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General Female Pig Transformation Thread
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Wind whispered through the trees, breathing its soft song across the forest path. To the left of the path, a gurgling brook gurgled as it wound its way gently along. With such placid surroundings, it seemed almost disrespectful to feel anything less than peace and calm. And maybe cold, with the crispness of early autumn in the air.

Apparently, Misty was feeling very disrespectful today. And she was far too agitated to feel the cold.

The gym leader cleared her throat nervously and fingered the decorative pokéball collar around her neck. This was idiotic. Here she was, wandering through the woods in her best blouse and wearing a particularly risqué necklace, and for what? For what?

“So then Pikachu said—” Ash broke off his story and glanced back at Misty, temporarily nonplussed. “Oh well I guess you were there too, weren’t you.”

It wasn’t exactly a question, but Misty still felt the burning need to say something if only to distract herself from the awkward silence. Ash, I think I have a crush on you— is exactly what Misty didn’t say. The words sizzled in her throat, burning as she tried to shove them back into hiding where they belonged. After a moment she managed to force past the attempted escapees with a banal, “Yes, Ash. I was there.”

“Yeah, sorry. You should have stopped me,” Ash sighed. “Anyway. So you said the shiny golduck was somewhere around here?”

“What gold— uh, yes. The golduck.” The golduck that Misty had made up since a rare pokémon seemed like the only thing likely to get her incredibly dense friend out to somewhere isolated, so she could finally confess to him before that little minx Dawn made her move. “Uh maybe it was around here?”

“Well that would make sense. I mean at the library earlier the local legends say that this forest has some kind of magic about it. Something about certain pools being special? The library didn’t have as much information as I would have liked.” Ash sighed again, scrutinizing the bushes near the stream in case a shiny pokémon might be lurking nearby.

“L-library?” Misty nearly tripped over her own feet. The boy blunder had been in a library? “When was this?”

“Right before I met you at the trailhead, Misty. Weren’t you listening?” Now the trainer’s amber eyes were turned on Misty, brimming with concern. “You’ve seemed out of it this entire time. Are you okay?”

“You were an hour late to our dat— to our expedition because you were— for once in your life— reading dusty old books?!” If it was possible for Misty to kill someone with her mind…

Ash blinked, his brow furrowing as he tried to process his friend’s sputtered indignance. “You, uh, wanted to come with?”

The peaceful wind blew gusted through verdant forest leaves once again, but now the gentle hiss sounded like the sibilant warning of an arbok. Then came the explosion. “THERE IS NO GOLDUCK YOU MORON! I WANTED TO ASK YOU OUT!”

A wiser man might have kept his mouth shut, but the confused Ash was very much not one of those. “‘Out’? Out for what?”

With a scream of frustration Misty wheeled around and ran into the forest, crashing through the picturesque brush and gaining some not so picturesque cuts and scrapes on her hands. Hot, bitter tears blurred her vision as she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other— on getting as far away from that infuriating simpleton as she could.

In addition to concentrating on moving Misty’s feet, she perhaps should have been paying attention to what ground would be under her. This became abundantly clear when Misty burst out of a bush, put out her left foot into empty space— and into the waiting pond.

The beautifully clear waters of the pond rippled at the gym leader’s impromptu, flailing bellyflop. Misty floundered for a moment in shock, but quickly quieted down. She floated limply in the water, letting her hands drift languidly before her like strands of submerged pondweed. This was it. This was her life now.

First Misty had lied to get her crush out into the woods to confess to him. Then he had turned out to be the idiot she already knew he was yet had somehow forgotten. Magical forests? yeah, right. And now here she was, the glorious leader of the Cerulean Gym, facedown in a pond after screaming— justifiably— at the boy who was definitely not going to go out with her now if there had even been a chance in the first place.

Misty considered her options. She should probably swim back to shore. At first the water soaking her clothes and lapping against her half-submerged body had felt nice, like a soft bed with cool and inviting sheets. But now that the fires of rage and embarrassment were beginning to die down, it was a little cold. She could feel her skin begin to prickle into goosebumps and of course her nipples were beginning to harden in the chill. She groaned mentally. And of course she hadn’t worn a bra today so with a wet shirt— no, no time to think about that now or she’d give serious thought to drowning herself again. She raised her head and straightened, feeling for the bottom.

The moment Misty’s feet touched the soft mud of the pond bottom, she knew she’d made yet another mistake in the long list of failings for the day. The sticky substance grabbed hold of her waterlogged shoes, jerking them from her feet almost immediately. Misty’s eyes opened and she took in a breath to scream something uncomplimentary at the pond— and then she caught sight of her arms and the angry shout turned into something else entirely.

“WHY THE -QUACK- AM I BLUE?!” Limbs flailing once again, the astonished and very cerulean gym leader made record time to the edge of the pond. She hauled desperately to get out, but somehow her water-slicked hands slid across the rocky edge without gaining any purchase. With a desperate honk of surprise, Misty slid back into the water. Into her grave—

No! it wasn’t going to end like this! If Misty could just get out of the water, she might be able to get warmed up in time! Just because she’d already turned blue didn’t mean she was doomed to hypothermia just yet. The increasingly panicked blue girl gathered her muscles and tried again.

This time Misty slipped out of the water with ease and beached herself on the edge of the pond, gasping for breath. That had been… much easier. But why had she had so much trouble the… oh.

Staring at the webbing adorning her clawed blue fingers and toes, Misty hardly noticed as her body continued to change before her eyes. Her breasts and hips swelled, pressing against the clinging fabric of her clothing with nary a remark. The horns and wide bill turning her head into something inhuman? Hardly worth the new golduck’s attention.

Misty didn’t even react as a long, almost reptilian tail pushed over the top of her hip-hugging shorts and slid happily back into the water. She flexed her fingers again, watching the way the light filtered through the thin blue membrane between them.

The water lapped gently against Misty’s tail and against the rocks at the edge of the pond. The wind gusted gently through the trees, and should have chilled Misty to the bone. But in her new aquatic form she hardly felt it. It was almost as though the former human was merely a detached observer, staring down at her bizarrely twisted form in its curve-accenting wet clothing. Misty was finally… despite all that had happened… calm.

So of course at that moment Ash crashed through the bushes and out into the small clearing. “Misty! Misty! You’re— oh.”

Misty might not have felt the cold. But as what felt like every drop of blood in her body rushed to her billed blue face, the pokégirl knew for certain that she could definitely still feel heat.

Eh. Not my best. But I'm trying to break writers block so at least I did that if nothing else -_-

One again drawn by Avante92; paid for by me.
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Monkey Business
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Female race change thread. please someone has more?
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Yubaba's Farm

Yubaba's Farm spirited away pig transformation by locofuria
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Witchfiend Transformation art
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My art (Sutibaru)

I wanted to add my art here. you can find most of it on my furaffinity profile though

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Alien Queen transformation sequence
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Trading Everything

By Jason(I believe this is the correct author. If not I am sorry.)


Mary Anne

The bus ride to school had, as usual, been terrible. You’d think that after four years the shit heads of this world, and of bus route twenty-one, would get sick of tormenting me. Yes, I’m short. Yes, I’m fat. No, I can’t start forest fires with my glasses. Yes, I know that most freshmen have bigger boobs than I do. Anything else? Right, black went out with the 90s, and since I don’t dye my hair, no I don’t think another color would be better than black. You know you’ve hit the bottom when even freshmen will take a swipe at you without hesitation.

Three months to graduation and I could be free of this hell. Three more months. Then, if I was lucky, I could vanish into the obscurity of some mediocre job without further torment. Life sucks. It’s not fair and it sucks. In the grand scheme of things, having shitty looks and a tough life was supposed to balance out. I was supposed to have amazing geek powers and brains. But the only class I was passing was art, and if I heard one more crack about how I was a senior in sophomore English, I was going to scream.


The morning sun had barely climbed above the west hills as Jenny finished her last set of twenty-five sit-ups. The six-thirty alarm had buzzed perhaps twice before she’d clicked it off and launched into her morning routine. Two hundred sit-ups, alternated with pushups, light weights, and plenty of stretching. She threw a towel over her shoulder and left her personal gym for a shower.

Shampoo and soap spilled from her firm and generous breasts down her taunt stomach and shapely legs into the drain. Steam filled the opulent bathroom as Jenny washed the grime of her workout from her body.

Back in her room she pondered over an outfit for today. Nothing flashy, just a simple pleated skirt and a tight sweater. Jenny always felt that her body showed itself off, and found no reason to dress like a whore to prove that she had the goods. After all, few girls at her school had managed to fill DD cups while staying under 125 lbs.

Dressed, lightly made up, and ready for the day she headed for school. Fortunately the long ride in the back seat of her father’s Jag would give her time to prep for her calculus quiz. Not that she needed the prep time, but it never hurt.

Mary Anne

God I don’t know how I survived the first half of today. The quiz in algebra this morning will probably blow any chance I have of scraping together a D right out of the water. Psyche was worse, whose bright idea was it to require that bullshit anyway?

I picked up my lunch from the slop line and went looking for Eddy. Stoner he might be, but some people had it worse off in this world than I did and he was one of them. Besides, I don’t think Eddy ate anything if someone didn’t feed him and I could stand to go without lunch once or twice.

As usual, I found Eddy sitting in the corner of two buildings, trying to blend out of the world. “Here,” I said, passing over my tray. “It’s crap, as usual, but…” I left the rest unsaid.

“Hey, thanks.” I watched him pull off his fingerless gloves and start digging through his patched trench coat. I don’t know what he might have been looking for to spice up the slop, but I don’t think I really wanted to know either. “No, wait, don’t go,” he said as I turned away. “Look, you’ve been really nice to me, and I scored something this weekend…”

“Keep it Eddy. Life sucks, but I like it real.”

“No, it’s not… I mean, it’s different than that.” He seemed unsure of himself until he fished a coin out of his pocket. “Look, don’t ask where I got it, okay? But it’s good for a wish, and… I think, without you, I wouldn’t have made it this long. So take it okay?”

“Eddy…” Oh what the hell. “Thanks Eddy.” I took the coin and pocketed it before heading to the art room. Maybe I could loose myself for a while in the clay…


Lunch for Jenny could not have been more different than Mary Anne’s. Jenny and her court, as they were often called, had gathered in the senior lounge to enjoy a catered lunch. Today Jenny had picked Leonardo’s Italian for delivery, and, while school rules forbid such things, the administration looked the other way for Jenny and her court. After all, between Jenny, Michelle the Cheerleading captain, Sonya the ASB President, and Lisa the newspaper editor, you couldn’t find four more influential girls. The fact that Jenny’s father regularly donated thousands of dollars to the school, and Sonya’s mother sat on the school board didn’t hurt either.

“So Jenny,” Michelle said as she set aside her salad. “What are we doing for your birthday on Friday?”

“Well,” Jenny looked around the group. “I was thinking that we could go catch the opening of Johny Depp’s new movie. Then maybe head for Le’ Bistro for some truly sinful deserts.”

“You know,” Lisa said. “They’re having a one day only sale at Lois’ Imports. I was hoping to get over there for a chance at some of the Versache spring line. What do you say?”

“Please,” Jenny waived off the notion before any hope could build in the other girls. “If you’re going to buy Versache, never do it because it’s on sale. That’s so cheap as to be almost tacky.”

The other girls just nodded. As usual, Jenny would have exactly what she wanted… even if it meant the rest of them would have to miss the sale.

Mary Anne

Finally, this day is coming to an end. Walking home today is going to be a bitch, but if I don’t get that tutoring before the unit test on Friday, I’m doomed. Oh well, at least I don’t have art to take home today. That statue I’m working on is going to be great, but it’s already almost as big as I am. God only knows how I’m going to get it home.

Maybe Jenny could help me. I mean, she’s been my tutor for most of the year. She’s got all that money, and I just know her dad spoils her with whatever she wants… she probably thinks I’m a real looser, but… nothing ventured…


Jenny had breezed through the rest of the day. Classes never bothered her much, with her near perfect memory, all she had to do was pay attention and she caught everything. She couldn’t be less like today’s social welfare project.

Jenny had been tutoring Mary Anne for months. The girl was as thick as a brick and had to have things repeated several times before they stuck. Worse, she would often only remember half of a tutoring session, needing a review the very next session, or even more would be lost.

“Okay,” Jenny said as she set down her designer bag. “So today you had a math quiz right? How’d that go?”

Mary Anne just hung her disheveled head. “Terribly. I stared at it for twenty minutes before I found a question I thought I could answer. Then by the time I got to the end, I started to really doubt that first question, and…. It’s hopeless, I should drop out now.”

Jenny tried not to sigh and just agree with the pathetic excuse for a girl. Smiling faintly, she put a hand on Mary Anne’s. “It’s never hopeless, you just have to apply yourself. You’ve got Mr. Edwards for Algebra right?”

“Yeah. Shithead.”

Jenny sighed. This was going to be a long session. “Okay, it’s not that bad then,” she said, trying to sound cheerful. “Look, Mr. Edwards is really easy to prep for. Section quizzes are what, twenty questions? And Unit tests are fifty question tests that cover five sections right?”

“God, more math. Yeah, I think.”

“Okay, so here’s where Edwards is easy. He pulls ten questions from each of the section quizzes and puts them on the Unit test. So worst case, if you just memorize one hundred math problems, you can ace his test. And if you just memorize eighty you won’t fail.”

“You think I can memorize eighty math problems?”

“Sure you can,” Jenny said smiling. Yeah right, she thought, but it’s you best shot since you can’t think your way out of a paper bag. “Look, we’ll do twenty today, and twenty a day for the rest of the week. That will get us to eighty before your test on Friday.” Besides. It’s so much easier to get a person to memorize than to actually teach them to think. Maybe after I get her past this test I can ask to mentor someone else and fob her off on another tutor….

Mary Anne

For the first time today, I thought there might be hope. Why hadn’t I noticed that all the questions on Edwards’ tests came off his quizzes? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Okay, but at least I had saved the damn quizzes, and Jenny was showing me the right answers as we went through them. All I had to do was memorize the damn things. I still can’t believe she does that. She just glances at the problem and jots down the answer, complete with all the steps to get there. It’s so unfair.

But she really seems to want me to pass this time… maybe… we could actually be friends?

“Say, Jenny,” I said nervously.

“Huh, did you miss something on that last one? It’s really easy, right…”

“No, no that’s not it. It’s just that, well, Friday’s my birthday and,” I didn’t get any further before she interrupted.

“Really? That’s so cool. My birthday on is on Friday too! I’m getting a bunch of the girls together to see the new Johny Depp movie, then we’re going out for some break your diet desserts. It’s going to be such a blast.”

“Wow. I was just going to ask if maybe you’d like to go see that movie. Do you think that I could join you?” I couldn’t believe this. This was the friendliest she’d ever been with me. Maybe life could get better!

But instead she just got this sick kind of expression as she sat back in her chair. “Oh, I’m sorry Mary Anne. I mean, it’s neat that our birthdays are on the same day and all, but I hope you didn’t think, that I’d actually want to be seen with you, I mean socially, or anything. I’m getting together with Lisa, Sonya and Michelle. You know, it’s kind of a thing for the elite of the school, and you just wouldn’t fit in.”

I don’t know if she saw how devastated I looked at that moment, but the next thing I noticed, she had packed up her books and was saying, “hey, we’ll tackle another set tomorrow. I think I see my dad pulling up, at least, it looks like his Jag, so I have to go.”

I just watched her as she skipped off to her father’s car. It was so unfair. There she went in her designer skirt, with her long legs flashing and that gorgeous hair swaying. Climbing into her rich daddy’s expensive car. And she hadn’t even been working to do the math that was ruining me… or worked for anything else really. It wasn’t fair, just not fair!

Tears fell from my eyes and I could barely see as I left the study center. I walked quickly, upset and dreading the long walk ahead of me. I hadn’t even gone the first mile when I had to slow down. Even my boiling emotions couldn’t keep me moving at this pace for long. I bet Jenny could have run the whole way without complaint. But plain Mary Anne… I’d have to stomp my way along, feeling my stomach, thighs and almost everything else jiggle with every step. A woman is supposed to jiggle, but not like this. Life just sucks.

By the time I got home, dad had left for work, and mom wasn’t back yet. Dad drives taxi, and he says the money is better if he works late. I guess the bars would have plenty of people who are too drunk to get home and too wasted to care how much their cab bill is. I’ll be damned if it looked like the extra money was helping any. Mom still had to work her job as a waitress and dishwasher for us to make the rent on our two-bedroom apartment, and that was barely getting by.

And I bet Jenny is lounging pool side at the day spa or some shit like that. I wish I had what she had. The money, the looks, the brains. All of it. I wish that could be my life….

As I thought it my vision swam for a moment and I felt like someone had dropped a firework down my pants. I must have jumped half way to the ceiling. When I checked my pockets I didn’t find anything there… No holes blown in the fabric… and no wishing coin…


“Come on, harder, you can do it! Hit it!”

Sweat dripped from Jenny’s hair as she danced around the woman before of her. One-two, one-two, one-two-three! Her hands struck out at the padded mitts her instructor held with a powerful snap.

“Now you’re working. Stop playing around and hit it harder!”

Kicks flew next, long, extended kicks. Devastating at waist height and often higher, she threw herself into the workout. Kickboxing kept her in shape. With it’s powerful combination of upper and lower body work, both her spikes and bumps improved. Her personal trainer had suggested it when Jenny had been preparing for the all-state beach volleyball championships last year, and she’d stuck to it ever since. The large trophy for first place didn’t discourage her either.

Suddenly, Jenny’s vision clouded as the world seemed to… bend. “Are you okay Jenny? Maybe you should take a breather.”

“I think,” she said as she recovered herself. “I think maybe I should lay down.”

“Sounds good. If you’re sick, take tomorrow off. If not, I’ll see you again at 5:30 sharp!”

“Yes ma’am,” Jenny said.

Fatigue dragged at her as she entered her room. Without even removing her workout cloths, she flopped heavily on her bed and fell asleep.



Still aching from yesterday’s workout, Jenny batted at the clock above her bed, anything to shut the thing up. Finally getting her bleary eyes to focus she glared at the clock. Six forty-five. She must have hit the snooze bar a few times. Still, there would be time to get a little workout in before her shower.

Rolling out of bed she stripped her shirt off and assayed the pudge around her middle. Combined with the slight sag of her large D-cup breasts, and the extra padding around her hips, she had a great figure that was perhaps just a little too soft. And that’s what these workouts were all about.

One hundred sit ups and a few dozen leg lifts later Jenny stood in the shower allowing the hot water to soothe her muscles. Undoubtedly some personal guidance would help these workouts, but her father said that until he made senior partner at the firm there was just no paying for it. As a junior partner they could afford a certain amount of luxury, but only so much.

The scale in the bathroom said 135. At five foot six inches, that was probably a good five pounds over where she needed to be and a good ten to fifteen over where she wanted to be. More sit ups tonight… and maybe some jogging, she thought.

Pocketing her glasses, just in case she needed them today, Jenny headed for her dad’s Seabring and hoped the results of yesterday’s calc test weren’t too bad.

Mary Anne

I still couldn’t believe how quickly I’d crashed last night. And I slept clean through the night. Usually dad wakes me up when he comes home in the morning… no, wait, some thing's odd…

That’s when I started noticing things were different. I looked at the clock on my night stand and for once, I swear I could almost read it. My vision has been so bad that anything more than a foot away from me is a multi colored blur. But as I leaned towards the clock I found several things different.

My nightstand was really a nightstand, not the TV tray that I had used for the past three years. And my bed had a full frame…. And a much better mattress. I fumbled for my glasses and found another surprise. No coke bottle frames for me, but light weight and actually reasonably fashionable. I couldn’t believe it. Had I gotten my wish? Did I have the life of luxury that Jenny enjoyed?

Grabbing a robe I ran to the bathroom. It seemed that even if I was lost, my feet knew where they were going. Then I got my first look in the mirror and new that my wish hadn’t come true. At least, not all of it. I was still fat, still short, and still blind.

I was crying when I stepped into the shower. I shouldn’t have been. Life was obviously better. But it wasn’t what I had wanted. Not even close. But then my hands found their way to my breasts. Yesterday, I didn’t have breasts. Today, I did. They weren’t all that big, certainly nothing to compare with Jenny’s DDs! But they were there.

I hurried out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. Today, it even had help staying up! Back in my room I sacked my wardrobe for cloths. Bras, many and varied in print and style. Before I’d had just a few, enough to keep my shirts from rubbing me raw. But now I had something to support. 38B. All right, so I’m still big, but I’m getting bigger in the right spots for once in my life.

And my jeans, size 12 instead of size 16! My shirts were larges instead of extra larges. It was a small change, but it was better than I ever thought I’d be. I looked around for a shirt to show my new assets, and found something cute that both showed my budding bosom and fell loosely over my still pudgy stomach.

But none of what had changed with me could have prepared me for what was in my drive way. One stretch limo, parked and ready to go.

“Should I take it from that look in your eyes that you’d like a lift to school today princess?”

I turned around and there’s dad, but looking better than before. Not so tired and worn. And I’d never seen dad out of bed this early in the morning either. But there he was, black suit with white shirt and black tie, a funny hat and a clean shave.

“You know the company frowns on me using the car for personal business, but just today, I’ll make an exception. But you’ve got to ride up front with me, no lounging in the back, alright?”

“Sure dad,” I said, still a little stunned.

On the way to school, a much longer drive than it would have been now that we lived further out in the suburbs, dad was all talk. He went on and on about how excited he was that both he and my mother would be able to get the weekend off for my birthday this year. Wow. Wholesome family time. Don’t get me wrong, my parents had always loved me… but with mom’s job at the diner and dad’s taxi job having odd hours… there was just never time.

With a day starting like this, who knew what school would bring?


First period had brought home Jenny’s worst fears. Her calculus test had not gone well. Not that she’d failed or anything, but a B- was a short step away from the land of Cs and mediocrity. With her dad trying to make senior partner at the firm, it was important to be a success, to show excellence. After all, senior partners should have daughters who excel, and that meant As. Not B-s. Where she was going to find time to study for the next test was beyond her, especially with her own tutoring commitments. Sonya was good at math. Maybe she could get some help there later tonight.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of day left to get through….

Mary Anne

You know it’s kind of sad when you see D+ on a quiz and feel like cheering. But it was my D+ and it was way better than the F I had been expecting. Okay, so I had woken up this morning with a figure that I couldn’t have gotten from months of dieting and a dad with a spiffy new job, and life was good! Not that good, but it looks like I can get a running start on improvements.
I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Jenny sat at the usual lunch table with the same crowd as yesterday. Today Sonya had arranged for Chinese from Chin’s Explosion. The fiery Szechwan seemed suited to the day.

“So I was thinking,” Sonya said. “I know you wanted to make the Depp movie opening for your birthday, but that sale isn’t going to last long. So what do you say we splurge on spending and hit the sale. Then we can see if we can make a late showing downtown?”

“You know,” Jenny said. “It probably wouldn’t bee too bad of an idea. I don’t have nearly as much Versache in my wardrobe as I’d like to, and I’d rather get two outfits on sale than only get one at normal price. But we won’t have time for shopping, movie and deserts… and I really wanted to hit the deserts.”

“No worries Jenny, honey,” Michelle said. “Deserts will be there Saturday, but sales… when they’re gone, they’re gone. Besides, I thought you were cutting back on the indulgences?”

Jenny sighed. “You know, maybe the shopping will be good for me. If I buy one size down from where I am today, it’ll give me the extra incentive to slim down for prom.” Still, she sighed at the thought of missing Chef Marco’s famous deserts on this most special day.
Mary Anne

I went looking for Eddie at lunch, hoping to thank him for the coin. It might not have worked 100%, but life was better, that’s for sure. When I didn’t find him behind the band room, and he wasn’t outside the shop annex, I figured he must have been trying to not be found. I hope he’s okay and not getting into anything else dangerous.

Normally, I'd have given up without half that much effort, but I was amazed that after tromping all the way across campus, I still had enough energy, and enough time, to get back to the cafeteria for lunch.

At lunch I caught a glimpse of Jenny and her Court… only, it didn't look so much like it was 'Jenny's Court'. I mean, they were all still there, but Jenny seemed a lot more, subdued or something. Before, she'd always been the one to set the tone, but it looked like that was Sonya's job today… and no one else seemed to think it odd.


The rest of the day dragged for Jenny. For some reason, she found it hard to focus in any of her advanced or honors classes. It was like, nothing the teachers had to say really mattered enough to be worth hanging on to. Or, worse, when she sat up and tried to pay attention, reminded her self how important it was to be Daddy's successful little girl, she heard every word the teacher said. And none of it made sense. Could the day get any worse?


7:00 blinked in large glowing letters from Jenny's clock, timed with a piercing buzz that dragged her from her sleep and pleasant dreams by brute, nagging force. Fumbling for her glasses, she silenced the wailing beast as the world snapped into clear focus.

Posters cluttered the walls of her room, and clothing lay strewn in a heaping pile in one corner, but then, nothing in the pile was of sufficient quality to demand special care anyway. Belting her pink cotton robe across her spreading middle, Jenny leaped into her frenzied morning routine of trying to get ready for school in time to catch a ride with her best friend.

“Jenny, honey,” she heard her father call from downstairs. “I just got a call from the office, they want me to head upstate to meet with the public defender before tomorrow's
hearing. I'm making them keep their word and let me have Friday off for your birthday, but I'm going to be out late tonight so it's just you and mom for dinner. Think you can handle that sport?”

“Sure thing dad,” she called back, adjusting the straps of her 36C bra to give just a little more lift. For a moment, she wished that she had a bit more up top to really overflow the cups… that would get the guys drooling. But then, if she wanted to get the guys drooling, she'd need to get rid of the one thing that was overflowing… her belly.

“Bah,” she said to her reflection as she looked in the mirror. “If I tried to lose the weight, I'd just come out flat as a board and bottom heavy anyway. Besides, real women have curves, and any guy who doesn't understand that isn't worth it. Well,” she paused as she looked at the Twilight poster on her wall. “Maybe some guys would be worth it,” she laughed. “Like that would ever happen!”

“Honey,” her mom called from downstairs. “There's a bagel with cream cheese on the counter for you, and a few pieces of bacon, you'd better hurry, she's not going to be able to wait for you forever!”

“Coming mom!” Jenny called as she tugged on her favorite t-shirt, the one that said 'If you want a princess, keep looking' in bright pink letters across the chest, and jogged downstairs in the direction of food and the front door.

Mary Anne

It doesn't matter what changes about the rest of my life, I will never, ever, like the sound of an alarm clock. It was 7:00 in the morning and the only thing that was good about it was that I could read my clock without my glasses. The rest of the room was still blurry until I got the light lenses on, but I don't think I've ever woken up and been able to see like that. I could get used to this!

I still can't believe what's happening. Yesterday’s tutoring session with Jenny only made it more obvious what was going on. Especially when she pulled out a set of readers to help me go over my answers and she couldn't make out the small type of the book's answer key. What was really wild though, was listening to her complain about how she wouldn't be able to do everything she wanted to for her birthday. I guess when you're not queen of the court, being part of the in crowd just means your someone else's foot stool.

And you know, while I might not like the sound of an alarm clock in the morning, I'm not going to complain too much if I keep getting up to things like this. It's getting harder to remember the cheap, run down apartment I'd called home just a few days ago when my room looks even better than it did yesterday.

But it wasn't the room that got my attention so much as the view outside the window. Gone were the run down streets littered with broken down cars and even more broken down homes. Gone were the cheap chain link fences snarled by clinging vines no one had bothered to clear. Gone was the view of a poor girl's run down life.

In its place, out my bedroom window, framed by clean sparkling curtains, was a view of a street like you see in TV shows. Crisp green lawns, early morning sprinklers, and a jogger out for a morning run. The houses stood well back from the streets with well maintained shrubbery, and not a single home on the block with less than a three car garage.

“Mary Anne,” I heard mom's voice call from below. “You've got fifteen minutes to be at the table or I'm finding someone else to eat your breakfast! Get a move on girl!”

“Coming Mom,” I yelled back, hurrying in what I hoped was the direction of the bathroom. And I meant to hurry, I really did. But when I slipped out of my oversize sleeping shirt I couldn't help but stare at the girl reflected in the mirror.

I almost felt skinny. Not really, I still had a soft belly, but… I had a waist! And boobs… and hips…. For the first time in my life I understood the statement 'real women have curves.' My breasts had swelled up over night, no longer the hints they'd been yesterday, but now full and ripe, even if they did sit a little heavily on my chest, they were beautiful. And my skin… gone were the stretch marks of having put on too much weight in a single summer… and the acne that had plagued me had all but vanished. My face was still me, but fresher, slimmer, and more alive. Bounding into the shower with an energy I'd never felt before, I tried to remember what mom had said about not waiting for me for breakfast, and I tried to hurry.

I failed miserably. The soap, filling my nose with the scent of sweet lavender, provided too many opportunities to revel in my new body. Still, by 7:20 in the morning, I'd managed to don my first ever 36-C bra and shimmy into a pair of size 8 jeans (okay, they were a little snug, but they fit!) and I was on my way downstairs to the tantalizing smell of a ham and cheese omelet when I heard a voice chatting with mom that stopped me cold.


“No, really Mrs. Johnson,” Jenny said as Mary Anne's mom set a heaping plate of crisp bacon next to her. “Thanks for the omelet, it was really nice, but I don't need any more.”

“Bah, stop telling me that you're going to turn into a blimp if you look at something with fat in it and enjoy a little bacon. It's a lean cut anyway, besides, the omelet is just feta, tomato and spinach, so I think you can handle a slice or two of bacon. Ah, there you are Mary Anne. I told you if you didn't hurry I'd find someone else for your omelet. But, since I'm not the wicked witch of the west, there's another one for you too, just hurry up! Neither of you is to leave until you have a proper breakfast.”

“Sure mom,” Mary Anne said hesitantly as she slid into her chair across the table from Jenny.

“You know Mary,” Jenny said between bites of crisp bacon, “I don't know why your Mom is still working for that Chef Marco. With food like this, she could have her own restaurant and I'm sure she'd have people lined up around the block.”

“That my dear,” Mrs. Johnson said as she set a pair of brown bag lunches down on the table, “is because you have no idea how expensive it is to open a restaurant of your own. Besides, I still have a lot to learn from Chef Marco. And who knows, if things keep going the way they are for Mary Anne's dad at the dealership, maybe in a few years I will open my own.”

“And when you do,” Jenny said smiling, “I know who your first customers will be. Oh, and Mary,” Jenny said, digging quickly through her backpack. “You were right about that math problem last night. I think Mr. Edwards has it in for me, I swear, but I got to thinking, after our study session last night, that maybe you were right, and it really was co-tangent instead of tangent… and then things all started making a lot more sense. But then I took that idea back to problem number seven and….”

Mary Anne

I couldn't believe it. It was just… beyond belief. Here I was, sitting at the table with Jenny Addison, going over our math homework (pre-calculus even!) and eating a gourmet breakfast. And it was like… it was normal for her. It was kind of spooky. Some of the things Jenny was pointing out still seemed a bit rough to grasp, but the more I looked, the more it made sense… and once or twice, I even caught myself correcting her! By 7:40, we'd finished breakfast, and finished double checking each other's homework, and then it was time to rush off to school.

“Oh honey,” mom said fishing in her purse. “Here's ten for your gas tank. Your dad said not to worry about filling it up on your way home, just toss ten in and call it good, he figures that should get you through till Friday.”

“Right,” I said taking the ten and putting it in my own purse, amazed to find a set of keys there waiting for me. The keys, it turned out, belonged to a late 90's Chevy Celebrity, which kicked a little when I turned the key, then purred smoothly to life. From the bumper sticker… a bright pink thing in a bubble font that said 'Girlz Rule', I'm guessing that it's my own and not a family loaner. Given that the other car in the garage was my mom's brand new Accord, it certainly seemed the right car for a teenage girl to have as a first car. Or maybe it had been Mom's old one before the accord. Either way, I had my own car!


School for Jenny brought an almost mundane mix of joys and woes. Mr. Edwards handed back their homework packets from last week, telling the class that he'd provided the answers to the questions they'd missed so they could use the packets as study guides for the test on Friday. At first, the C+ bothered Jenny, but then she saw that Mary Anne had gotten exactly the same thing, and didn't feel so bad. It might mean another late night or two of studying if they wanted to pull some kind of B off of Friday's test, but late night study sessions were usually rewarded with some of Mrs. Johnson's home baked cookies, and that made it all the more worth while.

Then there was lunch. It was hard to not feel a little embarrassed at having her best friend's mom pack her lunch for her, but Mary Anne seemed so happy to be sharing lunch with her that by the end of lunch, she'd gotten over it. It didn't hurt that having Mrs. Johnson make a spare lunch for her meant that she could hand her own lunch to Eddie. The poor thing always looked half starved, and sometimes, Jenny wondered if the only things he ate were the leftovers that he got handed at school.

“Hey Eddie,” Mary said before the scrawny youth could dart away with his prize. “Jenny and I are planning on a movie to celebrate our birthdays this Friday, you wanna come?”

“Oh, no,” Eddie said twitching. “I… I…”

“Oh come on Eddie,” Jenny chimed in. “We promise, no chick flicks. And as a bonus, you get two of the school's hottest girls to have on your arms.”

“Oh, I don't know about 'hottest,'” Mary said, her eyes bouncing off the table currently occupied by Sonya and her crowd. “But definitely two of the most fun girls in school.”

“Besides,” Jenny added, not wanting to give Eddie room to wriggle out of it. “It wouldn't be a good birthday if we didn't have our friends there.”

“Well, then I guess I can come.”

“Great,” Mary said smiling. “So where do I pick you up?”

“Oh,” Eddie glanced about nervously. “I think, um, here would be good… or I can just go home with you guys.”

“Perfect,” Jenny said. And it was, every last bit of it.

Mary Anne

I didn't want the day to end. Everything felt so good, I felt so good. And there was Jenny, smiling right next to me all day long. I didn't realize it until we had an accident in art class, but we'd become almost exactly the same size, like two statues cast from the same mold.

When she'd been working on an oil painting, and spilled nearly half a bottle of deep cyan on her t-shirt, I hadn't hesitated to fetch her a spare from my locker. The tight yellow top that I'd handed her was actually a little lower cut than the baby pink one I was wearing, and I was stunned to see her reaction to it.

“I don't know,” she'd said. “Don't you think it's a bit… too showy for me?”

I couldn't believe it. Jenny, who only a few days ago had worn the shortest of skirts and the tightest of tops asking if it was too showy. But then I stepped back and looked her in the eyes, from the same five foot four as her, and said “No, it's not too showy. You have a great body, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. So show it more, you might just surprise yourself and catch more than a few admiring eyes!”

In the end, we'd come back to my house and spent most of the evening together. Jenny stayed through dinner, putting away not one, but two whole servings of my Mom's Lasagna. I missed my mom's cheerful presence at dinner, but I guess, if she's working at Le Bistro, that she'd be busy during the dinner hour. And the sight of my Dad, looking fit and healthy, coming home in a neat suit from a job at an upscale car dealership made up for mom's absence.

But I didn't want it to end. I was afraid of it ending. Monday, I'd wished to have what Jenny had. When I woke up Tuesday and I didn't have it all, I'd thought that the wish hadn't been able to give it all to me. But now I was scared. Today, it had given me more of it… and it had taken more from her. When I woke up tomorrow, would I still have a best friend? A best friend who was exactly my size and measure? Or would I be even better? Would she be even worse?

That night I cried myself to sleep, and wished with all my heart that I hadn't been such a greedy bitch on Monday. More than that, I wished Jenny could forgive me, even if she never knew what she'd lost.


Mary Anne
It was 6:45 in the morning when I hit the shower, stripping off my sports bra and releasing the D-Cup beauties I'd woken up with from their prison. I'd been half way through a two mile morning jog when I'd finished waking up enough to realize that I'd been right last night, and that life would continue to change for me. At the end of two miles, I'd done a complete circuit of the park near our sprawling home and finished just enough out of breath to be grateful for the end of the run, but far from exhausted.

Instead, as water poured down my slim and supple shape, I felt energized. Ready to face the day. The pool out back that I'd passed looked cool and inviting, and maybe this afternoon I'd try out one of the daring swim suits I'd seen in my closet, but first, it was time to get ready for school.

Checking my appearance in the mirror, I made sure that everything was as perfect as I could make it, from makeup to the carefully selected shirt that emphasized my now stunning chest and hid the hint of a belly that I still possessed.

Grabbing the Gucci purse that bore my initials and the keys to my Camero I headed for school, probably half an hour earlier than I needed to, but unwilling to stay home any longer. I had to see her today…. Even though deep down, I knew what I was likely to find… I had to see her.

Thick fingers stabbed out at the alarm clock, knocking it from the flimsy night stand and silencing it with a crash and thud, starting Jenny's day in much the same fashion it seemed like it always had. Fumbling for her glasses, Jenny dragged herself heavily out of bed and plodded towards the bathroom.

The cheap, store brand shampoo did little to waken her as she scrubbed her lank blond hair enough to call it 'clean.' Quickly soaping her way over her thick arms and thighs she tried to make up for lost time from over sleeping and decided that she could skip a morning shave. After all, if it was covered by a shirt or her pants, no one would notice anyway.

Struggling into a pair of size twelves, Jenny debated about a bra for her meager breasts before deciding that it didn't matter enough to take the time. Throwing her books into an overly worn satchel she bolted out the door to catch the bus, pop-tarts in hand and crumbs already beginning to collect on the simple shirt that read 'Life sucks, your point?'

Mary Anne
Pulling into the school parking lot, I tried to figure out what I'd say when I saw her. Would she remember me as a one time friend? Or would it be as things once were between me and the old Jenny?

“Mary Anne,” an oddly familiar voice called from the BWM parked next to me. “I know we're getting close to the end of the year here, and I promise to help you get ready for tomorrow's calc test. But there's no need for you to be in this early to cram when the test isn't till tomorrow.”

“Oh, Sonya, no,” I said, trying to think of a reason to explain something that seemed out of character for the new me. “It's not the math test that has me here early, it's my art project…”

“Oh, that super secret project of yours?” She said, seeming to take my answer as at least fairly normal. “For a moment, I almost thought you'd gotten suckered into coming in early to help that charity case you've been working with after school. Oh, and I was thinking that we'd order in from Thai Orchid today, you're cool with that right?”

“Well,” I said, trying to think of anything Thai, much less anything Thai that sounded good to me.

“Great, go ahead and have Lisa call in our order. I'll have a Pad Pra Prik, extra spicy. I figure we might as well both get the same thing since I know you're trying to drop a size before Prom.”

“Right,” I said, just a little uncertain about it all. “I'll tell Lisa then.”

“Good, oh, and remember, we've got the sale tomorrow, so make sure that charity project of yours doesn't hold you up so we can get there on time,” she said walking away in her short skirt and form fitting top.

Part of me was sickened at the way she'd just dismissed Jenny… but the part that made me sicker was the part that thought 'Just a few more pounds and I can wear a shirt like that…'

Jenny did her best to move with the throngs of people pouring off the bus, escaping notice of those who might find a way to delight in making her day miserable. Bad enough, she couldn't shake a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach about math class today. Even with all the help Mary Anne had been giving her, she didn't think there was any way she could pass the test tomorrow, and today was her last day to get any help before tomorrow's big test.

Fortunately, she managed to make it into school without incident, yet another day as just part of the crowd. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done for math class, as Mr. Edwards handed back yet another piece of her Algebra homework with a glaring red D at the top.

Deep down, Jenny wanted nothing more than to run crying to the only friend she had in the world, but somehow, she doubted Mary Anne would understand what it felt like to get a D on anything. The only Ds she probably saw were on the labels of her bras.

Mary Anne
Despite having done everything but stand on a bench and look out over the heads of people pouring off the buses, I never did manage to find Jenny this morning. I did manage to find Lisa, just before heading into Honor's American Lit. Her reaction to Sonya's order surprised me a bit though.

“Thai Orchid again eh? Ugh, okay, I'll call it in. You really want the Pad Pra Prick, or should I get you an order of coconut prawns?”

“Well,” I thought for a moment, hesitant without knowing why.

“I know, Sonya's riding you about your weight. Tell you what, I'll get a Coconut Prawn for myself, then we can blame the restaurant for getting us two prawns instead of two Pad Pra, and you don't have to suffer through her insanely spicy fetish food.”

“Thanks Lisa,” I said, smiling for the first time that day. “I don't know what I'd do without you.”

“Starve, I'm sure. Get to class, I'll take care of things with Thai Orchid. Oh, and thanks for agreeing to spend your birthday with all of us shopping. I know you wanted to go out for deserts, but it means a lot to the rest of us that you're sharing your day doing something we all wanted to do, even if Sonya is being a bitch about it.”

“Sure Lisa,” I found myself saying with a smile. “What are friends for?”

Lunch found Jenny despondently picking at last night's leftover meatloaf. At least, her mom called it meat loaf. More of a loaf of ground beef and bread crumbs with a layer of ketchup than anything you would really call meatloaf. You knew you were at rock bottom when the school cafeteria food looked better than your own.

“Hey, you going to eat that?” Eddie asked as he turned around a chair to sit next to her.

“Nah,” she said, pushing the barely touched mystery loaf away. “Knock yourself out.”

“Thanks Jenn, you're a life saver,” Eddie managed between mouthfuls of food. “So how'd math go?”

“Bad,” Jenny said, looking even more dejected. “Mr. Edwards says that I need to get at least a C on the test tomorrow to pass his class. Anything less than that, and he doesn't think I'll be able to graduate.”

“Wow, that bad eh?”

“Yeah… I really hope my study session tonight with Mary Anne goes well. If anyone can get me through this class, it's going to be her.”

Fork in mid air, Eddie could only stare at Jenny. “You sure about that Jenn? I mean, Mary Anne and that crew of Sonya's she runs with don't strike me as the dependable type.”

“Yeah, Sonya's a real bitch and a half… but Mary Anne is different. Drop by our study session today, you'll see.”

Mary Anne
Somewhere between lunch, which had been every bit as much of a disaster as I'd feared, and the end of the school day, I managed to work my way to the art room. Here, at least one thing had not changed. My beloved sculpture sat waiting for me, nearly finished.

For a time, I lost myself in chisels and hammers, brushes and scours. It was the work of an entire term, and now, here at the end, it was almost perfect. Before, I'd thought I could never get the stone to show the image in my mind. My thick, fat fingers had neither the strength nor the precision to guide the tools. But now, the image of the final product clear in my mind, my hands found the curve of the stone's inner strength, bringing the details to the surface.

I worked clear through fourth period art, lost in a cloud of dust and my thoughts. I don't know when the bell rang, but Mr. Kranston let me be. During fifth period, when I should have been in Gym, he set his class to drawing still life… something quiet that left me undisturbed.

Finally, towards the end of the day's final class, I stopped. Not because I was finished, though I was so close that I was tempted to do just that, but because it was time to meet Jenny… time for our daily tutoring session, only this time, it would be me on the other end. I didn't know if I could take it, seeing her the way I knew she would be, but I had to go. If this was the last thing I did for her, I would help my friend.

When Jenny arrived at the student center, it was to find a Mary Anne, hair still showing a light coating of dust, books in hand and a sad sort of smile on her face. “Good afternoon Jenny,” Mary Anne said, gesturing for the shorter girl to take a seat. “We've got a lot left to cover to get you in shape for tomorrow's test, so let's not waste any time.”

For hours, Mary Anne worked to get through to Jenny. Things that seamed the most common sense to Mary Anne, Jenny struggled to grasp until they had been explained three times over.

In the back of the student center, propped on an aging couch, Eddie watched the two girls. He'd been so ready to dismiss that a person like Mary Anne could truly care for someone in Jenny's position, yet he found no trace of sarcasm in her voice, no hint of irony in her manner. Maybe, just maybe, things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Mary Anne.
Hours after school ended, I sat on the front steps of the school and watched Jenny start the long walk home. I'd considered offering her a ride, but somewhere along the way, I got the feeling that she still had enough pride to be offended at the gesture. She'd get home under her own power, even if it meant lugging heavy books a mile across town. The world might be out to get her… but she walked with her back straight, even under the heavy load.

It wasn't until the first tear fell to my chest, splashing on the valley of cleavage that I'd wanted so badly that I realized I was crying. Everything that should have been so perfect was turning to ash, and if tomorrow brought another day of change, I didn't know if I could force myself and what I'd done to her.

“You know, I'm sure if you asked Jenny down there what a girl like you would have to cry about, she'd be at a loss to find anything that could bother you,” Eddie said from behind me.

I don't know when he got there. He'd always been like that, blending into the corners and hard to spot even when you knew he had to
be around. He had a talent for making himself seem even smaller than he actually was. But now, that didn't really matter. I threw my arms around him and hugged him like a drowning woman grabs a life preserver. And I cried.

“It wasn't supposed to do this,” I sobbed. “Not like this…. this isn't what I wanted.”

“Are you sure about that?” He asked as he patted my shoulder. “The coin grants one wish, if this is what it's doing…”

“Wait,” I said staggering back. “You know about the coin? You remember the way things used to be?”

“Yeah, sometimes,” he said, looking nervous at admitting as much. “It all comes and goes sometimes.”

“So what do I do?”

“Today? Nothing. There's nothing you can do today. Tomorrow, if you still want to, you come find me.”

“And then?”

“Then we find out.”

At home, Jenny stripped out of her worn jeans and faded T-shirt, dropped her thick glasses on her rickety night stand, and tried to tune out the sounds of her parent's fighting enough to get some sleep.

Money was tight. Her dad couldn't bring in enough as a para-legal in a small firm to support them without her mom working. Her mom hadn't been able to work since the accident seven years ago. It was a familiar argument… she had to go back to work… she couldn't go back to work. There wasn't enough money.

Jenny pulled a pillow over her head. Tomorrow would be another day.

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Mary Anne

It was 6:30 in the morning when I slipped into the cold crisp water of the family pool. I'd managed a brisk five mile run already, and was working on cooling down before I took a shower and got ready for the day.

You heard jokes about busty girls having problems swimming, and while several of the suits in my closet were two piece wonders meant for sunbathing, I was thrilled to find a racing one piece that kept my DDs under control while I swam.

The run had done a great deal to clear my head and sort my thoughts. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how things were connected. Mind, body, spirit. It's probably why the running monks in Japan said enlightenment could be found on fast moving feet. Then combination of endorfins and adrenaline did a great deal to make thinking easier, fueled intelligence, drove so many portions of life.

I turned another lap in the pool, pulling hard for the deep end and using my long, strong legs to their best advantage. At five foot eight, Jenny should be down to five foot even… and likely, she had yet to manifest the energy to be up at this hour. I wondered though, if the life I was living was really the life she'd given up? Or was it as different as I thought it was?

“Mary Anne,” I heard mom call from the deck. “It's your birthday honey, why don't you cut the laps short and come in so we can wish you a happy birthday before you have to go to school?”

“Okay mom,” I said, coming to a graceful stop in the water and kicking towards the edge of the pool. Wrapping a towel around my narrow hips, I let my manicured nails brush across the toned, tight wonder that was my waist before walking towards the house. All trace of excess fat and flab had left me, leaving only firm, youthful skin and curves that would draw any eye.

“Good morning princess,” dad said from the overstuffed leather chair he sprawled in when I got inside. “I know you have a lot planned for your birthday today, and that your mom has something in mind when you and your friends get to her restaurant tonight, but I thought you'd like to get my present early. Can you handle that pumpkin?”

“Sure dad,” I said with a genuine smile. No matter what changed, one thing had remained the same. Dad was less patient about giving me presents than I was about receiving them. I could still remember when I'd turned sixteen, and he'd stayed up all night after getting home from driving cab… just so he could see my face when I opened the gift he'd gotten me. Most girls, no doubt, wouldn't have had a clue what to do with it. But there, in a small wooden box, were a complete set of chisels for sculpting. It wasn't as good a set as the tools I'd been using yesterday to work on my project… but they were my tools… and he understood.

“There were people at the office who said that I should have gotten you one of the new Corvettes,” he said standing and walking towards the door to our garage. “I just kind of laughed. The Camaro is more than enough muscle car for you when you need to move yourself about town. No, I had to think of something else that would work for you…”

When he opened the door to the garage I nearly fainted. There, parked between his own 1967 Corvette and mom's much newer stood a monster of a car. If you could call the black beast a car.

“That's series one Hummer by the way,” dad said from behind me as I stared in shock. “Not so easy to come by now that GM is shutting down the brand. I was worried that we wouldn't get it back from the boys in Utah in time for your birthday, but the hybrid mods are all in, so put your mind at ease, it's not a gas guzzling pollution factory. But it will haul those increasingly large blocks of stone you keep drooling over at the quarry… and it will haul around your horde of friends as well. Now I think the Camaro is a better daily driver for you, but I don't see a reason to limit you to just one car, and… well, I hope you like it,” he finished sheepishly.

“Like it,” I said, wrapping my arms around him. “I love it.”

7:00 in the morning blared loud and ugly from the cheap alarm clock setting beside Jenny's mattress. Springs complained as she rolled her girth over and slapped at the TV try that served as a night stand to stop the wail of the cursed machine.

Staggering through her morning routine, Jenny wound another loop of black tape around the broken arm of her thick glasses and prayed it would hold through the day. Pulling a faded t-shirt over her head and sliding into a pair of the largest, loosest jeans she owned, Jenny tried to find something in her reflection to feel good about… and failed. Today she was eighteen. She felt like she might as well have been eighty. Life was just as close to over, and if she did as badly today as she was afraid she would, she'd find herself a second year senior, subject to another year of hell and torment… compounded by being recognized by all her classmates as being too stupid to graduate with the rest of her class.

“It isn't fair,” she said, slamming a hand down onto the chipped counter top in the bathroom. “I worked so hard…. and I can't remember anything Mary Anne taught me. It's like… I remember when we're studying, and all week I worked so hard… and now, I don't remember any of it…”

On the kitchen table, a wide pink envelope sat on the table, no doubt where her father had left it when he got home last night from his job as a county clerk for the night courts. The card read simply 'Happy Birthday Princess', in the generic way that a card could be given to a girl of eight or eighteen… or eighty. Inside, what she had thought at first might have been a gift card of some sort… maybe one to get new glasses that she needed so badly, instead turned out to be a Voter Registration Card.

“Yeah, because my vote matters so god damn much to the rest of the world,” she said tossing the both cards into the garbage and grabbing her worn satchel of books. “Like I matter to the rest of the god damn world.”

Mary Anne
It hadn't been ten minutes since I'd been on top of the world in the garage, hugging my father and envisioning all of the new projects I could take on now that I could haul my own materials… and now, I sat naked in my room, crying into the crushed velvet top I'd picked out to wear and shaking with silent sobs.

“Honey,” mom asked from the doorway. “Are you okay?”

“No,” I choked out. “No, I'm not fine. I think I did something really wrong, and I don't know how to make it right.”

“What happened dear? Whatever it is, you can tell me, we'll work through it.”

“Mom… are you happy with your life? Are you happy owning the restaurant, and living in this house and… all of it. Are you happy?”

“Well,” she said pausing to consider for a moment. “I think so. Oh, there are days when I miss being just another sous chef, when I miss actually doing most of my own cooking. Sometimes I think that I spend more time in Excel than I spend in the kitchen, but then I remember that it's my name on the front door of the restaurant, my menu that people are talking about, and my creations they're dining on. I think it was worth the trade off most days, but I think I'll always have those days that I wish I'd stayed on the line.”

“And all this?” I asked, gesturing vaguely at the house in general, and out my window at the pool in specific. “Does this make you happy?”

“Honey, you should know better than to ask. Haven't we always told you that the important things are family, friends, and all the little things that money can't buy? If money and things were important, we'd have been encouraging you to go to business school, or to spend time at your dad's office learning to manage a dealership of your own. But we've always told you to follow your heart, and you've done that with your art. Where other people see a hunk of cold stone, you see what's beneath the surface, and you bring those visions out for all the rest of us to see and share. That's a gift dear, and we want you to have the joy of using your gift.”

“So… if you had to give it up… the house, the restaurant, all of it… would you?”

“Only if I could keep two things. If I could have you, and have your dad… then yes, I don't need anything else. As long as I have the two most important things in my life, I can be happy. Does that help you at all dear?”

“You know,” I said drying my tears on the shirt and wiping my nose. The shirt might be salvageable afterwards but right now, I really didn't care. “I think it does. I don't think I ever say this to you and dad enough, but I love you guys.”

“We love you too dear,” she said, giving me a tight hug. “Always have, always will.”

For Jenny, the half hour spent on bus route twenty one on the way to school was another half hour of hell. She'd tried going over her notes to prepare for the math test, but gave up when she couldn't keep things straight for more than five minutes. The fact that the freshmen sitting next to her kept saying things like 'the answer's sixteen' didn't help. Half the time the things he spouted were close enough to right that she started to doubt her own work, and the rest of the time it just made her lose track of where she was in the problem.

Still, she thought towards the end of the ride, maybe pretending to study would have been a better idea. It might have kept the rest of the freshmen at the back of the buss from pointing out her flaws in excessive detail. Or worse, the only other senior coming back from the front of the bus to yell at the freshmen.

“Hey,” he'd yelled at the group of freshmen. “You should be ashamed of yourself, picking on her like that. Imagine if you had to struggle with the disabilities she's got, or if it was your sister. So lay off and show some respect for someone who's a little challenged, all right?”

'Great,' she thought. 'I'm they're going to leave me alone because they think I'm a retard. Could the day get any worse?'

Mary Anne
I don't know how I managed to not get a ticket on my way to school. I'd had the Camaro yesterday, but I hadn't driven it like that. Coming down out of the west hills, most of the roads should be driven at a nice safe speed… something between thirty and thirty five miles an hour. I never dropped below forty five, and the needle on the tach stayed within a few hundred rpms of red line. Right where it should be.

Pulling into the school parking lot, I was out of my car at a brisk jog, no doubt giving a great show to the hordes of underclassmen at my bouncing breasts, but to concerned by more important things to care.

“Hey, Mary Anne,” Lisa called from behind me as I passed. “Slow down, where's the fire?”

“Oh, Lisa… I didn't see you there. I'm so sorry,” I said, finally letting myself slow down to a quick walk. “It's just… I really need to find someone this morning.”

“Want a hand looking?”

“Would you? He's not the easiest guy to find, even when you know where he is…”

“He eh?” Lisa probed with a smile. “There a secret boyfriend you've been holding out on us?”

“Boyfriend? Oh,” I blushed. “No, no, Eddie's nothing like that. But I really need to find him this morning.


“Yeah, scrawny guy… shorter than me I guess,” I said, still not entirely used to being able to see over so many heads as I looked around the school grounds. “Um, kinda scraggly hair, looks like he's been sleeping in his clothes for a few days…”

“Wait…. Eddie the kid that sells pot around the back of the school?”

“Yeah,” I said, half embarrassed that she would know him that way. “Yeah, that's probably the one.”

“You're not…”

“No, oh god no. I just… look, it's complicated, and if I ever get a chance to, I promise that I'll explain, but right now, I really just need to find him…”

“Okay,” Lisa said, giving me the space and privacy I was asking for. “As long as you swear to me you're not doing something I'd have to kick your ass for… like drugs or anything. I'll see if I can find him for you.”

“Thanks Lisa, I really don't know what I'd do without you.”

“Wander around lost half the day I'm sure. By the way, where do you want to order from for lunch today?”

“Lunch? Oh, I don't care, you pick something.”

“Seriously? It's your birthday, and even Sonya won't bitch if you picked something that she didn't like.”

“You just tempted me to say order up the fattest, greasiest hamburgers you can find. But seriously, you know what I like, surprise me, just make sure it's something that everyone else likes too. I want today to be a good day for everyone.”

“You're a gem Mary Anne, I'll figure something out. And if I find Eddie, I'll text you.”

“Thanks Lisa,” I said going back to my search. “It means a lot to have your help.”

Math had come and gone. Mr. Edwards had asked Jenny to stay after class while he graded her test. There was no point, he'd said, in making her wait the whole weekend, agonizing over weather or not she could graduate.

“Jenny,” he'd said after fifteen minutes marked only by the steady scratch of his correcting pen. “Jenny, I'm so sorry, but it just isn't enough. Maybe, if you'd actually gotten an answer down for the last ten questions, you could have made it… but without those, the best you could have gotten was an 80%… for the part of the test you did get answered, you didn't do too badly… you actually got more than half the ones you answered right. If it had only been those forty questions, you would have had a 62.5%… it would have been a low D, but it would have passed. But with ten questions blank…”

“I know,” she'd said softly, too numb to even cry. “I know.”

She hadn't bothered with her next class, there didn't seem to be any point in going. For a while, she'd wandered aimlessly, stunned, hurt, and lost. Yesterday she'd felt so sure that the help she'd gotten from Mary Anne would have been enough. Now, it all felt hallow. Eventually, her footsteps led her to the roof access door. The lock had been removed
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The Frustrations of Ms. Jana Trimble (new story)

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By Bozox00727

Sally Grayson was a beautiful 24 yr old blonde who worked as a teller at the local bank. She was the constant focus of the male customers, both young and old, who yearned for her attention. Not only did Sally have a gorgeous face with perfect teeth but her body was the envy of every woman who laid eyes on her. Sally was five feet 3 inches tall with very perky D cup breasts, an extremely shapely rear end and of course, an overall well toned physique maintained by her constant workout regimens and strict dieting.

Wealthy Jana Trimble was one of those women envious of Sally. Jana was not blessed with good looks and although she wore copious amounts of makeup, she was unable to hide her homely appearance. Her overweight body was a disaster with stumpy legs and pendulous breasts that hung down to her stomach. Jana’s nature was one of dominance, partially because of her wealth but mostly as a desire for power. Jana, however, was unable to exert any influence or power over Sally at the bank. Sally rebuffed her intentions of domination and rude behavior whenever their paths crossed. As a result, Jana grew increasingly frustrated and was always daydreaming of a plan to take control and humiliate the vivacious beauty. Jana not only wanted to exert her influence over Sally but was also strangely attracted to her sexually. Sally was to be her eventual toy she hoped!

One day Jana Trimble had an idea that would hopefully forever change the course of Sally’s future. Her plan was to pay off the gambling debts of patrolman Dave Andrews. Dave was well known to Jana and an habitual gambler. A financial favor would put the young policeman in Jana’s debt. The patrolman would then be forced to do the biding of the wealthy socialite. Jana’s scheme was to have the patrolman pull over Ms. Grayson on a routine traffic stop and at the same time plant some illegal drugs in the beautiful blonde’s car. Once the gorgeous woman was brought into the jail, the young patrolman would allow the elder Ms. Trimble to take responsibility of Sally on her personal guarantee. And, only if she obeyed Ms. Trimble and her future guidance, would she be able to remain free.
Jana Trimble’s plan worked to perfection. She explained to the confused Sally that because of her wealthy status in the community, she often aided wayward people that she felt still had promise in society. As Jana further provided details, Sally learned that she was to follow her guidance without reservations explicitly. And although Sally despised Mrs. Trimble and was repulsed by the overweight hag, she knew she was without further recourse.

As the first order of the day, Sally was to live with Ms. Trimble during her “probationary period”. Sally was shocked when she arrived at the stately residence of Jana Trimble. On her bed laid out were several little girl dresses that were extremely short with puffy sleeves. Also, at the foot of the bed were a pair of patent leather mary jane shoes and some white socks that would barely cover her ankles. Jana explained to Sally that she was to get out of her adult clothes and wear the things provided for her. She further stated that this was a necessary as part of her cleansing process and a first step toward her becoming a better person in society. Sally thought this strange but did as she was commanded. Jana waited outside the partially closed door while Sally handed her her panty hose, underwear, bra, dress and her high heeled shoes. Sally secretly hated to give up her high heels since they made her feel very womanly and sexual.

Sally stood inside the stranger’s room completely nude. Her nipples came to attention on her full perky breasts as the cool air passed over them. She glanced over at a full length mirror and smiled, showing off her perfect very white teeth while admiring her exquisite body as she prepared to put on the childish dress. She realized at that moment that she had a slight regression fetish and thought this fun to play along. But little did she know what was in store for her.

Sally tried to pull down the too short dress as it hardly covered her bare fanny when she exited the room. Jana stood there and nodded in approval while handing her a can of shaving cream along with a razor. Jana stated that sometimes people must return to their childhood before they can successfully return back to adulthood. Sally was then ordered to shave her private area until it was as smooth as a baby’s behind. Sally was humiliated but reluctantly did as she was asked.

As Sally was alone in the bathroom, she again gazed into the mirror at her beauty. Her beautiful face, smile and body were almost more than even she could handle. Once her magnificent cunt was bared, she turned around facing the mirror on all fours admiring her ass and overall physique. Her beautiful pink asshole almost seemed to wink at her. Sally then repeatly fingered her asshole and ultimately brought herself to a thunderous orgasm by stroking her womanhood. The noise from the bathroom caused Jana to rush in to see what was going on. Jana became furious when she realized what had taken place and decided to teach Sally a lesson.

“Sally, my dear”, Jana began, little girls don’t have long hair. I think you would look better with a much shorter style set in a tight perm.” Sally became hysterical over the suggestion but settled down when Jana asked her if she wanted to return to jail and serve out her prison time. Jana handed her a see thru baby doll lingerie top and told her to sit in a high chair while she worked on her hair. Sally could see her own reflection in the mirror once again and again looked striking. Looking down at her feet reminded her of the mary jane shoes she was wearing and how her legs didn't look quite as stunning as before. This was disturbing to Sally on the one hand but made her wet at the same time thinking of herself as somewhat child like and naughty. Small children do masturbate more she thought and this consoled her as well. The lingerie top only came down to her waist. Her beautiful tanned body was exposed from the waist down. Her luscious breasts formed a rather large tent underneath the top with her big nipples pointing out. Her perfect face and smile was framed by a head of very healthy long straight blonde hair that looked magnificent. Jana came up from behind and began cutting. Soon tears flowed from the young beauty’s face as clump after clump rested on her lap and the floor around her. After a brief time, her hair was only about 4 inches long and Jana began to roll what was left onto very small rollers and began applying the perm solution. Once the hair was set, Jana pulled out the rollers. What was left was a frizzy mess that resembled a short afro. Jana made things worse by sculpting the hair shorter with electric clippers and even thinning out the top with thinning shears. Sally continued to cry as she redressed but at least resigned herself at the end of the ordeal that the rest of her was still intact.

The two “roommates” finally settled into a discussion of dinner. During dinner, although initially repulsed by Jana Trimble, Sally wondered what it would be like to seduce the older woman with her beauty. Sally was turned on by the contrast in looks between the two women and liked the idea of an ugly older woman lusting after her beauty. She envisioned the elder woman shaking with excitement as she attempted to grope one of her tits or squeeze her ass. Sally also enjoyed tormenting poor Jana with her beautiful smile realizing that Jana had ugly loose fitting dentures. Sally had applied red lipstick before dinner and would often run her tongue over her teeth quite demonstratively as a tease. Sally hoped this would push the threshold of Jana's desire for kissing and cunt licking.

For further teasing, Sally occasionally would lean forward allowing Jana to view her braless chest. Her nipples became aroused as she did so. At other times, Sally would bend over pretending to drop her fork exposing her magnificent rear end and asshole to her dinner mate. Finally, as part of her seduction, Sally would hike up her already short dress and allow Jana to feast her eyes on her exquisitely tanned and muscular legs as well as her perfectly shaved twat. As Sally did these things, Jana drooled in excitement.

After dinner, Sally became increasingly groggy. Jana had secretly drugged Sally during the meal as part of her “treatment”. The drug was designed to tranquilize the subject while rendering the person unable to resist commands by another, especially one so dominant as the homely Ms. Trimble. Ms. Jana Trimble finally had the extremely beautiful Sally Grayson right where she wanted her! As the first order of business, Jana told Sally to remove her dress and to get down on all fours. Jana wanted to inspect the comely woman. “My oh my what beautiful legs and ass. What a sight to behold “, exclaimed Jana. Jana , very roughly, and with much excitement, fingered the cunt of the gorgeous female vigorously and then stripped nude and proceeded to rub her ugly body over the beautiful damsel.

Afterward, a very horny Jana took out her ugly yellowish dentures and performed cunninglingus on Sally. After licking her pussy, Jana concentrated on the beautiful anus of the young beauty. Initially, Jana enjoyed fingering the magnificent behind of her young submissive employing as many fingers as could be accepted with some often buried well past the second knuckle. Then, as things progressed, Jana could no longer restrain herself and dove face first into the luscious backside.

Even in a drugged state, Sally responded to this advance and spread her legs even wider to allow deeper tongue penetration into her bunghole. By now, her face was flat against the floor and her ass was thrust into the air as high as possible. Jana continued lapping like a hungry dog with reckless abandon. Obviously Jana realized that she had reached a point of no return in her lustful cravings. Sally thought back to how beautiful she was earlier in the mirror and began orgasming at the thought with such intensity that it resembled convulsions. Then it was Jana’s turn.

The fat and ugly woman quickly turned over on her back, spread her legs wide and ordered Sally to eat her cunt. Sally immediately did as she was told but had to push up the woman’s breasts and fat to reach her final destination. The old and now toothless woman grinned hideously while the young beauty brought her to climax. Each night this ordeal was repeated. Although Jana’s jealously was getting the best of her, she wanted to enjoy Sally’s beauty for as long as possible until she was ready for the next phase of her scheme.

Jana soon began to feed Sally huge amounts of ice cream, fried foods and desserts of various assortment. Soon the body that Sally and everyone had so admired became very dense, pasty and full of cellulite. Sally could hardly recognize herself in the mirror any longer with her increased weight and beautiful tan gone. Her once stunning face became very round and puffy. Even her little school girl dresses hardly fit. Jana had once considered letting out the seams on the dresses provided but thought the tightness further exaggerated the grotesqueness that Sally had become.

Sally quickly gained 75 lbs! At this point, the wealthy Ms. Trimble decided to drive the young woman to the hair salon for a makeover. She was made permanently bald as industrial hair remover was applied to her scalp and eyebrows. Jana even had the stylist shave down Sally's eyelashes and apply a solution to disallow any further grow back. Jana thought herself as kind as she provided Sally with a cheap wig cut in the style of a very short perm. Sally was increasingly being made over to look like Jana Trimble!

Next, Sally was taken to the dentist to have her beautiful white perfect teeth pulled and was provided with a set of ill fitting dentures. In the final phase, Sally was forced to walk nude around Jana’s estate with heavy weights clipped to her breasts. Sally’s once beautiful ass jiggled with fat as she walked. Her legs became stumpy and hips saddlebagged. Over time, the once perky and beautiful full breasts of Sally were reduced to shrunken flab and dropped precipitously down to her naval. Jana even had the upper portion of her breasts liposuctioned to reduce any upper cleavage and destroy any hint of perkyness. Her goal was to transform the once gorgeous globes into the breasts of a very old woman.

Since Jana considered herself a fair woman, she had previously given Sally a choice of either complete surgical breast removal or pendulousness. Sally had chosen the droopy option which to some extent had dissappointed the aging socialite. As soon as Sally’s good looks were ruined, Ms Trimble decided to allow the young woman to return to work and leave her premises. Jana’s lust for the former beauty was now gone and her source of competition with the men of the town had now dissipated. Her period of “probation” was finally over. Sally would soon become horrified once the drugs wore off. She no longer would be a seductress of older women or anyone for that matter. Her looks were now worse than even Jana.

As Ms. Jana Trimble drove Sally back to the bank one morning to return to work, Jana spotted a young drop dead beauty with a very cute face in a tight pencil skirt and high heels rushing across the street towards the bank, obviously flaunting herself she thought. Jana noticed that her bouncing breasts were large, firm and sat
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Don't Change Yourself (WG, Race, Slob)

Don't Change Yourself (WG, Race, Slob)
Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:46 am

This is a story I wrote in a four hour burst of inspiration. I have no idea if it's any good, so I'll post the first part and if there's enough interest, I'll post the rest. Also, this story is based around racial and cultural stereotypes, and is therefore probably offensive to everyone. Sorry about that, but I just liked the idea too much not to write it.

Rebecca White was excited to be heading off to college. Doubly so because she'd be living with Sarah, her best friend from high school. It was an adventure for both of them; they had grown up together in a posh New England suburb, and were going to a school on the other side of the country in LA. As the weeks went by, Sarah quickly adapted to their new environment. Rebecca, less so.

"I'm just saying you need to be a little more open to new experiences."

"What are you talking about? I'm plenty open."

"Look at the people you hang out with. Look at the guys you've dated. They're all from within 20 miles of where you grew up."

"What about Stephen?"

"You mean the one from Vermont?"


"Listen. I know it can be scary to meet new people, but we're in this amazing place, with some of the smartest people from around the world. You gotta put yourself out there."

The two girls sat on their beds across from each other, and much to Rebecca's dismay, Sarah was right. Rebecca looked exactly like she did in high school: straight blond hair tied into a ponytail, a preppy pink polo shirt over a pair of equally preppy khakis. Sarah, on the other hand, had clearly adapted more to her new environment. She wore a tie-dyed tanktop over a long, flowing skirt, and she had allowed her curly black hair to grow out to the point where it reached her lower back. Rebecca sighed.

"I guess you're right. It's just, how am I supposed to meet people I don't have anything in common with?"

"Well, Manny and I have been talking, and he actually has a friend who might be perfect for you. The two of them grew up here together, and he sounds like a really great guy."

"Hm, alright. I do like Manny, maybe I'll give this guy a shot."

"Perfect! He's coming by at 8."

"Wait, what?"

And, despite Rebecca's initial protest, she found that she got along quite well with Manny's friend, Chris. He was a handsome, Latino kid from south LA, and while there was a bit of culture shock at first, she quickly grew to love it. He took her salsa dancing, and showed her all the best Mexican restaurants in town. However, as Rebecca became more and more involved with Chris and her culture, Sarah started worrying.

"Hey chica, how was class?" Rebecca said, wiping a bit of mole sauce from the corner of her mouth.

"Uh, fine. What're you eating there?"

"Oh, some chicken mole. Chris's mom made it for me. Ay, me encanta esa mujer."

"Yeah, so listen, we need to talk about that…"

"About what?" Rebecca asked, taking another bite from the giant dish of chicken in front of her."

"You and Chris… You've been spending an awful amount of time together."

"So? What's your point?" she said, with a noticeable amount of attitude.

"Well, I'm worried that you're changing for him…"

"What? Don't be stupid. You jealous or somethin'?"

"Jealous? No… Just, you're dressing differently," she said, pointing to Rebecca's low-cut tanktop, "you're acting different, you're even talking different."

"So? Last I heard you were the one who wanted me to be open to new things."

"Yeah, well, I guess there's such a thing as being too open. And, well, I didn't want to mention it, but you've put on a bit of weight…"

Rebecca looked down at the small roll peeking out from under her tanktop.

"So?" she asked, "Have you my girls lately?"

She leaned forward, giving Sarah a good view of her expanded cleavage. She gave them a suggestive shake, and it was clear to Sarah that they were indeed bigger. Rebecca had always been a fit and toned girl, and while Sarah was slightly concerned about Rebecca's added weight, she had to admit she looked better with curves.

"Ok, ok, you can put those away. But listen, there's this guy in my math class…"

"Pfft. Are you crazy, girl? I'm with Chris."

"Ok, all I'm saying is be careful."

And while she did take her friend's advice into consideration, things remained as consistent as ever with Chris. And, with that, so did her "growth". By the time she went home for Thanksgiving, what were once solid, firm B's, were now soft, luscious D's (although her bras were still lagging a little bit at C's). While she continued to flaunt them around campus, Sarah convinced her to wear a sweatshirt for the flight home. And, if her parents noticed anything, they didn't mention it.

"Honey! It's so good to see you!" her mom said at the airport, wrapping her up in a big hug.

"Ay, Mami! Papi! It's so good to be back. Effing cold up here though, no?" she said, as she threw her bags in the trunk.

"Ah, picking up a little of the local flavor, I see?" her dad said, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, you know, just opening myself up to new things. And speaking of flavor, I'm starved. When's dinner?"

And, besides a few more raised eyebrows, Thanksgiving went off without incident. Sarah convinced her to stick with less revealing clothing, and besides eating more than she usually did, nobody noticed anything amiss. That is, until she went out to meet up with some of her old friends from high school.

This time, Sarah couldn't get Rebecca to cover her "girls" up. "I want to show them what they're missing," Rebecca had said with a smile. And when the two of them showed up at their friend's house, all eyes were on her. While everyone else was wearing polos and sweaters, and skirts, she stood out in a tight, white tanktop and jeans. She was also the tannest girl there by a wide margin, which certainly didn't help her fit in. As she walked through the party, catching up with old friends, whispers followed her. "Wow, look at her…" "Do you see what she's wearing?" "When did she start talking like that?" "Wow, someone put on the freshman 15…" The guys, on the other hand, were much more appreciative.

As she was chatting with one of her old friends, she felt a large hand placed on her shoulder.

"Um, excuuuse me?" she said turning around.

It was Dave Thompson, one of the school's less intelligent jocks.

"Just sayin' hi, Rebecca. Man, you're looking gooood."

"Hey, don't you talk to me like that," she said, waving her finger. You ignore me all throughout high school, and just because I have these you want to get all friendly with me?" she said, hefting her breasts in his face.

"I just, uh.."

"You just what? Don't come around here tryin' to disrespect me like that. Come on Sarah, we're out of here."

Rebecca grabbed her sweatshirt from off the couch, and the pair walked out to a stunned silence.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, but as she was flying back to school, she realized that her feelings towards Chris had cooled during her time back home. She began thinking back to the guy Sarah had mentioned from her math class. Maybe he'd be a better fit…
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By: Badcompany8888

Despite the cool September afternoon, Josh wiped sweat from his brow as he waited in the parking lot of Sawgrass Women’s Penitentiary. He was sweating because he was nervous. He was picking up Traci, his longtime fiancee, and hadn't seen her in two years. They decided it would be easier on them if they didn't have to endure painful visits through thick Plexiglas walls.

Once Traci went away, Josh volunteered for a tour of Iraq. There was no reason for him to stay in an empty house alone. Iraq helped him get his mind off things. He spent the last two years in a desert with sand in his pores while she served her two year sentence for shoplifting.

Josn shook his head, thinking of the awful luck they had. For the simple thrill of it, while in a department store Traci had grabbed a few things and stashed them in her purse. She thought she got away with it till the cops showed up at home and searched her car. There they found the hot merchandise, along with some cocaine that one of her ‘friends’ forgot in her car. Traci knew nothing of the coke but the damage was done.

Josh pulled out a picture of Traci and stared at it. She was no doubt a little hottie. Cute face with a small nose. Chestnut brown hair that she took immaculate care of and let grow to the middle of her back. Nice shaped D cups. He’d be lying if he said his favorite feature of her’s wasn't her tits. Curvy body, with maybe a little extra that Josh didn't let bother him too much. She tanned year round and always knew how to get her tone perfect. Never too white, but never too dark. She was wearing the smile that Josh fell in love with. While they hadn't talked or seen each other, by the way Traci's letters sounded she was in good spirits.

A tubby streetwalker had exited the prison’s door and was waving goodbye to the guards. Josh figured that if they were letting this skank out, Traci should be along shortly.

She was wearing a white tank top that was a few sizes too small. At least three inches of pale belly flesh showed above the waist of her painted on cutoff denim shorts. Every step she took in Josh’s direction caused her flabby midsection to jiggle and caused the tank top to work its way up, displaying more and more flab with each step. Her hair was bleached blonde and obviously done a while ago, evident by a good inch of brown roots. She wore a big pair of sunglasses. Josh didn't look at her face too much, he was almost hypnotized with disgust by the skank’s fat belly as it jiggled closer and closer to him.

‘Wait!’ She was headed right for him. Josh’s mind raced, ‘My God…’


She swiped the shades off her face, leaned into the car, her heavy tits straining the tank top as they sagged down and pushed into Josh. Her lips met his and her tongue invaded his mouth, swirling about. Josh kissed back, but was still stunned.

Traci broke the kiss and strutted around the front of the car. Josh watched her thick thighs slap together as Traci came around the front of the car to the passenger door. She fell into the seat and immediately started struggling with the button on her shorts. She sucked in her gut as much as she could, and finally with great effort managed to undo the button. As she sighed with relief, pale fat surged outward and pushed the flaps of her shorts off to the sides. “That’s so much better!”

Josh just stared at the woman in his car. Unable to believe what happened to his fiancee. After a full ten seconds of silence, Traci said, “I missed you so much!” Traci flashed her trademark smile. But her white teeth weren't quite so white anymore. Even her complexion had taken a hit.

Josh snapped out of it and put the car in gear. He stared straight out the windshield, watching the road, almost scared to look at his girlfriend in the passenger seat. He stole a glance and thought to himself, ‘Those thighs, God, they’re huge! And is that hair under her arm?’

“How was your tour?” She asked.

“Fine I guess.”

“You got a promotion huh?”


“That’s cool.”

Traci asked about a few things and got some more one word answers. After a few minutes of awkwardness she opened up her little pink vinyl purse and produced a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

“When did you start smoking?” Josh asked with an intentional twinge of disgust in his voice.

Traci just shrugged, “I don’t know, a while now. Its ok, I only smoke menthols.”

Josh wondered why that made it ok. He couldn't take it anymore and parked the car on the side of the road.

“Ok, I can’t keep doing this. What the fuck happened to you in there?” He demanded.

Traci exhaled her smoke and looked away from Josh’s stare and out the window. “What do you want me to say, Josh?” Her voice cracked a bit, and she sniffed, “It wasn't a picnic in there.”

Josh looked at her exposed belly and part of him was tempted to say something to the contrary. But then the guilt hit him. He shouldn't have brought it up yet, but the changes in Traci had been so radical he couldn't help it. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I didn't mean to come off like that. Its just you’re so… different.”

“Yeah, well, I had to adapt to my surroundings and shit. I got my ass kicked the first month I was there. Over and over again. I was an easy target when I came in and some of those awful women knew it.”

She sniffed a bit, then sucked on her cigarette, “So I made friends, and they are the reason I got through it. If it weren't for Shasta, I don’t know what I would have done. She’s my best friend.”

“That doesn't really explain what I was getting at.”

“This?” She grabbed her belly and shook it. “I put on a bit of weight, is it really that big of a deal?”

It was more than a bit of weight; it was a lot of fucking weight. And it was a big deal. But Josh couldn't say that. So he said nothing.

“And I thought you’d hate my hair,” Traci remarked.

