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Potted and Planted [bE, DG, Plant TF] Julien Sorel?

Author: Julien Sorel ([email protected])

Title: Potted and Planted

Summary: Science student Amanda tries an experimental method of making

her breasts larger.

Keywords: MF, nc, humil, transformation, gr, nosex

It was the second week of a six-week summer science camp. After aweek,

even a group of nerdy kids with limited social skills start to talk to each

other. One of the few girls at the camp, a skinny, very tall blonde named

Amanda, was sitting in the cabin of a boy named Jeremy. Jeremy sat on one

side of the room, entering lab notes on his laptop, while Amanda chattered


Amanda was actually quite attractive in an angular, Slavic sort of way.

A few telltale signs gave her away as a geek: her speech patterns were

boyish, devoid of flirtation or sensitivity to her conversation partner;

and she made frequent references to science-fiction novels and gaming. She

dressed a little too scantily, as if she were oblivious of the line between

informality and provocation: at the moment she wore very short shorts, and

her endless legs were sprawled across the coffee table in Jeremy's cabin.

She had horn-rimmed glasses that looked good on her, and she pulled her

long hair carelessly back into a ponytail and stuck it through the hole in

the back of a baseball cap. Popular boys at her school back home gave up

on her after a few minutes of her manic conversation, but at science camp

she would probably draw more attention.

Jeremy was so socially awkward that he made Amanda seem like a prom

queen. He affected a vaguely contemptuous manner; though he was flattered

to have a girl in his room, he would never show his interest or act on it.

Amanda was talking about the boys at the camp to whom she was attracted,

lingering over her descriptions of Philip, the particle physics guy from

New York, and Rem, the Dutch climatology student. She didn't seem aware

that Jeremy might be slighted by her interest in other boys, and Jeremy

showed no emotion on the subject.

Suddenly Amanda shifted gears and started talking about her looks.

Without a hint of embarrassment, she said, "The big regret of my life is

that I have no boobs, basically. If only I had a little something up

there, I'd look really good, if I do say so myself." It was true that

Amanda was almost as flat as a boy.

Barely looking up from his laptop, Jeremy said, "I know how to fix that

for you."

"What?" said Amanda, startled.

"Weren't you even listening when I told you what I do?" said Jeremy.

Jeremy was a biologist who had done some very interesting work in

finding and activating dormant botanical structures in animal metabolism.

By exploiting a link between mammalian endocrine systems and plant

photosynthetic proceses, he had been able to induce localized growth in

mammals by mimicking the botanical growth paradigm.

"I'm in plasma physics," said Amanda. "I don't get it.


Jeremy took Amanda to his lab and showed her rats and guinea pigs that

he had successfully altered. Some of the guinea pigs were simply larger

than normal; one had powerfully developed hind legs.

"Here's an experiment that's the closest to what I would do with you,"

said Jeremy.

He showed her a rat whose genitals were many times larger than those of

his peers.

"Yecch," said Amanda. "So you can do this with any animal?"

"Any mammal, any time. It's foolproof."

"How does it work?"

Jeremy described his method, which involved promoting absorption of

nutrients through a part of the skin, like the paws or feet. Another part

of the body, usually the fur, could easily be converted to a photosynthetic

site. The enzymes that command cells to grow could be administered orally

at first, then later through absorption. All that was required was a very

high degree of hydration in the subject, and continuous contact with a

nutrient-rich medium, which could be everyday soil with special


"Oh, my God. You mean you would, like, plant me? In the ground?"

exclaimed Amanda.

"Only your feet. And it would be in a pot, right here indoors, where I

can control the nutrient and water supply."

Amanda looked horrified, but she kept asking questions. Jeremy told her

that substantial growth should occur within a matter of days, and that all

her bodily needs would be fulfilled by the underlying botanical processes.

She would spend the evening before the test drinking an enzyme solution,

which didn't taste bad and would be expelled from her body naturally after

it was no longer useful. And she would have to soak her feet for two hours

in a chemical paste that was mostly salt, and then sleep that night with

her feet wrapped in cloth that was saturated with the paste. Amanda took

it all in and sat thinking.

"You don't seem crazy," she said.

"If you knew anything about biology, I could discuss this with you

intelligently," he said.

