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Cash Cow

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There was something satisfying about closing a sale. Certainly, a commission was nice. But closing a sale brought satisfaction that could warm a soul. Especially if you’re a door to door sales representative.

It takes a lack of certain ethical fiber to intrude upon the sanctity of another person's home with your merchandise, be it material or spiritual. That, and possibly an ideological certitude that your wares are important enough to be forced upon another. Whatever the motive, closing a sale always left a good taste in your mouth.

Girl scouts have it easy. Their wares are well advertised. Plus, folks love girl scouts and everyone loves their cookies. Girl scouts never get a door slammed in their face.

On a good day, Anna was lucky not to have more than ten shut before a single word escaped her lips. It didn’t get her down, though. But it can wear on the most stalwart salesperson.

Not Anna. Even on days when she didn’t make a sale (known as rolling a donut) Anna wasn’t the slightest bit put off. That’s because Anna had the two qualities that make a great salesperson: #1 . A great product that she believed in. A product that she knew would make the world a better place just by sharing it. Even if it was just by one home at a time. #2 . She lacked the ethical fiber that keeps most people from knocking on stranger’s doors.

It didn’t hurt that Anna also had enough business experience to sell a snow-cone to an Eskimo… then make him a customer for life. Anna was exceptional at what she did, and she enjoyed doing it.

It felt good to be back in the lower echelons of business. It was glorious from the top, but it was curiously fun to replay the game and find a new way to get to the summit.

The former owner of Taurus Enterprise had learned a few things at the last conference she had attended. And she intended to put them to good use. Over the course of just two weeks she had amassed a good number of sales. No small accomplishment considering it was her first territory with a new product. She made about four sales a day, well beyond what she was able to accomplish in her “rookie” years.

Not being in want of money certainly was helping.

Indifference. That was the hardest part of the sale to master. The hardest thing for a person to overcome. It’s hard to be indifferent when your livelihood depends on pushing a product. A potential sale can smell how much you want it - and some might lead you on just long enough to make you think your going to close the deal. Then they slam the door, with a satisfactory retribution knowing that they’ve wasted as much of your time as you had of theirs.

Anna didn’t need a sale every day. It was nice, but she didn’t need it. Besides she’d already made a sale today. At least she had to believe she did, so the sale would believe she did. It was hard to find a neighborhood that wasn’t trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. Envy was be a beautiful ally.

Surprisingly, as rude as the act was, going door to door was often successful simply because a product going door to door held within it a fear of loss and sense of urgency. A salesperson was like an ice cream truck: it might not be back again any time soon, and it won’t be her for long. Sso you’d better go buy your ice cream now.

Hmm, there was a thought… maybe Anna could get the same conditioned response as an ice cream truck by playing a little jingle? She’d have to pass that one back to corporate. Then send it to R&D to find a catchy jingle to fit the product. Honestly, Anna wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Bos already was looking into it.

She made a mental note; b flat maybe? Then continued her route. She was losing daylight, and there was one house left at the end of the cul-de-sac that she needed to return to.

It was a large two story brick house with false colonnades in front. A new neighborhood in a new suburb. The whole place screamed money. And yet they didn’t have the lawyers (or sense) to put up a “no soliciting” sign.

There was a new Land Rover in the driveway. This told Anna that her sale was home. It also told her that she would have no qualms, or difficulty, with taking this sale’s money.

Anna went up to the door and politely knocked “Somewhere over the rainbow”. “Shave and a haircut” never got sales, and Anna had a hunch that using “Mario Bros.” wouldn’t work on this sale.

She stood to the side of the door, not quite leaning against one of the fake columns. Keeping an eye on the doorway, but not quite staring at it. The door opened, “Hello, I’m Annabelle Taurus. I’m here on behalf of Dr. Bos Body Works and the newest line of Bovidae Products. We’re now offering Bos Replenishing Allure at discount, but I was told you might be interested in our premier product: Bos Intensity Gel.”

The door opened wider and a middle aged blond stepped out of the doorway. “Who told you I would be interested in anything?”

“Actually, I came by here earlier in the day and your daughter, Kristen, expressed that you might find these products as much to your liking as she did. So I’m here at her bequest.”

“Step-daughter…” the blond corrected, “What did she buy off of you?”

“She bought a lower end product. She didn’t have the same kind of money as your neighbors.”


“Let’s see, the Pecora’s and the Caprina’s, just in eyesight. They ordered several hundred dollars worth a piece.” Anna said pointing down the street. It always paid to memorize names. “Come to think of it, they mentioned that Jennifer Argali would be interested in our product. When would be a good time to show you what we have to offer?”

“Er… I’m not…well, I guess now is as good a time as any. Come on it.” Jennifer submitted. Never ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions until they couldn’t bear to say ‘no’. Give them an option between two choices of your choosing and you’ll always come out on top.

Anna followed Jennifer into the home. Luxuries of no real value were found throughout the house. Expensive items for sake of spending lots of money. No sentimental value, no craftsmanship, no love. But just enough flair to embarrass yourself by presenting them at Antiques Road Show.

Jennifer sat down on an overly plush chair and motioned for Anna to do the same. Anna did so crossing her legs politely. She was sharply dressed in a long professional skirt. Enough to be noticed and still be taken seriously. She set down the bag bearing the purple, black and white logo of Dr. Bos Body Works on the glass coffee table.

“How familiar are you with Dr. Bos products?” Asked Anna as she looked through her bag for a few items of demonstration. The pleasant fragrance of lavender began to fill the room.

“I’ve heard the name.”

“Originally Dr. Bos was a supplier of some of the magic elixirs that cosmetic companies desired. Our ingredients have grown increasingly popular amongst major cosmetics, so an individual brand was the next logical step for growth. And it works in keeping our products truly organic. Straight from harvest through production we want our products to be as natural as possible. What better way to remove all foreign contaminants than have all products made entirely in house? We also ensure all of our products don’t smell like pharmaceuticals. How can you feel beautiful smelling like plastic?”

Jennifer instinctively took a breath and became aware of the floral scent in the air. “Oh my! That is nice? What is that?”

“Lavender. Something of a personal touch by Dr. Bos herself.”

“Dr. Bos is a woman?”

Anna bit her tongue. Amazing how chauvinist views still affect the modern home. “Of course! Helping women look good takes a women’s touch. Sure we love to look beautiful to catch a man’s eye. But it’s other women who we seek to truly impress. Dr. Bos is well aware of that and strives to draw envy toward users of her product.”

“You have my attention. What have you got?”

“For you, Jennifer, Bos Intensity Gel seems like a good place to start. I can see why your dau… step-daughter and neighbors might have suggested it for you. It would suit you well.” Anne smiled as she brought out a small tin of gel. She felt herself getting excited at the prospect of this new client. The world would be much better with Jennifer using Dr. Bos product. At least the neighborhood, anyway.

This was Anna’s favorite part. She knew the sale was closed by the time she was invited into the home - but… that moment of anticipation before showing the product! What would the reaction be? What product would they choose in the end? The very idea thrilled Anna almost more than the act of using it. The anticipation, it was like foreplay to her. And foreplay always got her off.

Anna unscrewed the lid from the small container. “My that’s an awfully small sample.” said Jennifer, looking somewhat disappointed.

“It’s not a sample. Bos Intensity Gel is over $700 an ounce.” answer Anna. She knew a high price alone was enough to snare this sale. “Though some would argue the fact; quality always trumps quantity. Which isn’t to say quantity can’t be a good thing…”

As the lid came undone Jennifer couldn’t help but take a deep breath. “That smells lovely. Doesn’t it, Jennifer?”

“Oh my, yes it does. You could market it in aroma candles and make a fortune!”

Anna made a mental note at that idea. Always good to accept a customer’s suggestions. If one was offered, there were a thousand more sales who shared the idea. Of course long term exposure to such a product… They’d have to be small candles…

Jennifer visibly relaxed into the plush chair. Anna smiled. She could have her way with the woman if she’d wanted. She did want to. Just not yet.

“That’s a great idea, Jennifer. I’ll make sure our Research and Development team gets moving on that idea, if they’re not already. It would be great to smell this good all the time, wouldn’t it Jennifer?”

Jennifer took another deep breath and sighed almost closing her eyes, “Yeah.”

Too easy, Anna thought. Almost disappointing, really. Anna loved the struggle of a strong will. She wasn’t expecting a woman with such small breasts to be so… submissive. It made sense though. Jennifer was showing off what little she had in a tight v-neck. Submissive women like showing off their breasts. Anna smiled at the thought. It wouldn’t be long before Jennifer was on her knees.

A shame really. Anna enjoyed the longer breaking of Jennifer’s type: rich, arrogant, and naturally good looking. Anna looked upon Jennifer’s lithe form again and noticed that she was a natural blond. Perhaps that counteracted the small breasts in terms of submissiveness?

Perhaps a change in strategy, just for the fun of it. “Would you like to smell like lavender, Jennifer?”

Jennifer opened her eyes. “What? You mean like a perfume?”

It was a bold risk. But that’s what Anna thrived on. “No, not a perfume. I mean would you like to smell like this always?” Anna held the jar of closer to Jennifer.

Jennifer couldn’t help but inhale deeply. The scent filled her head, no, her whole body with… she couldn’t find the word for it. She took another breath pushing her nose closer to the jar of Bos Intensity Gel. She wanted it. She needed it. “Yes! I could smell that forever.”

Anna smiled. The miscommunication was irrelevant. If Jennifer wanted to smell herself forever, she could. The customer was always right.

Anna began screwing the lid back on. Jennifer’s eyes widened and was about to ask why Anna was shutting off the pleasant aroma when Anna answered, “I believe that there is another, more expensive, product more suited to your desires, Jennifer.”

The idea of something more expensive was enough to persuade Jennifer, whether it suited her needs or no. She didn’t ask a price. She didn’t even respond verbally, she just got up to get her purse. She whipped out a credit card and threw it on the table. Then Jennifer sat back down into the plush chair.

Ah, technology. In Anna’s early years few people had cards, let alone would attempt to use them for a door to door purchase. Then, after the nineties, everyone had cards - but wireless technology was in it’s infancy and it took tens of minutes worth of time filling out forms to charge one from home. And even then it would be at a later date. Now, an account could be charged remotely with a small handheld device.

Anna smiled. She could empty the entire account. There wasn’t a need to though. She wasn’t in need of money. Besides, honest business always paid off. Well, mostly honest business… “Let’s just leave that for later, shall we? Until you’re 100% satisfied in our product”

Anna left the Bos Intensity Gel and Jennifer’s credit card on the table as she drew a larger purple tinted container from her bag. “This is Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder. It will rejuvenate your skin, moisturize it, and give your body the scent of lavender.”

Anna unscrewed the jar letting its aroma fill the room, then pulled a pair of latex gloves from her bag and donned them. She scooped up a small bit with her fingers holding it before Jennifer.

Jennifer took a deep breath then was caught off guard with a cool sensation on her chest as Anna began rubbing it in just above her v-neck. “Not to mention it is made with the latest Bovidae Formula.” Anna said as she rubbed the cream into Jennifer’s chest.

Jennifer’s eyes popped open at the touch of the cold cream as it was spread onto her… She didn’t do anything to stop Anna. It felt too good. But the flavor of the aroma was different somehow. More… musky? Jennifer inhaled deeply again. Yeah, musky. It smelled like lavender and sex.

“Are you a submissive woman, Jennifer?” Asked Anna as she scooped up more of the cream. Anna moved in almost straddling the other woman as she rubbed more cream into Jennifer’s chest and above, exposing more of her shoulders…

Jennifer’s eyes opened and went up and to the right as she pondered the question. She wasn’t submissive. Especially not considering the way she treated her husband or step-daughter. “No, I’m not a submissive woman.”

Anna arched an eyebrow, caught slightly off guard. “Really? I’m sitting over you. I could do with you as I would will.” She said with an air of confidence.

Jennifer closed her eyes. “I paid you to.” she retorted as she settled further into the chair.

She had a point, really. In her world, Anna was little more than a service provider. What a curious mind. Perhaps she’d paid for service before… “What are you paying me to do?”

“I’m paying you to make me more beautiful.”

Again, she had a point. “Your money is well spent. Your skin is rejuvenating and re-hydrating. All your wrinkles, what few you had, are disappearing. Your breasts will soon start firming up. You’ll hardly recognize yourself in short time.”

“Good!” Jennifer smiled and opened her body to Anna.

Anna wasn’t sure how she felt about this. It was as if Jennifer expected her to rub the entire jar of Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder onto her body to her benefit. Sure, Anna had planned on doing just so. But, that was because it was her idea. Not this egomaniac’s. Best to swallow her pride and run with it. At least for a little bit.

“Is there anything else in particular I could help you with?” Anna inquired as she rubbed the last of the cream onto Jennifer. This time moving lower over what was exposed of Jennifer’s breasts.

Jennifer laughed. “I remember the day when I had to go abroad for that kind of service! What are you offering?”

Anna bit her lip and pulled back from on top of Jennifer. Despite the chemicals running through her body, despite her submissive response to Anna’s actions, Jennifer still thought she was in charge. And now she thought that Anna was a prostitute. She had misread Anna’s seduction… Anna cringed at the thought. Even more so when she acknowledged that seduction it was…

With a twinge Anna snapped out of it. She wasn’t the whore here. Anna had read all the signs - and by now Jennifer had taken a more than healthy dose of narcotics. Anna was the alpha here, even if Jennifer didn’t know it, yet. She would turn Jennifer into a cash cow. Even if it meant doing so at Jennifer’s request.

Maintaining her professionalism, Anna stepped back and laid out the rest of her wares onto the table. She named each product as she did so. Anna could take her time. The chemicals would do their job, even if Jennifer was proving more resistant than most to their cognitive effects.

“I have with me: Bos Replenishing Allure, Hypnotherapy Omega Red Sensory Elixir, Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Shock Perfume Intensity Cellular Extract, Bos Oxygen Natural Dermafil, Bos Open Intensity Night Gel, Simple Elixir Xanthippe. You’ve already seen the Bos Intensity Gel. And here is the original Bovidae Formula.”

Anna neglected to pull out the remaining item in the bag. Given the circumstances, she didn’t want Jennifer to know about the feeldoe. Not yet, anyway. It wasn’t something Anna normally carried on her. It was special purchase for a special client, and Anna made sure that the customer always got what they paid for.

“Mmmm, let’s go back to the Intensity Gel. I didn’t get to feel it yet.” Said Jennifer.

“Excellent choice. It compliment’s the effects of Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder. And it will feel very good!” Anna reopened the container “If you want I could…”

“Yes! I think you should!” responded Jennifer, pulling off her v-neck and turning in the chair to better expose her back and shoulders to Anna.

Anna smiled. The subtlety of persuasion was unnecessary, aside from comforting Anna’s ego that she was indeed in control. Certainly the chemicals where helping subdue Jennifer’s inhibitions about removing her shirt. She admired Jennifer’s newly exposed flesh. It was already healthy and smooth. Toned in just the right places. “Actually, Jennifer, Bos Intensity Gel isn’t meant for your backside.”

A tipsy smile crept its way across Jennifer’s face. “Then I guess this will just get in the way!” She giggled as she removed her bra and tossed it away. She cupped her pert breasts and swayed her body invitingly in front of Anna. Then she relaxed again into the plush chair, now half nude.

Anna’s smile was genuine. In a past life she would have offered Jennifer a managerial post. Especially given her clairvoyance in recognizing her bra would get in the way, no less! Too bad for Jennifer. Since the chemicals were kicking in Anna would now only offer her a post in the manger.

Moving again closer to Jennifer, Anna dipped her gloved fingers into the gel. Anna held her fingers in front of Jennifer’s nose before rubbing it into the other, not yet submissive, woman.

Jennifer couldn’t control herself as she leaned in to smell the scent she had so adored. A strong odor of lavender, and something different now. Not just musk. There was liquid sex mixed into the floral scent. She breathed deep and rubbed a nipple.

What sweet sight greeted Anna’s eyes. As jaded as she was, she still got a thrill as the wet spot crept from Jennifer’s crotch. Anna couldn’t help but take a whiff of the new scent of lavender and sex that filled the air… Only lost for a moment, she snapped out of the daze and continued her task.

Jennifer cooed and pulled her own hand back as Anna massaged the cool gel into her breasts. She could feel her nipples swell. She arched her back so as to press her flesh deeper into Anna’s hands. But Anna’s hands weren’t there long. “Oh!” She moaned as Anna smeared more of the gel onto her abdomen. “OOH!” she cried louder as Anna rubbed concentric circles around erogenous spots she didn’t even know she had. It was like her nipples were being tweaked from her stomach.

If her belly felt that good, her actual nipples must be shooting lightning bolts. Jennifer cupped her breasts and squeezed unfamiliar flesh. Her nips weren’t found where they normally where. They seemed just a little bit farther out on her tits. Mmm, tits was a great word for what she had. Funny, Jennifer couldn’t remember ever having tits before - she’d only had breasts. Tits were better, bigger, fuller.

Sure enough, as soon as she found her nips, they felt like lightning. Jennifer squirmed at her own touch then gasped as Anna rubbed more cream into the two new sweet spots. Her whole body was tingling. So much so she didn’t realized Anna had stopped touching her.

Anna was out of Bos Intensity Gel. Mixed with the Cream of Wonder, Jennifer should be feeling swimmingly good without any assistance for a number of hours. Anna watched as Jennifer tweaked her now large tits, wriggling and moaning in ecstasy. She wondered how long it would take Jennifer to notice her developing second set. Anna certainly hadn’t been shy about exciting the new teats - and Jennifer certainly had responded well to the touch.

It was odd though. Jennifer hadn’t actually touched herself below her normal set of breasts. Anna had no doubt it would be a while before Jennifer noticed her new milkers. Especially given the diluted concentration of the Bovidae Formula in products for home use. But Jennifer hadn’t taken her hands from her own original nipples.

Sure, Dr. Bos products heighten the sensitivity of the body. But most women would begin rubbing their nether regions in tandem with their breasts to get off. Judging by the growing dampness between her legs, it was likely Jennifer needed nothing more than nipple stimulation to reach orgasm.

As if to prove the point Jennifer let one go. “Oh, oh, oooooooooh! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, pinching her tits all the tighter.

What a lucky one this one is, thought Anna. Four new orgasmic buttons for her, and anyone else’s, pleasure.

After a few moments recovery, Jennifer reached a hand down check her own crotch. She rubbed her own wetness then brought her hand back to her face to smell. Heaven. Pure orgasmic bliss. Jennifer had always liked her own smell. But this new one really turned her on. She began rubbing her tits again, though they seemed an even further to reach.

“How long are you going to keep your pants on?” questioned Anna.

“Until I say you can take them off!” replied Jennifer smugly. She didn’t even open her eyes. She didn’t seem embarrassed that she’d gotten off in front of another woman - despite seemingly to have forgotten about Anna. Did she get off on exhibitionism, too?

Anna was amazed at Jennifer’s arrogance, but maintained her cool. “Okay then. When would you like me to take off your pants?”

“You’re anxious to get in there, aren’t you?” giggled Jennifer.

Physically, the chemicals were working fine. Mentally they seemed to be working as well, if more slowly. Giggling wasn’t something dominant woman were known for. Jennifer wasn’t a dominant woman. She was just bossy. Good thing Anna was sent here. She knew just what to do with bossies.

“Actually, Jenny, I’ve got something that needs to go there. Something that was bought just for a submissive woman like you.”

“I told you I’m not a submissive woman!” Jennifer retorted while twirling her nipples.

“Really, Jenny? Then why are you showing me your tits. Does that get you off?”


“You are submissive, Jenny. Submissive women like showing off their tits. Showing off your tits gets you off doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but…”

Anna cut her off. “You don’t wear bras either, Jenny. Submissive women don’t wear bras. They like showing off their tits. You couldn’t wear a bra if you tried.”

Jennifer thought she wore bras. Ones that emphasized what she had - at least when she didn’t have that much to emphasize. She looked down. What more needed emphasizing? But wouldn’t she need something to support these things? She thought, holding them up with her hands.

“Admit it, Jenny, you’re a submissive woman. You’re even making milk like a submissive woman.” Anna reached out and grabbed one of Jennifer’s original teats. She pulled in just the right way and a quick stream of milk shot out.

“Oooh!” Jenny squealed. God that felt good!

“You liked that. Didn’t you, Jenny? Submissive woman like making milk, don’t they?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, oh yes!” Let out Jenny as Anna pulled a few more squirts.

“Take off your pants. That’s right, take them off. I knew it! I knew you were a submissive woman! You weren’t wearing any panties, were you? That’s right submissive women don’t wear panties, do they?” Anna rewarded Jenny with a few more expert tugs on Jenny’s now well developed tit.

“Oh god! More! More!” pleaded Jenny once Anna stopped.

“Get on your knees.” Jenny immediately dropped to the floor. “That feels good doesn’t it, Jenny? Submissive women like being on their knees, don’t they? You like being in that submissive state don’t you?”

Anna didn’t wait for the affirmation. She just pulled the same teat again until Jenny was on all fours above a milk stained carpet. Good thing it was already white. Anna gave a few more quick tugs for the good behaviour.

“Ooooooooh!” Jennifer screamed. She had meant to say ‘Oh god!’ that time but lost her words as her pussy felt that familiar clenching which signaled the start of her orgasm.

Anna took a step back to oversee her work. “Look at you. You are a cow, aren’t you Jenny?”

“Aaaaaaaaaam noooooooooot aaaaaaaaaaa coooooooooooooooow!” said Jenny, still cumming.

“Really, Jenny? Submissive women are cows. There you are - on the ground, on all fours. Like a cow. Your tits are hanging out, dripping milk. Like a cow. You even have four tits. Just like a cow. Because, Jenny, you are a cow.” Anna milked the two new teats for emphasis.

That sent Jenny over the top. She came hard, and then came again as Anna continued milking her.

Multiple orgasms without even touching her twat. What a lucky one Jenny was with her new teats. Anna could keep going her cumming all night without putting a finger inside of her. At least so long as she had the stamina to keep milking her new cow.

Anna did have to stop. She still had one task left before fulfilling her contract. Besides, her hands were getting tired.

Letting go of Jenny’s tits, Anna pulled the feeldoe out of her bag. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Especially given the lack of attention you’ve had so far down here.” Anna said as she slid the pony side into Jenny’s pussy.

Given the moaning, it was clear Jenny did enjoy her new pseudo cock.

Anna took a step back to view the newest herd member. “If it weren’t for your udders, some might think you were a bull instead of a bossy. But you’ve been bossy all your life haven’t you? Maybe that’s why your neighbors expressed interest in you getting our products? Maybe that’s why your step-daughter was so eager to buy this for you?” Anna surmised tapping the feeldoe.

Jenny moaned in pleasure again, but her moans weren’t entirely to moos, yet. Anna wasn’t going to miss this chance to really milk her new cash cow. She looked at the uncharged credit-card on the coffee table then looked into Jenny’s eyes. “Kristen will be back soon. Would you like to buy her something in return?”

Hijinks with Hilareola. After meeting a busty clown, two women start to feel funny.


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Heather and Roxy decided that for the weekend, they were going to leave the city and drive out to the nearby county fair. They hoped for fun rides, good food (that was bad for them), and entertainment. Though, in truth, they were prepared to just be unimpressed and just get joy out of laughing at all the Podunk locals too stupid or poor to live in the city.

Heather was the taller of the two women, just under six feet tall, in no small part in thanks to her legs. They were long and sinewy, and led up to her firm and high butt, all wrapped in form fitting yoga pants. The shapes of her flat tummy and her handfuls of breasts were only slightly more hidden beneath her black tank top. Auburn hair pulled up into a pony tail, and thin lips pulled into a smirk. She had the looks and confidence of a prom queen in high school, but it was Roxy who exuded the dominance between the two.

Roxy rose to only 5'7'', but what she lacked in height she made for in curves. Breasts and bum couldn't be hidden unless under a large winter coat. Too hot for that option, she opted for a military-style jacket, all dark green with a few patches about lesbian pride, and baggy cargo pants. The subtle supply of baby fat around her belly was completely hidden thanks to a baggy and old t-shirt. Freckles dusted across her darker-than-Heather's complexion, and piercings ran along the ridge of her right ear, and studded into her left nostril.

The women walked through the fair grounds, Heather enjoying the looks she got, and Roxy huffing at her lack of catcalls received. "You'd get more hits if you dressed like a woman, Roxy," Heather said upon seeing her plump, pierced, lip push out in a pout. "You know? Show off the goods!"

Roxy scoffed, running a ringed hand through her short mess of blonde and green hair. "Why bother? I already landed the best catch." She complimented Heather, punctuating the statement by giving her ass a firm and very audible slap, and letting her hand linger there to squeeze the firm globe. After giving a yelp and sharing a laugh, the women stopped in front of a poster that read, "Come See Hilareola the Clown!"

The poster showed off the advertised entertainer. Tall stilettos, blue and sparkly. Striped stockings that encased her legs from her toes up to her thick thighs; the flesh past the stockings' end bulged slightly from the pressure. From her crotch, to her pinched in stomach, to her full and unyielding breasts, she was wrapped in something that looked more similar to a corset than a leotard. A frilly and unnecessary skirt wrapped around her wide hips. It hid nothing a skirt usually would. Puffy sleeves, contrary to the rest of her form fitting outfit, ended at a pair of red gloves. A tiny top hat sat crooked on a mess of wild blue hair. Any skin showing was clean ivory, making the obnoxious makeup on her face, particularly her blue eye shadow and red, thick lips, stand out all the more.

Both agreeing they had to see how this porn star clown performed, Heather and Roxy entered the large tent and found their seats. Much to their dismay, Hilareola gave a rather tame show, though made more lewd by her tit flesh rising up out of her low top, and the leotard riding up against her plump ass. She performed alone, and despite the dull nature of her act, the audience loved it. Heather and Roxy rolled their eyes, amused the yokels were so easily amused. Not to say they weren't moved by the performance. Watching the curvy woman bounce all around the ring made the women flushed, and handsy with each other.

Half way through the act, they both slipped back out of the tent, and walked with a brisk pace toward the car.

Heather stopped Roxy, and motioned to the tent nearby, saying she couldn't wait to get home to have her.

Roxy didn't like doing things like this in public, she was mostly private, only being bold when it made Heather happy. Unable to deny her own strong arousal, however, she agreed and the women slipped into the tent after checking that it was empty. Wasting no time, Roxy pushed Heather to the small bed in the room, and fell to her knees between Heather's legs.

Heather pushed Roxy back some. She crossed her ankles, lifted up her toned legs, and peeled her yoga pants and blue panties up past her bum, exposing her dripping sex.

Roxy buried her smiling mug right into Heather's crotch, feasting feverishly on the overflow of juices. Sometime later, both women ended up on the bed. Roxy had her leg rubbing up between Heather's thighs, with one long, bare, leg draped across her hip. Her fingers danced inside of Heather, while her lips and teeth enjoyed the flesh at Heather's shoulder. Heather mostly moaned, but did busy her hand with massaging Roxy's heavy tit.

Lost in their passion, they didn't notice Hilareola walk into the tent. She casually entered, brushing confetti off of her cleavage and sucking some pie cream off her ungloved fingers. Large eyes shot open and smile widened upon seeing the sex act that awaited her in her tent.

