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Sticking Her Nose In [Pig TF]

Lacey Taylor was hard at work sketching, under her favourite tree, in a secluded spot of the park. She had immersed herself so fully in her craft that she hadn’t noticed the pair of eyes watching her from across the park or that the owner of those sparkling eyes had snuck up beside her to take a peek at her work. It was no surprise that Lacey burned with frustration when her concentration was rudely interrupted by the onlooker’s gratingly sweet voice.

“That looks pretty good,” the girl said. Lacey recognised the girl immediately as the towns’ resident comic artist. Her name was Cécilia and she would quite happily talk about and show off her sketches in the bars and cafes.

Cécilia had heard people say steer clear of Lacey Taylor but no one would ever say why. She felt sorry that people seemed to avoid Lacey for no apparent reason and wanted to reach out to her. Now that she knew that they had something in common, she had the perfect way to make friends… or so she thought.

Cécilia stood nervously looking over Lacey’s shoulder. She was waiting for a reply from Lacey but none came and so she stood there in awkward silence. Cécilia concluded that she would have to say a little more to start a conversation so she looked Lacey’s sketch over and said the first thing that came to mind.

“I think you need to work a little on the proportions though, those arms and legs look a little chunky.”

Chunky!? Lacey twitched from sheer annoyance but Cécilia continued with what she thought was a helpful critique. Lacey did not appreciate the unsolicited appraisal and quietly seethed as she listened. Not only was this girl breaking the flow of her art but now she was criticising her work as well. Lacey only grew more frustrated as she realised that Cécilia’s assessment was actually quite accurate.

“Here, let me show you one of my pieces so you know what I mean,” Cécilia placed her portfolio onto her lap and pulled out on of her most recent sketches. It was a simple self-portrait that she hadn’t bothered to ink but the resemblance was clear and she had added a splash of colour to it to bring out the green highlights in her shoulder length black hair. It was clear from that one picture that Cécilia was the more talented artist of the two, a fact that drove Lacey over the edge.

“You must think very highly of yourself, mustn’t you?” Lacey’s voice was clear and curt. Her accent was not quite the snobbish upper class ‘Queen’s English’ that was spoken by stereotypical movie scientists and villains but her pronunciation and tone were clear and sharp enough that she sounded smarter than the average person.

“Not really, I just…” Cécilia started to say. It was clear she had offended Lacey and she wanted to apologise but Lacey interrupted before she could speak another word.

“Do you think that means you can talk down to me?” Lacey snapped. Unseen by Cécilia, Lacey’s hand slipped into her spider-embroidered handbag, fingers searching for a small velvet pouch.

“No, I just thought you could use some help!” Cécilia said defensively. This was really not how she had expected things to go and she was deeply sorry that she had gotten off on the wrong foot with Lacey.

“Why? Because you think my art isn’t very good? You dare to judge my work? You don’t know what real art is!” Lacey took a pinch of dusty powder from the pouch blew it into Cécilia’s face, “but I’ll show you, you stuck up pig!”

“Wait! I was just trying to he-heh-heh,” Cécilia’s nose tickled from breathing in the powder. She had the uncontrollable urge to sneeze and simply could not finish her sentence. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head up and inhaled deeply through her nostrils two or three times before the tickling subsided. The need to sneeze disappeared for a few seconds only to come back stronger and this time her quiet sniffing as she breathed in turned more and more into unintentionally loud snorting each time she inhaled.

Lacey murmured her satisfaction as she watched Cécilia closely, she had already pictured what she wanted to happen the moment she blew the powder into Cécilia’s face but to actually watch it unfold in front of her was an experience like no other. It was something Lacey found so deeply satisfying that she dared not blink in case she missed even the most minor detail. “This won’t be the last time you turn your nose up someone else’s work, far from it. You won’t be able to help but turn your nose up!”

