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Women to Anthro Sow and Cow & Baby to Calf.

National Defense

As she slowly regained consciousness, Stacey became more aware of her surroundings. She was being dragged down a long, white corridor. The fluorescent lights burned her eyes and the rough hands carrying her were practically pulling her arms out of their sockets. Try as she might, she couldn’t get her feet under her and eventually stopped trying as she was brought through a set of double doors.

She found herself in a large laboratory with a set of four windows along the opposite wall. Three had their lights off, the fourth and nearest had light inside but had its set of blinds closed, denying visual access. A tall, broad man with black hair and lab coat stood next to the window with his back to the doors. The two men sat Stacey in a chair facing the window. The cold metal of the steel chair made Stacey suddenly aware of her nakedness. She crossed her legs, folded her arms across her chest and leaned forward a little, in part to keep herself warm in the cold room.

As she sat there she looked about the room and tried to recall everything that had happened. The last thing she remembered was driving home from a party with her friend, Ruth. The two had been best friends since seventh grade. Both were attractive young ladies but Ruth was the homecoming Queen and track star, Stacey was the science whiz. The two of them were in their junior years at TCU. Ruth was there on a track scholarship and Stacey was studying pre-med. As Stacey surveyed the room, the tall man in front of her spoke, “You’re probably wondering where you are and why you’re here. The very existence of this facility is classified so I can’t tell you its location but I can tell you its purpose.”

The tall man turned to face her. He wore a pair of reading glasses that he took off and set on a nearby counter. He had a strong jaw line and dark piercing eyes. He was athletically built and was barely balding. After setting down his glasses he put his hands in his pockets and leaned forward a little bit, staring at Stacey.

After a second he finally spoke, “This facility was created in 1997 as a response to the growing threat of biological terrorism. The existence of this facility is known to only those who work here and a few men and women within the CIA, not even the president knows we’re here.”

He took a deep audible breath through his nose and when Stacey finally gave him her full attention he continued. “Five months ago we became aware of a small terrorist group in southern France that was developing a weapon that won’t kill a single human but can wipe out the entire human race.”

Stacey couldn’t understand what he was saying and she squinted at him to illustrate her lack of comprehension. He stood up straighter, cleared his throat and continued, “This terrorist group has created a serum with the ability to radically alter the physical state of a human being. That is to say that they can do anything from change the sex of someone to transforming them into another form of mammalian life.” Before Stacey could express her confusion he elaborated. “They can change a person into any mammal known to this earth, a dog, a lion, an elephant, a blue whale, a moose, anything.”

Stacey sat up straight, her arms falling to her sides, finally she asked “how?” and he went onto his explanation. “The serum they have created uses the human body against itself. The serum isn’t what actually carries out the transformation process; it simply provides the body with the instructions on how to do it. You see, the serum is designed to interact with the cells of the human brain. Once introduced into the body the cells of the serum make their way to the brain, once there they attach themselves to brain cells. After they’ve attached themselves they begin to alter the information being sent throughout the body, specifically the instructions for the immune system.”

He pulled a chair over and sat down facing Stacey, leaning towards her and gesturing with his large hands. “The various parts of the body that support the immune system quickly begin to turn out a new kind of antibody, we call it the X antibody, along with all of the other normal antibodies. It’s the X antibody that actually performs the transformation. Once the X antibodies are created their task is to go in search of any alien DNA.”

Stacey piped up, “What do you mean, alien DNA?”

“The transformation cannot be executed with the serum alone. The X antibodies the serum instructs the body to produce must link up with the cells of a mammal foreign to and different in sex and or species from the host body they are in. That foreign, mammalian DNA can be introduced into the body a number of different ways but the most basic is through ingestion.”

“So you’re saying that if I’m infected with this serum and then I eat a hamburger I’m gonna change in a cow?”

“That is exactly what I am saying. The X antibody links itself to a foreign cell, creating what we call a Y cell. Once a Y cell is created it links itself to the nearest human cell it can find and transforms it to match the DNA of the foreign cell. Once it has finished the transformation the new cell is released to link itself to another X antibody creating another Y cell. The new Y cell and the original Y cell then link to two more human cells and change them. Those transformed cells link up with more X antibodies and begin transforming other cells until every human cell in the body is changed into the foreign cell.”

