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Straight transformation fetishes.
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Girl Can Grunt
By Digital Circe

(woman to pig transformation)

Hi, this is Marissa! She might look like an ordinary fat pig, but she used to be something more. She used to be the most gorgeous, busty, apple-cheeked little redhead I knew. At least, until she pissed me off. Now she’s a fat breeding sow, and always will be. She probably doesn’t even remember her own name – after all, she’s just got a pig’s brain to work with. So how did this pretty girl end up joining the swine and realizing she was meant for it? Why don’t I tell you?

Marissa was great – hot, a body to die for, awesome in bed – but she was such a nag! And when she wasn’t nagging, she was using her beauty as a weapon, as though she deserved more out of life just because she had the face of a goddess. And it wasn’t just over sex – this girl was just manipulative, and it showed through in how she treated absolutely everyone. She’d been on bad terms with her family for a while when we met – and that made her ‘disappearance’ a little easier.

But more on her looks. Her legs went up forever, especially when she was wearing heels, to make a perfect ass of themselves. Speaking of which, her ass was like a pair of eggs bulging in a blanket, so perfect and round, with the best characteristics of both tightness and plumpness. That was a butt I liked to put my hands on, sometimes hard, and repeatedly. She wasn’t big on spanking though, or any sex game – and she’d turn completely frigid if I even suggested something she didn’t like, such as fellatio. Now, I’m a man who likes oral sex, but she’d act like her mouth was too good to even touch it. Fortunately for her, her new consorts aren’t so interested in what she does with her snout.

I decided with some deliberation that the slut deserved to become a pig. I’m sure plenty have other men have thought so about their bitchy girlfriends, and more than a few have thought it of her, but I’m a man of certain means, much to Marissa’s detriment. She deserved to be a disgusting fat sow, and a disgusting fat sow she would be.

I had put up with her attitude for over a year, and it was obvious she wasn’t going to change. I could have just broken up with her, but then she just would have dicked someone else over, and I’m proud – I didn’t want to admit I’d wasted so much of my life on her. Revenge seemed to be an easier way.

But I wanted to humiliate her, too. Just turning her into a pig and sticking her in a sty was easy, but I wanted to rub it in and make it worse for her. I decided to videotape it – not just so I could show her what she’d looked like, but also because, as I planned it out, I got more and more aroused at the thought of this stuck up bitch squealing and begging and crying as she helplessly turned into a disgusting fat sow. I’d never thought I would be aroused at the thought of a beautiful, sexy girl turning into a stinking pig, but the thought of Marissa’s comeuppance made it attractive, and I wanted a record.

I had the room wired with four hidden video cameras, and a tiny remote camera on my lapel. I had worked hard making sure the lighting was perfect, and not too reflective. All I needed was my star.

I had been treating her normally, so as not to arouse her suspicion. I was inviting her over for lunch, as I often did, so she wouldn’t attach any significance to it. Even after a year, she’d refused to move in with me, so we still had our own places.

I invited her into the room on pretense of seeing a new acquisition, a sculpture, and Marissa rolled her eyes and came back with me. She was surprised at the sparsely furnished room as she went in (I’d cleaned it out of any breakables, in case she put up a fight), and turned back towards me, confused. Her expression turned into a frown as she heard the click of the door shutting. “So, where is it?” she asked petulantly.

“Oh, I just wanted to get you back here to see if you wanted a little roll in the hay,” I said laxly, and her frown turned into a grimace. Good – I wanted her to start out mad on the tape.

“Mike, do you ever think with anything other than your penis?” she snarled. “Honestly, if you let the blood ever flow back into your body, you might make something of yourself.” Normally, a comment like that would hurt. I was fairly successful, certainly moreso than she would ever be. But if I wasn’t putting all my effort into enriching her, she considered it a waste. I smiled, to her surprise. “What’s the matter, don’t you know an insult when you hear it?” she asked.

“It’s you who is going to find out just what an insult is,” I said evenly, and started the process. Marissa was going to be a pig.

“Just what does that mean?” she snorted indignantly, and moved into her usual litany of criticisms and threats. I smiled at them too, which unnerved her. She’s used to being able to fluster me. As she talked, she began to sound hoarser and hoarser. Her voice dropped slightly, and then a sentence was interrupted by a delightful grunt. She stopped briefly at that, then tried again, only to hear in her own voice the hints of a squeal. Trying again, she was interrupted by an involuntary oink, and she quickly covered her mouth. She looked like she needed to burp.