In that instant, Cécilia felt the tip of her nose tugged forward and upward. She was acutely aware of the weight of her nose ring moving as it lead her nose out further from her face as if it were being tugged by some invisible hand that was moulding her. She crossed her eyes and watched as her adorable button nose elongated until it was sticking several inches out from her face. On impulse, Cécilia stood up sharp and took a step back from Lacey. “No way!”

She sniffed and saw her big nostrils twitch in front of her. The rush of air into her nose produced a noisy snortle that made her blush. She could smell the pencil lead, the paper, even the different pigments coloring her artwork. The sudden assault of new smells dizzied her.

Lacey was chuckling at Cécilia’s cross-eyed expression of confusion. Her angelic face had been warped and although she was still obviously pretty she now sported a pig snout that took up most her face.

Cécilia managed to pull her eyes away from the point of her triangular nose and looked at Lacey with disgust, “What have you done to me?”

“Oh, it’s not done yet,” Lacey purred. She stood up to better witness her victims impending downfall and because she knew it would intimidate Cécilia all the more, especially with what was about to happen next.

Cécilia squeaked as she inexplicably lost her balance and fell backwards. It felt as if her legs had been swept off the floor when in reality they had shrunk in an instance into stumpy little trotter. There was a brief moment of panic as she tried to flail her arms to keep from falling only realize she had no arms at all, just another matching pair of chubby pink pig trotters. She landed with a soft thud on her now bare bottom. Her panties and skinny jeans had dropped to the ground the instant her legs shrunk.

The cute artist gasped as she looked at her warped body. It was like her midsection had been squashed becoming shorter but filling out other parts of her body. Her torso was smaller now and the cute chubbiness she previously had, had now bulged into a rather round pot belly that peaked out from her top. Beneath her now tubby tummy, she could see that even her pussy had puffed up. The little hillcrest between her hips and thighs had swollen and her lower pink lower lips were pleasantly squished between the soft hills of her labia majora. Lacey licked her lips at the girls delicious looking “camel toe” and, for a very brief moment, Lacey thought it was a shame to let such a perfectly puffy pussy devolve into dirty piggy parts but the girl was ripe for the porking.

As Lacey watched, Cécilia changed once more and this time her top was pushed right up past her belly to rest on her breasts. Her ruined bra fell away, landing in her lap. It had ripped at the seams in the instant her body was reshaped and, now she was practically nude. Her belly and cheeks weren’t the only things to get bigger this time. Her gorgeous breasts had blown up into a pair of melon sized jiggling fat titties.

Cécilia blushed, desperately wanting to hide the enormous things but finding her little arms inadequate for the job and with trotters instead of hands, she couldn’t even pull her top down. With one swift movement Lacey tore Cécilia’s top from her, leaving her as bare as the day she was born.

“No!” Cécilia whimpered, but it was much too late, the top was gone and her bountiful bust already bare. She looked around, hoping no one would see her naked and exposed in the park but also wishing someone would come to her rescue from the humiliating and horrifying situation that she could hardly believe she had found herself in.

“This can’t be real,” Cécilia shook her head but she could feel her breasts and belly wobble as she moved.

With a sinister smile, Lacey grabbed hold of Cécilia by the girls trotters that were only moments ago her hands and hoisted her up on to her other set which had formerly been her feet. Cécilia gasped though it came out sounding something between a squeak and a grunt. She now had to look up to face Lacey. Her stumpy limbs and short, plump body had left her barely taller than Lacey’s navel.

“My, my. You’re turning out wonderfully. You really are a work of art. Just look at you!” When Cécilia’s only reaction was to tremble in fear Lacey’s eyes narrowed darkly.

“Go on. Look.” Lacey commanded. Cecilia looked over her body that had been twisted into some odd mix of woman and pig. She was short but stacked, not to mention belle bottomed. Still, when she peeked at her rear she was shocked to see the little curly tail she now sported above her two very plumped up butt cheeks.

