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  1. It was a clear and starry night in a far away kingdom. A tall, hooded figure ran through a field, having just escaped the castle and city walls. "Hee. It's a good thing I know how to take care of myself, or I wouldn't feel very safe at all with the guards my father decides to pay" the figure said. She shook off the nondescript brown cloak she'd been wearing to reveal a head of long, jet black hair. Her name was Andrina, first daughter to the king of the nation, and her frequent escapes from the castle were her only respite and chance to see the world outside of the castle on her own terms. She never knew quite where she was headed when she went out on her jaunts, but sure enough, she'd never been so late to return as to worry anyone at the castle, let alone the chambermaids who helped her achieve her outings. This one was the farthest she'd strayed from her home- usually content to simply walk around the city in her disguise, this time she approached its borders, looking out at the fields and forest beyond. She sighs, taking in the beauty of the countryside, and speaking to herself. "Ah... beautiful. If only I had the chance to see more of my country than the stone walls of our castle." As she continued to look out at the field, she noticed something strange. A blue twinkling light, like a star, was moving across the field. It moved erratically, shooting in one direction extremely fast, then stopping a few seconds, then moving again. Finally, it sent itself into the forest, and out of sight. "O-Oh my," exclaimed Andrina. "Is that what they call a 'shooting star'...? Maybe if I catch it, I can get my wish granted! And then I wouldn't need to sneak out of the castle all the time." She hurriedly rushed toward the nearby forest, equal parts hope and curiosity twinkling in her eyes. "This is like a real adventure! It's so cool. I hope I can find it..." She rushed deeper and deeper into the forest. The trees around her were unlike any she had seen in the castle. They towered above her, and were so thick that they covered the sky. As she ran, she occasionally saw glimpses of the blue light, leading her farther. Eventually, she found that her path was blocked by strange, thick vines, making a wall in front of her. It was much too thick to squeeze through, but she knew the light had gone this way. It was then that she noticed a mysterious golden sword, lying on the ground. She moved over, curiosity overwhelming her, and hefted the golden sword in front of her. "Ooh... th-this is so cool! Alright, let's..." She lifted the sword overhead, trying to cut through the vines. It takes her a few tries due to not putting much effort into it, but eventually she manages, looking beyond the vine barrier with the sword held in her hands. She gasped at what she saw. It was a large pond, surrounded by a ring wall of trees. It seemed to be over 40 meters in diameter. The water was crystal clear and sparkling, almost unnaturally. Tiny particles of glowing light seemed to be moving through the air, like pollen. A tiny island stood in the middle of the pond. The glowing 'star', seemingly smaller now, silently hovered in the middle the island. "Wow... this place is beautiful... Th-They'll never have anywhere like this within the castle walls, that's for certain." She moved closer to the edge of the pool, looking at the 'star.' "I gotta get over there... can I just... I have to swim, right? Mm... It can't be that hard!" After a few moments of looking around the grove for a different way to cross over to the island (and taking in the sight of the place) she tucked the sword underneath a belt loop, securing it in place, and swam over to the island, albeit slightly clumsily. She pulled herself up on the shore of the small island within, reaching one hand out to the star with a mystified gaze on her face... As she held out her hand, the star seemed to explode into a brilliant flash of blue light, blinding her for a moment. When she looked again, she saw that the star had changed its shape to closely resemble that of a young woman. It was still made out of the same blue light. Its face was completely blank. It hovered above the ground. "I have been expecting you princess Andrina" it said She stumbles back a bit, obviously frightened, but regains her composure quickly, doing a slight curtsey in a polite gesture as she looks on the figure, a bit mystified. "O-Oh, really? Who... who are you? I've never seen anyone quite like you." "My name was lost to time long ago" it said "But I too was once a princess. And that you wish to escape from that life" She nods without hesitating. "Y-Yeah! Being cooped up in the castle, never getting to go out and see the world... you must know how it is! I'd give anything to be able to get outside once in a while! To be able to escape..." She trails off, clasping her hands together. "Please?" The light nodded it's head. "That is why I am here. Though it may have seemed mundane, your journey here was a quest. You were brave enough to venture into the unknown parts of these woods. You deserve one wish" Her face brightens up as she smiles, thinking about her wish. "Uh... a-alright! I wish I could see more of the country! Th-That I could travel and see the world and all the people, and not have to deal with any stuffy princess... stuff." She hesitates for a moment, looking up at the blue figure. "That's fine, right? C-Can you do that?" The light said nothing for a moment, before morphing into a ball of light. The light shot into the lake, making it glow blue. A figure started to raise from the water. It stood on the water as if it were glass. Andrina gasped when she realized that it was an exact duplicate of herself, though completely naked. Her eyes began to glow, as light started to surround Andrina. Andrina looked on, slightly embarrassed at the figure, but quickly turned to marvel at the light that was surrounding her. "Ooh... wh-what is this? I'm so excited... my wish finally gets to come true!" The other princess laughed "yes. I shall take your place and responsibilities, so no one will realize you are gone. You will never need return to the castle" As she spoke, Andrina did not notice that her ears were becoming long and pointy. "Oh, and then I'll be free to travel and see the world... But why would you want to take my place? I thought you said you were a princess before, too." She thought about it for a moment before shaking her head. "...Hm. I don't know about never coming back, either. I mean, I'll want to hear from my family and all eventually too! But I guess we can worry about that in time, right?" She smiles again, oblivious to the light's true intentions. "Oh, I don't think you will have to worry about talking to your family again" the duplicate said, her voice becoming less sweet. "In fact, you'll never be talking to anyone again" Her ears continued to expand outwards, and moved upward. Andrina finally noticed, her hand shooting to her ear. She looked confused for a moment before she focused back on the other version of herself. "Wait... wh-what do you mean by that? You're sounding scary all of a sudden... An-And what's happening with my ears?" She laughed again, cold and cruel "I can't have you changing your mind, now can I? Nor can I run the risk of you being recognized" She began to model her new body, almost seductively. "I've waited far too long to reclaim my royalty" she said "ever since a witch turned me into a ball of magic" Andrina, who was feeling her new ears, realized that her fingers were becoming stiff. She looked at her hands, and realized that her fingers were starting to fuse together. "Re-Reclaim your royalty? A witch... B-But..." She tried to gesture with her fingers, watching them turn gray from the tips down as her hands fused together. "Th-This is too confusing. You were a princess before but... wh-why did you need me here if you have magic that could make a clone of me like that? A-And what are you doing to me now?..." She looked at the clone Andrina a bit indignantly as she modeled, her naked form seeming to taunt the real Andrina. "I needed you away from the castle. I know from experience the protections it has. And my magic can only work if it is to grant someones wish. Well, I am granting your wish" Her ears had moved to the top of her head, and had started sprouting dark hair. Her fingers had fused together into a large mass. it was turning dark and hard. She looked at the other hand, and noticed the same thing starting there. Andrina seemed be be struggling to separate the mass of , to no avail, as she pawed at the ears on the top of her head. "But... but this isn't what I wished for! I just wanted to see the world, I didn't want... wh-what are you turning me into?" She looked quite frightened. As she asked, she noticed something brushing against her legs, though she could not see it under her cloak. The other princess laughed again "Oh, but this is exactly what you wished for. 'See the country and travel the world'. Well, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so, once I've turned you into a donkey" She flinches back, reaching suddenly down to touch, not grab, (because her lack of hands is a bit of a problem) whatever is brushing against her legs. She's shocked to see that it's the beginning of a sprouting tail. "W-Wait..." She turned back to the other princess. "...A... y-you're really turning me into a donkey? Like... b-but..." She couldn't even deny it to herself, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. "Th-That's not fair! You can't just take my wish and twist it like that... I-I don't wanna be a donkey!" "Not fair? Well the world isn't fair. Isn't that what you wanted, living the life away from the castle?" The tail continued to lengthen, with black hairs sprouting at the end. It seemed to swish on its own, independent of her thoughts. "But don't worry. I'll make sure you see a lot of this unfair world. Why, I think I'll sell you to a traveling merchant" "A-A traveling merchant?," she stammered. "N-No! Like it or not, I'm a princess! I-I'm royalty! I won't be treated like an... like an animal. E-Especially not a donkey!" Panicking a bit, she reached for the sword she had at her side, but the fused black masses of her hands didn't manage to pick it up at all. "Ugh... I-I won't stand for this..." She attempted to run at the figure, but nerely tripped forward. Her balance was completely off, and had to struggle to stay on her feet. The other princess laughed "it looks like your having trouble standing at all!" It was then she resized how much pressure had been building up in her boots. In fact, her entire cloak was getting tight. "Urgh..." She clumsily tried to step out of her boots, staggering back and forth as she did so. "Th-This isn't funny! Make it stop... T-Turn me back!" She looked at the other princess with a pleading look in her eyes as she tried to shake her cloak off before it burst, too- a difficult task with such a big garment and no usable hands. Eventually she looked down, having her boots removed, and saw that her feet and legs were changing just as her hands were. "O-Oh no..." she whimpered as she kicked at the ground, almost hoping that it would shake the changes off of her somehow. "Aw, having trouble with your cloak?" The other princess asked with a sneer. "Here, let me help you" Andrina's cloathing started to glow blue, and then begin to vanish."Animals, espessially donkys, don't wear clothing" "Yeep!," she cried as her clothing disappeared, leaving her naked. Without her cloak, she could see in detail the changes happening to her. Her hands and feet were now hooves, and fur was traveling up her arms and legs. Small patches of fur were also appearing over her body. She found that she could not stand straight up, and was forced to lean forward. Her entire torso had seemed to have swollen outwards. She took sort of a clumsy fall to her knees as she leaned on the ground, her front hooves doing their best to cover her breasts as she watched the patches of fur grow, covering her body. The real princess simply whimpered a bit as her body continued to change, the bone structure of her legs changing and her arms twisting to match. Her tail continued to swish along the ground, too. The cloak reappeared on the other princess. She admired it. " That's better. It looks better on me anyway" "B-But... those... those are my clothes. A-And my body! You can't... you can't do this..." Her words came out muffled as her face started to expand into a snout, her teeth becoming blockier. "I can do whatever I want" the other princess said. "After all, I am the princess, and last time I checked, animals couldn't be royalty" "In fact" she continued "I command you to bow down to me" Just then, Andrina's back arched forward. Her arms, seemingly moving on there own, ceased to cover her breasts, and touch the ground in front of her. She was stuck into a deep bow. After a moment, her ass started to raise up into the air, straitening her back legs. Her teeth had become completely blocky, as her face continued to expand. The real princess just lets loose an indignant grunt as she feels her body fight against her, moving into a pose more fitting for a donkey. Her tail continues to swish back and forth as the rest of her is frozen. She simply looks up at the new princess, anger evident in her eyes. "You... you have to stop thEE-HAWW!!" She cuts herself off mid-sentence, obviously quite frightened. "D-Did I just... n-no..." "Yes!" the other princess said. "Soon you'll just be a braying ass. Better make your next words count" The princesses ass expanded outwards, while her breasts shrank. Hair long black hair started sprouting down her back, making a mane. As her transformation moved closer to being complete, Andrina simply glared at the new Andrina that was in front of her, obvious anger and hatred visible in her eyes. She didn't give her assailant the justification of a few last words, just in case they were interrupted by more embarrassing braying. Instead, she clenched her teeth even as her mouth and face finished expanding and transforming into a donkey's snout. She kept her legs firmly rooted, her new hooves digging into the ground as she was frozen in place by the new Andrina's words, even as the transformation of her legs moved up to her body and fur continued to sprout all over her. Even if she really was becoming a donkey, she thought she had an image to maintain. The other princess frowned at her lack of response. "Trying to be defiant huh?" she asked. "That will never do. A suborn donkey will never sell" Suddenly, Andrina was 'kicked' from behind by some sort of invisible force, causing her to instinctively gallop forward onto the hard solid water. She moved naturally like a donkey, despite attempting her best not to do so. As the fur finished covering her, her hair and eyes were the last human parts to her. However, that was changing, as her hair started to recede into her head, while her eyes became dark and moved. "Clearly, I'm going to have to teach you how to be a real donkey" From the water, the real Andrina just shook her head back and forth quickly, as a last denial to the new Andrina's powers. It was obvious by the look in her new eyes that she was fighting her body with everything she had, but the magic had its sway over her and she couldn't stop herself from moving like a donkey now. Her mind continued working as she thought to herself. 'My body is moving on its own. Not only am I just a donkey, I'm a prisoner in my own body... What's going to happen to me...?' The other princess laughed at her. "Well then, I suppose a change of names is appropriate now. My name is Princess Andrina. And what's yours?" The original princess tried not to say anything, but the magic made her involuntarily bray. Though she knew that this was all real, the fact that she actually brayed made it even more real fror her. "Oh, well that's a strange name. Why don't I call you Bertha?" the princess said. Then, with another chuckle, she got on top of 'Bertha' riding her. "Now then, first things first. You will take me back to the castle. You'll get to see your family and friends one more time before you're sold. Of course, they won't realize it's you" Being unable to resist a command, 'Bertha' began to move forward, trekking through the forest at a fairly slow pace. Her mind still ran furiously, and her sadness was evident. 'They won't know it's me... and this impostor will just take my place without even being questioned about it... a-and what's going to happen to me? She can't really just sell me...' "Oh, dont be sad" 'Andrina' said. Think of this as the begining of a new adventure. She slapped 'Berthas' behind, making her go faster The End  
  2. Becoming what you act like by salo14

    (girl into bonobo) It was the end of the summer and in the city were Sanne lives they always throw a huge party to end the summer holidays and that party lasts for a whole week and people from surrounding towns come here to enjoy the party. It was also a great opportunity for singles to meet the perfect match or just a one nightstand. But there are also people who take it a bit further and use their charms to get free drinks. "Come one why do they take so long?" Sanne asked herself as she looked at the time on her phone. "They said that they would be here ten minutes ago" Thought Sanne as she was waiting for her friends. "I'm so thirsty but I don't want to spend my money already" Sanne thought as she was counting the money in her purse. Sanne hen looked around and she noticed a cute boy "Maybe I can get a free drink from him?" Thought Sanne as she tried to get the boys attention by playing with her hair and biting her lower lip. She managed to get the boys attention. "Hey beautiful what are you doing all by yourself?" Asked the boy looked at her like if he had won the lottery. "I'm waiting for my friends." Said Sanne trying to sound as cute as possible. "You look thirsty" said the boy as he brushed aside her hair that was in front of her face. "Well I am a bit thirsty" Said sanne as she looked the boy in his eyes. "Let me get you a drink a girl like you shouldn't be thirsty." Sanne smiled at the boy but in reality she thought "Idiot he really thinks that he can get me in." "Here is your drink" said the boy as he handed over a beer. "Thanks" Said Sanne playful as she immediately walked away. "It works every time" Sanne thought as she heard the boy asking her to comeback. Half an hour has past and there was still no sign from her friends "I wonder why their taking so long." Thought Sanne as she began to feel thirsty again. "Oh well maybe I can get a boy to get another beer for me." Thought Sanne as she looked around searching for a boy that would buy her a beer. "Hey he looks cute maybe he can give me a bit more than only a beer." Thought Sanne as she walked up to the boy. Sanne stroke her hand along his face "Hey there cute." Said Sanne as she felt his muscles. "Hey, Are you lost maybe?" Asked the boy trying to push her back. "No, I knew exactly where I was going" Said Sanne with a playful toon. "Sorry but I already have an...." "Jack who is that slut hanging around your shoulder?" Asked a emo looking girl with black hair and purple dye dip. "Who do you call a Slut you're the one that's dressed up like a hooker." Said Sanne as she looked furious at the girl. "What did you just call me you Bitch you're the one trying to steal my boyfriend?" Said the punk girl. "Your his girlfriend? I thought that he picked you up around the corner of the street." Said Sanne "You call me a whore but you're the one who every year end up with one night stands." Said the punk girl. Sanne began to blush and whispered "Who told you that I will kill that person for lying." The emo girl smiled and said "Are you sure that this is a lie because last year you went to bed with my boyfriend and the reason that you didn't remind him tells me that he wasn't the only one you whore." Sanne turned red and she tried to say something in her defense but she couldn't come up with anything. "Not so big girl now are you?" Said the punk girl. "But don't worry since you like sex so much I want to give you something." The girl then pointed her finger at Sanne and said "hominem in mutatio Pan paniscus." "Are you out of insults and are you now making your own words up?" Said Sanne as she looked at the girl. The punk girl just smiled at her and said "Enjoy your new life, I bet you will." And she walked away. "What do you mean by that?" But the girl had already disappeared. "Let's find my friends they won't what just happened" and she continued the search for her friends. "Hey Sanne over here!" A voice yelled in the distance. Sanne looked up and saw three people waving at her. "Hey Sanne were have you been you don't look so well?" Asked on of her friends. "That's because I don't feel so well I think I'm going home I see you guys tomorrow ." Said Sanne as she walked to her bicycle and she went on her way home. "Sanne is that you?" Her mother asked as Sanne opened the frontdoor. "Yes mom it's me" "Why are you home so early what have you done?" Asked her mother suspicious. "Nothing mom I just don't feel so well I'm going to my room." And Sanne walked up the stairs to her room. "Ah this boots are killing me" thought Sanne as she took of her boots. "OMG what is happening to my feet?" Screamed Sanne as she looked at her feets that were becoming shorter and gained a rounder shape and her toes became a bit longer and her toes now looked more like fingers. "Honey are you okay?" Her mother yelled from downstairs. Sanne didn't know what to say "Yeah I'm fine" Sanne said as she was panicking. "My feet look like hands but how?" Thought Sanne in panic as she now was wobbling her new toes. Suddenly a strange sensation went thru her legs and it looked like the room around her was growing. Sanne looked around in fear and when it stopped she looked at her that where now much shorter and it made it stand on two legs. Sanne let out an other scream as lost her balance and fell forward but prevented herself from falling on her face as she landed on her hands. "What is going on?" Asked Sanne in fear as she could feel her body becoming smaller until they became comparable to her legs. A similar sensation then went thru her breast as they shrunk back in her body until they were just two small bumps on her chest. "I look like a freak" Sanne said as tears ran down her cheeks. "What is happening to my arms?" Thought Sanne as she could feel her arms arms also becoming slightly shorter and her once beautiful feminine hands now had black nails and the skin around her fingers became thicker forcing her to walk on her knuckles. "My hands, my feet, they way of walking I'm turning into a chimp!" Sanne yelled. "Sanne what is going on up there?" Her mother asked a bit more pissed now. "I don't know" Said Sanne confused as she examined her new body that was now slowly covering in black fur. Sanne then felt a pressure on her face as her skull began to shift. She began to scream in fear as her mouth got pushed forwards and making her mouth wider making her once soft kissable stretch out making her lips disappear the only thing that's left around from her lips is the bit of color around her mouth also her teeth in her mouth changed as her canines became longer and the other teeth became Poitier and gained more sharpness. Also her got pushed back making her nose shorter but this also caused her nose to become wider just like her nose holes. Her ears got bigger. Sanne got itchy on top of her head and she began to scratch but what she didn't know was that the itch caused her beautiful dark blonde hair to fall down from her head until she was completely bolt. "What have I done?" Thought Sanne as she felt her hair that lay now all spread out over the floor with her hand and tears running down her cheeks. Sanne could feel her new fur now cover her head and she could also see that her skin gained a black color and it began to look like leather. "What have I become? I look like an ape a chimpa...no an Bonobo that's right I'm an bonobo." Sanne said as her eyes gained a full brown color making IQ dropped and her animal instincts take over as she looked at her reflection in her full body mirror. Sanne was confused as she looked in the mirror it looks like another bonobo and Sanne walked up to the mirror. But walking was kinda hard with all those clothes. the clothes suddenly felt weird to Sanne and she began to panic as it felt like if she was trapped so she began to tear her clothes apart to escape from the trap. And she ran up to the mirror trying to play with her reflection which she still thinks in another bonobo. She then begins to make ape sounds as she jumps up against the mirror trying to have sex with the other bonobo. "Sanne what is going on up there?" Asked her mother a she walked up to her room. "I hope that you have a good...aaaah how did that creature came in here!?" Her mother screamed as she looked at her former daughter trying to have sex with her reflection. She quickly close the door and she runs to the phone calling pet patrol to pick her up. The next day Sanne is brought to a shelter for apes where she gets placed in a group with other bonobo and the first thing she does is accepting the male's offer to have sex with him. "Wow I have never seeing a bonobo having sex so fast after being released in the group." Said one of the guards "Yay, I guess she is going to enjoy it" Said the guard as they were looking how Sanne was having the time of her life.  
