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Epilogue CHAPTER 7

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"This deformation damnation show has concluded thank you for bearing witness to this amazing event any final words from the highest bidder?" Marco asked.

The climate movement took a mic and gave a short speech.

"A big thank you to our volunteer Amy Parker! Thanks to her we are one step closer in absorbing the CO2 out of the air. Providing you give her a daily dose of sperm she will produce 2 fuck plant seeds daily and with a lifespan of 11 year she will get 1000's of offspring who will do the same." the climate movement announced.

"That was short but beautiful! we hope you enjoyed the show and that you come back for the next episode!" Marco said in his closing statement.

When the show was finished Marco moved back to Toby who was still locked in the chair and released him with Executor Trevor near him to prevent any aggression from Toby.

"Thank you for being such a nice sport Mr. Parker, Consider your debts paid! This show was quite the success!" Marco said to Toby

"You bastard! what you gonna do with my sister" Toby angrily said.

"Your sister... oh you mean the fuck plant? well that's up to the climate movement they paid good money for it. I imagine they will let her suck dicks and sperm so she makes thousands more fuck plants. Crazy fucks they are... that's for sure." Marco answered

"You don't think I will try to get her back and try to turn her back human?" Toby said in an insulting manner.

"Fine by me, She's has served her purpose for me at least, I have to disappoint you with the turning back part though. Her human dna is lost in the mutation you can't turn her back unless you have her complete dna stored somewhere and even then it's scientifically not possible yet." Marco refuted.

"And what about the millions extra you earned from her! I only had 300 000 debt you earned more than 7 million!" Marco asked

"Interest my boy! but don't frown! you still have your 16 year old redhead sister! that you can use as collateral debt in fact we are willing to give you 2 million for her if you ever gain her signature!" Marco offered.

"There is no way I will do the same thing to her as my dear Amy! Toby said.

"No matter, there are many more fools out there like yourself, if you ever change your mind you know where to find us." Marco smiled and left the Arena.

Toby did the same wondering what he would say to his parents about the disappearance of Amy.


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Amy the fuck plant CHAPTER 6

#FuckPlant #SuccPlant #TransformationStory #FemalePlantTransformation #Transformation #FemaleTransformationStory

Executor Trevon placed the flower pot on a table in the middle of the arena and moved a giant mirror in front of Amy.

Amy was horrified what looked back at her. They had placed her inside this flower pot with what appeared to be her spine, her belly was completely gone and her boobs seemed to be now attached to only her spine and shoulders. From the breast down she looked exactly like a fuck plant!

“I look like a complete abomination, what have you monsters done to me!” A desperate Amy cried out.

“Please you don’t have to go any further like this! Keep her like this so that at least she can stay human… like” Toby begged in desperation.

“Well… That’s a suggestion I can live with but that’s up to the climate movement. So… Climate movement… what do you say?” Marco asked.

Marco had a quick chat with the climate movement and came back with their decision.

“Well I’m happy to announce… that they want to turn her into a complete fuck plant, main reason being that in her current form she won’t be able to absorb CO2. So, let’s carry on!” Marco Continued.

Toby shuck his head down in defeat while Amy saw the same green tint forming in her spine, neck, shoulders, and arms. She held her hands to her eyes and started to cry not willing to see the last moments she had with them.

“We are experiencing the last remnants of her human body, Ladies and Gents! After this the only thing that remains of Amy are her boobies and face!” Marco said excitingly.

Her arms, shoulders neck no longer couldn’t retain their form and, in a moment’s, notice the liquid busted out falling on her boobs and on the ground in the flower pot. Leaving behind nothing but a green stem that connected her roots, boobs and head. Her round D-cup breasts started to lower themselves on the stem so that they could rest on the dirt of the flower pot while the neck stem grew longer with 2 leaves growing on the stem where her arms used to be.

Amy filled the arena with loud cries she was devastated seeing herself destroyed like that.

