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Cash Cow

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There was something satisfying about closing a sale. Certainly, a commission was nice. But closing a sale brought satisfaction that could warm a soul. Especially if you’re a door to door sales representative.

It takes a lack of certain ethical fiber to intrude upon the sanctity of another person's home with your merchandise, be it material or spiritual. That, and possibly an ideological certitude that your wares are important enough to be forced upon another. Whatever the motive, closing a sale always left a good taste in your mouth.

Girl scouts have it easy. Their wares are well advertised. Plus, folks love girl scouts and everyone loves their cookies. Girl scouts never get a door slammed in their face.

On a good day, Anna was lucky not to have more than ten shut before a single word escaped her lips. It didn’t get her down, though. But it can wear on the most stalwart salesperson.

Not Anna. Even on days when she didn’t make a sale (known as rolling a donut) Anna wasn’t the slightest bit put off. That’s because Anna had the two qualities that make a great salesperson: #1 . A great product that she believed in. A product that she knew would make the world a better place just by sharing it. Even if it was just by one home at a time. #2 . She lacked the ethical fiber that keeps most people from knocking on stranger’s doors.

It didn’t hurt that Anna also had enough business experience to sell a snow-cone to an Eskimo… then make him a customer for life. Anna was exceptional at what she did, and she enjoyed doing it.

It felt good to be back in the lower echelons of business. It was glorious from the top, but it was curiously fun to replay the game and find a new way to get to the summit.

The former owner of Taurus Enterprise had learned a few things at the last conference she had attended. And she intended to put them to good use. Over the course of just two weeks she had amassed a good number of sales. No small accomplishment considering it was her first territory with a new product. She made about four sales a day, well beyond what she was able to accomplish in her “rookie” years.

Not being in want of money certainly was helping.

Indifference. That was the hardest part of the sale to master. The hardest thing for a person to overcome. It’s hard to be indifferent when your livelihood depends on pushing a product. A potential sale can smell how much you want it - and some might lead you on just long enough to make you think your going to close the deal. Then they slam the door, with a satisfactory retribution knowing that they’ve wasted as much of your time as you had of theirs.

Anna didn’t need a sale every day. It was nice, but she didn’t need it. Besides she’d already made a sale today. At least she had to believe she did, so the sale would believe she did. It was hard to find a neighborhood that wasn’t trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. Envy was be a beautiful ally.

Surprisingly, as rude as the act was, going door to door was often successful simply because a product going door to door held within it a fear of loss and sense of urgency. A salesperson was like an ice cream truck: it might not be back again any time soon, and it won’t be her for long. Sso you’d better go buy your ice cream now.

Hmm, there was a thought… maybe Anna could get the same conditioned response as an ice cream truck by playing a little jingle? She’d have to pass that one back to corporate. Then send it to R&D to find a catchy jingle to fit the product. Honestly, Anna wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Bos already was looking into it.

She made a mental note; b flat maybe? Then continued her route. She was losing daylight, and there was one house left at the end of the cul-de-sac that she needed to return to.

It was a large two story brick house with false colonnades in front. A new neighborhood in a new suburb. The whole place screamed money. And yet they didn’t have the lawyers (or sense) to put up a “no soliciting” sign.

There was a new Land Rover in the driveway. This told Anna that her sale was home. It also told her that she would have no qualms, or difficulty, with taking this sale’s money.

Anna went up to the door and politely knocked “Somewhere over the rainbow”. “Shave and a haircut” never got sales, and Anna had a hunch that using “Mario Bros.” wouldn’t work on this sale.

She stood to the side of the door, not quite leaning against one of the fake columns. Keeping an eye on the doorway, but not quite staring at it. The door opened, “Hello, I’m Annabelle Taurus. I’m here on behalf of Dr. Bos Body Works and the newest line of Bovidae Products. We’re now offering Bos Replenishing Allure at discount, but I was told you might be interested in our premier product: Bos Intensity Gel.”

The door opened wider and a middle aged blond stepped out of the doorway. “Who told you I would be interested in anything?”

“Actually, I came by here earlier in the day and your daughter, Kristen, expressed that you might find these products as much to your liking as she did. So I’m here at her bequest.”

“Step-daughter…” the blond corrected, “What did she buy off of you?”

“She bought a lower end product. She didn’t have the same kind of money as your neighbors.”


“Let’s see, the Pecora’s and the Caprina’s, just in eyesight. They ordered several hundred dollars worth a piece.” Anna said pointing down the street. It always paid to memorize names. “Come to think of it, they mentioned that Jennifer Argali would be interested in our product. When would be a good time to show you what we have to offer?”

“Er… I’m not…well, I guess now is as good a time as any. Come on it.” Jennifer submitted. Never ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions until they couldn’t bear to say ‘no’. Give them an option between two choices of your choosing and you’ll always come out on top.

Anna followed Jennifer into the home. Luxuries of no real value were found throughout the house. Expensive items for sake of spending lots of money. No sentimental value, no craftsmanship, no love. But just enough flair to embarrass yourself by presenting them at Antiques Road Show.

Jennifer sat down on an overly plush chair and motioned for Anna to do the same. Anna did so crossing her legs politely. She was sharply dressed in a long professional skirt. Enough to be noticed and still be taken seriously. She set down the bag bearing the purple, black and white logo of Dr. Bos Body Works on the glass coffee table.

“How familiar are you with Dr. Bos products?” Asked Anna as she looked through her bag for a few items of demonstration. The pleasant fragrance of lavender began to fill the room.

“I’ve heard the name.”

“Originally Dr. Bos was a supplier of some of the magic elixirs that cosmetic companies desired. Our ingredients have grown increasingly popular amongst major cosmetics, so an individual brand was the next logical step for growth. And it works in keeping our products truly organic. Straight from harvest through production we want our products to be as natural as possible. What better way to remove all foreign contaminants than have all products made entirely in house? We also ensure all of our products don’t smell like pharmaceuticals. How can you feel beautiful smelling like plastic?”

Jennifer instinctively took a breath and became aware of the floral scent in the air. “Oh my! That is nice? What is that?”

“Lavender. Something of a personal touch by Dr. Bos herself.”

“Dr. Bos is a woman?”

Anna bit her tongue. Amazing how chauvinist views still affect the modern home. “Of course! Helping women look good takes a women’s touch. Sure we love to look beautiful to catch a man’s eye. But it’s other women who we seek to truly impress. Dr. Bos is well aware of that and strives to draw envy toward users of her product.”

“You have my attention. What have you got?”

“For you, Jennifer, Bos Intensity Gel seems like a good place to start. I can see why your dau… step-daughter and neighbors might have suggested it for you. It would suit you well.” Anne smiled as she brought out a small tin of gel. She felt herself getting excited at the prospect of this new client. The world would be much better with Jennifer using Dr. Bos product. At least the neighborhood, anyway.

This was Anna’s favorite part. She knew the sale was closed by the time she was invited into the home - but… that moment of anticipation before showing the product! What would the reaction be? What product would they choose in the end? The very idea thrilled Anna almost more than the act of using it. The anticipation, it was like foreplay to her. And foreplay always got her off.

Anna unscrewed the lid from the small container. “My that’s an awfully small sample.” said Jennifer, looking somewhat disappointed.

“It’s not a sample. Bos Intensity Gel is over $700 an ounce.” answer Anna. She knew a high price alone was enough to snare this sale. “Though some would argue the fact; quality always trumps quantity. Which isn’t to say quantity can’t be a good thing…”

As the lid came undone Jennifer couldn’t help but take a deep breath. “That smells lovely. Doesn’t it, Jennifer?”

“Oh my, yes it does. You could market it in aroma candles and make a fortune!”

Anna made a mental note at that idea. Always good to accept a customer’s suggestions. If one was offered, there were a thousand more sales who shared the idea. Of course long term exposure to such a product… They’d have to be small candles…

Jennifer visibly relaxed into the plush chair. Anna smiled. She could have her way with the woman if she’d wanted. She did want to. Just not yet.

“That’s a great idea, Jennifer. I’ll make sure our Research and Development team gets moving on that idea, if they’re not already. It would be great to smell this good all the time, wouldn’t it Jennifer?”

Jennifer took another deep breath and sighed almost closing her eyes, “Yeah.”

Too easy, Anna thought. Almost disappointing, really. Anna loved the struggle of a strong will. She wasn’t expecting a woman with such small breasts to be so… submissive. It made sense though. Jennifer was showing off what little she had in a tight v-neck. Submissive women like showing off their breasts. Anna smiled at the thought. It wouldn’t be long before Jennifer was on her knees.

A shame really. Anna enjoyed the longer breaking of Jennifer’s type: rich, arrogant, and naturally good looking. Anna looked upon Jennifer’s lithe form again and noticed that she was a natural blond. Perhaps that counteracted the small breasts in terms of submissiveness?

Perhaps a change in strategy, just for the fun of it. “Would you like to smell like lavender, Jennifer?”

Jennifer opened her eyes. “What? You mean like a perfume?”

It was a bold risk. But that’s what Anna thrived on. “No, not a perfume. I mean would you like to smell like this always?” Anna held the jar of closer to Jennifer.

Jennifer couldn’t help but inhale deeply. The scent filled her head, no, her whole body with… she couldn’t find the word for it. She took another breath pushing her nose closer to the jar of Bos Intensity Gel. She wanted it. She needed it. “Yes! I could smell that forever.”

Anna smiled. The miscommunication was irrelevant. If Jennifer wanted to smell herself forever, she could. The customer was always right.

Anna began screwing the lid back on. Jennifer’s eyes widened and was about to ask why Anna was shutting off the pleasant aroma when Anna answered, “I believe that there is another, more expensive, product more suited to your desires, Jennifer.”

The idea of something more expensive was enough to persuade Jennifer, whether it suited her needs or no. She didn’t ask a price. She didn’t even respond verbally, she just got up to get her purse. She whipped out a credit card and threw it on the table. Then Jennifer sat back down into the plush chair.

Ah, technology. In Anna’s early years few people had cards, let alone would attempt to use them for a door to door purchase. Then, after the nineties, everyone had cards - but wireless technology was in it’s infancy and it took tens of minutes worth of time filling out forms to charge one from home. And even then it would be at a later date. Now, an account could be charged remotely with a small handheld device.

Anna smiled. She could empty the entire account. There wasn’t a need to though. She wasn’t in need of money. Besides, honest business always paid off. Well, mostly honest business… “Let’s just leave that for later, shall we? Until you’re 100% satisfied in our product”

Anna left the Bos Intensity Gel and Jennifer’s credit card on the table as she drew a larger purple tinted container from her bag. “This is Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder. It will rejuvenate your skin, moisturize it, and give your body the scent of lavender.”

Anna unscrewed the jar letting its aroma fill the room, then pulled a pair of latex gloves from her bag and donned them. She scooped up a small bit with her fingers holding it before Jennifer.

Jennifer took a deep breath then was caught off guard with a cool sensation on her chest as Anna began rubbing it in just above her v-neck. “Not to mention it is made with the latest Bovidae Formula.” Anna said as she rubbed the cream into Jennifer’s chest.

Jennifer’s eyes popped open at the touch of the cold cream as it was spread onto her… She didn’t do anything to stop Anna. It felt too good. But the flavor of the aroma was different somehow. More… musky? Jennifer inhaled deeply again. Yeah, musky. It smelled like lavender and sex.

“Are you a submissive woman, Jennifer?” Asked Anna as she scooped up more of the cream. Anna moved in almost straddling the other woman as she rubbed more cream into Jennifer’s chest and above, exposing more of her shoulders…

Jennifer’s eyes opened and went up and to the right as she pondered the question. She wasn’t submissive. Especially not considering the way she treated her husband or step-daughter. “No, I’m not a submissive woman.”

Anna arched an eyebrow, caught slightly off guard. “Really? I’m sitting over you. I could do with you as I would will.” She said with an air of confidence.

Jennifer closed her eyes. “I paid you to.” she retorted as she settled further into the chair.

She had a point, really. In her world, Anna was little more than a service provider. What a curious mind. Perhaps she’d paid for service before… “What are you paying me to do?”

“I’m paying you to make me more beautiful.”

Again, she had a point. “Your money is well spent. Your skin is rejuvenating and re-hydrating. All your wrinkles, what few you had, are disappearing. Your breasts will soon start firming up. You’ll hardly recognize yourself in short time.”

“Good!” Jennifer smiled and opened her body to Anna.

Anna wasn’t sure how she felt about this. It was as if Jennifer expected her to rub the entire jar of Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder onto her body to her benefit. Sure, Anna had planned on doing just so. But, that was because it was her idea. Not this egomaniac’s. Best to swallow her pride and run with it. At least for a little bit.

“Is there anything else in particular I could help you with?” Anna inquired as she rubbed the last of the cream onto Jennifer. This time moving lower over what was exposed of Jennifer’s breasts.

Jennifer laughed. “I remember the day when I had to go abroad for that kind of service! What are you offering?”

Anna bit her lip and pulled back from on top of Jennifer. Despite the chemicals running through her body, despite her submissive response to Anna’s actions, Jennifer still thought she was in charge. And now she thought that Anna was a prostitute. She had misread Anna’s seduction… Anna cringed at the thought. Even more so when she acknowledged that seduction it was…

With a twinge Anna snapped out of it. She wasn’t the whore here. Anna had read all the signs - and by now Jennifer had taken a more than healthy dose of narcotics. Anna was the alpha here, even if Jennifer didn’t know it, yet. She would turn Jennifer into a cash cow. Even if it meant doing so at Jennifer’s request.

Maintaining her professionalism, Anna stepped back and laid out the rest of her wares onto the table. She named each product as she did so. Anna could take her time. The chemicals would do their job, even if Jennifer was proving more resistant than most to their cognitive effects.

“I have with me: Bos Replenishing Allure, Hypnotherapy Omega Red Sensory Elixir, Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Shock Perfume Intensity Cellular Extract, Bos Oxygen Natural Dermafil, Bos Open Intensity Night Gel, Simple Elixir Xanthippe. You’ve already seen the Bos Intensity Gel. And here is the original Bovidae Formula.”

Anna neglected to pull out the remaining item in the bag. Given the circumstances, she didn’t want Jennifer to know about the feeldoe. Not yet, anyway. It wasn’t something Anna normally carried on her. It was special purchase for a special client, and Anna made sure that the customer always got what they paid for.

“Mmmm, let’s go back to the Intensity Gel. I didn’t get to feel it yet.” Said Jennifer.

“Excellent choice. It compliment’s the effects of Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder. And it will feel very good!” Anna reopened the container “If you want I could…”

“Yes! I think you should!” responded Jennifer, pulling off her v-neck and turning in the chair to better expose her back and shoulders to Anna.

Anna smiled. The subtlety of persuasion was unnecessary, aside from comforting Anna’s ego that she was indeed in control. Certainly the chemicals where helping subdue Jennifer’s inhibitions about removing her shirt. She admired Jennifer’s newly exposed flesh. It was already healthy and smooth. Toned in just the right places. “Actually, Jennifer, Bos Intensity Gel isn’t meant for your backside.”

A tipsy smile crept its way across Jennifer’s face. “Then I guess this will just get in the way!” She giggled as she removed her bra and tossed it away. She cupped her pert breasts and swayed her body invitingly in front of Anna. Then she relaxed again into the plush chair, now half nude.

Anna’s smile was genuine. In a past life she would have offered Jennifer a managerial post. Especially given her clairvoyance in recognizing her bra would get in the way, no less! Too bad for Jennifer. Since the chemicals were kicking in Anna would now only offer her a post in the manger.

Moving again closer to Jennifer, Anna dipped her gloved fingers into the gel. Anna held her fingers in front of Jennifer’s nose before rubbing it into the other, not yet submissive, woman.

Jennifer couldn’t control herself as she leaned in to smell the scent she had so adored. A strong odor of lavender, and something different now. Not just musk. There was liquid sex mixed into the floral scent. She breathed deep and rubbed a nipple.

