shirt off and run around the house topless. She did this often when no one was home. “Right, so a night with mum and dad getting shit faced, leaving me here to enjoy myself and… hmm…” A devilish grin crept across her face. She then began to slink her hand down her tummy and slip right into her panties. She was soon fingering herself in the living room, topless. And since she was home alone, she began to moan, and rather loudly. “Oh god! Motherfucker, this feel so good!” She was nearing her climax, when suddenly, the lights went out. Instantly, she was angry and scared at the same time, mostly from the fact that the power seemed to blow out, but also simply due to the fact that she was so close to cumming. “Fuck!” Luckily for her, her parents owned a back up generator that finally kicked into action. “There we are, now where was I?” She said as she began where she left off. However, for her, things were about to get crazy. From seemingly out of nowhere, Elizabeth heard a giggle and then there was blackness. She screamed as the back up generator’s light blew out. Not only that, but someone was there with her. Fear crept in quickly. Elizabeth dashed to her room, knocking over furniture and stubbing several toes. She slammed her door shut, locked it, ran to her bed, and grabbed a flash light from her desk. She turned it on and looked around her room. Nothing. Then she heard it. Footsteps, coming from outside. They slowly made their way to her door. Closer and closer they got. Elizabeth was shaking in fright. Who knew what was outside in the hall? Then finally, they stopped, right outside her door. “W-who’s there?!” Without warning, the door burst open and Elizabeth screamed. She flipped the covers over her head and turned off the flash light. It was then she heard that same noise again, the one from earlier, a giggle. She slowly lifted the covers off of her head and saw what looked like, for lack of a better word, a ghost. “A ghost!” Elizabeth screamed, and so did the ghost. “A ghost! Where?” It said. Elizabeth then looked more closely at the ghost. “Jackie?!” It was true, the ghost was Jackie, the bimbo that Elizabeth was once “friends” with. “You’re dead?” “I know! It, like, sucks! I’m all dead and stuff!” “How?” Jackie pouted. “My boobies suffocated me.” From the size of them, it had to be true. They were nearly the size of watermelons and they were shaking and jiggling all over the place. “Jesus Christ! They’re huge!” “Yeah, I have to, like, bear the weight of them for all eternity, or something like that. But hey, I don’t care; I get all the ghost cock I want with these puppies!” Jackie said as she heaved them up towards Elizabeth. “Get those things out of my face! Why the fuck are you here?” “Oh, yeah, I’m like, supposed to tell you something… what was it…” Jackie pouted as she had to think. “Oh yeah! Stop hating Christmas and stuff!” Elizabeth sat there, slack jawed. “That’s it? That’s all you had to tell me? What the hell, Jackie!? You’re just as dumb as you were when you were alive!” Jackie then let out a wail that shook the very house. “You’re so mean!!!!!” Elizabeth screamed and tried to calm her down. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jackie, calm down! Mercy!” Jackie calmed down almost immediately and went right back to her giggling self. “Oh, I also remember something else. You’ll be, like, haunted by three other ghosts too!” Jackie giggled. Elizabeth face palmed and sighed. “This is so stupid. Can’t I just see them all at once and get it over with?” “No, It won’t be any fun that way. They have something planned for you!” “What? They’re going to scare me into liking Christmas or something?” “Nope, something else entirely!” Jackie then giggled and began to sink into the floor. It wasn’t until she got to her tits that they prevented her from going any further. “Stupid boobies!” With a giggle and a sharp inhale, she sucked her boobs into her chest and sank fully beneath the floor. Elizabeth remained on her bed, still topless, shocked, and trying to take it all in. She then got up and put a tank top on. “Three ghosts, huh? Hmm… what’s the special plan?” Elizabeth wondered. Hours when by with nothing happening. Luckily, the power came back on, so she breathed a sigh of relief. She was beginning to think that she was just going crazy and hallucinating. She took her cell phone out and saw that it was going on 12:30 A.M. She also began to wonder when on earth her parents were going to get home. To pass some time, she went downstairs to watch some TV. By this time she wasn’t even tired. After seeing the busty apparition of her former friend, it put a real shock to her system. She plopped down in front of the TV and began to flip through channels. This went on for a while. She was flipping through cartoons, movies, reality TV shows. And finally, she came across a documentary of Marilyn Monroe. “Well, at least it’s something…” While watching it, she began to kind of regret it, because it wasn’t as exciting as she thought it might have been. She raised the remote to change the channel, but the grandfather clock in the living room chimed, indicating that it was now 1 o’clock. “Mum and dad are still not home?” She began to get concerned, because her parents were never usually out this late. Her attention then came back to the TV, which suddenly seemed to be acting funny. She looked at the screen, which began to get fuzzy. Walking over to the TV, she hit it a couple of times. “Ugh! This is not my night!” She switched the TV off and began to leave the room. Quite suddenly, the TV cut back on. Elizabeth spun around, just in time to see something crawling out of the TV. It wasn’t frightening, like something out of a horror movie, but it had a warm glow to it, that made the figure seem somewhat pleasant. She watched as the bright glow took form. The form began to take the shape of a woman, a woman in a white dress. When the light began to fade, Elizabeth finally could see the woman had blonde hair. The light dimmed just enough to see the face and what Elizabeth saw standing in her living room nearly gave her a heart attack. The figure was Marilyn Monroe. “I am the ghost of Christmas Past.” “No, I believe you’re Marilyn Monroe.” Elizabeth muttered with disbelief. Marilyn began to pout. “Yeah, I WAS Marilyn Monroe, but not anymore.” Elizabeth looked at the ghost. “So, you’re the ghost of Christmas Past? Like, the past in general?” Marilyn giggled seductively. “No, silly, your past.” “But, I’m only twenty one. What past can you show me?” “Don’t make things too complicated; you’ll make my head hurt.” Elizabeth couldn’t really believe what she was seeing. The one and only Marilyn Monroe was standing not four feet from her. She also couldn’t believe how dumb she was. With all the things she had known about Marilyn Monroe from school or TV, some of it made her seem like a ditz, but not anywhere near this badly. Her thought process was cut off when Marilyn held out her hand. “Take my hand.” Elizabeth hesitated for a minute before she actually took hold of it. And before she could even blink, they were flying through the air like birds. Elizabeth felt weightless as she looked over at Marilyn and realized she could see down her blouse completely. She had seen pictures of Marilyn’s cleavage, but seeing it in person was a whole different story. She actually quite enjoyed looking at them. However, this enjoyment was cut short when she realized they were flying over the ocean. Elizabeth didn’t even scream. She wasn’t frightened; she felt very calm. She looked up and saw a form in the distance. It began to take the shape of a city. She looked closely and recognized Big Ben. They were flying towards London, her home city. Soon, they were gliding through the streets of London, zig zagging, left and right. And then they stopped. Elizabeth saw that they had flown straight to the City of London School for Girls. “Do you know this place?” Marilyn asked Elizabeth. “Know it? Hell, I could walk this place blindfolded.” Elizabeth said with a smile. She looked around and realized that the people walking by didn’t seem to notice her. She even walked over to people and waved at them. “What’s going on?” “These are but shadows of your past.” “Shadows? What do you mean by that?” “I don’t know. But, we’re in the past.” Marilyn giggled. “Fourteen years in the past, to be exact.” Elizabeth looked up at the school building. It looked empty. “It’s so deserted looking,” she said. “Not quite, there is still one person still in the school.” Elizabeth took Marilyn’s hand once again and they flew through the school hallways finally stopping in front of a door. Elizabeth opened the door slightly and poked her head in. Marilyn leaned in to look as well, causing her breasts to press into Elizabeth’s back. They both saw a little girl sitting at a desk crying. “Poor girl…” “That’s you, you know?” Elizabeth looked at Marilyn. “Duh, I’m aware of that, you bloody bimbo.” Elizabeth walked over to the little girl. “I remember this day. It was the day we left for Christmas break. I was upset because my friends didn’t like me. They thought I was too smart.” “We can’t change the past, we can only reflect on them.” “Wow, Marilyn, that was the most intelligent thing you’ve said so far!” “Really?” She said giggling. “Come, I wanna show you something else!” Without warning, they both began to fly out of the school and into a giant court yard. They settled down and saw, sitting on a bench, a slightly older Elizabeth. Elizabeth immediately knew what she was about to witness. “Oh no, spirit, I don’t want to see this.” “But, I do.” Marilyn giggled. Elizabeth painfully began to watch. The Elizabeth that was sitting on the park bench was sixteen years old. One more year and she would be on her way to America. It was snowing outside in the court yard and she was bundled up in a jacket, scarf, thick pants and a pair of uggs. Elizabeth and Marilyn watched as a younger Elizabeth looked up and happily hugged a boy coming up to her. It was Mark Hamilton, a boy that she dated back when she was in school. Mark Hamilton was a rugby player, in fact the most popular rugby player. Elizabeth always felt she was lucky to have such a cute guy to date. “Hello, Lizzy.” Mark said. “I have something I need to tell you.” “What?” “I… I can’t be with you anymore.” Elizabeth watching this began to choke up. In fact, both Elizabeths began to do this. “But… but why?” “I knew you would be upset, but I have to be honest with you. You’re… too smart for my liking.” “What do you mean by that?” “I like to be the more dominant person in the relationship, and lets face it, a smart girl like you makes me feel less dominant.” “So what you’re saying is if I was stupid, you’d like me more?” “Well… yes… but you’re not. So, I must release you, Elizabeth.” Mark got up and walked away, leaving a younger Elizabeth crying on the bench. That day, that horrible day in the past, was Christmas Eve. “Marilyn, I can’t bear to watch this anymore, take me back home, please!” “But this is just getting juicy!” “Please, I can’t bear it!” “You know he started dating Jessica Crane. They even had sex the day he broke up with you. Now she was a total bimbo.” “Shut up!” “If you were more like a bimbo, he would totally be with you still!” Marilyn giggled, but was cut off by Elizabeth. “Haunt me no longer!” Elizabeth smacked Marilyn across the face as a bright flash nearly blinded her. “Shit!” Elizabeth lunged upright in her bed. Her breath was very heavy and she was sweating badly. “It was just a dream, a really bad dream.” Elizabeth sighed. She slowly got out of bed, but quickly realized her balance was off. “Wow, I got up much too fast.” Heading to the bathroom, she splashed some cold water on her face and realized something very strange. Her breasts seemed swollen. She looked at them shocked. She slowly lifted her hands up and groped them and heaved them up. She then dropped them. Yep, they were definitely bigger. “What… the… fuck? My boobies are bigger!” Wait… had she just said “boobies”? She quickly set that aside and began to look at her breasts. They were certainly bigger, plumper, and strangely more sensitive. She was originally a 32 C cup; now she looked to be more like a 34 DD. Her tank top was tighter, but not too terribly tight. However, she could definitely see some tit flesh beginning to swell out over the top of the plunging neckline. She looked down and studied how deep her cleavage had gotten. This didn’t exactly bother her; in fact she was beginning to like the idea of having larger tits. It was as she scratched her head she realized yet another thing. Her hair had highlights in it. It was still jet black, but it had almost blonde highlights streaking through the length of it. “What the bloody hell is happening to me?” She said to herself. “This has to be a dream as well. Maybe I just have to sleep it off.” She returned to her bedroom, climbed into bed, pulled the covers over herself and tried to sleep. Her larger breasts felt nice pressing against each other and serving as pillows. However, Elizabeth began to grow restless as she felt a new feeling, like something was very wrong. She sat up and realized that there was a bluish light coming from the bottom of her bedroom door. Getting out of bed, she slowly walked towards her door. She could hear giggling from the other side, but before she could reach for the door knob, someone called out to her. “Come on in, Elizabeth!” Elizabeth opened the door and instead of leading out into the hallway, as would be expected when walking out of her bedroom, she entered into a large room with a big tanning bed in it. She could hear the giggling continue, like someone was being tickled inside the tanning bed. Suddenly the bed flew open and a woman sat up. The woman removed the little goggles from her eyes to reveal that it was in fact someone quite recognizable, though probably the last person Elizabeth might have expected. It was Snooki. “I am the ghost of Christmas Present!” “Bloody hell, first Marilyn Monroe and now Snooki?” Elizabeth again couldn’t believe her eyes. She had yet another celebrity in her house. But at least this one was alive. At least, she thought she was. “You’re not dead too, are you Snooki?” Elizabeth asked. “Hell no. I don’t know why I’m the ghost of Christmas present, but I am.” She giggled. “You ever seen the likes of me?” “Well, I’ve seen you on TV, but never in person.” Snooki giggled and got up from the tanning bed. She reached up and slipped a skimpy red bikini over her voluptuous body. Elizabeth couldn’t help but look at her sliding the bikini bottom on over her plump ass. Immediately, she shook her head, as she had never felt that way towards another woman. Snooki soon turned around and examined Elizabeth. “Nice tits.” Snooki said, groping them and feeling their new softness. Elizabeth blushed as the reality star continued to grope them. She even began to feel slightly damp. Snooki giggled and walked back over to her tanning bed. “Come.” She patted a spot right next to her. “Come and touch my bikini.” “Elizabeth blushed and slowly walked over to sit next to her on the tanning bed. She didn’t exactly know what part of the bikini to hold, so she grabbed the biggest part of it, which was the part covering her nipples. Elizabeth couldn’t help but blush. “Hold on tight, missy.” Snooki said, and before Elizabeth could ask why, the tanning bed shot off into the sky and for the second time in one night, she was flying through the air. Elizabeth was amazed at what she could see below her. Children were throwing snowballs at each other, building snowmen, making snow angels, all kinds of fun that Elizabeth would enjoy doing. However, Snooki took Elizabeth somewhere else. It was a back alleyway. She was confused as to why Snooki would take her to this place. Then she saw it. There was a girl in this alley that Elizabeth knew. Her name was Katherine Yates. She was probably one of the most intelligent girls that Elizabeth knew, although, she only knew her because of Jackie. “Why are we here?” “Just watch.” Snooki said, giggling. Elizabeth watch closely as Katherine walked up to a man in the alleyway. He was in a brown trench coat, a fedora, and dark sunglasses. Then he revealed that he had no clothes on underneath the trench coat. Elizabeth gasped. “Did you think that Katherine really was the good girl you thought she was?” “I never would have guessed it.” Katherine watched in a perverted sense of horror as Katherine began to suck the man’s cock. She watched as the girl bobbed her head, consuming every inch of his man meat. Elizabeth’s horror soon turned to excitement as she unwantedly began to feel damp in her crotch. “You see? Katherine has become quite the slut, hasn’t she?” Snooki said, winking at Elizabeth. “Kind of makes you wonder what it’s like?” “Quite possibly… I mean, no, of course not! I’m not a slut!” “Katherine is more than a slut, she’s a bimbo slut. There is a difference.” “How so?” “Well, a slut can be a smart whore, where as a bimbo slut is just dumb.” “But, Katherine isn’t dumb.” “Oh, yes she is; shall we take a closer look?” Before Elizabeth had time to answer, they both swooped down into the alleyway, getting a much closer and more personal view. The man was grunting and groaning as Katherine was sucking on his dick like it was a lollypop. He had a hand full of blonde hair and was forcing his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Elizabeth thought this was strange, because Katherine had always been a redhead. “Ah fuck! Your throat is so tight, Kat.” All Katherine or Kat as the man called her, could do was gag on his cock. Elizabeth looked closer and saw that Kat’s tits were huge. Her outfit consisted of a pink fur coat, black thigh high boots, a pink mini skirt, and a tight white blouse, which showed off a huge set of what looked like G cup breasts. Elizabeth was simply amazing. Finally, the man came in Kat’s mouth and she swallowed every mouthful. She popped off of his cock and stood up. As she did, Elizabeth was amazed even more. Her tits were more than just huge. They stuck out at least a foot. And on top of that, they were perfectly rounded as well. “Nice job, babe. Same time next week?” “Sure thing, hun!” Kat giggled as the man stuffed fifty bucks into her valley of cleavage. “Merry Christmas, babe.” “She’s a prostitute!?” Elizabeth said shocked. “Hell yeah, bimbo’s make good money as prostitutes. You should give it a shot.” “But I’m nowhere near as hot as her. My boobies aren’t even that big!” Elizabeth caught herself in what she was saying. Was she really considering becoming a prostitute? “Come, let me show you something.” They began to zip through the streets and they came to a building she’d never seen before, called the “Booby Bar”. “This is a strip club.” Elizabeth guessed. “Why yes it is.” Snooki winked. They went inside and walked through the club. Elizabeth watched the women dancing on the poles like professionals. She even watched the men just throwing money at these women like it was candy. Elizabeth began to really consider this kind of life. But, of course, her reasoning intelligent side kicked in and told her that prostitution and strip clubs were gross. Elizabeth shook her head. It was hard to concentrate when there were so many tits and ass in her face. She looked at the girls dancing and couldn’t help but be aroused. Suddenly she felt a hand and a set of tits press against her, she turned and saw Snooki smiling at her. She took Elizabeth by the hand and led her to one of the private rooms of the strip club. As they entered the room, Snooki began to take off her bikini. “Don’t worry, no one can see us.” Snooki smiled and walked over to Elizabeth. Snooki slipped Elizabeth’s tank top up and off. Her new DD cups jiggled as they were set free. Snooki instantly began fondling them. “My time here is very short, so lets have some fun.” Snooki said. She leaned in and kissed Elizabeth on the lips. Elizabeth was shocked that Snooki was kissing her on the lips. She had the impulse to fight her, but was quickly melting in the arousal that Snooki was causing. Instead of resistance, Elizabeth reached up and grabbed Snooki’s breasts and squeezed them, causing her to moan. Things very quickly began to get heated as Snooki reached down into Elizabeth’s panties and began to rub at her pussy. Elizabeth started to buck and twitch under Snooki’s touches. Finally, just as Elizabeth was coming close to cumming, a clock could be heard chiming in the background, indicating that it was now three. With each chime, it felt as though Snooki was melting into Elizabeth. With every stroke, deeper and deeper, she felt. Finally, by the last note of the musical chime, Snooki was gone and Elizabeth had the most beautiful and intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Elizabeth woke up in her bed once again. This time she felt strangely good. She hopped out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She realized her panties were wet from her orgasm and her top was much tighter. She pulled her top off and saw that her tits had once again swelled up. This time they looked to be at least an F cup. But this wasn’t the only thing that was different. She saw that her butt was rounder and more plump. She examined her body and looked in the mirror. She saw that her hair had more highlights. It also was obvious that her hair was now longer. She let it out of her pony tail and realized it reached to the top of her back, where originally it was just short of shoulder length. “This is, like, crazy.” Elizabeth caught herself. She had never said “like” before like that in her life. She tried not to think about it. Instead, she focused on the fact that she was sweaty and damp from an intense orgasm. So she decided to take a shower. The shower she had was incredible. The warm water that hit felt so good on her new big tits, almost making her cum all over again. She nearly didn’t want to leave the shower, just because it felt so damn good. She spent most of the time fondling her tits and rubbing herself instead of actually washing herself. By the time she was actually done with the shower, the water was beginning to turn cold. She sadly turned it off and stepped out of the shower. As she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her developing figure, she looked down and smiled at her bulging cleavage. She then looked up at