“Wow, she really is taking it hard, don’t worry dear once your face starts to mutate you will love every single thing of your new form!” Marco said in an empathic way.

“Go ahead! I don’t want to have a human face with a body like this!” Amy yelled.

A moment later her diamond shaped face started to deform in what looked like an egg plant with the stem moving in the same position like an eggplant. Her nosed disappeared inside of it while her full lips moved in front and became bigger. Her teeth loosened up and her now thick and long tongue started to spit them out.

“Look at our little Amy! All fuck planted up! Isn’t she gorgeous? She will lose her ability to speak shortly so any last words girl?” Marco asked.

“Want Slurp Sperm… Spurm… Splum… Splum…” Amy’s deformed mouth only was able to say splum henceforth.

The tears in her pretty grey eyes started to dry up and it was getting harder for her to open them until they disappeared in her fuck plant head making her blind. The only human thing that remained on her face was her long curly blond hair.

Her brain had gotten so tiny with only 2 things on her mind, eat sperm and be loved by someone.

“And slurping sperm you will fuck plant Amy! Executioner Trevon give our fuck plant some love!” Marco said

Executor Trevon moved in front of the fuck plant and showed it his big black cock. Her nipples became rockhard when she sensed sperm and moved her head toward his cock. She started to lick it only to suck his 8-inch penis in its entirety.

“Feels good!” Executor Trevon said in ecstasy

“Splum Splum Splum!” Fuck plant Amy said

“Ah look at that, she likes her new form! Now what to do with her?” Marco said happily.

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Rootification CHAPTER 5

#FuckPlant #SuccPlant #TransformationStory #FemalePlantTransformation #Transformation #FemaleTransformationStory

“The mutation happens fast; I expect her to be a fuck plant in less than an hour!” Marco announced.

“Oh God… I feel this fluid flowing through my entire body!” Amy shrieked.

“Yes, you are right dear that’s the first phase of becoming a fuck plant, as you noticed in the video the fuck plant has little mass compared to a human body it basically is a spine with roots that connects the head and breasts. The liquid is starting the goo rootification which turns your excess and useless body mass and bones into goo and roots” Marco explained with a grin on his face.

“Look everyone! It’s already happening!” Someone of the guests yelled.

Amy looked at her legs in horror when they went from white to light green to a darker green. They started to feel hotter and hotter until she felt they were on fire.

“My legs! It burns! Please someone pour water on them!” Amy cried out in horror.

The fat and muscles in her legs and feet started to become translucent, you could see the bones through them for a short while until they too went from solid bone to flexible roots.

She grabbed her legs with her hands in the hopes of preventing the changes but they went straight through them which led to the green liquid that used to be her legs bursting out, utterly destroying the remains of her feet and legs replaced by 2 long thing roots.

When Amy saw what had become of her legs she passed out from the pain and shock.

“you can fight it sister! I believe in you!” A defiant Toby said trying to get free from the chair.

“I’m afraid not Mr. Parker, in fact if she were to resist it would have been before her legs became roots! Now that she passed out and thanks to her newly acquired appendages, she no longer needs her organs which will be dissolved while she passes out!” Marco retorted.

Amy’s immune system was being attacked from the liquid while she passed out. The 2 roots that were her legs moved positions up to her tailbone which connected to her spine, creating an extremely simplified digestive system that only required water. Her now useless organs started to dissolve until they were completely gone, except for her heart.

In the meantime, she was having a pleasant dream of lying outside in the sun drinking water craving for salt for some weird reason. Until she woke up from Marco’s voice

“Our little flower is back awake everyone, that means her organs are now gone except for her heart, while her brain has severely shrunken! Plants don’t need brains; however, our fuck plants will retain one that is the size of a peanut that will make them somewhat sentient!” Marco continued to explain the procedure to the attendees.

“Thirsty… need water…” Amy said in a confused haze.

On the outside she still looked like herself minus the legs but that was going to end soon. She started to feel wet in her pussy and moved her hand towards it, starting to pleasure herself, which gave her one of the best wet orgasms she ever had, unfortunately also the last one as a human.