What sweet sight greeted Anna’s eyes. As jaded as she was, she still got a thrill as the wet spot crept from Jennifer’s crotch. Anna couldn’t help but take a whiff of the new scent of lavender and sex that filled the air… Only lost for a moment, she snapped out of the daze and continued her task.

Jennifer cooed and pulled her own hand back as Anna massaged the cool gel into her breasts. She could feel her nipples swell. She arched her back so as to press her flesh deeper into Anna’s hands. But Anna’s hands weren’t there long. “Oh!” She moaned as Anna smeared more of the gel onto her abdomen. “OOH!” she cried louder as Anna rubbed concentric circles around erogenous spots she didn’t even know she had. It was like her nipples were being tweaked from her stomach.

If her belly felt that good, her actual nipples must be shooting lightning bolts. Jennifer cupped her breasts and squeezed unfamiliar flesh. Her nips weren’t found where they normally where. They seemed just a little bit farther out on her tits. Mmm, tits was a great word for what she had. Funny, Jennifer couldn’t remember ever having tits before - she’d only had breasts. Tits were better, bigger, fuller.

Sure enough, as soon as she found her nips, they felt like lightning. Jennifer squirmed at her own touch then gasped as Anna rubbed more cream into the two new sweet spots. Her whole body was tingling. So much so she didn’t realized Anna had stopped touching her.

Anna was out of Bos Intensity Gel. Mixed with the Cream of Wonder, Jennifer should be feeling swimmingly good without any assistance for a number of hours. Anna watched as Jennifer tweaked her now large tits, wriggling and moaning in ecstasy. She wondered how long it would take Jennifer to notice her developing second set. Anna certainly hadn’t been shy about exciting the new teats - and Jennifer certainly had responded well to the touch.

It was odd though. Jennifer hadn’t actually touched herself below her normal set of breasts. Anna had no doubt it would be a while before Jennifer noticed her new milkers. Especially given the diluted concentration of the Bovidae Formula in products for home use. But Jennifer hadn’t taken her hands from her own original nipples.

Sure, Dr. Bos products heighten the sensitivity of the body. But most women would begin rubbing their nether regions in tandem with their breasts to get off. Judging by the growing dampness between her legs, it was likely Jennifer needed nothing more than nipple stimulation to reach orgasm.

As if to prove the point Jennifer let one go. “Oh, oh, oooooooooh! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, pinching her tits all the tighter.

What a lucky one this one is, thought Anna. Four new orgasmic buttons for her, and anyone else’s, pleasure.

After a few moments recovery, Jennifer reached a hand down check her own crotch. She rubbed her own wetness then brought her hand back to her face to smell. Heaven. Pure orgasmic bliss. Jennifer had always liked her own smell. But this new one really turned her on. She began rubbing her tits again, though they seemed an even further to reach.

“How long are you going to keep your pants on?” questioned Anna.

“Until I say you can take them off!” replied Jennifer smugly. She didn’t even open her eyes. She didn’t seem embarrassed that she’d gotten off in front of another woman - despite seemingly to have forgotten about Anna. Did she get off on exhibitionism, too?

Anna was amazed at Jennifer’s arrogance, but maintained her cool. “Okay then. When would you like me to take off your pants?”

“You’re anxious to get in there, aren’t you?” giggled Jennifer.

Physically, the chemicals were working fine. Mentally they seemed to be working as well, if more slowly. Giggling wasn’t something dominant woman were known for. Jennifer wasn’t a dominant woman. She was just bossy. Good thing Anna was sent here. She knew just what to do with bossies.

“Actually, Jenny, I’ve got something that needs to go there. Something that was bought just for a submissive woman like you.”

“I told you I’m not a submissive woman!” Jennifer retorted while twirling her nipples.

“Really, Jenny? Then why are you showing me your tits. Does that get you off?”


“You are submissive, Jenny. Submissive women like showing off their tits. Showing off your tits gets you off doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but…”

Anna cut her off. “You don’t wear bras either, Jenny. Submissive women don’t wear bras. They like showing off their tits. You couldn’t wear a bra if you tried.”

Jennifer thought she wore bras. Ones that emphasized what she had - at least when she didn’t have that much to emphasize. She looked down. What more needed emphasizing? But wouldn’t she need something to support these things? She thought, holding them up with her hands.

“Admit it, Jenny, you’re a submissive woman. You’re even making milk like a submissive woman.” Anna reached out and grabbed one of Jennifer’s original teats. She pulled in just the right way and a quick stream of milk shot out.

“Oooh!” Jenny squealed. God that felt good!

“You liked that. Didn’t you, Jenny? Submissive woman like making milk, don’t they?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, oh yes!” Let out Jenny as Anna pulled a few more squirts.

“Take off your pants. That’s right, take them off. I knew it! I knew you were a submissive woman! You weren’t wearing any panties, were you? That’s right submissive women don’t wear panties, do they?” Anna rewarded Jenny with a few more expert tugs on Jenny’s now well developed tit.

“Oh god! More! More!” pleaded Jenny once Anna stopped.

“Get on your knees.” Jenny immediately dropped to the floor. “That feels good doesn’t it, Jenny? Submissive women like being on their knees, don’t they? You like being in that submissive state don’t you?”

Anna didn’t wait for the affirmation. She just pulled the same teat again until Jenny was on all fours above a milk stained carpet. Good thing it was already white. Anna gave a few more quick tugs for the good behaviour.

“Ooooooooh!” Jennifer screamed. She had meant to say ‘Oh god!’ that time but lost her words as her pussy felt that familiar clenching which signaled the start of her orgasm.

Anna took a step back to oversee her work. “Look at you. You are a cow, aren’t you Jenny?”

“Aaaaaaaaaam noooooooooot aaaaaaaaaaa coooooooooooooooow!” said Jenny, still cumming.

“Really, Jenny? Submissive women are cows. There you are - on the ground, on all fours. Like a cow. Your tits are hanging out, dripping milk. Like a cow. You even have four tits. Just like a cow. Because, Jenny, you are a cow.” Anna milked the two new teats for emphasis.

That sent Jenny over the top. She came hard, and then came again as Anna continued milking her.

Multiple orgasms without even touching her twat. What a lucky one Jenny was with her new teats. Anna could keep going her cumming all night without putting a finger inside of her. At least so long as she had the stamina to keep milking her new cow.

Anna did have to stop. She still had one task left before fulfilling her contract. Besides, her hands were getting tired.

Letting go of Jenny’s tits, Anna pulled the feeldoe out of her bag. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Especially given the lack of attention you’ve had so far down here.” Anna said as she slid the pony side into Jenny’s pussy.

Given the moaning, it was clear Jenny did enjoy her new pseudo cock.

Anna took a step back to view the newest herd member. “If it weren’t for your udders, some might think you were a bull instead of a bossy. But you’ve been bossy all your life haven’t you? Maybe that’s why your neighbors expressed interest in you getting our products? Maybe that’s why your step-daughter was so eager to buy this for you?” Anna surmised tapping the feeldoe.

Jenny moaned in pleasure again, but her moans weren’t entirely to moos, yet. Anna wasn’t going to miss this chance to really milk her new cash cow. She looked at the uncharged credit-card on the coffee table then looked into Jenny’s eyes. “Kristen will be back soon. Would you like to buy her something in return?”

Spirit of Vengeance (Odd Transformation female mostly)


Gonsalves Guler hated his job. The pay was low, the work was dull, and he was extremely unpopular among his co-workers. He came from a poor immigrant family, and worked his butt off to put himself through high school and then through college.

He had graduated with a degree in computer network administration; unfortunately he discovered that there were very few jobs available for him. He took the first one that he could afford, working in the administration office at a local technical college.

It wasn't really Gonsalves' fault that he couldn't get a better job; he had a lot of things going against him. Gonsalves had a thick accent, which made it difficult for him to make himself understood. This in itself may not have been such a big problem, but he also suffered from a number of minor physical defects. He was extremely farsighted, so he was forced to wear very thick glasses. They made his eyes look much bigger than they really were - which had led to his nickname, "Goggles". All of Gonsalves' coworkers called him "Goggles", not realizing that it drove him up the wall. It might not have been so bad if they had been using the name affectionately, but Gonsalves knew that they weren't. When they thought he wasn't listening, or when they e-mailed each other, the people in Gonsalves' office usually called him "Gonzo".

Gonsalves also suffered from an unusually large, hooked nose, which led to his "secret" nickname. Gonsalves' coworkers didn't realize that, as the network administrator, and the only person in the office who was truly computer literate, he could gain access to any files on any computer in the office, and he read their e-mails frequently. He was the butt of many jokes that were told behind his back. He had heard the data entry clerks groaning about how their computers weren't working, and they'd have to ask Gonzo to fix it. He'd seen the e-mail sent around by Pauline, the receptionist, which contained a photograph of a pair of horn-rimmed glasses balanced on a male penis, with the caption "Gonzo". He heard the jokes being told behind his back about how stupid he was, how unattractive he was, and numerous slanders about his sexual preferences and anatomy. He couldn't talk to his boss, Robert, about it, because Robert was one of the worst perpetrators.

Worse yet, Gonsalves couldn't afford to quit his job. His parents were old, and had fallen quite ill - they didn't have health insurance, and every penny he could spare went toward their mounting medical bills. It had taken him months to find this job, and the only reason that they had been able to look past his appearance and his accent was the fact that they were desperate for a network administrator - the toxic work environment at the office had driven every other admin to a better job.

Gonsalves was working late at night, trying to repair the network issues caused by his idiot coworkers that day. He was thankful to have an excuse to miss the staff Christmas party, which was being held in a banquet hall on the floor below. He had no desire to socialize with the sociopaths he had to deal with every day at work.

As he was defragmenting a hard disk, Gonsalves noticed a brown paper package in his mailbox. He hadn't seen the package earlier in the day, and wondered how long it had been there. He walked over and picked it up. The package was wrapped in plain brown paper, and didn't have an address on it.

It merely said "To Gonsalves, From the Spirit of Vengeance - Merry Christmas!"

Gonsalves decided that the package was probably a prank from one of his socially retarded coworkers, so he opened it very carefully, away from his desk. Inside the package was a CD, labeled "New Reality Photo Editor".

Goonsalves was puzzled - none of his coworkers could have created a virus to harass him. He thought it was extremely unlikely that they even knew anyone capable of creating a virus. He recalled one time when Betty in Data Entry called him to fix her computer; he fixed it by turning on the power bar. Gonsalves' curiosity got the better of him, and he slipped the disk into an older computer he had in his cubicle. He disconnected it from the network, to ensure that he wouldn't have to repair more than one computer if the disk turned out to be harmful.

In a few seconds, an interface window popped up on the screen.

It said "Welcome to New Reality Photo Editor. Prepare to harness the most powerful photo and video editing software on the planet."

It had two buttons on the interface - one read "Quit", and the other read "Find photos, videos, and input devices".

Gonsalves clicked the second button, and the computer whirred and hummed for several seconds. A new window popped up, and Gonsalves was amazed at what was contained. In the top part of the window was a list of every image or video file contained on every computer in the building. It was sortable by a number of criteria, including file type, user, department, and subject matter! Gonsalves gulped, and looked at the network cable sitting unplugged on the floor. There was no possible way that this computer could talk to the network - yet somehow, it was able to see what was on every single computer in the building.

The second part of the new window puzzled Gonsalves even more. It was a list of input sources, with thumbnails showing what was available from them. The input sources included every web-cam on the network, several digital cameras that weren't connected to anything at all, and every security camera in and around the building. A chill went down Gonsalves' spine when he saw himself sitting in his cubicle. He looked at the webcam on his main computer, which he theoretically used for video-conferencing with Robert, his boss. Too bad Robert didn't know how to work a web-cam. Gonsalves realized that his web-cam was turned off, yet somehow it was projecting an image onto a computer that wasn't even connected to it.

Gonsalves clicked on the thumbnail beside his web-cam. A large window popped up, with a high-quality, fast frame rate video image of himself on the screen. There were a large number of menu options across the top. Gonsalves played around with the program for a few minutes, astonished at what it was doing. Clearly this was all impossible, so he decided that he must be dreaming. He pinched himself, and realized that he was wide awake. He clicked on himself, and another window popped up, saying "Object selected".

The new window showed a rotating, 3-dimensional, video image of himself in a seated position. Astonishingly, the image showed angles that the camera was incapable of seeing. Gonsalves played with the image, and found that he was able to drag the image into various poses. He chuckled as he pulled the shoes off of his image and put them onto his hands. This software was amazing! He clicked a button that said "Execute Changes", thinking that he would be able to save an image of this onto his computer. A tingling sensation passed over him, and his hands felt funny.

Gonsalves looked down, and cried out in surprise as he saw his shoes on his hands! He leaped to his feet, and quickly pulled the shoes off and threw them on the floor. He looked down, and saw that he was standing in his socks. Somehow this program had the ability to alter reality! He looked at the screen, and saw an image of himself, standing in his socks, staring at a pair of shoes lying in front of himself. Stunned, Gonsalves flopped down in his chair again. The full potential of this software was astounding. Gonsalves was wondering how far the changes could go, when he happened to glance at the "Input Devices" window again.

His sociopath coworkers were celebrating their annual holiday gift exchange in the banquet hall. They were laughing, and telling jokes, and pretending to like the coworkers whom they all secretly hated.

And Gonsalves was watching it all through a set of security cameras. He decided that it was time to test out the limits of this software.

Gonsalves opened up a few windows showing various views of the banquet hall. Amazingly, multiple windows didn't seem to slow down his computer at all. He decided to start small.

Pauline, the beautiful, long-legged and busty blonde receptionist, was fixing her makeup in the ladies' room. Gonsalves had noticed a number of options for editing objects, and decided to try them out. He clicked on Pauline and brought up a spinning image of her on a new window. She was wearing high heels and a slinky red dress, which was quite flattering on her. Gonsalves decided that it wasn't appropriate for the holiday season, however, and that it had to be changed. He dragged the dress off of the image. Before he started editing the dress, he goggled at the sight of Pauline wearing nothing but her panties and her high heels. Her large, perky breasts hung jiggling on her chest as she leaned toward the mirror, fixing her makeup. He looked at the security camera image, and saw that she was still fully clothed.

Gonsalves shook his head, and focused on the task at hand. He was able to use the software to make amazing modifications to the dress, and in a couple of minutes he had turned it into a wraparound dress with a white fur collar and border. It had a wide, black leather belt with a golden buckle. He dragged it back onto Pauline's image, but not before he slid her panties off. The panties were red, as well, which inspired Gonsalves. He played with the program some more, and quickly turned the panties into a red Santa cap, with a fur pom-pom and a border that matched Pauline's new coat. He quickly added fur pom-poms onto the front of Pauline's high heels, and saw that she was starting to leave the ladies' room.

Gonsalves clicked the "Execute changes" button, and watched, to his delight, as Pauline's slinky red dress turned into the red Santa outfit he had created. She didn't notice anything until she returned to the banquet hall - several co-workers started applauding, and Pauline looked confused for a moment. When she looked down at her outfit, there was a brief look of genuine surprise on her face. She clearly had no idea how this outfit got on her. Since it was clearly so popular with the staff, however, Pauline quickly regained her composure and pretended that she had worn the outfit on purpose. When she sat down, a couple of her co-workers were treated to a brief glimpse of her neatly trimmed, black-haired pussy - the coat was quite short, and she didn't yet realize that she wasn't wearing panties anymore.

Gonsalves rubbed his hands together in excitement. Time to try some of the other editing options he had seen.

Gonsalves selected Betty, the data entry clerk. Most of the data entry clerks were middle-aged and fairly unattractive, but Betty was a 22-year old brunette and a fox. She and Pauline hated each other - Betty loathed the way that the 30-ish Pauline shamelessly used her sexuality to get what she wanted; Pauline despised the fact that Betty had a natural young, girlish look that drove most men crazy. Gonsalves didn't really care, because they were both cold, heartless bitches who spoke viciously about anyone and everyone whenever the opportunity expressed itself. He was especially angry at the emails which Betty sent around, lampooning the mild-mannered network administrator.

