Vesanis is a shitpost friendly microblog.

Global Rules

  • No CP fictional or real, yes this includes lolicon. Fictional minors in non sexual encounters are fine. => instant (IP) Ban
  • No real bestiality, fictional ones are fine. => content deleted
  • No real death fetishes, fictional ones are fine. => content deleted
  • No spamming like blatant unrelated advertisements, same messages over and over, unrelated comments etc... => instant (IP) ban

Free speech clause You have near absolute free speech, almost anything is allowed here as long it's not a criminal offense in the USA, and most likely you will only get banned there for CP and lolicon. Please be aware as with all trash posts, they might get removed eventually.

Copyright Content
If you want your content gone here you can report your content, you need to post legal proof that you are the owner. Users however, can still be link to the source or other websites that have it.

Please be aware that these guidelines can be changed at any moment.