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Straight transformation fetishes.
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Her First Time

"It's just the next street on the left," said Alice to the taxi driver.
"Happy Birthday again sis" Alice said reaching over to her sister and giving her a peck on the cheek. "You are finally a big girl, all grown up!" she joked.

"Hey! You are only two years older than me!" Sarah laughed drunkenly.

Alice had invited her sister over to her student apartment for her 18th Birthday party. A quiet afternoon was spent there relaxing and preparing for the evening festivities, followed by a crazed night out clubbing.

"Wow I don't know how you do this every night!" Sarah gasped, the alcohol heavily acting upon her.

"Well sis…you learn to get used to it," Alice grinned.

Alice beckoned to the taxi driver to stop. The taxi pulled over towards the curb and both sisters jumped out. Alice shoved a handful of notes into the taxi drivers hand and turned to see her sister near face plant onto the pavement.

"Come on let's get you up inside," Alice laughed grabbing her sisters arm and hauling her through the entrance. Four floors and a lot of trailing later Alice opened the door to her apartment and flung her sister down onto the couch.

Alice panted heavily, "Well I am sure I'm gonna have to get used to that if you intend to visit again early next year!"

"Maybe I'll be carrying you next time," Sarah laughed.

"Well it's not like I didn't drink a lot tonight! You just have a lower tolerance than I do," Alice replied.

Sarah rubbed her hand on her forehead. "Yeah I will agree with that! My head is spinning. I'm glad your house mates aren't here to see me like this. Not the best introduction is it? Where are they again anyway?"

Alice stared at Sarah, she was drunker than she thought.

"I told you earlier, you drunk!" Alice said sticking her tongue out at her sister. "How have you forgotten already? Rebecca and Amber are both out of town visiting their families. It was sort of arranged for you coming actually."

"What do you mean?" Sarah's smile started to disappear.

"Well Mum and Dad thought it was a good idea too."

"Mum and Dad as well? What are you talking about sis?" Sarah asked sitting up.

"Well I thought I would create a relaxing environment for your first time out drinking! You know what Mum and Dad are like, they fuss a lot and they'd be up all night worried and wanting to look after you. I thought it would be best if you just came to stay up here with me. We go clubbing all the time up here and I thought I'd spare them the worry!"

"I suppose that makes sense" Sarah's face returning to a smile. "You're the best sister ever!" Sarah tried to stand up arms reached out to hug Alice.

"Woah no no, you sit back down sis!" You were nearly on the floor earlier, we don't need a successful attempt this time! Alice laughed.

Alice turned to look at the clock. It was just after 2am. Alice screwed her face up.

"Do you want a drink of water sis?" she asked turning back to Sarah.

"No…what I'd like is another shot" Sarah exclaimed merrily, rolling off the couch onto the floor.

"Sis that is not a good idea. The night is far from over yet." Alice replied looking at the heap her sister was on the floor.

"Come on, pleaseeeeeee." Sarah slurred at her.

Alice stared at her sister for a couple of seconds. "Fine, alright, we can both have one more each but that's it!"

Alice walked from the living area over to the kitchen. She pulled out two glasses and poured a small amount of vodka into the bottom of each of the glasses.

"Right get back up onto the couch so you can drink this" Alice called round.

Alice returned to the living area clutching the two glasses and handed one to Sarah.

"On three.




Sarah had already downed her shot.

3… Alice muttered, knocking back her own shot.

"Thanks sis, I needed that!" giggled Sarah.

Sarah looked up at her sister, her giggles becoming full blown laughter.

"A-A-Alice?" Sarah laughed.

"What sis?" Alice smiled.

"It may be the drinking we did all afternoon and tonight speaking but your ears are really funnyyyy."

Alice's smile disappeared immediately as she felt her hands up to her ears.

"I didn't realise you always had pointy ears sis!" Sarah continued laughing.

"It's time." Alice said to her sister. "Right, come on. Get up and get into my room please".

"What's wrong sis?" Sarah asked her laughter starting to fade. "I was only joking…"

"Please Sarah…stand up and I'll help you over to my room." Alice said in an authoritative tone.

Sarah started to get up before Alice quickly took her hand under Sarah's arm and started to pull her into her room.

