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#Degeneration #Objectification #Robotization #FemaleTransformationStory #FUBAR


Audrey was waiting in dread for the judge's verdict, she knew it was illegal what she did but almost everyone does it, they needed a scapegoat to put an example of, she thought, but why did it have to be her?

Judge; 'Will the accused please stand.'

Shaking on her legs, like she never had experienced before, Audrey slowly stood up.

Judge; 'You are aware of the severity of the crime that you committed?'

Audrey; 'Yes... Yes, ma'am...'

Judge; ‘Good... In my eyes you are still nothing more than a common thief, you stole products from honest hard working entertainers just because you believe that digital goods should be free, well guess what... Nothing comes free in this world and Hollywood is bleeding because of parasites like yourself. So I will give you the same sentence as any other thief in this country... 7 years and a fine of 100 000 dollars!"

Audrey; 'Oh Please...! This can't be real, judge... I beg you, give me any punishment... ANY... But don't put me in a jail. You know what they do to beautiful frail girls like me! I need to become somebody's bitch for protection!

Judge; 'Well you brought this upon yourself and frankly I hope you will open the eyes of some other 'digital' leeches by this hard sentence.'

The judge was about to slap the hammer but at the last moment someone interrupted her.'

Kawari Representative; 'WAIT!!!... Pardon me for interrupting your 'hammer slam' madam judge, but if I may propose a more alternative punishment that would advance important research.

Judge; 'Who on earth do you think you are to get between my hammer and the final verdict?'

Kawari Representative; 'My apologies madam judge, I haven't had time to introduce myself yet. I work for Kawari the largest biotech company in our day and age, and we are in need of test subjects to advance our experiments... to improve our human lives if you will. I'm employed as a Kawari seeker who looks for willing individuals who want to risk their lives for us, and what better place to find them than in court? Of course I know I'm not a lawyer but I'm asking for a quick recess to discuss with you in what Project Audrey will be included, If the accused agrees with becoming a test subject of course.'

Audrey; 'Oh God YES!!! Anything but prison thank you Sir!'

Judge; 'I'm intrigued... make it quick!'

15 minutes later, the judge and the Kawari representative came back out of the chambers and with a smile on the judge's face she went back to her seat in the courtroom.

Judge; 'Accused please stand up again... Right, normally I wouldn't reconsider a punishment, but after hearing what the project entails I came to the conclusion that it is as severe as doing 7 years’ time, maybe even worse... So my sentence will be as Follows. Audrey Williams you will remain in the custody of Kawari until they have no more use for you, Once the project is finished you will enter a halfway house where you will be reintegrated in society, you have to report to Kawari research headquarters in 7 days from now, That's all.'

Judge; 'Next Case!'

Audrey; 'Thank you judge, THANK YOU!'


Audrey arrived early in the morning at Kawari headquarters she was familiar with their company everyone in the world basically was, they were the first who successfully integrated technology in the human body. Their first product was the successor of the smartphone called the 'Kawari 1'. It is a small smartphone like device that gets implanted in your hand and out of it projects a screen when you press the button, the battery basically is the human body that never runs empty... unless you die.

At first people didn't like the idea of having an implanted chip with a button on top of it in their hand but after they saw what it could do it became a success in no time, they are about to reach 1 billion customers this year. There are even rumors that they will cannibalize Apple if they keep on growing like this.

Audrey didn't have the Kawari 1 though, she still preferred to leave her smartphone behind and there were a lot of conspiracies circling around about the Kawari 1, that they would send all of your data to the government heck even some believe it could cause a heart attack if the government or Kawari wanted to get rid of you.

When she thought about it she realized they started to introduce it with inmates and kids at first, and after that the Kawari 1 became a normal thing.

Audrey entered the main entrance and hesitantly walked to the front-desk.

Audrey; 'Good morning, my name is Audrey Williams and I am supposed to put myself available to the Kawari Research Facility.

Secretary Melissa; 'Let me see now... Audrey... Audrey, Ah yes Audrey Williams the pirate criminal volunteer. That's interesting, you are supposed to go to our underground facilities for the 'Menial Project'. Most stuff that they do there is top secret that shouldn't see the light of day. Let me check if it's not a mistake.