Josh was about to tell her that he did in fact hate her fake blonde hair, but she kept talking.

“But I like it. I didn't think blonde would suit me, but it really does.” She flipped the visor down and checked her hair in the mirror, smiling.

“How did you get hair dye in there?” Josh asked. He didn't really want to know how, but more like why she bleached her hair. The Traci of two years ago would never ruin her natural brunette hair. Now, the only trace of it was her dark roots and her slightly overgrown eyebrows.

“Just got to know who to talk to, and you can get pretty much anything.”

“Not razors though, huh?”

Traci lifted her arms over her head and examined her hairy armpits. “Well, they gave us electric ones, but they irritated my skin. So I quit worrying about it.”

“Ah, I see.” Josh saw alright, and wasn't pleased. Just like he wasn't pleased with how she was dressed like a low class hooker. “Where did you get those clothes?”

“Shasta sent me these clothes. She got out two months ago. I was a little smaller then. She’ll be surprised too!” Traci giggled.


“I told you; Shasta. My best friend. Got out a couple months ago.”

Josh frowned. This Shasta woman certainly had a hand in making Traci this way, and he wanted her nowhere near her. “You've got friends out here you haven’t seen in two years.”

“Yeah, the kind of friends that leave drugs in your car. I’m done with those people.” She took another drag and said, “Listen, it’s been so long since I've had McDonald’s. Can we stop at the drive thru?”

“The first place you want to stop when you get out of jail is McDonald’s?”

Traci turned the question around on him, “You’re going to give me grief the first day I get out of jail?”

Josh definitely didn't want his fiancee getting any heavier, and he knew McDonald’s wasn't going to help her figure whatsoever. But he couldn't deny Traci’s first request after getting out of the joint after two years. ‘I’ll get her going to the gym before the week is out,’ he told himself.

At the drive thru, Traci leaned over Josh and started ordering. By the time she was done, she had ordered a Big Mac and two different burgers they came out with while she was in jail, and a supersize fry. “…Oh, and a large chocolate shake. She looked to Josh, “What are you getting?”

“Uhhhhh, yeah, I’m fine.”

As soon as the bag made it to Traci’s hands she tore into it. She ate like there was no tomorrow, moaning and groaning with pleasure.

While she stuffed herself, Josh spied some black marks on her right hand, “What the fuck is that?”

Traci paused eating long enough to say, “A tattoo.” Then she went back to stuffing the burger in her mouth.

“You got a tattoo in prison!”

With her mouth full, she said, “Yeah, they called me Trixi in jail.” She held up her hand and made a fist. On each of her fingers just above the knuckle, were letters spelling out TRIX. Finally she swallowed. “Trix for short, ya know.”

Josh was getting angry, “Why in hell did you do that?”

“You've got tattoos. So what if I got one in prison?” She paused to suck noisily on her shake. “It’s a rite of passage kinda thing. I did what I had to do to fit in. I was going to get a tattoo anyway.”

Josh remembered Traci talking about getting a tattoo before she got incarcerated, but back then her design choice was different. Maybe a few pretty flowers or a cute butterfly or something like that. Not black letters across her knuckles of a trashy nickname she picked up in prison. He was definitely not happy and didn't say anything for the rest of the drive home.

Traci devoured her meal in the car before they got home. All she had left was her chocolate shake, which she sucked on as she walked into the house. Still amazed, Josh followed behind, watching her fat asscheeks push up and down against each other in the cutoffs as she made her way inside the house and straight for the bedroom.

Josh knew what was coming next. He wasn't thrilled with his fiancee's flabby new form, but it had been two years and he decided in the car that he was going to make the best out of this situation. He sat down on the bed while Traci rummaged through their extensive CD collection.

Traci put in a 50 cent CD and switched to Candy Shop. She flashed Josh a devilish smile and began moving her body to the music.

Traci pulled her tight cutoffs over her hips and kicked them aside, revealing pair of similarly tight pink thong panties. And a big cameltoe Josh didn't remember her having. Hair crept out of the sides of the panties

Josh thought to himself, ‘Its ok, she can trim that up.’ He chalked her cameltoe up to her weight gain. He just realized something didn't make sense. She said the razors irritated her skin. Then why were her legs not hairy like her pussy and armpits? Josh wasn't complaining that she had smooth legs, but he had a feeling there was more to the story.

She danced around in her panties a bit before slowly removing her top, leaving her boobs to droop down and rest off to the sides of her gut. Stretch marks crept across her belly and blue veins now marred her saggy breasts. She cupped each of what could be called jugs now in her hands and pushed them together.

Josh’s mouth was agape. ‘God, her breasts have gotten big! But all their perkiness is gone! Did they not issue bras in jail?’

She seemed to read his mind. “I know you always loved my titties. What do you think of these big babies now?” Traci said with a big grin.

Josh didn't know what to think yet, so he just nodded.

Traci let her tits go and they dropped to her belly with a smack. She turned around and wiggled her fat ass at Josh.

‘Gym. Gym. GYM!’ Josh’s mind screamed as Traci peeled the thong out of her buttcrack. Her thighs touched and rubbed as she gyrated. He kept getting peeks of her hairy snatch. She strutted around the room till a new song started. Josh though it was almost as if she was proud of her new fat bod.

Josh wasn't exactly turned on by the sight in front of him, but there was no way he was going to turn his fiancee down. Her tits were huge, and he felt himself start getting hard watching them sway. He tried to picture her from two years ago to help his member along.

Traci pulled Josh off the bed and crawled on. Josh went to shut the rap music off but Traci said, “Leave it on, I like it. Shut the lights off.”

‘Thank God.’ Josh thought and gladly shut the lights off and took his clothes off. Traci cooed, “Oh, sweetie! It’s been over two years since I've had you in me.”

Josh thought there was something strange about the way she said that, but he didn't ask. Instead, he climbed on top of her and guided his semi hard cock toward her hairy twat. His penis basically fell into her pussy without any resistance. She was really wet, no doubt, but Josh knew there was something seriously wrong. “What the fuck?” he muttered as he started to thrust.

“What are you doing?” Traci asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

He pulled his shaft out and slid it back in, “How did you get so loose?” Josh asked.

“You’re an asshole!” Traci snapped and pushed him off.

“Sorry, but…how…?” He switched the bedside lamp on and could see what the problem was. Her vagina definitely wasn't the same. The landing strip long since grew out into a dark, thick bush, and Traci’s formerly cute little pussy now had a thick set of purple, almost black lips peeking out from the forest of hair. With her legs spread, Josh realized that he could easily see deep inside her pussy now.

“How do you think? We weren't allowed dildos in there,” Traci looked away.

Josh shook his head, “I knew it!” He got up and shut the stereo off. “You and this Shasta chick weren't just friends, you were lovers?”

Traci rolled her eyes, “Wow, you’re quick. You honestly just realized that?”

They both sighed. Josh was upset, but he swallowed his anger. ‘What else was she supposed to do in there? Play pinnacle?’

They both sat in bed quietly for what seemed like an eternity before Traci spoke, “I wasn't going to tell you right away, but since you want to bring it up, I might as well tell you that I’m bi.”

Josh made a face, “Just cause you fooled around with women in jail doesn't make you bi.”

“I have always been bi, and I now know I was born that way, I just didn't realize it till Shasta.”

Josh had to laugh, “Bullshit. Jail made you…”

Traci interrupted him and a short argument ensued. Traci finally stomped off, her naked butt jiggling away.

Josh made his way to the bathroom and said quietly into his reflection in the mirror, “This will get better. She will get herself back together, and get her mind right again. Now that she’s home, she will lose the weight. And clean herself up too. She’ll get her hair done and fix herself up. Over time, her pussy will tighten back up; it will be fine. It will get better, right?”

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Africa Valley Changes - Horde of Travesties

"Why have you invaded our valley?" roared the elder of the tribe in his native language.

"Forgive us," stated twenty six year old Josh Green, "it was not our intent to invade your lands."

Having said that Josh was glad that his wife Anna had gotten him to learn many of the tribal languages of Africa because at that moment it was coming very in handy.

"Why have you come here!" roared the elder once more.

"It's like this," responded Josh who had been informed by his wife to tell the whole truth, "in our home lands we found that my wife could not become pregnant so I bought her to this land, one that she cherishes so much."

"Go on." stated the elder with a raised eyebrow.

"You see soon after coming to this land we were chased by evil spirits who drove is into this place."

What Josh hadn't told the elder was that the evil spirits he was talking about were really a bunch of criminals with powerful guns.

"Great elder," stated Anna at that moment, "we wish your tribe no harm and we are willing to live by the laws of your tribe until it is time for us to leave."

At that point the elder who wasn't stupid started to think about what had been offered and how useful the two light skinned people might have been to the tribe.

"Okay," said the elder before he clapped his hands, "you are honoured guests of mine and are to be treated like any other member of this tribe."

"Thank you." stated both Josh and Anna at once.

Fifteen minutes after that Josh and Anna were resting in a grass hut with so many questions on their mind.

"Did you see," whispered Josh in English, "the amount of base metal this tribe uses?"

"No," responded Anna, "I was too busy studying something else."

"Well they do, the women of the tribe are adorned by more metal then most women back home, I mean it's like they are almost encased in the stuff and most of it looks like it is either gold or silver."

"Oh I didn't notice that, I guess I was too busy looking at the feet of the females…"

"What about their feet?"

"It's strange, all of the women we have seen have bone like growths coming out of their heels, it's like their feet are high heeled."

"Wow I really didn't notice that."

The following day the tribal elder himself took Josh and Anna on a tour of the tribes land, which was the whole of the massive valley, that could not be seen by air or land. As they toured the valley Josh and Anna realized that the tribe had everything they would ever need from small crops to herds so that t hey would never need outside contact with the world.

"Are there any questions?" asked the elder when the daylong tour ended.

"Is there any way to leave this valley?" asked Josh.

"Off the top of my head I do not know but give me time to think on the matter and I will get back to you."

The day after the tour Josh noticed that Anna was getting sick and as the days rolled on she seemed to be getting worse so he went before the elder.

"Elder please," said Josh who was worried about Anna, "my wife is sick so is there a way out of this valley."

"I do not rightfully know," stated the elder, "none of our tribe have left this place in many generations but there is an old tribal story…"

"An old tribal story?"

"Yes, it is said the cave behind my hut, if one enters it and always journeys to the left then in time one will find an opening into the world."

"May I take my leave, leave my wife in your care and bring help for her?"

"Of course, I will even make sure that you are provided with supply's."

An hour after that and after Josh had told Anna what he was planning he set out into the cave telling himself that he would turn left no matter what.

With Josh being gone the elder laughed a little because he knew Josh had been such a sucker. What Josh didn't know about Anna's illness was that it was being caused by something that the elder had gotten the medicine woman to add to Anna's food.

A few hours after Josh had gone on his way the elder sent word to the medicine woman who took two of her underlings to see Anna. Having entered the hut where Anna lay the medicine woman had the two woman who were with her help Anna up and then the medicine woman herself shoved a plug of something made from leafs as well as other stuff up Anna's nostrils.

With her mouth being covered by the medicine woman Anna found she had no choice but to breath through her nose and there for the plugs, which quickly made her dizzy.

Standing there in a state of quiet detachment to what was being done to her, Anna watched as every shred of clothing was cut from her body before it was placed in the fire and burnt.

Having watched the light of the fire as her clothing burnt before her, Anna soon became aware of the medicine woman who had returned from somewhere carrying a large bowl of something brown.

Soon after the medicine woman had put the bowl down Anna noticed as the medicine woman took a large hand full of the goo. With the goo in hand Anna watched on as best as she could as the medicine woman rubbed the brown sticky stuff into her hair and her scalp. Watching on Anna saw the medicine woman paint her eyebrows with the goo and it was around that point Anna became aware of a faint stinging wherever the goo interacted with hair.

When the medicine woman had finished treating Anna's eyebrows she moved down, then she started to rub the goo into Anna's pubic hair, which burnt like someone had sprayed her vagina with eucalyptus and yet due to her detachment she barely reacted. From Anna's pubic hair the medicine woman then did her pit hairs.

With all Anna's hair being covered in the thick goo the medicine woman sat Anna down in front of the fire where she just sat for a few hours without a thought in her head.

Five hours after the goo had been applied Anna was taken to the small waterfall off to one side of the valley. At the waterfall Anna was given a new set of nose plugs before she was positioned under the falling water. Standing under the falling water for about five minutes Anna was then pulled out and the medicine woman checked her handy work.

As Anna saw her reflection in the water she could see that all her hair had gone fuzzy and black, which caused her to giggle a little. What Anna didn't know was that her once lovely blonde hair would never grow blonde again.

Having had her nose plugs replaced with ever-larger ones during the night Anna awake still in her disconnected uncaring state. Soon after Anna had awoken the medicine woman returned carrying two large glossy leafs that were covered in a thick white glue like substance.

Standing Anna up, the medicine woman then pushed the two leafs onto Anna's breasts, being careful to contour the leafs so that they touched and covered every part of Anna's breasts. Soon after the leafs had been applied Anna vaguely became aware of how hot her breasts were getting.

Three days later, once the exothermic reaction that had taken place around and inside Anna's was over, the now dry brown leafs were removed and Anna saw right away that her breasts were nearly double the size they had been. Peering through the haze of the nose plug drug Anna noticed that her queen-sized knockers had large nipples that looked like deep tanned leather but even that couldn't bother her.

No sooner had Anna seen that her nipples looked like leather then she watched as the medicine woman made a hole through her nipples, which a pair of large gold hoops were then inserted into. Soon after the nipple rings had been locked and welded in place so that the joint was hidden in the nipple hole, Anna watched as a pair of goat horns filled with heavy metal were hung from the nipple rings, causing her breasts to be pulled way down.

At that point in spite of the drugs in her system Anna should have been more worried then she was but the truth was she wasn't as worried as she should have been because what was being done to her filled a primal fantasy of hers.

With the weights pulling Anna's nipples towards the ground she was stood up and posed with her arms out. Anna soon felt the medicine woman start to paint her with an odd bad smelling mixture made of berries, ground up
charcoal, some herbs and milk. By the time the medicine woman was done Anna could feel the paste all over her body, even shoved into her openings, which felt odd.

When the bad smelling mixture had finally cured Anna found herself being taken to the waterfall where it was washed off. Being pulled from the waterfall Anna looked down at her pulled down breasts and when she did her brain told her that her skin was darker then it had once been.

Twice more that very day the process of being coated in the mix was repeated and twice Anna found herself being left out in the sun to cook. With the long day over and the sun starting to set Anna was taken back to her hut but not before noticing how dark her skin had gotten.

That night as Anna was bedded she found her nostril plugs being replaced with new bigger ones that stretched her nose even larger.

The following morning with the rising of the sun Anna was once more made ready for the day. As the medicine woman set to work that morning she started by coating the palms of Anna's hands and the bottom of her feet with hot bees wax before the painting started.

Five more times through out that day Anna found the washing and reapplying treatment being repeated until finally near the end of the day she was given one more wash down in the waterfall.

Being led back to her hut, Anna realized that her skin was now as black or brown as any other member of the tribe and even in her drugged state that made her shiver with delight.

Back in her hut Anna just sat their emotionlessly as a small group of woman started to apply jewellery to her body so that she looked in that respect like every other woman of the tribe.

The morning after Anna had been given her jewellery, jewellery that she would wear for the rest of her life, she was taken from her hut to a place in shadows. Once sat down in the place of shadows Anna's head was bent back and the medicine woman dripped something into them that caused her eyes to turn totally black before they rolled back in her head.

For hours Anna just remained in the position she had been posed in, with her eyes rolled back in her head but finally as the sun started to go down over the valley, which seemed to happen at about three in t he afternoon, Anna's eyes rolled back into place. Anna's eyes took focus and her low level awareness just as darkness started to fall over the valley but her eyes were no longer blue, they were now black.

Soon after Anna had regained awareness or what passed for it for her, she found herself being lifted to her feet where a new set of plugs; the largest yet were inserted into her nose.

"Now," said the medicine woman in a hissing voice, "it is time for the final ritual."

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Birthday Wishes (AP, AR) by Jared86
Postby Jared86 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:24 pm

Birthday Wishes (AP, AR) by Jared86. A short story about a mother and daughter on their shared birthday…

“Excuse me,” the mother called out to the waiter as he passed by the table for two. “I wanted to let you know we have a birthday over here,” she said, gesturing to her daughter.

“All right, one birthday,” the waiter said with a beaming smile.

“Actually,” the eight year old girl called out. “It’s two birthdays!” she said as she pointed back at her mom.

“Wow, you two were both born on the same day?” the waiter asked, and both mother and child nodded in reply. “All right, two birthdays coming up.” Soon, two scoops of ice cream were presented, along with blazing candles and an artless rendition of “Happy Birthday” by a trio of waitstaff.

“What will you wish for, Christie?” her mother, Sandy, asked.

“I don’t know. I wish I wasn’t turning eight. I wish I was all grown up,” the girl said with a bubbly exuberance.

Sandy was turning 40 years old, and she couldn’t help but wish for a different number for herself as well. She longed for the days of her youth, back when she was young, beautiful, and bereft of all responsibilities. She was glad, at least, that she had a close relationship with her child. After her husband had left, they were all each other had. Christie had already started growing up too quickly, taking over some of the household chores to make up for Dad not being there. Sandy was glad they could be together and enjoy their mother-daughter time.

“Blow your candle out and make a wish,” Sandy said, and both mother and child extinguished their birthday lights simultaneously. Both were thinking fervently of their wish to change how old they were. A slight tingle went through their bodies.

As they slowly dug into their ice cream, their bodies started to change. Christie started to grow a little taller in her chair, though from her perspective, the room’s ceiling was shrinking. Over just a few seconds, her body was maturing well past her eight years. Puberty was starting to kick in, and her little dress was stretched and contorted with her developing curves. Small breasts blossomed in the front while feminine contours now decorated her hips and buttocks. Christie’s ears became pierced and her facial features matured into the look of a teenager.

Meanwhile, Sandra was changing as well. Crow’s feet and laugh lines disappeared from her face, as signs of aging started to vanish. The changes weren’t strictly limited to her face. When she was pregnant with Christie, she had gained a significant amount of “baby weight,” and hadn’t managed to shake it off. Now, those pounds were fading away. Her wide, child-bearing hips were narrowing, and the rest of the fat was melting off her body. Sandy’s arms became thinner and narrower, losing that “old lady arm’ effect, while her tummy flattened and her thighs became more spindly. Her breasts were lifted as well, losing the slight sag she had developed in her late 30s. Her body looked just as it did before she had become pregnant.

Sandy and Christie looked up at the same time, staring into each other’s eyes. Sandy’s blackish blue eyes penetrated the brown eyes of her now teenaged daughter, as Christie looked back at her much younger mother.

“Honey?’ Sandy asked, her voice tight with fear and surprise. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, mom.” Christie said, surprising them both with the older sound of her voice.

“How old do I look?” Sandy asked.

“Early 30s I guess,” Christie said. “Are you old enough to have a sixteen year old child? You would have been a child yourself when you were pregnant with me.”

“I was thirty two when I was pregnant with you,” Sandy said, remembering it clearly.

“Yeah,” Christie replied. “But something has changed us.”

Just then, Christie and Sandy could feel themselves start to tingle again. This time, they did not turn away to look at their ice cream - they stared intently into each other’s eyes. Sandy saw her mother grow even younger. Her reddish brown hair went from a matronly style to a modern one, while the years vanished from her face. All wrinkles vanished, and her skin seemed to have a youthful glow to it. Her old fashioned dress was replaced by a tank top and a mini skirt, which showed off her trim, youthful figure.

Sandy saw her daughter grow up before her eyes. Her little girl’s dress was replaced with a woman’s, while her body finished developing. Her breasts swelled out in front of her, and her height continued to grow a couple of inches. Christie’s face bore the makeup of a mature woman, not a child. Her hairstyle had evolved first from a little girl’s pigtails to a teenager’s wild tresses. Now it was long, straight, and very lovely.

“Can I get you two anything?” the waiter said as he walked past the table. He apparently did not notice anything was amiss.

“I think need a drink,” Sandy said, her voice sounding a bit higher than it had before. She wasn’t sure if this was from the shock of the change or if her vocal chords had changed as well.

“I’ll need to see some ID,” the waiter said. It was the first time Sandy had been carded in a decade.

When she produced it from her purse, it contained a picture of her younger self, and her maiden name.

“Oh wow, your 21st birthday. Congratulations. I guess this is your first legal drink?” he asked.

“Um, I guess so,” Sandy said, still feeling confused.

“Well, drink up,” he said after he returned with the drink. “I’m sure your older sister here is the designated driver.”

The phrase ‘older sister’ hit both women like a sledgehammer. Since neither had a mirror, neither was aware until that moment that they had changed so much that the daughter was now older than her own mother.

“Nobody noticed,” Christie said. “And your driver’s license says you’re twenty one. What happened to us?”

“I think I know,” Sandy said as the realization hit her like a freight train. “You wished to be older, remember? And, silently, I wished to be younger. We both got our wish.”

“I didn’t think birthday wishes actually came true!” Christie exclaimed. “If that’s how it works, why didn’t I get my pony when I was five?”

“I don’t know all the rules either,” Sandy said. “But for, this seems to be who we are.” After they paid for the meal - they split the bill - they gingerly rose from their feet and left the restaurant. Christie enjoyed how many men seemed to be eyeing her new body and the poise and grace that now characterized her walk.

Sandy, meanwhile was equally enjoying the new attention. When she was 40, she had figured her dating days were behind her - now her main responsibility was to care for her child. Now she knew she’d get attention and dates.

Before they started the car, Christie insisted on getting the registration from the glove department to see who’s car it was. It was registered in Christie’s name, so she insisted on driving them home - as she now had a driver’s license, one that said she was 24.

Christie checked her cell phone’s GPS recent destinations to find out where they lived. Home turned out to be small apartment near a college campus. From reading papers strewn about, the two learned that Sandy was a junior in her undergrad and Christie was working on her Master’s thesis. Both of them took some time to look over their new bodies in the mirror, amazed at how much they had changed.

“So this is our life now,” Sandy remarked with a sigh. “I can’t believe I’m majoring in music. It’s what I always wanted to major in. I dropped out last time, but this time I’m going to finish school.”

Christie walked over to Sandy and gave her a hug. Ever since her father had left, she had tried to be there for her mom, growing up as fast as she could. Now, though, she was her own mom’s older sister! It thrilled her with excitement and contentment at the same time. Now she really could be the big protector she’d always wanted to be.

Christie was slightly taller than Sandy, and she leaned down and stroked her sister’s hair affectionately. “You’ve got a second chance,” she said. “You’re going to do everything the way you wanted this time,” she said. “The right major, the right job, the right husband,” Christie cooed.

“What makes you really think it will turn out better this time?” Sandy asked, feeling fearful.

“Because last time you didn’t have a big sister looking out for you,” Christie said. “I’ll always be here for you,” she whispered into Sandy’s ear.

A tear made it’s way down Sandy’s face, and she held onto her older sister tightly. She never wanted to let go.


I created this story story as a special commission. To request your own commission, send me a private message on this forum or visit my web site
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Brenda's revenge (WG mind control humiliation)
Postby atilde » Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:03 am

Hello friends

Another Old story I've reworked a little.

Take Care, it is still for Adults


Sophie was vain. She was vain and had always something unpleasant to tell about
other girls.

No… Really she was diabolic. She told everyone that her best friend, Sonia's
mother was a bitch.

She had also told that for Brenda's mother. For these two, it was the same situation, as they were in jail for prostitution.

When Sonia was crying telling that her mother was a good woman, Sophie was smilling. It is sure that Sonia's situation in life was really better than for Sonia and Brenda.

Each time, when Sophie smilled, Brenda had a hard look at her with her large black eyes. Brenda had always been very close to Sonia and told her not to cry.

It was the time Sophie had choiced to tell them that they were fat dykes.

It is sure that Sonia and Brenda where on the heavy side. It had been
very difficult for these two girls to live the period of judgement and incarceration of their mothers. Sonia had had a big depression and by consequence had put on more
than fifty pounds. Brenda on the other side had always been pugdy like
her mother. "It's in the genes" she said sometime.

But as all chubby women, Brenda was really pleasant. She was soft and everything was soft on her. she was big, and if you knew her, you may thing that her body is small according to the size of her heart. It is why it was rare and strange to see this hard look coming from her eyes.

Sophie was still smiling. She thought about Sonia. Before when her mother was not in jail, she had also money, she was as her, thin an popular. Now she was a fatty without taste of fashion. She had not bought new clothes since a long time and
had the fashion wear of two years ago. All clothes where too small. She didn't
understood why Sonia did not want to buy new clothes as she did before.

Sophie was sure that her father had the right to dismiss,Sonia's and Brenda's
fathers. Her's was the Big Manager of the biggest Society in the town. It
was not her fault. But it was not a reason for Sonia and Brenda to be so out of the fashion? These girls now, where not interessant anymore.

Sophie was in her world. She hadn't understood why Sonia's mother had to work. Before she was at home. She loved her it as a very beautiful woman. At 40 she looked like
30. She was very athletic and slim if not too tall. She had seen that Julie, Sonia's mother was not happy. She had wanted to help her telling some things to make Julie loose her job and retrun home to be happy as before, and it is why she had told her father that Julie had some affairs with several workers during her day of work.She had done the same with Jane, Brenda's mother, a chubby to fat woman. It was not her fault if they had been dismissed also and if they where on jail for prostitution now.

It was not her fault. In her opinion telling that imaginative story was a good thing. For example, Sophie's mother had told one day that she had problems with worker at her job and since this time, her father had told her to be at home. It had worked !!!
She had really wanted to help Sonia and Brenda and having the two mothers returning at home, but…. If they were in jail now, it was perhaps that they had really done something wrong.
No… It was not her fault. She had done her best to help her friends.


Brenda was closing her mobile phone. She had done it now… It was time for revenge.
Sophie will have a taste of the real life.


Sophie was as usual in the stores. Her credit card was becoming hot. She had several boxes and bags. She was buying another pair of shoes when the cashier told her :
"Your credit card is not accepted."

Sophie was not a pleasant woman, you imagine the scene… and five minutes after, two policemen were in the store. When Sophie told them her name, they had a strange look and One told that they had received a phone call and that she had to go with them.She wanted to tell another bad world, telling that all policemen where….(@@@@@@xx!!!) (we all know here that it is not the truth.)

Two minutes after she was in the police station. They had a file about her,
she told that it was an error, but it was not possible to prove it. She
wanted to call her father, but she knew that he was in Europe and not
possible to join. She wanted to call but they answered that they had
called for her the number of one person written on her file. This person had answered that he will come soon.

Sophie was close to cry, but she was vain and decided to wait and not to
answer to the questions.


One hour after, a strange old man came. He was not too tall. he had a
strange voice and large black black hat. He spoke to her two seconds :

"Sophie, another time with a credit card? It will be jail now. Your
files indicated that you have been arrested ten times for prostitution,
six time about alcool, and I do not speak about the drug.You will have at least
one year in jail for this error. During this time you will need to receive one
treatment for your addictions. It is not possible to have less."

It was not possible anymore for Sophie not to cry.

"Who are you? I have never been arrested, I've never had drug or alcool.
I have money, My father is very rich. Call him he will pay."

The strange man was smilling.

"I've all power here. According to your files, I've decided that you will have this detention. But if you want, I know something to make it reduced to six monthes. If you are ok, you will have to ask for a treatement by hypnosis."

Sophie was lost… Perhaps that this alternative was interessant…

"But mister… If I want this treatment what have I to do? Are you sure that it will reduce my period in jail?"

It was not easy to the Strange man not to laugth.

"When you will arrive in jail, you will ask to be put with the prostitutes. Do not
be afraid. They are pleasant with young girls. After, you tell the doctor that
you understand your errors and that you recognize that have a big problem with alcool and drugs. You tell the Doctore that you want to change, that you are a bad girl and that you would like to receive one treatment by hypnosis to become a good girland get rid of all these addictions."

Sophie started to gain a little confidence.

"I'm ok, I will do that. But my father, you will call him?"

It was not possible anymore for the man to resist and he left saying. "Ok. I
will call him".


Two days after, Sophie arrived in the jail. She did as the strange man
had told her a last time before opening the door.
The prostitutes were really pleasant with her. Two of them, two round and fat women where very friendly. The other women where also overweight

She was waiting for the doctor now.

Brenda removed her large black hat. No… She was not happy of what she
had done, but it was time for revenge now. She made Sophie's father
phone number.

The voice was rude….

Brenda changing her voice began to speak:

-Are you Sophie's father?

-Yes I am! What has she done!!!

-Nooo… Don't be afraid, She is playing a game, and this game is called
"Tell the opposite".

-Yes, tell her that I've no time to play. I have several responsibilities,
I'm the manager of a large company and the most important man of this

-So, in order to be quick, I will record you answers for some quick questions.
Are you ok with that? I start the recorder… So you want her to win,
you want her to gain a lot!!!

-Ok, but quick…Yes I want her to gain a lot.

-Ok… we start now please answer the opposit of what you want to tell, for
example, speaking of you, if I tell : Are you in good health, you answer?

-I'm not in good health… That all?

-Ok.. the last test and we start : Do you want to leave your company and
all responsibilities? it that case you answer?

-I've understood. I answer : Yes I want to leave the company and all my

- Ok we start now quick last test… You may add other ideas also it
gives more points to your daughter. so… Do you like to have money on
several accounts.

- No I don't like to have money. I give all to the prostitutes. I need
only one account with the minimum on it.

-Fabulous Mister, I'm sure your daughter will win with these extra points!!!

So the little test. I record your answers.

1- Is your daughter pleasant

No she is not, I do not like her.

2- Is your daughter pretty and slim? What do you want her to do to become like you want?

My daughter is too thin, I want her to put on pounds.

3- Do you like her hairdo?

I prefer her hair cut short and dyed black.

4- Do you want her to succeed in life to be intelligent and proud of her?

No, I want her to be put down. She has no need to be intelligent. She has to be shy and loose all confidence. She does not need that to be a waitress.

You are very good Mister. I've still 6 question more. You have spoken
about making her fat could you please develop? I think it may give her
several more points.

-Ok so I continue to tell the opposite.

If it was possible, I will love if she had and heavy bottom, if she was
pear shaped. I will love also if she was less tall, but it is not
possible. Making her at 5'not more. I want her fat, but not obese.

-Ok, so we continue the test, many thanks Mister, it is sure you are a
great father. Your daughter will be happy to know you have helped her.

5- You have put Two women in jail. What do you want now?

I want them to be free immediately.

6- Do you want you daughter to be a smoker or a drinker.

Yes I want my daughter to smoke, to be a heavy smoker and to drink more
that to the limit.

7- If it was necessary will you accept your daughter to have plastic

Yes If it is needed I will love have her receive surgery.

8- Do you like how you are physically?

No I will love to be fat and baldy.

9- About your wife. What is your opinion physically and all.

I think that as my daughter, she is too thin. She is too vain an
intelligent. She needs to be a good housewife.

10- Do you want your daughter and you wife to be pretty?

No I want them without fashion taste and fat. I will love also if they
had some accent or problem to speak to have her less confident.

-Ok, it is the end of the test. I hope Sophie will win. You have made
your best!!!

-Thank you very much Mister. It has not been too long. Due to the Game,
Sophie will not be available for 6 months. Please do not call her, it
may make her loose points.


Brenda stopped the recorder. She had all. The revenge was on the way.

It will be a real revenge. They had to pay for what they had done.
What Brenda wanted to do, needed a big organisation. And she was very
good in organisation.

First she had seen her mother putting on pounds in jail, at each visit she
had seen her mother adding 10 pounds or 20 pounds. Her mother had
explained what did to her the Doctor. She had told her that for Sonia's mother
it was the same. She was very fat now.

The doctor had a contract with an organisation. This organisation worked
for drug, prostitution and they organised Sumo Fatty Fightings but for fat

The Doctor sometime had to fatten as punishment some rebel prostitute to
become the fatty women called the Sumo Fatties. Some young prostitutes
wanting to quit the organisation where put in jail and fattened.

One of them the fatter one at 350 pounds was before a thin an muscular
women. She was of english origin and was a high class prostitute, she
had education it was possible to use her as an "escort girl" for
influent customers and blackmail them after to gain some avantages.

Now she had changed physically but also mentally. The doctor was an
expert in hypnotism. When you eared the fatty speak in was not possible
anymore to recognise the intelligent and English styled woman. She had a
strange Spanish accent and had difficulties to find her words.

But when she found words, it was always the vulgar one's. She looked of
poor education and had not the skill for calculation or reading. In fact
1 to 10 was the maximum for her and a book was not one attractive thing
for her, or it needed to have drawings or pictures.

Brenda was not able to stop the organisation, but she wanted to make the lawers move. She had a plan. a good one. She was sure that when the organisation will be arrested, the doctor discovered, and Sonia and her mothers free, it will be possible for her to see the life with a real future.

Some had to pay for what they had done and it was on the plan.

First, She called the prison asking for the Doctor:

Brenda- Sushi, judo?

The secretary answered surprised:

Secretary : Hello here the biggest Jail of the town… May I help you?

Brenda- Sushi, arigato, justi-tsu? Boss ping organisation Sumo parler speak

Secretary : You want to speak with the Doctor?

Brenda: Domo arigato si speak Doctor. Boss Fatty Sumo organisation Speak
Doctor with.

Secretary : I connect you.. wait a second.

Music: tri bip bip tri bip bip… tri bip bip tac tac…

Doctor- Hello, Doctor miss Marple speaking, Good morning, may I help you?

Brenda- Karateka, toyota suzuki?

Doctor- Could you please repeat? I do not understand.

Brenda- You little nem! No speak the language of the organisation who
pay you big money???

Doctor- Please apologies.. You are the organisation… Please apologies
I had not recognised you… Have you a mission for me?

Brenda- Fujiama!!! You understand little beatle!! We have a new management now!!! MY new boss the leader of the organisation is the boss of the biggest company of the town and need anapurna!!!

Doctor- There is a new boss and he needs anapurna?

Brenda- No idiot shrimp doctor the new boss needs revenge on her daughter Sophie in jail here! Sumo change!!

Doctor- Ok I understand.. please apologies.. You are right I am an idiot sometime…I know that you pay me a large amount of money.. I'm idiot, yes… I will do what he wants.

Brenda- He will tell you what he needs and as you are a bonzaï!!! Me…help you understand.

Doctor- Yes I am bonzaï…

Brenda had prepared everything. She pushed on the recorder button.

Recorder- My daughter is too thin, I want her to put on pounds.

Doctor- Yes your daughter Sophie… I have to see her today. She is
beautiful.You are a luky man.

Recorder- No she is not, I do not like her.I will love if she had a heavy
bottom, if she was pear-shaped.

Doctor- Yes Boss it is possible, But she will not accept. You know young
women today are intelligent…

Recorder- She has no need to be intelligent. She has to be shy and loose
all confidence.

Doctor- So you want me to change a little her mind?

Recorder-I want her to be put down.

Doctor- you know I use the same technics as the hypnotists use to remove the addiction for heavy smokers. I am good in hypnotism.

Brenda- You are a little shrimp!!! DO NOT speak you of Kawasaki? Don't like sushi money?? Let boss speak.

Recorder-I want my daughter to smoke, to be a heavy smoker and to drink
more that to the limit.

Doctor- Yes the little bonzaï understands your needs. It will be done.But about her look do you want the normal fattening process of more surgical action?

Recorder-Yes If it is needed I will love to have her receive surgery. I will love also if she was less tall, making her at 5'not more. I want her fat, but not obese.

Doctor- yes it is possible also, but her mother will not be able to recognise her. You love her mother no?

Recorder-…tell the opposite.

Brenda- Little nem!!! Let Boss speak!! Tell the opposite or the contract is
closed!! no more money for hentai!!! Hunday?

Doctor- Yes Hunday… You do not love your wife and your daughter?…

Recorder-No I want them without fashion taste and fat. I will love also if they had some accent or problem to speak to have her less confident.

Doctor- So you want you little nem to change your wife also?

Recorder-I think that as my daugther, she is too thin. She needs to be a good housewife.

Doctor- Yes but it is your wife if she works she needs to be…

Recorder-She does not need that to be a waitress.

Doctor- But your wife is not here. I will have to find her. I thing that as a
woman of the high society she is a blonde no?

Recorder-I prefer her hair cut short and dyed black.I will love to have her receive surgery.

Doctor_ Ok I will change her from blonde to what you need. Your little Bonzaï will do that for the organisation. I will go at your home and discuss with her… As an hypnotist does… You know your wife an daughter will never be able to return to a normal state.

Recorder-Yes I want.I've understood.

Brenda- Little dayatsu, The boss needs also other mission. Yoga?

Doctor- Yes Yoga, yoga, all the boss of the organisation need, Little dayatsu will do.

Brenda- It is about two womens, they are mothers of Sonia and Brenda.

Doctor- yes I know them. They had done nothing but I have had to fatten them.

Recorder- I want them to be free immediately.

Doctor- Yes it will be done today.

Recorder-Yes I want to leave.

Brenda- Little chop sue, the Boss has left now. he has given you your instructions. you will do it!!!

Doctor- Yes be confident with me.

Brenda- Sake, Sushi, tsin tao!!

Doctor- Tsin Tao!!!

The doctor was still afraid. She had a big mission but everything was ok for him. he did not like the changes in organisation, but he liked the new boss. He loved also her secretary. He loved women of power.

Brenda was looking at her recorder. It had worked. No the revenge was really on the way. She had to call Sonia and to tell her to come with her to the jail. If it was ok they will see their mothers free within a few minutes.

They where in front of the jail Sonia was sad. Brenda had not told Sonia
about her mother because she was not sure. But when the door opened and the mothers went out of the jail, The pleasure on Sonia's face was a the most beautiful present for Brenda.

But not time for that she had, as Sonia, to kiss her mother and give her all her love.

Now she was sure it had worked. Smile.

The mothers and daughters were Happy. Brenda loved to kiss her mother it
was a sweet sensation. her mother was really fat now and under her skin
it was a thick layer of fat. It was the same for Sonia. She loved to be
in her Mother's arms.

The two daughters did not want to tell how they loved their now fat
mothers. But Sonia's mother spoke first.

S mother- Woa!! Sonia you have become beautiful. I love it!!!

B mother- You are right she is beautiful!!! Brenda, it would be good if you followed Sonia.

Brenda- I do not understand mother? What are you speaking of?

B mother- Look how she is beautiful now. I'm sure she has gained perhaps 40 pounds!!!

Sonia- In fact…I've put on 55 pounds…

B mother- And you Brenda, how much have you gained yourself?

Brenda- Nothing mother… I'm still at the same weight.

S mother- I thing it is time to give you an explanation. Can we go home now? We have to discuss.

Brenda- Yes mother, but apologies, I'm sure that I will have some phone calls to do today.

B mother- We will prepare a good meal for us during this time. We are here now for you and Sonia. We have learned several thing you will love also. We have taken some "souvenirs" in the medicine cabinet. We are sure that you will love to test them.


Miss Marple the doctor was smiling. She loved to play on two levels. She
had called the Police. She had identified the Boss of the organisation.
It was the Manager of the bigger company of the town. She was thinking
about the ten thousand dollars she will receive for that. She will do
the job on the mother and the daughter, but it will be the last one. She
had money. It was time for long holidays.

Brenda Had received a phone call from a friend of the Police office. It
was time for another phase. She had to wait two more minutes and to call
Sophie's father just after the police phone call.

Brenda changing her voice to the one of the doctor called Sophie's father.

Brenda- Hello Sir?

S father- He… Hello… It is the police again???

The voice was less authoritarian. It was the voice of an afraid person.
Brenda was very good to do the same voice as the one of the Doctor.

Brenda- Good afternoon, I'm Doctor Marple. I think you have problems and I want to help you.

S father- How do you know that!!! … I'm lost… I'm lost… It is not me… I'm not the boss of this organisation…

Brenda- Yes I know that and it is possible for me to help you.

S father- They told I was the Boss of one organisation working with drug and prostitution. But it is not me!!! It is not me.

Brenda- I know it is not you. It is possible for me to help you to become another person so it will not be you really.

S father- You mean by some operations giving me another face?

Brenda- Yes for example. If you want me to do that, Come tomorrow tell one thing not more. If I ask for other questions, or if I speak of silly things, do not take care. It is because I thing it may be microphones so I tell strange things. When you will come you will ask me : "Please change me. I want to be another man" nothing more ok?

S father- Yes I will come. But are you a good surgeon?

Brenda- An excellent one. So remember not more than one phrase.

S father- Yes. Many thanks…. You are saving my life!!!

Brenda- see you tomorrow.


Brenda needed now to use her recorder. She had to call the real doctor
now to foresee the meeting between Sophie's father and him. But she
eared some noises coming from the kitchen.

In the kitchen, she was surprised. Her mother and Sonia's mother had
opened the suitcase they had when they had left the jail. It was full of
bottles and syringes. Sonia was smiling. She was nude on the table and
her mother with a syringe was doing some injections on her butt cheeks.

Brenda- Mother??? What are you doing???

B mother- Wait Brenda, I will explain the process to you.

Brenda- Sure I will need explanations but wait a second I have to make a
phone call and push play on my recorder. I come in a few seconds.

She had the vue of her best friend receiving injections… What was
that!!! She returned in her room and dialed the number of the Doctor.

Doctor- Hello? Here Doctor Marple? May I help you?

Recorder- I think that as my daugther I will love to be fat

Doctor- Hello? I know this voice. Is it you Boss? Is your secretary here?

Recorder- No she is not.

Doctor- I think that the police has called you and you want me to help
you? But I promise, I've never called the police, I'm not like that…So
you are the Boss?

Recorder- Yes I am!

Doctor- I'm able to change your look, I may do some modifications. What
do you want me to do?

Recorder- I will love to be fat and baldy.I will love to — receive
surgery,to be a heavy smoker and to drink more that to the limit.

Doctor- Yes it is possible to do that. You will look older and your
health will decline and give you the body of a looser. Do you want to do
that? If yes, you come at height am Tomorrow.

Recorder- Yes I want, I've understood.

Now brenda stopped the recorder and dialed the phone number of Sophie's
father's secretary.

At this time the message will be recorded on the mail box.

She had the mail recorder on line now.

Recorder - I'm not in good health… I want to leave the company and all
my responsibilities. I don't like to have money. If it was possible, I
will love to give all to the prostitutes. I need only one account with
the minimum on it.I want to be free immediately.

Brenda stopped the recorder and returned to the kitchen. Her revenge was
on the way.

Tomorrow morning the big boss will have a complete change of life.

Now, she had to understand what they where doing in the kitchen.

Sonia and the two mothers were waiting for her. Sonia was not anymore
nude. But it was strange her pants, she had bought two days before,
seemed really to small now. Ready to explode. Sonia had not been able to
close the first two buttons. She was smiling, passing her hands on her

B mother. So Brenda, please take this chair. We have explained to Sonia,
and she is ok with us. Do you want me to give you all explanations now?

Brenda- Yes Mother, I want to understand.

B mother- So, ear what I've to tell you and I hope you will be ok…
So… You have seen that Sonia's mother and me have put on a large amount of weight. We have been fattened in order to become Sumo fighter.
At first, we where not happy, but after the first pounds we have loved to see our body changes. It was different, we were in jail. We had nothing to do. We were far from the real life, no need to diet, no need to answer to a specific fashion. In fact we wanted to be fat since a long time, but in our normal life it was not possible to take this decision. We were in jail,but we have understood in fact that the real jail was before when we were out.

Brenda- You mean that in the normal life you were not free?

B mother- Yes darling. We were not free to be fat if we wanted to.Because of the others because ot the fashion, because of other persons who judge you. In the real world when you are fat, it means that you have no willpower.

Brenda- Yes I understand what you mean. I've seen how our friends have changed the kind of relations with us when Sonia has put on pounds. She has been rejected.

B mother- Yes it is the real jail. When we have received the treatment to grow fat,in fact we were more free than out of jail. All the other women where fat and it was no problem or remarkst between us. Do you want me to continue?

Brenda- Yes mother, please.

B mother- When one person is fat, she always want to be thin. It is not good for the health. She loose one pounds and after put on two etc… Do you remember how much Sonia was dieting before? Her body was her jail. She had to maintain a style. to be thin…

Brenda- Yes I remember and she has always been a model for me. She was so beautiful she looked like the model in the fashion books. Me, I've always been plump, so It was not possible for me. But she was and is my best friend and we have never made remarks about our looks.

B mother- So… What if a woman wants actively to gain weight. As a woman wants to diet. It needs also to do sacrifices. It needs will power.

Brenda- Yes you are right mom. And in fact I love the new you, with your rounder body. You look much happier than before.

B mother- Yes I am really free now. No need to diet and with a fantastic and womanly body. You told me Sonia was your model?

Brenda- Yes mother. Sonia is my best friend and she was my model.

B mother- And if she was your model now? How do you find her body.

Brenda- I think she is beautiful. These new forms, and her larger butt gives her a really lovely body. Sonia is really beautiful. But I do not understand. What were you doing with these syringes?

B mother- I will answer you after. First tell me… I think that Sonia is still your model now? You will love to be like her no?

Brenda- Yes I will love… But what will say …

B mother- Go out of your Jail!!! Be free!!! You will love to be like her yes or no??!!!

Brenda- Yes… I will love… To be… Like her. I will love that…

B mother- I was sure of that. I've seen how you looked at her butt and her breasts since the time we have been out of jail. Remove you clothes my dear please.

Brenda was ashamed… She had told to the two mothers and her best friend that she loved fat women… She removed her clothes. She was chubby, but perhaps 40 pounds under Sonia's weight. Her hips were not touching but was close too. Her breasts were still firm, her belly round but not too much. She had a round butt, but not too big. She was only chubby…

Her mother asked her to go on the table and she had the sensation of the syringe doing several punctures on her ass cheeks on the top of her iner and outer tights.

B mother- Now I will explain to you what we have done to Sonia and what you are receiving now. We have taken a complete set of syringes in the Doctor's laboratory. She has given all these and explained how it worked. As you have told us that you wanted to be like Sonia, this treatment will help you to gain weight very fast, but what is important is that we can remodel your body and accentuate the growth of specific parts. As we have seen that you appreciate the big butts, we have
decided that your butt will be the bigger part of you growth.

Brenda- I will have real forms now. It is strange my ass and tighs are hot.

B mother- Yes because as Sonia, you will put on 10 pounds on your butt
immediately. And as when a woman has a big butt it is needed for her to
walk in a certain manner, we had done our best for having you tights grow also and they will rub together now.

Brenda- I love you mother… Today I Thought that I had put you out of jail, but it is you who have made me free. I love you. But… I wanted..about my…

B mother- Yes you looked at Sonia's butt and also at her breasts… We have not given you this treatment because when the breasts gain volume, they also loose their firm aspect and fall. I think you are too young to have soft pear shaped breasts.

Brenda- Mother…. please.. If they are bigger it is ok for me…

B mother- As you want darling. Howw!!! I've not told you you have received a larger dose than Sonia for you Butt as you have to be as you model soon.

Brenda was smiling receiving some treatment on her breasts. She was on her chair and understood now what was arriving. The chair was really more comfortable.

During this time the doctor had arrived in front of Sophie's parents house.

It was a large house it seemed the larger and most luxious of the city.
She pushed on the button and a Westminster carillon made a music.
A pleasant an thin woman opened the door.

She was blonde and she had the last fashion of French's Couture clothes.

Doctor- Ruanita? You are Ruanita?

Wife- No I am the wife of the powerfull man of this city. There is no Ruanita here.

She looked vain. She was speaking with a high voice and several maners.

Doctor- Let me look in your eyes really you looks like Ruanita.

Wife- Please let me. I've told you I'm … Your eyes they are… I'm not…

Doctor- So good morning Ruanita how are you today?

Wife- Ruanita? I don't know? Who are you?

Doctor- You know who I am Ruanita. An don't make too efforts to speak english you know that you put to much "a" and too much "o" always.

Wife- Runanita speak good english!

Doctor- It is not speak!! it is habla.

Wife- Si I underst..a… Comprendo.

Doctor- Ruanita. You will come with me. I have a good job for a waitress like you. But we have to make you more desirable. You don't look like the good spanish maid you are.

Wife- Si Ruanita will coma con la mujere, miss.

Doctor- Follow me Ruanita and remove these shoes. You are more comfortable with flat shoes.

Wife- Si comprendo Ruanita como with.. con.. usted.

Driving to her laboratory, the doctor looked at the woman at the back of the car. Her eyes was closed she had asked her to sleep during the transfert. These blond hair had to go and she was too much slim. She will be put in room 3. Her Daughter was in the Room 2.

It has not been difficult with the daughter. First, she didn't want to do big changes to this beautiful girl, but what she had told her has given her other ideas.

Sophie had told her that she wanted to be put with the prostitutes. She had told that she had a big problem with alcool and drug. That she was a bad girl and wanted to receive one treatment by hypnosis to become a good girl and get rid of all these addictions.

Sure she was a good girl now. a very shy one. Making her smaller had been fun. She will make the mother at the same size. It will be fun.

She had also followed the Boss needs. Within one month from now the new boss will have a family to suit his new condition.


Brenda was smiling. She knew that since one month Sophie's Father had arrived in the Doctor Marple Clinic. She knew her plan had worked because Sophie's parents house had been sold and a new boss had been put at the top of the society.

Her mother and Sonia's one had received a large amount of money, and they had eared that all the prostitutes had receives the same amount. It was more than nine hundred thousand dollars for each. All had quit the profession. Some had opened little stores.

But what was funny, was what had done the mothers with the money. They had decided that they will live together now. Brenda was sure now that they had more than normal relations.

The used the same bedroom. They had now a large house near the sea. It was several rooms and a large swimming pool.

Sonia was swimming and she was looking at her in the water. She had changed. her head was over the water and she had a very round face now with a beautiful double chin. Sonia wanted to go out of the swiming pool and Brenda decided to look more closely.

Sonia was 350 pounds now. Brenda loved fat butts and large breast and with Sonia she had all was possible to dream. Her body was shining in the sun her large thighs rolling together and her large breast falling on her round belly.

A pleasant music indicated that a visitor was at the door. Sonia told that perhaps it was the persons coming from the agency. They had asked for two maids and one man for service and garden.

Brenda continue to look at Sonia. Her hips were full of cellulite and still shining in the sun. Brenda had strange dreams about Sonia since one week and was thinking that perhaps she was becoming lesbian too. she turned on herself to see more of Sonia passing the door. She had difficulties as she had to push her large pear shaped breasts. She was on the floor but it was very comfortable. her ass was big now as her
hips and all her body.

She was sure that Sonia loved her too. When her mother had discussed about Brenda's weight, not wanting to make her more than 250 pounds, Sonia had asked her to have Brenda at the weight she had now. Yes she had asked her to gain really a large amount of weight.

Her mother and Sonia's one had stabilize their weight at 500 hundred pounds each, and Brenda at 400 was still small in comparison. But the weight gain had been too quick and Brenda needed time to stabilize. She had some stretch marks but she loved her new body.

Sonia returned. She was with three persons. At first view, Brenda was sure that it was the persons they had asked for. They seemed of Spanish or Portuguese origin. It was two women. They seemed pleasant not more that 5' tall and really overweight. They had short black hairs. The man was small also. He was close to be bald and had a big pot belly.

Sonia told that it was ok and that it was the new maids and the gardener. The mothers were happy and Brenda too. The woman had been pleasant she did not looked too intelligent. She was not good in english and she had told:

"Me Ruanita … my daugther. Maria mucha… Shy is. Me Husband Romeo."

Brenda smiled…. revenge done…. she looked at Maria and told "I hopeyou that you and your daughter have not too much problems with alcool? Also I do not want smokers. You will have to compensate with food ok?"

"Me Ruanita y Maria no drink .. anymore.. no emborachan con… no cigarillos"

"You will compensate with food. You may gain weight, but If I see that you continue to drink you will be returned in your country !!! Romeo has he is a gardener will be able to continue to drink and to smoke as he wants".

"Muchas gracias… A me gustaria…"

"What do you want Ruanita?"

"Tu… You remember me.. Una persona… One person I know?? Pero.. But…"

"Ruanita? May I ask you how much you weight you and your daughter?"

"Si.. me Ruanita 250 and la pequena 260…"

"It is ok… Welcome, but as we are not anymore in your country, I want to give you other surnames You will be Ashley, your daugther will be Sophie and your Husband will be called Richard. It is ok for you?

"Si me gusta y la chica.. We love it."

Sonia was smiling too. She told "It is strange you have given these persons the same surname as Sophie's parents. An you have named the daughter Sophie too. Is it to have a revenge? We have not eared of them since a long time."

"Yes my love. It is to have a revenge. We will never see them again I think."


R: 0 / I: 0
Down on the Farm
by Jared86. Contains weight gain, downgrade, pig, gas, and incest transformations.


The large house at the end of the street belonged to Milton and his mom, a brilliant, successful financial consultant. Milton was a bit of a nerd at school and was frequently bullied for it.

Milton’s mom, Julia, had become pregnant with Milton in high school, and when he found out the father split. Neither of them ever heard from him again, and after that, the only man in Julia’s life was her son.

It was early morning on a Thursday. Milton was looking forward to graduating high school in a few short weeks, and Julia was anticipating a long overdue promotion at work. Both of them performed their usual morning routines without suspicion or alarm, as thoughts of the future danced in their heads.

A dingy pickup truck slowly coasted to a stop outside their house. Before long, two large men wearing straw hats, greasy looking tattered shirts and suspenders exited the vehicle. They trudged towards the front door, kicking it down before running inside.

The front door swung in the wind, and from the street screams could be heard, followed by thuds and shatters and then by the distinctive sound of duct tape being unspooled. In another few moments, the two men hustled out of the home, each with a body over their shoulder. They deposited their abductees in the back of the truck and covered the vehicle’s bed. With a piercing “yeehaw,” they burned rubber and drove off down the street and into the distance.

Chapter 1

For what seemed like an eternity, Milton and Julia rolled around in the covered bed of the pickup truck. Without any restraints, they smashed into the side of the truck, or into each other, with every sharp turn. The gags prevented them from speaking. Milton tried to reach for his cellphone, but hours of trying to reach his fingers into his pocket ended when he found that the kidnappers had already taken it.

As the time passed, the noises of traffic slowly faded away. Soon, the sounds of crickets and farm animals replaced them, along with the smell of the country - manure and fertilizer.

Mercifully, the truck finally slowed to a stop. When the bed was opened, the light was blinding. Milton’s gag was removed first.

“Where are we?” Milton demanded to know as he stared out into the rural, unfamiliar terrain.

“Idaho,” one of the men said with a smile.

“That’s hundreds of miles away…” Milton said, his voice trailing off. “Why did you take us?”

“We took you to be our farmhand,” the other man answered. “And her,” he began, jerking his thumb in the direction of Milton’s mother, “for entertainment.”

“No,” Milton said faintly, still feeling in shock. “Never. We’ll never help you.”

“Sid, I told you this was going to be a struggle,” the first man said.

“Buck, when you’re right, you’re right. Time to teach them some respect,” Sid replied. With that, both of the men grabbed shovels, and swung them at Julia and Milton’s head, rendering them unconscious.

Chapter 2

When Milton awoke, he found himself chained to a fence post, but without a gag or any further restraint. Ahead of him was an open field, and a pig pen. He screamed and yelled for help for a few moments.

“Won’t do any good,” Sid said with a deep chuckle.

“We are miles and miles from anyone out here,” Buck added with a sinister grin.

Milton glared up at his captors silently, until he saw them bring his mom into the field.

“Leave her alone,” he protested futilely.

“Why?” Sid asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “You’ll go easy on us if we do?”

“Face it,” Buck started. “We can do whatever we want to you, or to her.”

“And we’re gonna prove it right here, right now,” Sid added. He turned his gaze to Julia and licked his lips. “Strip,” he commanded.

Julia shook her head, her body shaking with fear.

“Look,” Buck began, “Those are some nice city clothes you’ve got on,” he said as he ran his hands over her lacy blouse. “You can take them off, or we can tear them off. Your choice.”

With great reticence, Julia complied and disrobed, handing her clothes to Buck as she did so. Milton was still screaming at them to stop, but Sid and Buck weren’t paying attention. When Julia was down to just her bra and underwear, she was greeted to wolf whistles from her captors.

“Very nice,” Sid said. “But now let’s make it everything.” When Julia hesitated, Sid’s hands started to ball up into fists.

“Look away, Milton,” Julia called out with a resigned look on her face. Milton screamed out again in protest, but could not tear his eyes away.

Julia was thin, with some feminine curves around her hips and an impressive bust. Her underarms, legs, and pubic area were shaved. She looked more like a model than a mom.

Buck chucked the bra and panties over his shoulder, and after them, the rest of her clothes. They fell in the mud with a sickening smack.

“You won’t be wearing those again,” he said with a laugh.

“She looks so proud, like she should be in a magazine,” Sid complained. “She could use a good humbling.” He grabbed her face with his rough hand and pushed her, causing her to fall back into the mud with a plopping sound. Sid and Buck both let out raucous laughs.

“Look away, Milton,” she pleaded again, but her son found himself unable to take his eyes away as the two men slowly undid their large, gaudy belt buckles.

Julia squirmed in the mud as Buck and Sid tried to hold her down.

“Stop struggling,” Buck said. “We’ll only make it worse for you.”

Julia didn’t stop, and soon as Buck’s crotch was exposed, she scratched at it with her long fingernails. Buck howled in pain, and then ran back towards the barn. He emerged with an electrified cattle prod.

Milton could hear a loud buzzing sound and the smell of burning flesh. When Buck stepped back, Julia was unconscious. And Sid and Buck resumed removing their pants, getting ready to finish what they had started. Milton couldn’t turn away: he saw them pulling his mother’s unconscious, limp body across the dirt, as they argued about which man would get access to which hole. When they finally reached an agreement, they plowed into her with reckless abandon, and Milton wept.

Chapter 3

At the crack of dawn, Milton was awakened by roosters. He tried to get up, but hit his head as he did so. The darkness permeated by slats of light caused Milton to deduce that he was trapped in a closet of some kind.

He didn’t have to wait long before he heard the sound of the lock on the closet door being unbolted. Sid was waiting for him, his arms crossed.

“Time for you to earn your keep, little man,” Sid said in a low voice. “Time for you to work on the farm.”

“I don’t know how to be a farmer. I’m going to college to major in comparative literature,” Milton whined in his high pitched voice.

“You’ll adjust real quick,” Sid barked back at him. “Besides, you have no choice. Out here we eat what we farm. If you want to avoid starving to death, you’ll find a way to make it work.”

Soon, he was picked up by the back of his shirt collar and heaved outside. Sid gave him a long list of chores, from feeding the pigs and chickens to plowing soil. Milton had never set foot on a farm before in his life, and still felt nauseated by the noxious odors emanating from it.

“Where is my mom?” Milton asked.

“You’ll get to see her,” Sid assured him. “When you are done with your work.” With that, Sid turned around and walked back into the house.

For a long time, Milton eyed the rolling hills and mountains behind the vast farmland. He considered making a run for it, but what in what direction? He didn’t know how far away the nearest person was, or even where the sympathies of the first person he found would lie. Maybe they’d just hand him back to his abductors. On the other hand, he didn’t want to abandon his mom. He resolved to stay until there was a moment for them both to break free.

Reluctantly, Milton began to work on the farm chores Sid had assigned to him. Before long, his hands were filthy with mud and animal waste, and his muscles burned. Milton was used to curling up with a book or his laptop, not working outdoors. He seriously doubted if Sid or Buck had ever read a book in their lives, and there certainly wasn’t a computer anywhere nearby.

As he was plowing rows of dirt with his hoe, he noticed a thick, orange fluid flowing down dirt, coming from the direction of the tallest mountain in the distance. The substance was sticky, and faintly glowed.

When Milton finally returned to the house, Sid and Buck were waiting for him.

“What is that orange stuff at the edge of the field?” Milton asked.

“Radioactive waste,” Buck replied nonchalantly.

“What?” Milton asked, sounding alarmed. “That can’t be safe.”

“The government decided that the ol’ mountain was the best place to store all the waste from the power plant, but it wasn’t as secure as they thought,” Sid said. “But nothing will make us leave our farm.”

“Aren’t you worried about health risks?” Milton asked.

“Nah,” Sid said. “We’ve been working this farm for decades, just the two of us since our folks passed away. And that radioactive gunk has been there the whole time. Nothing has happened to us yet, maybe because we grew up with it.”

“But you and your mom,” Buck began, “you two are a different story. I don’t know how you’ll react at all. But I’ll sure be excited to find out.”

Chapter 4

“What do you mean?” Milton asked, his voice shaking.

“Anything could happen to you two,” Buck said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Yeah, you could grow to like it here eventually, even fit in around here,” Sid posited.

“No,” Milton said. “I’ll never be like you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Buck said. “Now, get back to work.”

As Milton forced himself to keep going, he started crying. He didn’t know what he had done to deserve this but he felt as though he’d rather die than keep going. He decided to close his eyes for a moment in the sun and catch his breath.


Milton was running now, he could feel his legs moving at a fierce pace. He was leaving the farm, with Sid and Buck in hot pursuit, and headed up the mountain. He could hear their angry shouts, and moved as fast as he could to stay ahead of them.

The rocky slopes were difficult to navigate, but giant stalks from the bean plants seemed to appear from nowhere, and he rappled up the rocky steeps.

When he reached the summit, he glanced behind him, but Sid and Buck were no longer to be found. Instead, there was an even larger farm waiting for him at the top of the mountain. The farm seemed an exact replica of the one he had just run from, except it was larger in every respect. The beans were larger, the pigpen attached to the house was bigger, and the house itself seemed taller and more majestic.

Milton curiously walked into the large house and found a pig wearing a dress and cooking breakfast.

“I made you scrambled eggs, your favorite,” the pig said, in Julia’s voice.

“Aww, thanks, Mom,” he heard himself say, as he walked up to her. He put his lips to her snout and gave her a deep, tongue kiss. She oinked in response. Milton started to feel his mother’s breasts through the dress. They were very soft, and so warm to the touch that they almost burned his skin.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Julia said. “More.” Milton started vigorously kneading, and felt himself harden with arousal. He moved his hands lower, and enjoyed squeezing her large, round belly. He moved his fingers down her hair happy trail towards her sex. When he reached it, he heard his mother start to whisper, “Oh, good boy, Milton,” as she liked at his ear. She pressed him up against the wall and started to grind up against him hard, shaking his frame as she did so.


Milton awoke to Sid shaking him relentlessly.

“Wake up, you damn fool,” Sid said. “Time to finish up here.”

“What a weird dream,” Milton said, feel more unnerved than ever.

“Dreaming of freedom? You’ll never have it again,” Sid said with a grin.

“No, just…nevermind, ok? Stop bothering me about it,” Milton said evasively.

“Stop bothering you, huh?” Sid said with a laugh, “you sound like your mother.”

Chapter 5

“Speaking of my mom, when will I get to see her? You promised when I was done farming…” Milton said, his voice trailing off when he saw Sid’s face break into a wide grin.

“As long as you are here, boy, you will do what we say. Anything we give you or promise you, we do out of kindness. But you aren’t the masters of the farm. We are. We can give anything and take anything away. You aren’t owed anything for your day’s labor, except maybe some food,” Sid explained as his brother grinned.

“But I want to see her,” Milton said, stamping his foot.

“Fine,” Buck said, throwing his hands up. “I’ll take you to her.” He led Milton out of the house, to the barn near the pig pen.

Julia was inside the pen, chained to the bars, with a large weight around her neck that forced her to lay on all fours, like an animal. She appeared to be sleeping, and she was clad only in her bra and panties.

“Mom,” Milton cried out. “What have you done to her?”

“Well,” Buck said, “I thought she needed to be taught a little lesson in humility after her shameful behavior yesterday. Besides,” he added, “she’s a little skinny for our tastes. I say she ought to live like a pig, that might put some meat on her bones.”

“But you can’t treat her like a sow,” Milton complained, tearing running down his cheeks.

“Why not?” Buck asked. “That’s what she is to me. Nothing but a beast of burden, just like you. The only difference is that you’re there to do my farming. Your mom is there to…well, she’s there so when I want to fuck a farm animal, I can have more fun than I’m used to. You get the idea.”

“How would you feel if someone tried to do something like this to your mom?” Milton asked.

“My mother was a beautiful woman,” Buck began proudly, “she didn’t think my Daddy was good enough for her. So she decided to go run off and have an affair with her younger brother. When Pa found out, he went out and shot the both of them dead. Then he took care of himself with bullet number three. He wasn’t prepared to go to jail,” Buck said, his eyes brimming with pride. “And neither am I. I’ll be dead before I let you go or let the cops take me away. And I’ll never let you leave voluntarily. So unless you are prepared to fight me to the death, you better count on leaving 50 years from now, when Sid and I are dead of old age.”

Chapter 6

Every night, Milton was locked in the closet, and every morning, he was required to do more and more farming work. He was never permitted to talk with his mother, except after she was sleeping or shocked unconscious with the cattle prod. And, after only a few days, even these visits ceased.

Perhaps the only bright spot for Milton was that he was rapidly growing into being a farmhand. Though he began his time at the farm with a skinny frame and a skillset ill-suited to manual labor, he quickly found himself able to do more and more work in less time.

His body seemed to be changing as well. Milton wasn’t sure if it was the non-stop physical labor or the diet heavy in eggs, milk and meat, but he was quickly gaining a more masculine physique. His scrawny body was beginning to sprout rippling muscles. His shoulders were becoming broader, and he even had grown a couple of inches taller.

Sadly, not every change to Milton’s body was positive. Sid and Buck didn’t have clothes that fit him, so Milton had to continue to wear the outfit he wore when he arrived, which was now torn and stained. Moreover, they didn’t have showers on the premises, forcing Milton to bathe by using the hose for giving the animals water. Sid and Buck rarely joined him, and they reeked, though Milton gradually got used to the smell as the days rolled by. The only vegetable available was beans, which didn’t help the smell in the air any, as it caused gas to anyone who ate it, and all four of them did regularly.

Raising animals and growing beans didn’t crush Milton’s spirit - and as long as he did his work promptly, Sid and Buck were pretty much leaving him alone, aside from locking him away. But what really bothered Milton was whenever he saw Sid or Buck leave out the back door to visit the pig pen, knowing that they were about to abuse his mom again. Milton wanted to do something, but even with his increase in muscle mass, he knew he was no match for either Sid or Buck. When he had a free moment, he searched in vain for a firearm, or any kind of weapon more deadly than knives.

He didn’t let his failures destroy his hope. Every day, he was more and more determined to do what he could to save his Mom and effect an escape. By any means necessary.

Chapter 7

Milton finished the next day before sundown. Over the past few weeks, he had become strong and skilled enough to do all the work on the farm himself, while Sid and Buck merely watched, drinking homemade moonshine in their rocking chairs on the back yard porch. They’d only ever leave to bother Julia, or to visit the smelly, fly covered outhouse.

“Good work today,” Sid said when he saw everything had been completed so quickly. It was the first kind word he had given his abductee since had arrived on the farm.

“I want to see my Mom,” Milton said. “It’s been over two weeks and I haven’t seen her at all.”

“Alright, I suppose you’ve earned it,” Sid said as he led him to the pig pen and unlocked it. “Like you, she’s been adjusting to life here just fine.”

“What’s that mean?” Milton asked.

“I just knew once you let go of where you came from, you’d start to embrace where you are. You ever heard that phrase ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life?’ Well, once you start to believe it, things can change pretty quick.”

And chance they did. Milton’s mother looked distinctly different than she did when she first arrived. Julia had always prided herself on her impeccable hygiene and her lean physique. Both had been severely changed by her stay.

Julia, being forced to live like a pig in the mud, looked very different now. She was laying down on her side asleep, allowing both Sid and Milton to get a good look at her. Her skin was stained unevenly by the constant caking of mud, and her bra and underwear were stained with sweat.

Her body had changed as well. At first, Julia had refused to eat from the pig’s feeding trough, but then Buck and Sid had started giving her a poke with the cattle prod whenever she didn’t eat. Finally, her resistance broke down and she took a few nibbles from the foul-looking slop. Soon, that wasn’t enough for Buck, who insisted on watching her gorge herself every day until her belly was distended and swollen. These daily feedings were clearly having an impact, with Julia’s body looking fatter and flabbier every day. Her breasts had grown, straining against her stained bra, while her butt was larger and rounder and her tummy sported a perpetual curve.

“She’s growing quite nicely, don’t you agree?” Sid asked. Milton felt so enraged for so long that the anger would not come anymore. And, as his eyes wandered up and down his mother’s curves, from her swelling breasts to her newly flaring hips, he could feel himself start to become aroused.

“I…don’t know,” Milton said, feeling nervous and uncomfortable.

“Sure you do,” Sid said. “It’s ok that you like what you see. You’ve been away from other women for several weeks, with only her to look at. It’s only natural that you find her attractive.”

“Shut up,” Milton muttered, his face glowing red.

“We’re fixing her up real nice, real good. You’ll see. Just wait until we’ve had her for a few more months. You won’t be able to resist,” Sid promised.

Milton mentally renewed his promise to himself to find a way out, before things got any worse. He felt as though things could careen out of control at any moment.

But as they left the pen, he kept glancing behind him, needing to take another look at his mom. He couldn’t help but start to imagine how she’d change in the future. Would she grow even bigger, even rounder? Would her personality change too? Would her body hair become even more out of control, like an animal?

Just asking the questions in his head aroused him even more, and he closed his eyes, desperate to block out the thoughts. It did no good.

Chapter 8

As more and more time passed on the farm, Milton found himself unable to keep track of how long he’d been there. Each day seemed to blur into the next, a never ending series of increasingly difficult tasks on the farm mixed with restless sleep in a small closet.

Finally, one day arrived that was different than the rest: harvest day. Milton was joined by Sid and Buck, harvesting what beans they could, and slaughtering several pigs. After a few hours, Sid and Buck took off in their truck to market - Milton never did find where they had kept the keys.

With his captors gone, Milton decided that this was his chance to free his mother and make his escape. He reached for a sledgehammer and heaved it up before the locked door of his mother’s section of the pigpen. As he swung the mallet, he noticed his biceps bulge in a way that would have been unthinkable to his former self. With a loud crunch, he smashed through the wood and knocked out the lock.

Milton was dismayed, though, to see that the many chains keeping his mother imprisoned were attached to cement blocks, embedded in the floor. He knew he couldn’t free his mom, but at least he’d be able to speak with her. Though Buck and Sid weren’t there, she was busy eating from the slop trough.

“Mom?” Milton asked.

“Milton, is that you? You voice sounds different, deeper somehow,” his mother called back.

“So does yours,” Milton said. “Why are you eating that stuff?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m just so hungry, I can’t explain it,” Julia replied. “At first it was terrible, but then they must have started changing the mixture or something, because I like it a little more every day.”

“Buck and Sid are at the market, I was hoping to rescue you. They never let me even see you except when you are asleep or passed out,” Milton tried to explain.

“That’s not true. They just think I’m sleeping,” Julia explained. “I know you’ve seen me.”

“Oh, mom,” he said, rushing to her side. “I’m so sorry I can’t get a way out of this,” he said.

“I know you’ll find a way,” his mom replied.

Milton leaned down to give his mom a hug, and couldn’t help but feel her soft body. Her breasts were smashed up against his newly muscular chest, and her growing belly was pressing against his crotch. He could feel himself starting to get an erection in spite of himself, and pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” he said, feeling flustered. “It’s just…you’re so beautiful,” he murmured as he gazed at her chubby, mud caked body. Without access to a razor, the legs under her arms and legs had started to grow back, and he could even see the shadow of her pubic hair from her stained underwear.

“I certainly don’t look my best,” Julia countered.

Milton ran his fingers down the arch of his Mom’s back. “Sure you do,” he said lustily.

“No, I look awful,” Julia said, sounding frightened. “I don’t know how, but they are changing us, Milton. We can’t let them make us into something we are not. Don’t lose yourself,” she pleaded.

“You’re right,” Milton said, feeling brought back to reality. “I’m just going stir crazy, that’s all.”

“Find a way get me out of here,” she said. “Focus on that. Find a way to get me out of here.”

Milton started to leave as he heard the truck head back to the road. He heard his mother’s voice repeat the sentence over and over again: “Find a way to get me out of here.”

But, as time passed, the last three words were dropped from his mind. Instead, all he could hear was his mother whispering enticingly “Find a way to get me.”

Chapter 9

Buck and Sid didn’t bother to repair the barn door the next day, or even to ask why it had been smashed open. They simply decided to treat Milton to another view of them having their way with Julia. Sid placed himself underneath Julia, Buck placed himself behind her, and her face was pressed into slop. She gorged herself while being double penetrated, and this time made no desperate pleas for her son to look away.

Milton, meanwhile, still felt angry at Sid and Buck, but the disgust had faded way. Now, all he felt as a nagging, persistent lust coursing through his veins. In spite of himself, he found his hands in his pants as he watched the two men pump his mother. The sex was noisy, and messy - what Milton ought to have expected from a pigsty. Yet, all he wanted to do was jump in. He wanted her, and he wanted her all to himself. He was chained again, though, so all he could do was watch and touch himself.

When at last Buck and Sid finished amid great grunts of pleasure, Julia did not stir. She merely kept on noisily eating her slop.

“You can’t keep me locked up forever,” Milton said menacingly, as he struggled with his chains.

Sid and Buck glanced at Milton, his newly formed muscles straining against the restraints. For the first time since he had arrived, he thought he could see fear in their eyes.

“Look, try to understand our situation here,” Buck began. “We can’t let you go. But it’s not so bad here, is it? We’re all one big happy family.”

“Anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable…” Sid said, his voice trailing off.

“Unchain me,” Milton growled, in a deep voice that surprised even himself. Buck and Sid’s eyes went wide.

“Better not,” Sid said at last. “We’ll let you stay here a few days. Cool down, you understand.”

With that, the two men slowly walked away from Milton, leaving him chained to the side of the barn.

As soon as they were out of sight, Milton started thinking about how to free himself without causing any sound. Using his larger, stronger, and dirtier fingers, he slowly scratched and whittled against the dry, frail wood that held his lock against the side of the barn. The wood came off in small, sharp fragments, causing him splinters and small bloody cuts to his hands, but he kept at it.

Hours passed, and as the sun set, Milton realized he was being kept out there all night.

“How fortunate,” he thought to himself. “Just a couple of more hours…”

It was nearly midnight when he had finally etched his way deep enough into the barn’s wood to pull off metal pad holding his lock in place. His hands ached furiously, but the ache in his loins was far stronger. Milton slowly opened the door of the barn, the chain softly clinking after him.

Chapter 10

“Milton? Is that you?” Julia called out in the darkness.

“Yes,” Milton replied, feeling around blindly. He touched the body of a pig for a moment and suspected it might be his mother. He realized he was wrong when he tried to grab her breasts and felt only pig teets.

“You broke free!” Julia said. “You’re so much stronger now, maybe you could fight Buck and Sid. You know, if you had the element of surprise…”

“Perhaps,” Milton said, considering. His hulking, shadowy form blindly groped at slop pails and fence posts, searching for his mother. “Tomorrow, morning,” he promised. “I’ll set everything right.”

“Why not now?” Julia asked. “They are probably asleep.”

Milton did not reply. He had tried to follow the sound of her voice, but the echoes of interior of the barn threw him off. Then, he had tried to follow the sound of breathing, the pigs sounded the same. Finally, he simply pressed his nose to the air and tried to smell for her.

“There you are,” he said at last as his hands felt her rounded, quivering buttocks. The underwear she had worn was still attached to her, but it was now only useful as a thong, due to her massive growth.

“Milton - go. Fight them. Fight for our freedom,” Julia pleaded. “We might not get another shot.”

“We’ll get a shot tomorrow morning,” Milton insisted. “Tonight I have other plans.”

“What plans?” Julia asked, though she feared she already knew the answer. Her son’s hands were greedily making their way up her back. The sensations caused her to shiver.

“You’ve really blossomed,” he whispered as his bloody hands eagerly kneaded her flabby body. “You’ve become a big, beautiful fat sow, you know that?”

“Milton,” she protested. “I’m not sure this is right. I’m still your mother,” she said.

“I know,” Milton said. “That makes me want you even more,” he said. He reached for his mother’s breasts. He imagined that years ago, they had swelled slightly from their customary smallish size in order to provide him with nursing milk. Now, they had grown so heavy and long that the nipples were starting to drag on the floor. They had grown big for him once again - though this time he was intent on taking more than her milk.

“This is a complicated situation,” Julia conceded. “We’re all feeling some things we can’t explain. But we can work this out later, when we are free.”

Milton momentarily paused, contemplating his mother’s offer. Perhaps he could defeat Sid and Buck, take the keys to their truck, and drive back to civilization. Back to his hometown, and their old life.

But what would happen to them back there? Would his mother go on a diet or get liposuction to restore her trim figure? Would he be welcome in her bed?

Milton realized he had a choice. He could claim freedom now, but risk his mother. Or, he could risk freedom, but claim his mother - now.

The choice was trivially easy. Milton knew exactly what he wanted.

“Listen to me, Milton. Listen, my son. Just think about what you are going to do before you do it,” Julia begged.

“I have been thinking about it,” he said, as he felt himself start to become hard.

Chapter 11

Milton buried his face in his mother’s dirty, mud filled hair and took a deep breath. “You smell so good,” he said. “It’s how I found you among the other pigs.”

“Other?” Julia protested the implications of that word. “I don’t smell good, Milton. I haven’t had a change of clothes or a proper bath since I got here. I smell disgusting.”

“I can’t resist you, Mom,” Milton said at last. One last shred of his old self shone through as he sensed fear in the darkness. “I’m sorry,” he said. “But I’ve got to,” he added as he wrapped his arms around her even tighter.

“Milton, we can still talk about this,” Julia said, trying to squirm out of his grasp. Unfortunately for her, the movement caused her blubber to jiggle against him, which only further aroused him.

“We could,” he said at last, “but we won’t.” Milton tore off the frayed bra that long ago had worn out, causing her large breasts to jump free. He ran his fingers over them, the splinters still embedded in his hands scraping her delicate flesh. She winced, biting her lip. Next, he ran his hands over her big belly, feeling how warm and soft the flesh had become. As he moved closer to the underwear, which was frayed and stained beyond recognition, he felt as trail of curling hairs leading to her sex. The underwear was also torn aside.

