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Posting a couple of my old stories since there may be some new members who might want to read em. It may even get me writing again, who knows?

Option 3
By: Badcompany8888

June 2008

Jack sat in front of the large metal desk. He massaged his temples trying to ease the headache that had developed. His eyes moved across the desk, studying each glossy photo that lay before him.

Frank sat behind the desk, studying his client. Frank had seen this happen time and time again: Boy marries Girl. Girl cheats on Boy. Boy has suspicions, but no proof. Boy hires Detective. Detective trails Girl and gets proof. Detective shows Boy proof. Boy’s heart is broken. What made this instance worse was that this was the fourth time Frank caught Jack’s wife over the course of a year and a half.

When Frank got into this line of work, he was hoping for real mysteries to solve. He wanted to be like Sherlock Holms, Magnum PI, or even Scooby Doo. But he quickly found that private investigation was 98% domestic bullshit. Following cheating husbands and wives. No kidnapers, no stolen items, and certainly no ghouls. Hell, in three years the only other thing he’d been hired to do was to find a pet bird.

“Goddamn bird,” Frank muttered.

Jack looked up, “What?”

Frank snapped out of his trance, “It’s not important.” He shook his head, “Sorry I had to be the one to break it to you.”
Jack laughed awkwardly, “Hey, it’s not like I’m surprised!” He gestured to the other three files on the desk, labeled: October 2006, April 2007, and November 2007. Jack sighed and hung his head.

Frank felt sorry for this guy. Over the last year and a half Frank grew to know Jack. He gathered the photos up and put them in a separate folder. With a black marker he wrote; June 2008 and dropped the file in the stack angrily. This bitch was pissing him off. Jack didn’t deserve this. Something had to be done.
Frank stood and went to the window. He did it only for dramatic effect, since his office was so close to the next building, the only view it gave was that of a brick wall.

“The way I see it, you have three options. Option One: Divorce the bitch. Move on with your life.”

Jack hung his head even lower.

Frank continued, “But we both know that isn’t going to happen. You love her too much.”

Jack nodded slightly.

“Option Two: Ignore it. Maybe she’ll get bored. Maybe she’ll stop sleeping around.” Frank said.

Jack nodded, “Maybe…”

Frank turned around and crossed his arms, “And maybe monkeys could fly out of my ass. In the meantime, you’re miserable. You’re too nice of a guy for that shit.”

Jack took a deep, unsteady breath. He was about to start sobbing.

“Then its Option Three; MAKE her stop.” Frank said simply.

Jack laughed, “I’ve tried that! I spend plenty of time with her, I’m honest, and I try to keep her happy. I’ve confronted her three times already. She cries, begging me for forgiveness, and says she’ll never cheat on me again. And I believe her.” Jack opened one of the files and looked at a picture of Elizabeth. She was about 5’3, 125 pounds. Her straight, blonde hair reached to the middle of her back. She wore a 32D bra and size 6 panties – thongs exclusively. “She can’t help that she’s beautiful. She just can’t say ‘no’ when guys come on to her. She has no willpower”

Frank was deep in thought. He bit his lower lip, debating with himself. “You love her, right? No matter what? Not just because she’s beautiful?”
Jack exclaimed, “Oh course I love her! Unconditionally!” They had been married for about 4 years, having wed just out of college at age 22. They were crazy about each other from the beginning, but Elizabeth’s infidelity had always been a problem.

Frank sat down and flipped through his Rolodex. He found the business card he was looking for. He pushed it in front of Jack and said, “This guy is a doctor. He’s got access to certain… treatments. He gets results. They call him (insert long pause for dramatic effect) Rick.”

“A psychologist?” Jack raised an eyebrow and picked up the card.

Frank smiled, “No, nothing like that. This guy ain’t no Dr. Phil.”

The next day, Jack found himself in another office, a doctor’s office this time. The secretary, a large, pear-shaped woman led him into the office and introduced him to Rick.

The heavy black man sat behind the desk and listened to Jack tell his story. He studied the photos Jack had brought. Once Jack finished telling about his wife and their problem, Rick pushed a stack of papers toward Jack.

Rick said, “It’s a sort of personality test. I need you to answer these questions so I know what to do about your situation.”

Jack scanned the first page, “True or False: I feel guilty when I masturbate. What is this?”

Rick laughed a little, “I don’t write the questions. But the way you answer them will tell me about you and what steps we need to take to deal with your wife. I will give you all the time you need.” Rick stood and left the office.

Once the daunting assessment was complete, Jack called Rick back into the office. Jack was puzzled by most of the questions, some like: ‘Do blondes have more fun?’ and
‘Do you believe in karma?’

