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  1. df1a409f1923066bb365a1371dd22b26.webm
  2. Busty Qaurian Alien Girl

  3. Thick Alien Girl

  4. Butt bump

    Have no idea what fan fiction they are from.  
  5. Xenomorph Queen

    Sexy Scientists turns into a xenomorph queen
  6. The Pod - Assistance (Alien, FF) by Tang Female alien transformation. The Pod – Assistance By Tang. Rachel’s eyes were focused on the road ahead of her. She never really liked driving back in the dark, especially down such country roads. Unfortunately, her boss thought differently and had hired this manor house miles from anywhere for the staff ‘away day’ to tackle the plans for the coming financial year. Being deputy divisional controller, Rachel was hardly in a position not to turn up. Rachel guessed it would be quite pleasant coming down here on a summer’s evening, but driving this way in mid-November, even if it was warmer than normal, was a completely different issue. The road curved to the right and Rachel tried to gauge which way to turn by how the hedges went. Suddenly, a few metres in front of her, she saw a dark lump lying in the road. She slammed on the brakes and her car skidded to an abrupt halt. Rachel guessed it must be some kind of animal, it was pretty sizeable, maybe it was a dog or a calf. She put on her warning lights and killed the engine. Then she clambered out of the car. Rachel was a bit nervous standing on this road in the dark, but she could hear no sounds around her and she guessed her car lit up so brightly would give her protection from anyone else driving around. She walked over to the shape which was dark even when lit by her headlights. As Rachel walked closer she realized that it was not an animal at all, but a person. The person, Rachel guessed it was a she, seemed to be wearing tight shiny black clothes that covered her entirely. Rachel wondered if it was something like a wetsuit. “Hello? Hello? Are you alright?” Rachel asked. Getting no response, Rachel worried the person might be dead or at least unconscious. She guessed that dressed like that, the woman had been running a great risk walking down this unlit road. Yet, for all the woman’s apparent stupidity, Rachel did not feel unkindly towards this person who had probably been hit by some 4x4 driver unaware of what they were running into as they charged down these lanes. Rachel moved round the body to see the person’s face. As her eyes adjusted to the dark penetrated by headlights, she almost jumped back in shock. With her heart pounding Rachel tried to calm herself. Whatever lay there was not human. It had large, circular, lidless eyes that seemed to stare out even though the creature was clearly unconscious. Beneath them was a small bump where a human’s nose would be and then a mouth that looked like two shells closed together vertically. The creature was breathing lightly, and the mouth would open to draw air in but it exhaled through slits on the side of its head which resembled gills. The alien was close to Rachel’s height with slender limbs and its slight breasts confirmed Rachel’s guess that it was female. Rather than hands it had pincers. With her initial shock passing, Rachel realized that she was having her first encounter with an alien. She had always believed that humans were not alone in the universe, and now was heartened to have her beliefs confirmed. She wondered about this creature’s home planet. With its svelte body covered in the slippery, black rubber-like skin, and the complex breathing system, she guessed it had to be wetter than Earth. For an instant Rachel was a little jealous of this alien, imagining her sliding through warm waters. Rachel had always been quite fond of shiny clothes, she had some nice boots, even a patent pair, and a leather jacket she that regularly wore. In fact she had often wished she had the courage to match the jacket with some leather trousers. Now she was looking at a creature whose entire skin had seemed to look like her patent boots and had the shiny, slippery nature of polished rubber. Rachel stopped herself. Though she was happy to have proof of extraterrestrial life, there were more pressing issues. Maybe this creature had been separated from others. Rachel walked around, looking over the hedgerows, but there seemed to be no movement. Rachel could only guess how far the alien could have come from its craft. She guessed it had to have one. The breathing showed that it was not dead, yet it must be pretty severely injured. There was no point in taking it to a hospital, they would only want to experiment on the poor thing, not treat it. Rachel realized she was feeling a growing affinity for this creature. After all, they were both females alone in the dark on this road. It was dangerous to stand here much longer. Rachel stooped down