Alice placed her sister down onto her bed before turning and locking the door. Sarah looked confused and repeated her earlier question.

"What's wrong sis?"

Alice turned to face her sister and took in a deep breath.

"Sarah, you know the way I said I proposed that you come and visit her to experience student life and getting drunk etc?"

Sarah nodded.

"Well it wasn't just all my idea, it was Mum and Dads idea too."

Sarah started to laugh again.

"Wow…" she slurred. "You had me worried for a second there, I thought it was something serious, how you came in and locked the door there".

She looked at Alice. She wasn't smiling.

Alice took in another deep breath. "Sis, why you came here wasn't just for your birthday but to learn a lesson and to learn something about life on this planet that you would never have thought to be real unless you experienced it".

Sarah's face returned to confusion.

"What are you talking about sis? Learn a lesson?! It was just my birthday?"

Alice looked up and into her sisters eyes.

"There is no easy way for me to tell you this sis so I'm just going to come out and say it. Tonight, I'm going to turn into a donkey."

Sarah was about to crack a smile again, as if she had been told another joke. She looked up at Alice's face which still had a serious expression.

"You have got to be kidding me sis. What the fuck is this? " Sarah started to get angry. "This isn't a funny joke. Just unlock the door and we can go out and get a few more drinks."

Sarah tried to get up but Alice gently pushed her back down onto the bed.

There was silence then Alice continued on.

"I know you will find this hard to believe sis. I know how difficult it is to come to terms with this. I found it difficult too. I was going to tell you later but you have saw my ears already. I am already starting to change. You were going to find out tonight anyway. Mum and Dad asked me to do this because we are so close and because it's a very personal thing to go through. They know that you will find out tonight and they wanted me to show you."

Alice paused for a second and Sarah whispered.

"Stop…you are scaring me now sis".

"I'm sorry Sarah but you are legally an adult. It is time you found out about this. That actions have consequences. This is one of the worlds best kept secrets. Well known to all except children. It would be too terrifying for them to see and know about. It requires maturity to come to terms with it. Hell it is even a legal requirement that it is kept secret to those underage. It's always been hinted at though, acting like a jackass as seen in Pinocchio's Pleasure Island. Of course nowadays we don't get sent to the mines!"

The room plunged into silence again, only to be broken by Sarah.

"Y-y-you said that I've never think it to be real unless I experienced it, do you mean…?" Sarah trailed off.

"Yes sis. You are going to turn into a donkey too." Alice replied softly. "This is why Mum, Dad and me all organised this. I'm going to be with you every step of the way and although it may be scary, I will show you how you can live with it, maybe even enjoy it."

Alice looked at Sarah. Her face was totally white and she looked like she was going to begin to cry. Alice continued on.

"Let me explain how this works. This only happens when you consume alcohol into drunkenness or smoke a lot, though smoking works differently. These things are regarded as being 'bad'. You are being a bad girl in other words. It's not known as to why this happens, but it does. It doesn't effect your quality of life or anything. It can just be a bit embarrassing. You also don't have to change fully into a donkey. It's difficult to explain. By the state you are in, you will probably go all the way into a donkey tonight. I'm still kind of drunk but not as much as you. Normally in this state I wouldn't go all the way but I'm going to encourage it along slightly to show you."

Alice looked again at Sarah, taking in her horrified face.

"There's a reason why clubs and pubs open so late, so children aren't awake to see people transforming. Tonight, did you see that girl who was so drunk that she couldn't stand? That's them beginning to change sis. That's the highest stage of drunkenness. They immediately fall onto four legs. It happens differently to different people but since they were wearing clothes it's not easy to see their other changes. Usually at that stage they get thrown out and really it's frowned upon to be seen in such a condition. Usually the person doesn't care. You had looked away by that stage but…"

"Sis.." Sarah interrupted Alice, pointing at her with wide eyes."

"Your ears…"

Alice stopped her story and felt her hands up to her ears. Earlier they had been only slightly pointy but now had pushed up a few inches in length."

"You see sis? My ears have grown longer. That's the alcohol effecting my body which is causing me to change. The drunker you are, the faster you change. You never know how much you are going to change the first time" Alice said as fur started to grow on her ears. "It's different for everyone like I said earlier but I know that my donkey ears are nearly grown. They have to grow up a few more inches and then they will be fully developed…"

"But sis…" Sarah interrupted. "I'm drunker than you, why am I not changing yet?"