She struggled to form words, and I listened with delight to her rewardingly bestial vocalizations. It was amusing to see such a beautiful woman making such coarse, shrill squeals, and her abject fear at it. Marissa’s crystal blue eyes were wide with palpable terror, and she’d barely started to turn yet! I couldn’t wait to introduce the bitch to other swine like her.

Marissa thrashed about, as though movement would help restore her voice. She didn’t immediately come at me, though, which was to be expected – while she did routinely need me to bail her out when she failed at life, I was never her first resort. I smiled as I saw the transformation starting to take firmer hold on the animated girl.

She squealed in panic as her teeth thrust up, growing into dainty tusks. They pushed out of her mouth, just a little too big for her lips to hide. She twitched her lips around them, mouth hanging open, feeling something wrong. She still couldn’t get her mind around the loss of her voice, and now her mouth was changing!

She struggled around, finally falling to her knees. She looked up at me, guessing that I was to blame – although probably assuming I had poisoned her food. She looked at me with hate and fear and even, dare I say, respect.

Marissa knelt on all fours, almost as if resigned to her new posture. I watched her ample round butt shudder with the power I was putting through it, straining against her will to change from that perfect heart shape to a massive porcine ass. I couldn’t wait to see her squiggly tail twitching out over it. I smiled at her. “Marissa, you’re a pig. You’ve been a pig all your life, and now I’m going to make it so that you are seen for what you are.” Her eyes got wide and round as she realized what she was being recast into. You could tell she was unsettled by the news.

She looked up to me with tears in her eyes, her little tusks pushing her luscious lips open. “Please, Mike! I don’t want to be a pig!” she squealed more than said, and I was turned on by how porcine it sounded, and how hard she struggled even for that. This transformation of hers, and Marissa’s forced submission, were more arousing than anything she’d ever managed to do in bed.

“Call me ‘Master’, sow, if you even want me to consider turning you back,” I said with an air of absolute disdain. It was a lie – I had no intention of ever turning her back, but I wanted to see how much she’d debase herself if she had some glimmer of hope. I could tell that it didn’t sit well with her for a flash, but she quickly weighed her options.

“Please, Master! I’ll do anything!” she begged in tones ever more shrill than a second ago. My already-prominent chub got hard as a rock at that.

“Take off your clothes. Pigs like you don’t wear them.” Crying, she shakily unbuttoned her pink sweater jacket and dropped it off. She pulled up her t-shirt, exposing her straining bra. She looked at me resignedly, and unfastened the clasp, letting it fall off her and exposing her glorious, fat tits to my loving gaze. I was a bit sorry she’d be losing those magnificent fun bags, but I knew it would be worse for her to lose her most precious assets. She’d soon be getting a dozen more of the pig variety, though. Shaking, her hands went to her fly, and she unfastened her tight jeans and pulled them down her legs. Her awesome ass really filled those well-stretched jeans, and I almost considered watching them tear off her as she fattened instead, but I decided I wanted an unobstructed view of her butt. Her shoes came off easier than she expected, much to her fear. She swallowed hard, then guided her panties down her legs to the pile on the floor. The grunting Marissa knelt before me in all her naked glory. She looked behind her, as the tiny tube of flesh that would grow into her tail twitched over her perfect ass. Beside that, her tusks, her slightly larger nose, and her new vocal chords, she was still almost entirely human. I was excited to see her tail, and glad that she’d be naked for almost all her transformation.

“Animals like you crawl on all fours, pig.” She bent down from her kneeling posture to her animal stance, and looked up at me tearfully. “Good job, pig. Now, pick them up, crawl over to the trash can, and throw them away. You won’t need them any more.” She slowly scooped them up, and struggled over to dispose of that symbol of her humanity. She crawled back on all fours to face me, tears streaming down her beautiful face, snuffling quietly. In that time, her ears had begun to point, and stuck out a little ways from her vibrant auburn hair.

“Suck my cock, pig! And mind your tusks!” I commanded as nastily and disrespectfully as I could. She cringed, looking at me with betrayal written large across her shifting face. Her slightly upturned nose shuddered and grew slightly, and I know she felt it too as the reality of her options settled in. She waddled over to me on unsteady hands.