Amanda was too preoccupied to be insulted. "The timing absolutely

couldn't be better," she said. "I'll be away all summer, and when I go

back in the fall, people will just think that I had a little growth spurt.

If I wear the right clothes, it won't even be obvious at first."

"So do you want me to do the prep or not?" asked Jeremy.

"Wait a minute - I have to think," she said. "What about the camp? Can

the whole process be done on a weekend, so I won't miss lectures?"

"It will take a little longer than a weekend," Jeremy said.

"Hmmm," said Amanda.

"But they don't keep track of who attends seminars here. You can miss

the whole summer, and they'd never even notice," he said.

"Yeah, this place is a lot looser than I thought it would be," she said.

Then she sat up. "I want it. Jeremy, I want it so badly. You're sure

this will work?"

"100% sure," said Jeremy.

Jeremy had some difficulty telling Amanda that she should wear only a

loose garment on the day of the procedure, to give him access to her chest.

"It's okay, Jeremy," she said. "I trust you to do what you have to do.

But please, don't breathe a word of this to any of the other guys. I

really don't want them to know about this."

Friday's lecture schedule was light, so Amanda decided to prep for the

procedure on a Thursday night and show up at Jeremy's cabin at 6 am on

Friday morning, before anyone else was awake. Under a coat, she wore a

nightie that went down to the middle of her thighs, the saturated bandages

on her feet, slippers, and nothing else. Her head was wrapped in a towel,

and she was angry.

"Jeremy, look at this," she said. She unwound the towel from her head

and showed him her long hair, which was now a light green color.

"Yeah, so what?" said Jeremy. "That's normal."

"That's normal?" she said.

"All the rats, all the guinea pigs, were green all over," he said. "How

are you going to get photosynthesis without chlorophyll?"

"But Jeremy, my hair is fucking green!" she yelled.

"It'll go away. It's temporary. Relax," he said.

"It's temporary?"

"You saw the animals. They were entirely green during the experiments.

They aren't green now. QED."

"Jeremy, I know you're a very smart guy, but you have to tell a girl

these things," Amanda said. "You need to think a tiny little bit about the

human element. If a girl wakes up in the morning and her hair is fucking

green, and she has no idea what's going on because you didn't say anything

about green, then what's she going to think?"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," he said. "Now let's get going."

"I accept your not very sincere apology," she said.

Jeremy sat Amanda down next to a large pot. At the bottom of the pot

were two tilted surfaces for Amanda's feet, with a series of little ridges

where her toes would go.

"Okay, take the cloth off your feet, and put your toes around those



"We need as much surface area as possible. The skin between your toes

is thin and will absorb a lot. You've got a lot of surface area, so we're

in good shape."

"Are you saying that my feet are big?" Amanda did have rather large

feet, with extremely long toes.

"Hurry up before you dry out." Amanda did as she was told.

"Owww! Jeremy, do those dividers have to be so far apart? You're

spreading my toes too much."

"It'll be a lot easier once you're hydrated," he said.

"What do you mean, easier?" Jeremy was packing what looked like regular

black dirt around Amanda's feet in the pot. The dividers left room for

Jeremy to push dirt between her toes, so that when he withdrew the dividers

from holes in the bottom of the pot, Amanda's toes were still forced wide


"I mean that you're going to spread out some," he said. "Now let's get

you upright."

Very carefully, Jeremy pulled Amanda up by her hands until she was

standing, her feet buried in the pot. Amanda was 5'11" barefoot; standing

on tiptoe in the pot, she towered over Jeremy. Nervous, she smoothed down

her nightie.

"I don't understand about the spreading out," she said.

"Well, you're going to be holding more than 100% more water than usual -

probably up to 125% more. And that solution you drank was mostly salts.

What do you expect?"

"But what will it feel like?"

"It won't feel like anything. I'll show you right now. I just turned

the hydration system on. You're going to feel your arms start to rise.

Just go with it."

"Oh my God, Jeremy!" yelled Amanda. In seconds, her arms had lifted to

a horizontal position, and continued to rise. She tried to push them down,

but couldn't.

"Just relax. We're 80% there," said Jeremy, checking his laptop screen.

"Wait!" Amanda's arms were now raised over her head, as if she were

stretching as hard as she could. Her fingers were starting to spread and


"What do you mean, wait?"

