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    James Snowpaw visiting the fetish farm and found an willing goat for his pleasure. artist: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dark-ahroun-friesian/  
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    Have no idea what fan fiction they are from.  
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    A curvy rhino girl sucking a dick popsickle.  
  15. Smooch catgirl.

  16. Enjoy the Moos  
  17. Classes were done until the fall, and a summer job working at a farm would be great on her resume. She was studying to get her bachelor's degree in agriculture, then planned on applying to work at a facility that made genetically modified seeds. This farm was owned by a sister company of theirs, and though they mostly seemed to raise cattle, she hoped it would show her interest in the company as a whole. She was a bit nervous though, she hadn't actually been out to the farm yet, and the details on what she was going to be doing weren't explained to her that well. All she knew is that she was going to be working as a Hucow, and they would be monitoring how much milk she could produce. She didn't know much about cows, but she was sure she could get whatever cow they assigned her to make as much milk as possible. She was a bit surprised when she arrived at the ranch that there was very little pasture land for grazing, and the barns looked more like small houses than a place to store animals. Eventually she spotted one of the management and got their attention, they were happy she arrived so quickly and were eager to get her to work. First they needed to give her a small injection, just a small immune booster they said. She didn't like needles, but she wasn't going to complain in front of her new boss. The shot stung worse than she expected, and she immediately felt like her body was on fire. She gave the man a frightened look, worried she was having an allergic reaction, but was unable to voice her concern as everything started to go black. It turns out that all the Hucows experienced a similar reaction to the injection, and though frightening it served as a good way to keep the patient unconscious during their transition. She didn't know exactly how long she had been out, but when she woke up she figured out exactly what her job was. She wasn't raising a cow, or trying to get it to make more milk. She was the cow making the milk. Her once small breasts had swelled out into massive milk filled mounds with nipples the size of soda cans, and she now had fluffy ears and a cow tail. After she had calmed down the management explained to her that she had signed a contract and would have to stay here as a Hucow for the summer, but after that time was up they could mostly reverse the process. They could get rid of the ears and tail if she wanted, but her breasts would only shrink down as small as they were when empty of milk. On the other hand, she could choose to stay like this after her summer of milking was up, and get monthly blood tests for their research. They would not only offer her a job at the facility she was looking to work at, but pay her quite well. There was no need to rush the decision though, she had all summer to think about it...
  18. Spilled Milk by TF-Warlock

    She tried one last time to hook the clasp, trying to will herself smaller so she would fit into the straining bra to no avail. She dropped the garment on the floor in front of her and pouted. She had only bought the bra yesterday, and that was because the bra she had before that had become too small. She felt like she was hitting puberty a second time, her hips felt swollen, her breasts seemed to have grown multiple cup sizes and her nipples were always hard. It might have been enjoyable, but she was more than a little worried about what had caused this to start happening. ...................... Visiting a Museum wasn't high on her list of fun things to do, but a good friend of hers was visiting from a few states away and she wanted to check out an exhibit that related to her work out west as a historian. She watched her friend as she gleefully explained why this or that artifact was so cool. Her friend had long dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes and curves to die for. Everything she wore looked fantastic on her, hugging her wide hips and busty chest just right. She had to admit, she was jealous of her. She toyed with her shoulder length hair as she regarded her own figure. Her dark hair and skin tone gave her an exotic look she had been told, but with her small breasts and narrow hips it didn't matter. The dark haired girl sighed and pulled out her phone, it was getting late. She was answering a text while her friend looked at some display, unaware of the woman behind her. She stepped back and bumped into the woman, jumping in surprise at her presence and stumbling away from her into a nearby stand. She felt her elbow hit the vase and she tried to turn and catch it before it wobbled and fell, but the shattering pottery gave her little time and she found herself standing over the broken earth ware with a security guard walking toward her. She panicked and ran toward her friend, grabbing the blonde by the collar and out the exit, leaving the ancient milk jug a pile of loose fragments. As she tried to drag her friend to the car the woman she had bumped into