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Straight transformation fetishes.
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Chimp-mercial (Bonobo Ape TF)

I sighed as I matted my brown hair, and set up a nearby camera. I couldn't believe I agreed to do this! There was movie due out in theaters in just a couple of weeks called "Animal Crackers" and I was asked to transform myself live on camera as a sort of viral marketing campaign. I was used to transformation, so I seemed like the perfect candidate to help market this film. I was clad in nothing but a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I could not have warn a more plainer outfit even if I tried!

I looked down at the yellow box of Animal Crackers, situated right next to my bare feet. I bent over and glared at the box, knowing that I had to do this advertisement if I wanted to get paid! I gulped as I tore open the yellow box and closed my eyes. I decided that I was going to go into this blind and choose a cracker at random, even if it meant ending up as a pig or hippo! I shuffled my hand around in the cardboard box, as I knocked the various crackers about. After a while, I finally swallowed my pride and grabbed one.

With my eyes still closed, I scooped the biscuit up and move it towards my lips. I opened my mouth wide and took several bites. Afterwards, I swallowed the bits of chewed cookie as I opened my eyes. I didn't feel different, at least not as first. I sat there quietly on my chair, waiting for something to happen. That's when I felt my skin start to chafe. I looked down at my flesh and founding it changing color. My white flesh became charcoal black in color as my skin became somewhat wrinkled.

My face became dotted with a ton of wrinkles as I felt my muzzle started to stretch out. My lips remained pink in color, but the area around my lips as well as my entire face turned charcoal black. My eyes started to water as their makeup changed completely, while at the same time transforming into a pair of emotionless animal eyes. My eyes became beady and black as my ability to see certain colors dimmed.

My face stretched out into a small muzzle as my nose melted into my face, leaving me with two large nostril ridges in place of them. I felt the muzzle with my hand, and took of its rather wrinkly and dry nature. It didn't take me long to figure out what I was becoming, this muzzle belonged to that of a chimpanzee! My transformation continued as my ears grew larger. They still retained their human shape, but took on a much larger size. My sense of hearing increased greatly as a result of this.

My feet were the next thing to change as I felt them starting to tingle. My toes twitched and pulsated as my toes started to expand. The soles of my feet flattened out and became more like palms as my toes became thin and long like fingers. Within moments, my feet had become a second pair of hands! I looked down at my feet as I twitched them about, forming them into fists in the process. The articulation of my new "feet" were bizarre to say the least. All four of my hands started to grow thicker and larger, becoming bulky ape-paws in the process. My arms grew longer as both bone and flesh alike stretched out. My new lanky arms dangled precariously from my sides, giving my form a rather primal looking appearance.

The transformation was about to get a lot worse though, as I found myself starting to shrink. My body grew smaller as I found thick black fur sprouting from every skin-pore. My form continued to shrink as my body became blanketed in thick and mangy black fur, which pressed against my baggy clothes. My clothes became baggier and baggier, until I had shrunken down to be 3 and a half feet tall. I removed the baggy and slightly ripped clothes from my hairy body. As I did so, I felt my back starting to ache, while my spine produced several cracking noises. My posture shifted as I found my body lowering itself onto all fours. I felt as though I could stand on two legs for a brief time, a four legged stance now felt natural for me.

I found myself producing grunting noises, though I could still speak English. I looked down at my new body, and was rather disappointed with what I had become. I was hoping for a lion or a tiger, or something cool like that! Instead, I was turned into a chimpanzee. Not even a cool chimpanzee, I was a Bonobo, a pygmy chimp! Most of my body was covered in thick and unkempt fur, which produced an awful smell. This stench wafted into my much larger nostrils, which nearly caused me to gag. My skin was charcoal black in color and fairly wrinkly, while a pair of large ears stuck out from the top of my head.

I scratched my hairless chair as I looked down at my tiny pink ape nipples. My new appearance was bizarre! I stood at barely four feet tall, which is saying a lot since I could barely stand at all! I was stuck in this stupid four legged stance. I lifted my long hairy arm in front of my face and stared at it. I then used to scratch my hairy butt as I looked up at the camera. I cleared my throat, while at the same time grunting like the ape I was. "Well, everyone, that was my transformation! Hope you enjoyed it and all go to see Animal Crackers when it comes into thea—" While talking, I accidentally attempted to stand up, forgetting that apes aren't the best at that. I stumbled backwards, smashing my body against the box of animal crackers.

I let out a panicked grunt as I stared as the mashed up crackers! The only way I could transform back is by eating a human-shaped cracker, but now they were all mashed to bits. Not only that, but the crackers were sent to me by the film studio themselves, and they said that the can't send out extra copies. I gulped as I came to the realization that I would be stuck as a Bonobo, possibly forever!

Then again, I could still talk and Animal Crackers was still looking for animal stunt-doubles for it's film… Yes, maybe I could try applying for a role in the film! Then I could ask for some human crackers as payment! Which reminds me, I still need to get the payment I did for this sponsored video… Oh well! Regaining humanity comes first, getting cash comes second.

I lifted my left arm and used my right arm to mindlessly scratch my armpit, all the while trying my best to fight my new ape instincts. My new primal mindset was the most annoying part of my new transformation. Having instincts was not part of the deal! After scratching my armpit, my right index finger uncontrolled darted towards my nostril which I promptly slapped away with my left hand. I was pretty annoyed at this point, I decided I need to contact the film studio right away!

I went to go get the phone, only to realize I wasn't in my room anymore… Suddenly, I was outside and in some sort of cage! Fake grass lined the bottom of the cage beneath my wrinkly feet. Several other Bonobos were mindless wandering around the cages. I sat there as I scratched my wrinkly chin with my ape palm, wondering where I was. As I did so, another Bonobo came up and sat behind me. She started to pick fleas off of my back and eat them, as if she was grooming me. All I could think about was how in the blazes I got here!

Nobody said that the animal cracks would teleport you as well as transform you! Then again, I didn't really read the box… So now, I was stuck as a Bonobo inside some random zoo cage with another Bonobo picking fleas off my back. I knew I should really feel bad about my situation, and lament over my lost humanity. All I could think about though was the fact that I no longer had any responsilibilites. No longer had to mow the lawn, work, all I could do was just sit in a cage, play, and contemplate the inner-workings of existence and life itself. In short, it was a simple life and was something that I was starting to enjoy.

That's when I realized something, maybe this was my payment for the promo. A life of being a hairy ape in a cage, no responsibility, and no problems. Just eating bugs and bananas, while interacting with other apes. In a way, it is a genius form of payment, providing the advertisers with a new life for the price of word of mouth. Plus, I still possessed my intellect and ability to speak. So, even though I felt that I was cheated, I believed that the reward made up for it. Then again, I was just a smelly chimp, so what do I know?

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