the mirror which was all fogged up from the steam of the shower. She wiped the mirror and jumped back. The girl staring back at her in the mirror was her, but she looked so different and clearly wasn’t the real Elizabeth. The girl in the mirror had thick long blond hair, almost bleach blond. Her face was flawless, with perfect skin and very plump lips. Her tits were giant and also very fake looking. Her waist was incredibly thin and her hips were extremely wide. Her thighs were plump and were rubbing against each other. Her ass was incredibly fat and round. The best way to describe it was that it would make Nicki Manaj’s ass look small. This girl in the mirror looked as though she was an Elizabeth that had undergone one too many plastic surgery operations. “Are you the ghost of Christmas yet to come?” A stunned Elizabeth asked her bathroom mirror. The reflection said nothing. “Well? What are you waiting for?” Again, it said nothing. All it did was point into her room. She looked into her room, then walked toward it. It was different, much different than before. It was very bland looking, very dull. “What happened?” Elizabeth looked over and saw the reflection in her mirrored closet. It pointed to the closet. Elizabeth slowly walked over and saw nothing but bland business outfits. She turned away and slammed the door shut. “What was that spirit? What happened to me in the future?” The reflection stood there and said nothing, still naked. Suddenly, Elizabeth could hear footsteps coming up to her door. The door opened and an older version of herself came in wearing a business suit and busily talking on a phone. “So, I take it you’ll be wanting the whole day off tomorrow, is that right Mrs. Cratchit? Yes, I’m fully aware that it is Christmas Day tomorrow… fine, but you better be at work all the earlier the next day!Goodbye, Mrs. Cratchit.” She hung up the phone, sat at her desk and began to count money. Elizabeth walked up to her older self and couldn’t believe it. Her hair was beginning to grey and wrinkles had formed on her face, likely from all the stress throughout the years. Older Elizabeth continued to count money. “I’m so boring!!” Elizabeth said, turning to the reflection in the mirror. “How do I change this?” The reflection, again, did not answer. “Please spirit, how do I change this? I want excitement in my life, not this! I will do anything.” Elizabeth fell to her knees begging and pleading. She truly did not want this to be her future. She hated the fact that her intelligence would get her to places that she didn’t want to go. She wanted to do something more exciting with her life. She pleaded and pleaded with the spirit, when suddenly she was in a white room, the reflection out of the mirror and standing over her. It beckoned for her to stand up. Elizabeth slowly stood up. The reflection walked up to her and kissed her. It felt very strange for Elizabeth to basically kiss herself. It felt even stranger when it felt as though her lips were filled with collagen. Quite suddenly, the reflection began to slip into Elizabeth’s mouth. Elizabeth was practically swallowing her own reflection. She slipped down her throat like she was made of liquid. Her belly began to fill, as it poked slightly outward. Soon, Elizabeth’s reflection was gone and fully inside her belly, which now looked as though she was nine months pregnant. For an instant she began to fear that maybe she was, just by the sheer size and weight in her belly. Then suddenly, her stomach began to gurgle. The first change she noticed was that her belly shrank. It soon became flat and toned. Next, her hips flared out into the wide proportions that only her warped reflection had. “I’m turning into her!” Elizabeth began to feel the changes in her ass and thighs as they began to plump up and grow fatter. She could feel her thighs touch each other as they grew tighter and thicker. Her ass bubbled out and inflated with just the right amount of fat. She quickly had that pear shape that some women enjoyed… but not for long. The next stage of her transformation was that her lips began to tingle as collagen filled them to the point that the only logical purpose for having them was to suck cock. Her hair began to lighten and turn bleach blond. Elizabeth’s scalp itched as it began to grow longer and longer, so long that it reached her now fat ass. And about then she began to feel her bones shift, however, not painfully. She could feel two sets of her ribs dissolving and her waist compressing like she was wearing an invisible corset. Finally came the part that she had been expecting. Her already impressive tits began to bubble and grow larger. They blew past a G cup and landed in the HH cup area. However, this was not the end of it. Her tits began to perk up and become firm as implants seemed to form inside them. Her tits began to round out and become perfectly spherical. “Oh… my… god… what the fuck has happened to meeeeeee…” Elizabeth trailed off as the final stage of her transformation was coming to an end. Her mind was beginning to melt away. Her years of school and all her intellect slowly began to fade. She then began to let out a giggle as images of cocks, pussies, asses, cum, all began to flood her mind. She giggle “I, like, need some cocky.” Lizzy giggled as she was now complete. Elizabeth Scrooge was now dead and gone. Lizzy Scroo was now born into the world. The girl that stood there was nothing like the girl just five minutes before. The old Elizabeth could hold a conversation for hours. The girl she was now couldn’t hold a conversation without trailing off every two minutes or giggling without knowing what the hell anyone talking about. This new Lizzy was only meant for one thing, and it wasn’t intelligent conversations. Lizzy felt light headed. She stumbled and fell to the floor. However, the floor felt very soft, almost cotton like. Her eyes closed and then opened as she woke up in a big pink room. Her bed was covered with about fifty stuffed animals, the likes of which a five year old might have. She sat up and looked around. Her room was princess themed and not an inch of that room was not pink. She giggled and threw the covers off. “Omg! It’s like, that time of year! We like, open stuff!” Lizzy giggled. She could hear her parents calling her down to open presents. “Lizzy, darling, it’s Christmas! Hurry on down!” Lizzy happily ran downstairs, her fake tits bouncing wildly in her tight tank top. She ran over and hugged both her parents. As her firm tits pressed against her father, he pushed his hard member against her, which Lizzy couldn’t help but enjoy very much. “Lets open presents shall we?” He said. Neither Lizzy nor her parents noticed the very drastic and sudden changes to their lives. Her parents especially seemed not to notice how different their daughter was. Although, it seemed like reality itself had changed, opening presents felt completely normal to Lizzy. She giggled uncontrollably as she opened her gifts to find dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, all kind of things that only could be found in a sex shop. She even got an edible bikini from her father. “We can try that later, Lizzy,” he said, which instantly made Lizzy wet in her panties. Lizzy Scroo was now the happiest girl in the world. However, far back in the very recesses of her mind, she couldn’t help but feel as though there was a life previous to the one she nowhad? Was life always this way? Was she always such a silly, dumb little slut? Lizzy shook her head. What a silly thought to let in her empty head. After all it was Christmas and there was no better day than Christmas. It was when it was more important to give than receive and she planned on giving lots and lots of guys some special treatment before the day was over. And so ends the tale of Elizabeth Scrooge, or for those reading this who wonder who’s that, Lizzy Scroo. For her Christmas will never be the same again. THE END  
  6. The Police Woman (Bimbo, BE, TF, DG) - by lustache69 We were just about to finish our shift when the dispatch came through. Obviously. Hey, guys, there's some crazy ass motherfucker wigging out on the corner of Parrott and Delorme. You guys are pretty close, right? Why don't you go check that out? Who cares if you've got other places to be? Go and find the headcase, and then come back so we can make you fill out reams of paperwork about the headcase. "Goddammit," I growled when I heard the location. If the folks at Dispatch were screwing around, I promised myself I would rip out their intestines and hang their smart asses from the ceiling. A few weeks back, they'd sent three patrol cars after a supposed robbery in progress, over on Compton Road. Until, that is, they realized that Hugh Jass might not be an actual person. I couldn't believe those clowns at Dispatch were allowed out of their fucking playpens, what with how much competence they'd demonstrated. "Oh, that's right, you had a date, didn't you, Ellen?" said my partner Rick, as he made a U-turn and flipped on the lights and sirens. I'd just made a grumpy confirmation to Dispatch. And I didn't particularly feel like getting shit from Rick "I've-Asked-Out-Every-Girl-Living-Or-Dead" DiFontano. Particularly since he didn't seem to think I was a member of the fairer sex. Or maybe he just wasn't into Asians. Whatever. I would've turned him down, anyway. "Shut up and drive," I replied. He was right, of course. But it wasn't just any date I'd gotten. I'd managed to get the hottest cop in the whole county, Mike O'Connor, to agree to a night out. All the other girls in the precinct had been jealous of me, except for my friend Tina Alvarez from Vice. She had more of a thing for Lieutenant Swanson, but Tina had always been a bit weird. He started to say something, and I shot him a withering glare. If my eyes had shot daggers, he'd've been a pincushion. If I could've lit a match with a look, he would've turned into a strikingly hot inferno. If this had been an Indiana Jones movie, his face would've melted off. As it was, he just shut up. And kept driving. We reached the area of the report, and sure enough, there was some nutjob running around. He was shrieking something, though it was hard to make out. Rick brought us to an abrupt stop and killed the sirens. I was caught up in reporting to Dispatch, so I didn't notice that he'd already gotten out until I heard the shrieks redouble in volume. The man's arms were flailing around as Rick tried to get him to settle down. It didn't seem to be working, so I dropped the report and hopped out of the car. "Settle down, sir," Rick kept saying. "Please, settle down, and come with us, so we can get this sorted out. If you don't, I'll be forced to arrest you as a public nuisance, sir." But the moment I met his eye, something changed. He inhaled deeply and seemed to remember something. "Good," he said, looking into my eyes. "Good. Good." Somehow, I had the feeling he was seeing deeper than I even knew. "Wow, Ellen, you got him enthralled," Rick said, as I stepped up next to him. He slapped me on the ass. "Next, you just put-" Rick never got to finish that sentence, because the crazy guy snarled and launched himself at Rick. He sunk his teeth into Rick's shoulder, and his nails into Rick's face. If I'd been able to, I would've just savored the tableau unfolding before me. My annoying partner getting mauled by a headcase, apparently for patting my ass. Sadly, duty called. With a sigh, I pulled out my stick and waded in. I drew my arm back, holding the stick exactly like they had taught at the academy. This was going to leave a mark. Before it landed, though, the guy seemed to realize that something was going on. He looked up from where Rick was fruitlessly attempting to fend him off, and his eyes widened. "Good," he said, and rolled off of Rick, holding his hands up. "Good. Good. Good," he repeated, locking his eyes with mine. I lowered my stick and stowed it on my belt again. He still held my gaze, long past the point where it was disturbing. "Help me up, won't you?" Rick groaned, panting on the ground. I was pulling out my handcuffs to get John Doe into the back of the car. The formerly violent man wasn't even resisting me. He actually got up and put his hands behind his back. "Probably not a good idea, don't you think?" I pointed out. "Last time we touched, this guy tried to bite your head off. Literally." I put the cuffs on John Doe and opened the back door. "Mind your head," I told him. He ducked obligingly as he got inside. "You gonna take him out, Ellen?" Rick asked, trying to push himself to his feet. He was on his knees, but his wobbly stomach seemed to be keeping him there. "Or you just gonna fuck him?" "You want me to report you to IA, Rick?" I replied sweetly. "Or should I just kick the shit outta you?" He reddened but shut up. John Doe had managed to draw blood with his fingernails, giving Rick a little red slice on his forehead. It made him look much better than usual, and I indulged, for just a second, in imagining Rick covered in blood. I laughed and finally gave him a hand. He grunted as he rose to his feet. "What's so funny?" he asked suspiciously. I shook my head, then nodded it back at the car. Rick laughed too, though I don't think he knew what he was laughing at. John Doe didn't seem to be perturbed at the sight of me helping my partner up. He was just staring at me, eyes wide. His eyes followed me as I got into my seat. It felt so creepy that I started tingling, as though I could feel the impact of his stare. I called in the incident, and Rick put the car back in gear. There was no one nearby to ask about John Doe, so we turned around and headed into the station. An idle thought ran through my head: Parrott and Delorme was a fucking wasteland. On all four corners, there was nothing. Yet someone had somehow seen John Doe and bothered to tell us about him. Who could that have been? And why would they call us? Before I could say anything, I felt my brain tingle. It occurred to me that whoever it was could've been passing through. Or maybe they were an ex-con who didn't want to deal with cops. That made more sense than some dark conspiracy, or whatever I'd been about to concoct in my imagination. Just people being people. I rubbed my ass. Man, there were some times I hated having to wear pants on the job. I'd gotten a real butt when I'd gone into puberty, and it had thrown off my martial arts for a bit. Since then, I'd learned to cope, but it was still hard to find clothing to fit my butt and the rest of my body, which was as slender as you'd expect. When I was off duty, I kinda liked to wear skirts, because they gave me some room to breathe. "Ellen…" Rick started to say. I put up a hand to forestall him. "Rick, if you're going to do that whole 'junk in the trunk' thing again, I swear I'll throw you out of the window," I told him. "It's not funny, and I don't like it. At the very least, I'll definitely report you for harassment." He looked bewildered. "I didn't…" he stammered. "I never…" "Just shut your trap and let's get this over with," I said. "Seriously, Rick, you might think you're God's gift to women just 'cause you've got a badge and a gun, but you need a hell of a lot more than that." His mouth opened and closed like a fish trying to breath air. "And did it ever occur to you that I might not like having an ass like this? Maybe it gets in the way quite a bit?" Wisely, he shut up, but not before sneaking a glance, his eyes wide. It wasn't the first time he'd looked at me like that, nor was he the only man to do so. And every time I thought I was used to the comments, I got another, throwing me off my game. I really should've been used to it by now, but maybe it was just wishful thinking. Maybe I was naive to think that people would treat me professionally, just because I was being professional. When we reached the precinct, I led John Doe out of the back. He seemed to have calmed down, and this time, he just hissed at Rick, rather than trying to attack him. Still, Rick gave him a wide berth. I almost laughed again, but managed to hold it in. My scalp tingled a bit, and I reached up to scratch it. "So, this is the guy who managed to beat up poor Rick," said Charlotte, the African-American desk sergeant. John Doe beamed at her, and she chuckled. "He's a real hard one, huh?" she said to Rick, who glowered at all of us. "I dunnoh what he's thinking," Rick said, trying to just shrug it off. "He's just nuts, that's all. Maybe he's just got a thing for chicks, who the hell knows?" Charlotte and I exchanged smirks. I started to maneuver John Doe away, towards the holding cells, when Charlotte held up a hand. "By the way, Ellen," she said. "I know you've got that wonderful head of hair, but you know it's supposed to be up when you're on duty, right?" "Oh, sorry, Sarge," I said, feeling at the back of my neck. Sure enough, my ass-length curtain of straight black hair had come undone. It had all cascaded down in all of its glory. Must've been when I'd been cuffing John Doe. "I'm about to go off the clock, okay? Just gotta take this guy to the lockup." "Alright, I suppose," Charlotte replied. Her own hair looked pretty decent, and it was streaming down her back, too, but I decided not to point that out. Mostly because she was a sergeant and I was not. And that meant she might chew me out and force me to stay and do my paperwork. I had already lost too much time I could've spent on my date with Mike. He might understand, what with both of us being cops, if I were late, but I didn't want to chance it. When I got to the lockup part of the precinct, I found my least favorite cop in the whole world, Kristine Jensen, on duty there. That blond bitch thought she was hot shit, just because her daddy was the police chief. Thought she could give the rest of us orders, even when I had more seniority than she did. Thought she could go behind our backs and carry stories to her daddy, because she was so fucking special. God, what a bitch. "Much as I appreciate the offer," Kristine said, smiling lazily behind the desk, "he's supposed to be in interrogation. And the Captain said she wanted you to stay a little bit longer, to help with him." She nodded at John Doe. He smiled at her and she smiled back. God, what a slut. "What the fuck!" I shouted in frustration. A few people nearby gave me a sidelong glance, but I ignored them. "C'mon, that's just not fair," I said, trying not to whine too much. "I'm about to go off duty." "You can ask the Captain, if you want," Kristine said, tearing herself away from John Doe's eyes. "She was pretty clear about it, though. I think they're going to bring in Detective Ramirez, and have her take a look at him. Maybe a shrink, or something. They probably want you because he likes you. Or whatever." She unbuttoned the top part of her uniform, showing a surprising amount of cleavage. I muttered something uncomplimentary under my breath, a little Mandarin curse word I'd picked up from Great-Uncle Ho. It implied something about the Captain's taste in men (specifically, what she liked to taste). Kristine gave me a smirk. She didn't speak any Mandarin, as far as I knew, but my tone must've said enough. God, what a slutty bitch. "Have fun missing your date," Kristine called to me as I walked away with John Doe. I ground my teeth but said nothing. It just wasn't worth it to get into a mess with her. Even if her daddy dearest didn't listen to her complaints, she could still make my life hell in the precinct. Besides, my ass beat her boobs any day of the week. I took John Doe to the interrogation room and said, "Have a seat, please." He sat down, as I asked, then looked up at me and smiled. I got another tingly feeling, this time around my chest. Something felt a little off about it, besides the tingles. When I looked down, I realized that I'd forgotten to wear my usual uniform. My boobs had popped out all over the place right around the time my ass had done the same. That had made martial arts even more of a challenge, but I'd managed. And running was harder, but I still managed to bring in most of my perps. Some of them just gave themselves up when they saw my rack. Once, I'd gotten a murderer to put himself in handcuffs in exchange for a hug and a kiss. It was a bit unconventional, perhaps, but it had worked. The only problem with being the hottest cop around was that I had to wear a special uniform to accommodate my boobs and ass. Now that I thought back to the beginning of my shift, I remembered what had happened. That klutz Tommy Czernitsky had spilled the new office water tank all over me, from head to toe. I'd borrowed a spare uniform from someone else, and all I'd needed to do was switch nametags. It was a bit of a problem, though, when all they had were normal uniforms. Surely no one would mind if I eased my burdens just a little bit. I unfastened the top two buttons on my top. Sure, it would show a bit too much cleavage, but I was supposed to be going off duty right about now. If Detective Ramirez came in, maybe I could convince her that I should be let off babysitting John Doe. Just as I was thinking that, the door opened, and in walked Detective Lieutenant Angelica Ramirez, and a woman I didn't recognize. The other woman was a pale-skinned redhead in a very businesslike navy blue suit. From the expression on her face, she'd just heard a joke she'd liked. Detective Ramirez was smiling, too, which was a bit unusual. Right when the door was about to close, it swung open again, and Rupinder the Prick walked in, causing Detective Ramirez and I to groan simultaneously. Rupinder Misra, everyone's favorite humorless social worker, had a terrible reputation in the precinct. Partly it was just that her job often required her to be antagonistic to us. But our dislike of her mostly came from the fact that she went out of her way to insult us constantly. Her favorite was the "I've got way better degrees than you guys" gambit. Oh, great, you went to Yale, lah-dee-dah. Too bad they didn't teach you how not to be a bitch. "Why is John Doe in handcuffs?" she asked briskly, and Detective Ramirez looked over at me. I started out of a bit of a reverie. "Because he assaulted my partner, Ms. Misra," I said. "I was about to read him his rights when everyone came in here." "That assumes he's mentally competent to understand those rights," the Prick said. "And it assumes that he was mentally competent