Eventually Heather's eyes opened and spotted Hilareola in the tent. She was just sitting there, watching them. Legs spread, torso leaning forward, exposing the deep valley of her tits, one hand holding a box of popcorn, and the other shoveling it into her mouth comically. Heather screamed, and Roxy yelled, both of them scrambling to cover themselves. Hilareola pouted, sad to see the show end so soon. She cheered for an encore, but when the girls started to redress, she knew it was a lost cause.

As soon as they were decent enough to walk outside, they started to head toward the tent flap. The clown woman stopped them, and offered them a gift before they left. Intrigued, and too frazzled to think of how to say no, they stood there, waiting for the prize. Popcorn was brushed off her white globes, leaving behind residue of salt and butter (that she would enjoy later), and then a hand plunged between her breasts.

The girls watched as Hilareola fumbled around with her cleavage. She pulled out horns and toys, and finally, a lipstick case.

Hilareola applied the lipstick hastily and messily, yet somehow it came out looking clean and shiny. She started to approach the women, but when they backed up slightly, her shoulders dropped and her lip pouted.

The women turned to leave, having no interest in making out with a clown. One step from the door, they heard a honk. Instinctively they turned to look back at Hilareola.

The clown was caught groping her own tit, gave a faux shocked expression, and then smiled. Before they could escape, she pressed the fingertips from both hands to her lips, giving them a wet, audible kiss, and then blew them at the girls. Unbeknownst to them, both of their cheeks had been marked with lipstick, in the shape of the clown's smiling lips.

After they left, Hilareola noticed the pair of damp panties on her bed. She sniffed them gently, looked around, and then snorted them hard up against her red ball nose. After letting out a sigh of enjoyment, she stuffed the underwear into the bottomless pit that was her cleavage.

By the time they arrived home, the marks on their cheeks had faded into their skin, and entered their system.

They had been caught in the act before, and they always had some intense fucking when they got home, but not this time. The clown put a damper on the whole experience. So they just went to bed, and hoped it'd all be over.

When they awoke, they slid out of bed and set to getting ready for the day. At breakfast, Roxy mentioned to Heather that she was looking a little pale, asking if she felt alright. Heather replied with, "I guess I am feeling a little funny," followed by a momentary chuckle. Roxy rolled her eyes and continued to shove more bacon and eggs into her mouth, though she couldn't seem to stop the rumble in her stomach. The food just wasn't as appetizing as it usually was, nor did it fill her up. A sprinkling of sugar on everything did help it all go down, at least.

Throughout the week, the girls felt stranger and stranger, but never in any discomfort or pain. In fact, in most instances, it felt good. Heather had continued to grow more and more pale. One day she attempted to apply some blush and concealer, but found herself hating how she looked, and washed it off. She just settled for the normal application of lipstick, eye shadow and liner. It was an odd change of pace for the typically vain yoga nut. She used to spend hours in the bathroom, making sure her makeup was perfect, and her skin looked flawless and unblemished. Now she was finding herself hastily applying makeup, giggling at how easy it was to get everything right where she wanted it to be. She would later buy a comically large face pad, so she could bap herself in the face with a cloud of white powder. Not that her skin needed any more white.

Her girlfriend, Roxy, continued to struggle with a stomach ache for another day. She had figured it was her change in diet, because all she could stomach were sugary snacks and fried dough. One day, she found she had lost all the baby fat around her midsection. In fact, it was starting to look a little flat, like Heather's body. It was like all that stomach pain was just her body moving things around and kicking things out, renovating her body. Where Roxy lost fat, Heather gained some. Her humble breasts and firm tush grew considerably. None of her bras fit anymore, and her panties were just getting absorbed by her plump cheeks.

While her breasts were already large, Roxy disliked bras so much in her life that she never wore them, which resulted in them having more sag than was appropriate for a woman in her 20s. Overnight, however, they lifted up and stayed perky on her chest. Proud of how much better they looked, the normally conservatively dressed lesbian started to show off a bit more skin. Her ever whitening skin made her breasts look even creamier and desirable.

Heather's wardrobe no longer fit her newly curvaceous frame. Everything rode up high and regular t-shirts became belly shirts, shorts became almost thongs, and yoga pants ripped every time she bent over, revealing her white and red polka dot bloomers. At the store, Heather disliked everything she usually went for. Now she was picking out far more revealing clothes, that were brightly colored.

With her clothes still able to fit her, Roxy was able to go to her friend's kid's birthday party. She found herself unable to pay attention to the adults, and kept watching the party. One child came up to her and asked if she was a clown, given her makeup. Roxy immediately agreed. The kid asked if she could do balloon animals. Roxy immediately agreed. From a pocket that was previously empty, Roxy was able to pull out balloon after balloon. The moment she put the end of the balloon in her mouth, she moaned quietly to herself.

Behind closed, plump, green lips, Roxy treated the open end of the balloon like a lover's nipple. Swirling her tongue against it, nibbling softly, and eventually blowing into it to give the rubber the shape. She was a natural, able to make any animal the kids asked for. The parents were confused, but impressed, by Roxy's talents. As soon as she turned the game into seeing how far she could fit snaked-shaped balloon down her throat before it popped, the parents firmly told her to leave.

Heather was having her own issues with friends. At dinner, the group heard the story about how one friend's brother had died. He was late for work, and needed desperately to catch a cab. He ran out into the middle of the road and got slammed into by a taxi. To which Heather said, "Guess he should have worn a glove if he wanted to catch it." After her boisterous laughing died down, she could hear her friends yelling at her to leave.

Neither clown-like woman needed their friends anyway. They were plenty happy staying home, and finding new ways to use balloons to pleasure themselves. Their favorites were shoving a long balloon up their snatches and seeing who could get the furthest before popping (which always made them cum instantly), and squeezing a horn's rubber end with their ass cheeks, seeing who could get the most honks before it fell to the ground.

Food didn't taste the same either. All they wanted to eat now was carnival food. One day they went out to get a funnel cake from a cart. They amassed quite a crowed when they started sucking powdered sugar off of each other's fingers, and licking their lips with loud moans. Their favorite was banana cream pie. However, they would only eat it after it had been thrown at their faces. Same went for drinking seltzer. It had to be sprayed upon their bodies, trying to catch as much of it in their mouth before gulping it all down.

Though they were enjoying themselves immensely, even with the friendship bridges burned, they ran into a problem concerning money. Heather lost her job at the yoga studio she taught at when she turned every position into an excuse to turn it into a tumbling act, or squeezing her student's butts and making honking sounds.

Roxy lost her job at the hospital, as a nurse, because she kept trying to Patch Adams all the patients. But mostly it was because she was caught letting a patient use her cleavage as a bowl for his Jell-o. She explained it was the only way she could get him to eat, but they didn't want to listen to reason. They only really became deterred when they found they couldn't pay their rent in laughter and monopoly money.

The lesbian couple thought long and hard about what to do. Finally, after 7 days of transforming into clowns, they realized there was only one place for a clown to get work. After McDonald's said no, they fell back on the plan of going back to the carnival. When they arrived, their attire had greatly changed since the day they arrived one week ago.

Heather wore a pair of bright pink sneakers, with bulbous ends where her toes were. Her tube socks were normal, white with red striping at the top, except for the fact that they reached up past her knees. Around her hips was a pink skirt, decorated with balloons of various colors. Naturally, it was obscenely short. Whenever she bent over (which was often), everyone could see her white and red heart boy shorts, wedged tightly between her plump and firm cheeks. Her top was a tight pink t-shirt, with a plunging V-neckline, showing off the size of her newly enlarged tits. Over her breasts was a yellow happy face each. Her hair had grown out and turned Crayola red, which she wore up in pigtails tied with various ribbons of different colors, long enough to reach down to her shoulders.

Roxy was still shorter than Heather, but thanks to her green stiletto heels, with laces that ran up her calves, and her own bulbous end over her toes, she could almost match Heather's height. She had managed to save a pair of short denim shorts during the clothes upheaval. However, they were still a bit loose on her now slimmer, but still curvy, shape. So to fix that, she wore a pair of suspenders. They set them too short however, and the straps caused the shorts to ride up against her crotch as ass, just hinting at the chance that either would peek out if she moved her body just the right way.

Unlike Heather, her breasts were completely covered by the simple green tube top she wore. It was so small, however, that all it did was cover up her huge tits, nothing else. The straps of the suspenders were also pushing against their shape, causing them to squeeze out on either size, illustrating their plush and natural state to onlookers. She managed to save her jacket, but with some alterations. The hem now only reached half way down her back. The patches were now pairs of plump women's lips in smiling position, tongues licking candy, and other innocent yet lewd shapes. The color had gone from dark green to bright, matching the shade of lipstick she wore on her pouty and kissable lips.

Pink and green arm sleeves peeked out from behind her rolled up jacket sleeves, and ended at her blue, fingerless, gloves. Roxy's hair had become bright blue, curly, and full of volume. A pink cabby's hat sat nestled at the top of the nest of hair. The skin of both women was pure white now. The only make up they wore was brightly colored eye shadow, lipstick, and bright red lipstick kisses on one cheek, each. Though their destination was Hilareola's tent, they were constantly distracted by opportunities to put on a show.

One act was Roxy giving Heather a supposedly very important pie to hold, while she busied herself with making balloon animals for the kids. Heather kept finding ways for the pie to slip her grasp, just barely catching it before it hit the ground. Each time she did, she bent over at the waist, showing one half the crowd her tempting ass, and the other half her seductive cleavage.

When Roxy had finished, she turned around just as Heather was. The two women bumped into each other, breast to breast, with a pie splattering in between. Roxy stepped back and frowned as Heather gave a regretful smile, her tits covered in pie cream. Both of them shrugged and proceeded to clean off Heather's tits with swipes of their fingers, putting them in the other's mouth to be sucked clean.

One patron, so aroused he forgot his manners, approached Heather, and proposed he and her go around back and have some fun of their own. Heather nibbled on her plump lower lip, beckoning the man to her. As he sucked on her neck and palmed one of her massive globes, Heather moaned deep in her throat.

Suddenly the man felt something push against his leg. When he looked down, he could see Heather's skirt began to rise steadily.

After spitting several times on the ground, he exclaimed that he knew it was too good to be true, and ran off.

Heather looked confused, reaching under her skirt and pulling free a blown up long balloon. With a pout, she put the balloon away the only place she had space - between her jugs. She pressed down and down, twisting it deeper into her valley, causing her tits to bounce constantly as she did. Her pout replaced with a wide smile, she carried on away from the gathered crowd and followed Roxy toward the tent.

When they entered, Hilareola was already waiting for them, clapping her hands, with her hip cocked to one side. The women immediately fell onto their knees at Hilareola's feet, begging for a chance to work with her. Their tears caused their makeup to run, and they had to snort snot back up into their red ball noses. Heather tore at her top in an overly dramatic Brando-esque display of desperation. Roxy pulled out a wallet to open, showing that all that was in there was a moth. Then the moth came back and took her wallet with him.

Hilareola patted both of them on the head and agreed to let them work with her in the show. The moment they stood back up, happy, their clothes and makeup were back in their pristine condition. They were to start at the next show that day. Hilareola stood in the center and introduced them individually. Heather was the first to be called out, under the name Funbags.

Funbags came prancing out with two bags hanging from her arms. She would reach into one after the other, to grab toys and candy to be thrown into the crowd. Roxy was introduced as Honkers. She rode out in a tiny child's car, honking on the horn as she drove. When she stopped, she found her hips too big to get out of the seat, and Hilareola and Funbags had to help her out. Their act continued innocently enough. But as soon as Honkers soaked Funbags's shirt with her seltzer bottle, things began to get more lewd. It all culminated in a final act between Funbags and Honkers.

Anonymous 06/15/17 (Thu) 11:03:03 No.2379


Honkers mimed that she was entering an elevator. After a floor, Funbags entered in too. Honkers gave her a once over, whistling loud. Then, sprouting from inside her pants, a balloon acting as her cock began to inch its way out of the right leg of her shorts. Honkers scrambled to cover up. They both mimed that the elevator stopped abruptly, causing the car to shake. This sent Funbags back into Honkers, her skirt flipping up and her ass grinding against the balloon crotch. Half the crowd had become irate, and the other very aroused, but the show continued despite the former.

Funbags gave a shocked face, pursing her lips into an O-shape at the crowed, but she soon started to smile wickedly. She turned, causing her breasts to collide with Honkers'. After giving them a good honk, which actually produced the noise of the same name, and kissing her on her red nose, Funbags dragged herself down her body, sliding her tits against her along the way.

Honkers went cross-eyed and when Funbags got on her knees, zipped open her shorts, and began to fish out the green balloon cock. As soon as the makeshift dick was freed, it sprung out of the fabric and slapped Funbags in the face. She grimaced, and Honkers shyly smiled, but it was only a minor stop before Funbags because to lick the air-filled shaft up and down.

Now people were starting to leave their seats, to find someone to complain to, though many stayed behind. Funbags took more and more of the balloon into her mouth and down her throat, bobbing her head. As soon as her nose beeped against Honkers pelvis, she pulled all the way back. Tthe balloon was gone, and Funbags gave a gulp and a gasp.

Honkers looked disappointed, but then Funbags had an idea. Reaching into her cleavage, she pulled out the same long balloon she had stashed in there earlier. The smile returned to Honker's green lips when the balloon was planted back onto her body, somehow adhering to it. Though many found the act offensive, those that stayed had to admit it was impressive how Funbags was able to mime having her breasts pressed up against the wall of the invisible elevator.

Honkers slid her fake cock up and down between Funbags's cheeks. When her panties came down around her knees, she shoved the balloon's head into the snatch without further delay. Boos mixed with cheers, the latter winning out as the former left in droves. After several spanks and a lot of pumping and moaning, Honkers pulled out and mimed that she was cumming. A shower of confetti burst from the balloon onto Funbag's back and ass. They were so lost in the afterglow that they didn't see Hilareola step in front of the elevator doors, and then gasp when they supposedly opened.

What she walked in on was Funbags giving Honker's a tit job. Startled, Honkers pulled out, but the pleasure was apparently already too late, and this time instead of confetti, she shot a load of pie frosting all over Hilareola's face and chest. When she looked obviously unhappy, the new clowns made a run for it around the ring, to the sound of Benny Hill.

They slipped on the makeshift cum, ran behind walls only to come out the other side with the girls chasing Hilareola, and bouncing all throughout the finale of the act. When Hilareola finally caught them by the ears, she tapped her foot and demanded an explanation.

They both were silent, until Funbags burped, which caused the green balloon cock she had swallowed to shoot out of her mouth, punctured and flying through the air. Then the spot light faded, and the women left.

By the time the police arrived the next day to shut down the carnival after a mass of complaints, they found that it had already packed up and left.

So off the trio went, onto the next town to offend, delight, confuse, and arouse.

Spirit of Vengeance (Odd Transformation female mostly)


Gonsalves Guler hated his job. The pay was low, the work was dull, and he was extremely unpopular among his co-workers. He came from a poor immigrant family, and worked his butt off to put himself through high school and then through college.

He had graduated with a degree in computer network administration; unfortunately he discovered that there were very few jobs available for him. He took the first one that he could afford, working in the administration office at a local technical college.

It wasn't really Gonsalves' fault that he couldn't get a better job; he had a lot of things going against him. Gonsalves had a thick accent, which made it difficult for him to make himself understood. This in itself may not have been such a big problem, but he also suffered from a number of minor physical defects. He was extremely farsighted, so he was forced to wear very thick glasses. They made his eyes look much bigger than they really were - which had led to his nickname, "Goggles". All of Gonsalves' coworkers called him "Goggles", not realizing that it drove him up the wall. It might not have been so bad if they had been using the name affectionately, but Gonsalves knew that they weren't. When they thought he wasn't listening, or when they e-mailed each other, the people in Gonsalves' office usually called him "Gonzo".

Gonsalves also suffered from an unusually large, hooked nose, which led to his "secret" nickname. Gonsalves' coworkers didn't realize that, as the network administrator, and the only person in the office who was truly computer literate, he could gain access to any files on any computer in the office, and he read their e-mails frequently. He was the butt of many jokes that were told behind his back. He had heard the data entry clerks groaning about how their computers weren't working, and they'd have to ask Gonzo to fix it. He'd seen the e-mail sent around by Pauline, the receptionist, which contained a photograph of a pair of horn-rimmed glasses balanced on a male penis, with the caption "Gonzo". He heard the jokes being told behind his back about how stupid he was, how unattractive he was, and numerous slanders about his sexual preferences and anatomy. He couldn't talk to his boss, Robert, about it, because Robert was one of the worst perpetrators.

Worse yet, Gonsalves couldn't afford to quit his job. His parents were old, and had fallen quite ill - they didn't have health insurance, and every penny he could spare went toward their mounting medical bills. It had taken him months to find this job, and the only reason that they had been able to look past his appearance and his accent was the fact that they were desperate for a network administrator - the toxic work environment at the office had driven every other admin to a better job.

Gonsalves was working late at night, trying to repair the network issues caused by his idiot coworkers that day. He was thankful to have an excuse to miss the staff Christmas party, which was being held in a banquet hall on the floor below. He had no desire to socialize with the sociopaths he had to deal with every day at work.

As he was defragmenting a hard disk, Gonsalves noticed a brown paper package in his mailbox. He hadn't seen the package earlier in the day, and wondered how long it had been there. He walked over and picked it up. The package was wrapped in plain brown paper, and didn't have an address on it.

It merely said "To Gonsalves, From the Spirit of Vengeance - Merry Christmas!"

Gonsalves decided that the package was probably a prank from one of his socially retarded coworkers, so he opened it very carefully, away from his desk. Inside the package was a CD, labeled "New Reality Photo Editor".

Goonsalves was puzzled - none of his coworkers could have created a virus to harass him. He thought it was extremely unlikely that they even knew anyone capable of creating a virus. He recalled one time when Betty in Data Entry called him to fix her computer; he fixed it by turning on the power bar. Gonsalves' curiosity got the better of him, and he slipped the disk into an older computer he had in his cubicle. He disconnected it from the network, to ensure that he wouldn't have to repair more than one computer if the disk turned out to be harmful.

In a few seconds, an interface window popped up on the screen.

It said "Welcome to New Reality Photo Editor. Prepare to harness the most powerful photo and video editing software on the planet."

It had two buttons on the interface - one read "Quit", and the other read "Find photos, videos, and input devices".

Gonsalves clicked the second button, and the computer whirred and hummed for several seconds. A new window popped up, and Gonsalves was amazed at what was contained. In the top part of the window was a list of every image or video file contained on every computer in the building. It was sortable by a number of criteria, including file type, user, department, and subject matter! Gonsalves gulped, and looked at the network cable sitting unplugged on the floor. There was no possible way that this computer could talk to the network - yet somehow, it was able to see what was on every single computer in the building.

The second part of the new window puzzled Gonsalves even more. It was a list of input sources, with thumbnails showing what was available from them. The input sources included every web-cam on the network, several digital cameras that weren't connected to anything at all, and every security camera in and around the building. A chill went down Gonsalves' spine when he saw himself sitting in his cubicle. He looked at the webcam on his main computer, which he theoretically used for video-conferencing with Robert, his boss. Too bad Robert didn't know how to work a web-cam. Gonsalves realized that his web-cam was turned off, yet somehow it was projecting an image onto a computer that wasn't even connected to it.

Gonsalves clicked on the thumbnail beside his web-cam. A large window popped up, with a high-quality, fast frame rate video image of himself on the screen. There were a large number of menu options across the top. Gonsalves played around with the program for a few minutes, astonished at what it was doing. Clearly this was all impossible, so he decided that he must be dreaming. He pinched himself, and realized that he was wide awake. He clicked on himself, and another window popped up, saying "Object selected".

The new window showed a rotating, 3-dimensional, video image of himself in a seated position. Astonishingly, the image showed angles that the camera was incapable of seeing. Gonsalves played with the image, and found that he was able to drag the image into various poses. He chuckled as he pulled the shoes off of his image and put them onto his hands. This software was amazing! He clicked a button that said "Execute Changes", thinking that he would be able to save an image of this onto his computer. A tingling sensation passed over him, and his hands felt funny.

Gonsalves looked down, and cried out in surprise as he saw his shoes on his hands! He leaped to his feet, and quickly pulled the shoes off and threw them on the floor. He looked down, and saw that he was standing in his socks. Somehow this program had the ability to alter reality! He looked at the screen, and saw an image of himself, standing in his socks, staring at a pair of shoes lying in front of himself. Stunned, Gonsalves flopped down in his chair again. The full potential of this software was astounding. Gonsalves was wondering how far the changes could go, when he happened to glance at the "Input Devices" window again.

His sociopath coworkers were celebrating their annual holiday gift exchange in the banquet hall. They were laughing, and telling jokes, and pretending to like the coworkers whom they all secretly hated.

And Gonsalves was watching it all through a set of security cameras. He decided that it was time to test out the limits of this software.

Gonsalves opened up a few windows showing various views of the banquet hall. Amazingly, multiple windows didn't seem to slow down his computer at all. He decided to start small.

Pauline, the beautiful, long-legged and busty blonde receptionist, was fixing her makeup in the ladies' room. Gonsalves had noticed a number of options for editing objects, and decided to try them out. He clicked on Pauline and brought up a spinning image of her on a new window. She was wearing high heels and a slinky red dress, which was quite flattering on her. Gonsalves decided that it wasn't appropriate for the holiday season, however, and that it had to be changed. He dragged the dress off of the image. Before he started editing the dress, he goggled at the sight of Pauline wearing nothing but her panties and her high heels. Her large, perky breasts hung jiggling on her chest as she leaned toward the mirror, fixing her makeup. He looked at the security camera image, and saw that she was still fully clothed.

Gonsalves shook his head, and focused on the task at hand. He was able to use the software to make amazing modifications to the dress, and in a couple of minutes he had turned it into a wraparound dress with a white fur collar and border. It had a wide, black leather belt with a golden buckle. He dragged it back onto Pauline's image, but not before he slid her panties off. The panties were red, as well, which inspired Gonsalves. He played with the program some more, and quickly turned the panties into a red Santa cap, with a fur pom-pom and a border that matched Pauline's new coat. He quickly added fur pom-poms onto the front of Pauline's high heels, and saw that she was starting to leave the ladies' room.

Gonsalves clicked the "Execute changes" button, and watched, to his delight, as Pauline's slinky red dress turned into the red Santa outfit he had created. She didn't notice anything until she returned to the banquet hall - several co-workers started applauding, and Pauline looked confused for a moment. When she looked down at her outfit, there was a brief look of genuine surprise on her face. She clearly had no idea how this outfit got on her. Since it was clearly so popular with the staff, however, Pauline quickly regained her composure and pretended that she had worn the outfit on purpose. When she sat down, a couple of her co-workers were treated to a brief glimpse of her neatly trimmed, black-haired pussy - the coat was quite short, and she didn't yet realize that she wasn't wearing panties anymore.

Gonsalves rubbed his hands together in excitement. Time to try some of the other editing options he had seen.

Gonsalves selected Betty, the data entry clerk. Most of the data entry clerks were middle-aged and fairly unattractive, but Betty was a 22-year old brunette and a fox. She and Pauline hated each other - Betty loathed the way that the 30-ish Pauline shamelessly used her sexuality to get what she wanted; Pauline despised the fact that Betty had a natural young, girlish look that drove most men crazy. Gonsalves didn't really care, because they were both cold, heartless bitches who spoke viciously about anyone and everyone whenever the opportunity expressed itself. He was especially angry at the emails which Betty sent around, lampooning the mild-mannered network administrator.

Gonsalves had discovered that the software could create video sequences, and was interested in whether he could make an actual short scene play out in reality. He worked and fiddled for several minutes, and decided that he was ready to test the sequence out. He clicked "Execute Sequence", and flipped to the security cameras again to enjoy the show.

Betty sat in her green party dress with a glass of wine in her hand. She was telling a rather dull story about a data-entry issue she had faced a few days before, and the people around her were starting to look bored. Betty didn't particularly care, as long as they were listening to her instead of talking. Suddenly, an odd tingling sensation ran down Betty's spine. She stopped talking, set the wine glass down, and stood up. Everyone looked at her curiously. Then Betty felt her hands rise to her shoulders, of their own accord. She tried to force them back down, but found that she couldn't control her own body. It was like she was a puppet on strings, watching helplessly from behind her own eyes. She would have screamed if she could.

As everyone watched, Betty slowly slid the straps of her dress down over her shoulders. She lowered her arms, and the silky fabric slid down her body and pooled on the floor at her feet. She stood in front of the office staff wearing only her black bra and panties. Inside her mind, Betty was panicking and shrieking, but to everyone else she was maintaining the cool, disdainful look she usually affected. The entire office staff was silent. Slowly, Betty's arms rose behind her back, and she unclasped her bra and tossed it casually across the room. Her milky white, a-cup breasts with their small pink nipples were in full view of everyone. Still wearing a cool expression on her face, she reached down and slid her black panties down her legs. She stood up again, and had her neatly trimmed bush on show for her coworkers.

This was too much for the men in the office, and several of them started whooping and whisting the moment she took her bra off. The office ladies gasped with indignation and disdain. Betty stood, as still and as calmly as a statue, for about thirty seconds. Then, suddenly, she felt another tingle go down her spine as she regained control of her body. Betty suddenly shrieked, and covered her chest and her pussy with her hands. She ducked down and tried to pull her dress back up, to protect her modesty, but it disintegrated into threads as soon as she touched it. She screamed again, covered her breasts and crotch once more, and ran shrieking from the banquet hall. She left a chaotic noise of mutters, cheers, growls, and whistles behind her as she fled.

Gonsalves wasn't done with her yet, though. Betty had often claimed that she had "nothing to be ashamed of", and he was amused to see that she was still somehow ashamed of what she had. He pulled up her image again, and decided to see just how far the photo editing could go.

Betty ran screaming into the Ladies' room down the hall, and desperately started searching around for something to cover herself with. She decided that she was going to have to wrap hers elf in toilet paper - as humiliating as that would be, it was better than showing off her breasts and pussy to the entire office again. She figured that she would just dash into the coat room after, grab her jacket, and drive home. She got a roll of toilet paper, and prepared to wrap herself up in it. Then she happened to glance in the mirror.

She gasped, and dropped the roll of paper to the floor. She stared at herself in the mirror, disbelieving. Her breasts had been small before, but looking in the mirror she could not see any sign of them at all. She was as flat-chested as a little girl! More so, in fact, because even her nipples seemed to have disappeared. She touched her chest, and felt the gentle swell of her pectoral muscle beneath her skin, but there was no breast tissue above it at all. Her chest looked like a department store mannequin - from the children's department! As she glanced at herself in the mirror, she received an even bigger shock.

Where she had had a neatly trimmed bush of black curly hair before, now her crotch was completely bald. She reached down, and felt something was wrong. She couldn't feel anything. Normally she could feel her clitoris and her vaginal lips underneath her fingers, but now she couldn't feel the soft folds at all. It was completely blank, and her fingers slid down what felt like an extension of her lower abdomen. She ran her fingers all the way back, until her fingertips touched her anus. She had no pussy at all! She looked at herself in the mirror and started to sob. She didn't know what was happening to her. The only feature on her torso between her chin and her asshole was her belly button. She heard a noise at the bathroom door, and ran into the closest stall.

Betty tried to be as still and as quiet as possible as the unknown person entered the bathroom. She perched on top of the toilet seat, praying that nobody knew she was in the toilet stall. She glanced down at her featureless chest and pussy and shuddered.