Gonsalves had discovered that the software could create video sequences, and was interested in whether he could make an actual short scene play out in reality. He worked and fiddled for several minutes, and decided that he was ready to test the sequence out. He clicked "Execute Sequence", and flipped to the security cameras again to enjoy the show.

Betty sat in her green party dress with a glass of wine in her hand. She was telling a rather dull story about a data-entry issue she had faced a few days before, and the people around her were starting to look bored. Betty didn't particularly care, as long as they were listening to her instead of talking. Suddenly, an odd tingling sensation ran down Betty's spine. She stopped talking, set the wine glass down, and stood up. Everyone looked at her curiously. Then Betty felt her hands rise to her shoulders, of their own accord. She tried to force them back down, but found that she couldn't control her own body. It was like she was a puppet on strings, watching helplessly from behind her own eyes. She would have screamed if she could.

As everyone watched, Betty slowly slid the straps of her dress down over her shoulders. She lowered her arms, and the silky fabric slid down her body and pooled on the floor at her feet. She stood in front of the office staff wearing only her black bra and panties. Inside her mind, Betty was panicking and shrieking, but to everyone else she was maintaining the cool, disdainful look she usually affected. The entire office staff was silent. Slowly, Betty's arms rose behind her back, and she unclasped her bra and tossed it casually across the room. Her milky white, a-cup breasts with their small pink nipples were in full view of everyone. Still wearing a cool expression on her face, she reached down and slid her black panties down her legs. She stood up again, and had her neatly trimmed bush on show for her coworkers.

This was too much for the men in the office, and several of them started whooping and whisting the moment she took her bra off. The office ladies gasped with indignation and disdain. Betty stood, as still and as calmly as a statue, for about thirty seconds. Then, suddenly, she felt another tingle go down her spine as she regained control of her body. Betty suddenly shrieked, and covered her chest and her pussy with her hands. She ducked down and tried to pull her dress back up, to protect her modesty, but it disintegrated into threads as soon as she touched it. She screamed again, covered her breasts and crotch once more, and ran shrieking from the banquet hall. She left a chaotic noise of mutters, cheers, growls, and whistles behind her as she fled.

Gonsalves wasn't done with her yet, though. Betty had often claimed that she had "nothing to be ashamed of", and he was amused to see that she was still somehow ashamed of what she had. He pulled up her image again, and decided to see just how far the photo editing could go.

Betty ran screaming into the Ladies' room down the hall, and desperately started searching around for something to cover herself with. She decided that she was going to have to wrap hers elf in toilet paper - as humiliating as that would be, it was better than showing off her breasts and pussy to the entire office again. She figured that she would just dash into the coat room after, grab her jacket, and drive home. She got a roll of toilet paper, and prepared to wrap herself up in it. Then she happened to glance in the mirror.

She gasped, and dropped the roll of paper to the floor. She stared at herself in the mirror, disbelieving. Her breasts had been small before, but looking in the mirror she could not see any sign of them at all. She was as flat-chested as a little girl! More so, in fact, because even her nipples seemed to have disappeared. She touched her chest, and felt the gentle swell of her pectoral muscle beneath her skin, but there was no breast tissue above it at all. Her chest looked like a department store mannequin - from the children's department! As she glanced at herself in the mirror, she received an even bigger shock.

Where she had had a neatly trimmed bush of black curly hair before, now her crotch was completely bald. She reached down, and felt something was wrong. She couldn't feel anything. Normally she could feel her clitoris and her vaginal lips underneath her fingers, but now she couldn't feel the soft folds at all. It was completely blank, and her fingers slid down what felt like an extension of her lower abdomen. She ran her fingers all the way back, until her fingertips touched her anus. She had no pussy at all! She looked at herself in the mirror and started to sob. She didn't know what was happening to her. The only feature on her torso between her chin and her asshole was her belly button. She heard a noise at the bathroom door, and ran into the closest stall.

Betty tried to be as still and as quiet as possible as the unknown person entered the bathroom. She perched on top of the toilet seat, praying that nobody knew she was in the toilet stall. She glanced down at her featureless chest and pussy and shuddered.

Robert, the office manager, opened the door of the ladies' room and looked around. He held Betty's black panties and bra in his hand - he tried to make a show of being gallant, and rescuing a damsel in distress, but actually he just wanted to see the cute data entry clerk naked again. Besides, he wasn't interested in Pauline's attempts to ridicule Betty even more, now that she had humiliated herself and fled the room. Robert didn't see anyone, and was about to continue his search elsewhere, when he noticed the partly-unrolled roll of toilet paper sitting underneath the bathroom sink. He decided that the ladies' room could use a more thorough inspection, and he slipped inside.

"Betty? Betty?"

Betty hear Robert's voice calling. She shrank back on the toilet seat. What would she do if he figured out that she was there? Suddenly the door of her toilet stall shook, as Robert tried to open it! Betty thanked God that she had the presence of mind to lock the stall. Too bad that she wasn't clever enough to realize that her stall was the only one with a closed door.

"Betty, are you in there?" Robert called.

Betty braced her hands against the sides of the stall, and put her feet up against the stall door to hold it shut in case the latch slipped. She held her breath, and hoped that Robert would give up and go away. Robert, on the other hand, wasn't quite as stupid as Betty. He walked into the next stall, quietly stepped up onto the toilet seat, and slowly peered over the dividing wall. He was treated to the sight of Betty sitting almost spread-eagled on the toilet, pressing her feet on the door and her hands on the wall. He might have gotten away with a longer peek, except that he noticed the strange blank areas at her crotch and on her chest. Having seen her pussy and tits just a minute ago, he knew that something strange was happening. He gasped quietly, but loudly enough that Betty heard him, shrieked, and covered herself up again.

Meanwhile, up in the office, Gonsalves decided that it would not do to have people coming and going as they wished. There was far too much to do. He used the photo editing software to erase the doors out of the banquet hall and the ladies' room, so that his victims were trapped inside until he was done with them. Then he brought the ladies' room camera up again. He couldn't see what was going on very well - the one camera in the washroom didn't let him see inside the toilet stalls. He could see that Robert was standing with his head above one of the stalls, looking down into the stall with the closed door, but he couldn't tell what was going on inside. Then he had an idea. Gonsalves used the photo editing software to put a camera behind the bathroom mirror, which he then turned into a one-way mirror. Now he could see the toilet stalls head-on. Then he erased the door of the closed stall. Robert and Betty looked at where the door had been, shocked, but at least Gonsalves could see what was going on.

Betty was wearing her black panties again, and was trying to put on her bra. She was having a bit of trouble getting it to fit right, probably because she was even flatter in the chest than usual. Gonsalves decided to help her out, by deleting the bra with the photo editor. Then he deleted Betty's panties. Betty tried to cover herself up again, and Gonsalves decided that it wasn't fair for Betty to have to be humiliated all by herself. He clicked on Robert, and started to delete the office manager's clothing. In a few seconds, Robert was standing completely naked on the toilet, leering over the wall at the naked Betty. His small penis stood bravely at attention. It took a few seconds more for Robert to realize that he was naked too. His face turned bright red, and he hopped off of the toilet seat, covering his smallish member with both hands, looking around for his clothes.

Gonsalves decided that it wasn't fair for Betty to miss seeing Robert in the buff, so he started deleting the fixtures in the bathroom. Soon, the toilets, stalls, and sinks were completely gone, and Betty and Robert were left standing in a featureless green-tiled room with only a large mirror on one wall for decoration. They were both still covering themselves, but Gonsalves could see that they were talking to each other. To his delight, after a couple of minutes, Betty uncovered herself, letting Robert see her blank chest and groin. Robert uncovered himself too, to poke gently at the place where Betty's small breasts had been. Gonsalves started to erase Robert's thick, dark body hair, and Betty noticed this happening. She started to chuckle when she noticed Robert's small erection. It was perhaps 4" long, fully erect, which was smaller than Betty was used to. When Robert's pubic hair faded away, it looked more like a child's penis than a grown man's. Robert turned red again, and tried to cover himself up.

Then Gonsalves decided that it wasn't fair for Robert to have something to be ashamed of, if Betty had nothing. He copied Betty's blank crotch, and pasted it over Robert's with his photo editor. He used a number of tools to make the skin color match better, and erased Robert's small nipples at the same time - out of a sense of fairness. The he clicked "Execute Changes".

Robert gasped as he felt his small penis shrink away from his hands. He pulled them away to see what was happening, and screamed in horror as he looked down at his blank crotch. Betty's eyes opened wide, although to be honest she was slightly relieved now that she was not the only sexless person in the room. Robert and Betty sat down on the floor, and started talking again. Soon they were both in tears, hugging each other. Appparently they had realized that the door to the room had vanished, and they had no idea how to get out of their current predicament. Gonsalves thought it was sad that they had nothing to do, so he started to edit their images again. He decided that he would try to run another video sequence, and started editing.

Robert and Betty were holding each other, still crying, when they both felt a strange tingling sensation. They pulled away from each other, and looked down at their bodies, hoping that they would return to normal. At first they were clearly very excited, as small nipples started to reappear on their chests. Betty reached up to fondle her breasts, expecting them to grow back into her hands. She was disappointed. Instead of soft, feminine globes growing into her hands, she felt her pectoral muscles growing wider and harder. She moved her hands away from her chest, and saw that her chest looked wider than normal. She stood up, and looked at herself in the mirror. Funny, her shoulders looked broader than usual, and her chest and abdomen looked more muscular than she had seen them before. Her hips and legs were still slim and feminine, and her arms and face retained all of their girlish charm. Even her skin still was pale and feminine, but her chest and stomach looked somewhat masculine. They were still completely smooth and devoid of hair, but she had chest muscles like a male athlete. She looked over at Robert, dismayed that her breasts hadn't returned, and gasped at what she saw.

Robert was still sitting on the floor, with his mouth agape. In his hands he cupped two large, undeniably feminine breasts. They were already much larger than Betty's had been - a C-cup, at least. And what's more, they looked like they were still growing. Betty pulled Robert to his feet, and made him look in the mirror. They both gasped at what they saw. Normally Robert was several inches taller than Betty, but now they looked to be almost exactly the same height. Robert's new breasts continued to grow, until they were a large DD-cup size. His arms were still masculine and muscled, and his face and legs were as manly as they had ever been (apart from the total lack of body hair). His shoulders looked a little narrow, though, and the large, firm breasts sitting high on his chest were most certainly not masculine at all. They were topped with small, hard nipples. Betty reached over and gave one a squeeze. Robert gasped as an unexpected shock of pleasure ran through his body. He was horrified by the large, heavy, and sexually sensitive globes hanging off of his chest.

Then they both felt a strane tingling sensation in their groins. Both shuddered, expecting to end up with the wrong set of sexual organs. Robert looked down at his crotch, waiting to see what would happen. His heart started to lift as he saw a small bump appear on his groin. As he watched, a small but unmistakably male organ started to grow out of his crotch. Soon a tiny scrotum appeared, with two little testicles rolling around inside. Robert grinned - even if he had lost a few inches of height, and had grown a giant pair of tits, at least he had his manhood back! He looked over at Betty, and saw that a moist slit was reappearing between her legs. She didn't have any tits, and her chest looked distinctly muscular and masculine, but at least she was still a woman. Robert looked down at his own penis - it was painfully erect, although it was barely two inches long. Without any hair on it, it hardly looked like a man's penis at all. The only sign that it belonged to a mature man were the thick blue veins visible just under the surface.

They waited several minutes. Betty thought that her pussy looked a little looser and the slit looked a little longer than she remembered. She decided that it was probably just the fact that it was still completely bald. Robert was a little distraught, because his penis had apparently stopped growing at two inches. Both of them were feeling very aroused. Robert's nipples were poking out like diamonds, and his penis was leaking slightly at the tip. Vaginal fluid was dribbling slowly down the inside of Betty's leg. They glanced at each other, and then looked away. They glanced again, and soon their intense arousal was almost too much to bear. After one more quick glance, the two office workers jumped on each other, drooling with lust. They kissed and fondled each other for a few seconds, but the burning need for penetration pulsed within them like nothing they had felt before.

Robert rammed his tiny cock into Betty's pussy. Oddly, he didn't find the tight hole he was hoping for. Betty was disappointed at the fact that Robert's tiny member barely reached past her labia. She ground against him, and managed to rub her clit against his tiny cock. That felt good, but it wasn't enough. She needed her clit stimulated, and a nice deep penetration, before she would be satisfied. She pulled away from Robert, and pushed him back when he tried to penetrate her again. Her eyes opened wide with surprise when she looked at her crotch. Her clitoris was hard, and stuck out a good three inches from her pussy. It was half again as big as Robert's cock, and almost as big as his erect penis had been before his transformation. It seemed to be a little higher up her abdomen than it was supposed to be, too.

"Your cock isn't big enough" Betty panted, "You'll have to use your fingers."

Robert was disappointed, but realized that this young woman wasn't going to let him get off unless he did what she wanted. He poked his index finger up Betty's well-lubricated vagina, and started to thrust.

"Deeper!" Betty commanded, barely able to feel Robert's finger in her cunt. What was he using, his pinky? Robert added another finger, poking his index and middle finger inside the woman's eager pussy.

"Suck my clit!" exclaimed Betty. Robert put his mouth over the giant, engorged clit, and started to suck it. Betty shuddered with pleasure. The clitoris was like a thumb in Robert's mouth. "Deeper!" Betty moaned. Robert started thrusting four fingers in Betty's pussy, but it still didn't feel full to Betty. She kept shouting "Deeper! Deeper!" at Robert.

Soon, Robert had his entire fist in Betty's pussy, and was ramming it in up to his elbow. Finally Betty felt more or less full, although she wished he had a bigger arm. After a couple of minutes of Robert frantically pumping his arm in her pussy, and sucking her clit, she orgasmed in an intense explosion. Fluid squirted out of her pussy, soaking Robert's upper body. She moaned and went limp, and her swollen clit started to deflate. She felt fulfilled, and started to move away from Robert.

"My turn!" exclaimed Robert, and Betty sighed and turned to his tiny cock. She licked it, and slipped her mouth over it. She licked and sucked his tiny member like a baby's pacifier. Robert moaned and rubbed his nipples. After a couple of minutes, Robert started to moan and shudder. He had never felt multiple orgasms before, but now he was in the throes of them. Betty prepared to pull herself away when he ejaculated, but for some reason he never did. Robert moaned and shuddered for two or three minutes before Betty finally stopped pleasuring him. He continued to shudder and moan for almost a minute after she stopped.

Gonsalves decided that he would have to come back to the odd couple soon, but first he had plans for the guests in the banquet hall…

Gonsalves turned back to the banquet hall. Nobody had noticed that the door had vanished. Most of the staff were standing in a circle around the food table, laughing and joking. What a farce, thought Gonsalves. They all hate each other, and they all know that they all hate each other, but they pretend to like each other anyhow. He started planning on how he could humiliate them all.

Then Gonsalves thought back to Betty and Robert in the Ladies' room. Once they realized that they were both undergoing strange changes, they had stopped being ashamed and started being afraid. Gonsalves was feeling mean-spirited, but he did not want to frighten his co-workers… well, not much. He was much more interested in seeing them humiliated and embarrassed in front of each other. He decided that he would make most of the changes more subtle, so that his co-workers might not even notice them until they got home. Then he would get to see them trying to hide the changes at work the next day. Gonsalves almost cackled with glee at his idea. He then restored the door to the banquet hall - people would need to leave for his plan to work. He left the ladies' room alone, however - he wasn't finished with Robert and Betty yet.

Then he decided that there were a couple of people who deserved to be humiliated at the party, before they went home. The first was Jeffrey, the assistant office manager. Gonsalves decided to see just how far the photo editor could go in terms of changing someone's body. He knew that he could change their clothing and their appearance with virtually no limits. He wasn't sure how he had made Betty and Robert have sex, but he suspected it had to do with the fact that he go the images for their new genitals from photos and videos of people who were obviously highly aroused. Could he cause the physically impossible to happen?