When she reached her climax the same that had happened to her legs now happened to her lower body and bubble butt. She slapped her perfect butt one last time before the green liquid busted out of her vagina, butt, belly and upper spine. Her lower body was completely gone except for the spine and roots that had now multiplied making her fit for a flower pot.

“Wonderful! Amy is 40% fuck plant now! Executor Trevon, please attend to her request and give her some water!” Marco announced.

Executor Trevon entered the arena while holding a giant flowerpot in his hands, he paced it next to Amy, who tried to crawl away from him with her arms but there was no use, he grabbed her from her spine that was slowly turning into a fortified stem and planted her with force in the pot making sure the roots would settle in fine so she won’t fall down.

Amy was happy she finally had some water, but when she realized she was drinking not with her mouth but from her roots she came back to her senses and noticed a flower pot underneath her giant boobs where she couldn’t move away from.

“Let me go! I don’t want to sit in this flower pot!” Amy cried out.

“Our plant seems to be confused what she wants! First, she wants water and now she doesn’t like the pot we bought for her! Executor Trevon let’s place her in front of a mirror so she can enjoy the final changes!

In response Mutan Dus to its Publication

Fuck Plant Introductory CHAPTER 4

#FuckPlant #SuccPlant #TransformationStory #FemalePlantTransformation #Transformation #FemaleTransformationStory

On the giant display a video titled "Deformation Damnation #101 : Fuck Plant" started to play.

Welcome deformation enthusiasts in this video we will show the many benefits of a fuck plant.
While turning into a fuck plant is for the person in question one of the worst deformations you can experience, for the environment it is an absolute blessing!
One fuck plant can absorb more than 100 pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere each year and with a lifespan of 11 years they can reduce the CO2 by almost half a ton!
The reason they absorb so much CO2 is the large nutrients their plantboobs require to stay young and fresh.
A fuck plant only craves pleasure and she loves it when you play with her boobs.
She loves the taste of swallowing human sperm which causes the plant boobs to lactate green goo that has fertilized seeds inside, that can grow into even more fuck plants!
Make sure to water her daily and you will both have a wonderful experience!
Thank you for watching and enjoy the Fuck Plant deformation that will begin shortly!

A horrified Amy and Toby looked at the video wondering what crazy video they just saw.

"Is this some out of season April fool’s joke??? what kind of sick fuck would want to turn a girl like me into something horrific like that? I would rather be a titsow than that thing!" Amy said while freaking out.

"Now I know for sure they are messing with us sis! They just want to scare me into resuming my debt payments I'm sure of it!" Toby said trying to cheer his sister up.

"You... think... So? They don't seem to be joking..." Amy questioned.

"Our esteemed guests, I'm proud to announce that the payment of the climate movement has processed properly. Executor Trevon is on his way with the fuck plant DNA injector to our subject! The thing we have all been waiting for is finally going to happen!" Marko announced to the crowd.

“Oh no… not that creep again! Let me go you bastard!” Amy cried out.

She once again ran away from executor Trevon, to the only person who could get her out of the predicament.

“Please sir! I have done nothing to you or your organization I’m just a university girl trying to be a productive member of society! I’m sure my brother will pay his debt after this... you don’t have to do something crazy!” Amy begged in front of Marco.

“I agree that it’s a shame to turn you into something so depraved like that my dear, but the climate movement wants to pay 1000 bitcoins for you! That’s like 7 million dollars in today’s exchange rate, I doubt your brother & parents combined will ever have that much money! Even if they would have the desired amount, I can’t betray our loyal guests!” Marco replied to her.

In the meantime, Executor Trevon was nearing her, she started to run again, when her pleading with Marco was to no avail, until he backed her into a corner.

She saw him holding a fairly big syringe like device with a green liquid inside of it. Still doubting that it actually could turn her into something outrageous like a fuck plant, she didn’t want that nasty goo inside her!