Robert, the office manager, opened the door of the ladies' room and looked around. He held Betty's black panties and bra in his hand - he tried to make a show of being gallant, and rescuing a damsel in distress, but actually he just wanted to see the cute data entry clerk naked again. Besides, he wasn't interested in Pauline's attempts to ridicule Betty even more, now that she had humiliated herself and fled the room. Robert didn't see anyone, and was about to continue his search elsewhere, when he noticed the partly-unrolled roll of toilet paper sitting underneath the bathroom sink. He decided that the ladies' room could use a more thorough inspection, and he slipped inside.

"Betty? Betty?"

Betty hear Robert's voice calling. She shrank back on the toilet seat. What would she do if he figured out that she was there? Suddenly the door of her toilet stall shook, as Robert tried to open it! Betty thanked God that she had the presence of mind to lock the stall. Too bad that she wasn't clever enough to realize that her stall was the only one with a closed door.

"Betty, are you in there?" Robert called.

Betty braced her hands against the sides of the stall, and put her feet up against the stall door to hold it shut in case the latch slipped. She held her breath, and hoped that Robert would give up and go away. Robert, on the other hand, wasn't quite as stupid as Betty. He walked into the next stall, quietly stepped up onto the toilet seat, and slowly peered over the dividing wall. He was treated to the sight of Betty sitting almost spread-eagled on the toilet, pressing her feet on the door and her hands on the wall. He might have gotten away with a longer peek, except that he noticed the strange blank areas at her crotch and on her chest. Having seen her pussy and tits just a minute ago, he knew that something strange was happening. He gasped quietly, but loudly enough that Betty heard him, shrieked, and covered herself up again.

Meanwhile, up in the office, Gonsalves decided that it would not do to have people coming and going as they wished. There was far too much to do. He used the photo editing software to erase the doors out of the banquet hall and the ladies' room, so that his victims were trapped inside until he was done with them. Then he brought the ladies' room camera up again. He couldn't see what was going on very well - the one camera in the washroom didn't let him see inside the toilet stalls. He could see that Robert was standing with his head above one of the stalls, looking down into the stall with the closed door, but he couldn't tell what was going on inside. Then he had an idea. Gonsalves used the photo editing software to put a camera behind the bathroom mirror, which he then turned into a one-way mirror. Now he could see the toilet stalls head-on. Then he erased the door of the closed stall. Robert and Betty looked at where the door had been, shocked, but at least Gonsalves could see what was going on.

Betty was wearing her black panties again, and was trying to put on her bra. She was having a bit of trouble getting it to fit right, probably because she was even flatter in the chest than usual. Gonsalves decided to help her out, by deleting the bra with the photo editor. Then he deleted Betty's panties. Betty tried to cover herself up again, and Gonsalves decided that it wasn't fair for Betty to have to be humiliated all by herself. He clicked on Robert, and started to delete the office manager's clothing. In a few seconds, Robert was standing completely naked on the toilet, leering over the wall at the naked Betty. His small penis stood bravely at attention. It took a few seconds more for Robert to realize that he was naked too. His face turned bright red, and he hopped off of the toilet seat, covering his smallish member with both hands, looking around for his clothes.

Gonsalves decided that it wasn't fair for Betty to miss seeing Robert in the buff, so he started deleting the fixtures in the bathroom. Soon, the toilets, stalls, and sinks were completely gone, and Betty and Robert were left standing in a featureless green-tiled room with only a large mirror on one wall for decoration. They were both still covering themselves, but Gonsalves could see that they were talking to each other. To his delight, after a couple of minutes, Betty uncovered herself, letting Robert see her blank chest and groin. Robert uncovered himself too, to poke gently at the place where Betty's small breasts had been. Gonsalves started to erase Robert's thick, dark body hair, and Betty noticed this happening. She started to chuckle when she noticed Robert's small erection. It was perhaps 4" long, fully erect, which was smaller than Betty was used to. When Robert's pubic hair faded away, it looked more like a child's penis than a grown man's. Robert turned red again, and tried to cover himself up.

Then Gonsalves decided that it wasn't fair for Robert to have something to be ashamed of, if Betty had nothing. He copied Betty's blank crotch, and pasted it over Robert's with his photo editor. He used a number of tools to make the skin color match better, and erased Robert's small nipples at the same time - out of a sense of fairness. The he clicked "Execute Changes".

Robert gasped as he felt his small penis shrink away from his hands. He pulled them away to see what was happening, and screamed in horror as he looked down at his blank crotch. Betty's eyes opened wide, although to be honest she was slightly relieved now that she was not the only sexless person in the room. Robert and Betty sat down on the floor, and started talking again. Soon they were both in tears, hugging each other. Appparently they had realized that the door to the room had vanished, and they had no idea how to get out of their current predicament. Gonsalves thought it was sad that they had nothing to do, so he started to edit their images again. He decided that he would try to run another video sequence, and started editing.

Robert and Betty were holding each other, still crying, when they both felt a strange tingling sensation. They pulled away from each other, and looked down at their bodies, hoping that they would return to normal. At first they were clearly very excited, as small nipples started to reappear on their chests. Betty reached up to fondle her breasts, expecting them to grow back into her hands. She was disappointed. Instead of soft, feminine globes growing into her hands, she felt her pectoral muscles growing wider and harder. She moved her hands away from her chest, and saw that her chest looked wider than normal. She stood up, and looked at herself in the mirror. Funny, her shoulders looked broader than usual, and her chest and abdomen looked more muscular than she had seen them before. Her hips and legs were still slim and feminine, and her arms and face retained all of their girlish charm. Even her skin still was pale and feminine, but her chest and stomach looked somewhat masculine. They were still completely smooth and devoid of hair, but she had chest muscles like a male athlete. She looked over at Robert, dismayed that her breasts hadn't returned, and gasped at what she saw.

Robert was still sitting on the floor, with his mouth agape. In his hands he cupped two large, undeniably feminine breasts. They were already much larger than Betty's had been - a C-cup, at least. And what's more, they looked like they were still growing. Betty pulled Robert to his feet, and made him look in the mirror. They both gasped at what they saw. Normally Robert was several inches taller than Betty, but now they looked to be almost exactly the same height. Robert's new breasts continued to grow, until they were a large DD-cup size. His arms were still masculine and muscled, and his face and legs were as manly as they had ever been (apart from the total lack of body hair). His shoulders looked a little narrow, though, and the large, firm breasts sitting high on his chest were most certainly not masculine at all. They were topped with small, hard nipples. Betty reached over and gave one a squeeze. Robert gasped as an unexpected shock of pleasure ran through his body. He was horrified by the large, heavy, and sexually sensitive globes hanging off of his chest.

Then they both felt a strane tingling sensation in their groins. Both shuddered, expecting to end up with the wrong set of sexual organs. Robert looked down at his crotch, waiting to see what would happen. His heart started to lift as he saw a small bump appear on his groin. As he watched, a small but unmistakably male organ started to grow out of his crotch. Soon a tiny scrotum appeared, with two little testicles rolling around inside. Robert grinned - even if he had lost a few inches of height, and had grown a giant pair of tits, at least he had his manhood back! He looked over at Betty, and saw that a moist slit was reappearing between her legs. She didn't have any tits, and her chest looked distinctly muscular and masculine, but at least she was still a woman. Robert looked down at his own penis - it was painfully erect, although it was barely two inches long. Without any hair on it, it hardly looked like a man's penis at all. The only sign that it belonged to a mature man were the thick blue veins visible just under the surface.

They waited several minutes. Betty thought that her pussy looked a little looser and the slit looked a little longer than she remembered. She decided that it was probably just the fact that it was still completely bald. Robert was a little distraught, because his penis had apparently stopped growing at two inches. Both of them were feeling very aroused. Robert's nipples were poking out like diamonds, and his penis was leaking slightly at the tip. Vaginal fluid was dribbling slowly down the inside of Betty's leg. They glanced at each other, and then looked away. They glanced again, and soon their intense arousal was almost too much to bear. After one more quick glance, the two office workers jumped on each other, drooling with lust. They kissed and fondled each other for a few seconds, but the burning need for penetration pulsed within them like nothing they had felt before.

Robert rammed his tiny cock into Betty's pussy. Oddly, he didn't find the tight hole he was hoping for. Betty was disappointed at the fact that Robert's tiny member barely reached past her labia. She ground against him, and managed to rub her clit against his tiny cock. That felt good, but it wasn't enough. She needed her clit stimulated, and a nice deep penetration, before she would be satisfied. She pulled away from Robert, and pushed him back when he tried to penetrate her again. Her eyes opened wide with surprise when she looked at her crotch. Her clitoris was hard, and stuck out a good three inches from her pussy. It was half again as big as Robert's cock, and almost as big as his erect penis had been before his transformation. It seemed to be a little higher up her abdomen than it was supposed to be, too.

"Your cock isn't big enough" Betty panted, "You'll have to use your fingers."

Robert was disappointed, but realized that this young woman wasn't going to let him get off unless he did what she wanted. He poked his index finger up Betty's well-lubricated vagina, and started to thrust.

"Deeper!" Betty commanded, barely able to feel Robert's finger in her cunt. What was he using, his pinky? Robert added another finger, poking his index and middle finger inside the woman's eager pussy.

"Suck my clit!" exclaimed Betty. Robert put his mouth over the giant, engorged clit, and started to suck it. Betty shuddered with pleasure. The clitoris was like a thumb in Robert's mouth. "Deeper!" Betty moaned. Robert started thrusting four fingers in Betty's pussy, but it still didn't feel full to Betty. She kept shouting "Deeper! Deeper!" at Robert.

Soon, Robert had his entire fist in Betty's pussy, and was ramming it in up to his elbow. Finally Betty felt more or less full, although she wished he had a bigger arm. After a couple of minutes of Robert frantically pumping his arm in her pussy, and sucking her clit, she orgasmed in an intense explosion. Fluid squirted out of her pussy, soaking Robert's upper body. She moaned and went limp, and her swollen clit started to deflate. She felt fulfilled, and started to move away from Robert.

"My turn!" exclaimed Robert, and Betty sighed and turned to his tiny cock. She licked it, and slipped her mouth over it. She licked and sucked his tiny member like a baby's pacifier. Robert moaned and rubbed his nipples. After a couple of minutes, Robert started to moan and shudder. He had never felt multiple orgasms before, but now he was in the throes of them. Betty prepared to pull herself away when he ejaculated, but for some reason he never did. Robert moaned and shuddered for two or three minutes before Betty finally stopped pleasuring him. He continued to shudder and moan for almost a minute after she stopped.

Gonsalves decided that he would have to come back to the odd couple soon, but first he had plans for the guests in the banquet hall…

Gonsalves turned back to the banquet hall. Nobody had noticed that the door had vanished. Most of the staff were standing in a circle around the food table, laughing and joking. What a farce, thought Gonsalves. They all hate each other, and they all know that they all hate each other, but they pretend to like each other anyhow. He started planning on how he could humiliate them all.

Then Gonsalves thought back to Betty and Robert in the Ladies' room. Once they realized that they were both undergoing strange changes, they had stopped being ashamed and started being afraid. Gonsalves was feeling mean-spirited, but he did not want to frighten his co-workers… well, not much. He was much more interested in seeing them humiliated and embarrassed in front of each other. He decided that he would make most of the changes more subtle, so that his co-workers might not even notice them until they got home. Then he would get to see them trying to hide the changes at work the next day. Gonsalves almost cackled with glee at his idea. He then restored the door to the banquet hall - people would need to leave for his plan to work. He left the ladies' room alone, however - he wasn't finished with Robert and Betty yet.

Then he decided that there were a couple of people who deserved to be humiliated at the party, before they went home. The first was Jeffrey, the assistant office manager. Gonsalves decided to see just how far the photo editor could go in terms of changing someone's body. He knew that he could change their clothing and their appearance with virtually no limits. He wasn't sure how he had made Betty and Robert have sex, but he suspected it had to do with the fact that he go the images for their new genitals from photos and videos of people who were obviously highly aroused. Could he cause the physically impossible to happen?

Gonsalves selected Jeffrey and brought up a nude image of him in the editing window. It was fascinating how he could strip someone completely naked in the editing window, but they remained completely unchanged until he clicked "execute changes". Jeffrey was a short man - about 5"4" tall - and was very fit and muscular. He was also an arrogant prig who was always trying to throw his weight around, to intimidate the other employees. Gonsalves looked at the nude image and saw that, like Robert, Jeffrey had an unusually small penis. That explains a lot, he thought. Gonsalves started going through his photo archives, until he found what he was looking for. It was a short video clip of a cherub statue and fountain from somewhere in Italy. The cherub was dancing over a lily pad, and a stream of water was gushing from the little angel's penis. Gonsalves started editing the images, wondering what would happen.

Barbara from Accounting was regaling the group with another derogatory tale about Betty, when Jeffrey felt a strange tingling in his groin. Jeffrey looked around, and surreptitiously glanced down at his crotch. Nothing unusual, as far as he could tell. Then, suddenly, a small wet sot appeared in the middle of his crotch. Jeffrey's eyes widened, and he tried to casually cover the area. A cold, damp feeling started to spread down his inner thighs. He crossed his legs, trying to hide the fact that he seemed to be wetting himself. Jeffrey tried to clamp down his bladder muscles as hard as he could, but for some reason he couldn't get them to respond at all. For a brief moment, Jeffrey wondered why the feeling was a cold, damp feeling, instead of a warm, damp feeling - but the thought was chased from his mind when someone noticed his condition. Linda, a fat and middle-aged data entry clerk, looked at Jeffrey's pants and started to chuckle. "I think you've had enough punch, my boy" she condescended.

Jeffrey started to give a scathing response, but this just attracted the attention of everyone else in the room. He stood up and tried to turn away from the group, in shame, but the dark stain kept spreading down his pants. Soon he felt his socks getting wet, and the flow didn't seem to be slowing down. Jeffrey felt tears of humiliation running down his cheeks. The assembled group, being the vindictive bunch that they were, started laughing out loud at their power-hungry assistant office manager, as he stood wetting himself uncontrollably in the middle of the banquet hall.

Jeffrey finally decided that enough was enough, and bolted from the room. His socks squished and sloshed in his shoes, and he left a trail of damp footprints behind him. The entire office was in an uproar, with people laughing so hard that they could barely control themselves. Gonsalves noted who was laughing the hardest - he actually felt sorry for some of his co-workers; they ridiculed him, but he now realized that they were victims of some of the more vicious people in the office. Gonsalves was an easy target, and making fun of him was the only way some of them could defend themselves. But there were still several people at the party who weren't getting off the hook that easily. Gonsalves started to work on his more subtle changes, while the group slowly got control of themselves.

Jeffrey, meanwhile, ran out the door and across the hall to the men's room. He locked the door behind him, thinking that he might be able to empty his bladder and get himself cleaned up. He wasn't sure how he would live down this humiliation, but he already was starting to think of degrading tasks he could force on his subordinates tomorrow. Jeffrey noticed that his bladder was still gushing forth, so he rushed over to a urinal and undid his soggy pants. When he saw what was in between his legs, he almost fell backwards in shock. His pubic hair was completely gone; his penis had turned into bronze. It looked completely flaccid, although it was only slightly smaller than normal. When he touched it, however, it felt as hard as a rock. It was also cold to the touch. Cold, clear water was pouring from the tip in an apparently endless stream. He couldn't feel anything with his penis.

The strangest part was the way that the metal somehow slowly faded into the flesh of his groin. As he drew his finger along the top of his crotch, he could feel more and more as his finger ran towards the flesh-colored side. He tried again to stop the flow by clenching his bladder; it seemed as though his bladder muscles were completely useless (in fact, they were completely gone, but Jeffrey didn't know that). He shuddered, and then pressed his fingertip against the tip of his bronze penis. He found that, with enough pressure, the flow stopped completely. He sighed in relief, and managed to pull his shoes, socks, and pants off with his free hand. He started to dry them off under the electric had dryer. He was relieved that he seemed to be peeing water, instead of urine, assuming that it wouldn't stink later on.

Drying the sodden pants, underwear, and socks was a time-consuming process, even with both hand dryers going at once. Jeffrey didn't finish until everyone else at the party had gone home. As he was waiting for his garments to dry out, however, Jeffrey noticed a pressure building up in his bladder. After a few minutes, the pressure started to feel painful. Jeffrey started to worry about how he was going to make it home, if he couldn't stop his metal penis from leaking. After a few minutes more, the pressure was almost unbearable, and Jeffrey had to rush over to the urinals again and release his finger from the tip of his penis. The water gushed forth, and it took almost five minutes before the pressure in his bladder went away. As his bladder emptied, the flow of water diminished slightly, from a gushing stream to a moderate trickle. It didn't stop. Jeffrey discovered that he had to take about five minutes to empty his bladder every half hour or so. It was going to be a long night…

Meanwhile, back in the banquet hall, Pauline was getting tired of wearing her red Santa cap. She reached up, and pulled it off of her head. A gasp went up from several of the ladies, as they saw what happened. As Pauline lifted the cap from her head, her long blonde hair came off with it. It took a moment for Pauline to realize what the ladies were staring at. She looked down at her cap, and saw that a long, blonde wig was stuck inside it. A split second later, the cogs and wheels clicked in place in Pauline's mind, and her hand shot up to her head. She felt a smooth, shining, and totally hairless scalp underneath her hand. Her hair was gone! She rubbed her entire head in disbelief… she had always been very proud of her gorgeous, thick locks of rich blonde hair. Somehow, it was all missing from her head! She looked at the wig in her hand, and saw that it was every bit as soft and gorgeous as her hair had been. Pauline screamed.

The rest of the conversation died down, and was replaced by more laughter, as everyone else noticed Pauline's shiny, bald head glinting in the fluorescent light. How had she worked there so long, without anyone figuring out that she wore a wig? Barbara, the bitch from Accounting, was quicker on her feet than most of the office. She quickly snatched the cap and wig out of Pauline's hand, and threw it across the room. It snagged on a light fixture, and dangled from the ceiling, the lowest locks of hair at least 10' off the floor. Pauline shrieked, and ran over to it, trying to retrieve her precious locks. As she jumped up and down underneath the dangling wig, trying desperately to get a grip on it, the men in the room started to feel their pants tighten in the crotch. Pauline's red, fur-lined dress barely reached below her ass when she was standing normally. Now that she was jumping up and down in the air, it was lifting up clean past her hips, giving everyone in the room an unobstructed view of her neatly trimmed pussy and her round, firm ass. Pauline was embarrassed enough thinking that everyone could see her panties. It wasn't until she got home that night that she realized that she hadn't been wearing any!

After Pauline finally climbed onto a chair and yanked her wig off the light fixture, and left the party in tears, the other attendees decided that they had enjoyed enough of other people's pain and humiliation for one night, and started to filter out of the banquet hall. One or two women looked for the ladies' room, but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Gonsalves hurriedly finished up the changes he was preparing to enjoy on the following day.

Gonsalves worked late into the night, modifying his co-workers. He was exhausted, and was about to go home for the weekend, when he remembered that he still had Robert and Betty trapped in the ladies' room. Gonsalves brought up the window again, and finished their changes before he logged out and went home for the night.

Betty and Robert were so tired from their frightening experiences, and their passionate lovemaking, that they had fallen asleep on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom. Betty woke up first. She looked around at the bathroom, hoping that her experiences that evening had all been just a bad dream. The sinks, stalls, and door had all reappeared. Betty started to sigh with relief when she looked down at her body. She gasped when she saw herself.

Not only was Betty still completely naked, her body was hardly recognizable. She was covered in dark, curly body hair, especially on her chest, stomach, and crotch. Her arms and legs had thinner hair, but it was still dark and stood out starkly against her lily-white skin. Betty stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face and head looked exactly the same as always, but her breasts were still gone. In their place was a broad, well-muscled, and very masculine-looking chest. Her thin neck sat on a pair of broad, muscular shoulders. Her arms and legs were thick and wiry, and her waist was narrow. Her body looked like a man's, except for the pussy hidden beneath her thick, dark mat of pubic hair, which extended up to her navel and well down her thighs.

Betty felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, then realized that Robert's suit and her dress had magically reappeared on the counter, along with their underwear. Betty slipped her panties on, and started to pull on her dress. She looked at herself in the mirror, and realized that she looked ridiculous. Her long, muscular, hairly legs stuck out from the bottom of the dress, which was stretched almost to the breaking point across her flat, muscular chest and stomach. The dress was much too small, and much too short - Betty realized that she must be over six feet tall now. Betty glanced over at the sleeping body of Robert. She assumed it was Robert, although it looked like a very voluptuous woman from this angle. Betty squirmed out of the dress, and pulled on Robert's suit over her panties. It looked like Robert's suit, but it fit her perfectly. She pulled on the shoes and socks she found, but left the necktie on the counter. She saw her car keys on the edge of the sink, and grabbed them. She slipped out the door, and cautiously ran to her car to head home.

The sound of the door creaking open startled Robert awake. He looked around, and found himself alone in the Ladies' room. Like Betty, Robert also noticed that the fixtures and stalls had reappeared, and hoped that he had just been dreaming. He sat up, and felt an unfamiliar shifting of weight on his chest. He looked down at himself, only to see two massive breasts jiggling on his naked, hairless chest. Robert stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He saw his head atop an extraordinarily curvaceous, sexy female body. It was completely hairless, and Robert felt his groin tingle at the sight. He suddenly realized that he couldn't see his crotch in the mirror - the counter was as high as his waist. He realized that he must be less than five feet tall now! Robert stepped back, and pulled his large, soft boobs to either side in order to look at his crotch. Hanging halfway down his thighs was the biggest, thickest cock he had seen in his life. It was starting to stiffen. Robert decided he needed to get dressed quickly, so he could go and see a doctor. He noticed a pair of men's underpants on the counter, and a dress that looked just like the one Betty had stripped off the night before. Robert quickly pulled them on. The underpants rode up the crack of his ass a bit, but they managed to contain the massive bulge of his penis and proportionately-large testicles. He then pulled the dress on. It was extremely tight, and showed off every curve of his body. His nipples poked through the chest, and his crotch bulged out at the waist. Robert couldn't see a bra, and decided to leave the black ladies' pumps on the floor where they were. He spotted his own car keys, grabbed them, and jiggled out to his car.


The next Monday saw a record number of employees calling in sick, including (not surprisingly) Robert, Betty, and Pauline. Gonsalves was disappointed by the poor turnout, but saw that there were still plenty of people to give him a show, and let him savour his revenge. He was sorry that he had made so many of the changes take effect before the weekend - it hadn't occurred to him that so many people would smply stay home. He was glad that he had made some of the changes time-delayed, and was prepared to enjoy them as they came into effect that day. But first, he decided to check how some of his already-changed victims were trying to hide their new developments.

Barbara, the bitch from accounting, had received several compliments on her new, darker hair. Some people even asked if she had lost weight. Oddly enough, Barbara hadn't seemed pleased at the comments. Instead, she muttered apologetically at each comment, and turned her eyes down. Barbara had awoken on Saturday morning feeling great. She had run her hands down her body in the morning, still bleary-eyed, and had felt a slimmer, firmer body than she had ever possessed underneath. She ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and gasped. Her body was, indeed, much slimmer than it had been - not skinny, but toned, with perky breasts pushing out the front of her nightgown. Her face looked slimmer, and a few years younger, as well. Instead of the body and face of a middle-aged, divorced housewife, she now had the body of an athletic, but healthily curved, thirty year old woman.

She wasn't pleased, however. This was probably due to the fact that her long brown hair had truned bright pink overnight, and her face sported several piercings. Barbara quickly removed the piercings, and determined that she would be able to cover the holes with makeup. She grabbed her dark brown hair dye, and started to cover up the shocking, gaudy pink color of her hair. When it was time to rinse out the dye, Barbara pulled off her nightgown and headed to the showed. As she passed the bathroom mirror again, she nearly fainted. Her body was covered in tattoos - a large dragon coiled up her right arm, while a thorny chain of roses wrapped around her left. Her legs were covered in butterflies down to the knees. There were tiny angel wings tattooed on her back. Her large, and newly-perky breasts had writing across them - in bold Gothic letters, the tattoos read "CAN I BE YOUR SLUT?". Her nipples were pierced, and joined together by a loose silver chain. Her flat, toned stomach sported the hilt of a sword, which pointed down into her tight, but completely hairless, pussy. Her lower back sported an arrow pointing to her anus, captioned with the words "Insert fat, hairy cock here".

Mortified, Barbara tried to scrub the tattoos off in the shower. It quickly became apparent that these tattoos were permanent. She also couldn't figure out how to remove the nipple rings - they seemed to be completely unbroken hoops of metal. She quickly learned that the chain made it impossible to wear a bra with any degree of comfort. To her even greater surprise, a few days later she noticed that her dark hair was growing bright pink roots.

Gonsalves laughed when he saw Barbara trying to cover herself up with pants and a high-necked shirt. He decided that he would have to help her show off her new body art the next time she was meeting with the executives.

He noticed that Janice, the fat Admissions clerk, had figured out a way to stuff her bra to make it appear as though she still possessed her massive, jiggling mammaries, instead of the saggy a-cups he had given her.

Across from her sat Frank, the credit officer, who seemed surprisingly comfortable and relaxed considering he had lost his male appendages and gained a heavily menstrating vagina.

Sarah in Accounts Payable had worn a turban-like hat, which did an excellent job of covering up the large rabbit-ears which had replaced the delicate ears she was born with.

Gonsalves was disappointed at the ease with which his victims were hiding their changes. He understood, of course, that those who couldn't hide their changes so easily had chosen to stay home. He decided that it was time to start enjoying his delayed changes.

He flipped open a window which showed Rebecca, a slutty HR officer, giving a performance review to Sandy, a low-level manager. Rebecca had been instrumental in making sure that Gonsalves never got promoted to a better department; Sandy didn't interact with Gonsalves directly, but seemed to have a sour look about her at all times, making herself unapproachable. Both women were quite attractive; Rebecca was a slim Asian woman with impeccable taste in clothes, while Sandy was a more voluptuous redhead.

Rebecca had just finished telling Sandy that she needed to show a sense of humour around the office, when her voice suddenly faded away. She tried to speak, but no sound came out. She took a sip of water, and tried to speak again - still nothing. Sandy looked at her expectantly. Rebecca tried to speak again, when she felt somethign hard in her mouth. It felt like a small, smooth pebble. She delicately reached up to her mouth and pulled out the object. She looked at it, and saw Sandy's eyes go wide as they realized what it was. Rebecca was holding a tooth in her fingers! Rebecca reached into her mouth again, to find the hole where the tooth had come from. As she touched her teeth, they loosened and fell out. Rebecca spat out a mouthful of teeth, and started to scream. At least, she TRIED to scream - no sound came out of her mouth at all. She felt her teeth with her tongue, to see how many had fallen out. The slightest pressure from her tongue, however, was enough to loosen the rest of her remaining teeth. She spat them out into her hand, and felt her toothless, but bloodless, gums with a fingertip.

"You call that a sense of humor?" said Sandy, with a scowl. "That's just disgusting, is all."

Then Sandy felt a strange tightness in her chest. She glanced down, and noticed that her breasts seemed to be pushing out farther than they should. As she watched, she could see them expanding slightly under her jacket. She also felt the chair getting slightly tighter around her buttocks. Wat was going on? She looked back up at Rebecca, who wass staring at her wide-eyed.