  3. The evening air smelled of crushed leaves and pine. Elizabeth breathed deeply as she made her way down the forgotten path, the atmosphere was intoxicating. Her parents only left the city once every year, and she was happy that it always rested on the verge of autumn. The colorful leaves and cool weather had always been her favorite since she was a child. She pulled her phone from her jean short's pocket and sighed. Once again her mother was texting her, worried she was lost. She absent mindedly sent a generic reply saying she was alright. Her parents knew not to expect her back for a good while, for her excursions into the forest had become something of legend during her family's camping trips. As soon as the camper found its spot, she was off to explore the area, nature hungry from the many months locked in her concrete jungle of a home. She then opened up an application on her phone that contained a map of the national park's hiking trails. This year her parents had picked a secluded location named after a dead man that Elizabeth could not remember unless she was looking at the map. She looked up at the fork approaching in the trail. On her phone screen, a path was plotted to take her to the left, which would inevitably lead back to her parent's camper. She then noticed that the right path led to a dead end not too far from the fork. She stood still at the fork for a few moments twirling her curly blonde hair in her fingers, a typical habit she had while thinking. She inevitably chose to see the scenery that the right path had to offer, intending to turn back once she reached the end. She placed her phone back into her back pocket, adjusting her yellow tank top so that the bottom covered the seam of her pants. She enjoyed the sound of the fallen leaves crunching beneath her boots. Elizabeth studied the red and orange trees that hung over the trail like worshipers, bowing before as she walked. Her fantasy was however shattered when she heard her phone jingle again. Another text from her mother no doubt. As she brought her phone out, she noticed that the map of the park was still up behind her lock screen. She stared at the map perplexed, for the arrow that indicated her position was now far ahead of the path she was taking. Was the dead end a mistake? Was her Smartphone application acting up and showing the wrong position? She took a couple of steps forward on the path an noticed that the arrow moved, continuing down the invisible path. "Nope, still going." She said to herself in the silence of the woods. She stared down the path, which stretched for a long while before banking to the right, taking her farther from her campsite. She scrolled over on the touch screen and saw no other paths in the direction of the path, and presumed that the company that made the application must have missed this trail, or maybe it had been recently added to the park. Either way, it was a single trail, she needed only to backtrack to be on the map again. Then, in an instant, a rustling of leaves was heard from the right of the pathway. Elizabeth almost dropped her phone into the dirt as she spun to face the direction of the sound. She caught a glimpse of leaves settling back down on the ground. There was a good minute of silence before she got up the mettle to make her way over to the side of the trail. As she approached, she could see a distinct disturbance in the laves, as if some animal had cut a path through them as it made its way deeper into the forest. Elizabeth's eyes followed the trail far into the tress before her eyes fell on a peculiar sight. Just as the trail fell out of sight, she thought she could see some form of structure in the distance. Again she looked down at her phone to confirm that there was nothing indicated where she was, and then looked back to the anomaly. It looked like a small collection of rectangular shapes, but she could also see smoke clouds rising from random area around it. She scanned the path around her, she would still be able to see it if she made her way towards the structure. She could not possibly get lost. Putting her phone away, she stepped off the path and followed the unknown animal's trail. Before long, the structure began to take a more detailed shape. The rectangles began to look more like small buildings, each made of crude materials found in the forest. Some of the large ones had wheels on them, with horses hitched to one of the ends. As Elizabeth drew closer, she could make out a small pen of pigs and sheep resting on the far left side of the area, and many small fires burning around the buildings. And before long, she could see small figures crowded around these fires. Elizabeth reached the first of the buildings, which was merely as tall as she, and the inhabitants made notice of her. They were small humanoid figures, all obviously male, wearing tattered and makeshift clothing around their twisted bodies. Some stood up from their fires, while others stepped out from behind their small structures. They were all very small, and the tallest of them could not have been more than three and a half feet tall. But the most shocking to Elizabeth was that though they looked human in stature, they where all wrong. Each bore dark green and grey skin tones. Their fingers where long with broken and jagged fingernails. Each bore a heavy amount of dirt and grime on their bodies, and their hair was silver, and appeared to be no different than straw. But their faces where what separated them the most from humans. Each was unique, and equally hideous. Some had an uneven amount of fur on their faces, some on their brow, others around their mouths like a cruel beard. Their eyes where all large and peering, looking at Elizabeth with what she hoped was adoration, and not malice. Some had crooked noses, some had snouts, while others had no nose at all. Elizabeth stood frozen as they all made their way towards her, making both high pitched and low guttural noises. "Um...I must have made a mistake..." She stammered as she backed away towards the woods. The group of strange creatures all looked at one another and laughed. Elizabeth jumped as she felt her butt bump against something. She turned to see another one of the small men blocking her path. "No my fair maiden, welcome, welcome!" He said in a voice gurgled with every syllable. Elizabeth looked at the man skeptically. Maiden? What where these things? "Indeed, the market is open to any person who so happens to find it." Another, higher pitched voice from the crow chimed in. Elizabeth took another look around and noticed that the buildings where actually small stands filled with numerous types of goods. She noticed one of them covered with what looked like golden jewelry, so much so that the wooden frame of the stall was almost nonexistent. Others sold things such as cut meats, and crude knick knacks made from wood other found items. "Market?" Elizabeth murmured. The small ugly men all laughed with joy as some of them rushed to their respective stands, all eager to sell their merchandise to the girl. "The one and only my young maiden." One of the men said. Elizabeth looked down to see one of the creatures that wore a long red robe adorned with many fake gemstones. A crooked plastic crown sat upon his horned head. "I am called Bowsolan, head of this merchant band." The man introduced himself. "And who do we have the pleasure of serving today?" Elizabeth stared as he extended a dirty hand to her, mud and grime almost dripping from beneath his nails. "Liz. My name's Liz." Elizabeth answered without making contact with the hand. Bowsolan brought his arm back with a smile. The other's behind him jeered. "Ah don't let him fool ya lass, we goblin's ain't got no boos out here!" One of the fatter men roared from behind his kiosk that sold what looked like shards of broken glass. "Goblins?" Elizabeth said aloud, not believing the words the deformed man had said. "Will you keep your mouth shut Georgey? Don't be imputing on my stature in front of the customer." Bowsolan snapped. Elizabeth found herself once again backing away from the market, but remembered the men blocking her exit and stopped. "Did he say Goblins?" Elizabeth repeated. Bowsolan rolled his dark purple eyes and adjusted his fake crown.' "Indeed fair maiden, we are but lowly Goblins. That very reason is why we set up our caravan in places like this." Bowsolan explained. "Nobody likes Goblins!" A high pitched voice added. "They run us out of town without even considering a purchase." All of the goblins seemed to let out a sigh in unison. Elizabeth felt a hint of sorrow for these small men, regardless of how repulsive they seemed. "So you guys sell your wares in the middle of the forest? How many customers do you run across?" Elizabeth asked. Bowsolan looked away from her for a moment, and she also noticed that the other goblins seemed to do a similar motion. "Our customers are...well..." He began to say when he suddenly shook his head and looked up at Elizabeth with a smile. "Eh what does it matter, you are here, and you will surly make a purchase correct?" Elizabeth stared at the goblin man with a confused look. She guessed that meant they had little to no business at all. A feeling of discomfort began to rise. "I really can't sir, I need to get back to my campsite soon. My parents will worry." She began to say, hoping it would be enough to end this encounter. Bowsolan looked at her with a saddened face. "But Miss Liz, we have gone so long without a customer, it would be our pleasure to serve you with whatever you desire." He said, Elizabeth could see the other goblins beginning to step from behind their counters, and fear began to build inside of her. "Yes, come buy fair maiden. Come buy!" They chanted. Elizabeth looked around the stands and saw that each of the goblin men were eyeing her intently. Her idea of having a choice in the matter was beginning to dwindle, and she had to get back to the path behind her. Before she could answer their calls, Bowsolan wrapped his hand around Elizabeth's wrist, it was cold and clammy, and if he was sweating. "Miss Liz, please, let me show you around first." Bowsolan said. Elizabeth was then being tugged towards the center of the market. "Wait, I have nothing to pay you with. I can't buy anything from you." Elizabeth tried to make an excuse to get back to her campsite. Bowsolan held onto her and laughed. "Please, we can find other ways for you to compensate us." He said. Elizabeth felt a chill run down her spine at that statement. She then stopped firmly, causing Bowsolan to stumble a bit. "What is wrong?" He asked, showing a bit of impatience. "I said that I cannot buy from you today!" Elizabeth yelled as she tugged her arm away from Bowsolan, sending him crashing to the ground. The other Goblins gasped as the plastic crown atop their "leader's" head fell into the dirt. The market was silent as Bowsolan regained his posture. "How very rude Miss Liz, how very rude indeed." He said, trying to maintain a politeness in his voice. "Rude? How dare you! You are the one who..." Elizabeth began to retort before she felt something behind her firmly grasp her behind. She turned quickly to see one of the goblin men smiling at her with rotted teeth. In one quick motion, Elizabeth backhanded the little man, sending his metal hat flying into another one of the stands. The goblins then began to rush at Elizabeth, who quickly broke off a wooden pole from one of the nearby stands. She aimed the jagged end at the advancing crowd, but was knocked forward by one of the goblins behind her. As she fell into the dirt, four of the small men leapt onto her. "You evil human!" They hollered. Elizabeth kicked them off with ease, for her size gave her a great advantage over the pintsized attackers. Quickly she regained her stance and smacked her wooden weapon into one of the goblins. The little man flew a few feet to the left into the stand of jewelry, causing it to collapse. "Enough!" Bowsolan roared. The goblin's halted their attack, and Elizabeth look at the head goblin with distain. Her tank top was torn at the bottom, and stained badly with dirt. Her golden hair was a mess atop her head, and a line of crimson blood trickled from her lip to her chin. "You will return to us fair maiden. As do all who at first refuse the wares of our market." He boldly stated. Elizabeth tossed the wooden pole at the group of goblins and then ran back into the forest towards the path. She did not hear any of the goblin's chasing after her, and by the time she got back to the pathway, she could no longer hear the sheering and laughter of the market. When she looked back into the woods however, she was surprised to see that there was no trace of the structure at all. The market had vanished. Elizabeth ran back up the path, the crunching of the leaves no longer so soothing to her mind. She kept checking the trees for signs of the goblins, afraid that they would ambush her. She ran for a long while before her lungs began to ache, and she was forced to stop for a breath of air. She did not remember the path being so long, and she stared down in front of her and saw no sign of the fork that would lead her back to her campsite. As she regained her ability to breath correctly, she reached behind her in order to take out her Smartphone, when her eyes grew wide with fear. Her phone was gone. She felt around all of her pockets, but it was nowhere on her person. Then she remembered at the market when she slapped the goblin behind her for touching her butt. "That bastard." She whispered looking back towards where the market had been. "That bastard!"She repeated, yelling this time. She then remembered the text message from her mother that she never responded to, and that her map application was gone. Tears swelled in the young woman's eyes, but she soon wiped them away. Again she began to run, hoping that she would soon come across the fork in the path. All she needed to do was make the left and she would be back at her campsite. Minutes of running dragged on, and she came to a right curve in the path, slowing to a stop, she was dumbfounded. This was insanity, the path was not like this when she had been walking before. Did she make a wrong turn? "I need to go back..." Elizabeth said to herself. As she turned around, her legs gave out an she dropped to her knees. The path no longer extended straight, but instead made a sharp curve to the left. The path had changed right behind her. "No way..." - Elizabeth was lost. The sun in the sky way beginning to darken quicker with every passing minute, and the young woman was wearily making her way down the winding path. She wondered how long she had been on the trail. It was noon the last time she had checked her phone, and the more she wondered about the time, the quicker it seemed to pass her by. Her stomach ached for food, and this made her journey all the harder. She had not seen any sign of the forked path that would take her home. Any time she ventured off of the path, she found it again. She called for help, marked trees with shreds of her tank top, and even tried to climb a tree in order to get a better view of the forest. All of these attempts ended in defeat, and now she stumbled down the ever darkening trail hoping to come across her campsite. "Mom...Dad..." She whispered, too weak to call out any louder. "Somebody..." Elizabeth then fell to the ground, her legs pulsating from all of her running. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and could fell her tears building up again. She held them in as long as she could. Then, in the distance, she could hear voices laughing. She looked to see a group of lights a ways into the forest. They lights were made by small fires darted around rectangular structures. It was the market, and the voices where from the goblins. Elizabeth immediately thought of the many food stands that were present at the caravan, and her mouth watered. She was starving, and was certain that the goblins where responsible for the maze of trails she was on. She wondered if they still had her phone, and maybe if she could get it back somehow. The sun had almost completely disappeared and she had no other choice. Summoning all of her strength, Elizabeth rose to her feet and slowly made her way for the Market. As she approached, the area once again came into sight in increments. First was the animal pen, then the individual stands and carts. and finally, the fires surrounded by the goblin men. As they noticed her approach, each of the men began to laugh, motioning to each other until the whole market was aware of Elizabeth's return. As she finally made it to the center of the market, the goblins all crowded around her, some afraid to be too close. "Look who came back eh? Little Lizzie couldn't handle herself out in the forest." One of them sneered, Elizabeth could not remember his name, something with a "G" she thought. "I'm lost." Elizabeth said in a weak voice. The goblins all laughed in unison. "That's enough! All of you!" Bowsolan's voice echoed throughout the market. The goblins cleared a path so that the small man could make his way to Elizabeth. He then stood before her, his purple eyes filled with pity. "You left in such a hurry that we never got to mention that you dropped your talking machine." He said. To Elizabeth's surprise, the goblin took her phone from his coat and held it before her. Elizabeth slowly reached for the phone slowly, and then took if from Bowsolan's hand. "Please...do you know the way out?" Elizabeth asked as she placed her phone into her back pocket again, unable to understand the sudden kindness of the goblin men. "Of course, of course Miss Liz. But the night is setting in, and you look positively famished." Some of the goblins began to snicker at Bowsolan's words, but a quick glance silenced them. "You...want me to buy..." Elizabeth said, her physical state almost making it hard for her to form words. Bowsolan smiled and nodded. "Buy from our market, and I will give you a map that will lead you right out of our forest." He said. Elizabeth was out of options, and so hungry that her midsection felt as if it was twisting inside out. She swallowed hard, and then looked past the goblins to one of the market stands. "That." She said pointing. The whole crowd turned to see the stand filled with colorful fruits on golden platters. The goblins cheered with joy and Bowsolan smiled at Elizabeth. "A good choice fair maiden." He said. A group of the goblins lead Elizabeth over to the stand. One of them pulled up a small crate so that she could sit on it and eat from the counter. "But, I still have nothing to pay with." She said as they moved a large platter of fruit in front of her. Bowsolan stepping into the stand and sat across from her, once again giving her a smile. She looked down at the mountain of fruit and was immediately skeptical. "We can worry about that later. Eat Miss Liz, eat." He said to her. The other goblins where crowded around Elizabeth. She eyed the food in front of her intently, her mouth watering. Something inside of her would not allow her to touch it. A small part of her mind was still weary of the goblin men, still uncertain of their craft. She hesitated as she reached for one of the grapes, moving past the pears and peaches, and even passed up a peeled banana. The goblins around her began to groan, even Bowsolan was staring at her with contempt. "Miss Liz...please..." He motioned to the food. Elizabeth took a deep breath and removed her hand from the platter. There was something wrong with this fruit, and she would not be a victim of the goblin men. "What is wrong with it?" she stared into Bowsolan's enraged eyes. "After the hospitality we have shown, you dare accuse me of poisoning my customer?" He asked. Elizabeth pushed the platter away from her and into the goblin's chest. "I am not a fool, and I would rather starve than..." Elizabeth was suddenly cut off as one of the goblins behind her stuffed a handful of grapes into her open mouth. She felt the fruit burst and the juices rush down her throat, causing her to cough and she rose from the crate. The goblin's around her began to laugh and cheer as the backed away from her. Elizabeth cleared her throat and whipped the grape juice from her mouth. Though she suddenly felt very dizzy, and had to sit back down on the crate. "No...No...NO!" She screamed as she could feel her insides beginning to churn. She turned to Bowsolan, who was contently sitting back in the market stall. "Poison...why?" She was on the verge of tears as she could feel an odd feeling rushed through her body, followed by the greatest feeling of hunger she had ever known. "You may be a smart girl, but you have no idea of the true nature of our fruit." Bowsolan said. Elizabeth clutched her stomach as she turned herself towards the counter of fruit again. Almost unable to control her own movements as she reached for one of the apples on the platter. "What...no stop!" She hollered at her own body as she pulled the apple closer to her own mouth. Unable to stop herself, she began to chomp down of the fruit, eating it one bite after another. The goblins watched and laughed as the girl downed the apple, and then reached immediately for a pear."What am I doing? What have you done!?" She screamed before her mouth was stuffed with the fruit. "I must say, you are by far the most resilient human we have ever come across." Bowsolan laughed as he slid the platter closer to Elizabeth, who was trying her hardest to resists finishing the pear. "This is the first time we have ever had to resort to force feeding our customer, but it all works out the same." Elizabeth could feel pressure in her ears as she moved on to eat another piece of fruit, it was is if someone was pulling on them. The goblins however could see that the young girl's ears had grown larger, losing