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Bad Review (Pig TF) by theterriblemistake
#WeightGain #Transformation #PigGirls #PigGirl #FemalePigTransformation
Great story i found here!

Tiffany checked her phone, her stomach rumbling as she waited for her delivery to arrive. There wasn't much on TV, but she had been lying on the couch for about twenty minutes, trying to kill time until her food was there. It looked like she had a few minutes until it got there, so she figured it would be as good a time as any to get some clothes on.

Already wearing a slightly too-tight pink shirt, she shuffled over from the couch to the nearby dresser in her studio apartment. Tiffany pulled out some sweatpants and pulled them over her big butt. "Christ, I must be gaining weight," she thought to herself as the once loose sweatpants still felt a bit constricting around her waist. She shuffled over to her mirror and took a look at herself holding her hand over her gut. At about 5'5" and 180 pounds, she was already past chubby and Tiffany knew it. Proud of her curves and her stunning wavy long blond hair, Tiffany was still a looker but she was worried that she was maybe starting to put on too many pounds. In her tight old pink shirt with her belly button poking out from underneath, Tiffany looked at her green eyes in the mirror and said to herself, "Alright pig, the diet starts tomorrow!" She patted her stomach a couple of times and watched it shake back into place.

A knock at the door brought her attention back to her food and she ran over to open it. "Thank you so much, I was starting to get so hungry," she awkwardly sputtered to the delivery girl, a plain-looking brunette in her twenties.

"Have a good night! And make sure to leave a good review!" The deliverygirl left in a hurry, leaving Tiffany with the bag standing in the doorway. It seemed to her like the girl was in a rush to get out of there, but maybe she was just busy? The smell of the cheeseburger in the bag was intoxicating though and Tiffany put the deliverygirl out of her mind.

Tiffany moved over to her table and took the bag ready to eat the food right out of the box. As she picked up the burger, she realized it didn't have any bacon on it-- and she had to pay extra for that! Forgetting how hungry she was, Tiffany grabbed her phone and immediately went to complain to the restaurant and get her money back. She called the listed number but got nothing but a busy tone. Huffing, she went straight to the review section in the delivery app and insulted the restaurant. Tiffany even called out the deliverygirl for not bothering to check the food and then figured she might as well add that the deliverygirl was rude to increase her chances of getting her money back.

Satisfied with the fact that she had at least tried to do something, Tiffany returned to her food and got in a few bites before she heard another knock at the door. "What the fuck, I just started eating," she mumbled as she got up, already feeling winded from the constant back and forth. She really did need to start dieting tomorrow, she thought to herself. Another knock at the door made Tiffany feel a little uneasy. She looked through her door's peephole and saw the deliverygirl from before. Figuring that she came to apologize, Tiffany opened the door.

"I saw your review," the deliverygirl frowned. "You don't know how hard I work and you really just have to add to my shit."

"Look, I'm sorry but, you guys forgot some of my food," Tiffany responded indignantly. She put her hands on her hips, trying to be confident, but the deliverygirl's sinister gaze was causing her to feel especially nervous. "It's no problem, but can I at least get my money back for the bacon?"

The deliverygirl looked at Tiffany, her mean frown turning into a sharp smile. "Oh, it's definitely no problem. I've got something even better, I'll just make sure you get the bacon you wanted!" She suddenly grabbed Tiffany's hands and squeezed them hard. Tiffany gasped as she felt a surge of energy rush through her causing her to fall backwards into her apartment, trembling. The deliverygirl entered the apartment with her, closing the door behind her.

"So if you didn't guess by now, I'm a witch and I'm tired of people like you who stir up shit for know reason. Buuuuuut-- since you're so good at stirring up shit, I thought I might make you something more appropriate," the deliverygirl said in a sing-song voice that both terrified and puzzled Tiffany. What did the words "make her something more appropriate" even mean? Still on the ground and shaking from the energy coursing through her body, Tiffany stared up at the witch who seemed to tower over her on the ground.

"What did you do to me?" Tiffany asked cautiously, feeling her body start to tense up. She wiggled her fingers and toes as they felt stiff as the shaking stopped. Her body no longer shaking, Tiffany started to focus on the fact that it took a lot more strength to move her fingers and that they were starting to feel numb.

"I'll save you the suspense if you haven't figured it out by now," the witch smiled. She wandered over to the couch and made herself at home, sitting down to get a good view of Tiffany. "Bacon--stirring up shit-- I'm turning you into a pig!" The witch cackled at Tiffany who tried to process what she had just heard. "It shouldn't take too long now..."

Tiffany realized the witch wasn't kidding as she noticed a snout creeping into the middle of her view. Crossing her eyes, she snorted and saw her new big nostrils flare sending her into a panic. "Oh my god, please no! Please don't do this. Please, I don't want to be a pig!" she begged, causing the witch to laugh even more.

"Don't you worry, you'll still be Tiffany. You'll have all of your thoughts and memories so that you can fully appreciate what you'll be for the rest of your life." The witch's tone turned cold as she stared at Tiffany with a pitying look, staying silent and watching the girl expectantly. Tiffany knew she had to escape, but she could barely move as she was still on the floor of her apartment and her body was feeling so tense all over. She still couldn't believe that she had a snout! Tiffany brought her hand up to her nose to touch it and see if it was real, but as she saw her hand she realized a new predicament.

Her hand was now a hoof.