Stacey was quite taken back. She was studying nursing and was well aware of how the human immune system and antibodies work. “That sounds pretty bad.”

The tall man stood up from his chair and again turned his back to Stacey. He let out another loud breath, clearly it was a topic of great import and passion to this strange man. “Obviously, if this terrorist group released the serum into a highly populated region they could transform millions of people into all sorts of animals in a matter of a few days if even that long.”

“What’s stopping them?” Stacey asked.

“So far the only way to introduce the serum into the human body is with an injection and that is not an effective way to infect millions of people with anything. Also, we believe they are trying to develop both an immunity to protect themselves and a cure to use as a bargaining tool once they do begin to infect people.”

Stacey remained puzzled; “I still fail to see what this has to do with me being here.”

The tall man turned around again, folding his arms across his chest. “As I said before this facility was created to find ways to counter any threat of biological terrorism. This case most definitely meets those qualifications and so the burden falls on us to find both a vaccine and a cure so that we can protect ourselves from this threat. A CIA operative within the terrorist group was able to obtain a sample of the serum for us and we have since replicated it for use in our experiments. Naturally our experiments must be tested and the only way to do it is with human test subjects. We can’t ask for volunteers because releasing this kind of information into the public could create chaos, so we have to resort to abducting our subjects. Like we did to you and your friend Ruth.”

Stacey was horrified. She stood up, “you mean you’re going to inject with that serum and hope that I don’t turn into something? Don’t I get any say in this?”

“No you don’t,” and he motioned to the other men to reseat the young woman. “Both of you were given our experimental vaccines while you were unconscious. We’d been following you two for some time, learning your routines and habits. When the two of you got lost coming home, the opportunity was just too good to pass up.”

Stacey was looking around the room for any possible escape as he went on, his back turned to her, preparing something. “You know it’s interesting, the process will work if an animal product is eaten after being infected or shortly before being infected. What is truly fascinating though is that if a certain animal product is consumed with habitual frequency, it’s as if the body becomes saturated.”

Stacey was on the verge of tears when she asked, “What are you saying?”

“It’s been nearly 24 hours since either of you have eaten anything, normally far too long for any foreign DNA to be left behind from your last meal. However, we noticed that both you and Ruth have very consistent diets, often eating the same things every day. Did you know Ruth has a ham sandwich before and after track practice every day?”

Stacey was almost motionless, “Whe…where’s Ruth?”

The tall man reached his hand over to the drawstring and drew up the blinds. Stacey ran to the window, plastering her face to the thick glass with her open hands pressed to the window on either side of her face. The sight that met her was both stunning and horrible. Unable to control herself, her legs buckled beneath her and she fell to the floor, her hands sliding down the glass, her eyes never leaving the spectacle within the small room.

The window stopped only a couple feet from the floor and Stacey sat there sobbing uncontrollably as she looked upon the disfigured form of her friend Ruth. The tall man stood next to Stacey looking into the room, hands in his pockets. “The vaccines we are trying to develop are supposed to change the way the brain interprets the instructions it gets from the serum. Hopefully resulting in either a harmless X antibody or no X antibody at all. The vaccine we gave Ruth has produced very encouraging results. Rather than the Y cell changing human cells to match the foreign ones, it appears to change both cells into some sort of hybrid of the two.”

Stacey was barely listening, all she could think about was her once ravishingly beautiful friend, crawling about on all fours. Her cute little nose had turned itself up to the air and her nostrils were flared. Her face had elongated just a bit and two little white tusks could be seen sticking out from her lower lip. Her brow had bulged and jutted out over her still green eyes. Two thin, pointy ears were protruding from under her full head of shoulder length, dirty-blonde hair.

Her forelimbs still vaguely resembled something human but they were much shorter and much meatier than the beautiful tan arms Ruth used to have. At their ends, Ruth’s fingers and hands had changed into small white hooves. As Ruth moved about, Stacey could hear the hard sound of the hooves upon the tile floor.

Ruth’s slight but shapely breasts hung limply from her chest like the ugly digs of a sow. Down her fat, swollen belly, more digs of equal size to Ruth’s original breasts had grown creating two rows along her torso. Her soft, tanned skin had turned a pale white and was visibly coarse and hairy.