Doctor Hayasi; 'Doctor Hayasi speaking, how may I be of service?'

Secretary Melissa; 'Good morning Doctor Hayasi, there is an Audrey Williams here who...

Doctor Hayasi; 'Ah yes! Ashley Williams she is the main ingredient for the menial project. I'm on my way!'

Secretary Mellissa; 'Well I guess it wasn't a mistake. Please wait ma'am, Doctor Hayasi is on his way.'

Audrey was about to take a seat when she saw a short, Asian looking old man running towards her. He came closer and closer until he stood in front of her gasping for air.'

Doctor Hayasi; 'Good... morning...., Miss... Audrey.... I presume?

Audrey; 'Yes doctor nice to meet you.'

Doctor Hayasi; 'Come... Oh my it's been a long time I have been that excited I shouldn’t run like that on my age.'

After the weird introduction Doctor Hayasi escorted Audrey to his research sector. They entered an elevator and down it went, and it kept on going down until it stopped at the letter X that showed on the elevator display.

Doctor Hayasi; 'Welcome to sector X, there are still 2 floors below us that contain even more high classified projects than mine, not even the great genius Hayasi is allowed to go there. As you can see we have this sector all to ourselves, not to worry an old squinty eyed midget like me opposes no threat... My experiments on the other hand..., Anyways you can feel comfortable here.

Feel free to explore all the rooms that aren't locked, you can pick whatever bedroom you like, except for my bedroom... Hayasi's bedroom is Hayasi's precious. No wait! Hayasi's Experiments are Hayasi's precious, Hayasi's bedroom contains Hayasi's private stack of hentai that shouldn't exist... Oh my I shouldn't have said that... Well... Are there any questions?'

Audrey; 'How long do I have to stay here? What is the 'Menial Project? Can my family and friend come visit me?' Can I ...

Doctor Hayasi; 'Hold your horse there, I may be a genius but remembering trivial questions is not one of my talents.' To answer your 1st question, I have neither the interest or approval to state the duration of the menial project. To answer your 2nd question I have neither the interest or approval to explain stuff about Menial. And to answer your 3rd question I have neither the interest or approval to inform you on visitations. Having said that I will explain them to you now because I'm bored.

Menial duration is in stages. Depending on the stage and the amount of stages the time varies. My plan is the '7 stage plan' depending on the average duration of one stage you are a free human...like creature in 1 day however the time to adjust to your new self is indefinite. The Menial project is intended to make no do good doers do good, does that make sense? The bad news is that I can't come forth with more information the good news is that you will find out soon enough. Visitation isn't allowed in these 11 days.

Audrey; 'Thank you doctor Hayasi... for explaining, one final question when will we begin?'

Doctor Hayasi; 'Tomorrow 6 am after waffles, we will do a medical examination, or in other words you remove your clothes and I inspect and Inject... with needles I mean not with you know what, then we begin with stage 3, 5 and 6 they are the mildest stages so we start with them first.


The first day of the Menial stage arrived and doctor Hayasi woke up early just to get his waffles he checked on Audrey who still appeared to be asleep, and walked over to the kitchen of sector X where the cooks delivered him his waffles. When he got ready to eat he didn't notice that Audrey just entered the kitchen behind his back.

Doctor Hayasi; 'Oh god I love waffles, I hope that she will stay asleep so that I can eat them all... Oh hi Audrey I was only joking about the waffle theft, we all know who the REAL thief is, oh sorry bad joke, my parents always told me I have no filter in my head. Please sit down and eat a waffle or... 2 if you must, we have a big day today.

Audrey; 'Don't worry sir, I'm not hungry can I have something to drink?'

Doctor Hayasi; 'No food? well that’s good news for Hayasi's waffles, the only drink available to you is milk, milk and more milk, it’s part of the experiment, Ha-ha don't worry it won't turn you into a cow, Seriously though it won't, transformation into another creature by fluids is highly unlikely I must regret. Regardless after tomorrow the only thing you are allowed to drink or eat is milk so you sure you don't want a waffle... or 2 if you are extremely hungry?'