at the time of the incident in the first place. Besides, we don't even know his name…" "I am well aware of that, Ms. Misra," Detective Ramirez replied, with a surprising amount of patience. "That's why I asked Dr. Alexandra Wood to evaluate him. She's a clinical psychologist specializing in amnesia, and a professor at Taylor University, too. Believe me, I want to get to the bottom of this, too. And if he really was not mentally competent, I doubt we'll end up charging Mr. Doe." She gave a little smile. "Besides, he went after Rick DiFontano. No one around here would've lost sleep if John Doe here had killed that little scumbag." I could only agree with Detective Ramirez on that count. "Please, call me Alex," Dr. Wood said. "Based off of the description I got, this seems very much like a fugue state. A dissociative fugue, to be more technical. It can be seen as a subtype of what we call dissociative amnesia. This is characterized by a subject having difficulty retrieving stored memories, even to the point of losing their identity. A fugue state is often reversible, but it can last anywhere from hours to years." "Umm, Detective Ramirez," I interjected meekly. Everyone in the room turned to look at me, various levels of annoyance on their faces. "My shift is supposed to be over, and if you don't mind, I'd like to clock out. I mean, if you don't need me here…" I trailed off. "No, Officer Zhou, I'm going to need you," the detective said. "We're going to need your description of the events that led to John Doe's detention, in order to decide whether to arrest him formally. And you've demonstrated a certain rapport with him, which might be useful." She stroked her chin meditatively. "On the other hand, we don't need you right now. Why don't you take a bathroom break? If you've got plans for the evening, you can get those figured out while you're out." "Okay," I said, ducking out of the room. Behind me, I could hear the Prick renew her argument, until the door closed completely. I pulled my cell phone out of my tight pocket, and saw that Mike had texted me. "Heard you had to stay late. Reschedule?" his message said. My brain tingled a bit, and I tried to remember my schedule for the next few days. I had the same shift for the rest of the week, but on Thursday and Friday, I was going to be doing a little freelancing at Paradise, the "gentlemen's" club down the street from my apartment. When I'd moved into the neighborhood, I'd thought it was a bad place, but it turned out that putting my assets to a good use could make me a hell of a lot of money. "Saturday," I replied, then stowed my phone again. As I walked towards the bathroom, I passed the locker room. My brain tingled again, and I had a good idea. I didn't really have much in there, aside from my keys and some clothes I'd been planning to wear on my date. If I packed them up, I could save some time when Detective Ramirez let me go. I opened up my locker and got out my keys and my clothes. Maybe a more modest woman would've found the clothes embarrassingly skimpy. I was a woman who made part of her living from showing off her naked body, so modesty wasn't my top concern. The keys fit in my pocket only with a huge amount of effort, so I didn't bother trying to wedge in my clothes, even though they were pretty small. Actually, it turned out I didn't really need to go to the bathroom that much. All I really needed was a chance to walk around a bit. Pretty soon, I was marching back into the interrogation room, carrying my clothes. When I opened the door to the interrogation room, I nearly dropped my clothes out of sheer astonishment. The Prick was smiling. She was wearing her usual "I'm a professional with a new set of tits" clothes, but somehow, she was smiling. Maybe she'd just gotten the memo about how men react best to hot women when the hot women aren't frowning. It was a pretty good look on her, actually. I reached up and unfastened another button without really thinking about it. "We need to find out who this guapetón ees, chicas," Angel said in her fluid accent. "Esomeone must know quien él es. Loook at heem! Would choo pass up esuch a estud?" Alexandra blushed and stammered, "N-n-no," then licked her thick, cocksucking lips. God, Angel had no idea how much I envied her that accent. It was liquid sex for the ear. My folks had been in America too long for me to have a sexy accent. And even if I did have an accent, it would probably just make people think of chopsticks and General Tso's Chicken. "'Ut i' he hash dish 'ugue thing," Rupinder said, "how can we 'ind out who he ish?" Her lips weren't moving much. That was probably the most irritating thing about her. If Rupinder's mushmouth came from some freak accident, she had all my sympathies. But if this was some weird affectation, she was obviously a total bitch. My guess was that it was an affectation. "Um, I know this may seem odd," Alexandra interjected, "but my clothes are really itchy. Can I take them off? I- I don't want to disturb anyone, but…" She trailed off nervously, scratching at her chest. "Esure you cahn, mi chica," said Angel. "_¿No somos mojigatas, sí?_ Chust eshow us yoor _chichis_ hwenever joo like." I didn't know a lot of Spanish, but I got the gist of it. And I completely agreed. There was nothing wrong with the furiously blushing redhead taking off every scrap of clothing, as she had started to do. Unrestrained, her _chichis_, as Angel called them, were even bigger than mine. But I had a much better ass. Alli sat back down, her giant breasts slapping against the table. Her whole body seemed red with embarrassment, but I had a sneaking suspicion she enjoyed the humiliation. Part of that may've been that I could see the fluid that was leaking from her pussy onto the chair. The other part was that her nipples were rock-hard. "As long as we're, like, changing clothes and stuff, can I, like, put on my cool clothes?" I asked, and Angel nodded. I had no qualms about taking my clothes off in front of other people. In fact, I briefly considered asking everyone else in the room for money, for the show I was going to put on. But that might've taken things a little too far. I grabbed my borrowed uniform shirt and pulled hard. The overstressed buttons popped off, flying all over the place. One of them bounced off of Rupi's plasticky head. Another struck Alli's right titty, causing it to quiver. When I looked closer, I could see that a bead of white liquid had formed at the point of her right nipple. "Ohhhhh… moooooooo…" she groaned. "Sooooo… gooooooood…" She squeezed both of her titties, sending a stream of milk into Rupi's wide-open mouth. It was a great bit of nourishment for Rupi, who was the best precinct sex doll anyone could want. With a herky-jerky motion, she silently wiped some of the milk from her face, using her straight hand, the one she used for the female officers. Her circular blowjob hand usually saw a bit more use, since there were more male officers. More milk spilled from Alli's titties, all over the table. Angel looked slightly annoyed. "I tought dat joo wass goin' to meelk yoorself before we came een here, chica," she said. "Deed I noht tell joo dat, joo vaca estupida?" "Moooooo," Alli said in response. Her big brown eyes were vacant of thought. When I looked into them, all I could see was milk, and the promise of milk to come. With a start, I realized that I had forgotten to finish undressing. Alli was just that sexy. I tossed my ruined shirt aside and began the task of extracting myself from my pants. This was a task that required some serious pushing and pulling. Man, I really should've remembered my normal clothes. By the time my borrowed pants hit the ground, they were coming apart in several places. Tina was going to have a lot of trouble wearing these again. I unfolded my change of clothes and started putting them on. The chest was a bit tighter than I'd expected, but my top was partly spandex, so it fit well enough. Why had I even bought these clothes, when they obviously didn't fit me that well? I shook my head. They looked pretty nice, so that was probably why I'd picked them up. John Doe shifted next to Rupi, catching my eye. I'd almost forgotten about him, and I wasn't entirely sure why. Now that I got a good look at him, though, I had no idea why I'd taken my eyes off of him in the first place. He was so handsome and dreamy. His arms rippled with muscles, and… Ah-ha. The voice echoed through my head, and I froze. That's how that works. I'd totally forgotten how to do that. Where could it be coming from? Confused, I looked back at John Doe. He smiled at me and nodded. It's good to actually be able to talk to you, Ellie. I mean, aside from saying, "Good," like some retard. "You're actually talking to me," I said in disbelief. "Angelica, I mean, Angel! Alli! Rupi! Something weird is happening!" The other three women were all busy with their own pleasures. Angel was sucking from Alli's leaky tits while she fingered herself, swapping nipples every so often to milk the redhead evenly. Rupi was under the table, her plasticky ass sticking out. I could see her licking Alli's bare pussy, tongue sticking out as usual. I'd seen Rupi doing that thousands of times - or had I? Oh, dear, John Doe said. It looks like you're a bit confused, Ellie. Was that my actual name? Didn't I hate being called Ellie? Because it was demeaning, or something vaguely feministish? Perhaps if I fuck you, you'll feel a lot better. "Yes! Yes, I would!" I exclaimed. It was the perfect solution. Gosh, John Doe was brilliant. He was the smartest smarty around! I bent down onto the table and spread my legs, ignoring the fact that my skirt was ripping itself apart. That just made it easier for John Doe to get at me. With one last groan, I split it the rest of the way, leaving only a bit of material at the waist intact. My skirt was still on me, but it now covered up nothing important. John Doe's hands gripped me from behind, and I felt skin pushing up against my cunt. His cock brushed against my clit, and I shuddered. Could I get an orgasm just from having my clit touched? His cock touched my rock-hard clit again, and I got my answer. "Ooooooh fuuuuuuck!" I screamed as I orgasmed. John Doe took the opportunity to slip his cock in my dripping cunt and begin fucking me in earnest. I bucked and screamed with another orgasm the moment his cock entered me. Why wasn't sex always this good? He slammed me forward against the table, and I felt something wet on my cheek. I opened my eyes again, and found that a lot of Alli's milk had ended up on the table, and that it was pooling near me. I lapped a bit up, and orgasmed again. Alli had such delicious milk, as if all her orgasms had gone into her breasts. Another powerful thrust from John Doe reminded me that I was getting fucked, and I giggled. That was so Ellie, getting distracted by milk while a hot guy was plowing me from behind. His hands reached around to cup my breasts through my top. I felt his fingers touch my diamond-hard nipples, and I orgasmed once again. Every time John Doe touched me, like magic, I orgasmed. Every time he thrust deeper, I orgasmed. Every time I lapped up another bit of Alli's milk, I orgasmed. By the time I heard John Doe grunt, and felt his cum shoot into my cunt, I must've orgasmed, like, I dunnoh how many times. And of course, when he stuffed me full of his cum, I orgasmed for what felt like forever. When I came down from that orgasm-induced high, I found myself sprawled across the table. My cunt was still wet as hell, though some of the might've been John Doe's cum. A squirt of something wet hit me in the face, and I licked it up. Alli had given me a little milk, and I orgasmed once again. John Doe had taken Rupi out from under the table, and was holding her upside down. His cock was deep inside the sex doll's cunt. She seemed completely unfazed at being fucked upside down. For her, it was just a very sexy handstand. "Oooh, chica," said Angel. "Joo are esoooo esexy! Can I leeck yoor panocha, yoor poosy?" I nodded, and Angel got on her knees. She wasn't quite able to reach me, so I sat up and scooted a little closer. At last, I felt her tongue flicker over my clit, and I moaned in pleasure, closing my eyes. Skin brushed up against my face, and I opened my eyes. Alli was standing over me, a big, vacant smile on her dumb cow face. "Mooooooo," she said, then got up onto the table. She straddled me and aimed a nipple towards my mouth. "Great idea, Alli!" I said, taking the offered nipple between my lips. At the same time, I reached down and started rubbing at Alli's cunt. She mooed again, and I went deeper, slipping two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Her mooing became louder and louder, until she climaxed. Her climax sent an extra helping of milk into my mouth, which I swallowed as fast as I could. The milk, combined with my preexisting state of horniness and Angel's licking, brought me to a sort of dazed multi-orgasmic paradise. I knew that I was shaking with orgasms, and that my two companions were shaking with me. But I felt sort of disconnected from all of that, drifting through a haze of pleasure. At some point, it had to come to an end, and that was a big disappointment. I came out of it feeling utterly spent and pleasantly buzzed. That had to have been a world record for "best orgasm ever". All I could do was sit there and grin, as Angel and Alli fell to the side, panting in exhaustion. Well, that was all lovely, John Doe told me in my mind, but it's time for us to get out of here. Make yourselves a little more presentable, girls. I nodded, and started wringing the milk out of my hair. There was nothing I could do about my ripped up skirt, or my milk-drenched top, but I could try and make my hair a little less wet. Rupi didn't need much work to make herself presentable, though she looked awkward while doing it. Sex dolls always had a sort of herky-jerky motion to them, which I supposed had to do with actual dolls, like Barbies. But it could be inconvenient at times, and it was hard to make it look sexy. Angel and Alli were licking each other clean, giggling and shuddering as they did so. Those two were so airheaded, that even I was smarter than them. I didn't know how intelligent Rupi was, because she couldn't talk, though I did remember something about her going to Harvard. Which was silly. Sex dolls didn't go to the Ivy Leagues. We're going to need a nice diversion to get ourselves out of here, John Doe said, rebut toning his shirt. He closed his eyes and grimaced. I imagined that I could feel something pass through me, like a wave of energy. It felt nice, like I was being tickled in all the best places. A wave of giggles came out of my mouth, and I could hear Angel and Alli following suit. Rupi, being a sex doll, said nothing. That's what I'm talking about. John Doe sounded very satisfied with himself. We just need to wait a little bit, and the coast will be clear. The women will be uninterested in stopping us, and the men will be… busy. He grinned, and I grinned back at him. The five of us stood there for a little while, not doing much, which was hard. All four of us ladies wanted to have sex, because we were still so horny. Or, at least, I presumed Rupi wanted sex, since she still wasn't talking. But any time one of us let a hand stray towards anyone's pussy, John Doe shot us a hard glance, and we pulled back. I guess it just wasn't time for sexy business. After some time, we started hearing the sounds of orgasms through the walls. John Doe nodded and gestured us forward. I was about to move when something occurred to me. "Uh, wait a minute," I said. "You, like, never told us your name." John Doe looked startled, then thoughtful. I… I don't know my name, he told me finally. It's just not there. You've been calling me John Doe. Why don't you keep calling me that? It's as good a name as any. I nodded, and John opened the door. The interrogation room had seen plenty of debauchery since we'd gone into it, and that seemed to have spilled out onto the floor of the precinct. Every woman in the place seemed to have gotten plumped-up and bimboey. Every man in the place seemed to be fucking the women. I saw Kristine Jensen getting all three holes stuffed by a balding detective and two junkies who had been in the holding cells. Served her right for being such a stuck-up bitch. And my boobies were way bigger than hers. So there. Rupi slowed us down just a little, but that meant we could take in some of the sights around us. Two high school seniors, working as interns, were plowing into Delores, the captain's secretary, who must've been four times their age. Or perhaps the same age as them, which is what she looked like. Sometimes I had trouble remembering. Right next to them, a white girl wearing an intern badge was taking it hard from a burly black patrolman. She grinned stupidly ahead, her enormous tits shaking as her new friend screwed the brains out of her silly head. A Hispanic guy from Personnel saw her empty mouth and unzipped his pants, a big grin on his face. None of them so much as glanced at the five of us. Being around this many men is not pleasant, John Doe said, and I saw him shudder. And I can't affect them the way I can affect you, my dears. I smiled at what he was "saying". But I'm not surprised that lesser men are distracted by your lovely sisters. I pouted a bit. They're not as lovely as you, Ellie, he added, and my pout subsided. We passed the conference room, where the Captain was on top of the table. Her titties hung down, nipples brushing against the table. A fat consultant had his cock up her ass while the other men in the room either jacked their cocks onto the table, or partook of a female consultant. Even though the door was closed, I could hear the Captain barking as the consultant thrust himself into her asshole. At last, we reached the lobby, and found two separate little parties. In one corner, Tina Alvarez had shacked up with Lieutenant Swanson, and a young man who looked like he might be related to Lieutenant Swanson. That was when I remembered hearing that the kid's mom had needed to go on a business trip, so the kid had come in to work with his dad. Well, Junior Swanson, whatever his name was, sure was getting an education. Right now, he was becoming very familiar with Tina's mouth. Behind the desk, an African-American bimbo who vaguely resembled Charlotte, the desk sergeant, was taking it hard from three other cops. I recognized my partner Rick on Charlotte's mouth. The other two were unfamiliar to me. Perhaps they were from another precinct. But they seemed just as happy as Rick to be screwing Charlotte. John threw open the double doors at the front of the precinct, and stepped out into the evening. Free! he exclaimed, and I smiled, as did Angel and Alli. Rupi couldn't smile, but I bet she was happy, too. How could she not be happy for John, our Master? A big, black SUV turned left on to the street in front of the precinct. John seemed to zero in on the SUV, narrowing his eyes. The SUV screeched to a halt, and the driver's side door opened. "Come on, Cassandra, get out," said the driver, who was taking her own advice. She was an older-looking blond woman. Her clothes were really boring, but I knew John could improve her body, at least. "We gotta get into the backseat. Master says so." John stepped out into the street, carefully looking both ways. Ellie, you take the driver's seat. Callista and Cassandra will ride in the back with me, he said. The previous driver, who I assumed was Callista, opened the rear door, and John hopped in. Angel and Alli, you can ride in the middle. Don't get milk everywhere. Rupi, you're up front in the passenger's seat, because you won't distract the driver as much. "Mooom!" said the blond young woman in the passenger's seat. "What's going on here? This is so weird. What are you doing?" John frowned, and Cassandra stopped talking, unbuckled her seatbelt, stepped out, and got into the back with her mother. Angel and Alli got into the middle, giggling the whole way. Rupi had a long way to go, and she was the slowest, so I took the time to settle in. Angel and Alli both seemed to be having trouble with their seatbelts, but I buckled mine instantly. Even if I wasn't some kind of Einstein, I was definitely smarter than either of them put together. At last, I took mercy on them, as they struggled to put the buckles into their holders. "Imagine Master's sticking his cock in your pussy," I told them, and shortly thereafter, I heard two clicks. When Rupi got in and buckled herself in, I looked back in the mirror. Cassandra and Callista sat on either side of John, and both looked a lot hotter than they had before. "Where do you wanna go, Master?" I asked, as the blonds' titties got noticeably bigger. He looked up, and smiled. You should know where, he said, and now that I thought about it, he was right. The answer was already in my mind. "Thanks, Master," I said, as I put the car into "D", for "Drive". The whole car rumbled a little, and Alli and Angel moaned. Then they started making out, and milk spilled from Alli's titties, like usual. As I drove, I thought a bit, which might seem unusual for a bimbo. Maybe Rupi was thinking, too, but she still couldn't talk. She was, instead, sliding her straight hand into her pussy, as deep as her joints would let her get. But I couldn't help but think: why was I John's driver? Why was I even capable of thinking? Why wasn't I just another giggly slut? Why did I even think of him as John, and not as Master? Because you were the first person I've ever known to show me even a little kindness, John said to me. I looked in the rearview mirror, and saw Callie and Cassie giggling as they ripped off the shreds of their old, boring clothes. It was almost impossible to tell the twins apart. I barely remember what happened before we met, but what I do remember is not kind. You were willing to trust me, just a little bit. And you're a beautiful woman, too. I blushed at his compliment. Then something occurred to me. Obviously, John had the power to change women's minds and bodies. Our escape had more than demonstrated that. "Uh, Master? Did you change me?" I asked, turning onto a highway. John threw his head back in silent laughter. No, Ellie, I didn't change a thing about you. You're perfect just the way you are. Why mess with such a good thing?  