Rick collected the test from Jack. He removed a vial of yellow liquid from his desk and set it in front of Jack. “Here: put this in her coffee tomorrow morning. By the end of the day she will want to see a doctor. That’s when you come back here and pretend like we never met.” Rick said simply.

Jack stared at the vial on the desk. “What is this all about?”

Rick shrugged, “Well, you have a problem with your wife being unfaithful. I can help make certain changes so other men will be less….umm, interested. Then she will be yours exclusively.”

“What did you have in mind?” Jack asked nervously.

“I must meet her first. And I must review this test. Then I will know how far we must go to save your marriage.” Rick answered. “Put the yellow liquid in her drink and bring her to me. We will go from there.”

Rick threw out a figure. Jack wrote out the check, saying, “I feel bad about lying to my wife.”

“She lied to you dozens of times. She endangered your marriage, and you are trying to save it.” Rick replied.

Jack nodded and left the office, with the vial of liquid in his pocket.

The next day, Jack added the yellow liquid to Elizabeth’s coffee. Later that day, Elizabeth found herself sicker than hell. Her head was pounding and her stomach was killing her. It didn’t take much for Jack to persuade her to see a doctor. She was relieved when Jack told her that he found a doctor that could see her that day.

“Why the fuck do we have to drive this far? My usual doctor’s office is so much closer.” Elizabeth whined.

“Dr. Home couldn’t see you. He’s on leave. Dr. Rick is the only other one in our network.”

Jack and Elizabeth arrived at Rick’s office. They checked in with the large secretary behind the counter and sat down. Elizabeth didn’t notice the secretary making eyes with her husband, but he did. Jack tried to avoid the secretary’s gaze while he consoled his wife.

After a short wait, Rick emerged from his office, wearing his usual white T-shirt and jeans. Elizabeth gave Jack an uneasy look before following Dr. Rick into his office.
About twenty minutes later, Rick came out of the office, alone. He sat down next to Jack and said, “She’s in a trance. I hypnotized her so I could get to the bottom of your problem.”

Jack’s eyes grew wide, “Hypnotized? What have you done?” Jack paused and thought for a moment, “You didn’t hypnotize me yesterday, did you?”

Rick rolled his eyes, “No, I didn’t hypnotize you. And I haven’t done anything to Elizabeth yet. I wanted to go over my recommendations with you before I did anything.”

Jack sighed with relief. Rick continued.

“From what I can tell, she doesn’t try to be unfaithful, it just happens. She loves you with all of her heart and she genuinely feels bad about what has happened in the past.
But at the same time, her infidelity does not really bother her. If she could have her way, she would keep cheating on you and keep hiding it from you.”

Rick continued, “I don’t believe I should poke around inside her head too much. If I tell her to avoid contact with men there may be serious emotional and mental consequences. I’m not in the business of making people miserable. I’d suggest a physical change, to keep other males from tempting your wife.”

“So I’m going to pay you to make my wife ugly.” Jack asked.

Rick shook his head, “Ugly is such a….um, an ugly word. If you truly love your wife you won’t care about what she looks like. You want the check back?” Rick took it from his wallet and held it up.

Jack still wasn’t real happy about the whole situation, so he just sighed and said, “Go easy on her.”

Thirty minutes later, Rick escorted Elizabeth out of his office. He explained that Elizabeth had an un-diagnosed allergic reaction. She would have to take pills daily and stop back in a month for a check-up. During that time, Rick was going to run some blood tests to determine what she was allergic to. Of course, Jack had been told what the pills were really for. He also knew that Rick planted a couple of subconscious commands in her head to help the physical changes come with less mental resistance and to keep Elizabeth from dwelling on her situation.

Elizabeth was quiet on the way home. She stared through the windshield blankly while Jack drove. When Jack tried to start conversation, he would get a one-word answer. It was as if she were still in a trance. He felt horrible about what he did. But Rick and Frank’s words helped drive away the guilt. When Elizabeth stepped out of the car upon arrival, Jack thought to himself, “She gave me no choice. Option 3 was my only option.”


3 weeks later…July 15th

Frank had been following Adam’s green Jaguar for about twenty minutes already. Over the years, he had gotten better at tailing a target. The first time he tried following a guy, Frank got too close and the guy noticed him. The guy got out of the car and used a golf club to smash the windshield of Frank’s orange Ford Maverick.

That was a couple years ago. Nowadays, Frank left more space and drove a less conspicuous Dodge sedan. He parked the Dodge on the street when he saw the Jaguar pull up to a high-rise apartment building. Adam and Elizabeth stepped out and walked into the main entrance. Frank sighed, knowing where they were going. He already had 2 sets of photos of them at Adam’s condo.