Her once small butt and gentle hips were now thick and heavy with fat. Her pelvis had stretched and widened to undoubtedly accommodate an expected litter of young, significantly larger than was within the realms of the human body. And a small curly tail could be seen extending from the end of her spine.

The beautiful legs that had carried her to so many victories on the track and had received so much attention from the boys walking by her on a summer day were now heavy and stubby. Her shapely thighs had been transformed into disgusting, fat globs of hideous flesh. Her lovely feet and cute little toes had met the same fate as her hands.

In all she stood taller than was normal for a sow and her mid-section was longer, not as squat. Her neck was not the same slender one Ruth had before. It was longer and thicker but still distinctly human. Her face was still recognizable and her beautiful curly hair had remained unchanged. She wasn’t quite as obese as a sow but she was much flabbier, her skin not as taught as customary for pigs.

The tall man flipped a switch next to the glass and from a speaker above the window Stacey could hear Ruth grunting and squealing. Although guttural like the noises of a pig, these sounds were somehow more human, as if faint whispers of human words were intermingled with the ugly tones of a fat sow. The last vestiges of a human consciousness repressed within the crude, animal mind of the monstrosity that Ruth had been changed into.

Stacey remained on the floor crying, as the tall man began to speak again, “of course it would be irresponsible of us to test this vaccine on only one subject and declare it a victory for our cause. No, no, we must test this on several subjects to determine if the results witnessed in Ruth’s case were an anomaly or the norm. So, of course you were both treated with the same vaccine.”

Stacey stopped crying for a moment and looked up the broad back of the tall dark man. He made a gesture towards his assistants who pounced upon Stacey, placing her back in the chair and strapping her into it. She had not noticed earlier that the chair was bolted to the floor and any attempts she made to break free of the stiff leather straps were useless.

The tall man continued to talk to her as he prepared a syringe. “I said earlier that the serum must be injected into the body to be effective, however the exact truth is a bit more complicated than that. The serum is very susceptible to attack from the human immune system and if the injection is administered into the arm, per say, the white blood cells in the blood would destroy the entire dose before it ever reached the brain.”

He lifted up a large vial filled with a pink substance, plunging the needle into it and drawing out a large amount. “So, to give the serum a chance to reach the brain and take hold, the injection must be administered into one of the arteries of the neck.”

He said this while he placed the empty vial back on the counter and walked towards Stacey. At the word “neck” one of the assistants grabbed Stacey’s head with astounding force and wrenched it around to one side, exposing a large section of her neck. Try as she might Stacey couldn’t free herself from the brutish grip. As the tall man approached, syringe in hand, Stacey began to panic. She was hyperventilating and straining violently within her bindings.

But it was useless, the needle plunged deep into the sinew of her neck and the thick contents were slowly administered into her blood stream. She could feel the serum moving along the artery, inexorably towards the confines of her skull. When the serum reached her brain she could feel it begin to course throughout the fibers of her mind.

As the needle was retracted from her skin, Stacey was overcome with a headache of a kind she had never experienced before. As the tall man cleaned up his countertop, he continued to talk to Stacey. “I must admit I was rather amazed at your love for dairy products, especially whole milk. I would have thought that a young girl such as yourself would have chosen a less fattening beverage to drink with such frequency. Oh well, it certainly leaves no doubt as to the form your body will at least attempt to assume.”

As the pain subsided, Stacey took in two short, large breaths. A strange warm sensation was building in her chest and it was making it difficult to breathe. The tall man gestured to his assistants with two fingers and they unstrapped Stacey and led her through another door to a small hallway. They passed a door from which wild squealing could be heard and entered into the room next to it. Stacey was thrown on the cold hard floor and the door was slammed behind her.

A light flickered on to reveal Stacey in a prone position on the floor, breathing heavily. A voice crackled through a speaker mounted high on one of the walls, “don’t worry, it shouldn’t last long.” She looked up expecting to see the cold stare of the tall dark man glaring down upon her but found that from her side, it wasn’t a window but a mirror. The heat in her chest gone, Stacey propped herself up on one hand, using the other to wipe some of the moisture from her bright red cheeks.