  7. Blonde Concepts (Bimbo female) by Chrystal Wynd We walked up the steps and watched the doors slide open. As the junior member of the team, I let Jeff, the Executive Director, go first, then Robert, the Projects Coordinator. My title of "Assistant to the Director" dictated that I enter last. We then entered Blonde Concepts, Inc. The lobby was a collage of spring colors and pastels. Bright flowers and plants were tastefully placed in various corners. Photographs and paintings of numerous women covered the walls, most of them blonde. Well, that was to be expected. The company was called "Blonde Concepts", after all. A dark-haired woman dressed in snug business attire and a lab coat met us halfway across the floor. She extended her hand to Jeff. "Good morning, sir. Welcome to Blonde Concepts. I'm Kelly. I'll be your guide for the first part of the tour." Then she looked at me and paused. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't realize you would have a female executive with you." I gave her a tight smile. Female executive, indeed. I had worked hard to get where I was in our marketing corporation. I still remembered when Jeff and Robert had tried to make me get their coffee every morning! It took a lot of hard-lining on my part to get them to realize I was not just another pretty face, but I was finally being accepted because of my ability, not my ass. I took Kelly's hand and gave it a firm squeeze. "Hello, Kelly. I'm Samantha. Assistant to the Director." Kelly gave me a bright smile. "It's wonderful that you're here! It's mostly men that come through here, and, since most of our products target women, it's lovely to get a female perspective on things, particularly from our potential marketing company. Welcome! In fact, let me give you a free sample." I wanted to refuse, but the last thing I was going to do was embarrass the Director, so I nodded. Kelly slipped a hand into her lab coat pocket and came out with a small spray bottle. "This is one of our own scents. It's called 'Belief'. It's designed to interact with your body's chemistry to produce an overall feeling of well-being," she said, giving me several spritzes around my throat and cleavage. "It sounds corny, I know, but reviews have been very positive so far." Kelly had been a bit heavy-handed with the perfume and it felt like I had a cloud of mist just floating around me, but it was a nice scent of lavender. I could feel it going to my head, but I knew that would pass, and Jeff and Robert seemed pleased that I had cooperated, so I decided that I didn't mind smelling like I had just walked out of a cathouse. Kelly looked back at Jeff. "Great! Let's get started." Kelly led us through the double doors and down a long hallway. We passed various offices before we stopped in front of a large plate-glass window. "As you can see, we're still setting things up. We're making good time, however." Through the window, we could see what appeared to be a small factory. Several men were wheeling various machines and tanks and containers around on carts. It looked to be very busy. Jeff and Robert nodded. They seemed suitably impressed. If they were impressed, then BCI must be doing well, so I giggled and nodded as well. Jeff and Robert looked at me, then chuckled. They must have realized I was still feeling a bit light-headed from the perfume. Kelly led us to a room that seemed to full of refrigerators. As it turned out, that was exactly what they were. Kelly opened one and took out a can of what appeared to be a ten-ounce energy drink. "We offer a line of drinks and beverages that contribute to a healthy and active life-style. We don't have a lot of products in this area yet, but we hope to expand on it soon. This beverage here is called 'Frequency'. It works in concert with some of our other products." She didn't expound on what she meant by that, but rather just opened the can and handed it to me. "You look a bit peaked, Samantha. Why don't you try it and tell us what you think. Your opinion is valuable to us." Now that she mentioned it, I did feel a bit peaked, and a drink was just what I needed. I tipped the can and drank the beverage straight down. I tasted the flavor of wildberries on my tongue, if a bit bland. It was alright, although nothing special, and I told Kelly as much. Kelly nodded and made some notes on a clipboard she had picked up. Then she looked back up. "Thank you, Samantha. Every opinion counts. Now, if you all will follow me…" Jeff and Robert followed Kelly immediately, and I filed directly behind them. The perfume had made my mind slightly foggy, and I felt like I was moving through a lavender cloud. From back here, however, I realized with a giggle that Jeff and Robert actually had cute asses. We entered into a room that had a display of different types of make-up arranged on various tables. Kelly stopped and turned around, explaining, "This is our cosmetics display. It's not set up yet, obviously, but in the future we hope for this to be a much more complex arrangement. Obviously, as our potential marketers, this is where you would come in. Cosmetics is likely to be our bread-and-butter, and this will be very important." Jeff and Robert nodded, obviously recognizing the significance of Kelly's statements. Kelly looked at me for a moment, then turned to one of the tables. She turned back a moment later. "Samantha, based on your coloring, I'd say you're a winter. Part your lips and relax your cheeks." Kelly obviously knew what she was doing, so I did as she asked. I felt her brushing a creamy substance over my lips. She stepped back when she was done, nodding in satisfaction. I gave the color a minute to dry, then slid my tongue along my upper lip. My lips were tingling. Not painfully, but definitely a healthy tingle, almost a burn. Kelly walked me to a mirror. The effect was startling. My lips were now bright red, almost a slutty red. The color actually made my lips look much plumper. Even with my dark hair, my lips were almost…cock-sucking lips. I giggled at the thought of me sucking cock with these lips. I glanced at Jeff, then let my eyes drop to his crotch. There seemed to be a quite suckable package there. Not that I'd admit that to him. Heh. Seemingly pleased with her work, Kelly nodded and turned back to Jeff and Robert. "Anyway, we're developing quite a line of cosmetics for different functions, so this will be a critical part of our image. But I'm sure you understand that, so we'll move on." We walked down the hallway and soon entered another room. This room had numerous clothing racks lining the walls. "Inasmuch as many of our products are directed at a woman's appearance, offering a fashionable line of clothing is a natural extension of our efforts," said Kelly. Jeff and Robert nodded in obvious agreement. Kelly went on. "Elastic fibers are woven into the majority of our clothing products, to allow for any, say, sudden size changes. Of course, the styles are designed to show off a bim…er, woman's assets to best advantage." She looked at me. "Samantha, come here." I looked up. I hadn't followed everything Kelly said because I was still focusing on the tingle in my lips. I followed Kelly to one of the racks. She looked at my body, then selected several items and handed them to me. "Here…try these on," she said. I looked around. "Where are the changing rooms?" Jeff said, "Come on, now, Samantha, we've all seen women change clothes before. Don't hold us up now; I'd like to finish this before lunch." "Oh!" I said. "Sorry, sir. Of course." Well, that settled that. I took a deep breath and began to strip off my clothes while Kelly, Jeff and Robert watched. Soon I was out of my business clothes and standing in front of them wearing only my panties and bra. Kelly shook her head. "This is exactly the market we're aiming at. How can anyone possibly feel sexy dressed in plain white panties and bra?" She went back to the rack and came back moments later with a matched set of hot pink panties and bra. "Here, Samantha. These will do you a world of good." I bit my lower lip and thought about it. What Kelly said seemed to make sense, and besides, it would score points with Jeff and Robert. I giggled and nodded, then slipped off my panties and bra. As I took the underwear from Kelly, it finally occurred to me that I was standing naked in front of the two highest-ranking members of our management team. Oh, well, too late to do anything about it now. I slipped into the sexy panties and suddenly realized it was a thong. "Oh!" I said. I didn't normally wear thongs. Still, they did make my ass look kind of nice. The bra wasn't my normal 34B…it just said, "one size fits all." I didn't know how that worked, but the material hugged my boobs just fine, so I went with it. Then I slipped into the clothing that Kelly had selected for me. Kelly stood me up and placed a hand on my ass. "As you can see, this red stretch mini-skirt hugs the hips and the rear end just right. The red five-inch heels show off the calf muscles and really brings the derriere into play. Turn around, please, Samantha…thank you. Now, this fuscia crop-top hugs the upper body firmly but has a great deal of give as well, for reasons you can imagine. As you can see, it also shows off Samantha's flat belly and cleavage, such as it is." I couldn't believe I was being displayed like this, but Jeff and Robert were nodding in agreement. I could even see them looking at my body…er, me with…well, respect. Yes, respect! They were obviously impressed with how cooperative I was being and they had to be realizing I was definitely a team player. Kelly was looking at me again. Then she said, "Come, Samantha. You look lovely, but you need some accessories." I blinked. How could I have missed it? Kelly was right again. I followed her into an adjoining room, with Jeff and Robert following close behind. The walls were lined with display cases much like those found in jewelry stores. Inside the display cases a wide range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and other assorted types of jewelry could be seen. "A good deal of our research is focused on jewelry right now," said Kelly. "Jewelry is worn on the skin and prolonged contact is easy to arrange." Jeff and Robert nodded again. I didn't understand what Kelly was hinting at, but then, I was busy looking at the pretty jewelry. "Samantha," said Kelly, "look up for a second, please." I lifted my chin and looked up. I felt Kelly lock something around my throat. I blinked, lifting my fingers to my neck. I could see myself in a mirror just behind Kelly, and I realized I had a hot pink choker circling my neck. I giggled. It looked like a collar, but it had to be a choker, right? Anyway, it looked hot, so I wasn't going to complain. Besides, Jeff and Robert were nodding in approval. They sooooooo had delicious looking bulges now. Just thinking about those bulges was starting to make me lick my lips. I looked a little closer at the mirror. My lips really looked swollen. In fact, I was surprised I hadn't noticed myself. My lips were super thick, really bee-stung. I wondered briefly if it was an allergic reaction, then giggled. I would have known if I was having a bad reaction! It would have hurt lots and lots! A sudden sharp pain in my belly made me jump. "Oh!" said Kelly. "I'm sorry, Samantha. I thought you knew what I was doing." I suddenly realized that Kelly had screwed some kind of self-piercing ring into my belly button. I had just gotten my belly button pierced. I giggled, unable to believe it had been so easy. "Oh, my goodness. That hardly hurt at all!" I said. Kelly nodded. "It's actually quite easy. I'll show you later." We stayed in the jewelry room for a few more minutes. Jeff and Robert were really sweet about it. They must have realized I was enjoying looking at all the pretties. Just to show them I appreciated it, I let Kelly put some huge hot-pink hoop earrings on me. I even decided to wear some cute little toe rings. Kelly said I was really looking adorable and I could see Jeff and Robert looking at my ass…er, taking note of my efficiency. We left that room and headed down the hall. We reached a door that had allllll kinds of "No admittance except authorized personnel" signs on it. Kelly had to do all kinds of identity things to get the door to open. The door finally swung open and inside was some kind of laboratory. "This is the heart of our operation," said Kelly. "This is where we create most of our products. I must remind you that you signed confidentiality agreements when we arranged this tour, and that we ask you to understand that we can't show you everything. This way, please." We followed Kelly through the room. There were all kinds of machines and gadgets and everything! It was a little hard to focus because my lips felt soooooo thick and sexy, and I really wanted to suck on something…er, eat something, I mean. I suddenly realized that Kelly was introducing Jeff and Robert to an important looking guy in a lab coat. "This is our leader, the brains behind Blonde Concepts. This is Doctor Street," said Kelly. Jeff and Robert solemnly shook hands with the scientist. I giggled and wiggled my fingers at him. He was kinda cute, and he looked really smart. "You must be Samantha," he said. "Have you enjoyed the tour so far?" I giggled. "Omigod, yes, Doctor! This place is awesome!" It was almost impossible to talk now without lisping because my lips were so thick. Dr.Street nodded. "I'm glad you've found it so." He turned to Kelly. "She's drunk the foundation prep formula?" Kelly nodded. "Yes, Doctor. It was packaged under the name 'Frequency', but I figured out what it was." "Excellent," he said. "Let's try it, shall we?" "Of course, Doctor." Dr.Street looked at me. "Sammi, I want you to stand in front of that machine, okay? It can't hurt you…it's only going to envelope your body with waves of a certain frequency. It will align your electrolytes in a way that will be good for your bosses…I mean, good for you, okay?" I blinked and bit my lower lip, trying to work through everything the doctor had just said. Finally, I gave it up and just went and stood where he told me to. The doctor played with some switches and stuff. I wished he'd hurry up 'cuz I really wanted to suck Jeff's cock. I heard him muttering something about letters or something…"Hmmmm…initial size, 'B'…set frequency for 'E'…hips…buttocks.." Then I heard a high-pitched whine, and suddenly I was feeling really funny. This went on for several heartbeats, and then suddenly everything was quiet again. I felt kinda dizzy and I wanted to sit down for a minute. I turned and nearly fell over. Finally I realized why. My boobs had swelled up! I gasped and clutched at my now massive chest. I couldn't believe it. My boobs were two or three times bigger than they had been before! It was a good thing I was wearing the clothes that Kelly had given me. My original outfit would have torn when my boobs swelled. "It's okay, Sammi," said Kelly. "We were just testing the machine. You did great! Thank you so much for helping us." I was going to give Kelly a piece of my mind, but I realized that would embarrass Jeff and Robert if I did it in front of Dr.Street. Fine. I would just have to wait until later. Giving me great big boobs like I was some kind of bimbo! Hmmmpphh! The laboratory was apparently the last stop on the tour. I tried not to show how difficult it was to walk with my huge boobs, but it wasn't easy. They were jiggling all over, and my nipples were sooooo sensitive. Kelly tried to help by screwing some self-piercing hoops into both my nipples, but that kinda hurt and didn't really help. We were finally heading for the door, but Kelly wanted to make one last stop. "Sammi," said Kelly, "I really must apologize about what happened to your breasts. That was very unprofessional of me. If you don't mind, I'd like to make up for it. Can I offer you a free session at our on-site salon?" I was still upset, but I could see Jeff and Robert looking at me in a way that made it clear I had better accept Kelly's offer. I was a bit sullen, I admit, but I finally said, "Fine." Kelly went inside and made the arrangements. Then she waved me in. I went inside and was waited on immediately. They didn't even ask me what style I wanted, they just went right to work. I was starting to get nervous, but then Kelly came over and whispered to me, "I shouldn't tell you this, but, between us, Jeff and Robert were saying earlier that they really wished you were blonde." I gasped. "Omigod! Really?" Kelly nodded. "So, to make up for what happened to your breasts, I told them to make you a gorgeous blonde, okay? Just like Jeff and Robert want." "Oh! Oh, Kelly! Thank you so much!" I couldn't believe how sweet Kelly had been! She was really trying to help me! She knew how hard it was to keep male bosses happy and she was doing what she could to help me. Kelly was sooooo sweet! At last they were finished. I couldn't believe the difference. I looked so glamorous and hot. My curves were soooooo lush and I wiggled and jiggled when I walked. My fingernails and toenails were a sexy shade of bright red, just like my lips, and my hair was full and soooooo blonde. I hugged Kelly, then jiggled out of the salon. Jeff, Robert and I walked down the steps and left Blonde Concepts, Inc. I licked my tingling, swollen lips and giggled. Jeff and Robert were in for such a surprise tomorrow morning. When I brought them their morning coffee, I was going to be giving them more than just coffee.  
  8. Chain by Riobiotic (be, bimbo)

    Chain by Riobiotic (be, bimbo) Jane sat down in her chair and moved her mouse, the screen clicking back as the light filled the dark cubicle. Putting her double shot latte down on the desk, she placed her head in her hand and looked out of the window. It’d been dark for a few hours now, the pale glow of the monitor being one of the few light sources left in the vacant office. This had been the third night that week, one of countless nights that year she’d had to stay late to work over the past few years. Glancing over at the photograph of her children, she half smiled an awkward smile as she turned back to the stack of paper work. They lived with their father now, and that bimbo Stacey he’d ended up marrying after they’d divorced. A large part of the reason behind their separation being the situation she was currently in. Work always came first, and her manager Ms. Jenkins was definitely making sure of that. It wasn’t her fault that so much work was coming in, but at times it seemed like she was picking on Jane for some reason. Flicking through her e-mails while sipping the creamy coffee, she clicked down the list of junk “Free Viagra, Timeshare in Yellowstone, Diet pills”; the never-ending list seeming to stretch as far as the inbox would go. After a few minutes of deleting, there were only a handful of messages left over in the once overly stuffed inbox. Inbox: FWD: Meeting 9:00am Mr. Tomkins 11:27 07/01/10 Something funny! Martha Gill (Mom) 13:04 07/01/10 Vital Amendments Serecross Industries 19:00 07/01/10 The last name was the one that caught her eye. Flicking through the pile of client job sheets that sat in her inbox, Serecross Industries weren’t, and had never been a client of theirs. Flicking up her web browser, she tapped in their details, yet nothing of any value seemed to appear. She clicked it as a large image filled the main box of the screen, which read as follows: “Dear Ms. Gill. Do you long for a more carefree life? Want to make an impression at the office that will give you a reason to stay late” She smirked at the line, but the rest of the message had held true so far. “Husband left you for a younger woman, and you’re tired of drinking the same double shot latte while sitting here night after night, alone?” Jane’s eyes widened as she backed away from the screen slightly, looking around her. The content of the message had obviously taken a much more serious tone. She was being watched, or at a bare minimum it was a cruel joke from someone who knew her well. Moving back towards the screen cautiously, she continued to read “Well by opening this e-mail, you’re already well on your way! Just take a look at the image below. Day 7” Scrolling down slightly, Jane jumped back, tensed slightly as she stared at the image in front of her. There at the messages end, was an image of a girl. She had flowing platinum blond hair, tied back in to an up-do, an overflowing rack that poured out from a barely buttoned blouse. She was almost entirely color coordinated, her pink laced bra matching the thick pink lip-gloss that coated full and pouted smiling lips, pale pink French tipped nails glinting in the light. But this was all tedious compared to her eyes. They were swirling. Where there should have been irises, they were replaced with an odd spiral like pattern that continually rotated, almost radiating out from the screen. The girl was moving. In exactly the same way Jane was, every blink, every flicker of movement, and every breath. Jane lifted her hand and placed it on the screen, staring in to the spiralling eyes that stared back. Jane’s vision began to blur, her head swimming as she started to feel dizzy, gripping the edge of the desk to steady her, yet it was no use. “Good morning San Diego, I’m Tom Taylor and this is your morning weather! Sunny outloo-“ the radio cut off as a fist slammed the button down. Jane rubbed her eyes and looked around her bedroom. “Eurgh, what a weird ass dream gotta stay off the coffee” she winced as she crawled out of bed and towards the bathroom. Flicking on the shower she threw her PJ’s to the floor and clambered in, grabbing the soap as she started to lather up. Yet something didn’t feel quite right. The soap fell to the floor as her mouth flew open, a scream emanating from her mouth that shook the steam filled room. Her beasts were bigger. In a matter of hours they’d jumped from a B to at least a C! How could this have happened, how was this even possible? Leaping from the shower, she dried herself slightly before wiping the steam from the mirror, staring at the newly formed flesh that jiggled slightly. Poking one to check if it was real, she winced slightly as she ran around in a small circle of shock, looking back at the mirror. She stopped. The breasts weren’t the only change. Running her fingers through her hair, it was somehow lighter, and longer as well, falling down to just below her jaw when it had been an inch or so shorter the day before. This wasn’t right at all, none of this made any sense. Jumping back in to the shower, she washed herself quickly and pulled on a shirt and skirt, unbuttoning slightly as the newly formed mass had made the garment a little on the tight side. Parking the car, she took the lift to her floor and sat down in her cubicle, opening up her inbox again. She spoke the messages out loud “Morning plans, office meeting, FWD: Meeting, 9, something funny, come on, where is it!?” she groaned, but the message was gone. If it had all been a dream, then what had happened to her, why had she changed? The day continued as normal, the work came flooding in, meetings went by, and life continued. Admittedly she was gaining a marginally higher amount of interest around the office, as there was obviously a noticeable change. There was more than the occasional “love what you’ve done with your hair” or “where did you get that push up from?”, but other than that, the day was unchanged. As the light grew dimmer, people began to leave the office, the room emptying as she sat at her desk, finishing the files and e-mailing them to clients for the next morning. Before too long, she was the last person left. Walking back from the coffee machine, she flicked through her e-mails, checking everything was finished. And there it sat. Inbox: Day 2 Serecross Industries 19:00 07/02/10 Clicking the small box next to the message, she moved to the drop down and selected over the ‘delete’ option. A message sounded, another mail appearing Inbox: Double Day 2 Serecross Industries 19:01 07/02/10 Again she clicked the box next to the second message, sending it to deletion as a third message appeared Inbox: Triple Day 2 Serecross Industries 19:02 07/02/10 It was no use; the messages would obviously just keep coming. Opening the message, she started to scroll “Ms. Gill. It appears that I haven’t made enough of an impression on you since last night. Now a quick lesson in why you should read your mail. Day 7.” The girls’ image was back, yet her form had grown even more drastic. The platinum blond hair flowed thicker, as the pouting lips had inflated ever so slightly, yet they were immensely outshone by the heaving breasts that nearly tore free from their fabric cage, the manicured nails now long and detailed with pink as the clutched to the mouse below them, the eyes spirals spinning wildly as Jane felt herself transfixed in their path. Her head was swimming, her breathing becoming shallow and hurried as she barely saw her now cartoonish shadow slump forward the room fading quickly to black. Anonymous 12/15/16 (Thu) 17:59:53 No.1890 “Good morning San Diego, I’m Tom Taylor and this is your morning weather! Rain today, with-“ the radio continued as Jane half looked up at it, rolling on to her back as she yawned, sinking her head back in to the pillow. Sitting up, the blood rushed to her head, a throbbing starting to ache out as she placed a hand to the side of her face, her long nails scratching her ever so slightly. Moving her hand away, she stared at it. The stubby, neatly cut nails were gone, now well-manicured and longer, pale pink nail varnish coating the once dull beds. Nervously she looked down. And there, staring back up at her, were a perfect pair of DD’s, peering out from a now damaged nightshirt as the buttons had broken free in the night. Tearing the shirt off, she ran her hands up her sides, which had changed as well, her waist now pinched inwards, her thighs and rear swollen out in opposite, moving her hands up to the now buxom torso and over, brushing a lock of long blond hair off of her shoulder. Getting up, she cautiously walked in to the bathroom, inspecting herself in the mirror. She twisted slightly, viewing her newly curved rear, her hips the same diameter as her newly acquired chest and winced “God, how am I going to get anything to fit!? This has got to stop” After