Gonsalves selected Jeffrey and brought up a nude image of him in the editing window. It was fascinating how he could strip someone completely naked in the editing window, but they remained completely unchanged until he clicked "execute changes". Jeffrey was a short man - about 5"4" tall - and was very fit and muscular. He was also an arrogant prig who was always trying to throw his weight around, to intimidate the other employees. Gonsalves looked at the nude image and saw that, like Robert, Jeffrey had an unusually small penis. That explains a lot, he thought. Gonsalves started going through his photo archives, until he found what he was looking for. It was a short video clip of a cherub statue and fountain from somewhere in Italy. The cherub was dancing over a lily pad, and a stream of water was gushing from the little angel's penis. Gonsalves started editing the images, wondering what would happen.

Barbara from Accounting was regaling the group with another derogatory tale about Betty, when Jeffrey felt a strange tingling in his groin. Jeffrey looked around, and surreptitiously glanced down at his crotch. Nothing unusual, as far as he could tell. Then, suddenly, a small wet sot appeared in the middle of his crotch. Jeffrey's eyes widened, and he tried to casually cover the area. A cold, damp feeling started to spread down his inner thighs. He crossed his legs, trying to hide the fact that he seemed to be wetting himself. Jeffrey tried to clamp down his bladder muscles as hard as he could, but for some reason he couldn't get them to respond at all. For a brief moment, Jeffrey wondered why the feeling was a cold, damp feeling, instead of a warm, damp feeling - but the thought was chased from his mind when someone noticed his condition. Linda, a fat and middle-aged data entry clerk, looked at Jeffrey's pants and started to chuckle. "I think you've had enough punch, my boy" she condescended.

Jeffrey started to give a scathing response, but this just attracted the attention of everyone else in the room. He stood up and tried to turn away from the group, in shame, but the dark stain kept spreading down his pants. Soon he felt his socks getting wet, and the flow didn't seem to be slowing down. Jeffrey felt tears of humiliation running down his cheeks. The assembled group, being the vindictive bunch that they were, started laughing out loud at their power-hungry assistant office manager, as he stood wetting himself uncontrollably in the middle of the banquet hall.

Jeffrey finally decided that enough was enough, and bolted from the room. His socks squished and sloshed in his shoes, and he left a trail of damp footprints behind him. The entire office was in an uproar, with people laughing so hard that they could barely control themselves. Gonsalves noted who was laughing the hardest - he actually felt sorry for some of his co-workers; they ridiculed him, but he now realized that they were victims of some of the more vicious people in the office. Gonsalves was an easy target, and making fun of him was the only way some of them could defend themselves. But there were still several people at the party who weren't getting off the hook that easily. Gonsalves started to work on his more subtle changes, while the group slowly got control of themselves.

Jeffrey, meanwhile, ran out the door and across the hall to the men's room. He locked the door behind him, thinking that he might be able to empty his bladder and get himself cleaned up. He wasn't sure how he would live down this humiliation, but he already was starting to think of degrading tasks he could force on his subordinates tomorrow. Jeffrey noticed that his bladder was still gushing forth, so he rushed over to a urinal and undid his soggy pants. When he saw what was in between his legs, he almost fell backwards in shock. His pubic hair was completely gone; his penis had turned into bronze. It looked completely flaccid, although it was only slightly smaller than normal. When he touched it, however, it felt as hard as a rock. It was also cold to the touch. Cold, clear water was pouring from the tip in an apparently endless stream. He couldn't feel anything with his penis.

The strangest part was the way that the metal somehow slowly faded into the flesh of his groin. As he drew his finger along the top of his crotch, he could feel more and more as his finger ran towards the flesh-colored side. He tried again to stop the flow by clenching his bladder; it seemed as though his bladder muscles were completely useless (in fact, they were completely gone, but Jeffrey didn't know that). He shuddered, and then pressed his fingertip against the tip of his bronze penis. He found that, with enough pressure, the flow stopped completely. He sighed in relief, and managed to pull his shoes, socks, and pants off with his free hand. He started to dry them off under the electric had dryer. He was relieved that he seemed to be peeing water, instead of urine, assuming that it wouldn't stink later on.

Drying the sodden pants, underwear, and socks was a time-consuming process, even with both hand dryers going at once. Jeffrey didn't finish until everyone else at the party had gone home. As he was waiting for his garments to dry out, however, Jeffrey noticed a pressure building up in his bladder. After a few minutes, the pressure started to feel painful. Jeffrey started to worry about how he was going to make it home, if he couldn't stop his metal penis from leaking. After a few minutes more, the pressure was almost unbearable, and Jeffrey had to rush over to the urinals again and release his finger from the tip of his penis. The water gushed forth, and it took almost five minutes before the pressure in his bladder went away. As his bladder emptied, the flow of water diminished slightly, from a gushing stream to a moderate trickle. It didn't stop. Jeffrey discovered that he had to take about five minutes to empty his bladder every half hour or so. It was going to be a long night…

Meanwhile, back in the banquet hall, Pauline was getting tired of wearing her red Santa cap. She reached up, and pulled it off of her head. A gasp went up from several of the ladies, as they saw what happened. As Pauline lifted the cap from her head, her long blonde hair came off with it. It took a moment for Pauline to realize what the ladies were staring at. She looked down at her cap, and saw that a long, blonde wig was stuck inside it. A split second later, the cogs and wheels clicked in place in Pauline's mind, and her hand shot up to her head. She felt a smooth, shining, and totally hairless scalp underneath her hand. Her hair was gone! She rubbed her entire head in disbelief… she had always been very proud of her gorgeous, thick locks of rich blonde hair. Somehow, it was all missing from her head! She looked at the wig in her hand, and saw that it was every bit as soft and gorgeous as her hair had been. Pauline screamed.

The rest of the conversation died down, and was replaced by more laughter, as everyone else noticed Pauline's shiny, bald head glinting in the fluorescent light. How had she worked there so long, without anyone figuring out that she wore a wig? Barbara, the bitch from Accounting, was quicker on her feet than most of the office. She quickly snatched the cap and wig out of Pauline's hand, and threw it across the room. It snagged on a light fixture, and dangled from the ceiling, the lowest locks of hair at least 10' off the floor. Pauline shrieked, and ran over to it, trying to retrieve her precious locks. As she jumped up and down underneath the dangling wig, trying desperately to get a grip on it, the men in the room started to feel their pants tighten in the crotch. Pauline's red, fur-lined dress barely reached below her ass when she was standing normally. Now that she was jumping up and down in the air, it was lifting up clean past her hips, giving everyone in the room an unobstructed view of her neatly trimmed pussy and her round, firm ass. Pauline was embarrassed enough thinking that everyone could see her panties. It wasn't until she got home that night that she realized that she hadn't been wearing any!

After Pauline finally climbed onto a chair and yanked her wig off the light fixture, and left the party in tears, the other attendees decided that they had enjoyed enough of other people's pain and humiliation for one night, and started to filter out of the banquet hall. One or two women looked for the ladies' room, but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Gonsalves hurriedly finished up the changes he was preparing to enjoy on the following day.

Gonsalves worked late into the night, modifying his co-workers. He was exhausted, and was about to go home for the weekend, when he remembered that he still had Robert and Betty trapped in the ladies' room. Gonsalves brought up the window again, and finished their changes before he logged out and went home for the night.

Betty and Robert were so tired from their frightening experiences, and their passionate lovemaking, that they had fallen asleep on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom. Betty woke up first. She looked around at the bathroom, hoping that her experiences that evening had all been just a bad dream. The sinks, stalls, and door had all reappeared. Betty started to sigh with relief when she looked down at her body. She gasped when she saw herself.

Not only was Betty still completely naked, her body was hardly recognizable. She was covered in dark, curly body hair, especially on her chest, stomach, and crotch. Her arms and legs had thinner hair, but it was still dark and stood out starkly against her lily-white skin. Betty stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face and head looked exactly the same as always, but her breasts were still gone. In their place was a broad, well-muscled, and very masculine-looking chest. Her thin neck sat on a pair of broad, muscular shoulders. Her arms and legs were thick and wiry, and her waist was narrow. Her body looked like a man's, except for the pussy hidden beneath her thick, dark mat of pubic hair, which extended up to her navel and well down her thighs.

Betty felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, then realized that Robert's suit and her dress had magically reappeared on the counter, along with their underwear. Betty slipped her panties on, and started to pull on her dress. She looked at herself in the mirror, and realized that she looked ridiculous. Her long, muscular, hairly legs stuck out from the bottom of the dress, which was stretched almost to the breaking point across her flat, muscular chest and stomach. The dress was much too small, and much too short - Betty realized that she must be over six feet tall now. Betty glanced over at the sleeping body of Robert. She assumed it was Robert, although it looked like a very voluptuous woman from this angle. Betty squirmed out of the dress, and pulled on Robert's suit over her panties. It looked like Robert's suit, but it fit her perfectly. She pulled on the shoes and socks she found, but left the necktie on the counter. She saw her car keys on the edge of the sink, and grabbed them. She slipped out the door, and cautiously ran to her car to head home.

The sound of the door creaking open startled Robert awake. He looked around, and found himself alone in the Ladies' room. Like Betty, Robert also noticed that the fixtures and stalls had reappeared, and hoped that he had just been dreaming. He sat up, and felt an unfamiliar shifting of weight on his chest. He looked down at himself, only to see two massive breasts jiggling on his naked, hairless chest. Robert stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He saw his head atop an extraordinarily curvaceous, sexy female body. It was completely hairless, and Robert felt his groin tingle at the sight. He suddenly realized that he couldn't see his crotch in the mirror - the counter was as high as his waist. He realized that he must be less than five feet tall now! Robert stepped back, and pulled his large, soft boobs to either side in order to look at his crotch. Hanging halfway down his thighs was the biggest, thickest cock he had seen in his life. It was starting to stiffen. Robert decided he needed to get dressed quickly, so he could go and see a doctor. He noticed a pair of men's underpants on the counter, and a dress that looked just like the one Betty had stripped off the night before. Robert quickly pulled them on. The underpants rode up the crack of his ass a bit, but they managed to contain the massive bulge of his penis and proportionately-large testicles. He then pulled the dress on. It was extremely tight, and showed off every curve of his body. His nipples poked through the chest, and his crotch bulged out at the waist. Robert couldn't see a bra, and decided to leave the black ladies' pumps on the floor where they were. He spotted his own car keys, grabbed them, and jiggled out to his car.


The next Monday saw a record number of employees calling in sick, including (not surprisingly) Robert, Betty, and Pauline. Gonsalves was disappointed by the poor turnout, but saw that there were still plenty of people to give him a show, and let him savour his revenge. He was sorry that he had made so many of the changes take effect before the weekend - it hadn't occurred to him that so many people would smply stay home. He was glad that he had made some of the changes time-delayed, and was prepared to enjoy them as they came into effect that day. But first, he decided to check how some of his already-changed victims were trying to hide their new developments.

Barbara, the bitch from accounting, had received several compliments on her new, darker hair. Some people even asked if she had lost weight. Oddly enough, Barbara hadn't seemed pleased at the comments. Instead, she muttered apologetically at each comment, and turned her eyes down. Barbara had awoken on Saturday morning feeling great. She had run her hands down her body in the morning, still bleary-eyed, and had felt a slimmer, firmer body than she had ever possessed underneath. She ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and gasped. Her body was, indeed, much slimmer than it had been - not skinny, but toned, with perky breasts pushing out the front of her nightgown. Her face looked slimmer, and a few years younger, as well. Instead of the body and face of a middle-aged, divorced housewife, she now had the body of an athletic, but healthily curved, thirty year old woman.

She wasn't pleased, however. This was probably due to the fact that her long brown hair had truned bright pink overnight, and her face sported several piercings. Barbara quickly removed the piercings, and determined that she would be able to cover the holes with makeup. She grabbed her dark brown hair dye, and started to cover up the shocking, gaudy pink color of her hair. When it was time to rinse out the dye, Barbara pulled off her nightgown and headed to the showed. As she passed the bathroom mirror again, she nearly fainted. Her body was covered in tattoos - a large dragon coiled up her right arm, while a thorny chain of roses wrapped around her left. Her legs were covered in butterflies down to the knees. There were tiny angel wings tattooed on her back. Her large, and newly-perky breasts had writing across them - in bold Gothic letters, the tattoos read "CAN I BE YOUR SLUT?". Her nipples were pierced, and joined together by a loose silver chain. Her flat, toned stomach sported the hilt of a sword, which pointed down into her tight, but completely hairless, pussy. Her lower back sported an arrow pointing to her anus, captioned with the words "Insert fat, hairy cock here".

Mortified, Barbara tried to scrub the tattoos off in the shower. It quickly became apparent that these tattoos were permanent. She also couldn't figure out how to remove the nipple rings - they seemed to be completely unbroken hoops of metal. She quickly learned that the chain made it impossible to wear a bra with any degree of comfort. To her even greater surprise, a few days later she noticed that her dark hair was growing bright pink roots.

Gonsalves laughed when he saw Barbara trying to cover herself up with pants and a high-necked shirt. He decided that he would have to help her show off her new body art the next time she was meeting with the executives.

He noticed that Janice, the fat Admissions clerk, had figured out a way to stuff her bra to make it appear as though she still possessed her massive, jiggling mammaries, instead of the saggy a-cups he had given her.

Across from her sat Frank, the credit officer, who seemed surprisingly comfortable and relaxed considering he had lost his male appendages and gained a heavily menstrating vagina.

Sarah in Accounts Payable had worn a turban-like hat, which did an excellent job of covering up the large rabbit-ears which had replaced the delicate ears she was born with.

Gonsalves was disappointed at the ease with which his victims were hiding their changes. He understood, of course, that those who couldn't hide their changes so easily had chosen to stay home. He decided that it was time to start enjoying his delayed changes.

He flipped open a window which showed Rebecca, a slutty HR officer, giving a performance review to Sandy, a low-level manager. Rebecca had been instrumental in making sure that Gonsalves never got promoted to a better department; Sandy didn't interact with Gonsalves directly, but seemed to have a sour look about her at all times, making herself unapproachable. Both women were quite attractive; Rebecca was a slim Asian woman with impeccable taste in clothes, while Sandy was a more voluptuous redhead.

Rebecca had just finished telling Sandy that she needed to show a sense of humour around the office, when her voice suddenly faded away. She tried to speak, but no sound came out. She took a sip of water, and tried to speak again - still nothing. Sandy looked at her expectantly. Rebecca tried to speak again, when she felt somethign hard in her mouth. It felt like a small, smooth pebble. She delicately reached up to her mouth and pulled out the object. She looked at it, and saw Sandy's eyes go wide as they realized what it was. Rebecca was holding a tooth in her fingers! Rebecca reached into her mouth again, to find the hole where the tooth had come from. As she touched her teeth, they loosened and fell out. Rebecca spat out a mouthful of teeth, and started to scream. At least, she TRIED to scream - no sound came out of her mouth at all. She felt her teeth with her tongue, to see how many had fallen out. The slightest pressure from her tongue, however, was enough to loosen the rest of her remaining teeth. She spat them out into her hand, and felt her toothless, but bloodless, gums with a fingertip.

"You call that a sense of humor?" said Sandy, with a scowl. "That's just disgusting, is all."

Then Sandy felt a strange tightness in her chest. She glanced down, and noticed that her breasts seemed to be pushing out farther than they should. As she watched, she could see them expanding slightly under her jacket. She also felt the chair getting slightly tighter around her buttocks. Wat was going on? She looked back up at Rebecca, who wass staring at her wide-eyed.

"What?" demanded Sandy.

Rebecca slowly raised a finger and pointed at Sandy's nose.