Jack was away on business, which is when Elizabeth strayed the most. After he took Elizabeth to Rick for the first time, he was able to spend 2 weeks with her before he had to go to Des Moines. But not long after he left, Elizabeth had found her way back to Adam.

Frank headed to the high-rise across the street. A quick look at the mailboxes confirmed that apartment 117 on the 12th floor was still vacant. He had used apartment 117 to take the other two sets of photos. It offered him an excellent view into Adam’s apartment across the street. Fortunately for Frank, Adam always left his blinds open. Maybe he did it on purpose.

Frank picked the lock to the vacant apartment as he had done before. The first two times he got a bit of a rush sneaking into the apartment. He was doing real detective-type stuff, like a spy almost.

Elizabeth had wasted no time in getting undressed. Through the telephoto lens, Frank could tell Rick’s treatment was certainly working. Her body was changing. However, the treatments were obviously not solving Jack’s problem.

Frank called Jack from the empty apartment. “Yeah, Jack, it’s Frank. You can probably guess what I’m watching…”

Three days later…July 18th

Jack came back home 3 days later. Frank and Rick had instructed Jack to say nothing about Beth’s meeting with Adam. Jack would come home and act as though nothing was different.

But there was a lot different. When Jack came through the door, she usually ran right up to him and gave him a hug and kiss. This time she stayed put, sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and watching TV. She simply tilted her head back and puckered her lips, waiting for Jack to lean in and kiss her. After he did, her attention turned back to the ice cream. Jack surveyed her from top to bottom. Instead of designer jeans and a nice shirt, she wore a large nightshirt that reached to mid-thigh. Elizabeth said, “Sorry for not being dressed, I didn’t even leave the house today.”

“Are you feeling ok?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Elizabeth said with her mouth full. “I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t feel like doing anything. I skipped my morning jog all week and today didn’t even go outside. I think I should go back to the doctor.”

“Ok. We already have a follow-up appointment with him on Monday.”

“Good, I feel bloated, too.” She put her hands to her midsection, outlining a round tummy that hadn’t been there 3 weeks ago. The nightshirt did a good job of hiding it, but Jack could tell that her thighs were losing their tone as well.

Jack took a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and sat in the armchair opposite her. “So, if you didn’t go jogging, what did you do?” Jack asked.

“Not much really. Went shopping. Had lunch with Diana on Tuesday,” She kept shoveling the ice cream in, spilling some on her shirt.

“So that’s it. That’s all you did all week?” Jack shrugged his shoulders leaned back in the chair. Jack knew he needed to act as though everything was fine, but it was taking every fiber of his being not to call her out on the affair.

Elizabeth was picking up his signals. “Yeah. That’s it,” She replied shortly.

Jack had to back off. He didn’t want Elizabeth to know that he was having her followed again. He wanted to give Rick a chance to work his magic, and if Jack revealed that he knew she was cheating again, things would get complicated quick.

Rather than push the issue, Jack put his hands up in a defensive manner and said, “Just wondering.”

The whole weekend, Jack fished for info. But Elizabeth was good; she said nothing about her affair. Jack thought that if he didn’t pay Frank to follow her, he may never know the difference. The two made it through the weekend but by Monday they were fighting again in the car on the way to Rick’s office.

Jack wasn’t even sure how the argument started, but he was ready to drive the car off a bridge. “I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying I wish I could trust you.”

“You CAN trust me; I’ve put that shit behind me. You should do the same.”

Jack sighed, “I wish I knew it were true.”

“Then believe it! Every time you go away, you come back and interrogate me! I know I screwed up in the past, but I only want you,” Elizabeth insisted.

“I know you only want me, but what if you just can’t help yourself.” Jack knew he was bordering on the edge and should shut up. He didn’t want her to figure out that she was being hypnotized. She could not find out that he knew her and Adam’s evening on July 15th.

Jack parked the car in front of Rick’s office and said, “Look, let’s just drop it. I don’t want…” Elizabeth had already stepped out of the car and was stomping toward the office.

Rick came out of his office and looked to the only man in his waiting room. “She failed the test.”

Jack looked up from the Redbook he was paging through, “What test?”

“She’s still too, how should we say… easy? She tried sucking me off.”

“Just now!?” Jack shouted.

Rick shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry. Once she was in a trance, all I had to do was give her a few compliments and she was all over me.”

Jack was losing his composure. “She is just screwing with me! Every lie leads to another!”

“You still want to go though with this?” Rick asked.

“Hell yes, more than ever!”

“She is gaining weight, 19 pounds since I last saw her. But what I had planned isn’t working. We may have to take things to the next level. It may cause mental stress…”

Jack cut in, “What about all the mental stress she caused me?!”