their human shape and taking a more flopped appearance on the side of her head. "It's starting!" One of the goblins yelled in a high pitched voice. Elizabeth could see her new ears out of the corner of her eyes, but was unable to reach for them, as her hands where too busing moving more fruit into her mouth. "What's starting...what's happening to me!?" She screamed before she began devouring an orange. Bowsolan motioned for a couple of goblins to come to his side. "Fetch the mirror, our little star here deserves to see this." He said, Elizabeth's heart sank when she heard this. What was this fruit doing to her? "You see Miss Liz, each of our wares produces a unique effect on humans." He said turning his attention back to the feasting girl. Elizabeth could feel her jean shorts becoming more snug on her waist as she ate, and when she was able to sneak a peek down, she could see her belly growing rounder underneath her tattered tank top. She wanted to get up and run, but whatever was in the goblin's fruit was forcing her to sit and stuff her face. She could feel the juices of the fruit trickle down her chin and stain her tank top, and wanted nothing more than to stop whatever it was that was making her behave in such a way. She felt the button on her shorts pop off as her stomach expanded in size, slowly lowering the small zipper to the bottom. "Make way, make way." One of the goblins said. Bowsolan removed himself from the stand so that the two men could place the large mirror in front of Elizabeth. As she looked up, her eyes filled with tears at what she saw. Her ears were exactly as she feared, flopped on either side of her head in an animalistic fashion. but as she finished another apple, she saw that her nose had turned up and her nostrils had flared to large holes, she could feel her mouth expanding as she ate, and could see that it was morphing into a pig snout. "No!" She screamed, fighting to hold her hands still, as to not take another piece of fruit to her mouth. The goblin's laughed at her reaction, and Bowsolan pulled up a box in order to sit next to her. The goblins were amazed at her ability to resist the fruits spell, but after a good few moment s of holding back, her hands shot forward and pulled the entire platter of fruit towards her maw. "Oh yes, miss Liz, you were indeed one of our most cautious patrons to date. But now it is over for you." He said placing his twisted hand on her shoulder. "You will continue to eat, and continue to change, until there is nothing left of you but a sow. And then you will join the rest of the market's customers in the animal pens." He said into her ear. The goblin's all mocked and snickered at the sobbing girl as she continued to stuff her face, unable to control herself. She refused to look at the mirror, even as she could see her snout growing before her eyes. She could feel her hiking boots fall from her changing feet. Underneath her socks, she lost the feeling in her toes one by one. She couldn't look down at them, but she knew they were now hooves. She winced in pain as her increasing size tore the seams of her jean shorts, splitting them down the sides and allowing her new corkscrew tail to twitch freely in the open air. Elizabeth was too terrified to be embarrassed at her new indecency, but was humiliated when she felt one of the goblin men pulling on her tail. "Coming along nicely, you'll make a fine addition to our market pig." She heard one of them laugh, causing another roar of approval from the crowd. She hated hearing that, her name was Elizabeth, but soon she would only be known as Pig, her human life lost. As she heard her tan top ripping along her expanding back, she mustered up all of her anger and shoved the platter of fruit from her face. The goblin's gasped as the still considerably human girl rose from her box. Bowsolan lept from his perch and adjusted his plastic crown in amusement. "Still so much fight in you eh?" He commented. Elizabeth stumbled away from the stand, her body fighting to regain control over the goblin's spell. She could feel herself being pulled towards the fruit, and hobbled slowly away from it on her new hooves. She felt her body contort and reshape under her shredded tank top, with her female breasts being swallowed by her new barrel shaped body. Some of the goblins gathered up some fruit from the stand and began moving it towards the changing young woman, who eyed the food in terror. "No!" She squealed more than screamed, making an attempt to run from them. However her lack of human feet sent her to into the dirt. "Miss Liz please, you are only making this worse for yourself. The fruit has been eaten, ceasing to eat will not reverse the spell, only prolong the certainty of your new form." Bowsolan scolded. "Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up!" Elizabeth was sobbing her words as she crawled away from the approaching fruit, the goblin crowd followed her to always keep the transforming girl in the center. Her body was now almost entirely that of a sow, with her rapidly transforming hands quickly became her front hooves. Her limbs where being lost to her new frame as they bent and broke. The goblins had finally dumped a large amount of fruit in front of Elizabeth and laughed. "More food for the new pig!" The laughed as Elizabeth was unable to resist the temptation of the fruit and buried her snout into the mess of colors. As she ate, the transformation resumed its normal pace. Her limbs twisted and reformed to match her new pig body, allowing her to remain on all fours with ease. And finally all at once, the remaining female features on the girl's body where swallowed by her transformation. All at once, her urge to devour the fruit halted, and she was finally able to stop. She lifted her new head from the juice soaked ground and looked around at the goblin men, all smiling wickedly at her. They began to cheer louder than ever, while Bowsolan strolled over next to Elizabeth and placed his hand on her back. He was much taller than her now, and she found that she must arc her neck up to look at him. "Good job boys!" He called out. "Looks like we have a new addition to the pen." With that, the goblins all rioted around the pig. Elizabeth tried to cry out, but all that could escape her lips was a porcine scream. Two goblins threw a rope around her neck, tugging her hard so that she fell to one side. Elizabeth looked towards the fruit stand to see the goblins gather up the remains of her human clothing. She watched as they paraded them around, tearing them to shreds and tossing every bit of them in the surrounding fires. She tried to protest this, but even her inhuman squeal was interrupted as the goblins dragged her with the rope. Soon, she was pushed into the animal pens along with the other pigs, and the makeshift wooden gates slammed shut. Elizabeth winched as one of the goblin men reached through the gate and cut the rope from her neck. "A real pain in the behind, I'll say." One of them said throwing the rope aside. Elizabeth looked up at the group of monsters with tearful eyes. Her curly blonde hair lay lathered in fruit juice and mud across her face. "We'll have to shave off all that nice hair, maybe we can make a wig from it." Another piped up with a jagged voice. "In time." Bowsolan said as he approached the pen. Elizabeth stumbled over the him, squealing in protest. "For now, let the sow wallow in her new form. Once she is used to the body we have given her, we can adjust it." He stared at the new animal with distain, for even though she had gain a decent amount of weight, she was still scrawny like her previous form. "We will also need to fatten her up if she will be any use to us in the future." Elizabeth rammer her head against the pen, hoping to break free. She had to get away from these creatures, had to get back to her campsite. "My my, you still try to fight." Bowsolan laughed. The goblin crowd was slowly beginning to disperse, the appeal of their latest conquest already dying down. "Understand me sow, your human life is finished now. Even if you break free and escape us, what good will it do? Your life as Liz is over." Elizabeth suddenly halted her attack on the wooden posts and stared into the goblins eyes. Tears will rolling down her chubby cheeks. He was right. She tried to plead with him again in vain, squealing and grunting like a pig possessed. Bowsolan smiled at her, and took a chunk of hay from a pile next to him. "Now eat up, we need to get some meat on those new bones." He said as he threw the golden food in front of the pig. Elizabeth lowered her head and obliged, shutting her eyes as she took the hay into her snout. As the goblin leader left her alone, she looked around at the other pigs in the pen, wondering if they too used to be human. She trotted over to a group of them who where napping in the corner of the pen. Elizabeth slowly lowered her body to the ground and nuzzled against the other animals to keep warm. Then, unable to control her cries, sobbed until she fell asleep.  
  4. Imagen you wander the woods.. and found this little Bovine in the dire need of help in breeding and milking..  
  5. Good Source of Calcium [TF] - by KoopaCap
  6. Ric Quiroz TF Sequence [Woman to Drider]

    Ric Quiroz TF Sequence [Woman to Drider] (source)
  7. Your fate (Pig TF) by tf-mistress.

    Some of my fantasies is to become a fat piggy. you are walking home, another long day of work or school. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl. It does not matter if you are young or old, or if your figure is amazing or plain. Try to imagine what you are wearing. Perhaps you like to dress more conservatively, or maybe more risqué. In any case, you are not expecting today to be any trouble. You’re not with anyone today, the path home so familiar that you are practically walking on auto-pilot. Lost in thought, you do not notice a man approaching you from behind. Suddenly, and violently, wraps his arm around your neck, and stuffing rag into your mouth. You’re in shock, unable to react in time, as you fall back into his grasp. As the reality dawns on you, the fumes of the rag enter your mind. You are scared, your brain firing off survival instincts, yet your body relaxes with your muscles numb and weak. You are practically a prisoner in your mobile body as you are dragged into the trunk of a truck. You try to scream, but your lungs cannot manage more then a silent cry. You don’t know how long the ride is back, as you drift in and out of consciousness. It still feels like a dream. You’ve heard of people being kidnapped, but never thought it could happen to you. You sleepily watch as the truck parks and you are dragged out towards a building. It looks like a hospital… You awaken again, this time with a start. You feel more alert, your strength coming back, allowing you to view your surroundings with clarity for the first time. It what looks like a doctors office. It lacks any decorations or reading of an actually office however. Most of your clothing has been removed. Your chest is bare, making your nipples freezing in the cold office, as only the underwear around your crotch remains. This was not be design however, but rather you awakening as just the right time, as a man in a lab coat is in the process of removing them. Unaware of your consciousness, you are able to kick him in the face, blood spraying out of his nose. You jump to your feet as he falls to the ground, and swing the door open. Your heart sinks, as you see you are not alone. Nearly a dozen, intimidating men, turn to see you. A few of them are carrying unconscious men and women, seemingly capture just like you. You try to make a break for it, but it is hopeless, as they surround you. The strongest looking of them wraps his arms around your naked waist, lifting you in the air, as another grabs your legs to stop you from kicking. You scream and swear as you are taken back into the office, the bleeding doctor being helped by the others. You are bent over table, your legs being held to the ground, and your arms pinned. You feel your underwear being lowered down to your knees as you continue to yell. In the corner of your eye, you can see one of them with a syringe filled with brown liquid. Then, you feel a prick it is injected into your left ass cheek. Your whole body feels like it is on fire. Your nerves are searing, and your muscles spasm. The men release you, as you fall writhing to the ground. A few of them are laughing as they exit the room. A woman in a lab coat has entered, taking the place of the man you injured. She begins to write on a clipboard, as she watches you. You are drenched in sweat, as you lose control of your bladder. You can barely form words as the spasms continue, your body trying with all its might to reject whatever was injected into you. Slowly, your body surrenders this battle, as the convulsions stop, though your muscles continue to seer. You feel sharp pain coming from your teeth. Your bottom incisors are growing. Their points become sharp, as they lengthen past your lips. You can’t help but touch your two white tusk like protrusions, confirming they are real. You try to get up, but your balance is all off. You can’t take more then a step before you fall back to the ground, landing on all fours. Despite your mind thinking a thousand things at once, you can’t help but notice that your hands felt nothing from that fall. Looking at them, you let out a shriek. Your numb fingers are swelling, taking on a pink tint as they do. You can’t move them, and can only watch as they become hard and stiff. Your other hand is changing even more rapidly, changing into what is unmistakably a hoolve. You scream at the doctor watching you, though find it difficult to form words with your new tusks. You beg to know what’s happening to you. She merely looks at you with cold indifference, as a new wave of coldness washes over you. You try and get up once more, but fall right back on your hooves. Your inability to get onto your feet make you realize that they too have transformed, and looking back at them confirms it. You scream again, though your cry sounds like a high pitched squeal. Your heart is pounding faster then ever before, as you feel your nose expanding, pushing forward so you can see it growing out between your eyes. You feel the snot dripping down your face as your nostrils grow wide. The hair on your head is falling out in large clumps. As if to compensate, short white hairs are growing out from everywhere else on your body. You can feel your ears growing, brushing against your newly bald head. They have become flat and floppy. You want to feel them, but your shoulders don’t allow your arms to bend enough to reach your head. Meanwhile, your skin is turning pink. You are crying without restraint. You suspect what is happening to you, what you are changing into, but your mind tries to deny it. It’s just to horrible to even consider. Instead, futile as it might be, you open your mouth to beg with the woman watching you. Your voice sound gravely, deep, and blocked. As you speak, you cannot help but let grunting noises interrupt your words. Realizing you ability to speak is being stolen from you, you let out another high pitched squeal. Your stomach feels bloated as the skin around your belly inflates like a balloon. You’ve never felt so full in your life, like you just ate twice your own weight in a matter of seconds. It’s not just your stomach thats growing. Fat and flab cover your limbs as your body expands. You try desperately to drag yourself across the ground, but you are way too fat for your arms cary. You’ve already gained two hundred pounds. While this happens, you feel something pushing itself out, just above your fattening ass. Looking back, you once again squeal. A curly tail as sprouted out of you. this one change, perhaps more then any other, sends you into a panic. Something about it makes you realize that you can no longer deny what you are becoming. You are turning into a fat, disgusting pig, and there is nothing you can do about it. Your face presses forward, joining your long, wide snout. Meanwhile, your feet elongate, while your thighs shorten. You are truly designed to be a quadruped now. Your arms are getting shorter, looking more like huge slabs of meat. The genitalia between your legs subtly shift position, growing larger as it does. It hurts, but also fills you with waves of desire. Though this lust is not like anything you are used to. It feels raw, and animalistic. Erotic thoughts swim through your mind in response, but it is not the picture of humans that fill your fantasies. The though of a pig off the opposite sex, the idea of mating and procreating with them, fills every fiber of your sexual desires. Through the mountains of lust filling your every thought, a small voice of horror rings out at the realization that the changes aren’t just physical. Your very mind is being taken away from you. You continue to inflate, becoming abnormally fat, even for a pig. Even the lady watching you seems surprised, as she writes faster. It takes all your effort to move your obese body even a few inches. You feel so tired, and lethargic. You feel like you need to get away, but you can’t remember why. Why are you so scared? Do you even have a name. Slowly, those thoughts begin to fade, as your brain forgets everything you used to know. You can’t read, or remember how you got here. You can barely even think. All you want to do is eat, and mate. You let out a frustrated grunt, eager procreate. The changes are stopping now, with no trace of the human you used to be. You are a swine now, and as far as you can recall, you have always been a swine. The lady watching you is saying something, but you can’t understand it. The door opens, and you are led into a truck with other pigs. You want to mate with the first one you see, but you are led away into your own little space. In the corner is a troff, which you eat the slop out of. However, there is still a small part of you, cut off from the rest of your body, that is trying to resist. You can’t remember your name, or what are words, but you know you are not meant to be a pig, and are not supposed to be eating this disgusting slop. But that part of you cannot reach the rest, which keeps eating. Finally, the truck opens, and you are led into a field with other pigs. You immediately begin to roll in the mud. It feels so cool against your hot skin. You lay there for hours, driving in and out of consciousness. When you awaken, you feel the old lust again. You drag your heavy body towards your desired mate, as they accept your advances. That small part of you that remembers what you’re supposed to be is screaming now, wanting to do nothing but prevent the act from occurring. But that voice is easily silenced by the mountains of animalistic lust coursing through you. You procreate once, then twice. That small voice of protest never truly goes away. But it has already lost. You are a pig. You were always meant to be a pig. And you will remain one for the rest of your life.
  8. Enjoy the Moos  
  9. Classes were done until the fall, and a summer job working at a farm would be great on her resume. She was studying to get her bachelor's degree in agriculture, then planned on applying to work at a facility that made genetically modified seeds. This farm was owned by a sister company of theirs, and though they mostly seemed to raise cattle, she hoped it would show her interest in the company as a whole. She was a bit nervous though, she hadn't actually been out to the farm yet, and the details on what she was going to be doing weren't explained to her that well. All she knew is that she was going to be working as a Hucow, and they would be monitoring how much milk she could produce. She didn't know much about cows, but she was sure she could get whatever cow they assigned her to make as much milk as possible. She was a bit surprised when she arrived at the ranch that there was very little pasture land for grazing, and the barns looked more like small houses than a place to store animals. Eventually she spotted one of the management and got their attention, they were happy she arrived so quickly and were eager to get her to work. First they needed to give her a small injection, just a small immune booster they said. She didn't like needles, but she wasn't going to complain in front of her new boss. The shot stung worse than she expected, and she immediately felt like her body was on fire. She gave the man a frightened look, worried she was having an allergic reaction, but was unable to voice her concern as everything started to go black. It turns out that all the Hucows experienced a similar reaction to the injection, and though frightening it served as a good way to keep the patient unconscious during their transition. She didn't know exactly how long she had been out, but when she woke up she figured out exactly what her job was. She wasn't raising a cow, or trying to get it to make more milk. She was the cow making the milk. Her once small breasts had swelled out into massive milk filled mounds with nipples the size of soda cans, and she now had fluffy ears and a cow tail. After she had calmed down the management explained to her that she had signed a contract and would have to stay here as a Hucow for the summer, but after that time was up they could mostly reverse the process. They could get rid of the ears and tail if she wanted, but her breasts would only shrink down as small as they were when empty of milk. On the other hand, she could choose to stay like this after her summer of milking was up, and get monthly blood tests for their research. They would not only offer her a job at the facility she was looking to work at, but pay her quite well. There was no need to rush the decision though, she had all summer to think about it...