cleaning herself up, and searching through her wardrobe for the largest shirt she could find, she pulled it on and still barely managed to button it two thirds of the way. The mornings rain had been a Godsend in it allowing her to pull on a large coat over the top of her dangerous new curves, a hood over her now shining blond hair. Storming through the office, she dismissively answered any questions before sliding in to the safety of her cubicle, sliding off the soaking wet overcoat on to the back of her chair as she quickly opened her inbox. Ignoring the day’s tasks, she fired straight through to the message she’d received the night before, yet as expected it was nowhere to be seen. She thought carefully for a moment, checking the list once again. Moving the cursor over, she clicked over to her deleted mail, and although the final mail wasn’t there, the previous two still she hadn’t read were. Rapidly clicking the newer of the two, her eyes widened as she realized what she’d opened, grabbing a pen as she rapidly scrawled down the e-mail address as she began to loose her balance, swaying as the world started to sway around her. Day 7’s image had grown even more drastic, the hair now elaborate with a long flowing ponytail to the shoulders, breasts practically bursting from the straining buttoned shirt, nails elevated in detail. Quickly moving the mouse she closed the window, breathing out, gasping as she tried to make herself focus, gripping on to the edge of her desk as she held herself in place. Opening her bag she quickly grabbed a compact mirror, pulling it out as she gasped at her changing reflection, her hair turning lighter and longer as her lips turned a glossed pink, her chest swelling further as she tilted forward slightly, stockings gaining a ladder as they stretched out. Grabbing the paper she’d written the address down on, she reopened the program and started to type. She was noticeably slower than she had been before, using only her index fingers as she concentrated on each word. Subject: Why!? Serecross Industries, what have you done to me, and how do I make it stop!?!?” Hitting send, she waited impatiently, drumming her long nails on the desktop as she winced slightly at the pressure of her shirt against her chest. A noise sounded as the new message appeared Inbox: So glad you asked Serecross Industries 09:04 07/03/10 Clicking it, her eyes skimmed rapidly across the lines of text, her brow furrowed at its content “Ms. Gill, I assume you’re taking this very seriously now, but what you did just now was very silly. As you can see, every mail we send you adds to the effect, and every double will add to the outcome. By the end of day 7, it’s a very real situation that the girl that you’ve created will be far more ‘concentrated’ than even we had intended. A combination of every jealous thought, every unwanted desire, every promiscuous thought, every bimbo stereotype that’s ever passed your little mind will be your determined form. But why you I hear you ask? Well the answer is quite simple. We have targeted you, because there’s a part of you that wants this. A part of you has always longed to be desired for all the wrong reasons. Consider us your fairy Godmother; we are simply making the wishes you’ve had come true Unless of course, this is not what you want? We are going to send the first message you received from us to you again, and you have to forward it to 5 female workers in your work place. If they don’t read that message by day 7, then you will of course become the vapid sex object a dark little part of yourself so deeply desires to be. The quicker you work, the more of yourself you’ll save. You have 4 days left, what you do with them is your choice. With a single bell chime, the message appeared. Jane hung her head in her hands and thought carefully. What could she do? Sifting through her e-mails, she looked at her contact list, working out whom it would make the most sense to forward the ultimate chain mail too. But how could she? What gave her the right to ruin the lives of 5 other women? “Whoa.” A voice exclaimed from behind her. Frozen like a deer in headlamps at the sound of that voice, she felt a hand place on her shoulder. Slowly turning round as the chair beneath her twisted, she was greeted by a rotund and smiling face, framed by a cluster of red curled hair. Brenda Bernstein had worked at the office for years, her and Jane had met on their first day as interns. Jane had never had a particular liking for Brenda, but she had been around for her a lot in the months of her divorce. “What on earth happened to you doll face? You look amazing!” Jane smiled awkwardly as she let out a small sigh “Would you believe me if I told you it was chain mail?” The rotund woman chuckled, her thick New York accent spewing out “If you got that from chain mail, then imagine what you could get from your pop-up filter! Seriously though, what happened?” Turning back round to her computer awkwardly as she brushed a lock of pale blond hair from her face, she shrugged awkwardly “Just letting out the real me I guess.” For a moment she paused, considering what that really meant. How could there be a part of her that could want for this? And in the same line, just how many other people wanted the same thing? “Maybe you should give it a try” she smiled innocently as she forwarded the message to Brenda’s inbox. The looks around the office had begun to escalate as the day continued, long stairs from cubicles and doorways, hushed words at the water cooler. The closest she’d gotten to peace was the hour she spent at lunch buying new shirts and skirts, buying a size or two up as an extra, but even that had proved to be a more taxing task than she’d expected. Walking back to the office had been a constant line of wolf whistles; her boss Mr. Tomkins had pulled her in to a conversation and an invitation of dinner that evening, which she politely declined. He was an immensely rich man, with Tomkins industries being the highest grossing program developer of the past decade, and remotely attractive as well, but the man was twice her age. The day had finally come to a close, as the office continued its daily cycle, more than a couple more guys saying good night to her than previously. At one point she could have sworn a camera flashed over the top of her cubicle at one point. She knew the reason why, but as she’d already been informed, there was a twisted little part of her that liked that attention. Absent minded, she finished up the last of the jobs, putting her coffee down next to the screen, as the dreaded sound rung out. Yet there was something different about the title. Inbox: Brenda Serecross Industries 18:50 07/03/10 She breathed in heavily, gritting her teeth as she opened the window “Jane, very nice work today. Unfortunately for Brenda however, she has already deleted her mail 3 times in a row. My, she’ll be in for a shock when you call her now, and ask her to open that message. Pick up your phone and call her now, or I should say you’ll both be in a great deal of trouble.” Rapidly grabbing the phone, she dialled through to Brenda’s home number, making a poor excuse as to why Brenda had to check that message. After a few moments, there was a gentle moan and a dull thud as the expected message appeared. Inbox: Day 3 Serecross Industries 19:00 07/03/10 She clicked. The radio blared in the background as Jane pulled on a bra and tightly fitted plain top, moving her creamy blond hair up and back in to a ponytail and positioning it, before fixing her make up, applying the strawberry pink lip gloss and eyeliner carefully in the mirror. In some ways it had almost become a luxury to be wearing clothes that actually fitted, as she pulled on a smart buttoned jacket to at least create remotely presentable attire. There was no way of disguising her breasts from the extra cup size she’d gained over night, the best she could find herself doing was tastefully framing them the best she possibly could. As she clambered in to the car, a sickening feeling filled her stomach as she drove to work. What she had done to her friend was inexcusable, and the results would soon be visible. Slinking in to the office slightly, eyes turned on her automatically as if it were some kind of automated male function. Rolling her eyes, with a slight smile she paced over to Brenda’s cubicle and peered in to see the aftermath of the night before. Yet the cubicle was empty. It was likely that Brenda had freaked out, and skipped work, something she could hardly be blamed for. Opening Brenda’s office computer, she cycled down the inbox, with no sign of the e-mail. She must have definitely opened it, flicking over to the read section as she double clicked. How could she have forgotten? The images blond hair was streaming down now, her 40 HH chest torn free of the shirt as they hung out, held barely by the laced bra in place as Jane’s vision swirled, falling forward as she felt material rip as her breasts flowed out further, more hair toppling down her back as she pulled back up. Light blue eye shadow now delicately brushed across her eyelids, she quickly composed herself, and walked back to her cubicle, searching through her bag for a new top and bra. She had to find more people, and quickly, at the rate she was going at she’d be a 50-year-old billionaires sex toy by the weeks end. Quickly cycling through her list, she looked around, occasionally switching back to another screen to get some work done, yet the rate she was going at was slower than she could ever remember. Typos were appearing more and more frequently, her vocabulary was becoming more stunted as she filled in reports, “and like,” being used on more than several occasions. Her IQ was dropping, and her end result all the more dangerous if the pattern continued and magnified. Peering over the top of her cubicle, she started to take note of the women of the office, what they were doing, who they were talking with. But most importantly how she could guarantee that each of them would actually read what she was sending. Opening her e-mail once again, she quickly deleted the contents of her trashcan; no more mistakes could afford to be made with re-opening any of the chains from before. Flipping through the itinerary for the day, she listed her possible victims. Meeting notes for Mrs. Dale, a simple change of the subject title would lull her in to opening hers. Lunch with Darcy and Tanya, friends or not, it was drawing ever closer to day 7, and the situation wasn’t getting any easier. She shuffled slightly in her chair as her widened posterior didn’t fit as well as it had in the once comfortable groove of her chair. That left one more. If she was going to do this, then at least some fun should come from it. Typing in her Manager Ms. Jenkins e-mail, she smirked as she filled the subject with “Urgent: Management Restructuring”. Ticking ‘Read receipt’, she closed her eyes and hit send, as the messages went out to do their bidding. The moment was bitter sweet, as she let out a sigh of relief that the ordeal was over for her, for others it was only just beginning. Darcy and Tanya had joined when she had, different departments, yet she’d known the two of them since high school. How could she have done something so horrendous yet again? Had Brenda not been enough of a lesson for her? A ‘read’ notice popped up from Darcy, one from Tanya following shortly after. What was done was done. She continued to work, some tasks seeming considerably harder than they had been before. Typing was a chore, her 100 words a minute down to a stunted 60. She hoped she’d adjust, and perhaps even get back to her original speed. Maybe it would just take time? The day dragged as messages came in, none of them what she wanted to see. A print report, note making at a meeting at 2, yet no openings of the ticking time bombs that sat waiting in the inboxes of her unsuspecting colleagues. Jane attended the meeting, and made notes the best she could; yet half of her page seemed to be covered in small doodles of hearts and flowers. The changes had started to make a greater difference than she had first realized, he concentration becoming considerably shakier in comparison to the day before. Mrs. Dales message opened, at around 3.30, yet there was no sign of Jenkins having opened hers. The day was drawing to a close, the office emptying out again as the hours ticked by, 6pm, 7pm. Like clockwork, Inbox: Day 4 Serecross Industries 19:00 07/04/10 Her heartbeat began to race, nerves filling her as she looked around awkwardly, her eyes wide with a sense of fear as if she was looking for someone to save her. Yet of course, nobody could. With a sigh of defeat, she opened the message “You’re doing very well, but you’re far from finished my darling” the eyes swirling rapidly once again, as darkness once again overwhelmed her. “Goood morning San Diego! Weather today will be cool but clear after last nights rain, with temp-“ Jane rolled over on to her back as she sat up and walked over to the bathroom mirror. Her heaving chest swayed slightly as she walked, even while supported by the EE cups she now had to wear to support the swaying behemoths that hung from her chest, her waist slightly thinner in contrast to her sensual swaying behind. Her hair was edging closer and closer towards platinum blond as it hung down around her breasts, now barely contained by the pale pink shirt as the top four buttons had to be undone simply to accommodate her outline. Pulling it back in to it’s ponytail, she teased down a fringe and added volume to the bulk of it with the aid of a little back combing, before heading off for the office. There was no sign of Brenda again, the concern growing slightly for her whereabouts. But Brenda was an outgoing person, if anyone were to come out of a situation as bizarre as her current one; it would have to be her. Shortly after she sat down, there was some loud discussion from the cubicle next to her. As she pretended to type, she listened carefully to the shrill voice that echoed in its own four walls “Have you seen Valerie Dale this morning!? That ladies been for the works, her greys are gone, changed her hairstyle and clothes but that’s nothing compared to this… She looks younger! And I’m not talkin ‘good nights sleep’ younger, I’m talking years off. What ever she’s takin, I gotta get me some of that!” She started to wonder how Darcy and Tanya must be doing, yet all of this paled in comparison to the fact that Jenkins had yet to open her message. Picking up the phone, she dialled through to her desk. A stern voice replied, its tone indifferent and cold as she cleared her throat “Yes?” she simply replied. Jane rolled her eyes at the stuck up wind bag “Ms. Jenkins,” she replied, twirling the phone cord playfully “I um, I like, sent you a message yesterday that was really important, and I need you to check it please?” A low groan emanated back “Yes, I know the message. I’ve been trying to delete it for the last 20 minutes, but it just keeps popping up with a new number in the subject matter.” Jane tried to hold back the enjoyment, yet she let out a small squeal of laughter by accident, hastily disguising it as a cough. The backlog of payback from that many deletions must have been astronomical, no doubt escalating her manager to a state beyond her own in an instant. A few moments of silence passed, as the voice on the phones end grew more impatient “Well, what is it?” Jane thought carefully for a moment, planning her reply “Um.. It’s a message through from Mr. Tomkins. I like, think he said something about you being uppered!” The tone changed, yet the sternness still hung on every word “You mean promoted. Well I’ll look at that in a moment, why are you talking in such a manor? You’re usually such a well-spoken girl, you’re letting it slip Jane. We don’t let things slip at Tomkins Industries. Your appearance is a matter of concern as well, one I will discuss with you in more detail in the near future.” Jane’s eyes filled with a child like glee, if anything positive could have come from this, it would be removing the bug from her tormentors ass. “Yes Ms. Jenkin-“ she was cut off as the phone slammed down a few cubicles away. A few minutes ticked by before the message flagged up as “Message read”. She breathed out a heavy sigh of relief as she slumped forward; half laughing with relief that this was finally the end of it all. She worked happily for the rest of the day, her focus even improving a little as the spelling mistakes seemed to be fewer in number, she even finished earlier than she expected. Grabbing her coat, she waved goodbye to the men of the department, and walked out of the door at 5 on the door. Hitting the radio before the words “Good morning” had even finished, Jane sprung from her bed and looked in the mirror. Nothing had changed. A wide spread grin panned out across her face as she stared at herself in the mirror, inspecting every angle she could. Pulling on the same sized clothes she’d worn the day before, she happily bounced, almost skipping from the car to the office as she walked in and greeted everyone good morning. Before she’d reached her cubicle, she did a double take. Sitting in Jenkins seat was a vastly different woman. Messy red hair was backcombed and choppily cut, her emerald green shirt nearly tearing at the seams as they supported a pair of beasts bigger than Jane’s by a considerable amount, a pencil skirt flaunted long thin legs, feet barely covered by diabolical heals. She was talking on the phone, the stern tone and exterior completely vanished as she chirped happily to a friend about a cute bag she’d seen on the way to work. This was going to be a beautiful day. Walking round to her cubicle, she sat down in her chair, the leathers groove now adapted to her newly fixed curves. She skimmed the first few e-mails, minimizing the window as she quickly sorted through the desks paper work, neatly stacking it and adding notes as they were forwarded to their respective place. She felt happy, for the first time in a while. Admittedly she wasn’t as bright as she had once been, but in some ways her newly found ignorance had become a blessing. The day continued to get better, Mr. Tomkins asking her out for a drink at lunchtime which she happily accepted/ Se said he’d call her out tonight as she gave him her phone number. Darcy and Tanya called her later that day, both amazed at the effects the e-mails had had, each of them having forwarded it to half their address books. Luckily they’d both received a slew of replies within the hour, both of them halted at their slightly curvier states. Finishing the last few files, as the clock edged towards 5, a face appeared over the top of the cubicle. “Hello Mr. Tomkins” she said happily and slightly huskily. The man grinned back, dangling his keys to the brand new Porsche he’d bought the week before “How about you leave that for the morning and come for a drive?” Throwing the folder in to the ‘done’ pile, she giggled and grabbed her bag, walking out of the office. “Good morning San Diego, we’re starting today’s morning update on a sadder note,” Jane slammed the off button down. Everything was too perfect for any sad notes, she grinned slipping in to the shower as she sung while washing herself. Mr. Tomkins, or ‘Mark’ as he was now to her, hadn’t just taken her out to dinner in the city. They had flown to Paris. They had danced, drank, and spent the rest of the next day in the city. The perfect weekend. Pulling on a slightly lower cut top, it’s deep V line sporting her impressive bust; she styled her hair as usual before heading down to the car, and off to work. As she walked in to the office, she was too ecstatic to notice the tone of the room, a skip in her step as she strutted through to her cubicle, sitting down and spinning around as she spent the day working through the pile of paperwork that had accumulated over the weekend. It was astonishing how much longer what would have taken a couple of hours to achieve had become, the clock hitting 18:59 as she opened her inbox and sifted through the mail. There were three messages sitting there Inbox: Day 5 Serecross Industries 19:00 07/05/10 Day 6 Serecross Industries 19:00 07/06/10 Day 7 Serecross Industries 19:00 07/07/10 Her face sunk, her mind jumping from thought to thought. Why were they there? This was over, she’d done as she was asked, and now this!? Clicking Day 5, she gasped out loudly as the changes started, breasts growing larger as she tried to focus on the message “4 out of 5” White blond hair tumbled down to the base of the back, thick pink gloss plastered across full lips, eye shadow a deeper shade of blue that seemed to enhance the spiralling as she wobbled “What do you mean 4 out of 5?” She panted, grabbing the desk as her shirt tore outwards, the voices around her sounding louder as her vision became hazed “I can’t believe Brenda’s dead!” one swirling voice uttered. “Heart attack at her home computer a few nights ago. Apparently she died instantly and collapsed on to the keyboard” the other solemnly replied. Glancing up weakly she stared at the screen, fear in her eyes as her swelling breasts hit the keyboard, moving on to the next message as the changes continued, the same image playing as her eyes fought to focus Miss Gill. Brenda never read your message, as you would have known if you had read yesterdays e-mail. But it’s too late for all that now. Say goodbye to the Jane you knew. Say hello to what you really are. Hair was now tumbling down to the bottom of her back, the tight fitted top tearing off leaving her in just her bra that hung on for dear life, she tried to stand, positioning herself against the wall of her cubicle as she slumped back against it, the swelling continuing through her hips and thighs as her long pink nails almost dug in to the soft board that had formed her support. As the changes slowed, she brushed a strand of hair from her eyes, looking in to what were now the normal eyes of her digital reflection. “Oh my God, I… I” she stammered. It felt like her mind was floating, drifting above her as it slowly seemed to thin, eyes glazing over as they changed from their chocolate brown to a pale blue. In an instant, it snapped back in to place, as she suddenly became active “Ohmygod, I look, soo hot!” she exclaimed, stunned in her new high girly tone, checking herself out from the same angles she had once viewed in disgust. Running a hand down her back and round her perfectly curved behind, and up her now wasp like, she ran her hands across the 38 triple K breasts that had swollen out, giggling with delight and excitement. Spinning back round to her computer, she grabbed the address book and clicked a few names, the vapid giggling continuing as she went “My sister has got to see this, she will be, SO jealous! Selecting the first e-mail, she selected forward. The plague she had once feared to spread had devoured the building, as it was slowly passing from friend to friend. And as it took her, it would take someone else. Yet she was unaware of her actions, happily picking up the phone as she dialled through to Mr. Tomkins. “Hey baby” she uttered alluringly “how about you take the day off early, and we go back to yours for some fun?” she grinned “I want your cock in me as soon as you can get it there” making a flirty growling sound. She looked down at herself “But we need to go get me some new clothes first! You can help me pick out something sexy” With that, she placed the phone down, stood up and looked around the office, still half naked. “Like, what’s everyone so gloomy about? Check your mail, something in there might cheer you guys up!” A week later Donna Gill woke up and looked around her apartment, empty beer cans littering the floor and a few friends passed out around the place. She felt like she’d been punched in the head. Half throwing herself out of the bed, and on to the floor, she pulled herself to her feet, stepping over the piles of garbage and people as she made her way to the kitchen. The state of that wasn’t so great either. Walking to a cupboard, she moved a few things out of the way and removed the MacBook she’d been hiding. There was no way some dumb ass was going to puke on that, regardless of whether or not that dumb ass was her friend. Sliding the tray of empty shots that sat on the worktop over, she flipped the laptops lid as the screen clicked in to place, the light being slightly uncomfortable in her hung-over state. Checking a few websites, she flicked some music on quietly and started to page through her e-mails. “Huh..” She mumbled. Inbox: You’ll like this Jane Gill 19:00 07/14/10 Her sister was usually so wrapped up in work that she couldn’t even make time for the important things, thanks giving’s, birthdays. So why was she receiving a mail from her about “Something she’d like”? What did she know? She barely ever saw her, let alone knew what she liked. Deleting it, she glanced away for a moment, looking back only to see Inbox: You’ll like this double Serecross Industries 19:00 07/14/10 “Well, I’ve got more faith in ‘Serecross Industries’ knowing what I like than I do in you sis..” She clicked. Don't Make Me Laugh (BE, WG, DG, IQ, Clown) Anonymous 12/15/16 (Thu) 18:00:31 No.1891 I posted some of my odd clown stories on the previous site, so I figured I'd try and post some here. This is the most risque story I've written, featuring sex and other naughty stuff. I hope you enjoy, even if it is a little…strange. — Don't Make Me Laugh Written by Hugo Prosperio Idea by matago (Warning. This story contains heavy sexual content, a rarity amongst my stories. It also includes strange transformation fetish material, so if that ain't your cup of tea, please, feel free to move on. For those interested in Bimbo and Clown TFs, and other strange things, read on) The sun was shining as Veronica James walked into her local police station. You see, Veronica loved her job as a police woman. She loved the power it gave her, and she was never afraid to show it. Most people that knew here would have described her as being cold. She walked in her long dirty blonde hair tied into a bun that was hidden under her uniform hat, and she grinned as she walked in. She loved that every man in the station would give anything to be with her, and she wouldn't give any of them an inch. She loved how much power it gave her