Rick tried to explain, “The thing is, her infidelity may be natural for her. The thoughts and beliefs that are ingrained deep into the mind are difficult to reverse.”

Shaking his head, Jack said, “English, please…”

“I may not be able to stop her from cheating. And if I can, it is going to be difficult. Mind you she was in a trance, but all it took was a few lousy pick up lines and she was going for my zipper. It wouldn’t take much for some bum at a bar to get your wife in the sack. Why is she like this; I don’t know, I’m not a shrink. If I can’t stop her cheating, maybe you should consider divorce.”

Jack would hear nothing of divorce. Rick said he would go back and poke around in Elizabeth’s head to see if he could find out why she is so easy. He was going to try to see what is keeping Adam around.

Another 30 minutes later, Rick came out again and said, “I think I found the root of your problem. There is no easy way to say this.”

Suddenly concerned, Jack asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

“It’s not what’s wrong with her; it’s what’s wrong with you. From what she says, you’re not very…good,” Rick said, raising his eyebrow.

“Good? I’m very good to her! I always treat…”

“Not good in bed. You don’t satisfy her. That’s why she sees Adam.”

“That’s bullshit! I have no problem bringing her to…”

“Orgasm? No, she fakes it. Every time. Sorry.” Rick shrugged his shoulders.

Jack threw his arms in the air, “Fucking Hell! She says I’m not good in bed?!”

“Yeah, apparently this Adam guy is something else. He has no problem making your wife orgasm 3 or 4 times a night,” Rick said, matter-of-factly.

“Thanks for the details! How helpful!”

“That, coupled with her attitude toward mahogany is where your marriage is running into problems,” Rick said.

The irritated Jack said nothing.

“I can give her some injections to help stimulate the nerve endings in her pubic region. Now I don’t exactly know what that stimulant will do to her, but you can expect an increase in vaginal fluid and an increase in sensitivity. That will help you satisfy her needs, but it will help him out too. So we can’t just leave it at that. We need to find another way to keep Adam and other guys off of your wife.”

Glad that Rick was getting somewhere, Jack asked, “Ok, let’s do it. How?”

Rick looked at his notes, “Well, from what Elizabeth tells me under hypnosis, Adam likes to spend a lot of time with her tits.”

Jack rolled his eyes, “Point being?”

Cautiously, Rick asked, “How much are you attached to them?”

Jack stayed silent. Elizabeth always had perfect breasts. He was going to have to deal with a few changes. He already said goodbye to her trim body, and now he was going to have to say goodbye to her round, perky, D cups.

“I’ll have her come back next week so I can handle those things.” Rick made a mark on his clipboard, “I’m also going to plant a subliminal message, so she uses and recognizes ‘Beth’ as her name, rather than Elizabeth. Elizabeth is too posh, and we want to bring out the simpler side of your wife. She will think of herself as a ‘Beth’, it should help her attitude.”

“Ok, that’s a good idea. Anything else?”

Rick nodded, “I’m gonna up her doses on the weight gain pills and muscle relaxers. If she’s not motivated to go any where, she’ll be more apt to behave herself. I’m also going to give her a couple more subliminal commands. When she wants to go to a salon for a haircut, don’t stop her. The more we can do to change her appearance, the more likely Adam will move on.”

Rick continued, “Oh, and she’s on to you. She knows something is up. I am going to plant a few more commands to slow her thinking process down, so she doesn’t see through our plan. I don’t have to tell you how illegal this is.”

The Elizabeth that emerged from the office was in a much better mood than the one that went in. Rick set Beth an appointment for next week, while Jack was away. As soon as the couple got in the car, Beth said, “I want to go and get a new hairstyle. Can we go now?”

Jack wasn’t going to stop her, but asked why. Beth answered, “I don’t know, I just want a change. I remember someone telling me about this Mary’s place, but I don’t remember who told me, it’s odd.”

Jack pulled up to a salon that Beth somehow knew how to find. Jack waited in the car as Beth went in to have her hair done. Jack sat back in the car and thought to himself. ‘There must be a better way. If I put that piece of shit Adam in the ground that might solve some problems. Nah, can’t do that, somebody else will come along. This whole plan is kind of a turn on in a twisted way. I am paying a man to make my wife into another person. Does that make me a bad person? No, putting Adam in the ground, that would make me a bad person.’

It didn’t take long for him to drift off.

Jack woke as Beth climbed back in the car. The smell of solution filled the car. Jack nearly jumped when he saw her. Her long hair was gone. Her nape and sides were buzzed short down to maybe only a 1/2 inch. The top was cut down to about 2 inches short, then curled and permed. Her blonde hair was now dyed to the burgundy color of the towels in their bathroom. The new hairstyle easily made Beth look 15 years older.