"Good question sis" Alice cracked a smile. "The answer is we don't know. For the first time it just takes a lot longer than someone who has been drunk before. I can't really say more than that….you will be fine in the morning sis. You won't be a donkey forever. When you sober up in the morning you will turn back into your normal self. There are usually no permanent side effects though you just can't tell."

"I still don't want it to happen Alice. I don't want my body to turn into a hairy animal." Sarah cried out, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Alice walked over to hug her sister. Sarah watched Alice's ears push up an inch to completion.
"You just have to come to accept it sis" Alice said, hugging her. "You don't have to get drunk ever again after this. You just have to know about this. Many people don't do it ever again. I do but only because I enjoy going out with friends. You will be okay sis, I will be here!"
Alice released Sarah from her embrace and continued her story.

"Back to that girl though…yeah so you looked away but if you were looking just a second more you'd have seen her tail tear out through her underwear. She was quickly pulled out by security though."

"Wow, do people really get that bad?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah they do" Alice said, "even I have been that bad."

"You?! Really!? I don't believe it sis!" Sarah exclaimed.

"It's true Sarah. Sometimes I'm not even out of the club before it starts. One of the worst times was when I was wearing that short skirt that Mum and Dad had a fit about? Remember that?"

Sarah nodded.

"Well I got really drunk taking shots all night. I knew the consequences of getting so drunk but I didn't care. I was on the dance floor and it started. A bump started to develop inside my underwear. My skirt was so short that everyone could see. My tail was starting to come right out, by the time I realised I was walking around with a huge bump at the back. Then I knew that I had to get out of there. I just left my friends and got out to flag a taxi. When it arrived I literally had to crawl in. I got the back door open and my hands were on the back seat. I was hunched over, my ass sticking out and that's when it happened. The whole world could see. I could feel it growing out, getting longer and hairier. The bump just forced out through my underwear. My tail was free! Everyone could see it."

"Oh wow, that's horrible, you skank!" Sarah teased.

Alice nodded. "Well it was the last time I wore that. What was even worse was the fact that not only did my tail come out but the rest of my underwear tore off as well. My bare ass was sticking out and I had a tail. They could even see my pussy between my legs. Luckily it hadn't started to change yet. Very embarrassing sis!"

Alice's last sentences startled Sarah.

"You mean…your pussy changes?" Sarah asked with disgust.

"Yeah sis" Alice replied. "Every part of you changes. Your breasts will change as well."

"What about boys? Do they change too? Sarah asked.

"Yeah they do. Drunken sex can be pretty crazy. You've heard the phrase 'donkey dick' or 'hung like a horse'? Well that becomes a reality. I've had drunken sex a few times. You are both changing while going at it. The guys dick literally just grows inside you. What could start at 6 inches could become at least twice that. It's very pleasurable though. Pleasure causes the changes to happen faster. In my experience, both me and the guy have started out human and neither of us have cum before we fully changed. I'd recommend your first time without drunkenness" Alice joked.

Sarah screwed her face up.

"But I mean it's a totally different experience. I like to start reverse cowgirl and usually with a minute of that my tail has grew out. Then because of us changing onto four legs we usually end up going like that. Reverse cowgirl isn't too easy when your legs are becoming hind legs."

"My face is screwed up for a reason sis!" Sarah scowled. "I don't want to be hearing all these intimate details."

Alice blushed. "Sorry sis, I thought I'd explain all. Though some details I guess you need to find out for yourself, if at all!"

Alice looked at the clock on her bedroom wall. "Right sis this is enough story time. Unfortunately you're going to have to see me naked now!"

"Well it's not like I haven't seen you naked before" Sarah rolled her eyes.

"True" replied Alice "but also unfortunately I said earlier that I'm not drunk enough to go all the way, so I need to encourage it. Remember how I said that works?"

Sarah screwed up her face. "Pleasure…"

"Sorry sis, it's the only way and I don't want my clothes to rip off. You'd be better getting your own clothes off too." Alice sighed.

Alice turned to look into the full length mirror on her bedroom wall. She pulled off her shirt and unbuttoned her shorts, letting them drop to the ground.