“Open my fly with your snout.” She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks, and turned away for a moment. Then she turned to her task, put her mouth on my fly, and twisted until she got the button open, and pulled down the zipper with her teeth. I helped get my pants down, and she pulled my boxers loose with her lovely mouth. She looked for a second at my tumescence in obvious sorrow, then took it into her mouth, sucking, licking, and bathing it with her tongue.

That’s it, pig,” I snarled, “just take what’s coming to you like a good little sow, and you might not be a pig your whole life.” She looked stupidly grateful at me, purposefully sucking my dick with her two little tusks to either side of it. She wanted to be human again right away, obviously, but she was pitifully grateful for any small kindness or hope. I would enjoy stringing the pig along. I leaned back, making sure my lapel camera got an excellent view of her radiant, if piggish, face sucking my cock like a porn star.

Marissa’s head bobbed up and down, slight grunts coming from her, as she sucked and sucked. She clearly knew what was at stake, and the redheaded pig girl was giving the best blow job of her life. She pulled it out and licked and kissed it, worshiping my cock with her tongue. Her upturned nose rubbed against it, and I couldn’t quite tell if her new snout was moist, or if it was just my dick was wet from her saliva. I chose to assume the former. “Yeah, pig, suck that cock,” I sneered, and the sow dutifully grunted and snorted as she sucked the whole thing into her mouth, her tongue going a mile a minute along the underside. I wished she’d been willing to give blowjobs like this before. I tried to think about how much fun it was going to be ruining her life by turning her into a fat, disgusting sow; and not how good she was at sucking cock.

I reached down and swatted the pig’s ass. She squealed around my cock as she was spanked. I repeated the gesture a few times, loving the feel of the sobbing, snorting, sucking sow flinching as I spanked her. As the pig girl sucked my cock, I could feel her snout lengthen slightly. I almost came there, and had to force myself to go on. Marissa was so much better now that she had a snout!

I came in the pig’s snout, and she snorted as she gulped down my sperm. She came off, snorting and gasping for breath, her moist snout quivering. The last of my semen fell across her face and snout. The pig looked up at me tearfully, still catching her breath.

“You don’t mind if I take some pictures, do you?” I asked, producing a camera. Marissa squealed in shock, then snorted as she thought about her options. Little did she know, she was already being videotaped from five angles. “How about it, pig? Do you want me to take some pictures, so we can always remember what your transformation was like?”

She snuffled pathetically, like she was crying, and then managed a barely recognizable “Yes, Master.” I was hard again.

“Grab your tits, sow! Look sultry for the camera!” Marissa grabbed her big boobs with her three fingered hands, massaging her big nipples and areolae with the hoof-like digits. She bent over, wiggling her big, sexy ass and silly tail for me. She crawled around on all fours, oinking and looking up submissively at me. Every command I gave, the hog carried out. She spanked herself, squealing. I hoped the little pig-girl looked good for the cameras. This was the best part – the whole sexy body of a human, but all the recognizable, demeaning pig features asserting themselves.

After a while, I tired of her erotic posing. “Get me hard again,” I commanded. Marissa waddled over to me, and gently took my cock back into her snout. She knew she wouldn’t be tasting my semen this time. I looked down her back at her sexy, but bigger, butt. I smacked it again, hard, letting the sucking pig know who was in charge. I loved spanking her – it was fun to do all the things to her that she hadn’t ever wanted to let me before. Titty-fucking her would be fun, too, while she still had boobs.

“You’re a hungry hog whore, aren’t you, pig,” I sneered, and she sniffled and snorted as she gulped down my dick. Her snout was big enough that she didn’t even have to deepthroat me to get it all in, and her technique had improved because of it. The sexy pig girl was giving a fantastic blowjob – I just hoped it would videotape well. Her hooves rubbed my thighs as I filled her snout with my hardening manhood. I wondered if she’d fuck other pigs as passionately. She stuck her tongue out, licking my balls even as she sucked the full length of my cock.

I pulled out of her snout and pushed my dick between her tits. “Fuck and suck, pig!” I commanded, and Marissa pushed her big boobs together around the shaft, massaging it in her tit flesh with her hooves as I thrust up at her face. Reluctantly, she lowered her snout to the valley of her cleavage, and licked and sucked the head as it thrust through.