over them. "Hey, Ronnie" one of her fellow officers said to her as he passed. She grabbed him by his arm. "I told you not to call me that. My name is Veronica." She said. "Yeesh, what a grip. I'm sorry" he said as she let go, and he quickly moved away from her. She grinned as he walked away, knowing how much she had just bruised his ego. "Probably wanted to ask me out on a cheap date" she mumbled to herself. "Officer James?" said the voice of one of her bosses. "You really aren't a people person, are you?" She turned around to look at him. "No. I'm not. You've never complained about it before, Captain." She noted. "True. It makes you a very effective cop, I'll admit…just take it easy on the guys around here. They don't bite, so you shouldn't either. Anyway, I am going to need you to do a few laps in your car today, keep an eye out for hooligans." He said. She nodded and went to the locker room to grab her gear. A young male officer smirked. "Hey there, Veronica. How's it going?" "Beat it, Kid" she snarled at him as she hooked her gun onto her slender waist. "I'll take that as a no, then?" he said. "Yes. Forever and a day…yes. It will always be a no, you little scumbag." She said as she left and headed out of the building. "Someday, you'll come around. I'm the best you ever gonna get, girlfriend" he smirked. She turned around and slapped him in the face. "That's the best YOU ever gonna get, asshole." She said as she stomped out and left the station. "Some people never change" The Captain sighed as he sipped his coffee. — Veronica fumed as she drove down the street in her squad car. She couldn't believe how many assholes she worked with, and how stupid they all were. She sighed as she scanned the area for any trouble, when suddenly she spotted something. A VW Bug pulled over on the side of the road had smoke pouring out from the windows. "Here we go. Some teenagers smoking something they shouldn't." She smiled. "This'll improve my mood" She turned on her flashing lights, and just for kicks turned on the sirens as she pulled up behind the parked car. "I'll let them squirm for a bit" she said with a slight derisive laugh. These were the moments when she thoroughly enjoyed her job. After a few moments, she turned off the sirens and got out of the car. She could hear noises coming from the parked car, noises that sounded like giggling. As she approached the vehicle, she overheard voices. A sugary sweet female voice laughed then said "Go on, keep smoking, it'l change your life" She pulled out her baton and walked up and tapped it slightly against the door of the driver's side. The girl sitting in the driver's seat turned her head and smiled. "Hello there, officer!" the girl said. Veronica looked her over, seeing a very fat girl in her twenties, long curly brown hair, rosy cheeks, and wearing what looked like a yellow sundress that was far too tight for her, showing off ample amounts of pudgy fat cleavage. She then glanced at the face, and beneath the gaudy makeup and double chin, she recognized the girl. "Molly?" she said, letting out a surprised gasp. She had caught this girl many times trying to buy or smoke pot, but she was always thin on Veronica's memory. Something drastic had changed about her. "Looks like all that weed gave you the munchies, huh?" she smirked. "I guess so, officer…James" Molly said looking at the name tag. Molly didn't seem to remember her, but she smiled none the less. "How are you on this B. e. a. utiful day?" "I'm fine. Now then, what might you and your friend" she said pointing at the young man in the passenger seat who had such pale skin he looked like a vampire. "…what might you be sampling today?" she added as she pointed at the joint in Molly's fingertips. Molly giggled. "Well, Silly, this is Wacky Weed. It's really good. You want some?" This caught Veronica off guard. She was used to seeing kids try to lie about what they were doing, but to outright say it, and then offer her some? She was stunned. She quickly regained her composure and let out a trademark snort "Don't make me laugh. Young lady, that substance is quite obviously illegal, and I need you to hand it over this instant." She said. "Like, what if I don't want to" she said as she took in a huge drag off the joint and blew the smoke towards Veronica, specifically that what was closest to her own eye level, Veronica's crotch. "Hey! Don't make me rip you out of that car!" Veronica snarled, not noticing the slight tingle that had formed in her panties. Molly giggled and opened the car and stepped out, her green flip-flops smacking against the pavement as she did. "Now then, give it to me, or things are going to get very bad for you, little missy" Veronica hissed. Molly sighed. "Okay…If you insist. I'll give it to you." she then added as she took one last puff, and blew it in Veronica's face. The billow of smoke was so thick that Veronica lost track of everything. She coughed heavily and ended up inhaling a great deal of the smoke, which somehow tasted like cotton candy. She shook her head as the smoke dispersed, and she was shocked to find that Molly, her pale friend, and their VW Bug had disappeared, vanished into thin air. "What in the fuck?" She blurted out, still coughing from the smoke. She shook her head, and was determined to find those little punks and bring them into the station. "You are going to be so sorry, Miss Molly" she said, gritting her teeth as she climbed back into her squad car and took off, sirens blazing, towards the center of town. — Dusk approached the small town, and Veronica decided to call off her search for the hooligans in the yellow Bug. "They'll show up again…and when they do, they'll wish they'd never been born." She said to herself. She then scratched her nose, which had begun to itch over the last few hours. She pulled into the station and quietly moved to the locker room to put away her gun. "Evening, Ronnie" said the officer who had tried to ask her out earlier in the day. She growled at him, but made no other attempt at getting her point across. She was tired, and wanted to get home. She didn't have a real car of her own, because she lived just a block away from the station, so she walked home. She quickly moved down the street, passing a well dressed man in colorful clothing. She knew this to be the local pimp, though nobody had ever been able to take him down for any crimes. "Well, hello there, Officer James." He smiled. "Buzz off, Pervert" she said. "Tsk Tsk, so much anger. I was just saying hello. Have yourself a good evening" he laughed. "Listen, you smug prick, I am not one of your girls. One day, I'll see to it personally that your ass is firmly behind bars. Until then? Fuck Off." As she said the last two words, her voice jumped up a few octaves, catching her off guard. She covered her mouth and started walking away. The pimp smiled. "You don't know what you are missing my dear. Oh well, have a good night." She sighed loudly and trudged to her apartment building heading in, ready to crash for the night. Once inside her apartment, she turned on the light and slumped down onto her couch. "God, what a weird day" she said, her voice still sounding a touch high to her own ears, but she just shook it off, blaming it on nerves. She then smelled herself, and sighed. "God Damn, I still smell like that shit I got spewed on me by that punk-ass girl" she mumbled. It was true, her whole aroma smelled of Cotton Candy, a sugary sweet smell that lingered in the air. She got up and went over to her bathroom and stripped out of her uniform , and out of her underwear, which felt a tad tight to her for some reason. She shook that off as well, and turned on her shower, hoping to rid herself of the smell of sweets. She got in, and felt the rushing hot water caress her naked form, and she began to relax. She then began to feel, well, very horny, to be blunt about it. She felt her lady parts tingle upon being touched with the water, and she let out a soft moan. It felt so good, so much more sensitive, it seemed, and she couldn't figure out why, but she wasn't going to ignore it. She soon found her hand moving to her crotch as it slowly caressed the lips of her vagina. She closed her eyes and softly let the sensations fill her world. She moaned loudly now as her fingers slipped in and out of her warm sex, and now the cotton candy smell that she was experiencing began to fill the room, and she didn't care. She was in ecstasy, and her she let her body slip to the floor of the shower and let the water soak over her while she masturbated for over an hour. Her eyes flew open after two hours of soaking in the shower. She looked around and let out a sigh. "I hate it when I do that" she said as she got up and turned off the water, and took a towel in her hand to dry herself off. She stepped out and wiped the fogged up mirror clean and stared at her reflection. She noticed her nose looked red, as if she had a cold or something, but she paid no attention to it. She dried her hair, not noting how much frizzier it seemed as she headed into her bedroom and plopped down onto her bed, sighing. It had been a long day, and she was glad to see it over, but that shower was the perfect way to end it, she thought with a wide grin as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. — Her alarm blared through her bedroom as it went off. She groggily opened her eyes and glared at it. She turned it off and stepped out of bed, and proceeded to fall flat on her face as she tried to stand up. "What the hell?" she asked herself as she finally got up. She couldn't figure out why she had fallen down, but had she been more alert, she might have noticed her breasts were now much larger, as was her ass, but she wasn't paying attention to these things, she knew she had to get ready for work and fast. She hopped in the shower and felt the water rush over her, and she felt the urge to slide her hand into her wet sex, but was able to resist and get out and get back to her room to get dressed for what she felt was going to be a long day. She grabbed a clean uniform and began to put it on, only to discover that both the pants, and the shirt were now very tight. "Son of a bitch, it must have shrunk in the wash. Just my luck." She sighed, and struggled to get it on, and was able to do so with a few tugs here and there. "It'll have to do, this is the only clean one, I got" she said as she walked over to her mirror and to her shock and surprise, her hair was an utter mess. Fizzy and curling up into an unintended afro of sorts. She let out a small shriek and set to work trying to flatten it, to comb it, to do anything with it so it wouldn't look like such a bird's nest of a mess, but nothing seemed to be doing the trick. She glared at the mirror, noting her nose looked even redder than it did before she had gone to bed. Today seemed to be turning out to be the worst possibly day it could be. "Why now? Why couldn't this happen when I go on vacation next month?" she said as she found her uniform hat and shoved it on tightly, doing her best to cover up the hair. She then slipped on her shoes for work, and discovered they too were tight. "Oh, what the Christ?!" she stammered. "Am I turning into an elephant? God Damn it" she snarled as she threw her hands up and grabbed her things for work and headed out the door. — Walking to work was usually a breeze for Veronica, but today was, for some reason, quite the task. Every guy she saw on the street was turning her on in one way or another, and this was quite distressing to her. She was very glad not to see the pimp who had spoken to her last night, because she feared he too would have been in some way attractive to her on this strange morning, and she would not want to admit that. She passed one of her fellow tenants of her apartment building and he smiled weakly at her and continued on his way. She knew him to be a very shy man, and that too was very "hot" to her at the moment. "Christ, Ronnie, get a grip" she said to herself, using the name she hated people calling her. She stopped. "What is getting into me?!" she gasped as she continued towards the station. "Today had better move quickly, or so help me…" she muttered. Once inside the station, she started towards her desk area, which she rarely used, as she loved to be out on the street, but today, she felt it was probably a good idea to stay in, what with how strange her day had been. As she walked by one of the more attractive men in the station, she let out a girlish giggle, which displayed her higher voice. She covered her mouth and kicked herself mentally. Was she going mad? She could barely contain her libido, and it was driving her nuts. "What the hell is wrong with me?" she mumbled as she finally reached her desk and sat down. The Chief walked by and noted her at her desk and laughed. "Well, hello, Officer James. Usually by now you are screaming at all the men and on your way out to your beat?" She stared at him, and lust filled her body with an almost uncontrollable burst. She shook it off and looked up at him. "I'm not feeling too hot today." She began, wincing at her higher pitched voice, which made her sound like a porn parody of a police woman. "So I figured I'd get some paperwork done." "You don't sound good either." He said patting her on the shoulder, and the sex panther inside her wanted to pounce right then and there, but she was able to close her eyes and stop it for the moment. "You sure you don't want to go home?" He asked. "We are fairly well staffed here at the station, and I am sure our fair city can get along one day without you." She wanted to say yes, but something in her, perhaps her pride, made her stand firm. "No. Besides, you are always nagging me about this paperwork, might as well get it all wrapped up" she said with another girlish giggle. The Chief raised his eyebrows, but said nothing more as he walked away. "Oh, Jesus Christ!" she gasped afterwards, and she knew for a fact her panties were now wet from her quivering sex, which was just aching to be touched. She started typing away at the computer at her desk, her mind not really on the task at hand. A few moments later, she went to review what she had typed and saw the following. "In conclusion, I say that this case was SEX. I NEED SEX. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX!" She quickly erased it and held her head in her hands. She was going insane, she just knew it. Something had happened to her, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she knew she needed to figure it out and put a stop to it. She then felt her nose tingle a bit, and she sneezed. She didn't pay attention to this, because, in her mind, she had bigger problems to worry about, but had she looked, she would have noticed the sneeze caused her nose to turn even more red and inflamed that it already was. She stood up and walked to the locker room, desperate to find the one thing that was causing all these strange emotions to build in her. She noticed her shoes felt even more tight then they had when she left work and just chalked it up to the worst day ever. "I must be sick, delusional, or something. I think I'll take tomorrow off" she sighed as she stared into the mirror in the locker room. She then noticed her hair was even frizzier under her uniform cap, and she ripped it off to try and re-arrange it, and to her horror, her hair was almost up in a fro style. "What?! That's not possible!" she said, trying to pat it down, comb it with her fingers, but nothing would undo the frizzed mess of hair. She then noticed stripes of color going up each side, like the white in the Bride of Frankenstein's hair, but these were weren't white. They were hot pink, like cotton candy! "I am dreaming. This is one big hallucination. That explains everything" she said as she shoved her hat back down on the mess of hair and sighed. As she turned to exit, she saw the face of the cop who had hit on her in the locker room the day before. She heard his voice in her head "I'm the best you ever gonna get, girlfriend" it said, and looking at him, right now, in her current state of mind, she could hardly argue with that statement. "Well, hello, Officer James" he smirked. "Feeling a touch less cranky today, I hope?" She tried to contain herself as she felt the monster inside of her roar, but it was too late. She grabbed him by the lapels of his uniform and shoved him up against the lockers, her hormones raging. "I…take that as a no." he stammered as she looked him over and then braced himself for what he thought he knew was going to be her fist smashing into his face, but he got something much different. She took her lips, which were swollen and red, and placed them against his and began to kiss him passionately. He gasped at first, but then started kissing her back for a moment, before pushing her away. "Wait a second. Is this some big joke, or something? What the fuck is up, Veronica!" he stammered. "I am so fucking horny." She moaned. "I don't know why, I can't explain it…I've been like this since I woke up, but goddamn it, Harry, I want you in the worst way!" she said using his name for the first time he could ever remember. Usually she called him "kid" or "scumbag" "Uh…are you sure about this?" he asked as he removed her hands from his lapels. "Yeah." She said softly, biting her bottom lip, only aiding her sex-kitten porn star looks. Harry smiled and pulled out a ring of keys. "Let's go to my office" he said. Harry had been put in charge of a new project at the department recently, and as such had been given a small office to work from. She smiled and followed him out of the locker room and down the hall. As they walked, calmly, trying not to give anything away, one of Veronica's buttons burst off the chest area of her uniform. She gasped and placed her arms around her chest to hide her now exposed cleavage. Were her breasts getting larger? It seemed so, but that wasn't possible was it? Questions swirled in her mind as Harry unlocked his office door. They went in, and Harry, with a wide smile on his face, locked the door, thanking his lucky stars they hadn't installed the camera yet. As soon as the door was closed, Veronica's clothes were off. She slid out of them and giggled as she lied on his desk. "Oh, Mr. Police Man, what ever are you going to do to me?" she giggled. "Oh, Ma'am, I intend to interrogate you till you pass out" he laughed as he stripped down and got on top of her. Soon he was thrusting into her wet sex, which was dripping with anticipation. He pushed with reckless abandon, and soon, Veronica had her hands on his back, pushing him towards her, helping him go in and out. After several moments, the man climaxed and Veronica did her best not to scream, instead moaning as loud as she could, and as she did, her slightly red nose inflated instantly into a large red clown nose. It hissed as it grew, and with a loud pop, it was officially part of her face. She was in such ecstasy that she didn't notice it. Harry didn't either as he got up and turned around to get dressed again. She bit her lower lip, and let out a giggle as Harry got up and slid his pants back on. "Your butt looks good naked!" she laughed. "Haha, Now that was fun…see I told you I was the…" he said turning around. He stopped when he saw her nose. "What the hell is that?!" he said pointing at her nose. She looked down and gasped. "I…I don't know where that came from" she said trying to take it off. He stared at her. "Wait, is this some sick shit you get off on, dressing like a clown while guys fuck you? What a fucking nut." He huffed as he pulled his pants up quickly. "Looks like I should have just said no. What the fuck, Ronnie? What the fuck?" he said. She stood up and started trying to get dressed. "I swear I don't know what that is." She said as she tried to button her shit on, only to have the top button fly off and smack Harry in the face" "Oh, I am so sorry" she said, getting closer to him. He backed away. "Stay away! If you tell anyone about this, I'll…I'll…" he stammered as he watched her hair get bigger and change color right before his eyes. "I must be dreaming" he said as he turned and walked out of the office. "You think you're dreaming. What about me!" she said looking down at her new nose. She quickly turned and looked in a mirror, and saw her new look, and gasped. What the hell was happening to her, she wondered in her mind. She realized now she couldn't get her uniform hat on over her fro of hair if she wanted to, and the pink stripes in it had been joined by purple stripes as well. "Oh, god, look at me!" she screamed. "I am a freak!" Of course, that didn't stop her from craving more sex. In fact, she was hornier than ever, and she knew she was in very, very big trouble.  
  9. ACT IT OUT! by Whiterabbit (BE, MC, Bimbo)"You stole the disc from him? Wow, you really are a master-thief Sara…" Robert said to his wife Victoria. "Oh well, you know Stanley, you learn some techniques along the way to extract certain objects from people" Victoria replied. "Well, how did you do it then? That old bloke kept the disc closer than his wedding ring!" Robert said. "Do you want me to show you how I did it?" Victoria said, trying to be sensual. She and Robert approached each other slowly, and she wrapped her arms around him, but just before they started to kiss they both started to laugh uncontrollably. "God, Robert, this script is soooo lame…how did we ever end up here?!" Victoria said betwen laughs. "I'm so sorry honey, if I ever knew what kind of cheap screenplay they would want us to play out, I would have never signed us up…I'm sorry" He said, appologetically. It was Roberts idea to go to the new company,"Act it out!" which claimed to offer the opportunity to play out professionally written screenplays, while your performance would be professionally recorded, edited and processed, providing you with a nice dvd of your performance. Robert had thought it was a fun idea, giving that both he and Victoria loved movies. He chose the option of playing out a scene from a classic crime-thriller, a genre they both loved. But now that they were at the company, in the rehearsal room, playing through the script, he regretted his descision. The script was lame, not to mention a bit sleazy and cheap (after the aformentioned kiss, they script even suggested a sex-scene, though details were left out). "Aw, Robert, is alright. I know you meant well. The idea sounded great, but well…you never know how these type of things turn out". Victoria said as she comforted her loving husband. They were a happily married couple, who went through life with a laugh all the time. If they bumped into problems they just joked about it, such as know. "What do you wanna do Vic.? Pack it up, apologize and leave?" Rob asked. "No way! Come on honey! We'll just play along. It'll be hysterical, something to laugh about afterwards." Victoria said. "hehe, you're right Vic let's just see what happens" They hugged each other momentarily and then went on rehearing. In about half an hour they would be pickup up by two people who would coach them through the shooting. They were expecting 3 to 4 takes to film it and they would talk with Robert and Victoria through the shooting, though both Robert and Victoria doubted they could learn much from them, given the fact that Rob and Victoria were experts on everything about movies, but they would just play along they decided. After about half an hour two people entered the rehearsal-room. A man and a woman. The man looked like a buffed playboy, with an expensive shirt, halfway open to show some chesthair and rippling with muscles. The woman looked like a cheap version of a barbie-doll. Long blonde hair, big chest displayed in a too-tight pink halter, denim mini-skirt barely containing her substantial curves and very high pink heels. Both looked like they walked right out of a porn-shoot and Robert and Victoria began to doubt more and more if they were at the right company. "Hello..ehm..Robert and Victoria, I'm Steve" the man said as he looked on a sheet of paper. "You signed up to play out a classic crime-thriller scene right?","That's right" Victoria said with a smile. She shook his hand as well as the woman's,"Hi, I'm Lucy" the woman said with a giggle to Victoria. Robert also introduced himself and they all sat down. Robert wasn't that impressed with the two hosts. Steve looked like a dumb jock kind of guy, and Lucy looked so fake and slutty, he would never fall for her. He loved the natural look, like Victoria, thin, but very feminine build. Beautiful small breasts, athletic figure, and a pure and sweet face, never covered in make-up and framed by lovely soft brown hair. He knew Victoria felt the same, as she often had expressed her disinterest in those arrogant, populair guys with no brains and all muscles. That's why she had chosen Robert, a small art-type character, with more style than their two hosts combined. "Well, you've played through the script a couple of times now…how do you like it?" Steve asked. "Oh it's fun!" Robert said,"nice and simple. Should be fun to play out". Steve made some notes on his notepad and looked at Robert with a bit of a dissaproving look. He's probably the writer of the script, and was expecting something more of a compliment Robert thought with a smirk. "Well, we'll both take you to a make-up room to prepare you for the shoot and give you some final advice. It should all go well if you two know the dialogs." Steve said, while he was ogling Victoria's body even though she concealed it well enough with her stylish black & red suit. "Don't worry, we know it" Victoria said, a bit defensively. She didn't like this guy one bit, and anyway, how could she forget those silly lines of dialog?? Even a child could remember them! "Okay, well, Victoria, if you'll follow me? My assistent Lucy here will escort Robert to his make-up room." Steve said. Robert and Victoria looked at each other with questioning frowns. They could see from each other they didn't really like these two hosts, and would hope they weren't making a big mistake. They could have been out having a drink downtown about now, talking with their friends from the art-school about all sorts of interesting stuff…but o well, they would have a hilarious story to tell after this afternoon. "Let's hope it's an afternoon well spent" Robert thought as he got up and followed