Standing in just her bra and underwear Sarah could see how Alice had been changing without her even knowing. Patches of brown fur had been forming all over chest, the same colour as on her ears. Sarah stared intently at Alice as she unclipped her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Thick fur had began to form between Alice's ample breasts. Alice then placed her hands on her hips and thrust her underwear down. Alice looked at herself in the mirror. Sarah could see hair had started to cover Alice's privates from her reflection.

Sarah had seen her sister naked loads of times before but this was different.

"As you can see sis." Alice breathed in. "I'm starting to become hairier."

Alice continued talking and started to trace her hands over her body, but Sarah was no longer listening. Her eyes were focused on Alice's ass. Her ass was renowned for being small, tight and round and she was particularly jealous of it. This however was becoming far from the truth as the roundness started to disappear and her cheeks started to increase in size and stick out.
"Oh" squealed Alice in surprise as she moved a hand back to rub over her enlarged ass. She turned her head to look at Sarah.

"Did you just see that happen?"

Sarah nodded, her eyes still on her sisters ass.

"Yeah I'm definitely starting to change now sis. However like I said before. I'm not going to change all the way! I'm going to need to encourage it along."

Alice turned back towards the mirror and bent her knees slightly.

"Why are you standing like that sis?" Sarah asked.

"I've changed so many times Sarah I've lost count. However you can still never know what happens next no matter how many times you transform. I'm preparing myself in case my legs start to change. It will allow me to ease onto four legs a lot easier. Now I know this may not be the most pleasant thing to see your sister do, but watch closely."

Alice's right hand went down between her legs and started to brush against her labia while her left hand went up to fondle her breasts. Her fingers began to slightly stroke her swelling lips and she began to bend her knees further.

"Mmmmm, it feels good" Alice moaned.

Sarah knew she should definitely not be watching this. It was wrong and immoral. She didn't want to see her sister pleasuring herself, never mind becoming a donkey!

"Watch me" Alice moaned.

Sarah looked at Alice's reflection in the mirror. Alice was gently tweaking her nipple on her left breast. Slowly Alice's nipple started to elongate making her let out a soft "oh". Her hand was shaking slightly as it elongated. Sarah looked down to Alice's other hand. It was now alternating between roughly rubbing against her labia and slipping inside herself. Her sex was starting to reshape as she continued to pleasure herself. Her labia was starting to stretch and her emerging clitoris was starting to increase in size.

"Oh god yes" Alice moaned even louder.

Sarah's eyes went back up to her breasts to see that Alice's right nipple had elongated as well. Both of her nipples were about two inches long and the gentle stroking had became pulling and twisting.

Sarah became refocused on Alice as she started to convulse, her whole body started to shake wildly.

"OH FUCK" Alice exclaimed, her fingers still rubbing against her sex.

Alice's bent knees gave up and she dropped down onto her knees.

"OH FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" Alice half moaned, half screamed.

Sarah looked at Alice in fear and watched as hair started to flow down Alice's back down towards her donkey ass and thickened into a mane at the top.

"FUCKING LOOK AT ME SIS!" Alice cried out.

Alice's body dropped from an upright position onto her hands and knees. Where the fur met her ass a nub was quick to form. The nub lengthened out about 6 inches with a little tuft of hair forming on the end.


Hair was now starting to get dense on her body, now covering her arms and legs.

Alice suddenly became silent. She rested on her hands and knees with her head looking down at the ground.

The silence continued for a couple of minutes until Sarah piped up.

"Si-sis? Are you okay?"

She looked down at Alice. She was now more donkey than human. She looked to Alice's ears sticking out from the top of her head and down to her face. She couldn't make it out with the way Alice had it angled towards the ground.

Sarah attempted to stand up and move towards her sister.

She took one step before Alice let out a loud bray.


Alice flung her head up into the air. Her face had elongated outwards into a slight muzzle. Her face had distorted so much that Sarah didn't even recognise her face anymore.

Sarah fell back onto the bed in surprise. She covered her face with her hands, tears beginning to form.

"Oh my god Alice! Your face!"

Alice stared at Sarah with her now donkey eyes.
Sarah opened her mouth to speak again before Alice let out a sound.