Audrey; 'Gheez... sure a glass of milk will do.

Doctor Hayashi; 'There you go one beautiful white glass of milk for a beautiful white girl...Hey Audrey you want to hear a waffle joke? just so you know, to lighten up the mood a little. I know it must be hard for you to endure your punishment, even though you have great company.'

Audrey; 'Sure I could use some humor.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Why do fat people like twitter?'

Audrey; 'I don't know... Please do enlighten me.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Because the hashtags look like a waffle. Hihihi'

Audrey; 'Well I must say that is the funniest waffle joke I ever heard, it's is the only one I ever heard though.'

Doctor Hayashi; Ha thanks dear, I'm glad you liked it. Please follow me, we need to do a medical examination.'


She entered a weird looking examination room along with Doctor Hayashi, a lot of devices she never had even seen, the entire room was filled with preserved organs, animals etc...

Doctor Hayashi; 'Welcome to my life's work. Everything you see here has led to Project Menial and you are the lucky person who will put this journey to an important first end. You will be the end result my dear Audrey. Please remove your clothes, shall we begin?

Audrey; 'I... I guess...'

It didn't take long for Audrey to undress and within a couple of seconds she stood bare naked.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Wow looking at you makes me regret a little that you are the first person who will endure Project Menial... but only a little. First let me read your information out loud feel free to interrupt when something is wrong clear?

Audrey; 'Clear.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Your name is Audrey Williams, you recently turned 18, IQ of 120, you wanted to become a teacher because you like children, but your real dream is to become a housewife of a successful businessman, with your own children. your height is 5 feet 7 inches and weigh 90 pounds, you have an 43inch bust, 41-inch waist, 47 inch hips hourglass body shape with a round well-formed butt and 32 C cup tits in the shape of torpedoes that look perfect if I might say... Euhm...what? carry on. Your facial features are as follows, straight black hair reaching your shoulder, light gray eyes, white blemish free skin, cute upturned/celestial nose and full cupid lips.

Audrey; 'How... How do you know all that?'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Kawari knows everything about anyone... Everyone knows that Kawari is pure evil yet nobody gives a rat's ass, and you know why? because humans only want to be distracted so they can forget about their eventual demise, that’s why the Kawari 1 is so popular limitless distraction that you can take everywhere and use anytime with 1 petabyte of data which is as good as limitless. and those that can't distract them from it end up in the crazy cage, or realize life is pointless and end it. I noticed you didn't have a Kawari 1... smart girl. They didn't know your breast size though; boob knowledge is one of Hayashi's more useful talents.

Audrey; 'I'm starting to think that the 7 years’ jail time was a way better deal than Menial.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'You better believe it dearie, I'm starting to like you but you chose your own fate and there is no return from this road. You need to trust Hayashi, I'm the only friend you have in here and out there from now on, I can prevent the most horrible outcome of menial If I think the risk is worth it.'

Audrey; 'You still haven't told me what menial is.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'You are a smart girl, you probably noticed there are no guards here to protect me from you, Hayashi is a kung Fu master but with my age of 78 even a frail girl can overpower me... Too bad we are more than 60 meter underground and an elevator that only opens with ... well I’m not going to tell you that but even if you would find a way to use the elevator the security up is no match for a girl. I will inform you the reason why there are no guards though, it is because you will be sick after today... very sick, and you won't be able to do any harm even if you wanted to. '

Audrey; 'Like a bird in a cage then huh? I should be panicking why am I not panicking?'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Because you realize the inevitability of your situation and you don't know the final outcome yet of menial... I wish... somebody else would be the first victim of this monstrosity that I created, I would free the bird in the cage if I knew the person really didn't deserve it, I illegally download hentai and porn all the time....'

Audrey; 'I'm starting to like you too Doctor Hayashi even though you probably are the most insane person I ever met.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Just call me Hayashi please, the writer must be sick and tired of including Doctor next to my name, enough talk let's start with the Menial Procedure.'

