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Straight transformation fetishes.
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An artistic endeavor by the fat lovin' SHEIK

Part 1

Ian Darkstone had two passions in life. Magic and fat women. He had discovered the joys
of both at a relatively early age. A carnival magician had left the ten year old Darkstone
mystified, and the resident 500 pound fat lady had just plain stupified him. The travelling
trickster had unlocked Ian's innate talent for solving and creating intricate "illusions" and
"Big Betty" had left her swollen image forver seared in his developing psyche.

It would probably not surprise you that Ian Darkstone grew up to be the premiere
magician of our times, as well as an unabashed admirer of large and lovely women. His
conquests of multitudinous plumpers, BBW's, and super-sized maidens was only eclipsed
by his growing interest and expertise in the "real" magical arts. He had recently began
delving into Astral Projection, a discipline he was rapidly mastering.

Truth be told, it was his infatuation with an online super-size model that had driven him
to try the risky, spirit-walking trick. She went by the name of Natasha Maximov, and Ian
had quickly become enamored with the 656 pound Russian-American redhead. He had
dutifully purchased all of her available pictures, videos, cd-roms and magazine
appearances. He had also spent untold dollars on her 900 feeder line, on which she
painstakingly and teasingly chronicled her weight, measurements, food intake and romantic
exploits. He was hooked bad.

Ian spent even more money trying to track down the elusive and mysterious Natasha, to
no avail. It was as if the woman didn't even exist. No paper trail, records search or private
investigator could locate the reclusive beauty. Despite her overwhelming presence on the
net, the lady sure valued her privacy. So Ian set about the task of finding her through more
creative methods.

With the help of certain alchemical substances and the "psychic residue" from an
autographed picture, Ian set about finding his target. His assistant, a most gracious and
lovely BBW in her own right, would act as the anchor through which his astral form could
return home. He began the long incantation that would allow him to project his
consciousness into the ether, and suppressed his growing anticipation. Taurus Vixen looked
on, while nibbling at a carton of Krispy Kreme donuts. A long while passed, and the donut
box was emptied before she felt certain Ian had succeeded.

In what seemed like seconds, Ian was there. A posh townhome in the affluent section of
downtown San Francisco, held the woman of his dreams. He passed through the front
door and scoped out the house. In a basement office, Ian found a sole occupant. At first he
thought he had erred in his calculations as he viewed a blonde girl in her mid-twenties and
all of 120 pounds with shoes on. Hardly the monument to gluttony he had hoped to find.
Ian almost relinquished the spell in disappointment, but his curiousity got the best of him
and he decided to snoop around awhile.

He was quickly rewarded for his persistence. After discovering a cache of Natasha
merchandise in a storeroom, he assumed the girl might be a business manager or secretary
of some sort. But the house was hardly fat friendly, and showed no signs of harboring
anyone but this slip of a girl. He listened in on several of her phone conversations about
deadlines and submittals. She had that perky, high pitched voice that most men found
attractive-if you liked the beach bunny type. It was the voice that solved the mystery

The girl, whose name he discovered was Kelli Jensen, began dictating into a sound
system. Oddly enough, she input about an hour of Natasha Maximov's typical 900 line
material. Something nagged like an ex-wife at Ian's brain as the mystery deepened. Kelli
put the CD of her recording into the computer and called up a program. As the system
started up, Ian began to follow Kelli upstairs until he heard Natasha's voice.

"Of course!" Ian exclaimed to no one but himself. "It's so simple!"

Ian stood dumbfounded in the astral plane as Kelli's dictation was spat back out in the
sultry and accented tones of Natasha Maximov. He coudn't find Natasha before, because
she never existed! As he perused the contents of Kelli's computer he saw imaging
software, anatomical models, and various images of a 3-D Natasha computer image.
Natasha was nothing more than an elaborate, high-tech con job being played on an
unsuspecting FA populace.

As much as he had to give this girl credit for pressing all the right buttons when it came
to Natasha Maximov's popularity, his anger was rapidly overwhelming him. His first
thought was to zap her computer system, but he decided that was too quick and far too
easy. When he entered the real world again, he told his tale to Taurus Vixen, and the two
came up with a most fitting punishment for the dear girl. As she would soon find out.

Part 2

Kelli Jensen woke up that morning just like always. It wasn't until she had to put some
extra "oomph" into getting her lycra exercise pants and sports bra on that she noticed
anything different. Combing her short hair she noticed the blonde strands had an
uncharacteristic strawberry hue and were definitely more curly than usual. Blaming it on
her new Euro Styling Conditioner, she completed her morning ritual by standing on the
bathroom scale. It gave her a laugh to think that all those horny FA's were actually
drooling over a skinny little blonde from California. To her surprise, the digital device
registered an unexpected 5 additional pounds.

