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These are old stories. Stories I'd read back in 1998 or 99, and forgot to save copies of. I thought I'd never be able to find them again…and I was right. I couldn't. But 'Bobby' did find them, and here they are. Once again, thanks goes to Bobby for finding both of these gems, particularly as I was wrong about where this story had originally been posted.

And…oh my goodness. I just REALLY noticed…

Hey, Bobby…are YOU the "Bobby" that co-authored this story?

A Day At The Park by Merlin & Bobby

The summer sun was beating down on the crowded amusement park like a heat lamp
over a tray of french fries, and tempers were flaring as throngs of
thrill-seekers queued up for 45 minutes to an hour at a time to ride for maybe
60 seconds on a roller coaster. The temperature had reached 85 degrees by ten
o'clock that morning and was up to a scorching 102 by mid-afternoon, making
walking on the blacktop akin to shuffling along inside a frying pan. The wind
which had been blowing onshore from the north yesterday had decided to add to
the discomfort of the park's patrons by shifting to a southerly direction, no
longer bringing any relief from the cooling waters of Lake Erie. To put it
another way, it was just plain hot, and Anabel Contreras couldn't take it much

She had been waiting twenty minutes already, and the line had barely moved
twenty feet. She pulled out some sunscreen from her fanny pack and started to
rub it on her arms, face and neck. She had used almost half a bottle today; she
was perspiring so much that as soon as she put some on it would start running
off of her body again. As she was rubbing it on the back of her neck she was
suddenly bumped from behind and almost knocked her to the ground, dropping the
bottle of sunscreen.

"Hey, watch it!" shouted Anabel angrily. "What are you doing?" She picked up the
bottle and turned around to see a tall blonde girl smiling at her. "Sorry,
twerp, but me and my friend here have priority passes, so we get to cut in line,
especially in front of little kids." The girl laughed mockingly at Anabel. She
was old, maybe 20 or so, thought Anabel. She looked like a college student. She
was wearing a blue low cut tank top that showed more than a hint of her
impressive cleavage, and tight red shorts that hugged the generous curves of her
lower body. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail that hung almost
down to her waist. Behind her stood a pretty African-American girl, who was
smirking as the blonde girl was laughing at Anabel. She was dressed similarly,
although her top was red and she wore snug orange shorts. Her hair was pulled
back in a small bun. "What do you mean priority passes? There's no such thing!"
Anabel said defiantly. She had waited in line too long to let some stupid big
girls cut in front of her.

"Hey, Tamika, the shrimp seems a little upset," said the blonde girl to her
friend as she motioned toward Anabel with her thumb. "I don't know about you,
but I'm scared! What'll we do?" She held her hand up to her mouth with wide-eyed
mock fear, while Tamika laughed. "I don't think we have to worry about her,
Alison," said Tamika. "Let's go."

The two started to push past Anabel, who tried to block them, but they were too
big for her and easily brushed her aside. "Stop it! You can't do that!" Anabel
shouted but they ignored her and just kept going, oblivious to the angry
comments from other people in line. "I don't believe that, won't anybody stop
them? That's not fair," Anabel said to herself. "Just 'cause they're big doesn't
mean they should get to push everyone around." "I agree," said a voice behind
Anabel. She spun around, startled, to see a short stocky bald man smoking a
cigar behind her. "Who are you?" Anabel said. She could have sworn he wasn't
there a second ago. "I'm Mr. Smith, and I take it you're Anabel," said the man
extending his hand. Anabel shook it slowly and asked, "How did you know my
name?" She coughed and waved her other hand in front of her face to clear the
smoke away. "I'm sorry, excuse my rudeness, that's a nasty habit of mine," said
Mr. Smith. He pulled the Macanudo out of his mouth and it seemed to disappear
instantaneously. "It's my job to know who my clients are," he said with a smile.
"I'm in the business of settling disputes, righting wrongs, solving problems,
all that kind of thing. You could call me a fixer." "How do you know I have a
problem?" asked Anabel. "Let's just say that I know, OK? It's such a long story
I really don't think you'd be interested. The important thing right now is that
we take care of Alison and Tamika, right?"

