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The Competition ( #culturechange , #wip , good story, #degeneration .

Liam smiled as he saw his friend up ahead. "Hey Carson!" He walked over, smiling. "Ready to do this, man?"

Like many young men their age, the two often butted heads over certain issues, each seeking to prove they were the better in the competition. However, this competition today would be far from ordinary.

Liam grinned and patted his bag. "Got the laptop here, pal! Honestly, how can you think a little hocus pocus can match up to the shit I found on that program? It's the 21st century, for crying out loud!" The two set off walking, eyes checking out the crowd at the mall…

"No way your program can match the mystical arts man." Carson replied as he scanned the crowd. "You're just stuck with whatever the program pumps out. My magic gives me finesse."

Today was the big day. Liam and Carson had been arguing over the merits of their respective transformation abilities for a while now. Carson had been taken in as a wizard's assistant about a year ago. It had taken a lot of practice to learn the spells, and when he had he showed his buddy Liam. They'd had a good time with it, but suddenly Liam found some program that could change people as well. Ever since then they'd argued which method was better. Now they were going to find out.

"So we've got the rules straight, right? We pick each other's targets, specify changes, and can give challenges." Carson received a nod from Liam in understanding. "Okay, cool. Your turn first. You see those two little girls by the wishing fountain? For the next ten minutes make them aware their wishes will change each other, and change them accordingly."

Liam grinned, and gave Carson a thumbs up. "No problem." He set up his laptop, and scanned in the two girls. Both 12 years old… both went to the same school even. Amy Phillips and Lisa Washington apparently… Lisa was evidently a girl who would grow up to be pretty, with long, jet black hair. Amy was a freckled redhead, and chubbier than Lisa.

The two were clearly not friends. In fact, Lisa was bullying Amy once again, who was close to tears. Lisa pushed Amy, almost pushing her back into the fountain. "What a crybaby!" Lisa jeered.

"Stop it!" Amy was pleading. "I wish you'd just grow up!"

And with that, noticing they were stood next to the wishing fountain. Liam decided to intervene.

Lisa mainly laughed off Amy's pathetic little wish, but then both stared in shock… as Lisa began to grow! She was definitely getting taller! But that wasn't all. She was… aging too! Puberty definitely kicked in now, as Lisa was now nearly 5'7", and had filled out nicely, with nicely formed breasts and hips. She looked to be at least 18 now… Which was what Liam had edited her age to be, from 12. She made quite a hot 18-year old too!

Amy was staring, agasp, at her former bully. Who stared back. "What… what did you do to me?" she stammered.

Liam and Carson laughed at this scene. They even ogled the new, rather hot Lisa a bit too. Amy was stammering in shock. "I… I… I don't know… I just… made a w-wish… and I think… it came t-t-true!" she blurted out.

Lisa looked down at her new body, and then at the fountain. It was impossible… but she put two and two together… and spoke out. "I… um… wish I was back to how I was!" She liked her new form… but she didn't want to lose 6 years of her life like that!

Liam, of course, did nothing. Carson had stipulated, that only wishes on each other could work. Of course, Lisa and Amy didn't yet know this, and Lisa kept trying. "I wish I was younger again! I wish my age was twelve!" Damnit, this had to work. "I wish I was as young as you!" She said to Amy, and Liam stepped in on this one. However, it would not work in the expected way. And certainly not on Lisa.

Liam clicked on Amy's profile. He clicked on age, which of course read "12". And he now changed that to "18", too! Both girls once again stared in shock… as Amy too began to grow and age to 18! So now, Lisa was indeed as young as Amy!

However, Liam checked Amy's profile. In contrast to Lisa, who'd grown up into quite the stunner… the already plainer, chubbier Amy had clearly had the years of bullying take a further toll. While somewhat pretty now, she was clearly not in Lisa's league like this… and she'd clearly taken to eating to help with the bullying, while hardly obese, or even really that fat, she was still out of shape, at a rather heavy 175 pounds, with ill-fitting clothes.

Amy just gaped at her new body, even more shocked than Lisa had been. And while she was speechless, even the surprised Lisa was already smiling and laughing at her apparently still victim. "Wow! You got even fatter, huh?" she laughed.

While Amy just gaped, Lisa was at least pleased that apparently her wishes worked. Both were slowly clocking on too, that wishes only worked on the other person… Likely no way that either would agree to return the other to normal now. But could Lisa exploit this?

"I wish I was prettier than you!" Lisa said, to Amy. And just like before, this change didn't affect Lisa. Instead, Amy's looks deteriorated further! Her teeth now became crooked, and yellowed somewhat. Her freckled face now became heavily acne-ridden, while her long red hair became thick with grease. She'd gone from rather plain, if slightly pretty, to unattractive, even outright ugly!

Lisa was disappointed it didn't make her hotter, but still nonetheless pleased. Amy, however, nearly cried as she looked at her reflection in a nearby shop window. She wanted to beg Lisa to work together, to return themselves to normal. But part of her longed to see vengeance now, on the girl who'd bullied her throughout school.

"I wish… you were pregnant!" Amy cried… and Liam made it so!

Lisa stopped laughing straight away, and moaned, as her belly swelled outwards, pushing harder and harder against the front of her jeans. Her breasts also grew into nice C or even D-cups now, filled with milk. And worse, this was no mere simulation of pregnancy. Lisa could feel the baby boy kicking inside her. Her hormones were driven crazy. She felt starving… but for, oddly, pickles and burgers! And her emotions ran wild.

Both Amy and Lisa couldn't believe this was happening to them. Mere minutes ago, they'd been ordinary 12-year old girls, now both were 18, Amy was very unattractive and Lisa appeared to be 9 months pregnant!

And Lisa was NOT happy at what Amy had done to her! At all! "I… look so fat!" she moaned. She looked close to tears, likely more due to the hormones than anything else. "And I feel… awful!"

Amy was just about to call a truce, and set about having them each change the other back. But a furious Lisa struck before anything else could happen. "Think you'll make me fat?" she demanded, clearly more upset about that aspect of her appearance, than any other part of her pregnancy. "Well, I wish you were the fattest girl in school!"

Amy opened her mouth to scream, thinking of the current fattest girl in school, who weighed over 300 pounds! But no sound came out, luckily attracting no attention from any passerby. She was simply too horrified. "N-no…" she moaned instead.

But it was too late. The already heavy girl swelled outwards. Soon, her belly was already bigger than Lisa's. And then she overtook the previous fattest girl in school… and left her far behind! Her clothes luckily grew with her, but remained skintight and far too small for the now obese Amy.

She was enormous now. She dwarfed the previous fattest girl… as Amy was now 400 pounds! Her previously fat face now had two huge chins, almost a third! Her breasts were massive, but wobbled shapelessly atop her gigantic belly. Her arms and legs were like an elephant's, and her ass was possibly the biggest part of her!

"Oh no… oh no… oh no…" Amy whispered.

Liam and Carson were definitely enjoying the supernaturally-empowered argument they had created. Meanwhile Amy looked down at her obese body with a groan, as Lisa's pregnant belly rumbled with hunger. She really needed some pickles now! Amy wanted her revenge upon her tormentor… but knew she had to end this now, before her situation got even worse!

Lisa was smiling, and clearly about to make another wish. Amy panicked, and quickly made the first wish. Anything to try to stop this madness!

"I wish you were just a kid again!"

Carson looked at Liam. Stalemate? Neither of them wanted this back the way it had started. Liam indeed looked stalemated… Until he smiled. Perfect way to finish this! Especially as the ten minutes were nearly out!

As the wish took effect, Lisa's pregnant belly shrunk down… as did she! Lisa was shocked but slightly relieved, returning to 12 again! She began to smile… but she didn't stop there! Soon, she was 10! Then 8! Then 6! Then, she shrunk down into a baby, before Amy's horrified eyes, and finally… vanished.

Amy was horrified. What had she done?! But then… she began to change herself!

