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Privacy Policy

Considering the nature of our content, privacy and anonymity is very important on Vesanis.
We won't share any of your data including your IP address and welcome you to use proxies.
If you register an account on Vesanis it is your responsibility what information you want to get revealed about you. We do not recommend you to use a real name or picture for obvious reasons. If you register or login with a social network you'll get the option to change your username and picture.
The email that U used to register on Vesanis can be seen by the Administrator only.
Checking the real user of an anonymous post can only be revealed by @Frogand no one else.
Guest posts log your ip adress and we encourage you to use proxies,  Opera browser is perfect for it, while maintaining a decent connection.
No matter how severe the content or violation of the golden rules, we do not report anyone to the authorities. (But we might IP ban you if you are an ass)
Your IP adress can only be viewed by @Frog (and the NSA probably)