Anabel was trying to sort all this out in her mind. How did this odd little man
just show up out of nowhere, and how did he make that cigar disappear? It was
almost like…no it couldn't be that; there was no such thing as magic. Even
though Anabel was only eleven years old, she knew that much. She looked around
to see if anyone nearby was watching or listening in on their conversation but
nobody else seemed to be paying attention to what was going on.
"No one here knows we're talking right now," Mr. Smith said in a bored voice as
he rolled his eyes. "And yes, I'm a practitioner of magic. Now that we've got
all the boring details out of the way, can't we just get to the good stuff?" Mr.
Smith suppressed a yawn as he waited for Anabel's answer. "Well, why do you want
to help me?" she asked suspiciously. "Because I'd like to teach those girls a
lesson as much as you. People have enough problems without having to deal with
rude, thoughtless characters such as these two. I've been watching them for some
time, and they used to be very nice young ladies, but their arrogance has
increased in direct proportion to their, shall we say, endowments." "Huh?" said
Anabel, with a puzzled expression. "They've gotten nastier as they've gotten
older, OK? I'm sorry, I tend to enjoy hearing myself talk sometimes."
"Oh. Well, what does all this have to do with me?" "You, my dear, are the
catalyst in all this," Mr. Smith said, smiling. "The catawhat?" "See? There I go
again," he shook his head. "You're the one who can make this all happen. You
see, I can't do anything myself, my powers have to be directed through a
mortal's wishes. Believe me, if it were up to me, those two would have had their
attitudes adjusted years ago. But now this is a golden opportunity for both of
us to give them what they deserve. What do you think?" "What would you do?"
"Well, I have something in mind, if you'd agree to it," Mr. Smith said with a
mischievous twinkle in his eye. "I was thinking that every time Tamika or Alison
do or say anything nasty, they get a little "lesson". That way they're in
control of their own fates. If they're considerate of others, they won't have
any problem, but if they get out of line, they'll have to suffer the

Anabel thought for a moment then said, "Well, I don't know if I really want to
hurt them or anything, Mr. Smith. They were pretty mean and stuff, but I
couldn't do anything really bad to them." "Of course, Anabel. I wouldn't dream
of hurting them either, it would just be a way to let them experience a little
role reversal, that's all. If they learn how to act like decent members of
society, they'll be fine." Anabel thought again for a while then said, "I think
it would do them some good if they were in my place for a while." "Exactly what
I was thinking, Anabel. I like your style," Mr. Smith said with a smile. "Well,
shall we get started?"

As Anabel was thinking of what she could wish for that would act as justice, she
heard Tamika shove an elderly woman out of the way. "Out of the way you old
bag!" snarled Tamika. Just then, a wicked smile came across Anabel's face.
"Alright Mr. Smith, I wish I could control a person's age in any capacity I
choose". Mr. Smith nodded and smiled, "So it is wished, so it shall be done!" he
waved his hand and glowed as well as Anabel and then stared intensly at Anabel.
"It has been done Anabel, now one warning….be careful with this new found
power, remember Midas and what happened to him!" And with that, Mr. Smith
vansihed in a cloud of smoke, though no one but Anabel seemed to notice.
After she stood motionless in retrospect as to what had happened, and who was
this Midas guy he was warning her of? She finally thought to herself that she
had better test this new found "gift" out before she used it to fix Tamika and
Alison's situation. She then saw the elderly woman sitting on the park bench
softly sobbing having been pushed by Tamika. Anabel looked at her and said
quietly under her breath, "I wish that the old woman sitting over there was 21
years old again."

The elderly woman seemed to glow as Anabel watched the transformation with awe.
First, her white hair seemed to be regaining some of its original color, which
looked to be a shade of red. She could see that the turkey waddles on her arms
were firming up some as well. As she continued to glow, it was like a magical
iron was wiping away the tired wrinkles and lines that covered her face after
years of life and living. Little did Anabel know was that the old woman had been
80 years of age, but now she had regressed back to 60 and the regression was
speeding up. The years seem to fall off of her like so much dust that was being
wiped away. At 50 years of age, Anabel could see that her hair was originally
red as it seemed to begin to regain some of its luster, and the wrinkles were
turning into deep lines and lessoning with each passing moment.

At 40 years of age, she stopped sobbing and looked up, somewhat confused. She
stood up with her cane in hand, and she looked silly leaning on the cane now
that she was only 35 years of age, most of the wrinkles were now gone and her
hair had regained all of its luster with only a few strands of gray still
visable. Thats when she noticed her hands, they had firmed up as well, and she
seemed mesmorized by how they looked. Even though the dress she was wearing was
like a sack, Anabel could see that her large breasts was firming up and rising
on her body. The support hose could not hide the fact that her legs were firming
up as well and regaining their shape. The woman was now in her late twenties and
had turned into a real beauty, her hair bright red and a few freckles now
appeared on the bridge of her nose. Her breasts were now "perky" and full, with
the supple curves of a young woman now apperant. The young woman straightened up
and tossed aside the cane, not having looked or felt this good since World War
II, she began jumping up and down with delight screaming, "I'm young again! I'm
young again!" the young woman ran into the park skipping with delight loking a
bit silly in the support hose and large dress. As she dissapeared, Anabel
whistled to herself, "Wow, this power really works!" she then turned and focused
on the two girls who were the true object of her wrath. "Ok, lets see how good
this power really works, but I want them to suffer a bit too…hmmm….ok, I
wish that the Alison would get one year younger everytime she is mean to
someone, and I wish that Tamika would get a year older everytime she was mean to
someone!" There was a momentary tingle she could feel and she saw the two girls
glow for a second as well. "This should be fun" Anabel grinned. Just then Anabel
noticed a sign that said children had to be at least 12 years of age to ride
some of the rides. "Drat!" fumed Anabel, "Well, I will be old enough one day
soon, I just wish that day would come sooner" Anabel thought about using her new
power on herself but thought better of it, not until she knew how to control it
better. What she did not notice was the glow that surrounded her now for a
moment and dissapeared as well.