Milton could feel himself slowly climbing on top of her, exactly the way he had seen the pigs copulating. He was a virgin, but he could feel his instincts taking over now, as he ground himself against his mother.

Finally, he reached penetration. In spite of herself, Julia squealed. Milton was far bigger than his father had been, and even larger than Sid or Buck. With a mixture of pain, shame, and pleasure, she could feel Milton’s cock slide all the way into her.

This was it, Milton realized. He had re-entered the place of his birth. He had penetrated his own mom. He was a motherfucker, now and forever. The knowledge made him smile.

He slowly rocked back and forth, delighting in each shake and jiggle of her massive flabby form. Milton rubbed her back with his fingers, and hugged up against her neck as pressed himself as deep as he could go. At last, he roared, feeling himself climax into his mother.

When he dismounted her, Julia said nothing. She felt ashamed and upset at Milton but could not deny that she had enjoyed herself. It was the only pleasure she had experienced during her entire time of captivity. Still, it seemed like a sin and as her son’s juices slowly ran out of her sex and down her thigh, she felt dirty and full of shame.

Without saying another word, Milton leaned in to kiss the side of her round cheek. Then, he got up and exited the barn. His heavy footsteps seemed to echo long after he was gone.

Chapter 12

Sid and Buck approached Milton with an air of trepidation. Milton was leaning against the side of the barn, looking calm as the two men approached. It was close to dawn, and the long shadows of the advancing figures gave the scene an eerie feel.

“We’re cool, right Milton?” Sid asked. Milton did not answer verbally. He merely nodded.

As Buck approached him to undo his lock, Milton ducked and yanked his wrist. The chains, which were still connected to Milton but not the wall he had been resting on, swung forward violently. The unattached packlock hit Buck square in the face. He fell down into the dirt, spitting out a bloody tooth as he did so.

Milton twirled the chain, eyeing a terrified Sid as he slowly marched ahead. Sid turned and began to make a run for it, but Milton thrust the chain out again, tripping him.

“Not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?” Milton growled into Sid’s ear as he squirmed on the floor. Milton balled his hands into fists and his arms starting moving like pistons. The former skinny nerd wailed on Sid like he was a side of beef.

“Just go,” Sid croaked out. “Just take the keys, take your mom, and get out of here,” the hick begged.

Milton paused, thinking about it. He could have his freedom, and then turn these poor saps into the police. Hell, he could probably beat them to death and then leave if he wanted. Who would come looking out here?

That thought seemed to dance around in his brain. Nobody was ever going to come bothering them up here. He could have the life he wanted, without ever being bothered. And who better to help him with his farm than two able-bodied servants?

Milton went to the shed to find an axe. He returned to find Sid and Buck cowering.

“I could kill you both,” Milton threatened. “And I’m only getting stronger every day, you know that. But I’ll spare you - for now. We just have to make some changes around here.”

“Changes? What kind of changes?” Buck asked worriedly as he convulsed with pain.

“Can’t you guess? I’m in charge here now. You two will do the work in fields. I sleep in the house alone - the hay is good enough for the likes of you. And nobody touches my mother,” Milton said in a low voice, “except me.”

Chapter 13

At first, Sid and Buck tried their best to escape. Milton, though, quickly chased them down as they ran, their hands flailing up in the air, towards the mountain. After that, he forced them to wear iron weights chained to their ankles. They were not permitted to sleep in the house - Milton now called it ‘his house,’ - instead, they slept in the outhouses near the fields.

Neither Sid nor Buck was foolish enough to try to bother Julia. Milton glared and growled at them when they even glanced in the direction of the pig pen.

The first time Milton saw Julia after he took control, she was overjoyed. She had expected that they would be going home soon.

“This is our home now,” Milton said to her.

“But…” her voice trailed off. “What about our old life?”

“What kind of life could we really have if we go back there now? This is our life, and we must accept it,” Milton insisted. He saw a tear make its way down his mother’s round cheek.

“It’s not going to be all bad,” he promised her. “Look,” he said, jingling the keys. “I’m going to free you.” When he unhooked Julia from her restraints, she found her back had been bent for so long and she had gained so much weight, she could no longer stand on her own two feet. But she did follow him out of the barn on all fours, waddling like an animal as she headed to the house.

Milton put plates heaped with food on the floor for his mother, who noisily gobbled it up. He leaned down and kissed her on the nose, which had grown noticeably and was now starting to resemble a snout.

“Can you really imagine going back now?” he asked her. “Do you really think that life still exists for us?” His mother did not reply.

“Do you really want us to have to endure everyone else? To hear their views on what we ought to eat, what we should look like, smell like, act like?” Milton pintificated. “To hear what is and is not appropriate behavior between mother and son?”

Julia could feel her resistance weakening. “Milton,” she began in a whisper, “I don’t want us to forget who we were.”

“We never will,” Milton promised. “We’ve just become something else.” With that, he leaned down and gave his mother a big, sloppy kiss on her snout.

At first Julia tried to jerk her neck out of the way, but Milton firmly held her in place. When she stopped struggling, she had to admit it did feel very good. Eventually, he stopped, and merely ran his hands up and down her back, enjoying the roughness of her skin and the very fine hairs it sported.

“Feel good?” Milton asked. Julia nodded. She could feel herself starting to get wet - she knew her body was starting to eagerly anticipate sex from her own son. Julia struggled to muster up some sense of disgust, but it would not come. It was no longer sinful or perverse - it just was. She could hear the noise of Milton unbuckling his belt, but said nothing. She felt his hands roughly knead her breasts for a moment, and then he was inside her.

For a few moments, she was silent, enjoying it but still too ashamed to make a sound.

“Oh yeah…” Milton said. “You know last time, you squealed a little bit, like a pig,” he reminded her. Julia blushed furiously, biting her lip. “I liked it. A lot,” Milton added. Julia still said nothing.

“Do it again,” Milton said. “I want to hear it. Squeal for me, moma.”

Julia could bite her lip no longer, and let out a long squeal, and then another and another. Nothing felt more natural, and as she let her instincts take over, each squeal was longer and more animalistic than the last. Julia could feel her son pump into her harder and faster as a result. He sprayed his load into his mother’s waiting womb before too long.

“That’ll do, pig,” he said with a smile as he patted her filthy, hairy bottom.

Chapter 14

At first Sid and Buck complained, and even cried at seeing their situation in life change so drastically. But over time, Sid and Buck seemed to accept Milton’s role as head of the ranch. After all, he was the biggest and strongest man there. What could they do but learn to know their place?

Now that Milton was in charge, he took to wearing one of Buck’s old, big rancher hats, as well as some of Sid’s clothes, though even they were quite small on his enlarged frame. He also swapped out his small belt buckle with one of the big, ornate ones from upstairs. It bore and eagle with a flag in its talons.

With much less work to do, and with his pick of the food at the end of the day, Milton even gained some adipose weight, allowing his muscular frame to gain some heft. He was a tall, burly, mountain of a man now, king of his castle. A dirty, smelly king, but a king nonetheless.

Under his watchful eye, the farm started to change. The zones for planting grew further towards the mountain, and the bean crops became ever more inundated with the radioactive nuclear sludge. The result was giant beans, likely the biggest in the world.

As the months went by, Julia continued to change as well. Milton watched with a smile as her features continued to become more porcine. Her mouth sprouted two large tusks, her skin became covered in fine hairs, in addition to the deep forest of hairs that had grown around her armpits and pubic area. Her ears were large, pointed, and slightly floppy, just like a pig’s. Her fingers seemed to have started to blend together, becoming more like a hoof than a hand.

Julia also had a curly pig tail sprouting from right above her ass. It tickled his belly whenever he mounted her from behind. And of course, her weight had increased, giving her the size and body type of a real, giant pig. Every part of her body jiggled with fat and shook as she waddled. And the hairier and fatter she got, the more aroused by her he became.

Being around slop and pigs all day gave her a strong odor - strong enough to burn the nostrils of the uninitiated. Julia didn’t bother trying to stay clean anymore - she wallowed in the filth of the farm joyfully, and her body was always smelly, sticky, and dirty.

Her breasts multiplied too. Now she had two rows of boobs, and a big tummy the dragged on the floor. Half human and half pig, she was the biggest sow on the farm. He allowed her to roam free, in the house and around the fields, but she was often back at the pigsty, since that’s where the slop troughs were.

Julia no longer resisted her son’s advances. In fact, she would oink and squeal whenever he showed up, and eagerly turn around, presenting her hindquarters for him. Milton was always eager to oblige, and loved the noises she made as he ploughed her. And, like any eager young lovebirds, they copulated wherever they could. They crushed and stained the bed, they despoiled the kitchen, and they romped in the fields of beans..

Milton could only flood his mother’s womb with his sperm so many times before the inevitable eventually occurred - he impregnated her. He had knocked up his own mom, and now Milton could feel several little piglet-like babies inside his mother’s massive belly.

“Are they my children? My siblings? My farm animals?” Milton asked his mother as he lovingly stroked her big belly.

“All of the above,” she said with a contented sigh. Milton leaned in and stroked her many nipples, which were looking a little engorged.

“Lie on your side,” Milton instructed. When she did, he lay down next to her and suckled from her teets, which were already swelling with milk. It was the sweetest thing he had ever drank.

“Good Milton, drinking mama’s milk,” Julia said. “Just like when you were a baby.” She rooted around with her large snout at his pants as he gently sucked her. Her hands were starting to fuse together, like hooves, but she used her tusks to pull down his underwear and then gently pulled his cock into her mouth. With large, loving laps with her big, bestial tongue, she slowly felated her son as he drank her milk.

He came with a loud grunt and a fart, which caused his mother to giggle as she greedily drank up his come. Both mother and son wore white mustaches when they rose from the barn floor.

With children on the way, Milton realized he might need more help on the farm. Buck and Sid had grown a little weaker during their tenure out of power, probably became Milton and Julia were receiving a much larger share of the food. With more animals to take care of, they would need more farmhands. But where to get them?

Chapter 15

The idea had fluttered past Milton’s mind immediately after he posed the question, but he initially dismissed it. After days of thought, though, it started to come back - louder and more insistent than before. Eventually, he yielded to it completely, surrendering to what he knew he had to do.

The night before he left, he decided to tell his mom what he was doing. To his surprise, Julia offered little resistance.

“It seems like the logical thing to do,” Julia said after a pause. “Just be careful. You have to come back to me,” she insisted.”Your piglets can’t be born into this world without a father.”

“I will,” Milton said. “I’ll try, but this could be our last night together.”

“Let’s make it count, them,” she said. “Lie down.”

Milton did, and with great effort, his mother rolled on top of him. He could feel the heavy weight of her sweat and dirt drenched hairy body rocking on him. Her milk-filled teets pressed against his chest, leaking milk on him. Julia was so fat and so big that he couldn’t physically reach her entrance, but she had taken care to roll around in some butter beforehand. His cock rubbed against her massive, pregnant belly, feeling its warm fat, its hairy happy trail, and its sweaty, buttery grease. He climaxed as she managed to twirl the tip of his cock around in her bellybutton. After, she moved her head down, and with some snorting noises, she licked up the cum that had spilled onto his torso. Milton then gave his mother a long, intense kiss before he rose and waved farewell.

The next morning, Milton chained Buck and Sid up to giant concrete blocks, took their truck, and began the long drive back to civilization. He didn’t know where he was going, but he followed the road signs to his city.

It tooks hours, but eventually he was there, though he felt like a stranger in a foreign land. The hustle and bustle of other people hurt his ears. The absence of the constant smell of beans and pigs was shocking to his nostrils.

It didn’t take long for Milton to find what he was looking for: a woman and her teenage son, about to get into a car on a secluded street. They must have looked like me and my mother did, Milton thought to himself. He glanced around the street, confirming that they were alone, and prepared to attack.

With one swift motion, he jumped out of the truck, and grabbed the woman, holding a rusty knife to her throat.

“Get in the bed of the truck,” he instructed her son, who was screaming and shaking. He did as he was told, and he slammed the woman’s head against the side of the truck, knocking her unconscious. The boy was punched in the face until he was out cold, too, and the bed was closed and locked. Then, Milton jumped back into the truck, and burned rubber.

As the hours passed, he could hear the two wake up, roll around and struggle in the bed of the truck. Milton wondered if during all the rolling around, the son had accidently touched his mother’s breasts. Or perhaps his head had rolled the wrong way and landed him a faceful of accidental cleavage. Maybe, in her groping around in the dark, the mother had accidentally grabbed her son’s crotch. Perhaps after enough of that sort of thing, they would abandon all pretence of trying to escape and just fuck right there, Milton hypothesized as his imagination ran wild.

Well, Milton thought to himself, if it hasn’t happened yet, it will once they arrive at the farm.

The bright lights and modern buildings of the city faded behind them, and were replaced by the hills and mountains Milton had began to think of as home. As they neared the farm, the familiar farm stench greeted his nose.

Sid and Buck didn’t say anything when they saw Milton return. He assumed from the look in their eyes, though, that they knew exactly what was going on. They had seen this happen before - they were just in a different position at the time. He released them from their chains, and they crawled back to the fields, to get back to work. They did so without saying a word.

Milton opened the bed of the truck and let his two new farmhands take a look around.

“Welcome home,” Milton said, with a twinkle in his eye. His captives started to scream again.


The boy, Mikey, and his mother, Simone, were uncooperative, to say the least. Neither knew how to do any farming and seemed to resist Milton’s every order. When told to clean, they’d simply sit and cry. When told to eat, they would stare into space dumbly. They begged him, Buck, and Sid, to be released. When Julia walked by, she merely laughed at their predicament.

“Where are we?” Simone asked incessantly.

“Does it even matter?” Milton mused. “You are far away from your home. You will never see it again,” Milton said. “Isn’t that enough?”

“I want to know, too,” Mikey whined.

“You’re in my world,” Milton said cryptically. “And you ought to do what I say.”

Simone, a tall, slender woman with raven black hair, seemed far too shaken up to trust for important work. Mikey, though, was different. He was short, frail, and nerdy, but Milton could see some of his former self within him.

Milton had tried punishing and beating them, but they would not work. So now, Milton had decided to try another way to motivate them.

Simone had tried to escape again, and was outside, tied to a fence post. He stripped her of her clothes, and ran his fingers across her hairless, perfectly lean and lithe body. He considered having his way with her right then, but thought better of it. He had a far more beautiful creature waiting for him in the pig pen.

“Mikey, look at her,” he instructed her son. “I know you want to.”

Reluctantly, Mikey looked over at his mother’s naked, writhing body. Sid and Buck were watching in the distance, neither saying anything. Both of them had their hands in their pants, though. They knew what was coming.

“I could take her, have her right now,” Milton said. “Or I could beat her again,” he said, tracing a bruise that made its way across her back. “I could even kill her if I wanted to, but I’m not that kind of guy,” he said reassuringly. “I want you to be happy here, Mikey. Both you and your mother. I want you to be motivated to work for me.”

“I never will,” Mikey promised. “You’ll never break me,” he said proudly.

“How defiant. How marvelous,” Milton replied. “But you are forgetting one thing - I know how you think. I was you. I am you still,” he said. “I know what will motivate you. Touch her,” he said, motioning to Simone.

“What?” Mikey asked in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I know how you think,” he said. “You’re being raised by a single mom. You’re a teenaged guy. You have her body to look at every day,” Milton said. “I know you’ve thought about it. I know you’ve rubbed yourself raw wishing it could happen, but knowing it never will. Well, here on this farm, dreams do come true.”

“That’s a bunch of lies,” Mikey said, turning away. Milton could tell he was blushing.

“Well, is that so?” Milton asked. “Fine. If I can’t motivate you, maybe I’ll just bury you out in the bean fields and find someone else to help me.” He turned, reaching for a shovel on the ground.

“No!” Mikey said. “Don’t…I’ll do whatever you want.”

“I thought so,” he said, turning back towards Simone, who was crying again.

“You know she’s very pretty. A little thin for my tastes, though. Don’t worry, we’ll get her fattened up quite nicely,” Milton promised. “Well, anyway…have at it, Mikey.”

“No…” Simone protested as her son slowly approached her. “Don’t let them do this to us,” Simone cried out. “I’d rather die, just so this nightmare will end.”

“She’ll grow to like it,” Milton said. “Trust me, I know from experience.”

Mikey slowly took his clothes off, and Milton could see his cock, though on the small side, was clearly ready for action.

“No, Mikey,” Simone said. “We can’t do this. Stop, please…”

Mikey turned back, looking up at Milton, almost for approval. Buck and Sid giggled a little as they watched.

“Do it,” Milton commanded, and Mikey complied. He rolled around with his mother in the dirt, feeling her heat against his skin. Milton had been right - he had thought about this countless times. It made him feel guilty, but his lust was stronger than his guilt. Besides, the more he felt his mother’s nude body squirm and struggle under his, the more natural everything felt.

She winced and cried out as he finally entered her, and after a short while rocking back and forth, he came. When he rose to his feet, his mother’s face was smeared with dirt and tears, while her legs were wet and sticky with sex.


“Now plant crops for me,” Milton said. “And we’ll help make your mom nice and fat and hairy,” he said.

“You mean it?” Mikey asked as he put his pants back on. For some reason, the thought excited him tremendously.

“Of course,” Milton promised. “Everything always turns out of the best down on the farm.” He dragged Simone by the hair towards the pigsty and pushed her face down into the slop. “Eat,” he ordered, “or get an electric cattle prod up your ass.” She quickly complied.

When she was done, her formerly flat tummy was bloated with food.

“Rub her belly,” Milton told Mikey. “Touch how round it’s already become, just like when you were in there as a baby.”

Mikey did as he was told, feeling his mother’s belly. He could feel himself starting to become aroused again.

“She’s just going to get bigger and bigger,” Milton said. “Soon it will be just like that before she starts eating. And this,” Milton said, cupping her genital area, “is going to be covered with fur.”

“Really?” Mikey asked.

“Sure. Let me show you something,” he said as he made his way towards Julia. “This is my mother, she used to look like yours. And look at her now,” he said, gesturing towards her hairy, porcine body. Milton started to undo his belt as he felt her massive, jiggling hindquarters.

“This is what you’re going to have soon,” Milton said, as he slowly mounted his mother. She squealed with delight as he pulled at her large pig ears and rocked back and forth. Mikey wanted to tear his eyes away, but for some reason, he couldn’t look away. He watched Milton fuck his squealing, oinking mother until both had climaxed. It was a hot, sweaty, smelly spectacle, and it was what Milton told him his future would be.

True to his word, over the months Mikey became a valuable farmhand, eventually becoming Sid and Buck’s supervisor. And his mother’s body slowly swelled with fat, and was covered in coarse hair. Simone’s hair grew back with a vengeance, and while she was growing, Mikey checked in on her every day to see what was getting larger, fatter, or flabbier.

She eventually let go of her opposition to the change and to her son, and now squeals whenever she sees him approach. A real sow, she’s only second to Julia in the size of her belly and the length of her tusks. Speaking of Julia, she gave birth to a litter of beautiful, healthy piglet children, who are growing up big and strong thanks to two loving parents. Two of them, Peggy and Elmer, seem unusually close and affectionate for a brother and sister. Julia and Milton have both mentioned how cute it would be to mate them together when they get older.

Mikey no longer sees Milton as his captor, and instead sees him as more of a benevolent big brother. Milton now has quite a big, loving family.

Life is good.


This story was created as a special commission. To find more of my stories or to commission your own, please visit mytransformations
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The perversity of the Web (WG, MC, love…) 1/2
Postby atilde » Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:38 pm

Hi Friends.

I've decided to rework a little one of my old stories.

I hope it will please you.

As usual, it is for real ADULT. You have to know that this story is comming from my imagination. Do not want to do these things in the real word

Good reading, Take Care.

The perversity of the Web

First it had been the books. Now it was internet.

Sophia was looking for informations. What was the real love? What was the real passion?

She was not a sciencist, she wanted to know. No more. She had always problems to have a serious relation with a man. It was imperative for her to understand why.

So, she was in her room. It was her and some documents she had put together on her table. It was, an old poetry book, a fashion magazine, a "for men" magazine and her computer.

Also, as told before, it was her, in front of this large wood table.

Sophia was 25, Clear brown hairs close to blonde, long and shiny, falling freely at the middle of her back. Her feature were 5"5' tall, she weighted 115 pounds. She was feminine, but not female, average size breasts and a little round bottom. For the general vue, she was kind of a beauty according to the standards and her body perfect, if not a little too muscular due to her strict organisations of regular workouts and diet sessions.

She was 25 years old now, and she had never meet the "man of her life". She wanted to know why. Perhaps her idea about relations between a man and a woman was totaly false. She was sure it was also something coming from herself.

Looking in the Poetry book she had found the beauty of litterature, but the woman was more told as a dream and unreal jewel. In the fashion magazine it was not told about love or passion. It was about weight loss, about cosmetics and clothes. She did not wanted to open the pornographic book, she found that pervert, and she opened her computer and started to look on the web. (Thanks wifi!!!)

After two hours her head was boiling. She did not understand… looking in some furums about opinions of men regarding women, it was so synthetic things. It was always about the look, the sexy underwares, the hair color etc… But where it was written love or things linked with passion it was always according to average women,… "I love her big breasts, or, she had a large ass. I love to kiss her on her voluptuous….".

So everything was false… Love existed but not where all women looked. The media was liars. She was revolted !!!

Thinking about the results of her investigations, she was surprised. It was impossible !!! How may a man love a woman 20 pounds overweight. And speaking of 20 she had seen some more women really more than 100 pounds overweight.

Also, about language, how may a man prefer her girlfriend using vulgar words. And more, how was it possible for him to prefer her without education. She had seen that they prefered their girlfriend not too intelligent. It was silly…

She had seen so much things, always new for her. For example, she looked at the photos showing a good looking man with his wife. They where smiling, but the wife was so… So different of the standards of fashion, overweight, with blond hairs coming from the bottle. The man had a new generation sport car, the woman had a little old car.

And… She was smiling…. and…. they were in love. His hand was on her plump thigh. They looked so happy.

At the contrario, when she was looking at Fashion models in the magazine, they were always alone. Her smiles was false, the nails was false…

If a Model was with a man it was always a legend under the picture: xxxx separation from yyyyy, or divorces etc…

In conclusion, Sophia was sure now… The real love was not in the fashion magazines or poetry books. It was in real life. She had to look via the window of the Web. She had to double check her conclusion with a man. But she did not knew a person of confidence to start this kind of conversation. She had to adapt herself according to these new constat. She needed to know.

She found a site about "speed dating and other virtual things. She opened it saying: "Wy not".

She had to write her profile. Ok… Why not ? Another time. She was looking for truth so she had to tell the truth.She described herself her size, her style, her weight. She decided not to answer to some too personal questions, but all what she had written was the truth.

She decided also to use her real surname. So she was Sophia here also.

After, she had the choice. Discussions, real contact, exchange of phone numbers.. and she arrived to a thing she wanted to test."For women wanting answers" it was told that it was relative to all woman who had problem, to find answers in her relations and wanting to find herself.

She had three message waiting for her within 3 minutes. It was one from Bob, one from Sam and one from John.

After some exchanges of little message with Bob she decided to remove him from her contacts. He was always asking her mensurations, he made several errors of typing. But what was really unpleasant was that he was always speaking of himself.

She decided to continue with Sam. For John it was another problem. She was sure that he used a false name and most of all that he was a minor. It was very dangerous and she decided to tell the moderator about that point. Some minutes after John was disconnected. (Protect your children from this dangerous aspect of the Web).

So, now she had Sam. Perhaps Sam may answer her little questions? Not so little in fact…

Sophia - Hello Sam? are you here?

Sam- Yes Sophia. Who are you?

Sophia- I am me? and you?

Sam- I am me too. You are funny. Who are you? what are you looking for?

Sophia- Apologies, yes I am a woman 25 years old, and I'm looking for things but these may be strange for you.

Sam- I am 28 years myself, may I help you?

Sophia- I don't know. It is about life. I think I'm not what I have to be.

Sam- It is a very difficult question Sophia. Could you please tell me more?

Sophia- Have you seen my profile?

Sam- Yes Sophia. Physically you seem to be beautiful.

Sophia- I've wanted to look at your profile but I've not found it.

Sam- It is strange let me look. No, I've had a look I'm here. You know there is a list of profiles for men and another for women.

Sophia- Yes, and I've not found your's. But you know it is the first time for me on this kind of forum. I will look later.

Sam- You want some help?

Sophia- I want some help for…To find the real me.

Sam- What thinks your boyfriend of that? He doesn't help you?

Sophia- I'm alone. And it is why I've all these questions turning in my head.

Sam- What kind of questions?

Sophia- In fact, I've found some answers. I'm sure that the Fashion magazines and the standards of life given to women are completly wrong.

Sam- I follow you in that idea. But could you tell more?

Sophia- You know, they tell that for a woman, it is needed to be beautiful, to have money, to have a high education and a good level of education. They write also that beeing independent is a must for a woman. They tell that if you have all of these qualities, your may have all you need and have a great life.

Sam- Yes they write that on all books, but what is the problem with you?

Sophia- Let me talk about myself.

Sophia described all about her life. Sometime Sam was supportive. Sophia was gaining confidence with Sam.She wrote about her strict life, about all the efforts she did do be the closest than possible of the fashion standards, how it was difficult to live with an organised schedule, regular sports, job, responsabilities.It was ok when she thought that all these sacrifices were needed to be a perfect and "actual" woman, but now…

And suddenly Sophia read this message coming from Sam:

"Ok, I know the perfect solutions to solve all your problems."

Sophia - You are telling me that within a few minutes, you have found a solution to all my problems? I'm thinking of it since months without solution and…

Sam- I tell you that I know, and understand what are your problems. I can assure you that I have a solution for each. Speaking of time, we are on line since four hours it makes several minutes.

Sophia- Hooo yes Sam, apologies, I had no idea of the time it's 1 am. Please apologies I've made you lost your time.

Sam- No, no need to apologies. It is pleasant to be with you on line. It makes a long time I had not had a good exchange of messages like today.

Sophia- I have to leave now. I will disconnect within a few minutes. I need to be ok for my morning's jogging and I've not taken time to eat yet.

Sam- Sophia, I will love if you continue a little time to discuss. Is it ok for you? I really want to help you.

Sophia- Yes. If you want, but I have to eat something. I'm starting to have a headache.

Sam- Yes you are right, have to eat, and it may be the first step of all things. Do you want me to guide you to become the real you?

Sophia- Yes… Within a few minutes also?

Sam- No Sophia, it will take a long time, but you will become a real fine woman. According to my taste…

Sophia- Yes I will love to be helped by you. I don't know you but, I'm in confidence with you.

Sam- Ok Sophia. But, Please, it is serious. I do not want to loose my time. If I help you, I want a real engagement from you.

Sophia- I'm ok with that, what do you want me to do.

Sam- There is one thing to do first, but it is not easy… In fact, I do not want you to discuss with other persons on the site. You know, I have a solution, but it may be a little perverse for you.

Sophia- Continue, what do you want me to do?

Sam- You may accept or not, but you have perhaps seen that it was strange kind of people here. I think that if you told in you profile, that you where my Slave an that I was your Mistress with a general message. Sure, we knwo that it is false, but if you told your engagement to me by a message to all members here, you will not receive other messages than mine.

Sophia- Sure, I accept, if it is to avoid to have too much messages, I will do it. You my Mistress? It's a funny idea. What do you want me to write?

Sam- You will have to call me Mistress in your messages because if the moderator see that we are doing a joke he will disconnect us.

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I will do what you want. Giggles…

Sam- ok, you will have to copy it. I'm sure it will help. Give me some minutes. Do not forget that you will have to write using sentences as if you where my slave and if I was your Mistress.

Sophia- Ok I will take a salad during this time. I'm hungry.

Sam- Ok. Within 10 minutes it will be done.

Sam was typing. During this time Sophia was smiling. She was surpised to see that it was five in the morning and that she had no need to sleep. It was a strange sensation. She was not tired. She found the idea of Sam a very good one. How can a man like this Sam thinking of a strange situation assuming that he is a Mistress and her, a Slave. She had difficulties to admit it but she found the situation funny and exciting.

She took a carot and some salad. she put some lemon on and a piece of smoked fish. She started to eat looking at the screen. She was waiting since six minutes when the screen flashed. it was a message from Sam. What a pleasant guy!!!

"Me Sophia, I declare by the present document that I give all power over me to Sam, my Mistress.
Please do not send me any message.
I want to become her property.
She may decide of all things according to my life.
She has all power to make me change, reshape me, body and soul.
I want to become a new woman and she will help me.
She may use this declaration for all changes she may want to do to me.
This declaration may be used for legal actions and is valid for all things.

Undersigned by me Sophia, today the…"

This message was fantastic. It was really funny. It was a message a Slave may do to her Mistress. Sophia was smiling. It was a strange game she did ctrl+c and ctrl+v and she sent the message to all the members of the forum.

Sam- Have you done it Sophia?

Sophia- Yes Sa..Mistress it is funny no?

Sam- Yes it is. I'm sure that with that kind of message we will not receive other messages from members.

Sophia- Yes it is sure Sam.

Sam- From now, remember that we have to exchange messages as if I was really your Mistress and you my slave ok.

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I understand.

Sam- Slave. Do you really want to change?

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I want to become another woman.

Sam- Do you know that it may need some difficult changes in you?

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I am ok for all change you will want me to have. It's ok Sam? I'm good?

Sam- Stop now Sophia! We have to be serious with our messages or we will be disconnected. Is it what you want?

Sophia- No Mistress. Please apologies.

Sam- You told me about your researchs and about physical aspects. Do you want to know how it is to be different, do you want to have the idea of the way you will choice to acheive to become the new you?

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I want to know.

Sam- Tell me. Have you some holidays to take?

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I've six months free before the next fashion collection. I work for myself during these periods. So it is possible for me to be like.. in holidays. I've some money, so no problem at all. I'm an independent woman!

Sam- You are no more independent Slave! You are mine now.

Sophia was typing and had a strange sensation she was excited by these messages. Never a man had told her these kind of things. and she had the sensation of moisture between her legs when she answered.

Sophia- Yes Mistress I'm your's. I'm no more independent.

Sam- Have you some plastic film. the one we use to preserve food.

Sophia- Yes mistress, I have bought two rolls this morning.

Sam- I've you some towels. Little ones.

Sophia- Yes Mistress I've some, I like it in the bathroom. little ones are one foot by one foot size.

Sam- Ok go and take the rolls and the towels and return here. I want to change a little your shape.

Sophia- Yes Mistress. It's ok have taken everything now.

Sam- Remove your clothes. I want you nude.

Sophia- Give me a little time. Yes Mistress I am nude… But I need to go to the bathroom because…

Sam- Because what?

Sophia- It is hard to explain… I'm a little excited and…

Sam- We have found one part of the new you. You like to be drived.

Sophia- Yes Mistress. Please apologies. I am ashamed.

Sam- Now, take a towel make it a half foot by one and put it externally at at the level of your left hip. With the platic film make a turn around your hips adding another towel in the dimension on your right hip. Make a complete turn. Now they will not move.

Sophia- It is done Mistress It is a strange sensation. It add one inch at left and right.

Sam- Now, take four towels. Put them over your bottom and make another turn. Do not cut the film yet. Make another turn over your right hip adding two towels around your thigh return in the front at the level of the bottom of your stomach and putting a towel in dimension half by half foot go the left thigh and do the same as you have done for the right. Make the number of turn you want around what you have done. I do not want to have any part of towel seen. Do not cover your anus or your sex. After, If you have a large mirror, take it close to you.

Sophia- It is done Mistress. It is strange. It is as this new volume was a part of me. I have a large mirror close to me now

Sam- Really look at you. What do you see now.

Sophia- I have to go to the bathroom Mistress. It is so strange my body looks so… it's so exciting.. and so… I look so fat…

Sam- And why have you to go to the bathroom slave?

Sophia- Because I'm excited Mistress. I'm ashamed Mistress, I'm becoming a pervert.

Sam- No Slave, you are not becoming something, you are discovering the real you. Nonw, have you a dress. You know a dress in coton, one you use sometime when it is hot and you want to be free of movements. if you have one, take it and your roll of plastic film.

Sophia- Ok Mistress I've all but really I have to go to the bathroom.

Sam- Silly, haven't you hands? It's time to give you a little pleasure no?

Sophia- No..Yes… but it is pervert… I'm so excited by my fat ass and my matrony thighs… Hmmm It is so good… hmmmm

Sam- Ok now slave???


Sam- Are you ok Slave???

Sophia- I've… peed on myself but it does not smell like pee. I have to wash myself.

Sam- It is called pleasure juice. A pervert like you doesn't wash, she cleans herself! Take you hand to your mouth and lick it.

Sophia- It is so humiliating but…. It tastes good. it smells good.

Sam- so you will not wash it. I want this smell on you. Have you the dress and the roll of paper?

Sophia- Yes Mistress I have one red one and the roll.

Sam- Make a turn around over your breasts. I want you flat chested. take your time, make several turns


Sam- It's done?

Sophie- Yes Mistress. It is done, but I'm not really flat chested, but it makes my breasts looks like if they were pearshaped and falling.

Sam- It is ok. Now put the dress on. It is 9 am and it is time to go to do some shopping.

Sophia looked at her reflexion in the mirror. with the dress it was really showing. She looked really different. Her dress gave another dimension to her body. She had really small breast and very large hips. Turning around looking at her ass she had a sentation of pleasure. She had a very exciting round and fat butt. And… She loved it.

She put another time her hand over her sex and she was sensitive as she had never been before. She had another orgasm and her juice was leaking along her legs over the platic film covering the extra padding.

Sam- Still here slave???

Sophia- Apologies Mistress. I've give… I've had another pleasure. I do not understand. I'm not a silly girl, I've a high level of study and all things giving me power and independence, but today I love to be submissive. I'm athletic, and today I'm excited by the sight of my body looking as the one of a chubby woman.

Sam- It is not the body of a chubby woman it is your's.

Sophia- It's not mine.. Not really, You have me do it that way. It is not my body, I'm slim and athletic.

Sam- Look another time. Look at this body it may be your's. Make a test and you will understand. Go to the super market. See how men looks at you. If you are happy with what you see in their eyes, buy the most fattening food it is possible for you to buy. if you are not happy, buy you usual salads and we will remove the towels at your return ok?

Sam- Go, I will send you a message soon. I disconnect now.

Sophia- Yes Mistress I will do it now.


Sophia was walking in the street between her house and the store. She was tired. She had not taken time to put some makeup and it was not easy to walk with her new volumes. She was looking around her and she was surprised to see that it was no problem. It was no remarks, no strange looks to her. Her manner to walk was different, her body was different and she had to move more her plump ass when walking.

It was difficul to admit, but she had suspected some men looking with a smile at her fatty bottom. She remembered what had told Sam. This pleasant guy had let her the choice of her future. All depended of her decision.

Using the reflexion of a windows she was sure now. Some men looked at her butt with a smile of satisfaction. But was she really sure that she wanted to change?

In front of the store, the sun on the window was making like a mirror. Was she ready to become fat? She was not sure. But she was excited by the idea. She had pleasured herself seeing her body reshaped from her usual perfect frame to the one of a heavy bottom and small breasted woman. She was not sure to continue further. She needed other things. It was a hard decision. Alter her body for a little fantasm. Because a guy called Sam had told her to do it. No… In fact, he had not really told her to do it, he had told her to make her choice. It was difficult.

She had asked Sam for that. She had told him she wanted to change.

And if he had told her : Your Mistress wants you to grow fat??? She was not sure of what she should have answered. She needed something more.

She arrived in the store. She needed to think of it. It was too quick. She looked and found some salad she wanted to buy. She was not ready. Not yet.

A tall man spoke to her.

Tall man: Hello beautiful? what do you want to buy?

Sophia- I… I'm looking. many thanks.

Tall man: I'm sure you will find something you will like. I love to have Customers like you. With these periods of diet and fashion, it is rare to find a woman who apreciate real food.

Sophia- You… You tell that because I look fat?

Tall man- I do not want to insult you. Please apologies. What I tell is that a woman like you is a dream for me. You are so healthy and sensual. You are a real woman and it is becoming rare today.

Sophia- You… Nobody has never… Many thanks for your apreciation.

Tall man- So what do you want "dream girl"?

Sophia- You know how to sell your things. I will take… I will take…

Tall man- I know what you will take.. let me see. A large portion of my lasagna… Make it two. It is very good recooked.

Sophia- Yes but… I want..will take a sala…

Tall man- Yes you will take also a salami. It is very good. If you take two I give you a bottle of italian free.

Sophia- Yes but I only wanted…

Tall man- Yes sure, don't be shy. It is normal to be gready. You will have a tiramisu, but before you will need to taste my gorgonzola with cream. Is it ok with you my beautiful lady?

Sophia- yes.. but.. yes ok. I take all.

Tall man- You look sad? Have I told something wrong? You know there is no shame to have having a body like your's. It is the dream of several men. I did not wanted to..

Sophia- No… No need to apologies… I' a little tired, that all. It is so strange. Many thanks for all you have done for me.

Tall man- You are always welcome miss.

Sophia was at home. She was surprised of her attitude. She had put all the plates in the fridge and the bottle of wine on the table. Her fridge had never contained food like that. All seemed so greasy, so fattening. And this bottle… She never drank wine.

She had a look on her screen and it was flashing. Sam was waiting for her. It was 12 am. She was tired. She had not slept.

Sam- Are you here slave?

Sophia- yes Mistress I'm here.

Sam- What have you bought?

Sophia- I wanted to buy salads, but the guy of the shop. I do not know why.

Sam- What have you bought slave!

Sophia- I….I've bought fattening foods. And I have had a free bottle of wine, because I've bought two salamis…

Sam- You have not written well Slave !!!

Sophia- What?

Sam- Call me Mistress in all you messages.

Sophia- Yes Mistress. Apologies. I have bought fattening foods and a bottle of wine.

Sam- So may i conclude that you are decided. You really want to put on a few pounds?

Sophia- Yes… Nooo..

She look at her in the large mirror her face was glowing. She looked at her body and put her hand on her padded bottom.

Sophia- Yes Mistress! I want to gain weight. yes Mistress…

Sam- It is ok Slave. So it is perhaps time for you to eat what you have bought no?

Sophia- Yes Mistress, but it looks so fattening and I'm not sure.

Sam- Ok. You know, you don't know! you want you don't want! Take a choice. I've no time to play ! I disconnect now. I will be reconnected within and hour or two. If you are not here when I reconnect it is because you have decided to stop our relation. I will understand and never exchange with you again. Look at you a last time in your mirror before taking your decision and after remove all this plastic film and the towels. Don't forget to look at you another time. I disconnect.

The screen was black.

Sophia was a little afraid. What if Sam does not reconnect!? She dis as she had been told and in front of her mirror she looked at her body. She started to adapt to her look. She loved it and looking at her posterior, she was glad of what had told her the Tall man at the store.

Another time she was excited. She put her hand under her dress and for the first time of the day she had conscience that she been out of her home without underware under her dress. The shame and excitation was intense. Her hands was in action and after ten minutes she was on the floor smiling . Still looking at the reflect of her body in the mirror. She was not tired anymore. But she was thirsty. Returning in the kitchen she opened the bottle of wine and drank directly from the bottle.

She had no time to think anymore. It was as if her body was driven by itself. She had not time to cook and started to eat the lasagna with a spoon. It was very good cold also. Each soon she put at her mouth gave her a sensation of pleasure. She had finished the tiramisu when she stopped to eat. her belly was hard as a rock. She was still excited and another time she pleasured herself and fall on the floor.

The bip-bip of her computer was in action. Sophia opened on eye. She had a headache.The bottle of wine was on the floor and she had drank more than half of it. She was nauseous. She had no time to look at the bags and papers over her kitchen table, showing that she had eaten all the food.

During her sleep the towels and plastic film had moved and she removed her dress and the accessories. She was now nude in front of her computer. It was a message from Sam.

Sam- Hello slave how was your food???

Sophia- good.

Sam- answer correctly.

Sophia- It was good Mistress. I have eaten all things and drank half of the wine. I have a terrible headache.

Sam- I'm proud of you. Have you removed the towels and all?

Sophia- Yes Mistress, but I have slept a little and I've not had time to compare.

Sam- Look at you now and tell me your opinion.

Sophia looked at her in the mirror. Yes it was her. The beautiful Sophia with her perfect body, a little too muscular, but with a little rounder belly. She put her hand on it and was surprised about how it was hard. But she had not the same pleasure than when she had the padding with the towels. In fact she looked normal. She did not found her body exciting.

Sophia- Mistress I've had a look at me.

Sam- And what is your opinion now slave?

Sophia- I'm normal, I'm not exciting Mistress. I'm not sexy, but I love my rounder belly. It is full of food, it is a strange sensation, but… No, I've not the same sensation as before when I had the towels.

Sam- Tell me if I'm wrong, but if I understand. If I count, for today, whe has found the first two points of your real personality. We have found that you love to be submissive, and also that now, you know that you had to gain some weight.

Sophia- I'm not sure Mistress, But I've been excited each time I've seen my body with these round forms.

Sam- I understand…Do you know what I've done myself during these two hours?

Sophia- No Mistress I do not know.

Sam- I have discussed of your problems with some friends, and they are ok to help you too. But only if you want. They are here with me. there is also an attorney to register your acceptation.

Sophia- Yes Mistress, I know that I need and want to change, but is it necessary to have all these official aspects?

Sam- The official papers and authorisations? Why not? I for example if I told you that I wanted you to do one thing, and if you did it. You may after have me put in jail telling that you have never told me you wanted to change. These attestations are secure for me and my Friends.

Sophia- Yes Mistress. I understand, it is sure that seen in that situation it is normal for you and your friends.. But your friends are men or women?

Sam- All are women. It is normal according to their specialities.

Sophia- Yes Mistress, I am ok to sign what you want and I give you full power over me.

Sam- Like you have written at the start of our discussion yesterday evening?

Sophia- Yes Mistress all power.

Sam- Ok I've received a message from my attorney. It is registred. You are now Officially my slave. I will have to find you a new surname as Sophia is too classy.

Sophia- You do not like my surname???

Sam- Not anymore…It is too smart. I think that Anita or Ruth or Gretchen may be better for you from now. Ok I will call you Gretchen. Are you Ok to change your surname to Gretchen.

Sophia- I'm so tired… Yes if you want Mistress. I want to change my surname to Gretchen.

Sam- Ok it is registred. My attorney has registred your answer. So now, change your surname in your profile by Gretchen. Look at your messages. I've send you a message with an adress. You will have to go at this place at the end of the afternoon. It is one of my friends. You will tell her you are Gretchen. She will know what to do.I disconnect now. I will be on line at 10 pm.

Sophia- Yes Mister I do it now.

Sophia, now Gretchen opened her profile and changed her Surname. She had a message waiting for her. It was from Sam. It was an adress not far form her home. It was a medical center. She printed the document, closed her computer.

She had a last look at her body in the mirror. She had no sensation at all. Blinking one eye she told at her image: "Good night Gretchen". And a minute after she was sleeping nude over her bed. She had put an alarm clok at 5 pm.

She was still sleeping when the ring tone arrived. She was in a dream. A strange dream. She was on a beach under the sun, nude with a softer body. She was eating ice cream from a large can. She was smiling… But the ring was ringing!!!!. Time to go to the adress Sam had given to her. She was a little afraid, but was decided now.

It was not far, so she decided to go by feet. She had a strange sensation along the way. She did not receive the same looks than this morning when she had the towel and a chubby body. Some men were looking at her, but with respect, with a cold look. Also, she walked normally, she hadn't anymore the mass of a big butt going from left to right at each step like the morning. It was a strange sensation, as if something was missing.

End of part one, go to part two
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Media Whore by Changeme (MC, Slut, Downgrade?)

Media Whore by Changeme (MC, Slut, Downgrade?)

Bianca reviewed the paperwork again. She could have had someone do it for her, but she preferred to put in the hard work herself. “These numbers are terrible. What am I going to do?” She said aloud to no one in particular.

Picking up the phone, she dialed up her assistant, “Get me Mr. Marks, I have to speak with him.”

Bianca Davies didn’t like to speak to the media often. In fact, she rarely went outside at all. Some people called her a recluse, but she just didn’t crave the attention unlike many other rich folk she knew. However, this was a particularly desperate case; it was going to take more than business skills to save her charity, so she put aside her dislike for the media to call the king of all media, Johnny Marks of xWorld Media.

“Right away Miss Davies,” the assistant replied.

The phone clicked, and a gruff voice on the other end spoke, “Bianca Davies! I’m elated you would call! What does the ‘billionaire princess’ want from me?”

Bianca sighed—she hated the nickname. “Don’t call me that Mr. Marks. And don’t sell yourself short either; it’s not as if your media empire is a joke.”

Mr. Marks laughed, “Hoho, you flatter me, Ms. Davies. What can I do for you today?”

Bianca explained how her charity was faltering. It was beyond her how it was doing so poorly—her other businesses had done extremely well, and she left them at the top of their level to pursue more charitable interests. Perhaps her business skills didn’t translate as well to running a simple charity?

Mr. Marks became excited at the idea of articles featuring Bianca Davies, world’s richest woman. He’d make so much money from the sales! He played it cool, however. He knew she was the private sort, and so he’d have to play his cards right to keep her interest over the long term, and keep his own money pouring in. “Well as you know, Ms. Davies,” Mr. Marks explained, “charities don’t simply rely on making business moves. One has to get the people involved—get donators and the like. That means people need to be more aware of it. It needs more of a public image.”

Bianca nodded her head over the phone, “Of course, of course. So you’ll be the one to help give some exposure to my charity yes? All those people I want to help, I can’t let this fail!”

“Sure, but it’s not so straightforward. It’s give and take, Ms. Bianca.”

“Is it money, then, Mr. Marks?” she put forward sourly.

“No. Well yes, but not more than standard fees. But no, what I mean is getting attention for a charity isn’t that easy. People forget things quickly, but they don’t forget people quickly, and people remember things associated with people, you follow? What I’m getting at is the way to make your charity more popular is to make you more popular, Ms. Bianca.”

“Me?” She said, a little apprehensive at the idea.

Mr. Marks switched tactics to keep Bianca interested. “Relax, I don’t mean going out there and making speeches and appearances all the time. This is delicate. We’ll start slow.”

“Slow? Like how?”

“There’s a small gala next week for a group charity event. Nothing too large, but we were going to cover it anyway. I can add your charity to the list, and you simply need to make an appearance.”

Bianca was still a little unsure, but knew she had to do things she didn’t like sometimes to get things done. “Alright Mr. Marks, it’s a deal. Nothing too fancy I hope? You know how I dislike flashy events. All that money spent poorly when it could be spent on the poor.”

Mr. Marks lip curled up in a slight smile, “Of course not Ms. Davies. Fairly low key, really. I’ll have my people connect with yours shortly, and they’ll work out the details of our agreement, does that sound acceptable?”

“Okay. If this goes well, we can talk about further engagements. I know you’re enjoying the exposure this will get you.”

Bianca hung up the phone, leaving Mr. Marks with a dial tone. Johnny Marks hung up his cell phone, and his expression turned to one of disgust. “Ms. Davies, huh? What a little priss, thinking she can save the world with her money. I really hate people like her. However, I really like rich people, because they make me rich. So Ms. Davies, we’ll see how far I can take you into this media circus. Power corrupts, and I’m the corruptor, one way or the other.” He looked over at his own assistant and started laughing, his assistant followed suit, letting out a chuckle while staring at nothing in particular.
* * *

The following week, Bianca was on the phone once again with Johnny Marks. The dissatisfaction in her voice was obvious.

“I did not appreciate having to attend that event, Mr. Marks. You tricked me.”

“You’re mistaken, Ms. Davies. It was absolutely a charity event gala.” It was true, he didn’t lie.

Bianca fired back, “There was over 2,500 people in a concert hall! It was enormous!”

Okay, sometimes he lied. “But you got exposure, am I not correct?”

“The wrong kind! I felt like some sort of prissy millionaire, dressed up for a charity ball in front of all those television cameras. I would have felt even more terrible had I not made that large donation. I won’t do it again, Mr. Marks. There must be a better way than this.” She huffed out a response.

Johnny wanted to tell her off now- that she was a fool, but he knew he’d get his way soon enough. “You just need to give it a chance. Look, Ms. Davies, I checked the internet, the blogs are all over it! They love seeing you out again—they even mentioned your charity a few times.”

Bianca’s tone changed slightly, “They did?”

“They did!” He continued to press, “Just trust me one more time. We’re making headway, and I think with one more event we can really help get your name out there.”

“I suppose so…” Bianca still was a bit unconvinced.

On the other end of the phone, Johnny’s eye twitched a bit with impatience, “It’s just a meet and greet fundraiser. You just have to show up, mingle with the other millionaires and you’re home free. Shouldn’t that be fine?”

“Hm, well it does sound a bit lower key than the gala. Alright Mr. Marks, you’ve convinced me once again. This is your last chance though—don’t ruin it.”

“Don’t worry Ms. Davies, look for an invitation in the mail soon, it will have the information you need.”

They finished up the conversation and Johnny Marks hung up the phone, sighing in exasperation, “Don’t ruuuin it~” he mocked Bianca, “Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh. I’ve had enough of that woman already. It’s time to do things my way.”
* * *

Bianca entered through her front door, mail in hand. She liked to do the little things when she could; no sense in troubling the assistants. Rifling through it she saw the invitation Johnny had promised a few days earlier. The card in the envelope was thick, and she had to tug at it to get it out. When she did, what appeared to be glitter sprayed out at her, along with a little pop out picture of people holding hands. It advertised the fundraiser she had promised to go to. As she read it, however, a wave of lightheadedness came over her, and she leaned against the wall for support.

“Oh my, what was that?” She shook her head, and as quickly as the feeling came it went.

Noticing there was a URL to RSVP at, she walked over to the computer, still feeling a bit strange as she went to the site. Clicking through, she swore she heard the site play some sound, and a quick flash later, she had lost consciousness.
* * *

The fundraising event arrived and Bianca had attended and even enjoyed herself. In fact, she hadn’t had that much fun being out in a very long time. As she returned home that evening, she thought about the people she had talked to, and all the nice things they had said about her. Being surrounded by people, all wanting to talk to her—she found herself liking the feeling more than she thought she would.

Still reeling from the rush of attention and the little bit of champagne she had, she sauntered to her couch as she took in the night’s events.

“If more fundraisers were like that,” she spoke aloud to herself, “I’d go all the time!”

Just then she remembered, “Fundraiser? Oh no! I forgot to donate!”

She quickly got up and walked to her phone to tell her assistant to donate right away, “Oh how awful, I had too much fun!”

She stopped suddenly, “Well, not too much fun, that’s silly! Nevertheless I still forgot.”

Looking down, she noticed a note next to the phone, with a scrawling noting ‘to Miss Bianca’. Distracted for the moment, she opened the card, struggling with it until it popped out of the envelope, once again spraying glitter at her. Catching herself from the wave of dizzyness, she realized it was from Mr. Marks.

“Another party invite? This one is only in two days! Sigh, I guess I owe him a favor for this last one; I’d better take care of this now.”

Bianca walked to her computer, logging into the website listed on the card in order to RSVP. The light overcame her, and she had forgotten all about her donation.
* * *

Walking through the hallway of the swank mansion, Bianca checked her hair in a nearby mirror. She had it done specially for tonight, and even bought a new dress, though she made sure it wasn’t too expensive of course. Satisfied with herself, she flashed a smile and walked into a nearby group, mingling with the other rich folk.

This party wasn’t like the last one. It wasn’t for any cause, and there were no donations to be made. That suited Bianca just fine. She was always stressed from her work, and felt like she could use a night like this. Mr. Marks had probably set this up to give her a break from the last event, and she would thank him by making sure she took full advantage of it.

It turned out she didn’t have to try very hard, as despite being in a mansion it was still a relatively raunchy media party. Normally she wouldn’t have anything to do with this sort of thing, but right now it felt like exactly what she wanted. She drank champagne, wine, even a little vodka, as she chatted up the other rich strangers. She enjoyed the feeling of feeling tipsy and having everyone look at her, the combined feelings making her feel like she was the top of the world, as if the attention was vindicating everything she’s worked hard for. She was rich, extremely, undoubtedly rich, and she wanted people to know that, and to know her, and know that she’s earned her way to the top and she could do what she wanted and everyone would watch her.

All eyes were on her now as she wrapped an arm around a handsome millionaire next to her. She felt the rush from onlookers eyes and in her light stupor decided to go for it and started making out with him. The man didn’t resist; she wasn’t the hottest woman ever, but he wasn’t exactly sober either, and who would turn down a billionaire? Flashes erupted and camera phones were turned on as the makeout ensued, as Bianca soaked in a rush she’d never felt before.
* * *

Mr. Marks smiled from across his desk, watching Bianca Davies pace around in a remarkably revealing dress for someone like herself.

“My goodness these past few weeks have been amazing,” exclaimed Bianca. “I haven’t had so much fun in, in—I don’t even remember!”

“It looks like relaxing is doing wonders for your looks Bianca, you definitely seem fresher these days. Those tabloid stories are starting to show up too, not that I’m complaining.”

Bianca smiled, “I’ll thank you for that compliment, Mr. Marks. I could care less about the tabloids. I’m doing my job and I want people to know it. If that’s a side effect then so be it,” Bianca said, trying not to show that she enjoyed the attention. “Though I am getting a bit tired as of late. These events are a bit hard to handle in addition to running my charity.”

Johnny Marks leaned back in his chair, “About that. I’m not sure that’s the best way to go right now.”

Bianca stopped pacing, “What do you mean?”

“Well, in order to make your charity more popular- which, by the way, it is getting more popular—we need to make you more popular, and it’s difficult to do that if you aren’t focused.”

“But if I’m focused on the charity it’s—”

Johnny cut off a confused Bianca, “Not the charity, Bianca, focus. Focus on you. You’re going to have to seriously put yourself out there now. You’re going to need the whole world watching you, all the time, if we want this to happen. You want this to happen right?”

Bianca became lost in the thought of the whole world watching her for a moment, “Oh, yes! The whole world, for the charity!”

Johnny laughed as he knew what was going on through her head, “For charity!”
* * *

Parties came and went, and Bianca had been seen with a different man at every event. She never took a date to events previously, mostly because she didn’t care for relationships. She didn’t now either, but at Johnny Mark’s suggestion she had taken to bringing a different man with her to each event, in order to come across as more popular.

While she didn’t care for relationships, she did care for herself, and she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her date. To her that meant dressing up like a princess every time; granted, it was more like a club princess but the effect was there. This particular night she was in a sequined blue one piece dress that barely made it past her ass. Her hair was dyed a nice bright blonde lately, and she had a full set of jewelry and makeup. She had gotten used to high heels, and it really showed off her ass when she walked through a room in 4 inch stilettos. Everyone was staring at her, just like she wanted it.

She had somewhat of an after party reputation for being a bit of a slut, but she merely enjoyed having any reputation. She was accustomed to being quite drunk as of late, and every time she had fallen to her date’s charms. They paid so much attention to her, it made her so wet, she simply couldn’t resist having sex with every man she dated. It was like she was the center of the universe for a short time, and that’s all she could think about lately.

It didn’t take Bianca long to realize that sex was an easy way to get attention, and she turned up the heat whenever she could. She wore revealing clothing, heavy makeup, and generally looked like she might have sex with the next random person, which she practically did. Tabloids ate it up, posting dozens of pictures of her new transformation into a sex kitten and ensuing obsession with said sex.
* * *

Somehow her charity was still doing well, she had left it to one of her more capable people after all, but the attention on her had somehow translated into more money for the charity as well. It wasn’t enough to justify how much she had changed lately, but she didn’t care or even think about it, in fact she hadn’t realized it yet, but she didn’t really think at all. Not within her head at least.

“What do you have to say about reports that you’ve had work done? People at the very least say your image has changed significantly as of late.” The TV reporter placed her microphone up to Bianca.

“Mmm, I think my style HAS changed as of late, but for the better I’d say. Don’t you think so? Well you wouldn’t know.” She waved her manicured hand dismissively.

The reporter tried to shake off the offensive comment, “Ahem, right, but what about surgery? Did you resort to such means?”

“Haven’t thought of it, honey. You could stand to have bigger breasts though. Mmm, I feel so wet, I could use a co—”

The interview had cut off there.

Mr. Marks turned off the tv as he pondered what just happened. She couldn’t really control her impulses anymore, so she would just say whatever came to mind, that was good. Her speech and demeanor were finally starting to shape into what he had envisioned. The accusations about surgery gave him an idea.

Talking to his assistant, he floated an idea, “What about the headline, ‘Bianca’s Billionaire Boob Job’? Hm, well I guess that’s a good start…”
* * *

Bianca tugged the top of her dress down, furrowing her brow, “I wonder if this is enough boob?”

“It looks hot, baby doll.” Her date smiled at her.

“Thanks baby,” she replied happily, mouthing a kiss at him.

Bianca could pass for a doll now; she’s had enough surgeries over the past few months. Her breasts went from modest B cups to enormous E cups, her face was practically reconstructed with a new nose, juicy lips, and higher cheekbones. She was a beautiful 30-something billionaire, but now she was a slutty bimbo whose body only existed to be gawked at and fucked. Her one-of-a-kind handmade dress and shoes which costed over $20,000 dollars only added to the image. Bianca really enjoyed herself.

As cameras took pictures of her and her date at the concert, she stepped in front of him and pulled the top of her dress all the way down, flashing her breasts and blowing a kiss to the cameras. Still, she noticed ALL the cameras weren’t pointed at her, and it made her frown as she thought about how to get even more attention. She grabbed her date’s arm and pouted as she went to her seat.
* * *

“Johnny I want more!”

“Your charity is doing just fine though Bianca.”

“Not that! I mean me! I want more people to see me!” She kicked her foot out as she whined, her assistant dodging momentarily before resuming massaging her foot.

That was more like it, Johnny thought. She was a self-centered slut now, ready to do anything he wanted to get an article in the paper. It was just as well, he had lied about the charity; donations had tanked over the last few months since her ‘enhancements’, and her staff had all but quit as Bianca had either ignored them or treated them like crap.

“We’re doing all we can, baby. What more do you want?”

Bianca got annoyed, “You call yourself a media king? I barely see any magazine covers with me on the front!” She pushed her assistant with her foot to the floor, waving her off as she slunk out the door.

Johnny leaned back in his chair, “That’s because you aren’t doing enough. You gotta do more. DO someone, if you catch my drift.”

She was confused now, “You mean like fuck a famous guy? I’ve had sex with EVERYONE! Gawd, now even you’re not paying attention to me.”

“Who’s seen it though?”

“Seen what?”

“You fuck.” Johnny clarified.

“You mean you want me to do porn? No way!”

Johnny laughed, there was no way he could have her do actual porn; that would be the end of the media road right there. He was in it for the long haul. “No no. I’d never. Besides, it’s better when it looks like you didn’t do it on purpose; no one likes a person who whines for attention. What I mean is have sex with a famous person, then ‘oops! I recorded it and lost the tape’. Catch my drift?”

Bianca beamed, “Ooh a sex tape, how kinky! I don’t know how to do that though. Hmm, it seems a little bit scary too…”

She was lost in thought, muttering aloud about how she would have sex on camera as Johnny pulled out a slip of paper and walked over to her, “Take this. This website is for a guy I know. He’ll take care of the sex tape problem AND the nervous problem.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Actually, why don’t you register right here? You can use my computer.” He motioned for her to come over.

Bianca teetered over in her 5 inch heels, “Thanks Johnny! You’re so nice.”

“I know.” He replied as he watched her enter the URL in. A moment later, she blacked out, Johnny smirking as he wiped a tiny bit of drool sliding down her lip.
* * *

“Ah! Ah! Harder! Ah you’re making me so wet!!” Bianca screamed as a man in shadow fucked her hard from behind.

The bed creaked as she pressed into it over and over, reeling in pleasure from the feeling. Sweat glistened in the light from the camera, her heavy makeup still overdone even in the darkness. Her glassy eyes gave away her drugged out state.

“Ohhh! OHHHH!! AAAHHHHhhhhhhh!!”

Johnny Marks watched the scene on a website; the video had ‘leaked’ and gone viral within days, just as he had planned it. Looks like his guy had hooked up Bianca with some real shit too, he thought. Every photo lately has had her looking clearly drugged up, wasted, or both, and he knew she was addicted to something or somethings now. She knew how to make a photo, though, as each one also featured her entourage of bimbos, the whole group of them dressed to fuck in designer clothing.

It didn’t take long before the articles and news reports were for her arrest. She had been caught with drugs on her person, drunk driving, and for causing fights. She hadn’t gone to prison yet, after all she was a white, female, billionaire, but her reputation as anything other than a druggie, troublemaking whore was now nonexistent.

She sat in court, up for yet another trial.

“You’re up for drunk driving, indecent exposure, and possession of illicit drugs, what do you have to say for yourself Miss Davies?” The judge looked at her menacingly.

Bianca was barely cognizant of what was going on, but she knew she was in front of cameras, and knew she could get tons of attention, and so she couldn’t help but get wet at the idea of what she was about to do.

“Mmm yeah, I should totally show off my pussy.”

Her lawyer grew wide eyed, “What?”

Bianca wasn’t listening though, lost in her private thoughts, which she spoke aloud.

“I bet all the cameras will love it too. Fuck I think I took too much E. I wonder if my lawyer wants to fuck me later. I want to fuck.”

“What are you talking about Bianca, are you okay??” Her lawyer tried to get her attention.

“Your honor! My exposure isn’t indecent! It’s fucking sexy! Fuck you judge bitch!” Bianca managed to blurt out before lifting her skirt up and exposing her bare pussy to the courtroom and the cameras, and then passing out as her lawyer freaked out.
* * *

Johnny Marks looked at her from the other side of her jail cell as she napped. He’d let her get wild enough. There wasn’t going much further than this before it got tiresome and people stopped caring. He was left with a positively sex obsessed narcissistic slut billionaire though. So what was he to do?

He had to get her back onto some kind of rehabilitation path. It was the only way back to more media coverage. He’d have her do something controversial, but not illegal, and the constant shock of the audience will be his golden road to cash.
* * *

Bianca sat across from the talk show host, smiling with empty eyes, only just barely not showing her nipples through her top.

The host prodded her, “You were a billionaire philanthropist, now you have this business? What can you tell us about this change of heart?”

“Well Janey, I think my sex toys are great for people of all ages! Really though, we all know it’s the kinky teens who use them, so I’m just marketing to my demographic!” Bianca smiled as a surge of boos hit the air.

The host Janey responded, “So you’re saying you are intentionally marketing sex toys to teen girls? You know what that says about what kind of person you are? What kind of message are you sending?”

“Of course I know! Girls should be hot and sexy like me! When you’re rich, people will love you, and if you’re not rich, you can just look like a hot slut, like me! My toys let girls feel like the sluts they should be, so they can grow up to be just like me!”

Boos overwhelmed the stage as the show cut to commercial. Johnny turned off the tv, happy with the outcome. Her billions of dollars would be poured into controversial products, and that same money would always ensure they and she would always be in the public eye; it didn’t cost him a dime. She didn’t do any of the work herself of course, she was too busy having sex and partying for that, but With her being the frontlady for a new line of instructional sex videos and teen line of lingerie, he knew he would be making media gold for a long, long time.
R: 0 / I: 0

Eve of Depravity.(Rc, Slut, AP, Nasty) - By Changing Destiny

Eve of Depravity By Changing Destiny.

Eve Bright was a good person, but if one looked at her more deeply they would have realised that she was also rather odd. Every Sunday morning twenty-two year old Eve went to church, no it wasn't that she was religious, in fact she wasn't even if everyone including her parents thought she was, it was more about the fact that some of her friends were believers and she didn't want to insult them by not supporting their views. The truth of the matter was that Eve was like that with much of her life, she did things not because she wanted to but because she knew they would please others.

One evening when Eve was washing the dishes after she had cooked dinner for her family she was shocked when she and her family were taken hostage by a bikie leader who was on the run from the police. Eve quickly learnt that the man's name was William but he liked to be called Will.

In an attempt to keep her family safe from Will who seemed more then a little off balance, Eve quickly informed him that she would do anything he wanted so long as he promised not to hurt her family. Having thought about Eve's offer Will who really wasn't looking to harm anyone so much as he was looking for a safe place to hide out for six months so the police couldn't touch him quickly agreed and the first thing he wanted her to do was to cook him a good dinner. Knowing that she needed to keep her family safe from this man Eve quickly made him the best dinner that she could and when he had finished eating it he had to admit that it was the best grub that he had eaten in many years.

Soon after dinner was over and as Eve watched Will closely she noticed that he seemed to be making eyes at her older sister who had been tied up and gagged with the rest of her family. Having watched Will for nearly an hour to see what he was going to do Eve realised that he was about to make some kind of move so she stepped in front of him.

"Wait," said Eve who was about to throw herself on her sword or was that Will's sword for her sister, "Lea is in a relationship so if you leave her alone and the rest of my family then I'll do what ever you want and I mean what ever…"

At that point Will was faced with a bit of an issue, having worked out that the brick walls of the house were enough to muffle all noise, all he was going to do was to take off the family's gags so long as they promised not to scream but with Eve offering herself to him, he found that in spite of the fact she wasn't really his kind of woman that he just couldn't resist.

"If that's what you want." said Will as he took Eve by her hand and led her to the master bedroom.

"S… so what do you want me to do?" asked Eve who was still willing to do anything for her family.

"Why don't we start with something simple," stated Will as he removed his penis from his pants, "why don't you give me a blow-job."

"I've… I've never done that before…"

"Well, there is a first time for everything."

With that being said Eve climbed up onto the bed where Will was lying and without a single extra thought, she wrapped her lips around his hot hard penis. As Eve slowly let the penis slip into her mouth she realised some of her preconceived notions about what she was doing had been in error, it wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it would be.

Even for a total novice such as she was Eve quickly worked out to make things happen like they were meant to she needed to move her lips up and down the shaft of the penis while also licking it but at the same time she realised she couldn't let her teeth touch it because that just wouldn't feel nice and would just slow the process down. Strangely for Eve who didn't understand the complexities of what she was doing she was able to bring Will to climax rather quickly. When Will finally blew his load into her mouth and the back of her throat Eve realised it wasn't that much different from all those times that she had sprayed whipped cream from a can into her mouth. By the time that Will had finished unloading Eve had made her mind up that she wasn't about to spit what she had in her mouth out because she had heard from one of her friends that it made a bad stain so instead she just gulped it down.

In the moments after the act had been committed and as Will looked at Eve he worked out that for a total novice she was good at what she had just done and he knew that if she could be trained to become a totally depraved hussy then she would truly be the kind of woman that he liked. Having had that almost random thought about Eve, Will decided that if all went to plan he would be hauled up in the house for at least six months so he quickly decided to make Eve a little side project of his to pass the time.

Having made up his mind to see just what kind of a woman he could turn Eve into Will suddenly felt his penis stiffen once more and with that he decided to get things under way right away.

"Not done yet…" said Will as he pointed to his penis.

"We aren't?" asked Eve who felt her heart racing like never before.

"No we aren't, now I want you to sit on it."

"Sit on it?"

"Yes sit on my penis and let it enter your bum."

On the internet Eve had heard of such acts but she had never thought she would commit one but still she told herself that if it would protect her family then that was what she needed to do. Positioning herself above Will's again hard penis Eve slowly lowered her exposed bum towards it and as she did so she felt the hard head of his penis touch her rosebud. Applying more and more weight to the point where Will's penis make contact with her anal opening Eve knew that it wasn't going in to her and she had to pause for a moment to think. Having thought for a moment Eve worked out that the only time that her back passage opened was when she was pushing something out and that made her see that maybe if she pushed like she was going to the toilet then Will's penis would pop into her and he would be happy with her. Starting to push like she was going to the toilet Eve felt something move inside of her and she was afraid something was going to come out before Will's penis went in, but luckily for her the pressure pushing out was less then the pressure pushing in. With a sting and a pop Eve felt Will's penis pop into her and then something weird happen, she shivered as she realised that having Will's penis in her like that somehow felt good.

At that point Eve just decided to go with her more primal urges, which were telling her that for what she was doing to work, that she would have to raise her body up until the tip of Will's penis was touching the inside of her opening and then she would have to slam herself back down. Unfortunately for Eve as she started to follow the plan she had come up with the mental pressure of Will screwing her back-end was a little more then she could take and it caused a tiny crack to form in her psyche, one that let her take true pleasure in anal sex.

When the sexual act was over and Will had heard her moaning he was rather pleased with himself because he knew he was on the right track but he still needed to get the items to make her, his.

Picking up one of the phones that he had taken from the family just so they couldn't call the police, Will told Eve to clean herself up and while she was doing that in the bathroom that connected to the main bedroom, he made a phone call to a friend of his that he knew the police wouldn't be watching.

An hour after Will had made the phone call he heard the door bell ring twice before someone knocked three times, which was the signal that Will had told his buddy to use when he arrived. Leaving Eve sitting with her tied up family, Will went to the door and after a very short conversation with his friend he took the package that his friend had.

Returning to the room where Eve and her family were Will took a look at Eve and then walked over to her.

"Come on," said Will, "come with me."

Doing as she was told Eve followed Will out of the room and back into the master bedroom where he locked the door.

"Take off your panties." said Will.

"What?" responded Eve.

"Take off your panties and throw them aside."

Fearing that Will would threaten her parents Eve did as she was told and seconds later she was just standing there wearing nothing under her skirt.

"Good," said Will as he reached into the large bag and pulled out a pair of rubber panties with a large pair of dildos built right in, "You will be wearing these from now on and make sure your pleasure makers go in really deep."

With Eve's urge to protect her family still in play she quickly snatched the panties from Will. Putting the panties on as quickly as she could Eve let her skirt flutter around it, hoping that out of sight meant out of mind. Sadly for Eve as she let her skirt down she happened to take a step which caused both of the hard dildo's to push into her moist waiting holes and that in turn caused her to blush.

As Will looked at Eve who was blushing he smiled to himself because he knew that in time she wouldn't feel embarrassed about the sensations she was receiving from the panties, no instead she would relish everything about it.

While Eve was learning to cope with the constant feeling of the dildo's moving about inside her whenever she moved, Will was rapidly working out that having long term hostages wasn't easy, between the feeding, the watering, the trips to the bathroom and the walks, he was starting to feel more like a warden then what he was.

As the days slowly passed by Eve's movements become more free but at the same time she started to notice that her smooth vaginal lips, were becoming large an irritated, most likely because they were always rubbing on the rubber in some way.

One morning about two weeks after the process had begun Eve woke-up a filthy soaking wet mess, having awoken from an overly sexy dream where Will was making sweet love to her in ways that made her wither at his touch. Later that morning after making Eve stay the way she was for an hour because he liked how she smelt, Will finally let Eve clean herself up but when she got out of the bathroom she found he had another change in store for her.

"Put these on." stated Will as he stood there holding a pair of black stockings and a pair of her mother's highest black high heels.

Gulping because she had never seen the point of wearing stockings or heels Eve took them and went back into the bathroom where she sat down on the toilet, causing her dildo's to be forced deep into her, something she was finally getting use to. Looking at the stockings and the shoes Eve found that she was glad that her mother had shown her firstly how to put such things on and secondly that her mother had taught her how to walk in heels.

Clacking out of the bathroom on unsteady legs that just weren't use to walking in heels little lone ones that were the height of the ones that she was being made to wear, Eve returned to where she had started from to see what silly demand Will would make next.

"Breakfast I think." said Will.

Five minutes later Eve was standing in front of the stove cooking when suddenly she felt a warmth that quickly turned cold spread across her crotch then suddenly she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. As the realisation that she was reaching climax just by standing there in those sexy heels, Eve worried for a moment about what was happening to her.

Five days later without a hint of control as to when she orgasmed left, Eve was in the bathroom one evening just cleaning herself up. Sitting on the toilet for a moment Eve who was feeling really itchy down stairs slowly reached down before she started to rub her swollen irritated cunt and when she did she found herself orgasming like she never had before, it was so much more primal, so raw and it made her feel alive.

With her heart racing and her head spinning Eve quickly finished cleaning herself up and when she did she stepped in front of the bathroom mirror. Looking at her reflection in the mirror everything seemed normal for a moment but then from her perspective the mirror started to crack and then the image that was looking back at her was a sluttish version of herself. What Eve didn't understand was that the mirror wasn't cracked and it wasn't showing her a perverted image of herself, no what she was seeing was a reflection of her brain trying to cope with the changes in her. Studying the perverted cracked reflection of herself Eve watched on with wide eyes as it jumped out of the mirror and into her.

For a moment as her brain finally snapped Eve's eyes rolled back into her head as all thought stopped but when they rolled back her first thought was the realisation that she was her reflection now. Knowing what she was Eve suddenly ripped open the small closet behind the mirror and from it she took some items. The first item that Eve took was her mother's bright red lips stick, a shade that one might have called "fuck me red." Having applied a thick coating of the lipstick to her lips Eve then spent a few minutes adding a thick coat of her mother's blue eye-shadow to her face before she turned on her sister's stash of cosmetics. Finding what she was looking for which were her sister's long claw like nails, Eve quickly glued them to her own nails just as she had seen her sister do and once she had done that she painted them the same thick red colour as her lips.

When Eve finally came out of the bathroom Will could see that something about her had changed, she was different now and he was sure things were working out in his favour. Having see the changes in Eve, changes he saw as being good, Will decided to push his luck or maybe that was lady luck so that evening he made a call to his buddy to bring him what he called the package.

That evening soon after the package and another month's supply of food came, Will took Eve back to the master bedroom where he had her hold her hands out with her delicate fingers spread. As Eve stood there she could feel Will doing something to her fingers but what she couldn't tell because she had never worn rings before, which meant she didn't know what they felt like. When Will had finished threading the last of the rings, which had come from his last girlfriend, onto Eve's fingers, the then took a set of bracelets from the package, bracelets which he slid onto Eve's left wrist. Having done that Will took a pair of very expensive Emerald earrings that it had taken him ages to con out of some old lady and he put them in the holes where Eve once had simple diamond studs.

When Eve was allowed to open her eyes and when she saw the pretty gold bands that were spread across most of her digits including both her thumbs she was overcome by a feeling that caused her to do something that from an outside point of view seemed nuts.

"Thank you." said Eve as she felt her new earrings swing with the smallest movement of her head.

A few days later Will realised that Eve no longer seemed to care when she came or who saw it so he decided it was safe for him to get on with his plan.

That morning Will took a risk and made contact with his contact, getting him to bring a large cardboard box full of cigarette packets that the gang had acquired, to the house, along with some other stuff that he thought he might need. Unpacking one of the packs of cigarettes Will took it and a lighter to Eve where he informed her that he wanted her to start smoking them, but for her that was a step too far and she openly refused.

With Eve having refused to start smoking Will wasn't that shocked and nor was he angry because he had figured that she would refuse but that didn't mean he wasn't going to get his own way. Having already decided that there was a very direct way to get Eve to smoke he took her to another room where he quickly tied her to an office chair that was there. With Eve tied up and unable to get free Will put his plan into motion quickly by placing a surgical gas mask over her face. Tracing out the pipe of the gas mask Will connected it to a make shift chamber he had made from a fuel filter that he had removed the filter from. Lighting a cigarette Will carefully placed it in the chamber where it quickly filled the chamber with smoke, smoke that he knew Eve would have to breathe in.

For three long days Eve was subjected to the smoke treatment, even being left to sleep with the smoke being pumped into her lungs, in fact the only time she wasn't having smoke shoved into her was when she was eating or drinking. With three days having passed Will waited until the last cigarette of the pack he was using had burnt down and then he left Eve without any more smoke for ten hours.

At the end of ten hours Will untied Eve before taking her back to the lounge room where the family could watch what he knew would happen next. Sitting Eve down on a chair, Will placed a fresh pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the table on the other side of the room and then with that being done he stepped back so Eve could see them.

The moment that Eve saw the cigarettes just sitting there, waiting for her, he could see the hunger in her eyes and turning to look at her family he could see them willing her not to do what even they knew she was about to do. Standing up on shaky legs Eve knew there was no choice in what she was about to do. Taking the packet of cigarettes Eve took one out and then with her shaky hands she picked up the lighter and lit the cigarette right after she had placed the end of it in her mouth. Two or three puffs later and Will watched as Eve let out a contented little sigh. Smiling because he knew he had managed to totally addict Eve to cigarettes Will ticked off another thing on his mental list.

By the end of that week Eve had turned into a pack a day woman and she often found herself giggling when she thought about the fact that while she was awake she always seemed to have something in her mouth, be it a cigarette or Will's magnificent cock, which she had become an expert in sucking.

Knowing that his plan was progressing even better then he had thought it would Will decided to move things along once more so he put in another call to his buddy where he asked his buddy to bring a brand new full tattoo kit and a new set of panties with the biggest black vibrators that he could find.

That evening after the items had arrived Will took Eve to the bedroom where he gave her the new panties with the large black vibrators.

"Now," said Will, "I want you to start wearing these and I want you to keep the vibrators running at all times, okay?"

With Will having said that he watched as Eve took the panties without even questioning the order and he watched as she shoved the front vibrator into her still tight little vagina, stretching it like it was made of rubber. When Eve had done what she had been told she didn't even blink as she turned the unit on, instead once she was done she just pulled her mini skirt down and lit a new cigarette.

In the days that followed Will came to understand that the way the vibrators ate batteries it just wasn't functional for his plan so one afternoon when he was talking with his buddy, his buddy happened to mention that something called Ben-wa balls might do the trick. Not really knowing what Ben-wa balls were Will decided to have his buddy bring him a set and what he ended up getting looked like eight oversized silver ball bearings that jiggled when he moved them. Realising that the balls were perfect for his idea Will quickly had Eve remove the panties from her body to reveal her newly stretched vagina and then with that done, he had her insert the cold Ben-wa balls, four into each hole where the sun never shone.

In the days after the insertion of the Ben-wa balls Will noticed that Eve always had a smile on her face when ever she moved, be it day or night, awake or asleep and he knew his plan was still on track.

Knowing it was high time for him to set to work on what would have been one of the largest projects he would have to do to Eve, Will got her up early one morning and made her strip off what little clothing she was wearing until all she had left was her heels. Setting to work with the tattoo gun, Will started his great art work, which he knew would take most of the day, if not longer. Starting out Will tattooed a pair of black dragons onto each of Eve's forearms making sure that they were placed in such a place that no matter how Eve's arms were bent she could see part of them. With the four dragons fully tattooed Will then moved on to the next part of his grand design. Around each of Eve's forearms Will tattooed a simple band of black barbed wire before stopping.