She waited for something to happen but nothing did. She examined herself and found nothing altered. For a moment she thought maybe the vaccine had worked but soon discovered those notions to be misplaced. Just as she let out a little “hmph” she was doubled over by pain in her stomach. She let out a quick cry and clutching her abdomen fell back to the floor on her side.

Her breaths were coming quick and short as she tossed about on the floor. She could feel her organs rearranging themselves; her kidneys and liver, warping and twisting as they reshaped themselves and found a new place to reside, her intestines squirming into new shapes and finding new pathways. She could feel her stomach contorting and then divide to create a more bovine digestive system.

She put her hands back on the floor and slowly raised herself up to see what was happening. Her belly was a mass of convulsing flesh. Stacey watched her perfect, flat abs lose their definitions and then disappear beneath a swelling mass of bulging, bristling fat. Struggling to stand up, Stacey could feel how greatly her girth had already increased. Clutching her burgeoning belly, she finally got her feet under her, but groaned and staggered backwards, hitting the wall and sliding back down to the floor.

The space below her breasts had become tender and sore to the touch. She moved her hands away and saw the skin stretch and bulge. Atop the two growing domes of flesh appeared two small red welts. The welts grew and in their midst appeared two tiny bumps. As Stacey realized that she was producing a second set of breasts, an explosion of fatty tissue issued through her chest and all her breasts swelled to an incredible size. Her nipples began to protuberate and stretch away from her areolas, eventually extending to over half a foot in length.

Stacey’s breasts continued to swell but her attention was drawn away to another part of her body. She crawled towards the center of the room and looking in the mirror could see her buttocks and thighs grow thick and plump with heavy fat. She could sense her butt cheeks and her hips spreading apart in connection with the enlarging breadth of his pelvis. Which she realized was expanding to accommodate a larger womb. A larger but simpler womb designed for the needs of the animal world, not the human one.

As her pelvis rotated within her, she could feel the entry to that womb stretched and dragged low between her round, bulky thighs. Then lower to her fat, round buttocks so that the only access to her crude, basic vagina was only from behind.

At the base of her spin, Stacey could feel a sickening, writhing sensation under her skin as if some serpent was trying to tear its way out. The writhing grew into a bulge, then the bulge into a small fleshy tail. The tail continued to elongate, finally concluding in a tuft of dark hair.

Stacey again tried to stand but it was difficult and she was thrown towards the mirror. She landed against it with her hands and was horrified to see her fingers and hands growing thick and blunt. Her thumbs began to shrink back into her hands; her index and middle fingers fused together and she struggled in vain to keep her pinky and ring fingers apart. She looked down to the floor and saw her feet and toes fusing and growing as well.

She could feel her joints twisting and warping and as she took a step back from the mirror, her hips clicked into place with a loud “snap” and threw Stacey back to the floor. She found herself walking about on all fours after her shoulders popped into place as well.

She let out a scream, “Aaaahhhhhheeeeewwwww.” The sound of her cry deepening into a bovine lowing was too much. Despite the terror the sound infused her with, she cried out again even louder, but each wail became more and more cow-like, “Aahhheeeeeeeewwwwwwww, aaaeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.”

Dark tan patches of skin had formed and a light fuzz covered her body. The only thing that remained unaltered was her face and head, but naturally the transformation process quickly took root there too. Her nose widened and stretched outward, elongating her face. Her tongue grew thick and heavy, her teeth became large and blunt.

Stacey continued her high pitched lowing as bumps on the sides of her head became two small horns, peeking out from underneath her thick brown hair. Her brow bulged a little and her ears stretched out from her head. The vaccine had performed the same way it did for Ruth, neither human nor animal, the girls had been changed into a grotesque mutation of the two.

But Stacey’s ordeal was not yet over. She soon became aware of a new presence within her. A life force not her own but connected to her. She could feel it, blossoming deep within her belly, and she realized what was happening. She could feel her womb fill with some strange offspring and Stacey raced through her mind, trying to understand how this was happening. She soon remembered a meaningless quickie she’d had with a friend at the party. She’d thought nothing of it, an activity she had partaken in many times before. But now an aspect of the serum previously unknown was rearing its head and was quickly bringing about the consequences of Stacey’s actions less than a day in the past.