As she watched Alison and Tamika closely, she did not have to wait long. The two
girls seemed to be masters on alienation and snobbery. Within 5 minutes they had
insulted the ticket man at the gate, knocked over the cotton candy from a young
boys hands and laughed at the dress another young girl was wearing. Anabel could
tell that the magic was working. She could just make out that Alison's face
seemed fresher and her once tight clothes seemed a bit looser. She looked to be
about 17 years of age now, and she also seemed to be acting a bit different too.
Tamika on the other hand seemed to be straining her red top as her cleavage
which was already generous, was now practically spilling out of her now too
small bra. She had blossomed a bit more and her face seemed a bit more angular
as she lost what was left of her baby fat. She looked like a full grown woman at
this point of perhaps 23 or 24, and she was acting different as well. She could
now overhear the two girls talking, both seemed just a bit confused as well.
"Uh, Tamika, like, uh, gee, I really appreciate you coming with me to the park
and all, its like so rad of you to do that!" Tamika was swishing her hips a bit
more as her breasts jiggled as she walked. "No problem girlfriend! I mean,
honey, I promise to watch out for you and teach you all the good things a woman
should know!"

Anabel was loving this, she smiled broadly as she straignted out her tight
shirt, and her shoes seemed to hurt some too, perhaps she was getting tired from
standing out in the hot sun for so long, but this was too good to pass up.
The girls continued to either insult or be rude to most everyone they
encountered, however, Alison seemed to do it less and less the younger she got
while Tamika got more bold and rude as she got older. Within minutes, Alison was
a young 15 year old high school freshman while Tamika had aged to 29 years of
age. Alisons clothes seemed to be hanging on her adolescent, blossoming body
now, while Tamika was looking like a real adult woman now, and acting sassy as
well. "Tamika, whats it like to be, you know, like an adult?" asked a unsure
Alison. Tamika grinned, "Girl, you have no idea! Honey, once you get a little
older and you get some jugs like these, "Tamika smiled as she cupped her very
large breasts, " then you will know what it is like to attract some real men and
then you will know what a man can do for a woman!" she laughed as Alison blushed
a bit.

Just then, Anabel felt a cool breeze across her midriff and as she put her hand
up to her stomach she brushed up against what felt like to small breasts.
Breasts?! A shocking revelation then engulfed her as she turned and caught her
reflection in a mirrior on the fun house. A blossoming 14 year old girl stared
back, her white t-shirt looking too small to contain her growing body and her
tight shorts beginning to dig into her skin. "Madre's mia!" she exclaimed "What
is happening to me?" she heard a slight spanish accent begin to seep into her
speech, which sounded odd, like her mother's accent. She was not sure how to
reverse what was happening to her as she was not sure why it was happening, she
just new that if she did not change soon, she would be bursting out of her
clothes at any minute. She momentarily forgot about the girls, Alison, who had
just dropped in years to 13 years of age after knocking a drink over a couple of
kids, and Tamika just passed years of age herself after another couple run-ins
with people. Fine lines were beginning to appear around her eyes as her large,
round ass was beginning to get tight in her orange pants.

Anabel ducked into a gift shop and grabbed some larger clothes off the rack and
ran into the changing room and quickly changed into a large sundress. She looked
into the changing room mirror for a moment, amazed at the change in her
appearance. Her dark hair was now cascading across her shoulders. Her body was
loosing the tomboy look she had always known and was picking up the soft curves
of a young girl entering high school. She put her hands up to her face,
"Unbelievable!" she whispered, as she noticed her hands looked different too.
Soon, she re-appeared, barefoot, having lost the fight of size with her shoes.
She was now rapidly approaching 15 years of age and her breasts seemed to still
be growing. The attendant looked at her strangely. "Isn't that a bit too big for
you miss?" asked the clerk. "Maybe for the moment" shrugged Anabel as she handed
the clerk 20 dollars for the dress, "gracias" she said without realizing it and
walked quickly out.