“This can’t be real. I’m a freak!” Cécilia shook her head but the evidence was there jiggly in front of her. Her inflated knockers bobbed and bounced on her chest as her pointed ears flipped and flopped at her sides. Even her spiral tail swung like a spring as she moved. All the while Lacey looked down on her with a smug smirk of self-satisfaction. It angered her but she felt powerless to do anything. What could she do when Lacey had the power to morph her body in such an incredible and unbelievable way? She was now so small and chubby and helpless. If she ran, she didn’t think she’d make it more than a few steps before she stumbled due to her added weight and new centre of gravity. She was utterly powerless and that scared her. So terrified was she, that she was beginning to feel a desperate need to pee and if she didn’t go soon she wouldn’t have much choice but to run for the nearest push to squat in or piss herself where she stood. What made things worse was that Lacey seemed to sense her desperation the moment her eyes flitted over to a nearby shrub.

“Don’t you dare move, pork buns. I’m not finished with you yet.” Lacey’s tone was sharp and threatening but it was not Lacey’s voice that frightened Cécilia most, it was the predatory look in Lacey’s eyes. The thought occurred to the helpless pig-girl that Lacey was already changing her into a pig, what more could she do? The answer that first sprang to mind was obvious and terrifying.

Lacey walked around her slowly, eying her like a piece of meat. Without warning Lacey swiftly dropped down and bit one of Cécilia’s round pink buns. Cécilia let out a shrill squeak and squeezed her thick thighs together tightly, muscles clenched in an effort not to pee.

Lacey was chuckling to herself and wiping a tear from her eye, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Your bum just looked so round and scrumptious. I would say you were bitesize but you’re far too big with that booty.”

Is she really going to eat me or is she toying with me… or Cécilia gulped. Her bottom stung but Lacey’s teeth hadn’t broken the skin or caused anything other than a painful bruise in the shape of a bite. is she playing with her food?

“Please, I have to pee.” with her fear and desperation addled mind, Cécilia asked permission to go to the bathroom like a child. She certainly was looking at Lacey from a child’s perspective and it somehow felt fitting. There was still so much she did not know about the world, the existence of magic for one thing, and Lacey was like a teacher showing her how ignorant she had been. There was little good that knowledge would do now, though.

Lacey laughed aloud, earnest and heartily. She had to hold her sides because she was chuckling so much. She had to wipe a tear from her eye and whispered “how pathetic” to herself before responding to the humbled half-hog girl who hopped from one foot to the other, her desperation so great she couldn’t remain still any longer.

“You can go anytime and anywhere, Pork Buns. You aren’t bound by human rules anymore. You see, you really do look delightful like this but I can’t keep you this way, as fun as it would be,” Lacey bent over to pat Cécilia on the head condescendingly, “It would be far too much trouble if Miss Piggy squealed on me. No. You’ve got to go ‘the whole hog’!”

Before Cécilia could react Lacey was pouring a potion she had hidden in her palm over the poor pig girls head. The effects were instantaneous. Cécilia’s raven black hair started to melt together with its green highlights into a muddy ooze that dripped down her shoulders and back. The further her former hair trickled down her body, the more she changed.

“Noo!” Cécilia half shrieked, half squealed as she saw her enormous boobs each divide into two, splitting like cells, until she sported a second pair beneath her first. From the second set of pert pink sweater puppies she sprouted a third and then a fourth. Each new pair she grew was a little smaller and bestial than the last and soon, Cécilia had five pairs of jiggling pig tits all the way down to her thighs. She panicked as she tried to remain steady on her shrunken legs, the added weight on her chest and abdomen was pulling her forward and she came to the sickening realisation that soon she wouldn’t be able to stand at all.

The very moment Cécilia felt the first drop of the cursed potion on her scalp she had forgotten her desperation and her dignity and began to piss all down her inner thighs, ankles and all over her little trotters. By the time that the wet muck, that had been her sexy black hair dripped off of her bubble behind and into the puddle beneath her, the bizarre feeling of being twisted and contorted had reached down to her genitals. She felt like she was being poked and prodded in her most private places as her pooter and puckered bottom shifted and reshaped into porcine equivalents. It was all happening so quickly now. She didn’t have long left at all until she was completely pig, at least on the outside. She had to beg Lacey for forgiveness now, whilst she could still speak like a human.