Eventually, I had enough of her oral pleasures – her snout and tits had gotten me hard enough. “Get on all fours and take it like a pig. You’re not going to be on top for sex again, swine!” I commanded, and shivering, she obeyed. I ran my hand over her perfect, but straining, ass; enjoying her ridiculous dancing tail. I was looking forward to that bubble ass swelling, as she lost every connection to humanity. “On all fours, sow! Get that ass up! Let’s see if you still know how to fuck!”

She snuffled as she felt the bulbous head push up against her, still wet with her spit, and already feeling alien to her changed cunt. I smiled, and forced it into her horizontal slit. A little squeal came out of her pig mouth, as I gave her a moment to appreciate the reality of it, and then I began to give it to her in earnest.

I mounted her, running my hands over her glorious human body for the last time. Her heavy tits heaved with my thrusts, swinging enticingly as she put on more and more of the less appealing kind of weight. Those big udders almost made me wish I was turning her into a cow – but I had come to the decision that she should be a fat pig very carefully. I didn’t want the hog to be left with a shred of dignity, and a cow’s fur, size, and big boobs all gave her a little too much. A pig was the perfect body for her. Besides, deep in her soul, I knew this slut was really a pig.

She wouldn’t be seducing any men any more, not without her old body. I smiled, listening to her grunt with the exertions, and ran my hand through her silky hair. I decided to have more fun with her, and force her to say demeaning things as I fucked her. With tears in her eyes, she played along hopelessly. “Oh, I’m a filthy pig! Mom and Dad would be proud!” she squealed. I wouldn’t have been able to understand her grunting and snorting if I hadn’t just told her what to say. I loved how her twitchy tail felt against my belly.

Her ass swelled further outward, leaving the gorgeous butt cheeks further and further behind. I admired the sloping rump, which was looking every second more like a common sow. I gave it a firm swat, and smiled at her sudden squeal. I kept pumping into it, my own body colliding with hers over and over again. Every second left her less likely to be mistaken for a human being – the sow she was destined to be was taking over.

The pig girl was still a biped, but her forelegs had shriveled to the point that they were almost useless to her big, fat pig body. Big floppy ears and a snout stuck out from her head, and her hands and feet were essentially hooves. Lots of big breasts ran down her obese body, but I knew they’d be shriveling into pig teats soon enough. She looked ridiculous, a fat, upright hog with a few girl parts, and I laughed at her. Marissa grunted in misery.

I rubbed her big, fat pig ass as I thrust into her, listening to her snorts overwhelm her tears. She was on the home stretch to pighood now, and I was looking forward to her becoming a complete sow. “How do you like this, pig?” I mocked. “Enjoy it, your fat ugly ass won’t be attracting any human men for a while! Oh yeah, take it sow!” Marissa squealed in lust and misery and resentment, as her bestial passions took hold on her ruined body. Soon her libido would drag her thoroughly into her new life as an animal.

My legs were getting tired, but seeing Marissa humiliated propelled me on, as I gave her the last human fucking of her life. Her hind legs fattened and shrunk, and her hips merged into her new swine torso. That made the angle I was going in a little lower, but she was getting so fat it was pushing her back end up a little more than I’d expected. The beast gave off a gratifyingly inhuman squeal. It was exciting to see her humanity and femininity melt away so absolutely. I spanked the pig’s ass repeatedly, enjoying her grunting and squealing, as I humped away at her.

She still had her tits, most of her head, and auburn hair, but otherwise was a pig. I loved her new fat ass and massive thighs. Her watch slipped off her foreleg as we humped together. I was struggling to hold out as she changed rapidly, her hair thinning away. She sobbed as her tits shrank, the full, perfect soft flesh dwindling into big pig teats. Her squealing grew more garbled as her face changed, stretching out into the crude pig shape. She squealed long and loud as she changed completely into a sow, and felt herself orgasm as a beast. I pulled out and blew my load over her ugly backside, showing her what I thought of her. “That’ll do, pig, that’ll do!” I laughed. The fat hog grunted after the force of her climax.

I pulled out her earrings, and threw them contemptuously on the floor, then tore off her now-tight necklace. She shuffled around, unsure of how to move in her new body. She squealed, still not quite believing that she was a bloated sow. “You look to be about three hundred pounds. Quite healthy for a pig!” I mocked, loving the sight before me. I hoped it had recorded well, as I sneered at the frightened, dumpy sow that used to be so beautiful.