Hearing this noise, Sarah started to properly cry.

"Sarahaww, don't crhawwwy. I'm fineeehaww."

"B-b-but sis I don't want to be a donkey. It looks horrible. I know you are my sister but you look like some sort of freak. I can't do this."

Sarah got up and tried to lunge for the door but Alice leapt forwards blocking her path.

"I knowaaaw, thawwt this looks baawwwwd, bawwt it will baww over beforaww you knaww it."

Sarah made her way back to the bed, dropping forward onto the duvet with her head in her hands and began to cry.


Sarah didn't look up. She remained curled up into a ball on her bed, weeping to herself.

"Sarawww?" Alice brayed again.

She continued to look at Sarah waiting for a reply. Suddenly a little bump appeared in the back of Sarah's trousers.

Sarah started to fidget slightly as she continued to cry. The bump started to grow bigger, now a few inches long.

Alice with her enhanced hearing could start to hear the fabric of her trousers start to rip.

Sarah was clearly beginning to realise something was up. She lifted her right hand from her face and moved it round to her ass. Feeling the bump, Sarah quickly jumped up.

"OH GOD NO" she cried out.

She repositioned herself onto her back, her ass up in the air with her legs bent back.

"GOD, ANYTHING BUT A TAIL!" she squealed.

Suddenly the bump tore out of her trousers and rapidly elongate. It was growing even longer than Alice's tail.

"FUCK, I'VE A TAIL" she squealed.
Her tail lengthened further and further until a little tuft of hair popped out on the end.

Sarah reached her hand down feeling the root of her tail where it had torn from her trousers, all the way along its length.

"Oh god no" Sarah began to cry again.

"Saraawww" Alice brayed.

Sarah looked up.

"I haawwve to finisawwh changawwwing"

Sarah continued to sob as Alice moved her hand back to her sex and began to massage it.

This time Alice's change was in almost silence, apart from a few grunts and brays.

Alice's tail lengthened out even further. Her thighs began to shorten rapidly and her knees rose up off the ground as she began to rest on her hind legs.

"Eeeeehawwww" Alice brayed. Her face in a slight grimace.

Her toes started to join together and harden into hooves. Just as her hind legs finished forming her back hunched rapidly locking her onto four legs. Alice's chest began to slowly barrel outwards, absorbing her breasts into her body and leaving her elongated nipples.

Finally her arms began to lengthen as she grew to the size of a full donkey and her face began to lengthen out, completing her.

"Sarawwwww, i love hawwwwwww, heeehawwww" she brayed as her face fully formed.

Sarah had been watching the final stages of Alice's transformation through teary eyes. She looked down from the bed upon the donkey who was once her sister.

The donkey looked at her and turned it's head slightly, braying at her.

Sarah sat up on the bed, carefully positioning herself so not to sit on her tail and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Alice?" she asked the donkey.

The donkey brayed in response.

Sarah sat motionless for a few minutes, just staring at the donkey, until it brayed again, followed by another and another.

Sarah stared at the donkey intently before starting to explore her body.

She stuck her hands up her shirt, feeling over her body. She had been developing fur without even realising. Hair was sticking out between her breasts. She then quickly plunged her hands down her trousers, feeling the hair that had developed between her legs.

Sarah quickly stood up. As soon as she was up straight, her knees bent suddenly without warning.

"Woaaaahawww" she called out before quickly covering her mouth.

"Fuck, I don't want this at all!" She whispered, covering her face.

Sarah tried to stand up straight again but her legs were locked in a bent position.

"Help me! Please! Help meeee!" She called out hoping someone would hear her.

The donkey brayed at her like it understood her cries.

Suddenly Sarah's shoes started to feel tight.

"Oh god, this better not be what I think it is!" She cried out.

Sarah closed her eyes and threw her head back so she couldn't see.

Her feet began to lengthen inside her shoes, pushing hard against the front.

Her shoes got tighter and tighter when suddenly both feet ripped out of the front of her shoes. Sarah began to stand on her tip toes as her feet lengthened. Finally her toes joined and became hooves.

Sarah stood with her eyes closed for a few minutes longer before opening them and looking down. She saw herself standing on her new hooves.

"Oh no" she whimpered. "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh…"

Without warning Sarah's knees bent even further.