5.Menial Beginnings; Stage 3

Doctor Hayasi placed a gas mask on his face and placed 2 tick gloves on his hands, after that he grabbed a huge bottle that had white crème in it and walked to Audrey.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Let's start with stage 3, Sorry for the restraints dear, this white cream's purpose is to remove all hair permanently and it might sting a little. I don't want you to run around screaming when I apply this. I'll start with your hair.

Audrey; 'You mean I will be hairless completely for the rest of my life? Why... why is that necessary?

Doctor Hayashi; 'Correct dear, it’s a formality I agree but it has to do with the Image of a menial. No hair makes one look more clean, it’s very important for the particular type of Menial you will become.'

Doctor Hayashi grabbed a handful of cream and slowly started to massage Audrey's head, the poor girl felt like her head was on fire and not long after she started to burst out in tears. Hayasi kept on rubbing and with each rub more and more of her beautiful black locks started to fall out. It only took 10 minutes and her head was as bald as a baby.

Doctor Hayashi; 'There ALL... done, the worst part is over for stage 3, let's start with the rest of your body now.

It took Hayashi 30 minutes to cover Audrey's entire body and face with the white cream except for the eyes. Audrey didn't feel no more pain since she had passed out, it must have felt like she stood on fire with all that chemical goo on her body and face. Hayashi decided the white cream stayed on Audrey long enough and started to spray it off with water, and removed the restraints

Doctor Hayashi; 'Slap.... SLAP!... Wakie Wakie baldie, I'm sure you are eager to see you hairless.

Audrey; 'Oh my... I can barely stand, what happened?

Doctor Hayashi; 'Look in the huge mirror their hon, you can see your hairless self.'

Audrey; 'For the love of God! I look horrible! I look like a cancer patient! even my eyebrows are gone and my vagina hasn't looked like that since I’m 12!'

Doctor Hayashi; 'I'm sorry you had to experience that dear, but look it on the bright side, you never need to shave again or worry about how your hair looks like. Enough drama! We start stage 5, I want you to wear this black underwear and press the red button on it when you are ready.'

Stage 5

Audrey reluctantly grabbed the underwear, it didn't feel like normal underwear it seemed like there was a bunch of tech inside of it, the red button on it was weird also. With hesitation she decided to press on it and a red light next to the button appeared soon after.

Audrey; 'Well now what? What... The ... Fuck? I feel like something is entering my Vagina! hhhmmmm.... This is soo ... weird! What the hell is it doing! Feels... So... Good... hmmmmm....

Doctor Hayashi; 'I'm sorry to say, but enjoy it while it lasts dear, it’s a special device that removes your reproductive organs once you reach the greatest sexual climax you will ever feel the only thing you will have left down there is a clean vagina with nothing in it. A menial has no need for reproducing. You will become asexual and nothing will sexually arouse you ever again.

Doctor Hayashi watched as Audrey crawled on all fours when she was getting the best weird sex of her life with her underwear, he knew the device was almost finished, when he saw her nipples slowly disappear and getting replaced with skin, her breast was still there but they only where there as 2 sacks of C cup meat. The red light soon after turned green on her underwear while Audrey was soaking in sweat

Audrey; 'Soo... Tired... I... Feel... Empty...'

Moments later Audrey fell asleep.

5 hours later

Doctor Hayashi; 'Audrey... Audrey... AUDREY...! wake up!'

Audrey; huh?... where am I?

Doctor Hayashi; 'You so lazy, you fell asleep again! at this rate it's going to be a long day. I need to test if stage 5 was a complete success, I will start with touching your boobs to see if you still get sexually aroused.

Hayashi grabbed her tits and started to erotically massaging them, they still felt like female boobs but they were lacking the best part.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Do you feel anything dear?'

Audrey; 'No nothing, I... Feel... Washed out, like my ambition is gone, Am I even a woman now? my boobs look like a Barbie doll.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Interesting I had hoped my boob massaging skills would still raise some form of arousal, well if that doesn't do it nothing will. Stage 5 is a success! Stage 6 is a simple fluid you need to swallow you are going to throw up and will feel very sick but after this stage the worst part is over when it comes to pain.

Stage 6

Knowing she had no other option Audrey swallowed it whole a couple of minutes past and nothing happened but not long after she started to feel pain in her bones and stomach,

Audrey; 'aaaaarrrrgghhh!!'