Having given Eve a small rest after the barbed wire tattoo so that he could deal with her family, Will then returned to ink something on her breasts and her chest above her breasts, something that he called a love bird. When Eve looked down at the new tattoo after it was done she didn't really see a bird, all she saw was some kind of tribal like tattoo, but that was okay because Will had given it to her.

Soon after Eve had finished looking at the tattoo on her chest, which still stung a lot, Will rolled her over so he could get to work on the main part of his art work, a very colourful dragon that would cover most of Eve's back as it ran up her spine.

It was late in the evening by the time Will had finished tattooing Eve so he let her get up and let her put her clothing back on before he stopped her to talk to her.

"I want you to understand," said Will, "that the tattoos are to always remind you that you are not a normal human, you are one of my kind now."

For the week that followed the tattooing, as the pain of the process faded away the tattoos that were permanently branded on her skin and all the other changes that she had undergone really did remind her that she was like Will now, the odd thing was she found she liked it. Having realised that she was just like Will now she started to find herself more connected to him and less connected to her family until she started to see them as being hostages just like he did.

"So," said Eve one day, "how are the hos… I mean how is my family doing?"

"They are fine." responded Will who had picked up Eve's slip.

Having noticed Eve's slip and how indifferent she had become to her family, Will knew that he needed to take a huge risk with the next step of Eve's transformation but it was a risk he was willing to take. Having given Eve very clear instruction on what she was meant to do, Will had his contact take her from the house under the cover of darkness and once that had happened all Will could do was wait to see if his plan backfired.

Three long weeks after Eve had left the house she returned wearing a tiny sun-dress and right away her family could see how changed she was. Firstly there was something about her face, something about her eyes, the shape of them seemed to have changed, like they were the eyes of an Asian woman and then there were her breasts, which were now massive.

Having openly kissed Will upon her return he snapped his fingers and she headed off into the house. When Eve returned she was no longer wearing the sun-dress, instead all she was wearing was her PVC panties, a pair of PVC high heeled boots and a PVC bra with the middle removed from the cups so that her nipples with their large golden nipple rings were visible for all who wanted to, to see.

Letting the new and far more improved Eve rest for a week, Will then injected both her butt cheeks with something and right away the members of her family thought he was shooting her up with some kind of hard drug. In the two weeks that followed the first two injections Eve's family watched as she shot up six more times and on each of those occasions they watched as a small yellow bruise appeared which over time seemed to spread out. By the sixth injection each member of Eve's family was sure that Will had turned her into a junky but that really wasn't what was happening.

One day soon after the sixth injection Eve just sort of seemed to vanish, well it was more while they could still hear her talking and working in other parts of the house, she just never appeared to them any more.

A month after the sixth injection and with Eve having been injected with everything that she needed to be injected with, Will decided it was high time to give his little pet project one big makeover so working with a skill that he had picked up in the big house, he cut her once long beautiful blond hair, short before he styled it into a wispy bob, which was just the way he wanted it to be. Having altered Eve's hair he then gave her a small injection to the skin at the outer edge of her eyes and when he had done that he knew once the drug had affected her, it was time to put her on show.

Six hours after the injection, which was weeks since her family had last seen Eve she appeared before them but when she did she appeared radically different. Due to the short hair and the changes that had been incurred in her by smoking and what looked like too much exposure to sunlight Eve looked like she was nearly fifteen years older then she really was. Taking a closer look at the disgusting sight that was Eve the members of her family noticed her yellow skin tone and all of them came to much the same conclusion, that she was suffering from jaundice most likely caused by liver damage. It was only once Eve's family saw her eyes, which had once been blue but were now funny brown and shiny did they come to understand that her skin wasn't yellow from jaundice, it was just yellow because that had been how it had been turned.

Placing her hands on her hips for a moment Eve stood over her family looking down at them coldly while they looked at her. As Eve's family looked at her they didn't see anyone they even remotely knew.

"So what are we going to do with the hostages honey?" asked Eve coldly.

"Oh I have a plan," responded Will who had been waiting for this moment, "but first why don't you introduce yourself to them."

"Hi," said Eve, "I'm Ming Lee and I'm a thirty-five year old Asian bikies bitch."

"Okay Ming, why don't you go get ready and then come back."

When Eve who was now Ming Lee had left the room to do what ever she was meant to do Will turned back to Eve's family and smiled at them.

"Maybe it's time I made something clear," stated Will as he knelt down so he was on the same level as the family, "the acts of depravity that I have put your daughter through have done more then just corrupted her body, they have corrupted her heart and her mind in such a way that she really is Ming Lee now. And Ming Lee is a thirty-five year old Bikies bitch, my bitch."

Having made that statement Will reached around behind the mother's back and pulled the engagement ring plus wedding band off her finger.

"Oh don't look at me like that," said Will, "these would have gone to one of them one day anyway and now I'm just making sure the one who needs them is the one who gets them."

Soon after Will had made his statement he turned away from the family because he didn't wish to see them any more. A few minutes after Will had turned around Ming finally returned from where ever she was wearing nothing but a tiny white wedding dress, a veil, white stockings and white heels.

Right there on the spot as they were Will and Ming had a little short wedding which ended with Will slipping the rings onto Ming's waiting finger. With the so called marriage out of the way and both of them more then ready to do what came next Will pulled his pants down so he could commit one final act of depravity. As Ming faced him Will managed to angle things so that he was able to shove his hard cock into her juicy giant cave of a vagina, before she wrapped herself around him. Rocking her world with his final act of depravity Will shot his load into Ming's nasty waiting vagina which bought her to a massive orgasm.

"Okay," said Will when the act was over, "Ming why don't you go put your leather's on while I deal with the hostages."

With Ming having vanished once more Will quickly fed each of the members of the family a knock-out drug and then he waited for it to take effect. While Will was waiting for the drug to work Ming was busy cleaning herself up and once she had done that she put her leathers on so that she was ready to ride. Having gotten dressed Ming realised that she was a high maintenance woman who needed beautiful stuff so she went from room to room stealing every cent of money she could find, which she ended up shoving between her breasts.

With the family out cold and with Will having untied them so that they would be free when they woke up he just waited for Ming to get back. When Ming finally did return she and Will spent a few moments kissing before he took her by her delicate nasty hand and led her to where he had stashed his bike.

Having started his bike Will then let Ming climb up behind him where she wrapped herself around him so her ring encrusted fingers were locked around his front while her hard nipples and nipple rings pressed into his back. Giving his nasty new wife a backwards smile Will gunned the engine of the bike as he eased it out onto the road, causing Ming's vibrators to please her. As they roared down the road with Ming moaning in pleasure, Will knew that by the time that the family awoke and contacted the police he would be safely over the border starting a new life with his nasty wife, Ming Lee.

R: 0 / I: 0

Changing Clothes (Racial, BE, FF, Slave, Fantasy) by Tang

Changing Clothes
by Tang.

Yvonne ran her fingers along the top of the rather dated wardrobe the previous residents had left in her house. With all her unpacking undone she had decided to arrange things to her satisfaction. Despite its age the wardrobe's mirror was still clear and she liked the colour and feel of the wood. He fingers brushed against something slippery. She reached further and pulled it down. It was some sort erotic clothing, a kind of glossy harness, something she heard about from friends who had attended lingerie and sex toy parties but had never seen in real life. She did not consider herself prudish but it did feel strange holding something so sexual. Yvonne stroked the slippery material and it made her feel aroused. She stepped back and held it up to herself looking at her reflection in the mirror. Suddenly she felt the urge to wear it. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, why had she felt that? It did not belong to her, she should bundle all this stuff off and see if the estate agents could forward it, but it was so smooth and shiny. This was her house now, and anything in it belonged to her. It looked unworn, there was no-one to see her, why should she not try it on? It would be a bit of a laugh. Yvonne laid the harness down on the bed and found that without thinking she was unbuttoning her blouse. That felt good. She continued removing her blouse and then more quickly she unzipped her skirt. A glow was awakening in her pussy, as if rewarding her for doing the right thing. There was nothing to stop her quickly stripping out of her bra and panties.

Yvonne picked up the harness, keen to feel the gloss material against her naked body. As she slipped into the harness it clung to her hips, her back and her body coating them in the gloss. As she buckled it tight, she realised that it ran as a thong through her bum and lifted her naked tits. It was split at her crotch and her pubic hair showed through. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and twisted back and forth so the gloss rippled. Yvonne felt relaxed and yet aroused. She also felt something was missing. She reached on top of the wardrobe and her fingers touched on something else slippery. She pulled out a long boot and then another. Tucked inside each was a long glossy glove. Yvonne could hardly believe she had found such erotic clothes, but in moments that thought had been driven from her mind by a mindless urge. Quickly she eased first one leg then the other into the clinging shiny thigh-length boots and rose on their sharp high heels. She ran her hands up and down the glossy boots and strutted around the room, enjoying the way they made her legs look so sleek. Quickly she pulled on the long matching gloves, then stood looking at herself as a sex-toy, dressed erotically. She felt relaxed and aroused, her bare pussy was juicy, her clitoris was erect, her breasts firm and excited. Yvonne slowly lowered herself to the floor. She could not stop herself laying sprawled across the carpet, teasing her clitoris with her glossy fingers, grunting with pleasure.


Yvonne awoke, her alarm had gone off. She looked at herself, startled by what she wore. For a moment she told herself that that was what she always wore, then double took. It was what she had worn in her dream. It all came back to her as if it had been real. She had been in a large court with people dressed in ornate, bright clothes, courtiers, courtesans and slaves. A slave, that is what she had been, dressed as she was now, lying at her mistress's feet while she was stroked like a pet. Yvonne shuddered at the thrill of it even now. She shook herself and slipped out of her boots, the gloves, the glossy harness, the slave harness as she thought of it now, but she could not put them away as she dressed for work.

During the day the dream seemed distant and she did not notice that she was less talkative than usual, more compliant, especially towards women. When she got home she cooked her meal, ate it, and then showered, barely able to hold herself back from hurrying to her bedroom and slipping her body into the gloss. She worried at first that she might not fall asleep, that she would not dream. However, sprawled cat-like looking at herself in the mirror, gently teasing her soon juicy pussy she drifted away.


Yvonne was again awoken by her alarm. She stretched lazily, the images of the other world, clear in her mind as if she had just left it moments before.

"Cypha." She said the name aloud and her whole body lit up with arousal. That was what she had been called by her mistress. Her sex ached hungrily as she remembered being servile and obedient, how she had licked out her mistress, how she in turn had ridden her with a two-ended dildo. The whole experience was more erotic than she could ever have imagined. All through the day incidents would come to mind and Yvonne would disappear into dreams of the other world. To her workmates she seemed increasingly meek and distant.

The weekend came and Yvonne was almost shaking as she switched off her alarm and strutted on her heels to her usual place on the rug. Her hair was blonded and pulled back tightly. Her face was sharply made up the way her mistress, she knew as Cazine, liked it. Yvonne lay down running her fingers over her glossy boots with her shiny fingers, preparing to become her alternate personality, Cypha. Distantly Yvonne wondered how she had become addicted to what she was doing, all other interests had faded, all that concerned her were the more than real dreams of being a sex-slave in some alien world. Had she somehow uncovered a hidden side of herself, sexual and erotic? Cypha could not be bothered with such questions, she was impatient to return to serving her mistress and enjoying the colourful life of Princess Dalia's court. Vaguely she wondered if she would ever return to this world.


Yvonne woke in the middle of the afternoon as Cypha had gone to sleep after performing in a cage with other sex-slaves as an entertainment at a ball. She had been oblivious to the events around her. Whereas Yvonne would have been interested in the court and its people, Cypha's concern was with serving her mistress and giving and receiving gratification from the other sex-slaves caged with her.

Yvonne felt frustrated, she could not wait to return. The other world was becoming more real to her than this one. She fingered herself, thinking of the erotic things she had done, and lay back on her bed, but sleep would not come. Irritably she returned to the wardrobe, she had not bothered with it since finding the clothes. She was eager to find something else, something to bring her closer to the other world. She stood on a chair and reached to the back, as she did her hand touched something slippery. She almost shook with the thrill as the sensation told her it was something connected with the clothes she wore. She grasped it and pulled down a collar, as black and shiny as the harness and boots she wore. Yvonne chided herself, it was the one item that Cypha wore that she did not. She remembered Cazine linking a leash to it and leading her like a pet through the court for all to see, and she knew that all the other sex-slaves wore them.

Yvonne stood back from the wardrobe. She pushed the chair back against her dressing table, but then turned to look at herself in the wardrobe's mirrored door. She admired how the gloss held and exposed her sexy body. She looked more relaxed, more sensual than she had remembered, better suited to the clothes she wore. Slowly she reached up and clipped the collar closed around her neck. Now she looked like a proper sex-slave, now she looked like Cypha.

Suddenly Yvonne felt tired, her body comfortably weary as if she had been dancing all night. She lowered herself to the floor, and was soon asleep.


Yvonne awoke refreshed. It felt warm, her face was resting on silk. Quickly she opened her eyes. She was not in her bedroom, but in a small ornate chamber with large silk cushions strewn around. She felt aroused, she was back in Dalia's court. Then she realised that something was different, it was all more real. She tried to remember her house, her work, but it was all distant as they were in a dream and one that she was quickly forgetting. She found it difficult to remember her name, her real name. No, she was being silly, Cypha was her name. She must have been very tired after the ball, and had some strange dreams. She stood up and admired herself in the mirror. She turned back and forth so the gloss rippled, and squealed. She delighted in the firm flesh of her naked breasts and bum, the shapely curves of her hips and thighs, the dark tan skin that coated her and the shiny black hair which stretched far down her back.. Yvonne's initial confusion quickly faded. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, it startled her and snapped her out of her reverie. She turned round to look at the woman who had touched her.

Somehow she knew that this was Mizzi. She was dressed just in tight shiny cycling shorts split at the crotch and long clinging boots. She moved her legs apart to show her pussy. There was glossy collar at her neck. Her hair was cropped tight, her breasts were firm and shiny, her skin was dark brown and oiled. Mizzi smiled and purred, she ran her hands over her naked breasts and down the gloss to her naked sex. She ran her tongue provocatively over her lips and gestured for Cypha to approach. Cypha got off the cushions walked hesitantly forwards realising that her body was being tempted by the woman. She could not stop her pussy softening and running with juice. She stepped closer until she was standing right by Mizzi.

Mizzi took Cypha's hand and stroked it over her own breast, then took it down to her pussy. As she ran Cypha's own fingers across the soft black hair at her lips her free hand stroked Cypha's firm bum. Mizzi rested her fingers on Cypha's lips, as if telling her there was no need to speak. She began purring and then stopped as she took her hand from Cypha's mouth. She started purring again, looking eagerly at Cypha, encouraging her to copy.

Yvonne hesitated she could not believe this was real, but something was telling her she should just yield and truly become Cypha. Then slowly she began to purr and her body was lit up with excitement. Uncontrollably, she grunted, there seemed no need to speak. She felt so animal, so erotic. Mizzi, pleased that Yvonne was accepting things and becoming just like her. She began to stroke Cypha's breasts as accessible in the slave harness as her own. Yvonne panted. Then she felt Mizzi's fingers teasing her pussy whilst her tongue teased Cypha's breasts.

Yvonne lost herself in the pleasure. She let herself be led to a silk cushion and reclined as Mizzi kissed and stroked her. The two women sprawled on the floor. Yvonne felt relaxed and sexy, she was enjoying the pleasure and began to think of nothing else. As Cypha writhed with Mizzi, her slit juicy, Yvonne began to feel her will fading away. Part of her knew she had to break free, but her body would not let her stop the pleasure, it was keen to yield. Mizzi was slowly stroking Cypha's body, gently teasing her tits with her tongue. At first Yvonne just let her, lying back yielding to the soft caresses. Then she began slowly to respond more. She gently stroked Mizzi's body. She loved the way her smooth skin felt. She thought of nothing but the pleasure. She was enjoying pleasing this woman and getting the same in return.

Uncontrollably she began to feel the urge to be like Mizzi, to remain here, to be an erotic sex-slave for real, to truly become Cypha. Mizzi licked her tongue and Cypha responded, savouring the pleasure before her body shuddered in orgasm. She grunted loudly, knowing now there was no turning back. She was speechless, slowly she began to sigh then as she came closer to orgasm, she began to moan, the pleasure increasing, she knew her body could not resist, it was yielding, welcoming the change that she knew would come.

Cypha wanted to speak but she found it difficult to. Slowly she began to purr, it felt more natural. Mizzi looked pleased, and purred in return. She then smothered Cypha's lips with her own and Cypha felt their tongues stroking each other as Mizzi caressed her clit bringing her to orgasm. Cypha sought out Mizzi's pussy and began to do the same. Soon were both shuddering and groaning as they climaxed.

Slowly Yvonne began to feel her identity drift away, unaware she was undergoing the final change. As she tried to think clearly all she could remember was that her name was Cypha. At that her body shook with the thrill, Cypha was a sex-slave, she was Cypha, a sex-slave. She glanced into the mirror and saw herself writhing, realising that her body was as shiny and sexy as Mizzi's. As she looked down at her tanned shapely body, she felt a surprise. She snatched at her collar and fumbled for the catch. It came undone.


Yvonne found herself in her room, sprawled on the carpet. She still wore the glossy harness, gloves and boots, and held the collar in her hands. She was sweaty and her crotch was covered in her sexual juice. She realised that what she had felt was real, but her body looked different. In the other world it was darkly tanned, the skin smooth, her luxuriant black hair hanging down her back and her breasts firm and easily aroused. There she was truly a sex-slave. She knew all she had to do was click the collar closed and she would be returned to the bondage, back into her aroused body, worn by herself, but the property of her mistress. In comparison this world seemed so dull. For a couple of instants she wondered what people would think of her disappearance, but those concerns quickly faded from her mind .Without thinking Yvonne stroked at her sex and teased her nipples, her mind slowly thinking of the pleasure she had had from Mizzi, unaware that her thoughts were already easing more firmly back into the mind of sex of the other world, unsuited to the world she was currently in.

Rationally Yvonne knew she had to stop, but her body would not her do anything else. Yvonne lifted the collar to her neck, eager for it to click shut. She could feel her body changing, again becoming that of a sex-slave, her skin was already taking on a sheen. As the collar clicked shut, Cypha knew this time the change would be permanent no matter what she did, her body resumed the form it was destined to have.

Cypha stretched luxuriously, running her hands over her smooth skin as her lover lapped at her pussy.

Cypha awoke on silk cushions, she reached for Mizzi and though she was gone for the moment, she knew they would be back for more pleasure. Cypha heard the click of sharp heels and recognised the footsteps on her mistress. Cypha sat up, shaking her main of dark hair, then pulling it back tightly from her face into a thick ponytail.

Her mistress, Cazine entered wearing a cropped leather jacket over her naked breasts, a short leather skirt and sharply heeled ankle boots. On seeing her Cypha felt both pleased and aroused. "Ah, Cypha."

"Yes, mistress." Cypha rose on her sharp heels and walked over the cushions to Cazine.

"Cypha, lick me out." Cazine ordered and Cypha fell to her knees, her smoothly glossed bum pointing upwards. Cazine pulled up her skirt and Cypha began lapping at her mistress's pussy. Cazine grunted with pleasure. She took a shiny black dildo and slipped it on. Cypha did not have to be ordered, she leant on the floor, her glossy bum thrust upwards as her mistress eased down to her level and slowly slipped the hard rod into her sex-slave. Cypha writhed in pleasure, grunting loudly. Her shapely gloss coated body twisted and shuddered with the pleasure as her mistress fucked her. Cypha orgasmed and Cazine slid back and stood.

"You are a perfect sex-slave. I have no idea how you came to this court, but I am glad you did and that you stayed."

"Yes mistress, I am your sex-slave." Cypha replied and meant it.

Cazine smiled. "Stand, we must leave." Cypha obeyed, Cazine clipped a leash to her collar and led her away. As she did Cypha noticed the small silver lock which held her collar in place.

As Cypha was led by her mistress she was oblivious to the courtiers and servants around her, she was another sort of being. She was unlike them, she was a human plaything, a sexual toy. She strutted on her high heels, her rubber slave harness rippling and squealing as she moved, her bum swaying sexily with every step, her attention focused on her mistress.

R: 0 / I: 0

Merchandise (BE, body modifications, robot, SF, MF) by Tang

By Tang

Part 1
Hannah was proud of her new flat. It might be small, but it was hers and it was ultra-modern and stylish. Her place was on the third floor of the block which was a gleaming squashed cylinder with high-tech passcards rather than keys and a lift with curved walls that spoke in a sensual voice to tell you which floor you had reached. The wardrobes were fitted into the walls and when closed were hidden behind long mirrors. She had now unpacked the last of her clothes and hung them in the wardrobe. Hannah decided it was time for a snack before she turned to ornaments she had to put around the house. She clicked off the bedroom light, but something stopped her in the doorway. The room was not dark: there was a faint glow that seemed to be emerging from the wardrobe. She wondered if it was a design feature. She was rather concerned it might be distracting when she was trying to get to sleep. Maybe there was a switch inside that she had knocked when hanging the clothes. She went back to check, clear that she did not want to be wasting electricity.

Hannah opened the wardrobe door and now in the darkness could make out a narrow strip of light running down the left hand side of the rear of the wardrobe. In the glow she sought out the switch but could not find one. Intrigued Hannah reached towards the strip of light and slipped her fingers into what turned out to be a crack. As she tugged at it, Hannah imagined it would pull away to reveal some electrics or a type of maintenance hatch. Thinking that, though, did not suppress her curiosity. In moments the back of the wardrobe swung out to reveal a brightly-lit space beyond. Hannah found it difficult to take in what it was. It was almost like a second wardrobe behind her own, and she was pleased at the extra space. Two tapering black things rose from the floor to about waist height and at first she took them to be some kind of pipe. The chamber she had revealed was large enough for her to step into and she pushed through her clothes to walk enter it.

The small room was like a cylindrical pod, coming to a point at the ceiling and flat, with a ring of light, beneath her feet. Now she was in here she could see that the black items rising from the floor were in fact long shiny boots. At their base were pointed toes and sharp heels. They were the kind of thing she had seen on some fashion shows and the occasional website she had stumbled across when searching online for clothes. Hannah liked to think of herself as fashionable and long boots were the trend, but these went that bit further. She guessed that if they fitted her, they would reach up her thighs, making them well into the fetish category. That thought, though, made Hannah tingle a little, as she envisaged her legs, which she was rightly proud off, encased in this shiny material. What was it anyway: patent leather, PVC, rubber? Curiously she ran her fingers around the mouth of one of the boots. Despite the shine it seemed to respond to her fingers like rubber, yet there was a hardness, a rigidity about it that suggested something different below.

Who had put them here? Any scenario she could envisage: of some builder who moonlighted as a transvestite performer, some delivery or surprise sent to her flat by mistake, seemed unlikely to fit. She guessed that these boots must be worth something and she was sure she could get a hundred pounds or so, at least, selling them online. For now, though, she decided to leave them, pleased at the little secret cubbyhole in her flat and the curious footwear it held.


Hannah found that her curiosity made her return to the pod at the back of her wardrobe the following week. During the passing days she had forgotten about it, but for some reason almost as soon as she had arrived home that evening, she had remembered it clearly. More than that she had felt that she should take out the boots, at least try them on and if they did not fit her, certainly start thinking about selling them online. If they did fit, well, maybe she would wear them out one night, they might go down well at one of the clubs in town. Matched with a nice foil dress she found she was increasingly sure she would look hot in them. She found it was easy to tease the entrance to the pod open. However, what was revealed when she opened its door startled her.

Whilst she had been willing to accept that the boots had been left there by someone before she had moved in, now that she saw the other items, a long pair of opera gloves with them, a burst of alarm ran through her. These new items seemed to be made of the same rubbery material and its rigidity meant that they sat there rather than flopped. Seeing these items lying on the floor, Hannah began thinking of these items more as components of a mannequin rather than actual clothes. She guessed that given they were hollow you could wear them if you wanted. Hannah picked up one of the gloves and held it against her arm. It was long enough to stretch to the shoulder and she knew immediately, that like the boots, wearing these would sheath a person’s limbs in a glistening second skin. She ran her fingers over the smooth surface and realised that there was a series of flat studs running the length of them on what would be the inward side. They were almost flush with the rest of the glove, but as Hannah pressed on the one at that would sit closest to the shoulder it gave a quiet sound, as if it was sighing and then the material of the glove separated. She touched the next and in a minute had opened the whole of the glove.

The interior of the glove was revealed to be as glossy as the outside. As Hannah ran her fingers over it, it gave her a real buzz and she felt so pleased to have touched it. She had a real temptation to slide her arm into it, but realised that with her blouse and sweater on it would be rather uncomfortable; it was clear this was intended to be worn against naked skin. In addition, no matter how much she let her mind run through these thoughts and sensations, the thing that kept coming back was the question as to how they came to be here. Had someone broken into her flat? If so, why did they leave these items here and not simply burgle her flat? Hannah had known quite a few men sexually over the years and she began running back through her memories for any who had given the hint that now they might find it fun to start leaving fetish clothing in her wardrobe. Maybe it was some random stalker currently unknown to her.

Thinking over all the people she had seen and the events that she had been part of in the past few months, there was no indication of anything unusual. Then she had another thought. She walked the few steps to the other side of the chamber and saw a narrow line running down the edge of its curved wall. If this space opened into her flat, then who was to say it did not open into others as well. Hannah pushed at the wall but it would not budge. Had a flaw in the fabric of the building given her access to a location that someone else thought was their secret space? Had they stashed their sexy clothes here thinking them hidden from the world? With that thought, Hannah felt marginally reassured: it seemed more feasible than someone coming through from her side. Of course it did provide access into her flat, but she could deal with that by sealing up the panel that opened into her wardrobe. Anyway, whoever it was did not seemed interested in coming to visit her home, rather they seemed more concerned at using this place to hide their things.

Thoughtful and feeling a little intrusive, Hannah exited the chamber and closed the door on her side, though ensuring the narrow slither of space remained so she could lever it open again. She was intrigued as to what was going to be left next in the room. She had to resist going back and looking. For the rest of the evening she found herself rather edgy and she had to resort to a session with a vibrator, the black, shiny, rod one, to calm herself down. Eventually Hannah was sated and fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning was Saturday. Hannah resisted the urge to go to the wardrobe and managed to do so until after breakfast and then she was drawn in. Looking through the wardrobe for a suitable top, her eyes turned to the strip of light. With no will to resist and no real reason why she should do so, Hannah eased open the panel. The clothes inside were as she had left them. She was a little disappointed by that, though she was also uncertain what she expected or wanted there to be next. She glanced around the chamber and was certain she saw the hint of a shadow moving across the curved wall. That seemed odd. Was the plastic or glass or whatever it was truly opaque or was it translucent? She walked right up to it, something that she had not done before when her attention was taken by the clothes. She saw a couple of switches recessed into where the curved panel straightened. She pressed one and the chamber descended into darkness. Well, at least she had found the way to remove the strip of light from her wardrobe. However, with the light in the chamber out, she realised that illumination came from somewhere else; it was indeed passing through the panel. Hannah pressed the other button and it seemed to grow in brightness, she flicked it some more and realised that her view through the panel was becoming clearer.

Hannah gasped as she increased the transparency of the panel and could see that there were people out there. She stood in silence as what she saw stunned her. Hannah turned away and glanced through into her wardrobe before she looked back again. However unbelievable it was, she realised she could not deny what she was seeing. Immediately it reminded her of the souk she had toured in Morocco when there a couple of years ago with two of the girls from work. It was like a shady market place and one built on a hillside by the way the street seemed to slope and the stalls and shops were arranged. Yet as she continued staring she saw it was even more exotic than she had first imagined. Among the stalls and shops that disappeared into the walls she could see a plethora of blinking computer screens and cables and connectors running all around. Even more than that, few of the customers or the store owners looked, well, human. Humanoid, perhaps, but the shades and the sizes ranged over a far bigger spectrum than she knew she would ever see here on Earth. Now this evidence made Hannah’s mind spiral in disbelief. Was she somehow looking into some fantastical world, some alien place that was wedged into her block of flats? Hannah was no fan of science fiction but she had seen enough DVDs that her boyfriends had brought home to have an idea of the possibilities.

Of course they were fantasy, so how could this be something she was seeing? It had to be some elaborate trick. Someone had set this up so that when she looked through she saw this imagined place. She was about to step back and glance around the inside of the chamber to see if she could spot the concealed cameras that would support her new theory. Now she believed that she had been set up for one of those TV programmes where they tricked unsuspecting members of the public. However, one and then another of the passersby in the ‘street’ beyond caught her attention. Walking behind a man who had to be more than two metres high and wore long hair and a plaited beard, strutted something that looked like a robot. It was the size of a normal human but was glistening black with stylised sensual curves to suggest a female. Immediately Hannah knew that this was what someone wearing the outfit she had found in her pod would look like.

Then she saw another, this was ‘male’ a dark blue shaded one following on between two petite alien females with large round eyes and broad foreheads with their silver hair running down over voluminous dresses of what looked like red silk. Then there were two ‘female’ robots with a chocolate-brown tone following something that looked like a zebra-version of a centaur. For a moment Hannah wondered if these were somehow simply protective suits for humans in this alien environment, but then she noticed there were people who looked like anyone you could pass in the supermarket on Earth. Their clothes were a little bizarre, but they certainly looked human. This meant, Hannah guessed, that the gleaming outfits indicated something else, maybe some kind of servant status as all of those she saw clad like that followed on, they never led, no matter what form of life was with them. Maybe they were truly robots and the outfit in her chamber was simply a mannequin to advertise a new line. Yet, that did not make sense, if that was the case, why did the gloves and the other items open to her touch? No, it was clear, she decided that they were clothing.

That realisation gave Hannah a startling thought. Maybe that was the intention, that she dressed like that and then step out of this pod, assuming she could open it, and mix with the crowds. No-one could tell what species she was behind the anonymous shiny black. She knew there was no way she would get away with trying them on in public even in London, but in this place, even if it was somehow faked, she could do so with no concern. The thought of the slippery interior pressed against her skin as she strode like those others called to her in such a pleasurable way.

Hannah stepped back from her position realising that her mind was running down so many paths so quickly. There were numerous questions in her mind. All that she had witnessed was impossible, totally impossible, and yet it seemed too real. She calmed herself and decided she needed to seek a second opinion before she tried to break through and experience this weird world that was somehow, in some mad, unbelievable way connected to her flat.




Dan replied slowly as if expecting to be dragged from his terminal to tackle some inane problem. He was, after all, the ‘IT guy’ where Hannah worked. They had got to know each other pretty well when Hannah had been chosen to be the one who stayed on after work to lock up once Dan had finished installing various upgrades. Dan was certainly not Hannah’s type, he was too geeky with far too much long hair for a man and far too few visits to the gym to pass Hannah’s criteria. In addition, Hannah knew from the Christmas meal that he was happily co-habiting with poet-cum-potter Imogen who seemed to disappear even further behind long hair and loose clothing than Dan. However, Hannah felt some affinity to Dan as another person in the department who was taken for granted.

“Dan, you’re into science fiction, fantasy, that kind of thing?”

“Yes?” Dan’s curiosity seemed piqued but he was remaining cautious.

“Well, can I ask you about something?”


“Well, do you believe there are other worlds and that maybe rather than getting to them on a spaceship you could simply step through a door or something and end up in them, you know, like Alice in Wonderland, but more real, more serious?”

“I guess so.” Dan said pensively. “It’s quite a common theme. Did you ever read the Narnia books; ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’?”

“Erm, no, but my nephew had the movie at Christmas.”

“Right, well that’s one story that has them. There’s stacks more, it turns up in things like ‘Star Trek’, you know a lot of the mainstream SF stuff as well as novels. Have you heard of the book ‘There Are Doors’?”

Hannah shook her head but was pleased that Dan seemed to be taking her seriously.

“Well, what about ‘Time Bandits’? It’s an Eighties movie, in that there’s temporary tears in the fabric of universe and these dwarfs jump through them to various times and places. There’s ‘Sliders’, also been on TV, in that it’s sideways jumps to other versions of the same place. I could go on. So, what’s your interest?”

“Oh it was just something I was thinking about. You know I’ve got a flat, a new place, my mum and dad helped me out, my gran too, well, it’s just there’s a kind of panel at the back that opens into this pod, this small room…”

“That’s in another world?”

For an instant Hannah froze feeling as if Dan had read her mind. Then she laughed nervously. “No, nothing like that, but it just got me thinking well, what if it did open into somewhere else. I was probably thinking of that movie with the lion, I forgot I’d seen that.”

“I could bring some books, DVDs in to borrow if you’d like.” Dan’s tone was sympathetic as if fostering a newcomer to the delights of science fiction.

“Yeah, yeah, that’d be cool, thanks.” Hannah said then hesitated for the moment. “Dan, do you think people think these things up entirely or do you think there’s some truth in it? You know, like they write books about aliens coming down and then some people say they’ve actually seen them?”

Now it was Dan’s turn to hesitate as if not only pondering the question but also reassessing Hannah. “Well, I guess nothing’s impossible in the universe and people do disappear, people have been known to turn up continents away and wormholes are scientific fact, so I guess there’s no reason why not.”

Hannah smiled, but was uncertain now whether she felt reassured or whether Dan had just piled more questions into her mind. However, it added to her keenness to return to the chamber. Not only might there be some more of those shiny clothes that had caught her imagination in there, but beyond the panel there might be a whole new universe to explore.


Hannah went back to the doorway as soon as she could on reaching home. She was intrigued to discover more about it and what it meant. There were some doubts about what she was letting herself in for especially when she stepped inside and found that the boots and gloves had now been joined by a pair of high-waisted shorts. For a moment, Hannah was nervous. It was clear that the location was not simply a passive observation spot, it was a place into which those of the other, alien, world had access. They did not seem to put much value on the location, just simply dumped this clothing in there. She worried they could open it at any moment and snatch her as some kind of intruder. What risk would she be bringing to the Earth if they realised that as easily as she could step into their work, they could come through to Hannah’s? Would they snatch her and anyone else they could get their hands or claws or paws on and take them as a curiosity or some kind of pet?

With those thoughts, Hannah made to leave the chamber but then a sudden urge stopped her. She reached down to run her fingers around the inside of the shorts. The inside was incredibly slippery and she realised it was ridged, with bumps that would press against the woman right from the top of her bum round to above her clitoris. That realisation gave Hannah a delightful shudder. Rationally she thought she should be startled, maybe a little unnerved by these things, but instead she gained a naughty pleasure from finding out such clothing existed. It gave her a different thought about the ‘robots’ she had seen. It seemed certain now that in fact they were humans or at least human-like aliens dressed up in these outfits and if that was so, what kind of sensation would they be getting dressed like this?

Hesitantly she crossed to the control buttons and pressed the one that cleared the screen. This time it was obviously night and the store was closed. However, the displays were lit. Occasionally she would see a dark figure looking in at them through the window. The displays were like the ones she had seen on the street; like the items of clothing she had in her own pod. She admired the sleek lines of the ‘female’ outfits. Though it was strange, she could see how someone would dress like that, to give her body the appearance of being so smooth and ageless; so protected and yet so obviously sexy. She guessed it would be like wearing vinyl jeans or patent boots. Self-consciously she returned to the clothes in ‘her’ pod. She hesitated, but thinking back to how good touching the boots and gloves had made her feel before, she was curious to see what sensations she would experience this time.

Rather than trying to undress in the confines of the pod, Hannah stepped back into her flat and carried the clothing out with her. She felt a real buzz as she stripped off quickly. She was a little nervous about slipping on the shorts, but realised that they had to go on first otherwise she might not be able to pick them up with gloved fingers or pull them on over booted legs. The sheen of plastic wrapping showed they were unused. As she unwrapped them, she felt a real tingle and knew that it was right to try them on. Quickly she eased them up her bare legs and slipped them into place on her hips coating them in this alien, hard shiny black vinyl. The ridging inside felt so good as it pressed against her clitoris and pussy lips and she found herself swaying her hips to stroke the ridges over her quickly aroused sex. Suddenly she felt something stirring as if a penis was thrusting into her. It seemed to grow larger and larger filling her wet pussy very quickly. Hannah staggered back to her bed, stunned by the sensation. Dimly she saw that the front of the shorts had opened creating a circular entrance into her plastic-lined pussy. Concentrating on it she was able to tighten and widen the entrance. However, none of that lessened the sensation of the shorts shafting deep into her.

Hannah stopped trying to resist what the shorts were doing to her and she was overtaken with the feeling of being thrust into by an unbelievably large cock, so hard and so slippery that seemed to push to every sensitive part of her pussy firing off pleasure signals simultaneously from each part it touched. Whilst this happened the ribs seem to pulse rippling her clitoris so pleasurably that in bare moments she was shuddering with orgasm. It would not cease and Hannah found herself flailing and gasping for air as her body coursed with the incessant pleasure. As she ran her hands hungrily over herself, she knew she should be wearing the gloves and boots. As her mind’s eye filled with the image of looking down at her body to see it as glistening as the robot pets she had seen, Hannah lost consciousness.


Waking the following morning, Hannah found that at some stage she had shed the shorts and tossed them and the other items back into the pod. She was hesitant about going back to them, recognising how much she had lost herself when wearing them. However, it seemed difficult to dismiss what she had seen and at work she found herself seeking out the only man who seemed able to even begin to answer some of her questions.

“Dan, you know that world I was talking about, the one with all the aliens and robots and things, the one I get through the portal in the back of my flat?” Hannah asked tentatively though hoping she had impressed Dan with her use of ‘portal’.

“Erm, yes?” Dan said hesitantly.

For a moment Hannah was not sure how much she had told him: had she mentioned the robots last time or not? Anyway, she was sure Dan was bright enough to pick up the thread and she decided to press on.

“Does it sound like something that could be real?” Hannah asked with an eagerness mixed with her uncertainty.

“Well, I don’t really know how to answer that. What are you doing, thinking of writing a novel or for ‘zine or something?”

“No, it’s just I’ve had some ideas, had some dreams I guess you’d say.”

“Okay. Yes, it sounds quite typical. There’s scenes like that in the original ‘Star Wars’.”

“Okay, maybe that’s where I got the idea from: I saw that movie years ago. The robots, though, they’re not really like that, not sort of tin can like, more sort of well, cool, sexy, you know.”

“Certainly. Sexy robots are the favourites of a million teenage boys. Even as far back as ‘Metropolis’ in the 1920s they had a very female robot. Then there was Hajime Sorayama, heard of him? I guess not. Anyway, he was big in the Eighties, all those airbrush painted sexy robots, very popular at the time. Oh yeah, and ‘Westworld’, robots for sex in that.”

“So a lot of people have had those kind of ideas?”

“Sure, what do you expect? Who doesn’t dream of someone with a perfect body who’d act as your sex-slave? I guess you’ve got bodybuilder male robots in yours. The number of women who got off on Arnie in ‘Terminator’ even Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars’, well. So don’t worry if your dreaming of electric sheep.”

“No, it’s not sheep, it’s humans, well robots like humans.”

“Sorry, that was a joke: ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’; it’s a book.”

“Okay … but you don’t think I’m android?” Hannah asked as she tried to work through what Dan’s thread was.

Dan laughed. “No, no, though it can be hard to tell.”

“Those names, can you write them down for me? The female robot ones. Erm, I’m just getting some ideas for a fancy dress party. After the, erm, dreams I thought I could look cool as a robot.”

“Sure thing.”

Dan scribbled the names on a scrap of paper and pushed it across to Hannah. The top one looked like a Japanese name and ‘Metropolis’ was the name of a night club she had once been to, she was sure.


“My pleasure. It’s kind of nice when there’s someone else around who’s thinking about these things. Over the weekend, I’ll hook you out a few DVDs you might like to borrow. Didn’t I promise that before? Anyway, this time I’ll actually do it.”

“That’s great, thanks.”

Hannah smiled to herself thinking it was ironic that she seemed to be having real contact with the kind of world Dan would have loved to have visited. For a few moments as she walked back to her desk she thought about trying to take him there, but then dismissed that. It would be complicated and maybe it was only her who was supposed to go through and him coming too could disrupt it all and that would be embarrassing. Hannah wondered for a moment if she was becoming obsessed with the Mawera market, but was there anything wrong with that? Mawera, how did she know that name? Maybe she had made that up too. Anyway, she was doing nobody any harm. Reaching her desk Hannah began pumping the names Dan had given her into an internet search engine and within minutes was wandering through images of sexy robots not that different from those she had seen for real just the night before.

By the time she got home, Hannah’s mind was filled with the images and ideas she had sneaked a look at from her desk. She was excited by the story of ‘Metropolis’; of the robot made to look like a woman. Whenever she thought of the reverse, of herself somehow getting hold of a complete outfit and so making herself resemble a robot, her body shuddered with physical memories of what she had already experienced wearing just a part of the whole suit.

Hannah gasped as, having removed her clothes she went to the pod door and saw that there was now another item, a top, it was sleeveless, though it would cap her shoulders. With this piece she knew she could now cover her whole body in the shiny rubberised plastic. She grabbed each piece, they were now quite a pile, and quickly set them out on the bed as if she was readying a suit of armour.

Hannah hesitated to look at the piece that would cover her upper body. The thing resembled a breastplate to cover her torso. She pondered what the sensation of her naked breasts being contained within those would feel like, and whether, as with the shorts some mechanism would pleasure her breasts. That thought overcame any lingering nervousness and she pulled the top over her head. She took a few moments to get it lined up and slide her arms through their holes and then it slid down into place easily. Its waist was slender and its breasts large, not ridiculous, but still noticeable and perfectly round. As it came into place over her chest, breasts and midriff, Hannah felt a pleasurable tingle and wondered why she had ever hesitated about wearing it. Then, as had been the case with the shorts, the top started to adjust to her body and Hannah felt as if her nipples were being so gently licked. It was not an overly distracting sensation but certainly contributed to stoking up how aroused she was beginning to feel.

Quickly, though again with initial slight apprehension, Hannah turned to the shorts and stepped into them. Slowly she stooped to pick them up and slide them up her legs, feeling a delicious excitement as she did. Then they were in position and Hannah grasped at the sensation. Once again the ridges pressed so delightfully against the lips of her pussy and the hood of her clitoris. Involuntarily a grunt of pleasure issued from Hannah’s throat. In that instant she knew it was so right to put on the rest of this outfit and as quickly as she could.

Impatiently Hannah slid her arm into the long right glove. She pressed at the popper closest to her wrist and it closed smartly then the others followed quickly in turn. In a few moments her whole right arm was sheathed in the glistening rubber coating. She felt it with her other hand’s fingers and the slippery material had that sensuality about it that she knew she was coming to love. Quickly Hannah grabbed the left glove, no longer apprehensive about putting her naked flesh inside these clinging clothes. Barely waiting for the glove to seal shut, Hannah went to the boots. Though she had not worn them again since the first day she had discovered them, she found it comparatively easy to manoeuvre her foot into the first one. This was even with the sharp heel tipping her foot to a more extreme angle than she was used to with her tallest high-heeled court shoes. With the other foot soon in its boot it was easier to stand upright. Hannah giggled as she bent over to touch the lowest popper on each boot simultaneously and was rewarded with the others closing in the following moments.

Then she looked at her legs wearing their sensuous second skin, making every inch of them slippery and perfectly glossy. Hannah was eager to strut in these boots. She recognised that they would transform the way she walked and force her bum, which in the shorts seemed more curvy but firm than she had remembered, to move so sexily. Something told her she had to finish dressing fully before she would be allowed that pleasure. The one item that she missed was the helmet.

Hannah turned and went back into the chamber. She looked out across the shop. It was closed for the moment. Hannah had a real urge to be out there, just for a few moments. Now she was clad in this futuristic clothing it seemed only appropriate. Then she saw a black helmet sitting close to the display case where she stood. It looked like someone had intended to include it with the outfit she was wearing. Increasingly Hannah was certain that it belonged; moment by moment she more felt it should be hers. If she felt this good with what she had on, how much better would it be with the final piece in place? Then she found herself pushing the display case panel. It swung open easily. She jumped down into the shop, excited as she realised that she was now on an alien world and that she must have travelled trillions of miles and possibly even through time. Such thoughts slipped quickly from her mind as she walked over to the black helmet. Though it was not in silver, it seemed just like something from one of Sorayama’s pictures with a shiny smooth panel over where her eyes and nose would sit and below that a pursed plastic mouth which she guessed looked deliberately cute.

Hannah did not hesitate but reached out for the helmet. Quickly she slipped it over her head. She had worried that it would be claustrophobic, but once on she found she could breath easily. She guessed something in the mechanism brough in fresh air and kept the helmet cool. For a couple of moments it was dark then everything cleared and she looked out through the visor. She walked over to a mirrored pillar and could see the exterior of the helmet was still perfectly black. This seemed a brilliant disguise in which to explore this planet, she could see out as if through a two-way mirror but no-one could tell that she did not belong here. Then suddenly things began happening. Her ears felt little probes coming in to them but they turned out to be no more intrusive than her ipod earphones. She imagined these were to help her hear clearly with the helmet on. They something came into her mouth and quickly expanded opening it up. It was something like a mould the dentist put in your mouth to take the shape of your teeth. Once the expansion stopped it felt less strange, but Hannah realised her mouth was now connected to the cute lips on the outside.

Hannah tried to turn from the mirror and walk away, but suddenly felt the outfit go rigid. She panicked and tried to shout but found she was unable to. Fortunately she soon felt incredibly tired and then everything went black.
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Part 2

Hannah jerked awake. She felt peculiar, but there was a very nice buzz in her sex, over her whole body in fact she quickly realised. That sensation seemed to dismiss concerns very quickly. It was dark, but then her vision cleared and she remembered where she was. This was clearly no dream: she was in this shop on some alien world, visible to herself reflected in the mirrored pillar.

“That’s it Jantel, back to full power.”

“Thanks Tareth, you did a good job of fixing it.”

“Well, I expected that I would bring it all together today and run it through some tests, but clearly your boss was impatient.”

“Yes, Kurlant’s off at some auction today, but I guess he assembled her last night.”

“And got a content from somewhere.”

“Yes, probably had a deal with one of the agencies and they must have brought her round after I had left last night. Well, it’s all good, she’s an excellent model, I’ll move her up front so she’s in full view from the street.”

Hannah knew immediately that it was her that was being discussed. She realised that the suit grinding to a halt had been because it was low on power. That reassured her a little that she was not trapped in it. Though, saying that, at the moment she realised she had absolutely no desire to shed the plastic coating. She wondered how she could understand these alien beings, it was impossible to think that they spoke English. Then she guessed the little earpieces somehow worked as a translation device, no doubt necessary for encounters with all kinds of species.

“Control to me.” Jantel said firmly. “Move forward.”

Hannah felt the suit stir to life and there was nothing that she could do to stop herself stepping forward.

“One step right.” Jantel commanded hurriedly, making Hannah avoid the pillar. “Five steps forward. Stop.”

The suit made Hannah comply and she found herself now at the front of the store looking right out into the street she had seen from the display case.

“Semi-autonomous mode: erotic dance.”

Now Hannah began moving again, she found herself bending and twisting, thrusting out her hips, spreading her legs apart, running her hands over her breasts. She could see herself reflected in the window of the store opposite. Her moves were not rigid in the way she would expect from someone looking so robotic, in fact they reminded her of the actions of a dance hall queen whining her body for admiring audience. She tried to stop, to stand rigid again, but the suit would not let her. However, she did find that if she decided to do something which added to the dance such as stroke her bum or cup her the suit’s plastic breasts then she could do so. More than that, decisions to do actions of that kind seemed to excite the plug in her pussy and to stimulate her breasts. Questions about what she was doing, of ever getting back to her own planet were easily dismissed as she thought of new ways to continue this erotic dance and be rewarded with the pleasurable sensations this suit seemed so good at providing.

“This one, I like this one.”

Hannah realised she was being talked about again. She found her body turning to the sound of the voice and, despite herself, performing for the creature who had expressed an interest in her. Hannah now realised, of course, that it need not be a human who would find her robot exterior appealing. Something in her helmet told her this was a Nerar. He was a humanoid, probably two feet taller than Hannah, his skin a shiny, dark purple that for some reason reminded Hannah of a recently washed grape. His face was a long arched oval, with narrow eyes at the top and an expanse of glistening flesh with no sign of a nose, before a narrow mouth at the base that echoed the shape of his eyes. His body was heavily muscled with broad arms and thighs. Each hand had three thick fingers grouped like the feet of a tripod. His toes were similar though lying flat and grouped together to form feet that emerged from his sandals. He wore what looked like leather armour some shades darker than his own skin, a smooth breastplate shaped to his broad chest and what seemed to be a kilt made of strips of leather. As he moved these parted to reveal a large, leather-clad bulge which the helmet told her was the codpiece of the kind that protected ample Nerar penises.

“Yes, I will take her.”

“Name, sir?”

“Borutan Marra.”

“Yes, Owner Marra, if you’d just press your lower right thumb here, you can take her now.” The assistant held up a hand-sized device and Borutan pressed a digit on to the screen.

“Would you like her wrapped?”

“No, as she is.”

“Of course, compliments of Kurlant’s.”

Jantel turned to Hannah. “Command to Borutan Marra, command to Borutan Marra, command to Borutan Marra.” He repeated.

Hannah found herself stop moving and walk towards the Nerar. What had she let herself in for? Now she was being sold as some kind of slave to an alien. She cursed ever trying on the clothes, ever finding the door, ever moving into the flat. Yet something insistent kept telling her: no, this had been right, this was exciting, she had done this through making excellent choices.

“To me.” Borutan ordered.

Hannah hesitated, but realised if she did not play along then the aliens around her would suspect something was wrong. She had no desire to provoke anger from a creature as large as the one who had bought her.

“Control to me.” Borutan said a little uncertainly.

Now Hannah knew that whatever might want for now she was going to be carried along like a passenger in this casing with no chance of escape. She knew she had to bide her time and find some way to get away and come back to the shop. She wanted to think that she had learned her lesson and would never return to this planet again but it was difficult to sustain that belief while she was aware of conflicting sentiments coming to her mind.


Hannah found herself walking, away from the shop and out into the busy street. She looked around as best she could at the exotic sights. She tried to memorise where she was because, as they walked farther from Kurlant’s store, she worried that even if she escaped Borutan, she would be unable to find her way back here. However, the Nerar summoned a taxi and grunted an address. If she had been less concerned about her fate, Hannah would have marvelled at this craft hovering about waist height about the street and then zipping through the crowded traffic with no sign of a driver controlling it.

In a couple of minutes they seemed to be in more of a residential area. Buildings that looked like squashed cylinders rose high over them. The taxi stopped and Hannah found herself following her ‘owner’. Borutan walked up to one of the buildings and pressed a ‘thumb’ to the panel. Then it seemed that the section of wall in front of him opened and he walked inside.

“In.” Borutan ordered and Hannah found herself following.

As she walked, Hannah felt strange sensations all over. She wondered if something was wrong with the suit because there were little pulses like small electric shocks coming to random parts of her body. After a while they became less unnerving and actually quite pleasurable. Hannah wondered if they were designed to arouse her, because she realised that, as she followed Borutan with no power to do anything other than what he commanded, she was beginning to feel increasingly excited by it. She knew now that she was getting turned on by playing at being a robot. Though it was something she had not thought about before, she guessed that was probably why she had found herself putting on this outfit especially after what Dan had told her about ‘sexy’ robots. Hannah knew that to Borutan she must appear perfect; without a single blemish on her glossy black surface. She also realised that she had hardly been on display very long when she had been snapped up and she felt a strange sense of pride about that.

There was a short lift ride and then they walked out into an apartment that seemed to stretch over the whole floor of this block. There were various screens around the room, odd electronic items that she did not know the function of, but quite a lack of furniture. There were large circular depressions in the floor, most filled with large shiny cushions. Some were just empty. One held a pile of panels that Hannah guessed passed for books in this place.

“By Thuyor, I need a sucking.” Borutan said. “Kneel.”

Hannah found herself falling to her knees and sitting back on her haunches, normally something she would have found first a challenge and then uncomfortable, but now the suit seemed to make it easy. Her head rose up as Borutan stood over her. He reached beneath the kilt and adjusted the codpiece, then his cock emerged. Hannah could not look away, the helmet would not let her, but she wondered how she would ever accommodate this rock-hard flesh. Then she felt her mouth widening as Borutan brought his penis up to his robot. Of course it slid in easily and as it did Hannah suddenly felt a strange, delightful sensation. She seemed to glow with satisfaction that she was fulfilling her proper role. Her tongue, sheathed in rubber, seemed guided by the suit’s system as it curled around and lapped at the Nerar’s cock.

Borutan seemed to have been pretty aroused anyway as it did not take long before he was bucking against Hannah’s head which was held firmly in place by her suit. Then she felt hot liquid spraying deep down her throat. At first it startled her, but she somehow understood that this was good, his spunk was tasty and nutritious, she not only needed it, she loved it too. Then Borutan withdrew, apparently satisfied. A trail of cum dripped from his cock as he walked over to one of the depressions. He lounged back on the shiny cushions.

“Erm, full, erm autonomy. Full autonomy. Pleasure me.” Borutan commanded.

Rationally Hannah knew this was too weird for words, but physically, emotionally she knew she needed to please this male, that it brought her great pleasure and she had no desire for anything else. She rose and admired her sleek black body reflected in the apartment’s windows as she crossed to her owner. Her owner? She guessed that on this planet it was true: he had paid for her. Though beneath her glossy black exterior she knew she was probably not what he anticipated, she clearly looked like the item he had bought and he would expect it to behave as he anticipated.

Hannah lowered herself into the dip and crawled over her master, yes, she thought of him now as that and did not stop to question it. She knew he wanted something different from oral sex and so she spread her legs wide and lowered the tight but inviting entrance of her sex onto his large cock. It seemed to fill her entirely and Hannah wondered how she had ever survived with smaller members in her. Normally she would have come immediately, and while she somehow knew there would be release, she recognised that the suit would not permit that before her owner was fully satisfied. Hannah had never been a gymnast but she now found the suit permitted her to rise and fall repeatedly on his cock even though her legs were spread wide. Her master lay back and simply enjoyed the sensation as she impaled herself again and again on his flesh. At times she would remain with just its head within her to tantalise him and to heighten his pleasure. She continued with the action as she heard rising grunts, growls even, begin to emerge from Borutan. Then he came. His hips thrust upwards involuntarily almost throwing Hannah backwards. He sprayed into her and then, as he shuddered, cum gushed all over her glistening body, his spunk as black as her plastic skin.

“Thuyor! Thuyor!” Borutan bellowed.

Hannah now lifted herself clear but was jolted as her reward kicked in. While there would have been no visible sign on the exterior within the casing Hannah was having the orgasm of her life, made all the greater by being held in place while it ran through her.

Borutan stepped away and slumped back on the cushion floor gazing for a few moments at his new purchase. Smiling almost as if he was drunk, he declared “Wonderful.”

The Nerar rolled on to his back and within moments was snoring deeply. Hannah’s own senses were now coming back to normality. She stood up, surprised that her muscles did not feel as stiff as she would have anticipated. What she had experienced had been stunning, but looking across at the large alien creature lying, snoring louder than a passing lorry on her own world, Hannah decided that she had had enough of this place and she needed to find her way back home. As she crossed to the door to the lift she had come up in, she thought of all the things she had to tell Dan when she got back to the office. Maybe she could work with him and produce a science fiction book or even a movie and she was soon thinking about the millions she could make in Hollywood and appearing on the red carpet at some premiere and mixing with Brad Pitt and George Clooney and other stars who would appear in her film.

The lift doors did not open even though she stood in front of them and jabbed the buttons. Rather irritated Hannah looked around for something to prod them with. Standing on brackets on the wall were a number of things that looked like weapons. Close by was a dark brown metallic tube that had a wide metal collar at one end and came to a point at the other. She grabbed this and tried to push it into the narrow line running to the floor that looked like the opening she had come through. As she thrust the pointed end at it, a bright light came out, scorching the wall. The lift door jolted open suddenly and Hannah stepped in. She pointed the device at the control panel and it seemed to glow and smoke and she felt the whole lift suddenly rushing downwards and feared it was going to crash. It did come to stop with a bump but fortunately the doors flew open and she was able to step out.

In the street she looked around for some way to get her back to the robot store. Across the street sat three identical vehicles which she took to be taxis. Cautiously she crossed the road to the lead one. Its doors slid open and she was able to step inside easily. She sat in her seat wondering how to get to where she wanted to go.

“Kurlant’s store. Erm, bill Borutan, erm, Marra; payment will be from Borutan Marra.” Hannah said hesitantly.

Hannah was eager to get back to Kurlant’s store directly as she guessed otherwise she could be wandering around the streets for hours. The key problem seemed to be that she lacked money. She just hoped that what she had said would work and that she would not need his thumbprint or something. The vehicle did not move and Hannah worried that she had failed. Then, suddenly, the doors slid shut and it lifted from the ground and powered away.

The vehicle hurried through the streets and Hannah hoped that it was going to the correct place. In her own mind it had sounded as if she had given the direction in English and she trusted that all the hardware on her head had adjusted her command suitably for the taxi to understand. About ten minutes later that proved to be the case as the taxi came to rest outside Kurlant’s. The doors slid open and Hannah stepped out. She saw her black glistening form once again in the shop’s mirrors. Her steps seemed regular rather than what she thought of as robotic and in fact there was something sinuous about how she moved. She tried to dismiss those thoughts from her mind. Being tempted by the image of a sexy robot had got her into this situation and resulted with her ending up giving a blow job to an alien. Thinking back on that though, she realised it had been pretty good and that there was something different, exciting even, about being dominated by a warrior like Borutan.

Hannah focused her thoughts on getting home, having a warm bath and dismissing all of this experience from her mind. This had been an adventure and she had to say she had never believed anything like this could be for real, but now it was time to return to what she knew. She could see that the store was still open. She hesitated as the taxi closed behind her and moved off. How was she going to handle this? From what she could see, the display case that she had entered this world through still seemed empty, but she doubted whether the shop assistants would simply let her clamber into it and disappear from sight. If they caught her and then found the portal back to Earth what would that mean? It was probably best if she stood around the store trying to appear like a display until it closed and then she could sneak back safely. She wondered how much longer the place would be open.

Slowly, so as not to attract attention, Hannah began moving into the shop. Many of the other items for sale were moving around, dancing or being put through their paces by potential customers so Hannah found that she did not stick out too much. She headed to what looked like a vacant space close to the display case she needed. Once in position she stood and froze hoping now to wait out the rest of the day undisturbed.

Hannah had no idea how much time had passed, perhaps she had slept, she was not certain. She had to admit that whatever she did in this outfit, she never felt uncomfortable. It would be odd to take it off now, she realised, because it almost felt like a natural part of her body. She imagined that was the whole idea. Though she had sworn not to touch this get-up again once she got back home, she began wondering about keeping it for the occasional dress-up session. However, as she thought that something more urgent attracted her attention.

“That’s the one. That one there.” A large male Nerar was bellowing as he came across the shop.

As he approached Hannah recognised him as Borutan. As she did she felt surprisingly relieved that her owner had found her. Owner? Hannah tried to dismiss the thought, but pleasurable memories of serving him came into her mind. Had she been right to flee from him? Should she not have settled down to the life that he had given her? Unexpected doubts now flooded into Hannah. She was not sure whether they were her own feelings or ones provided by this outfit she wore.

Jantel was hurrying in the Nerar’s wake spouting apologies.

“Is this some kind of trick? You programme this machine to pleasure me and then flee back here so you can sell it someone else?”

“No, sir, no, there must, erm, be a malfunction.” Jantel seemed clearly embarrassed to admit the fact.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?”

The large Nerar turned on Jantel aggressively and Hannah was not surprised that the smaller alien cringed.

“Erm, a replacement, one immediately. If you could just go to the hospitality area. Tareth, Tareth, please see to Owner Marra.”

Tareth hurried over and tentatively led the indignant Nerar over to the small lounge area on the other side of the store.

Jantel now turned to Hannah. “Full control to me.”

Hannah instantly felt she had no ability to disobey this male’s orders.

“Forward, to the workshop.”

Hannah found herself moving. She tried to curse the fact that Borutan had caught up with her, but instead she seemed more disappointed that he had rejected her. Her mind wondered, though, if being sent to the workshop might not be better for her. She would be out of sight and she could stay there and creep out once the store was closed. Then again, was it not better to be repaired and be sold to another master? As her thoughts chased each other around, Hannah found herself walking without questioning it, part of her clearly knowing where the workshop was. In minutes Jantel had opened a door at the rear of the store and she found herself in a gloomy lit corridor that quickly took her to a room filled with parts of outfits. An older male that she somehow knew was Kurlant himself was working on a glove.

“Jantel, what’s this?”

“It’s the gynoid Borutan Marra bought earlier. There’s some malfunction, it came back here.”

“Really? That’s not impossible, but it’s unusual. I guess we’re lucky she did not wander off at random around the city.”

“I promised Marra a replacement.”

“Yes, that was the right thing especially as we have got the original back, we’re not out of pocket. I can work on the shell of this one, that’s where the malfunction must be. Strip her down. Get her into a new casing. Pick one in another colour so Marra will not complain we’ve simply tweaked with her and then sent him back out the same one. Something in dark red: Nerar always like the darker shades.”

“Sure boss.”

Jantel hurried around removing Hannah’s helmet and gloves. Hannah felt as if she was being stripped impossibly naked, that she was particularly exposed. However, she found that she was unable to respond, to do anything much except let Jantel carry out his work. As Hannah was removed from the casing dimly she realised it had brought changes on the body it had contained. However hard she tried she could not bring her heels to the floor and she walked on tiptoe as if she still had the high sharp heels of her boots beneath her feet. She ran her hands over her waist and realised it tapered in simply accentuating the full, rounded bum she now had and the large, but so firm, circular breasts with erect nipples above.

Her sex felt so aroused and as she ran her fingers over it, she realised her hair had gone leaving her such a smooth mound. The lips were engorged and open like an oval but the passage beneath was at once both so slick and yet so tight. Her probing hand knocked against her erect clitoris which seemed well out from beneath its hood with no sign of retreating. The reflection she saw of her face, in the glass panel, startled her more. Her lips were as full as a porn star’s open in that surprised manner that suggested they were happiest wrapped around a cock. Hannah realised that the suit had shaped her to be ideal to be housed by it and that it was probably a good thing that she was being led to another outfit, this time a glistening demon dark red shade.

Hannah stood passively as the assistant began sliding her into the red suit. Deep within her were conflicting emotions. One part of her was shouting for her to flee while she had a chance, to get back to the life she had known. Another part was curious to see what it would be like to be in this glossy red. Stronger than all of these, Hannah realised was the thing that kept her here allowing her to be cased in this flexible metal and shiny rubber. It was like a hunger, it was a real desire to be so sexual, it was a sense that welcomed the body she now had, had no wish to have it changed back and, more than that, for her to become truly the creature, the sexual device, she had been masquerading as up until now. She heard mental protests that she had been fooled or was being directed to think like that and that that was not truly her. However, they could not contest the new thoughts that maybe she had found her true destiny when she had discovered the servo suit, that it had been meant for her; to allow her to become what she was supposed to be.

Then she stepped forward as she was nudged to do and the assistant began sliding the glossy shorts up her legs. As they slid into place so snugly against her hips and over her waist and the ridges and the access tubes settled against her two lower sexual openings, Hannah felt as if she had come home, that she had been restored to the existence that was so right for her. Without speaking, but just directing Hannah with gentle pushes and nudges, the assistant slid her into first one then the other boot. Hannah watched as he closed the bottom stud on each boot and in moments the encasing, slippery boots had become her legs’ skin. Hannah felt so much better; her feet were in their proper posture now. Hannah looked down, pleased to see her lower half already coated in the shiny red. She put up no resistance as the assistant took one arm and slipped on the long glove, in fact she was eager for the process to continue. Pleasurably she thought back to the first time she had worn the suit and was so glad that she had had the courage to try it on; to come to this world where she had been given the opportunity to become a living sex toy. In a couple of minutes both her arms were in the so shiny rubber that glistened without a blemish in the light.

Without command, seeing the uncommunicative assistant approach with upper body piece, Hannah reached her wonderful red arms into the air and bent her knees, loving how the clothes were so taut against her. The assistant gave no thanks he simply lowered the matching top over Hannah. It quickly contracted closing so tight against her skin, sealing around her neck, clinging to her and showing her sculptured breasts to the best. She felt so safe now in this armour, but so excited too as the suckers closed on each nipple. Her whole body now quivered with the building sexual thrill. She wondered if she would come simply as a result of the transformation, but recognised that something in the suit was delaying that until it was appropriate, so that she could give the correct response to an owner’s actions.

Hannah turned her head to see herself in the full-length mirror. She looked like she was clad in the dark-red rubber catsuit, only her head above giving a sign of what she had once been.

“Jantel, is she ready?”

“Almost sir, just the headpiece.”

“Good, good. Leave that bit to me. I’ll do the activation and just hope that this servo suit’s not faulty.”

Moments later the store owner picked up the helmet and began to lower it carefully over her head. In the mirror Hannah once again saw the features she had known all her life, well quite altered but recognisable, begin to be replaced by those of a sexual gynoid. However, the shopkeeper hesitated then lifted the helmet away. Hannah felt the urge to protest, to demand that the humanoid complete dressing her. However, something told her to remain passive and see how events unfolded.

“Jantel, look at this.”

“What is it boss?”

“Look at the back of this human’s neck.”

In the reflection Hannah saw Jantel join the shopkeeper in studying the base of her skull. She worried now that they had spotted that she was an intruder, an imposter and they were going to take this lovely skin away from her.

“See anything wrong?”


“Well, does this human show any sign of having a servo suit neural connection?”

“No. So no wonder it wasn’t working. There’s probably nothing wrong with that servo suit, it’s just that she’s never been fully engaged with it.”

“Not seen one of these in quite a while, an aspy.”


“Aspy from ‘aspirant’, a wannabe. They’re humans, Geralans, Nerar, any race really, people, usually females, who for some reason want to be made into a gynoid, especially of the sex type. No doubt she got herself up in one of the casings and has been wandering around behaving like a gynoid. Well, maybe not well enough and she had not taken into account that you can’t spend time in a sophisticated piece of machinery like this without it shaping you, transforming you so you’re fit for purpose. I guess that’s why she’s standing here not saying anything. Partly she’s keen to be back in the suit, partly the suit is doing its best to make her as compliant as if she had been fully processed.”

“What do we do?”

Hannah realised how much she needed this and wished she could beg them to put the helmet on.

“That’s easy. We’ve got a customer awaiting his replacement gynoid, we’ve got a female who wants to be one, we simply give them both what they want.”

“But she’s not come through the proper legal channels.”

“I doubt anyone’ll come looking for her. Get the engager, we’ll do this as if it was for the first time. Her body’s already been shaped so the customer won’t notice any adjustments, we just need to sweep out what remains in there of her identity and she’ll be ready to go.”

Hannah had little time to analyse the joy that was running through her. This time the helmet slid down fully over her head and snapped into place. The mouthpiece spiralled inward readying her third sexual opening for use.

“Right. The suit’s all in place. Run engagement initiation.”

Hannah felt two sharp pricks at the base of her skull and they were her last human sensations. For an instant she felt she knew nothing, had no history, no identity just that she simply was. Then a burst of new, so lovely, information flooded her mind and she felt at one with the glistening rubber that coated her, she was naked and it was her skin. She was a gynoid and this was her inception. Positive signals that for a non-cyborg would have meant pleasure were flashing in her brain. The new gynoid loved her body and all that it could do. Its identity was quickly scorched into her brain: SGU-984632, responding to the name ‘Lira’ until owner designated a new one. With that inside her, memories began filling up and within moments she knew scores of the most common species in the galaxy, their anatomies, their pleasure centres and how she could best stimulate them with all that she was. There was no need to teach obedience because Lira knew nothing bar compliance and servility: she was cyborg by nature but entirely machine by loyalty.

The thoughts coming to her mind now slowed and she looked as if with new eyes, as if born fully formed. She turned face on to the mirror to see the shapely dark red form of her body from slender pointed toes along sleek legs driving the eye to her circular pussy and erect clitoris, past her tapered waist to the large circular breasts with their prominent nipples to her slender neck and her wide welcoming mouth. The featureless slippery dome of her head above concealed her visual and auditory equipment so not breaking the smooth lines with any facial features. There was nothing to distinguish her from hundreds of gynoids of this type walking the world at the moment.

“State your designation.” The storekeeper commanded.

“SGU-984632, Lira, gy
R: 0 / I: 0

Catkin Wood (Catlike humanoid, MF) by Tang

Catkin Wood
By Tang.

It seemed a really boring summer this year in London. The air was sticky and all her friends seemed to be off on holiday. A hectic work schedule meant that she was not going to get a break for herself until at least September. Fed up of another weekend with the best option being to traipse round the city parks full of noisy families and rollerskaters, Julie hopped on the train heading West, and, buying a ticket right out to Bristol, decided instead to get off at the smallest station this slow train stopped at. Immediately she found it was nice to be out in the fresh air. She had a quiet lunch in a decent pub then decided to walk into the hills beyond the village. Soon she was wandering along a real country lane really enjoying the sunshine and the quiet.

Julie crested a little hill and just over the thick hedge she could see a wood. As she turned the corner, off to that side, a curious stone archway came into view. It intrigued her. There seemed to be no road beyond it, but she guessed it had once led to a manor house. It had wooden planks jammed under it, but they looked pretty rotten. By the side of the pillar was a faded sign that said "Catkin Wood". It sounded like the usual type of strange name one found in the English countryside. Julie found herself fascinated by the arch and rather than walk on, went up to the boards. She pushed at a couple of them and almost immediately one gave way. With a delicious sense of mischief, Julie managed to slip through the gap to the other side. Once through she felt surprisingly excited and was keen to explore the sunlit woodland ahead.

In front of Julie a thin dirt path led into the woods. She walked along it and was soon under the shade of the trees. The path wound through the woodland and she soon lost sight of the fields. She loved the way shafts of light came through the trees and the sound of birds and other wildlife came from all around her. Julie was so glad she had come down from London and pleased that she had stumbled or rather trespassed into this place, rather than having to simply walk past rather similar looking fields.

Then the way crossed a small wooden bridge over a brook. Julie’s path now seemed if it was intentionally lit by the beams of light coming through the leaves. Somehow as she followed it she felt it was right to do so. The tranquillity of the setting dismissed any worries about breaking the law to be here though she still felt privileged to be able to walk in such a glorious place.

Just beyond the brook she saw a large stone seat. She studied it carefully, it looked like a carved throne, both the arms and the base of the chair were carved to resemble cat's legs and feet and the whole seat was patterned to look like fur. There was even a carved tail running around the rear. It was a curious folly, and Julie guessed it had been commissioned by some eccentric Victorian landowner: whoever had owned the manor to which the woods had belonged. She had seen no sign of it and guessed it must have been demolished at some time not doubt to make way for some airstrip or even more housing estates. Julie like the chair and sat down in the chair. She was surprised to find it did not feel cold and hard like stone but rather warm and soft like fur. For a moment Julie worried that she had overdone things, had become dehydrated and was feeling peculiar, but increasingly she felt drowsy; the seat beneath her seemingly adding to the soporific nature of the warm air and tranquil environment. Unnoticeably her worries drifted away, before she could stir herself to become concerned about what was happening she was asleep.


Julie awoke, she was in a cage and naked. She looked up, rather startled to see a group of humanoids around her: some male, some female. They were like humans but covered in soft black, and in some cases tortoiseshell, fur. Their ears were pointed, their faces cat-like. They walked on two legs but their hands and feet were stubby and ended in claws. Their arms and legs were slender, of equal length and jointed strangely. Yet, they were all lithe and had a real elegance about them as they moved. For a moment Julie wondered if like as in so many stories she had heard, she had been abducted by aliens. However, the whole atmosphere of the place felt different to that, otherworldly certainly, but somehow older, not futuristic.

Julie struggled to her feet and she saw that she was in a stone hall, medieval in feel, with carvings and tapestries covering the walls. She was bemused and thought back to the chair and the strange archway. However much she tried to dismiss this as some kind of weird dream, the sensations were real and she realised that she must have somehow come to this strange place. She wondered if it had been something to do with the chair or the arch, she could only guess.

For now, Julie looked around her trying to take in as much as she could. More of the creatures lying around the central space and their languid nature reminded her of cat Mizzy she had had as a child. Opposite her sat a large catman with some of his fur tinged with grey. Julie guessed he was their leader. Around him sat and stood more catpeople. Despite their strangeness, Julie felt no hostility from these people, rather she felt reassured, even relaxed. Then the leader purred some command, and two of the males opened the cage.

"Come forrrwarrd." the leader said to Julie, his words strangely accented.

Julie hesitated as it seemed all the eyes were on her; she was conscious that she was naked. Now the cage seemed to offer her some protection which she was reluctant to give up. Then, suddenly, the leader stretched out a claw in her direction and Julie was surrounded by a pink light and felt any will to resist fade. Uncontrollably Julie found she was walking slowly into the middle of the room.

"Stand before mmme, human."

The leader indicated a place in front of him, a catwoman who had been lying there vacated it and she waved for Julie to come forward. There was no sense of aggression, but having experienced the power that the leader had, Julie could see no alternative to following his suggestions. She walked forward slowly to where he had indicated she should stand. All around her Julie could hear murmured conversation, but could not understand what was being said. The catpeople's speech, unsurprisingly she realised, was made up of purrs and low growls.

As Julie came to where she had been told to stand, the leader spoke again. It seemed he was the only one who knew English.

"Good, I can see you better now. That is the correct place for you to stand. I hope you arrre comforrrtable."

The leader seemed to be smiling and that reassured Julie. She was feeling less self-conscious of having no clothes, aware the catpeople were effectively naked too. Whilst they did not seem hostile, she was sure the catpeople had the strength and the claws to put up a fight if they needed. Julie nodded to the leader and as she did, she felt more of her concerns fading away. Again there was a buzz of purred conversation around the chamber.

"What is yourrrr nammme?"

"Erm, I'm Julie Patterson."

"Jurree, welcome, I am Parrem. Unlike so many who come into our realm You have shown yourself to be without aggrrression either to use or our woodlands. Innn faaact, you seem contented here. I am in a position to give you a rare choice."

The leader pointed to the mirrors behind him. "In the left mirrrorrr is what you arrre now, and in the right what you could becommme."

Julie glanced into the mirrors she had not noticed before and she realised why she had been told to stand just there. On the left was a reflection of her naked, standing as she was. She was surprised by the right reflection, it appeared that a catwoman was in her place. She stared deeply and became more bemused as she recognised her own features but feline-like. She moved her hand, in both mirrors the action was reflected, one just skin covered, the other coated in fur. She was fascinated, she stared into the right mirror, the feline head and body moved with her own. She looked back down at herself just to see her own body.

"Curious? Well this is what it really feels like. Step forward." The leader indicated for Julie to step onto a silver slab on the floor.

Julie was curious and took the step forward. Suddenly she felt a strange tingle sweep right up her body. It stopped but she could still feel a warm soft sensation all over her. She looked up, hardly noticing that the images had swapped sides in the mirrors.

The catwoman who had vacated the space approached smiling. "You look far better now."

Julie realised she could understand the catwoman clearly and was confused. Then she noticed that she could tell what the others around her were mumbling, all seemed to be complimenting how she looked. Julie glanced down at her body, and was shocked. She was now covered in soft black fur, even her pair of breasts were fur-covered up to their nipples and Julie found herself curiously thinking what it must be like to suckle a catperson baby.

Then Julie studied her hands, they were clawed as were her feet, her legs and arms were slender and muscular. She swept her tail. She knew the mirror to the left showed the true picture, her feline face and body. She felt part excited, part worried by her new form. She looked up at the leader challengingly, but for some reason she did not really feel angry at whatever magic he had done to her and she held back the words of complaint she had planned to shout at him.

Julie realised she felt good. It was nice to be at one with these people, with their strengths and their softness. Rather than protest she continued exploring the body she had been given. She stood and stroked her smooth fur, and found herself purring. The noise coming from her own throat startled Julie and she forced herself to stop. Julie was confused. She could not reconcile the sensations she was feeling with the fantastical nature of what was happening.

"You have not told me where I am." Julie threw a challenge to the leader.

The catman smiled. "An interesting question. You are in Catkin Wood."

"That's not possible. There aren't catpeople walking around the English countryside."

"Well, no, not the English countryside, but this countryside."

"So where is this?"

"The woods where you were walking. There are many places on the Earth that exist side-by-side, sometimes people can cross over between them. My barony lies near one of the points where crossing is easier, and whilst it is not common these days, we are often the first that people coming over encounter."

"So this is a world of catpeople?"

The catman nodded. "We, the feylins, are the dominant creatures here, as humans are in your version of Earth."

Julie thought about what the leader, the baron she guessed, was saying. It seemed here that technology was that of hundreds of years ago. There was none of the heavy traffic and pollution of her world. London with all its smell and stickiness seemed a million miles from here. Yet it was clear that here, too, magic was real. She was uncertain whether that was something inherent in these feline people or something they had pursued rather than heavy industry.

"So, you like your form as a feylin female?"

"Erm, why do you say that?"

"Well, many who have seen what they could become in the mirrors, let alone those few who have been permitted to feel it, have been shocked; afraid. I expected your first words in our tongue to be demanding of me what I had done to you, but instead you asked me more about this world.

"Well, I don't believe any of this is real. I am free to ask what I like in my own dreams. Anyway, I can see this is just an illusion. Look, that is still me." Julie pointed to the mirror which showed her as a naked human.

"That is true. You may be surprised though when you find this is reality, especially if you are still here at sunset."


"This world is not overly tolerant of anomalies. The form you have at sunset is the one you will retain. If a human then you fill found yourself flung from this world, if as a feylin, then you will stay where your kind are. You have a choice to make. You have only just assumed the form of a feylin, it is all still new to you. I will not change you back just yet. You have decisions to make in the next few hours."

Julie could tell from the baron's resolute tone that any begging now would not get her turned back into a human just yet. He seemed convinced she liked this form but for Julie it was much more complicated. It was hardly a fair choice while she was here and was like this. Julie realised she had to concentrate, to remember what it was like back in her world.