Liam's laptop had determined that in making Lisa unborn, as he had, it had to go to the nearest woman, of mothering age… to be her mother! And not only hers, but also Lisa's baby, now her twin brother… growing within Amy's womb!

"Oh no!" Amy shrieked again, as her belly swelled even further! Her breasts became even more bloated with milk too! And her hormones warped the same way that Lisa's had earlier!

As Amy slumped to her huge ass, and began to cry into her hands, she thought of how she was now 18, unattractive, obese, and pregnant! She couldn't have kids! She was still a kid herself!

But Liam began to implant new memories now. Amy kept her old ones… just had new ones. Ones of being bullied every day, and retreating into food to comfort herself, getting fatter and fatter, until she was obese. It only made her feel worse… So she had began sleeping around. She'd literally sleep with any guy who'd have her… which admittedly wasn't many. Any attempt to feel pretty.

And lo and behold, soon she'd ended up pregnant with twins… and had no idea who the father was… She still hated Lisa, her old bully… but at the same time… still loved Lisa and her twin brother Leon with all her heart.

Drying her eyes, she lumbered to her fat feet. Amy waddled towards the food court, enormous belly rumbling. "C'mon kids…" she mumbled. "Mummy's eating for three now…"

"I've got to admit that toy of yours has some power" Carson said as he watched the new mother head towards the food court "but it's nothing I couldn't do." Carson noted the frown cross his friend's face.

"Don't be like that. It's still early in the game and I gave you a compliment. I'm up next. What do you want to see?" Carson scanned the crowd, wondering who Liam would pick.

Liam felt sure that nobody could possibly top that. He glanced once more at Amy, lowering her bulk onto two separate chairs with difficulty, waiting for her massive meal to be brought over. And then he began scanning the crowd with his laptop, looking for the ideal target. Then to think up a challenge. And then he found just the right one. Or two, rather.

Diana Walker was out shopping with her fiance, Sean Patterson. The two were almost sickening, in more than one way. Firstly, their looks. Diana was a gorgeous, tanned brunette, with long brown hair, and a slim physique. Sean was well-built, nearly six feet tall, and very handsome, in a classic, chivelled way, with short brown hair and a beard. But also their fortunes too. Diana was 31, and a well-loved, very nice teacher at one of the best schools in the city, Sean was 36, and an investment banker, and just as nice and generous as Diana.

And to further add to this, the pair were almost sickeningly happy, madly in love. To either of them, the other was a visage of perfection, and they couldn't wait to be married together. They held hands, smiling with excitement, and periodically kissed.

Liam grinned at Carson. "How about this? Keep changing one or both of them in whatever way you want, physically, mentally or otherwise… until you've split them up, forever. But the only rule is this, keep their memories, and knowing they're being changed!"

This was another area where Carson and Liam differed. Carson enjoyed a bit of showmanship, and liked to give people at least some sort of chance when he changed them. It was almost like a game sometimes. If they ended up worse for the wear it was their own fault. Even with his challenge Amy and Lisa had the opportunity to help each other, but they couldn't stop squabbling and faced the consequences. Still, Carson wasn't one to back down, and his pride wouldn't allow him to lose.

"You make it too easy sometimes Liam. Alright watch and learn." Carson took off his top hat, revealing his short and shaggy black hair. There was a time the fashion choice would be very odd indeed, but in the age of hipsters he received less stares than his master would. Reaching inside he pulled out a simple wand. It was the kind of thing a parent might give a child to play with, black with a white tip. Carson's master had gone on a tirade about how his wands had become cliche, and Harry Potter had created unrealistic expectations. Carson pointed at the couple and got to work.

"There's still so much planning to do." Diana complained to Sean. "How willed get everything in place in just three more months?"

Sean put a comforting arm around his fiancée. "Don't worry Sweetie. It will be the perfect wedding for the perfect bride."

Diana smiled back at him, then paused. "Honey, when was the last time you shaved?"

Sean was confused by the question. He had meticulously trimmed his beard this morning. There was no way it could look wrong. He did feel a bit odd though. If he had to describe the feeling it would be… Itchy. Yeah, that was it, itchy. "I shaved this morning." He replied turning back to Diana. "When did you pierce your ears?"

Diana had felt a pinching briefly, and raising a hand to her ears revealed Sean was right. She pulled out her compact and saw a stud in each ear. The pinching returned and several more pieces of metal joined them. Then the feeling came to her nose, then tounge, her lips, then lower. Diana let out a small moan as metal pierced her nipples and clit. "What's happening Sean?" She put down the compact and saw Sean, but he was different.

Sean's hair was more ragged, as if he hadn't shaved in a while, darker and coarser. It wasn't just that. He looked to be getting more muscular. With each second that passed his muscles pulsed, abs tightening, triceps bulging. In moments he looked like he could knock out Hercules. His outfit changed to tight jeans and a tank top that showed every rippling fiber of muscle. Diana couldn't help feeling turned off.

She couldn't place a finger on why, but she hated people with physiques like this. She knew that moments ago she loved that Sean went to the gym each week, but she couldn't stand the idea of it now.

Meanwhile Sean was watching Diana change further. Her sleeves disappeared revealing arms covered in various tattoos of all sizes and shapes. There were elaborate depictions of koi fish, some skulls, and two female gender symbols joined together. Her clothes changed. Diana now wore white and black striped stocking under a pair of red jean shorts. Her torso was covered by a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut away. Diana's hair shortened to a pixie cut, before being hidden under a black beanie.

"Sean, I'm scared." Diana was trying her best to hold back tears.

"Don't worry baby. We'll figure out how to fix this." Sean tried to sound strong. He wasn't sure if it was for Diana's benefit or his own.

"What do you think we should do Sean?" Diana asked more calmly. In fact, she didn't feel afraid any longer at all. This actually felt kind of exciting. Some force was changing them, and there was nothing they could do. Diana could only think of the things she could do with that kind of power.

"I'm not really sure. This whole thing is just crazy. What if we can't change back? What if we keep changing? How will we ever know we are safe?" Sean was terrified. He'd never been this scared in his whole life. Suddenly everything seemed more terrifying. Was that women staring at him? That guy who just passed by bumped him slightly. Did it mean something? Were those two boys talking about him? All Sean knew was he wanted someone to hold him, and comfort him. He wanted someone to speak sweetly to him.

"Would you get a fucking spine." Diana groaned at the pathetic display in front of her. Since when was Sean such a pansy? She'd get no where with him like this. As she watched the muscular man quiver like a scared kid she couldn't help feeling repulsed. "You know what? I don't even give a fuck about changing back. I like the new me."

"B-But Diana, we have to try. Please." Sean pleaded, but saw no sympathy in Diana's eyes. He did see her change again though. Her face looked fresher, more like how it had when they first met years ago. She seemed so young now. The more Sean looked at Diana the more he couldn't see how things would work out. She had become so mean, and she didn't even care. What he needed was an older woman who could take care of him. He needed someone to coddle him, and make sure everything was alright. He needed someone to be his mama.

"No, I'm fucking done with you. I can't stand to look at you anymore." Diana proclaimed as she watched Sean's penis thin men and lengthen in his pants in disgust. "I can't stand anything about the new you. You're a total pussy. No that's not fair. Pussy is so much better than you. A nice fat pussy." Diana moaned as she knew her tastes changed. She imagined fat women bent down before her, lapping at her cunt. She wanted to dominate them, and watch them grow fatter. Knowledge of how to tend bar, and make the perfect drink came to her as she decided to quit her old job. After all, she was back to being a sexy 24 year old. "Let's just forget the wedding. I've got bigger and better people to check out." Diana said as she walked past Sean.

Sean stared after her dumbly for a second before tears filled his eyes. He couldn't help but run away crying. Diana paid him no mind. She had found the perfect girl to start a new relationship with. A lonely looking thing that was taking up two chairs by herself. Her size, the way she was putting away food, how every fold quivered as she moved. Diana quickly made her way over and sat before the girl. "Hey I'm Diana. Anybody ever tell you how damn hot you are?"

"Oh, um, I'm Amy. Not really." The obese cutie introduced herself.