Sandy reached up and felt her nose. It had less sensation than she was used to. She pulled out her compact mirror and looked at her face. Her nose had turned bright red, and was growing round and bulbous. Sandy screamed. She tried to stand up to leave the room, but her ass had grown very quickly in the previous seconds, and was now stuck in her chair. The unexpected weight of the chair caused Sandy to lose her balance, and she fell flat on her face. When she pulled herself up, she was shocked to see that her breasts had grown quite large, and stuck out of her chest like a pair of balloons. The buttons on her blouse were straining. She reached up and grabbed one of her breasts, and gave it a light squeeze. To her shock and horror, a honking sound, not unlike a bicycle horn, escaped from her large ass as she squeezed her tit. She fainted.

Survivor by #MilkingTits (#BE, #WG , #IQ , #AE , #Cowgirl )

Survivor by MilkingTits (BE, WG, IQ, AE, Cowgirl)

Another oldie but goodie. I'm not the original author, but I might do a follow-on story if there is interest.

I feel old for even saying this, but this story involves two characters from the original survivor from back in 2000. Kelly Wigglesworth was a very petite young brunette who was athletic and had small perky tits. Joel Klug is from from Wisconsin. During one episode, one of Joel's teammates, Dirk (who is a Dairy Farmer) made the statement that "nothing is dumber than a woman, except maybe a cow." Joel laughed so hard that the quote was eventually attributed to him, and Kelly and the other women banded together to vote him off of the island.

This story is about Joels revenge on Kelly… Enjoy!


Joel had never gotten over being kicked off the island by three ungrateful stupid women and was out for revenge. After watching the Survivor series at home Joel realized Kelly had been back-stabbing him all the way.

"I'll show Kelly how stupid she really is! When I'm done with her she will be wishing she was as smart as a cow."

It was now six weeks after the CBS Survivor show ended and Joel had started to put his plan in action by visiting Dirk the dairy farmer. "Hi, Dirk. I was sorry to see you go. The rest of the survivors really did not know how good they had it with us around until it was too late."

"Thanks Joel, I felt bad getting kicked off after working so hard, but I have gotten over it and am back to milking the cows now."

"Dirk, I have always wanted to learn more about the dairy farming business and since the show has ended I have some time on my hands until I have to go back to my job at the health club. Do you think you can teach me the basics?"

"Sure I can always use an extra hand around the farm."

Over the next few weeks Dirk and Joel worked together on the daily tasks of running the dairy farm. During the third week Dirk showed Joel the answer to his dreams. "Today Joel we are going to increase the production of the cows milk. Get that syringe over there."

"It looks like cloudy water inside."

"That my friend is a special mixture I use to make these cows swell up with so much milk that their udders touch the ground. One time I forgot to milk one of the poor cows within 24 hours and the poor girl had produced so much milk that she was three feet off the floor laying on her own udders with her little legs kicking back and forth in the air. It is very important that we milk all the cows by morning to make sure that does not happen again." Dirk showed Joel how to give the cows their shot. That night Joel could hardly wait to see the cows in the morning. He could not even imagine what he was about to see. As Joel walked into the barn he instantly knew what he had in store for Kelly. The cows udders looked like the exercise balls the girls used at his health club. Their udders had inflated with so much milk that he could see a small steady stream of milk leaking out of the cow's teats. After helping Dirk milk the cows with the milking machine Joel said his goodbyes and left with a gallon of the milk production mixture hidden away in his bags.

Joel was set. "All I need to do now is get Kelly to come over to put my plan in action. I am sure she is feeling down for not winning the million dollars, so maybe if I invite her over for dinner and to apologize we can get together."

That evening Joel called Kelly. "Hi, Kelly, It's Joel. Sorry you did not win the money."

"Hi, Joel, yah, it was close but I just missed the cut. Oh well, at least it was fun."

"Kelly, I wanted apologize for telling you that women are as dumb as cows. I would really feel better if I could at least offer you dinner this weekend."

"Apology accepted - a lot of people said things they did not mean on that island with all the stress and lack of food. I'd love to join you for dinner."

"Great! I'll see you Saturday at 7:00 PM."

"OK, see you then, Joel."

Saturday night arrived and Kelly walked into Joel's house looking stunning. She did not have an ounce of fat on her from all the exercise and small meals while on the island. She was wearing a tight fitting white wrap around her top and Joel could tell she did not have a bra on because her B cup breasts bounced slightly as she walked in. He could also see her small hard nipples poking through the almost translucent white top. She had a pair of equally tight pink shorts on that showed off her tight firm butt.

Joel was a true gentleman all night and Kelly was feeling very comfortable around him. Just a few more glasses of wine and she will be so drunk she'll have to stay the night or will pass out, Joel thought to himself as he topped off her glass. Just as Joel predicted Kelly passed out on the couch as they lay there watching television. Her tits are so firm and perky; in a few hours that will just be a distant memory Joel thought to himself. Joel went into the kitchen and filled the syringe with the milk production formula. Kelly was so drunk she did not even feel it when he pricked her arm with the syringe and filled her veins with the drug.

Joel wanted to make sure there was enough room to view the spectacle that was about to happen so he picked up Kelly over his shoulder and took her down to the basement. Kelly breasts began to swell ever so slightly. She started to squirm as the sensation started to wake her up from her drunken stupor. Her breasts looked like two smashed pancakes straining against the tight fabric of her little top. Joel could see her nipples clearly as they pressed against the thin cloth. Joel took his hand and rubbed Kelly's chest back and forth and could feel the tightness of the fabric and of her breasts as they filled to capacity with fat. Kelly's breasts kept growing, slowly approaching a full D cup. Something had to give and Kelly's nipples showed the first signs of this as they began to stretch to the size of half dollars.

By now Kelly had realized something was wrong and quickly snapped out of her drunken state. Her breasts were inflating with fat rapidly, and now looked to be at least an E cup.

"Oh my god, what are you doing to me? My breasts are swelling like balloons."

"Actually Kelly, they are swelling like udders, like cow udders to be exact."

Kelly's breasts continued to swell ripping the sides of her thin white top. It was only a matter of minutes until the weight of her swelling milk sacks ripped through her top and her massive tits flopped out. "Ahh they are so heavy, what's… how… is this happening?"

"Well Kelly, I never really got over getting kicked off the island by you. So I met up with Dirk, you remember him, the dairy farmer. I figured I should do a little research on cows and I concluded that women are as stupid as cows. With my little experiment you will see, or should I say feel, what it is like to be dumber than a cow … a dairy cow to be exact."

It was getting difficult to stand due to the weight of her fattening, swelling breasts. Kelly tried to walk towards the basement stairs, her fat breasts swaying side to side and jiggling with every little step. "Kelly, relax! Being turned into a stupid cow is not that bad. Besides you will never fit up the stairs with those big expanding milk juggs of yours."

Kelly's breasts were expanding so fast that the weight was making it difficult to stand let alone walk. Her effort to escape fell short as the milk started to fill her breasts and slowly pulled her down to the floor on all fours. "Somebody help me! It is so hard to stand, my breasts are so heavy."

"Ah Kelly you look so cute, just like a cow on all fours with your big tits hanging undernear you. I know you can't see your nipples so let me get a mirror so I can show you how nice and plump they are."

"Oh my those are my nipples, they are so swollen and getting so long! What is happening to my nice perky breasts?"

"Soon your stretched out areolas will be as big as pancakes and your nipples will look just like cow teats. "

Kelly's tits just barely touched the cold hard cement floor of the basement making her nipples extra hard. A small puddle of milk started to form under her massive breasts. "See Kelly you are just like a cow, with your big fat tits all filled with fattening milk." Kelly could not believe it, she was stuck on all fours with her once small perky breasts now dangling under her like udders filling with milk. "OK Joel, I'm sorry, please give me my B cup breasts back."

"It's too late for that Kelly! You know what Kelly, a real cow spends it's life getting milked. So why stop now! It must be real uncomfortable having tits that are bigger than basketballs. Don't worry, I'll make sure they get bigger so you can spend your days laying on your own tits like big fluffy pillows. But for now let's get you used to being milked." Joel walked over to the closet and wheeled out a cow milking machine.

"Milk me? You can't milk me! What are you doing to me. My breasts, oh my God, they're so full of milk, don't touch them, stay away from me!"

"But Kelly that's what cows are for. They eat and get fatter and fatter and their udders fill up with fatting whole milk… but since you insist I won't milk you right now. Let's wait and see just how big you will get before we start having some real fun with those juggs of yours." Joel knew he would not have to wait long until Kelly would change her tune about getting milked. I give her an hour and bet she will be begging me to milk her, he thought to himself. About 45 minutes later Kelly could not hold out any longer. Her tits were now raising her body off of the floor. She still struggled to stand but it was no use all she could do was helplessly watch her breasts turn into giant water balloons.

"Oh the pressure… my… tits….are….so….full….of milk…I..can feel…it sloshing…around inside….of them. Please… milk me. I don't …think I …can get…any bigger." Joel watched as Kelly's body was in constant motion as her milk sloshed around inside her huge breasts. Kelly was having difficulty catching her breath and it was making it difficult to talk without getting winded.

Kelly's arms no longer could touch the floor. Her arms were spread out to her sides and she laid on top of her now beach ball sized breasts.

"Oh Kelly stop whining, it is not so bad! Think of all the things that you can do that a poor dairy cow can't." Kelly was afraid to think of what Joel had in mind for her next. "Dairy cows get milked day in and day out and never get to taste their own wonderful milk." Just then Joel lifted one of Kelly's swollen beach balls and shoved her own nipple into her month. Joel took both his hand and started massaging the sides of Kelly's massive breasts forcing steams of milk to gush into her mouth and down her throat. Joel pressed firmly on Kelly's giant breasts and he could hear the milk being forced out of the nipple. Kelly tried to resist but her nipple was so large now it just kept shooting gallons of her milk own down her throat.

"And Kelly, how many cows do you know of that can fatten themselves up with their own milk?" Just then Kelly could start to feel her shorts getting tighter. All the rich creamy fat from her milk was actually fattening her right before her eyes. I figured her milk would have an effect on her body, but the alcohol in her system must be enhancing the effect. This is even better than I could have even hoped for, Joel smiled as he watched Kelly's firm ass grow before his eyes. "Oh Kelly looks like your little pink shorts are getting even tighter." Kelly could feel her ass slowly growing and she could also feel her thighs and legs getting heavier.

"Boy Kelly, you are really packing on the pounds. It does not look like those shorts of yours are going to fit much longer! Here, let me help you out of your shorts and panties." Joel removed Kelly's shorts and panties just in time. Kelly's ass and belly were getting huge. Her tits were getting bigger too but it was hard to tell if they were still filling with milk or fat. "Oh my Kelly it looks like someone needs to go on a diet. You must have put on 400 pounds already. I bet you never knew breast milk was so fattening."

"Oh, you're just a big fat cow now Kelly, how does it feel?" Kelly could not talk because she still had her nipple stuck in her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry let me help you and get your teat out of your mouth. We don't want you getting so fat that you roll away."

"You…. bastard! I'm….going to…. Kill…. you!"

"Kelly is that the way to thank me for giving you such wonderful breasts and such a nice fat body? I don't think so, but that's ok. You look like a cow, but we still need to make you just as dumb as a cow. And luckily for you that's very simple to do. I know you can already tell how sensitive those big udders you have for tits are. All I have to do is milk you and it will feel so good that's all your little mind will think about. I am sure you have noticed that all dairy cows do when they are getting milked is moo. They are mooing from the pleasure of being milked and as big as you are you will be mooing for the rest of your life."

Joel brought over the milking machine and moved it around to the front of Kelly's swollen breasts. "Great news Kelly, it looks like your breasts have stopped growing. They will however keep getting bigger if you are not milked at least twice a day. The good news is you never have to worry about putting on one of those constricting bras ever again. For that matter you don't have to worry about standing up again." Kelly still could not believe what Joel had done to her. Her nice perky B cup breasts were long gone and she was balanced on top of a pair of water balloons with nipples the size of a roll of quarters. Her fat legs barely touched the floor as she was forced to lay on her breasts due to their size and weight.

"Let me grab one of your nipples here Kelly and let's see if I can reach the other one also. There we go. Now Kelly let me show you how easy it is to milk you. I just pull and squeeze one of your teats and then I do the other one." Joel had one of Kelly's teats in each hand and was using a cow milking motion to get her milk flowing. "There we go, boy you sure are loaded up with milk in there. I can feel it begging to be released. Your breasts sure do bounce around a great deal more now that they are the size of beach balls"

"Jooeeelll, Oh ….my… God.. moooo, milk….. mmooo…..meeeeee….fuckkkkk……meee pusssyyy…..my ……moooooo, moooo, moo!"

"That's a good girl Kelly, just enjoy the milking, let your mind go, your nothing but a fat dairy cow, relax."

"Oh…Myoo… God…moo, soooo….gooood, moo, only, mooo, moo."

"I think you're ready for the milking machine. We don't want all this milk to go to waste. Tonight I'll give you a few more gallons of your breast milk to fatten up that big cow ass of yours some more. You're doing so good Kelly."

Joel hooked up the tubes from the milking machine to Kelly's swollen teats and turned it on. Kelly could feel the tubes start to suck on her huge teats and the milk started to gush out. The sensation felt so good Kelly stated to bounce up and down smashing her breasts under her fat round body against the cold floor causing milk to gush out faster.

"That looks like fun Kelly, do you like being milked like a cow?"

Kelly replied "moo, moooo, moo!"

The Farmers Daughter by #tfmistress

#WeightGain #Transformation #PigGirls #PigGirl #FemalePigTransformation #FemaleTransformationStory

Jeri was the daughter of four generations of farmers. In her early 20’s, she had shoulder length brown hair, and a nice, slightly athletic, build. This was due to the fact that she worked on the farm.

Her family had always been relatively well off, but the past decade was more profitable for her family then the last hundred combined. That was because, since she was about ten, a man would visit periodically to sell them animals.

He had silver hair, and tended to wear a brown leather jacket. He was middle aged, but didn’t seem to age much over the years. Despite originally being a stranger, he had since built a great relationship with the family due to how incredible the animals he brought were.

Bovine, pigs, donkeys, you name it. He always had the best breeds, and they were always exceptionally fertile. Better yet, he only sold them for a fraction of what they were worth. When Jeri’s father once asked him how he could afford such great animals, he simply said it was a ‘trade secret.’

While he didn’t stay long, Jeri would always enjoy his visits, and eventually made a great relationship with him. He loved seeing her, and would tell all sorts of funny stories. He had even given her a nickname to call him by, which was ‘The Man.’

Jeri was now in her mid twenties. She was working in the field while the rest of her family was busy with errands. She wore a large sun hat atop her shoulder length brown hair. Due to how hot it was, she had rolled her shirt up, exposing her midriff, and shorts.

She was just taking a five minute break when she saw a truck pulling up.

It was The Man, driving a truck with two donkeys braying at the top of their lungs. Jeri smiled and went to see him, though slightly dreaded the bad news she would have to give him.

“Hello Jeri, how’s my favorite farmer?” he asked, smiling warmly. “I just happened across two lovely donkeys which I think would be great for your farm. Is your dad home?”

“It’s good to see you. Unfortunatly, dad’s not home. He’s on some erands and won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. I’ll come back then”

“Actually… you don’t need to. We… won’t be needing them” Jeri started, slightly uncomfortable. She didn’t want to be the one to say this to him. “We have quite enough right now.”

The Man’s smile faded slightly, but he still kept his chipper attiude. “Don’t need any more donkeys eh? Well that’s fine. If you give me a day, I could find a lovely cow for you to…”

“Actually” Jeri said, interupting him “we really don’t need any more animals. You’ve been so helpful to us, but we have hit just the right number of beasts to take care of right now, so we won’t be needing any more”

TJeri felt upset, hoping that this wasn’t hurting his feelings. She liked him after all.

He looked genuinely disappointed. Then, a smile. “Very well. I understand. But before I go, perhaps I can give you one more animal?

“I told you, we can't afford…” she began, before being silenced as he rose up a hand. “This one is free. And it’s not a donkey. Just a pig. You can never have too many of those, right?”