“Alright, you fat, slimy pig. This is your new life, so you’d better get used to it! Now, there’s only one place for pigs to live, and that’s a sty!” She looked ready to fight over that one, and at her weight, I didn’t want to have to force her around, so I settled with threatening her. “There’s one place that pigs die, too, sow; if you don’t want to go to the sty like a good hog!” She calmed down at that, and let me lead her out of my house for the last time. I had a trailer attached to my car, as a crude animal carrier, and loaded her in with a slap on the thigh, locking her in. After I gathered some things from the house, I listened to her mournful squeal as I walked to the car and got in.

It was a fun trip, knowing the pig that used to be Marissa was back there, in misery, as I drove us to our destination, the farm of a friend of mine. It took about an hour, but I’m sure it felt longer to her. I dragged her out the back, and towards the barn. She sniffed at the air, delicately, obviously not liking the smells. When we got to the pigsty, she recoiled in shock as she saw all the other listless, smelly swine, distraught by her surroundings. “Get in there, you smelly hog,” I yelled, and kicked her hard in her fat ass. With a charmingly porcine grunt, the ungainly hog sprawled into the filth and muck alongside others of her kind. I looked at that bloated, fat ass and thought back to her perfect human figure. In a way, I missed Marissa’s gorgeous bubble butt, but the fat squealing sow ass in front of me seemed more than fair recompense.

I went back to the car and got a small TV/VCR, and one of the tapes. Plugging it into the barn’s outlet, I sat it where Marissa could clearly see it. “That’s you, sow!” I teased. “Do you even recognize yourself?” I stretched out as the tape played, and the disgusting fat sow sorrowfully watched her beautiful self dissolve into an ungainly hog. The fat sow grunted sadly as she watched the girl suck cock with her newly forming snout. She didn’t turn away, though – whether it was curiosity at how she’d looked, nostalgia for her human form, or just plain shock that I’d have the audacity to tape it, still, she was captivated.

After the video, I decided to have some fun putting her through her paces. I brought a riding crop down hard on her fat pig ass, herding her with the rest of the hogs. I smiled as she squealed harshly in pain and anger – she sounded and moved exactly like all the other swine. I had really taken away her humanity, entirely! Marissa was utterly gone, replaced forever with this fat, ugly pig. I whipped her sloping sow ass again, loving the sound of her pig protests.

I ordered her to poop on the ground, and she squealed at me mournfully, almost begging, but did as she was told. She pooped there in the sty, grunting nervously and looking around as if the other pigs might be offended. Now that she smelled like a sow, I pulled a fat boar over towards her.

“Let him screw you, sow,” I said menacingly. It’s all part of your punishment. You’re going to give me a litter of piglets, and make your first tangible contribution to life as a fat, smelly sow in this sty. It’s not until you raise them up that you get a prayer of being human again.” She squealed in shock and dismay.

She was slow getting into it, but she let the big boar up onto her back, and closed her eyes tight as if to shut out what she was about to do. He thrust in, hammering her hard, and making her grunt with the exertion. He pumped in and out, snorting in her ears, as her swine body began taking over. Slowly but surely, her eyes opened and she started grunting in more than just pain. It isn’t much to watch two pigs going at it, but it was amazing knowing the one on the bottom was Marissa, and I had turned her into that.

I laughed and I laughed as Marissa squealed in orgasm. I knew her body was telling her that she was doing the right thing, and filling her head with pig thoughts. She was panting, a dazed look of contentment on her porcine features. My revenge couldn’t be more perfect. Marissa loved being humped by a pig!

After the deed was done, the boar dismounted and wandered off, insultingly disinterested in the receptacle for his sperm. Marissa slumped over, exhausted, still grunting heavily. Another sow came by and sprawled out beside her, back to back. She squealed in shock, but quickly settled down – perhaps she wanted the other pig as a friend. Heaven knows she wouldn’t have any friends other than hogs from now on. I laughed as I collected my things and left, wanting to give her some time alone with her thoughts.

When I came back days later, the pigsty smelled awful, and so did Marissa. I was aroused to think that this was the sum total of her new life. As I came closer to her, I could see pig poop stuck to her obese body, that she’d evidently been lying in. I wondered if it was hers. She awoke slowly as I prodded her, and practically jumped when she saw me. She knew that today wouldn’t go well. I started a fire in the firepit, and walked back to the pen, insulting her all the way. It was amazing; you couldn’t tell that she’d ever been anything but a dumpy sow. I wonder how many times the breeder had been mounted in my absence – I bet she didn’t even put up a struggle.