She brought her other hand up to her face and saw that it looked the exact same. Tiffany tried to scream but it came out sounding a lot more like a pig squeal causing the witch to break her silence with another laugh. Tiffany used her new trotters to try to move her wavy blond hair out of her face, trying to watch the rest of her changes with an almost hypnotized look. Dumbfounded, she tried her voice again, getting out a few words between oinks. "Plleeeeease. Dooon't..." she felt her tongue changing as her mouth moved to match her new snout.

"Maybe you'd like to see what's going on. I don't think you'll be talking much anymore but I know you understand me," giggled the witch as she wandered over to Tiffany's mirror and brought it over to a position where Tiffany could see herself. Slowly crawling along the ground, Tiffany tried to process all of the changes. She still had her hair and the top half of her face was still the same as it had been before, but she now had a snout popping out of her face where her nose and moth used to be. Tiffany also realized that she was supporting all of her weight on what were once her hands and feet but now complete hooves; however, the rest of her body still looked completely human, at least as far as Tiffany could tell with her shirt and sweatpants still on.

Now that she thought about it, Tiffany felt like her clothes were starting to get even tighter. She grunted in pain as her belly started to expand, her belly button pushing even further out from under her shirt. Tiffany's boobs were getting even bigger too, rapidly expanding and causing an uncomfortable weight at the top of her body, not that she had control of her body back yet. Tiffany looked down with a stupefied look as she saw her chubby body continue to inflate and burst out of her pink shirt. She felt so much pressure around her waist as her forgiving sweatpants finally met their match and ripped open along with her panties. Her ass was twice the size it used to be with gigantic thights to match it.

Even though she was turning into a pig, Tiffany couldn't help but feel sensitive about how fat she was getting as she had to have gained at least another hundred pounds in the last few minutes. She thought to herself about how she'd never get to wear cute swimsuits to the beach to show off her curves. Never get to be with a man again. Tiffany was starting to feel mentally defeated as she was starting to feel like her body was more pig than human.

"This is my favorite part," laughed the witch for Tiffany's humiliation. Tiffany's bare ass was exposed and pointed into the air and she watched in the mirror with sadness as she saw a curly little tail pop out of her enormous behind. The witch laughed at the chubby pig girl in front of her and slapped her butt, watching all of the extra new fat jiggle. "You're such a prize pig!" Tiffany sobbed and then oinked which caused her to sob more as she watched the rest of her body puff out.

Tiffany felt her arms and legs start to feel the same stiffness that her hands had felt before turning into hooves. Her joints started to lock into place and she felt her previously-bent arms and legs straighten out. Barely able to keep her balance, Tiffany couldn't believe that she was being supported by these piggish limbs poking out of her fat barrel-chested body. She tried to speak to the witch again, forgetting for a moment that she could only oink and squeal.

"I think we're getting pretty close to the end now," the witch sighed, sounding disappointed to be at the end of the show. Tiffany thought about the humanity she had left as she looked at herself in the mirror again, a fat pig-girl standing on four trotters with her round butt and curly tail in the air. Tiffany still had her human hair and green eyes, but the rest of her body was starting to take on a pink hue as she felt pressure around her two oversized breasts. The weight in her bosom started to spread out across her chest as her breasts multiplied. At the same time, Tiffany felt her vagina shift toward her rear causing her to squeal again, feeling more like a pig than ever. Tiffany couldn't believe this indignity! She had been turned into a big over a bad review and as far as she could tell she was stuck like this.

"I bet you're wondering if you'll ever get to change back into a human?" the witch asked condescendingly to the pig-girl. Tiffany nodded, feeling the changes in her bloated neck that now struggled to look up. She had been focusing so much on her transformation that she hadn't realized her new change in perspective until adressing the witch. She was now just a pig with a fat neck and her head low to the ground. "Well, the answer is no. This is a one way street. Whatever you used to be, Tiffany, will only exist in photos." The witch picked up a photo of Tiffany smiling in a bikini on a summer vacation and brought it down to the pig's eye level. Tiffany knew that the witch was taunting her, but she still couldn't help but look at herself and pray that this was a dream or that she could one day be a human again.

The witch dropped the photo on the ground and started to walk to the door, looking back at Tiffany who was still looking at the photo. "I'm leaving you with those green eyes and that beautiful blond hair of yours, but as you can see in the mirror, you're a pig now, Tiffany." Tiffany looked back at herself in the mirror and wanted to throw up, feeling the changes now complete. She was still in disbelief that she had her hair and eyes, just a reminder of her lost humanity. Tiffany tried to trot over to the witch in despair, but still had trouble moving with the added bulk on her new legs and hooves. The witch chuckled but grew quiet again before finally saying, "Alright, I think I've had about as much fun as I can have tonight. I'll leave you to your TV and Cheeseburger-- if you can figure out how to get up to the table. Have a nice life, Tiffany, hope you liked the bacon! The witch quickly exited, slamming the door behind her.

Finally alone, Tiffany was left with nothing but her own thoughts as she tried to process her situation. She was stuck in her own apartment and she was a pig. There was no way she could use the door with her hooves. She couldn't send a text message with these appendages or use the phone without a voice. Tiffany thought to herself that even if she got out, she was a pig, anyone that saw her would just call animal control. At the same time, Tiffany still had her hair and human eyes. Surely a stranger would believe that she used to be a human. Certainly this was a normal thing, Tiffany thought. People had to realize that she was a human and not a pig!

She looked at herself again in the mirror, her blond hair not convincing enough to distract her from the fact that she was a big chubby pig. A pig that used to be a human named Tiffany and she had no idea what to do.

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