“I… guess… if its free” she said, not wanting to seem rude, or unappreciative for all the work he had done for their family. At the time, she didn’t realize that her forehead was starting to sweat. “Did you bring it? I don’t see it in the truck/” she added, looking at the braying donkeys.

“Oh no. But it will be here soon” he said, smiling in a reassuring way.

“God I feel hot… I didn’t work that hard today did I?”

“Oh trust me… I think you’re hard work is just getting started. Still, If you’re so hot, maybe you should take off your clothes”

“Ha ha. Very funny.” she said, rolling her eyes as she brushed her sweat soaked hair out of her eyes. However, her other hand was drifting down her midriff towards her shorts, unbuttoning them.

She was really soaked with sweat she thought, as she moved the wet hair from her eyes. Working on s farm most her life, hard work was hardly new to her. Yet, it had been years since she was this sweaty. Was she getting sick?

“I think… I need to lie down” she said apologetically to The Man. However, as she took a step she almost tripped. Looking down, she saw that her unbuttoned shorts were now around her ankles. It took her a second to process this, before realizing that her wet panties were on full display.

“What the hell!” She shouted, quickly reaching to pull them back on. However, her shorts felt like they a thousand pounds, unable to be lifted from around her ankles.

“Come now, why so embarrassed? Those tiny shorts were barely hiding anything anyway.”

“I- I- I need to go” Jeri stammered, still having trouble processing this. She was too confused to feel fear, but she had a feeling that getting away was the first step.

Unfortunately, her aforementioned shorts were weighing her feet in place. Wearing laced up boots, she couldn’t slip out of them.

Still operating on instincts, she bent down to to undo her laces. Walking behind her, this new position gave The Man a good look at her panty-clad posterior, which was slowly getting more transparent from her sweat.

“I must say, you really have developed nicely. I spent so many years thinking of you as that little girl that I never even noticed”

He slapped her on the ass just as she slipped her feet out of her boots. The impact was far stronger then she would have expected from a man like him, making her fall face first into the dirt, her hat falling off. The ground was rapidly getting soaked from how much she was sweating.

“In fact, why don’t you show me how much of a woman you’ve become… before I take it from you.”

“What are you talking about. Please… help me. Somethings wrong” she said, still unable to process that this was happening, much less from a family friend.

“I am helping you. Like I said, I’m giving your farm a gift before I leave. Now… show me how you’ve matured” he repeated, this time more forcefully.

In a display of acrobatics she never would have been capable of before, she rolled forward onto her hands, and flipped onto her feet.

She then spun around, but her hands behind her head, and moved her hips in a stripper dance, contorting and swaying her hips to show off her ass, and jiggle her chest.

“How are you doing this?! Stop it! Stop it now!”

But it didn’t stop. Her controlled body was completely committed to the show. She removed her socks and seductively wiped the sweat from her body. She then got on all fours and thrust her hips forward, like she was being savagely screwed up the ass by an invisible lover. Showers of sweat were thrown off her by the impact of each thrust.

The Man kneeled down to get face to face with her. She tried to shout something at him, but instead kissed him deeply on the lips. The shame of this, as well as his bad breath, made her gag.

As he broke from the kiss, she could speak again, but her words were constantly interrupted by the intense, invisible, bounding on her ass “why… are… you… doing… this?! You’re… our… friend!”

“I thought so too. But you said you didn't need me anymore… remember?”

“Is… THAT… what this… is about!? I’ll take... your animals! I’ll take them… AHHH!”

She was interrupted as she was once again forced to perform another acrobatic move, flipping onto her feet. Her hands moved to her top, untying it. Knowing what was about to happen, she could only whimper “please don’t make me! Please!”

But no sympathy was given, as she threw it off, showing her sweaty bare breasts to her tormentor. Her pantys were the only clothing she had left, and they had already slipped down to her thighs after all the thrusts she did, completely revealing her crotch and bare ass. This was especially humiliating as there was nothing to hide when she began pissing herself in fear.

The Man didn’t pay this bathroom emergency any mind however, as he was busy inspecting her tits. “Yes, you really HAVE matured. At least physically. I wonder if you’ve matured in other areas. Sexuality for one”

“Please don’t…” Jeri said, crying and having a feeling what he was about to make her do next. Her left hand moved itself towards her crotch, and without any time to prepare, immediately fingered herself. Meanwhile, the other was twisting her nipples.

She let out a cry. Ger fingers were flicking and twisting far harder than she was used to. This was only the beginning though, as she went harder. Her legs got weak as she collapsed onto her knees, still masturbating with everything she had. The Man was laughing “yes, you really are a woman. I’m so proud of you”

“OooHhhHh noOoooOo! I can’t, OH GOD OH JESUS, stoppPppp. HnnnNNMMMGGG oH fuOooUuuchhkkk! Make it GOD OH GoD soOoo GOOOD! NOO! Not gooOood! Ahhhh!”

And then she came, soaking the already wet, sweaty ground with her ejaculate.

“Well, I think we’ve established that you’ve grown up” The Man said, as if this were a science lecture he was giving to a child. “Now, let's move on to the gift for your family”

“You… you mean the pig?” She panted, completely exhausted. “Y-yes! We’ll take the pig. We’ll take anything you want! Just stop!”

“Oh don’t worry, I will stop soon enough. But first…” he said cryptically before snapping his fingers.

She stood up again, this time normally. Her pantys still around her ankles, she wadled over towards the pigsty. “What are you doing! No more! You promised”

“Oh my dear, your body may have gotten more mature, but your mind hasn’t. I would have expected you to guess by now” he laughed as she jumped onto the wooden fence that separated the swine from the rest of the farm. She let out a yelp as her bare butt impacted the splintery wood fence. It became even more uncomfortable as she was forced to spread her legs wider then she ever imagined, spreading them along the fence as she was forced to balance as she felt her pussy on the wood.

“No! You can’t keep making me do stuff like this! You can’t!

And then, she fell. Not from simply losing balance, but move like an invisible man pushed her over.

Screaming, she landed face first into the mud. The impact made her see stars, and barely keep conscious.

Lying there, she couldn’t help but think how nice the mud felt on her hot, sweaty skin. She felt a powerful urge to just lie there and sleep. Thos trance was broken as she felt one of the pigs snouts against her head as it sniffed her hair.

Her survival instincts kicked in again. Furthermore, she realized that she could move her body again, giving her hope.

She got up to see that she was in the middle of the pigsty. She didn’t even question why she was there, and not by the fence, as she turned to run away from The Man.

Unfortunately for her, she only made a few steps before falling face first into the muck again, from a combination of the slippery mud and the fact that her center of gravity felt off.

She tried to stand again, but immediately fell back onto her hands, her balance continued to shift. For some reason, being on all fours felt natural. This time, it felt like she broke her nose on that fall. It felt so flat and deformed… no… it was changing. It widened and lengthened outwards into a snout.

Her face, already pink from embarrassment, became even pinker, a trait that was spreading along her glistening, muddy body.

Unable to stand, she crawled forward, hoping that she could somehow still escape. She had no plan, she just wanted to get as far away from this man whom she had previously thought was a friend. She even flung the panties off her ankles, any feelings of modesty long gone.

Two things made this more difficult. First was the amount of pigs in her way, all too lazy to move, even as she incoherently screamed and pushed them. The other issue was that her hands were progressively feeling off. They were numb and her fingers barely moved. It took her nearly 30 seconds to notice that they were swelling. She froze in terror as she watched her index and middle fingers fusing together into a hard mass, and her thumb retreat into her rapidly deforming palm.

“What the hell is hapanEEEEEEEEEing!” squealed. She then gasped at the noise whe just made. “What are you SQEEEEEEE doing to (grunt) meEREEEE (snort) (snort) StopEeeEEE (grunt) it!”

She couldn’t stop squealing and grunting, a sound lost in the cries of the other swine around her.

“No!” She thought to herself “not other swine! I’m me! I’m a person.” She refused to acknowledge what her brain was telling her was happening. It was too horrible to even think about.

Unfortunately, her denial did nothing to slow her changes. Her stomach gurgled unpleasantly as her belly expanded outwards. In fact, her whole body was gaining fat. Her athletic build, developed over years of hard work in the farm, was eroding away.

This made movement impossible, as her limbs hadn’t compensated for her gaining mass yet. She collapsed onto her growing belly, splatting mud everywhere.

“My my dear. Looks like you’ve put on a bit of weight since I met you!”

Jeri was crying, still trying to reject the reality in front of her. “SqEEEEE no! Not (grunt) real! Not my (snort) (grunt) body! Just SQUEEEE HEEE HEHE bad (snort) bad (grunt) dream!”

The Man just shook his head, having seen this thought process go through his victims more times than he could remember. Still, he had hoped the Jeri he knew would have been a bit stronger willed.

She was so big now, having gained her previous weight in pure fat, and was still gaining more. Her legs were positioning themselves. Her feet stretched out into her new hind legs, as her toes grew and merged, developeding her new hooves.

Her hair was falling out in clumps. Unable to get up, she felt them fat and stay on her fat back.

As her belly grew larger, she also got hungrier. After all, she only had the food she had eaten as a human in there, which wasn’t enough to sustain her currently 300 pound body. Looking over, she noticed the slop the swine were eating. It looked so appetizing… maybe she could…

NO! This wasn’t her! She wasn’t a pig! She refused to be broken so easily!

Determination filling her heart, she forced herself onto her hooves, slowly taking a step forward. Just doing that took tremendous effort.

She was so determined that she didn’t even notice that she was bald, or that her nose had totally become a snout, or even that her ears were getting flopier and changing position.

She DID notice her vagina shifting position however. It filled her with a mix of orgasm and pain so intense that she lost her balance and fell onto her chin. Behind it, her neck was lost in a blanket of flab.

The sensation between her back legs brought her attention to her behind, and what was growing above her ass. She didn’t want to look, but couldn’t help it. With great effort, she moved her neck enough to see something that made her heart sink even lower. A curly pig tail, confirming without any doubt what she was becoming.

She let out a high pitched that was totally divorced from anything human. She got back to her feet, but found she had gotten even fatter. She weighed a little under 400 pounds now, and had never been more starving.

Her boobs were migrating backwards, closer to her pussy. Meanwhile, a second set of tits grew where the old ones once hung. Then, they too migrated back, as did a third set. Six teats were resting on her belly.

“NOo (snort) (grunt) pleaEeEEEEE sSQEEEE (snort) mercYEeEEEYYY! You (snort) (grunt) SQUEEEEE (snort) friend!” she barely managed to cry. Speaking was getting even more difficult as her teeth grew out into tusks.

Hairs grew out of her pink flesh. To a casual observer she looked like nothing more than a sow, though if one were to look closely, here face and eyes still had traces of humanity… for now.

Still, this was more than enough to fool the local swine, as they registered her as one of their own.

One in particular, Richard the most fertile boar in the farm, found the new sow especially exciting. Jeri didn’t even notice his member hardening, until she felt his forelegs on her back as he mounted her.

Looking back at him, her mind went blank in horror. No, it couldn’t be. She couldn’t do it with an animal.

“NoEeeEee! You (snort) RichEEEEErd I’m (snort) (grunt) SQUEEEE (grunt) (snort) SQUEEEE your ownEEEEERr!”

But Richard clearly didn’t understand this as he entered her. Jeri let out another squeal when he began thrusting deeper into her. She felt shame, horror, pain, and perhaps worse of all, pleasure.

“No SQUEEEL (snort) (grunt) SQUEEEE! Not withEEEEEL (grunt) an (snort) SQUEEEE SQUEEEEEEEL animal!!!”

“Well, if it’s any solace, there’s a 50% chance that he’s not entirely an animal, but once a human.”

This was far from reassuring, and only added more horror. Realizing how much of her family's stock came from this man, it made her wonder how many of her animals, which her family had bred, sold, and slaughtered, were once human beings?

Of course, those moments of thought were constantly interrupted by the sensation of being pounded deeper and deeper into her new pig womb.

Finally her mate released into her, filling her with hot seed. A moment later, she came, letting out the highest pitched squeal of her life. It was so unlike any orgasm she ever had, raw and beasteal.

This moment also signaled the end of her humanity, as the final changes overcame her. Her eyes lost their shreds of humanity, as her head altered itself. Her vocal cords shifted, forever stealing her speech.

She was now nothing more than the lone sow in a pen full of boars. She continues to squeal and grunt at the man, wanting nothing more then to be changed back.

“Well, I hope you enjoy your new change in life. Just think, before you took care of the animals, but now you can be taken care of. Once your parents find a replacement for their daughter anyway.”

Jeri kept squealing at him as The Man turned to leave. She tried to get out of the fence to chase after him, but was totally pinned in.

The Man then looked back one more time. “I’ll be looking for a new farm to sell my donkeys to then. I’m sure I’ll find some to take them. After all, who woudn’t want two former sisters made into a breeding pair” he said loud enough for his transformed donkeys to hear. “As for you, I usually take away my victims control, but as a special favor to you, I’ll let you keep it so you can learn to live as a pig. Though I’ll be taking your ability to write.. Wouldn’t want you cheating.”

Immediately, Jeri forgot the alphabet or any form of human language. She had no way of notifying her family who she was.

She cried out as The Man left. She had lost everything, and was trapped in her own pig pen with over a dozen boars, each one as fertile as the day The Man sold them to her.

Farmhouse Rules by #crazypicklehead2002

#WeightGain #Transformation #PigGirls #PigGirl #FemalePigTransformation #FemaleTransformationStory

“No, Johnathan. The Merritt account is mine,” Cali barked into her cell phone as she sped down the winding Texas backroad.

“Becau- because- Johnathan, you aren’t listening. That account rightfully belongs to me.”

The rain beat down on Cali’s Mercedes as she fishtailed around another curve in the faint moonlight.

“Because I did all the work, and I deserve the commission, that’s why!”

She was losing her temper as the storm refused to yield. The coupe zipped through the night air at a much faster pace than it should be travelling in such a downpour.

“Whatever, we’ll talk about it when I get back to the States.”

Cali angrily hung up on Johnathan as the phone slipped out of her hands and tumbled into the floorboard.

As she fumbled for the phone at her feet, Cali took her eyes off the road for a mere second, but let out a shriek when she refocused her gaze and realized all she could see ahead of her were trees. As she jerked the wheel hard to the left, the Mercedes’ anti-skid technology did all it could, but it was too little, too late, and the car careened down the steep slope into the dense, dark forest below. Cali screamed bloody murder before the impact with the pine tree silenced her.

Then everything went black.


Cali opened her eyes to find her vision bombarded with cracked, peeling baby-blue paint, and she realized she was no longer in her car. She was covered in a thick patchwork quilt that looked like something her grandmother would have made, and the soft but lumpy mattress beneath her indicated that she was lying on someone’s bed.

Confused, Cali sat up and winced in pain as she bent her hip, and pulling back the covers, she discovered that her left leg had been hastily bandaged and was supported by a wooden splint. Her head ached, and Cali was surprised to find that her head was also wrapped in gauze, and felt damp. Her fingers were stained red after touching the bandage, and she knew she must be bleeding.

She looked around the room. It looked to be an old, but fairly well-maintained home. More of a cabin, Cali thought. The room was probably a guest room. It was the definition of minimalist, and only contained the bed Cali was currently occupying, an antique dresser with a mirror, a sturdy looking chair that looked to be home-made, and a desk that contained what appeared to be several surgical instruments and a needle and thread.

Someone had patched Cali up, but her brain still hadn’t processed what had actually taken place. That’s when she remembered the crash. Or parts of it, at least. She groaned as she realized that she had surely missed her flight, as the sunlight streaming through the lacey curtains indicated that it was now the following morning.

Cali had been on her way to the airport for a year-long vacation in order to “find herself.” After six years with her advertising firm, she had finally saved up enough days and cash to take a gap year, and due to increasing tension amongst the firm’s staff, that’s exactly what Cali planned to do. This was going to be her own personal ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, as Cali had put it. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, as they say, and now here was Cali, lying in someone else’s bed instead of backpacking across Europe as planned. Cali was growing increasingly uneasy and was about to call out, when suddenly, a woman appeared in the doorway.