“You look pretty good, pig, but you know what all tubby little sows need? A brand, so people know who owns them!” I smiled wickedly as I pulled the brand out of the fire. The sow stared at me in shock and horror. She knew (or thought she knew) that if she resisted, I’d never let her be human again, but if she acquiesced, not only would she feel pain like never before, but she’d have a brand on her cute ass forever, human or not.

After some serious soul-searching, she decided to stand still for me. Again, she closed her eyes tight, trying to block out reality. I grabbed her big ass and pushed the heated brand up to it. Her inhuman squeal made me hard. I could smell bacon, as the brand sizzled against her fat flank, marking the pig forever.

I gave her a few minutes to recover, panting hard, while I set up the TV again. I’d had some time to compile my five video perspectives, and set it to music. I’d edited out a number of my instructions to her, so the completed tape almost made her look like a willing participant. I cued it up, letting her watch the twisted homemade porn from the start. Her entry and squealing, her stripping and throwing away of her clothes. I jacked off as the sow and I watched Marissa’s last blowjob as a human. We watched her fondle, spank, and demean herself, then screw like a sow, becoming more pig-like all the time. As we reached the end, I came on her pig face, and she blinked her dim eyes, trying to clear my semen from them. She squealed sadly.

This ugly, fat, smelly piece of livestock was so much better than Marissa had ever been. I visited her occasionally, careful not to come too often – human companionship was too good for her. I loved her misery in being a fat sow, and her gradual acceptance of her new status in life. She quickly put on fifty pounds – I think she was startled how fast she could gain weight as a sow. I admired the brand on her big rump and wondered if it would stretch out with her weight gain.

I watched her feeding at the trough between several other swine, her fat butt and tail twitching as she gorged herself. Only I was able to tell which one hadn’t been born a pig – there was nothing to distinguish her to anyone else. Even her parents wouldn’t recognize her fat sow ass. She had gotten herself knocked up, and the pregnant sow was about to give birth. I watched from the sidelines with amusement as she grunted and squealed on her side, struggling to push little piglets out of her womb. After they were finally all out, she was exhausted, and lay there listlessly as her babies sucked at her pendulous dugs.

“Don’t let any of them die, sow,” I threatened. “That’s your job. Be a mom to these swine.” She grunted in misery as she let them come over and nurse her, using her fat sagging dugs so casually when her boobs had once been such spectacular trophies. I smiled, remembering how amazing those boobs used to be. I wondered if she was thinking about her glory days right now, too.

The next time I went back, her babies had grown quite a bit, and so had she – the pig slut was clearly pregnant again. I wonder if she cared that they would be butchered. I got Marissa’s attention, and she trotted over.

“Sorry, pig, I lied,” I said. “You’ll never be a woman again. But look on the bright side – this suits you! You orgasm so hard when the boar screws you! You never have to suck his cock! You have plenty to eat and babies to love! And better yet, you look like what you’ve always been in your heart!”

She squealed in mournful horror, as though I’d just pulled a rug out from under her. She had been behaving herself as a pig, but now it wasn’t going to get her anything! “You’ll never hear your old name again, hog,” I sneered. “From now on, you don’t have a name – you answer to sow, pig, hog, or swine, just like the rest of the pigs do.” Her grunting was ragged, almost like sobbing. I decided to cheer her up, and pulled a big boar over for her.

She squealed as the brute topped her, and his big dick spread her pig cunt wide open. Her squeal was long and loud as her lover swept her off her feet, and she realized with certainty that this was all she would ever have to look forward to in life.

So here we are. Marissa’s been this fat, slovenly sow for a good many years, and she responds to her care like a real pig should. Last time I taunted her with a picture of her old self, the hog acted like she didn’t even notice the significance of a photograph. She’s put on another hundred pounds, and easily weighs over four hundred fifty. Even if it were possible for her to turn into a girl again, she sure wouldn’t be an attractive one with her obese body and well-sucked tits. She was ruined for life as a girl, but made a perfect breeding sow. I’ve won – she’s irrevocably a pig now, body and soul. Just like she deserved. Plus, I’ve got some awesome tapes of her turning, and all the fresh pork I could want.

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