Her jaw reshaped to matcher her now flat and cylindrical nose, giving her a truly piggish snout, which grew out further and new teeth popped from her gums. She rolled her tongue over her teeth finding two large, protruding incisors at her bottom jaw. She was quickly becoming something bestial and primitive with bristles sprouting all over her body.

“PleeEEEase! PleeEEEEase change meEEEEE back!” she squealed, her throat and neck thickening by the second. “What am I supposed to do as a pEEEEEEg?!”

Lacey shrugged, “I don’t care as long as you learn your place.”

From her neck down to her hips, Cécilia’s body swelled until she became a fully barrel shaped pig. She fought to stay standing as long as she could as she grew in girth by the second until there was no trace of the girl she had been save for her intelligent eyes. Even her nose ring seemed like it belonged on the plump pig she had become. She oinked and squealed long after her human voice was forever lost and she fell onto the fore hooves that had been her hands. She finally lost the battle to stay standing against her new nature and dropped to all fours like any other common swine.


Cécilia stood in the park unsure what to do as she watched Lacey leave. The witch, or sorceress or whatever she was, had taken Cécilia’s portfolio with her as a memento warning her not to follow unless she wanted to end up on a serving plate, hog-tied, with an apple in her mouth. The thought, which would have once sounded like a kinky fantasy now sounded like a nightmare and had been enough to stop Cécilia in her tracks.

Now the pig was left naked and alone in a now unfamiliar looking park in an even more unfamiliar body with nothing but her thoughts and the smell of her own desperation. She looked and prayed for some way out, some escape or help handing but it was already looking hopeless.

There were other people in the park. Surely someone must have seen what she did to me! No one seemed to be paying attention to her at all.

Where do I go? What can I do? Looking around at the remains of her clothes she decided she could root through her discarded belongings for her phone. She lifted up one of the legs of her jeans in her snout and shook her head, trying to dislodge her phone from the skinny jeans but it was tightly secured in her pocket. Standing on the jeans with two hooves to keep them steady, she tried to chew through the pocket, careful not to bite down on the phone itself.

She couldn’t unlock it let alone dial a phone number, and if somehow she could, she wouldn’t be able to talk. I can text though. Probably. I have to try, at least!

She had almost managed to free her phone when she heard the amused voices.

“Mummy! Look there’s a pig!” A little girl stood pointing at Cécilia and giggling. “It’s got a curly tail above its bum, mummy!” The mother and daughter had a clear view of her rear end. If she had not been a pig, Cécilia would have blushed. She spun around to face them and hide her shamefully exposed privates.

The mother looked concerned that the seemingly feral pig might attack and grabbed her daughter by the hand and quickly led her away. Things were bad enough before but now Cécilia had to deal with the shame of being naked and laughed at by small children and actively avoided by wary adults. Cécilia the pig sighed in an almost human manner, at once relieved and disappointed that her first interaction with humans as a pig was over, when out of the corner of her eye she noticed a new threat. Cécilia froze. A girl was staring at her. Directly at her. Did she see what Lacey did? Is she going to help me? Cécilia dared to hope but her hopes were dashed when the girl lifted her cellphone to her ear.

“Hello? Hi, I need to report that there’s a runaway pig in Queen’s Park. Umm, It’s got a nose ring so maybe it escaped from a farm or something. It doesn’t seem frightened.” Cécilia’s eyes widened as she heard the girl speak.

No! Cécilia squealed. Can’t you see I’m trying to make a phone call! I’m not a pig! Don’t call the authorities!