The woman looked to be in her late forties and had a pretty face which was framed by her dark raven hair which she wore in a loose ponytail tied behind her head. She was rotund, to say the least, and Cali wagered she must weigh at least 400 pounds. Her belly was concealed by the long bathrobe she was wearing, but Cali could see the form of it even through the thick fabric. It jutted out from her midsection like a massive water balloon and jiggled as she shuffled sideways through the door. As impressive as her belly was, the woman’s breasts completely dwarfed it. They were the largest boobs Cali had ever seen in her life. There was no cup size in existence that could contain the massive watermelons the woman carried on her chest. Their sheer weight pulled them down to either side of the woman’s belly, although they still appeared full and plump, even beneath the terrycloth garment. She sported a triple chin that engulfed her neck entirely, and her shoulders rose and fell each time she took a breath. Apparently making her way into the room had made her out of breath.

“She lives!” The woman said softly as she lowered herself into the chair next to the desk. The chair groaned and creaked in agony, but surprisingly held firm.

“I hope you’ll forgive me if I sit,” the woman continued. “It’s hard to carry these puppies around for more than a couple of minutes.” She gestured to her gargantuan rack with her pudgy fingers, still breathing heavily.

“My name is Beatrice, and I live here with my husband Bill. You can call me Bea if you’d like. You were in a mighty dangerous crash. Put you out like a light for over two weeks.”

TWO WEEKS? Cali’s uneasiness immediately returned.

“Clem, our farmhand, found you while he was out hunting that night. He heard the crash in the distance and went to investigate. You were busted up pretty bad, so he brought you back and I patched you up as best I could. I don’t have much experience with treating injuries, but it looks like you’re free of infection and healing up nice.” The woman smiled.

“Sure, tell that to my bleeding skull,” Cali thought to herself.

Cali tried to speak, but found her throat to be parched and dry. Bea motioned to a glass on the nightstand next to the bed which Cali hadn’t noticed before. Cali quickly grabbed it and took a long sip, before nearly spitting the creamy liquid onto the floor.

“It’s milk?!” Cali cried.

“Yep, our water well is small, so we drink a lot of milk around here. In fact, it’s one of the ways we nursed you back to health.” Bea explained.

The milk didn’t taste like any milk Cali had tried before. She had never been much of a milk drinker, and didn’t much care for the taste. But this was different. It was good. Really good. Cali immediately took another giant swig, then another and another until she emptied the large glass.

“Thatta girl. It’ll make you strong.” Bea smiled again.

“Thanks for saving my life,” Cali started, “but do you have my cell phone? I need to call someone to pick me up.”

“Well, the thing is, your cell phone was crushed like a soda can in the crash. There is nothing left of it but bits of broken plastic.” Bea said as her smile faded.

“Well, can I use your phone?” Cali asked.

“Sorry, don’t have one. Never had much use for phones way out here.” Bea said.

“So, I have no way to contact anyone? I’m assuming you don’t have internet?” Cali knew the answer as Bea shook her head.

“No TV, either.” The massive woman added.

“Well, can you at least drive me to the nearest gas station so I can use a payphone?” Cali pleaded.

Bea hesitated.

“Let me guess, no car?” Cali was beginning to panic.

“Not since it broke down.” Bea replied. “Again, just didn’t have much need for it, so we stopped having Clem repair it.”

“Just point me in the right direction and I’ll walk back to the road.” Cali said, growing more and more nervous.

“Not in your current condition.” Bea said with a stern look on her face. “It ain’t an easy hike back to the road, and you’d be liable to fall and hurt yourself further. Plus, there’s a grizzly that’s been prowling the woods outside the farm. You don’t want to be limping around while he’s on your trail.”

“So what am I supposed to do?” Cali said, trying to hold back tears.

“Just be our guest for a while until you recover. Bill and I don’t get many visitors out here, so it’ll be nice to have someone new to talk to, other than Clem, of course.”

Cali’s face suddenly went pale as she realized that everyone she knew thought she was in Europe right now, and therefore wouldn’t be worried about her sudden disappearance. She felt sick to her stomach knowing no one was going to be looking for her, but she really didn’t have a choice. After all, Bea seemed nice enough, and judging by her size, at least someone here could obviously cook. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

“There are a few rules we follow around here.” Bea said, suddenly breaking Cali’s thoughts.

1. “Do not enter the barn. EVER. There are dangerous tools in there and we don’t want you getting hurt.”

2. “Stay out of Clem’s house. We granted him the guest house when he started working for us, and we think he’s earned his privacy.”

3. “Always finish your milk. It’ll make you strong and prevent any more broken bones.”

“That’s about it.” Bea said. “We are really very nice people as long as you follow the three rules.”

Cali was perplexed, but could only nod her head to indicate that she understood.

“Great! Let’s go meet Bill and Clem.” Bea then heaved herself out of the apparently indestructible wooden chair and waddled through the door before returning with a wooden crutch which also looked homemade.

Bea handed the crutch to Cali, which Cali took and began the task of getting out of bed. After some effort, Cali was able to swing her legs out from beneath the heavy quilt and place her feet on the floor. She pushed herself up on the crutch and was able to follow her porcine host into the living room. Having been bedridden for two weeks, Cali was weak and unsteady on her feet, but Bea never made any effort to assist her in any way.

Cali was led into the kitchen where Bill and Clem were having breakfast. Bill was a stocky man in his early fifties who didn’t look at all like what Cali imagined a farmer to look like. His head was nearly devoid of hair, aside from a horseshoe shaped patch of gray that ran around the back of his head from ear to ear. He had a gray goatee and slightly darker stubble on his cheeks that ran down his neck and up to his sideburns. He was wearing reading glasses, and was staring at a book that Cali knew had to be older than she was. With one hand, he methodically ate his eggs as he read, never looking up from the pages of the book as he brought the fork from the plate to his mouth.

Clem, on the other hand, was stunning in Cali’s eyes. He looked to be in his early twenties, with angular features and dark brown hair which was groomed neatly. He was sporting a five o’clock shadow that made him look somehow rugged and sensitive at the same time. He wore a dark polo shirt and ragged-looking workpants that covered the tops of his dirty work boots. Cali was going to have a hard time not breaking rule number two, since she instantly wanted a peek inside his living quarters. Cali thought she saw a twinkle in Clem’s green eyes as he introduced himself to her, but it could have been her imagination.

“Please, grab a plate and join us.” Bill said after everyone had been introduced. “God knows there’s plenty. Clem makes quite a spread.”

Cali was surprised to learn that this perfect specimen could also cook. It made her want him even more.

Bea was already on her second plate before Cali sat down to enjoy her first one. Of course, the meal was served with the delicious creamy milk that Cali had been treated to earlier. She knew she’d be breaking a rule if she refused it, but honestly, it was so delicious that she had no desire to, anyway.


After a week as a prisoner in her new host’s home, Cali was beginning to wonder why she had been so apprehensive about staying in the first place. There was no drama here. No co-workers endlessly stabbing each other in the back to move up in the ranks. No bosses to impress, no deadlines to meet. Just pure, simple relaxation. Having moved directly into her current position at the marketing firm right out of college, Cali realized that she had never in her life really had a chance to sit back and enjoy herself without having to worry about any responsibilities. It was wonderful.

As such, Cali had really become engrossed in Clem’s incredible cooking skills. Cali had always lived in the city, so she never had much opportunity to eat meals prepared with fresh, home-grown ingredients. She was unashamed of her gluttony when it came to mealtime, as she was never indulging any more than her gracious hosts, especially Bea, who Cali was pretty sure could out-eat a linebacker; maybe even the whole defensive line.

The small farm was totally self-sufficient and off the grid, from the single windmill that provided just enough power to run the lights during the day, to the garden that provided fresh vegetables, to the chickens that produced the eggs and the pigs that provided succulent pork, to the cow that provided the delicious milk that Bea was always so adamant that Cali continue to guzzle with every meal. Cali had never actually seen the cow, but if she ever did, she would thank it for a job well done. Cali was in heaven.

It was that morning that Cali really started noticing changes in her body. Before the crash, she had been a tall, leggy blonde girl in her late twenties with toned abs and an impressively perky rack. Now, however, Cali had lost sight of her abs as she examined herself in the mirror, and a thin layer of soft adipose had taken their place. As she ran her hands over her slightly thickened midsection, her arm brushed against her left breast and sent a shiver of ecstasy through Cali’s body. Her tits were so sensitive that even the slightest stimulation could put her on the verge of climax. They had also nearly doubled in size, and where she had started with small ‘B’ cups before the accident, she now had to be closer to ‘D’ territory, although she had no way to know for sure.

Since Cali’s gray business suit she had been wearing during the crash had been partially shredded when Clem pulled her out of the car, Bea had provided Cali with some of her old clothes from her skinnier days. Cali actually had a couple of suitcases full of clothes in the trunk of her car, but she was in no position to ask her ‘captors’ to retrieve them, so she accepted Bea’s wardrobe offerings. Cali was amazed to find that the clothes fit her fairly well, and she wondered how long it had taken Bea to grow from Cali’s size to her current gargantuan proportions.

That night at dinner, Clem had prepared a braised pork loin in a creamy red wine reduction (yes, the wine was made at the farmhouse by Bill using their own small batch of grapes), which he served with fluffy mashed potatoes doused in butter, alongside a decadent spinach casserole that contained more cheese than spinach. Cali practically inhaled her first plate and asked for seconds, which Clem was happy to oblige. As her fork scraped the bottom of the plate indicating that her second helping was drawing to a close, Clem emerged from the kitchen holding two round, covered metal trays. As he set them down in the middle of the table, both Cali and Bea’s moths began to water as they imagined what succulent desserts lay beneath the lids.

Clem leaned over the table, stabilizing himself against Cali's shoulder, as he removed the chrome lids and revealed his twin masterpieces. One pumpkin pie and one apple pie that was stuffed with more apples than seemed possible for a single dish. The crust on top must have been a foot tall from base to tip. The pumpkin pie was no slouch, either, as it was roughly twice the thickness of any pumpkin pie Cali had ever seen, and was covered in a huge mound of homemade whipped cream.

Cali knew that Clem didn’t need any support as he hunched over to cut slices for everyone, and yet, he continued leaning into her with his hand on her shoulder as he performed his knife work on the sweet disks of decadent goodness.

Bea was of course served first, followed by Cali. Each of them received a slice of each pie, with each piece being approximately a quarter of an entire pie in itself. Cali wasn’t sure she could finish what equated to half of an entire regular pie, much less pies of this caliber, but she was going to give it her best shot.

She started with the pumpkin pie, since it was her favorite dessert of all time. As soon as the flaky crust hit her lips, Cali knew this wasn’t going to be the standard frozen pie she was used to. It was creamier than any pumpkin pie she had ever tasted, and was seasoned perfectly with all the spices Cali used to get in her lattes during Thanksgiving back home. The whipped cream was certainly not what she was used to, either. It didn’t taste like it came out of a spray can, and had a much different consistency than Cali was used to. It coated her mouth in a thin layer of grease each time she took a bite.

After little more than a minute had passed, the pumpkin pie had been reduced to crumbs on the plate, which Cali quickly pressed her thumb onto and made disappear into her ravenous gullet before moving on to the mountain of apple pie.

Cali thought she was doing ok, until Clem snuck up behind her and plopped a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on her plate. With two thirds of the apple pie still left on the plate, Cali was already losing steam. The ice cream added a new wild card to the mix, and Cali thought perhaps she wouldn’t be able to finish, when she looked over and saw that not only had her hostess already finished both of her slices, but she was now beginning to doze off in her chair, her head drooping forward slowly as she began to snore quietly.

The sight gave Cali a renewed sense of vigor, and she pressed on. She alternated between bites of pie and ice cream, with the cold confection acting as lubricant between mouthfuls of the tart, warm pastry. Just as she was beginning to regret pushing herself to this point, Cali raised the last bite of cinnamon-laced crust to her lips and shoved it in. She was barely able to swallow, but she finally managed to get the last of her dessert down and leaned back in her chair triumphantly. Cali’s belly was visibly swollen, and was on the verge of peeking out from beneath the now tight blouse she had received from Bea. As she was ready to join her rotund neighbor in blissful slumber, she was shaken awake by a now fully concious Bea.

“Drink up.” Was all she said as she pointed towards the gigantic glass of milk that now sat before Cali.

“Oh, Jesus. I can’t. I’m afraid I’ll burst.” Cali said, looking a little pale.

“Remember the rules,” Bea reiterated. “You must drink your milk in order to grow up big and strong.”

Not wanting to break one of the rules, Cali meekly reached for the large cup of viscous white liquid. The milk was as thick as heavy cream, and there had to be at least a liter of it in the glass. Too full to argue, Cali took a long swig and felt the cool, dense fluid run down her throat and eventually settle in her already engorged stomach. It literally hurt as she took another gulp, but the milk was so delicious, and she was determined to not disappoint her gracious hosts, so she soldiered on. Plus, she didn’t know what her punishment would be if she broke a rule, so she was reluctant to do so.

After ten minutes, Cali sat down her empty glass and once again collapsed back into her chair, where she immediately napped for the next half hour.

After coming out of her food coma, Cali looked around to see that the table had been cleared, and everyone had retired to their rooms for the night. As she heaved herself out of her chair, Cali noticed that her tummy ache had subsided, and she was amazingly hungry once again. She opened the fridge and saw a tray with leftovers on it, and next to the tray sat another glass of milk with Cali’s name on it. Under her name it said simply ‘midnight snack’. Shrugging her shoulders, Cali grabbed the glass and chugged half of the contents before picking up the tray of leftovers and setting it on the counter. She grabbed the bread and slapped a healthy dollop of mayonnaise on two slices before plopping down a cold hunk of braised pork loin between them, along with a thick slice of homemade cheese. She polished off the sandwich in record time and guzzled the rest of the milk before heading to bed with a smile on her face.


A month later, Cali couldn’t believe what was happening. She must have gained sixty pounds in thirty days. Was that even humanly possible? She gazed at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw. Her belly had exploded and now hung over the waistband of her tight jeans. It was soft and malleable, and Cali found herself kneading it gently after large meals, which were becoming more and more frequent as time marched on.

But what really surprised Cali the most were her boobs. They had increased threefold in the past month and were now like inflated zeppelins on her chest that obscured Cali from seeing anything below them, including her toes. They had begun to sag slightly from their sheer weight, but remained as full and plump as ever. They had also become so sensitive that Cali had a hard time moving around the farmhouse without sending herself into an unexpected orgasm at increasingly awkward moments. To combat this, Cali regularly pleasured herself in the morning to try and relieve some of the built-up horniness. She didn’t know if it was actually working or not, but it was fun enough that she didn’t really care one way or the other.

Bea, meanwhile, was eating less and less at meals, and was shrinking before Cali’s eyes. Whatever weight Cali had gained since she’d been here, Bea must have lost and then some. She looked to be in the mid 300’s now, and was getting smaller by the day.

None of this stopped Cali from her constant indulgence, as she had deluded herself into thinking that once she was able to return home, she would rejoin the gym and regain her trim figure in no time. Of course, Cali wasn’t stupid, and she knew this was only an excuse since she knew she couldn’t stop at this point even if she wanted to. The food was just too delicious, and it was making her far too horny to even think about changing her current lifestyle. Her leg had healed enough to restore her mobility weeks ago, but she no longer had thoughts of trying to escape. She was going to stay here and grow until Bea and Bill kicked her out.


Everything changed one night after everyone had gone to bed. Cali was feeling frisky as usual, only this time, the urge was overwhelming to her and no amount of personal stimulation was going to cut it. As quietly as possible, she eased open the window to her room and slid herself out into the cool night air. The feeling of her titanic chest dragging against the windowsill as she made her escape caught Cali off guard, and she almost let out a moan of pleasure before she bit her lip to stifle it. Wearing only the thin chemise that Bea had provided, Cali trudged barefoot down the dirt path to Clem’s guest house, her swollen body silhouetted in the bright moonlight.