"Hmph." Kelli mused. "Guess I'll have to lay off the cream cheese on my morning

She cut short her morning jog after becoming slightly fatigued halfway through, and
considered that she might have caught a virus of some sort. She was soon sitting in front of
her PowerMac viewing the number of hits at her pay site and listening to her belly rumble.

"That bagel didn't go very far today" She thought.

Kelli fidgeted in front of the monitor as she tried to adjust her pants and top, which
seemed increasingly uncomfortable. She began running some accounting software while
she changed into a pair of sweatpants and an oversize University of Kentucky t-shirt.
Feeling more comfortable, she was soon agitated by several locks of hair that were
obscuring her vision. She stalked to her bedroom in agitation and nearly fainted when she
saw herself in the full length mirror.

Her ass and hips had grown voluptuous to say the least. They were on the verge of
stressing the fabric that so snugly contained them. A small belly roll had formed
underneath a decidedly substantial bosom, whose twin breasts now resembled extra firm
water balloons. Her face was plumper, with fuller lips and heavy lidded eyes. Not to
mention her hair, which was undoubtedly redder, curlier, and longer. Her pudgy arms and
legs completed the ensemble of accumulated flab, that could probably be measured at an
increase of some hundred pounds or so.

"What in the world is happening to me?!" Kelli cried out.

Ian Darkstone watched Kelli from the stealthy confines of the astral plane. Everything
was going as planned. Watching her change was actually alot more fun and erotic than he
thought it would be.

Kelli stood in front of the mirror for a few more minutes unable to comprehend what
was happening to her. Her chest had swollen up quite uncomfortably inside her t-shirt. Her
breast were impossibly large, slightly torpedo shaped and seemed to defy gravity in an
attempt to obscure her immediate line of sight. She could feel the bulging hemisphere that
used to be her 24" stomach jutting out almost as far as her ludicrously large bosom. Her
burgeoning hips brushed the door frame as she stumbled out of the bathroom and her now
mammoth ass sent shockwaves of vibrations through her as she waddled slowly along.

Kelli looked in astonishment at the face that looked back at her from her dresser mirror.
It was first of all, undeniably fat. Huge jowels and overinflated lips puckered out from what
would have been a model's face 400 pounds ago. The skintone was darker, and brown
eyes stared out from behind dark, auburn red bangs that hung down in sensuous curls. This
was not her body, it was a perfect copy of Natasha Maximov's.

"Vat iz happening to me?" Kelli echoed her earlier thought and was shocked to hear a
stranger's voice come out of her own throat. "Eet iz not pozzible! Theez iz Natasha's

Ian decided at that point to reveal himself. Like an avenging spirit he materialized in
front of Kelli, who quite overstressed already, simply passed out. Ian snickered at the
fattened female as her substantial frame hit the floor with a massive thud. He levitated her
over to the bed and waited for her to awaken. After a few minutes she stirred and muttered
something about a weird dream. Ian snickered again.

The groggy girl bolted upright at the sound and shrieked at Ian. "Vat are you doing een
my house!?" her eyes grew wide at her strange voice and she slapped her hand over her
mouth. She then perused her new body and proceeded to pass out again.

"Oh no you don't." Ian smiled waving his hand in front of her face, "we'll have no more
of that."

She returned to alertness as fear and sadness pooled up in her eyes. "Vat haz been done
to me?"

"Let's just say i'm Natasha's number one fan," Ian began "and when I found out you
were scamming me and alot of other members of the FA brotherhood I decided the world
needed a real Natasha, and you fit the bill quite nicely."

"But I do not wish to be zo obeze?" Kelli/Natasha whined.

"I guess you should have thought of that a long time ago." Ian smirked.

"Vat is to become of me?" Kelli was worried.

"That's up to you." Ian intoned. "How about we go out for dinner?"

"I cannot go out like such a huge bleemp!" Kelli groaned.

"Downgrading fat women by calling yourself that will not get you on my good side, I
could make you as big as a real blimp if you don't behave. Besides it's not like anyone will
recognize you."

"I zuppose zat eez true. I will go if I must, but I have nothing to wear?"

"Of course you do." Ian gestured and the inflated femme was wearing a supersize
evening gown fit for a princess. The silk fabric cupped and tucked and squeezed Kelli in all
the right places to maximize her outrageaous 70"- 56"- 76" dimensions. It was quite a

"How many silkworms died to make theez drezz?" Kelli quipped.