Cécilia had to act fast and get her phone immediately. It was going to be the only way she could communicate with a human and now she had a time limit. How long will it be before some pet control or something show up? Damn it! I should have grabbed my stuff and hid. Fuck!


The phone idea was a bust. Her nose was too flat and wide to work the touchscreen and it didn’t even recognise her trotters. The idiot school girl had merely laughed as she watched the stupid pig fumble about with a phone attracted to the lights or something. She was tempted to go and bite the bitch for ratting on her but thought that would only make things worse. They put dogs down for less and she was now even lower on the food chain.

They could really cook and eat me, Cécilia shuddered at that chilling realisation. They won’t. I have a new plan. They’ll see I’m not really a pig and I’ll get help. It’ll be fine. She reassured herself as she shoved her nostrils in into the sticky, brown muck. It disgusted her, shoving her face in the mud, but she didn’t have a lot of options. When the men had come to capture her she had barely managed to escape the first time. There was no going back to check if any of her art supplies were left so she had to use what was available and what was available was mud and plenty of it. Mud was her medium and the wall by the skate park was her canvas. All she needed was to write “help” on the wall and she would be saved. Nothing ever goes according to plan though.

They caught her as she trotted back to the mud free skate park from the old mud filled footpath. There was never a convenient muddy puddle around when you need one and she had to travel back and forth between the two to complete each letter, leaving a dirty trail of footprints behind each time. They had been able to ambush her and catch her unawares. She squeal ed and tried to scramble free but she was a little pig and they were two fully grown human beings. It was hardly a fair fight and she ended up unceremoniously dumped inside a cage in the back of a van.

Do they have an animal pound? A petting zoo? A farm? Some sort of animal sanctuary? She could not help but contemplate where they were taking her.


The van had been parked for a short while when she heard the muffled voices outside. They were a little too far to make out the conversation but Cécilia could already tell she had been brought to a farm. She could smell the other animals and their waste though she couldn’t tell what they were or how many though she thought her big, floppy ears had picked up the braying of an ass and the bellow of a cow.

It was a short wait in the back of the van before the doors were flung open but it felt like an age to Cécilia. Each second of not knowing what awaited her, her anxiety grew stronger. Her heart raced when she was finally lead down a ramp by a leash and into a large barn. The dragged her into a waiting cage locked her in and left her. She was once again left with little to do but contemplate her fate.

There were several stalls in the barn occupied by the donkeys and cows she heard earlier and it appeared that she had piqued the curiosity of a few of them. One donkey looked down on her and brayed. Cécilia wrinkled her big nose. Even a dumb donkey was looking down on her with pity. She snorted

She heard the loud clack of a woman’s shoes on the floor. A pair of long, slender legs in slinky black tights strutted into view. Cécilia had to look up to see the pretty face sadistically grinning down at her.

“Why hello, Pork Buns! What a complete and utter surprise this isn’t.”

Lacey! What’s she doing here? the sows jaw dropped. Of all the scenarios she thought might happen once she reached her destination, this was not one of them. She didn’t think she would ever have the chance to Lacey again.

Is she… is she here to turn me back? Cécilia dared to hope that this was all just to teach her lesson and that she would soon be back to her usual sexy self.

“In case you haven’t guessed, I phoned straight after I left you and said a pig had escaped from this farm. I suspected it wouldn’t be long before they caught you but I at least thought you might make it a day or two. Most of the other little piggies at least try to make it in the big, bad world when I give them this chance but you must have given up straight away. I guess you’re more of an indoor sow, hmm?” Lacey’s smug.

I didn’t give up! Cécilia squealed, angrily but of course Lacey couldn’t understand and just laughed before patronisingly saying, “You’re a pig, darling. I have no idea what you’re trying to say nor do I care.”

Lacey took hold of the pigs’ leash and unlatched the cage, letting the door swing open. “Come, pig.”