While she and Clem had never actually been intimate, it had become clear that they had a mutual attraction to each other, and tonight, Cali was finally horny enough to act on it.

As she crept up to the house, she noticed a window cracked, and she reasoned that this had to be Clem’s bedroom. He was probably letting the night air blow through his room to make up for the lack of A/C. She tapped quietly on the glass and waited for Clem to emerge, but he never did. She tapped again, harder this time. Still no response. She tried peering into the bedroom, but could see only darkness.

“Maybe he’s not home?” Cali asked herself silently.

After pondering her options for a moment, Cali’s hormones got the best of her and she decided to sneak inside. She quietly slid open the window, and winced as it made an awful grinding noise. Slowly but surely, Cali eventually worked the window open enough that she could slip her ample bust through, and proceeded to scramble inside.

The room was dark, but as her eyes adjusted, the glow of the moon revealed that Cali had, in fact, been correct in her assumption that this was Clem’s bedroom. The walls were covered in movie posters and concert memorabilia, and Cali assumed at first that Clem had collected the mementos before beginning his tenure at the farmhouse. Then she noticed some newer items that hadn’t been released until quite recently, and it confused Cali further. Nevertheless, she was determined to find her prey and have her way with him. She’d come too far to give up now, so she proceeded through the door and into the hallway.

To the right led to the living room and kitchen, and to the left led to two other doors, probably a bathroom and a guest bedroom. Cali turned to the right and headed into the living room area. Clearly a bachelor pad, there wasn’t much in the way of decoration. A ragged matching couch and loveseat, a coffee table made out of milk crates, and a leather easy chair that looked well-worn. Cali was also shocked to see a flat screen TV on the opposite wall with a DVD player and satellite box attached to it. Had Cali been lied to about this place being ‘off the grid’?

Even more confused and increasingly uncomfortable, Cali continued her search. The kitchen turned up nothing of value, since apparently Clem did most of his cooking in the main farmhouse, although Cali did find a bag of homemade pork jerky that she greedily helped herself to as she made her way back to the hallway.

The first door after the master bedroom was a bathroom, which once again didn’t really aide in Cali’s search, but the next room shocked her. This was apparently Clem’s leisure room, which included a laptop and what appeared to be a high speed modem of some kind. On the desk sat a cordless phone, which Cali quickly reached for. She was filled with rage and fear as she hit the power button and heard a dial tone droning through the speaker. Just as Cali was about to call for help, someone behind her snatched the phone from her hands. She turned to see Bea standing there in the darkness, holding the outdated phone in her pudgy hands.

“How the hell did you sneak up on-“ Cali’s voice trailed off as Bea placed a rag over her mouth and everything went black.


Cali awoke with a start. She was sitting in an unfamiliar room, and had apparently been strapped to the chair she was sitting in. Her arms and legs were secured with leather bands, and her forehead was also restrained. There was a mask strapped to Cali’s mouth with a tube running out of it. The tube snaked around behind Cali and she couldn’t see what it was attached to.

Suddenly, Bea appeared at the edge of Cali’s line of vision.

“See this?” She said as she held up two gallon-sized buckets, of which Cali couldn’t see the contents. “This is what you get if you break one of the rules.”

As Bea moved the buckets, a white, viscous liquid sloshed out and a few drops landed on the floor at Cali’s feet. Still terrified and unsure of what was about to happen, Cali could only sit in silence as her mouth was filled with the tube which clearly wasn’t going anywhere.

Bea moved out of Cali’s line of sight, and Cali could hear the sound of liquid being poured. Then she saw the white substance from the bucket oozing down the tube towards her mouth. As the creamy fluid entered her throat, Cali immediately began to choke, and Bea continued:

“You have two choices. Try and resist, and you’ll simply continue to choke and eventually drown, or accept your punishment and drink up like the little piggy rule-breaker that you are.” Bea said with an evil smirk on her still chubby face.

Cali’s eyes widened as she realized the dire situation she was currently in. There was no way she could drink two full gallons of milk, no matter how sweet and delicious it may be, but she would have to try.

Cali began sucking at the tube, causing the calorie-laden drink to fill her stomach at an even faster rate. Cali reasoned that if she drank fast enough, perhaps her body wouldn’t have time to realize that it was full and it would allow her to finish more of the milk before hitting the breaking point.

In theory, Cali’s plan worked, as ten minutes later she was sucking on an empty hose. She had drained every last drop of her punishment and was now more stuffed than she had ever been. If she could move her head enough to look down, Cali would have seen that her belly jutted out in front of her and formed a tight, round ball that sat in her lap and extended out past even her massive chest.

As Cali’s eyes scanned the small section of the room she could actually see, she noticed that Bea was nowhere to be found. With nothing left to do, Cali drifted off into a deep but uneasy sleep.


Cali awoke the next morning with a massive belly ache. She was in her regular bed in her room at the farmhouse, and nothing appeared to be different.

“Was it all a dream?” Cali wondered as her stomach began to rumble.

She realized that her bellyache must be hunger-related, so she cautiously exited her room and sauntered into the kitchen where Bea, Bill, and Clem sat eating breakfast.

“Good morning!” Bea said cheerily as Cali entered the room.

Cali sat down skeptically next to Bea as Clem placed the usual breakfast platter in front of her. The meal consisted of five eggs, a full pound of bacon, six slices of pork breakfast sausage, a pile of buttery hash browns, a massive biscuit the size of a landmine, and a stack of five pancakes that were bigger than Cali’s head. Not a word was spoken about the previous night as Cali began digging into her feast. Everything was perfectly prepared as usual, and Cali gorged herself until the plates were empty.

Naturally, there was a tall glass of cold milk to accompany her meal, and Cali quickly drained its contents within a few seconds. Clem could apparently sense that Cali was still hungry, and out of nowhere he produced an identical meal to the first one and set it down in front to a wide-eyed Cali. She had never eaten this much in her life, but for some reason that morning was different. It was as if her stomach had expanded overnight and was demanding more food to fill the added space. Cali was happy to oblige as she tore into her second feast of the day. She requested two additional refills on her milk to counter the saltiness of the meal, and by the end, Cali was truly content.

She sauntered off back to her room and quickly fell asleep until she was awoken for lunch.


After that day, Cali was an absolutely unstoppable eating machine. Something had broken in her that morning and she found herself absolutely ravenous nearly 24/7.

Another two months passed and Cali was legitimately afraid that something was wrong with her. She estimated that she had gained another hundred pounds in the past two months, and if she did her math correctly, would put her somewhere in the neighborhood of 280. She was truly becoming a butterball, and was helpless to stop it. Clem continued making delicious smorgasbords for her at every meal, which she would always graciously accept.

The sexual tension between them was always palpable, but after her terrifying dream of sneaking into his house a couple of months ago, she was afraid to make another move.

And so things continued as they had been. Bea continued to lose weight, and Cali was mortified when one day she realized that she had eclipsed her, and now Cali weighed more than her formerly rotund hostess. Luckily, there were always enough clothes in varying sizes for each of them to share as their bodies continued to change.

Cali’s breasts continued to grow at a faster rate than the rest of her body, and now the twins were beginning to sag to either side of Cali’s bulging belly. They were as tender as ever, and as a result, Cali was in a near constant state of arousal.

One night just before bed, Cali noticed that there was a small wet spot on the front of her nightie, and after further investigation, she realized that it had come from her left breast. As she pulled the silk garment over her head, Cali noticed that there was a droplet of milk rolling down the swollen mound of tit flesh, which dripped onto the floor. Cali was lactating!

Not knowing what to do, Cali grabbed a towel as the milk began dripping more quickly. Panicking and realizing the towel wasn’t enough to contain the increasingly steady flow, Cali did the next logical thing – she popped her nipple into her mouth and began sucking. The intense feeling of having her lips on her breasts was enough to make Cali instantly orgasm more intensely than she ever had in her life. Her body tingled with pleasure and she moaned as she continued gulping down mouthful after mouthful of her own delicious fluid. Strangely, the milk tasted oddly familiar to Cali, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on the flavor.

As she felt her arousal finally beginning to wane, she moved on to the other breast, immediately giving her the exact same sensation. She sucked down as much of the creamy treat as she possibly could before passing out and sleeping through the night.


Things continued like this until one morning when Cali woke up to an empty house.
The night before, Bea and Bill had been celebrating something, although they were never specific as to what exactly. They had uncharacteristically gotten quite drunk on their homemade wine, and Bea, being such a lightweight now, had even passed out a couple of times during dinner.

Bea had slimmed down so much that she looked to be slightly thinner than Cali had been when she first arrived at the farmhouse. Somehow, she had been able to tone all of the previously obese parts of her body and didn’t have the flaps of hanging skin that most fat people get when they lose large amounts of weight. Her belly was flat and toned, and her arms and thighs were tight and firm. Her face, while thinner and more angular, was still strikingly beautiful for a woman of her age, and the years of obesity caused it to have very few wrinkles, and instead left in its place a smooth, youthful glow.

Bea was wearing what Cali realized were Cali’s own clothes from her suitcase. Cali should probably have been upset about this, but realized she would probably never fit back into them, anyway, and let it go. Too many strange things had happened during her time here to continue questioning every little occurrence that puzzled her.

Whereas most mornings Cali was coaxed out of bed by the savory smells of breakfast cooking and dinnerware clanking together, today was different. As she slowly opened her eyes, she heard only silence and smelled nothing but the sweet fragrance of the vase of flowers on the desk that hadn’t been there when she went to sleep the night before. Wedged underneath the vase was a sealed envelope with Cali’s name written in cursive on the front.

Again puzzled, Cali heaved her massive body out of bed and waddled over to the desk to retrieve the note. Cali knew she was much bigger now than Bea had been when she’d first met her. Her excessive eating, as well as the mass consumption of milk had caused her to balloon to her current weight which she estimated to be nearly 500 pounds. She could barely shimmy through the doors of the farmhouse anymore, and had to do so sideways to keep from getting stuck. Of course, her breasts continued their meteoric rise to fame, and were now easily in competition for the biggest natural boobs in the world. Cali now had to milk herself every night, both to keep her raging hormones at bay, as well as to keep from constantly leaking through her clothes. The easiest way to do this discreetly was of course to continue suckling her own teats, lapping up every last ounce of the creamy goodness that her body was able to produce.

As Cali was getting ready to rip open the envelope, a figure appeared in her doorway. It was Clem, and he had a stern, but inviting smile on his face. Without a word, he walked over to Cali and locked lips with her. Unsure what to do, she submitted and let his tongue dance with hers inside their mouths for what seemed like ages.

After that, Clem reached down and began unbuckling his belt, then unzipped his work pants and let them fall to the floor. Cali struggled to pull her nightie over her head, so Clem assisted, and they both fell into bed and finally did the one thing Cali had been striving for for so many months.


A bit later, Cali was starving as usual, so she went to the kitchen while Clem snoozed in her bed. After grabbing the half of a roast that was leftover from the night before, as well as a fork, Cali plopped down on the reinforced dining room chair to eat her snack and read the note that had been left for her.

She tore it open and began reading:

Dear Cali,
If you’re reading this, it means we’re already gone. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye, but I’ll try to explain as best I can. This story was told to me through a note similar to this one, as I imagine it has been done for the past 200 years or so.

This farmhouse has been around for decades. Sometime in the 1800’s, the current owners were eating dinner when an old woman knocked on their door and began begging them for some food. They were poor, and didn’t have much more than their milk cow and a few small crops, so they refused. The old woman placed a curse on the wife, causing her body to swell and become constantly engorged with milk, while their prized cow shriveled into nothing and died. The curse also caused their few measly crops to wither away, leaving the family with no other form of sustenance other than the woman’s ever-bountiful milk supply. But still, they held out, fearful that consuming the milk would curse the rest of the family, as well. It wasn’t until the youngest child became ill from malnourishment that the mother relented and brought him back to health using her precious life fluid. The child recovered and was stronger than he’d ever been, with no discernable negative effects, so the rest of the family finally gave in and accepted the nourishment. As the woman continued to grow, the husband began to search the nearby towns and villages for the old woman who had cursed his family so he could bring her to justice. Finally, after months of searching, he found her and was able to find out the one way to lift the curse. They had to find someone to transfer the curse to. It had to be another woman, and they had to get her to drink enough of the mother’s milk in order to fatten her up to the mother’s current size. The man then let the old woman go and could hear her cackling as she disappeared into the woods. Eventually, a young woman appeared at their door looking for room and board for a night, and the family naturally accepted their unwilling victim. They kept her chained up in one of the rooms, fattening her up on an endless supply of milk as the wife slowly shrank back to her original size. Sure enough, once the poor girl had surpassed the wife’s highest weight, the process appeared to grind to a halt, and the family had broken the curse. However, now the curse laid with the girl and would have to be passed on once more.

So the process continued in this manner until it got to me. Twenty-two years ago, I was hiking in this area and became hopelessly lost. I came across this old farmhouse and wearily beat on the door. I was greeted by the largest woman I had ever seen, and she cheerfully welcomed me inside. I was hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up to her and her husband as they fed me a hot meal and served me the most delicious glass of milk I had ever tasted. They introduced me to their son, William, and we quickly hit it off. Blinded by a haze of gluttony and young lust, I stayed at the farmhouse, and any time I decided I was ready to leave, the thoughts were replaced by more food, more sex with William, and of course, more delicious milk. I gained my first hundred pounds in a flash, and before I knew it, I had surpassed the woman’s weight as she shrank before my eyes. I knew I should stop myself and just get out of there while I still could, but something always managed to hold me back. Then one morning, I awoke to find a note on the dresser saying basically everything I’ve just told you.

William stayed behind and we had a child together, who we named Christopher, although William always called him by his middle name, Clem. Bill and I have been living at the farmhouse for the past 22 years, waiting for the day when some unsuspecting young girl would come along and relieve me of the curse once and for all. Unfortunately, that young girl was you, Cali. I am truly sorry it had to be this way. You were a sweet girl and you never deserved this. I feel I should explain the rules in more detail, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

I’ve already explained the importance of the milk.

The barn contains a customized milking apparatus that Bill constructed for me to keep my lactose levels down and to gather the milk for you to drink. That’s why I couldn’t have you snooping around the barn, lest my little plan be spoiled. Feel free to use it when you need a good milking. It actually feels quite good and was typically one of the highlights of my day.

As you observed that night months ago, we couldn’t keep our son entirely in colonial times, so we gave him a car and let him travel into town at his leisure with a weekly allowance to entertain himself with. We also allowed him to buy some electronics which he runs from a generator behind the guest house. After all, a young man has to stay connected to the real world. We aren’t cavemen…

Other than that, you’re on your own. Oh, and one more thing. Clem has been pining for you ever since you arrived, and while we wanted to bring him with us when we left, he insisted on staying behind to be with you, which I’m sure he has by now. If you’re pregnant, then congratulations! If not, I suspect you soon will be. Have fun, you two!

Love, Bea

Cali was stunned. All of a sudden, she realized why her own milk had tasted so familiar to her – she’d been drinking Bea’s milk for months! Cali’s stomach churned at the thought.

She looked up to see Clem standing in the doorway of the bedroom, looking simultaneously disheveled and satisfied.

“So, I guess you know the big secret now, huh?” He said with a grin.

“Yeah.” Cali said, still speechless. “I guess I do.”

“So, what’s the plan?” Clem inquired.

Cali thought for a moment, realizing that all she could really do was wait for the next unfortunate soul to show up and then transfer the curse once more. It could take months, years, or decades, as it had in Bea and Bill’s case, but she really had no other choice. She didn’t know all the details of the curse. Perhaps if she left the farmhouse, she’d be stuck with the curse forever and would have to get a job at the Borden factory, producing milk for a living. No, the safest bet was to hunker down and wait things out. Back to Clem’s question, Cali’s mind had returned to her new favorite activity before she answered.

“Right now, I’m thinking breakfast.” Cali said as a smile appeared on Clem’s face and he grabbed his spatula.


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