"You'd better get used to it." Diana smirked.

With one last flourish of his wand Carson leaned back in his chair. "Next time give me something hard. That was so simple I had to create my own fun with it." Carson could tell his friend was not happy with him. "You can check your program. I didn't cheat, they still remember everything, and know exactly how they've changed. You're up next. See that son and father over there. Their names are Jake and Lucas Heywood. Jake is all of 17 while his dad's 48. From what I can discern they have a pretty negative view of anyone who isn't white. I want you to copy and give them a trait from every woman or girl of another race they pass until they're both fully women."

Liam had chosen to give Carson an easy task to start with, and one that was definitely enjoyable. Love was supposedly the great, unconquerable force… and so it was pleasing to think that his own power, and Carson's, could destroy even that, with such ease. He watched as Sean ran crying from the mall, and Diana continued to flirt with the obese, pregnant Amy. But then he turned his attention to his next victims.

Carson had given their names, but Liam needed more information. And so, he scanned the pair. Indeed, Jake and Lucas Heywood. Jake was 17, Lucas his father at 48. But Carson had made something of an understatement. Jake and Lucas were outright racist in their views, hating anyone who wasn't white, or even vaguely foreign. This had to change… and so did they!

The son and father entered a sporting goods shop. They were looking to make an order on some hunting equipment. Both considered themselves "men's men", and were almost exaggerated in that regard. Jake was tall, around 5'7", and fairly slim, but well-toned and muscular, and with blonde hair and blue eyes. His father was easily recognizable as such, only broader and more muscular, taller around 5'9", and visibly older.

However, as they made their way to the gun aisle, to look at them, they spotted something that made them pause, and consider leaving the store. It was another customer, who, in their opinion, had violated two sacred rules, and shouldn't be here. The customer was female, and why should a woman be in a HUNTING store?! And two…

"Fucking niggers… Just can't get them out of our country, and back to where they came from…" Jake muttered to his father. Despite the fact that the woman was speaking with a clear American accent, and was clearly American.

At this point, Liam struck in. He made a relatively simple change. Well, simple, as in he literally unticked a box, and ticked another, on Jake, Lucas, and then on the black woman's profile. But complex from Jake and Lucas's point of view…

"I know, honey. And I know he's a man, but your father wouldn't be pleased to hear that a nigger was in his favourite store…" Louise said to her daughter, Jade. Liam had indeed swapped traits with the trio. The black woman, was now a black man! But she, now he, seemed completely unfazed, as if he'd always been a man! And likewise, Jake and Lucas Heywood were now… mother and daughter Louise and Jade Heywood. They were now women! And thought they'd always been!

The program had kept them mostly as similar to their previous forms as possible, as nothing else had been changed. They still had their blue eyes, but now their blonde hair was hanging longer down their backs. Their physiques had slimmed quite a bit, becoming more femininely fit. Their genitals had completely swapped to female, and they each now had a pair of breasts, even if they were only A-cups for now. And now, they were only in here to buy hunting equipment for Louise's husband, and Jade's father, who had been their mother until now.

Liam turned to Carson, who was raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, I know you said to end it when they became fully women… but I have another idea…"

Carson had to admit he was curious. In cases like this Liam proved to come up with some unique and interesting changes. As a fellow changer of fate Carson could appreciate a burst of inspiration altering the course of a transformation.

The problem was this was a competition, and there were a few ways to consider things. One was Liam had put in a pitiful effort, and made the bare minimum change. Another was that he had broken the rules. They had agreed to pick each other's targets, and follow their rules and restrictions in each case. Technically, Carson could call this round done, as Liam had reached the stated end by making the Heywoods female, but hadn't done anything about changing their ethnicities. The last was to allow Liam to continue. If Carson stopped this a pair of racists got to go around with little punishment, and he'd never know what Liam was planning.

Carson finally relented. Looking between the Heywoods and his friend he said "fine. I want to see what you have in mind." His gaze turned serious, and his tone gained an edge. "But don't think you're off the hook for breaking the rules. You're the one who wanted to prove something today, so I suggest you take my kindness, and stop bending the rules."

Liam shrugged. "Sorry, it was all part of an idea, man. We get to see the real fun now…" And as they watched, Louise and Jade headed over to the counter.

The clerk smiled at them pleasantly. "Good morning ladies. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

Jade gave a cold look at the clerk. She was clearly of Latina descent, but, despite her pleasant nature, Jade had just taken the clerk's skin colour and race at face value. "Yes, you can." she said coldly. "You can help by not serving me, and getting your manager instead…"

The clerk looked confused, and a little hurt at this, and went to get her manager, unable to understand what she'd done wrong. As she went into the backroom, her skin lightened up, becoming rather pale. Even her features shifted very subtly. Meanwhile, however, Jade's own skin was darkening. It looked as though she spent a LOT of time sunbathing now. It was almost a caramel colour, but neither Jade nor the clerk seemed to notice. The clerk's Latina features were less noticeable now, whereas Jade almost looked mixed race of white and South American.

When the clerk returned with the manager, that was the final straw for both Jade, and Louise. "Not another nigger!" exclaimed a furious Louise. The manager was indeed also a black woman, who looked outraged at once. "What did you call me?" she tried to remain calm, but almost shrieked.

But at this, Louise and the manager were subtly changing too. The manager, less so. Her skin ever so slightly changed, as did her features. She was still clearly black though. But as for Louise, the previously pale blonde was darkening up, like Jade… but even darker than her! As she did, her nose slightly widened, and her lips got thicker. She wasn't black… but she now looked mixed race too… But it did nothing to dampen her outburst.

"Are there no Americans to serve us? What is it with people like you, probably criminals anyways, taking jobs from good, hard-working, honest whites! I know that my daughter and I are mixed race, but that's still a step above you and your kind!" With that, leaving a shocked manager and her clerk, Louise and Jade stomped off outside.

Louise and Jade turned on their heels, stomping straight outside the store, furious at this… injustice. "Never you mind…" Louise growled to Jade. "We'll head to the food court then. See if we can get some proper American food at least!"

As Louise and Jade headed off, they scowled and tutted at all the other women surrounding them. Literally any other woman. Even the white women were at least vaguely foreign. And that was their downfall…

Jade shook her head disgustingly at a petite Chinese woman. And as she did, they both changed. The Chinese woman suddenly shot up in height. The previously maybe 5'2" girl, was now towering at about 5'10". She definitely towered over Jade, who was 5'7". Or rather she had been. Now she'd apparently lost the 8 inches that the Chinese girl had gained. Now Jade was 4'11". She was a short, mixed-race Latin American/white girl, as opposed to the tall, well-built, white guy she had been.

But nobody seemed to notice any different. Only Liam and Carson…

Louise avoided the gaze of a rather chubby black woman she was passing. She must have been maybe 160 pounds or so. But as she passed Louise, the black woman began to slim down. And down. And down. She not only became slim… but nicely toned now! She carried herself with more energy, more confidence, and looked overall much fitter now, almost like a professional athlete!

Meanwhile, the now mixed race black/white Louise wasn't looking so slim herself now. She wasn't as toned as this other woman had become now. And as a result, she was getting heavier than the other woman had been. She now weighed around 180 pounds… Louise's face now possessed a second chin, as well as fatter cheeks. Her breasts, previously small, pert A-cups, were now heavy and sagging, while her belly was bloated and fat. Her ass pushed out firmly behind her, and her arms and legs were both fat. Her clothes had grown somewhat, but were still too small on her fat body, even if she wasn't obese or anything yet.

Louise waddled along beside her shorter daughter, even if they looked less and less alike now. Especially as they passed a Polish woman with brown hair, and a black-haired Italian American woman… who now suddenly had blonde hair. Meanwhile, Louise now had dark brown hair, making her look less strange as a mixed race black and white woman, while Jade now had jet black hair, fitting in further with her increasing Hispanic appearance now.

The two headed into the food court, still unaware of any changes.

Louise and Jade entered the food court, still unaware of their changes. And this was only the beginning.