Cécilia had no choice but to follow as Lacey led her by the leash into another part of the barn. She was immediately hit with a new smell. It was somehow completely new and familiar at the same time. Next she heard the noisy. Animals, grunts, snorts and…

Squeals! Wait, Lacey said something about ‘the other piggies’. Has she done this to others? Is that why everyone avoids her?

Lacey opened a gate, removed her collar and simply said, “In.”

Cécilia was shocked. There were dozens of pigs in there. She could tell their sex by the males musky smells and the rows of teats hanging beneath the females but these were clearly not normal pigs. Most had distinctly human features that distinguished them from other swine, features like tattoos and ear piercings. She could see from her new hog’s eye view that a few of the sows had nipple piercings and a certain sow, with rose thorns tattooed up her arm, even had her clit pierced. It reminded Cécilia of her own nose piercing that would forever distinguish her from the pig.

Oh shit! I must look exactly like them.

If all of the swine herd were once humans then it was proof that Lacey had been doing this for quite some time. If Lacey had been doing it for some time then she would probably continue and that meant Cecilia would be a pig got a long time to come. Perhaps even the rest of her life.

“Well, Pork Buns. This is your new home. I’m sure the other hogs will make you feel right at home.”


“Good morning, Pork Buns,” Lacey said happily as she strolled in happily pushing a wheelbarrow filled with slop.

Cécilia grunted her annoyance her thick nostrils vibrating wetly. She was getting used to the slop made from stale leftovers and bits of vegetables no human would eat but this was worse than the usual crap they were fed. She kept coming across flat and dry pieces that took forever to chew. She had quickly learnt not to look at what it was she was eating as she was better off not knowing but this time curiosity had gotten the better of her. Cécilia looked down and saw a slither of shredded paper. She snorted in confusion. Mixed in with the mushed vegetables and gravy like slop there was a face on a piece of scrap of paper. Cécilia knew those big wide eyes and mischievous lips. How could she not know them? She was the one who drew them! It was such a pleasant surprise at first, being reunited with one of her comic characters but then she realised what that meant. She turned to see the other pigs were beside her with their snouts in the trough.

My comics? No! They’re eating my work! Cécilia released a series of shrill and panicked squeals. They were eating her work. Lacey must have found it all in her portfolio and shredded it! Why would she do that? Cécilia didn’t know but pure jealousy had made Lacey decide to shred her comics.

All those hours she’d spent painstakingly perfecting each panel and now her comic was getting gobbled up by a bunch of fat pigs. The worst part was that she knew she had eaten some herself. She felt the coarse paper on her long porcine tongue and chewed it thoroughly with her snout before swallowing. She squealed again, demanding they stop, and nudged the fat angel wing tattooed sow next to her but the pig seemed to cluck its tongue as if tutting at her.

“Such an attention hog,” Cécilia watched with a lofty sneer on her face as Cécilia tried to get the other pigs to stop eating and listen to her. The pigs paid no attention to the hysterical sow. Blissfully unaware they were eating her pride and joy.

How can they not understand me? I’m sure they used to be people too!

“I suppose you’ve noticed the special ingredient in today’s slop?” Lacey laughed, “You thought your stuff was so great but soon it’ll be nothing more than pig shit! But look at you now. You couldn’t paint a fence, let alone a comic, pig.”

Lacey bent over the fence and held a hand to her mouth as if to whisper conspiratorially to Cécilia, “Want to know a secret? That wasn’t the only special ingredient. I added a little seasoning as well. You should all start feeling the effects any second now.”

Cécilia oinked, fearfully and wondered what else Lacey had done to torture her but the feeling was already taking hold. Her crotch felt warm. Hot even. And painfully empty.

You didn’t!? she oinked again but she could feel herself getting wet and even smell her own sex as the barn filled with intoxicating pig pheromones. She was so horny that she and the other sows were practically gushing. Mating seasoning, she thought to herself as she started to picture herself being fucked from behind.

It made Lacey excited to see the girl she had so recently turned into a sow, wiggly her rear for the attention of the other hogs. It had been a week and still the girl hadn’t presented herself to a boar. Lacey came to think that Cécilia fancied herself as a queen, too good for the lowly boars. Well, this will show her, her place.