  10. Spilled Milk by TF-Warlock

    She tried one last time to hook the clasp, trying to will herself smaller so she would fit into the straining bra to no avail. She dropped the garment on the floor in front of her and pouted. She had only bought the bra yesterday, and that was because the bra she had before that had become too small. She felt like she was hitting puberty a second time, her hips felt swollen, her breasts seemed to have grown multiple cup sizes and her nipples were always hard. It might have been enjoyable, but she was more than a little worried about what had caused this to start happening. ...................... Visiting a Museum wasn't high on her list of fun things to do, but a good friend of hers was visiting from a few states away and she wanted to check out an exhibit that related to her work out west as a historian. She watched her friend as she gleefully explained why this or that artifact was so cool. Her friend had long dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes and curves to die for. Everything she wore looked fantastic on her, hugging her wide hips and busty chest just right. She had to admit, she was jealous of her. She toyed with her shoulder length hair as she regarded her own figure. Her dark hair and skin tone gave her an exotic look she had been told, but with her small breasts and narrow hips it didn't matter. The dark haired girl sighed and pulled out her phone, it was getting late. She was answering a text while her friend looked at some display, unaware of the woman behind her. She stepped back and bumped into the woman, jumping in surprise at her presence and stumbling away from her into a nearby stand. She felt her elbow hit the vase and she tried to turn and catch it before it wobbled and fell, but the shattering pottery gave her little time and she found herself standing over the broken earth ware with a security guard walking toward her. She panicked and ran toward her friend, grabbing the blonde by the collar and out the exit, leaving the ancient milk jug a pile of loose fragments. As she tried to drag her friend to the car the woman she had bumped into stopped her. "Leaving so soon?" She asked with a cold tone. "U-uh yeah, it's uhm, getting late. Sorry about earlier I... I have to go." She tried to move passed the woman unsuccessfully. "You really should stay don't you think?" The dark haired girl looked at her friend and then back at the woman. "No I really need to leave now." "Have it your way, I guess there's no use crying over spilled milk. What's done is done, you brought this upon yourself." She sounded disappointed and the dark haired girl had to drag her confused friend to the car to get away from the mysterious woman. ............... That had been two days ago, the dark haired girl was at home now, and her friend had already got on her plane home. She still felt bad her friends trip had ended on a sour note like that, but she wasn't about to get in trouble for something like that, it was an accident. 'No use crying over spilled milk' The words kept coming back to her, she just couldn't managed to get the mysterious woman out of her mind. There was something... compelling about her. And whenever she thought of her she could swear she felt a strange hum, like... something in the background she couldn't quite see or hear, but too odd to ignore. It was when these strange hums happened that her body started to feel off, a warmth, a pressure, something itching weirdly. Different things kept happening, but always with that hum that she had come to dread. She almost felt like her breasts getting bigger must be tied to it somehow. 'No use crying over spilled milk' The thought came unbidden and the hum followed, but this time it was louder, this time she could hear it, she could feel it. The energy pulsed and felt like it crashed into her, filling her, encasing her. She tried to fight against it, but she felt like she was drowning in it's warm glow, in the tingling sensation that arced down her spine and left her skin afire. She grabbed the sides of her head and panted, the pressure, it was so much, her face felt like it was going to explode. As she tried to keep her head intact she felt something hard, something poking her hands. She tried to feel the odd shape and was confused by what she held. Something fuzzy rubbed her hand and she kept trying to keep it off of her as she felt the odd shape poking out of her dark hair. Her nose started to tingle like she needed to sneeze and the hard point was forgotten, she recoiled and and waited in a tormenting half sneeze waiting to cum, but it never did, just more pressure. She rubbed her nose and winced, it felt... wrong. Her nose seemed thick, like it had grown wide and squared off slightly. She would have rubbed it again but it was too tender. She reached up to rub her ears, which felt similarly uncomfortable. Her hand touched something fuzzy and floppy, it was semi rigid and warm, it was attached to the side of her head. She pulled on it and swore sharply. It was... it was her ears? She frantically felt them and poked herself with the hard object again, she felt it too and didn't know what to make of it, it... well it felt like a horn, like she had big floppy ears and horns. She was starting to doubt her senses. 'No use crying over spilled milk' Her eyes went wide and she tried to hide from the hum somehow, putting her arms up and trying to make herself small, but it washed over her again. This time she felt like she pulled a muscle in her back, a sore throb that made her double over as it suddenly became sharp and her backed cracked loudly. It popped and cracked and she whimpered at the unpleasant pressure in her spine. Suddenly there was a rush, a building pain and sensation that came to a sudden stop. She felt... numb, her legs weak, her body shaky. She rubbed at her back in concern, but it felt... normal. She let her hand drift lower and traced her spine all the way to where it was supposed to end. It didn't end. She continued to rub her hand down the length of what was instantly identifiable as a tail, it must have been as long as her arm, and the tuft of hair she felt at it's end was the same color as that on her head. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, why she was suddenly- 'No use crying over spilled milk' It took less time for the hum to come back this time and she was caught off guard, it almost knocked the wind out of her as the energy hit her chest and filled her with that same hot pressure she wished would end. This time it stayed in her chest, and became stronger, a throbbing pressure that made her feel light headed. She watched in dismay as her breasts seemed to swell with every pulse, her nipples rigid and sensitive. She reached out and grabbed hold of one of the nipples only to moan out lustfully, they felt... big. Just like her breasts, the nipples were also growing, swelling larger and larger. She could feel her breasts filling with pressure, but unlike previous times, this time it felt... solid. She felt like she was being pumped full of some liquid, like her breasts were being filled with, well, with what breasts are meant to be filled with. Didn't need the phantom words to explain her swelling chest, her nipples, now dripping steadily, told the story themselves. Fat droplets of white cream hung from her obscene teats and she had to resist the urge to bellow loudly like a barnyard animal as she tugged at a hefty nipple and sprayed milk like a fountain.  
  11. "Skinny bitch, heavy on the bitch," is what Charlie ordered her assistant to go and fetch her from the bar but when the faithful servant returned with a flute of noxious orange liquid she was too exasperated to scold the girl. So long as it contained enough alcohol to maintain the constant buzz she lived in, Charlie didn't care if she had to slurp it from the fatty rolls of the Prince of Swedemark (which she only did on Tuesdays). The flute would do. What the scatterbrained handmaiden hadn't realised was that she'd nabbed a drink originally destined for table 12 where a party of flairwolves were celebrating the new moon with a round of Fox Chasers. To a flairwolf, this concoction is an appetiser, an icebreaker, something to get the ball rolling. Your average humanoid could knock back one or two before slipping under the table for an involuntary 6-12 hour nap. A crabbageman could down an entire bottle in one breath before spontaneously combusting. Shapeshifters, however, whose bodies are notoriously dull-witted and overly gullible, will register this liquid intoxicant as literally toxic and without first consulting the brain (which would have told it that "pick your poison" is just a saying, not a tailor made death sentence) will reshape the body so as to properly consume such a drink. And so as the Fox Chaser passed Charlie's lips and slipped down her painstakingly moulded imitation of a humanoid throat she felt a rumbling and a popping and a swelling and a plumping and a cracking and a pop. Her human facade shattered as thick soft plumes of fur spread from head to toe. Her heels and toes snapped and stretched to digitigrade paws and claws and fangs took the place of civilised nails and teeth. Where only moments earlier, the refined pretence of a human woman stood, now towered a lumbering mocha brown bitch, nude as a wild animal and stumbling from the transformation high. She was promptly escorted to the part of the bar reserved for animal guests and asked not to get too close to the areas serving food and drink because nobody wants to choke on dog hair while they're enjoying their beverage. Luckily for her assistant, it would be a few hours before Charlie could wrap her tongue around her new mouth in a way that she could articulate the words "You're fired."  
  12. The March of the Overmountain Men

    The March of the Overmountain Men The March of the Overmountain Men By Anonymous (man and woman to pig transformation) Story warning: nudity The air was unseasonably chill that morning, as Isaiah Sumter made his way to Major Patrick Ferguson’s headquarters. Of course, it was mid-September – the summer couldn’t last forever. Unlike this war. Like most of those nominally loyal to the Crown, Isaiah had been surprised when the Patriots actually made an armed conflict out of their grievances. And he had been even more surprised when Washington’s ragtag army had made it through its first winter against the greatest military power the world had ever known. Now, four years later, things still looked bad for the American rebels, with Charleston captured and their forces routed at Camden. But they kept fighting, and Isaiah wondered when everything would finally get back to normal. It looked like the Crown was trying to put an end to it, at least here in the south. The great commander Lord Charles Cornwallis had come down to North Carolina personally, and Patriot defeats were beginning to mount up. And Loyalist garrisons were springing up everywhere, as well. Isaiah had been called to Major Ferguson’s headquarters in Gilbert Town. He didn’t know why – he wasn’t particularly active in the war. For the most part, he had just kept his head down and waited for it to pass. But clearly, he had done something to draw the attention of the regional administrator. And his secretary sent Isaiah right in when he announced himself. “Major Ferguson? You sent for me?” Isaiah asked as he came in. “Ah, yes, Mister Sumter. Please, be seated. Can I offer you a glass of Madeira?” “Yes, thank you,” Isaiah answered, seating himself in the proffered chair. “Not as good as European wine, I’m afraid,” the Major apologized. “But it’s about the best we can get here.” Isaiah, being unfamiliar with European wines, merely remained silent, and drank his cup. “You’re a beekeeper, yes? I imagine I have you to thank for the honey in my tea, then,” Ferguson continued. “Perhaps so, sir.” “Damn few luxury goods down here. Even compared to New York or Boston.” “I’m sorry, sir. Hopefully you can get the rebellion put down quickly, so you can return to the comforts of home.” “Indeed. I’m surprised it has gone on this long.” “So, what service can I offer the Crown?” Isaiah asked at last, when both men had drained their glasses. Ferguson smiled tightly. “You have an unimpeachably American name, Mister Sumter,” he said. “I assure you, it doesn’t mean I identify with the Patriot cause, sir,” he said quickly. “I’m not even related to General Sumter.” The Major just laughed, and held up his hands. “I mean no offence, Mister Sumter. In fact, I view it as a benefit. You should be able to blend in with the rebels easily – you look like them, and although I’m convinced that you love the King, you’ve never been overtly political. No one a few towns over would know you well enough to suspect anything, when your very name conjures up such deeply ingrained Patriot fantasies of the Carolina Gamecock.” “You… you want me to be a spy?” Isaiah asked, the weight of Ferguson’s words dawning on him. “I do,” the Major answered. “One of my missions here is to find and recruit men loyal to the Crown for the militia. But I’m also to use the militia to ferret out and destroy Patriot enclaves. I’ve ordered any rebels to surrender, and threatened to lay waste to their country with both fire and sword if they don’t. But the whole Watauga region is a particularly rebellious area, and many of them – these so-called Overmountain Men – have openly refused. Rumor is, they plan to fight back. I need to know where, how, and who all is gathering against me. And I don’t have any good assets there.” “Watauga… isn’t that Indian land?” asked Isaiah. “They lease their land directly from the Cherokees, in violation of the Treaty of Lochaber. Why the savages tolerate it, I don’t know.” “But the Cherokee support you, don’t they? I thought the Crown had hired them on to raid Patriot holdings.” “Some do, some don’t. This man Dragon Canoe and those loyal to him are on our side, but inexplicably, some still favor the rebels.” “I’ll never understand Indian politics.” “Nor will I. But I need a man who can blend in to go to Watauga and look around. Find any Loyalists, and let us know who they are for recruitment. And find out the strength, number, and plans of any Patriot rebels in the area.” “I see.” “Of course, the Crown will compensate you well for your service. And I will hold you and your assets immune to recruitment or confiscation for the war effort. Just do this task for me, Mister Sumter, and I promise that you can simply wait out the war as you’ve been doing.” Isaiah swallowed, recognizing the implicit threat. But the terms were reasonably generous, and he did want to avoid the fighting if at all possible. He nodded. “I’ll do it, sir,” he said. “Excellent,” said the Major, clapping him on the shoulder, and directing him towards the door. There were few things Isaiah wanted less than to be caught as a spy by Overmountain Men, but there seemed little choice for him. So he put together provision, and set out north for Watauga on horse, a journey of several days. He wasn’t particularly familiar with the area, and had always considered the people from over the Appalachians to be crude and uncivilized. Rough folk, who would deal brutally with a spy. The best place to start, if his limited information was correct, seemed to be the town of Sycamore Shoals. So he deliberately journeyed to the west of it, paying to stable his horse in an outlying town and then approaching on foot, as though he were travelling to the east and not directly from Cornwallis’s stronghold. By the time he reached the Shoals, his feet ached, unused to so much walking in the rocky, mountainous terrain. The area was agrarian, as so much of the south was. But even so, Sycamore Shoals seemed to have a lot of hog farmers. Pens with dozens of live hogs even seemed to go into the town, and the smell of them wafted on the breeze. It wasn’t particularly a smell he was unused to – although from a larger and more urban town, there were plenty of farmers around raising every staple crop and animal. A man just got used to it. He looked around, trying to get a feel for his surroundings even as he practiced his story in his head. He would need to establish himself quickly here. But Isaiah found good luck almost immediately. As he was approaching the town, he saw a pretty young woman out hanging her laundry to dry. He approached her calmly and struck up a conversation. “Good afternoon, Miss,” he said, taking off his hat. “My name’s Isaiah Sumter. I’m travelling out to Cross Creek, and was hoping you could spare a cup of water.” “On foot?” the woman asked. Her nostrils flared a couple of times ever so slightly, as she looked him over. But she seemed to take an interest in him. “The Cherokee shot my horse a few days back, and I’ve been without most of my provisions ever since,” he said. “I have a cousin in Cross Creek, so I thought I’d return there.” “Well, Mister Sumter, I’m Abigail Chiles. Help me finish hanging my linens, and I’ll get you a draught of water and a bite to eat, too.” Isaiah complied, taking the opportunity to get a good look at his hostess. The pretty girl was brunette, with deep dark eyes, a comely face, and a very full bust peeking over her low tucker. He was quite taken with the attractive woman, and she seemed to smile at his stares and attention. She was true to her word, taking him into her kitchen and feeding him as soon as her laundry was on the line. But Abigail did far more than provide a mere bite to eat. She laid out a full meal. She offered him plenty of water, fresh carrots and potatoes, and a thick, rich salted pork chop that made his mouth water just smelling it. And there was bread with a healthy amount of butter, besides. “I didn’t see that you had any cows,” Isaiah noted, helping himself to some of the creamy butter. “We don’t have many,” admitted Abigail. We trade for it with the Cherokee. The civilized ones have dairy farms nearby, and we trade our hogs for beef, mutton, and milk, and our vegetables for theirs.” “Did you cook this all yourself, Miss Chiles?” he asked around bites of the rich, juicy pork. “Aye,” she answered proudly. “Do you like it?” “The best food I’ve tasted in years.” Abigail smiled broadly, a warm, unguarded smile. “I’m glad,” she said. “I love food. It’s nice to have a strapping man who appreciates one’s cooking.” “Are you… unmarried?” Isaiah asked, painfully aware that he was wasting time with questions of interest to him, and of no relevance to Ferguson. And she was quite willing to talk with him at length. He found out that her mother had died in childbirth years back, and she had volunteered to keep her father’s house rather than get married and leave him alone, as her ten siblings had done. They had then moved to Sycamore Shoals soon after its founding. He shared with her his cover story as well, and although she raised an eyebrow, her nostrils flaring again, she seemed to buy it. “If you’re weary, perhaps you might tarry a day or two, or however long it takes you to secure a horse. Cross Creek is a ways to go on foot, with war and unrest around.” “If it isn’t imposing too much on you or your father, I might take you up on that offer,” Isaiah said. It was a perfect excuse to scout out the town – claiming to be looking for a good horse to buy, or a merchant’s wagon to ride along with. He could get the lay of the land, the relative strength of the Patriot sympathizers, and, if he was very lucky, a few leads to Loyalists that Ferguson could enlist. Abigail offered to show him around the town, and he readily accepted. Like most Appalachian communities, it seemed fairly self-sufficient in its rustic atmosphere. The area was well defended, with the wooden palisades of Fort Caswell standing like silent guardians over the townsfolk. Several dozen men of the militia drilled in the courtyard, and Abigail pointed out their commander, Isaac Shelby. He was a man of thirty summers with a ruddy complexion, back in the area after a successful skirmish near Musgrove Mill. His men weren’t as disciplined as British regulars, and some of their drilling tactics seemed to Isaiah’s eyes almost Indian. He carefully took note of everything he could. There were numerous farms, and the center of town offered a blacksmith, candle makers, cloth, and dyes. A new Presbyterian church was shepherded by a heavyset, somewhat severe looking man Abigail introduced as Reverend Samuel Doak, although she said he served a circuit and not just the one church. The cleric watched them go by, his nose twitching like he was smelling something foul on the air. The outskirts included the sawmill and gristmills near the Watauga River, as well as a tannery. Aside from the Cherokee and other Overmountain settlements, there wasn’t as much trading with outsiders as Isaiah was accustomed to. The market was less organized than he expected, although travelling merchants seemed to come and go with some regularity to a reasonably prosperous trading post owned by a big, broad-shouldered man Abigail introduced as John Carter. Clearly, their trading routes were not yet obstructed by the Crown. He saw corn, tobacco, rice, indigo, and even cotton and wheat being taken to the mills or looms. As they walked about, Abigail cheerfully recounted the story of the town’s founding, with old James Robertson’s humble corn crib. But, of course, swine seemed to be their main product. There were pigsties everywhere, from very small to quite large, and far deeper into town than in any settlement he had ever seen before. There seemed to be lots of breeds represented, and many seemed unusually large to his eyes. He could hear hogs grunting and squealing in almost conversational tones wherever they went, even when he couldn’t see a pen. A few unpenned hogs even meandered about on the roads, unperturbed by the activity of the village. As they passed a pigpen with the gate cracked open, Isaiah saw two huge hogs inside going at it hot and heavy. “You have very large hogs here,” he noted, making idle conversation. Abigail looked over at the enormous swine, and burst into a smile. She laughed. “Hey, Mister Ellery, Carlton is in your pigpen again!” she called, and then slapped the amorous boar on the rump. “Get out, you old rascal! You can romance her somewhere else!” The boar squealed, but followed her command, and both gigantic pigs slunk away out of the sty as if they could understand the insults, and had been caught doing something wrong. Isaiah raised an eyebrow. But as he watched them waddle past, he noticed that the hogs were unusual in more than just their size. The fat boar was quite hairy, and almost appeared to have a reddish beard around his snout. “What’s going on?” he asked. Abigail smiled, as if at a private joke. “Oh, this old troublemaker likes sneaking into other pigpens. He… ah, he’s a well-known boar that likes stealing pigswill and, uh, romancing the sows.” “Where is he, Miss Chiles?” a man, presumably Mister Ellery, puffed as he ran out back. “It was just Carlton again. We chased him off,” answered Abigail. “And who’s this?” Ellery asked. His own nostrils flared, as though he was sniffing at the air. His eyes flicked back and forth between Isaiah and Abigail. “Mister Isaiah Sumter,” she said airily. “He’s travelling east to kin in Cross Creek, and needs to look around town to find a horse or passage.” “I see,” said Mister Ellery, raising an eyebrow. “Then I’ll leave you to your task.” Isaiah watched him go. “That was a curious man,” he said. “Just worried about strangers. With the war and all,” she said. “A Patriot, then?” “Most people around here are, if they’re anything,” said Abigail. “Well, I’m not close kin to General Sumter, but I am proud of his achievements,” Isaiah said. He enjoyed his informal tour with Abigail, as they strolled about and she introduced him to everyone he might want to meet. She was open and charming and articulate, and everyone who seemed wary about him was put at ease by her. It struck Isaiah as odd. Abigail seemed like quite a catch, and was well thought of by her community. He wondered why she hadn’t found a husband yet. Between her beauty and her cooking and her infectiously confident demeanor, it seemed strange that she was un-courted. In fact, she was just the type of girl he’d like to find back home. When she turned to go back, Isaiah insisted on coming with her, to help with any chores he may have taken her away from. Ferguson wouldn’t have been happy, but he felt the digression added to his cover story. Besides, he had learned a lot today with Abigail’s help, and he was not tired of her company. She accepted his help graciously, and he assisted with gathering firewood as she readied for dinner. She chose a chicken to prepare, and cleaned it as he brought in her laundry. It wasn’t until she was almost done that her father arrived, and by then Isaiah was quite curious to meet him. Mister Chiles was a man of fifty, starting to go grey and with dirt under his nails. He had been down in Shelving Rock, selling hogs. He seemed initially distrustful of Isaiah, but Abigail put him at ease