"What?" demanded Sandy.

Rebecca slowly raised a finger and pointed at Sandy's nose.

Sandy reached up and felt her nose. It had less sensation than she was used to. She pulled out her compact mirror and looked at her face. Her nose had turned bright red, and was growing round and bulbous. Sandy screamed. She tried to stand up to leave the room, but her ass had grown very quickly in the previous seconds, and was now stuck in her chair. The unexpected weight of the chair caused Sandy to lose her balance, and she fell flat on her face. When she pulled herself up, she was shocked to see that her breasts had grown quite large, and stuck out of her chest like a pair of balloons. The buttons on her blouse were straining. She reached up and grabbed one of her breasts, and gave it a light squeeze. To her shock and horror, a honking sound, not unlike a bicycle horn, escaped from her large ass as she squeezed her tit. She fainted.

Substitution Games

by Anton Psychopoulos, Ph.D.


Andrea Foster checked over her PowerPoint one more time, and confirmed that her laptop's battery was fully charged. She was ready to make the presentation to Mr. Huo of the Sunwukong Corporation, the most important presentation of her career. She was ready to save JCN CyberScience.

She shut the laptop down, slipped it into its carrying bag, slung it jauntily over her shoulder, exited her office and walked directly into pandemonium.

Dick Ramnarain, the CEO of JCN, was smacking his forehead with the heel of his hand while his PA, Albert DeMatteis, tried to calm him down. Ben Grayson and Gim Kelly, Andrea's leading software designers, were yelling at one another while a petite Asian woman in a slinky black dress stood to one side, watching it all with detached amusement. The woman was a stranger, strikingly beautiful. Her anomalous presence was almost enough to distract Andrea from Dick's tantrum.

Andrea walked up to Dick and laid a hand on his arm, hoping to get him to stop smacking himself. He ignored her. She was used to seeing him lose his temper when things were going badly, but this was the worst she'd yet seen.

"Dick, Dick, come on, what's the problem?"

Albert shook his head.

"The problem is that Mister Huo specifically asked for a tall redhead for his escort this evening, and the agency sent Ms. Lee here," he said, gesturing towards the Asian woman, who rolled her eyes in disgust.

Andrea felt a chill descend on her.

"So we've got no date for Mr. Huo, and less than an hour to find one, is that it?"

Dick stopped smacking his forehead and stared at Andrea. His hand shot out and grabbed her wrist.

"This contract will move us from seven figures annually to eight. On the other hand, if we don't get it, we're liable to go under within a year."

Andrea nodded emphatically. No-one had to tell her how important the contract was for the company, or what it would mean to her personally. She'd accepted stock options in lieu of half her salary for nearly a year.

"We're leveraged up to our nuts," Albert butted in. He was always speaking in Americanisms, sometimes of his own invention. Andrea put up a hand to silence him.

"Yes, I know perfectly well that we're highly geared. So, Dick, you've got an idea how to salvage this?"

Dick leaned in closer, still holding her wrist.

'We need a tall redhead to sit next to Mr. Huo at dinner."

"Yes, I understand."

He swallowed hard.

"A tall redhead. Like you."

Andrea jerked back, freeing her wrist, nearly colliding with Patty Lanning, her PA, just now bustling into the melee.

"But I can't be his goddamn date! What, and give my presentation while holding his hand?"

Dick grinned at her, and then at Patty.

"Yeah, but see, I've got it all figured out. Huo's never met you, or even talked with you on the phone. He doesn't know what you look like or anything. So you can be just the girl from the escort service, see, and–"

He pointed at Patty.

"-and you can be Ms. Andrea Foster!"

He grabbed Patty's wrist this time, silencing the young blonde's inarticulate objections.

"You know what's in Andi's presentation, right? You can stand in for her, give the presentation to Mr. Huo, right?"

"Um, yeah . . . sure," Patty said dubiously.

"Great. And you–"

He pointed at the little Asian woman.

"You can give Andi some quick pointers on how to handle herself with Mr. Huo."

Andrea expected the woman to think the plan was idiotic, and not being a JCN employee, to tell him so to his face. Instead, she flashed a dazzling smile and said, "I'd be delighted, Sir. Let's start right away."

The woman gestured towards Andrea's office. She smiled at Patty, looking over her twin set and skirt.

"You should come, too. You can't be Ms. Foster in an outfit from Portman's."

Telling herself that she hadn't actually agreed to anything, Andrea followed the woman.

"I'm Joy Lee, by the way," the woman said when the door closed.

"Andrea Foster," she said uncertainly. "Patty Lanning. Now, how am I supposed to . . . ?"

"I think you can wear this," Joy said, brushing her hand down the front of her dress.

"What? You've got to be kidding. I'm not shaped anything like you - I thought that was the whole problem."

"It won't fit the same way, but let me show you - I think it can be done. Here, take off your suit."

Andrea obeyed dubiously, stripping down to bra, panties and pantyhose. Joy shrugged the dress off , standing casually in only a black thong while she waited for Andrea.

'The bra, too, hon - you'll never be able to wear it with this dress."

Andrea obeyed, blushing furiously.

Joy handed Andrea's suit to Patty.

"See how this fits. You'll look more like Ms. Foster, and you'll feel more like her, too, just try it."

Andrea allowed Joy to wrestle the dress over her head, feeling as though she were being stuffed into a sausage casing. Even leaving it unzipped in back, it was a tight fit.

Next, Joy surprised her by snipping off the dress's spaghetti straps with Andrea's own desk scissors. Joy slipped on her coat and vanished, leaving Andrea holding up the cups of the dress with her hands, and returned with a pair of men's dress shoes.

"Everyone's making sacrifices for the company tonight," Joy observed, pulling the laces from the shoes.

"Some more than others," Andrea grumbled. She looked over at Patty, and saw the young secretary preening herself in Andrea's expensive suit. It fit her very well, aside from the pants being too long.

Joy safety-pinned the shoelaces inside the dress, creating longer straps than it was made to have. When she was done with her hasty redesign, the triangular cups of the dress just barely covered Andrea's nipples. The hem of the dress, though, was still bunched up around her hips.

"You'll have to take off the undies, I'm afraid."

"My God, I can't, not in a dress this short!"

"It's not going to drape right otherwise. Maybe if you wore a thong, but not with hip huggers and pantyhose."

Gritting her teeth, Andrea pulled off her panties and hose, struggling to keep from exposing herself in front of her PA. Joy stood by, smiling patiently. Standing there comfortably in just a thong, the lovely Asian woman shamed Andrea out of her modesty. When she was done, Joy tugged the hem down and smoothed the dress a bit. Andrea shuddered at the touch of her hands.

Andrea looked in the mirror and was disturbed. The dress that had been form-fitting and perhaps just a trifle short on the petite Asian looked on Andrea like it was painted on, and barely covered her crotch. The fabric was so tight across her hips that it gave her a distinct camel toe. Patty, dressed in Andrea's suit, the pant legs pinned up, placed a pair of black high heels and a tiny purse on Andrea's desk.

"Found these in your closet. They ought to do, I guess.'

She gave her boss an encouraging thumbs-up and left the office with Andrea's laptop over her shoulder.

Joy looked Andrea over.

"Yeah, I guess it'll do. Come on, let me do your makeup."

She used Andrea's own makeup kit, but Andrea could tell that a lot more was going onto her face than usual. The foundation and highlighting on her collarbones and breasts were quite a surprise, but understandable, considering how much flesh she was showing.

"Don't bite your lip, you'll get lipstick on your teeth. What's the matter?"

"Joy, do you - do I really look good enough to be believable as an escort?"

"The dress is a long way from perfect, but it's clingy and shows a lot, and that helps. The makeup is going pretty good. Tilt your head back a little more."

"I mean . . . I mean me. My face is all wrong, and my boobs are too small and they hang too low, and I'm too old, aren't I?"

"How old are you?"


"I'm thirty-one."

"Really? Gee. But look, I look maybe ten years older than you, so -"

"No you don't. And once I get done with your cheekbones, your face will be just fine, and your boobs are in great shape for being all-natural."

Andrea smiled at that.

"You can tell?"

"Of course. Part of the job, like knowing how to do makeup, or fit a dress on the fly. You could maybe get some small implants, take you up to a C, take up a little slack and round 'em out some, but as I said, for natural, they're great."

Andrea blushed. Joy seemed to be thinking of her as "the new girl", rather than as an amateur filling in just the one time. The thought of this woman treating her like a colleague, a peer, was both comforting and disturbing.

Joy finished Andrea's makeup and let her look in the mirror. It was heavy and bold, nothing like what Andrea would willingly wear even for the evening, but not as bad as Andrea had feared.

"You're good. Ever thought of working as a cosmetologist?"

"Maybe one day. Cosmetology, couture, fashion photography, I've thought about it. Definitely never going back to law school. But right now I love being an escort. Which brings us to the next part of our program: getting you psyched up for your debut as an escort."

Andrea swallowed hard. Joy laughed at her fearful expression.

"It's not really all that different from a regular date, except there's more on the line than whether he's going to ask you out for Saturday. You need to make everything seem perfect, especially him. Everything he says is fascinating, every joke he tells is hilarious, whatever he wants to talk about is the most important thing on Earth."

In spite of herself, Andrea chuckled.

"You're right, it's not all that different from a regular date."

Joy gave her a serious look.

"Except remember what I said about there being more at stake. I heard your boss talking about this Mr. Huo being important to your company. Well, he's pretty damn important to my agency, too. Sunwukong reps spend a bundle with us. So this can't be a bad date for him, not even a mediocre one. Your company is paying for this to be the best night of Mr. Huo's year. And you know what it takes for a guy to consider it a really good date, don't you?"

Joy looked at her expectantly. Andrea bit her lip.

"But . . . I'm not going to have to, er, have sex with him, of course . . . ?"

Joy gave Andrea a pitying look and sighed.

"Look, they'll always tell you that of course escorts don't automatically have sex with their clients, and at some agencies they make a thing of saying it's against their policy, and sometimes the girls do it but they're getting paid extra on the side, but your boss paid my agency four hundred dollars for the evening. Do you really think a guy pays that much for the privilege of buying a girl dinner?"

Andrea looked at the wall for a long moment. Finally Joy reached out and took her hand.

"Have you ever had sex with a man when you didn't really want to?"


Joy gave her hand a squeeze.

"Congratulations. You're now qualified to work as an escort."

Feeling very much unqualified, Andrea looked toward her office door, then balked. She got her raincoat from the closet and wrapped herself very tightly in it.

Joy looked at the coat, frowning.

"Wear that down to the car if you want, but don't let Mr. Huo see you in it."

"Er, yes, I suppose not."

Andrea shook herself , brushed back her hair and put on a smile.

"Okay. Guess I'm ready, then."

Joy pulled her own coat on over her semi-nude body.

"Oh, one more thing, Andi. Be sure to give it a good wash before anything else. It really does make a difference."

Andrea wilted inside, but said nothing. She was grateful to see that only Dick was still in the JCN suite.

"Okay," Dick said, "the limo is downstairs. You'll pick up Mr. Huo at the Sheraton-in-the-Park and take him to the restaurant - it's some kind of ethnic place in Leichardt. Patty will be waiting for the two of you there."

"Ah-ah, Ms. Foster will be there," Joy said brightly.

Dick glared at her, but Andrea raised a hand.

"She has a point. The woman at the restaurant has to be Ms. Foster, and nobody else, for as long as this . . . scam of ours is running. And I've got to be Ms. Lee."

"Just tell him you're Joy," the escort corrected. "But you should call him Mr. Huo, or Sir, to start with, and find out what he wants to be called."

Andrea nodded. She'd have to be careful, while playing out this imposture, not to treat Mr. Huo or Patty as peers. They were business people; she was just hired help, more on a par with the limo driver or the waiters at the restaurant.

She was grateful that the driver was not one who was known to her. The fewer people she had to explain things to, the better. Fastening her seat belt, she gasped in shock - her skirt had ridden up to completely expose her vulva, with its thatch of blazing red hair, much brighter than her head hair. She tugged the skirt down frantically, hoping the driver hadn't noticed. Getting out at the hotel, she felt very vulnerable indeed. Walking through the lobby, she felt as though all eyes were on her. What did they think she was - a girlfriend, an escort, even a call girl? She wanted to run, but knew that would only attract more attention. Worse yet, it might make her breasts slip out of their inadequate cups, or cause the skirt to ride up.

Asking for Mr. Huo at the desk, she cringed inwardly, praying that someone had called ahead. The thought of the desk clerk ordering her off the premises, taking her for a whore, made her tremble with anticipatory humiliation. She relaxed momentarily when the clerk told her to go on up, then felt the knot of anxiety in her stomach tighten even further.

Once he saw her as "Joy from Selina's Perfect Evenings", she would be committed to that role. It occurred to her for the first time that she could never meet with him, ever, as Andrea Foster. How would they manage that, if JCN did get the contract?

Too late for that now, though. The elevator opened on Mr. Huo's floor, and an arrow pointed towards his suite.

Showtime, she thought to herself.

She was met at the door by a Chinese woman almost as beautiful as Joy, who led her to a couch and offered to bring her a drink.

Alcohol sounded like an awfully good idea right then. Andrea decided she could allow herself two stiff drinks for the evening, and saw no reason not to start before she had to meet Mr. Huo. The couch turned out to be the more problematic offer, but she found that if she tugged her skirt down carefully as she sat and kept her knees together, she could sit without exposing herself.

Mr. Huo came into the room just as Andrea was finishing her drink. She popped a breath mint in her mouth and rose carefully to her feet, smoothing down the hem of her dress with as casual an air as she could manage. Smiling, she extended her hand.

Huo Menbiao was quite tall for a Chinese man, lean and leathery, with thick silver hair. Andrea was relieved that he was not fat. His smile was pleasant, his teeth were yellow but even, his breath blessedly not noticable. Andrea noticed the way she was assessing him, very differently from the way she would normally size up someone met in the course of business. But of course, she was working in a different business this time.

Andrea exchanged pleasantries with Mr. Huo while she fought inwardly for self-control. She reminded herself that she still didn't know for sure that Mr. Huo would expect her to sleep with him. Anything was possible; he might even be impotent, at his age. Why borrow trouble?

Crossing the lobby a second time was even more humiliating. A woman in a short, clingy dress asking after a guest at the desk was suggestive; the same woman leaving on the arm of an elderly businessman was blatant. Everyone who saw them together would presume they knew just what she was. Perhaps they were right.

At the restaurant, a small but nice-looking place called Otuken, Andrea felt another moment of panic. What if someone she knew recognized her? A friend might say the wrong thing before Andrea could ditch them, and expose the JCN executives' crazy scheme.

Andrea was relieved when the hostess led them to a private dining room, but then she saw that there were only cushions, no chairs, and the floor was spread with a huge white cloth - there wasn't even a low table, as there would be in the old Japanese style. How was she supposed to sit there and not flash her twat at Patty and whoever else was at dinner?

Worse yet, "whoever else" turned out to be Ben and Gim, plus Dan, the freelance programmer who was Patty's boyfriend. It had been bad enough that her designers were going to know what she had done, but she'd hoped that they at least wouldn't see her dressed like this, perched demurely at Mr. Huo's elbow.

It was a cozy little dinner party: Mr. Huo with "Miss Joy", Dan with "Ms. Foster", Ben and Gim with a couple of giggly young interns. Andrea's male subordinates were clearly enjoying the sight of their boss humbling herself for the company's sake, and Dan was clearly regarding this as payback for a run-in she'd had with him over promises he'd made to customers. Andrea had no choice but to sit there, attentive and decorative, while Patty was introduced to Mr. Huo as Andrea Foster and they proceeded through an exquisite dinner.

Mr. Huo was actually quite charming in his way. He explained that the restaurant was Uighur, and that he had acquired a taste for Uighur cooking while doing development deals in the Uighur Autonomous Region. It was good food: mutton and chicken kebabs, crunchy flatbread, noodles and dumplings. In spite of herself, Andrea found herself enjoying the meal.

After the waitress had cleared away the plates and the cloth, Patty pulled out Andrea's laptop and delivered Andrea's presentation: Sunwukong would adopt JCN's Joe-2 motherboard for its new automobile navigation system, and build a plant to manufacture them in the Uighur territory, taking advantage of their lax environmental and labor regulations, and JCN's existing relationship with the local authorities. Andrea had to admit that she did a good job.

The presentation received warm praise but no hint of a decision from Mr. Huo. Handshakes all around, and then the limo was waiting to take Mr. Huo and his companion back to the Sheraton-in-the-Park

The sun was bright and warm, the sky disgustingly beautiful, as Andrea shuffled from the doors of the Sheraton to her waiting cab. Why couldn't it have the decency to be as gray and miserable as she felt?

As humiliating as the evening at the restaurant had been, what followed had been worse. The old bastard had bragged about his medicinal cocktail: Viagra and Cialis, crushed to make them hit faster. Tiger gall, extracted from E. coli spliced with tiger genes. All poured into a little cup of canned pick-me-up that contained 300 milligrams of caffeine and 50 of methamphetamine. Why couldn't the son of a bitch have had a heart attack, tossing down a witch's brew like that?

He'd had her in every position she'd ever heard of, with some nasty little fetishes thrown in, literally for hours. He'd left her sore the next morning, which no other man ever had, even that well-hung marathon runner. He'd also left her feeling unspeakably used.

The fact that she'd climaxed three times didn't do wonders for her self-respect, either.

And now, back in that damn dress (which seemed to have gotten smaller during the night), she was taking the Walk of Shame like a hung-over college girl heading back to her dormitory. At least she'd thought to bring enough cash for a cab ride.

A shower at home, orange juice and naproxen, a clean suit (trousers never felt so good), and she was ready to go in to the office. She made it by 10:20, and thought she could be excused the lateness.

She felt better by the time she arrived at JCN. In her suit, and daytime makeup, she looked like the resourceful professional who had saved the company, and she'd convinced herself that that was how she'd be treated.

Unfortunately, the first person she met was Gim, who looked her up and down, smirking.

"You're looking quite well this morning, Andi. All recovered after taking one for the team?"

Andrea was too shocked to reprimand him properly. She simply brushed past him and headed for her office. Along the way, she passed a group of people talking. One of them was the intern who had sat beside Ben. The whole group fell silent as she passed, and made little effort to hide the fact that they were staring at her.

She found her laptop on her desk, her suit on a hanger on the coat rack. She checked the laptop's files and everything seemed to be in order. A new file on the desktop proved to be a memo from Patty, with some notes and suggestions about the contract. That presumption annoyed Andrea - Patty appeared to be enjoying the role of "Ms. Foster" entirely too much.

This suspicion was strengthened when she saw Patty herself, wearing a suit for the first time since she'd hired her. At least it was Patty's own suit this time; she'd invested in something from Liz Jordan.

They went to work without speaking directly about what had happened the night before, but the tension between them was palpable. Patty was definitely more confident in herself, quicker to offer her opinion. Andrea had to admit that the younger woman knew information technology better than Andrea had supposed.

The week passed slowly, and not easily. If Patty were more assertive, Ben and Gim were positively insubordinate. They seemed to have lost all respect for her, and she couldn't seem to find a handle to get them back under control.

On Friday, Alex came to her office, giving her a smile that looked just a bit forced.

"There's big news, Andi. Huo just called, Sunwukong's sold on your proposal, and he's flying out to sign the contracts on Monday."

He swallowed.

"He also wants us to get him the same girl as last time."

Andrea looked at him, aghast, and started to angrily refuse. Then she sat back heavily and sighed.

"All right. But this can't go on forever."

Andrea called the agency and arranged with Joy to meet on Saturday for dinner, more advice and instruction, and moral support. That, at least, was something good coming out of the situation: Andrea quite liked Joy, and enjoyed the excuse to see her again.

Joy and Andrea wound up talking late into the night, until they were very tired and very drunk. Joy slept over, and on Sunday they went shopping and bought Andrea a dress suitable for seeing Mr. Huo.

Andrea hoped that at least she could keep her second night as an escort quieter than her first, but when she left the office at 4:30 on Monday, she ran into Gim, who gave her a despicable grin.

"Leaving early to get ready for your big date?" he said loudly, alerting others nearby. To her fleeing back he called, "Looks like you've finally found your true calling!"

Once again it was dinner with Mr. Huo, and then back to his hotel for long hours of hard use. This time, she was so worn out that she slept through Mr. Huo's getting up and going out, and didn't wake up until the cleaning cart arrived. Huo had checked out and the hotel needed the room, so she was forced to dress hastily under the eyes of the chambermaid and then flee. By the time she got home, it was after one, so she didn't bother to go in to work at all. On Wednesday morning, she found everything in order, much to her relief - and somewhat to her disappointment. Patty was wearing a new suit, she noticed, a much better one.

On Friday, Dick flagged Andrea down in the hall.

"Andi? We've come up against a new problem with Ms. Foster," he said, leading the way to his office.

They had fallen into the habit of calling Patty "Ms. Foster" in connection with Sunwukong executives, as a way of distinguishing her from Andrea, and from Patty the secretary.

"Sunwukong wants Ms. Foster to go to Uighur-land to oversee the setting up of the first plant."

"But … she's just a secretary!"

"Not any more, she isn't – she's proved herself capable of doing the job."

Her job.

"What! She's made what, one presentation, in my clothes for goodness sake, and had lunch with Huo a couple of times! I'm the one who's done all the real IT work!"

"She's also handled some very tricky requests from the client over the phone."

"Over the phone…?"

"Oh, you might not even know about that business on Tuesday. I'm afraid Andi – I mean, Patty – handled it all by herself."

Andrea gaped at him, horrified.

"You're putting my calls through to her?"

He shook his head, then fixed her with a firm glance.

"The company needs to speak with one voice. Andrea Foster needs to speak with one voice."

"And she's Andrea Foster to Mr. Huo," she said helplessly.

"Exactly. So, we need to get her a passport in that name, and other papers. Legally, she can use any name so long as it's done without intent to commit fraud, but it gets a little sticky since there are two Andrea Fosters here. We don't want Sunwukong to know that if we can avoid it, or else this whole setup with you and the escort service is liable to come out, and embarrass all of us."

"Yes, we'd all be pretty embarrassed, wouldn't we," Andrea observed dryly.

The next day, a Sunwukong rep visited the office. Andrea stayed home, allowing Patty to be Ms. Foster for him. In the afternoon, she got a call from Joy: the rep had asked the agency for "Miss Joy, the girl Mr. Huo had recommended." Andrea agreed to see him, almost grateful for the chance to make herself useful in some fashion.

It proved to be an educational experience: young Mr. Xiang introduced her to bondage, in addition to sharing Huo's fondness for anal sex.

He also took surprising pleasure in pinching the soft flesh of her belly. The next morning, she used her gym membership for the first time in a week, and spent over an hour on the ab machine.

She also visited the offices of Selina's Perfect Evenings, at the owner's insistence. There was to be no more of this awkward business of Andrea's impersonating Joy Lee; instead, she would be hired by the service as an occasional employee, under the name "Andi Joy", and be paid for her work the same as any of the other girls.

Mr. Huo seemed to be staying in Sydney indefinitely, carrying out Sunwukong business of one kind or another. It was all too likely that he or one of his people would be calling for "Miss Joy" again.

Filling out the paperwork, Andrea concealed all outward signs of a vague unease and an odd excitement, but she burst out laughing when she saw that her official job title was to be "substitute".

Two days later, Andrea was at her desk, ignoring the program she was supposed to be debugging, looking over her finances on her PDA. The problem hadn't gone away on its own. She was still short nearly five hundred dollars for the month. Her check from JCN had been late, and short, as usual, and the next one promised to be even more so in both those dimensions. She was no longer struggling; she was officially strapped.

Her cell phone rang. She recognized Joy's number.


"Andi, listen, I'm in a difficult situation. My father's wife is sick and Dad's going to pieces. He really needs someone to look after him overnight, but I have a client tonight - can you cover for me?"

Andrea had a hard time at first understanding Joy's words, simple as they were.

"You want me to - this client, he's not one of Mr. Huo's people?"

"Huh-uh. I haven't seen him before, but he's a regular with Selina's, so I know he's okay."

"No, I mean . . . ."

What did she mean? Joy was asking her to play the role of a girl from the escort service, just as Andrea had done a number of times before. But this time, not as a desperate measure to save the company (and Andrea's own assets), but simply as a favor for a friend. As though this really were Andrea's normal line of work.

It wasn't, of course, but still, Joy was a friend, she'd helped Andrea prepare herself for that first time, given her reassurances afterward, and had later given her more systematic and in-depth instruction in how to pass herself off as a professional escort.

Joy was a good friend, and she was clearly in a serious jam. Maybe . . . .

"It'll pay the usual rate, and this guy is a good tipper."

That meant four hundred dollars, maybe more, and it would come in faster than money from JCN. In her current situation, she needed that money.

"Tell me about this client. Does he have a file at Selina's?

As the elevator rose, Andrea checked herself in its mirror-surfaced door. She hadn't paid much attention to makeup since high school, but lately she'd been taking a lot more care with it. For "Miss Joy", it was a tool of the trade and would reward diligence. And if she was going to take time over her makeup for that false identity, it seemed inappropriate to take less care with her own, worn under her own name.

She looked just fine, she concluded as the elevator doors opened. Laptop over her shoulder, she marched confidently down the corridor to the JCN offices and walked straight into pandemonium.

People were shouting in the foyer. Loud arguments were taking place in back offices. Ephraim Helder, the CFO, had pulled a drawer from some filing cabinet and was spreading papers from it across the reception desk. Dick was screaming into his cell phone, while he pounded his forehead with his free hand and kicked the wall repeatedly with one foot.

For once, Alex seemed almost as wild as Dick, but she had to ask somebody what was going on. She grabbed his arm as he rooted through papers alongside Ephraim and forced him to notice her. He stared for a long moment before speaking.

"You've got a fat nerve showing up here, after you and your doppelganger looted the fucking company."

"What? Alex, what're you talking about, what's going on?"

"What's going on? First, Ms. Foster the fucking Second sells the patents to the Joe-2 to the Chinamen, hides the whole thing from us, puts the money in company accounts and then you come along and clean them out!"

"My God. She sold the Joe-2?"

"How nice for the yellow bastards. They get the motherboards, they get the factory in fucking Uighur-vania, and they don't have to pay us a fucking thing beyond the pittance they paid for the patents, and we don't even get that! You've got it!"

Andrea stared, aghast.

"No wonder the bastards have a seat on their board for Ms. Andrea Fucking Foster!" Alex shrieked, shaking a finger in her face.

"But that wasn't me, it was Patty!''

"Oh, it was, was it? And you gave her the codes for the company accounts?"

"No! I had them encrypted!"

Light dawned.

"Dan, it must have been Dan! He's an old hacker, he must have decrypted the codes."

"And can you prove that?"

Andrea stared at him helplessly.

He looked away from her and said, "Get out. There's no Andrea Foster who's welcome here anymore."

Andrea fled from the shrieking chaos at JCN. It was so frantic there that nobody seemed to have even noticed her presence. As the door was closing behind her, she heard Dick scream "There she is!", which inspired her to run to the stairs, not waiting for the elevator.

Out on the street, she tried to think what to do next. After taking a blow like that one, JCN was sure to go down, and even if the staff kept quiet about the whole charade of substitution, there would be indictments handed down against Ms. Andrea Foster.

She needed to talk with someone, preferably without having to explain the whole sordid business of the two Andrea Fosters. But aside from the officers of JCN, that left only . . . .