Louise gave a disgusted look around. "Oh, for fuck's sake… Can't even go into a proper American food court, without seeing all these types around…" Jade shook her head too. "I know what you mean, mom. I bet most of them don't even want American food. Just disgusting foreign food…"

As luck would have it, just after Jade made that remark, a woman passed, carrying a burrito, while another larger girl walked past in the other direction, holding a tray of chicken. And at once, their food was suddenly transformed! They were both eating salads now…

"I'm gonna go over and grab some Mexican food, okay, mom?" Jade now had a sudden craving for anything Mexican, especially hot, spicy, and gassy. Louise smiled. "Okay, I'll be in the KFC. I'll meet you there when you're done." The two split up, unaware that their racism had become even more hypocritical now. An interesting side effect of the changes…

The two splitting up also meant that they would cover more ground… pass more people… and change more… Jade passed a pair of larger Hispanic women, who both now slimmed down, just like the black woman who'd passed Louise earlier had. They had previously just been on their own, but were now on a double date, with their boyfriends, having more confidence since they were slimmer. Jade, on the other hand, had taken a double shot of weight gain from them both. The formerly slim, and now quite short girl, was now short and chunky. No, outright fat now. She'd nearly doubled in weight now, even fatter than her mother, at over 200 pounds. Her face was thicker, and fat now, with thick arms and legs. Her belly rolled under her shirt, and over her jeans somewhat, which were now very tight. But her breasts and ass took a massive gain each too. It seemed that she now possessed a plump hourglass figure, even exaggerated! Her breasts were oddly firm for their size and weight, and looked to be E-cups, maybe even F, while her ass was similar massive.

Meanwhile, being in a food court meant that it wasn't long before Louise passed overweight people too. And Jade wasn't the fatter of the two women for long… The already plumped up Louise passed a family of fat Europeans. And suddenly, just like before, the family slimmed down. Granted they weren't quite as toned as the black woman Louise had gained weight from before, or the two Hispanic women Jade had passed, but now at a normal weight. Louise, however, piled on the pounds. Like Jade, she almost doubled in weight too, but her weight had already been more than Jade's. Before long, she was now over 300 pounds! Jade was overweight, but Louise was definitely obese now! The family actually shot her a disgusted look now, fittingly. She was enormous now!

And the next changes were both fitting too. Both had their speech changed, just as they went to order…

Jade glared at a Russian couple, speaking together in Russian. "Speak damn English when you're in this country…" Jade hissed under her breath, and went to order. Meanwhile, Louise shook her head at a pair of admittedly rather ghetto-ish black girls, speaking in thick accents, with lots of slang and swearing. Suddenly, the Russian couple were speaking perfect English to each other, and the black girls had almost gone from one stereotype, to another, in terms of speech…

"And so, as I was previously stating, I informed the promiscuous female that if she did not cease and desist in observing my boyfriend, I would perform bodily harm upon her!"

"You were most right to do so!" Her friend agreed. It was bizarre hearing them speak this way! Even their accents had cleared up perfectly too!

Jade stepped up to the counter. "Ola, senor!" she smiled at the attractive guy behind the counter. "I have two large bean burrito, and taco, si?"

Meanwhile, Louise was at the KFC counter. "Day-am, Ah gotta get meh sum fried chicken, an' fuckin' lots o' it!" She'd become even worse than the black girls were previously.

In the Mexican food place, Jade sat down with her food. "Dios mio, me hungry…" she muttered to herself, not noticing anything wrong with that. Likewise, in KFC, Louise had found a table with chairs that creaked, but were otherwise fine with her weight. She just waited for the guy to bring her her food. She didn't want to be stood up too long. Her feet hurt with that…

With both women, as they sat there longer and longer with their food, they each found that, strangely, they were both getting hungrier and hungrier. Both had to go back and re-order more food, since they were that hungry. Oddly enough though, the women near them found they were only eating small salads now, having hardly any appetite… And it was notable that Jade seemed to thrive now on a diet of tacos and burritos. Whereas all Louise seemed to eat was chicken… and lots of it!

But they were changing in other ways too, throughout their meal, besides just appetite increases. Jade found her skin darkening even further, along with her hair, now raven black. Her once exotic, attractive face now became duller and plainer, with duller eyes, more swollen features, and thicker lips. It seemed she was no longer mixed race. She was out and out Mexican now…

Meanwhile, Louise was altering too. Her even skin darkened, until it was a thick chocolate color, with dark brown hair. Her nose widened further, and her lips thickened. It continued until she'd left all traces of white behind too. She was now pure African-American…

When the Mexican girl was finally done eating, she got up, and left the food court, but not to meet her mother at KFC any more. Her mother wasn't even in America now. She was back home, in Mexico. The two girls were no longer even related, or even knew each other! And so, Jacinda, as she was now named, simply waddled out of the food court, to head home.

On the way, she passed a poor immigrant woman begging in the street. As she passed, the beggar stood up instead, with the hat full of change in front of her, vanishing. Her clothes began to change, until they were less shabby… and now decidedly rather nice. And she was off to her job, never remembering ever being homeless. Meanwhile, Jacinda's clothes became messier, and shabbier, as well as cheaper… until they were just a step above homeless! And the home she was headed to, changed from a nice suburban one, to a cheap, dirty, tiny apartment, in a rough neighbourhood, dominated by several gangs…

Louella, on the other hand, was only getting fatter and fatter as she left the food court. The fatter she got, the slower she moved, and the longer it took to pass all these other fat women, who were toning up, and slimming down. And the longer it took her to pass them, the fatter she got… She wasn't even getting a nice hourglass figure like the fat Jacinda had gotten. Instead, Louella was getting a clear apple shape, her belly dominating even the rest of her fat figure. And by the time it was done, Louella was now massively, enormously obese. She must have been nearing 500 pounds! Even walking short distances was enough to tire her out now!

Liam was worried now that the two would leave the mall and go their respective ways before he had chance to complete their transformations. But luckily, as this point, Jacinda passed another immigrant with a less-than-minimum-wage job… and it was perfect.

At this point though, Louella had just stepped past a group of girls who were walking into a shop, with intention of shoplifting some jewellery. They had picked it up… but then shook their heads, strangely… and walked up to the counter, and paid for it. On the other hand, Louella stopped what she was doing, and waddled into the store, breathing deeply from the now heavy exercise (for her) she was doing. And she began to stuff jewellery down the front of her pants, her concern for the law gone altogether.

Meanwhile, Jacinda's already poor, shabby clothing morphed even further. It now looked like a shabby, dirty maid's uniform, because that's what it was! It was even clearly several sizes too small for the short, fat Mexican woman, and pulled tight on her fat body, cutting in slightly, with a lot of flab overflowing. She had inherited the woman's bottom-of-the-ladder job now, who was now in college in Jacinda's place. Jacinda now worked as a maid for a rich white guy.

It got even worse. The woman stopped, and headed back past Jacinda, since the now older college student had somewhere else to go. As a result, Jacinda inherited something else! The woman was now losing age, rapidly, becoming younger and younger! Now she fit into high school instead, as she was now 17! Her face looked youthful again, and she'd lost some height and some pounds…

On the other hand, Jacinda was GAINING age, up to the woman's previous age! Now, the former teenager was now 15 years older, at 32! Granted, she wasn't that old… but a lifetime of too much sun, too much work, and too hard a life in general made her look much older. Her skin was as weathered as it was dark, a couple of grey hairs could be spotted amongst the jet black, and her body ached considerably…

"Ay caramba…" Jacinda mumbled in her deep Mexican accent, holding her back slightly. Her huge breasts didn't help matters. Though sometimes, she caught her employer looking at them appreciatively. She should feel offended… but couldn't help but feel a little turned on. No man had touched her in a long time, and she was longing, somewhat. Even better, what if he wanted to marry her? Then she might finally have a chance of being an American citizen! She waddled off to her job, feeling a little more excited now.

