This website is not for the feint of heart, or people that get easily offended.
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this website is a goldmine for unexpected fetish stuff.
it's an AI that generate text based on what you give it to work with, i'll post more examples


>She began inflating.

Her tits grew large and heavy and when she was still able to control herself, she grabbed some of the food she put in her mouth. When she was able to breathe properly again, she looked up to see her father looking over her shoulder and watching her. He laughed, "Look at how pretty she looked while you were away. That is not quite the kind of girl she looks with food in her mouth."

The blonde sat down and was still looking at her. Her cock was now almost large enough to fit herself through her jeans. She looked over at him and he smiled, she knew he was right, he was going to be the next one to cum again. In fact, he would probably cum for the next nine years just to see what would come inside her if she didn't stop. He had enough of her sex and she was just waiting. He had to wait for her to wake up or she would have to start over again all over again


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