Joy's fingertips slid lightly along Andrea's shoulders, then suddenly sank deep into a tight, knotted spot in the middle of each. The fingertips felt like an acupuncturist's needles, painful but liberating. Joy held them there for a long moment, then moved her hands, her right on Andrea's left shoulder, her left going to the lower point of Andrea's left deltoid muscle. The two points seemed to be connected somehow, and Andrea felt the burden begin to lift from her. She took a sip from her glass of Yellow Tail and closed her eyes, savoring how the light of the dozen or so candles shone through her eyelids.

"Mmmmmm. What do you call that?"

"Jen Shen Dao. Also known as acupressure."

"Ancient Chinese folk medicine, right?"

"Yes, but actually I learned it at the YWCA."

Andrea took another sip of wine, then a swallow.

"So, whether there was one Andrea Foster or two, Andrea's reputation is ruined and there may be criminal charges. And what do I do now?"

Joy shifted her hands, working one pair of pressure points, then another, lingering patiently until the points had relaxed as much as they were going to.

"I think your best bet is to just let that name go, hon. I can help you get papers, good solid papers with records to back them up. You can start over as someone else, and if anyone has to take the fall for that mess, it can be Patty."

"But my degrees, my credentials, they're all Andrea Foster's. My job references, too. How would I make a living?"

Joy moved around to sit across the coffee table from Andrea. She moved two of the candles and invited Andrea to put her feet up. When she'd slipped off her sandals and put her feet on the tabletop, Joy lifted one foot, cupping the heel in her palm, and began kneading the sole with her other hand.

"Take a look at your last bank statement, hon. I think you'll find that almost half your income last month came from Selina's, and you were working a lot less than full-time."

Andrea looked up, eyes wide.

"You mean . . . go on seeing Mr. Huo and the others? Just . . . be an, an escort for real, full-time?"

"Why not? You already know the job, and you know you're good at it."

She gave Andrea's foot a squeeze.

"And you've got a friend in the business."

Andi checked her messages and her e-mail, then shut down her laptop. She had two hours to have supper, shower, change and get downtown to her assignment for the evening.

She worked for Selina's full-time now. And she was Andi Joy full-time, also. Her birth certificate, passport and other documents, carefully prepared by Joy's mysterious "friends", ensured that her new identity was solid and secure.

Andi and Joy shared an apartment, and Andi suspected it was just a matter of time until they were sharing a bed. She was still reluctant to cross that line, but Joy was such an awfully good friend, and she was there every night, and Andi had already done so many things she would never have believed she could ever do.

Andi Joy was very popular. Mister Huo was a regular, every Friday night, and sometimes on other nights. Various other Sunwukong executives also called for her often.

So did Ben and Gim. Her former subordinates loved having her at their beck and call, and thought four hundred dollars a night a reasonable price to pay for the privilege.

Joy had helped her refine her appearance for the job. Her hair was now a brighter red, exactly matching her pubic hair (there was something disturbing but appropriate in the symbolism of that). Her glasses had been replaced by contact lenses that turned her eyes a brighter green. She'd kept up at the gym, working out five days a week at Joy's urging, and when her membership expired, she switched to a less expensive gym. She'd gotten the implants Joy had suggested on the night they met. Later she'd gone back for bigger ones, and was now a D-cup.

Things had changed for other people, too. Mr. Huo now lived full time in Sydney, head of the new Australian division of Sunwukong. JCN had indeed gone under, and its staff had scattered to the winds, but Ben and Gim were still working together, hired by Mr. Huo. Dick was now a manager at Aspect Computing, and Dan, suddenly dumped by Patty, was working in security for Ferntree Systems.

As for Patty, nobody was quite sure. "Ms. Andrea Foster" had simply disappeared. Nobody seemed to know what had become of her, but there were some interesting possibilities. She might have decided that the name Foster carried too many risks, and persuaded Sunwukong to buy her yet another new identity. She might have seen the opportunity for some new scam, and created a new persona for the occasion. She might have fallen afoul of the criminal gangs who ran so much of the Uighur Autonomous Region. It was easy to offend a Uighur, after all. They believed they were the world's original race, older than all the others, and their ethnic pride was something inconceivable.

There were even nomads still roaming in Uighur territory, who were said to prize blonde women. On bad nights when sleep was slow to come, Andrea would sometimes console herself in imagining an interesting fate for Patty.

Tonight was what the agency called a "hostess" assignment. That was a polite way of saying she would be entertaining more than one client. A single-client escort was paid four hundred dollars, while a hostess was paid eight hundred, for as many as six clients in a party. Some of the girls refused to take hostess jobs, or limited them to three clients at a time, but Andi actually preferred them. It meant twice the pay for the night, and most likely tips from each of the clients, but there was another reason for Andi to like them.

Since becoming an escort she'd discovered many things about herself that she'd never suspected, not the least of them being just how much she loved the male organ. There was nothing she liked so much as having a large, firm one inside her, or better yet two. On all fours, with one entering from behind and another in her mouth, the sliding flesh occupied her entire awareness and she could completely ignore the whining, selfish, demanding creatures at the other end.


By Bozox00727

Sally Grayson was a beautiful 24 yr old blonde who worked as a teller at the local bank. She was the constant focus of the male customers, both young and old, who yearned for her attention. Not only did Sally have a gorgeous face with perfect teeth but her body was the envy of every woman who laid eyes on her. Sally was five feet 3 inches tall with very perky D cup breasts, an extremely shapely rear end and of course, an overall well toned physique maintained by her constant workout regimens and strict dieting.

Wealthy Jana Trimble was one of those women envious of Sally. Jana was not blessed with good looks and although she wore copious amounts of makeup, she was unable to hide her homely appearance. Her overweight body was a disaster with stumpy legs and pendulous breasts that hung down to her stomach. Jana’s nature was one of dominance, partially because of her wealth but mostly as a desire for power. Jana, however, was unable to exert any influence or power over Sally at the bank. Sally rebuffed her intentions of domination and rude behavior whenever their paths crossed. As a result, Jana grew increasingly frustrated and was always daydreaming of a plan to take control and humiliate the vivacious beauty. Jana not only wanted to exert her influence over Sally but was also strangely attracted to her sexually. Sally was to be her eventual toy she hoped!

One day Jana Trimble had an idea that would hopefully forever change the course of Sally’s future. Her plan was to pay off the gambling debts of patrolman Dave Andrews. Dave was well known to Jana and an habitual gambler. A financial favor would put the young policeman in Jana’s debt. The patrolman would then be forced to do the biding of the wealthy socialite. Jana’s scheme was to have the patrolman pull over Ms. Grayson on a routine traffic stop and at the same time plant some illegal drugs in the beautiful blonde’s car. Once the gorgeous woman was brought into the jail, the young patrolman would allow the elder Ms. Trimble to take responsibility of Sally on her personal guarantee. And, only if she obeyed Ms. Trimble and her future guidance, would she be able to remain free.

Jana Trimble’s plan worked to perfection. She explained to the confused Sally that because of her wealthy status in the community, she often aided wayward people that she felt still had promise in society. As Jana further provided details, Sally learned that she was to follow her guidance without reservations explicitly. And although Sally despised Mrs. Trimble and was repulsed by the overweight hag, she knew she was without further recourse.

As the first order of the day, Sally was to live with Ms. Trimble during her “probationary period”. Sally was shocked when she arrived at the stately residence of Jana Trimble. On her bed laid out were several little girl dresses that were extremely short with puffy sleeves. Also, at the foot of the bed were a pair of patent leather mary jane shoes and some white socks that would barely cover her ankles. Jana explained to Sally that she was to get out of her adult clothes and wear the things provided for her. She further stated that this was a necessary as part of her cleansing process and a first step toward her becoming a better person in society. Sally thought this strange but did as she was commanded. Jana waited outside the partially closed door while Sally handed her her panty hose, underwear, bra, dress and her high heeled shoes. Sally secretly hated to give up her high heels since they made her feel very womanly and sexual.

Sally stood inside the stranger’s room completely nude. Her nipples came to attention on her full perky breasts as the cool air passed over them. She glanced over at a full length mirror and smiled, showing off her perfect very white teeth while admiring her exquisite body as she prepared to put on the childish dress. She realized at that moment that she had a slight regression fetish and thought this fun to play along. But little did she know what was in store for her.

Sally tried to pull down the too short dress as it hardly covered her bare fanny when she exited the room. Jana stood there and nodded in approval while handing her a can of shaving cream along with a razor. Jana stated that sometimes people must return to their childhood before they can successfully return back to adulthood. Sally was then ordered to shave her private area until it was as smooth as a baby’s behind. Sally was humiliated but reluctantly did as she was asked.

As Sally was alone in the bathroom, she again gazed into the mirror at her beauty. Her beautiful face, smile and body were almost more than even she could handle. Once her magnificent cunt was bared, she turned around facing the mirror on all fours admiring her ass and overall physique. Her beautiful pink asshole almost seemed to wink at her. Sally then repeatly fingered her asshole and ultimately brought herself to a thunderous orgasm by stroking her womanhood. The noise from the bathroom caused Jana to rush in to see what was going on. Jana became furious when she realized what had taken place and decided to teach Sally a lesson.

“Sally, my dear”, Jana began, little girls don’t have long hair. I think you would look better with a much shorter style set in a tight perm.” Sally became hysterical over the suggestion but settled down when Jana asked her if she wanted to return to jail and serve out her prison time. Jana handed her a see thru baby doll lingerie top and told her to sit in a high chair while she worked on her hair. Sally could see her own reflection in the mirror once again and again looked striking. Looking down at her feet reminded her of the mary jane shoes she was wearing and how her legs didn't look quite as stunning as before. This was disturbing to Sally on the one hand but made her wet at the same time thinking of herself as somewhat child like and naughty. Small children do masturbate more she thought and this consoled her as well. The lingerie top only came down to her waist. Her beautiful tanned body was exposed from the waist down. Her luscious breasts formed a rather large tent underneath the top with her big nipples pointing out. Her perfect face and smile was framed by a head of very healthy long straight blonde hair that looked magnificent. Jana came up from behind and began cutting. Soon tears flowed from the young beauty’s face as clump after clump rested on her lap and the floor around her. After a brief time, her hair was only about 4 inches long and Jana began to roll what was left onto very small rollers and began applying the perm solution. Once the hair was set, Jana pulled out the rollers. What was left was a frizzy mess that resembled a short afro. Jana made things worse by sculpting the hair shorter with electric clippers and even thinning out the top with thinning shears. Sally continued to cry as she redressed but at least resigned herself at the end of the ordeal that the rest of her was still intact.

The two “roommates” finally settled into a discussion of dinner. During dinner, although initially repulsed by Jana Trimble, Sally wondered what it would be like to seduce the older woman with her beauty. Sally was turned on by the contrast in looks between the two women and liked the idea of an ugly older woman lusting after her beauty. She envisioned the elder woman shaking with excitement as she attempted to grope one of her tits or squeeze her ass. Sally also enjoyed tormenting poor Jana with her beautiful smile realizing that Jana had ugly loose fitting dentures. Sally had applied red lipstick before dinner and would often run her tongue over her teeth quite demonstratively as a tease. Sally hoped this would push the threshold of Jana's desire for kissing and cunt licking.

For further teasing, Sally occasionally would lean forward allowing Jana to view her braless chest. Her nipples became aroused as she did so. At other times, Sally would bend over pretending to drop her fork exposing her magnificent rear end and asshole to her dinner mate. Finally, as part of her seduction, Sally would hike up her already short dress and allow Jana to feast her eyes on her exquisitely tanned and muscular legs as well as her perfectly shaved twat. As Sally did these things, Jana drooled in excitement.

After dinner, Sally became increasingly groggy. Jana had secretly drugged Sally during the meal as part of her “treatment”. The drug was designed to tranquilize the subject while rendering the person unable to resist commands by another, especially one so dominant as the homely Ms. Trimble. Ms. Jana Trimble finally had the extremely beautiful Sally Grayson right where she wanted her! As the first order of business, Jana told Sally to remove her dress and to get down on all fours. Jana wanted to inspect the comely woman. “My oh my what beautiful legs and ass. What a sight to behold “, exclaimed Jana. Jana , very roughly, and with much excitement, fingered the cunt of the gorgeous female vigorously and then stripped nude and proceeded to rub her ugly body over the beautiful damsel.

Afterward, a very horny Jana took out her ugly yellowish dentures and performed cunninglingus on Sally. After licking her pussy, Jana concentrated on the beautiful anus of the young beauty. Initially, Jana enjoyed fingering the magnificent behind of her young submissive employing as many fingers as could be accepted with some often buried well past the second knuckle. Then, as things progressed, Jana could no longer restrain herself and dove face first into the luscious backside.

Even in a drugged state, Sally responded to this advance and spread her legs even wider to allow deeper tongue penetration into her bunghole. By now, her face was flat against the floor and her ass was thrust into the air as high as possible. Jana continued lapping like a hungry dog with reckless abandon. Obviously Jana realized that she had reached a point of no return in her lustful cravings. Sally thought back to how beautiful she was earlier in the mirror and began orgasming at the thought with such intensity that it resembled convulsions. Then it was Jana’s turn.

The fat and ugly woman quickly turned over on her back, spread her legs wide and ordered Sally to eat her cunt. Sally immediately did as she was told but had to push up the woman’s breasts and fat to reach her final destination. The old and now toothless woman grinned hideously while the young beauty brought her to climax. Each night this ordeal was repeated. Although Jana’s jealously was getting the best of her, she wanted to enjoy Sally’s beauty for as long as possible until she was ready for the next phase of her scheme.

Jana soon began to feed Sally huge amounts of ice cream, fried foods and desserts of various assortment. Soon the body that Sally and everyone had so admired became very dense, pasty and full of cellulite. Sally could hardly recognize herself in the mirror any longer with her increased weight and beautiful tan gone. Her once stunning face became very round and puffy. Even her little school girl dresses hardly fit. Jana had once considered letting out the seams on the dresses provided but thought the tightness further exaggerated the grotesqueness that Sally had become.

Sally quickly gained 75 lbs! At this point, the wealthy Ms. Trimble decided to drive the young woman to the hair salon for a makeover. She was made permanently bald as industrial hair remover was applied to her scalp and eyebrows. Jana even had the stylist shave down Sally's eyelashes and apply a solution to disallow any further grow back. Jana thought herself as kind as she provided Sally with a cheap wig cut in the style of a very short perm. Sally was increasingly being made over to look like Jana Trimble!

Next, Sally was taken to the dentist to have her beautiful white perfect teeth pulled and was provided with a set of ill fitting dentures. In the final phase, Sally was forced to walk nude around Jana’s estate with heavy weights clipped to her breasts. Sally’s once beautiful ass jiggled with fat as she walked. Her legs became stumpy and hips saddlebagged. Over time, the once perky and beautiful full breasts of Sally were reduced to shrunken flab and dropped precipitously down to her naval. Jana even had the upper portion of her breasts liposuctioned to reduce any upper cleavage and destroy any hint of perkyness. Her goal was to transform the once gorgeous globes into the breasts of a very old woman.

Since Jana considered herself a fair woman, she had previously given Sally a choice of either complete surgical breast removal or pendulousness. Sally had chosen the droopy option which to some extent had dissappointed the aging socialite. As soon as Sally’s good looks were ruined, Ms Trimble decided to allow the young woman to return to work and leave her premises. Jana’s lust for the former beauty was now gone and her source of competition with the men of the town had now dissipated. Her period of “probation” was finally over. Sally would soon become horrified once the drugs wore off. She no longer would be a seductress of older women or anyone for that matter. Her looks were now worse than even Jana.

As Ms. Jana Trimble drove Sally back to the bank one morning to return to work, Jana spotted a young drop dead beauty with a very cute face in a tight pencil skirt and high heels rushing across the street towards the bank, obviously flaunting herself she thought. Jana noticed that her bouncing breasts were large, firm and sat

Clownitization by Nosey T. Clown (Clown, BE, MC)And another Clown TF story I had laying around!


Clownitization by Nosey T. Clown

I think I'm going crazy. Or I'm in a coma - maybe I'll wake up soon. This must be a dream - it certainly is the weirdest dream I ever had. How can I wake myself up?

I heard once if I concentrate really had on reality, maybe I'll wake up. How to concentrate? Maybe I can try to write some of this down! Maybe that will cause this dream - I hope it’s a dream - to end!

Okay - where's the paper! Boy - it's become hard to write! Maybe if I sit sidesaddle or something…….. How should I begin…..?

My name's Candace Reems. I know - most girls with a name like "Candace" get called "Candi", but not me. Oh, sure, I was Candi in high school, but in college it was more professional to be called "Candace." And when I went to work and Water Pricehouse, it seemed an accountant should be called "Candace" instead of "Candi." Or "Miss Reems" - that was way better!

I am 26 years old, and I had - HAVE - blond hair. I have blue eyes. I'm five foot-six inches tall. I'm single, and broke up with my last boyfriend a few years ago - he was such a dork! I tried to be serious - 'cause I am a blond and you know what reputation I could have - but he was so SILLY!

Okay - this is so weird!


So - concentrate - it's Tuesday. I just flew in to our corporate offices in San Francisco for meetings with our most important client. I didn't really want to go, 'cause it's a few days before Hallowe'en and I wanted to go to a party and maybe meet someone but I had to go and that's that. So I worked like a dog all day Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and went to my hotel and had room service and crashed every night and - slow down. S-l-o-w d-o-w-n. (Giggle)

Okay. I'm getting agitated - it's only a dream. A D-R-E-A-M. I hope…

So I get up Friday and go to the office - this should be the last day of this nonsense. Maybe I can still get home for Hallowe'en tonight. So I'm working on the depreciation schedules. But my boss, Mr. Ackerly comes in at noon and said that the finance guys at the client will finish them up, and I'm free to go. In fact, the office has scheduled a costume party and he thinks I should go - it'll be a 'good break,' or so he says.

So I'm thinking - why not. I can fly home Saturday (giggle) and relax at the party and over the weekend. So Mr. Ackerly tells me to take the rest of the day off and try to find a costume. He bids me goodnight and leaves me with a slip of paper with the address scribbled on it.

As it turns out, I shoulda gone to bed.

So - Friday afternoon, All Hallow's Eve, where to find a costume. First question: What to go as? Belly dancer? No - I'm too slender. Witch? Too common. I call a few costume places from the Yellow Pages, but they are out of cats, and leopards and pirates. What to go as? Maybe this is too difficult.

I know - I'll be a clown! I always wanted to be a clown, and no one will know its me under the makeup! I'll be a clown! I can let my hair (all 2" of it) down! This might actually be fun! Now - where to get a clown costume??

Here's a listing I didn't see before - "Clara's Clown Closet". "Only Clown Costumes - when only the BEST will do." I wonder why I didn't see that earlier. So I call them up and - SURPRISE - they have lots of costumes left! (giggle) They said come right over.

A $20 cab ride later, I'm standing in front of "Clara's" in one of the nicer parts of town. The mannequins in the window are all dressed as clowns, and look so colorful! This might actually work out! The little sign on the door says "By Appointment Only" and "ring for Entry" - they invited me over, so I guess this is as good as an appointment. I ring and the door buzzed.

I pushed the door open, and walked into the biggest clown emporium I have ever seen. Wigs, noses, costumes, makeup - everything. As I walked over to the counter, a woman came from behind the curtain and introduced herself as "Clara."

"Hi - I'm Candace." I responded.

"Oh - weren't you the person I just spoke to on the telephone? About a last minute costume?" she inquired.

"Yes - I got invited to a Hallowe'en party at the last minute and don't have a costume. I always wanted to be a clown, but I don't know the first thing about makeup or costumes or anything. Can you help me?"

"My dear - of course. Is your party tonight?" She asked, ever so helpful.

"Yes it is."

"Well, Candace, we could select your costume and complete your hair and makeup all right here, right now, and you could leave directly for the party if you wanted?" She told me - her voice was sweetly intoxicating.

"That sounds wonderful!" I said, "Where do we start?" I was becoming more eager to 'be a clown.' Only now do I realize that it was unusual for me to be so eager. (Giggle)

"Well, Candace, have you thought of what kind of clown you want to be? Clara asked. "No - I didn't know there were kinds of clowns.” I replied. "What are they?"

Clara told me that there were Auguste clowns, Whiteface clowns, Tramp clowns and Character clowns. I became more puzzled - I don't know why I wasn't thinking clearly. "Make me the clown you think would be best for me,” I stated. It was unusual for me to give up control so easily.

"I think you'd be a good Auguste clown,” Clara recommended, "and we can fix you right up. Now follow me,” she said as she swept behind the dividing curtain into the back room. I followed along.

Now the part that must be a dream - Clara just led me right along and look where I am now! (Giggle)

"You know, dear, clowns get their humor from exaggeration, you know that, don't you?" Her voice was like honey - I was drawn to it like a hungry bee.

"Oh yes - I know that" I said, but I didn't really know that - or did I?

"And the funniest clowns are the most exaggerated - you know that, right?" She said.

"Right" I said, somewhat drunkenly. What's happened to me?

"And wouldn't you like to be a most funny clown?” Clara asked. "Oh yes" I said - and look where it got me. (Giggle)

"So - we'll need to exaggerate you, won't we?"

"I guess so." I said, as Clara took my measurements and wrote them on a clipboard.

"Hmmmm," she said quizzically. "You need a little more substance to be exaggerated, wouldn't you agree?" "I guess so."

"Let me go to the rack and select a few things, now that I have your measurements" she said, appearing lost in thought. In a few minutes she returned, carrying what seemed like several large pillows. As she dropped them on the floor, they appeared to be cotton-lined Jello.

"I'm so sorry, dear, but we will need to exaggerate your, er, 'slender' figure. I want you to put this on - here, use this dressing room." She handed me what she was carrying and pointed to a curtained room a few feet away. "Now hurry up!" she commanded.

I scurried into the room and drew the curtain.

I began to inspect what she had given me - although not particularly heavy, it appeared to be a ridiculously proportioned women's body suit! If you looked up exaggerated in the dictionary, this suit might actually be there! And - I was replete with bra (attached to the cotton) and panties (also attached), in a clownish polka-dot pattern. I was momentarily stunned at the thought of the figure that would result if I wore this.

"Now, Candace, you must take off all your clothes before putting on your new undergarment - otherwise it won't, er, fit properly."

"Yes, ma'am.” I responded. I began to take off my clothes in the privacy of the dressing room.

Now disrobed, I found a zipper in the back of the bodysuit and unzipped it. It fell open at my feet and I stepped in and pulled it up over my shoulders. It was like putting on a cool, comfortable glove! It fit perfectly! It felt wonderful and caressing! I couldn't wait to zip it up! I hope I could find the strength to take it off at the end of the night (this wasn't a problem, as it turned out). I turned toward the mirror to admire myself.

Boy! Talk about an exaggerated figure! I couldn't believe the comical character that reflected back at me in the mirror. First, my neck, arms and legs were uncovered by the suit and unchanged. But that's all that stayed the same. My boobs were bigger than I have ever seen on a woman - even that dancer Chelsea Charms! Turning this way and that, I could see my boobs from behind me!

I couldn't believe it. In fact, the suit was so realistic that I had nipples, too! And what nipples! They were as round as saltshakers and protruded almost an inch! I marveled at the detail in this suit!

But as big as my boobs were, my butt was awesome. It protruded as much to the rear as my boobs did in front! I was enormously wide, and wondered to myself how I'd sit in a chair! I had the biggest hourglass figure in the world. I would be a great clown!


A tape measure hung on the wall, and I struggled to measure myself. After some effort, I found I had a 95" bust and 85" butt. I measured my waist at 20", but somehow I never noticed that my waist had shrunk from its normal 29" size. I was so fuzzy.

'Are you ready? Come out here.” Clara commanded. I reached over my boobs and drew back the curtain and walked out, brushing the doorframe on each side. "What do you think?” I asked Clara.

"Well, you are a little small, but I think it's a great start!" she beamed. "Now - let's pick a costume!" She headed off to the rack and I waddled behind her. (Giggle) I was having a harder and harder time walking and keeping my balance, but tried to keep up.

In a few short minutes she had me outfitted in a set of ruffled bloomers with more then twenty petticoats, and a set of red and white striped socks that rose up and actually covered my enormous butt! A blue polka dot baby-doll dress went over the top of it all, making my enormous boobs seem even larger. As Clara directed me to a chair (without arms!), I sat and contemplated how much my butt projected over the edges as she placed a pair of 26" long Mary-Janes on my feet, in yellow. She asked me to stand.

"What do you think?” Clara asked, as she turned a wall-sized mirror to face me. I looked at the vision in the mirror and was speechless.

Except for the face on the person in the mirror that was clearly mine, I had become a ridiculous, exaggerated, corpulent clown. I turned this way and that, admiring myself and thinking how good I looked (which was odd - I usually liked how I looked as a girl, not a clown?!) (Giggle) Even as I turned, by boobies brushed the mirror and I felt a tingle in my chest. Although I realize now this was unusual, I didn't seem to notice it at the time.

"Oh Clara, I am a beautiful clown!” I exclaimed, my voice almost squealing. Had I been paying attention, I would have noticed it had risen in pitch a bit. "It's better than I could have hoped!" I would be the perfect clown for the party!

"But, Clara, what about my face?” I pouted. After all, a clown has to have a ridiculous face and hair.

"I've got just the thing,” Clara pointed out. "Come over here and recline in this chair," she invited. I did as I was directed.

As I settled myself into this larger-than-normal chair, I watched myself in the mirror. Strangely, as I walked the thirty feet from the dressing room to the makeup chair, I had found it easier to walk with my clown shoes, although I had begun to waddle even more exaggeratedly. Still, as I settled in this oh-so-plush chair, I giggled at watching how my body stuck out from the sides of the chair, and how my little boobies took up almost all my chest. I wanted to scratch an itch on one elbow, but was having a hard time reaching it with my other hand. Too bad my boobies are so small, I thought.

Clara positioned what looked to be a 1950-s style hair dryer over my head, and activated it to a low thrumming. "This will fix your hair right up,” she advised, " while I work on your face." With that, she opened a chest full of various makeup items, and began selecting among the clown noses for me.

"Let's see - I think this is about right,” she said, and turned toward me with the biggest, reddest, roundest clown nose I think I had ever seen! I have seen a lot of clowns, but I had never seen a nose this big. "Wow! What a nose" I giggled. I settled back even further in the chair, in total comfort in this new body. It felt too GOOD! I reveled in feeling my huge butt and boobies, and wondered how to be a funny clown.

"Now, hold still and let me get some adhesive,” Clara intoned. "This will feel quite natural, just like your new clown body, and should make you a very funny clown indeed. Now close your eyes…" she said. I closed my eyes, and seeming drifted off to sleep for what seemed like only a few seconds. The last thing I remember it Clara's fingers placing this enormous nose on my own……..

Gradually I awoke, and was briefly disoriented by a red ball in my field of vision. As I reached to scratch it (and hit it far earlier than I planned) I remembered Clara's placing it on my face. She was right! It felt quite natural! In fact, as I felt for a seam, I couldn't tell where it joined my own face. I was beginning to wonder what I looked like, as Clara was still working on my face and blocking my view of the mirror.

"Now - I think that does it! You are indeed a funny clown! You should be the hit of the party!" Clara was positively beaming! "I think this is my best work! Ready for a look?" she asked.