Meanwhile, Louella was now being dragged out of the jewellery store, with immense difficulty, by two policemen. "Git yer fuck'n' hands off'r' meh!" Louella shouted in the thickest African-American accent ever. She, like her former daughter/son, had become a deep parody of what they'd previously thought of another race as. The policemen just continued to drag her out, struggling with her bulk. "Ah ain' done nuth'n! Dis is racism! Racism! Ya white pigs are racist!" She shouted, as they pulled her to her car. They stopped… and radioed in that they'd need a larger vehicle for the 500 pound woman…

Carson couldn't help but chuckle at the men's fate. He may change people, but he never discriminated. It was part of why Carson had been so adament to learn under his master. He hated people that abused the system, and got away with unfounded hate against others. Now everyone had an equal chance to be changed, but people like Lucas and snake really made it worth everything.

"Always the cruel one, aren't you Liam? Can't say that I mind in this case. Those two deserved everything you gave them. I've got to admit that program is a little better than I thought, but I still have something better in mind. Still, it's my turn again, so that will have to wait. What do you have in mind next?"

Liam chuckled at his friend. "Oh, you can't say they didn't deserve that? Besides, it was the perfect karmic punishment. They essentially became their own racist interpretations of other races! It couldn't have worked out better!"

But Carson did have a point. It was his turn now. What should he have his friend do?

He eyed up a comic book store nearby. A small, scrawny guy was reading a comic book there. He was ever the picture of a nerd. He wore thick glasses, his face was covered in glasses, and he practically screamed "lack of social skills!" His name was Sam Weathers, and he was an 18 year old college freshman.

He was only partially reading the comic though. He kept looking at a girl stood outside with her friends. Jenna Dawson was absolutely stunning, and she knew it. She was the classic alpha bitch, with long blonde hair, a gorgeous face, perfectly fit body, and lovely C-cup breasts. And she acted like she was better than everyone. There was no way she'd ever be interested in Sam, and he knew it…

"Simple, here's what you have to do. Every time Jenna there does anything remotely nerdy now, she'll find hers and Sam's situations are reversing. Make sense?"

"Is that going to be it for my challenge? That's a simple curse at best, but if that's what you desire I can make it happen." Carson sighed. It seemed Liam was still looking down on his powers. Either that, or his scope was small minded. Surely Liam was saving the bigger changes for last, right? For the moment Carson knew the ball was in his court, and got to work. A simple incantation, a wave of his wand, and a light enveloped Jenna and Sam, unnoticed by either, or those around them.

"Hey look, it's Scrawny Sam." Jessica said to Jenna. Jessica was a tall, curvy girl with medium black hair. It wasn't often that people in school saw Jenna without her right-hand girl around. Jessica rivaled Jenna in looks, but Jenna had dominated their friendship since they were young, injuring her self-reliance, and making her crave Jenna's acceptance. She was happy to follow orders and move out of the way if it meant Jenna was happy with her.

"Oh, this is perfect. I was looking for something fun to do." Jenna sneered as she looked at the pathetic boy. He was 18 years old, and still watched cartoons and played board games like a little kid. He didn't even make the effort to improve himself. If he just spent some money on some gel for his hair, some cream for his acne, and actually hit the gym for once in his life, Sam Weathers could actually make something of his life. Oh well. There had to be people to serve as stepping stones on her way to greatness after all, and he brought it all on himself.

Sam saw Jenna Dawson and Jessica Parker approaching him. Oh no, had she seen him staring? Maybe things wouldn't be so bad. He just had to be confident, and maybe she could fall for him after all. He stood as tall as he could and tried to look cool. "Hey Jenna. Hey Jessica. What's up?" He greeted.

"Shove it nerd. I don't have the patience to listen to lame pick up lines from some virgin whose only experience is with his hand. What are you even reading?" Jenna said as she snatched the comic from Sam's hands.

It was some sort of superhero comic. Jenna didn't care enough to know which one. She just cared about hot guys who played them like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Hemsworth. Real men. As she looked over the comic things started to get blurry. She was having trouble even making out the pictures, let alone the words. Did she forget her contacts? She pulled her glasses out of her purse. They were ugly coke bottle style that her mother had insisted on due to her prescription, and Jenna avoided them whenever possible.

She turned her attention back to Sam, but realized her glasses were smudged. She took out a cloth and carefully wiped them down so nothing obstructed her vision. "Now where was I?" She tried to recover. With her glasses on her intimidation fact not completely gone. "What's so great about all of this stuff anyway?" Jenna gestured toward the shop behind Sam, but paused as she looked inside. There were all sorts of games, cards, and assorted books. For some reason she felt drawn to it all.

"It's just a lot of fun. The community is full of great people, and there is something here for everyone. They've got games that range in difficulty, tons of things to collect, and there are always tournaments." Sam said, wondering why Jenna seemed to have some enthusiasm in her voice.

"Tournaments, huh? Alright, I want in on this. Let's check it out." Jenna said in her usual commanding way.

"Really?" Jessica and Sam nearly screamed at the same time. "What the hell Jenna? I don't want to spend my day playing board games with losers." Jessica complained to her friend.

"Relax Jessica. If it's a tournament then there has to be a prize involved. We might be able to make some quick cash today. Besides, how sweet will it be to beat these dorks at their own game." Jenna said as she walked into the store. Jessica grumbled a bit, but followed her friend inside along with Sam.

The group approached the check in desk where the store's owner Ron Mitchell sat. "Hey there Sam. Who are your friends? I haven't seen them around before." Ron greeted.

Sam introduced the girls. "This is Jenna and Jessica. They wanted to check the place out. Jenna was thinking of joining today's tournament."

"Was she? I'm a bit surprised. No offense but you're not the usual type. The more the merrier though. Just watch out for ole Sam here. He may seem meek, but he's one of the consistent champs around here." Ron patted Sam on the back as the scrawny boy blushed.

"You're embarrassing me Ron." Sam laughed good naturally. "I'm nothing special. Just got lucky in a few close calls is all."

"Can I just get signed up already?" Jenna interrupted. She was here to compete, not listen to this guy stroke Sam's ego. Ron sighed, but gave Jenna a pen. Jenna quickly signed her name and checked out today's victims.

"Are you going to sign up today Sam?" Ron inquired, offering the pen and sign up sheet.

"Sorry Ron. You know I don't do tournament play. I just like to play a little if my friends want, but the tabletop stuff isn't really my scene."

Jenna drew one of the first lots for play. Her opponent was another geek from school, Candace Miller. Candace was a plump girl, shorter than most at 4'9" tall. Her swollen gut dominated her figure, and her stature gave her a sticky appearance. In her circle she was often compared to a dwarf, which she took pride in.

"Hey Jenna." Candace greeted enthusiastically. "I didn't know you'd be playing."

"Just shut up. I'm here to win, not to make friends." Jenna snarled.

"Geeze, somebody has a temper. How have you put up with her all day Sam?" Candace asked her friend. Candace and Sam had been close friends since they were young. Their parents thought they'd make a cute couple, and Candace was more than willing, but Sam was hesitant. He did like Candace, but he felt he could do better.

"She's just trying to psych you out. That's all." Sam replied.

The tournament went on for a couple of hours. At first Jenna made a couple of blunders, but as her competitors watched it was like she flipped a switch. It seemed that out of nowhere she knew every secret of the games, and could think several moves ahead of them. "With that I take your King." Jenna said as her braces flashed for a moment. "Dark Magician attacks, and you're out of life points." Came the end of the next round. As she stood and shook her opponents hand he briefly thought she had been shorter than him before, but he must have been mistaken.

"I can't believe I'm at the finals." Jenna cheered. "Thanks for coming to support me Jessica. You're the best." She smiled at her friend. "Than you too Sam." She blushed as she addressed the boy.

"Yeah, yeah. Just hurry up and finish already. I'm leaving soon no matter what." Jessica told her friend, though that was a strained relationship in her mind. Jenna had seemed cool as a kid, but she never seemed to grow up. She still played with toys, watched cartoons, and hung out with several dorks. If she wasn't a stacked blonde with long legs she'd be no better than them.