"Aa-eee," said Amanda. She couldn't close her mouth enough to say

consonants, and even the vowels were starting to get choked off.

"All right, you're fully hydrated," said Jeremy, typing some commands.

Amanda stared into space with an alarmed expression, her eyes and mouth

wide open. She couldn't make a sound or move a muscle. Her outstretched

arms and spread fingers nearly touched the low ceiling.

Jeremy stood on a chair and removed Amanda's glasses to check her eyes,

which were watering profusely. "You won't be able to blink, but you won't

need to with all that water in you," he said. Liquid was leaking out of

every orifice in Amanda's body: two trails of moisture were snaking down

her legs and being absorbed by the dirt in her pot.

Content that his environmental alarms were functioning, Jeremy put

Amanda's glasses on his desk and slowly, carefully moved her across the

room to a spot where she would get a lot of sun. Then he went back to his

other experiments.

A week and a half later, Jeremy asked Philip and Rem to come over to his

cabin so he could ask their advice. The boys stood staring at Amanda, who

was still in her pot, reaching for the sky with the same bewildered

expression. But she was growing a nice-looking set of tits. Her nightie,

which was saturated with the excess water that she was leaking, did little

to hide her figure, which was looking pretty terrific.

"I needed to ask somebody for help, and Amanda had mentioned that you

two were her friends," said Jeremy.

Philip and Rem looked confused. "I've never talked to her in my life,"

said Rem. He had a slight Dutch accent, but spoke perfect English.

"She's not my friend," said Philip. "I talked to her at orientation.

She seemed kind of strange, actually."

"Can she hear us?" asked Rem.

"The membrane in the ear doesn't absorb fluid," said Jeremy. "There's

no reason she can't hear."

"Oh, well," shrugged Philip. "Whatever. Sorry, Amanda."

"Anyway, please don't tell too many people about this," said Jeremy. "I

don't think she wanted anyone to know."

"Sure," said Philip and Rem.

"The thing is, I can make changes that will adjust the specific gravity

of the glands in her breasts," said Jeremy. "And, you know, I've felt some

boobs before, a lot of times, actually. But I wouldn't mind a second

opinion, just to make sure I'm getting it right."

"You want us to feel her boobs and see if they're lifelike?" said


"Yeah, basically," said Jeremy.

"Okay," said Philip and Rem.

Jeremy and Rem tilted Amanda forward carefully until Philip could reach

the sodden nightie. It took some effort to get it over her rigid arms, but

finally Amanda stood majestically naked in her pot, her hefty new breasts

thrust appealingly forward.

Philip and Rem took turns handling Amanda's breasts, turning them this

way and that, pulling gently on her nipples.

"She's squirting a little," said Rem, wiping his face.

"It's just water," said Jeremy. "She's taken on almost 40 extra


"Yeah, she weighed a ton when we were tipping her over," said Rem. Even

after the boys learned that Amanda could hear their conversation, they kept

lapsing into thinking of her as an object.

"The boobs feel about right to me," said Philip. "Maybe a little

heavier than usual."

"You have to allow for the extra water," said Jeremy.

"She feels awesome to me," said Rem. "Don't change anything."

"How big is she going to be?" asked Philip.

"She didn't leave me detailed instructions," said Jeremy. "I'm thinking

maybe not too big. Something like this, possibly."

He showed Philip and Rem a picture of a model from Big Busty magazine.

"Wow," said Rem.

"Go for it, dude," said Philip.

"Thanks for helping out, guys," said Jeremy. "I really appreciate it."

Philip and Rem weren't good at keeping secrets, and before long Jeremy's

cabin became the social center of camp life. Amanda never got her nightie

back, and her nudity became a litmus test for the social defects of the

Asperger generation. Some of the boys barely looked at Amanda as they sat

around the cabin and drank beer; others joked about her incessantly, or

discussed her progress in detail as if she were just a science experiment;

a few were bold enough to rest a hand on her hip or even pat her on the

ass, to the horror and envy of their more inhibited peers. Some of the

girl campers joined the gatherings, downing beers and cracking jokes about

Amanda's tits as well as any boy.