The tall man’s eyes widened as he watched Stacey’s distended belly swell and grow. Never before had the serum produced such results and this new development was fascinating. He knew he would have to do further tests to determine if this was a result of the serum or the vaccine they had created. But the possible breakthroughs could be astounding.

But Stacey didn’t care about breakthroughs. She could only think of the deformed child growing inside her. She wanted to cry, knowing that in nine months she could have given birth to a beautiful little baby, an event she had dreamed of. But because of the actions of the government laboratory Stacey’s child would be a mutant like her.

But in her swollen belly, already having reached full term size, she found a heightened sense of awareness. She could feel feet and hands and felt a surge of happiness at the realization that her child was human. But the joy was turned to horror as her child began to thrash about within her womb. She could feel her child transformed within her and continue to grow, expanding her fat stomach to an astounding size.

The pressure was remarkable but it soon reached a climax and then stopped. Her child calmed down and Stacey was left to absorb everything that had happened. But she was given more to absorb when she again began to transform.

The tall, dark man pressed his face to glass, watching Stacey’s face elongate even more. Her hair being drawn into her skull and the fuzz all over her body growing dark and thick. Her high pitched lows were deeper and again her belly began to writhe as her child continued its own transformation. He looked in on Ruth, but the half-pig remained unchanged. Stacey was alone in her condition, and clearly it was a product of her unborn child.

Stacey was trying in vain to fight this new wave of transformations. She could feel her breasts fusing together and sliding down her chest to her belly. Her body swelled with more fat and her horns grew bigger and longer. The hardest part was feeling her child pounding at the sides of her gravid belly as it was put through the same terrifying pain.

To Be Continued



National Defense part 2

������ Stacey's beautiful breasts had at first multiplied and swelled to an enormous size.� Now they had fused together and were sliding down her chest to her fat, parturient belly.� Heaving and rising as the

child inside thrashed about in throes of its own painful transformation.

�������������� When the process finally ended she was led out of the room, down the hall and up a corridor to the outside world.� Looking around she figured out the lab was housed beneath a farm.� A wise choice because all the transformed test subjects could be added to the herds of livestock without anyone noticing.

�������������� Stacey was led to a stall in a large barn where she quickly went into labor.� After caring for her young calf for a while.� She was introduced to a large bull.� The two of them mated but when their union produced nothing but another calf she quickly joined the ranks of the milk-producers.

It did not take long after her transformation for her bovine brain to suppress the last remnants of her human mind.� With the passing of each day she found the instincts and desires of a cow taking hold of her mind.

�The incessant urge to eat, to grow as thick and as meaty as she could.� To feel her teats stretching and swelling with fatty milk possessed her every thought.

She beat back the human within her not because it gave her false hope, but because it was fighting for a body no longer its own.� The animal instincts of her new body were crude but powerful and the shallow desires of her past could not compete.� The logic and reason of the human mind would not prevail over a mind that no longer had use for them.

And Stacey found herself welcoming the change.� It didn't take long for her memories to fade away.� Her brilliant intellect was destroyed and replaced with a stupid, animal mind and she enjoyed it.� The simple

life of a cow brought simple but exquisite pleasures.� Mating was what she enjoyed the most.� The human within her could no longer express disgust over the event, only absorb the truest of sensual pleasure that it provided.� She waited in anticipation for her times with the bulls of the farm.� If she was ever turned back into her human form, it would be an event she would hate it.� She now understood the life of a cow

and loved it with every inch of her being.

- - -

�������������� Ruth's experience proved to be quite different.� Her transformation had concluded itself in the half-human mutated form that Stacey had only taken a short break at.� She was given a few different injections over the next couple months with no results.� The scientists

then tried mating her with one of the lab assistants.� Shortly after their intercourse the brutish man was transformed like Ruth had been.� And her ensuing rapid pregnancy produced a similarly mutated child.

�������������� Ruth's mind had not yet lost its battle the way Stacey's had.� Although various porcine desires had infiltrated her thoughts, Ruth found much of her human-half intact.� With it she had been counting the days, weeks and eventually months but after almost

twelve weeks in the lab she had given up hope and her count had ceased.� She took to eating more of the pig slop they gave her, and was quietly pleased when she realized she was putting on some weight.� The thick fat was warm and soft and it felt good insulating her broad frame.