reasonably easily. Of course, Isaiah wouldn’t blame the older man for being nervous, if all his other children had left. A potential suitor would look like quite a threat to a man like that. Isaiah noticed that he, too, flared his nostrils, sniffing at the air as he met the stranger. Was that some peculiar local custom? A nervous tic of the Overmountain Men, which they were themselves unconscious of? It seemed bizarre – almost like everyone was smelling him, when they first met him. Dinner, however, was quite pleasant, and Abigail’s cooking was in top form. Cornbread, sweet potatoes, peas, and rice accompanied her delicious chicken, although he missed the honey that usually graced his own table. It was a lot more food than he was accustomed to eating for his evening meal, and he wondered if this was common for the people of the Appalachians – he had always imagined them having a worse diet than he. But Mister Chiles didn’t act like anything was out of the ordinary, and ate as much as two men. Abigail, too, ate much more than it seemed like her comparatively thin frame would routinely allow. But the dinner conversation was as delightful as the food, and Isaiah felt far more comfortable in the company of these Overmountain people than he had ever expected to. Part of that was Abigail, of course – but part of it was more than a mere physical attraction to her. These weren’t the backwater rubes he had thought they might be. They were charming and sharp witted, albeit lacking his education and polish. Even their peculiarities seemed charming. When Abigail laughed at a joke Isaiah made, her mirth sounding almost like a pig squealing. It was strange, but kind of endearing – perhaps she had been around hogs too long. After dinner, Mister Chiles played Isaiah for a few rounds of Nine Men’s Morris, but the old man dominated him, and so didn’t insist on playing it very long. Being quite full, Isaiah was glad to retire for the night, collapsing into the bed Abigail had prepared in their extra room. He drifted for a while between wake and sleep, entertaining impure thoughts about his pretty hostess. He realized that he could hear father and daughter talking in hushed tones, their voices sounding somewhat deeper than he expected. But even though he tried, he couldn’t make out the words. The big meal had made him lethargic, and he soon drifted off to sleep. Breakfast the next morning was also well out of scale from the small repast he was used to. Both bacon and sausage dominated Abigail’s table, the best Isaiah had ever tasted. Porridge, molasses, leftover cornbread, and scrapple accompanied it, and cider to drink. It was clear that both Abigail and her father had been up for hours starting their morning chores, but they hadn’t disturbed his sleep. Mister Chiles again had dealings in another town, and soon departed, leaving Isaiah to his business. He stayed for several days. Now that he knew the layout of Sycamore Shoals, he could start feeling out the townsfolk under the guise of his cover story. He was quickly disappointed by the prospects of Loyalist recruitment, though. Abigail had spoken the truth; everyone around seemed either pro-Patriot or un-political. Even the handful of Cherokee traders seemed indisposed to the Crown. There were clearly Cherokee hostile to the settlers – ones loyal to a war chief called Tsiyu Gansini, or ‘Dragging Canoe’ (not ‘Dragon Canoe’, as Major Ferguson had thought) – but Isaiah never met any of them. The only red men he encountered were not only at peace with the town, but openly friendly. He continued to ask around about horses or wagons, gently feeling the place out. Without Abigail with him, he got the distinct impression that the townspeople were humoring him – performing for him, rather than truly interacting. Like they were only letting him see what they wanted him to see. Apparently, Abigail’s acceptance of him had not completely convinced the townsfolk to drop their natural distrust of outsiders. But what was indisputably clear was that the number of men drilling with Isaac Shelby was increasing every day. Isaiah counted them carefully, doing his best to determine from their drills what their battle strategy might be. It seemed as much defensive as offensive, and he thought it likely they were bracing themselves against Ferguson’s threatened attack, rather than planning one of their own. But he couldn’t be sure yet. Probably, Isaiah should have moved on, but he was enjoying his time with Abigail Chiles, and eating her delicious cooking. She frequently served pork, which was unsurprising given the large number of hogs around. They owned quite a few of their own, not all of which were penned. She seemed remarkably adept at getting the swine to obey her, moving them around like she spoke their language. And, of course, she was easy on the eyes. All of her was beautiful, but he found it particularly hard to draw his eyes away from her lovely bosom, And Abigail didn’t seem to avoid his gaze. In fact, she often seemed to him to bend over, or move her shoulders forward, or any other little thing to invite attention to her soft flesh. He was quite enchanted with the buxom country girl. It was a pity that her political leanings were probably towards the Patriots. She seemed like the perfect kind of girl to make a home with. Eventually, he worked up the courage to ask her about her plans for finding a husband, and starting a family. Surely she didn’t plan to live in her father’s house her whole life? Abigail just laughed, her unusual, infectious laugh. “Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind having a litter of my own babies,” she admitted. “But I could never leave my father alone. Any husband would have to take him in, as well.” But despite their close bond, there did seem to be something wrong between father and daughter. They often talked with each other late into the night after Isaiah had retired, and one night he was certain he heard her arguing with her father. They were trying to keep their voices down, so it was hard to make out the context – he didn’t seem to approve of something she was doing or wanted to do, and their deeper-sounding voices were harsh. He was groggy with another huge meal, and was having trouble focusing, but he tried, interested to hear what she wanted, if only to take her side the next morning. It was a strain, and he couldn’t be sure, but he thought he heard Abigail say the word ‘love’. He closed his eyes, feeling a quick surge of confidence. Isaiah slept like a baby that night. The morning of September 25th was much the same as his previous days, and he relaxed with his hosts, not looking forward to spending his time casing the town and surrounding area again. The breakfast conversation was lively and enjoyable, and apparently Mister Chiles was not leaving town to sell today, instead going to see Isaac Shelby at the garrison. Isaiah asked a few casual questions about the buildup, although he didn’t get any concrete answers. But he didn’t mind, enjoying talking to Abigail just for the conversation itself. He was growing quite fond of her. In a way, he was surprised – he had certainly never expected to be attracted to an Overmountain woman. Eventually, he went into town, wondering if he could find another excuse to delay leaving the area. But soon, he noticed that something was going on. The town was full of people, and more seemed to be arriving constantly. John Carter’s trading house was packed. And by early afternoon, it was clear that it wasn’t just people moving through – they were congregating here. It was some sort of gathering. Isaiah found that he couldn’t even get close to Fort Caswell, which was now teeming with hundreds of men. One thing was very obvious, though. This wasn’t a defensive gathering. It was a war party. And all of the newcomers glared at him with suspicion and hostility, as if they could tell his loyalty just by looking at him. Isaiah swallowed. It wasn’t safe for him here, anymore. And he needed to get this information back to Major Ferguson as soon as possible. He quickly returned to Abigail’s house, to gather his few possessions and set back out west to recover his horse. A mob like that would need six or seven days, maybe eight if he was lucky, to march the seventy miles to Gilbert Town over this rough terrain. On horse, he’d be back in plenty of time to sound the alarm. Disturbingly, the crowd was large enough that it filled the town and surrounding fields. He could see armed men milling about even on Abigail’s land, and more continued to congregate there. As he entered the cool dark of the house, he went straight to his room, throwing his things together. But as he moved back out into the foyer, a shadow fell across the door, and he looked up to see Abigail smiling at him. “What’s going on?” she asked mildly. “I need to be heading out, Miss Chiles,” he said. “I thank you for your great hospitality, and hope you’ll convey my gratitude to your father, as well.” “So soon? A pity. I had hoped we could convince you to stay on a few more days.” “As did I, but things have changed.” “What about your horse?” she asked. “Surely you don’t mean to walk to Cross Creek.” “I need to leave now,” he said. “I think not. Too dangerous to leave, today,” Abigail answered, folding her arms under her bust. Isaiah glanced down at her now-prominent cleavage, but recovered quickly. “Please step aside, Miss Chiles. You don’t understand how urgent my business is.” “Oh, I do,” she said. “I had just hoped the nature of that business might have changed.” Abigail smiled at him strangely. “You know, I can smell the British on you.” Isaiah was unnerved by that. She knew? But… but why had she helped him, then? Was this some kind of trap? “Please get out of the way, Miss Chiles, and you won’t be harmed,” he blustered, trying to gauge how to handle her. “You couldn’t hurt me if you wanted to, my sweet. Now please, why don’t you sit down and let me fix you something to eat.” “Are you addled? You can’t possibly restrain me. What do you even intend to do?” “I’m just meant to keep you here for the night. We could all tell right off who you are, fancy red coat or no.” “Don’t be a fool. There’s nothing a wisp of a girl can do to stop a hale and armed man. I outweigh you by four stone!” “Heh. No you don’t, you Crown-kissing rascal,” she laughed. Her attitude distressed Isaiah – what could she possibly be thinking? Almost instinctively, he reached for his flintlock as he turned his shoulder to her, meaning to push past. But as Abigail braced herself between him and the door, she began to change. First she pulled the drawstrings of her dress loose, shucking it off in a clearly practiced, fluid motion. Isaiah was surprised to see that she wore no shift or corset, and thought at first that she meant to seduce him. And that wouldn’t have been a bad plan, because she looked exceptionally beautiful bare. Abigail’s hair was free, a brunette cascade around her soft shoulders. Her big tits heaved, now completely unsupported, and his eyes followed their seductive motion down her body. Her smooth belly, her excellent childrearing hips, and her long legs were a picture of feminine beauty – everything he could have hoped for. He hesitated for a crucial instant, feeling himself aroused by her. But almost immediately, she began to swell. It took him a second to realize what was happening. Abigail was moving towards him, and he could see that she was fattening – her belly and hips swelling larger. It felt like the moment lasted forever, like he had all the time in the world to watch this gorgeous girl become something unspeakably alien. To observe in detail each astonishing change in her lovely body. Her ears grew large, flopping out of her unruly hair even as they rose to the top of her head and pointed. But their growth was as nothing compared to her nose. Abigail’s cute nostrils flared, like they had when he had first met her, then swelled out, tilting upward to face him. Her whole nose blossomed into a large, rooting snout, dominating her face and pushing her darker, beady eyes further to the sides. It grew so large it swallowed her mouth, her teeth and tongue inside also changing, her new tusks emerging from the gaping maw. In fact, her whole head and neck swelled with the snout, tilting up even as her body leaned forward, looking like nothing less than the head of a huge hog on the once-beautiful woman’s bloating body. Even her lovely hair thinned away without a trace. A full-bodied squeal rose from her transformed throat, powered by much larger lungs. Her gorgeous body continued to fatten, as she added easily a hundred pounds, and then two, and then three, her feminine curves expanding into the bulk of a very large sow that was hurtling towards him. She had raised her hands as if to take hold of him, but now Isaiah could see that they too were changing, becoming blocky hooves even as her arms shrank into forelegs, settling to either side of her prodigious bulk. In the end, only two of her vestigial fingers were left as dew claws behind each solid, bi-formed hoof. Her legs were changing, too, becoming fatter and shorter, but her overall height seemed to stay the same as her back lengthened, her torso bearing more of the strain of her huge weight. Her whole body was looking less and less like a fat woman and more like the barrel-shaped mass of a pig. All traces of her hips were swallowed by her bulk, and small teats began to grow out behind her big jiggling breasts, each crowned by a thick, dark nipple. As she fell across him, he felt her lovely breasts squish against his body, but they too quickly transformed into teats, shrinking away and leaving only the bestial, thickened nipples behind. Soon there was nothing different about them compared to her other twelve. Whatever else was left of Abigail’s humanity quickly bled away as she collapsed on top of him, replaced with warm and bristly pig flesh. It was hard to believe, but it was over in seconds. Abigail had become an immense sow, and even in his uncomfortably close proximity, Isaiah could tell no difference between her and ordinary swine. He noticed that the fat hog had retained her lovely pale skin, but it was decorated now with scattered grey spots dotted across her enormous rump. He struggled, but he couldn’t even reach his flintlock or knife. And nothing he could do could shift the hog’s enormous weight off of him. She had efficiently pinned him to the ground, preventing him from moving his arms or legs. Outside, he could hear voices. He realized that the preacher, Doak, was speaking, blessing the war party. “My countrymen, you are about to set out on an expedition which is full of hardships and dangers, but one in which the Almighty will attend you,” he intoned. “The Mother Country has her hand upon you, these American colonies, and takes that for which our fathers planted their homes in the wilderness – our liberty!” he shouted. A cheer went up. It was as much an inflammatory speech as it was a prayer. The muster was happening now, and he couldn’t get away to do anything about it! “What are you?” Isaiah cried, frantic. He still tried to struggle and squirm, but the sow was far too fat for him to even hope to move. In her new form, the animal had to weigh seven hundred pounds. Even breathing was a struggle under her enormous bulk. The hog wasn’t lying directly on his chest, fortunately, but her mass did cover his diaphragm, making his breaths painful and short. “I’m your guard. At least, until the muster is complete,” the sow said, her voice deeper but enunciating almost as clearly as when she had been a woman. “After all, we can’t have a Crown spy getting back to warn Ferguson about what’s coming.” “S… spy? You… you can talk?” he blubbered, his mind trying to make sense of the impossible thing he’d just witnessed. “Like I said, we could all smell the British about you. And I did mean that literally.” “Ah…all of you? You’re all… all hogs?” The animal nodded her huge head. “We can communicate like hogs, with our eyes and posture as much as our voices. Everyone I took you to meet, smelled the red on you immediately. And I was able to convey to all of them that you were probably a spy, but one I had under control. By the first night, they’d decided what to do with you. Everything you’ve seen, you’ve seen because we chose to let you. So, it seems only fair to let you see this, too.” She moved a little, allowing him to sit up enough to see out a window. But his hands and legs were still hopelessly trapped under the sow’s immense bulk. “Look out that window, love. See us as we are,” she offered. Isaiah couldn’t see the preacher, but he could still hear his ‘blessing’. “Brave men, you are not unacquainted with battle. Your hands have already been taught to war and your fingers to fight!” he shouted, working himself up to a fever pitch. “Go forth then in the strength of your manhood to the aid of your brethren, the defense of your liberty and the protection of your homes. And may the God of Justice be with you and give you victory!” Isaiah swallowed dryly. Several large hogs already stood in the field, grunting fiercely. But as he watched, the hundreds of men shifted, growing like their leaders. Each one took on mass, becoming huge, heavyset warriors with the features of boars. It was a fearful sight, and even at a distance, he could hear their grunting war chant. Few became complete hogs, as Abigail had done, or transformed as quickly, but every man that Isaiah could see was partly beast. This was a muster not of men, but of monsters. Isaiah was nearly in a panic, but the sow on top of him continued to talk in a genial, conversational tone. If he wasn’t looking at her, he could almost imagine that it was the pretty Abigail speaking, instead of an immense sow. “See that boar with the long snout?” she asked. “That’s John Sevier there, with two hundred and forty boars behind him. And you’ll recognize that one as Isaac Shelby, with as much again. And that big boar there, with the bushy brown hair? That’s William Campbell from Virginia, with four hundred more. And that’s only half our strength.” “My God,” he whispered. The British would be wholly unprepared to fight such creatures. He noticed that the ones who had become full swine dwarfed even Abigail. “None of you are human – you’re devils!” “We are no such thing,” said the sow, annoyed. “But you have so many hog farms here! You… you eat your own kind! What else could you be?” “Don’t be daft. We’re skin shifters. We’re no more common hogs than we are fish. But we understand swine better than anyone, so we raise them best. No better pork than here in Watauga.” “The British will put you down like the beasts you are! Militia can’t stand up to real soldiers. He’ll kill all your menfolk, and the British will dine on pork all winter!” “Abigail snorted. “We’re marching on Ferguson, not Cornwallis. And Ferguson doesn’t have anything more than militia, either.” Outside, Doak was still speaking. “Oh, God of Battle, arise in Thy might. Avenge the slaughter of Thy people. Confound those who plot for our destruction. Crown this mighty effort with victory, and smite those who exalt themselves against liberty and justice and truth. Help us as good soldiers to wield the Sword of the Lord and Gideon. Amen!” “Amen!” the soldiers replied, although more than a few of them only lifted grunting sounds and squeals as their war cries. “Ferguson is still a career officer, with a thousand men! Do you really want your friends, your father, to end their lives on a Loyalist’s plate?” “You think too highly of your blood-backed friends. Ferguson won’t even be alive after we’re done with you. Look, we know these lands. We’re fighting for our own homes. We can live off the land, or disappear into a forest, without a human trace. And all of our kind outweigh yours. It’s true, we don’t get involved much, since we can’t use our full strength so publicly very often. But when we do, we have nothing to fear from people like little Major Patrick Ferguson.” “Is this why the Indians won’t drive you off their land? Do they think you’re some kind of animal gods?” The hog peered down at him with a bemused look on her snout. “Don’t be an idiot. Their religion is animist, but that doesn’t mean they worship animals. And you’ve got to understand, there’s the Cherokee, and then there’s the Cherokee. The ones sympathetic to you? Tsiyu Gansini, and those with him? Who write those fancy treaties, and help you kill Patriots? They’re like you. But the ones who rent or sell land to us? Who harvest with us, trade with us? Nanyehi, and those with her? They’re like us. They’re only human when they want to be.” “Some of the Indians are hogs, like you, too?” “We don’t consider ourselves common pigs, love. Like I said, we’re skin shifters, not mindless swine. And don’t be ridiculous. No, Nanyehi’s a doe. And others of her people are wolves, or beaver, or all manner of other beasts. There’s more variety among them. But they’re skin shifters, like us. And whatever feuds whites and reds have, or wars Patriots and Redcoats have, our kind stick together.” Isaiah looked out the window again, watching men and swine and creatures halfway between begin to march south. Some of the gigantic hogs were acting as draft animals, hauling supplies. But not many – these were after all soldiers that needed no tents, and who could forage off the land. A few mostly human beasts were on horseback. But most marched, on two legs even if their features were anything but human. “I’ve got to say, it’s kind of nice not hiding what we are,” the obese sow mused airily. “Usually, we can only show what we are among our own kind, or when we’re with the Cherokee skin shifters. But I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to be honest with you, Isaiah, in a way I’m not often allowed to be.” “You’re a fat hog,” Isaiah spat. “I would have preferred the lie of the beautiful woman I thought I knew to this obscene truth.” “You don’t mean that, sweetheart. And you do know the real me. It’s just, the real me spends a large part of her life as a sow. But I’m still the same person, woman or hog.” “What are you beasts going to do to Ferguson’s militia? Most of them are continentals, too.” “Then they should have taken the continental cause. Oh, we’ll undoubtedly rip your people apart. After what your devil Tarleton did to our surrendered boys up at Waxhaws? Oh, no, Isaiah. We’ll give them Tarleton's Quarter. We’ll give them Buford's play. No one who sees a hog, will live to tell the British about it.” “Including me?” “Including you.” Isaiah felt inexplicably betrayed. A sour taste rose in the back of his throat. “So, are you to be the one who does it? I must say, I don’t fancy the idea of being executed by a fat sow.” “You wound me to the quick, Mister Sumter. And here I thought you were growing fond of me. I certainly smelled the arousal on you.” “That was when I thought you were a comely woman. Not a fat, grunting hog.” “I’m both, dear. And I consider myself quite fetching as a hog.” “So, do you smother me? Break all my bones?” “You’re mine to kill if I want to, Mister Sumter. Or, I can hand you off to one of the menfolk for any executions. Your fate is in my hooves.” “Then why don’t you do it, sow?” “Because I can also turn you, if I please.” “Turn me?” he sputtered, surprised. “You mean, make me into a hog, too?” Abigail laughed hard at that, the hog’s full-bodied voice eventually petering out into wheezing squeals. “No, sweetheart. Are you daft? Turn you Patriot.” She could see him visibly relax. “So, you are a committed Patriot,” he said. The pig girl nodded. “I am. You’ve seen wonders here now, Mister Sumter. I imagine your idea of the world has been much widened. We want to be free, and will be no matter the cost. But you seem to be Loyalist of convenience, rather than conviction. Convince me that you’ve seen the rightness of our cause, and you can have your life. Maybe even… maybe even me. The comely me you saw before.” “What? You… you’d consider me?” Abigail shrugged what passed for her shoulders. “Why not? Like I say, I can smell you. There’s so much less you can hide from your smell, my dear. I’ll warn you, I can smell when you’re lying – the extra acridness to your sweat, the tightness to your bowels, a dozen other telltale signs. Say you’ll be our man, and I’ll know if it’s true or not. But frankly, I could smell you the whole time we’ve been together. And you smelled so lovely. Despite your recent insults, I can tell that your attraction to me was genuine. Both physical, and even the beginnings of emotion, too. Love, Mister Sumter. I admit, I find you quite charming, as well. You seem like a good enough man, and you are certainly handsome to my eyes. Did you know, I’ve not been promised to a boar? And my father is open-minded – he would accept me marrying a human. So, if you were able to get past my being a ‘fat grunting hog’, as you say, well then, there might be some hope for us after all. Think it over for a while. Our people are not well suited to kneeling. And unless I miss my guess, nor are you, Isaiah.” Isaiah