“Executor Trevon you don’t have to do this! I will do anything if you get me out of here… Even marry you and have your babies! Amy pleaded.

“Hur hur poor lady Amy, becoming a funny looking boob plant” Executor Trevon teased her while holding her firmly.

“The fuck plant injector needs to be injected into her spine at the same height as her boobies which might be a painful experience for our dear Amy… Now please executor Trevon carry on!” Marco said, explaining the procedure.

Executor Trevon turned Amy around and smashed her against a corner of the arena holding the injector against her upper spine with the one hand, while holding one of her butt cheeks with the other hand.

“Silly Amy no longer human! No reason for Trevon to be gentleman” Trevon whispered in her ear, while injecting the fluid inside her spine

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH” Amy Cried out in pain when she felt the fluid flowing inside her whole body while dropping on all fours when the injector was finished.

Toby could only stay quiet and watch in despair what that hulk was doing to his baby sister. No longer so sure that all of this was a hoax.

“Well done Executor Trevon! This wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance! He is my loyal associate who deals with all the annoying stuff. ” Marco praised.

Executor Trevon left the arena leaving Amy to her own mutating fate.

In response Mutan Dus to its Publication

#FuckPlant #SuccPlant #TransformationStory #FemalePlantTransformation #Transformation #FemaleTransformationStory

Deformation Damnation CHAPTER 3


“Let me explain Deformation Damnation to the newcomers first. Each and everyone of you can bid on our subject in what form you want to mutate her into, when all requests have been placed the 5 highest deformation bids will be placed on the wheel of deformation. The winner of the 5 will get his deformation performed upon Amy! After payment confirmation we will start the process of mutation.
Our guest who are still interested in seeing the mutation of the winning bid can do so for free and watch the spectacle with us! Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime!"

It took a few moment for Marco to begin the deformation bidding which gave some time for Amy and Toby to talk.

“This can’t be real now can it? These crazy fucks actually believe they can change me!?” A shy naked Amy asked Toby.

“These people sound crazy! I’m so sorry Amy! I’m such a failure for bringing you into this!!! We need to get you out of here right n....”

A defeated Toby got interrupted by Marco again.


Some weird deformation damnation song started to play and in the center of the arena a countdown timer of 5 minutes turned on.

When the song stopped and the timer reached 0 Marco resumed his announcements again.

“My oh my Amy Parker sure is popular we never had that many bids in the previous ones! Now let’s see who the 5 highest bidders are!”

A giant display showed the 5 highest bid results.

Climate Movement 1000 BC Fuck Plant
BoarBoy 500 BC TitSow
Hu 1500 BC Nerdification
Anon #75 750 BC Anthro Rat
Peta 900 BC Chimpanzee

“Very nice bids! let’s place them on the wheel of Deformation and see the results!”

The digital wheel of deformation was ready with the 5 categories and started to spin. The wheel slowed down with a near win for “Titsow” but eventually stopped at Fuck Plant from the climate movement.

“And.... Congratulations to the climate movement! These climate activists really don’t care about money when they want to save us from CO2!! Thumbs up for their moral awareness” Marco Cheered.

“What the fuck is a fuck plant?” Amy asked scared

“Ah we have a video my dear that will explain it to you! In fact let’s roll it now so we can begin the main event!” Marco replied

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#FuckPlant #SuccPlant #TransformationStory #FemalePlantTransformation #Transformation #FemaleTransformationStory


Toby’s sister Amy was scared and confused... for hours she was standing all alone in this big arena, seeing nothing but shadowy figures behind glass panels and tv screens who all seemed to be watching her from the top of the arena. She didn’t understand how she ended up here, the last thing she remembered was going to a party with her fellow lawyer classmates meeting an handsome man that she enjoyed talking to... only to black out and ending up in a creepy place like this. That guy must have put something in her drink! she thought

Moment later she saw the lights go up in a room where a person seemed to be sitting. While she walked towards him she started to see that the person was her own brother, relieved tho see a familiar face.