I nodded my head, unaccustomed to the shaking and quivering of this new nose on my face, and the resultant jiggles in my boobies and butt. "Yes - I want to be a clown! Please show me!" I pleaded. (Was my voice still higher?) With that, Clara backed away from my field of vision and I saw myself in the mirror.

To say I was a clown is an understatement. To say I looked ridiculous doesn't cover it. To say I would be the funniest clown that night was close, but still can't capture it. I had been completely transformed.

My face was still my face, but it was as if I was born to be a clown. Once I got over the shock of seeing that enormous nose on my face (and the huge nostrils on either side of it), I started to examine the detail of my new 'look.'

I don't know how Clara did it, but my eyebrows (which I kept so carefully trimmed) had been arched into a high sweeping arch over my eyes. As I turned my head from one side to the other, I kept imagining my eyebrows had become red McDonalds Golden Arches on my face. But that wasn't all. White clown makeup highlighted my eyes, which had grown the longest lashes I had ever seen - they must have measured more than an inch! They were full and lush, and fluttered when I blinked my eyes. When I reached to touch them, I felt no trace of adhesive. Clara was certainly good!

Below my nose (which dominated my face (goody) my lips seemed to have become plumper, yet were outlined as a traditional clown's mouth. Still feminine and shaped like an exaggerated version of my own lips, there was a definite clown smile as part of my new face. (Giggle) My skin positively glowed, although with a radiant peach color.

But that wasn't all! As Clara pulled the dryer off my head, my new red curly locks spilled out of the dryer - a perfect clown 'do! Covered in wide and gentle curls, by head was a mass of red - wild and silly. I was amazed.

"Clara - how did you do this?” I asked, wondering why my voice was reaching for higher octaves.

"It's magic, my dear. I love bringing people their dearest wish to be a clown. It's my gift to you." Clara smiled gently and patted me on the shoulder - but as she brushed my boobies, a jolt went through me. That's odd, I thought.

"But - I have one more surprise for you" Clara said. "The piece de resistance - and something to make you a truly unique clown." She pulled back my hair from my ears for me to see.

I couldn't believe it - my ears had grown! Now twice the size that my ears had been, they stuck straight out from my head! I had huge clown ears!

"Oh Clara, you've made me so happy! I will be such a funny clown tonight!" I was giddy with delight! (Giggle) I squirmed around in the chair and felt the smooth fabric of the chair against my butt, and the taught fabric of my baby doll dress against my little boobies. I was in heaven. I never stopped to notice that this was a bit odd until later. I was in giggly delight as I gazed at the clown in the mirror, butt sticking out from the chair, boobs sticking out from my chest, and the biggest nose I could imagine.

Clara helped me out of the chair.

"Now, dear, why don't I send your clothes back to your hotel and you can have fun and go straight to your party tonight? She asked.

"Sure" I giggled. I didn't want to wait being a clown for a minute. "What do I owe you for all this trouble?"

She quoted a modest sum, and I struggled to get my purse up over my boobies where I could see it, and then to get my wallet out of my purse and hand over a credit card. It took several tries, because I couldn't see around my new nose and got the wrong card several times. As Clara handed me my receipt and card, I bent forward and my boobies and I fell on the counter as I reached forward to sign the bill.

"Now you are getting into the spirit,” Clara said. "Clowns as exaggerated as you have to be clumsy, too!" she directed.

No problem there, I thought. There's a lot of me here to be clumsy with! Clara helped me right myself and placed my purse on my clothes. "Would you like anything before you go?" she inquired.

"Yes - I would like en teensy glass of water' I said

DeDe the Clown By Mikey Vincent (Clown, BE, MC) Here's an old clown TF story I found laying around my hard drive. It's weird but also fun!

DeDe the Clown

By Mikey Vincent

Deanna was in need of a change. As she pulled into a parking space in the strip mall, she studied her reflection in her rearview mirror. Tan skin, blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, her slender neck led to modest, B-cup breasts, a slim waist, a pert bottom, and long sexy legs. By anyone else’s standards she was a total babe.

That was the problem.

Sure she loved the sun and the beach and staying in shape, but in terms of looks, she looked like every other beach girl. She wanted to stand out, to be the center of attention. For all eyes to be on her when she entered a room.

That’s when she came across an ad in the paper:

“Want to be noticed? Want to STAND OUT? Want to be someone new?

One Week Only!

Free Makeovers by Stacey

You’ll be guaranteed to leave with a smile!”

That was exactly what she was looking for. She got out of her car and walked to the salon entrance. She was wearing her best designer jeans and a low-cut tank top. (‘Even if It was just a salon visit, why shouldn’t she look nice?’ She thought earlier)

“This better be worth it,” sighed Deanna, in her husky voice. Some people said she sounded like Scarlett Johannson.

A bell chimed as she walked through the door. As her eyes adjusted to the light she saw a receptionist’s desk and a few chairs. She didn’t see anyone, so she called out,

“Hello? Is anyone here?”

“I’ll be out in just a minute!” a voice shouted from the back. “Just make yourself comfortable!”

As she looked around the salon, she was surprised how empty the room was. The walls were lined with doors, which looked like changing stalls and storage closets. At the center of the room sat a single salon station. There sat an oversized salon chair, a full length mirror on either side, and a standard lighted mirror in the center, the table in front of it scattered with different items: hairspray bottles, brushes, blow dryers, etc. She also noticed a large cart, it almost looked like a toolbox you would find in someone’s garage. She went to take a closer look when she felt a tap on her shoulder; she jumped a bit as she turned around. Standing there was a tall, slender woman, in her late twenties. She was pretty, dressed in a smart white pantsuit with sensible flats, her black hair kept chin length in a sensible style. She had an average body, nothing too outstanding, maybe even a bit on the skinny side.

“Oh! Did I scare you? Sorry about that, I was just taking a little break. I’m Stacey.”

“Hi, I’m Deanna, I saw your ad and I was wondering if you had any openings today. I’m sorry about snooping around your stuff I—“

“Oh nonsense! I don’t mind people who take an interest in my craft! I just so happen to have some free time before my next appointment! There’s a changing room in the back, go ahead and get out of those clothes and put on one of the robes, I’ll just get everything ready here.”

Deanna stripped down to her bra and panties, and almost as if Stacey was watching, shouted out,

“Bra and panties too! Don’t want anything getting ruined!”

For some reason, Deanna didn’t think twice and stripped all the way down. She put on the robe and went back to the main room, leaving her clothes behind. As she took a seat in the salon chair and she was surprised at how large it was. ’It must be for oversized customers too, everything is so PC these days.’ She thought to herself. She also noticed the mirrors were covered.

Stacey just finished locking the door and closing the blinds in the front windows.

“Don’t want anyone interrupting our session!” She said with a smile. “Now, you mentioned you saw my ad, what exactly did you want to do today?”

“Well, I’m sick of looking like every other blonde beach girl in town, I want to turn heads, I want to be noticed, I want to STAND OUT!” she paused for a second, surprised at how excited her answer was.

“Well! I definitely like your attitude, I think what you need is a complete makeover! Top to bottom, I’m talking the works!”

“Oh that sound’s great! Please, Stacey, I’m in your hands, do whatever you like!”

“That’s just the response I was looking for. When I’m done, I think you’re going to make a very BIG impression on everyone! Let’s get started!” She turned Deanna away from the mirrors, “Don’t want to ruin the surprise!”

She wheeled over the giant cart from earlier and opened it up. Inside was the largest makeup supply ever! Not even Hollywood makeup artists had this much at their disposal.

“Now this is some makeup I have developed on my own. It’s not for sale yet because I can’t find a distributor for it, but the effects are amazing. This is why I’m giving free makeovers so I can have some customers when it does hit the market. It’s mainly for film use, because it is kinda thick… but would you like to try it?”

“Sure, why not? I mean it should come off pretty easily if I don’t like it right?”

“I suppose, if you don’t like it…” Stacey replied suspiciously, but Deanna thought nothing of it. “Now, this is a base coat. I’m going to cover most of your face so everything else will… stick.”

With each stroke of the brush, Deanna’s once bronze skin became whiter and whiter, till her entire face, even her eyelids, lips, and eyebrows were pale white. Next, Stacey reached for a tube of mascara. With each stroke, Deanna’s lashes grew thicker and longer, until her lashes were almost comically long, and fluttered every time she blinked. The added weight of her new lashes made it hard for Deanna to open her eyes fully, giving her ‘bedroom eyes.’

“Oh yes! That looks great! Let’s keep going!” She grabbed an eyebrow pencil and began to draw in Deanna’s eyebrows. With each stroke, Deanna’s old brows faded away, and were now replaced by swooping arches, with one cocked higher than the other, when coupled with her new lashes, gave Deanna a sexy ‘come hither’ look. She then put the pencil to right above Deanna’s lips, giving her a beauty mark. No reason, just an extra touch that ended up looking great on her.

Stacey grabbed a couple shades of eyeshadow in a wide variety of colors, filling in the space between her lashes and her eyebrows, till her eyes were an explosion of blues, greens, and purples. On anyone else it would have looked silly, but it somehow worked for Deanna’s rapidly changing look.

Next, she pulled out a tube of lipstick, fire engine red. Deanna gave a quizzical look, the first sign of resistance throughout this whole process. But Stacey was quick to resolve that.

“Now Deanna, you said you wanted to stand out. You’re gonna have to trust me on this, but I promise you’ll love the new look.”

Deanna’s worries faded away as she relaxed back into her chair. ‘Stacey has been so nice to me so far, how rude of me to question her.’ She thought to herself, and from then on resolved to just trust Stacey.

Stacey smiled, as she saw the resistance slip away from Deanna’s eyes. As she slathered on the lipstick, Deanna felt her lips tingle. What she didn’t notice was that with each swipe, her lips swelled more and more, puffing up past Angelina Jolie dimensions and showing no signs of stopping.

At this point, with her sultry eyes, and pouty lips, Deanna was quickly transforming from blonde beauty to a caricature of femininity. Stacey could not stop smiling as she turned to the cart for some blush. Deanna couldn’t help but notice Stacey’s butt straining the bottoms of the pantsuit. ‘Funny, I didn’t notice Stacey having a little ‘junk in her trunk.’ She thought with a shrug. Turning back around, Stacey brushed away a strand of her shoulder length wavy brown hair.

“Are you enjoying this so far? I know I am. We can stop if you’d like.” Stacey asked.

“Oh no! Please keep going! Whatever you’re doing feels great! I’m excited to see how I turn out!” Deanna replied excitedly, anxiously squirming in her seat.

“Okay, then! I’m almost done with your makeup, then we can move on to your hair and body!”

“My body?” Deanna asked, pursing her plump lips, almost causing Stacey to giggle.

“Of course Deanna! Remember, I said we’re doing a COMPLETE makeover! Now actually, hold that pout for me while I add some blush!”

With each stroke of the brush, Deanna’s cheekbones became more and more prominent. When Stacey put the brush down and stepped back to take a look, she couldn’t help but smile as Deanna ended up being unable to stop pouting, as the makeup reshaped her face and bone structure. Deanna now looked like she was always ready for a kiss.

“Okay! I think we’ve covered the face, let’s move on to the hair!” Stacey said as she walked to back to her workstation. Deanna definitely noticed Stacey’s larger hips adding an exaggerated sway to her walk, and her large, heart shaped behind threatening to burst through her red polka dotted pantsuit as her two inch heels clacked on the tile floor. She returned with a strange bottle of liquid, bright pink, almost glowing. She sat down on a nearby stool and showed the bottle to Deanna.

“Now this is a special concoction I whipped up, it’s basically waterless shampoo and conditioner! It will add some extra body to your hair while introducing a deep conditioner directly to your scalp. Care to give it a go?”


“Now this next step does take a while so can I get you anything while I’m working?” Asked Stacey

“Actually, I’m a little thirsty, do you have any water?”

Stacey frowned, in mock disappointment. “I’m sorry Dee, actually I’m all out. But I do have a smoothie I picked up on my break. Would you like it? I’m probably not going to drink it; I always buy the largest ones for some reason. It’s strawberry, my favorite!”

Deanna perked up, “I LOVE strawberry! Are you sure you don’t want it?”

“Oh! By all means, let me go get it from the front desk. You sit tight!” She said as she swayed to the counter, her ample bottom jiggling with each click of her four-inch pumps and her mid-back length auburn hair swaying in rhythm.

What Deanna didn’t know was that this drink was meant for her. Another one of Stacey’s creations, it had a special blend of ingredients that would change Deanna entirely, one could say she would be a different person.

As Stacey clicked back to the workstation, Deanna noticed Stacey’s top few buttons of her polka dotted jacket were undone, exposing Stacey’s C-cup cleavage in a tasteful manner. As Stacey handed her the cup, she also noticed Stacey’s ¾ inch long nails, as red as the polka dots of her outfit. She thanked Stacey for the drink and wrapped her overinflated lips on the strangely out of place crazy straw. As the pink drink coursed its way through the loops, she could swear the drink was almost glowing. As the smoothie finally made it into her mouth, she was greeted with an explosion of flavor!

“Wow Stacey! This is delicious!” exclaimed Deanna, her voice an octave higher.

“Glad you like it Dee! Now sit back and enjoy while I get to work.” Stacey said as she applied a liberal amount of her special chemical to Deanna’s hair.

As Stacey worked the chemical into Deanna’s scalp, she could see Deanna’s body begin to relax more and more. The chemicals in the shampoo, combined with the smoothie, began to alter Deanna’s mind. Before long, Deanna would cease to be. Stacey paused for a second from her scalp massage and clicked away, out of Deanna’s sight. She wheeled over and positioned what looked to be a 1950’s style hair dryer over Deanna’s head, and activated it to a low thrumming.

"This will activate the chemical in the shampoo and fix your hair right up, Dee.” she advised.

A very relaxed Deanna could only nod her head as she drifted further and further away. What she didn’t know was that the dryer was rigged to emit subliminal messages that would help further Deanna’s transformation. As she absentmindedly sipped her delicious beverage, she began to feel tingly. All her thoughts and concerns were drifting away, as carefree as the drink made its way through each loop of the crazy straw. Slowly, her ideals of looks and body image were being replaced with those of Stacey’s specifications. One key word that kept on repeating in the messages was ‘BIG.’

Soon her hair began to grow. Slowly at first, but then more and more rapid with each minute. Her once straight, naturally golden blonde hair was exploding into thick, platinum blonde ringlets, gaining more and more volume. Soon her thick, golden locks were spilling out of the bottom of the dryer and creeping further and further down the back of her chair. The growth only slowed as the hair began to pool on the floor, an alluring cascade of platinum blonde curly perfection. The added weight of this expanse of hair made it difficult for Deanna to keep her head up. The rhythmic thumping and warmth of the dryer combined with her and her relaxed state, and soon Deanna was dozing off, still absentmindedly sipping her giant pink beverage.


Deanna woke with a yawn and a stretch.

“Oh my goodness! I must have fallen asweep!” Deanna said. Gone was her smoky, sultry voice, now replaced by a sex-kitten whisper, high-pitched and breathy, even a bit childish. She didn’t even notice. In her hand, she still held the now empty cup. She had consumed all the contents in her dreamy daze.

“Oh good, DeDe you’re awake! You looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to wake you!” Stacey said, swaying back over to her half-awake project. If Deanna still had her senses about her, she would notice the woman before her was nothing like she was when she first arrived.

Gone was the slender, sharply dressed business woman. Before her was a bombshell. Starting from the bottom, she was perched on seven-inch white heels, leading up to perfect calves and thick, womanly thighs. These were the definition of ‘gams,’ which led to her wide hips and generous derriere looking like they were poured into her white satin pants, decorated with bright red hearts in a polka-dot pattern. This led up to a thin waist making way to her ridiculous bust. EE-cup breasts were pressed and pushed up, threatening to spill out of her too-tight jacket, which matched the pants, and her white lace bra peeking out . Her fingers sported 1 ½” red talons, and her hands and wrists were adorned with multiple gold rings and bracelets, the jingling adding to her attention-getting walk. This led up to slender shoulders and a graceful neck, adorned with gold necklaces. Her face was anything but subdued. Red pouty lips (although not as pouty as Deanna’s!) a pert, little nose, sultry, smoky eyes, and elegant eyelashes and eyebrows completed her look. Her ears sported two large gold hoops in each ear, that clinked when she walked. All of this was capped off by her hair! Big, curly red hair flew out in all directions, flowing all the way down to her outrageous backside. She was made up to gain attention. As she stepped, something on her, whether it be her hair or body, or jewelry, was constantly moving.

Her hair was bouncing, her huge tits swaying and jiggling in a sexy way, even her big ass bounced as she teetered up to the anxiously waiting Deanna.

“Oh my gosh!” said Deanna in her new breathy voice. “Miss Stacey! You are beeeeeauuutifulll!”

Stacey couldn’t help but laugh at how childish Deanna sounded. She was almost done.

“Oh, so you like the way I look?”

“Oh yes! I would LOVE to look like you! You’re so beautiful and bouncy and pretty and your hair and your clothes and and—“

“Haha, okay, calm down DeDe! What if I told you I COULD make you look like this? What if I told you I could make you look any way you want? Would you like that?”

“OH YES! Yes Miss Stacey! I would love that so much!”

“What would you change about yourself?”

“I want to be BIG! Big everything! I want everyone to notice me! I want everyone to stare at me, I want to be the center of attention!”

“I think I can take care of that.” She said as she lifted the dryer off of Deanna’s hair. As the hood lifted, a waterfall of curly, platinum hair spilled out, tugging Deanna’s head back a little bit. “Well, we have your hair and makeup done, now all that’s left is your body! Follow me to the changing rooms!”

“Oh, goody goody goody!!!” Deanna said as she jumped up, she stumbled a bit as she was getting used to her now long hair.

Stacey looked back and smiled at her work. From the neck down, she was still a pretty, tanned, average girl, but from the neck up, she was a vision! Clown makeup, exaggerated facial features, ridiculously long hair, she was a Ringling Brothers Lady Godiva! Deanna gathered her hair in her hands, not even realizing how drastic this change was, and scampered up to Stacey, who was standing by a room marked

“De-Tanning Room”

“But Miss Stacey, I’m already tan!”

“Silly DeDe, this is the DE-Tanning room! Everyone is tan these days, how are you going to stand out if you look like everyone else. When you’re finished here, you’ll be as far away from tan as possible!”

“Well, okay Miss Stacey!” Dede dropped her robe without a second thought, piled her hair in a big mass on top of her head, with a little help from Stacey, and entered the room.

Inside was what looked like a stand-up tanning bed. As the door closed behind her, the room was lit up with black lights, emitting a cool blue glow. A nozzle came up from the ground and began to rotate around her body and legs. A white mist began to spray Deanna, and before long, her entire body was glowing in the black light, covered in the warm white spray.

As soon as it had started, the process had ended. Deanna emerged to a waiting Stacey. From top to bottom she was pale white, matching her already made up face.

Stacey clasped her hands in glee, her bracelets and rings jingling wildly, “Oh goodness! You turned out better than I hoped! Let’s keep going!” As she swayed to the next room.

Deanna saw Stacey now walk in an exaggerated fashion. Gone was the confident, business-like stride, now Stacey walked exaggeratedly femininely. Palms turned out and down, her feet one in front of the other, exaggerating her already outrageous sway even more. ‘Golly, I sure do wish that I look half as good as she does when I’m done. She must get attention everywhere she goes!” Thought Deanna, obviously in a new frame of mind.

They came to a changing room, much like the first room Deanna entered when she started this strange journey.

“Now then,” Said Stacey, her hands on her hips in a mock-authority stance. “We’re almost done. I picked out some clothes for you to wear. Now, you’re gonna have to trust me, but these will DEFINITELY get you noticed, and I think you’ll find that BIG look you’ve been wanting! Now scoot!” She said playfully as she patted the girl’s perky, bare bottom. ‘That’s the last time her butt will ever be that small!’ Stacey thought to herself with a knowing smirk. Deanna was a fit of giggles and squeals as she headed into the room, shutting the door behind her.

As she entered the changing room, she cooed at her clothing choices. ‘Oh Miss Stacey has such good taste! I’m going to be the center of attention for sure!’

She picked up the panties first. They were a frilly number, full of lace and ruffles. They were also monstrously huge. Deanna didn’t even think twice and slid them on. As they snaked up her slender legs, they began to tingle. Her legs began to grow, thickening her thighs and calves into womanly proportions, but they didn’t stop there. They passed the point of healthy and settled on just plain thick. Her once slender legs, from days of swimming and surfing, were now like tree trunks, but had the right amount of softness to them. As the panties settled on her bottom, her butt met the same fate as her legs. Gone was her small, perky butt, now each cheek was more and more rotund. Her once pert, round bottom was swollen and soft, and as it got larger it got progressively lower, and yet still not a blemish was on her. Her ass grew and grew, until they met the panties, the ruffles stretched across her new expanse, drawing attention to the sheer size.

She loved it! She ran her hand over her pale white thigh and playfully slapped her new bottom, sending ripples throughout it without showing any signs of stopping.

Next was her bra. It matched the panties with both the lace and frills, but also the size. She squealed with joy as she snapped it on. As she completed the final clasp, she fell to the bench as a sensation of feelings overcame her. Her large behind made a fun ‘slap’ as it hit the leather, but Deanna didn’t even notice. She was to overcome with the sensations on her chest. She squirmed as her breasts exploded to meet the size of the bra, filling each and every inch of the bra, even overflowing it a bit as her breasts pushed together in a pillowy cleavage. As she struggled to get up, her arm brushed her nipple through the fabric and she almost fell back over! ‘Goodness! My boobies sure are sensitive! *Tee-hee!*’

She turned and pouted in concentration at the other items. She picked up a pair of stockings, they were pink and white, with vertical stripes running down them. She struggled to look past her new MM- cup breasts to put her feet in the stockings. They slid perfectly up her thick legs and stopped at the top of her thighs. She turned this way and that, trying to look at her new gams past her breasts and large bottom. She slid on some bright pink bloomers, which accented her stockings perfectly, and were tight enough that you could see her ruffles from her panties through them.

Next up were the shoes. She found a pair of nine inch platform heels, size 22EE. Without a second thought she slid her dainty feet into them, and like clockwork, her feet ballooned to fit the shoes perfectly. The added angle of the heels caused her to push her breasts and butt out even further, but she found that somehow it improved her balance.

Finally there was the dress. It was bright pink and white, like everything else, and had big lips printed in a pattern all over it. As she shimmied into the dress, she giggled at how short it was. It stopped right at her hips, and the built in petticoats were so stiff it stuck out on all sides, giving anyone who wanted a very generous view of her generous backside. The top was cut very low, giving onlookers a full view of her expansive cleavage. She found a pair of white gloves in the front of the dress, but they only had four fingers. She slid them on, not thinking twice, her middle and ring finger fusing together, but not providing any discomfort.

She was absolutely giddy as she clomped out of the dressing room. Even with her giant feet and outrageous figure she glided through the salon like she was on a catwalk. Stacey was waiting at the salon chair for her.

“Oh DeDe! You look incredible! Come, have a seat and we’ll do some finishing touches!”

Dede sashayed over to the chair and had a seat. The once oversized chair now fit her figure like a glove, like it was made for her. She looked over at Stacey, who had changed again.

Her hair was bigger, if possible, a wild mane of bright red curls, matching the red hearts on her silk pantsuit. Her breasts had grown some more, but no where as close as Deanna’s and her hips had widened some more. If Stacey had an hourglass figure, Deanna had to have had two hours!

“Now DeDe, I’m going to let you in on a secret.” Stacey said as she let down Deanna’s mass of curls and began to style it. “The changes I’ve made today are very special. You came in wanting a change. You wanted to be noticed. You wanted to be the center of attention. You wanted to be BIG.” She reached for some bright pink ribbons from her cart and began to put Deanna’s hair in bunches. “I provided those changes for you. Hopefully you like them, I think you will. Would you like to see the new you?”

“Oh yes! Yes Miss Stacey! PLEASE! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!”

“Very well, stand up and take a look.”

Deanna squirmed out of the chair and stood at the mirror as Stacey dropped the sheets. She could not believe what she was seeing.

Extra large, pink platform heels, thick, pink and white striped stocking-clad, gams led to thick thighs, her ruffled and pantied enormous bottom and wide hips curved into a narrow waist, leading up to cartoonishly huge boobs. Her face was a vision of sensuality and caricature. Her massive blonde curls were parted into two large pigtails, cascading down both sides of her head, forming a platinum blonde aura. Her ridiculous dress, gloves, and overall look provided one conclusion. She was a CLOWN!

“Oh my god! I’m a, a—“

“Yes, you can say it, a clown!” Said Stacey as she walked up behind Deanna, who noticed Stacey’s final change.

Stacey had completed her changes. Her skin was pale white, her lips, by now inflated into a parody of sexuality, were pulled tight, revealing large and shiny white teeth. The makeup on her face gained small touches, little hearts at the corners of her eyes and lips and her nose was replaced with a big red clown nose. Her hair was now a bright red afro, her pantsuit had become baggy while still accentuating her proportions. Big red hearts were plastered all over the suit, including two large ones over her breasts and a VERY large one over her bottom. Her heels had grown to match Deanna’s and she ran a hand, along Deanna’s neck and kissed her cheek.

“Think of it, a clown is the ULTIMATE attention getter! And the way I made you, you’ll be the best clown ever! “ She ran a hand down to Deanna’s bottom, her 2” long red nail tracing the ruffles.

Deanna was torn. Gone was the slender, tanned blonde athlete, replaced with this exaggerated tribute to femininity. She was so attracted and turned on by what she saw.

“Join me, be a clown with me, think of how good it feels. I’ll leave it up to you,” Stacey said as she handed Deanna a bright pink sphere. A clown nose. “All you have to do is put the nose and the changes are complete. If not, we’ll clean you up, and you can go back to being same old Deanna.”

Deanna held the nose in her four-fingered gloved hand. She looked at what she had become. The pouty lips, the big hair, the big curves. Was this what she wanted? Should it feel this good? She spent what felt like a lifetime looking at her new reflection.

“Very well,” Stacey said, as she turned and clicked away on her heels. She began to pack up her cart when she was spun around by Deanna wearing the clown nose.

“Oh Miss Stacey! Of course I’ll be a clown with you! Thank you so much! This is just what I wanted!” She squealed as she kissed Stacey on the lips, their noses squeaking as they touched.

Two weeks later…

Kayla was sitting at Starbucks flipping through the paper.

“Stood up again, what a surprise. When are things going to change for me?” She sighed. She got up and picked up the paper to throw it away when an insert fell out. She picked it up and read the ad:

“Want to be noticed? Want to STAND OUT? Want to be someone new?”

Survivor by #MilkingTits (#BE, #WG , #IQ , #AE , #Cowgirl )

Survivor by MilkingTits (BE, WG, IQ, AE, Cowgirl)

Another oldie but goodie. I'm not the original author, but I might do a follow-on story if there is interest.

I feel old for even saying this, but this story involves two characters from the original survivor from back in 2000. Kelly Wigglesworth was a very petite young brunette who was athletic and had small perky tits. Joel Klug is from from Wisconsin. During one episode, one of Joel's teammates, Dirk (who is a Dairy Farmer) made the statement that "nothing is dumber than a woman, except maybe a cow." Joel laughed so hard that the quote was eventually attributed to him, and Kelly and the other women banded together to vote him off of the island.