laid back, no longer struggling under the sow’s tremendous bulk. After a few moments of thought, he spoke quietly. “I’d be giving up everything,” he said. “What did you do, back home?” “I… I’m a beekeeper.” “We could use one of those. Hogs like sweet things, you know.” “But… but all my hives and equipment are back home.” “You can build new hives, and we can catch more bees. No one would expect you to be producing honey right away – everyone needs time to get their start.” “I don’t know if I can begin again from nothing,” he protested. “Oh, sweetheart. The redcoats will seize all of your property, if they haven’t already. Just like they did up north. Ally or enemy, they consume everything they touch. The only difference is they might compensate you for it if you’re on their side. But you don’t have anything to go back to, whatever they’ve promised you.” He was quiet for a while after that, mulling things over. What did he want? And which side of this conflict did he want to end up on? After today, a British victory no longer seemed so certain. And he had thought, many times over the last few days, how much he was attracted to Abigail Chiles. Of course, that was when he thought she was a normal woman. Could he love a sow? And could he live among hogs, as the only human? He didn’t want to give an answer too quickly, if she could in fact smell out the subtle tells of a lie. He needed to be sure. The sounds of marching hogs had long faded by the time he had reached a decision. He licked his lips, considering the import of what he would say. “Miss Chiles…” he began. “You may call me by my Christian name, if you’ve tired of calling me ‘hog’.” “Abigail…” “Yes, Isaiah?” the sow asked, looking at him with something resembling a smile. “I… I choose… I choose you.” Her squealing laugh accompanied a sudden shift in pressure, as the immense sow stood up, lifting her gargantuan bulk off of him. Isaiah moaned, as pin pricks ran across his legs, both of which had gone to sleep. “Then I choose you, too,” the fat hog said, and as he watched, she transformed again. Hair poured out around her face as her head shrank, her snout shifting back to a dainty nose. Hundreds of pounds of pigflesh melted away, revealing the fetching curves of her womanly body. Her plump breasts swelled large, the nipples returning to the lovely, subtle appearance of a woman rather than their primitive porcine shape. Arms and legs took on their old forms, her hooves softening into dainty hands and feet. Soon, she had returned entirely to the human race, and she helped him hobble to a chair. He appreciated the help, unsure if he could even stand on his own with his numb body. And he liked being so close to her, her soft limbs lovingly around him, her big tits squished against his shoulder. It was comforting touching her human body, after so much contact with her hog form. As soon as he was seated, she brought him a cup of water, making sure he drank some. He found himself watching her big, bouncing breasts as she moved about, doing his best to reconcile her beauty with the massive sow he now knew her to be. Only then did she seem to remember her clothing, returning to her dress and pulling it back on. He supposed that such a reaction was to be expected – after all, she was part pig. Nudity was almost undoubtedly more natural for her. But as much as he liked seeing her naked, her clothing brought him a welcome sense of normalcy. She bustled about, preparing supper for them both. It was delicious, as usual. Only now, he didn’t question why she could eat so much. Their conversation was quiet, and casual. “I’m looking forward to having honey with our bread,” Abigail mused, and he agreed. “Honey is more than just a sweetener,” he explained to her. I use it to take the pain away from a burn, or to ease a sore throat. And there is no alcohol so sweet as honey beer.” She smiled at him broadly, thinking of their future together. “I’ll be proud to have you as a husband, Isaiah Sumter,” she said. “You’ll be human for the ceremony, right? And, ah, the wedding night?” he asked, his cheeks burning. Abigail laughed again. “Are you blushing? Come, come, Isaiah! You’ve already seen me naked, now. But aye, I’ll stay human as long as it takes you to be comfortable with the real me. Nonetheless, I think, eventually you’re come to like me in any form. I will never push you in regards to that, though. Especially when you are bedding me.” “And when you said you wanted a ‘litter’ of children…” She sobered slightly. “I meant it. I told you I was one of eleven siblings. I neglected to mention that we were all in only two litters.” “Well. I’ve always looked forward to fatherhood,” said Isaiah. “I think having a lot of children will suit me well.” Abigail put her hand on his, feeling a surge of completeness. She could smell it on him – he would be a good man for her. Abigail and Isaiah were married the following spring, and soon settled in to their new life together. The Overmountain men had returned victorious from their battle at Kings Mountain, having so badly obliterated the Loyalist militia that Lord Cornwallis quickly abandoned his campaign for North Carolina, retreating even further south. As Abigail had predicted, Major Ferguson had not survived his encounter with the hogs. And within two years of their union, the British surrendered, inaugurating a new era and a new nation. The skin shifter townsfolk of Sycamore Shoals took a while to warm to the former spy and human, but he eventually established his standing in the world of the hogs, acclimating well to his new neighbors and their peculiarities. Their dual nature as swine became less and less a concern for him, and he associated with his neighbors as people and as hogs, finding that many of them favored their porcine bodies. Eventually, even Abigail’s sow form became attractive to him. He grew to enjoy watching her transform from girl to hog, although he tended to prefer watching the sow turn back into a beautiful woman. It took a few years to build up his beekeeping business, and to establish his reputation trading honey in the white and Cherokee markets. But Abigail’s presence helped, and she was right – the hogs did have a sweet tooth. After Abigail birthed their first litter of piglets, two strong sons and three healthy daughters, most resistance to him finally dissipated. He was related to the skin shifters by blood, now, and blood could be trusted. Isaiah was a man among swine, and married to a sow – but he was in the right place for it. And as unusual an arrangement as it was, such was the blessing of liberty – it always afforded a man the opportunity to choose his own path.  
  13. Trish's new Bitch by delicousTFs

    Trish's new Bitch by delicousTFs Trish was bored. The diminutive demoness sat in the bush, atop a pile of discarded coke cans and wriggled her little red toes in boredom. Being shorter than a nine year old meant she was easily hidden in the bush's expanse, though a closer look at her engorged breasts and large behind would clearly define her as anything but a child. But at the moment, she was bored indeed. And she knew what to do when that happened. Get someone to play with. She had tried to get some of the demons she knew to play with her, but the ones round here were the usual evil/sinister types who really weren't up to "fun" as opposed to outright torture. And that got boring quickly. Besides, she wasn't really supposed to be there anyway, being a demon completely separate from the ones who lived here, but she had snuck in a few times before, as it was a rather interesting place. So now she hid in a rubbish filled bush and watched the passers by, weighing up how much "fun" she could have with each. She considered the two young men who passed by, but they lacked the spark she wanted. Same for the dark-haired girl who followed. The young teen briefly interested her, for it had been a while since she fattened someone of that age to immobility, but she soon vanished and Trish lacked the motivation to follow. But someone did catch her eye. The door to the sandwich shop opened up and a young woman stepped out, clutching at a fresh sandwich and flicking through her phone: slight build, dark-brown hair, small assets. Yes. This was sure going to be fun. The small demoness followed her from then on, shifting between realities and hopping from hiding spot to hiding spot. She licked her plump lips in anticipation, already feeling hot and excited all over at what she had in store. Ideas were built in her head as she went along, choosing facades of one thing, planning on one change or another. "Yeah, I'll be coming round later" Lara spoke into her phone, watching the street and waiting for it to clear before attempting a crossing. "Just have all your stuff ready and study materials out for when I get there. Yeah….Yeah…I'll bring some snacks" Her friend Paula erupted into a series of long winded rants at the injustice of having a mathematics exam thrust upon them in such a manner that face them, so much so that they had been forced to alter their plans and study together. She was still doing so when Lara felt something brush against her leg. She looked down to see a large black Pitbull, panting friendly and nuzzling up against her leg. "Hey boy!" she smiled, putting her friend on hold and bending over to pet the animal's head lightly. The dog panted and shot her a grin, its slobbery tongue lolling forwards to lick its lips as it was petted. She looked up to see the lead it was attached to led to an older, smiling woman. "I do hope he isn't bothering you" the owner said. "he can be a little too friendly" "It's fine" Lara assured her, breaking into fresh chuckles as the dog's wet nose nuzzled her further. She continued to stroke and pet it, brushing its ears back and sratching it's chin. "He really is a lovely boy" "He sure is" laughed the owner "Quite the rascal when you're not looking though" Of course, as Lara stroked and petted this friendly canine, she had no idea that an inhuman, diminutive creature was watching and grinning from ear to ear. Trish was very pleased with herself now. She congratulated herself over an over for being so clever to come up with such an idea as the poor girl sealed her own fate. "Sorry" Lara told Paula "Some little cutie of a dog came over to me, got distracted" "Yeah sure, whatever" her firend sighed "Look, I'm going to watch TV while you get your shit together. When you're ready, come over and we'll try and survive this" The phone clicked as her friend hung up, which was good as Lara gasped as something hit her. Her phone flew from her hand and she saw it skitter over towards a bush. Someone had barged into her, but whoever it was, had vanished by now. She grunted with irritation and walked through the passers by towards the bush. Cans and wrappers were scattered around its roots, alongside cigarette butts and chewing gum. She shook her head in disgust as she knelt down and prepared to look inside. All she saw was red face, with plump lips, silken black hair, curved horns and deep yellow eyes. The lips parted to reveal sharp teeth as the face spoke. "Hi" Before Lara could scream, she was sucked into the dilpaited bush. When she came to, she was lying on smooth stone. Her coat was gone, as was her bag and phone. She grunted and sat up, brushing her chocolate hair out her eyes and looked around. It was a cave, dark and balck lit only by a few flickeirng torches. "Ah! You're awake!" chirped a upbeat, femeinine voice "At last!" Trish bounced up and down as she walked over to the prone girl, her own bosom wobbling from side to side. She stood in front of the dumbstruck human's face and grinned evilly. "So" she said, cocking her head "What's your name?" "Lara?" the girl said, slowly and unsure of herself. "Where am I? what are you?" The demoness grunted and rolled her eyes, batting her thick eyelashes. "Look babes, I think this will just be easier if you don't ask so many questions and just accept it. My name's Trish" she gave a mocking bow "I'm a demon and you're currently within my realm" Lara was silent for several seconds, trying to comprehend where she now rested. After a few more seconds she nodded, hands trembling as she asked. "Why….why did you bring me here then?" "To have FUN of course!" cried Trish, the demoness throwing her hands up in the air and dancing about on the stop before coming to a stop and patting the human on her knee "Now silly, you said your name was Lara, am I right?" Lara nodded, having a bad feeling about where this was going. "Now, that sure is a nice name, but I think I have a better one. Now be good, and repeat after me. Bitch. B-I-T-C-H" It took a few seconds hesitation, but the glare in the demoness' eyes made her comply. "My name is Bitch" she said slowly. "Good!" Trish clapped "Now again" "My name is Bitch-" she repeated before yelping in terror. Her tongue lolled over her lips and down her chin, seemingly too big for her own mouth. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the size of her slobbery new tongue. It was wide, pink and dripping slobber, flapping against her lips and chin. "Wath?" she gasped, grasping at her slimy tongue as it flapped about. Tirsh burst into laughter, falling over and rolling around in fits of hysterics. The little demon slapped the floor and cried tears of joy. "You're face!" she managed to say "Priceless!" Lara felt herself working into a panic, her body flooding with adrenline as she felt the overwhelming urge to run away in terror. She tried to stuff her tongue back into her mouth, but only screeched in terror as she felt her shoes become tight, her feet swelling up, expanding to stretch the leather. She grunted in pain only for the shoes to burst into shreds revealing her swollen, unshapely feet…..only that they no longer resembled feet. More like short, rectangular toes, with long black claws. "Awwwww! Poor Bitch is scared!" giggled Trish, stepping up her game, Lara started to feel hot. Uncomfortably hot, like she was boiling inside, prickling started to break out over her skin. She began to scratch and claw at her arms and legs, rubbing her skin in a panic induced frenzy, even as her long tongue began to pant. "Those clothes bothering you?" the demon asked "Lets put an end to that" she waved her hands and Lara's pants and T-shirt dissolved into shadows. Now her lithe body was on full display as thousands of tiny golden hairs began to emerge from her skin. She clawed and scratched away, even as nubs began to form on her chest, soon flowering into dark plump nipples, small protruding breasts pushing upwards along her chest. The hair began to covered every inch of her skin, moving up her body and across her back like fire moving across paper. Her panicked breaths began to take on a low whine of terror, scraping at her nose with shortening fingers even as her nostrils started to swell and darken, growing bulbous and snotty until she boasted a big black canine nose. Her ears lengthened, growing longer and floppy, developing a triangular shape to give her to proper canine profile. Her hair and face remained semi-normal, aside from the persudo-muzzle she had grown, her teeth becoming sharp and pointed, forcing her gums to shift and widen to accommodate the growth. "How is my little bitch!" Cooed Trish, skipping over happily and petting the golden fur of her new pet. Lara groaned in pain, before a small tail began to emerge from her pert buttocks, growing longer and thicker until she boasted a long golden tail. Lara had fallen into a deep pit of sure terror. She had transformed and changed before her very own eyes, she could feel herself shifting and morphing, growing from the beautiful girl she had once been into some hideous combination of woman and a Labrador Retriever. What was worse was that she felt like a dog, the urges filled her head, the want to be a good girl, to please her mistress. She gripped her hair, trying to physically force the thoughts from her mind. "Awwwww! don't be like that!" tutted her captor, petting the girl on her head. "You'd better be a good girl for me, shouldn't you bitch? Bitch be a good girl for her mistress?" At the mention of "Bitch" she looked up, but immediately began to whine. MY NAME IS NOT BITCH she told herself, trying to overpower the demoness' strange powers. MyY NAME…….IS LARA…..NOT….BITCH…..BITCH…BITCH. She whined and shook, beating at her straw blonde hair. "Now come on" cooed Trish. "Be a good Bitch for your mistress". The diminutive demon rubbed her hands together with glee, cackling madly at her little scheme. She watched the poor human….or should she say dog-girl…..wrestle with her own mind, trying to come out on top. It was futile. But even then, she'd had only half her fun. And she wanted all of it. She skipped away from the crying and whining doggirl and closed her eyes. She picture what she wanted, and when she opened her eyes, her devilish face lit in in manic glee. A large metal trough stood before her, alongside a large supply off…well supplies. Not wasting a moment, she began to get to work. A few meters away, Lara's battle in her mind still raged as she tried to hold back the rapidly growing dog urges. She tried repeating her name over and over: Lara, Lara ,Lara ,Lara ,Lara ,Bitch ,Lara, Lara ,Bitch ,Lara, Bitch, BITCH! She wanted to scream, but when she did all that came out was a strange half-bark that rang around the cave. She needed to win! She wasn't a slave! A pet! She was a- Her black nose twitched. The twin snotty nostrils took in as much air as they could, sifting through the smells and scents like a seive through water. And what they dredged up smelt good indeed. Her mind began to fill, with thoughts of meat and brisket, fats and proteins. She couldn't even help herself as thick ropes of cloudy drool began to pour past her still-human lips and soak into the fur of her neck. Though she deserpatly tried to stop t, she looke around at the source. It was the trough. Trish giggled happily as she slit open dog biscuit packet after dog biscuit packet, emptying the treats onto the pile of canine dry food that already filled the trough's sides. Scraps of meat, hunts of sausage, fatty offcuts of steak, oil from the pan all went into this altar. It was akin to setting fire to a beacon, flooding Lara's senses in a tidal wave of delight. Meat upon dog food upon more meat. She found herself panting more with her tongue hanging out, before she knew what she was doing, she loped over with a strange, bent over gait and shoved her canine face into the mass and began to eat. She swallowed, chewed and swallowed more, digging her wet nose in amongst the dry food as her human hair was soaked in juices. She soon forgot all about trying to resist control as stuffing as much of the delightful food into her maw became her single priority. Trish had relocated to a small shelf that she willed out the cave wall. From here she had a perfect view as the doggirl ate and ate. The demoness gave an evil giggle, rubbing her hands together with glee before immediately moving to play with herself as she watched. The dog continued to eat, but as she did so, her flat stomach slowly became more and more rounded, filling out as the chewed up meat and dry dog food began to add up. Bitch took no notice, revealling in the array of meaty, salty flavours of the feast that was set before her, her thick tongue happily slurping up cooking oil as she went. As the feeding went on, the doggirls belly grew rounded and rounder, developing a strange pregnant look. It was not only the belly to suffer from expansion. The buttocks and breasts of the girl started to expand, both drooping as fat filled up their mass, making the swell larger and larger. Rolls of backfat started to develop along her spine, pilling up as more and more appeared, reducing the space as they went causing a pileup of thick blubber. With more and more going into the anthromorphic creatures gut, her belly soon surpasses looking pregnant and began to touch the ground, layers of thick fat starting to form, giving the impression of being wrapped in golden tires. Her smaller secondary breasts plumped out too while her large primary jugs soon grew larger than cantaloupes or watermelons. Bitch's limbs started to plumpen up too, her elbows becoming less defined as more and more flesh grew around the folds of her arms and legs. Trish's pet was looking very overweight now, verging on obese but still seemed to know little of her predicament. Lara's mind was more or less completely gone over by the point, having been engulfed in a flurry of canine thoughts. She didn't even remember her family, friends or even her own name. The only thing she would answer to forever more was "Bitch". Her pointed teeth hungrily snapped onto the end of a greasy sausage link, the entire length of it being sucked into her canine mouth like a length of spaghetti. Her stomach started to loose it's pregnant look, despite being packed tight with an ever increasing amount of food, she was digesting and converting it into bodyfat at a constant rate. So her furry gut became softer and softer looking, centimeter after centimeter's worth of pudge being packed on with each passing second. As it now rested firmly against the floor, the blubbery gut began to expand outwards, pressing up to her elbows and knees. As it grew fatter and fatter it was also able to push out to the sides, spreading out in its fat golden girth as opposed to its height off the ground. She now resembled a morbidly obese woman, with huge wide hips and massive breasts that rested atop her increasing stomach that was bigger than a yogaball and was approaching the size of an extra-large beanbag. She started to be raised off the floor by her own stomach, her fat pudgy arms clinging onto the trough's sides as she hungrily scooped up the dog food pellets with her tongue. Even her semi-canine face was plumper, her black lips having a heavily pronounced pout while her cheeks expanded outwards. She felt….hot all over. Her massive, still-growing belly as soft and sensitive, the feeling of it on the cold cave floor send waves through her body while whenever she accidentally rubbed one of her numerous nipples, she gave a small yelp of pleasure and delight. By now, she must have weighed over 500 or 600 pounds, inflating like a waterballoon attached to a hose. Each breast was bigger than her head with a fat dark nipple, longer than any human woman's. But even as she bypasses the 700 pound mark, the food began to slow. The dog hungrily licked away grease, using her thick slobbery tongue to lick up the last dog food pellets, licking her lips hungrily before starting to whine. "Awww! poor little Bitch!" Trish cooed, leaping down and heading over to the huge blubbery golden mass of fur and flesh. The doggirl looked at her with pleading puppy eyes, her tongue hanging out as she nosed about for more food. The little demoness went over and scratched the girl between the ears, making her pant even further, rubbing against the demon. Trish moved down and placed her hands on the stomach, her red fingers sinking into the soft fur and layers upon layers of blubber as if it were dough. She started to rub, moving her hands about in circles, firmly brushing her fingers through the fur and teasing the overstuffed gurgling stomach, bloated from the sheer mass of food inside and the masses of fat layered over it. Bitch made more contented murmurs and groans, kicking her legs as the massage sent pleasant feelings up and down her belly. It seemed she was now so fat, that walking even a few meters would be a supreme effort, her own body so heavy she simply rested her head on the floor and was rubbed and massaged by her demonic mistress. She had so many fat rolls that seemed to hang off her like a frame, her knees and elbows lost in sagging fat while her wagging dog tail was nearly swallowed by the size of her enormous buttocks. Her breasts were immense and sagged along the floor while her belly had split off into a multitude of layer rolls and hills, acting like a beanbag so the doggirl literally had to lie atop her own stomach, bloated arms and legs hanging off to the side. "You really are a good girl? Aren't you?" Teased Trish, rubbing and petting her belly some more. She clicked her fingers and the cave wall morphed into a roaring open fire, filling the room with warm heat. Bitch gave a contented moan, ears twitching and tongue hanging out as she began to grow sleepy. "Oh I am going to have so much fin with you" The tiny demon giggled, scooting up closer and hopping onto her pet's huge stomach, being so small that it acted like a feather bed. "Walkies, feedings, snuggles!" she brushed her cheek up against the soft fur and hummed with content, feeling it on her bare red skin. "Maybe we can get a few puppies inside this big belly of yours!" The pet and mistress snuggled up amongst the fire, content in each others company and lulled into the soft embrace of sleep, Trish's mind filled with plans and fantasies of what she and her new Bitch would undertake, happy and satisfied with her new playmate.  