and reached to scoop up the alien in her arms. The creature was covered in some clear, sticky substance which got all over Rachel’s clothes. It was, however, surprisingly light and she found she was able to lift it clear of the road. As she did though, she felt a sharp pain in her hand and realized she had gashed it on some glass left there, possibly from the car that had hit the alien or simply some other country road debris. Though her hand hurt, she did not stop until she had lifted the creature clear of the tarmac and had carried her to prop her in a sitting position by the road side. Rachel wondered what to do now. This alien certainly did not seem threatening; not part of the vanguard of an invasion. Even if it was, if it could be knocked down by a speeding car, it was hardly going to be of immense danger to the world’s population. Rachel went to her car. She grabbed a bottle of mineral water and a cereal bar from the glove compartment and fetched her first aid kit. She had no idea what this creature would eat, but felt she should try to do something. The creature’s breathing certainly seemed regular and its mouth was now opening a little more widely with each intake. Rachel undid the bottle of water and pressed it to the creature’s lips, hoping she would not drown it. This seemed to lead to no discernible response. Rachel brought the bottle to her own lips and drunk. As she did, she noticed the cut on her hand. The pain had faded quickly. Her hands were rather sticky from the substance on the creature and for a moment Rachel wondered if it had some kind of healing effect. She could not even see where the cut had been. Instead there was a streak of black on her hand; she guessed it was oil or some other dirt from the road. She poured some water over it to wash it off, but it would not budge. Rachel’s attention was snatched back by a shrill noise coming from the alien. As she looked its mouth parted and revealed that a beneath was a shiny fleshy tube. It seemed like part of the creature’s breathing, pulsing as it inhaled. As the creature’s breathing steadily increased, this tube seemed to become deeper, like a tunnel into the core of the being. Rachel jumped up, pleased at the alien’s apparent recovery. Suddenly its head turned to focus on Rachel and it emitted an ear-splitting shriek followed by other high notes that made Rachel’s head spin. She stumbled back, shielding her ears from the sound. The creature clearly recognized what it was doing and the notes began to fade as if it was whispering. Rachel felt dazed and stood looking dumbly at the alien. It gestured towards a clump of trees that stood across the field. Rachel realized that that was where it wanted to go. She thought its ship might be concealed there or maybe it just wanted to get away from the road that had caused it so much pain. Rachel reached to help the creature to its feet, but it clambered up without difficulty. It again pointed to the trees and Rachel nodded and began to walk in that direction. The alien seemed satisfied and walked briskly, leading the way. Rachel, still disorientated from the assault on her senses, could only watch and follow, fascinated by how the light from the quarter Moon was reflected off the alien’s slick skin. Partly Rachel was curious to see what the alien wanted to show her; she certainly felt no threat from it. Also it seemed increasingly natural to be with this creature and go where she went. In a few minutes they were at the trees and Rachel realized why the clump was here in the middle of fields. The trees surrounded a deep pool of water. The alien stopped just inside the ring of trees and pointed to something dark on the ground. Rachel's eyes took a few moments to adjust before she could make it out. It seemed like fragments of a large egg shell. Complete it must have been a metre long and half-a-metre wide. Rachel reached out to touch it. Rather than hard shell it turned out to be more leathery; like the alien it was black and shiny and covered in clear sticky fluid. Rachel wondered if the alien had hatched from this. However, these thoughts were suddenly swept aside as she glimpsed her hand. She gasped as she saw that it now seemed to be wearing a black rubber glove that clung tightly to it. Her thumb and forefinger seemed longer and thicker, but curving and somehow her three other fingers seemed to have shrunk. "What? What is happening to me?" Rachel asked in panic. The creature spoke, sending a piercing sound that shook Rachel, but dulled her surprise. It pointed to the other side of the pool with eager gestures and then began walking in that direction. Rachel followed hoping that the alien had something to stop what was happening or at least could explain it. In the thickest part of the clump they came to a sleek silver craft. The alien pressed