This story is about Joels revenge on Kelly… Enjoy!


Joel had never gotten over being kicked off the island by three ungrateful stupid women and was out for revenge. After watching the Survivor series at home Joel realized Kelly had been back-stabbing him all the way.

"I'll show Kelly how stupid she really is! When I'm done with her she will be wishing she was as smart as a cow."

It was now six weeks after the CBS Survivor show ended and Joel had started to put his plan in action by visiting Dirk the dairy farmer. "Hi, Dirk. I was sorry to see you go. The rest of the survivors really did not know how good they had it with us around until it was too late."

"Thanks Joel, I felt bad getting kicked off after working so hard, but I have gotten over it and am back to milking the cows now."

"Dirk, I have always wanted to learn more about the dairy farming business and since the show has ended I have some time on my hands until I have to go back to my job at the health club. Do you think you can teach me the basics?"

"Sure I can always use an extra hand around the farm."

Over the next few weeks Dirk and Joel worked together on the daily tasks of running the dairy farm. During the third week Dirk showed Joel the answer to his dreams. "Today Joel we are going to increase the production of the cows milk. Get that syringe over there."

"It looks like cloudy water inside."

"That my friend is a special mixture I use to make these cows swell up with so much milk that their udders touch the ground. One time I forgot to milk one of the poor cows within 24 hours and the poor girl had produced so much milk that she was three feet off the floor laying on her own udders with her little legs kicking back and forth in the air. It is very important that we milk all the cows by morning to make sure that does not happen again." Dirk showed Joel how to give the cows their shot. That night Joel could hardly wait to see the cows in the morning. He could not even imagine what he was about to see. As Joel walked into the barn he instantly knew what he had in store for Kelly. The cows udders looked like the exercise balls the girls used at his health club. Their udders had inflated with so much milk that he could see a small steady stream of milk leaking out of the cow's teats. After helping Dirk milk the cows with the milking machine Joel said his goodbyes and left with a gallon of the milk production mixture hidden away in his bags.

Joel was set. "All I need to do now is get Kelly to come over to put my plan in action. I am sure she is feeling down for not winning the million dollars, so maybe if I invite her over for dinner and to apologize we can get together."

That evening Joel called Kelly. "Hi, Kelly, It's Joel. Sorry you did not win the money."

"Hi, Joel, yah, it was close but I just missed the cut. Oh well, at least it was fun."

"Kelly, I wanted apologize for telling you that women are as dumb as cows. I would really feel better if I could at least offer you dinner this weekend."

"Apology accepted - a lot of people said things they did not mean on that island with all the stress and lack of food. I'd love to join you for dinner."

"Great! I'll see you Saturday at 7:00 PM."

"OK, see you then, Joel."

Saturday night arrived and Kelly walked into Joel's house looking stunning. She did not have an ounce of fat on her from all the exercise and small meals while on the island. She was wearing a tight fitting white wrap around her top and Joel could tell she did not have a bra on because her B cup breasts bounced slightly as she walked in. He could also see her small hard nipples poking through the almost translucent white top. She had a pair of equally tight pink shorts on that showed off her tight firm butt.

Joel was a true gentleman all night and Kelly was feeling very comfortable around him. Just a few more glasses of wine and she will be so drunk she'll have to stay the night or will pass out, Joel thought to himself as he topped off her glass. Just as Joel predicted Kelly passed out on the couch as they lay there watching television. Her tits are so firm and perky; in a few hours that will just be a distant memory Joel thought to himself. Joel went into the kitchen and filled the syringe with the milk production formula. Kelly was so drunk she did not even feel it when he pricked her arm with the syringe and filled her veins with the drug.

Joel wanted to make sure there was enough room to view the spectacle that was about to happen so he picked up Kelly over his shoulder and took her down to the basement. Kelly breasts began to swell ever so slightly. She started to squirm as the sensation started to wake her up from her drunken stupor. Her breasts looked like two smashed pancakes straining against the tight fabric of her little top. Joel could see her nipples clearly as they pressed against the thin cloth. Joel took his hand and rubbed Kelly's chest back and forth and could feel the tightness of the fabric and of her breasts as they filled to capacity with fat. Kelly's breasts kept growing, slowly approaching a full D cup. Something had to give and Kelly's nipples showed the first signs of this as they began to stretch to the size of half dollars.

By now Kelly had realized something was wrong and quickly snapped out of her drunken state. Her breasts were inflating with fat rapidly, and now looked to be at least an E cup.

"Oh my god, what are you doing to me? My breasts are swelling like balloons."

"Actually Kelly, they are swelling like udders, like cow udders to be exact."

Kelly's breasts continued to swell ripping the sides of her thin white top. It was only a matter of minutes until the weight of her swelling milk sacks ripped through her top and her massive tits flopped out. "Ahh they are so heavy, what's… how… is this happening?"

"Well Kelly, I never really got over getting kicked off the island by you. So I met up with Dirk, you remember him, the dairy farmer. I figured I should do a little research on cows and I concluded that women are as stupid as cows. With my little experiment you will see, or should I say feel, what it is like to be dumber than a cow … a dairy cow to be exact."

It was getting difficult to stand due to the weight of her fattening, swelling breasts. Kelly tried to walk towards the basement stairs, her fat breasts swaying side to side and jiggling with every little step. "Kelly, relax! Being turned into a stupid cow is not that bad. Besides you will never fit up the stairs with those big expanding milk juggs of yours."

Kelly's breasts were expanding so fast that the weight was making it difficult to stand let alone walk. Her effort to escape fell short as the milk started to fill her breasts and slowly pulled her down to the floor on all fours. "Somebody help me! It is so hard to stand, my breasts are so heavy."

"Ah Kelly you look so cute, just like a cow on all fours with your big tits hanging undernear you. I know you can't see your nipples so let me get a mirror so I can show you how nice and plump they are."

"Oh my those are my nipples, they are so swollen and getting so long! What is happening to my nice perky breasts?"

"Soon your stretched out areolas will be as big as pancakes and your nipples will look just like cow teats. "

Kelly's tits just barely touched the cold hard cement floor of the basement making her nipples extra hard. A small puddle of milk started to form under her massive breasts. "See Kelly you are just like a cow, with your big fat tits all filled with fattening milk." Kelly could not believe it, she was stuck on all fours with her once small perky breasts now dangling under her like udders filling with milk. "OK Joel, I'm sorry, please give me my B cup breasts back."

"It's too late for that Kelly! You know what Kelly, a real cow spends it's life getting milked. So why stop now! It must be real uncomfortable having tits that are bigger than basketballs. Don't worry, I'll make sure they get bigger so you can spend your days laying on your own tits like big fluffy pillows. But for now let's get you used to being milked." Joel walked over to the closet and wheeled out a cow milking machine.

"Milk me? You can't milk me! What are you doing to me. My breasts, oh my God, they're so full of milk, don't touch them, stay away from me!"

"But Kelly that's what cows are for. They eat and get fatter and fatter and their udders fill up with fatting whole milk… but since you insist I won't milk you right now. Let's wait and see just how big you will get before we start having some real fun with those juggs of yours." Joel knew he would not have to wait long until Kelly would change her tune about getting milked. I give her an hour and bet she will be begging me to milk her, he thought to himself. About 45 minutes later Kelly could not hold out any longer. Her tits were now raising her body off of the floor. She still struggled to stand but it was no use all she could do was helplessly watch her breasts turn into giant water balloons.

"Oh the pressure… my… tits….are….so….full….of milk…I..can feel…it sloshing…around inside….of them. Please… milk me. I don't …think I …can get…any bigger." Joel watched as Kelly's body was in constant motion as her milk sloshed around inside her huge breasts. Kelly was having difficulty catching her breath and it was making it difficult to talk without getting winded.

Kelly's arms no longer could touch the floor. Her arms were spread out to her sides and she laid on top of her now beach ball sized breasts.

"Oh Kelly stop whining, it is not so bad! Think of all the things that you can do that a poor dairy cow can't." Kelly was afraid to think of what Joel had in mind for her next. "Dairy cows get milked day in and day out and never get to taste their own wonderful milk." Just then Joel lifted one of Kelly's swollen beach balls and shoved her own nipple into her month. Joel took both his hand and started massaging the sides of Kelly's massive breasts forcing steams of milk to gush into her mouth and down her throat. Joel pressed firmly on Kelly's giant breasts and he could hear the milk being forced out of the nipple. Kelly tried to resist but her nipple was so large now it just kept shooting gallons of her milk own down her throat.

"And Kelly, how many cows do you know of that can fatten themselves up with their own milk?" Just then Kelly could start to feel her shorts getting tighter. All the rich creamy fat from her milk was actually fattening her right before her eyes. I figured her milk would have an effect on her body, but the alcohol in her system must be enhancing the effect. This is even better than I could have even hoped for, Joel smiled as he watched Kelly's firm ass grow before his eyes. "Oh Kelly looks like your little pink shorts are getting even tighter." Kelly could feel her ass slowly growing and she could also feel her thighs and legs getting heavier.

"Boy Kelly, you are really packing on the pounds. It does not look like those shorts of yours are going to fit much longer! Here, let me help you out of your shorts and panties." Joel removed Kelly's shorts and panties just in time. Kelly's ass and belly were getting huge. Her tits were getting bigger too but it was hard to tell if they were still filling with milk or fat. "Oh my Kelly it looks like someone needs to go on a diet. You must have put on 400 pounds already. I bet you never knew breast milk was so fattening."

"Oh, you're just a big fat cow now Kelly, how does it feel?" Kelly could not talk because she still had her nipple stuck in her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry let me help you and get your teat out of your mouth. We don't want you getting so fat that you roll away."

"You…. bastard! I'm….going to…. Kill…. you!"

"Kelly is that the way to thank me for giving you such wonderful breasts and such a nice fat body? I don't think so, but that's ok. You look like a cow, but we still need to make you just as dumb as a cow. And luckily for you that's very simple to do. I know you can already tell how sensitive those big udders you have for tits are. All I have to do is milk you and it will feel so good that's all your little mind will think about. I am sure you have noticed that all dairy cows do when they are getting milked is moo. They are mooing from the pleasure of being milked and as big as you are you will be mooing for the rest of your life."

Joel brought over the milking machine and moved it around to the front of Kelly's swollen breasts. "Great news Kelly, it looks like your breasts have stopped growing. They will however keep getting bigger if you are not milked at least twice a day. The good news is you never have to worry about putting on one of those constricting bras ever again. For that matter you don't have to worry about standing up again." Kelly still could not believe what Joel had done to her. Her nice perky B cup breasts were long gone and she was balanced on top of a pair of water balloons with nipples the size of a roll of quarters. Her fat legs barely touched the floor as she was forced to lay on her breasts due to their size and weight.

"Let me grab one of your nipples here Kelly and let's see if I can reach the other one also. There we go. Now Kelly let me show you how easy it is to milk you. I just pull and squeeze one of your teats and then I do the other one." Joel had one of Kelly's teats in each hand and was using a cow milking motion to get her milk flowing. "There we go, boy you sure are loaded up with milk in there. I can feel it begging to be released. Your breasts sure do bounce around a great deal more now that they are the size of beach balls"

"Jooeeelll, Oh ….my… God.. moooo, milk….. mmooo…..meeeeee….fuckkkkk……meee pusssyyy…..my ……moooooo, moooo, moo!"

"That's a good girl Kelly, just enjoy the milking, let your mind go, your nothing but a fat dairy cow, relax."

"Oh…Myoo… God…moo, soooo….gooood, moo, only, mooo, moo."

"I think you're ready for the milking machine. We don't want all this milk to go to waste. Tonight I'll give you a few more gallons of your breast milk to fatten up that big cow ass of yours some more. You're doing so good Kelly."

Joel hooked up the tubes from the milking machine to Kelly's swollen teats and turned it on. Kelly could feel the tubes start to suck on her huge teats and the milk started to gush out. The sensation felt so good Kelly stated to bounce up and down smashing her breasts under her fat round body against the cold floor causing milk to gush out faster.

"That looks like fun Kelly, do you like being milked like a cow?"

Kelly replied "moo, moooo, moo!"

The Storefront (#Clowns? #BE , #Butt , #Personality ) by darkdonny
#Clownification #FemaleClownTransformation

I have been posting a series of transformation fiction on deviantArt called "Clowntopia" which is a simple concept that beyond our world there are several alternate realities. One of these is called Clowntopia, and the doorway to this reality is located in the back of an old Joke shop. The people that find themselves there don't stay the same for very long. Someone who read this on DeviantArt suggested I post it here, so I figured I'd test the waters with the first story I ever wrote in the series. Please be adviced. It is very strange. Clown transformation is a weird thing, I know, and not everybody likes it (espeically those with a fear of clowns) but If you like it, and wish me to post the rest of the stories, I would love to. I love this place, and I hope I'll be able to contribute with this series and even more.

Clowntopia: The Storefront

Jennifer stared at the sign that hung above the door to the shop she had never seen before. Being in a popular beach town, new shops sprung up all the time, but this one looked, for lack of a better word, old. Old, as if it had been there for years, and yet, she, who had lived there all her life, had never ever seen it. The old wooden sign above the door swung in the open air read in gold letters "Chuckle's Joke Shop. "

"Joke Shop" she said to herself with curiosity in her voice. "This should be interesting."

She opened the door which instead of ringing a bell, honked a loud horn. She peered into the store, not knowing what to expect. She then walked in and saw shelves going down the length of the very long shop.

"Hello?" she said, trying to judge who was inside the store, if anyone. She looked around, not really seeing anyone as she let the door close, which let out another loud honk.

"Oh Hello there!" said a friendly male voice. Suddenly a man popped up from behind the checkout counter. He wore a friendly painted on smile, his skin was pale as snow, his cheeks were dotted with red, and his hair was a bright blue.

"Welcome to Chuckle's Joke Shop! I am Chuckles. How may I help you?" he smiled.

"Uh, I was just…looking. I saw the shop and, well, got curious." Jennifer said.

He smiled, his painted lips stretching thin. "Well, curiosity is the best thing for a girl your age. My Shop offers wonders for all ages" he said as he fiddled with three brown plastic cups on his counter. "For example" he said as he lifted up the middle cup, revealing a small red plastic ball, about the size of ping pong ball. He then put the cup back down over the ball. "See if you can follow the red ball."

He then began to slide the cups back and forth, weaving them beside each other, getting faster and faster as he did. Jennifer thought she had a good grasp on where the ball was as she watched him move them around. Suddenly he stops and looks up at you smiling. "Where did it go?"

She looks down and taps the cup on the right, confident that she had followed its path to the right location. Chuckles grinned and lifted up the cup revealing no ball. "Good guess. Try again." He suggested. She then pointed to the cup on the left, which when lifted also revealed no ball.

"Wow, I thought I had that one" she laughed.

"Watch this" he said, lifting up the center cup, revealing that the ball wasn't there either…it had vanished!

"What do you have to say to that!" Chuckles laughed.

She merely looked at him, and then opened her mouth to speak, and was shocked to find that she had something in her mouth…she put her fingers in between her full lips and pulled out the ball.

"What the…How did you do that?" she asked, astonished.

"Magic, my dear. I specialize in Magic." He chuckled as he took the ball from her, cupped it in his hand, and with a quick jerk, the ball vanished again, this time into thin air.

"I don't believe you." She said still confused by this clown's trick.

"Most don't. Only a rare few really understand that what I do is real magic, and not some silly parlor trick." He sighed. "But if you aren't convinced, I am sure I can find something to really catch your interest. Do you like Clowns…like myself?" he said.

She looked at him strange for a second. "Well, I've never really thought of it, but if you are asking if clowns bother me, then no."

"Good. I think I have something that'll really entertain you. Let me go out back and see if I can find it…"

He left and Jennifer watched as he walked out, looking his strange colorful outfit over with a look of confusion.

"How did he do that?" she mumbled to herself. "You can't just make things appear out of thin air…it isn't possible. How did the ball…what the hell is this place."

She browsed the shelves, which ranged from the usual joke gifts one can find almost anywhere, like hand buzzers, flowers that squirt water, whoopee cushions, as well as clown costume pieces like round red noses, colorful outfits, and big shoes. She grabbed one of the clown horns and honked it, it emitting a very loud sound for such a small horn. She laughed and placed it back on the shelf. As she browsed she lost track of time, and didn't realize that an hour or so had passed from when Chuckles had left to find something. When she realized this she couldn't believe she had wasted an hour.

"I can't stay here all night" she said with a sigh as she looked around. "I should let him know that I'll come back another time"

She quickly made her way to the back of the store and passed through the yellow curtain that hung between the store and the back room. She noticed that it was oddly quiet. Oddly, the back room was completely empty, devoid of anything…no boxes of extra merchandise, no sign of an office or a safe…just an empty room with a single wooden door, which was slightly ajar. She walked over to the door

"Chuckles? Are you back there? I need to get going. I'll…" she said as she slowly opened the door, but what happened next took her breath away. The door creaked open, and instead of the outside of the store or another room, all she saw was a bright wall of swirling colors, like a spinning rainbow trapped in the doorway. She couldn't believe it. It was so beautiful and so…tempting. She had to touch it. She reached her hand up to it and was shocked when her hand went right through the colors, as if they were a waterfall. She pulled her hand back quickly. She stared at the colors for a second, then put both hands into the rainbow wall, and like before, it was like passing through water…until she felt something pulling on her hands.

"What the hell?" she screamed as she tried to pull herself out, but it wasn't working. She tried her best and only found herself being pulled deeper into the wall of colors, and before she knew it, she had been totally pulled through it, and to her astonishment, she was now sliding down a large tube that shared the swirling colors of the doorway. She realized that no matter how impractical it was…she had fallen through a portal to somewhere completely different.

She screamed as the tunnel went on for what seemed like hours. She looked down at her jeans to see if the friction was tearing them , and she was relieved to see they were fine. Soon she saw a flat wall of colors coming up at the end of the tunnel, like the one back in the store, and she braced herself for the impact, which…never came. With little fanfare, she popped out on the other side of the colorful portal, and she looked around at what appeared to be the room she was in only moments ago, except there stood Chuckles.

"I was wondering when curiosity would get the better of you." He chuckled as he helped her up.

"What in the blue hell was that?" she shouted.

"Calm down, Jennifer" he said, causing her eyebrows to raise at the mention of her name, something she had never given him. "That was a portal."

"Two things. Number One!" she said, still heated "How do you know my name…and Number Two…a portal to Where?" she added as she put her hands on her slim hips.

Chuckles smiled and patted her on the shoulder. "Like I said, Magic, my dear. Your name just came to me…and this…" he said motioning to the surrounding area "…is the back room of my store, The Clowntopia Branch."

"Clown-what-ia?" Jennifer said, mouth open wide.

"Clowntopia…the world where clowns come from. Another dimension…a much more colorful one, I might add" he said proudly as he lead her into the front of his store, which was a far cry from the store she had set foot in. Instead of the dram old stained wood, this was bright blue walls, with curved wood like one might see in a Dr. Suess book. The shelves this time were filled with far stranger items, including things that were labeled as potions and elixers, and several items that claimed to be real magic.

"So I found what I was looking for. Proof that the magic I speak of really doe exist…if that little journey was not proof enough." He smiled.

She frowned and looked at him. "Fine. What is it"

The man smiled " You sure you want to know?"

She goes to speak, when she realizes that he had once again made something appear in her mouth. She pulled it out to reveal a round pink rubber…clown nose.

"There we go. If you really want to know if magic exists, please, put the nose on." He suggested.

As if to prove him wrong, she does exactly that, wearing a smug smile on her face. The nose went on with no trouble, and she grinned.

"So…is that it? Is that the magic." She said.

"Hold your horses, it takes a second" Chuckles said as he watched for something. When he saw it, his painted smile twisted into a wide grin that almost frightened Jennifer.

She stared at him, but was soon distracted by a slight tingle in her nose area. She looked down and wondered what it was.

"Well, this has been fun, but…it's time to wrap this up. " she said, not really noting the slight nasally quality that had been added to her voice. She then went to remove the nose by pulling it off, but was met with a shock when it not only refused to budge, but it actually hurt. She then gasped when she felt the sensation of her fingers on the rubber ball of the clown nose. Somehow, it had become part of her face!

"What's a matter, there, Jen-Jen? " he laughed as he watched with pride as Jennifer started to become very pale…and then a step beyond, into pure white, like Chuckles himself. She held up her hands and gasped as she watched her normal healthy pink skin become chalk white.

"Stop This Now!" She said desperately, her voice sounding even more nasally.

"Sorry, can't" Chuckles said. "The nose sets things into motion, and I can't fix them until it's done."

Jennifer groaned as she felt strange tingling sensations moving throughout her body. She then watched in horror as her shirt started to push out due to the growth of her breasts. They started to fill out and plump up, going from their average B cup, to a DD in seconds, and then even more. She felt her t-shirt rip as the two boobs started bubbling outwards. She let out a tiny scream when she realized her ass was following suit, filling out quickly from pert little bottom, to bubble butt, to a plain plump ass. Her Jeans tore like they were paper, and she felt her hips expand to accommodate her new rear end. Her thighs started to get thicker too.

"What…are you doing to…me" she said with gasps of air escaping her.

"Proving my magic is as real as it gets" he said with a laugh. "it feels pretty real, doesn't it, Jen-Jen"

All she could do was nod, as she felt her face starting to reshape. Her lips, already pretty full, started getting thicker and curled into a painted on red smile. She reached up and felt them, and let out a tiny cry of fright. She then felt the tingle itch above her eyes, and reached up to feel her eyebrows vanish, only to be replaced with drawn on curly ones.

"I'm becoming a Clown!" she screamed as she looked in a nearby mirror to see her long raven hair start to curl and and become bright fire-truck red…

"and a very sexy one, at that!" Chuckles said, sounding very proud and amused with himself.

She watched the mirror as her feet started to stretch out, breaking free of the flip flops she was wearing and then growing to become very large. She then felt her toes tingle as they get a little thicker and wider, adding to their comical look.

"No! You have to change me back!" she said, begging as she watched her hands start to balloon up, getting thicker, and then the middle and ring fingers on each hand began to merge into one finger, leaving her with cartoon-like hands.

"Ah! My…this…Impossible" she gasped

"Still doubting?" he said as he walked over to her "I thought you might" he said as he grabbed her pink nose and gave it a squeeze, letting out a cartoonish honk, and then…suddenly things started to feel very fuzzy for her.

"Wha…did you do?" she mumbled as the room started spinning around her. "I wan…go…home."

"Home?" he asked.

"Home." She repeated.

"But…I thought this was your home, Jen-Jen."

"Home" she repeated, sounding very dazed, her voice going up in pitch, sounding almost childish.

"Yes, my dear, home. " he said, and the room stopped spinning. She looked around, and down at her partially naked body, and…giggled.

"Of course I'm home, Mr. Chuckles!" she laughed.

Chuckles grinned ear to ear as he let out a trademark chuckle. "Well, Jen-Jen, what can I do for you today?"

"I came for some new clothes…Got anything silly in?" Jennifer, now Jen-Jen the Clown, asked of her favorite shop keeper.

"Well, of course I do. Who do you think I am" he laughed as he led her over to a rack of clothing. After a few moments of digging, she found an adorable dress that fit her curvy body perfectly, as well as a pair of high heeled clown shoes that were, in her opinion, "abso-toot-a-loutly adorable!"

She wiggled her herself over to the counter and pulled out her pocket-book from the real world, which Chuckles grabbed quickly.

"Oh, Jen-Jen, still carrying that ugly thing. Here" he said as he handed her a pink one that had all of her identification for Clowntopia and clown money and everything inside. "It's on the house, just like your new outfit."

"Oh, Chuckles, you spoil me so!" she giggled, with a flick of her red curls. "Anything new come in that's worth checking out."

Chuckles smiled and pointed to a display in front of the cash register. A cardboard stand filled with packs of gum that all read "BuckTooth" on the label, and the picture was of a clown girl with overgrown front teeth, which made Jen-Jen giggle. "Oh, I'll take a pack of that too."

Chuckles handed her a pack, and watched her take a piece and begin to chew, and in seconds, the resulte was clear, as Jen-Jen smiled wide for him. He giggled at his new creation, standing there with curves from heaven, long red ringlettes, and an adorable pair of Buck Teeth.

"Oh, before you go, Jen-Jen, I wanted to ask you a question" he said.

"Of Cour-th-se you can" she lisped.

"Do you belive in Real Magic?"

"Why, Ye-th, I do. I mean, who doesn'th" she giggled.

"Come back anytime, Jen-Jen" he laughed as she opened the door.

"S-th-ee you S-th-oon" she laughed as she walked out, her hips wobbling back and forth as she stepped onto the streets of Clowntopia, not even noticing that it wasn't the world she grew up in or knew, but rather her new home.

Chuckles started out the window of his storefront, and giggled as she joined the crowds of clowns large and small walking down the street. She was truly at home now.

"Another Satisfied Customer" he chuckled .

Don't Make Me Laugh (#BE, #WG , #DG , #IQ , #Clown )

posted some of my odd clown stories on the previous site, so I figured I'd try and post some here. This is the most risque story I've written, featuring sex and other naughty stuff. I hope you enjoy, even if it is a little…strange.

Don't Make Me Laugh

Written by Hugo Prosperio

Idea by matago

(Warning. This story contains heavy sexual content, a rarity amongst my stories. It also includes strange transformation fetish material, so if that ain't your cup of tea, please, feel free to move on. For those interested in Bimbo and Clown TFs, and other strange things, read on)

The sun was shining as Veronica James walked into her local police station. You see, Veronica loved her job as a police woman. She loved the power it gave her, and she was never afraid to show it. Most people that knew here would have described her as being cold. She walked in her long dirty blonde hair tied into a bun that was hidden under her uniform hat, and she grinned as she walked in. She loved that every man in the station would give anything to be with her, and she wouldn't give any of them an inch. She loved how much power it gave her over them.

"Hey, Ronnie" one of her fellow officers said to her as he passed. She grabbed him by his arm.

"I told you not to call me that. My name is Veronica." She said.

"Yeesh, what a grip. I'm sorry" he said as she let go, and he quickly moved away from her. She grinned as he walked away, knowing how much she had just bruised his ego. "Probably wanted to ask me out on a cheap date" she mumbled to herself.

"Officer James?" said the voice of one of her bosses. "You really aren't a people person, are you?"

She turned around to look at him. "No. I'm not. You've never complained about it before, Captain." She noted.

"True. It makes you a very effective cop, I'll admit…just take it easy on the guys around here. They don't bite, so you shouldn't either. Anyway, I am going to need you to do a few laps in your car today, keep an eye out for hooligans." He said.

She nodded and went to the locker room to grab her gear. A young male officer smirked. "Hey there, Veronica. How's it going?"

"Beat it, Kid" she snarled at him as she hooked her gun onto her slender waist.

"I'll take that as a no, then?" he said.

"Yes. Forever and a day…yes. It will always be a no, you little scumbag." She said as she left and headed out of the building.

"Someday, you'll come around. I'm the best you ever gonna get, girlfriend" he smirked. She turned around and slapped him in the face.

"That's the best YOU ever gonna get, asshole." She said as she stomped out and left the station.

"Some people never change" The Captain sighed as he sipped his coffee.

Veronica fumed as she drove down the street in her squad car. She couldn't believe how many assholes she worked with, and how stupid they all were. She sighed as she scanned the area for any trouble, when suddenly she spotted something. A VW Bug pulled over on the side of the road had smoke pouring out from the windows.