"Merea, please take our guest around the manor and its grounds. I want her to see what we have here."

The feylin female who had encouraged Julie forward came to her again now, smiling broadly and Julie was reminded that she currently looked no different to this sleek humanoid.

"This way, Jurree." Merea said.

Julie was slightly reluctant to leave the chamber, feeling that she was losing a link to the human form she had had, but she supposed there was no need to upset these people: she had no desire to be caged again.

"Thank you Merea." Julie said following the feylin, but with slow steps.

As she walked behind Merea she noticed a younger feylin male approaching the baron. Julie stopped for a moment, curious whether they would be discussing her. Her suspicions were correct.

"May I have her for my mate, father?" The younger feylin asked.

"She must choose, Resa." The baron responded. "She seems happy enough to be in our form and though I will change her back if she demands it, if she stays like that until sunset she will remain here. You will have to be patient for a few hours."

Julie was shocked to be discussed this way. She turned back to look at this male who was wanting to take her as his own. He was lean and muscular, but the thought of coupling with him startled Julie. Resa noticed Julie was looking at him and stepped forward, smiling as if seeking to reassure her of his intentions, but Julie panicked, pushed past Merea and bolted to the back of the room, her feline legs pumping strongly. She ran blindly through corridors of the manor house. She turned a corner and stopped to regain her breath. She realised she had been foolish, Resa was not hunting her down and now she was lost somewhere in the surprisingly large manor house.

Rested, Julie walked on slowly not really aware of what to do. She felt apprehensive but realised to those who passed her, she appeared no different to them. She saw a large hall with feylins lying around eating and drinking. Julie's stomach grumbled, reminding her she had not eaten since breakfast and now she had an urge to join them.

A little nervously, Julie walked into the hall and lay her slender furry body down; not attracting any attention. A feylin carrying bowls by loops of metal put a one of milk and one of meat in front of her on the ground. Hungry and thirsty, Julie did not think as she put her hands down either side of the milk bowl and began lapping up the liquid. It was good. She turned to the chunks of meat and began biting into them. Suddenly she realised she was eating as a cat would; just like the others around her. Now she was self-conscious, but did not want to attract attention by changing her behaviour. Quickly she finished. Now she felt tired and lay lazily on her side. She felt particles of food round her mouth and licked the back of her hand to wipe it away. As she did, Julie felt satisfied and a purr came from deep in her.

The sound alarmed Julie. She jumped up realising how easily she was becoming increasingly like the feylins. Now she worried that if she stayed here, she would forget that she was a transformed human and not one of them. Quickly she walked to the other end of the hall to the one through which she had entered. A long mirror stood at that end of the room and Julie stopped to look at the true reflection of her slender soft fur covered body, her firm breasts, her feline face, trimmed with whiskers, her pointed ears and eyes, her thin pink tongue that licked her lips. She shook herself realising that if she relaxed it would be so easy for her to become fully a feylin, permanently.

Julie did not know where she was going, but now felt she had to get out of the manor and away from the feylins. Maybe if she could retrace her steps she could get back to the road, back to the world she knew. She was lucky that no-one seemed to be looking for her, apparently deluded that she was simply enjoying exploring this strange place on her own. Walking briskly along the corridor she glanced into a side room, there was a chair like the one she had originally sat in to bring her there. Was this the way back? She had to try it. Julie rushed to the chair, and slumped her furry body into it. It was cool and felt like stone and she was uncertain if it would do anything. However, in moments Julie felt so tired and quickly her eyes closed and she was asleep.


Julie awoke, she was sat on a stone seat, in the woodlands, the sun was slowly descending in the sky. She remembered this curious seat and sitting down earlier. She could not believe that she had slept much of the afternoon away here. She had vague memories of dreams that were so curious, but then again she supposed most dreams were. Julie glanced at her watch, she had to get back. She slowly retraced her steps along the path, back to the arch. Well, at least she had got the rest she had been looking for; it had been a pleasant day, but now it was time to head back to the city.

The woodland was quiet, with only the occasional sound of birds and squirrels around her. Increasingly, however, Julie felt she was being followed. Quickly she snapped her head round glancing behind her and caught sight of a figure in the lengthening shadows. Julie picked up a large stick and held it firmly as some protection. She suddenly felt very vulnerable.

"Show yourself, come out where I can see you!" Julie bellowed.

The man emerged into the fading sunlight and Julie almost screamed. It was like one of the creatures she remembered so distantly from her dreams.

"What are you? What are you doing following me?"

Julie was nervous as the furry humanoid approached, but stood her ground, guessing he could outpace her if she tried running. He held a carved wooden rod about the length of his forearm, but casually, not like a weapon.

"You did not have a chance to truly experrrience yourrr new forrrmmm."

"What are you talking about?" Julie was incredulous, though the sound of this creature's voice brought back more and more from her 'dreams'.

"I know my fatherrrr was wrrrrong to think that because you rrrran, because you tried to get back here, you did not want to stay a feylin. I came after you, though I risk some danger in doing so."

Julie's mind groped for some context for what he was saying. She stood in fear not believing that this creature had somehow emerged from what she had dreamed, but sure that whatever he was, he was real.

The humanoid continued, "You cannot leave until you know what a feylin feels like on heat."

The catman suddenly sprang into action, running around Julie scratching a circle in the earth with the rod. Then he stopped. The light beyond the circle seemed to waver as if she were looking into a heat haze.

"Within this rrrring, we are in my world; outside it is yours."

"So you're safe now?" Julie asked, wondering why that should concern her, though she recognised that she felt sympathy for this creature who seemed so attached to her.

"Timmme passes at the same speed in both though, and at sunset only feylins can stay in my world."

"So, I'm not trapped here?" Julie was beginning to piece together fragments from her dreams, however bizarre they might seem.

The catman shook his head.

"So why am I here, simply so you can see me before I go?"

"No, not that, to remmmmind you, to remmmmind you what you rrrran from because you werrre scaaarrrred."


The catman did not answer, now he lifted the rod and thrust it against Julie. She felt frozen to the spot. It seemed as if steam was rising from all over her, there was a burning smell, but looking down she could see no flames, just that her clothes seemed to be dissolving to ashes. As she became naked Julie tried to scream, to run, but her body would not obey. She watched, stunned as her body seemed to darken, and her limbs began to change shape. With every step of the transformation Julie realised that what she had thought of as dreams, had in fact been reality and once again she was being made into a feylin female.

As suddenly as he had begun, Resa released the rod. Julie staggered forward realising that her body was now furry, her hands and feet paw-like and her behaviour like that of a cat. She remembered all that had happened. Julie was excited, and it felt good to return to this shape but the sensation went further, she realised she had betrayed her feelings. This time she let herself go, she explored all her body - pricked her pointed ears and swayed her tail, wishing she had agreed to Parrem's offer from the start. She noticed that Resa's penis becoming hard as he looked at her feline body and recognised that she seemed happy in it. Hardly noticing, Julie began to respond to the arousal she was feeling and to stroke her hard, furry breasts. She purred now unashamedly, it felt so right. She felt a hungry sensation growing in her sex, she flicked her tongue, knowing she was signalling her desires to Resa, barely aware that her scent was doing that too. Julie felt herself softening and she realised that she was coming on heat, it was something she now had no ability to stop. With it came the urge to submit herself to her mate, to have his hard penis inside her body, to have his strong warm body on her.

Resa sniffed the air, and stepped closer to Julie, apparently certain that she would not attempt to flee. "Admit what you are. Give yourself to me." H encouraged in a strong but calm manner.

Julie struggled to stop herself. She knew she had to escape and reassume her human form but for the moment her body was that of a feylin, it was increasingly on heat, impatient to yield to Resa's hard flesh. Suddenly, he reached his clawed hands forward and began stroking Julie's shoulders and then down over her excited breasts. With that sensation Julie could resist no more. She slowly fell to the floor, her nose filling with the scent which was driving Resa on, as she submitted to him as one of his own kind. She gazed up at him from the ground swaying her tail invitingly. She submitted like the feylin she was.

Resa mounted her, slowly and eased his hard warm penis into her, and thrust back and forward. She delighted in the pleasure and purred loudly as he sprayed his sperm in her sending her shuddering into ecstasy. She lay on her side tired with her juices running and looked up just in time to see the sunset. In that instant all her memories of her previous life faded, all she could remember was this life and her form as a feylin female. Jurree purred loudly, delighting in her body and in her mate.

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When Mary awoke on Thursday, she never imagined it would be her last day as a White suburban housewife. She married Sudhir in college and at the time, her Indian boyfriend seemed so worldly and cultured. It was only that character that let her get beyond her white toast upbringing which looked down on other ethnic groups. When they were married, she discovered that he had a very rich fantasy life which invaded their bedroom. Mary was used to dressing up as a maid, dancer or tens of other costumed roles when it came time for sex. But this week had been very strange. Sudhir had been planning a trip to India to visit the factories that produced his high fashion garments sold in department stores. Over the last years, Sudhir had gone to India about once a year to keep track of the business. He seemed very agitated since last week when he said that his parents were expecting to meet Mary on this next trip. Mary had always thought it strange that Sudhir's parents did not make it to their wedding and hadn't visited in the last years. Nor did they socialize with any of his relatives in the states. But she had never seen him like this before.

Sudhir sat her down when he came home from work and asked her whether she really loved him. Mary replied "Of course I do". He asked whether she would do ANYTHING for him if it was really important. Mary thought and said "yes, you know I would do anything for you". Sudhir explained that his parents were really traditional and would be shocked if Sudhir revealed that his wife was not Indian. He had thought about having someone pose as his wife on the trip but told Mary that it would be unfair to her. What he was asking instead was whether Mary would pose as an Indian during the trip. As she looked at her 5"4" curvy whited skinned, blond haired body, she laughed at the prospect. "I could never pass" Mary said. "You leave that to me" Sudhir said ominously.

That night Sudhir said he was taking her to a salon where a friend of his was going to help with the plan. Mary imagined that she was getting her hair dyed and getting hair extensions so she happily got into the car with her loving husband. She had no idea what was in store for her.

When they arrived, Mary was surprised to see that the "salon" was in a non-descript warehouse in the industrial part of town. Sudhir brought her inside and introduced her to a pleasant looking Indian woman in a lab coat named Anuja. The woman looked her up and down and said "we have a lot of work to do. When is the trip".

Sudhir said "10 days". The woman said" Well, then we had better get started". Sudhir gave his wife a kiss and left her with the technician. Mary stepped into the next room which was set up with all kinds of audiovisual equipment. Anuja explained that this was advanced equipment to teach Mary to speak HIndu. Because of the timeframe, they were going to use a special medication which makes the brain more receptive to learning language. It actually turns the biological clock back to permit learning the way we learn when we are children. The hardest part would be teaching Mary to respond to her new name Marwa naturally. Mary awkwardly pronounced the name and Anuja laughed. You will see, the teaching process is VERY effective.

Anuja sat Mary at one of the stations which had a large screen in front and put headphones on her. She also started an intravenous line and told Mary that it would only have sugar water in it at first. A voice came over the headphones and said repeat after me Marwa. My name is Marwa. This went on for some time and Mary really didn't notice when the medicine started to flow into her arm. Once the medicine was onboard, the voice seemed to really penetrate her being. It was then that it began to only speak Hindu. It would show and image of something and then repeat the word in hindu 10's of times. With each cycle, it seemed that the only word that came to mind when that picture came up was the Hindu word. The english words seemed to be slipping away. What Mary didn't know was that the medicine and process weren't just teaching her Hindu, they were erasing the identical parts of her brain that had learned english in her youth. Even worse, images of her youth were being replaced. When the voice talked about her childhood home, she didn't see a street in suburbia, but rather a village in southern India with a small house. When she saw the house, another medicine flowed into her veins giving her a warm happy feeling. Of course that is home and how she misses it. Then with the words father and mother, her mental images of her parents were changed to pictures of an older Indian couple in the village. The second medicine filled her with love and longing to see her Indian "parents".

The process continued like this for 8 hours. By the end, Mary was only answering to the name Marwa which seemed to be the only name she knew. It was then that the program changed. Marwa began to see pictures of herself with Sudhir, but in picture after picture, her appearance was morphing. One image focused on her blond hair and as it became long and black, she felt a tremendous calm descend over her. In another image, her skin slowly darkened from pale white to dark chocolate. A rush of excitement filled her helped by the medicine flowing into her body. Then her body began to change. Her Aereolae became fuller and darker, her breasts more pendulous and her little button nose grew a sharp hump. Finally the fine hair on her body became more prominent especially her shaved bush becoming full and dark. At the end, the image of the young Indian woman on the screen rotated around and around and the voice imprinted this image of Marwa to her brain. This would make the coming days of surgery much easier for everyone.

Now still images became movies and Marwa absorbed a life she never led. All shot from the perspective of the viewer, she saw her grade school, her high school, witnessed conversations with her friends. She saw herself meeting Sudhir at college but as an exchange student from India. Their wedding was very different with rituals that replaced her catholic upbringing. Finally, a series of movies modeled for her how an Inidan woman acts with her husband. She felt the sense of submission flow into her and had her fashion sense remolded to Saris and Sandels.

When Marwa left the cubicle, she was tired and happy to be led to sleeping quarters. She showered and her western clothes were taken from her. There were no mirrors in the bedroom. She dressed with traditional Indian clothing as if she had done so her whole life. While she slept, melitonin stimulators flowed into her veins. By the time she awoke, her skin was very dark and her hair was now growing at an accelerated rate straight and black as it would for the rest of her life. Marwa didn't notice that Anuja was now speaking to her only in Hindu. She would have been shocked to hear the broken english that remained in her memory.

Anuja took her to the surgical suite. She told Marwa that they were going to make her beautiful for Sudhir. This made her feel happy and submissive. During the operation, her breasts were enlarged and stretched to become more pendulous. An implant was placed in her nose to give her the hump she identified as pleasing to her face. Cheek implants changed her appearance significantly. Her delicate feet were roughened to those of a woman who spent her youth barefoot. And more delicately, her lithe body shape was modified through fat and hormone implants to become rounded over the next week. When she returned to her bedroom, she was sore but happy. The last thing she saw as she went off to sleep was her image in the new mirror in her bedroom. It looked so much more like her!

When Marwa awoke a week later, no friend or family member would ever have recognized her. Sudhir was there and told her it was time to leave for India. Marwa looked at him blankly until her repeated himself in Hindu. She then threw herself into his arms and kissed him passionately. Sudhir smiled. His new Indian wife was going to be a great hit with his parents in Mumbai.

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Female dog transformations anyone has more like this?
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Hahsni (Racial change, AR) by Tang

‘Hahsni’ is my phonetic translation of the Korean word for avatar. I was unable to find a dictionary that could provide the word, so please excuse if it is not the way you would pronounce it. This story shares a couple of common traits with many of my others. First it features a change in clothing and appearance shifting a woman’s outlook and behaviour; a subtle form of mind control. Second, one of the female characters featured in this one, particularly in terms of clothing, is based on an actual woman I encountered on public transport while travelling in the UK. Seeing her coming on to a busy bus inspired this story.

By Tang
Part One

“My name is Heo Kwan, sorry, in the English style, Kwan Heo, Heo is my family name.” A man’s voice beside Rachel said.

Rachel Mundy was on her usual bus heading to work. Now she turned her head away from the window she had been gazing out of to see who was speaking. As his name suggested, he was East Asian in appearance. Immediately Rachel guessed he was a student and that he was probably in his early twenties. She imagined that he was probably Chinese, because Beth at work had told her that the university in their town, like most across the country, was now recruiting lots of Chinese. Though Rachel had never really looked at Asian men much before, this Kwan struck her as handsome. His styling seemed to have been borrowed from the 1950s. She was not certain if it had been James Dean or Marlon Brando, but she had a memory of a photograph of a man like this, dressed in a black leather jacket over a white teeshirt and wearing blue jeans. His raven black hair seemed gelled into a Fifties style and it accentuated his angular but elegant features. Maybe elegant was not the right word, but, for some reason, Rachel felt that, for all of his rebel style, Kwan was a gentleman in the making.

Rachel had been taught to be polite and interacting with the customers she encountered had further enhanced that tendency. She did not consider that many British women of her background; from her age group, she was now thirty-four and who, like her, had rarely strayed from this town would have simply ignored the young man’s introduction.

“Hello, I am Rachel, Rachel Mundy. Nice to meet you.” Rachel said warmly, reinforced with a smile that came automatically to her lips.

“You are going to work?” Kwan asked. His voice was accented but not to the extent that Rachel could not understand him easily.

“Yes, I work in a building society. And you: are you a student?”

“Yes, I have just started a postgraduate degree here; before that I was in London.”

“Oh, okay. Do you like it here?”

“Yes, it is a nice place. London is fun, you know, when you first come to the UK, but after a while it seems too crowded, too noisy, especially if you want to study. Here it is twenty minutes on the bus, there it was an hour or more crowded on the underground.”

“And you, you are from China?”

Rachel realised she was asking standard questions but recognised that she had a genuine curiosity. She had a small circle of friends, slightly smaller still since Robert had split with her last summer after three years of them sharing a house. He had headed to Germany for work and Rachel had been unwilling to shift to another city, let alone to another country. It had seemed that, as they had aged he had become increasingly adventurous and she had focused more and more simply on her local area. Sometimes she wondered if she had been wrong in doing that. Indeed, some days, especially when she heard the things some women who came into her branch came out with, she wanted to prove that she was not like them and that she could talk with someone from another country or culture without making them feel uneasy.

“No, I come from the city of Pusan, it’s in South Korea. Have you been to China?”

“No, no, I went to Florida for two weeks once and a couple of times to Spain.”

“I have never been to Spain, I would love to see Barcelona. Maybe this year I will.”

“Oh, I just did holiday resorts, places like Benidorm, Malaga, that kind of thing.”

“This town, it seems there are many things to see, in the countryside too.”

“Oh yes, we have a few bits of history, mainly churches. The countryside is nice, well in the Summer.”

“And places for people to meet? Where do young people go? You know women, men?”

For a moment Rachel felt a sudden unease that all of this had been building up to Kwan somehow making some advance to her. However, she quickly calmed herself. She had to be, at least, ten, if not, twelve or fifteen years older than Kwan. If he had already been living in London he presumably knew what was appropriate in this country. Perhaps it was simply his tone that had misled her. Was it any surprise that he was curious about where his contemporaries would hang out? She just hoped students were more understanding of foreign visitors than some of the young people in the town she had heard about.

“Well, there are places, I guess around the university.”

“Yes, but those tend to be the places for the eighteen year olds, and sorry, but the English young people seem to drink a lot of beer and spirits.”

“Yes, yes, I guess that is the case.”

Rachel remembered that twenty-five, even twenty-two, was in fact a long way from eighteen. For all the distinctive style he adopted, she guessed that Kwan was looking for something different to yet another alcopop promotion. She remembered that the fifties-style diner that had occasionally had local rockabilly bands, probably ten years back, now she thought about it, had finally closed. That was a pity, he would have fitted in there.

“Well, you know, there are some nice coffee places along that pedestrianised street there.” Rachel gestured through the town centre to the area she was thinking of. “I guess older students sit and talk about books and stuff; some of the pubs, they, well these days they have food and quieter areas. Maybe one of the bookshops, they’ve all got cafes now and they have authors come and speak in the evenings.”

Rachel felt she was fumbling a little to come up with some answers. If she had to be honest, she did not really have an idea where an older student would go, she had not really even given much thought to their existence, somehow seeing all students as if they were eighteen. A lot of them behaved recklessly, especially with alcohol in the mix. Perhaps it was not surprising: she had heard more than one report about how much the average thirteen year old drunk these days. It was not the kind of behaviour she had been part of. She had joined the building society straight from college and so university had never entered the equation. Of course, back then, far fewer people went to university anyway. These days everyone’s eighteen year old seemed to be off taking some course or another. She remained dubious as to whether any of them would get better jobs as a result.

“Rachel Mundy, thank you, that is very useful. I had not thought of that. In London it is different. I will look for the bookshops. Usually, you see, I use the one at the university. I had not thought these may be social places in the town.”

“Yes, yes.” Rachel had been to a couple events with her work colleague Gill, though she had not known the authors and so had felt a little at a loss attending. However, she guessed if Kwan picked the right event he might run into the kind of people he was looking to meet.

“Thank you.”

“Oh it’s nothing, just being, you know, welcoming.”

Rachel felt a little silly saying that; Kwan had been in this country for years, but she wanted him to feel that she did not consider him any different to any other newcomer to the town who asked her for advice. For a moment she worried that she had sounded patronising.

“No, it is something. Do you know how many English people just ignore me when I speak to them? You know, look embarrassed, say nothing, move away. You, well, you were polite, helpful. I am very grateful. You don’t know how good it is just to have a conversation without being looked at like I have just come from outer space.”

Rachel felt rather embarrassed at what Kwan was saying and was glad when she saw that the bus was quickly approaching her stop.

“This is me, my stop. All the best.” Rachel said, rising from her seat.

“Have a good day. Thank you.” Kwan smiled as he shifted to let Rachel by.

As she walked down the bus Rachel realised she had been a little hard on Kwan. Sometimes, especially since the split with Robert, she had found herself feeling lonely and wishing she could get to meet and know new people. She had found it difficult to do that and she guessed it was even tougher for an outsider like Kwan. At the exit from the bus, she turned to look back at Kwan but he was now gazing out of the window. However, as she walked past the bus, heading to her workplace she looked up and caught his eye. He gave Rachel a warm smile which she returned, feeling pleased that, in some small way, she had made this man’s day seem a little better. The bus pulled away and Rachel focused on the small cluster of her colleagues waiting for the door to their branch to be opened and for the working day to begin in earnest.

Rachel recognised the Korean man she had spoken to the day before. He was a short way off from the bus stop where she waited, talking with a long-haired woman dressed in black. Kwan, that had been his name, Rachel remembered. As he gestured in the direction of the bus stop she saw that the woman was also Far Eastern, she guessed that, like Kwan, she was a Korean. For a moment, Rachel found herself a little jealous of the woman because she, rather than Rachel, was talking with Kwan. For an instant she felt she should give up her place and walk over and talk to him. She stopped herself: she would lose her position in the queue and perhaps would miss the bus. Then Rachel wondered why she had felt that way; had wanted to go over to Kwan. He was a pleasant young man, clearly intelligent and certainly politer than many men you met these days especially on public transport. However, Kwan had to be at least ten to fifteen years younger than Rachel and she guessed that, even if he remembered Rachel, he would think of her as nothing more than a nice older British woman. She knew some young men liked mature women, but, of course, most preferred those of their own age or younger. It also made sense that Kwan would associate with someone from his home country, no doubt it was good to be able to talk in his mother tongue.

The bus pulled up and Rachel made her way steady forwards as the people got on. Then she saw the woman bid Kwan farewell. For a moment Rachel found she was wishing he would come on the bus so she could chat with him again. However, he set off in the opposite direction and it was the woman who turned and came Rachel’s way. She could now see that the woman was Oriental in appearance and somehow Rachel knew she was Korean rather than Chinese or Japanese. She was most likely nineteen or twenty, probably a student like Kwan himself. That seemed to make sense, given as she had remembered, when talking with Kwan, that this was the bus that ultimately reached the university. The young woman joined the end of the queue some places behind Rachel who concentrated on getting her ticket, wondering a little why she was suddenly so interested in the young Koreans.

Rachel found a seat and looked down the bus, trying not to think about the young woman but she found she was keen to see her step on and look over her at closer quarters. As the student paid for her ticket and then made her way down the already busy bus seeking out a seat, Rachel studied her. She had a broad forehead, a slender nose and a tapering chin. She had almond-shaped eyes, a rich brown in shade and accentuated by elegant eyebrows. Her skin tone was a little more tanned than the pale porcelain shade Rachel found she had expected. Similarly, her mouth was broader too, not large but not the doll-like rosebuds of classic portrayals of Korean women.

As the woman approached, Rachel realised her clothes were not of the black denim or lycra that she had assumed, they were of leather. The woman wore a black leather jacket that stretched to just beyond her waist. Below it was a grey and white patterned baggy teeshirt and around her neck and over her shoulder a long white pashmina. Her trousers were tight black leather showing of the sleek line of her legs and feeding into black flat-heeled over-the-knee boots detailed with long leather tassels running down the sides. As a result, every step she took seemed to emphasise the leather she wore; the tassels seemed to lash her legs as she walked and, as she passed Rachel, the gentle creaks of her smooth, soft leather came from points around her body.

Rachel had not seen the young Korean woman leave the bus, but by the time Rachel got off, she seemed to have gone. Rachel hesitated on the pavement to look along the bus to see if she could catch sight of the Korean for one last time. Then she turned away, wondering why she had been so intrigued by the woman. She was attractive certainly, but other attractive women got on the bus or passed her in the street without them fascinating Rachel. She was Korean, but these days it seemed every other student at universities came from the Far East; every day scores of them must travel on this bus route alone. Rachel wondered if it was the way the woman dressed. Leather jackets and long boots were pretty common for young women these days, but the added inclusion of leather trousers seemed to make a statement: this was a sexy woman but not in an airheaded bimbo way. The leather might be sensuous but it was also a form of protection, of armour, even. This seemed to make sense, that the woman was a saying a great deal in how she dressed, in a fashionable way, but distinct from the crowd; in a sexy way but on her own terms.

The following day, despite her unease about what was prompting all of this, Rachel found herself looking out for Kwan and the young Korean woman at the bus stop. She worried whether it was some kind of statement of how empty her life had become that she was filling it with thoughts about people she saw around the town. However, she reassured herself that, in fact, it was no different to watching a soap opera or reading a romantic novel. It gave viewers and readers a nice feeling to see the romance of two young people unfold. Rachel guessed it was the immediacy of what she had seen that made it all that more interesting. If she was honest to herself, she had to admit that she found the ‘leading man’ in this story very attractive and that helped. As she thought about it too, she was quite coming to like the ‘heroine’ and, despite their age difference, to actually admire her fashion sense. Perhaps, Rachel wondered, her unease was because they were Korean and so, looked different to the usual characters she saw in television series. Rachel quickly excused her concerns and told herself not to feel guilty if she hoped to spot either Kwan or the woman and pondered about any developing relationship.

Rachel suddenly felt the urge to look up as if she had sensed the young woman’s approach. As the day before the Korean woman was making her way to the bus queue but there was no sight of Kwan. Rachel was content to look at the woman’s clothes. Today, in the place of her leather trousers and long boots, were shiny black leggings and patent ankle boots. Her leather jacket was replaced by a short black silk raincoat flared out from the waist and not stretching beyond mid thigh. The dark shades were offset by a flame red scarf she wore, hanging over her shoulder and down her back alongside her long black hair. Rachel wondered if she should try and talk to the woman, but then could not think of what she would say and the student may think her approach a little odd. Rachel was worried that she was losing it a little, to be becoming fascinated by a female student, but again the reassuring thoughts soon flowed into her mind. She was doing nothing wrong. If the media stories were correct she had to imagine that most of the men on the bus would be fantasising about having sex with the women they saw on the street or were shown on the billboards they passed. Rachel was not even thinking that, she had no desire to have sex with a woman. If she was honest, she had to admit, some part of her simply wanted to be the woman; to be young, to travel, to be fashionable.

Rachel sat at the back of the bus so that she could see the young woman walk the length of it. As she did Rachel realised that she had a lovely smile and, despite her sexy clothes, actually seemed pretty demure. She took a seat a few down from Rachel and, as the bus quickly filled up, soon all Rachel could see of the woman was her shiny clad leg and, within a couple of stops, even that was obscured from view by standing passengers. Now looking out at the shops as the bus passed them Rachel found she was telling herself that perhaps it was time to go on a bit of a shopping spree. Autumn was approaching and it had to be the Spring since she last bought some new clothes. Some of the mannequins were wearing outfits that might look good on her, or, at least, part of them. She decided that after work that evening she would pop into a couple of shops and pick up something suitable for the coming season. It was Friday and she could wear her new outfit the following day.

Though she would not really admit it, seeing the young woman had given her a real desire to get some leggings. In contrast to the dull skirt she wore to work and the rather thick jeans she wore at weekends, there was something distinctive about leggings, something that made her feel excited. She told herself that she was only in her thirties, she was not middle aged yet and, in fact, rather than the routine life she seemed to be leading these days, she began to feel increasingly that she should try to spice things up a little. Robert was long gone and perhaps she needed to think about finding a man to be in her life. She felt she stood no chance unless she looked sexier than she did at the moment. By the time Rachel stepped down from the bus stop closest to her work she had forgotten about the Korean student, instead she was filled with a determination to change her life and get a bit of excitement, certainly a bit of sex, back into it.

Rachel stepped into her small house having bought a short pea coat, a pair of plain black leggings and shoe-boots. They were comfortable and made her feel sexy when she tried them on, but she remained self conscious of wearing them outside the house, concerned the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ tag would be applied to her. In addition, they lacked the shine that she realised she was yearning for. She felt rather foolish to wish she had the body profile to be able to carry off the current sleek fashions, but she could not deny that she felt qualms of jealousy when she saw women who could. A little uneasily, she realised that she wished she could look a little more like the woman she had seen Kwan with. That was silly, of course, but maybe she could grow her hair longer and have it coloured black. There was something so intriguing about it stretching down that woman’s back, hanging free, rather than the short controlled styles Rachel had imposed on her almond shade hair, never going down to her shoulder, let alone beyond.

Rachel wondered why she was concerned about what women Kwan might be attracted to. It was ridiculous to think he might find her appealing in that way, though she had to admit she saw enough women with ‘toy boys’. They did, however, tend to be far wealthier than herself; rich enough not to give a damn about what people thought about how they dressed or behaved. Rachel knew, though, that she could never consider moving into that kind of category unless she won the lottery and she rarely bought a ticket. She guessed that however much Kwan had been grateful that she had not responded coldly to him, that she too had felt glad that he had talked to her without turning his nose up at her; simply dismissing her as some drab middle-aged woman. She had heard Korean and Japanese men were old fashioned in their behaviour, which could mean they were sexist but also that they were often more likely to be more gentlemanly than the average British man of their age. Rachel concluded that that was what had appealed to her about Kwan. Was it surprising, really, that given she had been chatting with a man who seemed to mix Mr. Darcy with James Dean, she should not feel a bit of a crush for him and want to at least look a little like the kind of woman he was attracted to?

Rachel was a little self-conscious when she stepped down from the bus. She was now dressed in her new coat, leggings and shoe-boots. She was taking advantage of a day off; she got them mid-week once in a while to make up for working Saturdays. Perhaps that the fact that she shopping mall she was heading to stood close to where she worked, where her colleagues would be working right now, added to that unease. She realised she worried one of them would see her dressed this way and would make an embarrassing comment or be disapproving. It was so different now to the night before, when, fired with confidence, she had signed up to an online dating service and had even emailed a few of the men she had seen featured that lived in her area. She was quite proud at the steps she had taken, but her nerve kept wavering and so she had decided to step out in her new outfit to practice. It would be no use turning up to a date and looking uncomfortable in what she wore.

Rachel was determined that her new relationship was going to be sexy and sophisticated and she felt that however uneasy she might feel now she needed to come across as that kind of woman. She had felt a little daring when she had decided to raise the setting for her profile for seeking East Asian men. However, she had realised that, perhaps, she had discovered something about herself in recent days. It was only a start after all, there was a long way between even emailing a man and actually having a relationship with him, lots of opportunity to really test how she felt about particular types of men let alone particular individuals. Perhaps by ignoring a certain type she had been denying herself access to a kind of man she actually would find nice or sexy or attractive; hopefully all three.

Rachel walked into the shopping mall, silently reasserting to herself that she was a sexy young woman out doing some browsing in clothes shops with some distant thought that if she was going to be dating again, let alone having a new sexual partner, she was going to need some decent lingerie. She stopped by the rail on the upper level of the mall and looked down to the floors below her. Something in the movement of a figure on the escalator caught her attention. Rachel realised that it was the young Korean student, dressed once more in the leathers she had originally seen her in. The trademark scarf was grey this time, matching the loose boyfriend cardigan that she wore beneath her jacket. Keeping her eye on the woman, somehow concerned not to lose sight of her, Rachel found herself walking after her. For some reason she realised she had come to see this woman as something like her genie, a youthful fairy godmother who was encouraging her to change her life. Rachel knew that it was a ridiculous thought but had to confess that if she had not see this woman with Kwan she would not have embarked down the path she was now following.

Rachel walked down the escalator the young woman had taken, keen not to lose her among the shopping crowd. She just caught sight of her as she turned into a large boutique and Rachel followed, curious as to what the woman would be looking at; what fashions would take her fancy. Inside the shop Rachel worried that she had lost the woman who she had to admit, was pretty illusive. Trying not to be obvious, Rachel walked through the different rails and into the various sections of the store. For some reason she felt that if she saw the woman one more time she would have the courage she needed to carry on with these new approaches in her life that she had decided on.

Then Rachel caught sight of the woman coming towards her, down an aisle between rows of clothing. She glanced away, not wanting to appear as if she was staring. However, when she glanced back, the woman had stopped walking and was looking straight at her. Rachel felt embarrassed and lowered her eyes, pretending to look at a display of coats. Then she told herself that she had done nothing wrong and that if she was this uneasy about encountering a woman she had taken some remote interest in, how was she going to handle the kind of dates she was assuming she was going to be setting up in the weeks to come? With determination, Rachel began to walk towards the woman thinking through some question she could ask to strike up a conversation. However, all she could think about things related to Kwan and she felt that such questions might unnerve the young woman.

Rachel looked up a little more boldly, knowing that she had to say something or the moment would be passed. The woman had stopped walking and looked back at her with an air of anticipation. Then Rachel realised something was wrong. At a distance she had not really noticed it. Her confusion and worries had no doubt played a part too. Now she realised that she, in fact, had not seen the woman, she had been looking into a full-length mirror fixed to one of the pillars. Rachel looked around her and then quickly ran to the mirror, not believing this was true. As she stood right by the mirror, gripping the frame as if to confirm it was a mirror and not something like a display screen, she saw the Korean woman reflected, not only that, but her stance, the movements she made, were Rachel’s.
R: 0 / I: 0

A Day At The Park by Merlin & Bobby (AP, AR, Culture Change)

These are old stories. Stories I'd read back in 1998 or 99, and forgot to save copies of. I thought I'd never be able to find them again…and I was right. I couldn't. But 'Bobby' did find them, and here they are. Once again, thanks goes to Bobby for finding both of these gems, particularly as I was wrong about where this story had originally been posted.

And…oh my goodness. I just REALLY noticed…

Hey, Bobby…are YOU the "Bobby" that co-authored this story?

A Day At The Park by Merlin & Bobby

The summer sun was beating down on the crowded amusement park like a heat lamp
over a tray of french fries, and tempers were flaring as throngs of
thrill-seekers queued up for 45 minutes to an hour at a time to ride for maybe
60 seconds on a roller coaster. The temperature had reached 85 degrees by ten
o'clock that morning and was up to a scorching 102 by mid-afternoon, making
walking on the blacktop akin to shuffling along inside a frying pan. The wind
which had been blowing onshore from the north yesterday had decided to add to
the discomfort of the park's patrons by shifting to a southerly direction, no
longer bringing any relief from the cooling waters of Lake Erie. To put it
another way, it was just plain hot, and Anabel Contreras couldn't take it much

She had been waiting twenty minutes already, and the line had barely moved
twenty feet. She pulled out some sunscreen from her fanny pack and started to
rub it on her arms, face and neck. She had used almost half a bottle today; she
was perspiring so much that as soon as she put some on it would start running
off of her body again. As she was rubbing it on the back of her neck she was
suddenly bumped from behind and almost knocked her to the ground, dropping the
bottle of sunscreen.

"Hey, watch it!" shouted Anabel angrily. "What are you doing?" She picked up the
bottle and turned around to see a tall blonde girl smiling at her. "Sorry,
twerp, but me and my friend here have priority passes, so we get to cut in line,
especially in front of little kids." The girl laughed mockingly at Anabel. She
was old, maybe 20 or so, thought Anabel. She looked like a college student. She
was wearing a blue low cut tank top that showed more than a hint of her
impressive cleavage, and tight red shorts that hugged the generous curves of her
lower body. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail that hung almost
down to her waist. Behind her stood a pretty African-American girl, who was
smirking as the blonde girl was laughing at Anabel. She was dressed similarly,
although her top was red and she wore snug orange shorts. Her hair was pulled
back in a small bun. "What do you mean priority passes? There's no such thing!"
Anabel said defiantly. She had waited in line too long to let some stupid big
girls cut in front of her.

"Hey, Tamika, the shrimp seems a little upset," said the blonde girl to her
friend as she motioned toward Anabel with her thumb. "I don't know about you,
but I'm scared! What'll we do?" She held her hand up to her mouth with wide-eyed
mock fear, while Tamika laughed. "I don't think we have to worry about her,
Alison," said Tamika. "Let's go."

The two started to push past Anabel, who tried to block them, but they were too
big for her and easily brushed her aside. "Stop it! You can't do that!" Anabel
shouted but they ignored her and just kept going, oblivious to the angry
comments from other people in line. "I don't believe that, won't anybody stop
them? That's not fair," Anabel said to herself. "Just 'cause they're big doesn't
mean they should get to push everyone around." "I agree," said a voice behind
Anabel. She spun around, startled, to see a short stocky bald man smoking a
cigar behind her. "Who are you?" Anabel said. She could have sworn he wasn't
there a second ago. "I'm Mr. Smith, and I take it you're Anabel," said the man
extending his hand. Anabel shook it slowly and asked, "How did you know my
name?" She coughed and waved her other hand in front of her face to clear the
smoke away. "I'm sorry, excuse my rudeness, that's a nasty habit of mine," said
Mr. Smith. He pulled the Macanudo out of his mouth and it seemed to disappear
instantaneously. "It's my job to know who my clients are," he said with a smile.
"I'm in the business of settling disputes, righting wrongs, solving problems,
all that kind of thing. You could call me a fixer." "How do you know I have a
problem?" asked Anabel. "Let's just say that I know, OK? It's such a long story
I really don't think you'd be interested. The important thing right now is that
we take care of Alison and Tamika, right?"

Anabel was trying to sort all this out in her mind. How did this odd little man
just show up out of nowhere, and how did he make that cigar disappear? It was
almost like…no it couldn't be that; there was no such thing as magic. Even
though Anabel was only eleven years old, she knew that much. She looked around
to see if anyone nearby was watching or listening in on their conversation but
nobody else seemed to be paying attention to what was going on.
"No one here knows we're talking right now," Mr. Smith said in a bored voice as
he rolled his eyes. "And yes, I'm a practitioner of magic. Now that we've got
all the boring details out of the way, can't we just get to the good stuff?" Mr.
Smith suppressed a yawn as he waited for Anabel's answer. "Well, why do you want
to help me?" she asked suspiciously. "Because I'd like to teach those girls a
lesson as much as you. People have enough problems without having to deal with
rude, thoughtless characters such as these two. I've been watching them for some
time, and they used to be very nice young ladies, but their arrogance has
increased in direct proportion to their, shall we say, endowments." "Huh?" said
Anabel, with a puzzled expression. "They've gotten nastier as they've gotten
older, OK? I'm sorry, I tend to enjoy hearing myself talk sometimes."
"Oh. Well, what does all this have to do with me?" "You, my dear, are the
catalyst in all this," Mr. Smith said, smiling. "The catawhat?" "See? There I go
again," he shook his head. "You're the one who can make this all happen. You
see, I can't do anything myself, my powers have to be directed through a
mortal's wishes. Believe me, if it were up to me, those two would have had their
attitudes adjusted years ago. But now this is a golden opportunity for both of
us to give them what they deserve. What do you think?" "What would you do?"
"Well, I have something in mind, if you'd agree to it," Mr. Smith said with a
mischievous twinkle in his eye. "I was thinking that every time Tamika or Alison
do or say anything nasty, they get a little "lesson". That way they're in
control of their own fates. If they're considerate of others, they won't have
any problem, but if they get out of line, they'll have to suffer the

Anabel thought for a moment then said, "Well, I don't know if I really want to
hurt them or anything, Mr. Smith. They were pretty mean and stuff, but I
couldn't do anything really bad to them." "Of course, Anabel. I wouldn't dream
of hurting them either, it would just be a way to let them experience a little
role reversal, that's all. If they learn how to act like decent members of
society, they'll be fine." Anabel thought again for a while then said, "I think
it would do them some good if they were in my place for a while." "Exactly what
I was thinking, Anabel. I like your style," Mr. Smith said with a smile. "Well,
shall we get started?"

As Anabel was thinking of what she could wish for that would act as justice, she
heard Tamika shove an elderly woman out of the way. "Out of the way you old
bag!" snarled Tamika. Just then, a wicked smile came across Anabel's face.
"Alright Mr. Smith, I wish I could control a person's age in any capacity I
choose". Mr. Smith nodded and smiled, "So it is wished, so it shall be done!" he
waved his hand and glowed as well as Anabel and then stared intensly at Anabel.
"It has been done Anabel, now one warning….be careful with this new found
power, remember Midas and what happened to him!" And with that, Mr. Smith
vansihed in a cloud of smoke, though no one but Anabel seemed to notice.
After she stood motionless in retrospect as to what had happened, and who was
this Midas guy he was warning her of? She finally thought to herself that she
had better test this new found "gift" out before she used it to fix Tamika and
Alison's situation. She then saw the elderly woman sitting on the park bench
softly sobbing having been pushed by Tamika. Anabel looked at her and said
quietly under her breath, "I wish that the old woman sitting over there was 21
years old again."

The elderly woman seemed to glow as Anabel watched the transformation with awe.
First, her white hair seemed to be regaining some of its original color, which
looked to be a shade of red. She could see that the turkey waddles on her arms
were firming up some as well. As she continued to glow, it was like a magical
iron was wiping away the tired wrinkles and lines that covered her face after
years of life and living. Little did Anabel know was that the old woman had been
80 years of age, but now she had regressed back to 60 and the regression was
speeding up. The years seem to fall off of her like so much dust that was being
wiped away. At 50 years of age, Anabel could see that her hair was originally
red as it seemed to begin to regain some of its luster, and the wrinkles were
turning into deep lines and lessoning with each passing moment.

At 40 years of age, she stopped sobbing and looked up, somewhat confused. She
stood up with her cane in hand, and she looked silly leaning on the cane now
that she was only 35 years of age, most of the wrinkles were now gone and her
hair had regained all of its luster with only a few strands of gray still
visable. Thats when she noticed her hands, they had firmed up as well, and she
seemed mesmorized by how they looked. Even though the dress she was wearing was
like a sack, Anabel could see that her large breasts was firming up and rising
on her body. The support hose could not hide the fact that her legs were firming
up as well and regaining their shape. The woman was now in her late twenties and
had turned into a real beauty, her hair bright red and a few freckles now
appeared on the bridge of her nose. Her breasts were now "perky" and full, with
the supple curves of a young woman now apperant. The young woman straightened up
and tossed aside the cane, not having looked or felt this good since World War
II, she began jumping up and down with delight screaming, "I'm young again! I'm
young again!" the young woman ran into the park skipping with delight loking a
bit silly in the support hose and large dress. As she dissapeared, Anabel
whistled to herself, "Wow, this power really works!" she then turned and focused
on the two girls who were the true object of her wrath. "Ok, lets see how good
this power really works, but I want them to suffer a bit too…hmmm….ok, I
wish that the Alison would get one year younger everytime she is mean to
someone, and I wish that Tamika would get a year older everytime she was mean to
someone!" There was a momentary tingle she could feel and she saw the two girls
glow for a second as well. "This should be fun" Anabel grinned. Just then Anabel
noticed a sign that said children had to be at least 12 years of age to ride
some of the rides. "Drat!" fumed Anabel, "Well, I will be old enough one day
soon, I just wish that day would come sooner" Anabel thought about using her new
power on herself but thought better of it, not until she knew how to control it
better. What she did not notice was the glow that surrounded her now for a
moment and dissapeared as well.

As she watched Alison and Tamika closely, she did not have to wait long. The two
girls seemed to be masters on alienation and snobbery. Within 5 minutes they had
insulted the ticket man at the gate, knocked over the cotton candy from a young
boys hands and laughed at the dress another young girl was wearing. Anabel could
tell that the magic was working. She could just make out that Alison's face
seemed fresher and her once tight clothes seemed a bit looser. She looked to be
about 17 years of age now, and she also seemed to be acting a bit different too.
Tamika on the other hand seemed to be straining her red top as her cleavage
which was already generous, was now practically spilling out of her now too
small bra. She had blossomed a bit more and her face seemed a bit more angular
as she lost what was left of her baby fat. She looked like a full grown woman at
this point of perhaps 23 or 24, and she was acting different as well. She could
now overhear the two girls talking, both seemed just a bit confused as well.
"Uh, Tamika, like, uh, gee, I really appreciate you coming with me to the park
and all, its like so rad of you to do that!" Tamika was swishing her hips a bit
more as her breasts jiggled as she walked. "No problem girlfriend! I mean,
honey, I promise to watch out for you and teach you all the good things a woman
should know!"

Anabel was loving this, she smiled broadly as she straignted out her tight
shirt, and her shoes seemed to hurt some too, perhaps she was getting tired from
standing out in the hot sun for so long, but this was too good to pass up.
The girls continued to either insult or be rude to most everyone they
encountered, however, Alison seemed to do it less and less the younger she got
while Tamika got more bold and rude as she got older. Within minutes, Alison was
a young 15 year old high school freshman while Tamika had aged to 29 years of
age. Alisons clothes seemed to be hanging on her adolescent, blossoming body
now, while Tamika was looking like a real adult woman now, and acting sassy as
well. "Tamika, whats it like to be, you know, like an adult?" asked a unsure
Alison. Tamika grinned, "Girl, you have no idea! Honey, once you get a little
older and you get some jugs like these, "Tamika smiled as she cupped her very
large breasts, " then you will know what it is like to attract some real men and
then you will know what a man can do for a woman!" she laughed as Alison blushed
a bit.

Just then, Anabel felt a cool breeze across her midriff and as she put her hand
up to her stomach she brushed up against what felt like to small breasts.
Breasts?! A shocking revelation then engulfed her as she turned and caught her
reflection in a mirrior on the fun house. A blossoming 14 year old girl stared
back, her white t-shirt looking too small to contain her growing body and her
tight shorts beginning to dig into her skin. "Madre's mia!" she exclaimed "What
is happening to me?" she heard a slight spanish accent begin to seep into her
speech, which sounded odd, like her mother's accent. She was not sure how to
reverse what was happening to her as she was not sure why it was happening, she
just new that if she did not change soon, she would be bursting out of her
clothes at any minute. She momentarily forgot about the girls, Alison, who had
just dropped in years to 13 years of age after knocking a drink over a couple of
kids, and Tamika just passed years of age herself after another couple run-ins
with people. Fine lines were beginning to appear around her eyes as her large,
round ass was beginning to get tight in her orange pants.

Anabel ducked into a gift shop and grabbed some larger clothes off the rack and
ran into the changing room and quickly changed into a large sundress. She looked
into the changing room mirror for a moment, amazed at the change in her
appearance. Her dark hair was now cascading across her shoulders. Her body was
loosing the tomboy look she had always known and was picking up the soft curves
of a young girl entering high school. She put her hands up to her face,
"Unbelievable!" she whispered, as she noticed her hands looked different too.
Soon, she re-appeared, barefoot, having lost the fight of size with her shoes.
She was now rapidly approaching 15 years of age and her breasts seemed to still
be growing. The attendant looked at her strangely. "Isn't that a bit too big for
you miss?" asked the clerk. "Maybe for the moment" shrugged Anabel as she handed
the clerk 20 dollars for the dress, "gracias" she said without realizing it and
walked quickly out.

As Anabel walked out of the store she immediately spotted a young girl of 11,
trying to hold up a pair of way too large red shorts as the blue tank top seemed
to look more like a dress than anything else. Tamika on the other hand was
beginning to look her age, as she was now at least 38 years of age, and looking
every bit a middle-aged woman with fine lines on her face, gray hairs sprinkled
generously throughout her hair and additional wieght in her ass and breasts made
the outfit she was wearing look silly. "Tamika" said the now young Alison, "I
know you are my babysitter and everything, but could you like, help me get some
other clothes? I don't know why Mommy made me wear these to the park." "You and
me both Honey child" said an increasingly uncomfortable Tamika as the clothes
dug into her skin. "Tell you what baby, lets go over in that shop there and we
can both get some new clothes, alright?" The young girl nodded quickly as they
both walked into the same shop that Anabel had walked into a moment before.
By the time this scene had played out, Anabel felt very strange. She had gotten
caught up in the moment watching Alison and Tamika that she had not even noticed
that she had aged past 18 years of age. She walked over to the fun house mirror
and saw a beautiful young woman of 19 staring back at her. Her breasts had grown
considerably and were now straining the top of her sundress as her generous
cleavage now shown through the top as her now large nipples could be seen
outlining the front of the dress too.. Her dark hair now framed a beautful face
and she looked down at her bare feet, pulling up the dress that once came down
past her ankles that now were almost at her knee's. She pulled the dress up to
her top of her thighs briefly and saw that her legs were now very long and very
shapely, tan and toned. She quickly let the dress fall back down and blushed as
she noticed that there were some men watching her with great interest.
"I think I betters get backs to ze girls…what iz….me voice, por kay? What
happening to me, me know speak like theez!" Anabel's mind seemed to be thinking
in spanish now and she was having a hard time remembering English. Her voice was
also a sultry 2 octives lower than it once was, with a thick spanish accent
where there once was none. The magic was working in overtime now.
As Anabel's mind was now thinking mostly in Spanish, she had a tough time
concentrating. She also noticed that her skin had gotten darker too, a very deep
tan-like look and she was almost transformed completely into a full-blooded
spanish beauty. Not only had she aged, but it had enhanced her ethnicity as
well. She suddenly realized what had made this happen and she concerntrated very
hard to say the words in english as she had no idea what doing a wish in Spanish
might do. "Make dis stop, I wizh dat I get no …how you say, older!" She glowed
for a moment and then it stopped. She looked back into the mirror and figured
she was now around 23 years old, a full grown adult woman, and a beautiful one
at that. She stood at least 5'10" tall now with dark hair cascading down her
shoulders and a very full figure, but with slender hips and long, luscious legs
that were to die for. Her silver dollar sized nipples were pressing very hard
against the fabric of the sun dress as they were quite evident as her abundant
cleavage was accentuated and bulging out of the top of the dress. She was now
every man's fantasy woman, but she also had lost almost completely the ability
to speak english or understand it that well. She figured she had better end the
other wish before it was too late as well. She concentrated hard again.
"Me wish dat…por kay…uh, dat ze too senorita's stop…ah, ze stop
getting…older…and young…se, dat iz what…." It was too late, the last of
her english finally faded away, but hopefully she made the final wish in time.
What she did not see was the glowing around a 7 year old Alison and a 42 year
old Tamika. They had each gotten new clothes inside the store and emerged
looking their respective ages. Alison skipped outside wearing a little jumper
outfit with Winnie the Pooh on it while Tamika had on a loose fitting large
dress. She also had to purchase a new bra and panties as her other ones had
gotten too small. She had put on some weight as well and her graying hair was
now in a bun and under a large straw hat. She had also bought a pair of sandels
which helped her aching feet some too. "Slow down child! I can't keep up with
you girl!" strained Tamika as she struggled to keep up with the now little girl.

As Anabel watched the two "girls" walk past her, she could not understand a word
that they said but understood that she had stopped them changing but had not had
time to reverse the spell before her english had left her. Just then, a young
girl of 16 brushed past Anabel, coming from the same clothes shop. She looked
strangly familiar, then it struck her that the bouncing blonde teenage beauty
was that formely old woman from earlier in the day. She was giggling and
laughing in delight dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a bikini top that
showed off her perky and abundant breasts as she went looking for fun. "Anabel
thought for a moment in spanish and realized that she better leave as she had a
new life she needed to make for herself. The only way she would find a way to
change things would be to start learning to speak english again and in perhaps a
few months she would be able to speak it well enough to reverse some things and
make them right again. But first she would need to find a job as she could not
go back home looking like this. Just as she was about to leave she noticed a
sign on the door of the magic shop in the amusement park, "Help Wanted: Spanish
speaking clerk needed", it was written in spanish as well and Anabel smiled as
she walked into the shop. This is just what she needed.
R: 0 / I: 0

Photographs (WG, blackmail, makeover)

Another old one. Credit Altide for the idea.

By badcompany8888

Tuesday, October 2.

Brad and Christine were in the middle of moving into their new house when Brad’s cell phone rang. He sat down on a box and listened to his boss, Frank, congratulate him on his promotion and wish him luck in his new city. His boss then apologized for the short notice, but he was needed to go on a trip with Frank 2 days from now. Brad frowned, but agreed. He hung up the phone.

His wife of 2 months, Christine, entered the room with a box of dishes. She is thin and attractive, about 115 pounds, with long brown hair and a thin face with sharp features. She is 25 and Brad is 26. She noticed the frown on Brad’s face.

“What’s wrong, dear?” She asked.

Brad replied sadly, “I have to leave for Japan on Thursday. Frank and I have a meeting with Mister Bishsi, a big investor with our company. I might be gone for 2 weeks.”

Christine moved closer to comfort Brad. “Brad, when you got this promotion we both knew it involved sacrifices. We had to make a lot of changes. We had to move across the country, I had to quit my job at ScamComm, things had to change. But it’s for the best. We were able to buy this house and I was able to move out of my parent’s house. I can handle it. I know you’ll be back. Everything will be OK.”

The couple hugged and went back to moving.

Thursday, October 4

Thursday morning, the day Brad was set to depart; Brad and Christine sat at the table, eating a light breakfast. Brad said, “Oh! I nearly forgot! Your sister should be here soon. She called while you were at the store yesterday.”

“What! My sister! Brad, you know Donna and I have had problems in the past. We are very different. She is not like me; she dresses like a slut and wears too much makeup. She’s sooo fat! Back when we lived at our parent’s home, she would get mad at me for telling mom and dad about her behavior.”

“But, I haven’t even met her! She didn’t come to the wedding, which she apologized for. She was very nice to me when we talked over the phone. But what did she do to make you tell on her?” Brad asked.

Christine began to tell Brad more about their past:

Donna is 2 years older than Christine, so she had to be careful not to take after Donna. Donna is nearly an exact opposite of Christine. When they were little, Donna would always eat snacks and candy, and would try to get Christine to indulge as well. This caused problems for Donna’s figure, but she could care less. In fact, Donna thought she grew more beautiful with every pound. Christine on the other hand, was disgusted with Donna’s size and eating habits. She had a more conventional idea of beauty.

After high school, Donna always had a boyfriend, if not more than one, and had started having sex right after she graduated. She liked sex so much she started dressing like a whore to try to attract more guys, and even started experimenting with girls. Christine on the other hand focused on college and dated very little, only having 2 boyfriends before Brad and not having sex with either of them. Brad is the only man she’s ever slept with.

These differences caused strain between the sisters. Donna and Christine fought constantly. They each thought they knew what was best for the other sister. Donna would do whatever she wanted and would tell Christine what she was missing by being a perfect angel all the time. Christine would basically tell Donna that she was wrong, and that she should clean up her act. Then she would tell her parents about Donna’s behavior, which angered Donna.

It went this way for years. Donna moved out as soon as she could. Christine stayed at her parent’s house until she met Brad, whom was much like her.

“So you see, she sleeps with everybody!! She told me she’s even had sex with women! I had to tell. Our parents tried to stop her from sleeping around, and tried to help her diet. But that made Donna even angrier, especially at me! ”

“Well, maybe you can start getting along again. She will be staying here until I get back. I forgot to tell you that also.”

Just then, they heard a knock at the door. Christine glared at Brad as he quietly apologized. He went out to answer the door. Christine stayed at the table.

Brad opened the door to find a set of 38 DDD breasts staring him in the face. They were barely held in by a tight, blue tube top. Brad stared at the cleavage, speechless.

Donna spoke up, “I’m up here, Brad.” Brad came out of his trance and jerked his gaze up to look Donna in the face. She giggled and grabbed Brad by his shoulders. She pulled him in and planted a big kiss on his lips. She said quietly, “I’ve been dying to meet you.”

Brad stumbled back, still stunned. Fortunately, Christine had seen none of this. She was still in the kitchen. Donna stepped past Brad and started looking for Christine.

When Donna came around the corner, Christine was not surprised. Donna was still huge, maybe 240 pounds evenly distributed throughout her body. Her hair was dyed blonde and cut short. It was tightly curled and was obviously full of hair gel. Her eyes were covered in blue eye shadow and mascara. Her cheeks were coated with blush, and her lips had a thick layer of red lipstick (which Brad was trying to wipe off his face in the other room). Donna’s tube top not only showed off her breasts, but a roll of fat that poured over the waistband of a too-short miniskirt. The only thing that was different about Donna was the tattoo of a rose-vine that wrapped around her left arm.

Christine studied the tattoo for a few seconds. Secretly, she always thought about getting one, but not one as big as Donna’s. The rose vine took up most of her arm, and
Christine thought it looked rather vulgar.

Christine forced herself to be happy to see Donna. After all, Donna was still her older sister. Perhaps she had changed with time. Donna was two years older than
Christine, making her 27. Still stunned from Donna’s overall appearance and her behavior, Brad brought Donna’s luggage in the house (which also consisted of several cardboard boxes). After that, he joined the sisters in the kitchen and the three had small talk until it was time for Brad to leave. He gave his wife a kiss and a hug and snuck another peek at Donna’s cleavage. Then he got in a taxi to the airport.

As soon as the taxi was out of sight, Donna retrieved her laptop from her luggage. She came back and sat at the kitchen table while the computer loaded. Christine pointed to the laptop and asked, “What is this?”

Donna replied, “This is a portable computer. You should know that. It’s what is on it that you may not know. Or should I say, remember.”

Christine was confused. Donna began to explain.

“Once upon a time…well, 2 months ago, a man and a woman got married. At the reception, both got very drunk. The man woke up in the hotel suite’s bathroom, facedown in a puddle of vomit. Perhaps you know this part of the story?”

Christine thought back to her wedding. Both she and Brad had drunk way too much after the wedding. The last thing she remembered was stumbling back to their hotel room. But how did Donna know this? She was not at the wedding.

Donna continued, “The woman in the story, however, didn’t just fall asleep in her hotel room like she thought. She met some new friends in the hotel lobby. They were total strangers. The woman thought it would be a good idea to bring her new friends upstairs to her hotel suite for a little fun.”

Christine knew what Donna was implying and interrupted. “You’re suggesting that I had other men in my hotel room on my wedding night!? That’s ridiculous! I love Brad and I would never…”

Donna turned the laptop around so Christine could see the screen. The pictures showed 2 men in a bed in a hotel room, with Christine between them. And on top of them, under them, on her knees in front of them, and so on.

Christine gasped. “This can’t be! I don’t remember any of this! I woke up alone in bed and found Brad on the bathroom floor.” Christine was confused, angered and scared, all at once. She had never been with anyone but Brad. She paused, “This is impossible. How did you get these?”

“Ways and means, little sister,” Donna replied with a smile. Donna was laughing on the inside. She was very skilled in the manipulation of photos, and she had made the photos herself. With a few recent pictures of Christine and some orgy pictures she found on the internet, it was all too easy. Christine’s face had been placed on that of another girl with a similar body in a sex scene. The blackmail could begin.

Christine started sniveling, “But I could never cheat on Brad. I’m not like that! I’m a good, normal, traditional woman! This woman in the pictures can’t be me!”

Donna simply said, “It sure as hell looks like you! Do you think these just fell out of the sky?!”

Christine studied the computer screen. “It is me. I really did this! I don’t remember any of this!” Christine was crying now. She didn’t know how this had happened or how Donna got a hold of pictures of her cheating on Brad, but she knew that Brad could never find out. “What am I going to do?”

Donna smiled and spoke up, “If you don’t want Brad to find out, you’ll do whatever I tell you. You wouldn’t want these pictures to end up all over your new city, would you?”

“No! I’ll do whatever you want! Just please don’t show anyone!” Christine begged.

Donna opened a new program on her laptop. It is a program for morphing and other things. A 3D picture of Christine in the nude was shown to her. On the computer, Christine looks as she did at the time, thin, a little muscular with little breasts and a beautiful bubble butt. She had an attractive face, long brown hair and a patch of hair between her legs.

Donna typed in a command and pressed “ENTER”. On the computer screen, the hair disappeared between Christine’s legs. Donna said, “What if you shaved down there?”

Christine made a face and said, “Oh, no! What would Brad say?”

“Tell Brad you did it for him.” Donna added, “Do it today or I’ll send the pictures out.”

“Ok, Ok, fine. I’ll shave it today.” Christine said.

“Smart choice.” Donna said. She made a few clicks with the mouse and typed some more. “I always thought you would be beautiful with a fuller shape…”

Christine asked, “What exactly do you mean?”

“Take a look.” Donna pointed at the screen, which now showed a picture of Christine with a bigger butt and larger breasts. The picture of Christine had the rest of her body enlarged, and Donna was working on making the thighs thicker, not stopping until they touched together all the way to the knees. “You look lovely this way, don’t you think?”

Christine hesitated, “But Donna… you made me fat in this picture. The thighs touch, the breasts are saggy and huge, it’s hideous!”

“So your new name will be hideous? Because that’s a picture of your future.”

“Oooh, please, Donna, don’t force me to gain weight! I don’t want to be fat and ugly! Brad will not accept that, he will leave me!” Christine sniveled.
Donna laughed, “That’s your problem. If he no longer finds you attractive, you’ll just have to think of something else you can do to keep him happy.” She added, “If you can’t please him, I’m sure I could!”

“Nooo! I don’t want to loose Brad! Please don’t make me fat! I don’t want to have huge breasts and thighs like you!”

“Then I’ll send the pictures out…”

“No, don’t do that! Just…please, I’ve been thin all my life. If I became a fat cow…. it would be too big of a change for me!”

“Everything changes someday, Christine.” Donna said with an evil smile.

“I can’t. Really, I can’t gain weight. My metabolism is too fast. I could never become this huge fat cow!” Christine whined, pointing at the image of her fattened self on the computer screen.

Donna continued, “Starting today, a close friend of mine will be coming here to give you a series of injections to help you achieve this result.” Donna gestured to the computer.

Christine began to protest, but Donna held up her hand to silence her. “But first, we must finish getting you moved in. I see a few other things around here that need changing also.”

Three hours later, Christine was mentally exhausted. Donna had helped her finish putting all of their things away, but in the process threw much of Christine’s stuff out.
First, Donna removed most of Christine’s stylish clothing and replaced it with Donna’s outgrown clothes. Donna brought boxes and boxes of her old clothes for Christine, in a variety of sizes. The boxes were full of short skirts and shorts, revealing tops of all kinds, and plenty of thong panties. No bras, though. Christine was mortified when she saw how big some of the clothing was.

Next, Donna went to work on the medicine cabinet. Christine’s cosmetics and beauty products were switched with what Donna brought. Donna told her that she would need to start wearing more make-up, so now the bathroom was loaded with all kinds of products. There were many different kinds of make up, but all of it was low quality stuff. Donna also threw all of the shampoo, body wash, and soap away.

Soon afterward, a man calling himself a doctor showed up at the door. He was a large black man, wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans. While he didn’t look much like a doctor, he administered the shots expertly. He told the two women exactly how each substance worked in proper medical terminology. Christine didn’t understand much of it, though, because the first shot he gave her was designed to relax her mind and body. Minutes later, Christine hardly knew what was happening. The big man (whose name was Rick) proceeded to administer a series of injections to Christine’s abdomen, breasts, thighs, and butt. He explained that the substance was designed to clone the fat cells located in the area. Another injection was designed to eliminate brain cells in certain parts of the brain, which would aid in reducing intelligence, opening the mind to suggestions, fading the memory, ECT. The last injection was different. It was injected into her blood stream and would help increase Christine’s appetite. Rick explained this was done to ensure she wouldn’t be able to diet the fat away later.

When he was done, Rick and Donna went about discussing Christine’s treatment and going over the 3D computer model of the new Christine. Christine, who would be referred to Kris from now on, would be gaining most of her weight in her ass. Christine always used to tease Donna about the size of her ass, and Donna wanted Kris’s ass to be larger than her own. She also wanted Kris’s breasts larger, but less firm, which is why she provided her no bras in her new wardrobe. They talked about other changes, but they would have to wait till after Brad was gone for a longer period of time. After Rick finished the injections, Donna brought out a large cake and put it in front of Christine. She said, “I want it all gone by the time I get back. And don’t forget to shave.” With that, Donna led Rick into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

For the next hour, Donna and Rick fucked in Christine’s bed, and Christine ate nonstop. She didn’t know what caused her to get so hungry, but she was too “relaxed” to care much. She felt so strange. She didn’t really want to stop eating; the big cake that Donna brought her tasted so good! But she felt guiltily about consuming so much. Her clouded mind kept thinking about the image on the computer screen. She didn’t want to get huge. Brad would never have that! She would do anything to keep Brad happy.

When she was done, she found a razor and set about shaving her privates. Having never done it before, she found it quite difficult. By the time she was done, she had cut herself a couple times, producing a small amount of blood. She was ashamed. It did not look the way it did when she was a child. Her bald pussy was plump and looked vulgar. She was more ashamed that shaving had excited her.

Rick left, saying he would be back tomorrow. Donna emerged from Christine’s bedroom wearing only a purple thong and matching bra. She put her hand on Christine’s bare sex and said, “Not bad for the first time.”
Donna lit up a cigarette. Christine said, “Don’t smoke in here. The drapes are new.”

Donna laughed and blew smoke in Christine’s face. “Ha ha! Once you start smoking, you won’t be able to get the smell out of this pretty little house.” Donna tossed her a pack of cigarettes. She also gave her a bottle of cheap scotch. Christine didn’t want to, but her brain was working slowly. It was difficult to think, but she knew what she had to do if she didn’t want the pictures sent out. Christine drank and smoked for the rest of the night, with Donna giving her another cigarette or refilling her glass when she was out. Donna spent most of the time on the phone and computer, making arrangements.

So went the next two weeks. Christine did whatever Donna said, constantly begging her to keep the pictures a secret. Each day, Christine wanted to take a shower, but Donna refused, saying that once a week was sufficient. Instead, Donna helped her apply makeup every morning, even though she never left the house. Donna told her it was a habit she would have to get used to. As the days went by, Christine found that she had to use more makeup each day to cover the pimples coming in on her face. There wasn’t much she could do with her hair. It was getting greasy from not washing it. By the 4th day, her skin was oily and her body felt filthy. When she started to smell, Donna provided her with a large bottle of perfume. Donna told her to wear lots of it if she didn’t want to stink. Christine found that the perfume only made her smell like a cheap hooker instead. She would spend most of the day eating junk food and drinking alcohol, with a cigarette in between.

Christine grew into the clothes Donna had provided. Her body was changing. She was getting softer all over, but mostly in her ass. The scale said she had gained 25 pounds in the first week. Christine hated what her sister was doing to her. When she wasn’t drunk, she worried about what she was becoming and what Brad would say when he got back. But each time she had to shave, she became aroused. She wanted to feel her smooth sex, but Donna was always in the room with her, and she didn’t want to masturbate in front of her sister.

After she was drinking, Christine was a lot different. When she was drunk, she would talk with Donna about sex. She would talk about sleeping with Brad and how she would like to sleep with some other guys again. Christine could not lie when she was intoxicated. Donna was sure that with some help Christine would soon become “Kris”. It was meant to be. Donna told her that sex with others was ok, as long as it was only sex for fun, and not love. Even though Christine was drunk, she remembered what Donna told her.

Thursday, October 18

Brad’s called his house to tell Christine that his flight was arriving late that night. When Christine answered, Brad almost didn’t recognize the voice. Christine’s voice was throaty and deeper than it had been before. Brad asked if something was wrong, but Christine told him everything was fine and she was enjoying Donna’s company. But the way she said it Brad wasn’t so sure. She sounded worried. And she seemed to be using profanity a bit more. Brad asked that she pick him up at the airport that night and Christine agreed.

Donna arrived at the airport in Christine’s Focus and waited outside. Brad couldn’t tell it wasn’t Christine inside the car until he opened the door. “Hi sweet… uh, where’s Christine?” Brad asked.

“Kris couldn’t make it; I’m here to pick you up.” Donna said softly. She was dressed in a red one-piece dress that reached to mid thigh.
Brad got in the passenger seat and Donna took off. But rather than driving back to their house, Donna pulled into a hotel not far from the airport.
Donna left the car and walked to a hotel room, with Brad following close behind, demanding to know what was happening. She said nothing. Instead she opened the door to room 117 and pointed into the room.

The hotel room was nothing special. Two twin size beds, a TV on a dresser, a table and chairs near the window. A generic painting hung above each bed. It was what filled the room that got Brad’s attention.

The floor, beds and table were littered with sheets of colored paper. Donna followed Brad into the room, shutting the door behind them. As Brad reached for a paper on the bed, he realized they were photographs. All of them. He brought a photo to his face and dropped it almost instantly. His breathing quickened. He spun around the room, staring at the pictures scattered everywhere. He dropped to his knees and grabbed a pile of photographs, glancing though them quickly. Brad swallowed hard and spoke, “How did this happen?”

Donna had lit a cigarette and moved closer to him. “You remember your wedding night? Of course you don’t. You woke up in a puddle of vomit in your hotel room, with Christine on the bed. Neither one of you remembered how you got there. But let me give you a refresher.”
Brad let the photos fall from his hands. Donna was relishing every moment. Her plan was coming together better than expected. It had been a lot of work, but it was going to be worth it.

“You and Christine were stumbling your way back to your room after having too much to drink, when the two of you got separated. She managed to make it back to her room, but you found another room, as you can see.”

Brad could see alright. The pictures were everywhere, and there were many different ones. Pictures of Brad and Donna in every conceivable sexual position. Some of the things he was doing to his wife’s fat sister were disgusting. He was ashamed of himself. On the night of his wedding, he cheated on his wife with her sister. Brad hung his head in shame.

Donna stood over him, unable to believe she was able to pull this off. The same way she manipulated Christine’s orgy pictures, she made a set of herself and Brad. I wasn’t hard finding a guy with a body like Brad’s, and it was even easier fucking him. By simply taking a few pictures she found of Brad at their house, she was able to make a believable photo manipulation. Now Brad thought he slept with Donna, and Christine thought she slept with two strangers. And none of it ever happened!
Donna laughed, “I didn’t expect to find you outside my door that night. I wasn’t even invited to the wedding. Its funny how fate works. Don’t worry, Christine doesn’t know. And she won’t, either. As long as you cooperate.”

Brad looked up at the huge woman, “What do you mean, cooperate?”

Donna smiled and pointed to the bed.

Nearly an hour later, Brad lay next to Donna while she smoked. His head was spinning. He had just had sex with Donna for the second time (really the first time, since he thought the pictures were real). What bothered him the most was that he loved it! Sex with Donna was amazing! It was unlike any encounter he ever had with Christine. He had only slept with one woman before, and that was Christine. His doubts about fat women were gone. The extra weight Donna carried made sex better than it had ever been with his thin wife. Now what worried Brad was if he could ever get turned on by his skinny wife again. Brad looked over at Donna. He now realized how beautiful she was. Her thick lips held the cigarette in her mouth. Her face was coated with a heavy layer of make up. Her short haircut showed off the multiple piercings in each of her ears. Her large breasts rested on her belly. Her belly hid her plump, shaved pussy from view. Her wide ass spread across the bed.

Donna spoke up, interrupting his thoughts, “Here’s what’s going to happen. You are going to go home and pretend none of this happened. When you get home, you might notice a few changes, but you will say nothing about them. I’ve been giving your wife a few tips with her style and behavior. Remember; pretend as though nothing has changed, otherwise your wife might find an envelope full of these.” Donna held up a handful of pictures. Brad could do nothing but agree.

Donna and Brad drove back to the house. When they pulled up, an unfamiliar white Lexus was parked in front of the house. Donna said to Brad, “That’s Rick’s car. He’s a good friend of mine. I have plans with him later tonight, so I told him to meet me here.”

Brad and Donna entered the home. The house smelled of cigarettes. The TV was on in the living room. They walked into the room and Brad got his first glimpse of Christine in 2 weeks.

She had gained about 50 pounds in the lower region of her body. Her butt took up more of the sofa than it ever did. Thanks to a pair of shorts, Brad could tell that Christine’s thighs were much thicker and the first signs of cellulite were showing. She gained a slight amount of weight in her upper body, which was covered with a white tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard nipples were easily seen through the tank top. Her face was decorated with an excessive amount of blue eye-shadow and blush. Christine wore the same shade of lipstick Donna was wearing. Her hair had not changed, which when compared to the rest of her, looked strange. Her hairstyle did not go with her make-up or clothing. Maybe it was the makeup, but her face looked different. She seemed a little less intelligent. Christine sat on the sofa with a large black man. Brad guessed this was Rick.

Christine was very happy to see Brad. She jumped up and hugged him. Christine reeked of booze and smoke. Rick introduced himself. He told Brad he had a lovely wife and that he was very lucky. Brad couldn’t help but wonder if Rick and Christine were doing something before he came home.

Donna said that she and Rick had to go now. After they left in the Lexus, an awkward feeling fell over Christine and Brad. Donna told Brad not to say anything about the changes with Christine. She had told Christine the same thing earlier in the day. So the two had very little to talk about.

Brad was not stupid. He could see what was going on here. Donna was helping Christine to become more like her. With the makeup, the extra weight, it was obvious. 3 hours ago, this would have angered him and he would have thrown Donna out of the house. But his encounter with Donna in room 117 was like a sexual re-awakening. He felt different about everything. Now, rather than feel jealous that another man was sitting alone with his wife, Brad felt fine about it. He was even a little turned on. But he was ashamed. He was ashamed that he slept with Donna, ashamed that he was turned on by the radical changes with Christine, and ashamed by that he was turned on by the thought of another man with Christine. Brad was sure that Christine would leave him if she ever found out about his strange desires.

Christine was worried too. She thought that Brad was acting strange because he hated how she looked. She hated how she looked. Earlier in the day after she found out about Brad’s arrival, she went to the mirror to see what he would see. The injections Rick was doing were all done to her thighs and butt. Her ass had grown wider and thicker, and her thighs were touching each other. Cellulite was beginning to develop. Her butt cheeks poured out of the tight stretch shorts. The rest of her body was growing too, just much slower. She felt like a cow at 165 pounds, but Donna told her it was only the beginning. The appetite drugs Donna gave her kept her snacking all day long. She felt like a clown with all the makeup Donna made her wear. Worse yet, her head hurt whenever she started thinking hard. It was like the knowledge she gained in college was fading away.

Not all was bad, though. Christine took a drink from her bottle of Scotch. She loved to drink now. In fact, she needed it. As Donna told her, she didn’t have to worry about work, so she didn’t really need to think that much. Donna told her that she would help her find a new job anyway. Her body was a big change for her, but as Donna told her several times each day, it wasn’t all bad. Her sister was very pleasant with her and always told her how she was becoming beautiful. At first she didn’t think so, but now she kinda liked the way her soft flesh felt. And with her less conservative appearance, she realized how boring she used to look. She would rather have made small changes, rather than such big ones. But nothing could be done. She didn’t want Brad to see the pictures. She knew what she had to do. She didn’t want to loose Brad, so she would have to find a way to keep him happy, just like Donna had said.

And that night, she found a way to make Brad happy.

Brad never expected what happened to him that October night. His wife led him into the bedroom and pushed him on the bed. The bed already smelled like sex from Donna and Rick fucking in it all week, but Brad thought it might be from Christine and Rick. Or someone else? Was Christine really cheating on him? Brad was excited and worried at the same time. They were married; they shouldn’t sleep with other people. But it turned him on immensely. He couldn’t help but imagine his wife riding the huge black man all week.

His wife did things he never expected out of her. By the time it was all said and done, Brad lay on the bed, trying to catch his breath, and Christine was in the kitchen, making herself a snack.

While Christine was in the kitchen, Brad stared at the ceiling. He could not believe his luck. Sure, earlier tonight, he found out he had cheated on Christine on their wedding night. That was the bad news. The good news was that he just had sex with 2 women in less than 3 hours. He was slightly appalled by his thoughts and actions, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted more variety. He wanted Christine to have more variety too. It was only fair. Brad could imagine his wife with another man while he was away. She could keep herself entertained until he returned. It could work for both of them.

No, he told himself. It is a fantasy. Fantasies become dangerous when they come true.

Friday, October 19

The next morning, Brad got another call from his boss. His boss told him that he had to fly to Japan again to close the deal with Mr. Bishi. Brad was pissed. Here he was in the middle of a love triangle between his wife and her sister, and now he had to go to Japan?!

Brad hung up the phone and cursed himself. Donna waddled into the living room, looking like she had been up all night. Her hair and makeup was messed up and she looked really tired. She sat right next to Brad. “Where’s Kris?” she asked.

“The bedroom, still sleeping.” Brad ran his fingers though his hair. He said, “I have to go back to Japan tonight! Can you believe it?”

Donna certainly could believe it, since she arranged it. Knowing powerful people at Brad’s workplace definitely had its advantages.

Donna replied. “That’s too bad. I had the feeling that things were going well for you and Kris.”

Brad hesitated, “Well, she sure is different! I really don’t know what to think.”

Donna smiled, “You had better get used to it. I plan on giving Christine, or, as she will now go by, Kris, a total makeover. And if you try to stop me, I make sure that your wife gets the pictures. Admit it, you like her changes.”

Brad sighed, “I do like her heavier and less conservative. But I don’t want her to go too far! And if I told her that I liked what you’ve done to her she would leave me!”

Donna lit a cigarette, “You let me worry about that. For now, you will follow my instructions if you don’t want you wife to find out about the pictures. First; when you get done with your trip to Japan, you will come back to the city, but you won’t tell Kris. Instead you will meet me at the airport and will spend 3 days with me. Then you will come home and tell your wife that you just got back. During those 3 days, I will have someone here to stay with her to keep Kris ‘entertained’.”

“But it is a nice fantasy for Christine to see other people, but I don’t think I want that to really happen.” Brad complained.

“It doesn’t matter. I make the decisions around here now. She will sleep with whoever I want her to. Men and women. And you better start calling her Kris like I said.”

Donna got up and sat on Brad’s lap. The heavy woman pushed him into the couch. He groaned under her weight.