Jenna walked away from her friends to prepare for the final round. Jessica turned to Sam and apologized for the day. "I'm so sorry you had to spend the day like this. I know you're not really into this stuff, and she told me it wouldn't take all day."

"Hey, no worries. You can just make it up to me later." Sam smirked confidently. Sam took out a comb through his blonde locks. He knew he could have Jessica by the way she was looking at him. She was a total hottie, and would be a fine notch in his belt. He had set out today to make it with Jenna Dawson though. He wasn't sure why he was attracted to the girl. Jenna was exceptionally tall, towering over most at 6'4". She had some acne, and her glasses made her look like a nerd. The braces didn't do much to help. She even dressed like a dork, clad in a pleated skirt and a blouse with a white and black checkerboard pattern. She had a killer rack, and legs that went for days though. She may not be the best trophy, but she'd be his.

Jenna was thrilled that Sam was spending so much time with her. He had complimented her throughout the day, and given her encouragement during the assorted games of the tournament, even if he didn't really know what he was talking about. His chiseled jaw and muscles more than made up for it though.

Jenna sat down for the last game, a match of pokemon trading cards with decks prepared by the store. She had a tough time with I, but lured her opponent, Ron himself, into her trap. She was ecstatic to take the win with a Charizard. He had been her favorite ever since the first generation.

"Well, shoot. You really got me that time Jennifer. I didn't expect that combo." Ron laughed.

"It was a close one. If I didn't have the type advantage over your Meganium, I'd have been a goner." Jennifer shook Ron's hand.

"You definitely earned the top prize this time. I'm proud to award you with a $50 credit for anything in the store." Ron said as he handed over a gift card. Jennifer quickly accepted her prize and ran over to her best friend Candace to celebrate.

"Can you believe it? $50 for anything. That's the best prize I've ever gotten." Jennifer cheered.

"What are you going to use it on?" Candace inquired, having to look up at the much taller girl. Their friends often joked that they were like Gimli and Legolas. Candace was short and squat like a dwarf, and Jennifer was tall and willowy like an elf. It made for an interesting sight to see them next to each other, but they accepted who they were.

"I' don't know. There are some manga I've been wanting to read. Maybe I could pick up the new Final Fantasy though. Or we could get the new expansion to D&D." Jennifer gushed as she scanned the store. She stopped as she noticed Sam Weathers and Jessica Rizzoli heading out of the shop. Why had they been here? She couldn't help but swoon over the quarterback. He had perfect tan skin, and rippling muscle. His smile showed perfect white teeth that sparkled in the light. Jennifer could also tell from the bulge below his waistline that he had a very impressive package. There was no way he'd be interested in a girl like her though.

"Why did we even go in there?" Sam grumbled to his girlfriend. It was only natural that the head cheerleader be dating the quarterback after all.

"I told you. My little cousin is into this shit, and I had to look for a birthday present. Mom threatened to take my keys if I didn't" Jessica replied. "Just look at these freaks. Can you believe they spend their lives like this?" Jessica berated the people in the store.

Sam looked back at the other customers. The one that stood out the most to him was a ridiculously tall girl with mousy brownish blonde hair. Her arms were gangly and awkward. Her legs were spindly and lacked tone, like she never strained herself. Her plain looks were offset with laughable glasses. What was worse was that she had no curves. She was flat chested, and her hips barely made an impression. Sam felt like he had seen her before, but couldn't be bothered to remember her name. "Let's just get out of here. You still have to make it up to me." He said with a wink and slap of Jessica's pert ass.

#Degeneration #Objectification #Robotization #FemaleTransformationStory #FUBAR


Audrey was waiting in dread for the judge's verdict, she knew it was illegal what she did but almost everyone does it, they needed a scapegoat to put an example of, she thought, but why did it have to be her?

Judge; 'Will the accused please stand.'

Shaking on her legs, like she never had experienced before, Audrey slowly stood up.

Judge; 'You are aware of the severity of the crime that you committed?'

Audrey; 'Yes... Yes, ma'am...'

Judge; ‘Good... In my eyes you are still nothing more than a common thief, you stole products from honest hard working entertainers just because you believe that digital goods should be free, well guess what... Nothing comes free in this world and Hollywood is bleeding because of parasites like yourself. So I will give you the same sentence as any other thief in this country... 7 years and a fine of 100 000 dollars!"

Audrey; 'Oh Please...! This can't be real, judge... I beg you, give me any punishment... ANY... But don't put me in a jail. You know what they do to beautiful frail girls like me! I need to become somebody's bitch for protection!

Judge; 'Well you brought this upon yourself and frankly I hope you will open the eyes of some other 'digital' leeches by this hard sentence.'

The judge was about to slap the hammer but at the last moment someone interrupted her.'

Kawari Representative; 'WAIT!!!... Pardon me for interrupting your 'hammer slam' madam judge, but if I may propose a more alternative punishment that would advance important research.

Judge; 'Who on earth do you think you are to get between my hammer and the final verdict?'

Kawari Representative; 'My apologies madam judge, I haven't had time to introduce myself yet. I work for Kawari the largest biotech company in our day and age, and we are in need of test subjects to advance our experiments... to improve our human lives if you will. I'm employed as a Kawari seeker who looks for willing individuals who want to risk their lives for us, and what better place to find them than in court? Of course I know I'm not a lawyer but I'm asking for a quick recess to discuss with you in what Project Audrey will be included, If the accused agrees with becoming a test subject of course.'

Audrey; 'Oh God YES!!! Anything but prison thank you Sir!'

Judge; 'I'm intrigued... make it quick!'

15 minutes later, the judge and the Kawari representative came back out of the chambers and with a smile on the judge's face she went back to her seat in the courtroom.

Judge; 'Accused please stand up again... Right, normally I wouldn't reconsider a punishment, but after hearing what the project entails I came to the conclusion that it is as severe as doing 7 years’ time, maybe even worse... So my sentence will be as Follows. Audrey Williams you will remain in the custody of Kawari until they have no more use for you, Once the project is finished you will enter a halfway house where you will be reintegrated in society, you have to report to Kawari research headquarters in 7 days from now, That's all.'

Judge; 'Next Case!'

Audrey; 'Thank you judge, THANK YOU!'


Audrey arrived early in the morning at Kawari headquarters she was familiar with their company everyone in the world basically was, they were the first who successfully integrated technology in the human body. Their first product was the successor of the smartphone called the 'Kawari 1'. It is a small smartphone like device that gets implanted in your hand and out of it projects a screen when you press the button, the battery basically is the human body that never runs empty... unless you die.

At first people didn't like the idea of having an implanted chip with a button on top of it in their hand but after they saw what it could do it became a success in no time, they are about to reach 1 billion customers this year. There are even rumors that they will cannibalize Apple if they keep on growing like this.

Audrey didn't have the Kawari 1 though, she still preferred to leave her smartphone behind and there were a lot of conspiracies circling around about the Kawari 1, that they would send all of your data to the government heck even some believe it could cause a heart attack if the government or Kawari wanted to get rid of you.

When she thought about it she realized they started to introduce it with inmates and kids at first, and after that the Kawari 1 became a normal thing.

Audrey entered the main entrance and hesitantly walked to the front-desk.

Audrey; 'Good morning, my name is Audrey Williams and I am supposed to put myself available to the Kawari Research Facility.

Secretary Melissa; 'Let me see now... Audrey... Audrey, Ah yes Audrey Williams the pirate criminal volunteer. That's interesting, you are supposed to go to our underground facilities for the 'Menial Project'. Most stuff that they do there is top secret that shouldn't see the light of day. Let me check if it's not a mistake.

Doctor Hayasi; 'Doctor Hayasi speaking, how may I be of service?'

Secretary Melissa; 'Good morning Doctor Hayasi, there is an Audrey Williams here who...

Doctor Hayasi; 'Ah yes! Ashley Williams she is the main ingredient for the menial project. I'm on my way!'

Secretary Mellissa; 'Well I guess it wasn't a mistake. Please wait ma'am, Doctor Hayasi is on his way.'