Marco had turned on the microphones a while ago so that all the spectators could hear what the 2 of them were saying.

“Toby?!... What the hell are you doing here?! I swear to God if this is some sick joke of yours!” Amy yelled at him.

“Do you think I would do something fucked up like this sis? No this is serious Amy, I got myself in a mess and I’m ashamed to say that I dragged you in it...”

“What mess?! What did you do???”

“Well... Look... 6 months ago my restaurant was near bankruptcy, in my desperation I went to the dark web and found a forum who told me about loan sharks who would give anyone a loan as long they deem you have something that is worth as much as the loan.” Toby explained

“Okay... what does that have to do with me, I have nothing of value...”

“Well... remember I asked for your signature a while ago? It turns out that they consider humans as debt collateral also!”

“I don’t understand how does this lead to me!! I didn’t sign anything or agreed with anything! they have kidnapped me! how can they get away with this??” A panicked Amy reacted

“They forged your signature Amy with the one I gave them! They probably made a fake contract where you agreed to be the debt collateral of something!” Toby yelled in desperation.

“Oh... my god... What are they going to do to me?! I will...”

Amy got interrupted by the host Marco who had set everything up and was ready for the show to start.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the dark web it is my pleasure to introduce to you our next Deformation Damnation show where a subject leaves their current form behind for something worse! Let me introduce our new victim!!”

2 giant spotlights got turned on and shined upon Amy Parker who stood there in shock in what she was hearing.

“Our current Deformation Damnation Damsel goes by the name of Amy Parker! Her brother wasn’t able to pay is debts and his sister here was kind enough to stand for his collateral debt!”

“As you can see she is a beauty... On a scale of 1 to 10 she is at least an 8 in my subjective opinion! But in order to judge her looks better, let’s bring in executor Trevon in the arena to have a closer look at her.”

Amy was confused what he meant by that but noticed at the corner of her eye a huge black male coming towards her.
He looked like a giant and had muscles everywhere with a weird scary sack on his head. When he got closer she decided to run away from him.

“Amy! try to get out of there, there must be some door, gate or whatever where you can escape!” Toby yelled.

“Yes! why do you think I’m running away from him brother!?” Amy yelled

Amy was still wearing her indigo dress that looked perfect on her hourglass shaped frame and high heels that made in increasingly difficult for her to run. Executor Trevon had no problem in catching up with her and moments later grabbed her arm while Amy stumbled on the ground in defeat.

“No reason to run away from Executor Trevon my dear Amy! he is a gentleman!” Marco teased

“Fuck you!!!!” Amy cried out at him which led to spontaneous laughter of the crowd.

“Executor Trevon! please remove the clothes of this fine lady so our customers can see how beautiful she really is! ” Marco requested.

Amy tried to struggle as hard she could but to no avail, Executor Trevon had ripped her indigo dress off her body in less than a second, same for her pink bra and panties that contained her big breasts and bouncy butt. Executor Trevon first job of the show was done and went back form where he came, while Amy stood there butt naked with the 2 spotlights shining and following her wherever she went.

She tried to cover as much of her body with her arms, all the while she no longer could contain the tears in her eyes. Executor Trevon was a gentleman though and didn’t harm her in any way, she had no bruises from the forced disrobing.

“You sick fucks! just let me go! It wasn’t me who signed anything or agreed with this madness!!!” Amy yelled towards the crowd, who simply ignored her.

“Amy..... I’m.... Sorry.” Toby said silently.

“Now that I’m seeing her naked she is definitely a 9 out of 10!” A pleasantly surprised Marco remarked.

"Now let me describe in full the features and assets of our fine young specimen right here!” Marco Announced

“Amy Parker, 21 years, straight A student with an IQ of 110 who would have had a bright future as a lawyer next year... if it weren’t for her brother’s failures!”

“Rub it right in you psycho!” An offended Toby yelled at Marco.

“Standing at 5'6” feet and having a body mass of 140 pounds she has the perfect BMI and height for a girl!