Donna said, “And you will do the same. I want you to start seeing prostitutes while you’re on your business trips. Starting this time. And since you like thick chicks now, you’ll have to find some big ones. Have a picture taken with her as proof. That will probably cost extra, but that’s your problem.”

Brad’s jaw dropped. “What! I can’t do that! Christine, er… I mean Kris, will…”

“I will worry about Kris. This will be the way it is until I decide to end the blackmail.” Donna said.

“But, what do you want!? If its money…”

“I don’t want money. I only want what’s best for both you.”

Brad was confused. His fantasies were about to come true, weather he wanted them or not.

Five hours later, Brad was on a plane to Japan and Donna was walking back into the house. First she took Brad back to the hotel for more fun, and then took him to catch his flight. Rick had come by while Donna was gone to give Kris her shots. Now Donna returned home to work on Kris’s makeover.

“We have a big day ahead of us, Kris.” Donna announced. “We’re going to a friend’s shop, and I want you to be on your best behavior.”
Kris was already wearing lots of makeup, thong panties, a short pink skirt and matching sleeveless top. Donna gave her some leather boots to wear and they got in Kris’s car, with Donna driving.

Kris wasn’t as nervous as she should have been. She just received her injections for the day, including the one that made her calm and agreeable. Rick also gave her an extra injection. He told her that it was a painkiller for later on. Rick refused to elaborate. She was hungry, however, and insisted that Donna stop at McDonald’s so she could get a couple Big Macs to snack on.

Donna pulled into a deserted beauty shop. The place was closed, so Donna knocked on the door. The woman who answered was very large and wore a tight, revealing purple dress. She had medium-length, black hair done in tight corkscrew type curls. Her face was and she had tattoos all over her body. Kris guessed she was maybe 35 years old and more than 350 pounds.

The woman didn’t say much, she only asked Donna if she had made any changes to the plans. When Donna told her she hadn’t, the woman placed Kris in a chair and went to work cutting her hair. Kris became quite worried, but the woman told her that a shorter style would be easier to maintain. The woman cut most of Kris’s hair off, leaving only a couple inches of length. Then she rubbed some foul-smelling liquid though what was left of Kris’s brown hair. She let it sit for about 20 minutes and washed it out. Then she took a handful of styling gel and worked it into Kris’s hair. “All done!” the older woman exclaimed.

When Kris looked in the mirror she was shocked. Her hair was shorter than ever, even shorter than Donna’s. And now it was a bright yellow blonde color, just like her sister’s! The woman had used the gel to style her hair into a mass of messy looking spikes.

The woman interrupted her thoughts, “Oh, you look beautiful! Now you don’t even have to wash you hair everyday. You can just add more gel and no one will notice. And your new style will show off your ear piercings!”

“But… I only have one piercing in each ear…” Kris was confused.

“That’s because Mary hasn’t done them yet, silly!” Donna laughed. The large woman, Mary, was already cleaning her ears.

30 minutes later, the job was complete. An additional six piercings were added to each of Kris’s ears, bringing the total to fourteen; seven in each ear. The diamond studs that were in her ears before were removed. Now in their place there was a large metal grommet in each earlobe. The holes were big enough to put a pencil through. The other spots were filled with a variety of barbells, rings and studs.

Kris was surprised the piericngs didn’t hurt much. Then she remembered the painkiller injection Rick gave her earlier. Looking in the mirror, Kris realized that Mary was right: The piercings went well with her new hairstyle.

‘Wait a second!’ Kris thought to herself. ‘I can’t be serious. I look like a tramp!’ She studied her image in the mirror. She began to reconsider. ‘I may look like a bit of a tramp, but maybe I do look good. Different, that’s for sure. But this short hairstyle is kinda cute. And these piercings are kinda sexy. Hmmmm…’

Donna broke the silence, “Well, now that we’re all done here, I think we should go to the bar. Mary; will you come with us?”

Twenty minutes later, all three women were in the car. Donna drove, and Kris and Mary sat in the backseat. Kris found it strange that Mary insisted they both sit in back. Mary sat awful close to Kris, and Mary had her hand resting on Kris’s thigh. Now that she was close, Kris could tell that Mary was older than she first thought. The makeup she wore couldn’t hide the slight lines and wrinkles on her face. Kris changed her guess at Mary’s age to at least 40 years old, if not more.

The Focus arrived at a nightclub just outside of town. Kris did not know the place since she had just moved to this town. The Focus looked out of place in the parking lot. Most of the vehicles there were pickup trucks and motorcycles. Kris was feeling nervous as she stepped out of the car, but Mary assured her that the girls here would like her. Mary had a hard time getting all of her bulk out of the back of the compact car, and suggested Kris get something larger.

They went inside. A thick could of smoke hung in the bar. Neon lights and beer signs decorated the walls. There was a pool table in back. It looked like any other bar she had seen (even though she never saw many), but it was dirtier and darker. Bottles and cans littered the floor, and the rock music was loud.
But the biggest difference she noticed was that there was not a single man in the bar! The building was populated only by women. Some were dressed like bikers, others were dressed as prostitutes, but they were all lesbians for sure.

Mary went to the bar and ordered drinks. She returned with a whiskey old fashioned for herself and Donna, and a different drink for Kris. The color was darker and Mary told her it was the bar special.

Donna proceeded to parade Kris around to all of the bar’s patrons, introducing her to each one. Donna and Mary seemed to know many women here.
As the night wore on, Kris started feeling drunker and drunker. She had only started on her second drink! At home, she could drink much more than that! She knew it had something to do with the bar special. The drunker she got, the less she cared about the lewd comments from the lesbians. They were even starting to grab her and feel her up. But she didn’t care. Her eyelids grew heavier and heavier until she blacked-out.

Saturday, October 20

Kris awoke to the morning sun on her face. She was pleased to find she had somehow found her way back to her own bed at home. She knew right away that she had a hangover. Whatever was in that drink they gave her at the bar, it sure gave her some odd dreams!

In her dream, she was in her bed at home having sex. But she was having sex with Mary! They were both having a great time in the dream; Kris licked every inch of Mary’s tattooed flesh and ate her out until Mary orgsmed. Unlike Kris’s smooth pussy, Mary’s was the opposite. Her crotch was covered with thick, black pubes. She looked as though she hadn’t trimmed in years. The dream finished with Mary going down on her and licking until she orgasmed and fell asleep.

“What a strange dream!” Kris groaned and rolled over. She almost screamed.

At the same time, it was still night in Japan. Brad wasn’t really familiar with the exchange rate, so he wasn’t sure if the hooker ripped him off or not. Not that it mattered, it was worth every penny. Or yen. Or…whatever. Brad made sure to get his picture with her, and while he was at it, he took a few extras; they would be fun to look at later.

The woman he had just been with was huge. She was Japanese, and most of her weight was in her belly. The woman’s breasts were huge too, and had to be implants form the look of them. Her hair was black and tied up in a ponytail. Brad had a great time with her, but once she was gone, he began to feel guilty. He thought of his wife back home. He tried to push the thoughts away as he went to sleep, telling himself he had no choice. Hopefully he would be able to return home soon.

Thursday, November 1

Little did Brad know, it would be nearly a month before he could return to his wife. After more than 2 weeks in Japan, he was sent to Kenya, Africa, to meet with another possible investor to his company. When he called Kris to tell her the bad news, it felt like he was talking to an entirely different person. It was Kris, for sure, he could tell by the sound of her voice, but she had a whole new vocabulary. She could barely make a sentence without using shit, damn, fuck or another swear word. Brad tried his best to explain the change in plans.

“So I have to go to Kenya now.” Brad sighed.

“That fuckin’ sucks,” Kris said, with her mouth full of pie. “Kenya? Is that where the pretty horses race?”

Brad rolled his eyes. “No that’s Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby.”

Kris giggled. “Oh, Ok! I’ve been really silly lately. That’s what Donna and Mary say.”

Brad raised an eyebrow and asked, “Who?”

Kris said, “Oh, you don’t know about Mary. She’s my new friend. We’ve been spending lots of time together. I’ve meet lots of new friends.”
In the back ground, Donna could be heard telling Kris to shut up.

Kris said, “Oh shit! Sorry, I was supposed to keep quiet. I have to go now, Donna said we have an appointment with the doc…”

“Give me that phone.” Donna yelled, grabbing it away from Kris. Donna put the phone to her ear and said, “Brad, this is Donna. I’m sorry about that. Kris was about to ruin the surprise we have for you when you get home.”

Brad was nervous, “Please Donna, don’t do whatever you’re going to do. I really don’t think I want…”

Donna told Kris to go get ready so she wouldn’t hear the phone conversation. Then she laughed at Brad and said, “Listen to yourself, Brad. ‘Really don’t think’. You know you want me to make your wife fat and vulgar. You want her to see other people, just like you want to see other women. You want all of this, you just never knew it until you and I fucked. Your desires and fantasies were hidden and unknown to you until then. Admit it!”

Brad was defeated. Donna was right. He wanted a fat, slutty wife. He did not regret any of this, except lying to his wife. He vowed to tell his wife everything when he got home. He would tell her about the prostitutes he had seen, (which by now was 4) and he would tell her the truth about their wedding night.

Brad finally said, “You’re right, Donna. You’ve been right the whole time. Do what you will!”

“Don’t worry, Brad. I’ll take good care of my older sister.” The phone went dead.

Older sister? Brad knew Donna was two years older than Kris. Kris was 25, and Donna was 27. Donna was making no sense. He left for the airport to catch a flight to Kenya.

Saturday, November 3

Kris felt very strange when she awoke. Her body felt numb in many places. Her head felt empty.

Donna walked into the room. “I see you’re finally awake.”

“Yeah, what happened? What day is it?” Kris asked, rubbing her eyes.

Donna was glad to see that Kris had forgotten about the appointment two nights ago.

“Today is Saturday. You’ve been asleep for 2 days! I took you to Mary’s salon where she did those tattoos you’ve wanted, then you two went back to her place for a while…” Donna trailed off and gave Kris a knowing look.

Originally, Kris wasn’t happy about licking Mary’s hairy crotch. But doing it everyday for two weeks changed her mind. The hair took some getting used to, but now Kris loved going down on Mary. Just the mention of her name and Kris was already longing for it.

Donna continued, “Then, I dropped you off at Jamal’s house, and from there, I have no clue what you did. You came back here yesterday morning and went to sleep.” The only part Donna left out was what else was done to Kris at Mary’s salon. Rick gave her some final injections to distort the memory and reduce intelligence. He gave her the last of the fat cell injections, this time only to her breasts and ass. But he did about three times as many as he normally did, resulting in a big gain over the two days. The cream he applied to her face had done wonders. No one would know that Donna was really the older of the two sisters.

Kris pulled the sheets off and her attention turned to her right arm. She found a black tribal tattoo decorating most of her arm. The design wrapped around her arm from her wrist all the way to her shoulder. A lot of ink and time must have gone into the tattoo because it was completely solid.

Donna broke the silence, “Come now, its time for your weigh-in. We need to check your progress.”

Donna guided Kris into the bathroom and onto the scale. Kris couldn’t see past her breasts and asked what she weighed.

Donna said, “Oh, Kris, Brad is going to be so happy! You weigh 280 pounds! You’re beautiful!”

“I guess. I look… different.” Kris mumbled and she looked to the mirror.

“Well, yes. You got those tattoos you always wanted.” Donna was enjoying this.

“No, that’s not it. My body is much fatter…My fuckin’ ass is huge!” Kris said as she turned to view her ass in the mirror. She found what Donna meant by ‘tattoos’ when she pointed her ass at the mirror. A decent-sized tattoo of a sewer rat, complete with red eyes, sat on her lower back.

“You look the same to me. Yes, you have been gaining weight for Brad. He told you he wanted you to bulk up. You are doing a great job; your ass is probably a foot wider than mine! Remember?” Donna pinched Kris’s ass and grinned.

“I guess so. But I don’t remember my tits being so saggy. Look.” Kris cupped each of her breasts and let them drop. They hung down to the middle of her potbelly.

Donna said, “That’s normal for a woman your age.”

Kris was getting confused. “It’s not normal for a 25-year-old girl to have tits like this. And what about my face? I have bags under my eyes, I have zits, I have a double chin. And these lines on my face… I look older!” Kris said as she ran her hand across her face.

Donna laughed, “25? What gave you that idea? How much did you drink last night?”

Kris replied, “I don’t know. But I’m 25 and you’re 27, I know…”

Donna shook her head, “I am 27, but you were born first. You are 35. You’re middle age. Look at yourself. Your face has aged more than mine, your skin looks older and you have more cellulite. Your legs already have spider veins. You are older than me for sure!”

Kris was deep in thought. Many of her memories were blurry. Why would Donna lie to her? Kris looked at Donna’s body and then at her own. Kris was older, there was no doubt. “I must be hallucinating and shit.”

Donna smiled and said, “Well, you don’t have your makeup on yet, so maybe you aren’t used to seeing yourself like this. Hell, without your makeup, you look older than 35! Put your makeup on and come out to the kitchen. I have a big breakfast ready for you. Plenty of food and some vodka will put you at ease.”

Once Kris was done putting her makeup on, she joined Donna in the kitchen. Donna was seated in one of the kitchen chairs at the table, but once Kris came in, Donna said, “Go get the stool in the living room, I cut the arms off of it. You know you can’t fit your fat ass in one of these chairs!” Donna pointed to the chairs around the table, all of which had arms. Kris’s face turned red, still a little embarrassed about the size of her ass.

The two sisters ate breakfast in silence. Kris looked like she was trying to think. Finally, she spoke up, “I remember going to college and stuff.”
Donna nodded, “You went for one semester, but you dropped out. You said it was too hard.”

Kris did not remember any of this. She recalled her past, but everything was fuzzy. The details were gone, times and dates were all a blur. Her head hurt when she thought about it. She was sick of worrying about it. “Fuck it. You must be right, Donna. I don’t know what I had to drink last night. I’m so glad to have a younger sister that lives with me, and gives me guidance and shit.”

Donna looked Kris in the eye, “No, you are luckier that you have a new husband that loves you so much and understands your lifestyle.”
Kris turned her head toward the floor and said, “Yeah, if only he would see other people too. Maybe Brad would see how much fun it is.”
Donna’s smile grew, “I have good news for you. I think I may have solved your problem in that respect. I have some pictures to show you…”
Kris’s eyes lit up.

“But first,” Donna said, “we must get you ready for your guests. I’m going to be leaving town for the next two weeks. Mary will go shopping for you and will be here to keep you company. She’s bringing over some of her old clothes for you, since my old clothes don’t fit you anymore. Also, some of Rick’s friends are going to be staying with you. You better make sure you show Charles, Jamal, and Leroy a good time.”

Kris could feel herself getting excited. Over the past 2 weeks, she met a lot of new people, and ended up sleeping with most of them. She could only imagine how the next two weeks would go.

“On the Friday the 16th, I’ll come back and I’ll pick Brad up on my way. I’m sure he will love your new look!” Donna chuckled.

Wednesday, November 14

Brad followed all of Donna’s instructions to a tee. He slept with hookers every night throughout his trip in Japan and Kenya. He took pictures and e-mailed them to Donna. He called when he was on his way back so he and Donna could spend the next 3 days together. Brad found Donna in the Focus waiting for him outside the airport.
He climbed into the little red car and noticed the passenger seat seemed broken. Cigarette burns were all over the upholstery. The floorboards were littered with fast food wrappers and the car smelled like smoke. Donna greeted him with a smile. She told Brad that the Focus was now her’s, since Kris didn’t need a car anymore. Also, Donna had taken over the master bedroom, and Brad and Kris had been moved to the spare bedroom. She told him, “I figured I’d better move in to help Kris with things from now on. Now you and I will be able to spend lots of time together.”

Meanwhile, Kris was at home paging through the stack of photos she received from Donna. Her husband was in each one, but with a different woman every time. But rather than be pissed like Christine would have been in the past, Kris was pleasuring herself. Donna was right about everything. Donna was helping Brad accept and even act out Kris’s open-relationship lifestyle. Her sister was so helpful!

Kris’s thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. She hurried to the door and answered it wearing only a skimpy pink lingerie set. The three black men entered, each giving her a kiss. All Kris had to say was; “I thought you were bringing pizza?”

Friday, November 16

Brad had prepared himself for what he was going to tell Kris when he returned home that night. He would tell her about his affair with Donna, about his experiences with the prostitutes, and about his newfound fantasies. He would tell her that he wanted to continue to have sex with other women, and he wanted her to have sex with other men, if she wasn’t already. Donna refused to tell him anything about the last month. Instead, she kept him busy in the hotel room having sex, only leaving for meals. When they went out to eat, Donna would act like his date, hugging him, kissing him, and grabbing him constantly. Everyone around them would just stare.

On the ride home he told Donna that he was going to tell Kris the truth. Donna simply shrugged her shoulders and said that she was going to end the blackmail that night anyway. Brad wanted to know what she was up to, but Donna only said, “You’ll see.”

Brad entered his house for the first time in nearly a month. The place was messy and a thick cloud of smoke hung in the living room. His eyes fell upon his wife, lying on the couch, naked. His first thought was; ‘Oh my god, she’s bigger than Donna!’

She put out her cigarette and struggled to get up. When she stood, Brad noticed Kris was much bigger than Donna. Her body was pear-shaped now, with thick, cellulite thighs and wide hips. Her breasts now sagged on top of a potbelly, which looked small compared to her monster ass. Her sex was smooth and swollen. A black tribal tattoo took up most of her chubby arm. Her long, brown hair was a memory now. She had a short, spiked hairstyle instead. The blonde color matched Donna’s hair perfectly. The short hair made it possible to see her multiple ear piercings.

Kris put her hands on her hips and slowly walked toward Brad. With every step her body fat giggled. As she drew closer, he could tell she was wearing even more makeup than last month. But it couldn’t hide the pimples that had broken out on her face. Her cheeks were fuller, and her chin had doubled.

Kris stopped inches away from Brad’s face. “What do you think, baby? I’ve been gaining weight, just for you.” She bit her lower lip, displaying a set of yellowed teeth. Her breath smelled of booze, cigarettes, and sex. From this close distance, Brad could make out small wrinkles on her face and bags under her eyes. He could tell what Donna had meant by Kris being the ‘older sister’ when he called from Japan.

“Is my ass big enough for you?” She turned slowly and pointed her butt at Brad. Her butt was coated with cellulite, just like her thighs. Right above her crack, the rat tattoo glared at him with its red eyes.

Brad was speechless. Never had he expected to come home to this. Kris wrapped her arms around him and forced her tongue down his throat. Brad gave in and they shared a long kiss.

Kris broke the kiss, “I hear you’ve taken to fucking prostitutes every night.” Kris held up the photos taken in Japan and Kenya.

“I’m so sorry. I…” Brad stammered.

“Sorry? Why the hell are you sorry? I have been trying to get you sleep around! I’ve sure been sleeping around.” Kris handed him a stack of pictures, showing her with many different men and women.

Brad was utterly confused. “So, have you been seeing other people?”

Kris rolled her eyes, “What do you think? We have had an open relationship for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fucking all the guys and girls I can! You never wanted to sleep with other women until Donna made you do it! Aren’t you glad she did?”

“But… But Donna made me! Her and I even…”

“Fucked? Yeah, I know. She told me all about it. You lucky bastard, I hear she’s great in bed. I’d do her if she weren’t my sister, that is. That’s too strange for me!” Kris giggled.

Brad was surprised his wife found anything strange anymore. Here she was, excited that he was seeing prostitutes on his business trips. But at the same time, Brad was excited she was cheating on him. Who was to say what was strange and what was not anymore?

Donna stood in the background with a satisfied look on her face. The plan had gone better than expected. Donna stopped using the fake pictures she made with the computer. Kris never saw any of the pictures of Donna and Brad. And Brad had never seen any of the pictures from Kris’s fake hotel room orgy. Now there were real pictures. Now each of them held a stack of real photos of each other having sex with other people. Kris was meant to find out about the prostitutes, but only after her personality was altered enough. Donna knew Brad would crack once she slept with him. She knew once he had a vulgar, fat chick he wouldn’t be interested in his skinny, boring wife.

Donna really did want what was best for her sister, and she felt that making her into a fat, air-headed slut was best. She could tell Kris was much happier than she was when she was Christine. Still, Donna extracted a bit of revenge too, for all Christine put her through years ago. Donna was now younger, thinner, and prettier than her sister. Donna couldn’t help but tease Kris throughout the day, pointing out her age, her wide ass, her acne. Kris was too dumb to realize she was being teased anyway.
Kris held up one of the photos of Brad and an African prostitute and said, “I want you to do the same thing to me…” she grabbed his arm and dragged him toward the bedroom. “…right now.”
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Colleen and Kevin had been friends since they were four years old. Colleen
always wanted what was best for Kevin. She also always hoped that Kevin would
someday look at her as more than just a friend; she wanted to be his girl. She
also was very rich – her parents had left her with a small fortune.

Colleen had a very large condominium overlooking a lake, a beautiful car,
expensive clothes and jewelry – everything except her man. The condominium was
large enough that she even had a room for a part-time live-in maid named
Chantel. Chantel was a pretty African American girl who was very friendly and
had a personality very much like Colleen's. She came from the Deep South and
never even graduated from grade school. She could barely write and her English
was extremely bad. She came from a very poor family, which limited both her
wardrobe and her social activities. But she had plans to change that soon – and
Colleen and Kevin’s lives would never be the same.

For several weeks, Colleen noticed that Chantel was walking around in sort of a
funk. Colleen couldn't stand to see her this way so she finally asked if there
was anything she could do. Chantel explained that she had an opportunity to go
to a good friend’s wedding but she couldn’t go because she couldn't afford a
pretty gown let alone all the needed accessories. Colleen looked at Chantel and
thought Chantel to be about her size, but she really couldn't tell. Colleen had
a beautiful evening dress and shoes that might fit Chantel. She made her offer
to Chantel who was absolutely thrilled. Chantel confirmed that she wore the same
size dress and shoes as Colleen. Colleen, however, was a little concerned that
since the dress was custom tailored to her own body, it might or might not work
for Chantel.

The ideal thing would have been to have Chantel try them on but the gown was at
the cleaners. Colleen looked perplexed, but Chantel meekly offered a suggestion.
Colleen had just got off of work and was wearing a custom tailored business
suit. It had been an aggravating week for Colleen and she was dying to hide
herself away for a quiet weekend. Chantel had an idea that just might solve both
of their problems. Chantel suggested to Colleen that Colleen swap clothes with
her to see how they fit. If they fit well, Chantel suggested that they exchange
places for the weekend.

Colleen was a little surprised and somewhat reluctant to swap her expensive suit
for the trampy outfit that Chantel was wearing, but she was also intrigued. She
finally agreed, though reluctantly. Colleen knew that Chantel's whole wardrobe
was probably very similar to what she was wearing now and she was sure that her
apartment was very small and many degrees down from her own. But the thought of
a weekend away from all her normal distractions sounded too good to pass up, so
they headed for Colleen’s bedroom. As they undressed, Colleen realized that
Chantel would probably need her accessories too so she suggested they also try
on each other's bra, panties and pantyhose. Chantel and Colleen both giggled as
Chantel said that would be cool.

In minutes they were completely dressed in each others’ clothes and they even
swapped jewelry. They were amazed at how well everything fit. Chantel expanded
on her idea to exchange "lives" for the weekend. Chantel would stay at Colleen's
condo, wear her gown to the reception tomorrow and be free to wear the rest of
her things for the remainder of the weekend. Colleen would stay at Chantel's
place and be "Chantel" for the weekend.

Chantel concealed a wicked little smile. Chantel remembered the magical spell
that the voodoo priestess had cast on her when she was a young girl in the
bayou. Chantel would have one chance to swap lives with another girl sometime in
her life. The only condition was that they would have to be the same size and
once the switch was made they could never switch back. Chantel had been watching
Colleen for a long time now and had decided that Colleen’s life was the life she
wanted. Chantel knew that Colleen wanted Kevin but didn’t realize that the only
way she would get him was through her body but Colleen didn’t want to do that.
Chantel knew that once she was "Colleen", she would have no problem making him
her man.

The spell worked subtly on Colleen. She couldn’t understand why but she finally
agreed to Chantel’s offer. They exchanged purses and even the contents of their
wallets. Chantel thanked Colleen for her generosity. Colleen left the condo and
went to catch a bus; she had already given her car to Chantel. As Colleen walked
away she hadn’t noticed that something was very different about her walk. Maybe
it was the tight jeans or Chantel's leopard print platform shoes, but Colleen
was now walking very much like a black girl. Her movements were amazingly like

Chantel filled out Colleen's clothes beautifully. She actually thought she
looked much sexier in them than Colleen ever did. Chantel noticed that she
seemed to move more like a white girl. In fact, her movements were very much
like Colleen's. Chantel was overjoyed – the transition was going much better
and quicker than she hoped. Chantel knew that by Monday morning Colleen's mind
would have been completely transformed into that of a black girl, while
Chantel's will be that of a white girl.

Colleen felt a little strange as she entered Chantel's apartment. It wasn't
roomy at all and it was somewhat on the untidy side. But Colleen, for some
unknown reason didn't feel uncomfortable being there. She checked out the meager
contents of Chantel's closet and dresser, picked out an outfit for the next day
and began to undress. She slipped off Chantels' platform shoes – they had
actually been a lot more comfortable to wear than she thought they'd be. She
removed the rest of Chantel's clothes – they too felt surprisingly comfortable
given that they were much more form-fitting than anything Colleen would normally

Colleen went to the bathroom and found a skimpy nightie on the back of the door.
It was the only one she could find – Chantel only had one. The nightie had been
well worn, as were the slippers beneath them. She could tell the garments were
in need of laundering, but that could wait until tomorrow. She slipped the
nightie over her head and smoothed it out on her body. It was an unbelievably
good fit and she felt warm and comfortable in it. She knew there was something
wrong, she shouldn’t feel this way. She slipped on Chantel's dirty slippers, and
then walked to the sink.

She almost instinctively bathed using Chantel's soap and towels. At first, she
wasn't going to brush her teeth because Chantel had only a single toothbrush.
But something compelled her to squeeze toothpaste onto Chantel's toothbrush and
insert it into her mouth. It didn't bother her at all; and she even smiled at
the figure looking back at her from the mirror. Her skin had temporarily became
Chantel’s shade of brown then changed back to her own.

Chantel knew that the cleaners had called earlier and that Colleen’s gown was
ready for pick-up. She hurried to pick it up and bring it back to the condo –
she had plans for Kevin. Chantel loved Colleen's large well-kept condominium.
This was always what Chantel wanted and she eagerly explored every room. She
smiled as she looked through Colleen's closets and dressers. They were full of
the expensive and elegant clothes and jewelry she could only dream about owning.
Chantel called Kevin, her voice sounded exactly like Colleen’s.

Kevin rang the bell and when the door swung open he was surprised, no shocked,
to see Chantel dressed head to toe in Colleen’s new gown and all her
accessories. But before he could say anything, his eyes met Chantel’s and he
fell under her spell. Chantel took his hand and led him into the condo. She
handed him Colleen's diamond necklace and asked him to fasten it around her
neck. Kevin obliged and couldn't resist gently kissing her neck and telling her
what a lovely "Colleen" she made. He was pleasantly surprised at how well all of
Colleen's things fit her.

Chantel could tell Kevin was aroused. She took his face gently in her hands then
gave him a long passionate kiss. "You can call me ’Colleen’ – after all I am
her for the weekend". Kevin's couldn’t resist cupping her breasts in his hands,
and then he slowly began to undress her. They slowly slid into Colleen's bed and
began an intense hour of lovemaking. She knew that Colleen's life would soon be
hers and that Colleen was about to inherit a life like she never could have

The next morning, Colleen showered and dressed in one of Chantel’s revealing
halter-tops and a pair of her well-worn and tight-fitting shorts. Her Colleen
fingernails and toenails didn't feel right to her, so she stripped them of their
polish. She glued on the long fingernails like Chantel always wore and painted
them and her toenails with Chantel's nail polish. She slipped her feet into
Chantel's very high-heeled platform slides, then sat down in front of the mirror
and applied all of Chantel's makeup. She liked what she saw even though the
shades of her makeup were more appropriate for a black woman.

Colleen ate a small breakfast and settled into a chair to read some of the
paperwork she brought home from the office. She couldn't keep her mind on what
she was reading; she couldn't understand why she was having trouble
understanding some of the larger words. A short time later there was a knock on
the door, and several of Chantel's black girlfriends walked in. They knew what
was happening and immediately greeted her, "Mornin' girl. You looks hot in
Chantel's clothes, but we gotta do sometin' about that hair." They took Colleen
to the bathroom and spent the next five hours redoing her hair into the Afro-
braid that Chantel loved to wear. "Tonight, you's gonna party with us. You is
one of us now."

Chantel's girlfriend's assembled Chantel's one party outfit and helped Colleen
to get ready. She slipped on Chantel's gold bra and thongs – it was erotic. An
hour later, Colleen stood before the mirror. She liked what she saw – much more
than she thought she should. She knew something was happening that wasn't right
but she didn't want to do anything about it. Except for her skin color she was
now a black woman. The satin gold dress was low-cut, short and tight. Chantel's
gold high-heeled gladiator sandals adorned her feet all the way up to her knees.
She was covered with Chantel's cheap jewelry. The large hoop earrings almost
touched her shoulders. She loved how they looked – and it felt oh soooo right.
Everything about her shouted out "Fuck me!"

Just then the door opened and in walked Chantel's boyfriend. He motioned to her
to come to him and she felt herself responding immediately. She stared into his
eyes and felt herself being drawn to his lips. She was helpless to resist. She
placed her body up next to his and placed his large brown hands on her breasts.
She felt his large lips envelop hers, then she inserted her tongue into his
mouth and they locked in the most intense kiss she ever experienced. She knew
that she was his girl now – and she didn't want it any other way. She grabbed
Chantel's gold purse, then he wrapped his big brown arm around her waist and
they headed for the party.

Chantel and Kevin awakened and showered together. Chantel put on one of
Colleen's elegant robes and her slippers. She then made breakfast for Kevin. She
knew this condo inside out; it was hers now. She had a lot to do to prepare for
the reception that evening, so she said goodbye to Kevin, and proceeded with her
further transformation. She kept Colleen's appointment to get her hair done and
for her manicure and pedicure. The stylist worked for several hours to undo
Chantels' braids, soften her hair until it was a black version of Colleen's, and
then to style it the way Colleen would have had it done for a wedding. After her
nails were done to look just like Colleen's she went to the mirror to admire her
new white girl look. She knew that in less than a day she would have Colleen's
skin and face.

When she got back to her condo she put on one of Colleen's sexiest black bras
and matching panties. She pulled Colleen's black pantyhose onto her feet and
legs – these felt so much more feminine than the cheap stockings she used to
have to wear. As she slowly ran her hands up and down her legs she thought about
how nice it will be to have Colleen's shapely white legs on feet. She smoothed
Colleen's slip on her body then stepped into Colleen's exquisite custom-made
evening gown. She zipped it up and admired how well it fit her body. She slipped
her feet into Colleen's designer shoes, and then put on Colleen's most elegant
diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet, watch and ring. She touched up her makeup
then smiled at the black version of Colleen staring back at her. She was
pleased, very pleased – within hours she would have her new life.

Kevin arrived and greeted her with a huge hug and passionate kiss. She grabbed
Colleen's evening bag, then Kevin took her hand in his and they headed for the
door. He didn't notice, but her every movement and mannerism was exactly like
Colleen's. On the other side of town, Colleen now moved and walked as if she had
been born a black girl.

On Sunday, Chantel called Colleen to get together to "swap back". They set a
time, but she knew that Colleen already walked, acted and thought like a black
girl. Within a couple of hours, Colleen's IQ will have dropped to that of
Chantel's. Her desires and sex drive were now those of a black woman – she
would only crave sex with black men. Chantel's IQ was nearly where Coleen's used
to be, and she now walked, acted and thought as Colleen once did. Colleen
already sounded exactly like Chantel and Chantel like Colleen.

By tomorrow morning Chantel will have taken over Colleen's life completely.
She'll be living in her house, doing her job, wearing her clothes, going out
with her friends and loving her man. Colleen would inherit the miserable life
that was destined for Chantel. Chantel knew that the best part of it would be
that Colleen would be conditioned by the spell to be turned on by the thought of
being a black girl. She knew that Colleen would never want to be "white" again,
and would eagerly agree to Chantel's final step.

They met at Colleen's condo on Monday morning, and Colleen asked Chantel if she
had a good time at the wedding. Chantel told her she had an awesome time, and
wondered how Colleen felt after her "weekend getaway". Chantel smiled as she saw
Colleen staring at her face and sensed the hesitation in Colleen's reply.
Chantel looked lovingly at Colleen and said, You don't have to say it girl; I
know what you want. You love my large luscious black girl lips don't you? You'd
like to have my ebony skin wouldn't you? I know you want my pretty black face –
so it's yours. Just remember that I then get your face, and once you're me,
there's no turning back. You become Chantel for the rest of your life." Colleen
was surprised at Chantels' perception. Colleen’s last ounce of resistance was
totally futile, as she realized that she had no power to change her final
destiny. Before Colleen could reply, Chantel took hold of Colleen's hands and
told her to stare directly into her eyes. Colleen was unable to resist.

Chantel then raised Colleen's hands up high enough so that she could see them
even though she was looking into Chantel's eyes. Colleen felt a warm sensation
beginning where her hands were in contact with Chantel's. Slowly her soft white
skin began to darken as Chantel’s began to lighten. Seconds later Colleen could
see that the skin on her hands was the exact ebony shade as Chantel's hands used
to be. Chantel now had Colleen's white hands. As the shiny ebony pigment moved
up her arms Colleen could feel and see the texture of her skin changing to that
of a black woman. The hair that was on Chantel's arms now appeared on Coleen's.
She could see that her smooth and soft white skin was replacing Chantel's. She
felt the warmth spread rapidly throughout her body as her white skin cells were
completely destroyed and replaced by Chantel's brown ones. The warmth moved up
her neck and face, and she smiled. Chantel continued to hold on to her hands as
Colleen watched Chantel's lips start to decrease in size and her facial features
slowly change to Colleen's. Colleen could feel that she now had Chantel's black
features completely. Even her hair was now Chantel's natural color and texture.

Chantel let go of Colleen's hands and Colleen walked over to the mirror. She
stared at the new woman before her and gently examined her new facial features
with her hands. She heard a voice from behind, "Feels good doesn't it? You're
‘Chantel’ now, and I'm ‘Colleen’. My destiny is now yours. You'll never be a
white woman again."

"Colleen" tenderly examined her new beautiful soft white skin. She had what she
wanted – she stole this attractive young white girl's body, mind, life and soon
also her man. "Colleen" smiled as she heard "Chantel", with the voice and poor
grammar that used to be hers say, "Girl, you makes a lot better white girl than
I ever did. I loves bein' brown shuga. You can keep my ol' life. You were meant
to be me. I's one hot black mama now, and yo man is mine."

Chantel had plans for Colleen as the new "Chantel". Her former boss would now be
HER black maid. And once she married Kevin, she would keep "Chantel" to serve
their every whim. She knew there was always the risk that "Chantel" might
eventually even end up pregnant with her former boyfriend's baby or possibly end
up as a hooker and someday overdose on drugs. But she was willing to take that

She kissed "Chantel" on the cheek. "I've got what I want. I hope you'll be happy
in your new life." "Colleen" asked "Chantel" to help her get ready for work.
"Chantel’s" response was immediate, "Yez, Miz Colleen."

Borrowed gown Part 2, the new life. By Eric (continuing a Story by Eryka.)

Colleen a beautiful young white woman smiled happily into the mirror.

"Y'all looks beautiful, Miz Colleen," said her devoted and admiring maid.

Colleen smiled with more than a hint of hidden meaning. It still amused her to hear her
ignorant maid address her as 'Miz Colleen' and with such a servile attitude and also to be
waited on hand and foot by the young black woman who was putting the finishing touches to
HER beautiful blond hair. Life had sure improved in the last six weeks! Her smiled
widened. And nobody knew or guessed at the turnabout. Not Kevin, not her colleagues at
the firm, or 'her' family.

"Thank you, Chantel, I truly hope that Kevin thinks so, too!" she said in her lovely, soft
elegant voice.

Colleen flashed her expensive diamond and emerald engagement ring. Her hands were
soft and smooth and elegant. A sharp contrast to Chantel's rough and worked hardened

Chantel sighed enviously. "Ah sure wish my man Willy would ask me to marry him! Still
he's a real STUD! "

Colleen smiled again. She remembered Willy though it now seemed like a bad dream.
No, it was a very bad dream. Thank god, she didn't have to go back to that miserable life.
It was all the new Chantel's and welcome! Very welcome indeed!

"I'm be at the great French restaurant Chez Le Pyramid then at the charity ball at the Ritz.
What are you doing on your Saturday night?"

"The usual, Miz Colleen. Mah man is taking me to our usual bar for dinner and booze.
Then wez goin' dancing at the Black Shack! "

Colleen smiled. "Tell me Chantel, do you still have to pay for most of it?"

The black girl looked embarrassed.

"Yez'm, my man wells he done still be between jobs. It sure be nice of y'all Miz Colleen to
give me that raise!"

Colleen waved an aristocratic wave. "Quite all right, dear." Her beautiful face lit up as the
doorbell rang.

"Ah'll get it!" Chantel hurried away, her cheap vinyl boots with their spike heels ringing
on the hardwood floor. Her flashy and sexy legs were displayed in an equally cheap red
vinyl skirt, Long obviously costume ear rings dangling as she moved. She looked more
like a hooker than anything else.

"Come in, Mz. Carson, Miz Colleen will be ready ins a minute." He sure was cute and so gentlemanly. Miz Colleen was so lucky to have him!

"Thanks, Chantel" he said absently. He glanced at the smiling maid.

She is eager and works hard, but she's as dumb as a post, he thought. Then his eyes lit up
as his gorgeous fiancé entered. They kissed with sweet passion. She took his arm and
Chantel watched enviously as Kevin opened the door for Colleen and they got in Kevin
Carson's Lexus and drove away.

"Ah sure wish my man treated me as good!" she muttered. She shook her head.
Sometimes it was hard to remember. She used to be Colleen! But she had somehow
traded her life for the original Chantel's, feeling she somehow felt more at home being a
red hot sexy black momma! But why? Her hands touched her sexy body. "Well I do feel
really sexy and mah man be really hung! Even though he hardly a gfentleman like Mz Carson."

She grinned lecherously as her man pulled up in his battered old junker. He honked.

"Ah's comin, hold on to your dick, will y'ah Willy!" Chantel called out. Already she was getting wet just thinkin of the sex to come!

Chantel scampered out to Willy's car moving easily and sexily on her four inch platform
boots. 'Man will yo feet ever hurt tonight girl,' she thought. The door creaked as she
opened it and slid in. She kissed him and he responded and rubbed her breasts! It was
rough but Chantel liked it that way! It was great to be so hot!

With a cloud of smoke Willy peeled away. He had stolen the tags off another car as his
sure would not pass any emission inspections!

With his woman snuggled against him rubbing his big dick they entered the smoky tavern. Loud voices called out to them and they waved a greeting.

At Chez Le Pyramid the valet parked Kevin's car and the staff ran forward to help
Colleen out. Entering they were greeted with warm respect.

"As always you honor us, Mr. Carson and Miss Harris. "

A string quartet played in the background. Colleen and Kevin had problems deciding but
they finally gave the nod to Latour over Lafitte for the wine. Their every want was
catered to by the well trained staff and the meal was of five star quality.

Meanwhile Chantel screamed at the bartender over the jute box and the loud
conversations. "What do Ah haft to do get a couple of beers!"

"How about a BJ, girl?" he answered.

Chantel laughed. "The only way you'd ever get one from me as ifin Ah had a chipped

Everyone around them laughed and Willy put a possessed arm around Chantel. "Girl,
don't you go given blow jobs to anyone but me! You is Mah woman, hear!"

Chantel laughed delightedly. She sure had her man by his balls! They gobbled down a
couple of greasy burgers and had a few more beers than left for The Black Shack for
some dancing.

There the loud music and smoke filled Dance Hall felt like home. Chantel loved to shake
her booty! But she frowned as she saw her Willy drinking.

"Willy honey, please take it a little easy on the booze. Yuz knows that it makes you mean ifin
you drinks too much!"

She got shoved her pains.

"Shuts up, woman! "

Chantel had to fightr back tears. She hated being treated like trash by her boyfriend. It was bad enough when educated white folks did it.

Across town at the Ritz Colleen guided into the grand ballroom. All reads turned at the
vision of loveliness in her Paris gown. A Strauss waltz honey sweet and sexily seductive
in a very elegant way was started.

Kevin just loved having his bride to be in his arms. He had always really liked Colleen.
But in the last months she had shown that she loved him and now he loved her. She was
so loving and sexy, especially in bed! She could really turn him on and Kevin was
happy that she would be his wife. There was no one quite like her.

Colleen smiled. She was so happy! What a wonderful, romantic evening. She wished it would never end. Life was now like a fairy tale and often she felt like Cinderella at the ball, but her new life as Colleen Harris, beautiful well educated rich white girl would not end at the stroke of midnight. She would not turn back into an ignorant black girl with a miserable future. No, she would never go back to being Chantel as the former Colleen was now her and she was Colleen. And the rich irony was that the magic spell had actually made her former Boss ask for the trade! Maybe some part of the former very rich white girl had fought or struggled, but it was to no avail. Now she was Chantel and Chantel was now Colleen forever! And she loved having the former Colleen as her ignorant, servile balck maid! The irony was just too rich!

That night in bed she had a wonderful time! Kevin was such a warm, loving considerate
partner. No more black eyes only kisses and passionate sex. The satin sheets were
wonderful! She was so loved and so beautiful and so happy!

In a run down apartment Chantel had just given her man a BJ.

"Honey, whens are y'all goin to satisfied me with yo big dick?"

"When Iz good and ready, woman! So shuts your motor mouth!"

Chantel was furious.

"Ah don't deserve to be treated like trash! Not after Ah paid for everything! Why aren't
y'all more like Colleen's beau. He done treats her like a queen."

Willy hit her and she started crying. "Shut yur moth, woman! Didn't you hear me! Shut
up! It's not mah fault I can't finds work!"

Chantel started crying, but soon he relented and started kissing her. Soon his wonderful
big dick was inside her hot eager body and she screamed with pleasure.

The next day Chantel was serving Colleen and Kevin breakfast in bed. She was still
sleepy and sported a black eye and her cheek hurt and was bruised.

"Did your man hit you again, Chantel?" asked Colleen with apparent sympathy.

"Yes'm Miz Colleen. "

"Why don't you leave him, Chantel?" asked Kevin sipping the coffee the black maid

"Oh, Ah couldn't that Mr. Kevin. He's mah man! I guess you white folks don't

Two weeks later.

Chantel was at the Black Shack when a certain bitch tried to take her man and they
fought. Willy grinned to see the women claw and scream at each other over him. Finally
Chantel broke a beer bottle over the other woman's head. The cops came and broke it up
and arrested Chantel and dagged Chantel very roughly to the police station. She was booked and locked up.

Chantel called and left a message on Miz Colleen's phone begin' for her help!

The next morning Colleen disgustedly entered the police station. Her Aminani suit a
major contrast to the surroundings!

"I'm here to play my maid's fine."

"Certainly, Miss Harris. Just sign here," said the desk sergeant very respectfully to the rich
beautiful society woman. He went back in the tank and woke up the battered low class black woman. Why a high class woman like miss Harris kept such trash as her maid beat him. He susposed good help was hard to find.

"Chantel, get your sorry ass out here. Your boss has been nice enough to spring you."
He shoved and looked with distaste at the low class battered black woman staggering out.

"And don't give me any of your lip, girl!" the cop added, shoving her roughly forward.

Chantel sullenly nodded. She was used to such treatment from the police. It was not her first run in with the law. When she saw her boss her eyes lit up.

"Miz Colleen, y'all sure be kind to me. Miz Colleen y'all is a real lady!"

Colleen smiled inside. It was so perfect. Her life was so perfect. Not only was she leading
the life that had belonged to a smart, well educated rich white woman, but the former
Colleen was now living hers! Every time she saw her like this it made her own
wonderful, privileged life sweeter!

Colleen smiled 'kindly'.

"I'm glad to help you, Chantel. Come on I'll take you home."

Chantel's dark eyes teared over. "Y'all is the kindest lady in the world, Miz Colleen." She'd do anything for her mistress and was proud to be her maid!

When Colleen and Kevin got married. Chantel helped her mistress with her 10,000 gown.
Though she knew she shouldn't be jealous Chantel could not help but contrast her second
hand maid's outfit and Payless shoes with her mistresses' expensive and queen like outfit.
Chantel already had two runs in her cheap panty hose.

"My you look a vision, Miz Colleen! What a beautiful dress, yo is like a queen!"

"Thank you, Chantel," said Colleen absently looking in the mirror at the lovely vision in
white. She slid on the long, white silk gloves over her lovely arms. This was the second
happiest day of her life. The only one with more joy was when she took over this lovely,
rich, intelligent white body from its foolish former owner. She smiled in the mirror. Who would guess that she had once been the battered, trashy black woman who was now helping with her beauytiful, long blond hair.

Colleen's friends came in and edged the black maid aside.

"Colleen, I am so envious! You really hooked a prize. Handsome, rich and so SWEET
and KIND! He loves you so much and will never mistreat you."

They of course treated Chantel like part of the furniture, but she was too used to that to be suprised.

Chantel touched the black eyes and bruised cheek hidden under her make up and felt like
crying. Why was her man so mean to her? And he refused to marry her. The last beating
was because she hinted at it. Still, she couldn't give him up. He was her man!

Colleen's uncle came in. He didn't notice the black servant off in the corner. He was to
give the bride away. Chantel sure wished she could attend the wedding, but Miz Colleen
was so nice as she promised Chantel could peek out the door in the and look at the
photographs later. I's sure was lucky to have such a kind mistress! Of course she didn't
have a dress good enough to go to the wedding itself. Colleen had told her, kindly that
she didn't want Chantel to embarrass herself. Then when Chantel had kinda of hinted
around about maybe borrowing a gown from her mistress Colleen had only laughed very
loudly until tears came to her blue eyes.

"Sorry," she had said with a strange smile.

Chantel shook her head to clear it. Colleen's uncle paid no attention to her. It was hard to
remember that he had once been HER uncle, but now the only relatives she had was her
mother down back home in Mississippi always writing her for money and telling her to
find some man to marry. Her letters had be written by the minister as her mom couldn't
read or write much more than her name. Not that her own readin and writin was much
better Chantel thought.

She watched as the gorgeous and beautifully gowned Colleen took her uncles arm. Miz Colleen
looked radiant. It was nice to see her mistress she happy, Chantel told herself. Slipping
unnoticed to the side door she peeked and saw Colleen and walk gracefully down the
aisle on her beaming uncle's arm. The church was filled with the who's who of the city,
even the governor was here. She saw her former friends beautifully dressed as bride's
maids. Her mistress's intended, Mr. Kevin was waitin for his bride. Love shown in his
eyes. He was so handsome!

"I sure wish my Willy would look at me like that," Chantel thought. "Miz Colleen be so
lucky to have such a sweet hunk of handsome man for a hubby. Of course no rich white
man would ever look twice at black trash like me! No, I best be sticking to my own

Chantel cried when she saw the handsome groom kissing the beautiful bride. Chantel
knew she should be happy for her kind Miz Colleen, but somehow she was so sad.

The End?
R: 0 / I: 0

Girl Can Grunt by DigitalCirce (Woman to pig)

Girl Can Grunt
By Digital Circe

(woman to pig transformation)

Hi, this is Marissa! She might look like an ordinary fat pig, but she used to be something more. She used to be the most gorgeous, busty, apple-cheeked little redhead I knew. At least, until she pissed me off. Now she’s a fat breeding sow, and always will be. She probably doesn’t even remember her own name – after all, she’s just got a pig’s brain to work with. So how did this pretty girl end up joining the swine and realizing she was meant for it? Why don’t I tell you?

Marissa was great – hot, a body to die for, awesome in bed – but she was such a nag! And when she wasn’t nagging, she was using her beauty as a weapon, as though she deserved more out of life just because she had the face of a goddess. And it wasn’t just over sex – this girl was just manipulative, and it showed through in how she treated absolutely everyone. She’d been on bad terms with her family for a while when we met – and that made her ‘disappearance’ a little easier.

But more on her looks. Her legs went up forever, especially when she was wearing heels, to make a perfect ass of themselves. Speaking of which, her ass was like a pair of eggs bulging in a blanket, so perfect and round, with the best characteristics of both tightness and plumpness. That was a butt I liked to put my hands on, sometimes hard, and repeatedly. She wasn’t big on spanking though, or any sex game – and she’d turn completely frigid if I even suggested something she didn’t like, such as fellatio. Now, I’m a man who likes oral sex, but she’d act like her mouth was too good to even touch it. Fortunately for her, her new consorts aren’t so interested in what she does with her snout.

I decided with some deliberation that the slut deserved to become a pig. I’m sure plenty have other men have thought so about their bitchy girlfriends, and more than a few have thought it of her, but I’m a man of certain means, much to Marissa’s detriment. She deserved to be a disgusting fat sow, and a disgusting fat sow she would be.

I had put up with her attitude for over a year, and it was obvious she wasn’t going to change. I could have just broken up with her, but then she just would have dicked someone else over, and I’m proud – I didn’t want to admit I’d wasted so much of my life on her. Revenge seemed to be an easier way.

But I wanted to humiliate her, too. Just turning her into a pig and sticking her in a sty was easy, but I wanted to rub it in and make it worse for her. I decided to videotape it – not just so I could show her what she’d looked like, but also because, as I planned it out, I got more and more aroused at the thought of this stuck up bitch squealing and begging and crying as she helplessly turned into a disgusting fat sow. I’d never thought I would be aroused at the thought of a beautiful, sexy girl turning into a stinking pig, but the thought of Marissa’s comeuppance made it attractive, and I wanted a record.

I had the room wired with four hidden video cameras, and a tiny remote camera on my lapel. I had worked hard making sure the lighting was perfect, and not too reflective. All I needed was my star.

I had been treating her normally, so as not to arouse her suspicion. I was inviting her over for lunch, as I often did, so she wouldn’t attach any significance to it. Even after a year, she’d refused to move in with me, so we still had our own places.

I invited her into the room on pretense of seeing a new acquisition, a sculpture, and Marissa rolled her eyes and came back with me. She was surprised at the sparsely furnished room as she went in (I’d cleaned it out of any breakables, in case she put up a fight), and turned back towards me, confused. Her expression turned into a frown as she heard the click of the door shutting. “So, where is it?” she asked petulantly.

“Oh, I just wanted to get you back here to see if you wanted a little roll in the hay,” I said laxly, and her frown turned into a grimace. Good – I wanted her to start out mad on the tape.

“Mike, do you ever think with anything other than your penis?” she snarled. “Honestly, if you let the blood ever flow back into your body, you might make something of yourself.” Normally, a comment like that would hurt. I was fairly successful, certainly moreso than she would ever be. But if I wasn’t putting all my effort into enriching her, she considered it a waste. I smiled, to her surprise. “What’s the matter, don’t you know an insult when you hear it?” she asked.

“It’s you who is going to find out just what an insult is,” I said evenly, and started the process. Marissa was going to be a pig.

“Just what does that mean?” she snorted indignantly, and moved into her usual litany of criticisms and threats. I smiled at them too, which unnerved her. She’s used to being able to fluster me. As she talked, she began to sound hoarser and hoarser. Her voice dropped slightly, and then a sentence was interrupted by a delightful grunt. She stopped briefly at that, then tried again, only to hear in her own voice the hints of a squeal. Trying again, she was interrupted by an involuntary oink, and she quickly covered her mouth. She looked like she needed to burp.

She struggled to form words, and I listened with delight to her rewardingly bestial vocalizations. It was amusing to see such a beautiful woman making such coarse, shrill squeals, and her abject fear at it. Marissa’s crystal blue eyes were wide with palpable terror, and she’d barely started to turn yet! I couldn’t wait to introduce the bitch to other swine like her.

Marissa thrashed about, as though movement would help restore her voice. She didn’t immediately come at me, though, which was to be expected – while she did routinely need me to bail her out when she failed at life, I was never her first resort. I smiled as I saw the transformation starting to take firmer hold on the animated girl.

She squealed in panic as her teeth thrust up, growing into dainty tusks. They pushed out of her mouth, just a little too big for her lips to hide. She twitched her lips around them, mouth hanging open, feeling something wrong. She still couldn’t get her mind around the loss of her voice, and now her mouth was changing!

She struggled around, finally falling to her knees. She looked up at me, guessing that I was to blame – although probably assuming I had poisoned her food. She looked at me with hate and fear and even, dare I say, respect.

Marissa knelt on all fours, almost as if resigned to her new posture. I watched her ample round butt shudder with the power I was putting through it, straining against her will to change from that perfect heart shape to a massive porcine ass. I couldn’t wait to see her squiggly tail twitching out over it. I smiled at her. “Marissa, you’re a pig. You’ve been a pig all your life, and now I’m going to make it so that you are seen for what you are.” Her eyes got wide and round as she realized what she was being recast into. You could tell she was unsettled by the news.

She looked up to me with tears in her eyes, her little tusks pushing her luscious lips open. “Please, Mike! I don’t want to be a pig!” she squealed more than said, and I was turned on by how porcine it sounded, and how hard she struggled even for that. This transformation of hers, and Marissa’s forced submission, were more arousing than anything she’d ever managed to do in bed.

“Call me ‘Master’, sow, if you even want me to consider turning you back,” I said with an air of absolute disdain. It was a lie – I had no intention of ever turning her back, but I wanted to see how much she’d debase herself if she had some glimmer of hope. I could tell that it didn’t sit well with her for a flash, but she quickly weighed her options.

“Please, Master! I’ll do anything!” she begged in tones ever more shrill than a second ago. My already-prominent chub got hard as a rock at that.

“Take off your clothes. Pigs like you don’t wear them.” Crying, she shakily unbuttoned her pink sweater jacket and dropped it off. She pulled up her t-shirt, exposing her straining bra. She looked at me resignedly, and unfastened the clasp, letting it fall off her and exposing her glorious, fat tits to my loving gaze. I was a bit sorry she’d be losing those magnificent fun bags, but I knew it would be worse for her to lose her most precious assets. She’d soon be getting a dozen more of the pig variety, though. Shaking, her hands went to her fly, and she unfastened her tight jeans and pulled them down her legs. Her awesome ass really filled those well-stretched jeans, and I almost considered watching them tear off her as she fattened instead, but I decided I wanted an unobstructed view of her butt. Her shoes came off easier than she expected, much to her fear. She swallowed hard, then guided her panties down her legs to the pile on the floor. The grunting Marissa knelt before me in all her naked glory. She looked behind her, as the tiny tube of flesh that would grow into her tail twitched over her perfect ass. Beside that, her tusks, her slightly larger nose, and her new vocal chords, she was still almost entirely human. I was excited to see her tail, and glad that she’d be naked for almost all her transformation.

“Animals like you crawl on all fours, pig.” She bent down from her kneeling posture to her animal stance, and looked up at me tearfully. “Good job, pig. Now, pick them up, crawl over to the trash can, and throw them away. You won’t need them any more.” She slowly scooped them up, and struggled over to dispose of that symbol of her humanity. She crawled back on all fours to face me, tears streaming down her beautiful face, snuffling quietly. In that time, her ears had begun to point, and stuck out a little ways from her vibrant auburn hair.

“Suck my cock, pig! And mind your tusks!” I commanded as nastily and disrespectfully as I could. She cringed, looking at me with betrayal written large across her shifting face. Her slightly upturned nose shuddered and grew slightly, and I know she felt it too as the reality of her options settled in. She waddled over to me on unsteady hands.

“Open my fly with your snout.” She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks, and turned away for a moment. Then she turned to her task, put her mouth on my fly, and twisted until she got the button open, and pulled down the zipper with her teeth. I helped get my pants down, and she pulled my boxers loose with her lovely mouth. She looked for a second at my tumescence in obvious sorrow, then took it into her mouth, sucking, licking, and bathing it with her tongue.

That’s it, pig,” I snarled, “just take what’s coming to you like a good little sow, and you might not be a pig your whole life.” She looked stupidly grateful at me, purposefully sucking my dick with her two little tusks to either side of it. She wanted to be human again right away, obviously, but she was pitifully grateful for any small kindness or hope. I would enjoy stringing the pig along. I leaned back, making sure my lapel camera got an excellent view of her radiant, if piggish, face sucking my cock like a porn star.

Marissa’s head bobbed up and down, slight grunts coming from her, as she sucked and sucked. She clearly knew what was at stake, and the redheaded pig girl was giving the best blow job of her life. She pulled it out and licked and kissed it, worshiping my cock with her tongue. Her upturned nose rubbed against it, and I couldn’t quite tell if her new snout was moist, or if it was just my dick was wet from her saliva. I chose to assume the former. “Yeah, pig, suck that cock,” I sneered, and the sow dutifully grunted and snorted as she sucked the whole thing into her mouth, her tongue going a mile a minute along the underside. I wished she’d been willing to give blowjobs like this before. I tried to think about how much fun it was going to be ruining her life by turning her into a fat, disgusting sow; and not how good she was at sucking cock.

I reached down and swatted the pig’s ass. She squealed around my cock as she was spanked. I repeated the gesture a few times, loving the feel of the sobbing, snorting, sucking sow flinching as I spanked her. As the pig girl sucked my cock, I could feel her snout lengthen slightly. I almost came there, and had to force myself to go on. Marissa was so much better now that she had a snout!

I came in the pig’s snout, and she snorted as she gulped down my sperm. She came off, snorting and gasping for breath, her moist snout quivering. The last of my semen fell across her face and snout. The pig looked up at me tearfully, still catching her breath.

“You don’t mind if I take some pictures, do you?” I asked, producing a camera. Marissa squealed in shock, then snorted as she thought about her options. Little did she know, she was already being videotaped from five angles. “How about it, pig? Do you want me to take some pictures, so we can always remember what your transformation was like?”

She snuffled pathetically, like she was crying, and then managed a barely recognizable “Yes, Master.” I was hard again.

“Grab your tits, sow! Look sultry for the camera!” Marissa grabbed her big boobs with her three fingered hands, massaging her big nipples and areolae with the hoof-like digits. She bent over, wiggling her big, sexy ass and silly tail for me. She crawled around on all fours, oinking and looking up submissively at me. Every command I gave, the hog carried out. She spanked herself, squealing. I hoped the little pig-girl looked good for the cameras. This was the best part – the whole sexy body of a human, but all the recognizable, demeaning pig features asserting themselves.

After a while, I tired of her erotic posing. “Get me hard again,” I commanded. Marissa waddled over to me, and gently took my cock back into her snout. She knew she wouldn’t be tasting my semen this time. I looked down her back at her sexy, but bigger, butt. I smacked it again, hard, letting the sucking pig know who was in charge. I loved spanking her – it was fun to do all the things to her that she hadn’t ever wanted to let me before. Titty-fucking her would be fun, too, while she still had boobs.

“You’re a hungry hog whore, aren’t you, pig,” I sneered, and she sniffled and snorted as she gulped down my dick. Her snout was big enough that she didn’t even have to deepthroat me to get it all in, and her technique had improved because of it. The sexy pig girl was giving a fantastic blowjob – I just hoped it would videotape well. Her hooves rubbed my thighs as I filled her snout with my hardening manhood. I wondered if she’d fuck other pigs as passionately. She stuck her tongue out, licking my balls even as she sucked the full length of my cock.

I pulled out of her snout and pushed my dick between her tits. “Fuck and suck, pig!” I commanded, and Marissa pushed her big boobs together around the shaft, massaging it in her tit flesh with her hooves as I thrust up at her face. Reluctantly, she lowered her snout to the valley of her cleavage, and licked and sucked the head as it thrust through.

Eventually, I had enough of her oral pleasures – her snout and tits had gotten me hard enough. “Get on all fours and take it like a pig. You’re not going to be on top for sex again, swine!” I commanded, and shivering, she obeyed. I ran my hand over her perfect, but straining, ass; enjoying her ridiculous dancing tail. I was looking forward to that bubble ass swelling, as she lost every connection to humanity. “On all fours, sow! Get that ass up! Let’s see if you still know how to fuck!”

She snuffled as she felt the bulbous head push up against her, still wet with her spit, and already feeling alien to her changed cunt. I smiled, and forced it into her horizontal slit. A little squeal came out of her pig mouth, as I gave her a moment to appreciate the reality of it, and then I began to give it to her in earnest.

I mounted her, running my hands over her glorious human body for the last time. Her heavy tits heaved with my thrusts, swinging enticingly as she put on more and more of the less appealing kind of weight. Those big udders almost made me wish I was turning her into a cow – but I had come to the decision that she should be a fat pig very carefully. I didn’t want the hog to be left with a shred of dignity, and a cow’s fur, size, and big boobs all gave her a little too much. A pig was the perfect body for her. Besides, deep in her soul, I knew this slut was really a pig.

She wouldn’t be seducing any men any more, not without her old body. I smiled, listening to her grunt with the exertions, and ran my hand through her silky hair. I decided to have more fun with her, and force her to say demeaning things as I fucked her. With tears in her eyes, she played along hopelessly. “Oh, I’m a filthy pig! Mom and Dad would be proud!” she squealed. I wouldn’t have been able to understand her grunting and snorting if I hadn’t just told her what to say. I loved how her twitchy tail felt against my belly.

Her ass swelled further outward, leaving the gorgeous butt cheeks further and further behind. I admired the sloping rump, which was looking every second more like a common sow. I gave it a firm swat, and smiled at her sudden squeal. I kept pumping into it, my own body colliding with hers over and over again. Every second left her less likely to be mistaken for a human being – the sow she was destined to be was taking over.

The pig girl was still a biped, but her forelegs had shriveled to the point that they were almost useless to her big, fat pig body. Big floppy ears and a snout stuck out from her head, and her hands and feet were essentially hooves. Lots of big breasts ran down her obese body, but I knew they’d be shriveling into pig teats soon enough. She looked ridiculous, a fat, upright hog with a few girl parts, and I laughed at her. Marissa grunted in misery.

I rubbed her big, fat pig ass as I thrust into her, listening to her snorts overwhelm her tears. She was on the home stretch to pighood now, and I was looking forward to her becoming a complete sow. “How do you like this, pig?” I mocked. “Enjoy it, your fat ugly ass won’t be attracting any human men for a while! Oh yeah, take it sow!” Marissa squealed in lust and misery and resentment, as her bestial passions took hold on her ruined body. Soon her libido would drag her thoroughly into her new life as an animal.

My legs were getting tired, but seeing Marissa humiliated propelled me on, as I gave her the last human fucking of her life. Her hind legs fattened and shrunk, and her hips merged into her new swine torso. That made the angle I was going in a little lower, but she was getting so fat it was pushing her back end up a little more than I’d expected. The beast gave off a gratifyingly inhuman squeal. It was exciting to see her humanity and femininity melt away so absolutely. I spanked the pig’s ass repeatedly, enjoying her grunting and squealing, as I humped away at her.

She still had her tits, most of her head, and auburn hair, but otherwise was a pig. I loved her new fat ass and massive thighs. Her watch slipped off her foreleg as we humped together. I was struggling to hold out as she changed rapidly, her hair thinning away. She sobbed as her tits shrank, the full, perfect soft flesh dwindling into big pig teats. Her squealing grew more garbled as her face changed, stretching out into the crude pig shape. She squealed long and loud as she changed completely into a sow, and felt herself orgasm as a beast. I pulled out and blew my load over her ugly backside, showing her what I thought of her. “That’ll do, pig, that’ll do!” I laughed. The fat hog grunted after the force of her climax.

I pulled out her earrings, and threw them contemptuously on the floor, then tore off her now-tight necklace. She shuffled around, unsure of how to move in her new body. She squealed, still not quite believing that she was a bloated sow. “You look to be about three hundred pounds. Quite healthy for a pig!” I mocked, loving the sight before me. I hoped it had recorded well, as I sneered at the frightened, dumpy sow that used to be so beautiful.

“Alright, you fat, slimy pig. This is your new life, so you’d better get used to it! Now, there’s only one place for pigs to live, and that’s a sty!” She looked ready to fight over that one, and at her weight, I didn’t want to have to force her around, so I settled with threatening her. “There’s one place that pigs die, too, sow; if you don’t want to go to the sty like a good hog!” She calmed down at that, and let me lead her out of my house for the last time. I had a trailer attached to my car, as a crude animal carrier, and loaded her in with a slap on the thigh, locking her in. After I gathered some things from the house, I listened to her mournful squeal as I walked to the car and got in.

It was a fun trip, knowing the pig that used to be Marissa was back there, in misery, as I drove us to our destination, the farm of a friend of mine. It took about an hour, but I’m sure it felt longer to her. I dragged her out the back, and towards the barn. She sniffed at the air, delicately, obviously not liking the smells. When we got to the pigsty, she recoiled in shock as she saw all the other listless, smelly swine, distraught by her surroundings. “Get in there, you smelly hog,” I yelled, and kicked her hard in her fat ass. With a charmingly porcine grunt, the ungainly hog sprawled into the filth and muck alongside others of her kind. I looked at that bloated, fat ass and thought back to her perfect human figure. In a way, I missed Marissa’s gorgeous bubble butt, but the fat squealing sow ass in front of me seemed more than fair recompense.

I went back to the car and got a small TV/VCR, and one of the tapes. Plugging it into the barn’s outlet, I sat it where Marissa could clearly see it. “That’s you, sow!” I teased. “Do you even recognize yourself?” I stretched out as the tape played, and the disgusting fat sow sorrowfully watched her beautiful self dissolve into an ungainly hog. The fat sow grunted sadly as she watched the girl suck cock with her newly forming snout. She didn’t turn away, though – whether it was curiosity at how she’d looked, nostalgia for her human form, or just plain shock that I’d have the audacity to tape it, still, she was captivated.

After the video, I decided to have some fun putting her through her paces. I brought a riding crop down hard on her fat pig ass, herding her with the rest of the hogs. I smiled as she squealed harshly in pain and anger – she sounded and moved exactly like all the other swine. I had really taken away her humanity, entirely! Marissa was utterly gone, replaced forever with this fat, ugly pig. I whipped her sloping sow ass again, loving the sound of her pig protests.

I ordered her to poop on the ground, and she squealed at me mournfully, almost begging, but did as she was told. She pooped there in the sty, grunting nervously and looking around as if the other pigs might be offended. Now that she smelled like a sow, I pulled a fat boar over towards her.

“Let him screw you, sow,” I said menacingly. It’s all part of your punishment. You’re going to give me a litter of piglets, and make your first tangible contribution to life as a fat, smelly sow in this sty. It’s not until you raise them up that you get a prayer of being human again.” She squealed in shock and dismay.

She was slow getting into it, but she let the big boar up onto her back, and closed her eyes tight as if to shut out what she was about to do. He thrust in, hammering her hard, and making her grunt with the exertion. He pumped in and out, snorting in her ears, as her swine body began taking over. Slowly but surely, her eyes opened and she started grunting in more than just pain. It isn’t much to watch two pigs going at it, but it was amazing knowing the one on the bottom was Marissa, and I had turned her into that.

I laughed and I laughed as Marissa squealed in orgasm. I knew her body was telling her that she was doing the right thing, and filling her head with pig thoughts. She was panting, a dazed look of contentment on her porcine features. My revenge couldn’t be more perfect. Marissa loved being humped by a pig!

After the deed was done, the boar dismounted and wandered off, insultingly disinterested in the receptacle for his sperm. Marissa slumped over, exhausted, still grunting heavily. Another sow came by and sprawled out beside her, back to back. She squealed in shock, but quickly settled down – perhaps she wanted the other pig as a friend. Heaven knows she wouldn’t have any friends other than hogs from now on. I laughed as I collected my things and left, wanting to give her some time alone with her thoughts.

When I came back days later, the pigsty smelled awful, and so did Marissa. I was aroused to think that this was the sum total of her new life. As I came closer to her, I could see pig poop stuck to her obese body, that she’d evidently been lying in. I wondered if it was hers. She awoke slowly as I prodded her, and practically jumped when she saw me. She knew that today wouldn’t go well. I started a fire in the firepit, and walked back to the pen, insulting her all the way. It was amazing; you couldn’t tell that she’d ever been anything but a dumpy sow. I wonder how many times the breeder had been mounted in my absence – I bet she didn’t even put up a struggle.

“You look pretty good, pig, but you know what all tubby little sows need? A brand, so people know who owns them!” I smiled wickedly as I pulled the brand out of the fire. The sow stared at me in shock and horror. She knew (or thought she knew) that if she resisted, I’d never let her be human again, but if she acquiesced, not only would she feel pain like never before, but she’d have a brand on her cute ass forever, human or not.

After some serious soul-searching, she decided to stand still for me. Again, she closed her eyes tight, trying to block out reality. I grabbed her big ass and pushed the heated brand up to it. Her inhuman squeal made me hard. I could smell bacon, as the brand sizzled against her fat flank, marking the pig forever.

I gave her a few minutes to recover, panting hard, while I set up the TV again. I’d had some time to compile my five video perspectives, and set it to music. I’d edited out a number of my instructions to her, so the completed tape almost made her look like a willing participant. I cued it up, letting her watch the twisted homemade porn from the start. Her entry and squealing, her stripping and throwing away of her clothes. I jacked off as the sow and I watched Marissa’s last blowjob as a human. We watched her fondle, spank, and demean herself, then screw like a sow, becoming more pig-like all the time. As we reached the end, I came on her pig face, and she blinked her dim eyes, trying to clear my semen from them. She squealed sadly.

This ugly, fat, smelly piece of livestock was so much better than Marissa had ever been. I visited her occasionally, careful not to come too often – human companionship was too good for her. I loved her misery in being a fat sow, and her gradual acceptance of her new status in life. She quickly put on fifty pounds – I think she was startled how fast she could gain weight as a sow. I admired the brand on her big rump and wondered if it would stretch out with her weight gain.

I watched her feeding at the trough between several other swine, her fat butt and tail twitching as she gorged herself. Only I was able to tell which one hadn’t been born a pig – there was nothing to distinguish her to anyone else. Even her parents wouldn’t recognize her fat sow ass. She had gotten herself knocked up, and the pregnant sow was about to give birth. I watched from the sidelines with amusement as she grunted and squealed on her side, struggling to push little piglets out of her womb. After they were finally all out, she was exhausted, and lay there listlessly as her babies sucked at her pendulous dugs.

“Don’t let any of them die, sow,” I threatened. “That’s your job. Be a mom to these swine.” She grunted in misery as she let them come over and nurse her, using her fat sagging dugs so casually when her boobs had once been such spectacular trophies. I smiled, remembering how amazing those boobs used to be. I wondered if she was thinking about her glory days right now, too.

The next time I went back, her babies had grown quite a bit, and so had she – the pig slut was clearly pregnant again. I wonder if she cared that they would be butchered. I got Marissa’s attention, and she trotted over.

“Sorry, pig, I lied,” I said. “You’ll never be a woman again. But look on the bright side – this suits you! You orgasm so hard when the boar screws you! You never have to suck his cock! You have plenty to eat and babies to love! And better yet, you look like what you’ve always been in your heart!”

She squealed in mournful horror, as though I’d just pulled a rug out from under her. She had been behaving herself as a pig, but now it wasn’t going to get her anything! “You’ll never hear your old name again, hog,” I sneered. “From now on, you don’t have a name – you answer to sow, pig, hog, or swine, just like the rest of the pigs do.” Her grunting was ragged, almost like sobbing. I decided to cheer her up, and pulled a big boar over for her.

She squealed as the brute topped her, and his big dick spread her pig cunt wide open. Her squeal was long and loud as her lover swept her off her feet, and she realized with certainty that this was all she would ever have to look forward to in life.

So here we are. Marissa’s been this fat, slovenly sow for a good many years, and she responds to her care like a real pig should. Last time I taunted her with a picture of her old self, the hog acted like she didn’t even notice the significance of a photograph. She’s put on another hundred pounds, and easily weighs over four hundred fifty. Even if it were possible for her to turn into a girl again, she sure wouldn’t be an attractive one with her obese body and well-sucked tits. She was ruined for life as a girl, but made a perfect breeding sow. I’ve won – she’s irrevocably a pig now, body and soul. Just like she deserved. Plus, I’ve got some awesome tapes of her turning, and all the fresh pork I could want.
R: 0 / I: 0

THE BORROWED GOWN by Erika Lynn (F2F, Culture Change)


An artistic endeavor by the fat lovin' SHEIK

Part 1

Ian Darkstone had two passions in life. Magic and fat women. He had discovered the joys
of both at a relatively early age. A carnival magician had left the ten year old Darkstone
mystified, and the resident 500 pound fat lady had just plain stupified him. The travelling
trickster had unlocked Ian's innate talent for solving and creating intricate "illusions" and
"Big Betty" had left her swollen image forver seared in his developing psyche.

It would probably not surprise you that Ian Darkstone grew up to be the premiere
magician of our times, as well as an unabashed admirer of large and lovely women. His
conquests of multitudinous plumpers, BBW's, and super-sized maidens was only eclipsed
by his growing interest and expertise in the "real" magical arts. He had recently began
delving into Astral Projection, a discipline he was rapidly mastering.

Truth be told, it was his infatuation with an online super-size model that had driven him
to try the risky, spirit-walking trick. She went by the name of Natasha Maximov, and Ian
had quickly become enamored with the 656 pound Russian-American redhead. He had
dutifully purchased all of her available pictures, videos, cd-roms and magazine
appearances. He had also spent untold dollars on her 900 feeder line, on which she
painstakingly and teasingly chronicled her weight, measurements, food intake and romantic
exploits. He was hooked bad.

Ian spent even more money trying to track down the elusive and mysterious Natasha, to
no avail. It was as if the woman didn't even exist. No paper trail, records search or private
investigator could locate the reclusive beauty. Despite her overwhelming presence on the
net, the lady sure valued her privacy. So Ian set about the task of finding her through more
creative methods.

With the help of certain alchemical substances and the "psychic residue" from an
autographed picture, Ian set about finding his target. His assistant, a most gracious and
lovely BBW in her own right, would act as the anchor through which his astral form could
return home. He began the long incantation that would allow him to project his
consciousness into the ether, and suppressed his growing anticipation. Taurus Vixen looked
on, while nibbling at a carton of Krispy Kreme donuts. A long while passed, and the donut
box was emptied before she felt certain Ian had succeeded.

In what seemed like seconds, Ian was there. A posh townhome in the affluent section of
downtown San Francisco, held the woman of his dreams. He passed through the front
door and scoped out the house. In a basement office, Ian found a sole occupant. At first he
thought he had erred in his calculations as he viewed a blonde girl in her mid-twenties and
all of 120 pounds with shoes on. Hardly the monument to gluttony he had hoped to find.
Ian almost relinquished the spell in disappointment, but his curiousity got the best of him
and he decided to snoop around awhile.

He was quickly rewarded for his persistence. After discovering a cache of Natasha
merchandise in a storeroom, he assumed the girl might be a business manager or secretary
of some sort. But the house was hardly fat friendly, and showed no signs of harboring
anyone but this slip of a girl. He listened in on several of her phone conversations about
deadlines and submittals. She had that perky, high pitched voice that most men found
attractive-if you liked the beach bunny type. It was the voice that solved the mystery

The girl, whose name he discovered was Kelli Jensen, began dictating into a sound
system. Oddly enough, she input about an hour of Natasha Maximov's typical 900 line
material. Something nagged like an ex-wife at Ian's brain as the mystery deepened. Kelli
put the CD of her recording into the computer and called up a program. As the system
started up, Ian began to follow Kelli upstairs until he heard Natasha's voice.

"Of course!" Ian exclaimed to no one but himself. "It's so simple!"

Ian stood dumbfounded in the astral plane as Kelli's dictation was spat back out in the
sultry and accented tones of Natasha Maximov. He coudn't find Natasha before, because
she never existed! As he perused the contents of Kelli's computer he saw imaging
software, anatomical models, and various images of a 3-D Natasha computer image.
Natasha was nothing more than an elaborate, high-tech con job being played on an
unsuspecting FA populace.

As much as he had to give this girl credit for pressing all the right buttons when it came
to Natasha Maximov's popularity, his anger was rapidly overwhelming him. His first
thought was to zap her computer system, but he decided that was too quick and far too
easy. When he entered the real world again, he told his tale to Taurus Vixen, and the two
came up with a most fitting punishment for the dear girl. As she would soon find out.

Part 2

Kelli Jensen woke up that morning just like always. It wasn't until she had to put some
extra "oomph" into getting her lycra exercise pants and sports bra on that she noticed
anything different. Combing her short hair she noticed the blonde strands had an
uncharacteristic strawberry hue and were definitely more curly than usual. Blaming it on
her new Euro Styling Conditioner, she completed her morning ritual by standing on the
bathroom scale. It gave her a laugh to think that all those horny FA's were actually
drooling over a skinny little blonde from California. To her surprise, the digital device
registered an unexpected 5 additional pounds.

"Hmph." Kelli mused. "Guess I'll have to lay off the cream cheese on my morning

She cut short her morning jog after becoming slightly fatigued halfway through, and
considered that she might have caught a virus of some sort. She was soon sitting in front of
her PowerMac viewing the number of hits at her pay site and listening to her belly rumble.

"That bagel didn't go very far today" She thought.

Kelli fidgeted in front of the monitor as she tried to adjust her pants and top, which
seemed increasingly uncomfortable. She began running some accounting software while
she changed into a pair of sweatpants and an oversize University of Kentucky t-shirt.
Feeling more comfortable, she was soon agitated by several locks of hair that were
obscuring her vision. She stalked to her bedroom in agitation and nearly fainted when she
saw herself in the full length mirror.

Her ass and hips had grown voluptuous to say the least. They were on the verge of
stressing the fabric that so snugly contained them. A small belly roll had formed
underneath a decidedly substantial bosom, whose twin breasts now resembled extra firm
water balloons. Her face was plumper, with fuller lips and heavy lidded eyes. Not to
mention her hair, which was undoubtedly redder, curlier, and longer. Her pudgy arms and
legs completed the ensemble of accumulated flab, that could probably be measured at an
increase of some hundred pounds or so.

"What in the world is happening to me?!" Kelli cried out.

Ian Darkstone watched Kelli from the stealthy confines of the astral plane. Everything
was going as planned. Watching her change was actually alot more fun and erotic than he
thought it would be.