“What do you think?” Beth asked with a wide smile.

For the next two days, Beth hung around the house, acting like a space cadet. Jack could see how she got talked into the new hairstyle so easy. Because Rick slowed her thinking down, she was so air-headed now you could tell her the Earth was flat and she would believe it. She was taking double doses of appetite stimulant and muscle relaxer, and by the time Jack had to leave on Wednesday, it was obvious. She hardly moved around the house, let alone move out of it. She just sat on the couch and ate. When Jack left for Memphis on Wednesday, he wasn’t sure what he would come back to.


2 weeks later… Wednesday August 6th

Jack put his key in the lock and entered his house, carrying the bags of food in with him. It had been 2 full weeks since Jack had seen his wife, and he was anxious to see if Rick’s treatments were working. She seemed different over the phone. Her appetite sure had changed. When Jack called she instructed him to stop at McDonald’s and get 3 Big Macs, 2 Apple Pies, and a supersize order of fries. She seemed excited that he was on his way home.

Questions bounced around Jack’s head. Was his wife still sleeping around? Jack didn’t need Frank to follow Beth anymore; Rick could get the truth out of her simply by hypnotizing her. But that meant he hadn’t had an update on Beth’s escapades for 2 weeks. What had she been doing for 2 weeks? And how did her appointment with Rick
go? Jack made his way to the bedroom. Beth was lying seductively on her side, wearing only a tight thong, and no bra.

Jack nearly dropped the bag of food. He had only been gone 14 days.

Her hair was still the same short, awful burgundy. Her little tummy had grown to a full blown pork belly. Her chubby thighs had turned into a set of saddlebags. When Jack left, Beth had D cups. Now they were reduced to what Jack guessed was a saggy B.

“Bring that food to momma,” Beth hissed, reaching her greedy hands outward. She obviously had no clue what had been done to her.

Still awestruck, Jack complied, sliding into bed next to her and unboxing one of her Big Macs. She took the burger and started munching. Every time she moved, her shrunken, floppy tities jiggled around a bit. Jack stared at them, remembering her once large, lovely breasts. Beth noticed his stare and guided his hand to her right breast. To Jack, it felt like squeezing a bag of sand. He rolled it about in his hand in amazement. Beth moaned with pleasure in response.

Jack continued to play with Beth’s tits until his eyes fell on the bulge in her panties. Beth slithered out of the thong and displayed her sex to Jack. Rick’s injections certainly were doing something! Her blonde pubic hair had been shaved off. Her cunt looked as though it had just been through a pussy pump for 10 minutes, swollen and red. Her clit usually hid just inside of her lips, but now it stood out, easily visible from across the room. A think, grayish fluid was slowly seeping out and onto the bed.

With her mouth full, she moaned, “Eat me,” and pointed at her crotch.

Jack’s eyes grew wide. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ he thought to himself. He had no choice, he did this to her. He slowly moved his face downward. The strong scent invaded Jack’s nostrils. He watched the ooze slowly leak out. Rick did warn him something like this might happen…

“I said EAT MY PUSSY!” Beth shouted, grabbing Jack’s hair and stuffing his face in between her legs.

Jack licked as fast as he could, trying unsuccessfully to ignore the sour taste and smell. As Jack licked, the flow of grey ooze quickened, coating his face with it.
By her third orgasm, Beth had finished her food and decided to return the favor. She mounted Jack and impaled her well-lubricated pussy onto his hard cock. Twenty minutes later, Beth lay sleeping with Jack wide awake next to her. ‘What have I gotten into?’

Jack and Elizabeth’s week went much differently than it used to. Jack didn’t have to travel for next couple of weeks; he only had to go to the office every morning. Rather than wake up with Jack at 7:30 AM, Beth slept until close to noon. Then she would get up and watch TV and eat for a few hours. Before Jack got home, she would call him and tell him to pick up dinner on the way home. Beth would always say she was too lazy to cook. She seemed to have developed an intense craving for fast food. Her order seemed to increase in size almost daily. She would be waiting in bed for him each night, waiting for her food and oral sex.

Beth seemed oblivious to her changes. If she had tried to but a bra on, she would find that none of her bras fit her anymore. But now she didn’t bother with one, she hardly bothered with proper clothes. She would remain nude at home, and would stuff her 172 pound body into a grey sweat suit when she had to leave the house. It was all that fit her anymore. Still, Beth was clueless. She would try something on, find it was too tight, and toss it in the trash without wondering why. Fortunately, Mary the beautician offered to take her shopping the next time she did her hair.

Monday, August 11

Once again Jack sat in Rick’s waiting room, anxious to see if Beth’s incredible metamorphosis has solved their problems. And once again, Rick was on the other side of the door, putting Beth in a trance.