Lucy to the dressing room. <ROBERT's VIEW> Robert was led to a table in front of a mirror and sat down on the chair. Lucy began combing his hair. "Soooo Rob. Is this your first time?" She asked. "Ehr…you mean that I do this? Yeah, never anything like this before". "hihi, owww, you'll be just fine. You really look like a movie star you know" Robert felt a bit disgusted by this cheap tart coming on to him, but there was also something else he felt…she seemed different now that he was alone with her, or maby he felt different… "You got a beautiful wife Rob, you know that?","Yeah of course, that's why I married her" He said defensively. "It's just a shame you would have to cope with such a boyish figure" Lucy said as she pressed her own bosom softly into the back of Robert's head. Robert turned around upset,"I'm sorry, but would you please not do that? And stop insulting my wife, I love how she looks!". "Ow…giggle…I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to offend you, it's just that…well…a guy like you…don't you long for some real curves?". Robert wanted to object, but he felt a bit light headed from Lucy's talk. "Well…nooo…no I don't…" He said weakly, occasionally staring into the cleavage of Lucy, and then quickly looking up into her eyes. Beautiful eyes, he had to admit, deep light blue…. "I don't know Robert, you don't sound that convincing. Maby you just never had a good comparison." She said. Then she lightly cupped one of her breasts with one perfectly manicured hand. "Didn't you wish your girlfriend would pack these kind of babies?" She said. Robert finally grabbed himself together. "No! No. I'm sorry but no. I like natural, pure woman, like my Victoria. Not girls like…like you…" he said angry. "You mean, voluptuous? Curvy? Sensual and sexy?" Lucy replied. "No I mean Fake and Slutty!" He said a bit to harshly. Lucy pouted from his remark as Robert turned back to the mirror. She slowly started to comb his hair again. "You didn't have to be so mean you know!" she said,"and by the way, I'm proud of my figure, even though I wasn't born with it" she prostested. "You're acting like your girlfriend,","WIFE",Robert intervened,"okay, wife, is like, all, perfect and stuff. But she's not perfect". "She is to me" He said, a bit tiredly. Robert was feeling more and more like he wanted to get out of here en though Lucy's combing of his hair felt better by the minute. He briefly thought as if his hair felt longer than his short cut should feel, but after he looked in the mirror he saw that his coup wasn't that short anymore. Without him noticing it had grown considerably. Must get a haircut soon… he reminded himself. "For starters, she may look like she's smart. But I can see that it's just an act." Lucy said. Robert had almost lost the conversation but remembered it again. Lucy was bringing down his own wife. He sighed of frustration again, not having the energy to start another argument. "Ok, sure….you're right" Robert said tiredly. "Yes I am Rob. She always wants to look smart and stuff, but that's just because she feels insecure about her limited intellect.". "Hmm, yeah sure…" Robert mumbled, feeling a bit sleepy. He didn't even bother to react as Lucy again pressed her bosom into the back of his head. "You know this don't you? It makes it hard for you sometimes to respect her" Lucy said, a bit devilish. "Huh…noooh, I don't respect…I mean, I do respect her!" Robert said. "But Rob, just take the screenplay for example. You didn't much like it, right?", That's true he thought. "Because it was dumb, simple and a bit sleazy right?", Right. "But your wife did like it.","really?!" Robert asked surprised. "Oh yes, I could totally see it in her eyes. She loooved it." Lucy said. "I find that hard to believe. I saw the look in her eyes, she laughed about it!". "out of insecurity, dear Rob. Trust me, silently she loved it, and she's afraid you will think less of her because of it." "Nonsense, I would never think less of her". Robert said strongly. "Even though she loves sleazy, dumb, cheap movies." Lucy said, as she stared at Robert with her piercing eyes. Robert got lost in her gaze. "Well…..That is kinda dumb I agree…but.","No but Rob. Just admit that sometimes you have trouble taking your wife seriously". "maby….maby your right" Rob said. He did feel a bit of pity for his wife. Though she always had been his equal on intellectual level, Rob slowly began to believe she always acted like that, which sometimes made her look a bit rediculous. Slowly an images grew in Robert's brain of him and Victoria talking about a new David Lynch movie with some friends. Victoria looked lost in the conversation from the beginning, and Robert remembered how she made one stupid remark about the film after the other… "She can be a bit lost on my intellectual level, that's true lucy" He finally said. He hadn't noticed that she was rubbing his shoulders now, nor that his simple sweater now looked like a nice shirt, he didn't mind both. "But that's what you like in woman right? Rob?". No, I like intelligent, independent woman Robert thought. "Why else would you marry her?" Lucy said. She's got a point there…he thought. "Yeah, maby you're right."….Robert slowly began to think that the reason he loved Victoria was that she was a bit dumb, a bit dependent. It always made him feel important and well..powerful, in a sense. Suddenly Lucy jumped up happily. "Welll, we're done here Robert! I hope you had some help from my peptalk. You'll do great out there! And you look yummy! Hihi" she said with a giggle. Strangely Robert didn't feel as offended as before. He felt it more as a compliment. So Robert left the make-up room with a smile on his face. He had been wrong about Lucy, she wasn't as bad as he'd thought. Not really his type maby, but she was friendly enough. He walked on the set. The set consisted of a luxurious living room. He had to sit on a big couch, waiting for his partner-in-crime Sara to come through the door. He hadn't seen Victoria yet and was curious as to how she was doing. He hoped she was alright, somehow he had less confidence in how she would be doing if he wasn't around, his sweet little Viccy… <VICTORIA'S VIEW> Victoria stood in front of a large mirror-covered wall. She began to get a bad feeling about this. Why was she in a room with Steve and not his female assistant? And why were there all those clothes hanging along the wall? She would only get some make-up and tips right? She didn't really want to change clothes while Steve was in her vicinity…. "Relax Victoria…I can see you're feeling uncomfortable" Steve said behind her. He leaned against the opposite wall, a bit too casual for Victoria's taste. "Well, I'm not really prepared for this", she replied. "I understand, but I only want to have you look good enough for the shoot." He answered as he closed in on her. Victoria could see the sleaz approaching her through the mirror and she became even more uncomfortable. "Relax Victoria…it's okay…it's all normal" Steve soothingly said. Victoria started to look in his eyes and felt herself ease up. "That's right, it's not weird for you to change in front of other man, right?" "Well, it is, kinda…really.." she hesitantly said as she stood in her pants-suit. "Well, it's not, I'm telling you. You're here as an actress right?","yeah well, sorta, for one time" she answered. "Yeah well, if we wanna get this right, you have to behave as a real actress, you can see that right?" Victoria could see that, yeah. She should give 100%, she always did in this kind of situations. "You're right". "So, Victoria. Today you're a real actress. With everything that comes with it.","ehrm…okay….if you say" Victoria felt surprisingly gullible and weak. She felt like she could better just go with the flow… "So you don't mind it that you're now standing in your underwear in front of me right?" He asked. Victoria looked up…huh? am I undressed?! "Wait a minute…" She started to say before she looked in the mirror. She was standing in front of the mirror in her undies. She looked around and saw her suit hanging in a corner. Had she really undressed? Well, it looked like it…She just didn't remember that she had put on such frilly underwear this morning. Do I even own a thong? She asked herself. She wasn't really someone to dress up or pay much attention to her looks. "I…I…don't understand" She said to Steve. "What? How you look? Well it's your own look babe. I didn't let you put it on right? Maby you put it on today to feel more like a real actress" He reasoned. Victoria suddenly remembered. Yeah, I did. I wanted to feel a bit more glamourous for a change she remembered. "because you simply love the script you're about to play out don't you?" Steve said. "Well, Steve, to be honest, it isn't…" but Steve interrupted her and kept staring her in the eyes. "it isn't like anything you've read in a while, that's what you wanted to say right?" Well, that's one way to put it Victoria thought. "So that's a compliment right, Victoria?","Well…if you put it like that…" she hesitantly said. "Great, I knew you loved it. It's right up your alley right? Not too complicated, a bit cheap and sleazy…right?" He curiously said. Could he read her mind? Victoria thought, how did he know her thoughts on that? "Well, it is a bit dumb and sleazy yeah. But to be honest, that's why I don't like it that much". She said in defense. "Can't fool me pretty lady." Steve retorted,"You love it CAUSE it's a bit dumb and sleazy, just like you!","No, I'm not….","I can see it…trust me, I see those things.","But I normally love intell…","You normally Love not to think too much right? There are two kinds of woman Victoria; Thinkers and do'ers, you're more of a do'er, so naturally you're not much of a thinker…". Victoria let Steve's ideas slip into her brain, and slowly she began to understand him. She could remember now how Robert always was the more intelligent of the two, she just kinda tagged along. "soooo, what do you wanna wear to look like Sara the Master thief?" Steve asked. Victoria gave a sexy smile back at him…. TAKE 1 Robert sat in his couch, relaxing a bit. Lucy was standing behind one of the camera men, looking at the set, making notes. He also saw Steve joining her, but Victoria was nowhere to be seen. Steve talked to Robert. "Rob your wife is prepared and ready, she's behind the door now to start the shoot. So..are you ready?". Robert found it a bit strange he couldn't see Victoria first, to talk things through. But he had to admit it made it much more interesting, as if he was meeting his bride all over again. "3…2…1…action!" Steve shouted behind the crew. Robert just sat there, looking bored as he should. Then he heard the door unlock and open. What entered shook him up just a bit. Victoria entered wearing a black miniskirt, a loose black blouse (of which the top 2 buttons were undone, which showed a bit of her red b-cup bra beneath it), black gloves and black high-heeled boots. Her light brown hair looked lighter than usual and her face looked so more…sexual, now that she had a complete make-up session done. Lucy saw Robert hesitate as he was seated, apparently a bit overwhelmed by the changes. So she decided to intervene. Robert felt a bit of a mist clearing in his head and looked again at his girlf— ehhr, wife, standing there. She looked HoT!! As usual he had to add. He always loved her sexy black outfit, it suited her. Sexy, yet not too slutty. He stood up and approached Victoria. He saw she pulled a small disc from one of her blouse pockets. "You stole the disc from him? Wow, you really are a master-thief Sara…" "Oh well, you know Stanley, you learn some techniques along the way to extract certain objects from people" Victoria replied quite a bit more sensually than she had done in the rehearsal room. She really was into character. Well, she loved this script, so she felt like a fish in the water. When she opened the door and saw her husband, she was momentarily taken off guard. Maby it was the light, but he looked sooo handsome sitting there. She couldn't remember him ever looking so buffed, or his shoulder length brown hair waving so nice when he walked. She felt herself getting a bit horny right there. "Well, how did you do it then? That old bloke kept the disc closer than his wedding ring!" Robert said to her. "Do you want me to show you how I did it?" Victoria said, feeling herself lowering her eyelids to feel more sexy. Robert put his arms around her and kissed for a moment. After a few seconds they broke off and looked at each other. Victoria then turned and looked at Steve. "Was that ok?" she asked. Steve looked a bit frustrated. "Guys it was good! But, please, don't stop till I say "CUT" okay?" Steve replied. "Oh sorry…I just…didn't know what we should do after the kiss…do you really want us to….you know…" She asked innocently. "Well, you're a real actress today right?" Steve staid. Victoria nodded enthousiastically. Robert noticed this and laughed a bit inwardly. She's so totally in this shoot, thinking it's soo good, while the script is sooo bad. O well, that's typically Vic…. "Well, as a real actress, you shouldn't have a problem with intimate scenes, right?" Steve said. "Well, no…." Victoria hesitated. Robert also looked a bit off. "Okay, look…why don't we prepare for another take. There were some things that didn't go as well as they could anyway, so let's just try again" Steve said. What could go wrong with those 4 lines of dialog?! Robert wondered. Victoria however felt guilty. She was never that great at remembering things, and she wondered if she forgot something…she could be a bit insecure about herself.. Finally, Robert left the set again, almost naturally following Lucy's lead, while Victoria left with Steve. The rest of the crew went on working, adjusting some lights etc. ROBERT's VIEW "Well, I thought you were great out there Robby" Lucy said to Robert, who was again sitting in front of the make-up mirror. "Yeah? Well thanks…though I don't know what could have gone bad" He said. "Well, you know…the lines were right, everything was okay, well except for the ending of course, but there was something missing…a bit of passion perhaps…" Lucy said, as she again began to comb Roberts hair. "Really? I thought it went great…" Rob said. "Well, that kiss for example…I thought I saw correctly that you didn't use tongues..","Well, no…course not. It was just a semi romantic kiss, right?!" Rob said. "But it had to lead to something…" Lucy replied. "Yeah, about that…look, I enjoy this whole circus, don't get me wrong…but I'm not sure me or my wife want to have a sex-scene here…that wasn't our intention". Steve said, looking at Lucy in the mirror. God that big blonde hair sure shines beautifully, and it complements her blue eyes so well….. "Look baby…I think the problem is…you don't lust enough for your girlfriend","Huh?!" Steve looked a bit shocked. "Yeah, I was right wasn't I? You long for more curved woman…more womanly woman" Lucy said with a smile. "I..err..no, I, well…you know, both have their strengths and weaknesses" He said. "Ok, well, for fun, name a weakness about Victoria's figure" Lucy said. "Well, she hasn't got real perky breasts….and her ass is a bit thin, you know…but I can't complain.." He said. "You just did. You wished she had bigger tits and ass right? So you could love the love-making more, right?" She said. "Well…I don't know, I try not to think like that." He said. Suddenly Lucy moved forward, again piling her chest into Roberts head. She looked intensely into his eyes. "You DO think like that!" Robert suddenly felt himself losing appreciation for his girlfriends figure. "You always wished she was better developed!" Robert felt himself longing for a curved woman, more and more. "You don't even care if it's fake or not! Matter of fact…fake is even better for you, right?!" Robert felt himself grow hard as he thought about those fake titties mashing into his head…god, he loved tits, especially the fake ones. "THAT's why you forced Victoria to get surgery!" Lucy finally said. Robert went silent…What was she saying?! He'd never force Victoria to do something like that…right? Still, there were memories. Memories of him manipulating his girlfriend, making her want to have surgery more and more. Finally he could visualize Victoria, as if she was standing right in front of him. She looked the same as always, her D-cup breasts pushing out her bra beneath her sexy black blouse. Robert felt himself getting hotter, thinking about how he had a girlfriend with fake boobies. "Robby?" Lucy asked. Robert woke up from his daydream and looked around. Lucy, sweet, sexy, Lucy, was still combing his hair, which already reached past his shoulders. He rubbed his unshaven chin and smiled. "Looks good baby!" Robert said. "I KNOW it looks good honey…" Lucy replied as she let her hands slide off of his hair, over his shoulders, onto his considerable pecs, covered by a tight shirt. Robert momentarily closed his eyes, getting lost in the sensation of Lucy massaging him, feeling her F-cup titties on his head. But he snapped out of it. "Errr, sorry, that's enough. Thanks Lusty…errr…Lucy…thanks…I think I know how to play the scene better now" He said, a bit clumsily. Lucy just withdrew with a smirk and stepped back. "Go gettin tiger" she said, but Robert tried to ignore her. Phew, that was a bit too hot for me, almost thought of cheating on my girl he thought. VICTORIA's VIEW "so, Victoria. What did you think?" Steve asked as Victoria sat down on a chair in the dressing room, checking her make-up in the mirror. "I thought it went okay…" she said, a bit insecure. "I remembered all my lines, right?" she asked, turning to Steve. "Yeah, that wasn't the problem honey" Victoria smiled, she even didn't really care Steve called her honey, she was used to guys sweet-talking to her, especially when she wore stuff like she was wearing now… "The problem was simply, I didn't see any passion". He stated. "But it's just an amataur shoot for us right? I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect?" She said. Steve walked up to her and began staring deep into her eyes. "Now come on Victoria…what did we decide a moment ago? Today you were going to be a real actress. So it DOES matter!". Victoria felt down. She couldn't take that much critique, especially from people smarter than her, like Steve here. He seemed to know so much about movies, she just struggled to tag along. "I'm sorry….really….I'll try harder". Steve sighed."Look, when I look at Robert I frankly didn't see that much chemistry between you two." Victoria looked up surprised. "Are you serious?! How can that be? We love each other". "Then why do I see him ogling my assistant Lucy everytime you look away?". Victoria was surprised."He does that?!" she felt anger building up. "Oh yeah, but don't get angry with him!","Why not?! That bastard should learn to appreciate what he's got before he loses it!" She said loudly. "no, no no, sorry, Victoria, but I believe YOU should appreciate what you've got before you lose it. After all, You're not the one ogling men now are you? Rob is your life." He stated. Victoria felt herself getting weaker. Steve was right, she would be nothing without Rob, she couldn't afford arguing with him, even if he checked out other woman. "So instead of hating him, why no DO something about the problem?" He said. "You're right…I should do something!" She said decisively. "In fact, haven't you already done a lot?" Steve began to stare even stronger in her eyes,"I mean, all that surgery you underwent, wasn't that your way of trying to get Robert interested again in you??" He said. Victoria's mind fell blank. "Wait a minute…I never…" she said. But Steve put his finger to his limps and motioned her to look in the mirror. Victoria felt shocked. She looked so fake suddenly!! That cute round nose, now looked perfectly flat and, well, like a standard beauty-nose. Her lips looked incredibly puffed, her skin shone as if she was 10 years younger…And her boobs…wow…her D-cups formed an incredible cleavage in her sexy black blouse. Also, her hair…hadn't it been light brown?? It now was most definately bleached. Victoria began to sniffle. "Oh my god…why did I do this…?? I look like a cheap slut, a freak…a fake bimbo!" she cried,"Robert will never want me like this!". "Now now, Victoria…relax…you're not making sense now. You did this to be more attractive to Robert right?","Yeah, that was the plan, but he doesn't like fake woman looking like this" She sobbed. "That's where you're wrong Victoria! He LOVES them. Trust me, I know it. Explain why else he would ogle Lucy?!" Steve said. Victoria began to think. Steve had a point there, maby this wasn't so bad. Maby Rob would really like her now, and not look away to that tramp Lucy… "And anyway, Victoria, next to Rob liking your look. You've got to admit it's also really your style. Don't you just love your look!" He said as an american tv-host. Victoria began to feel better, her tears dried up in an instant. She smiled, sexily. "Yeah, I Do love it! I look sooo hot, don't you think Stevie?" She said, suddenly feeling very sensual. "Oh yeah you do babe, you're HOT.". Victoria smiled,"thanks hun, I love compliments!". You not only love them, you NEED them, you Insecure Bitch! Steve thought. "Now how are you gonna do the second take?" He asked. "Welll, I'm gonna sizzle. I'm gonna sparkle! I'm gonna seduce my boy and I'll ride him!" she said. "That's my girl!" Steve enthousiastically said,"Just want to change one thing about your look baby!" TAKE 2 Rob sat on his couch on the set. He slowly smoked a cigarette (even though only an hour ago he would never have touched one) and felt great. He was happy with how his hours in the gym rewarded him. His muscles felt great beneath his shining shirt. Victoria was still not ready and he was feeling a bit of irritation about that. Stupid girl probably has trouble remembering even these couple of simple lines of dialog he thought. He never had much respect for Victoria in that department… After a while however, Steve said Victoria was ready and they would start the shoot. So Rob lighted another cigarette for the take and prepared for his chick. Not long after Steve called "action" and the crew started the shoot, the door indeed opened. And in came Victoria. Steve again was taken back by the sight he saw. He knew how his girl looked of course, but still, maby it was the make-up or something, but she never looked so d**n HOT before. Rob immediatly felt himself getting hard. Victoria stood in the doorway, leaning on one post with a sexy pose. She wore a similar mini-skirt as before, only he believed it was several cuts shorter and tighter than before. He could also see the red bands of her thong showing above the skirt. Her high heeled boots, which previously reached to her calves now came past her knees and had a shine on them that looked incredibly hot. Her fake boobs were pressed in a tight halter-top which showed parts of her lacy red bra along the edges. Rob also saw that Victoria also had a cigarette in her hands, kept between fingers that were tipped off by long red-painted finger nails. And her hair, damn! That white-blonde look sure suited her. Rob was in heaven. Just a minute ago he was doubting about why he had stayed with Victoria for so long, she could be so dumb sometimes. Now he remembered why he stuck up with that. She looked so fucking hot that every thought he had was overruled by an intense feeling of lust for this babe. Damn, he was lucky to have such a hot chick around! He stood up and approached Victoria. He saw she pulled a small disc from under the waistband of her skirt. "You stole the disc from him? Damn babe, you sure know how to steal stuff!" he said, improvising a little. Victoria giggled at that improvisation and fell out of character for a bit. Come on you dumbass, stay in character!! Rob thought. Victoria looked funny at Rob, then shook her head and continued. "Oh well, you know Stanley, you learn some techniques along the way to extract certain things from people -giggle-" she laughed at the double meaning of her sentence, feeling very sexy in the process. She slowly twirled a strand of hair as she thingyed her hip to one side and awaited Rob to say something. She took a puff of her cigarette and licked her painted lips slowly. She felt herself getting a bit wet. "Well, how did you do it then? That old bloke kept the disc closer than his wedding ring! You flashed him your titties or something?" Robert said to her. Victoria giggled again at that comment and looked innocently up at her man as she thrusted her chest out a bit more. "Do you want me to show you how I did it?" she said as she pushed her fake titties into Robs chest. Robert put his arms around her and kissed her hard. They exchanged tongues and really got into it. The two slowly walked towards a nearby bed, which Rob had failed to notice at the earlier take, and fell down on it. A slow scene of undressing started as Victoria pulled off Rob's shirt and began caressing his muscles and pecs. Rob in turn dismissed his girl's top and bra and began to lick her pointy nipples. They turned and rolled a bit on the bed and finally Victoria pushed Rob down and climbed on top of him. She still had her skirt and panties on as she began to fake-ride Rob, as she had seen in all those softcore adultfilms she constantly watched. She was really getting into it and saw the same look in Rob's face, but suddenly she heard Steve shout "Ok, CUT! Stop here please…". They both looked up at Steve in wonder, what had gone wrong?! Rob pushed Victoria off of him in a not-so-gentle way, which Victoria apparently didn't mind much, and sat up. "What went wrong? I thought we were doing great!" He said. "Yeah well, you weren't. Come on! What kind of sex scene was that!" Steve said sternly. "How can you have sex without even undressing!". "But, but…I mean…we don't really have to…you know….penetrate and stuff in front of you guys?!" Victoria clumsily stated. Rob silenced her and took over,"What she's trying to say is that we didn't think this was some kind of porn shoot". When Rob said that term, he noticed in his mind the idea of porn didn't sound half has bad as he had thought. "Ok, you know…let's just take a break one more time and we'll try to work it out. I think we have to explain some more of what we want