�������������� The pleased scientists gave her more and more to eat, watching her gain nearly 50 pounds within two weeks.

They tried moving her to a pigsty and Ruth took to it immediately.� She liked rolling in the cold mud.� It helped her relax and the dirt and grime made her feel less naked.� But the environmental changes did not

further or reverse the transformation.� Three months after abducting Ruth, they decided to introduce her to a large boar they kept on the farm for just such occasions.

�������������� Ruth's sty was inside the lab but a skylight illuminated the room quite well.� It was a Thursday, although she didn't know it, when a door to her sty suddenly slid open.� She rolled onto her legs and

sniffed the air with her flared nostrils.� When the thick, musky scent of an impassioned boar.

�������������� Ruth squealed with delight as the massive beast lumbered into her presence.� She could feel her body preparing for him.� Her dugs hardened and as he drew near she raised her hindquarters in the air, spreading her fat buttocks to display her swollen wet vagina, salivating before its favorite feast.

�������������� She turned around pointing her body's desperate entry towards her mate.� Ruth saw the grotesque creature as the most beautiful thing of this earth.� He climbed atop her rump, crushing her legs into the mud.� His bulk lying upon her back was massive but comforting.

Like the embrace of a lover.

�������������� He finally shifted into position and guided himself into her waiting body. �Ruth squealed in delight when she felt the flesh and sinew of his enormous round shaft enter through her vagina.� And she grunted low in approval as he pumped in and out of her.� She began to

rise and fall in unison with his motion, pulling him deeper into her, holding on to him as he pulled away.� When his seed, his juices sprayed into her vast womb, she wanted to cry to heavens with joy.� The porcine

squeal that emitted from her snout was even more beautiful than she imagined it could be.

�������������� When finally her lover withdrew himself from her, he walked back through the door of her sty, leaving Ruth to roll about in the ecstasy of the act the two had consummated.� But she stopped as within her grew a multiplying, dividing, living presence.� A woefully short but brilliantly full pregnancy was not alien to Ruth and she thought herself foolish not to realize earlier that her union with the great boar would produce another one.

�������������� She could feel her womb fill with fresh young.� When the walls of her belly had been reached, an explosion of writhing growth issued through her body.� Her dugs swelled with milk as her hide stretched under the pressure of the growing life force within her.

�������������� It quickly came to a halt, allowing Ruth to soak in the wonders of her new state.� The tips of her dugs on her fat belly dragging in the mud and spreading her hind legs far apart.� But she was stopped dead in her tracks when an old familiar sensation flowed through her.

�������������� A warmth deep inside her turned into a burning.� She groaned and fell onto her side when one of her legs faltered.� The leg faltered because it was shorter, Ruth looked down at the shortened, fattened limb.� As her other legs followed suit her body heaved with swelling growth.� Deep squeals issued from her coarse throat and fat rippled beneath her thick, hairy hide.

�������������� Her hair sucked back into her scalp and she could feel her skull, twisting, crushing her brain.� Her face stretched into a snout, her brow bulged above her small black eyes, and her ears climbed to top of her head.

�������������� Then from inside her belly, beneath her swollen dugs and glistening fat, Ruth could feel her young writhe within her womb.� The defenseless child twisted and contorted within her.� Ruth could feel its body bulge and warp until it finally split in two.� The two became

four, the four became eight and with a few final agonizing moments the eight became thirteen.

�������������� It wasn't long before the piglets fought their way from their mother's enormous body.� Ruth quickly took on the role of mother sow, her little ones gnawing on her dugs day in and day out.� After a series of tests, Ruth was added to sty with the other pigs and she spent her days growing fat, mating, and birthing large litters of young.

�������������� Her mind and spirit were eventually crushed the way Stacey's had been.� Even before the completion of her transformation, Ruth had come to welcome the simple joys of a sow's life.� Her orgasms lasted almost half an hour, and nothing felt better than a big round belly dragging in the cool, soothing mud.� So quickly she forgot about her dreams, her future.� Memories of family and friends faded from her mind and were

replaced with only that which effected the life of a big, fat pig.

The End

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