In addition her measurements are 38 - 22 - 38 inches giving her a fine hourglass figure with milky white skin that is blemish free thanks to our gentleman Executor Trevon!

Her breasts are D-cups that are firm and round with an equal amount of fullness at the top and bottom making her nipples positioned at the center with no sign of sagging!

While down below Amy’s butt is big and round for her weight and stature!

As you can see she shaves everywhere and her body is completely hairless!

“And last but not least, her diamond shaped face has light gray eyes, a dainty upturned nose, thick round lips, small ears, and long curly blond hair!”

#FuckPlant #SuccPlant #TransformationStory #FemalePlantTransformation #Transformation #FemaleTransformationStory

Been a while I posted something, I got fascinated with fuck plants and didn't find a story from it so... decided to write one myself!

Happy holidays!

This is a first draft so expect spelling mistakes, badly formed sentences and chapter revisions.

First draft is done. Just have to check for spelling mistakes and bad sentences in the future.

I'm no expert in writing and only do it for fun. Feedback about improving my writing is always appreciated. I largely have problems with characters speaking, do you always have to add who said it or not? Also comma's are a problem I should follow an online course or something to improve it.

Story warning: This story satirizes the climate movement. There are no hidden political message of mine in this story I just write and go where the story leads me.
It also contains fucked up stuff so don't read it if you don't like disturbing transformations.

I only dare to post it here since other websites might ban me for it lol.

Spoiler: story plot
This story is about a brother who goes into debt to a shady loan shark company, who used his sister as collateral debt in case he can't repay it, who then turn his sister into a fuck plant for the rich dark web transformation fetishists



“Ugh... My head... I never had a headache this bad... what happened... where... where am i?” Toby wondered

“How nice of you to finally wake up, I must apologize for the rough handling to bring you here, the company I keep are not known for their gentle hands.” An unknown voice said.

Toby saw a shadowy blurred figure in front of him. He squinted his eyes trying to get a clearer view of the person.

“Marc... o... is that you? What the hell is going on why am I here?” Toby said agitated.

“You have a debt to pay Mr. Parker, you are running behind for 3 months and we warned you what would happen if you became a credit risk.” Marco Said in a calm voice.

“Oh right! I’m sorry about that you know my restaurant has been underwater for a while and the only way to not go bankrupt was to go to you and...”

“We are not here for excuses Mr. Parker we were well aware of the risks in lending you the 300 000 dollars and would never have done it if you didn’t have the assets to pay it back... or rather your sister wouldn’t have the assets to pay it back.”

“My sister? Wha... What does my sister have to do with it?”

“Toby my lad, you never wondered why we asked for the signature of your sister. We added her signature on your loan document so in essence she co-signed it.”

“I figured it was no big deal since she is only 21 years and studying, what use does she have to you? the only thing she has is her lawyer student loans and...”

“Her looks Mr. Parker, she is one of the perfect female specimens, a girl like that attracts big money from our rich associates who have peculiar interests in what they want to do with a pretty thing like that.”

“Leave my sister out of it! you never said you were going to forge her signature on my loan document when you asked for it!”

“I believe your sister’s signature was one of our requirements before you would receive the loan Mr. Parker, but enough with the evasions, let’s go on with the show, I’m sure you would love to see your sister.”

Toby tried to get out of the chair he was shitting this whole time in, but noticed his arms including his legs were firmly locked and couldn’t move an inch.

Marco moved closer towards him and turned the chair to a large glass panel that separated his current room from a giant indoor arena where a girl was standing that looked like his sister. Next Marco turned on the light in the room they were in.

“There is a microphone that allows you to communicate with you sister shortly, it’s more fun to see her metamorphosis when there are friends or relatives that try to take her through this. Believe me she will need it.” Marco Smiled.

Marco left the glass panel room, he was the host of this event and had to make the preparations to announce the show that is going to begin shortly, with Toby’s sister as the main attraction.

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