"Here we go. Some teenagers smoking something they shouldn't." She smiled. "This'll improve my mood"

She turned on her flashing lights, and just for kicks turned on the sirens as she pulled up behind the parked car.

"I'll let them squirm for a bit" she said with a slight derisive laugh. These were the moments when she thoroughly enjoyed her job. After a few moments, she turned off the sirens and got out of the car. She could hear noises coming from the parked car, noises that sounded like giggling. As she approached the vehicle, she overheard voices. A sugary sweet female voice laughed then said "Go on, keep smoking, it'l change your life"

She pulled out her baton and walked up and tapped it slightly against the door of the driver's side. The girl sitting in the driver's seat turned her head and smiled.

"Hello there, officer!" the girl said. Veronica looked her over, seeing a very fat girl in her twenties, long curly brown hair, rosy cheeks, and wearing what looked like a yellow sundress that was far too tight for her, showing off ample amounts of pudgy fat cleavage. She then glanced at the face, and beneath the gaudy makeup and double chin, she recognized the girl.

"Molly?" she said, letting out a surprised gasp. She had caught this girl many times trying to buy or smoke pot, but she was always thin on Veronica's memory. Something drastic had changed about her.

"Looks like all that weed gave you the munchies, huh?" she smirked.

"I guess so, officer…James" Molly said looking at the name tag. Molly didn't seem to remember her, but she smiled none the less. "How are you on this B. e. a. utiful day?"

"I'm fine. Now then, what might you and your friend" she said pointing at the young man in the passenger seat who had such pale skin he looked like a vampire. "…what might you be sampling today?" she added as she pointed at the joint in Molly's fingertips.

Molly giggled. "Well, Silly, this is Wacky Weed. It's really good. You want some?"

This caught Veronica off guard. She was used to seeing kids try to lie about what they were doing, but to outright say it, and then offer her some? She was stunned.

She quickly regained her composure and let out a trademark snort "Don't make me laugh. Young lady, that substance is quite obviously illegal, and I need you to hand it over this instant." She said.

"Like, what if I don't want to" she said as she took in a huge drag off the joint and blew the smoke towards Veronica, specifically that what was closest to her own eye level, Veronica's crotch.

"Hey! Don't make me rip you out of that car!" Veronica snarled, not noticing the slight tingle that had formed in her panties. Molly giggled and opened the car and stepped out, her green flip-flops smacking against the pavement as she did.

"Now then, give it to me, or things are going to get very bad for you, little missy" Veronica hissed.

Molly sighed. "Okay…If you insist. I'll give it to you." she then added as she took one last puff, and blew it in Veronica's face. The billow of smoke was so thick that Veronica lost track of everything. She coughed heavily and ended up inhaling a great deal of the smoke, which somehow tasted like cotton candy. She shook her head as the smoke dispersed, and she was shocked to find that Molly, her pale friend, and their VW Bug had disappeared, vanished into thin air.

"What in the fuck?" She blurted out, still coughing from the smoke. She shook her head, and was determined to find those little punks and bring them into the station.

"You are going to be so sorry, Miss Molly" she said, gritting her teeth as she climbed back into her squad car and took off, sirens blazing, towards the center of town.

Dusk approached the small town, and Veronica decided to call off her search for the hooligans in the yellow Bug. "They'll show up again…and when they do, they'll wish they'd never been born." She said to herself. She then scratched her nose, which had begun to itch over the last few hours. She pulled into the station and quietly moved to the locker room to put away her gun.

"Evening, Ronnie" said the officer who had tried to ask her out earlier in the day. She growled at him, but made no other attempt at getting her point across. She was tired, and wanted to get home.

She didn't have a real car of her own, because she lived just a block away from the station, so she walked home. She quickly moved down the street, passing a well dressed man in colorful clothing. She knew this to be the local pimp, though nobody had ever been able to take him down for any crimes.

"Well, hello there, Officer James." He smiled.

"Buzz off, Pervert" she said.

"Tsk Tsk, so much anger. I was just saying hello. Have yourself a good evening" he laughed.

"Listen, you smug prick, I am not one of your girls. One day, I'll see to it personally that your ass is firmly behind bars. Until then? Fuck Off." As she said the last two words, her voice jumped up a few octaves, catching her off guard. She covered her mouth and started walking away.

The pimp smiled. "You don't know what you are missing my dear. Oh well, have a good night."

She sighed loudly and trudged to her apartment building heading in, ready to crash for the night. Once inside her apartment, she turned on the light and slumped down onto her couch.

"God, what a weird day" she said, her voice still sounding a touch high to her own ears, but she just shook it off, blaming it on nerves. She then smelled herself, and sighed.

"God Damn, I still smell like that shit I got spewed on me by that punk-ass girl" she mumbled. It was true, her whole aroma smelled of Cotton Candy, a sugary sweet smell that lingered in the air. She got up and went over to her bathroom and stripped out of her uniform , and out of her underwear, which felt a tad tight to her for some reason. She shook that off as well, and turned on her shower, hoping to rid herself of the smell of sweets.

She got in, and felt the rushing hot water caress her naked form, and she began to relax. She then began to feel, well, very horny, to be blunt about it. She felt her lady parts tingle upon being touched with the water, and she let out a soft moan. It felt so good, so much more sensitive, it seemed, and she couldn't figure out why, but she wasn't going to ignore it. She soon found her hand moving to her crotch as it slowly caressed the lips of her vagina. She closed her eyes and softly let the sensations fill her world. She moaned loudly now as her fingers slipped in and out of her warm sex, and now the cotton candy smell that she was experiencing began to fill the room, and she didn't care. She was in ecstasy, and her she let her body slip to the floor of the shower and let the water soak over her while she masturbated for over an hour.

Her eyes flew open after two hours of soaking in the shower. She looked around and let out a sigh.

"I hate it when I do that" she said as she got up and turned off the water, and took a towel in her hand to dry herself off. She stepped out and wiped the fogged up mirror clean and stared at her reflection. She noticed her nose looked red, as if she had a cold or something, but she paid no attention to it.

She dried her hair, not noting how much frizzier it seemed as she headed into her bedroom and plopped down onto her bed, sighing. It had been a long day, and she was glad to see it over, but that shower was the perfect way to end it, she thought with a wide grin as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Her alarm blared through her bedroom as it went off. She groggily opened her eyes and glared at it. She turned it off and stepped out of bed, and proceeded to fall flat on her face as she tried to stand up.

"What the hell?" she asked herself as she finally got up. She couldn't figure out why she had fallen down, but had she been more alert, she might have noticed her breasts were now much larger, as was her ass, but she wasn't paying attention to these things, she knew she had to get ready for work and fast.

She hopped in the shower and felt the water rush over her, and she felt the urge to slide her hand into her wet sex, but was able to resist and get out and get back to her room to get dressed for what she felt was going to be a long day.

She grabbed a clean uniform and began to put it on, only to discover that both the pants, and the shirt were now very tight.

"Son of a bitch, it must have shrunk in the wash. Just my luck."

She sighed, and struggled to get it on, and was able to do so with a few tugs here and there.

"It'll have to do, this is the only clean one, I got" she said as she walked over to her mirror and to her shock and surprise, her hair was an utter mess. Fizzy and curling up into an unintended afro of sorts. She let out a small shriek and set to work trying to flatten it, to comb it, to do anything with it so it wouldn't look like such a bird's nest of a mess, but nothing seemed to be doing the trick. She glared at the mirror, noting her nose looked even redder than it did before she had gone to bed. Today seemed to be turning out to be the worst possibly day it could be.

"Why now? Why couldn't this happen when I go on vacation next month?" she said as she found her uniform hat and shoved it on tightly, doing her best to cover up the hair. She then slipped on her shoes for work, and discovered they too were tight.

"Oh, what the Christ?!" she stammered. "Am I turning into an elephant? God Damn it" she snarled as she threw her hands up and grabbed her things for work and headed out the door.

Walking to work was usually a breeze for Veronica, but today was, for some reason, quite the task. Every guy she saw on the street was turning her on in one way or another, and this was quite distressing to her. She was very glad not to see the pimp who had spoken to her last night, because she feared he too would have been in some way attractive to her on this strange morning, and she would not want to admit that. She passed one of her fellow tenants of her apartment building and he smiled weakly at her and continued on his way. She knew him to be a very shy man, and that too was very "hot" to her at the moment.

"Christ, Ronnie, get a grip" she said to herself, using the name she hated people calling her. She stopped. "What is getting into me?!" she gasped as she continued towards the station. "Today had better move quickly, or so help me…" she muttered.

Once inside the station, she started towards her desk area, which she rarely used, as she loved to be out on the street, but today, she felt it was probably a good idea to stay in, what with how strange her day had been. As she walked by one of the more attractive men in the station, she let out a girlish giggle, which displayed her higher voice. She covered her mouth and kicked herself mentally. Was she going mad? She could barely contain her libido, and it was driving her nuts. "What the hell is wrong with me?" she mumbled as she finally reached her desk and sat down.

The Chief walked by and noted her at her desk and laughed. "Well, hello, Officer James. Usually by now you are screaming at all the men and on your way out to your beat?"

She stared at him, and lust filled her body with an almost uncontrollable burst. She shook it off and looked up at him.

"I'm not feeling too hot today." She began, wincing at her higher pitched voice, which made her sound like a porn parody of a police woman. "So I figured I'd get some paperwork done."

"You don't sound good either." He said patting her on the shoulder, and the sex panther inside her wanted to pounce right then and there, but she was able to close her eyes and stop it for the moment.

"You sure you don't want to go home?" He asked. "We are fairly well staffed here at the station, and I am sure our fair city can get along one day without you."

She wanted to say yes, but something in her, perhaps her pride, made her stand firm. "No. Besides, you are always nagging me about this paperwork, might as well get it all wrapped up" she said with another girlish giggle. The Chief raised his eyebrows, but said nothing more as he walked away.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" she gasped afterwards, and she knew for a fact her panties were now wet from her quivering sex, which was just aching to be touched. She started typing away at the computer at her desk, her mind not really on the task at hand. A few moments later, she went to review what she had typed and saw the following.

"In conclusion, I say that this case was SEX. I NEED SEX. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX!"

She quickly erased it and held her head in her hands. She was going insane, she just knew it.

Something had happened to her, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she knew she needed to figure it out and put a stop to it. She then felt her nose tingle a bit, and she sneezed. She didn't pay attention to this, because, in her mind, she had bigger problems to worry about, but had she looked, she would have noticed the sneeze caused her nose to turn even more red and inflamed that it already was.

She stood up and walked to the locker room, desperate to find the one thing that was causing all these strange emotions to build in her. She noticed her shoes felt even more tight then they had when she left work and just chalked it up to the worst day ever.

"I must be sick, delusional, or something. I think I'll take tomorrow off" she sighed as she stared into the mirror in the locker room. She then noticed her hair was even frizzier under her uniform cap, and she ripped it off to try and re-arrange it, and to her horror, her hair was almost up in a fro style.

"What?! That's not possible!" she said, trying to pat it down, comb it with her fingers, but nothing would undo the frizzed mess of hair. She then noticed stripes of color going up each side, like the white in the Bride of Frankenstein's hair, but these were weren't white. They were hot pink, like cotton candy!

"I am dreaming. This is one big hallucination. That explains everything" she said as she shoved her hat back down on the mess of hair and sighed. As she turned to exit, she saw the face of the cop who had hit on her in the locker room the day before. She heard his voice in her head "I'm the best you ever gonna get, girlfriend" it said, and looking at him, right now, in her current state of mind, she could hardly argue with that statement.

"Well, hello, Officer James" he smirked. "Feeling a touch less cranky today, I hope?"

She tried to contain herself as she felt the monster inside of her roar, but it was too late. She grabbed him by the lapels of his uniform and shoved him up against the lockers, her hormones raging.

"I…take that as a no." he stammered as she looked him over and then braced himself for what he thought he knew was going to be her fist smashing into his face, but he got something much different. She took her lips, which were swollen and red, and placed them against his and began to kiss him passionately. He gasped at first, but then started kissing her back for a moment, before pushing her away.

"Wait a second. Is this some big joke, or something? What the fuck is up, Veronica!" he stammered.

"I am so fucking horny." She moaned. "I don't know why, I can't explain it…I've been like this since I woke up, but goddamn it, Harry, I want you in the worst way!" she said using his name for the first time he could ever remember. Usually she called him "kid" or "scumbag"

"Uh…are you sure about this?" he asked as he removed her hands from his lapels.

"Yeah." She said softly, biting her bottom lip, only aiding her sex-kitten porn star looks.

Harry smiled and pulled out a ring of keys. "Let's go to my office" he said. Harry had been put in charge of a new project at the department recently, and as such had been given a small office to work from. She smiled and followed him out of the locker room and down the hall.

As they walked, calmly, trying not to give anything away, one of Veronica's buttons burst off the chest area of her uniform. She gasped and placed her arms around her chest to hide her now exposed cleavage. Were her breasts getting larger? It seemed so, but that wasn't possible was it? Questions swirled in her mind as Harry unlocked his office door. They went in, and Harry, with a wide smile on his face, locked the door, thanking his lucky stars they hadn't installed the camera yet. As soon as the door was closed, Veronica's clothes were off. She slid out of them and giggled as she lied on his desk.

"Oh, Mr. Police Man, what ever are you going to do to me?" she giggled.

"Oh, Ma'am, I intend to interrogate you till you pass out" he laughed as he stripped down and got on top of her. Soon he was thrusting into her wet sex, which was dripping with anticipation. He pushed with reckless abandon, and soon, Veronica had her hands on his back, pushing him towards her, helping him go in and out.

After several moments, the man climaxed and Veronica did her best not to scream, instead moaning as loud as she could, and as she did, her slightly red nose inflated instantly into a large red clown nose. It hissed as it grew, and with a loud pop, it was officially part of her face. She was in such ecstasy that she didn't notice it. Harry didn't either as he got up and turned around to get dressed again.

She bit her lower lip, and let out a giggle as Harry got up and slid his pants back on. "Your butt looks good naked!" she laughed.

"Haha, Now that was fun…see I told you I was the…" he said turning around. He stopped when he saw her nose.

"What the hell is that?!" he said pointing at her nose. She looked down and gasped.

"I…I don't know where that came from" she said trying to take it off. He stared at her.

"Wait, is this some sick shit you get off on, dressing like a clown while guys fuck you? What a fucking nut." He huffed as he pulled his pants up quickly. "Looks like I should have just said no. What the fuck, Ronnie? What the fuck?" he said.

She stood up and started trying to get dressed. "I swear I don't know what that is." She said as she tried to button her shit on, only to have the top button fly off and smack Harry in the face"

"Oh, I am so sorry" she said, getting closer to him. He backed away.

"Stay away! If you tell anyone about this, I'll…I'll…" he stammered as he watched her hair get bigger and change color right before his eyes. "I must be dreaming" he said as he turned and walked out of the office.

"You think you're dreaming. What about me!" she said looking down at her new nose. She quickly turned and looked in a mirror, and saw her new look, and gasped. What the hell was happening to her, she wondered in her mind. She realized now she couldn't get her uniform hat on over her fro of hair if she wanted to, and the pink stripes in it had been joined by purple stripes as well.

"Oh, god, look at me!" she screamed. "I am a freak!"

Of course, that didn't stop her from craving more sex. In fact, she was hornier than ever, and she knew she was in very, very big trouble.

Anonymous 12/15/16 (Thu) 18:03:19 No.2784


She arrived at her apartment with no further intertuptions, which was a great relief to her. She flung herself inside and locked the door. She quickly ran to the bathroom and saw her new face and let out a shriek.

"My Face!" she cried as she slumped to the ground, absent-mindedly letting her hand find its way to her still wet private.

"What the fuck is happening to me?" she stated again as waves of pleasure flew through her from her masturbation.

"I think I know" said a voice from the doorway. Veronica turned her had as fast as she could, and saw a figure standing in the bathroom doorway, a girl, plump as could be, wearing brightly colored clothes. Her face was familiar, and then it hit her.

"You!" she said. "The girl I tried to arrest yesterday! The one with the weed!" she hissed. "What are you doing…how'd you get in here?"

The girl giggled. "No need to thank me…I just wanted to make you smile!"

"What?! What are you talking about?!" Veronica snapped.

"Why your thrilling changes! I hope you like them!" the plump girl laughed.

"You did this? How?!" Veronica said, her mind spinning.

"Magic. My name is Bubbles, although you remember me as Molly. I was once human, then I found a world of magic and fun. There they have magical weed, and I smoked myself stupid, literally. I was able to get a few smarts back when I was asked to show you the fun side of life though." She giggled.

Veronica could not believe what she had heard, but somehow it made sense. All these strange changes occurring over the day…Was magic really the explination. She had to find out.

"Prove it!" she stated. "Prove to me that you really did this and that I am not dreaming!"

Bubbles shrugged and smiled. "Alright, if you insist. Please, let's go somewhere more comfortable" she said as she helped Veronica off the floor.

Veronica then lead the plump girl into the near by bedroom.

"Now then!" Bubbles said as she took out her purse and pulled out a joint. "I'll prove it to you, just like you wanted."

She lit up, and inhaled a huge hit off the rolled weed, and then blew the smoke on Veronica's bare naked chest.

Veronica was at first unimpressed, until a tingle began forming, and she looked down and saw her chest begin to explode outwards. They had been getting slightly bigger all day, but now, they were getting huge, cartoonishly so!

"Look at those knockers!" giggled Bubbles as she puffed on her joint. Veronica looked at the giant tits and gasped. It was real, they felt real, and she knew that somehow that weed was turning her into… a clown of some sorts.

As Bubbles smoked, the façade of Molly vanished, and her true clowny self appeared. Veronica gasped at the sight of the obese clown.

"You look like a cartoon!" she said to Bubbles.

"You should talk…" Bubbles giggled in retort. She then walked over to Veronica. "Come here, Ronnie. Give me a Kiss." She giggled as she took in more smoke from the joint and pressed her lips against Veronica's. Once embraced in the kiss, Bubbles let the smoke pass into Veronica's mouth, and then pulled away with a giggle.

"That should help speed things along." Bubbles laughed as Veronica felt her head get cloudy. She collapsed on her bed, and let out a giggle. Bubbled walked over, took another inhale of her weed and blew smoke right in her crotch again.

"Sleep well, Ronnie…and tomorrow, everything will make perfect sense, I promise!" she laughed as she vanished in a puff of smoke.

Veronica looked around, and then felt a tingle in her loins that needed to be attended to, nothing else mattered. She thrust her fingers into her vagina and began to pump, more vigoursly then she had ever done before, soon she was lost in pleasure, and the world melted around her as she passed out in total bliss.

She awoke what seemed like moments later, and walked to the bathroom. She saw her clownish reflection in the mirror, white face, pink and purple hair, wavy black drawn on lines instead of eyebrows, pink around her eyes, a big red nose in the center of her face, and pink lips, plump and sexy. She let out a giggle.

"I guess this is a dream" she said, not realizing she wasn't still asleep. She headed back to her room and saw a box sitting on her dresser.

"For Ronnie" a big tag on the box read as she opened it. Inside was a pile of clothes, and on top was a joint, just like the one Bubbles had been smoking, sitting next to a colorful lighter.

"Lighten Up! Light one Up!" another note read. Veronica giggled, and since she thought she was in a dream shrugged and smiled. She picked up the joint and lighter and lit it and began to smoke. She felt light headed at first, then felt a tingle in her mouth. She walked over to the nearby mirror and smiled. She watched in awe as her teeth started changing structure. Soon, she was left with an adorable gap between her front two teeth, big enough to stick at least two quarters in like a coin slot. She giggled at the sight of it, and puffed away more. Her ears began to stick out a bit more, but not a whole lot…

She then turned attention back to the box, and the outfit that sat within. It was a tight top that would hold her pale giant breasts quite well, as well as a colorful bra to go with it. Below that was a short skirt that would show off her bigger butt to anyone who wanted to sneak a peak, as well as a cute pair of thong panties.

"Oh, this is so cute" she giggled, her mind accepting it all because her assumption it was a dream. She giggled as she slid on the thong and clipped on the bra, both of which fit perfectly as if they had been made especially for her new body.

She quickly slipped the shirt on, struggling only for a moment to get it over her breasts. Soon the blue shirt with red polka-dots was snuggly fit over her huge tits, and she giggled at the way it's low cut showed off ample amounts of cleavage.

Next was the skirt and it slid on with no problems. It was the opposite of the shirt, Red with blue stripes, and it came with a cute neon green belt as well.

Looking in the box again, she found a pair of plastic pump style heels that were also neon green. She giggled and took them out and found they were perfect for her overly large feet. Putting them on, she began to strut around her room, posing in the mirror.

"Hey, if it's a dream, might as well have fun. I am one sexy clown" she laughed at reflection. She then decided it was time to go out and see the world in her new form.

"Look out everyone, here comes Ronnie!"

She slammed the door to her apartment, and walked down the hall with a sexy sway as she moved towards the stairwell. She was going to go out and explore the dream, and she was going to enjoy it. As she rounded the corner, she bumped into someone, literally. The young man seemed flabbergasted as he looked at the girl who had just walked into him.

"I am, like, so sorry!" giggled Veronica in a voice that was entirely new to her. "You are that cute boy that's been staring at me every time I got work, aren't you?" she asked. She had seen him several times, always too shy to say anything to her, but always staring, like a kid with a puppy love crush.

"Here" she said as she bent over to pick up some papers he had dropped when she collided with him. In doing this, she raised her ass as high as she could, showing off the fabric of her thong clinging tightly to her pussy, complimenting her round (and getting rounder) ass cheeks.

She stood up and handed him the paper, and then smiled.

"What's your name?" she asked sweetly.

"Brian. " he said softly as he shoved the paper in his pocket.

"Well, Brian. I believe I owe you an apology. I haven't meant to ignore you all these months. I…just wasn't myself" she said, giggling, her mind shifting more and more every second. She then grabbed him by the lapels of his shirt, as she had done to the officer in her department the day before, but this time she knew exactly what she was doing and why. She was going to make out with him. She was doing it so that he would have sex with her. She would get what she wanted, she knew it.

Her lips touched his, and tingles swept through the both of them, and within the half an hour, he had invited her into his apartment, and they had found their way onto his small bed.

"You seem shy. I bet I can fix that" Veronica giggled as she rubbed her creamy white breasts, and quickly removed them from her bra cups.

"What happened to you?" Brian said, amazed at the difference between this clown looking nympho and the girl who had been so cold to him so very often.

"I lightened up!" she giggled as she ripped off his pants and began to stroke the tip of his erect penis through his boxers. "Someone looks happy to see me!" she added with a extra giggle.

He let out a laugh too. He had always fantazied about getting her into bed, but was too shy, but here his dream was coming true. He helped her slide his boxers off, and rolled her over.

"Well, then. If you've lightened up, you won't mind if I fuck you silly?" he asked, gaining a confidence that was quite foreign to him.

She looked him in the eyes as he pinned her to the mattress and smiled wide. "Please do, sexy!" she said.

He then entered her wet sex with his throbbing erection, and began to pump. He wasn't a novice, much to Veronica's surprise and delight, as he fucked her with ease.

"Oh, yesssss, Brian!" she moaned as she rubbed her huge breasts with her hands as he continued to pump in and out.

He reached down and began to caress her breasts as well, grunting a bit as he thrust forward into her vagina until he felt himself release, and when he did, a wave of tingles washed over him and sent him into the best orgasm he had ever had.

Veronica's mind began to shift even more, especially with the final thrust from Brian's cock. She was now a slutty clown girl, and she loved every second of it.

Brian pulled out of her and smiled. "That was fucking fun" he said, not noticing the tone of his skin starting to lighten.

"It was! We'll have to do it again. Come on over some time soon" she giggled as she dressed herself again and wiggled her ass as she left his apartment and headed outside.

The reality of the situation no longer mattered to her, she had forgotten if she was awake or dreaming, nor did she care. She was happy, and still very horny. She pulled the half smoked blunt of weed that Bubbles had give her and light it up again, and began to inhale deep puffs of it, loving every second. She felt like her cares were melting away, and that wasn't the only thing. Her intelligence was going as well, taking her from a headstrong smart cop to a ditzy sex-a-holic bimbo slut of a clown girl.

"Wow, this stuff, is like, awesome. Bubbles was, like, totally right!" she said as her ears grew a bit larger, adding to the comical look she now sported proudly.

As she strutted down the street, she came face to face with a man who had previously been the bane of her existence.

"Well, Hello there, Officer James. You are looking quite interesting today."

"Oh, hello, Mr. Pimp!" she giggled to the man dressed to the nines like a cartoon gangster. He smiled wide as she eyed him.

"Enjoying your day?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh, totally. I am, like, so fucking horny, and I love it!" she said with a laugh. He reached up and honked her new clown nose, which casued her to orgasm instantly, and she moaned loudly and giggled.

"Thanks, Mister. Hey, you want a blowjob?" she asked, smiling wide as can be. The Pimp simply smiled, and wagged his finger.

"Follow me, my dear!" he said.

She giggled and did as she was told, her cartoonish body wobbing as she did. He lead her inside the nearby building and over to a mirror.

"Step through, sweetheart" he smiled.

She put her foot into the mirror and gasped when it went right through. Soon she was waist deep and in no time at all, she vanished into the mirror.

She looked around and saw she was in a very colorful room. The mirror shimmered and out stepped the man with a grin. His features morphed as he did, and it became clear that the pimp was also a clown.

"How about that blowjob, my dear?" he asked with a devilish grin.

Soon, she was on her knees licking, sucking, and blowing on this clowns man parts, and she briefly thought to herself, "Why am I doing this?" but that passed in seconds as the very last remnants of Veronica James disappeared, and the new clown-girl took her place.

After the clown pimp finished in her mouth, he straightened himself up.

"Now then, Veronica doesn't suit you anymore, nor does Ronni. We need a special name for you" he said as he helped her to her big feet.

"How about Knockers, since you have some pretty big ones!" he laughed as he tapped one of her breasts, causing it to wobble.

She giggled and nodded.

"Knockers sounds sexy!" she purred.

"Then Knockers it is. Oh, Bubbles!" he called as the fat clown waddled around the corner.

"Your handiwork." He said pointing at the newly christened Knockers.

"She's beautiful!" giggled the clown as she hugged the new addition to her world. "Let's keep her"

Months passed in the human world, and no one ever knew what happened to Veronica James. She had left work that one day that she had been acting very strange, and never returned. One of her co-workers suffered a similar fate soon after, but that was the last anyone saw of strangeness in the department.

Meanwhile, in Clowntopia, Knockers had become a popular stripper at the club known as The Big Top. Run by a clown called Punch, she took to the job like a fish to water when introduced to Punch by the friendly Pimp, who she know knew was called Slappy.

If she wasn't working, she was usually having sex with some lucky clown guy, or barring that, she was hanging out with her new roommate, Bubbles. Together they'd smoke different variations of Wacky Weed and laugh about how wonderful their lives were.

See, in the end, it's a Happy Ending for Ms. James. She will never be unhappy again, never have to worry about punk kids causing trouble or anything like that. Right now all she has to worry about is how big her breasts are going to get from that last hit of Bubbles Bong.

"But what if they get too big?" giggled Bubbles.

"Too Big?! Don't make me laugh!" grinned Knockers.

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