  14. Weekends With Mommy by j-pwn

    Weekends With Mommy by j-pwn“But I don’t wanna go to mommy’s!” 7-year-old Anna cried to her father. “You know the drill by now, sweetie. Your mother gets you every other weekend” John reminded his daughter as he pulled into his ex-wife’s driveway. “Besides, I talked to mommy yesterday and she said she has a fun surprise in store for you.” John and Erin had divorced when their daughter was just 1 year old, so Anna had no memory of her parents getting along. As long as she could remember, she lived with her loving father while only seeing her mother every other weekend, per the court’s decision during the divorce. Anna hated her biweekly visits to her mother’s house – not because she hated her mother but because each visit was boring, and to a 7-year-old with a vivid imagination, that was essentially the biggest sin she could imagine. Erin stood in front of her modest townhome, finishing her cigarette, as her ex-husband pulled in with their daughter in tow. Erin always felt a slight twinge of regret whenever she saw her ex. The two had fallen madly in love in college but over time, through both marriage and the birth of their child, Erin never quite matured as fast as John. Erin still drank and smoked, both cigarettes and weed, as much as she did on college, only pausing during her pregnancy 8 years earlier. These bad habits had done a number on the 38-year-old brunette’s once lithe figure. Although not obese by any means, Erin’s bad habits had caused her to put on a bit of weight and her once flawless complexion was no more. Still as selfish and immature as she could be at times, she did care about Anna deep down, so it was a wakeup call, both literally and figuratively, when John had called her the day before to tell her about how miserable she made their daughter. John did not mince words when he instructed her to be more active in Anna’s life or he would go to the judge and ask for her visitation rights to be revoked. After the sobering conversation, Erin decided to shape up and make this weekend an unforgettable one for her daughter. “Have a good time, sweetie. I’ll see you on Sunday!” John called out the window as Anna pulled her pink suitcase out of the trunk and made her way to her mother’s embrace. “Take care, John! I promise we’ll have a good time this weekend!” Erin shouted as John drove away, leaving mother and daughter alone. Making their way inside, Erin helped Anna get situated in her room before grabbing a gift from her own bedroom. “I have a surprise for you, honey. What’s your favorite thing in the whole wide world?” Erin asked Anna. “Ummm, donkeys!” Anna eagerly responded. Now, most girls her age would respond by saying “princesses” or “ponies” but Anna wasn’t most girls. As long as she could remember, her favorite movie to watch had been Shrek and her favorite character was Donkey. The first time she was taken to a petting zoo, she ran to the donkeys hoping one of them would talk like in her favorite movie. Although disappointed that the donkeys wouldn’t say anything funny aside from their comically obnoxious braying, Anna still loved petting the docile animals and had grown an obsession ever since. Erin knew about her daughter’s obsession and went to the toy store the day before and bought a pair of costume donkey ears on a headband. “Well, how about we watch your favorite movie and play Donkey together? What do you say!?!?” Erin proclaimed as she produced the play ears from behind her back. “Really!?!?” Anna asked her normally inattentive mother, who was nodding in confirmation. “Yay!!! Thank you, mommy!” Anna ran up to give her mom the biggest hug she had ever given her. Buying the ears was such a miniscule gesture, but compared to the way Erin normally treated her daughter during their visits, the girl was overjoyed. The evening was everything Anna could have hoped for. The pair enjoyed a pizza while watching Shrek for what seemed like the 1000th time in Anna’s short life. Then the imaginative girl spent the rest of the night dreaming of imaginary scenarios that two donkeys could get into as mother chased her energetic daughter around the house while taking turns wearing the costume ears. As Anna finally grew tired at the end of the night, she insisted that Erin give her a piggyback ride, or rather a donkeyback ride, to her room. Tucking her daughter into her bed, Erin gave Anna a goodnight kiss and made her way to her own bedroom, spent from the evening’s exercise, she passed out on her bed not bothering to remove her clothes or even the fake ears on top of her head. Too excited from the evening’s activities to actually fall asleep, Anna sat at the edge of her bed and stared out the window, admiring the clear night sky. After a few minutes, she saw a shooting star and decided to make a wish. Thinking of the only thing that was missing from the wonderful Friday she had just enjoyed, Anna wished from the bottom of her little heart, “I wish I had a real donkey to play with whenever I want.” Soon after making her wish, Anna finally succumbed to fatigue and turned in for the night, blissfully unaware that a bright blue light shined down from the shooting star, illuminating her mother’s bedroom on the other side of the house. As soon as the sun peaked through her window in the morning, Anna jumped out of bed eager to resume playtime with her mother. Running down the hall to her mother’s bedroom, Anna was met with an unbelievable sight. Lying on top of Erin’s bed was a sleeping donkey! The massive brown-furred equine slept soundly on its side while its hooves dangled off one end of the bed while its ropey tail dangled off the other end. Anna couldn’t believe what she saw, her wish had come true! “Oh my god! A donkey! I finally got my own donkey!” the girl shouted in excitement. “Thank you, mommy! Thank you, thank you!” Anna exclaimed, assuming her mom was in the adjoining bathroom. “Ugh, go back to sleep honey, it’s too early and mommy’s sore from yesterday” Erin said, keeping her eyes shut hoping she could still fall back asleep. “Mommy? Where are you?” Anna asked in confusion. She had heard her mother’s groggy voice coming from her bed, but all she saw was a donkey. “What are you talking about honey? I’m right here” Erin replied, now a bit more awake. “Ugh, why are my hands so stiff?” Anna could only watch in shock as the donkey’s lips moved in perfect synchronization to her mother’s voice. Speechless, Anna looked on in fascination as the donkey stirred on the too-small bed, trying to sit up. “Ugh, what’s the matter with me today? I feel so heavy. And what’s wrong with my arms and legs?” Erin rhetorically asked as she struggled to sit up, finding her stiff limbs uncooperative. Tossing and turning, hoping to get rid of the kinks she felt all over her body, Erin accidentally rolled out of her bed. Instinctively holding her arms out to brace her imminent impact, Erin instead heard a loud *CLOP* as she was somehow standing on all fours comfortably. After watching the odd events unfold in front of her, Anna finally figured out what happened. “Mommy! You’re my donkey!” she shouted in joy. “I’m your what?” Erin groggily replied, finally opening her eyes only to be met with an unusual sight. Not only was Erin’s field of vision much wider than she was used to, but there was a large object stuck in the middle of her sightline. Shaking her head, hoping to correct her eyesight, Erin felt her ears swaying and twitching above her head. Looking around her room, Erin caught sight of torn clothing on her bed. It was the clothes she had been wearing the night before, now ruined. Still struggling to process what she was seeing, Erin tried standing up on her feet only to fall back onto all fours, once again hearing a loud *CLOP*. Looking down to see what could be causing the noise, Erin was met with the sight of black hooves on her hardwood floor. Beginning to suspect what may be happening, Erin picked up her right hand only to see the right hoof below her lifting off the ground as well. With fear now entering her mind, Erin suddenly felt air being brushed against her backside. Turning her head with her now suddenly flexible neck, Erin was met with the sight of a massive donkey rump and a brown tail swishing back and forth. Finally putting the pieces together, Erin made her way to her bathroom mirror to confirm her suspicions. After struggling to walk on her new limbs, Erin’s fears were confirmed when she gazed on her reflection. Staring back at her in the mirror was a brown-furred donkey. The only sign that the creature in the mirror was Erin was her vibrant blue eyes, which had remained intact through the overnight transformation. “HOLY SHIT! I’M A DONKEY!” Erin screamed at the top of her lungs, not bothering to watch her language in front of her daughter, who watched as her donkey mother struggled to comprehend the situation. “Isn’t it great! I got exactly what I wished for!” Anna proclaimed in an attempt to calm her mother down. “Wait, you did this!?!?” Erin asked, clumsily turning around to face her daughter. “But why????” “I didn’t mean to change you! I just wanted my very own donkey to play with!” Anna responded. “Are you really all donkey?” Anna asked as she approached her mother. Not bothering to ask for permission, Anna began to run her hands up and down Erin’s equine form, petting her coarse fur and tugging on her tail. Making her way to Erin’s head, Anna grabbed her long ears and gave a pull. Much to both of their surprise, the ears pulled right off, morphing back into the costume headband ears that Erin had worn the night before. Before their very eyes, Erin transformed back into a human as her tail receded into her butt, which was quickly regaining its feminine curves. As coarse fur was replaced with pink, human skin, Erin’s powerful donkey limbs reshaped themselves as her clumsy hooves were replaced with her usual dainty feet and hands. Her muscular donkey body shrunk and reshaped itself as her breasts grew back in. Last but not least, Erin’s snout pushed back into her regular, pretty face and her shoulder-length hair grew back in. Before they knew it, where a terrified donkey once stood sat a naked and confused Erin. “What just happened, mommy?” an equally confused Anna asked. “I don’t know, honey” Erin responded, acting quickly to find some clothes. “But I think those ears may have turned me into the donkey.” “Can you be a donkey again? I wanna play with a donkey!” Anna replied. “I don’t think so, now go wash up and get dressed. We can have some breakfast” Erin instructed her disappointed daughter. As she sat alone in her room pondering the impossible events that had occurred that morning, Erin examined the magic ears in her hand hoping to find something that may have triggered her impossible transformation but they looked and felt exactly the same as they did the day before. “Maybe Anna’s wish really did make me into a donkey. She sure was happy when I was a donkey” Erin thought to herself. “Can I really become an animal for my daughter?” Erin continued to ponder this thought throughout the morning, too preoccupied to play with her daughter, instead parking the child in front of the TV as she stepped outside for a cigarette, hoping it would calm her nerves. Looking inside, Erin could still see the disappointment in Anna’s face. It was the polar opposite of the pure joy she had seen upon waking up as a donkey. After giving it some more thought, Erin finally made a decision. “Honey, turn off the TV. Let’s play Donkey.” Erin said to her daughter as she walked inside from her cigarette session. “Really!? You mean it!?” Anna replied. “Yea, whatever it takes to me you happy, sweetheart” Erin said. “Yay! We’ll have so much fun, mommy!” Anna said, literally jumping for joy. “Ok settle down, now I need you to remember to take these off when we’re all done, ok?” Erin said, pointing to the enchanted ears. “I will, mommy.” Anna said “I can’t believe I’m doing this” Erin muttered to herself as she stripped naked, not wanting to ruin any more clothes. “Well, here goes nothing” she said as she placed the fake ears on her head. Almost instantly, the headband disappeared into Erin’s head and the cloth ears merged with her real ears, becoming real flesh and gaining a thick coat of fur. “This is so weird” Erin said as she felt her new donkey ears but she soon lost her grip as her fingers grew stiff. She could only watch as her elegant hands became hooves before her very eyes. The changes spread up her arms as they reshaped and grew longer until they resembled the forelegs of a donkey. Too focused on her changing arms, Erin didn’t notice that her legs and feet had undergone the same transformation, causing her to lose her balance and topple forward onto all fours. “You ok, mommy?” Anna broke her silence as she wanted to make sure her mother and playmate wasn’t hurt. “Yea, I’m fine, Anna. Just a little strange to feel myself change like this” Erin responded as she could feel her stomach barrel outward and gaining a thick coat of brown fur. After her tail grew in above her now massive backside, Erin was a complete donkey from the neck down. Her head soon joined the rest of her body as her mouth pulled away from the rest of her face, dragging her nose with it and taking on a whitish-grey color and thickening to an equine snout. As the wave of brown fur overwhelmed her face, her silky locks receded into her head and a shaggy mane grew down the length of her massive neck. Almost as soon as it began, the transformation was over. Erin now stood in her living room as a donkey, albeit a donkey with bright blue eyes. “Yay! Thank you, mommy!” Anna shouted in delight as she ran up to her equine mother, throwing her arms around Erin’s thick neck. Unable to reciprocate the hug, Erin merely nuzzled her snout against her daughter. “What’s it like being a donkey?” “It feels…weird” Erin responded, trying to get used to her bulky equine frame. “It doesn’t even feel real. I mean, I can move my tail at will, my fingers are gone and I’m stuck on all fours.” “Do you like it, mommy?” Anna asked. “You know what? I do! Come on, honey, hop on. I wanna see what this body can do” Erin encouraged her daughter to get on her back. Anna needed no more encouragement as she climbed onto the couch and jumped onto her mother’s back, overjoyed at her very first ride on a donkey. “Wheeeeeeeeee! I love you, mommy!” Anna shouted as Erin trotted around the house. “I love you too, sweetie” Erin replied. As odd as the situation seemed at first, Erin found that she was enjoying herself more and more since she changed back into a donkey. At first, she was merely happy to see her daughter happy but as she continued to play with Anna, she noticed how much she was enjoying being a donkey. Unlike her flabby, saggy human body, she felt strong and powerful as a donkey. Better yet, she felt no nicotine cravings. She was thrilled to have as much energy as Anna, playing with her daughter throughout the afternoon and into the evening without needing a single break. It was only when nature called that Erin asked to return to her human form. Disappointed, but understanding, Anna removed Erin’s donkey ears and watched in awe as her furry friend transformed back into her mother. Emerging from the bathroom, Erin was taken aback as she saw Anna trying on the ears for herself. “Honey, what are you doing?” Erin asked, not wanting her daughter to transform into a donkey. “It’s ok, mommy. I think it only works on you” Anna answered as she removed the ears without incident. “Well, good. We have to be careful with these, Anna” Erin instructed her daughter. “And we have to keep these our little secret, ok?” “Ok, mommy” Anna said. “That means you can’t tell your friends, you can’t tell grandma or grandpa and you can’t tell daddy, ok” Erin wanted to make sure her daughter knew how important it was to keep the magic a secret. “Ok, mommy” Anna said again, this time nodding her little head. With both mother and daughter spent from the day’s activities, they spent the rest of the night enjoying leftover pizza and watching Anna’s favorite movie yet again. After the movie’s conclusion, Erin carried her sleepy daughter up to her room and tucked her in to bed. Kissing the young girl on the forehead, Erin whispered, “Good night, Anna. No more wishes tonight ok?” The next morning, Erin reminded Anna to keep their secret as she ran to her father, who had arrived to take her home. John was pleasantly surprised to see Anna so happy, proclaiming how she couldn’t wait to play with her mother again in two weeks as they began their drive back home. Erin couldn’t wait to be reunited with her daughter as well, reminiscing about her time as a donkey, both for the happiness it instilled in her daughter and the powerful, physical sensations she felt in her donkey body. After the longest two weeks in recent memory, both Erin and Anna were thrilled when John dropped the girl off at Erin’s home for another weekend together. Unlike the last visit, John walked into the townhome with Anna. After the girl ran up to her room to unpack her things, John expressed his gratitude to his ex. “I don’t know what you two did last week, but I can’t remember the last time Anna’s been so happy” John said to Erin. “So I wanted to say thank you.” “Oh, we just had some girl time. It was my pleasure, really” Erin said. “Well, whatever you’re doing, keep it up” John said as he made his way back to his car. “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure Anna has another great weekend!” Erin shouted back as John drove away. As his car turned the corner, away from view, Erin practically ran back inside to Anna who was eagerly waiting to play with her mother. “Can we play Donkey again!?!?” Anna asked, unable to contain her excitement. “Of course! What else would we play?” Erin responded, almost as excited as Anna. Erin made her way upstairs to her bedroom, both to disrobe and to retrieve the magic ears and returned shortly, wasting no time in placing the ears on her head. The rest of the weekend went much as the previous Saturday had. Anna spent every chance she could play with her donkey mother, only pausing for meals and the occasional bathroom break. Erin was overjoyed at every second she spent as a donkey, becoming more and more comfortable in her beastly form, taking advantage of the strength and freedom that she couldn’t enjoy in her human body. Anna’s joy was merely icing on the cake for Erin. Over the next several weeks and months, Anna’s visits followed the same pattern, with Erin enjoying each visit more and more while dreading the 2-week break between visits, longing to both reunite with her daughter and her donkey body. They even pushed their boundaries a little bit more in each play session. One weekend they decided to play in the backyard, another they decided to experiment with Erin’s donkey senses, playing games with her now powerful sense of hearing and smell. Another time, Erin woke Anna in the middle of the night to take their playtime to the street in front of her home. Sure that there were no cars or nosy neighbors to get in the way, Erin was thrilled to test her animal body’s speed, sprinting down the road at a whopping 30 miles per hour. One weekend, Erin proposed another crazy idea to Anna. “Honey, how’d you like to sleep out in the backyard tonight? The neighbors are out of town so we can play Donkey all weekend long without getting caught!” she proposed to her daughter. Although she made it seem like this idea was for Anna, Erin secretly came up with the idea so she could spend as much time as possible in her donkey body, never having spent more than a few hours at a time as a donkey without taking a break. “Yay! That sounds like fun!” Anna replied as Erin grabbed her old camping supplies and worked quickly to pitch a tent in her yard so she could return to her donkey body as soon as possible. After a long day and night of playtime, Anna finally tired herself out and made herself comfortable in the tent. “Thank you again, mommy. This has been the funnest weekend ever!” Anna said. “That’s what you said last weekend. And the one before that, and the one before that too!” Erin replied as she laid down next to the tent, her donkey body too large to fit inside, she decided to sleep outside on the grass. “I know but I love playing Donkey with you and each time we do more fun stuff!” Anna