stopped her. "Leaving so soon?" She asked with a cold tone. "U-uh yeah, it's uhm, getting late. Sorry about earlier I... I have to go." She tried to move passed the woman unsuccessfully. "You really should stay don't you think?" The dark haired girl looked at her friend and then back at the woman. "No I really need to leave now." "Have it your way, I guess there's no use crying over spilled milk. What's done is done, you brought this upon yourself." She sounded disappointed and the dark haired girl had to drag her confused friend to the car to get away from the mysterious woman. ............... That had been two days ago, the dark haired girl was at home now, and her friend had already got on her plane home. She still felt bad her friends trip had ended on a sour note like that, but she wasn't about to get in trouble for something like that, it was an accident. 'No use crying over spilled milk' The words kept coming back to her, she just couldn't managed to get the mysterious woman out of her mind. There was something... compelling about her. And whenever she thought of her she could swear she felt a strange hum, like... something in the background she couldn't quite see or hear, but too odd to ignore. It was when these strange hums happened that her body started to feel off, a warmth, a pressure, something itching weirdly. Different things kept happening, but always with that hum that she had come to dread. She almost felt like her breasts getting bigger must be tied to it somehow. 'No use crying over spilled milk' The thought came unbidden and the hum followed, but this time it was louder, this time she could hear it, she could feel it. The energy pulsed and felt like it crashed into her, filling her, encasing her. She tried to fight against it, but she felt like she was drowning in it's warm glow, in the tingling sensation that arced down her spine and left her skin afire. She grabbed the sides of her head and panted, the pressure, it was so much, her face felt like it was going to explode. As she tried to keep her head intact she felt something hard, something poking her hands. She tried to feel the odd shape and was confused by what she held. Something fuzzy rubbed her hand and she kept trying to keep it off of her as she felt the odd shape poking out of her dark hair. Her nose started to tingle like she needed to sneeze and the hard point was forgotten, she recoiled and and waited in a tormenting half sneeze waiting to cum, but it never did, just more pressure. She rubbed her nose and winced, it felt... wrong. Her nose seemed thick, like it had grown wide and squared off slightly. She would have rubbed it again but it was too tender. She reached up to rub her ears, which felt similarly uncomfortable. Her hand touched something fuzzy and floppy, it was semi rigid and warm, it was attached to the side of her head. She pulled on it and swore sharply. It was... it was her ears? She frantically felt them and poked herself with the hard object again, she felt it too and didn't know what to make of it, it... well it felt like a horn, like she had big floppy ears and horns. She was starting to doubt her senses. 'No use crying over spilled milk' Her eyes went wide and she tried to hide from the hum somehow, putting her arms up and trying to make herself small, but it washed over her again. This time she felt like she pulled a muscle in her back, a sore throb that made her double over as it suddenly became sharp and her backed cracked loudly. It popped and cracked and she whimpered at the unpleasant pressure in her spine. Suddenly there was a rush, a building pain and sensation that came to a sudden stop. She felt... numb, her legs weak, her body shaky. She rubbed at her back in concern, but it felt... normal. She let her hand drift lower and traced her spine all the way to where it was supposed to end. It didn't end. She continued to rub her hand down the length of what was instantly identifiable as a tail, it must have been as long as her arm, and the tuft of hair she felt at it's end was the same color as that on her head. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, why she was suddenly- 'No use crying over spilled milk' It took less time for the hum to come back this time and she was caught off guard, it almost knocked the wind out of her as the energy hit her chest and filled her with that same hot pressure she wished would end. This time it stayed in her chest, and became stronger, a throbbing pressure that made her feel light headed. She watched in dismay as her breasts seemed to swell with every pulse, her nipples rigid and sensitive. She reached out and grabbed hold of one of the nipples only to moan out lustfully, they felt... big. Just like her breasts, the nipples were also growing, swelling larger and larger. She could feel her breasts filling with pressure, but unlike previous times, this time it felt... solid. She felt like she was being pumped full of some liquid, like her breasts were being filled with, well, with what breasts are meant to be filled with. Didn't need the phantom words to explain her swelling chest, her nipples, now dripping steadily, told the story themselves. Fat droplets of white cream hung from her obscene teats and she had to resist the urge to bellow loudly like a barnyard animal as she tugged at a hefty nipple and sprayed milk like a fountain.  
  19. It's a gift - by bubbeh