a panel on its side and a doorway appeared in the dull metal. Quickly she ushered Rachel inside and pushed her towards a hollow-like chair. Rachel did not resist, sure now that the alien knew what was best for her. Moments later something like an all-encompassing gas mask was pulled over her head and she felt little earphones protruding into her ears. She could see the alien beginning to speak and worried about the potential pain in her ears. However, after some cracking in her earphones the sounds came out as English. "I am Dema. I mean you no harm. I am grateful for you rescuing me after that vehicle hit me." "What's happening to me?" Rachel said in the mask but it seemed that Dema could hear it. "What's happening?" Rachel pressed, recognizing it was a little impolite, but concerned about what was going on. "Dema, please help me." Dema hung her head as if sad. "I am sorry; there is little I can do. It seems that some fluid entered your blood stream. Our genes are stronger than your human ones and they change any living creature into a form suited to my home world." "So I'm becoming like you?" "Yes, see." Dema gestured to Rachel's hand. Rachel lifted her hand and saw that it was no different now to Dema's it consisted of shiny black pincers. The glossy blackness was now also spreading down her wrist. "Don't fight it. Relax into these superficial changes and the transformation will come more easily. As it spreads through your body you will soon cocoon; that enables the more complex internal changes to take place. Once you emerge from the cocoon you will be utterly changed inside and out." "That was the remains of a cocoon outside?" "Yes. We cocoon to refresh our skin and organs and when we travel on long journeys through space in order to preserve our resources." Rachel remained apprehensive, but thought it ironic that she would never get to tell anyone about her encounter with aliens because by then she would be one. It was also odd that whilst she had never had the courage to wear all the shiny clothes she would have liked as a human, from now on her whole body would have a glistening black skin. "What is your name?" Rachel." "Chel, that is a good name. You are welcome to become one of us." Rachel realized that that ‘Chel’ would be the one she would have as an alien. "Thank you." Dema stepped forward and with her pincer like hands deftly cut through Rachel's business suit and blouse. At first Rachel was startled, feeling a little under attack. Then, as her underwear followed, she realized why Dema had done what she had. Already, with just her arm resembling Dema's, Rachel's body was exuding a shiny sticky fluid and she guessed that this would soon become the cocoon. Dema stepped forward to remove the mask and led Rachel outside. Rachel felt tired and was unresisting as Dema guided her on to the cool grass; she rolled up like a baby. Rachel looked up at the sky for the last time with human eyes but could not stop herself falling into a deep sleep. In minutes Rachel's body was covered in sticky fluid and soon it was hardening. In a short time there was no sign that there had been a human woman here. Instead there was a large cocoon of shiny black material. Soon a sound began issuing from the cocoon, almost like the moan of a cat. Dema looked on patiently, apparently satisfied that things were progressing well. Then the sound became more rhythmic as the changes that meant Rachel was ceasing to be human came into effect. Hours had passed from the time Rachel had encountered Dema when she felt herself awake. From somewhere in her body came a rhythmic moaning sound. She felt herself surrounded by sticky liquid, which meant that whilst she could breathe, she still felt uncomfortable. As she became more conscious of her surroundings she recognized that she was in a cocoon but that it was time to get out. She thrust her hand upwards and the leathery shell of the cocoon tore away. Immediately she felt cool, strange air outside. She thrust out her other hand and pulled herself awkwardly from the cocoon. As her head emerged, she saw Dema seated close by. Though she did not come to help she stood up and looked on excitedly. “Come on Chel, you’re almost there.” Chel gave a thrust and split the cocoon right down the side. Then Chel stepped clear of it. Her glistening skin was still covered with the sticky fluid. Dema came over to her and embraced Chel, welcoming her new, unexpected sister. Chel enjoyed the sensation, but was curious to see herself in her new form. Quickly she walked to the pool and looked at herself reflected in its still water. Chel found it difficult to accept she had changed so much, but looking back at her, matching her movements was a slender shiny black alien, its, her, mouth opening to breathe, her large black eyes looking without blinking. Chel