responded. “Yea, we have been having a lot of fun” Erin said as she nuzzled her snout against her daughter. “Good night sweetie, I love you.” “I love you too, mommy” Anna replied as she closed her tent to get some rest. Still hyper from the fun evening, Anna had a million thoughts run through her excited head, trying to think of new ideas that could make playtime with her mother even more enjoyable. Outside the tent, Erin was overjoyed at the opportunity to spend the night as a donkey. Every time she transformed back at the end of her time with her daughter, she dreaded it more and more, effectively going through donkey withdrawals like an addict. Erin was determined to make the most of her donkey body this weekend, dreading Sunday when she would have to return to her flabby womanly form. As she made herself comfortable on the ground, enjoying the feeling of cool grass against her fur, Erin had a fleeting thought pass through her sleepy head. “I just wish I could stay a donkey even after this weekend is over.” As morning arrived, Anna excitedly awoke, ready for another day of fun with her mother. Opening her tent, however, Anna was disappointed that her mother wasn’t waiting to play like she usually was. Emerging from the tent, Anna looked around for her mother, eventually spotting the now familiar donkey tail swaying back and forth as Erin had her snout buried in the lawn. “Mommy? What are you doing?” Anna asked as she approached her donkey mother, who must not have heard Anna’s call since she was still digging her mouth into the ground. As she got closer, Anna could see that the donkey was chewing on something. “Did you have breakfast without me, mommy?” the inquisitive girl asked, again getting no response. “Mommy? Did you hear me?” she called for her mother again. Still trying to get her mother’s attention, Anna decided to run her hands down her mother’s neck, stroking her fur and running her fingers through her shaggy mane, which Erin normally loved but this time, the donkey merely picked her head up and turned to the girl beside her. Anna was shocked to see that Erin’s bright blue eyes had become the dark, murky eyes of an animal, but she was even more shocked at what happened next. “HAWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWW!” the annoyed donkey let out a hearty bray, scaring the already worried girl. “M-m-mommy!?!?” Anna timidly asked the donkey beside her. “HAWWWWWWW!” was the only response she got as the donkey resumed grazing. “Mommy? Come back to me, mommy!” Anna cried once more as she broke down in tears, terrified of what had happened to her mother. The sound of a sobbing girl caught the donkey’s attention as she stopped grazing to look at miserable girl beside her. The sight and sound hit Erin like a ton of bricks and brought her consciousness back to reality. Shaking her asinine head, her bright blue eyes returned and she was able to console her daughter. “It’s ok, honey. I’m here. I’m back” she said, trying to console her terrified daughter. Nuzzling her snout against Anna’s shoulder, Erin was met with the tightest hug she had ever received. “I thought I lost you!” Anna said through sniffles as she continued to hug her mother’s equine neck. “I promise, I’m not going anywhere. Now, let’s get me back to my real body. I think we should take a break from playing Donkey, what do you say?” Erin said while trying to spit stray grass blades out of her mouth. “Uh huh” Anna nodded in agreement as she reached up to pull Erin’s ears off as she had done numerous times in the past, only this time, the ears wouldn’t come off. Even after yanking, the ears wouldn’t budge. “Oww! Honey, what’s taking so long” Erin said to her daughter. “They won’t come off, mommy! Your ears are stuck!” Anna replied, still trying in vain to remove the enchanted ears and return her mother to normal. “They’re stuck!?!? I’m stuck!?!?” Erin replied while trying to process what had happened. “I can’t be stuck! I can’t! I can’t! I caAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW HEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWW!” Erin was overwhelmed with panic, causing her donkey mind to take control as she began braying and bucking. Anna watched in stunned silence as her mother behaved like a true stubborn ass, causing her to resume crying. After several minutes of the fruitless braying and some bucking, Erin finally regained control and calmed down, doing her best to suppress the growing animal presence inside her head. Although she was even more terrified than Anna, she was determined to remain strong for her daughter. “Honey, we’re going to get me out of this. I just need you to stay strong and help mommy when she asks, ok?” Erin instructed her frightened daughter. “Yes mommy.” Anna answered as she wiped away her last tear. “Come on honey, let’s go inside and order some lunch and we’ll figure out what to do” Erin said the only thing she could think of as she felt her stomach rumbling. With tears still streaming down her face, Anna agreed to her donkey mother’s proposal and helped her inside. Once indoors, Erin walked Anna through the steps for ordering a pizza online. Once the pizza arrived, and Anna timidly answered the door and paid the driver with cash from Erin’s purse, Erin was excited to dig in but something was off. The pizza didn’t smell right. In fact, it smelled downright nauseating. Chalking the odd smell up to stress, Erin let Anna eat her share before asking for assistance. Once full, Anna grabbed a slice and held it up to her mother’s leathery lips. Slurping the pizza out of her hands with her long tongue, Erin immediately spit the pizza back out. “Yuck! What’s wrong with the pizza? It tastes horrible!” Erin shouted in disgust as her equine taste buds wanted no part of the cheese and pepperoni that topped the pizza. “What are you talking about, mommy? It’s as good as ever!” Anna replied, having thoroughly enjoyed her lunch. “Well it tastes horrible to me. Honey, why don’t you grab me something from the fridge?” Erin instructed her daughter. Erin looked on as Anna rummaged through the refrigerator, offering a multitude of snack options, all of which Erin declined until Anna pulled out a bag of apples. “Ooh, those smell great! Bring them here, please” Erin instructed the small girl. “Well, honey, you always wanted to feed a donkey and now’s your chance, hehe” Erin let out an uneasy laugh, trying her best to keep Anna in high spirits. Anna held an apple up for her donkey mother, who greedily took a bite with her blocky teeth, quickly devouring the delicious, nutritious fruit and returning for another bite. Erin repeated this process until all apples were gone. Erin’s hunger was satisfied but she now found that her mouth was parched and she could hardly drink out of a glass in her current condition. “Anna, sweetie, I need you to fill up a bowl with water for mommy.” Erin said to her daughter. “Do you know where the bowls are?” “Yes, mommy” Anna replied as she grabbed a chair so she could reach the cabinet containing the cereal bowls. “No, honey, I need a bigger bowl. Grab a mixing bowl from that cabinet, please sweetie.” Erin said, motioning her snout to the neighboring cabinet. Erin watched as her daughter grabbed a large mixing bowl and shuffled over to the sink to fill it with water. A couple minutes later, Anna brought the water over for her donkey mother, sloshing and spilling along the way. “Thank you, sweetie. I’m proud of you” Erin said as she lowered her massive head to the bowl and stuck her muzzle into the water, gulping it down to quench her thirst. After emptying the bowl, Erin picked her head up and made her way to the living room with her daughter, dripping water from her wet snout the whole way. With Erin supervising, Anna opened her mother’s laptop and began searching for any information that might help them return Erin to normal. After a long, fruitless search, Anna asked her mother if she could be excused to use the bathroom. “Sure, go ahead, sweetie. I actually have to go too” Erin said, realizing she would have to use the yard like an animal. After helping her mother outside, Anna quickly took care of her own business. Making her way back to the living room, Anna found her mother was still in the backyard with her gigantic rear end facing the door. As soon as she made her way outside, however, Anna turned away in disgust as the donkey lifted her tail and dropped an enormous pile of smelly donkey feces onto the lawn. “Ewwww, mommy, that stinks!” Anna shouted with no response. “Mommy?” she called again, approaching her mother, careful to avoid the steaming pile of crap on the ground. Walking around the large animal in front of her, Anna was horrified to see her donkey mother munching on grass, her blue eyes once again replaced with the soulless black eyes of a donkey. “No! Not again!” Anna cried. “Mommy! Speak to me!” The donkey picked its head up, ears twitching as it stared at the terrified girl before it. “HEE HAW!” the donkey brayed at the girl disturbing her snack. Letting out a hearty snort, she returned to grazing. “No! You promised you wouldn’t leave me!” Anna shouted as she began crying. Once again, the child’s tears managed to wake Erin’s consciousness as her human mind returned and her eyes returned back to normal. “Shhhh, it’s ok honey, I’m here” Erin tried to console her daughter, but Anna wanted no part of it. “No! You broke your promise! You said you wouldn’t leave me again!” Anna shouted. “You think I’m doing it on purpose!?!?” Erin shouted back, a bit flabbergasted that Anna would be mad at her for something like this. “There’s something about being out here alone that I can’t control. I’m doing my best but the donkey just takes over. I’m just as scared as you, sweetEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWW HEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWW!” “Mommy!” Anna shouted as Erin’s speech once again devolved into the rugged braying of a donkey. “I’m fine. I’m fine” Erin said. If it weren’t for her thick coat of brown fur, Erin’s face would be bright red in embarrassment at both the noises she was making and the sight of her feces in the middle of the lawn. “Let’s go inside before anything else happens.” Nodding in agreement, Anna helped her mother back inside so they could continue searching for a solution. After hours of searching, Erin could see the boredom washing over her daughter. Determined to keep Anna’s spirits as high as possible, Erin suggested they play together, which Anna excitedly agreed to. As the pair spent the afternoon playing, Erin pondered her situation internally. Their research efforts found nothing that would help her return to her human form and she was found it harder and harder to hold onto her mind. Erin tried not to think of the implications of this latest development and instead enjoy her time with her daughter as Anna combed her mother’s mane. “Mommy, can I have some more pizza?” the girl asked as the sun began to set for the evening. “Sure, honey. You can have whatever you want.” Erin said. “Could you grab me some carrots from the fridge though?” “Of course, mommy!” Anna responded as she ran into the kitchen to grab dinner for herself and her mother. Returning to the living room with a bowl of carrots and leftover pizza, Anna sat on the couch and turned on the Disney Channel as the pair chowed down. Several minutes later, Anna paid no mind as her mother, finished with her carrots, got up and headed into her kitchen. It was only when she heard a loud ruckus from the kitchen that Anna got up and went to check her mother. “HEEEEEE HAWWWWWW! HEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!” Erin shouted while stomping her front left hoof in front of the empty mixing bowl from earlier. “Mommy? What’s wrong?” Anna timidly asked. “Oh, I’m so sorry Anna” Erin responded, shaking her asinine head to clear her foggy mind. “I tried to ask for more water but I guess I got a little carried away.” “I’m really scared, mommy” Anna said as she picked up the bowl that was sitting in front of Erin’s hooves. “Me too, honey. Me too” Erin said as Anna returned with the bowl of water. “Tell ya what, why don’t we take our minds off this little problem and watch Shrek. What do ya say?” “Ok mommy” Anna replied, sniffling back tears as she ran into the living room while Erin plunged her snout back into the bowl of water. As she drank, she continued to ponder her situation, noting the increased frequency in which she was losing herself to her donkey mind. As Anna popped the DVD in, Erin did her best to find a comfortable spot to lie on the floor, her equine frame far too large for any couch or chair. Once comfortable, Erin was pleasantly surprised as Anna lied down on the floor next to her, resting her little head on Erin’s furry stomach. Although she had watched the movie with her daughter countless times before, Erin thoroughly enjoyed this viewing session as she nuzzled against her daughter. But a nagging thought kept creeping up from the back of Erin’s mind. Feeling the donkey mind growing stronger and stronger, she knew it was only a matter of time until she lost herself completely. Looking down at her daughter enjoying the movie and remembering the fear in the small girl’s eyes earlier in the day, Erin couldn’t bear to let Anna witness her slow descent into donkeydom. So Erin was determined to stubbornly hold until John picked up Anna the next day. She figured that at least that way, Anna wouldn’t have to witness the agonizing change firsthand. After making her gut-wrenching decision, Erin snuggled closer with her daughter as they finished the movie. Seeing Anna grow tired, Erin figured it was finally bedtime. “Anna, honey, go wash up. I think it’s time for sleeEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWW HEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW” Erin once again had a momentary lapse of control. “But I don’t want to leave you, mommy” Anna protested, once again taken aback by her mother’s braying. “Tell ya what, why don’t you wash up real quick and you can sleep on the couch next to me?” Erin said, having quickly regained her senses. “Ok, mommy” Anna reluctantly agreed as she got up and quickly got ready for bed, returning to the living room quickly with blanket in tow. “Come on sweetie, turn off the lights and I’ll tuck you in” Erin said as she hoisted her massive body up onto all fours. As her daughter made herself comfortable on the couch, Erin grabbed her blanket with her mouth and did her best to tuck Anna in for the night. “Thank you, mommy. Will you stay with me tonight?” Anna asked her donkey mother. “Of course, honey. I’ll be sleeping right here with you.” Erin said. “I love you, Anna.” Erin wanted nothing more than to give her daughter a big hug and kiss, but instead, she snuggled her head against her daughter’s, licking Anna’s cheek with her donkey tongue. “I love you too, mommy” Anna said, wiping the slimy donkey saliva off her face. With that, Erin made herself comfortable on the floor next to the couch, feeling her daughter’s little hand gently stroking the back of her neck. Soon, the gentle stroking ceased as Anna fell asleep. Erin, meanwhile, was wide awake as she pondered her fate while fighting back the still-growing donkey presence in her mind. She found that concentrating on something kept the donkey presence at bay, but fatigue soon set in. As Erin fell asleep, she took one last look at her daughter, hoping and praying that she would recognize her in the morning. The next morning, Anna stirred on the couch, slowly waking up from a full night’s rest to the sound of hooves clopping on the floor. Slowly sitting up, Anna saw through dreary eyes that the brown donkey she knew was her mother was pacing back and forth by the back door, looking out longingly into the yard. “Ready to go outside and play already, mommy?” Anna asked, rubbing her little eyes as she walked over to open the door. Anna thought it was unusual that her mother didn’t even acknowledge her as the donkey ran outside as soon as the door was open. Still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Anna looked on in amusement as she saw her mother prance back and forth across the yard. “HEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW! HEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW! HEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!” the donkey brayed at nothing in particular. Anna’s joy immediately vanished as she heard her mother’s bestial call. Now wide awake, her heart sank when she realized that the donkey before her no longer had Erin’s lively blue eyes, a sign that she now recognized that her mother was no longer in control of her own body. “Mommy! Come back to me, mommy!” Anna shouted, running up to the large beast hoping to awaken her mother’s consciousness. “I know! Why don’t you give me a ride?” Anna said, hoping that playtime would bring her mother back, but when she tried to jump on the animal’s back, the donkey merely bucked, throwing Anna to the ground. Gathering herself on the ground, Anna watched in disgust as the donkey lifted its tail and released another pile of feces to complement the one from the day before. “You’re really scaring me, mommy! Come back to me!” Anna yelled, beginning to tear up as she got up off the ground. Running up to the massive beast, Anna pounded her fists against its thick, furry hide in frustration, begging for her mother to return. “HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” the donkey brayed at the girl as it trotted away, paying no mind as it stepped right into the fresh pile of its own feces. Helplessly watching her mother behave like a true ass with absolutely no signs of humanity broke Anna’s resolve. She began bawling harder than she ever had before as the donkey that used to be her mother began grazing on the manicured lawn. Anna made her way to the ass and looked it in the eye as mindlessly chewed on a mouthful of grass, hoping to draw her mother out. “Why won’t you come back, mommy? I miss you!” Anna managed to say between sobs, getting no response from the hungry beast. Soon, Anna’s weeping was interrupted as she heard a car pulling into the driveway out front. Jumping onto her feet, Anna ran inside and opened the front door as her father was about to ring the doorbell. “Honey, what’s the matter?” John said, a bit surprised as his miserable daughter threw herself into his arms. “Mommy, she’s gone! She’s gone! She broke her promise and now she’s gone!” Anna said through her tears. “What do you mean she’s gone? Where did she go?” John asked as he picked Anna up to console her. “I-I-I don’t know! She was still here when I went to sleep but I woke up and she was gone!” Anna cried. “Well, don’t worry. We’ll find her” John assured the girl in his arms as he made his way inside, noticing that Erin’s purse, wallet and keys were all sitting inside. “If she left Anna alone, why would she leave these here?” John thought to himself. “No! You don’t understand! She’s gone and she’s not coming back!” the hysterical girl cried to her father. “Shhhhh, there there, honey. We’ll….hey, Anna sweetie look, there’s a donkey back there! I know how much you love donkeys, maybe petting the donkey will help you feel better?” John said, spotting the beast that used to be his ex-wife. “No!!!!!!!” Anna managed to scream even louder, refusing to confront her former mother again. “Jeez, Erin must’ve really done a number on her if she’s scared of her favorite animal. And where did Erin manage to get a donkey anyway?” John thought to himself as he set his daughter down to dial the police, both to file a missing person’s report and to deal with the donkey out back. John waited with his terrified daughter for the authorities, trying in vain to calm her down. He was relieved as the doorbell rang several minutes later, seeing animal control ready to take the donkey away. Anna could only watch as the donkey that used to be her mother was led away, looking closely into her eyes, hoping for any sign that her mother was still in there. “Last chance, honey. Are you sure you don’t want to pet the nice donkey?” John asked, trying to cheer his daughter up. Looking at the animal with tear-filled eyes, finding no sign that the creature before her was anything more than a dimwitted beast, Anna shook her head and ran back inside, not wanting to watch as her mother was hauled away forever.