Kelli stood in front of the mirror for a few more minutes unable to comprehend what
was happening to her. Her chest had swollen up quite uncomfortably inside her t-shirt. Her
breast were impossibly large, slightly torpedo shaped and seemed to defy gravity in an
attempt to obscure her immediate line of sight. She could feel the bulging hemisphere that
used to be her 24" stomach jutting out almost as far as her ludicrously large bosom. Her
burgeoning hips brushed the door frame as she stumbled out of the bathroom and her now
mammoth ass sent shockwaves of vibrations through her as she waddled slowly along.

Kelli looked in astonishment at the face that looked back at her from her dresser mirror.
It was first of all, undeniably fat. Huge jowels and overinflated lips puckered out from what
would have been a model's face 400 pounds ago. The skintone was darker, and brown
eyes stared out from behind dark, auburn red bangs that hung down in sensuous curls. This
was not her body, it was a perfect copy of Natasha Maximov's.

"Vat iz happening to me?" Kelli echoed her earlier thought and was shocked to hear a
stranger's voice come out of her own throat. "Eet iz not pozzible! Theez iz Natasha's

Ian decided at that point to reveal himself. Like an avenging spirit he materialized in
front of Kelli, who quite overstressed already, simply passed out. Ian snickered at the
fattened female as her substantial frame hit the floor with a massive thud. He levitated her
over to the bed and waited for her to awaken. After a few minutes she stirred and muttered
something about a weird dream. Ian snickered again.

The groggy girl bolted upright at the sound and shrieked at Ian. "Vat are you doing een
my house!?" her eyes grew wide at her strange voice and she slapped her hand over her
mouth. She then perused her new body and proceeded to pass out again.

"Oh no you don't." Ian smiled waving his hand in front of her face, "we'll have no more
of that."

She returned to alertness as fear and sadness pooled up in her eyes. "Vat haz been done
to me?"

"Let's just say i'm Natasha's number one fan," Ian began "and when I found out you
were scamming me and alot of other members of the FA brotherhood I decided the world
needed a real Natasha, and you fit the bill quite nicely."

"But I do not wish to be zo obeze?" Kelli/Natasha whined.

"I guess you should have thought of that a long time ago." Ian smirked.

"Vat is to become of me?" Kelli was worried.

"That's up to you." Ian intoned. "How about we go out for dinner?"

"I cannot go out like such a huge bleemp!" Kelli groaned.

"Downgrading fat women by calling yourself that will not get you on my good side, I
could make you as big as a real blimp if you don't behave. Besides it's not like anyone will
recognize you."

"I zuppose zat eez true. I will go if I must, but I have nothing to wear?"

"Of course you do." Ian gestured and the inflated femme was wearing a supersize
evening gown fit for a princess. The silk fabric cupped and tucked and squeezed Kelli in all
the right places to maximize her outrageaous 70"- 56"- 76" dimensions. It was quite a

"How many silkworms died to make theez drezz?" Kelli quipped.

"Not enough if you don't behave…" Ian smiled and gestured. Kelli's immense bosom
began to swell again, her creamy mountains cresting the top of the dress, creating a vast
display of cleavage. She could feel the dress tightening every where else as well.

"All right! You vin!"

Let me know how you like it so far. If I get some good responses i'll keep working on it .


Part 3

"That's what I wanted to hear." Ian smiled.

As she lumbered her unfamiliar bulk outside, Kelli saw a cargo van waiting for them.

"I am not zat big!" Kelli groused, as Ian helped her into the expanse of the cargo area.

"We'll just have to see about that." Ian reinforced his earlier threat.

Kelli sat pouting as they sped toward their dinner date. Ian sat appraising the mass of
feminine abundance that he had created. She was even more beautiful in person. And the
night was still young.

They stopped at a swank looking joint with an arabian style facade that said "Sheik
Ahrzani's". Ian exhanged pleasantries with the doorman and gave him a handsome tip as
they were ushered inside. The maitre'd seemed to know Ian quite well.

"Ah, Mr. Darkstone." he purred, "What a pleasant surprise! And I see you have
brought a special guest this evening."

"Bite me." Kelli muttered.

"I'd like the Grand Table for myself and my feisty date." Ian squeezed Kelli's beefy
arm and led her to a massive banquet table.

"The lady would like a glass of the Shiek's finest bubbly."Ian winked at the maitre'd as
they sat down. Ian caught Kelli giving herself a good looking over. She seemed lost in

"It's not so bad is it?" Ian asked respectfully.

"Oh no!" Kelli mocked, "Eet iz vunderful to be az beeg az a house."

"I personally find you to be extraordinarily ravishing Natasha." Ian grinned.

"Hmph." Kelli fumed, "You are een zee minority pal."

"A minority that you didn't mind making a handsome living off of." Ian rebuked her.

She continued to pout in silence until the waiter brought a crystal glass with some type
of champagne in it. Immediately after that a cluster of servers brought a group of platters
out filled with rich delicacies. Kelli saw Lamb, Duck, Veal, Lobster, Roast and several
other entrees that would have fed a platoon.

"I'll make you a deal." Ian smiled.

"A deal…" Kelli's eyes brightened.

"If you can eat the Le Grande Buffet I'll turn you back into Kelli."

"I couldn't eat all this even if I vanted to." Kelli was shocked at the idea.

"I've given you everything Natasha Maximov has, except her appetite…and this drink
will give you her appetite."

"Zo, if I eat your Buffet, az you zay….you will change me back to normal." Kelli

"If you indulge me by eating this table of food, I will change you back into Kelli." Ian

Kelli downed the bubbly in one giant gulp. She was going to make this meal as fast as
possible. The thought of staying this blimpette any longer than she had to was unbearable.
Fortunately for her it did not take very long for an almost overwhelming hunger to overtake
her. She was suddenly ravenous and tore into the rack of lamb in front of her.

Ian smiled, exchanging knowing glances with some of the other dinner patrons. Unlike
Kelli, they knew what the she was in for. And it did not take long. Within minutes her
already titanic bosom was swelling outward in an exceptional display of hypertrophied
abundance. The dress was fighting a lost cause to keep the immense, yet still miraculously
firm, display of mammary pulchritude in check.

Her hips and ass were the next part of her anatomy to join in the race as they ballooned
outward in an unbelievable surge of growth. The seams of her dress split as her hips began
to drop of the edge of her chair, and her robustly rotund rear formed two cushiony moons
the size of sumo bellies. Supporting rolls of fat began to form underneath her breast and on
her lower back.

Kelli's gargantuan gut was pressing forward like some massive pile of dough rising in
an oven, with too much yeast to boot. It boosted her bountiful chest up into her face and
into her arms making it hard for her to see and reach her meal. It's rampant expansion
spread her legs ever wider as it's globular mass began to droop towards the floor. Her dress
split up the middle and was soon hanging in shreds on her overinflated frame.

Ian was sporting a boner the size of the Sears tower and the rest of the crowd was into it
as well. She had most likely doubled in weight to reach the half ton mark, and he could
only guess at her vital measurements. Kelli had finished by now, sitting in a post-feeding-
frenzy coma with the slightest dribble of sauce on the side of her mouth. Damn! She was
the hottest thing he had ever seen.

As she stirred she noticed her extra padding. "Zo, am I finally beeg enough to zatisfy
you oh mazter."

"You don't seem so upset," Ian was genuinely puzzled, "I would have thought you
would have been mortified."

"Az they zay, When in Rome…." Kelli gave him a sexy grin that spoke volumes.

"Check please." Ian yelled.


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Posting a couple of my old stories since there may be some new members who might want to read em. It may even get me writing again, who knows?

Option 3
By: Badcompany8888

June 2008

Jack sat in front of the large metal desk. He massaged his temples trying to ease the headache that had developed. His eyes moved across the desk, studying each glossy photo that lay before him.

Frank sat behind the desk, studying his client. Frank had seen this happen time and time again: Boy marries Girl. Girl cheats on Boy. Boy has suspicions, but no proof. Boy hires Detective. Detective trails Girl and gets proof. Detective shows Boy proof. Boy’s heart is broken. What made this instance worse was that this was the fourth time Frank caught Jack’s wife over the course of a year and a half.

When Frank got into this line of work, he was hoping for real mysteries to solve. He wanted to be like Sherlock Holms, Magnum PI, or even Scooby Doo. But he quickly found that private investigation was 98% domestic bullshit. Following cheating husbands and wives. No kidnapers, no stolen items, and certainly no ghouls. Hell, in three years the only other thing he’d been hired to do was to find a pet bird.

“Goddamn bird,” Frank muttered.

Jack looked up, “What?”

Frank snapped out of his trance, “It’s not important.” He shook his head, “Sorry I had to be the one to break it to you.”
Jack laughed awkwardly, “Hey, it’s not like I’m surprised!” He gestured to the other three files on the desk, labeled: October 2006, April 2007, and November 2007. Jack sighed and hung his head.

Frank felt sorry for this guy. Over the last year and a half Frank grew to know Jack. He gathered the photos up and put them in a separate folder. With a black marker he wrote; June 2008 and dropped the file in the stack angrily. This bitch was pissing him off. Jack didn’t deserve this. Something had to be done.
Frank stood and went to the window. He did it only for dramatic effect, since his office was so close to the next building, the only view it gave was that of a brick wall.

“The way I see it, you have three options. Option One: Divorce the bitch. Move on with your life.”

Jack hung his head even lower.

Frank continued, “But we both know that isn’t going to happen. You love her too much.”

Jack nodded slightly.

“Option Two: Ignore it. Maybe she’ll get bored. Maybe she’ll stop sleeping around.” Frank said.

Jack nodded, “Maybe…”

Frank turned around and crossed his arms, “And maybe monkeys could fly out of my ass. In the meantime, you’re miserable. You’re too nice of a guy for that shit.”

Jack took a deep, unsteady breath. He was about to start sobbing.

“Then its Option Three; MAKE her stop.” Frank said simply.

Jack laughed, “I’ve tried that! I spend plenty of time with her, I’m honest, and I try to keep her happy. I’ve confronted her three times already. She cries, begging me for forgiveness, and says she’ll never cheat on me again. And I believe her.” Jack opened one of the files and looked at a picture of Elizabeth. She was about 5’3, 125 pounds. Her straight, blonde hair reached to the middle of her back. She wore a 32D bra and size 6 panties – thongs exclusively. “She can’t help that she’s beautiful. She just can’t say ‘no’ when guys come on to her. She has no willpower”

Frank was deep in thought. He bit his lower lip, debating with himself. “You love her, right? No matter what? Not just because she’s beautiful?”
Jack exclaimed, “Oh course I love her! Unconditionally!” They had been married for about 4 years, having wed just out of college at age 22. They were crazy about each other from the beginning, but Elizabeth’s infidelity had always been a problem.

Frank sat down and flipped through his Rolodex. He found the business card he was looking for. He pushed it in front of Jack and said, “This guy is a doctor. He’s got access to certain… treatments. He gets results. They call him (insert long pause for dramatic effect) Rick.”

“A psychologist?” Jack raised an eyebrow and picked up the card.

Frank smiled, “No, nothing like that. This guy ain’t no Dr. Phil.”

The next day, Jack found himself in another office, a doctor’s office this time. The secretary, a large, pear-shaped woman led him into the office and introduced him to Rick.

The heavy black man sat behind the desk and listened to Jack tell his story. He studied the photos Jack had brought. Once Jack finished telling about his wife and their problem, Rick pushed a stack of papers toward Jack.

Rick said, “It’s a sort of personality test. I need you to answer these questions so I know what to do about your situation.”

Jack scanned the first page, “True or False: I feel guilty when I masturbate. What is this?”

Rick laughed a little, “I don’t write the questions. But the way you answer them will tell me about you and what steps we need to take to deal with your wife. I will give you all the time you need.” Rick stood and left the office.

Once the daunting assessment was complete, Jack called Rick back into the office. Jack was puzzled by most of the questions, some like: ‘Do blondes have more fun?’ and
‘Do you believe in karma?’

Rick collected the test from Jack. He removed a vial of yellow liquid from his desk and set it in front of Jack. “Here: put this in her coffee tomorrow morning. By the end of the day she will want to see a doctor. That’s when you come back here and pretend like we never met.” Rick said simply.

Jack stared at the vial on the desk. “What is this all about?”

Rick shrugged, “Well, you have a problem with your wife being unfaithful. I can help make certain changes so other men will be less….umm, interested. Then she will be yours exclusively.”

“What did you have in mind?” Jack asked nervously.

“I must meet her first. And I must review this test. Then I will know how far we must go to save your marriage.” Rick answered. “Put the yellow liquid in her drink and bring her to me. We will go from there.”

Rick threw out a figure. Jack wrote out the check, saying, “I feel bad about lying to my wife.”

“She lied to you dozens of times. She endangered your marriage, and you are trying to save it.” Rick replied.

Jack nodded and left the office, with the vial of liquid in his pocket.

The next day, Jack added the yellow liquid to Elizabeth’s coffee. Later that day, Elizabeth found herself sicker than hell. Her head was pounding and her stomach was killing her. It didn’t take much for Jack to persuade her to see a doctor. She was relieved when Jack told her that he found a doctor that could see her that day.

“Why the fuck do we have to drive this far? My usual doctor’s office is so much closer.” Elizabeth whined.

“Dr. Home couldn’t see you. He’s on leave. Dr. Rick is the only other one in our network.”

Jack and Elizabeth arrived at Rick’s office. They checked in with the large secretary behind the counter and sat down. Elizabeth didn’t notice the secretary making eyes with her husband, but he did. Jack tried to avoid the secretary’s gaze while he consoled his wife.

After a short wait, Rick emerged from his office, wearing his usual white T-shirt and jeans. Elizabeth gave Jack an uneasy look before following Dr. Rick into his office.
About twenty minutes later, Rick came out of the office, alone. He sat down next to Jack and said, “She’s in a trance. I hypnotized her so I could get to the bottom of your problem.”

Jack’s eyes grew wide, “Hypnotized? What have you done?” Jack paused and thought for a moment, “You didn’t hypnotize me yesterday, did you?”

Rick rolled his eyes, “No, I didn’t hypnotize you. And I haven’t done anything to Elizabeth yet. I wanted to go over my recommendations with you before I did anything.”

Jack sighed with relief. Rick continued.

“From what I can tell, she doesn’t try to be unfaithful, it just happens. She loves you with all of her heart and she genuinely feels bad about what has happened in the past.
But at the same time, her infidelity does not really bother her. If she could have her way, she would keep cheating on you and keep hiding it from you.”

Rick continued, “I don’t believe I should poke around inside her head too much. If I tell her to avoid contact with men there may be serious emotional and mental consequences. I’m not in the business of making people miserable. I’d suggest a physical change, to keep other males from tempting your wife.”

“So I’m going to pay you to make my wife ugly.” Jack asked.

Rick shook his head, “Ugly is such a….um, an ugly word. If you truly love your wife you won’t care about what she looks like. You want the check back?” Rick took it from his wallet and held it up.

Jack still wasn’t real happy about the whole situation, so he just sighed and said, “Go easy on her.”

Thirty minutes later, Rick escorted Elizabeth out of his office. He explained that Elizabeth had an un-diagnosed allergic reaction. She would have to take pills daily and stop back in a month for a check-up. During that time, Rick was going to run some blood tests to determine what she was allergic to. Of course, Jack had been told what the pills were really for. He also knew that Rick planted a couple of subconscious commands in her head to help the physical changes come with less mental resistance and to keep Elizabeth from dwelling on her situation.

Elizabeth was quiet on the way home. She stared through the windshield blankly while Jack drove. When Jack tried to start conversation, he would get a one-word answer. It was as if she were still in a trance. He felt horrible about what he did. But Rick and Frank’s words helped drive away the guilt. When Elizabeth stepped out of the car upon arrival, Jack thought to himself, “She gave me no choice. Option 3 was my only option.”


3 weeks later…July 15th

Frank had been following Adam’s green Jaguar for about twenty minutes already. Over the years, he had gotten better at tailing a target. The first time he tried following a guy, Frank got too close and the guy noticed him. The guy got out of the car and used a golf club to smash the windshield of Frank’s orange Ford Maverick.

That was a couple years ago. Nowadays, Frank left more space and drove a less conspicuous Dodge sedan. He parked the Dodge on the street when he saw the Jaguar pull up to a high-rise apartment building. Adam and Elizabeth stepped out and walked into the main entrance. Frank sighed, knowing where they were going. He already had 2 sets of photos of them at Adam’s condo.

Jack was away on business, which is when Elizabeth strayed the most. After he took Elizabeth to Rick for the first time, he was able to spend 2 weeks with her before he had to go to Des Moines. But not long after he left, Elizabeth had found her way back to Adam.

Frank headed to the high-rise across the street. A quick look at the mailboxes confirmed that apartment 117 on the 12th floor was still vacant. He had used apartment 117 to take the other two sets of photos. It offered him an excellent view into Adam’s apartment across the street. Fortunately for Frank, Adam always left his blinds open. Maybe he did it on purpose.

Frank picked the lock to the vacant apartment as he had done before. The first two times he got a bit of a rush sneaking into the apartment. He was doing real detective-type stuff, like a spy almost.

Elizabeth had wasted no time in getting undressed. Through the telephoto lens, Frank could tell Rick’s treatment was certainly working. Her body was changing. However, the treatments were obviously not solving Jack’s problem.

Frank called Jack from the empty apartment. “Yeah, Jack, it’s Frank. You can probably guess what I’m watching…”

Three days later…July 18th

Jack came back home 3 days later. Frank and Rick had instructed Jack to say nothing about Beth’s meeting with Adam. Jack would come home and act as though nothing was different.

But there was a lot different. When Jack came through the door, she usually ran right up to him and gave him a hug and kiss. This time she stayed put, sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and watching TV. She simply tilted her head back and puckered her lips, waiting for Jack to lean in and kiss her. After he did, her attention turned back to the ice cream. Jack surveyed her from top to bottom. Instead of designer jeans and a nice shirt, she wore a large nightshirt that reached to mid-thigh. Elizabeth said, “Sorry for not being dressed, I didn’t even leave the house today.”

“Are you feeling ok?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Elizabeth said with her mouth full. “I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t feel like doing anything. I skipped my morning jog all week and today didn’t even go outside. I think I should go back to the doctor.”

“Ok. We already have a follow-up appointment with him on Monday.”

“Good, I feel bloated, too.” She put her hands to her midsection, outlining a round tummy that hadn’t been there 3 weeks ago. The nightshirt did a good job of hiding it, but Jack could tell that her thighs were losing their tone as well.

Jack took a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and sat in the armchair opposite her. “So, if you didn’t go jogging, what did you do?” Jack asked.

“Not much really. Went shopping. Had lunch with Diana on Tuesday,” She kept shoveling the ice cream in, spilling some on her shirt.

“So that’s it. That’s all you did all week?” Jack shrugged his shoulders leaned back in the chair. Jack knew he needed to act as though everything was fine, but it was taking every fiber of his being not to call her out on the affair.

Elizabeth was picking up his signals. “Yeah. That’s it,” She replied shortly.

Jack had to back off. He didn’t want Elizabeth to know that he was having her followed again. He wanted to give Rick a chance to work his magic, and if Jack revealed that he knew she was cheating again, things would get complicated quick.

Rather than push the issue, Jack put his hands up in a defensive manner and said, “Just wondering.”

The whole weekend, Jack fished for info. But Elizabeth was good; she said nothing about her affair. Jack thought that if he didn’t pay Frank to follow her, he may never know the difference. The two made it through the weekend but by Monday they were fighting again in the car on the way to Rick’s office.

Jack wasn’t even sure how the argument started, but he was ready to drive the car off a bridge. “I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying I wish I could trust you.”

“You CAN trust me; I’ve put that shit behind me. You should do the same.”

Jack sighed, “I wish I knew it were true.”

“Then believe it! Every time you go away, you come back and interrogate me! I know I screwed up in the past, but I only want you,” Elizabeth insisted.

“I know you only want me, but what if you just can’t help yourself.” Jack knew he was bordering on the edge and should shut up. He didn’t want her to figure out that she was being hypnotized. She could not find out that he knew her and Adam’s evening on July 15th.

Jack parked the car in front of Rick’s office and said, “Look, let’s just drop it. I don’t want…” Elizabeth had already stepped out of the car and was stomping toward the office.

Rick came out of his office and looked to the only man in his waiting room. “She failed the test.”

Jack looked up from the Redbook he was paging through, “What test?”

“She’s still too, how should we say… easy? She tried sucking me off.”

“Just now!?” Jack shouted.

Rick shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry. Once she was in a trance, all I had to do was give her a few compliments and she was all over me.”

Jack was losing his composure. “She is just screwing with me! Every lie leads to another!”

“You still want to go though with this?” Rick asked.

“Hell yes, more than ever!”

“She is gaining weight, 19 pounds since I last saw her. But what I had planned isn’t working. We may have to take things to the next level. It may cause mental stress…”

Jack cut in, “What about all the mental stress she caused me?!”

Rick tried to explain, “The thing is, her infidelity may be natural for her. The thoughts and beliefs that are ingrained deep into the mind are difficult to reverse.”

Shaking his head, Jack said, “English, please…”

“I may not be able to stop her from cheating. And if I can, it is going to be difficult. Mind you she was in a trance, but all it took was a few lousy pick up lines and she was going for my zipper. It wouldn’t take much for some bum at a bar to get your wife in the sack. Why is she like this; I don’t know, I’m not a shrink. If I can’t stop her cheating, maybe you should consider divorce.”

Jack would hear nothing of divorce. Rick said he would go back and poke around in Elizabeth’s head to see if he could find out why she is so easy. He was going to try to see what is keeping Adam around.

Another 30 minutes later, Rick came out again and said, “I think I found the root of your problem. There is no easy way to say this.”

Suddenly concerned, Jack asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

“It’s not what’s wrong with her; it’s what’s wrong with you. From what she says, you’re not very…good,” Rick said, raising his eyebrow.

“Good? I’m very good to her! I always treat…”

“Not good in bed. You don’t satisfy her. That’s why she sees Adam.”

“That’s bullshit! I have no problem bringing her to…”

“Orgasm? No, she fakes it. Every time. Sorry.” Rick shrugged his shoulders.

Jack threw his arms in the air, “Fucking Hell! She says I’m not good in bed?!”

“Yeah, apparently this Adam guy is something else. He has no problem making your wife orgasm 3 or 4 times a night,” Rick said, matter-of-factly.

“Thanks for the details! How helpful!”

“That, coupled with her attitude toward mahogany is where your marriage is running into problems,” Rick said.

The irritated Jack said nothing.

“I can give her some injections to help stimulate the nerve endings in her pubic region. Now I don’t exactly know what that stimulant will do to her, but you can expect an increase in vaginal fluid and an increase in sensitivity. That will help you satisfy her needs, but it will help him out too. So we can’t just leave it at that. We need to find another way to keep Adam and other guys off of your wife.”

Glad that Rick was getting somewhere, Jack asked, “Ok, let’s do it. How?”

Rick looked at his notes, “Well, from what Elizabeth tells me under hypnosis, Adam likes to spend a lot of time with her tits.”

Jack rolled his eyes, “Point being?”

Cautiously, Rick asked, “How much are you attached to them?”

Jack stayed silent. Elizabeth always had perfect breasts. He was going to have to deal with a few changes. He already said goodbye to her trim body, and now he was going to have to say goodbye to her round, perky, D cups.

“I’ll have her come back next week so I can handle those things.” Rick made a mark on his clipboard, “I’m also going to plant a subliminal message, so she uses and recognizes ‘Beth’ as her name, rather than Elizabeth. Elizabeth is too posh, and we want to bring out the simpler side of your wife. She will think of herself as a ‘Beth’, it should help her attitude.”

“Ok, that’s a good idea. Anything else?”

Rick nodded, “I’m gonna up her doses on the weight gain pills and muscle relaxers. If she’s not motivated to go any where, she’ll be more apt to behave herself. I’m also going to give her a couple more subliminal commands. When she wants to go to a salon for a haircut, don’t stop her. The more we can do to change her appearance, the more likely Adam will move on.”

Rick continued, “Oh, and she’s on to you. She knows something is up. I am going to plant a few more commands to slow her thinking process down, so she doesn’t see through our plan. I don’t have to tell you how illegal this is.”

The Elizabeth that emerged from the office was in a much better mood than the one that went in. Rick set Beth an appointment for next week, while Jack was away. As soon as the couple got in the car, Beth said, “I want to go and get a new hairstyle. Can we go now?”

Jack wasn’t going to stop her, but asked why. Beth answered, “I don’t know, I just want a change. I remember someone telling me about this Mary’s place, but I don’t remember who told me, it’s odd.”

Jack pulled up to a salon that Beth somehow knew how to find. Jack waited in the car as Beth went in to have her hair done. Jack sat back in the car and thought to himself. ‘There must be a better way. If I put that piece of shit Adam in the ground that might solve some problems. Nah, can’t do that, somebody else will come along. This whole plan is kind of a turn on in a twisted way. I am paying a man to make my wife into another person. Does that make me a bad person? No, putting Adam in the ground, that would make me a bad person.’

It didn’t take long for him to drift off.

Jack woke as Beth climbed back in the car. The smell of solution filled the car. Jack nearly jumped when he saw her. Her long hair was gone. Her nape and sides were buzzed short down to maybe only a 1/2 inch. The top was cut down to about 2 inches short, then curled and permed. Her blonde hair was now dyed to the burgundy color of the towels in their bathroom. The new hairstyle easily made Beth look 15 years older.

“What do you think?” Beth asked with a wide smile.

For the next two days, Beth hung around the house, acting like a space cadet. Jack could see how she got talked into the new hairstyle so easy. Because Rick slowed her thinking down, she was so air-headed now you could tell her the Earth was flat and she would believe it. She was taking double doses of appetite stimulant and muscle relaxer, and by the time Jack had to leave on Wednesday, it was obvious. She hardly moved around the house, let alone move out of it. She just sat on the couch and ate. When Jack left for Memphis on Wednesday, he wasn’t sure what he would come back to.
R: 0 / I: 0
A Clean Mouth
by Volt Namazuros

“God, this place is a mess….Jie?! Jie, get in here!”
I tapped my foot impatiently as I looked around my study; I could see fingerprints on the glass tabletops, there was dust on the mantle, and my brass, full length mirror looked absolutely filthy. I took a moment to straighten my skirt as I looked up and down at my reflection, making sure I looked presentable. I had been working at this firm for a year; as far as I was concerned, being a lawyer was the best job ever. I had the two most important things; respect and money. If my meeting today went well, I’d be looking at a huge raise, so I had to look nice….I sighed, sticking my small chest out a little, trying to display what I thought was a proper amount of cleavage.
Just a few seconds later I heard quick, light footsteps, and I turned around to greet my maid.
“What’s the matter, miss May?” Jie asked in her soft voice.
Jie had come to America from Asia a few years ago, and I had hired her early last year. She had done an…adequate job, I guessed. I thought it was a little embarrassing, to be honest; I was 24, three years younger than her, and I was her boss. Still, it was something of a rush to have someone around to clean and take care of things, especially someone as submissive as Jie.
Still, having an actual maid…it was quite the status symbol, and I liked bragging and showing her off. It wasn’t like my small home really needed one, even if I was always busy with work; it was just that I liked having her work for me. And she was especially popular at parties I threw, where the various men at my firm enjoyed her presence. She was really pretty, although it was hard to take her seriously; she had these ridiculous C cups, and they looked massive on her petite frame. I had always prided myself on my small chest; I didn’t need a couple of watermelons down my shirt to get ahead in life.
“Umm…miss May?” I was jerked out of my daydreams to look at Jie staring at me pensively.
I gestured around me, sighing. “Are you serious? How could you be this far behind? This place looks horrible!”
“I’m sorry, miss; I’ll make sure I take care of it,” she replied, looking down at the ground. “It’s just, I’m a little excited about my sister’s wedding tomorrow; I’m very anxious to go…”
I looked at her in shock. “Excuse me? Jie, I’m having a business party tomorrow, I need you here helping out!” Which wasn’t entirely true; she wouldn’t be doing anything but serving drinks or tidying things up, but I knew a few of my bosses would be disappointed if they couldn’t oggle her…I needed her here if I wanted my party to go perfect.
Jie looked up at me, eyes wide. “Miss May, I told you months ago…I needed tomorrow night off, I can’t miss her wedding, please miss…”
I snapped my fingers and glared at her, and felt a surge of satisfaction as she fell silent. “Now you listen to me. If you’re not here tomorrow, I won’t just fire you; I’ll blacklist you to anyone else who tries to hire you. I’ll make you wish you had never left Japan!”
“C-china…” Jie corrected me softly, still looking at the floor.”
“Whatever. You’re MY maid; you work for me, and when I say to be somewhere, you better be there. Do I make myself clear?”
Jie looked up, and for a moment I thought she would say something; her normally cute face was set in an angry glare…but then she glanced back at the ground, sighing. “Yes, miss May, perfectly clear…I’ll be here tomorrow…” Then, with a quick little bow, she exited the room, looking as if she was going to cry.
“Just make sure this place looks nice!” I called after her, glaring at the messy study as I left for my meeting.
* * *
It was growing dark by the time I got home, and I had to stop myself from cheering as I walked in the door. My meeting had gone so well! I mean, I thought it was annoying when Mr. Thompson was staring at my chest, but it was also kind of thrilling too, and it made me feel nice that my goal to look nice had worked so well. I was a shoe-in for a raise, and if my party went well, who knows what else I would get?
“Jie? Jie, did you tidy everything up?” I called out. Nobody replied, and I scowled a little; if Jie had ditched working as some sort of passive aggressive rebellion, I would make sure she regretted it. But as I walked past the study, I saw it was clean…so at least she had done some work.
I walked upstairs, thinking she must be in the guest room; that’s where she usually stayed if she had to spend the night. But when I opened the door, all I saw was a freshly made bed. I was about to turn and leave when something glinted in the light. I looked closer, curious.
It was a little silver necklace, shiny and elegant. A locket hung from the thin chain, and I picked it up to get a better look. I blushed hard, then laughed a second later; what I thought was a large silver set of breasts was actually a little upside down heart.
“Jie?” I called again, still looking down at the necklace. I was wondering where it had come from; Jie certainly couldn’t afford something like this…was it stolen? I thought about it; it certainly could be. Maybe it was even a piece of jewelry I had bought years ago and had forgotten about; she had likely dug around in my cabinets, looking for things to steal. I frowned; maybe I’d have to fire Jie anyways, though it would have to wait until after the party. But in the meantime, I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t wear this necklace…I mean, it was in my house, and it was probably mine…besides, it seemed really pretty, and I had such a strong urge just to wear it, to see how I looked in it…even as the thoughts were still moving through my head, my hands were already acting. I heard the click around my neck and looked down in shock; the little necklace was already on, the locket resting against my breasts. I smiled to myself, admiring the way it stood out against my skin; it would be perfect for the party tomorrow!
“Find something you like, miss May?” asked a soft voice behind me.
I spun around, jumping a little in surprise. Jie was standing there, and though I expected her to look angry, she actually looked…pleased with herself? My twinge of fear vanished as quickly as it had appeared, replaced with anger.
“And where were you, you slacker? Off sulking or something? You should be thanking me for even giving you a job, when-”
“When what?” Jie interrupted me, and I was stunned into silence. “You treat me horribly, even when I try to do a good job. You only care about showing me off as if I’m some exotic pet. You don’t respect me.”
“And why should I?” I shot back, feeling my face heat up with anger. “All you’re good for is cleaning and looking presentable. And if you don’t want to lose this job, then you better-”
“That’s ok, miss. I quit.” Jie gave me an…almost playful little smile, bowing at me. I stared at her in shock.
“You…you quit…?”
Jie nodded, her smile growing. “Yes, but don’t worry. I’m sure the position will be filled before you know it.”
I blinked at her, feeling confused and annoyed. The heat from my face seemed to be spreading to my whole body, but I didn’t pay it any mind; I was way too frustrated with Jie. “Well, I hope you know that there’s no way in hell I’ll be giving you a positive recommendation after this; you can forget about being hired as a maid!”
Jie shrugged casually; an alien expression, I had never seen her do that before. “Well, that’s alright; I’m done with the maid thing, I think. But you might be interested in giving it a try, miss.
I rubbed my forehead, feeling a little lightheaded as I listened to Jie. Something was wrong; the heat I had felt before was still spreading, my entire body tingling.
“W-what…did….did you drug me…?” I stammered out, sitting down on the bed for support.
“Well, you took my necklace, didn’t you miss?” Jie replied, leaning against the door frame. “Don’t you know never to take things that don’t belong to you? It looks great on you, by the way; a natural fit.”
I looked down at the necklace, as I massaged my temples, and was shocked to see that it actually seemed to be shining brighter against my skin. Then I blinked, letting out a little yelp of horror, even as I shivered from my body’s smoldering heat.
The necklace wasn’t just brighter. My skin was darker.
I couldn’t tear my eyes from the sight; it was a slow process, but it was still happening right before my eyes. My pale flesh darkened evenly, from what I saw; the tops of my breasts growing into a shade that made me think of light, smooth caramel. Before I knew it, the tingling lessened, and my skin seemed to have finished it’s transformation. It didn’t look like I had gotten a tan, though; something seemed…off…about the colorization. I brought my hands up to touch myself, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and I let out a helpless little whimper as I saw that my hands had changed as well My pink nails stood out starkly from my light, my light brown fingers trembling with fear. I rubbed my face, staring miserably at what had happened to my chest. Then I looked up at Jie, grinning ear to ear, and in a flash of insight I realized what had happened.
I wasn’t tan. I was…I was…
I was Asian! My skin was a little darker than Jie’s, but there was no mistaking it!
Jie laughed, holding her hands to her mouth. “Wow, I can’t believe that worked! And your blonde hair looks wonderful with that skin tone. That’s a really good look for you, miss May; very…exotic…” Jie broke off into another fit of giggles, stirring me to action. I got off the bed, growling as I pointed up at Jie menacingly.
“Listen, you psycho bitch, if you…if…ah…”
I stammered a bit as my tired mind tried to understand what was happening. I was 5 foot 4…Jie was barely 5 feet tall…why was I pointing up at her…?
Jie’s laughter redoubled as I gasped down at my baggy clothes, then back up at her. God, she was nearly a head taller than me! I was nearly level with her chest, her huge breasts looking downright massive from my perspective.
“S-stop laughing, you fucking skank!” I hopped up and down, shivering in frustration, anger, and fear. Which I immediately realized was a mistake, as my now-baggy clothes slid down my body, leaving me standing in my loose bra and panties.
Jie looked me up and down, her expression thoughtful. “Mhm, I know what will help…” She muttered to herself.
“Help? What are you sayi-ooooh….nnn..” I panted from the sudden intense heat that coursed through my body; it was like a more intense, focused version of the sensation I had felt before…and it was focused entirely on my breasts. I gasped as I felt my nipples harden against the bra’s fabric, feeling almost painfully sensitive. Without thinking, I tore my bra off, standing topless before the giggling Chinese girl.
“Jie, y-you can’t…you…ahh…you…you s-stupid bitch…” I panted out, feeling my breasts jiggle as I squirmed on my feet.
Wait…jiggle…? I didn’t have enough to jiggle…
I looked down, squealing in terror as I saw my already swelled breasts grow even larger. My chest ballooned obscenely, my sand-colored breasts ripening like two huge watermelons. Finally, after a few more agonizing seconds, they seemed to stop, and I stared at them with wide, horrified eyes as I struggled not to move…I didn’t want the huge things to wobble about and send me tumbling to the floor. My tits…they could only be called tits…they jutted out from my chest, jiggling as my every breath and movement. I tried to lean over delicately, to see if I could even see my feet past them, but they slapped lightly against each other and I was forced to lean against the bedpost with a yelp, panting in fright.
“Mmmm…yes, I think a 34E was perfect for you, miss May,” Jie noted casually from the door. “I mean, it looks a little silly on you, seeing as how you can’t be taller than 4 foot 10…but it sure looks wonderful from this end.”
That was it, I couldn’t take this…this Asian bimbo’s bullshit anymore! I leaped from the bed, my wobbling tits actually aiding me in diving towards Jie, who looked up at me in surprise. I tackled her to the ground, squirming on top of her.
“You fucking fix me this second, you worthless Chinese slut!” I wrestled on top of her, rubbing my hips against hers, trying to hold her down, my hands stroking her breasts as I pressed myself tight against her…I shook my head a little…wait…this wasn’t right…but then she leaned up and licked my lips, and ooooh God, it was like a burst of pleasure, a tiny orgasm in my mouth that made my hips quiver with need…then I felt myself roughly shoved on the floor, and Jie was suddenly kneeling next to me, smirking down at my trembling form.
“That wasn’t very nice, miss, and it was also pretty useless; I think I need to make your occupation a bit more clear…”
I felt myself tugged to my feet, and being lead downstairs…I was having a hard time thinking and keeping it all straight, my mind still fuzzy from the bizarre mini-orgasm I had felt on my lips…by the time I could think somewhat clearly again, we were in the study, and Jie had pulled me in front of the mirror. I had an idea of what I had changed into, but seeing my reflection still made me whimper in humiliation.
I looked like a tiny Asian slut…there was no mistaking my soft caramel skin tone for anything but an Asian girl. My long blonde hair remained, but it seemed almost lighter…it looked like the color one would get from a salon dye job, but it was clearly natural, all the same. My eyes had remained brown, but they looked a bit darker than before, and the shape was different too…and my lips had plumped up, ever so slightly. My whole face had shifted gently and delicately, and even though I still looked like myself, it was still a drastic change. I looked positively tiny, my massive tits making my height look even more ridiculous. My nipples hadn’t grown at all, and the tiny pink things topped the wobbling, swaying globes of titflesh. The things dominated my body…there was no way to look at me and not stare at my gargantuan melons…
I heard a snap and a laugh behind me, and I began to turn, but before I could blink I saw what had happened to me. Or at least, what I was now wearing.
“Now there’s a good outfit for you, miss May,” Jie said as she walked up next to me, clearly admiring my reflection. “Or maybe I should call you miss Mayd….” She broke into another giggly fit as I stared in shock at myself.
A maid outfit…a maid outfit designed by the biggest pervert in the universe, maybe. The black and white lace outfit was embarrassingly short, the frilly, poofy skirt barely serving to maintain my decency. Not like it was being maintained anyways, though, since the horrible thing was topless; my massive jugs hung out proudly, jiggling against the soft fabric on my chest. My legs now sported thigh-high white stockings, and even though my tits made it impossible for me to look down and check I could see that I had gotten a pair of ridiculously slutty-looking heels. A feather duster hung from a little strap on my waist, the puffy thing rubbing gently against my stocking-clad thigh. And the final bit of humiliation was evident as I looked at the black and white lace headband I now wore…poking up from the top were two black silken kitty ears.
“Wow….you turned out great, wouldn’t you agree, miss Mayd?” Jie reached under my skirt and gave my chest a squeeze, causing me to jump in fright; my tits bounced so hard that the sensation nearly threw me to the ground. I spun around, glaring furiously at Jie.
“Wu zheme jiozhì!”
I stared dumbly at the grinning girl, not understanding what had happened. Jie looked like she was holding in laughter as she asked, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. What did you say?”
“Wu zheme tu me de jiozhi qingfu!” I yelled back at her, feeling frightened and confused….what the hell was I saying? It sounded like…like…
…like Chinese…
Jie laughed at my frustration, wiping her eyes. “Ooooooooooooh, poor miss Mayd…I mean, if you want to fit the part, you should certainly sound the part…but I wander if you’re even able to understand what you’re saying…”
She was right; I had no idea if the words coming out of my mouth were even what I wanted to say. “Wu de rifang zheme da, zheme run!” I cried out at her, pouting miserably. “Wu xing zai timen gingji ruci zogo!!”
Apparently, whatever I had said made Jie fall to the ground with laughter, holding her side from apparent pain in her stomach. “Oh! Oh, wow, hahaha, I’m sure you do, sweetie…but let’s really put that new body of yours to work, shall we?” Rather than moving off the ground, she wiggled out of her jeans, tossing them off into the corner. Her plain white panties were next, and she spread her legs, baring her sex to me. Horribly, the first thoughts that went through my mind weren’t disgust, but rather surprise that she was shaved, and a curious pang of arousal…my hips jerked a little, and Jie plainly saw it.
“Awww…is my little maid horny…? Can you say that, miss? ‘Horny’?”
I grimaced, wiggling around….God, what was wrong with me…
“I asked you a question, maid. Can you say ‘horny’?” Jie’s voice was a bit firmer this time, and I felt myself stiffen to attention as something clicked in my head, my body apparently responding automatically to her words. Helplessly, I felt my mouth open.
“Wu zheme jiozhi … ahh…W…Wu …” I gulped, panting…”M…me so h-horny…”
Jie grinned up at me, clearly enjoying herself. “I’m sorry…what was that…?”
“M-me so horny!” I cried out, thrusting my hips frantically. “Me so horny, me so horny!!!”
I was too busy burning with embarrassment to really focus on Jie’s laughter…and not just embarrassment; I was burning with lust, my whole body feeling hot, eager, ready…it was like before, when I had tackled Jie…I didn’t understand why, though…
Finally, Jie calmed down. “Well, at least you can speak a little english; that will be entertaining…but I’m more interested in other aspects of your mouth, my sweet maid…” She shifted, spreading her legs a bit more, leaning back on her elbows as she grinned up at me. “Let’s take you for a spin, shall we…? Suck.”
I felt something click in my head, just as it had before, and before I knew it I was on all fours, my tits jiggling and bouncing between my arms. “Sucky sucky?” I asked, blushing bright red.
Jie’s laughter framed her words. “Oh…oh yes, sucky sucky…make sure it’s good sucky, little maid…wouldn’t want you fired…”
Before she was even finished talking, I had crawled between her legs, plunging my head against her pussy. I was dimly aware of her gasping, of her trembling thighs pressing against me, but it was all secondary to me; her pussy, my mistress’ pussy….that’s all I could focus on, all that mattered. Sucky… she had said…I had to sucky…good sucky…I needed to make sure that mistress felt good…and it felt good to do it, her sweet, heavenly sex twitching against my eager, hardworking tongue. I lapped at her, suckling and worshiping Jie’s pussy as she squirmed on the floor.
“Oh…oh wow…y-you’re…ahh…y-you’re amazing at that…who would have t-thought…” I heard my mistress gasp, and her pleased moans and praise only maid me hotter, more eager…my own pussy burned with need, but it felt even better to serve, to work hard for mistress, to lick her amazingly sweet slit…
“S-such a good maid…I mean…y-you do…ahh…h-have to listen to what I say, and attahh…nnn….a-attacking me will m-make you a horny, n-needy little meennnnnghh…m-mess! Ahh, yes, ohhhh…still…y-you’re sooo good….” Jie kept talking as she wiggled, her voice breaking with pleasure as she began to stroke my hair, urging me on. I eagerly obeyed, moaning and whimpering into her clenching, trembling sex, feeling my own heat rise, rise, rise…
With a soft, sweet cry, my mistress arched her back and came against my mouth, her pussy grinding against my face as I sucked and slurped. I moaned happily along with her, my voice muffled by her delicious, wonderfully sex, tasting better than the sweetest sugar….
“Mmm…cum…” Jie whispered down at me, panting hard, and I felt my own pussy, burning with lust, finally crescendo and peak, my body going white with bliss. Lightning bolts of pure pleasure tingled through my body as I humped the ground, suckling my mistress’ pussy as I eagerly lapped at the ambrosia dripping down from her sex, down her thighs…all the while, moaning in bliss, happily mewling with joy at the nirvana I was experiencing….
Finally, after an eternity of pleasure, Jie wiggled to her feet. I heard myself make a small groan of disappointment, my head still tingling with lust. I tried to pull myself up to my feet, but I was still too weak from the experience, and my tits were just too heavy…whimpering, I laid back on the ground, resting on my fat jugs as I gazed up at my smiling mistress….n-no…at the smiling Jie…I shook my head miserably, my libido calming down…
“Well..” Jie said lazily, stretching her arms above her head as she let out a pleased moan, and I felt a dull tingle of pleasure and longing smolder in my dripping pussy. “You’re one good maid, miss; I don’t think I’ll be firing you any time soon…”
“No kayu shainx wu de rufang zhoufang…?” I mumbled out miserably, trying and failing to get to my feet once more.
Jie leaned down, patting my head, and I felt an almost absurd level of joy run through me as I was petted by my beautiful, angelic mistress…I was so good, she was so happy with me! No, damnit, keep it together May! I thought to myself angrily, struggling to keep my thoughts together.
“Don’t worry, honey; this isn’t going to be a forever thing. I just thought it might be nice for me to have a maid while I go on the job hunt…and maybe it’ll do you some good too.” She paused, grinning. “And don’t worry! I’ll make sure that you’ll be ready to entertain for your party tomorrow night; I know how important it is for you. I even got you a bag of toys!” I let out an embarrassed moan, opening my mouth to protest, but I was stopped by a stern glare from Jie.
“That’s quite enough, maid. Now look at this place; it’s filthy! You dripped everywhere…shouldn’t you clean it up?”
I felt a rush of humiliation run through me…oh God, mistress was right…I turned around on my hands and knees, looking at the wet spot I had left on the wood floor…without a moment’s hesitation, I buried my face against the cool wood, lapping eagerly at my juices; I had to make the floor spotless for mistress’ guests!
Jie laughed, patting my head again, and like before I felt the wonderful rush of pleasure and happiness.
“That’s a good girl…ha…what do you know…I think I really maid, a real hard worker out of you…and it’s so nice that you finally have a clean mouth…”
She paused, then let out a long, happy laugh, scratching my ears, and I wiggled my hips in bliss as I cleaned, feeling so content at my mistress’ feet…I had the best job in the world!
R: 1 / I: 0
Wraith of Angels
By Simon :twisted:

BE, WG, Tattoo, Piercings, hair cut, and if people have a good idea this may exspand

Chapter 1 Meeting Samantha

Samantha Graham sat back in the large lounge sofa in her four star suite at the exclusive Barrymore hotel in the Caribbean. It had been a busy past few months. She finally had time to open the package that had been sent to her. She of course knew what is was, the first of what would be many offers from some of the bigger Cable News Channels. Offer that would soon land Samantha hosting her own investigative report show and maybe more.

Samantha had been building toward this, well something like this since junior high school. She had always excelled at being number one. Samantha sent her mind back to count all her achievements, Class president, Head cheerleader, Editor of the school paper, President of her Sorority, Honor roll, Valedictorian high school and college, She had gotten a academic scholar ship and majored in Journalism. All of this of course would have been impossible if it wasn’t for her guiding principal, “No Mercy”. She learned early to go for the throat and hold nothing back. She also didn’t mind using her charm and looks to get men to do what she wanted, all part of the all or nothing attitude, and why not she had a great body toned, tanned and young. She could even add being a real redhead too boot.

She hadn’t just done well in school Samantha had gone to work for a small respectable magazine, with too limited circulation for her taste, but it was one of many “Stepping Stones” in her “big plan”. She knew she needed something to kick off her career. She started with a few tell all about local politicians and minor celebrities. Her editor at the time told her she had talent but need to “spice” it up. Samantha realized, the old fart was right, but if she wanted the real dirt, and therefore the big story, she’d have to get her hands dirty and dig deep.

Samantha took her next exposé , for the throat, a “tell all” on a local senator and his extra martial affairs. She got a job in the campaign and after disposing of a few other volunteers and campaign workers, She found herself in deep enough to get the real story.. She noticed it only took a few bats or her eye, a little cleavage or a few carefully planted rumors to get past most obstacles. The story ruined the senators re-election chance and caused a nasty divorce but the important part was it was a hit. She had of course embellished the facts slightly, something along a 90% truth 10% imagination. She soon found herself being offered work on bigger project. She took great care of course to hide her appearance and real name. She always mentioned it was to protect her “journalistic integrity”.

Samantha finally arranged to re-publish all her best story in a book, it was such a big seller that the publisher ask if she could write book length exposé. At first she had wondered about going from journalist to writer, but looking back she would have been a fool not too. She did her first book on a famous but very secluded cloister in the Colorado mountains. She had snuck in as an initiate. It took four months, but the Sisters turned out to be far too trusting. She made quick work of their secrets and reputation. She had to add a little flair and imply a few thing, more of her 90%-10% formula, which at this point was more like 80%-20%, But “ Kicking the Habit” sold eight million copies. Then She went on to ruin the reputations of the country number one Christian colleges cheerleaders in her book “ Lesbian Cheerleaders of the Big West”. She was on roll, with 5 top sellers in 6 years. She was barely 28 and already worth a mint.

Samantha had really fallen into the “writers mystique”, She learned to keep her publisher out of the loop on what exactly her next book would be, which had made Barbara her publisher mad at first but after 3 hit books. She would simply send Samantha whatever cash she need for her investigation and take it out of her share of the profits afterwards. Barbara had grow to trust her, Samantha would disappear for four and five months at a time and then a Thumb drive would show up with the ready to edit manuscript and raw pictures. She often wondered what Barbara would think if she knew on the last 2 book she’d only done minimal research and then spend three months at the Barrymore, relaxing and working on her tan. She would simply do her basic investigation then fill the rest with some of her own personal creative Magic.

Her next book was an exposé on a mysterious group of female biker, it had taken her months to track them down, it seem that nobody knew anything about them, but their name, “The Iron Angles”. It had taken her even longer to set up a way in to, the club. Then after all her work she was shocked and a bit disappointed to find the majority of club members were made up of extremely wealthy single, divorcees and widowers, women spending their free time traveling the country and acting half their age. Samantha had found a few honest to goodness “biker bitches” , but they were “in on the joke” as it were and some had even got well paying “day jobs” working for their “bike Sisters”. She wondered what all those “outlaw biker” who had taken a “biker bitch“ back to the motel or maybe a nearby bike seat might think if they knew , the “biker bitch” was a wealthy MILF ? It was a good story sure, but as she had learned “good” wasn’t good enough. She need to embellish it. She quickly painted the “angels” as a group of wealthy deviants, drug smugglers and whores. She had combs thru over two hundred pictures a private investigator she used had taken candid photos, After she was done she had found twelve or fifteen good ones that looked like they would back-up her story. When she sent this manuscript in to her agent, in say eight months, it would be a block buster.

She walked over to the mirror in her room and dressed in her brand new blue designer bikini. She admired herself. She still had the body of a cheerleader. She smiled put on her big sun hat, slipped into her pool shoes and tossed a towel over her shoulder. She felts great already but teasing men always made her feel better. She stood in the private elevator reserved for guest of her stature. Walked out into the sun, the warm energy made her skin tingle. Samantha walked out like a queen inspecting her kingdom. As she walked around the sand of the fake beach that surrounded the hotel’s pool. She took her time, she always did. Samantha loved to show off her body, so she took the long way to where she had reserved a lounge chair. She stopped and posed before laying her towel down. She sat and began to apply her sun tan lotion. Samantha watch the men around the pool drool over her, it wasn‘t about sex to her but the power she felt as they worshipped her. She leaned back and adjust her hat to cover her face.

After a half hour or so, one of the young smartly dressed waiter appeared with a drink, She looked at the frosty alcoholic beverage and with a smile excepted it. The look at the waiter and then at the pool as if to ask, “Who?”. He smiled back , “not sure, the bartender said an admirer”. She took a sip, the drink was sweet and smelled of rum, She slide back into the chair and relaxed. As the sun went higher she reapplied her lotion and rolled over . She looked over at the drink and notice she had finished most of it. She felt so warm and tired. The she drifted off to sleep, unaware her world was about to change forever.

Chapter 2: First Week

Samantha awoke on the cold concrete floor of what couple be a large warehouse. She wasn’t sure the room was pitch black except for the blinding lights that poured down on her from high above. The room was large she could hear a definite echo. As her head cleared Samantha also found , she wasn’t alone. She could hear the murmuring in the dark, even thru the dull roar in her head. She couldn’t remember ho she got here or where here even was.

She stumbled up to her feet and tried to peer thru the darkness, finally saying “Who’s there?”. She was shocked been the head of “The Iron Angles”, Gloria stepped into the light. It wasn’t hard to figure out who else was out there watching her. Samantha still a little light headed and not so stable on her feet. She wasn’t sure what they knew. So she have to play it close to her vest, till she could figure out what they knew. She looked at Gloria, saying “ What do you want?”. Gloria smiled, “We ..me and the other girls want some pay back”. Samantha felt her blood go cold, “ pay back? For what?”. Gloria looked her over, coldly then shot back, “Don’t think your so smart we know everything!!” . Gloria didn’t wait for a reply, “ We found that private detective of yours and after a little motivating , he spilled your whole game”. Samantha decide to play it hard, “ So what? If you don’t like what I write sue me, “, She wasn’t sure how far the gang would go but she didn’t think it would murder to keep it’s reputation. Gloria smile grew cruelly wide as she said ,” Oh we plan something far more interesting for you than a law suit..” the blonde gang leader then looked over her shoulder and order her minions, “Strip her ass”.

Samantha didn’t even have time to brace herself before an army of hands descended on her and tore away her bikini. She tried to fight but it was like wrestling with an octopus. She felt a thick leather collar being put around her neck, with a soild “click”. She hardly had time to adjust to her nudity, before she was pushed back into the light. Another girl was there with her holding a tape measure and standing along side of a scale. The girl was another of the “Angels”, She was sure her whole audience was the gang. Samantha was told to put her hands on her hips and remain motionless while she was measured. She started to protest , but before she could speak she felt a sudden shock from her new collar that almost dropped her top the floor. Gloria waited a few seconds to allow the writer to regain her composure, then said, “ that was a little tickle from your new collar, unless you want to feel it on full you’ll do as your told”. Samantha found she had no choice, she posed as the gang member read off her measurements, “ look like 5’5” ..34 bust, maybe a big c-cup or small d-cup…23 waist and 33 hips. Not too shabby”. Gloria laughed, “ well it’s a start ..get her on the scale and get her weight, then we can get started..”

As they weighted her Samantha wondered “what they plan to get started “. The girl pushed her on the scale and check the display, then called out “ 110 lbs Glory…”. Then the measuring girl re-posed Samantha . While she stood there , she was suddenly blinded by multiple flashes from what could only be cameras. She was still trying to focus when she hear steel wheel rolling on the concrete floor close to her and felt a hand shove her back. The backs of her calves hit the side of something and she felt her body land in what felt like a mix of slime, oatmeal and sand. She felt her head go under and pop back out. Still blinded, she felt what might have been latex gloved hands smearing the “stuff “ all over her naked body. When she finally got her vision and bearings back, it was just in time to have then dump her back on the floor. She look at herself , She was covered head to toe in thick white paste. She tried to wipe it off, but it was too sticky ,thick and seemed to dry instantly. She watched as two girl wheeled a huge tub away, obviously the source of the paste. As she sat there, She felt her skin growing hot and itchy. She thought, “ At lest she wasn’t naked anymore, well not really the paste covered her pretty well,“.

Samantha sat on the floor looking like some kind of weird sand sculpture. She was betting they were all having a big laugh. The she heard another cart being rolled in . She looked up to see a couple of new gang members rolling in a machine with a small hose and a large hopper on it. As the new arrival was wheeled into the light another gang member rolled a huge metal cart of food in behind it. Glory lead Samantha to the cart, it was covered in platters of food. She had eaten since breakfast so she was hungry, but this was enough for four women. It was almost all what her mother had called “comfort food” . It was piles of mash potatoes and gravy, huge sausages, deviled eggs, hollandaise sauce, and pancakes. Glory slapped Samantha’s naked ass, saying “We thought you might be hungry, so eat up”. Samantha looked at the cart. Their were no utensils of any kind, obviously she was expected to shove this pile of food into her mouth with her hands. She looked at Glory and smiled, “ No way I’m going to humiliated myself for your entertainments”. Glory seemed to almost glow with joy, as if she was a kid on Christmas Morning. Samantha braced for a shock but it never came, instead they simply dumped the whole cart into the machine.

Samantha heard the machine pulse to life. She watch as one by one all the food was poured in, Samantha felt her stomach rumble, she had been more hungry than she had thought. As the content in the hopper mixed and turned into a thick looking grey ooze, Samantha looked back at Glory, who was still quite pleased. She looked at Samantha and with a few words sent Samantha into a panic. As she stood there she announced, “ Stick the hose down her throat and filler her up”. Samantha made a dash in the opposite direction, but was soon over taken and held down by a score of the Angles members. She begged and pleaded for them to stop as one produced a large dildo. Samantha froze as she saw it attach. It was huge and very realistic , plastic sex toy, and it was being attached to the hose. As she pointed at Samantha’s mouth, she looked back over her shoulder, signal for the girl on the machine to click it on. The viscous grey contents oozed out in thick jets. Samantha felt her mouth being opened, and the dildo forced in. She fought hard to breath between spurts. She tried everything she could think of to get it free from her mouth, but it was hopeless. It took only a few minutes to finish pumping it in. they unhooked her, leaving her sprawled on the floor. She looked down and her once taught stomach now had a slight, but visible bulge. She ran her hand over it, she had never been so full in her life. She rolled over onto her back, she found she was also tired.

Glory stood over her and looked down, “so you see, your pretty much under our heels” she giggled then added ,” we have to go, don’t worry a few of the girls will stop in and feed you lunch ..I expect your be a good girl and eat up?”. Samantha rubbed her stomach and shook her head ,“yes”. Glory in an overjoyed tone, “great, now just so you know if she stray too far in here the collar will shock you, but I think that enough for now, you look tired”. Glory walked away from her and back into the darkness. As she did the light went out and Samantha was plunged into darkness.

Over what must have been the next week or so, Samantha found telling time nearly impossible in her dark world. They only illuminated her for feedings. She found the feed regularly, the whole breakfast lunch and dinner routine , but with out something to mark the time, they could have been feeding every other day or six times a day. The food was always heavy and full of calories and of course always in massive portions. The slightest hesitation and she found the hose in her mouth. She was given access to a port-a-potty, she even considered throwing up the massive meals, but was always too tired after eating to even crawl over to it. She was able to talk with the girl during feeding and it was brought to her attention that she was going to have weekly check-ups , She guess they had some kind of plan and she also was sure she wasn’t going to like it.
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Cash Cow by CNP (ff, gr, lac)

Cash Cow
Mc, ff, fd, gr, lac

Comments welcome: cnopants@gmail.com

There was something satisfying about closing a sale. Certainly, a commission was nice. But closing a sale brought satisfaction that could warm a soul. Especially if you’re a door to door sales representative.

It takes a lack of certain ethical fiber to intrude upon the sanctity of another person's home with your merchandise, be it material or spiritual. That, and possibly an ideological certitude that your wares are important enough to be forced upon another. Whatever the motive, closing a sale always left a good taste in your mouth.

Girl scouts have it easy. Their wares are well advertised. Plus, folks love girl scouts and everyone loves their cookies. Girl scouts never get a door slammed in their face.

On a good day, Anna was lucky not to have more than ten shut before a single word escaped her lips. It didn’t get her down, though. But it can wear on the most stalwart salesperson.

Not Anna. Even on days when she didn’t make a sale (known as rolling a donut) Anna wasn’t the slightest bit put off. That’s because Anna had the two qualities that make a great salesperson: #1. A great product that she believed in. A product that she knew would make the world a better place just by sharing it. Even if it was just by one home at a time. #2. She lacked the ethical fiber that keeps most people from knocking on stranger’s doors.

It didn’t hurt that Anna also had enough business experience to sell a snow-cone to an Eskimo… then make him a customer for life. Anna was exceptional at what she did, and she enjoyed doing it.

It felt good to be back in the lower echelons of business. It was glorious from the top, but it was curiously fun to replay the game and find a new way to get to the summit.

The former owner of Taurus Enterprise had learned a few things at the last conference she had attended. And she intended to put them to good use. Over the course of just two weeks she had amassed a good number of sales. No small accomplishment considering it was her first territory with a new product. She made about four sales a day, well beyond what she was able to accomplish in her “rookie” years.

Not being in want of money certainly was helping.

Indifference. That was the hardest part of the sale to master. The hardest thing for a person to overcome. It’s hard to be indifferent when your livelihood depends on pushing a product. A potential sale can smell how much you want it - and some might lead you on just long enough to make you think your going to close the deal. Then they slam the door, with a satisfactory retribution knowing that they’ve wasted as much of your time as you had of theirs.

Anna didn’t need a sale every day. It was nice, but she didn’t need it. Besides she’d already made a sale today. At least she had to believe she did, so the sale would believe she did. It was hard to find a neighborhood that wasn’t trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. Envy was be a beautiful ally.

Surprisingly, as rude as the act was, going door to door was often successful simply because a product going door to door held within it a fear of loss and sense of urgency. A salesperson was like an ice cream truck: it might not be back again any time soon, and it won’t be her for long. Sso you’d better go buy your ice cream now.

Hmm, there was a thought… maybe Anna could get the same conditioned response as an ice cream truck by playing a little jingle? She’d have to pass that one back to corporate. Then send it to R&D to find a catchy jingle to fit the product. Honestly, Anna wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Bos already was looking into it.

She made a mental note; b flat maybe? Then continued her route. She was losing daylight, and there was one house left at the end of the cul-de-sac that she needed to return to.

It was a large two story brick house with false colonnades in front. A new neighborhood in a new suburb. The whole place screamed money. And yet they didn’t have the lawyers (or sense) to put up a “no soliciting” sign.

There was a new Land Rover in the driveway. This told Anna that her sale was home. It also told her that she would have no qualms, or difficulty, with taking this sale’s money.

Anna went up to the door and politely knocked “Somewhere over the rainbow”. “Shave and a haircut” never got sales, and Anna had a hunch that using “Mario Bros.” wouldn’t work on this sale.

She stood to the side of the door, not quite leaning against one of the fake columns. Keeping an eye on the doorway, but not quite staring at it. The door opened, “Hello, I’m Annabelle Taurus. I’m here on behalf of Dr. Bos Body Works and the newest line of Bovidae Products. We’re now offering Bos Replenishing Allure at discount, but I was told you might be interested in our premier product: Bos Intensity Gel.”

The door opened wider and a middle aged blond stepped out of the doorway. “Who told you I would be interested in anything?”

“Actually, I came by here earlier in the day and your daughter, Kristen, expressed that you might find these products as much to your liking as she did. So I’m here at her bequest.”

“Step-daughter…” the blond corrected, “What did she buy off of you?”

“She bought a lower end product. She didn’t have the same kind of money as your neighbors.”


“Let’s see, the Pecora’s and the Caprina’s, just in eyesight. They ordered several hundred dollars worth a piece.” Anna said pointing down the street. It always paid to memorize names. “Come to think of it, they mentioned that Jennifer Argali would be interested in our product. When would be a good time to show you what we have to offer?”

“Er… I’m not…well, I guess now is as good a time as any. Come on it.” Jennifer submitted. Never ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions until they couldn’t bear to say ‘no’. Give them an option between two choices of your choosing and you’ll always come out on top.

Anna followed Jennifer into the home. Luxuries of no real value were found throughout the house. Expensive items for sake of spending lots of money. No sentimental value, no craftsmanship, no love. But just enough flair to embarrass yourself by presenting them at Antiques Road Show.

Jennifer sat down on an overly plush chair and motioned for Anna to do the same. Anna did so crossing her legs politely. She was sharply dressed in a long professional skirt. Enough to be noticed and still be taken seriously. She set down the bag bearing the purple, black and white logo of Dr. Bos Body Works on the glass coffee table.

“How familiar are you with Dr. Bos products?” Asked Anna as she looked through her bag for a few items of demonstration. The pleasant fragrance of lavender began to fill the room.

“I’ve heard the name.”

“Originally Dr. Bos was a supplier of some of the magic elixirs that cosmetic companies desired. Our ingredients have grown increasingly popular amongst major cosmetics, so an individual brand was the next logical step for growth. And it works in keeping our products truly organic. Straight from harvest through production we want our products to be as natural as possible. What better way to remove all foreign contaminants than have all products made entirely in house? We also ensure all of our products don’t smell like pharmaceuticals. How can you feel beautiful smelling like plastic?”

Jennifer instinctively took a breath and became aware of the floral scent in the air. “Oh my! That is nice? What is that?”

“Lavender. Something of a personal touch by Dr. Bos herself.”

“Dr. Bos is a woman?”

Anna bit her tongue. Amazing how chauvinist views still affect the modern home. “Of course! Helping women look good takes a women’s touch. Sure we love to look beautiful to catch a man’s eye. But it’s other women who we seek to truly impress. Dr. Bos is well aware of that and strives to draw envy toward users of her product.”

“You have my attention. What have you got?”

“For you, Jennifer, Bos Intensity Gel seems like a good place to start. I can see why your dau… step-daughter and neighbors might have suggested it for you. It would suit you well.” Anne smiled as she brought out a small tin of gel. She felt herself getting excited at the prospect of this new client. The world would be much better with Jennifer using Dr. Bos product. At least the neighborhood, anyway.

This was Anna’s favorite part. She knew the sale was closed by the time she was invited into the home - but… that moment of anticipation before showing the product! What would the reaction be? What product would they choose in the end? The very idea thrilled Anna almost more than the act of using it. The anticipation, it was like foreplay to her. And foreplay always got her off.

Anna unscrewed the lid from the small container. “My that’s an awfully small sample.” said Jennifer, looking somewhat disappointed.

“It’s not a sample. Bos Intensity Gel is over $700 an ounce.” answer Anna. She knew a high price alone was enough to snare this sale. “Though some would argue the fact; quality always trumps quantity. Which isn’t to say quantity can’t be a good thing…”

As the lid came undone Jennifer couldn’t help but take a deep breath. “That smells lovely. Doesn’t it, Jennifer?”

“Oh my, yes it does. You could market it in aroma candles and make a fortune!”

Anna made a mental note at that idea. Always good to accept a customer’s suggestions. If one was offered, there were a thousand more sales who shared the idea. Of course long term exposure to such a product… They’d have to be small candles…

Jennifer visibly relaxed into the plush chair. Anna smiled. She could have her way with the woman if she’d wanted. She did want to. Just not yet.

“That’s a great idea, Jennifer. I’ll make sure our Research and Development team gets moving on that idea, if they’re not already. It would be great to smell this good all the time, wouldn’t it Jennifer?”

Jennifer took another deep breath and sighed almost closing her eyes, “Yeah.”

Too easy, Anna thought. Almost disappointing, really. Anna loved the struggle of a strong will. She wasn’t expecting a woman with such small breasts to be so… submissive. It made sense though. Jennifer was showing off what little she had in a tight v-neck. Submissive women like showing off their breasts. Anna smiled at the thought. It wouldn’t be long before Jennifer was on her knees.

A shame really. Anna enjoyed the longer breaking of Jennifer’s type: rich, arrogant, and naturally good looking. Anna looked upon Jennifer’s lithe form again and noticed that she was a natural blond. Perhaps that counteracted the small breasts in terms of submissiveness?

Perhaps a change in strategy, just for the fun of it. “Would you like to smell like lavender, Jennifer?”

Jennifer opened her eyes. “What? You mean like a perfume?”

It was a bold risk. But that’s what Anna thrived on. “No, not a perfume. I mean would you like to smell like this always?” Anna held the jar of closer to Jennifer.

Jennifer couldn’t help but inhale deeply. The scent filled her head, no, her whole body with… she couldn’t find the word for it. She took another breath pushing her nose closer to the jar of Bos Intensity Gel. She wanted it. She needed it. “Yes! I could smell that forever.”

Anna smiled. The miscommunication was irrelevant. If Jennifer wanted to smell herself forever, she could. The customer was always right.

Anna began screwing the lid back on. Jennifer’s eyes widened and was about to ask why Anna was shutting off the pleasant aroma when Anna answered, “I believe that there is another, more expensive, product more suited to your desires, Jennifer.”

The idea of something more expensive was enough to persuade Jennifer, whether it suited her needs or no. She didn’t ask a price. She didn’t even respond verbally, she just got up to get her purse. She whipped out a credit card and threw it on the table. Then Jennifer sat back down into the plush chair.

Ah, technology. In Anna’s early years few people had cards, let alone would attempt to use them for a door to door purchase. Then, after the nineties, everyone had cards - but wireless technology was in it’s infancy and it took tens of minutes worth of time filling out forms to charge one from home. And even then it would be at a later date. Now, an account could be charged remotely with a small handheld device.

Anna smiled. She could empty the entire account. There wasn’t a need to though. She wasn’t in need of money. Besides, honest business always paid off. Well, mostly honest business… “Let’s just leave that for later, shall we? Until you’re 100% satisfied in our product”

Anna left the Bos Intensity Gel and Jennifer’s credit card on the table as she drew a larger purple tinted container from her bag. “This is Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder. It will rejuvenate your skin, moisturize it, and give your body the scent of lavender.”

Anna unscrewed the jar letting its aroma fill the room, then pulled a pair of latex gloves from her bag and donned them. She scooped up a small bit with her fingers holding it before Jennifer.

Jennifer took a deep breath then was caught off guard with a cool sensation on her chest as Anna began rubbing it in just above her v-neck. “Not to mention it is made with the latest Bovidae Formula.” Anna said as she rubbed the cream into Jennifer’s chest.

Jennifer’s eyes popped open at the touch of the cold cream as it was spread onto her… She didn’t do anything to stop Anna. It felt too good. But the flavor of the aroma was different somehow. More… musky? Jennifer inhaled deeply again. Yeah, musky. It smelled like lavender and sex.

“Are you a submissive woman, Jennifer?” Asked Anna as she scooped up more of the cream. Anna moved in almost straddling the other woman as she rubbed more cream into Jennifer’s chest and above, exposing more of her shoulders…

Jennifer’s eyes opened and went up and to the right as she pondered the question. She wasn’t submissive. Especially not considering the way she treated her husband or step-daughter. “No, I’m not a submissive woman.”

Anna arched an eyebrow, caught slightly off guard. “Really? I’m sitting over you. I could do with you as I would will.” She said with an air of confidence.

Jennifer closed her eyes. “I paid you to.” she retorted as she settled further into the chair.

She had a point, really. In her world, Anna was little more than a service provider. What a curious mind. Perhaps she’d paid for service before… “What are you paying me to do?”

“I’m paying you to make me more beautiful.”

Again, she had a point. “Your money is well spent. Your skin is rejuvenating and re-hydrating. All your wrinkles, what few you had, are disappearing. Your breasts will soon start firming up. You’ll hardly recognize yourself in short time.”

“Good!” Jennifer smiled and opened her body to Anna.

Anna wasn’t sure how she felt about this. It was as if Jennifer expected her to rub the entire jar of Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder onto her body to her benefit. Sure, Anna had planned on doing just so. But, that was because it was her idea. Not this egomaniac’s. Best to swallow her pride and run with it. At least for a little bit.

“Is there anything else in particular I could help you with?” Anna inquired as she rubbed the last of the cream onto Jennifer. This time moving lower over what was exposed of Jennifer’s breasts.

Jennifer laughed. “I remember the day when I had to go abroad for that kind of service! What are you offering?”

Anna bit her lip and pulled back from on top of Jennifer. Despite the chemicals running through her body, despite her submissive response to Anna’s actions, Jennifer still thought she was in charge. And now she thought that Anna was a prostitute. She had misread Anna’s seduction… Anna cringed at the thought. Even more so when she acknowledged that seduction it was…

With a twinge Anna snapped out of it. She wasn’t the whore here. Anna had read all the signs - and by now Jennifer had taken a more than healthy dose of narcotics. Anna was the alpha here, even if Jennifer didn’t know it, yet. She would turn Jennifer into a cash cow. Even if it meant doing so at Jennifer’s request.

Maintaining her professionalism, Anna stepped back and laid out the rest of her wares onto the table. She named each product as she did so. Anna could take her time. The chemicals would do their job, even if Jennifer was proving more resistant than most to their cognitive effects.

“I have with me: Bos Replenishing Allure, Hypnotherapy Omega Red Sensory Elixir, Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Shock Perfume Intensity Cellular Extract, Bos Oxygen Natural Dermafil, Bos Open Intensity Night Gel, Simple Elixir Xanthippe. You’ve already seen the Bos Intensity Gel. And here is the original Bovidae Formula.”

Anna neglected to pull out the remaining item in the bag. Given the circumstances, she didn’t want Jennifer to know about the feeldoe. Not yet, anyway. It wasn’t something Anna normally carried on her. It was special purchase for a special client, and Anna made sure that the customer always got what they paid for.

“Mmmm, let’s go back to the Intensity Gel. I didn’t get to feel it yet.” Said Jennifer.

“Excellent choice. It compliment’s the effects of Bos Age-Defying Cream of Wonder. And it will feel very good!” Anna reopened the container “If you want I could…”

“Yes! I think you should!” responded Jennifer, pulling off her v-neck and turning in the chair to better expose her back and shoulders to Anna.

Anna smiled. The subtlety of persuasion was unnecessary, aside from comforting Anna’s ego that she was indeed in control. Certainly the chemicals where helping subdue Jennifer’s inhibitions about removing her shirt. She admired Jennifer’s newly exposed flesh. It was already healthy and smooth. Toned in just the right places. “Actually, Jennifer, Bos Intensity Gel isn’t meant for your backside.”

A tipsy smile crept its way across Jennifer’s face. “Then I guess this will just get in the way!” She giggled as she removed her bra and tossed it away. She cupped her pert breasts and swayed her body invitingly in front of Anna. Then she relaxed again into the plush chair, now half nude.

Anna’s smile was genuine. In a past life she would have offered Jennifer a managerial post. Especially given her clairvoyance in recognizing her bra would get in the way, no less! Too bad for Jennifer. Since the chemicals were kicking in Anna would now only offer her a post in the manger.

Moving again closer to Jennifer, Anna dipped her gloved fingers into the gel. Anna held her fingers in front of Jennifer’s nose before rubbing it into the other, not yet submissive, woman.

Jennifer couldn’t control herself as she leaned in to smell the scent she had so adored. A strong odor of lavender, and something different now. Not just musk. There was liquid sex mixed into the floral scent. She breathed deep and rubbed a nipple.

What sweet sight greeted Anna’s eyes. As jaded as she was, she still got a thrill as the wet spot crept from Jennifer’s crotch. Anna couldn’t help but take a whiff of the new scent of lavender and sex that filled the air… Only lost for a moment, she snapped out of the daze and continued her task.

Jennifer cooed and pulled her own hand back as Anna massaged the cool gel into her breasts. She could feel her nipples swell. She arched her back so as to press her flesh deeper into Anna’s hands. But Anna’s hands weren’t there long. “Oh!” She moaned as Anna smeared more of the gel onto her abdomen. “OOH!” she cried louder as Anna rubbed concentric circles around erogenous spots she didn’t even know she had. It was like her nipples were being tweaked from her stomach.

If her belly felt that good, her actual nipples must be shooting lightning bolts. Jennifer cupped her breasts and squeezed unfamiliar flesh. Her nips weren’t found where they normally where. They seemed just a little bit farther out on her tits. Mmm, tits was a great word for what she had. Funny, Jennifer couldn’t remember ever having tits before - she’d only had breasts. Tits were better, bigger, fuller.

Sure enough, as soon as she found her nips, they felt like lightning. Jennifer squirmed at her own touch then gasped as Anna rubbed more cream into the two new sweet spots. Her whole body was tingling. So much so she didn’t realized Anna had stopped touching her.

Anna was out of Bos Intensity Gel. Mixed with the Cream of Wonder, Jennifer should be feeling swimmingly good without any assistance for a number of hours. Anna watched as Jennifer tweaked her now large tits, wriggling and moaning in ecstasy. She wondered how long it would take Jennifer to notice her developing second set. Anna certainly hadn’t been shy about exciting the new teats - and Jennifer certainly had responded well to the touch.

It was odd though. Jennifer hadn’t actually touched herself below her normal set of breasts. Anna had no doubt it would be a while before Jennifer noticed her new milkers. Especially given the diluted concentration of the Bovidae Formula in products for home use. But Jennifer hadn’t taken her hands from her own original nipples.

Sure, Dr. Bos products heighten the sensitivity of the body. But most women would begin rubbing their nether regions in tandem with their breasts to get off. Judging by the growing dampness between her legs, it was likely Jennifer needed nothing more than nipple stimulation to reach orgasm.

As if to prove the point Jennifer let one go. “Oh, oh, oooooooooh! Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, pinching her tits all the tighter.

What a lucky one this one is, thought Anna. Four new orgasmic buttons for her, and anyone else’s, pleasure.

After a few moments recovery, Jennifer reached a hand down check her own crotch. She rubbed her own wetness then brought her hand back to her face to smell. Heaven. Pure orgasmic bliss. Jennifer had always liked her own smell. But this new one really turned her on. She began rubbing her tits again, though they seemed an even further to reach.

“How long are you going to keep your pants on?” questioned Anna.

“Until I say you can take them off!” replied Jennifer smugly. She didn’t even open her eyes. She didn’t seem embarrassed that she’d gotten off in front of another woman - despite seemingly to have forgotten about Anna. Did she get off on exhibitionism, too?

Anna was amazed at Jennifer’s arrogance, but maintained her cool. “Okay then. When would you like me to take off your pants?”

“You’re anxious to get in there, aren’t you?” giggled Jennifer.

Physically, the chemicals were working fine. Mentally they seemed to be working as well, if more slowly. Giggling wasn’t something dominant woman were known for. Jennifer wasn’t a dominant woman. She was just bossy. Good thing Anna was sent here. She knew just what to do with bossies.

“Actually, Jenny, I’ve got something that needs to go there. Something that was bought just for a submissive woman like you.”

“I told you I’m not a submissive woman!” Jennifer retorted while twirling her nipples.

“Really, Jenny? Then why are you showing me your tits. Does that get you off?”


“You are submissive, Jenny. Submissive women like showing off their tits. Showing off your tits gets you off doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but…”

Anna cut her off. “You don’t wear bras either, Jenny. Submissive women don’t wear bras. They like showing off their tits. You couldn’t wear a bra if you tried.”

Jennifer thought she wore bras. Ones that emphasized what she had - at least when she didn’t have that much to emphasize. She looked down. What more needed emphasizing? But wouldn’t she need something to support these things? She thought, holding them up with her hands.

“Admit it, Jenny, you’re a submissive woman. You’re even making milk like a submissive woman.” Anna reached out and grabbed one of Jennifer’s original teats. She pulled in just the right way and a quick stream of milk shot out.

“Oooh!” Jenny squealed. God that felt good!