"Not enough if you don't behave…" Ian smiled and gestured. Kelli's immense bosom
began to swell again, her creamy mountains cresting the top of the dress, creating a vast
display of cleavage. She could feel the dress tightening every where else as well.

"All right! You vin!"

Let me know how you like it so far. If I get some good responses i'll keep working on it .


Part 3

"That's what I wanted to hear." Ian smiled.

As she lumbered her unfamiliar bulk outside, Kelli saw a cargo van waiting for them.

"I am not zat big!" Kelli groused, as Ian helped her into the expanse of the cargo area.

"We'll just have to see about that." Ian reinforced his earlier threat.

Kelli sat pouting as they sped toward their dinner date. Ian sat appraising the mass of
feminine abundance that he had created. She was even more beautiful in person. And the
night was still young.

They stopped at a swank looking joint with an arabian style facade that said "Sheik
Ahrzani's". Ian exhanged pleasantries with the doorman and gave him a handsome tip as
they were ushered inside. The maitre'd seemed to know Ian quite well.

"Ah, Mr. Darkstone." he purred, "What a pleasant surprise! And I see you have
brought a special guest this evening."

"Bite me." Kelli muttered.

"I'd like the Grand Table for myself and my feisty date." Ian squeezed Kelli's beefy
arm and led her to a massive banquet table.

"The lady would like a glass of the Shiek's finest bubbly."Ian winked at the maitre'd as
they sat down. Ian caught Kelli giving herself a good looking over. She seemed lost in

"It's not so bad is it?" Ian asked respectfully.

"Oh no!" Kelli mocked, "Eet iz vunderful to be az beeg az a house."

"I personally find you to be extraordinarily ravishing Natasha." Ian grinned.

"Hmph." Kelli fumed, "You are een zee minority pal."

"A minority that you didn't mind making a handsome living off of." Ian rebuked her.

She continued to pout in silence until the waiter brought a crystal glass with some type
of champagne in it. Immediately after that a cluster of servers brought a group of platters
out filled with rich delicacies. Kelli saw Lamb, Duck, Veal, Lobster, Roast and several
other entrees that would have fed a platoon.

"I'll make you a deal." Ian smiled.

"A deal…" Kelli's eyes brightened.

"If you can eat the Le Grande Buffet I'll turn you back into Kelli."

"I couldn't eat all this even if I vanted to." Kelli was shocked at the idea.

"I've given you everything Natasha Maximov has, except her appetite…and this drink
will give you her appetite."

"Zo, if I eat your Buffet, az you zay….you will change me back to normal." Kelli

"If you indulge me by eating this table of food, I will change you back into Kelli." Ian

Kelli downed the bubbly in one giant gulp. She was going to make this meal as fast as
possible. The thought of staying this blimpette any longer than she had to was unbearable.
Fortunately for her it did not take very long for an almost overwhelming hunger to overtake
her. She was suddenly ravenous and tore into the rack of lamb in front of her.

Ian smiled, exchanging knowing glances with some of the other dinner patrons. Unlike
Kelli, they knew what the she was in for. And it did not take long. Within minutes her
already titanic bosom was swelling outward in an exceptional display of hypertrophied
abundance. The dress was fighting a lost cause to keep the immense, yet still miraculously
firm, display of mammary pulchritude in check.

Her hips and ass were the next part of her anatomy to join in the race as they ballooned
outward in an unbelievable surge of growth. The seams of her dress split as her hips began
to drop of the edge of her chair, and her robustly rotund rear formed two cushiony moons
the size of sumo bellies. Supporting rolls of fat began to form underneath her breast and on
her lower back.

Kelli's gargantuan gut was pressing forward like some massive pile of dough rising in
an oven, with too much yeast to boot. It boosted her bountiful chest up into her face and
into her arms making it hard for her to see and reach her meal. It's rampant expansion
spread her legs ever wider as it's globular mass began to droop towards the floor. Her dress
split up the middle and was soon hanging in shreds on her overinflated frame.

Ian was sporting a boner the size of the Sears tower and the rest of the crowd was into it
as well. She had most likely doubled in weight to reach the half ton mark, and he could
only guess at her vital measurements. Kelli had finished by now, sitting in a post-feeding-
frenzy coma with the slightest dribble of sauce on the side of her mouth. Damn! She was
the hottest thing he had ever seen.

As she stirred she noticed her extra padding. "Zo, am I finally beeg enough to zatisfy
you oh mazter."

"You don't seem so upset," Ian was genuinely puzzled, "I would have thought you
would have been mortified."

"Az they zay, When in Rome…." Kelli gave him a sexy grin that spoke volumes.

"Check please." Ian yelled.


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