realized that this was the form she would have forever more and found beauty and a sexiness in it. Yet again, she ran her pincer-like hands over her skin that was so like polished rubber. “Excellent Chel. How do you feel?” “Fine.” Chel responded naturally, unaware that her speech would have sounded shrill to a human. “Good. Now you are one of us, you can assist me in my mission here.” Chel felt this was important. She may have ended up as an alien creature through no choice of her own, but there was nothing in Dema that suggested she should not aid these creatures, aid her own people. “We come to Earth to collect human males. They exude a protein that we need on Home. We alter them into creatures like ourselves, but with one key difference, they retain their human genitals which we milk to obtain the protein. To avoid rousing concern we only take a few from each area. They enjoy being milked and they change quickly once they are taken by us; losing that horrible flaky skin for a nice slippery one like ours.” Chel took in these words and they seemed to connect up with certain feelings she had been having: the desire to suck men with her tube like mouth. Now she knew it was more than sexual, it was vital for the survival of her species. Seeing a human male become sleek and shiny like her also made her feel aroused. “Tell me what I must do, Dema." "Come; we must go back to the road. That is where we are most likely to encounter human males." "Yes, you are fortunate to have me here I can look out for any of their vehicles and keep you from harm." Dema moved her head in a gesture which represented a smile. From somewhere in her newly alien brain Chel recognized that. She realized she was rapidly coming to like Dema and felt they would work well together. They began walking back to the road. Rachel's car was still sat there with its lights on. Though Chel understood that it had once been hers, as she looked at it, the car looked increasingly strange and she wondered how someone would drive it. Chel kept Dema close to the side of the road; she hoped to keep them safe from harm however many speeding vehicles might come down this road. She hoped that Rachel's car might tempt someone to stop. "What happens if they are a female?" Chel asked as the pair of them waited. "Our speech can confuse the minds of humans; our touch can put them into a trance. If I had not been injured when you found me then that is what I would have done to you. You would have found yourself further down that road with little memory of this location, let alone of me." The two sat quietly for a few moments, taking in the sounds of the countryside. "Is that what you would have preferred?" Dema asked at last. Chel thought about it and looked at her perfect shiny body and thought of all the amazing things she would see. This had to be better than the mundane life she had had before. "No, I think this was fated to happen to me. I've always believed there was life on other planets and my faith has been so confirmed in ways I could never have envisaged. This is an adventure. I feel I have a purpose too. We are the pioneers for … for our people." Suddenly they were interrupted by the sound an engine. A pickup truck came round the corner and almost collided with Rachel's car. The truck swerved and it went up the bank topped by the hedge before stalling. The two men inside were babbling some words, but Chel realized she could no longer understand what they were saying. "Come, quick. They have crashed their vehicle. They will be dazed. I will take the left side one, you take the right." The two men were getting out of the car as Dema and Chel stepped up. Dema started shouting and the men shielded their ears. Chel copied her. To her their shouts sounded normal, but she saw the effect the assault was having on them. Dema reached out to touch her man and he jolted as if shocked. Chel was hesitant, but her shouting stopped her man from getting away even when he caught sight of her and seemed to jump back in panic. She cornered him against the open door of the truck and reached out her hand. On touching the man's leg she saw him quickly turn passive. He lowered his hands from his ears and stood there as if waiting to be commanded. "Get them back to the ship. Gesture to him and he will follow." Dema instructed. Chel waved as best she could and began walking back to the ship. In moments, both she and Dema had a man following them across the fields to the clump of trees. Dema encouraged her man to the ground and Chel mimicked her. "Remove their clothes." Chel followed Dema's lead cutting through the men's boots, trousers and shirts quickly with her surprisingly sharp hands. Then she saw the man's cock. Chel found her mouth opening and then its inner parts widening too. From somewhere within Chel a long moan