from you two, and hopefully get you two to get it right!" Steve said. "Lucy!" He called, and the blonde slut appeared from behind the crew. "Lucy, my dear, would you be so kind to escort Rob one more time?" he asked. "Sure honey. Here stud, follow me" She said as she motioned Rob to follow her. Rob meekly complied, not even bothering to put back on his shirt. He tried to impress Lucy with his muscles when he approached her. As they walked away he tried planting his hand on her silk-covered ass, which Lucy allowed. Victoria watched it all as she sat on the bed. She felt jealousy again creeping into her. Just a moment, she and her man were pleasantly making out, and now that bimbo slut was taking her man away again. What did she do wrong?! Steve saw Victoria and approached her. "Viccy, you don't mind if I call you that right?" He said to her. Victoria felt a click in her mind and remembered her name differently suddenly."Of course not, it's how everyone calls me" she said with a smile, hoping that this stud would not leave her behind. "Great, you know Viccy, I see what your problem is. You're too hung up on your man, like you love him or something." He said. "Well sure I love him!" she said in wonderment. "Ok ok, hush. Let's go to the dressing room again, I'll help you." He said. Viccy complied meekly and followed the strong man. When he padded her ass she didn't mind and actually felt pride swelling in her. At least he knows how great my ass is she proudly thought as she entered the dressing room again… Rob's view Rob sat on his chair in front of the mirror again. He could see his tanned & muscled body shine under the lights. He smiled inwardly. He really loved how he looked, especially with his long hair. He always worked hard on his body to keep it in shape. It made him confident, confident that he could seduce any woman he had interest in. Like Viccy, the girl he now dated. He really liked her, well, especially the sex with her, he thought with a smirk. But he could not say he was never tempted to look elsewhere for pleasure. Up until now he had stayed faithful to his girl, but the way this hot babe, Lucy, was massaging his shoulders now really got him hard and made him doubt his commitment. "Rob, honey, my task is to ease you up a bit for the shoot. Can you tell me what went wrong on the previous one?" Lucy inquired as she slowly rubbed his shoulders, ocassionally caressing his hair. "Well, you didn't like how Viccy and I did the love-scene at the end." He said. "True Rob, but the problem wasn't even how you played out a love-scene. For a love-scene it was fine. But we don't want a love-scene." She said. "How do you mean?" Rob asked. "Well, we here at Act it Out! Would rather call it a *fucking* scene." She said, emphasizing the word fucking as one of her hands slid down his chest. "Seriously?!" Rod said as he turned around towards Lucy. "But, come on, this isn't a porn shoot right?" Lucy remained silent as she looked at him with lust. "Right?!" He asked more demanding. "Rob…do you Love your girlfriend?" She asked. Rob had long since forgotten his girlfriend had actually been his longloved wife. Right now he couldn't comprehend how anyone his age could think about that type of longterm commitment. "Sure I love her…come on, she's my baby." He said nonchalantly. "Oh really…you do, don't you?" Lucy said mockingly. "Well…yeah! she may not be overly bright or anything you know. But she's fun, vibrant, and wild, I love her!" He said. "You know what I think baby?" Lucy said as she closed in on his face. "I think you love things about her, not really love Her.". Rob didn't understand "Well, for instance, you love her boobs right? Those deliciously fake titties she's got?" she said as she rubbed one of her own tits. Rob thought about Viccy's sillicon titties and smiled, yeah he did love them. "And you do love that big round ass of hers right?" she asked, to which Rob complied. "And her blonde hair, her collagen lips, her wet pussy, you love those things". Rob agreed. "But Rob, don't you see that's a different kind of love than what you're thinking of?" she said. Rob just stared at her, feeling a bit of doubt creeping up about his feelings for Viccy. "As a matter of fact, I would call it Lust sooner than Love, don't you agree? You LUST Viccy, you lust for her body, for the fucking with her" she said as she approached Rob even more, now almost at kissing distance with her face. Rob felt dizzy. Did he really not love Viccy. The word did sound off…didn't fit him, Rob, the ladies man, the sex stud. He felt himself smile. Of course he didn't really love Viccy, he just wanted to fuck her, as he wanted to fuck every hot chick around. He didn't care for their opinions or thoughts, he just wanted some pussy. He began to feel a sort of evil desire creeping over him. "So you're right you little slut, I want to fuck my Vic. But that doesn't mean I only want to fuck Viccy." He said in a sleazy tone, not noticing the tattoo's appearing over his back. Lucy just smiled as Rob stood up and lifted her up against the wall… meanwhile at Viccy "So Viccy, you understand now?" Steve asked. Viccy stood in front of the big mirror, admiring her body, clad in only her black lacy thong. "Yeah I do baby, like- thanks!. I really thought I loved that stud, but know I know I was wrong. I just love Cock-giggle.". She said as she flipped a strand of hair behind her ear, exposing the big silver earhoop. "Yeah, well, indeed. You are a little slut, aren't you?" He said, standing behind her. She turned around on her six inch platform heels with a semi-druk swirl,"don't say that bad boy! I'm no slut! I'll never f**k anyone but my boy! And I will NOT fuck in front of the camera" she stated, emphasizing her opinion by pinching Steve with the long fake nail on her index-finger with every word she uttered, though she did smile like a naughty girl at him during her speech. "hehe, ok, slow down girl, I'm sorry." He said in mock-apology. "just…I want to ask you Why you don't want to do porn?" he asked very sincerely. Viccy stood for a moment and thought, then she thingyed her hip and said,"I just don't feel comfortable showing my pussy in front of lot's of people" she said as she turned back to the mirror, crossing her arms under her d-cup titties. "I think I know why you don't. You don't shave down there do you?" He asked. Viccy looked up at him through the mirror, a bit shocked. "I…I…no…I don't…but that's like-none of your business" she said hesitantly. "Come on babe, why are you so insecure about it? I've worked for a long time in this business and I know that a bald pussy gets girls to feel soo much more free in nude-scenes. It really helps you know, professionally speaking even!" He said. Viccy began to worry, should she have shaven before? She never thought about it, never really let it bother her, but know she somehow thought that she WAS ashamed of her hairy pussy, and she wished she was bald down there. "Maby….you're right Steve…but, you know, I like- wouldn't know where to shave it at this moment…giggle" she said, already feeling more playful then just before. "Come on girl, look around you." Viccy looked and saw a luxurious sink in the corner and some tools next to it, she also saw Steve. "Wait, you mean, You want to…help me shave…?" she asked. "Sure why not?" Steve said. "Well…I dunno…I don't feel comfortable.." Steve interrupted her. "Come on! Shut up about that feeling of comfort. Why don't you feel comfortable. As a matter of fact.." he said as he walked up to her and stared her right in the eyes,"you DO feel comfortable, around me. Come on, you feel comfortable being nude around Anyone!" he said, getting a bit frustrated with Viccy. Viccy felt herself ease up and just giggled afterwards. Within moments she sat down on a large chair, pulled off her panties and spread her legs. It didn't register with her one moment that she could easily have shaved herself without Steve's help. But…well…girls like her needed guys to help after all, she thought lazily. She didn't even felt shocked when, after she was completely bald down there, she felt Steve's tongue beginning to lick her. The feeling was to good and she just sighed and tilted her head back… meanwhile at Rob "come on you Slut, Take it!" Rob shouted. He had Lucy pushed up against a mirrored wall and was pounding furiously into her with his large cock. He saw the slut's clothes in disarray, exposing her perfectly fake F-cup titties to him. He also saw his own face, full of lust looking back at him in the mirror. God, how he loved to fuck these horny bitches. At these times he didn't even realize he had a girl to fuck permanently, but, o well, he didn't really care about that now. He only cared about shooting his cum soon. Lucy was in extacy, she was overwhelmed by the pleasures Rob gave her. She had changed him well, gradually, and now he was a perfect fkmachine. Too perfect maby, she felt herself beginning to lose control, feeling overcome by lust and almost passing out. "God…stop…I…need you to stop…I can't take it anymore….it feeeells tooo gooodd!" She screamed. Rob just shoved his hand over her mouth. "shut up slut, I'm fking you now, just enjoy the right!". Lucy felt dizzy and began to feel control slip away. Just then Rob came and he felt himself shoot his cum up this chick. He also felt himself grow even bigger. "What the fuck?!" he said as he looked at Lucy. He saw her tits grow before him, growing even more spectacularly fake and beautiful. Nipple rings began to appear on them. He saw she was bearly conscience as her lashes grew longer and darker. Her make-up became even more extreme than it had been and he saw piercings appear in her nose and tongue. He pushed her off of his rod as he inspected it. He had grown several inches and was now immensely big down below. "What did you do you bitch?!" He shouted at her. She just lay on the ground, as lacy gloves began to appear over her hands, keeping her fingers free. "Talk to me!!" he shouted at her, shaking her shoulders. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled. "mmmm, I feeeel gooood boy…damn! you fucked me BIG TIME baby. I never felt like this before" she said like a real slut. she felt more dirty than she had ever felt."How did you change us!" He kept shouting. Lucy simply smiled,"sorry boy…just…wait a minute till I get things right again" she said. Gradually Rob felt himself calm down, he stared back at the mirror, thinking he saw something different, but he just saw his usual self, his usual babe-magnet self, with his monster-cock in semi-erect status. Immediatly he smirked. "Come on stud…everythings is okay…we still got 15 minutes till the next take." She said as she stood up and straightenend her silk bra, barely containing her G-cups. Rob just smiled at her. God, he loved this bitch. Coming here to do this porn shoot with his girl was the best thing he had done this week. meanwhile at Viccy "Oh, you big monster! Keep…Fucking…ME!! NEVER…EVER STOP!" Viccy shouted at Steve. The licking of before had evolved into a pure and simple fuck fest. Steve was furiously pumping into Viccy as she was pushed into the seat with big force. Viccy loved every minute of it. She couldn't fanthom she'd ever have the strength to be faithful with Rob, not with guys like Steve around. And, well, she knew Rob was busy screwing that slut Lucy right now, it always ended that way with them… After Steve came he sighed and looked up at her. "ow…ehhh..shit…" he said. "damn, I think I may have overdone it…I got so lost in the sex" he said. "what do you mean Stevie-baby?" Viccy said as she rubbed his hair, him hanging in her lap. "nothing babe, it's okay." He said and stood up. Viccy smiled at him, winked and then stood up also. She walked towards the mirror, looking at herself. She gleed with joy at seeing herself everytime. Her F-cup jugs, spilling over that too-small lacy pink bra she always loved to wear attracted the most attention, but the rest of her porn-star figure really defined logic and explanation as well. She could easily she why she'd been so succesful as a porn star all those years, she thought. she was the Ultimate porn-slut! "Say, baby, shouldn't I get ready for the shot. I really can't wait to let my boy fuck me in the same hole you shot your load in!" she said with an evil grin. Steve smiled, lifted his shoulders a bit and started to work on the rest of Viccy's outfit, wanting to wrap this shoot up as quick as he could, he was enjoying it all too much…  
  10. Mall Daze By Theo Winters (Bimbo, BE, MC)I was in a silly mood tonight, so I thought I would write a quick Bimbo TF story for your enjoyment. Nothing major, just some silly fun. Enjoy! Oh yeah, it's not a furry story this time ——- Mall Daze By Theo Winters Alison walked quickly through the mall, cursing the fact that Ben wanted to meet here of all places. She hated going to the mall, to many preppy girls and fancy clothing hanging off of the local jocks. It made her shyness even worse. Still, she didn't have a choice, after flunking her gym class the only way she could get the passing grade she needed was to tutor someone, and of course it had to be one of the basketball jocks. As she walked she found herself puling her bag to her chest, holding it against her slight belly and under her small chest. The position of her head allowed the bangs of her brown hair to hang down and cover her face, keeping her hidden from the world around her. She heard a few whispers as she walked past some of the other girls from school, making her hunch her shoulders. "Hey Alley cat, do you shop in the dumpsters too?" one of the girls called out. She hunched down more, walking quickly away from them. She hated that nickname, but everyone called her that and they had since second grade. It made her mad, but there wasn't anything she could do about it other than ignoring it. When she looked up again Alison found herself in front of one of the trendy clothing shops that all the hot girls shopped at. Clothing that she could never wear, it would just look terrible on her thin body. Just looking at her own reflection in the glass made her blush. Here she was, thin as a reed with no curves at all and the smallest breast and school. She had a light blue blouse and a jacket with jeans. Clothing that was picked because it fit her, not because it looked good. It was even worse compared to the mannequin behind the glass. She had long legs, wide hips and a large chest, all of it highlighted by a slinky for fitting dress that hugged every curse. Even her hair, big and full, was better than Alison's. She shook her head and was about to walk away from the shop when something beyond the window caught her eye. For a second she thought she saw Mandy, her only friend in middle school, but that couldn't be the case, she had left town years ago. Pulling her book bag tightly to her chest she found herself walking into the store, trying to see if Mandy was really there but she was the only one in the story. She sighed and shook her head, why would she even be in store like this? She was too big for anything in the shop, it wasn't the sort of place that did 'round'. Alison turned around ho leave the store, coming face to face with a sales clerk. She was a top heavy woman with black hair, huge breasts and cute glasses. Her blue eyes flicked over the thin girl before a smile pulled over her full lips. "Can I help you?" she asked, her voice sultry. "I'm just… I should be going," she stuttered out, trying to move past the sales lady. She took a few steps towards the door before coming to a stop, not quite ready to step out of the shop. Looking around her eyes fell onto a small top. It was bright pink with 'princess' written across the front it glitter. She reached out and plucked it off the rack, turning back to the clerk. "I would like to try this on." The clerk raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow at the choice. "Follow me," she said, starting towards the back of the store. Alison followed after the clerk, not surprised to see how curvy her hips and ass were. She seemed to be exactly the sort of woman the shop catered to. Without really thinking about it she tried to copy the swaying of the woman's hips, at first it was jerky and uncoordinated, but soon it starting to smooth out, her hips starting to fill out as she walked. The back of the store, near the changing room, was filled with panties and bras. There were so many different styles and colors, it made her head spin. Without thinking about it, she grabbed a few pairs as she walked past, not even looking at them until they were held tightly in her hand. The sales clerk walked up to the dressing room door, opening it with a small key. She paused and looked at the underwear in Alison's hand. "That would look better with a skirt," she said. That made her blush as she looked down again, her pants starting to feel oddly tight as her hips and ass continued to swell out, taking on a lovely rounded shape that was properly filling out her pant for the very first time. "I don't have a skirt," she said. "I'll find you one," the busty woman said, then motioned for Alison to step into the changing room. With a blush she walked in, looking down at the clothing, wondering what ever posed her to pick them out. It wasn't like her, not at all, but she still had them in her hands. She carefully set them down then started to removing her clothing a piece at a time, folding them up and setting them on the bench. She grabbed the first underwear set, a lacey blue thong with tiny bra. Gulping she pulled the thong up her legs, pulling them on and gasping in surprise as he slipped between the firm cheeks of her ass. It looked so weird on her, the small little fabric hardly covered anything and made her glad she always kept her pubic hair trimmed short, forgetting that she had never cared enough to do that before. The bra was going to be a problem. Holding it up to her chest she knew it wasn't going to fit. Her small stings of breasts looked positively silly next to the full cups of the bra. The fact that it was only a C-Cup made her feel even worse about it. Still, it wouldn't look right to only wear the bottoms, and her plain white cotton bra would simply not do. Open up the bra she pulled it on, surprised that the band and shoulder straps seemed to fit perfectly, though the cups sagged empty in front of her. She pressed the cups up against her chest, letting what little breast flesh she had spill over the top of the cups. She wished she could really be that big. Letting go of the bra she didn't notice that it was sagging far less than before, her small breasts starting to swell out under the material. She found herself biting her lip as her nipples grew larger, pressing out against the bra and sending a rush of pleasure though her body. Alison turned and looked at herself in the mirror, finding herself stinking a pose. She was surprised at how good she looked in just the underwear, the shape highlighter every curve of her hips and ass, and even her small belly looked even smaller. Still, it really wasn't quite her. Turning way to take of the underwear, she didn't notice the remains of her belly vanishing, leaving her with a tight stomach as her waist pulled in over her full hips, giving her lower body an perfect set of curves. On the other hand she felt the new weight on her chest as she pulled off her bra, making her gasp. She looked down at her breasts, seeing them jutting out from her chest, but not just outwards but down as well, they had a wonderful natural shape to them that sat high on her chest. Her large nipples were hard, rise up from her areolas like small hills. "Why do I hide these?" she asked, for the life of her not remembering why she had picked such an ugly top that morning. With a flick of her hand she through the bra to the floor, then pushed the thong to the floor. Kicking it away she picked the next set, this one red and covered with little fringes of lace. She pulled the panties on, feeling them cling to the curve of her ass, hugging at it firmly. The bra slipped on next, this one also to large for her. "I need to watch what sort of bras I grab," she said, pulling at the bra, adjusting the cups around her full breasts, rubbing at them through the lacy material. It felt very good, her nipples firm and hard against the fabric, swelling larger as she started to sway her hips from side to side. Her breasts were hot under her hands, the flesh soft and full, feeling like it was swelling out under her touch. The soft pressed back as she teased herself, her nipples growing bigger as the bra grew tighter across her chest. She squeezed and pressed her breasts together, rubbing them a bit as she ground her hips against the empty air. The bra was so tight now, too small to hold her EE-Cup tits, but then very few bras could. It felt so good though, holding tight across her chest, pressing close and making her gasp out. She ran her hands down her sides, feeling her soft skin and curvy body. Allie turned around and looked at herself in the mirror, smiling at the figure in the reflection. She was a fool to try to hide her body, with her wonderful hips, full ass and larger breasts. She was the total package and anyone who saw her would know it. Though it was a pity about her dirty brown hair. It simply had no life to it. She placed a hand on her hips and smiled. As sexy as the panties and bra set looked on her, they were simply too small for her curves. She quickly shrugged them off and threw them into the pile, picking up the last set. This one was black and made of something that felt like silk against her fingers. Taking the panties of the hanger she bent down at her waist, letting her breast dangle free, pulling her slightly forward. She stepped into the panties and slowly pulled them off her legs, feeling like they were growing longer, long and sexy, exactly the sort of legs that guys loved. She tugged the panties on, feeling them settle firmly against her crotch. Allie giggled and ran a hand over the front of her panties, feeling how soft they were against the fold of her cunt. "These are nice," she said softly. She pulled the bra up her arms, letting the cups hug against her tits, cupping them as she reached behind her back to close the clasp. The bra felt just as nice as it teased her nipples, stroking at them as she felt her breasts rise up, swelling against her chest as they quickly filled the cups. Turning around she smiled at her reflection, this set fit her perfectly, the bra held her lovely G-Cup breasts, the round shape of her implants making them all the more attractive. She bounced on her toes, watching them sway heavily with the extra mass. She looked fucking sexy, and she knew it. She bent down and picked up the pink top, pulling it down over her head, her black hair turning bright bottle blond as it slide down, hints of brown hair showing in her roots. She shook her head out, the thin hair filling out and taking on a heavy perm. She pulled the shirt down over her large breasts, giggling at how it hugged her tits, the size of them stretching the word 'princess' so far that it was almost unreadable. There was a knock on the dressing room door, making her jump and laugh softly at her own silliness. Opening the door wide she looked out at the sales clerk, smiling at the sexy black haired woman. "Yes?" The clerk smiled. "This skirt should be perfect for you," she said, offering out a thin black skirt. "Thank you," she said, taking the skirt from her and shaking it out. It was small and stretchy, hardly big enough to cover her ass. With a smile she bent down, not even bothering to close the door, and pulled the skirt up her long legs. It settled down onto her hips, leaving most of her lower belly uncovered, a bright blue piercing appearing in her navel. Spinning around, she felt the skirt flutter over the curve of her ass. Looking at herself in the mirror she couldn't help but smile, she was sex on legs and everyone knew it. "I'll take it!" she said with a giggle. "Good, let's get you rung up," the clerk said with a smile, turning back to head towards the counter. Allie pent down to pick up her shoes, which were no longer the comfortable flat shoes she had before but instead were four inch heals. She slipped them on and grabbed her tiny purse, leaving the rest of her old clothing folded and forgotten on the bench. After paying for her new clothing the former nerd stepped out of the store, getting the attention of every man in the mall. She smiled at them, licking her full lips, tasting the heavy lipstick on them. She strutted her way through the mall, swaying her hips with each step she took, laughing at herself as she heard so many woman cursing her sexy body. Then again, how many people could get their daddy to pay for such wonderful implants for her eighteenth birthday. She walked into the food court, smiling when she saw Ben sitting at a table, waiting for her. With a laugh she moved over to him, her heals clicking on the tile floor. Reaching the table she bent forward to look at him. "Hello hon," she purred. "Hello Allie Kay," he replied, using his pet name for her. "Ready for our tutoring?" "Oh, I'm excited for it. What are we going to study tonight?" she asked her wonderful boyfriend. Ben leaned back and smirked at the bimbo, happy to see that boring and bland nerd was finally a woman worth being seen with him. "Dictation," he said, leaning back and parting his legs. With a smile, Kat leaned in, her hand slipping down to squeeze at his crotch. "Oh, I love dictation," she said with a giggle. She teased him a bit with her long fingers, eager to get at the prize held inside. She was so glad he had decided to tutor her, she couldn't do anything at all in school if it didn't involve fucking, but she was very good at fucking! "Then let's go," he said, standing up and hugging her to his side as they walked back out of the mall, enjoying the prefect girl to have hanging on his arm. -=-=-=-=-=- This story was written and copyright 2012 by Theo Winters, reposting and archiving are allowed as long as this copyright notice and the author's name are not removed. This story cannot be published without permission of the author. Violators will be made into bimbos.  
  11. Anyone willing to invest in a potion that turns SJW's into bimbo's? their mind is not a problem only their appearance