At some point, Amanda was moved out of the sunlight and closer to the

sitting area. The campers watched her like a TV whenever there was a lull

in conversation. The lack of direct sunlight slowed the growth of Amanda's

chest a little, but on the whole there was no doubt that Jeremy's technique

was a remarkable success.

The campers would occasionally realize that Amanda was listening to

everything they were saying, and become inhibited. Then they would forget

again. Over time, everyone seemed to find it easier to consider Amanda an

inanimate object.

In the fifth week of camp, when Amanda's breasts were the approximate

size of honeydew melons, Jeremy decided that the time had come to take her

out of her pot.

"Can't you wait until after the goodbye party next week? We can't have

a party without Amanda," said Philip.

"I think she's at a good size now," said the reluctant Jeremy.

"Come on, dude, it's only one more week. She's our mascot. We need


The boys prevailed upon Jeremy, who tried to pin Amanda's hair up in a

bun to inhibit any further growth. But the first time he tried, he didn't

pin her hair securely enough; and the second time someone pulled the bun

apart when he wasn't there. So Jeremy got a girl named Taylor, an

ecobiologist who had become a regular at the cabin, to trim Amanda's hair

into a shoulder-length bob. When Amanda's breasts continued to grow,

Taylor got serious and snipped Amanda down to a very short pixie cut.

Amanda actually looked pretty hot with short hair, though it was not a

style option she would have considered of her own free will.

The party was a festive affair by science nerd standards. Amanda was

beautified for the event by Taylor and another girl: her fingernails were

painted pink, her eyelids were shadowed light green, her wide-open mouth

got a coat of pink lipstick, her pubic hair was trimmed, a touch of rouge

was applied to her cheeks and nipples. She was moved to the center of the

room, and her name was written in colors on a piece of white cardboard and

placed in her pot, leaning against her shins. Thanks to the amount of

alcohol consumed, Amanda was handled quite a bit and even groped a few

times, but on the whole the group stayed mellow. The cheap thrill of the

evening was that everyone at the party had a picture taken with his or her

head wedged between Amanda's breasts.

The day after the party, a group of boys gathered for a final beer in

Jeremy's cabin before their departure. Amanda, looking quite a different

girl from the plasma physicist who had arrived at camp six weeks ago, was

still planted in her pot, too saturated with water to move, the same

alarmed expression on her face.

"When are you pulling her out, Jeremy?" said Rem.

"As soon as you guys leave," Jeremy said. "I'm going to stay an extra

day to keep an eye on the dehydration process."

"Is it dangerous?" said a theoretical physicist named Garrett.

"It's a piece of cake," said Jeremy. "But, you know, you have to follow

proper procedure."

"I really don't see how she's planning to have a science career now,"

said Philip. "Can you imagine walking into a lab or a university for a job

looking like that? They'll say, 'I think you've made a mistake - you're

looking for the strip club on the next block.'" The boys giggled.

"Well, this is what she wanted," said Jeremy philosophically.

"Do you know she has a web site devoted to her?" said Rem.

"Really?" said Jeremy.

"Two of them," said Garrett.

"What's the other one?" said Rem.

"There's a Japanese one."

"It'll be hard to recognize her from those online pictures, especially

if she can get that Edvard Munch expression off her face," said Philip.

"But her tits are like a one-way ticket to the sex industry."

The boys drank and pondered.

"How long could you keep her like that, if you wanted to?" asked Rem.

"Indefinitely," said Jeremy. "All her life systems are functioning.

She's in perfect health."

"Wouldn't it be cool to leave her like this and take her home?" said

Philip. "We could just plant her in a back yard somewhere and water her

once in a while."

"No, you can't put her in a back yard," said Jeremy scornfully. "She's

not a plant. She has an endocrine system that needs continual monitoring

and adjustment."

"So keep her in her pot," said Tad, an applied mathematician. "I'd pay

good money to come home to that every night."

"No, no, no," said Jeremy. "It's the end of camp, people are going to

be expecting her somewhere. No."

"Yeah, it's not practical," said Rem.

"Oh, well. You can't stop me from dreaming," said Tad.

Philip raised his beer. "Gentlemen, a toast. To Amanda, and to an

extremely interesting summer."

"To Amanda," said the boys in unison, and drank up.

The End

That time I sperged out because they dumbed water on me.

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