“So what did you get out of her?” Jack asked Rick as he stepped out of the office.

“Well, she is too lazy to leave the house to see Adam, so he has been coming to see her while you are at the office.”

Jack let the news sink in a bit, “In my house.”

“Yeah.” Rick nodded slightly.

“In my fucking house.” Jack took a breath.

“Look, Jack…” Rick didn’t get to finish.

“Motherfucker was in MY house! My fucking house, he fucks my wife?!” Jack made a fist and threw it into the reception room’s wall, creating a crater. Rick wrapped Jack up and tried to restrain him.

Jack trashed around screaming, “I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON HIS ASHES!”

Rick forced him into a chair, “Calm down, man! I’m fixing this. Give me time.”

Jack snarled, “You aren’t doing dick! You are just turning her into a fat pig! Wake her up and get her ready. I’m done with this.”

Rick, already pissed off about the hole in his wall, threw his hands up and said, “Fine. Do what you want. But hear this: You’re fucked up. You ain’t the same guy that came to me three months ago. You’ve changed.”

With that, Rick turned and headed back into his office, slamming the door behind him.
After another silent car ride home, Jack sent Elizabeth into the kitchen for a snack. Jack, having made up his mind on what to do next, stepped into the garage where he could be alone. Then he called Frank.

Four days later….August 15th, Friday

Jack hugged his wife goodbye, finding his hands sinking into the soft fat roll around her back. “I won’t be gone long this time, only three days. Just have to go to a convention and then a meeting afterward. I’ll see you soon.”

Lately, it didn’t take much to confuse Beth, “Usually you get a few weeks notice when you have to travel. I wanted to be with you.”

Jack searched for words, “Well, it’s an emergency convention, and the meeting afterward is to discuss the effects of the emergency convention and its impact on the industry.”

“An emergency convention? When was the last time there was an emergency in the office furniture business?”

“It just kinda came up,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Whatever baby, I’m gonna miss you,” Elizabeth purred as she pushed her distended belly closer to Jack. She forced her tongue in Jack’s mouth, letting Jack taste the onion rings she had just been snacking on.

Jack broke the kiss, said goodbye, and got in his car.


Frank watched the sun peak over the horizon, illuminating the desert that he shared with Adam’s Jaguar. At least it felt like he was alone with the car. The kicking from the trunk had died down, helping Frank focus. But all Frank could focus on was the Sig Sauer that sat next to him. If you counted the stolen Jaguar XK6, the semi-auto Sig he brought with him and the man in the trunk, Frank was had lots of company.

He turned his gaze to the handgun that sat on the Jaguar’s passenger seat. Frank dwelled upon the promise that he made to Jack. He promised that he would deal with Adam. And here he was, in the middle of the desert, ready to deal with him, only he wasn’t ready. He looked around the wasteland that surrounded him. A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems buried in those holes.

Frank was there to bury a problem. Only he hadn’t dug a hole. He should have, he understood that it took about a half hour to forty-five minutes worth of digging. Where did he hear that from? It didn’t matter. He hadn’t prepared because he wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready to bury Jack’s problem out in the desert. This wasn’t him. He might be a degenerate detective that took pictures of cheating wives, but he was no hitman.

‘Just do the job and go home,’ Frank thought. He took a deep breath and grabbed for the Sig. He stepped out of the Jaguar’s cockpit and into the desert. The sun was just rising, so the desert was still cold. Nothing but wasteland for miles. He tightened his grip on the gun and popped the trunk.

The trunk light came on. Adam awoke moments later and started squirming, trying to loosen the ropes around his wrists and ankles. Even though Adam was gagged, it was obvious that he was desperately screaming “please” through the rag in his mouth. Frank nearly began balling right there.

His wide eyes said the same thing; “Please!” Frank wished he had blindfolded the man, so he wouldn’t have to look into those eyes. But there was really no reason to; Adam wouldn’t be giving a description of his abductor to anyone.

Frank pulled Adam from the trunk and threw him on the ground. Frank knew what he had to do.

Frank grabbed the sobbing man by the hair and pulled him to his knees. He pressed the gun to Adam’s forehead and said one word. “Elizabeth.” The gagged and bound Adam went silent and closed his eyes. Frank held his left hand out to shield his face from the splatter. Frank stood over Adam for nearly a minute before he pushed him down to the ground, turned and walked back to the Jaguar. He got back in Adam’s car, threw it in gear, and sped back to the main road, leaving Adam Ward in a cloud of dust.