Audrey was about to take a seat when she saw a short, Asian looking old man running towards her. He came closer and closer until he stood in front of her gasping for air.'

Doctor Hayasi; 'Good... morning...., Miss... Audrey.... I presume?

Audrey; 'Yes doctor nice to meet you.'

Doctor Hayasi; 'Come... Oh my it's been a long time I have been that excited I shouldn’t run like that on my age.'

After the weird introduction Doctor Hayasi escorted Audrey to his research sector. They entered an elevator and down it went, and it kept on going down until it stopped at the letter X that showed on the elevator display.

Doctor Hayasi; 'Welcome to sector X, there are still 2 floors below us that contain even more high classified projects than mine, not even the great genius Hayasi is allowed to go there. As you can see we have this sector all to ourselves, not to worry an old squinty eyed midget like me opposes no threat... My experiments on the other hand..., Anyways you can feel comfortable here.

Feel free to explore all the rooms that aren't locked, you can pick whatever bedroom you like, except for my bedroom... Hayasi's bedroom is Hayasi's precious. No wait! Hayasi's Experiments are Hayasi's precious, Hayasi's bedroom contains Hayasi's private stack of hentai that shouldn't exist... Oh my I shouldn't have said that... Well... Are there any questions?'

Audrey; 'How long do I have to stay here? What is the 'Menial Project? Can my family and friend come visit me?' Can I ...

Doctor Hayasi; 'Hold your horse there, I may be a genius but remembering trivial questions is not one of my talents.' To answer your 1st question, I have neither the interest or approval to state the duration of the menial project. To answer your 2nd question I have neither the interest or approval to explain stuff about Menial. And to answer your 3rd question I have neither the interest or approval to inform you on visitations. Having said that I will explain them to you now because I'm bored.

Menial duration is in stages. Depending on the stage and the amount of stages the time varies. My plan is the '7 stage plan' depending on the average duration of one stage you are a free human...like creature in 1 day however the time to adjust to your new self is indefinite. The Menial project is intended to make no do good doers do good, does that make sense? The bad news is that I can't come forth with more information the good news is that you will find out soon enough. Visitation isn't allowed in these 11 days.

Audrey; 'Thank you doctor Hayasi... for explaining, one final question when will we begin?'

Doctor Hayasi; 'Tomorrow 6 am after waffles, we will do a medical examination, or in other words you remove your clothes and I inspect and Inject... with needles I mean not with you know what, then we begin with stage 3, 5 and 6 they are the mildest stages so we start with them first.


The first day of the Menial stage arrived and doctor Hayasi woke up early just to get his waffles he checked on Audrey who still appeared to be asleep, and walked over to the kitchen of sector X where the cooks delivered him his waffles. When he got ready to eat he didn't notice that Audrey just entered the kitchen behind his back.

Doctor Hayasi; 'Oh god I love waffles, I hope that she will stay asleep so that I can eat them all... Oh hi Audrey I was only joking about the waffle theft, we all know who the REAL thief is, oh sorry bad joke, my parents always told me I have no filter in my head. Please sit down and eat a waffle or... 2 if you must, we have a big day today.

Audrey; 'Don't worry sir, I'm not hungry can I have something to drink?'

Doctor Hayasi; 'No food? well that’s good news for Hayasi's waffles, the only drink available to you is milk, milk and more milk, it’s part of the experiment, Ha-ha don't worry it won't turn you into a cow, Seriously though it won't, transformation into another creature by fluids is highly unlikely I must regret. Regardless after tomorrow the only thing you are allowed to drink or eat is milk so you sure you don't want a waffle... or 2 if you are extremely hungry?'

Audrey; 'Gheez... sure a glass of milk will do.

Doctor Hayashi; 'There you go one beautiful white glass of milk for a beautiful white girl...Hey Audrey you want to hear a waffle joke? just so you know, to lighten up the mood a little. I know it must be hard for you to endure your punishment, even though you have great company.'

Audrey; 'Sure I could use some humor.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Why do fat people like twitter?'

Audrey; 'I don't know... Please do enlighten me.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Because the hashtags look like a waffle. Hihihi'

Audrey; 'Well I must say that is the funniest waffle joke I ever heard, it's is the only one I ever heard though.'

Doctor Hayashi; Ha thanks dear, I'm glad you liked it. Please follow me, we need to do a medical examination.'


She entered a weird looking examination room along with Doctor Hayashi, a lot of devices she never had even seen, the entire room was filled with preserved organs, animals etc...

Doctor Hayashi; 'Welcome to my life's work. Everything you see here has led to Project Menial and you are the lucky person who will put this journey to an important first end. You will be the end result my dear Audrey. Please remove your clothes, shall we begin?

Audrey; 'I... I guess...'

It didn't take long for Audrey to undress and within a couple of seconds she stood bare naked.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Wow looking at you makes me regret a little that you are the first person who will endure Project Menial... but only a little. First let me read your information out loud feel free to interrupt when something is wrong clear?

Audrey; 'Clear.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Your name is Audrey Williams, you recently turned 18, IQ of 120, you wanted to become a teacher because you like children, but your real dream is to become a housewife of a successful businessman, with your own children. your height is 5 feet 7 inches and weigh 90 pounds, you have an 43inch bust, 41-inch waist, 47 inch hips hourglass body shape with a round well-formed butt and 32 C cup tits in the shape of torpedoes that look perfect if I might say... Euhm...what? carry on. Your facial features are as follows, straight black hair reaching your shoulder, light gray eyes, white blemish free skin, cute upturned/celestial nose and full cupid lips.

Audrey; 'How... How do you know all that?'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Kawari knows everything about anyone... Everyone knows that Kawari is pure evil yet nobody gives a rat's ass, and you know why? because humans only want to be distracted so they can forget about their eventual demise, that’s why the Kawari 1 is so popular limitless distraction that you can take everywhere and use anytime with 1 petabyte of data which is as good as limitless. and those that can't distract them from it end up in the crazy cage, or realize life is pointless and end it. I noticed you didn't have a Kawari 1... smart girl. They didn't know your breast size though; boob knowledge is one of Hayashi's more useful talents.

Audrey; 'I'm starting to think that the 7 years’ jail time was a way better deal than Menial.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'You better believe it dearie, I'm starting to like you but you chose your own fate and there is no return from this road. You need to trust Hayashi, I'm the only friend you have in here and out there from now on, I can prevent the most horrible outcome of menial If I think the risk is worth it.'

Audrey; 'You still haven't told me what menial is.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'You are a smart girl, you probably noticed there are no guards here to protect me from you, Hayashi is a kung Fu master but with my age of 78 even a frail girl can overpower me... Too bad we are more than 60 meter underground and an elevator that only opens with ... well I’m not going to tell you that but even if you would find a way to use the elevator the security up is no match for a girl. I will inform you the reason why there are no guards though, it is because you will be sick after today... very sick, and you won't be able to do any harm even if you wanted to. '

Audrey; 'Like a bird in a cage then huh? I should be panicking why am I not panicking?'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Because you realize the inevitability of your situation and you don't know the final outcome yet of menial... I wish... somebody else would be the first victim of this monstrosity that I created, I would free the bird in the cage if I knew the person really didn't deserve it, I illegally download hentai and porn all the time....'

Audrey; 'I'm starting to like you too Doctor Hayashi even though you probably are the most insane person I ever met.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Just call me Hayashi please, the writer must be sick and tired of including Doctor next to my name, enough talk let's start with the Menial Procedure.'

5.Menial Beginnings; Stage 3

Doctor Hayasi placed a gas mask on his face and placed 2 tick gloves on his hands, after that he grabbed a huge bottle that had white crème in it and walked to Audrey.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Let's start with stage 3, Sorry for the restraints dear, this white cream's purpose is to remove all hair permanently and it might sting a little. I don't want you to run around screaming when I apply this. I'll start with your hair.

Audrey; 'You mean I will be hairless completely for the rest of my life? Why... why is that necessary?