As the little sow raised her bum and shook her buns, Lacey couldn’t wait to play with her own hungry pussy. It always drove her wild to see her victims transformed and to see them give in to their new instincts, especially when she was the one to give them a little push.

“One last thing before I go, and before you go hog wild. I made a little amendment to your self-portrait,” Lacey presented Cécilia’s self-portrait. The one she had been so happy with. The one with the splash of green in her black hair. The one that now sported a pig snout and ears, “What do you think? It’s very you.”

Cécilia was still staring at the portrait when she allowed the first boar to mount her, his twisting cock making her head spin as it drilled deep into needy pussy. She was blissfully rutting like a pig.


Cécilia the brood sow huffed. She’d woken up covered in muck and grime again after a pleasant dream in which she did not walk on all fours and talked in more than just squeals and oinks. It had been several months since her life changing encounter with Lacey but she still clung on to her humanity, especially in her dreams, and it caused her to roll about happily in the mud whilst she slept.

She felt so uncomfortable, so exposed, whenever Lacey or anyone came to visit. Years of wearing clothes couldn’t be washed away with a few days of being a naked pig with a layer of bristly hair and grime.

Even worse was the fact that she was certain she was a bigger pig now than she had been when she was first transformed. She had gained a significant amount of weight during her time as a pig simply from overeating and she had no one to blame but herself. It wasn’t that her appetite had increased. She wasn’t overcome with an unquenchable hunger. She just ate and ate because she was bored. The consequence was that she’d grown fatter and lazier by the day like the other pigs.

She had difficulty thinking of them as other people now but still she felt like they were equals. Does that mean I feel like less of a person? she wondered. She’d been fucked multiple times by the boars now and had delighted in it, much to her never ending shame. She wasn’t even certain which ones had taken her. It was difficult to turn her head back to look at which pig was mounting her and, at first, she had difficulty telling the pigs apart by sight. It was much easier once she learned to pick them apart by smell.

Lacey had already been in and delivered their morning slop. There were no surprises this time, thankfully, and Cécilia had gotten to work munching on it immediately like a real pig, slobbering and the feed noisily squelching in her mouth as she greedily devoured it without a care for how fat she was now getting. It was thirty minutes or more before she was full and lazily left the trough only to notice something was amiss. The gate to the pig pen had been left wide open.

Cécilia looked around but shockingly none of the other pigs and former humans paid it any attention at all. Why don’t you all leave? Now’s our chance. she oinked and quickly trotted out of the gate and into the other part of the barn where the donkey jenny she had seen previously greeted her with a lazy “heehaw”. Cécilia hadn’t noticed when she had previously been in there but the donkey had a splash of pink dye in her black mane, a sign that she was once a person too. Cécilia considered freeing her but the latch to the donkeys paddock was simply too high for a pig to reach. Instead, she resolved to come and free all the animals, no, people, if she managed to somehow restore herself.

At the open door to the barn, she hesitated. How would she do that? Who could she turn to? Who would even guess that a fattened sow was once a young woman? She doubted any of her friends would believe something so fantastical. It certainly hadn’t worked out well the first time she had a chance at freedom. What would happen if she was found this time and Lacey didn’t report a missing pig on the farm? Would she be caught by the authorities and shipped off to another farm. How long would she have before she would end up on a dinner plate? They eventually put stray dogs down, didn’t they? It must be the same for stray pigs.

What would I eat? Cécilia thought. She was so much fatter and hungrier now. She felt something funny. Like a nudge deep inside. It isn’t just because of how much I eat is it?

Lacey watched her newest brood sow willingly return to the sty. Cécilia had decided to remain on the farm. To remain a pig.

“I’m not surprised,” Lacey said to the curious jenny, “she makes a much better pig than a girl and is much more productive as a breeding sow than as an artist.”

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