Sarah was having problems standing up straight. She heard a ripping sound as her trousers started to tear.

She wobbled about for a few seconds before falling forward and landing on her hands.

Sarah groaned loudly, "ohh fuck."

She looked down at the ground and saw the fabric of her trousers lying on the ground. She turned her to the side to see herself side on in the mirror and gasped.

She was now standing on four legs. Her thighs had shortened when her trousers had torn off and her calves had lengthened creating hind legs. All that was left on her bottom half was her underwear with her tail which was clutching tightly to her ass.

While inspecting herself Sarah's ass suddenly to started to grow causing her underwear to rip slightly.

"Oh no, not my tight ass, not my hot ass!!!" She cried out.

Her ass grew slightly again, beginning to lose its definition.

With another spurt of growth her ass broke out through her underwear, leaving her bottom half totally bare.

"Nooooo!" Sarah cried out, breathing heavily.

She turned around on four legs to let her ass face the mirror.

"Look how BIG it is. Fuck."

Sarah inspected her ass in the mirror. Watching her tail wagging above it.

Her attention then came down to her sex which was tingling between her legs.

"Oh shit" Sarah moaned. Her sex was still human and was beginning to change. Her labia started to thicken, wetness beginning to form.

"Awwh yeah….wait WAIT what the fuck is wrong with me!? I don't want this?!" she squealed.

Simultaneously her nipples began to lengthen inside her bra.

"Oh fuck, I need these clothes off me!"

Her body seemed to acknowledge this and her back started to hunch causing her shirt to rip down the centre. Her bra stubbornly clutched on. With another hunch and cry from Sarah her bra gave way and her breasts started to hang down.

"Awwwh noooooooheehawwww" Sarah cried out.

She kicked her legs back like a donkey, her breasts wobbling uncontrollably. Her sex fully transformed and Sarah came slightly.

"NO, I DON'T WANT THIS PLEASURE!" She kicked her legs out, shattering the mirror on the wall.

Alice brayed at her loudly, almost in annoyance.

Sarah's breasts continued to wobble, her nipples elongating further.

"Fuck, my nipples!"

The pleasure of transforming started to cause Sarah to change faster.

Fur started to cover her body in a dense coat. Her arms started to lengthen and become front legs, making Sarah become a proper quadruped. Her chest started to barrel out, absorbing her wobbling breasts.

All that remained human was Sarah's head.

"I don't want to be a donkeyhawwww! Heeeehawwww!" she brayed.

Her ears shot up the side of her head and she threw her head back as her mouth started to press outwards.

"Hawwww. Heeehaww." she brayed as her muzzle lengthened out further.

Finally letting out a short burst of brays Sarah fully transformed into a donkey.

As she finished she moved her head back down to see her sister looking at her.

Alice brayed at her loudly in a friendly tone. Hearing this caused Sarah to respond back in a similar manner. The braying continued throughout the rest of the night until mid morning.

As the sun appeared out in the sky, both Alice and Sarah began to convulse and bray rapidly.

Both girl's tails shot out back into their asses and their fur coats started to drop off their body, leaving behind their normal body hair. Their ears started to shorten and their muzzles started to push back in returning their faces to normal.

The proportions of their limbs started to change. Their arms and calves started to shorten whilst their thighs lengthened. They dropped from four legs onto their hands and knees. Their asses and sexes started to shrink and retighten. Their backs started to lose their hunch and their breasts started to redeveloped and hang down from their chests with shortened nipples. Finally their hooves started to break apart and return to hands and feet.

The braying finally ceased returning their voices to normal. Both girls stood gasping on all fours.

Alice looked over to her naked sister.

"So was it REALLY that bad?" she asked.

Sarah looked over at her.

"Well you know, once you get it over with, it's okay actually!"

Alice laughed.

"So you won't cry next time then?" Alice jested.

Sarah screwed up her face.

"Next time, maybe I'll just try it with a guy!" She replied sticking her tongue.

Alice laughed again.

"Though let me just say right now, I have a splitting headache!" moaned Sarah placing her hand on her head.

"Well let's both of us get off all fours and get some breakfast then." Alice laughed.

Both girls got up, wrapped a sheet around themselves and went out into the common area for breakfast.

OAF 2012.

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