came out and she realized it matched Dema's. The sound seemed to further entrance the men and their cocks were soon bursting from their underwear. Chel reached forward to cut away the man's underpants and as she did her mouth opened and a liquid began pouring from it over the man's cock. Chel realized she was feeling aroused by the sight of this man. She had seen enough men naked in her life and even sucked a few of them off, but now there was some primeval urge within her. She watched as her mouth parted wider and the tube extended from her and latched on to the man's cock. As it did Chel felt as if she had been entered and she wondered for the first time if this was how the aliens, her people, mated. She knew there was still a lot she had to discover, but for now she was driven to milk the man, her mouth dousing his flesh with juice as she sucked so hard at his firm member. Unsurprisingly the man was soon bucking with the pleasurable sucking and Chel too felt she was climaxing. He then sprayed hot semen straight into her and instinctively Chel drew it deep inside. It made her feel strong and in control. She kept milking the man of all he could give until he slumped back seemingly exhausted. Chel let her mouth release him and she stepped away from him feeling a glow at having milked her first human male. She looked across at Dema who was similarly proudly standing over her male. "Excellent Chel, you did that as if you were born to it. The first milking of a human male is the start. Now the changing genes will be within them. We trigger the alteration by a special cry. We do not want them to become exactly like our males, but they need to be more adapted to life on Home, yet retaining their milk appendages. Make the sound like this and the process will begin." Dema made a sound which sounded sharp even to Chel's alien hearing. Chel cleared her throat and tried it. It did not seem quite right. She tried again and then once more. Satisfied she turned back to the man. She saw, however, that already the process had been triggered and that his feet and now his calves were taking on the slick black shine of Chel's skin. Chel realized that as he changed she found him increasingly attractive and realized that that was how it should be. The man looked startled at the changes he could dimly make out, but clearly he was too entranced to protest or run off. In minutes all his hair was gone and his face and his hands were rapidly reshaping themselves to resemble Chel's. Soon the process was complete. "Do you like your new body?" Chel asked the man but there was no reply. "The change is not as great as yours. It will take them time to comprehend how to speak and hear our language. He looks good though, you have done excellent work. On Home they will welcome you as a heroine. Becoming one of us and securing your first milk male in one night is a feat. Come; lead him back to the ship." Chel gestured to her man as Dema did to hers. Soon all four were in the ship. Dema encouraged them into the seats but, unlike with Chel, she made sure they were securely fastened before putting the masks over their heads. Then she spoke to them. She explained that they had been transformed and would be taken to Home where they would be both a source of food and pleasure for the females of hers and Chel's people. Chel felt a tingle as she felt encompassed by the term. She knew that these ex-humans would think of her as nothing but one of the aliens that had taken them and that gave her pride. The two ex-humans struggled as they heard Dema's words but she pressed a button and a gas flooded their masks, she then touched each on the face and in that instant they seemed asleep. "Right, time to head to Home." Dema said. Chel followed her to seats in the front of the craft. "I'll pilot the ship until we are beyond your solar system, then we'll cocoon. We'll be there in no time. Buckle yourself in." Chel obeyed and in a few minutes she felt a thrust as Dema lifted the ship off from Earth's surface and then they broke through the atmosphere. Soon Chel guessed they were now well in flight and she envisaged them streaking passed Mars and Jupiter out into deep space. She felt Dema's hand reach over and tantalizingly run her up her own slippery black body, brushing gently over her breasts. Not for the first time, nor for the last, Chel looked at her shiny skin with pleasure. "Of course, we can delay cocooning for a while. There's a great deal about your new body that I can show you, and I am sure you'll enjoy finding out." Chel 'smiled'. "Certainly." Chel knew there would be challenges ahead but as she looked at the lights of the ship's control room flickering off her and Dema's glistening skin, she knew they were exciting ones and she was literally going to experience things out of this world. THE END.