Doctor Hayashi; 'I can only imagine in how much pain you are now, this fluid is simplifying your digestive system and metabolizing your bone structure turning it into fat, in other words you will shrink a lot and gain fat mostly around your hips. your digestive system will morph in something that only can digest milk your body will burn the energy of the milk and the only thing that comes out of your bottom will be water from now on, trying to eat something else will immediately be rejected by your body.'

Hours passed when Audrey's body slowly started to distort itself, her hips became wider and wider while she was getting a small potbelly underneath her breasts, her bubble but started to lose her form slowly and cellulite started to form. When the throwing up stopped, Hayashi helped a diminished Audrey on her feet.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Ha! Well look who is the tall one now. It's measurement time!'

Audrey; 'I'm thirsty...'

Hayashi brought Audrey in his lab where he could test the success of stage 5, while giving her a large glass of cow's milk.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Let me see now, we'll start with measuring your height, stand here please Ashley... thank you, before your height was 5 feet 7 inches I'm measuring now... 4 feet 3 inches, your weight was 90 pounds before now it's 100 pounds that makes you obese with your newly attained stature, but since your body turned pear shaped it's no big deal. Let me compare your measurements next, your bust, waist and hips measurements was 43-41-47 inches, now they are 38-47-60 inches your breasts seem to have deflated since they no longer need to contain any fluids.

Stage 1

Doctor Hayashi; 'Try to stay still dear I’m going to inject you with stage 1 in your head, as you can see it's a pretty big needle that has gray ooze in it. Stage 1 will alter your brain chemistry slowly that is more appropriate for a 'Menial'.

Hayashi injected the big needle in one of Audrey’s temples and injected half of it in her brain.

Doctor Hayashi; ‘All done dear, you remember I told you about the favor I was trying to do to you? Well this is it, I should have injected it all but if my calculations are correct with only half the fluid you would still retain some personality of your previous self. Never show it to the people of Kawari though, they would consider you a failed product and end your life cycle.’

Audrey; ‘So what will it do then?’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘It will reform your skills and delete your previous talents, it would have reduced your IQ to 60 but with the current dosage it won’t drop below 80, also it will keep a part of your personality instead of turning you in a soulless creature since I injected only half.’

While Hayashi was explaining Audrey’s brain slowly started to realign itself, her brain started to get filled with household knowledge how to clean floors decently, how to obey your masters, how to deal with kids, and on and on it went, while at the same time she lost all of her former knowledge that she learned in school or by herself.

Audrey/Bubbles; ‘Yes master, thank you master, Bubbles understands now, Bubbles only purpose in life is to obey and to be a loyal maid product, thank you for keeping my personality master.’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘Bubbles? Where did that name come from? Are you still in there Audrey, oh god I hope I didn’t miscalculate.’

With tears in her eyes Audrey said:

Audrey/Bubbles; ‘Audrey was a great girl with a lot of potential master, Bubbles Is an appropriate name for a Menial don’t you think Master?

Hayashi; Oh good bubbles, I understand, good of you to act as a complete menial already we wouldn’t want the Kawari company to know that you are still in there now would we know?’

Bubbles; ‘Yes master.’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘Right, Stage 1 was a complete success except for our little secret of course, now stage 4 is a funny one if you can see the irony in it, your human face still looks relatable as a human we need to caricaturize it if I may say so, so that a menial has a distinct look. I will basically inject growth hormones in your lips, ears and some other modifications.’

Bubbles; ‘Bubbles no like having funny face, current face only left that reminds bubbles of Audrey, master.’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘Come, come, bubbles need to obey, bubbles will look cute, bubbles is in good hands.’

Hayashi placed Bubbles on a chair and slowly started to sculpt her new face, he injected her with 20 cc of growth hormones in her ears and lips and 30 minutes later he noticed how they both grew way out of proportion, her ears and mouth were at least triple in size as they were before. Afterwards he grabbed some sculpting tools and started to reshape Bubbles her nose. He removed the bone structure completely and reshaped her now gone celestial nose in a very flat Asian like tiny nose.

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