As Anabel walked out of the store she immediately spotted a young girl of 11,
trying to hold up a pair of way too large red shorts as the blue tank top seemed
to look more like a dress than anything else. Tamika on the other hand was
beginning to look her age, as she was now at least 38 years of age, and looking
every bit a middle-aged woman with fine lines on her face, gray hairs sprinkled
generously throughout her hair and additional wieght in her ass and breasts made
the outfit she was wearing look silly. "Tamika" said the now young Alison, "I
know you are my babysitter and everything, but could you like, help me get some
other clothes? I don't know why Mommy made me wear these to the park." "You and
me both Honey child" said an increasingly uncomfortable Tamika as the clothes
dug into her skin. "Tell you what baby, lets go over in that shop there and we
can both get some new clothes, alright?" The young girl nodded quickly as they
both walked into the same shop that Anabel had walked into a moment before.
By the time this scene had played out, Anabel felt very strange. She had gotten
caught up in the moment watching Alison and Tamika that she had not even noticed
that she had aged past 18 years of age. She walked over to the fun house mirror
and saw a beautiful young woman of 19 staring back at her. Her breasts had grown
considerably and were now straining the top of her sundress as her generous
cleavage now shown through the top as her now large nipples could be seen
outlining the front of the dress too.. Her dark hair now framed a beautful face
and she looked down at her bare feet, pulling up the dress that once came down
past her ankles that now were almost at her knee's. She pulled the dress up to
her top of her thighs briefly and saw that her legs were now very long and very
shapely, tan and toned. She quickly let the dress fall back down and blushed as
she noticed that there were some men watching her with great interest.
"I think I betters get backs to ze girls…what iz….me voice, por kay? What
happening to me, me know speak like theez!" Anabel's mind seemed to be thinking
in spanish now and she was having a hard time remembering English. Her voice was
also a sultry 2 octives lower than it once was, with a thick spanish accent
where there once was none. The magic was working in overtime now.
As Anabel's mind was now thinking mostly in Spanish, she had a tough time
concentrating. She also noticed that her skin had gotten darker too, a very deep
tan-like look and she was almost transformed completely into a full-blooded
spanish beauty. Not only had she aged, but it had enhanced her ethnicity as
well. She suddenly realized what had made this happen and she concerntrated very
hard to say the words in english as she had no idea what doing a wish in Spanish
might do. "Make dis stop, I wizh dat I get no …how you say, older!" She glowed
for a moment and then it stopped. She looked back into the mirror and figured
she was now around 23 years old, a full grown adult woman, and a beautiful one
at that. She stood at least 5'10" tall now with dark hair cascading down her
shoulders and a very full figure, but with slender hips and long, luscious legs
that were to die for. Her silver dollar sized nipples were pressing very hard
against the fabric of the sun dress as they were quite evident as her abundant
cleavage was accentuated and bulging out of the top of the dress. She was now
every man's fantasy woman, but she also had lost almost completely the ability
to speak english or understand it that well. She figured she had better end the
other wish before it was too late as well. She concentrated hard again.
"Me wish dat…por kay…uh, dat ze too senorita's stop…ah, ze stop
getting…older…and young…se, dat iz what…." It was too late, the last of
her english finally faded away, but hopefully she made the final wish in time.
What she did not see was the glowing around a 7 year old Alison and a 42 year
old Tamika. They had each gotten new clothes inside the store and emerged
looking their respective ages. Alison skipped outside wearing a little jumper
outfit with Winnie the Pooh on it while Tamika had on a loose fitting large
dress. She also had to purchase a new bra and panties as her other ones had
gotten too small. She had put on some weight as well and her graying hair was
now in a bun and under a large straw hat. She had also bought a pair of sandels
which helped her aching feet some too. "Slow down child! I can't keep up with
you girl!" strained Tamika as she struggled to keep up with the now little girl.

As Anabel watched the two "girls" walk past her, she could not understand a word
that they said but understood that she had stopped them changing but had not had
time to reverse the spell before her english had left her. Just then, a young
girl of 16 brushed past Anabel, coming from the same clothes shop. She looked
strangly familiar, then it struck her that the bouncing blonde teenage beauty
was that formely old woman from earlier in the day. She was giggling and
laughing in delight dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a bikini top that
showed off her perky and abundant breasts as she went looking for fun. "Anabel
thought for a moment in spanish and realized that she better leave as she had a
new life she needed to make for herself. The only way she would find a way to
change things would be to start learning to speak english again and in perhaps a
few months she would be able to speak it well enough to reverse some things and
make them right again. But first she would need to find a job as she could not
go back home looking like this. Just as she was about to leave she noticed a
sign on the door of the magic shop in the amusement park, "Help Wanted: Spanish
speaking clerk needed", it was written in spanish as well and Anabel smiled as
she walked into the shop. This is just what she needed.

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