August 19th, 4 days later, Tuesday

Jack sat in his usual spot in Rick’s waiting room. Rick was hypnotizing Beth yet again in the office. Jack completely ignored Rick’s large secretary making eyes at him. Jack was deep in thought. Reflecting. Thinking. Things were fucked up, but he had nearly fucked up even worse.

Jack had gotten a stern talking to from Frank, to say the least. When Jack got into his car at the airport, Frank was in the backseat. Jack’s blood money was thrown back in his face and Frank held a gun to his head, asking what it was like knowing you’re about to die. Jack realized he had gone too far. After what Frank told him about the experience in the desert, even the thought of taking another man’s life was appalling. Jack would do anything for his wife, and Frank knew that. But Frank managed to keep his cool even when Jack lost his. Adam would live to find his Jaguar in front of his apartment, burned to a crisp. But he was alive, and most certainly would not be contacting Elizabeth again, which is all that Jack really wanted.

Rick emerged and sat down next to Jack without saying a word. The two remained silent for an entire minute before Jack spoke, “You’re right. I have changed.”

Rick came clean, “You laughed at that test I had you take the first day I met you, but it was real. With the results from that test, I was able to determine what you could handle me doing to your wife, and what you couldn’t.”

Jack nodded slowly, “You were right. I am truly not bothered by her transformation so far. What is bothering me is her slutty ass sleeping all over town.”

Rick chose his words carefully, “When we last spoke, what I meant by ‘you’ve changed’, is that you have lost your tolerance for her behavior. What used to be a relatively high tolerance has dropped to none, leaving you in a volatile state. Maybe you could do with seeing a shrink?”

Staring straight ahead, Jack said, “I almost had a man killed over this.”

Rick shook his head, “He won’t be coming around anymore, he’s scared shitless.”

“HE won’t be back, but someone else will. Your hypnotism sessions have shown that she can’t be controlled. She will find someone else to see when I’m not around,” Jack said.

Rick replied, “I can step it up, but there is still no guarantee…”

Jack turned to Rick, looked him in the eyes, and said, “You just said you know what I can deal with and what I can’t. Step it up.”

Ten minutes later, both Jack and Beth sat in front of Rick’s desk. Rick was pretending to read some papers. Beth had been released from her trance, and was back in the slightly dim-minded state she had been in for the last few weeks. “Well Beth, it appears you have a very rare condition known as…” Rick’s eyes glanced about, finally falling on his cell phone.

“Motorollatosis.” Rick said, stumbling over the words.

An already confused Beth became even more confused, “What’s that?”

Jack took his wife’s hand and answered, “It’s why you’ve been really hungry lately, baby.”

She looked down to her large gut and giggled, “Oh yeah.”

Rick continued to pull nonsense out of his ass, “Motorollatosis affects more than body weight. The sluggish and slow-minded state you have been in is another result of stage 2 Motorollatosis.”

Beth nodded.

“I’m afraid there is no cure, but there are treatments. You are going to have to undergo a couple surgeries. You’re also going to need to start using medical marijuana.”

“You mean I have to smoke pot?” Beth’s eyes grew wide.

“Yes, everyday. It will help keep the disease at bay. You may have noticed that your thought process is slower than normal. Fortunately, now that we have diagnosed your condition, you can keep it from getting slower.” Frank explained, knowing that marijuana would take the place of the hypnotic commands he had been giving her, and would have the same effect. If Beth smoked pot 3 times a day, she should remain dumb and lazy, and wouldn’t need the pills he was currently giving her.
Beth’s mouth hung open slightly, indicating she was listening as best as she could.

“You need to avoid the use of makeup, lotions, antiperspirants and cosmetics. Serious skin damage may result. Also, over exposure to sunlight is dangerous. If you need to go outside, you should wear pants and at least a T-shirt. Discontinue the use of tanning beds.”

As Rick spoke, a small smile crept over Jack’s face. The things he was telling her to do and not do. His wife’s transformation had only just begun. And now, he realized he was not only ok with it, he was awaiting further changes. And what was better yet, is that finally, Beth would be all his. With the affairs, Jack felt that not only was his marriage headed for disaster, but that it never really began. For 3 years, Elizabeth struggled with fidelity while Jack struggled with trust. Things were going to be different now, but there would be no more worrying and fighting about affairs. The couple’s marriage could truly begin.