Doctor Hayashi; 'Correct dear, it’s a formality I agree but it has to do with the Image of a menial. No hair makes one look more clean, it’s very important for the particular type of Menial you will become.'

Doctor Hayashi grabbed a handful of cream and slowly started to massage Audrey's head, the poor girl felt like her head was on fire and not long after she started to burst out in tears. Hayasi kept on rubbing and with each rub more and more of her beautiful black locks started to fall out. It only took 10 minutes and her head was as bald as a baby.

Doctor Hayashi; 'There ALL... done, the worst part is over for stage 3, let's start with the rest of your body now.

It took Hayashi 30 minutes to cover Audrey's entire body and face with the white cream except for the eyes. Audrey didn't feel no more pain since she had passed out, it must have felt like she stood on fire with all that chemical goo on her body and face. Hayashi decided the white cream stayed on Audrey long enough and started to spray it off with water, and removed the restraints

Doctor Hayashi; 'Slap.... SLAP!... Wakie Wakie baldie, I'm sure you are eager to see you hairless.

Audrey; 'Oh my... I can barely stand, what happened?

Doctor Hayashi; 'Look in the huge mirror their hon, you can see your hairless self.'

Audrey; 'For the love of God! I look horrible! I look like a cancer patient! even my eyebrows are gone and my vagina hasn't looked like that since I’m 12!'

Doctor Hayashi; 'I'm sorry you had to experience that dear, but look it on the bright side, you never need to shave again or worry about how your hair looks like. Enough drama! We start stage 5, I want you to wear this black underwear and press the red button on it when you are ready.'

Stage 5

Audrey reluctantly grabbed the underwear, it didn't feel like normal underwear it seemed like there was a bunch of tech inside of it, the red button on it was weird also. With hesitation she decided to press on it and a red light next to the button appeared soon after.

Audrey; 'Well now what? What... The ... Fuck? I feel like something is entering my Vagina! hhhmmmm.... This is soo ... weird! What the hell is it doing! Feels... So... Good... hmmmmm....

Doctor Hayashi; 'I'm sorry to say, but enjoy it while it lasts dear, it’s a special device that removes your reproductive organs once you reach the greatest sexual climax you will ever feel the only thing you will have left down there is a clean vagina with nothing in it. A menial has no need for reproducing. You will become asexual and nothing will sexually arouse you ever again.

Doctor Hayashi watched as Audrey crawled on all fours when she was getting the best weird sex of her life with her underwear, he knew the device was almost finished, when he saw her nipples slowly disappear and getting replaced with skin, her breast was still there but they only where there as 2 sacks of C cup meat. The red light soon after turned green on her underwear while Audrey was soaking in sweat

Audrey; 'Soo... Tired... I... Feel... Empty...'

Moments later Audrey fell asleep.

5 hours later

Doctor Hayashi; 'Audrey... Audrey... AUDREY...! wake up!'

Audrey; huh?... where am I?

Doctor Hayashi; 'You so lazy, you fell asleep again! at this rate it's going to be a long day. I need to test if stage 5 was a complete success, I will start with touching your boobs to see if you still get sexually aroused.

Hayashi grabbed her tits and started to erotically massaging them, they still felt like female boobs but they were lacking the best part.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Do you feel anything dear?'

Audrey; 'No nothing, I... Feel... Washed out, like my ambition is gone, Am I even a woman now? my boobs look like a Barbie doll.'

Doctor Hayashi; 'Interesting I had hoped my boob massaging skills would still raise some form of arousal, well if that doesn't do it nothing will. Stage 5 is a success! Stage 6 is a simple fluid you need to swallow you are going to throw up and will feel very sick but after this stage the worst part is over when it comes to pain.

Stage 6

Knowing she had no other option Audrey swallowed it whole a couple of minutes past and nothing happened but not long after she started to feel pain in her bones and stomach,

Audrey; 'aaaaarrrrgghhh!!'

Doctor Hayashi; 'I can only imagine in how much pain you are now, this fluid is simplifying your digestive system and metabolizing your bone structure turning it into fat, in other words you will shrink a lot and gain fat mostly around your hips. your digestive system will morph in something that only can digest milk your body will burn the energy of the milk and the only thing that comes out of your bottom will be water from now on, trying to eat something else will immediately be rejected by your body.'

Hours passed when Audrey's body slowly started to distort itself, her hips became wider and wider while she was getting a small potbelly underneath her breasts, her bubble but started to lose her form slowly and cellulite started to form. When the throwing up stopped, Hayashi helped a diminished Audrey on her feet.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Ha! Well look who is the tall one now. It's measurement time!'

Audrey; 'I'm thirsty...'

Hayashi brought Audrey in his lab where he could test the success of stage 5, while giving her a large glass of cow's milk.

Doctor Hayashi; 'Let me see now, we'll start with measuring your height, stand here please Ashley... thank you, before your height was 5 feet 7 inches I'm measuring now... 4 feet 3 inches, your weight was 90 pounds before now it's 100 pounds that makes you obese with your newly attained stature, but since your body turned pear shaped it's no big deal. Let me compare your measurements next, your bust, waist and hips measurements was 43-41-47 inches, now they are 38-47-60 inches your breasts seem to have deflated since they no longer need to contain any fluids.

Stage 1

Doctor Hayashi; 'Try to stay still dear I’m going to inject you with stage 1 in your head, as you can see it's a pretty big needle that has gray ooze in it. Stage 1 will alter your brain chemistry slowly that is more appropriate for a 'Menial'.

Hayashi injected the big needle in one of Audrey’s temples and injected half of it in her brain.

Doctor Hayashi; ‘All done dear, you remember I told you about the favor I was trying to do to you? Well this is it, I should have injected it all but if my calculations are correct with only half the fluid you would still retain some personality of your previous self. Never show it to the people of Kawari though, they would consider you a failed product and end your life cycle.’

Audrey; ‘So what will it do then?’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘It will reform your skills and delete your previous talents, it would have reduced your IQ to 60 but with the current dosage it won’t drop below 80, also it will keep a part of your personality instead of turning you in a soulless creature since I injected only half.’

While Hayashi was explaining Audrey’s brain slowly started to realign itself, her brain started to get filled with household knowledge how to clean floors decently, how to obey your masters, how to deal with kids, and on and on it went, while at the same time she lost all of her former knowledge that she learned in school or by herself.

Audrey/Bubbles; ‘Yes master, thank you master, Bubbles understands now, Bubbles only purpose in life is to obey and to be a loyal maid product, thank you for keeping my personality master.’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘Bubbles? Where did that name come from? Are you still in there Audrey, oh god I hope I didn’t miscalculate.’

With tears in her eyes Audrey said:

Audrey/Bubbles; ‘Audrey was a great girl with a lot of potential master, Bubbles Is an appropriate name for a Menial don’t you think Master?

Hayashi; Oh good bubbles, I understand, good of you to act as a complete menial already we wouldn’t want the Kawari company to know that you are still in there now would we know?’

Bubbles; ‘Yes master.’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘Right, Stage 1 was a complete success except for our little secret of course, now stage 4 is a funny one if you can see the irony in it, your human face still looks relatable as a human we need to caricaturize it if I may say so, so that a menial has a distinct look. I will basically inject growth hormones in your lips, ears and some other modifications.’

Bubbles; ‘Bubbles no like having funny face, current face only left that reminds bubbles of Audrey, master.’

Doctor Hayashi; ‘Come, come, bubbles need to obey, bubbles will look cute, bubbles is in good hands.’

Hayashi placed Bubbles on a chair and slowly started to sculpt her new face, he injected her with 20 cc of growth hormones in her ears and lips and 30 minutes later he noticed how they both grew way out of proportion, her ears and mouth were at least triple in size as they were before. Afterwards he grabbed some sculpting tools and started to reshape Bubbles her nose. He removed the bone structure completely and reshaped her now gone celestial nose in a very flat Asian like tiny nose.

Good way to picture modern #ClownWorld
Everything has to be #Uglified to make the ugly wokies feel better.
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