1 year later…

Beth wasn’t home when Jack arrived home from work. Over the past year, he had taken a position that required less travel. Now he left for only a couple of days at a time, and only once or twice a month. Today happened to be one of those days where he had to travel again. Jack had a late afternoon flight scheduled, and only had an hour before he had to head to the airport. But Beth was gone, and Jack had to leave soon. Jack found the note on the coffee table:

Jack - went two get a trim at Marys wil b home be4 u leaf - luv Beth

The note was further proof that the servings of pot everyday had taken their toll on Beth’s IQ. She no longer carried on conversations about politics and economics with Jack. She was now more interested in talking about what was on TV, what is for dinner, and what she and her friend Mary were doing lately. Beth had really taken a liking to the older beautician. Mary was a little strange – her huge body was covered in tattoos and Jack was pretty sure she didn’t shave. But he figured Mary was harmless enough and it was good that she had a friend. Mary seemed to help keep her out of trouble and together they did “girl things”.

10 minutes later, she came through the door. She hardly resembled the woman she was when they married. She was wearing blue spandex pants and a white t-shirt covered in sweat. The spandex bottoms did little to hide the cellulite dimples in her asscheeks or her bulging camel toe. Beth’s foul discharge had formed a small but noticeable wet spot, making her large lips even more obvious.

“Aww, baby, come here.” Jack did as he was told and wrapped his arms around his 360 pound wife, sinking into her wet, flabby body. Her BO filled his nostrils. They shared a long kiss.

“I’m so sweaty, I need a shower, but that can wait until you leave. Right now I gotta get out of these clothes.” Beth preferred to be nude when at all possible. She pulled the sweat-stained shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor. Her deflated tits flopped onto her monstrous belly. While they hadn’t shrunk any smaller than a B, the more her belly grew, the smaller they seemed. She peeled the tight spandex from her lower body, revealing the cottage-cheese that had taken over her ass and thighs. She wore no panties, and in fact didn’t know if she still owned any. She knew she didn’t have any bras; neither Beth nor Jack saw a need for one anymore. The skirts, shorts, tank tops, and workout clothes had also been removed from Beth’s wardrobe. She needed clothes that provided more cover (at least she thought she did).

Following Rick’s instructions, Beth had stopped using all cosmetics, including deodorant. Due to her girth, she quickly became drenched in sweat, especially when she went out. Her skin had turned a pasty white from staying inside, smoking all day. The one thing she still did take care of was her hair. But she maintained the same style that Jack still hated. She visited Mary’s saloon weekly so she could keep her hair short and out of the way when she was eating.

Beth stood nude with her hands on her vast hips, “How much time do you have?”

“I have to leave in less than an hour.”

“Perfect. I’ll order pizzas. You get your ass to the bedroom,” she said with a wink.

The plan had finally worked. Ever since Jack had taken his new job, Beth had not been caught with any men. Frank no longer needed to follow her around. She mostly went to buffets, grocery stores, fast food joints, and Mary’s salon. And usually Mary was with her. Sometimes Beth would go shopping and eating with the some of Mary’s other large girlfriends. Since Beth was much too lazy and preoccupied to chase men, she gave Jack more sex than he ever received. Now that he was home a lot more often, Jack and Beth would have sex 2-3 times per day. That was a welcome change for Jack, but going down on Beth had taken getting used to. Her natural blonde pubic hair had been killed off with electrolysis, leaving her pussy forever bald and swollen. Due to Rick’s stimulating injections, the swelling never went away, and neither did the vaginal discharge.

Jack quickly undressed and got into bed, preparing for his large wife. Moments later, she lumbered into the room and climbed on top.

Jack groaned, “Uhh, I don’t think we have time.”

“Shhh, you have plenty of time to satisfy me,” she said with a horny grin. She moved further up Jack’s body until her pussy was inches above Jack’s face. “I won’t take long to fuck your face!”

With that, she slammed all of her weight down, grinding Jack’s face with her damp pussy for the next twenty minutes. When her fourth orgasm passed, she rolled off of Jack, breathing heavy.

Jack went to the bathroom to clean up. There was no way he could get on a plane smelling like this. Beth heaved herself out of bed and went to the living room where she kept her bong.

Jack got out of the shower and packed his bag. He emerged from the bedroom 10 minutes later and found Beth sitting on the sofa in a cloud of smoke.

“I’ll be back by the end of the week.” Jack planted a kiss on her lips, trying not to inhale too much of the marijuana smoke that surrounded Beth.

Beth looked to the clock on the wall and pushed him away, “Go on, you’ll be late for your flight. And my pizzas will be here soon.”

Jack backed his car out of the driveway and headed to the airport. A small Mazda hatchback with a “Pizza” sign on its roof pulled up and took Jack’s place in the driveway. A muscular black kid, no older than twenty, carried three pizzas to the door. He entered without knocking. Beth was sitting on the couch, still wearing nothing.

“Those better be deep dish pizzas.”

The pizza boy smiled and nodded, “Oh for sure, Miss Rogan, I gots it covered.”

“Good,” she grabbed a hold his belt and started unfastening it, “you know what I’m in the mood for after smoking up.”

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