“You liked that. Didn’t you, Jenny? Submissive woman like making milk, don’t they?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, oh yes!” Let out Jenny as Anna pulled a few more squirts.

“Take off your pants. That’s right, take them off. I knew it! I knew you were a submissive woman! You weren’t wearing any panties, were you? That’s right submissive women don’t wear panties, do they?” Anna rewarded Jenny with a few more expert tugs on Jenny’s now well developed tit.

“Oh god! More! More!” pleaded Jenny once Anna stopped.

“Get on your knees.” Jenny immediately dropped to the floor. “That feels good doesn’t it, Jenny? Submissive women like being on their knees, don’t they? You like being in that submissive state don’t you?”

Anna didn’t wait for the affirmation. She just pulled the same teat again until Jenny was on all fours above a milk stained carpet. Good thing it was already white. Anna gave a few more quick tugs for the good behaviour.

“Ooooooooh!” Jennifer screamed. She had meant to say ‘Oh god!’ that time but lost her words as her pussy felt that familiar clenching which signaled the start of her orgasm.

Anna took a step back to oversee her work. “Look at you. You are a cow, aren’t you Jenny?”

“Aaaaaaaaaam noooooooooot aaaaaaaaaaa coooooooooooooooow!” said Jenny, still cumming.

“Really, Jenny? Submissive women are cows. There you are - on the ground, on all fours. Like a cow. Your tits are hanging out, dripping milk. Like a cow. You even have four tits. Just like a cow. Because, Jenny, you are a cow.” Anna milked the two new teats for emphasis.

That sent Jenny over the top. She came hard, and then came again as Anna continued milking her.

Multiple orgasms without even touching her twat. What a lucky one Jenny was with her new teats. Anna could keep going her cumming all night without putting a finger inside of her. At least so long as she had the stamina to keep milking her new cow.

Anna did have to stop. She still had one task left before fulfilling her contract. Besides, her hands were getting tired.

Letting go of Jenny’s tits, Anna pulled the feeldoe out of her bag. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Especially given the lack of attention you’ve had so far down here.” Anna said as she slid the pony side into Jenny’s pussy.

Given the moaning, it was clear Jenny did enjoy her new pseudo cock.

Anna took a step back to view the newest herd member. “If it weren’t for your udders, some might think you were a bull instead of a bossy. But you’ve been bossy all your life haven’t you? Maybe that’s why your neighbors expressed interest in you getting our products? Maybe that’s why your step-daughter was so eager to buy this for you?” Anna surmised tapping the feeldoe.

Jenny moaned in pleasure again, but her moans weren’t entirely to moos, yet. Anna wasn’t going to miss this chance to really milk her new cash cow. She looked at the uncharged credit-card on the coffee table then looked into Jenny’s eyes. “Kristen will be back soon. Would you like to buy her something in return?”
R: 5 / I: 0

The Transformation by Anonymous Q (Hum, AB, Race, WG)

(Humiliation, adult baby, pseudo race / culture change, weight gain)

The HARKLORN CENTER FOR WOMEN .. A psychological hospital and research center located in a rural portion of New England. The tall yellow stone building, surrounded by a 15-foot tall chain link fence, resembled a medieval castle, originally it had been a medical school when it was erected back in the late 1800’s.

It was now a government sponsored mental health facility that had a classroom for disadvantaged females along with a staff of social workers to aid their clients in enrolling for public aid and various other benefits. There was indeed a small functioning hospital and research department.
Doctor Louise Devoux was the acting CEO, who made a name for herself in the study of the cause and effect of poverty on women.

Louise was an attractive, intelligent woman, an overachiever some might say (including herself), for she was still in her twenties.

Brown hair, delicate features and slim figure. Fashion model gorgeous her appearance opened many doors for her. And this was obvious when it came time to select somebody to run the establishment after the former CEO moved on. The only other contender was Doctor Jane Hena, an intelligent woman as well, though thought quite eccentric by Louise. Jane Hena was a plump middle-aged women with graying black hair and granny style eyeglasses, not especially attractive and dressed ridiculously frumpy. It was apparent why Louise was selected over Jane, even though Jane’s credentials were just as noteworthy.

It was a late afternoon when Louise was finishing her work and was about to take a four day weekend at a cozy ocean side resort in Maine.

Louise was at her desk when her assistant Molly Aberdeen entered her office.

“Doctor Devoux. I just spoke with the resort, the arrangements have been made for your stay and a car will be picking you at you here in an hour.”

Molly was a chubby brunette, around fifty years of age and professionally attired in an orange blouse and brown skirt.

Louise responded with a simple, “Fine.”

Upon shutting down her computer, Louise noticed Molly still in attendance.

“Is there something else?”, Louise’s firm tone was highly condescending.

Molly nodded.

Louise stood from her desk, “Well speak up, I have a schedule to keep!”

“Yes doctor Devoux”, Molly demurely uttered. “Doctor Hena called and asked if you went over her notes from the previous staff meeting?”

The look of scorn upon Louise’s alluring face was overdramatic.

“That inane woman knows how I feel about her and her theories. Bad enough I have to deal with an incompetence staff. I needn’t have her harassing me. First thing back from my vacation and I’m going to terminate that moron.”

“Yes ma’am”, Molly replied, “That’s a shame.”

“Really now”, Louise deviously smirked, “And why is that?”

Molly explained about how well Dr. Hena got along with the patients, clients and staff and that she was incredibly smart.

Louise begged to differ, “If Jane was that smart she would know that I would have gladly surrender my office to her once I’ve finished my tenure here.”

“You’re leaving?”, Molly asked.

Louise leaned her shapely ass against her desk, “It’s obvious I don’t plan to spend my entire career in this rat house. The patients and clients are socially dysfunctional. After I make a name for myself in the psychological world, I plan to move on, work with the more affluent members of society and get away from these vile stupid women.”

Molly nodded, Louise added, “Most of the females we work with are suited for menial occupations at best and the others, will end up on welfare and public aid.”

Molly politely excused herself, Louise strolled over to her private restroom.

Removing her lab coat, Louise washed her face and ran a brush through her wavy brown mane.

It was then she noticed a purple glass bottle of perfume. It wasn’t hers, where did it come from?

Louise crinkled her nose as curiosity got the better of her, she opened the bottle and sampled the aroma. The sweet aroma was extremely intoxicating and she smelled it again.

It was then that Louise was overcome with a bout of lightheadedness and she blinked several times.
Feeling quite dizzy, she wobbled out of the restroom and promptly took a seat.

The room kept spinning, and Louise then developed a mild headache.

“Molly…Molly!”. Louise called out.

The door opened and Doctor Jane Hena walked into Louise’s office.

“You’ll be alright in a few minutes Louise, don’t worry”, Jane smiled, a serene sound to her voice.

Louise squinted at Jane, “Where you come from? I thought you left for the day…”

“I took the evening shift at the clinic tonight”, Jane hummed, “I’m anxious to greet our new patient.”

All at once, Louise felt terribly drained, she stretched out her legs, holding her head as she asked, “What new…patient..?”

Then everything went black.


When Louise opened her eyes she was on a hard metal chair in an examination room.

Louise looked around, noticing the clock on the wall, she realized that she was out for somewhere around four hours. It wasn’t the only thing Louise noticed. Her designer dress was swapped for a metallic blue T-shirt with black trim that was clipped high at the waist to show off her flat tummy and a black mini skirt. Louise’s hand glided over the cheap material, her lovely 36-B breasts unconstrained from a bra, mildly jiggling in the process.

Though the headache had subsided, she was nonetheless lightheaded, and she softly peeped, “Hello?”

A tall, heavily built nurse entered the examination room. Her silver hair in an old fashion style bun, her expression was unnaturally coarse, and so was her voice.

“I’m Sally, I’m the attending RN, do you have any questions?”

Louise nodded, her voice fragile, “No, um. I’m Doctor Devoux, I run this place..”

Sally’s expression was of rid of humor, “Get up on your feet missy, undress and we’ll proceed.”

“You don’t understand, I’m a resident psychologist, I’m in charge”, Louise told her.

Sally folded her arms over her enormous size breasts, “That’s where you’re wrong, missy. I’m in charge and I need to process you before the doctor sees you.”

“But I’m a doctor!”, Sally protested in which Sally replied with a mocking smirk, “And I’m the Queen of France.”

Sally walked over and picked up the phone, asking for another nurse to help her.

A few minutes later another RN entered the examination room.

A younger woman with short blond hair in a second rate bob style and just as heavy though reasonably pretty in looks. She introduced herself as Abby before yanking Louise out of her chair.

As the nurse’s forcibly undressed Louise, she did put up a fight but feeling unusually exhausted, soon relinquished. Louise stood naked with exception to her K-mart brand of panties.

“129-pounds”, Sally loudly chuckled as she weighed Louise.

Sally then turned to Abby, “Should I write undernourished in her chart? Fattening her up during her stay might take some of that beauty out of her face.”

Louise sneered, “I’m perfectly healthy, not undernourished besides, I won’t be staying here.”

Abby directed her attention to Louise, “Keep the comments to yourself”, she then turned to Sally, “Yeah, she looks too be the type that gains weight easily, has a breeders figure, she won’t look so attractive with a big gut and hefty thighs.”

The examination continued; blood pressure, temperature, the works.

Eventually Sally held unto Louise as she was given a sedative by Abby, “Doctor’s orders miss, she wants you easy to handle.”

After dressed in a greenish-blue hospital gown, Louise was placed back into the chair.

“Doctor will be here in a couple of minutes”, Sally informed the abnormally relaxed Louise.

It was then that Abby swiped Louise’s upper arm with an alcohol pad and gave her another injection.

As the nurse’s began walking toward the door, Sally momentarily paused and insidiously grinned, “Maybe after your educated, you could start a career here in housekeeping or food service.”

Louise mumbled as the nurses left the room, “I’m..educated..u..stupid fat cow….”

A few minutes later Doctor Jane Hena entered the room.

“What you do to me?”, Louise spitefully asked Jane.

Jane took a seat, “I haven’t a clue to what you’re talking about miss.”

“You know very well….”, Louise paused, thinking was becoming difficult, “…I’m your superior, dotoc…doctor Devoux.”

“I don’t think you’re anybody’s superior”, Jane answered back, opening the chart, asked, “Name.”

“You know my..m..name”, Louise irritably exhaled.

Jane nodded, “Very well. Louise Doe.

Louise sat, her mind numb, her body fatigued, listening as Jane vocally announced everything she put in the chart.

“Age, 20.”

“I’m 27”, Louise sneered.

Jane continued.

“Education, high school drop out, on the low side of average in intelligence.”

Louise grimaced, “That’s not true..I went to several colleges….I’m genius level in intelligence.”

“We’ll see”, Jane replied, “Occupation, I’ll put unknown.”

“Race!”, Jane snickered as she looked at Louise.

“Since most of our clients and patients are African-Americans I surmise it’ll be to your advantage if I list you as bi-racial.”

“I don’t even look black let alone bi-racial!”, Louise snapped.

“Aren’t you the brat”, Jane snickered. “For practical purposes your mother was African-American your dad was Caucasian.”

Jane put down the chart and walked over to Louise.

Jane gently cupped Louise’s chin and stared deeply into her eyes, “You were always a spoiled brat.
Always getting your way, achieving a status you didn’t deserve and obtaining the role of CEO based on your appearance when I’m much more competent for the role.”

Louise cringed but softly capitulated, “Let me go, Jane and I’ll see that…”

Jane pulled Louise upward, firmly holding her by the arms, “It’s doctor Hena, Louise! Patients never call doctors by name!”

“I’m not a patient….I have a degree myself with honors…”

Jane smirked, “No. You’re not a psychologist but a patient, an incompetent young lady known only as Louise Doe. You were brought here by social services due to your incompetence.”

“I’m not a patient!”, Louise shouted, “You’re crazy Jane, I’ll have you locked up for this!”

“Aren‘t you cute, speaking as if you have any authority”, Jane condescendingly smiled as she sat Louise back down in the chair.

Jane arrogantly peered at Louise, “I have a pet project that I’ve been working on. It was dismissed by the previous CEO because she thought it was much too far fetched, she called it science fiction.”

Louise understood what Jane meant, she was the CEO who dismissed Jane’s theory as science fiction.

“Jane, I read your notes, you can’t do that to me, it’s preposterous.”

Jane ignored Louise and continued, “It’s called re-establishment and development. Basically transforming your personality and behavior. The program might be a little drastic, reducing you to being a baby but you should achieve some kind of competency by the time you’re released.”

Jane’s voice then grew cold as she disclosed, “I can even revise your IQ and body, so it’s wise if you stay on your best behavior.”

Louise loudly protested, “You can’t do this to me!”, and began yelling for help.

Jane calmly picked up the phone and called Sally into the room, “Please bring a wheelchair and take patient Doe to the hospital’s lower level for confinement.”

Louise was still yelling as Jane approached her, though she stopped when Jane firmly told her, “Stop it or you’ll be spanked.”

Louise’s eyes grew wide as Jane serenely hummed, “Relax Louise Doe, that first injection was a sedative, it took the fight from you. But that second injection was a serum that I produced, it’ll take your mind from you.”

Louise gaped, “Huh? That’s unrealistic, thoroughly impossible.”

Jane ran her hand through Louise’s gorgeous brown mane, “Hush now, it’s alright. Think Louise, imagine yourself as a child. Release all your ideals and rediscover the comfort brought by sucking your thumb as a child. Do this and you’ll feel much better.”

Louise didn’t want to suck her thumb but strangely felt required to do so.

She shoved her thumb between her lips and noisily began to suck.

“Feel better?”, Jane asked as she gently patted Louise’s head.

Louise actually felt ridiculous and hesitated before nodding.

Sally entered the examination room with the wheelchair and helped Louise board it.

“I’ll stop by and see you Miss Doe in a few days. I’m taking a four day weekend at a nice ocean side resort before beginning my appointment as CEO.”

Louise blinked, a tiny stream of drool running down her chin as she sucked her thumb, “Weekend……CEO?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be pampered in the mean time and when I returned, I’ll start the reconditioning.”

Louise whimpered as she was wheeled down the hall in full sight of the various staff members and a few patients who hadn’t a clue to her identity. Louise Devoux was now Louise Doe, no longer lead psychologist and CEO but patient.
R: 0 / I: 0
"Controlling" by Jared86 - Weight Gain, Nerd, Mind Control

I created this story as a special commission. If you'd like me to help bring to life your idea, please give me a PM or get in touch with me via my web site. Enjoy the story.

Chapter One:

“Close your eyes,” Simon instructed, as he surveyed his class. The small group of mostly women complied, bowing their heads on the thatch mat in deep meditation. He studied their faces intently, deciding which pupil to select with great care.

Katie’s face was the least relaxed - her brow was furrowed and her eyelids fluttered, as though in a dream. Her face was cute, but her mousy brown hair was just a little plain, and the meditation robes made it obvious she was carrying an extra 15 pounds. Her slightly rounded shoulders visibly shook as she struggled to remain calm.

Simon walked as silently as he could and placed a piece of paper on her lap. He commanded his pupils to open their eyes, and concluded the session. Katie didn’t notice the note at first - but she caught it fluttering to the ground when she stood up. “See me in my office,” it read. She groaned a little, and then reluctantly made her way to Simon’s office.

“What’s this about?” she called out to Simon as she opened the door. The room was adorned with dark, gothic art and candles encased in skull shaped holders. She was taken aback by the ambiance, but continued forward.

“Shut the door,” Simon replied, and Katie did as she was told.

“Look, I’m thinking about quitting. I’ve taken three hypnotism classes and I’ll done is try to meditate and relax!” Katie said, feeling frustrated.

“Are you upset because you are unable to relax? One must know thyself before one can know another,” Simon said, his eyes staring directly into Katie’s.

“This just wasn’t what I was expecting,” Katie said, feeling a little uncomfortable. A plush looking chair sat in the middle of the room, and Katie lowered herself into it, though she fidgeted nervously.

“That’s why I asked to see you,” he said. “I know you’re struggling, and I want to help.”

“Ok,” Katie said with a long sigh. “What do you want me to do?”

“Why did you really take this class?” Simon asked, probing. Her mind was so open, so frail. It would be almost trivially easy for him to enter.

“I…” Katie began, but the words stuck in her throat. When she signed up, she said she wanted in increase her confidence, but that wasn’t exactly the truth. For some reason, though, looking right into Simon’s seductive eyes, she didn’t feel comfortable lying to him again. The truth, though, was embarrassing.

She found herself unable to break free from the eye contact, and the words came tumbling out of her mouth. “My best friend, Jennifer. She’s always showing me up. I just wanted to be able to do something she couldn’t, for once,” Katie said, almost stuttering with nerves.

“I see,” Simon cooed. “You’d do anything, give anything, not to be ‘showed up’ by your friend, is that right?”

“Yes,” Katie said, as her comfort level slowly increased. “Anything.”

“I think you took this class for a good reason, Katie,” Simon said as Katie’s eyes glazed over. “I’m going to help you with hypnosis and give you what you want. Everything you could ever want.”

“You will?” Katie asked as her vision started to blur.

“Oh yes,” Simon whispered. “But first, allow yourself to relax just a little bit more…”

Chapter Two:

The next day, Katie showed up for work feeling far more confident than usual, though she couldn’t place why. She remembered a relaxing session at her hypnotism class, but couldn’t recall exactly why she had enjoyed herself there.

Her newfound sense of calm and confidence, however, did not last long. Soon, Katie heard the firm’s manager making an announcement.

“Everyone, I wanted to let you know we’ve come to a decision on our new partner. Congratulations, Jennifer!” Thunderous applause echoed over the cubicles, and Jennifer rose from her little cube to shake hands with the boss.

Katie’s ears burned. She had been in contention for that partner slot for months. She and Jennifer both started at the company three years ago, on the same day.

Jennifer had been Katie’s best friend since kindergarten, though they had a long running rivalry. Katie studied Jennifer’s form as she pretended to act surprised to get her promotion in front of the office and remembered all the times her friend had bested her.

Katie tried to take pride in her looks, but she knew that Jennifer had always been the pretty one. She was always a few pounds thinner, her hair was a natural shade of blonde, and her breasts were a bit more obvious. She had always had a slightly better GPA, a boyfriend from a better family, and now a better job at their work.

On most days, Katie wouldn’t have been able to see Jennifer, and would have been content watching bad movies with a pint of ice cream and crying herself to sleep. Today, though, was different.

“Jennifer, I’m so happy for you!” Katie found herself saying with sickly sweetness. “We have to celebrate tonight!” Her friend eagerly agreed.

After work, the two girls hit the bars, though for some reason, Katie felt compelled to only sip at her drinks. Jennifer, as always, guzzled through her’s, and had to slap away at roving male hands throughout the evening. Katie caught only a few occasional glances - she was convinced it would be more if only she wasn’t sitting next to such a knockout.

As Katie drove Jennifer home, she felt a sense of purpose engulf her, though she couldn’t quite place why. Jennifer was giggling about nothing in particular, and stumbled into her apartment. Though they had, until today at least, had the same salary, Jennifer’s place was significantly more posh. The room was more spacious, the building was closer to the city center, and the furniture was all the top brands. Katie knew much of her livelihood was provided to her by her older, more financially secure boyfriend.

“You don’t feel bad, do you?” Jennifer said through slightly slurred words. “I know you were going for partner, too. You’re my best friend. I don’t want anything to come between us. I never want you to feel jealous of me”

“I don’t want to feel jealous of you either,” Katie said, feeling her heart start to pound. “But I do.”

“You do?” Jennifer asked, as she turned and looked into Katie’s eyes.

“Yes, all the time,” she said, her eyes meeting with her best friend’s. “Some nights I stay up for hours thinking about how envious I am.”

“Well…we should do something about that,” Jennifer said, her voice straining a little with the awkward tension of the moment.

“Yes, I agree,” Katie cooed, her eyes locking into to Katie’s. “Relax, Katie. Relax, my friend.” In her drunken state, Jennifer merely did what she was told and did not question it. She lay back in her thousand dollar sofa and her eyelids fluttered.

“Relax, and let me in…” Katie found herself saying. She wasn’t sure what she was doing or why, but she felt more excited and alive than she had felt in years.

Jennifer said nothing. She stared back at her friend, her eyes glassy, her lips trembling, her mind completely open.

Chapter Three:

Katie awoke the next day unsure of what had happened the night before. She remembered drinking with Jennifer, but little afterwards. She had such strange dreams, though - but as she tried to recall them, they faded away.

At work, Jennifer was moving boxes to her new office. With each shuffle of papers and slamming of her new door, Katie’s ear’s burned. Even worse, Katie soon learned that Jennifer would be getting her own intern!

“I wish someone would bring me some coffee,” she thought to herself as Jennifer walked past, her head held high and proud as her intern followed closely behind with a Mocha in his hand. Katie glumly lowered gaze to her desk and dutifully began her assignments for the day.

A few minutes later, though, Katie’s number crunching train of thought was interrupted by a coffee cup being placed on her desk. Katie glanced up, and was surprised to see Jennifer’s smiling face.

“What’s this?” Katie asked, feeling puzzled.

“It’s a Cappuccino - your favorite coffee drink, right?” Jennifer asked. Katie nodded blankly in reply. “You looked down today, and…I don’t know, I just thought someone ought to get you a coffee. A pick me up, you know.”

“Yeah…thanks,” Katie replied. “I guess that’s what interns are good for, right?”

“I got it for you,” Jennifer said. “Can’t let these interns do everything, can I?”

“No, I guess not…” Katie said, her voice trailing off. “Thanks again.”

“No problem, what are friends for?” Jennifer said, still smiling. “Anything else I can do for you?”

“Well…now that you ask…” Katie hesitated, thinking to herself. This was completely out of character for Jennifer - especially on a day when she was being promoted. She never went out of her way for her friend like this - what else could she ask for? Sugar? Cream? A kiss on the cheek? Katie was always used to doing things for Jennifer, not the other way around, it felt so strange…

Before Katie could open her mouth and finish her request, Jennifer turned around and purposely walked off.

“Well, that was weird,” Katie said, and tried once again to bring her attention back to work. A few moments later, though, she was distracted by the distinctive sound of a sugar packet being torn in two.

Katie did not turn to face the noise, feeling too shocked. She couldn’t believe it, but then she heard the plastic lid being pulled from her drink, followed by the crunching of a tiny cream container. Katie kept facing her monitor, not believing what was happening.

The next things she knew, she felt tresses of hair brushing up against her ear, and then soft lips pressing against her cheek for a brief moment.

“Have a great day, Katie,” Jennifer said, then turned around and walked back to her new office.

Even when Katie found the courage to taste her coffee and enjoyed the taste of cream and sugar, she still didn’t believe it. Only when she took out her makeup mirror and saw the red outline of lips on her round cheek did she accept that it had happened. Jennifer had done exactly as she had asked. Katie had not spoken, and Jennifer had asked no questions - she had simply obeyed.

Katie was about to remove the smudge, but decided to leave the lipstick mark - proof that it had really happened.

Chapter Four:

The next day, Katie and Jennifer both attended a meeting with a client. It was the first such meeting in which Jennifer was Katie’s superior, and Katie felt her ears burn. She had run point with this client for months, and now she was expected to merely listen and nod while Jennifer took over.

At the head of the table was her manager. His bald head was focused on Jennifer, as she stood up and talked with her hands. Katie could tell he was checking out how Jennifer’s body fit in her tight pantsuit, and felt furious. Was that why she had been passed up for the job? Katie felt a sudden urge to humiliate the man for picking Jennifer over herself.

She turned towards Jennifer, making eye contact for a few moments. “Swear,” she thought to herself.

“This stock is not just going to rise stratospherically - it’s going to maintain value,” Jennifer said. “This is a big fucking deal,” she said, gesturing towards the chart behind her. For a moment, the room was silent.

“You’re right,” the client agreed, smiling. “This is a big fucking deal!”

Katie shook her head, and then glanced again at Jennifer, who was smiling even brighter. “Talk dirty to the client,” she thought with gritted teeth.

“I’m glad you agree, you bad boy,” Jennifer said, as her face flushed. Katie’s fists clenched, and as she focused on Katie, she kept thinking the word “more” over and over again. “I hope you’re ready for more than your stocks to start rising.”

“Excuse me?” the man said, now clearly feeling a bit more uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer said, getting more flustered. “I just have to feel your hands all over me. Wait! That’s not what I meant.” Now, the boss was standing up, and he was clearly not amused.

“Jennifer?” he asked sternly. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, great! A threesome! Come join us, I’ll be the meat in our sandwich,” Jennifer purred.

“What’s going on here?” the client demanded as Jennifer started making sexy gestures with her mouth. “I’m leaving.”

“Wait!” the manager called out. “Jennifer, you’re fired. Get out of this meeting and leave the building.”

“But…but…” Jennifer began. “Touch my butt!”

“Security!” the manager barked into his phone, and a few moments later, two men dressed in blue dragged Jennifer away, as she cried and tried to force her lips closed with her hands. She made a series of sexual moans as was pulled out of the meeting.

“I’m terribly sorry about that,” Katie found herself saying. “Jennifer was left by her fiancé recently and she has been going through some emotional problems.”

“Oh,” the client said, sitting down. “You know, my sister went through something like that a couple of years ago.”

“Thanks for being so understanding,” Katie said. “Now, shall we continue where we left off with the presentation?”


“Was the story about Jennifer was true or are you just a fast talker?” Katie’s boss asked her as soon as the meeting was over.

“I’m just a fast talker, sir,” Katie replied, beaming.

“That you are. I want to apologize for passing you up for that walking time bomb. How would you like to be our newest partner?”

Chapter Five:

Katie beamed with pride at having claimed what was rightfully hers, but felt guilty at having destroyed her friend’s career. What had come over her, and how was she able to do it? It felt wrong, but somehow…too exciting, too tingly to give up.

The next weekend, Katie drove over to Jennifer’s place to check on her. Her boyfriend, William, was there.

“Hey, Katie,” William drawled in his Southern-tinged, husky drawl. William was in his mid 40s and had silvery hair, but inheriting a multi million stake in a tobacco company gave him plenty of time to exercise, so his body looked rock solid. “We were going to take a trip to the beach, want to come?”

“Sure,” Katie said with a long sigh. She had been single for a couple of years, and although older men weren’t her thing, she felt jealous that Jennifer had landed such a catch.

Before they headed to the beach, headed towards William’s mansion to pick up his son, Billy, who had just graduated from high school. Jennifer and Katie stayed in the car alone for a couple of minutes as William quickly ducked inside.

“Got some great news!” Jennifer said as soon as the car door closed. “William told me his brother has an opening in his technical analysis division. If I get the job, it will be more than I was making - even after that promotion!”

Katie twisted her lips into a smile, but inside was gripped by envy and felt a sudden need to control her friend again.

“Good thing you enjoy older guys, lots of benefits,” Katie mumbled.

“I’ve always loved older guys, remember high school?” Jennifer asked, and Katie weakly nodded, thinking about the teachers Jennifer had tried to ensnare. Jennifer didn’t need to sleep with the teachers to get an A, but she had wanted to just for the thrill. “And now you’re right, it’s totally having benefits.”

William and Billy appeared on the driveway a few moments later. William ruffled his son’s hair, and told Billy to wait in the car while he grabbed the sunglasses he forgot in the house.

Billy looked so much like a younger version of his father, it was almost scary. His hair, his eyes, even the way he dressed was similar. Also like his father, he happened to have a thing for Jennifer. She and Katie had noticed he always seemed shy and embarrassed when Jennifer came into the room. It was harmless and cute, and natural in a way. What else was a teenage boy going to think when his father brings home a 29 year old girlfriend with a smoking hot body?

Katie had a sudden desire to try to control Jennifer once again. She could feel aroused just thinking about what she could do to alter her life. Katie tried to look away, tried to hold out until Billy’s dad returned. But the more she tried to ignore the impulse, the stronger it became. Soon, she was unable to resist.

“Jennifer, you don’t like older men,” she thought to herself, while looking into Jennifer’s eyes through the rear view mirror.

Jennifer’s face scrunched up in confusion, as if to say, “I don’t?”

“You can’t stand older men,” Katie continued mentally. “You only like men…boys…at least 10 years younger than you. You have all sorts of kinky fantasies about younger guys. In fact, sometimes, when you see a young guy, you just can’t help yourself. You have to have him.”

Jennifer glanced at Billy, who was sitting next to her in the back seat, and her face started to flush. She frantically turned towards Katie, her face twisted in fear.

“Do it,” Katie thought as she started into her eyes. “Let go.”

“Billy, you don’t look very comfortable,” Jennifer began. “Why don’t you sit on my lap?”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His first instinct was to immediately move, without even taking off his seat belt. After that failed, he winced a little, removed the belt, and sat on top of Jennifer’s long legs.

“That’s much better, isn’t it?” Jennifer said in a slow, sultry voice as she let her fingers play with his wavy locks. Her lips moved a little towards Billy’s ear. “Who’s your mommy?” she whispered, before her tongue started to circle his earlobe.

Billy turned around, Jennifer wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, and the two began to kiss with all the reckless abandon of a porno flick. Just then, Katie saw the front door opening, and William headed back toward the car with his sunglasses.

Katie tried to say something, or even to think instructions to Jennifer as her boyfriend slowly approached the car. But she didn’t want to bring her friend back to normal - she wanted Jennifer to get caught.

William stared, slack jawed, as his girlfriend hungrily kissed his son. For what seemed like an eternity, he simply watched in disbelief. Just as Jennifer was starting to reach under Billy’s shirt, William pulled the car door open and started screaming.

“Get out, get away from my son!” William bellowed. Billy turned and ran out of the car, past his father and back into the house.

“Wait,” Jennifer said to William as both she and Katie exited the car, “I don’t know what came over me. It will never happen again.”

“Damn straight. I never want to see you around here again,” he spat at Jennifer. “We’re through.”

Chapter Six:

Early the next day, Katie awoke to frantic pounding on her front door. Jennifer was there, standing next to several suitcases.

“William said he’s not going to help me with my rent anymore,” she sobbed. “I don’t have a place to go. I’m sorry to show up like this, Katie - you’re my best friend…”

“Don’t you worry, you stay as long as you like,” Katie said, as she leaned over and gave Katie a hug. Normally, Katie valued her privacy. She and Jennifer and roomed together in college, and didn’t much enjoy the experience.

At first, she tried to rationalize her offer to let her friend stay by thinking about her culpability. “I got her into this mess,” Katie thought to herself, “It’s the least I can do.”

“It’s not your fault,” Jennifer said. “Don’t blame yourself.”

As Jennifer started unpacking, though, Katie wondered if there was another reason to say yes. With Jennifer living under her roof, she could fall further under her spell. She could change her in any way she wanted and be watchful of the results 24/7.

Or at least, she would be if she had the time. With her new responsibilities at the company, she barely had any time for herself. Katie frequently worked long nights, though even then she usually arrived home before Jennifer.

“Where were you?” Katie asked a few nights later, after Jennifer arrived home past 2 am.

“At college bar downtown,” Jennifer replied through slurred words. “I got the number of this law student. He says he’s 23, but he looked 19. He was so cute.”

Katie paused, feeling pleased that her hypnotic suggestion was already still at work. Yet, she felt irritated that she could go out and work hard all day, while Jennifer was out having drinks with good looking college guys. She eyed Jennifer’s skimpy dress, which showed off her lithe body, and felt another pang of envy. She might be employed one, but in the eyes of men, her friend was still the cute one.

At least, for now, Katie thought. “I’m hungry - what did you have for dinner?” Katie asked.

“Oh, just a salad earlier,” Jennifer said. “I’ve gotta keep up my girlish figure,” she said with a little hip shimmy.

“Well I didn’t get to eat dinner at the office, so I’m starving. I hate to eat alone, so I’m sure you’ll be able to join me for a few bites,” Katie said, making it sound more like an order than a suggestion.

“Sure, why not,” Jennifer said as she flopped on the sofa. “Anything good on TV?” as she clicked the remote. A cheesy weight loss show was on.

“How fitting,” Katie said to herself. She boiled a pot of water, and then pulled out three boxes of macaroni and cheese. Once the noodles were ready, she emptied the cheese packets over them.

“What’s it say next? Add milk or butter?” Katie looked in her refrigerator. “Skim milk - damn,” she said, before spotting the half & half she used sparingly for her morning coffee. For good measure, she also took out a stick of butter and a big bag of shredded cheese she used to make quesadillas. Katie uncorked a bottle of cheap white wine, took a few generous swings right from the bottle, and got to work cooking.

She dumped all of the ingredients into the large put and then stirred vigorously with a large wooden spoon. The result was so thick and rich, just mixing it was causing her arm to ache.

“Smells delicious,” Jennifer called out, as she giggled at a hefty girl struggling to fit into a pair of jeans on TV. “What are we having?”

“Mac and cheese,” Katie said, as she poured the calorie laden concoction into two large bowls, and then brought them over to the TV.

Upon seeing the heaping portion of cheesy noodles, Jennifer’s face blanched. “You know that’s not on my carb list,” Jennifer complained.

“Carbs are the least of your worries in this dish, baby,” Katie thought to herself.

“What? You think there’s something else wrong with it?” Jennifer asked.

“Damn, I forgot she can hear me,” Katie thought again.

“Of course I can hear you, I’m right here,” Jennifer said, her eyes still glued to the TV.

For a moment, Katie panicked - what was she doing? Manipulating her friend? Hypnotizing her? Changing her out of spite - or maybe just for the thrill?

Katie’s eyes drifted towards the TV, as some poor woman with a large beer belly tried to prevent it showing in her dress. The task was, of course, completely futile.

“Haha, I’m glad I’ll never be like that,” Jennifer said of the woman’s plight.

Katie felt her mind start shifting. She just had to feel the rush of Jennifer being under her power, and being proved wrong. Just a few bites…

“Eat up,” she said as she handed her friend the giant calorie bomb in a bowl. Katie nibbled in a much smaller portion for herself - as evidence by the 15 pounds of flab clinging to her body, she could never say no to rich tasting foods. The cheesy, greasy noodles were delicious, which helped assuage her guilty conscious a little.

Jennifer complied, and started to eat a few bites. “Oh really tasty, thanks Katie. But you know I can’t finish this whole thing.”

“Why not?” Katie asked.

“Well,” Jennifer started, but her mouth was full, “I can’t totally break my diet. I might end up looking like - well, like you. No offensive of course,” she hastily added, “but there are mirrors in this house. You know what I’m talking about.”

Katie’s ears burned. “Keep eating,” she said, staring deeply into her friend’s eyes.

“I’m eating, I’m eating,” Jennifer replied, as she slowly slurped down a few more noodles, “but you know this is a rare thing for me. And I’ll hit the gym twice as long tomorrow to make up for this. Some of us have to have discipline.”

“Eat more,” Katie said out loud, wishing she could shut her friend up.

“I am eating more,” Jennifer said, still only eating a small portion each bite.

“Like this,” Katie said, digging her spoon into the cheesy concoction, lifting up a huge mountain of food, and shoving it right into Jennifer’s gaping mouth.

“That’s right,” Katie thought, maintaining eye contact. “Shovel it down your gullet. Bites so big you can’t talk to me about how skinny you are. So big you can’t talk about anything.” Jennifer complied, taking comically big bites until the bowl was empty.

“I’m so full,” she said at last.

“But the pot isn’t empty,” Katie said. “Go get more.”

“Ok,” Jennifer said nervously.

“Just bring the pot over, forget the bowl. And eat using the wooden spoon,” Katie ordered, and Jennifer did as she was told.

“I feel like such a pig,” Jennifer said before she sat back down on the sofa and continued to gorge.

“Get used to it,” Katie said. “You love eating fattening, rich, tasty foods. You have a sweet tooth. You have no willpower. You hate dieting.”

“Are you describing me or you?” Jennifer asked with a smirk between bites. Katie felt her blood boil.

“I’m talking about you. You love binge eating.” Katie stated. She got up and unhitched the middle of Jennifer’s dress, exposing her formerly flat, now slightly distended belly. “You love eating until that thing is sticking out so far, you look like you’re carrying twins.”

Katie turned back to the TV, and continued. “You love watching weight loss TV shows while you’re eating - you see yourself turning into one of those fat slobs with a mixture of shame and delight.”

“Sounds kinda fun,” Jennifer giggled, accepting her new reality readily.

“Oh, it’s fun all right,” Katie said. “No more college bars. Most nights, you fall asleep in front of the TV, one hand busy shoving your face full of junk food, the other buried in your panties,” Katie said, thinking about how she had spent her time during several lonely nights in college.

“But I want to meet boys,” she said. “Where I am supposed to find young cub meat?”

“Let me take care of that. Besides, you are too shy to flirt with random guys. I’ll set up your dates from now on,” Katie said. Jennifer merely nodded, and kept shoveling down the macaroni and cheese. Before long, her belly was really did look like she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Katie stared at her friend - face full of cheese and grease, her dress uncinched, her big belly sticking out, her fingers nervously fiddling with the elastic band of her underwear. All because of her. She felt incredibly aroused by the power she had.

“Good girl,” she said when Jennifer finished off the last of the pot. She sat down on the sofa with her friend and gently stroked the curve of her bulging belly. “You’re going to grow nice and big.”

Chapter Seven:

The next day, Katie asked her friend to join her in the bathroom.

“Strip off your clothes,” Katie said, making direct eye contact with Jennifer through the mirror. “I want to keep a record of this.”

Jennifer shrugged and complied. There was a residual bump on her tummy from last night’s meal, but her body was otherwise just the way it always was - lean and taught. With Jennifer’s diamond shaped face, and spritely figure, she could have been a model.

Katie pulled off her own clothes, revealing love handles that were a tad larger than she liked and softer upper arms than Jennifer’s. Katie’s slightly bigger breasts were her only consolation, but her boobs weren’t what she would describe as cute. One of her breasts had a large blue vein running down it, and both sagged just slightly with their extra weight.

She took out a camera, wanting to grab evidence of what was to come. She stared at Jennifer’s nude body hard, licking her lips, almost trembling with lust as she thought about how much her friend’s body would soon change. And over the next few weeks, under Katie’s watchful eye, Jennifer’s body grew.

Whenever Katie returned from work, Jennifer was always there waiting for her, usually in an oversized tank top and her underwear. Often she’d be working on a massive mountain of cheeseburgers, or an extra large pizza, or a baker’s dozen donuts. She’d often top it off with a gallon of ice cream and caramel syrup. Sometimes she’d just squirt the syrup directly into her mouth, getting some on her rounding face and a causing a little to drizzle down to her shirt and growing cleavage. Jennifer’s belly kept growing and growing. Soon, it was the size of that fateful evening before she started stuffing it. Her thick thighs jiggled every time she got up, and her widening hips and ass turned every pair of underwear she owned into a thong.

Katie spent many a night watching TV and laughing with Jennifer. Since her friend had lost her ability to flirt and didn’t leave the house as often, she never felt jealous, and that meant she never felt closer. Plus, seeing the changes she was causing up close caused a thrill to go up her spine.

A few months later, the changes were drastic. Katie had taken a picture every week and was storing them in a notebook. At night, when she was unable to sleep, she’d flip through the pictures, watching Jennifer transform into “the fat one” before her eyes, and she’d become aroused beyond belief, knowing that Jennifer was only doing what she had hypnotized her to do.

Saturday was picture day, and it was clear from the look on Jennifer’s face that she wasn’t keen on complying.

“It’s picture day, and you know what that means,” Katie commanded. Earlier she had considered just instructing Jennifer to enjoy picture day, but had decided against it. Knowing it was embarrassing just made it sweeter.

Katie removed her own clothes first, and winced just a little. Having all that rich food in the house certainly hadn’t done her any favors. But what was she supposed to do when Jennifer brought home 13 donuts? She had always had one - or two. But she had taken Jennifer’s gym membership (after she had informed her friend that she hated working out, of course,) and she had tried to tone up as best she could.

The results weren’t too bad. Her legs were a bit shapelier, though they were thicker. Her breasts had gone up a cup size and the added weight made them sink a tad lower on her chest. With the right wonder bra, though, they looked large and perky, and drew attention away from the small spare tire around her waist. Her arms were a tad beefier, but when she flexed, she could see a little muscle definition. Her already puffy cheeks had become a tad softer, but when she smiled (with newly whitened teeth) she had cute dimples. And the expensive makeup she could now afford made her face look warm and vibrant.

Jennifer, however, looked drastically different. Her weight had shot up so quickly that she had surpassed Katie a long time ago. Her angular face and jaw had vanished under a double chip and round cheeks, which were a bit greasy looking, and without any makeup. She wasn’t smiling, but Katie could tell that all the sweets were having an impact on her formerly perfect smile.

Her hair was matted and un-styled and her clothes were stained with food splatters. Her arms were very husky, and shook whenever she waved. Her thighs were touching toward her ever-broadening hips, and her butt was much roomier. Her smaller, perky tits had exploded into large, heavy breasts that started from the side of her body and hung low on her chest. Jennifer’s largest new feature, though, was her belly. It stuck out in front of her in one, large curve, like a pregnant woman’s, even when she wasn’t eating. It was so large that when Jennifer looked down, she couldn’t even see her crotch.

“Wow,” Katie said, eying her formerly thin friend up and down. “You’ve changed a lot.” She took the picture, and then put the camera down for a moment. “Incredible…” she said with a whistle. She slapped Jennifer’s big gut with her hand, causing it to jiggle like jell-o. She even stood behind her and cupped her friend’s larger, sagging breasts.

“So soft,” Katie murmured into Jennifer’s ear. “Like water balloons.”

“Are you done?” Jennifer asked, though she didn’t move to try to stop Katie.

“Hey, when was the last time anybody touched you?” Katie asked. “You ought to appreciate this,” she added as she traced the lines of her friend’s new backfat.

“It has been a long time,” Jennifer complained wistfully. “Do you think any young guys would even want to?”

“Some guys like bigger, older women,” she said as she smacked Jennifer’s round rump, causing it to shake wildly. “I have a cousin, actually, who once told me that was his preference. Big mamas, I think he called ‘em.”

“Tell me more,” Jennifer said, starting to feel excited. “How old is he?”

“Just turned 18, actually,” Katie replied.

“Oh wow, I’m already loving this,” Jennifer said. “What’s he like? A football player on scholarship? An aspiring law student?”

Katie let out a low chuckle. “Not exactly. He’s a math major, and a big nerd.”

Jennifer’s mouth crinkled into a little frown.

“What’s the matter? Even though you’re almost 12 years older than him, 3 inches taller, and you’re so much heavier, you think you’re too good for my little cousin?” Katie asked angrily. “I think you’re the perfect match.”

“You do?” Jennifer asked, feeling confused.

“Of course,” Katie replied. “He’s a nerd, you’re a nerd.”

“I’m a nerd?” Jennifer repeated.

“Yes, you are. Matter of fact, later today you’re going to get rid of your contacts, and pick up some thick black glasses. You’re going to start watching Star Trek re-runs, playing World of Warcraft, and reading comic books - though you’ll condescendingly refer to them as ‘graphic novels’ when people ask,” Katie said, looking into Jennifer’s eyes. Katie could feel her skin tingle with excitement at what was to come. “Do that for a month and I think you and cousin Todd will hit it off great.”

Chapter Eight:

“I know it’s not easy for you to flirt, but Todd’s very shy,” Katie instructed Jennifer a month later. “He’ll be happy if you are your usual nerdy self. And be forward, if you can. Guys that like older girls appreciate it if they can take the initiative.”

“I’m so excited,” Jennifer said with a squeal. “This is my first date in forever.”

Jennifer met Todd at an old fashioned diner at the mall. Katie pretended to excuse herself, but hid at a nearby bench to spy on how the date was going.

Todd was short and scrawny, with a boyish face that made him look younger than he was, which she was sure was causing Jennifer to go wild - all thanks to changes she had made months before. He had an overbite, a high nasal voice, and quite a few freckles dotting his pale skin. His red curly hair sat on top of his head in an unruly mess. But Jennifer greeted his arrival with a wide grin, and the two shared a large chocolate shake to start. Later Todd ordered a cheeseburger, while Jennifer ordered two. Todd couldn’t finish his, so he traded away half of his burger for Jennifer’s pickle. They let out loud, nerdy laughs about some joke Katie couldn’t make out, and stared into each other’s glasses longingly.

Katie eventually left and returned to the apartment, but a short while later Todd and Jennifer were there too.

“Todd has this great idea - we were having such a great time, let’s see if we can watch all the Lord of the Rings extended editions back to back without falling asleep?” Jennifer said.

“Sounds like a blast,” Katie said half heartedly.

“Thanks for saying we could go to your place,” Todd said to Jennifer. “This is a lot bigger than the freshman dorms.”

Jennifer excused herself to grab a 2 liter soda bottle, and as soon as she was in the kitchen, she whispered to Katie.

“Thanks for setting us up, he’s so dreamy,” Jennifer said through a giggle.

An hour later, Katie checked in on how the evening was going. Todd was sitting on Jennifer’s wide lap, and they were both munching on popcorn while watching the movie. Jennifer was gently running her fingers through Todd’s hair in an affectionate way, and Todd was laying back, his head nestled in the divide between Jennifer’s soft, massive melons. A look of pure contentment was on his face.

A little while later, Katie saw Jennifer slowly stroking Todd’s freckled cheek. Todd leaned into her hand and sighed with appreciation. With her other hand, she ran her fingers across Todd’s shirt, giving his nipple a little pinch.

Todd turned around on her lap, looking up at Jennifer expectantly. Jennifer wrapped her arm around his thin neck, and ever so slowly pulled him in close for a kiss. The two rolled around on the sofa, cuddling. Jennifer ended up on top, her heavy body pinning his as they kissed.

Katie thought about how happy they looked, and then thought about how she had engineered everything, starting with getting her friend fired, then dumped, then fattened up. Along the way she had reversed what kind of man she liked, and changed her friend a party girl into a nerd. She had been so consumed with envy and the thrill each change seemed to give her that she hasn’t thought how she could do this, or why, or whether it was right.

She wandered to the refrigerator, hoping for a late night snack - but of course, Jennifer had emptied it earlier. Katie grabbed a bottle of water, but with Jennifer’s greasy fingers, everything in the fridge was a little harder to grasp, and it fell from her hands to the floor.

As Katie bent down to pick it up, she spotted a note just under the fridge. It was a long overdue reminder to attend her hypnosis class. Of course! That was what happened. She must have succeeded in learning hypnosis, but somehow didn’t remember it. Perhaps she was hypnotized herself? She felt a pang of fear - she didn’t want to lose her newfound powers. But she felt upset that she had lost her own will, and compromised her friend’s in the process.

Chapter Nine:

The next day, Katie ordered Jennifer into the car, and drove to the hypnosis class. A session was just breaking up, and Katie and Jennifer walked into Simon’s dimly lit office. This time, two chairs were across from the desk. Simon was sitting in his chair, waiting for them.

“I’ve been expecting you two,” Simon said as the two girls entered the room.

“You hypnotized me,” Katie shouted. “You made me change my friend.”

“He did?” Jennifer asked, confused.

“And?” Simon replied. “What seems to be the problem?”

“You never asked my permission,” Katie said. “And you certainly didn’t ask Jennifer’s. This isn’t right.”

“But it was fun, wasn’t it?” Simon said.

“That’s not the point,” Katie said, her face flushing.

“Katie, you are a born hypnotist. You can enter someone’s mind and control them with great ease. I just gave you an incentive to use that power? Would you really want to give up that incentive - or to give up the power?”

“I don’t know,” Katie admitted. “But what about Jennifer? Look what you’ve made me do to her,” Katie said, as she brought out the binder of photos.

“Very impressive,” Simon complimented her as he perused the photos of Jennifer’s fattening. “Jennifer, Katie is right. We never did ask your permission. I could change you back in a moment.”

“You could?” Jennifer replied quizzically.

“Well, I could undo what Katie did to your mind. But you’d still have to work off all that fat on your own. I might be able to hypnotize, but I don’t work miracles,” Simon replied.

“Do it,” Katie said. “It’s what’s best for her.”

“Is that right?” Simon asked. “Jennifer, do you want to go back to the way you were?”

Jennifer was about to say yes, but she hesitated, nervously chewing at her lower lip.

Simon looked at the two girls, so full of indecision. In a moment, he could hypnotize them, enter their minds, and make them say whatever he wanted. But he didn’t. Where would the challenge be in that? He wanted to see if what he had set in motion months ago was enough to self-perpetuate. Was his plan so strong that even now, in their moment of confronting him, they couldn’t even ask him to change anything? Was he so in control that he didn’t even need to lift a finger to maintain it?

“Would you want to date a man like William again?” Katie asked her friend. “You used to like older guys, remember?”

“I do,” Jennifer said. “But I had so much fun with Todd last night. I don’t want to give him up.”

Simon smiled. “I see. So you enjoy being a fat, nerdy cougar?”

“Yes. I mean, I wasn’t sure before why I changed so quickly, but…I’m happy now. I wouldn’t want someone to take my love of desserts or young guys away from me,” Jennifer answered reluctantly.

“Katie? What about you?”

“I feel a bit better about what I’ve done knowing Jennifer is happy, but I fear I may have done it for the wrong reasons. Maybe I should just give it up,” she replied.

“You helped one person - think about what your powers could do for another? Imagine, yourself, hypnotizing anyone you wanted, changing their lives as you saw fit,” Simon answered.

Katie felt herself becoming incredibly aroused by the thought of the power she could have. Who was she kidding? She could never resist being in control.

“It would feel amazing,” Katie said. “You’re right - I think I was born to do this.”

“Good girl,” Simon thought to himself.

“Thanks,” Katie thought in reply, looking into his eyes.
R: 1 / I: 1
Female insect transformations
R: 0 / I: 0

Female donkey transformations

Female donkey transformations
R: 8 / I: 10
Female Cow Transformation
R: 0 / I: 0
Her First Time

"It's just the next street on the left," said Alice to the taxi driver.
"Happy Birthday again sis" Alice said reaching over to her sister and giving her a peck on the cheek. "You are finally a big girl, all grown up!" she joked.

"Hey! You are only two years older than me!" Sarah laughed drunkenly.

Alice had invited her sister over to her student apartment for her 18th Birthday party. A quiet afternoon was spent there relaxing and preparing for the evening festivities, followed by a crazed night out clubbing.

"Wow I don't know how you do this every night!" Sarah gasped, the alcohol heavily acting upon her.

"Well sis…you learn to get used to it," Alice grinned.

Alice beckoned to the taxi driver to stop. The taxi pulled over towards the curb and both sisters jumped out. Alice shoved a handful of notes into the taxi drivers hand and turned to see her sister near face plant onto the pavement.

"Come on let's get you up inside," Alice laughed grabbing her sisters arm and hauling her through the entrance. Four floors and a lot of trailing later Alice opened the door to her apartment and flung her sister down onto the couch.

Alice panted heavily, "Well I am sure I'm gonna have to get used to that if you intend to visit again early next year!"

"Maybe I'll be carrying you next time," Sarah laughed.

"Well it's not like I didn't drink a lot tonight! You just have a lower tolerance than I do," Alice replied.

Sarah rubbed her hand on her forehead. "Yeah I will agree with that! My head is spinning. I'm glad your house mates aren't here to see me like this. Not the best introduction is it? Where are they again anyway?"

Alice stared at Sarah, she was drunker than she thought.

"I told you earlier, you drunk!" Alice said sticking her tongue out at her sister. "How have you forgotten already? Rebecca and Amber are both out of town visiting their families. It was sort of arranged for you coming actually."

"What do you mean?" Sarah's smile started to disappear.

"Well Mum and Dad thought it was a good idea too."

"Mum and Dad as well? What are you talking about sis?" Sarah asked sitting up.

"Well I thought I would create a relaxing environment for your first time out drinking! You know what Mum and Dad are like, they fuss a lot and they'd be up all night worried and wanting to look after you. I thought it would be best if you just came to stay up here with me. We go clubbing all the time up here and I thought I'd spare them the worry!"

"I suppose that makes sense" Sarah's face returning to a smile. "You're the best sister ever!" Sarah tried to stand up arms reached out to hug Alice.

"Woah no no, you sit back down sis!" You were nearly on the floor earlier, we don't need a successful attempt this time! Alice laughed.

Alice turned to look at the clock. It was just after 2am. Alice screwed her face up.

"Do you want a drink of water sis?" she asked turning back to Sarah.

"No…what I'd like is another shot" Sarah exclaimed merrily, rolling off the couch onto the floor.

"Sis that is not a good idea. The night is far from over yet." Alice replied looking at the heap her sister was on the floor.

"Come on, pleaseeeeeee." Sarah slurred at her.

Alice stared at her sister for a couple of seconds. "Fine, alright, we can both have one more each but that's it!"

Alice walked from the living area over to the kitchen. She pulled out two glasses and poured a small amount of vodka into the bottom of each of the glasses.

"Right get back up onto the couch so you can drink this" Alice called round.

Alice returned to the living area clutching the two glasses and handed one to Sarah.

"On three.




Sarah had already downed her shot.

3… Alice muttered, knocking back her own shot.

"Thanks sis, I needed that!" giggled Sarah.

Sarah looked up at her sister, her giggles becoming full blown laughter.

"A-A-Alice?" Sarah laughed.

"What sis?" Alice smiled.

"It may be the drinking we did all afternoon and tonight speaking but your ears are really funnyyyy."

Alice's smile disappeared immediately as she felt her hands up to her ears.

"I didn't realise you always had pointy ears sis!" Sarah continued laughing.

"It's time." Alice said to her sister. "Right, come on. Get up and get into my room please".

"What's wrong sis?" Sarah asked her laughter starting to fade. "I was only joking…"

"Please Sarah…stand up and I'll help you over to my room." Alice said in an authoritative tone.

Sarah started to get up before Alice quickly took her hand under Sarah's arm and started to pull her into her room.

Alice placed her sister down onto her bed before turning and locking the door. Sarah looked confused and repeated her earlier question.

"What's wrong sis?"

Alice turned to face her sister and took in a deep breath.

"Sarah, you know the way I said I proposed that you come and visit her to experience student life and getting drunk etc?"

Sarah nodded.

"Well it wasn't just all my idea, it was Mum and Dads idea too."

Sarah started to laugh again.

"Wow…" she slurred. "You had me worried for a second there, I thought it was something serious, how you came in and locked the door there".

She looked at Alice. She wasn't smiling.

Alice took in another deep breath. "Sis, why you came here wasn't just for your birthday but to learn a lesson and to learn something about life on this planet that you would never have thought to be real unless you experienced it".

Sarah's face returned to confusion.

"What are you talking about sis? Learn a lesson?! It was just my birthday?"

Alice looked up and into her sisters eyes.

"There is no easy way for me to tell you this sis so I'm just going to come out and say it. Tonight, I'm going to turn into a donkey."

Sarah was about to crack a smile again, as if she had been told another joke. She looked up at Alice's face which still had a serious expression.

"You have got to be kidding me sis. What the fuck is this? " Sarah started to get angry. "This isn't a funny joke. Just unlock the door and we can go out and get a few more drinks."

Sarah tried to get up but Alice gently pushed her back down onto the bed.

There was silence then Alice continued on.

"I know you will find this hard to believe sis. I know how difficult it is to come to terms with this. I found it difficult too. I was going to tell you later but you have saw my ears already. I am already starting to change. You were going to find out tonight anyway. Mum and Dad asked me to do this because we are so close and because it's a very personal thing to go through. They know that you will find out tonight and they wanted me to show you."

Alice paused for a second and Sarah whispered.

"Stop…you are scaring me now sis".

"I'm sorry Sarah but you are legally an adult. It is time you found out about this. That actions have consequences. This is one of the worlds best kept secrets. Well known to all except children. It would be too terrifying for them to see and know about. It requires maturity to come to terms with it. Hell it is even a legal requirement that it is kept secret to those underage. It's always been hinted at though, acting like a jackass as seen in Pinocchio's Pleasure Island. Of course nowadays we don't get sent to the mines!"

The room plunged into silence again, only to be broken by Sarah.

"Y-y-you said that I've never think it to be real unless I experienced it, do you mean…?" Sarah trailed off.

"Yes sis. You are going to turn into a donkey too." Alice replied softly. "This is why Mum, Dad and me all organised this. I'm going to be with you every step of the way and although it may be scary, I will show you how you can live with it, maybe even enjoy it."

Alice looked at Sarah. Her face was totally white and she looked like she was going to begin to cry. Alice continued on.

"Let me explain how this works. This only happens when you consume alcohol into drunkenness or smoke a lot, though smoking works differently. These things are regarded as being 'bad'. You are being a bad girl in other words. It's not known as to why this happens, but it does. It doesn't effect your quality of life or anything. It can just be a bit embarrassing. You also don't have to change fully into a donkey. It's difficult to explain. By the state you are in, you will probably go all the way into a donkey tonight. I'm still kind of drunk but not as much as you. Normally in this state I wouldn't go all the way but I'm going to encourage it along slightly to show you."

Alice looked again at Sarah, taking in her horrified face.

"There's a reason why clubs and pubs open so late, so children aren't awake to see people transforming. Tonight, did you see that girl who was so drunk that she couldn't stand? That's them beginning to change sis. That's the highest stage of drunkenness. They immediately fall onto four legs. It happens differently to different people but since they were wearing clothes it's not easy to see their other changes. Usually at that stage they get thrown out and really it's frowned upon to be seen in such a condition. Usually the person doesn't care. You had looked away by that stage but…"

"Sis.." Sarah interrupted Alice, pointing at her with wide eyes."

"Your ears…"

Alice stopped her story and felt her hands up to her ears. Earlier they had been only slightly pointy but now had pushed up a few inches in length."

"You see sis? My ears have grown longer. That's the alcohol effecting my body which is causing me to change. The drunker you are, the faster you change. You never know how much you are going to change the first time" Alice said as fur started to grow on her ears. "It's different for everyone like I said earlier but I know that my donkey ears are nearly grown. They have to grow up a few more inches and then they will be fully developed…"

"But sis…" Sarah interrupted. "I'm drunker than you, why am I not changing yet?"

"Good question sis" Alice cracked a smile. "The answer is we don't know. For the first time it just takes a lot longer than someone who has been drunk before. I can't really say more than that….you will be fine in the morning sis. You won't be a donkey forever. When you sober up in the morning you will turn back into your normal self. There are usually no permanent side effects though you just can't tell."

"I still don't want it to happen Alice. I don't want my body to turn into a hairy animal." Sarah cried out, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Alice walked over to hug her sister. Sarah watched Alice's ears push up an inch to completion.
"You just have to come to accept it sis" Alice said, hugging her. "You don't have to get drunk ever again after this. You just have to know about this. Many people don't do it ever again. I do but only because I enjoy going out with friends. You will be okay sis, I will be here!"
Alice released Sarah from her embrace and continued her story.

"Back to that girl though…yeah so you looked away but if you were looking just a second more you'd have seen her tail tear out through her underwear. She was quickly pulled out by security though."

"Wow, do people really get that bad?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah they do" Alice said, "even I have been that bad."

"You?! Really!? I don't believe it sis!" Sarah exclaimed.

"It's true Sarah. Sometimes I'm not even out of the club before it starts. One of the worst times was when I was wearing that short skirt that Mum and Dad had a fit about? Remember that?"

Sarah nodded.

"Well I got really drunk taking shots all night. I knew the consequences of getting so drunk but I didn't care. I was on the dance floor and it started. A bump started to develop inside my underwear. My skirt was so short that everyone could see. My tail was starting to come right out, by the time I realised I was walking around with a huge bump at the back. Then I knew that I had to get out of there. I just left my friends and got out to flag a taxi. When it arrived I literally had to crawl in. I got the back door open and my hands were on the back seat. I was hunched over, my ass sticking out and that's when it happened. The whole world could see. I could feel it growing out, getting longer and hairier. The bump just forced out through my underwear. My tail was free! Everyone could see it."

"Oh wow, that's horrible, you skank!" Sarah teased.

Alice nodded. "Well it was the last time I wore that. What was even worse was the fact that not only did my tail come out but the rest of my underwear tore off as well. My bare ass was sticking out and I had a tail. They could even see my pussy between my legs. Luckily it hadn't started to change yet. Very embarrassing sis!"

Alice's last sentences startled Sarah.

"You mean…your pussy changes?" Sarah asked with disgust.

"Yeah sis" Alice replied. "Every part of you changes. Your breasts will change as well."

"What about boys? Do they change too? Sarah asked.

"Yeah they do. Drunken sex can be pretty crazy. You've heard the phrase 'donkey dick' or 'hung like a horse'? Well that becomes a reality. I've had drunken sex a few times. You are both changing while going at it. The guys dick literally just grows inside you. What could start at 6 inches could become at least twice that. It's very pleasurable though. Pleasure causes the changes to happen faster. In my experience, both me and the guy have started out human and neither of us have cum before we fully changed. I'd recommend your first time without drunkenness" Alice joked.

Sarah screwed her face up.

"But I mean it's a totally different experience. I like to start reverse cowgirl and usually with a minute of that my tail has grew out. Then because of us changing onto four legs we usually end up going like that. Reverse cowgirl isn't too easy when your legs are becoming hind legs."

"My face is screwed up for a reason sis!" Sarah scowled. "I don't want to be hearing all these intimate details."

Alice blushed. "Sorry sis, I thought I'd explain all. Though some details I guess you need to find out for yourself, if at all!"

Alice looked at the clock on her bedroom wall. "Right sis this is enough story time. Unfortunately you're going to have to see me naked now!"

"Well it's not like I haven't seen you naked before" Sarah rolled her eyes.

"True" replied Alice "but also unfortunately I said earlier that I'm not drunk enough to go all the way, so I need to encourage it. Remember how I said that works?"

Sarah screwed up her face. "Pleasure…"

"Sorry sis, it's the only way and I don't want my clothes to rip off. You'd be better getting your own clothes off too." Alice sighed.

Alice turned to look into the full length mirror on her bedroom wall. She pulled off her shirt and unbuttoned her shorts, letting them drop to the ground.

Standing in just her bra and underwear Sarah could see how Alice had been changing without her even knowing. Patches of brown fur had been forming all over chest, the same colour as on her ears. Sarah stared intently at Alice as she unclipped her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Thick fur had began to form between Alice's ample breasts. Alice then placed her hands on her hips and thrust her underwear down. Alice looked at herself in the mirror. Sarah could see hair had started to cover Alice's privates from her reflection.

Sarah had seen her sister naked loads of times before but this was different.

"As you can see sis." Alice breathed in. "I'm starting to become hairier."

Alice continued talking and started to trace her hands over her body, but Sarah was no longer listening. Her eyes were focused on Alice's ass. Her ass was renowned for being small, tight and round and she was particularly jealous of it. This however was becoming far from the truth as the roundness started to disappear and her cheeks started to increase in size and stick out.
"Oh" squealed Alice in surprise as she moved a hand back to rub over her enlarged ass. She turned her head to look at Sarah.

"Did you just see that happen?"

Sarah nodded, her eyes still on her sisters ass.

"Yeah I'm definitely starting to change now sis. However like I said before. I'm not going to change all the way! I'm going to need to encourage it along."

Alice turned back towards the mirror and bent her knees slightly.

"Why are you standing like that sis?" Sarah asked.

"I've changed so many times Sarah I've lost count. However you can still never know what happens next no matter how many times you transform. I'm preparing myself in case my legs start to change. It will allow me to ease onto four legs a lot easier. Now I know this may not be the most pleasant thing to see your sister do, but watch closely."

Alice's right hand went down between her legs and started to brush against her labia while her left hand went up to fondle her breasts. Her fingers began to slightly stroke her swelling lips and she began to bend her knees further.

"Mmmmm, it feels good" Alice moaned.

Sarah knew she should definitely not be watching this. It was wrong and immoral. She didn't want to see her sister pleasuring herself, never mind becoming a donkey!

"Watch me" Alice moaned.

Sarah looked at Alice's reflection in the mirror. Alice was gently tweaking her nipple on her left breast. Slowly Alice's nipple started to elongate making her let out a soft "oh". Her hand was shaking slightly as it elongated. Sarah looked down to Alice's other hand. It was now alternating between roughly rubbing against her labia and slipping inside herself. Her sex was starting to reshape as she continued to pleasure herself. Her labia was starting to stretch and her emerging clitoris was starting to increase in size.

"Oh god yes" Alice moaned even louder.

Sarah's eyes went back up to her breasts to see that Alice's right nipple had elongated as well. Both of her nipples were about two inches long and the gentle stroking had became pulling and twisting.

Sarah became refocused on Alice as she started to convulse, her whole body started to shake wildly.

"OH FUCK" Alice exclaimed, her fingers still rubbing against her sex.

Alice's bent knees gave up and she dropped down onto her knees.

"OH FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" Alice half moaned, half screamed.

Sarah looked at Alice in fear and watched as hair started to flow down Alice's back down towards her donkey ass and thickened into a mane at the top.

"FUCKING LOOK AT ME SIS!" Alice cried out.

Alice's body dropped from an upright position onto her hands and knees. Where the fur met her ass a nub was quick to form. The nub lengthened out about 6 inches with a little tuft of hair forming on the end.


Hair was now starting to get dense on her body, now covering her arms and legs.

Alice suddenly became silent. She rested on her hands and knees with her head looking down at the ground.

The silence continued for a couple of minutes until Sarah piped up.

"Si-sis? Are you okay?"

She looked down at Alice. She was now more donkey than human. She looked to Alice's ears sticking out from the top of her head and down to her face. She couldn't make it out with the way Alice had it angled towards the ground.

Sarah attempted to stand up and move towards her sister.

She took one step before Alice let out a loud bray.


Alice flung her head up into the air. Her face had elongated outwards into a slight muzzle. Her face had distorted so much that Sarah didn't even recognise her face anymore.

Sarah fell back onto the bed in surprise. She covered her face with her hands, tears beginning to form.

"Oh my god Alice! Your face!"

Alice stared at Sarah with her now donkey eyes.
Sarah opened her mouth to speak again before Alice let out a sound.


Hearing this noise, Sarah started to properly cry.

"Sarahaww, don't crhawwwy. I'm fineeehaww."

"B-b-but sis I don't want to be a donkey. It looks horrible. I know you are my sister but you look like some sort of freak. I can't do this."

Sarah got up and tried to lunge for the door but Alice leapt forwards blocking her path.

"I knowaaaw, thawwt this looks baawwwwd, bawwt it will baww over beforaww you knaww it."

Sarah made her way back to the bed, dropping forward onto the duvet with her head in her hands and began to cry.


Sarah didn't look up. She remained curled up into a ball on her bed, weeping to herself.

"Sarawww?" Alice brayed again.

She continued to look at Sarah waiting for a reply. Suddenly a little bump appeared in the back of Sarah's trousers.

Sarah started to fidget slightly as she continued to cry. The bump started to grow bigger, now a few inches long.

Alice with her enhanced hearing could start to hear the fabric of her trousers start to rip.

Sarah was clearly beginning to realise something was up. She lifted her right hand from her face and moved it round to her ass. Feeling the bump, Sarah quickly jumped up.

"OH GOD NO" she cried out.

She repositioned herself onto her back, her ass up in the air with her legs bent back.

"GOD, ANYTHING BUT A TAIL!" she squealed.

Suddenly the bump tore out of her trousers and rapidly elongate. It was growing even longer than Alice's tail.

"FUCK, I'VE A TAIL" she squealed.
Her tail lengthened further and further until a little tuft of hair popped out on the end.

Sarah reached her hand down feeling the root of her tail where it had torn from her trousers, all the way along its length.

"Oh god no" Sarah began to cry again.

"Saraawww" Alice brayed.

Sarah looked up.

"I haawwve to finisawwh changawwwing"

Sarah continued to sob as Alice moved her hand back to her sex and began to massage it.

This time Alice's change was in almost silence, apart from a few grunts and brays.

Alice's tail lengthened out even further. Her thighs began to shorten rapidly and her knees rose up off the ground as she began to rest on her hind legs.

"Eeeeehawwww" Alice brayed. Her face in a slight grimace.

Her toes started to join together and harden into hooves. Just as her hind legs finished forming her back hunched rapidly locking her onto four legs. Alice's chest began to slowly barrel outwards, absorbing her breasts into her body and leaving her elongated nipples.

Finally her arms began to lengthen as she grew to the size of a full donkey and her face began to lengthen out, completing her.

"Sarawwwww, i love hawwwwwww, heeehawwww" she brayed as her face fully formed.

Sarah had been watching the final stages of Alice's transformation through teary eyes. She looked down from the bed upon the donkey who was once her sister.

The donkey looked at her and turned it's head slightly, braying at her.

Sarah sat up on the bed, carefully positioning herself so not to sit on her tail and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Alice?" she asked the donkey.

The donkey brayed in response.

Sarah sat motionless for a few minutes, just staring at the donkey, until it brayed again, followed by another and another.

Sarah stared at the donkey intently before starting to explore her body.

She stuck her hands up her shirt, feeling over her body. She had been developing fur without even realising. Hair was sticking out between her breasts. She then quickly plunged her hands down her trousers, feeling the hair that had developed between her legs.

Sarah quickly stood up. As soon as she was up straight, her knees bent suddenly without warning.

"Woaaaahawww" she called out before quickly covering her mouth.

"Fuck, I don't want this at all!" She whispered, covering her face.

Sarah tried to stand up straight again but her legs were locked in a bent position.

"Help me! Please! Help meeee!" She called out hoping someone would hear her.

The donkey brayed at her like it understood her cries.

Suddenly Sarah's shoes started to feel tight.

"Oh god, this better not be what I think it is!" She cried out.

Sarah closed her eyes and threw her head back so she couldn't see.

Her feet began to lengthen inside her shoes, pushing hard against the front.

Her shoes got tighter and tighter when suddenly both feet ripped out of the front of her shoes. Sarah began to stand on her tip toes as her feet lengthened. Finally her toes joined and became hooves.

Sarah stood with her eyes closed for a few minutes longer before opening them and looking down. She saw herself standing on her new hooves.

"Oh no" she whimpered. "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh…"

Without warning Sarah's knees bent even further.

Sarah was having problems standing up straight. She heard a ripping sound as her trousers started to tear.

She wobbled about for a few seconds before falling forward and landing on her hands.

Sarah groaned loudly, "ohh fuck."

She looked down at the ground and saw the fabric of her trousers lying on the ground. She turned her to the side to see herself side on in the mirror and gasped.

She was now standing on four legs. Her thighs had shortened when her trousers had torn off and her calves had lengthened creating hind legs. All that was left on her bottom half was her underwear with her tail which was clutching tightly to her ass.

While inspecting herself Sarah's ass suddenly to started to grow causing her underwear to rip slightly.

"Oh no, not my tight ass, not my hot ass!!!" She cried out.

Her ass grew slightly again, beginning to lose its definition.

With another spurt of growth her ass broke out through her underwear, leaving her bottom half totally bare.

"Nooooo!" Sarah cried out, breathing heavily.

She turned around on four legs to let her ass face the mirror.

"Look how BIG it is. Fuck."

Sarah inspected her ass in the mirror. Watching her tail wagging above it.

Her attention then came down to her sex which was tingling between her legs.

"Oh shit" Sarah moaned. Her sex was still human and was beginning to change. Her labia started to thicken, wetness beginning to form.

"Awwh yeah….wait WAIT what the fuck is wrong with me!? I don't want this?!" she squealed.

Simultaneously her nipples began to lengthen inside her bra.

"Oh fuck, I need these clothes off me!"

Her body seemed to acknowledge this and her back started to hunch causing her shirt to rip down the centre. Her bra stubbornly clutched on. With another hunch and cry from Sarah her bra gave way and her breasts started to hang down.

"Awwwh noooooooheehawwww" Sarah cried out.

She kicked her legs back like a donkey, her breasts wobbling uncontrollably. Her sex fully transformed and Sarah came slightly.

"NO, I DON'T WANT THIS PLEASURE!" She kicked her legs out, shattering the mirror on the wall.

Alice brayed at her loudly, almost in annoyance.

Sarah's breasts continued to wobble, her nipples elongating further.

"Fuck, my nipples!"

The pleasure of transforming started to cause Sarah to change faster.

Fur started to cover her body in a dense coat. Her arms started to lengthen and become front legs, making Sarah become a proper quadruped. Her chest started to barrel out, absorbing her wobbling breasts.

All that remained human was Sarah's head.

"I don't want to be a donkeyhawwww! Heeeehawwww!" she brayed.

Her ears shot up the side of her head and she threw her head back as her mouth started to press outwards.

"Hawwww. Heeehaww." she brayed as her muzzle lengthened out further.

Finally letting out a short burst of brays Sarah fully transformed into a donkey.

As she finished she moved her head back down to see her sister looking at her.

Alice brayed at her loudly in a friendly tone. Hearing this caused Sarah to respond back in a similar manner. The braying continued throughout the rest of the night until mid morning.

As the sun appeared out in the sky, both Alice and Sarah began to convulse and bray rapidly.

Both girl's tails shot out back into their asses and their fur coats started to drop off their body, leaving behind their normal body hair. Their ears started to shorten and their muzzles started to push back in returning their faces to normal.

The proportions of their limbs started to change. Their arms and calves started to shorten whilst their thighs lengthened. They dropped from four legs onto their hands and knees. Their asses and sexes started to shrink and retighten. Their backs started to lose their hunch and their breasts started to redeveloped and hang down from their chests with shortened nipples. Finally their hooves started to break apart and return to hands and feet.

The braying finally ceased returning their voices to normal. Both girls stood gasping on all fours.

Alice looked over to her naked sister.

"So was it REALLY that bad?" she asked.

Sarah looked over at her.

"Well you know, once you get it over with, it's okay actually!"

Alice laughed.

"So you won't cry next time then?" Alice jested.

Sarah screwed up her face.

"Next time, maybe I'll just try it with a guy!" She replied sticking her tongue.

Alice laughed again.

"Though let me just say right now, I have a splitting headache!" moaned Sarah placing her hand on her head.

"Well let's both of us get off all fours and get some breakfast then." Alice laughed.

Both girls got up, wrapped a sheet around themselves and went out into the common area for breakfast.

OAF 2012.
R: 0 / I: 0
Distressing by deegecamaro
R: 4 / I: 4
Nken transformation art
R: 0 / I: 0

Sticking Her Nose In [Pig TF]

Sticking Her Nose In [Pig TF]

Lacey Taylor was hard at work sketching, under her favourite tree, in a secluded spot of the park. She had immersed herself so fully in her craft that she hadn’t noticed the pair of eyes watching her from across the park or that the owner of those sparkling eyes had snuck up beside her to take a peek at her work. It was no surprise that Lacey burned with frustration when her concentration was rudely interrupted by the onlooker’s gratingly sweet voice.

“That looks pretty good,” the girl said. Lacey recognised the girl immediately as the towns’ resident comic artist. Her name was Cécilia and she would quite happily talk about and show off her sketches in the bars and cafes.

Cécilia had heard people say steer clear of Lacey Taylor but no one would ever say why. She felt sorry that people seemed to avoid Lacey for no apparent reason and wanted to reach out to her. Now that she knew that they had something in common, she had the perfect way to make friends… or so she thought.

Cécilia stood nervously looking over Lacey’s shoulder. She was waiting for a reply from Lacey but none came and so she stood there in awkward silence. Cécilia concluded that she would have to say a little more to start a conversation so she looked Lacey’s sketch over and said the first thing that came to mind.

“I think you need to work a little on the proportions though, those arms and legs look a little chunky.”

Chunky!? Lacey twitched from sheer annoyance but Cécilia continued with what she thought was a helpful critique. Lacey did not appreciate the unsolicited appraisal and quietly seethed as she listened. Not only was this girl breaking the flow of her art but now she was criticising her work as well. Lacey only grew more frustrated as she realised that Cécilia’s assessment was actually quite accurate.

“Here, let me show you one of my pieces so you know what I mean,” Cécilia placed her portfolio onto her lap and pulled out on of her most recent sketches. It was a simple self-portrait that she hadn’t bothered to ink but the resemblance was clear and she had added a splash of colour to it to bring out the green highlights in her shoulder length black hair. It was clear from that one picture that Cécilia was the more talented artist of the two, a fact that drove Lacey over the edge.

“You must think very highly of yourself, mustn’t you?” Lacey’s voice was clear and curt. Her accent was not quite the snobbish upper class ‘Queen’s English’ that was spoken by stereotypical movie scientists and villains but her pronunciation and tone were clear and sharp enough that she sounded smarter than the average person.

“Not really, I just…” Cécilia started to say. It was clear she had offended Lacey and she wanted to apologise but Lacey interrupted before she could speak another word.

“Do you think that means you can talk down to me?” Lacey snapped. Unseen by Cécilia, Lacey’s hand slipped into her spider-embroidered handbag, fingers searching for a small velvet pouch.

“No, I just thought you could use some help!” Cécilia said defensively. This was really not how she had expected things to go and she was deeply sorry that she had gotten off on the wrong foot with Lacey.

“Why? Because you think my art isn’t very good? You dare to judge my work? You don’t know what real art is!” Lacey took a pinch of dusty powder from the pouch blew it into Cécilia’s face, “but I’ll show you, you stuck up pig!”

“Wait! I was just trying to he-heh-heh,” Cécilia’s nose tickled from breathing in the powder. She had the uncontrollable urge to sneeze and simply could not finish her sentence. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head up and inhaled deeply through her nostrils two or three times before the tickling subsided. The need to sneeze disappeared for a few seconds only to come back stronger and this time her quiet sniffing as she breathed in turned more and more into unintentionally loud snorting each time she inhaled.

Lacey murmured her satisfaction as she watched Cécilia closely, she had already pictured what she wanted to happen the moment she blew the powder into Cécilia’s face but to actually watch it unfold in front of her was an experience like no other. It was something Lacey found so deeply satisfying that she dared not blink in case she missed even the most minor detail. “This won’t be the last time you turn your nose up someone else’s work, far from it. You won’t be able to help but turn your nose up!”

In that instant, Cécilia felt the tip of her nose tugged forward and upward. She was acutely aware of the weight of her nose ring moving as it lead her nose out further from her face as if it were being tugged by some invisible hand that was moulding her. She crossed her eyes and watched as her adorable button nose elongated until it was sticking several inches out from her face. On impulse, Cécilia stood up sharp and took a step back from Lacey. “No way!”

She sniffed and saw her big nostrils twitch in front of her. The rush of air into her nose produced a noisy snortle that made her blush. She could smell the pencil lead, the paper, even the different pigments coloring her artwork. The sudden assault of new smells dizzied her.

Lacey was chuckling at Cécilia’s cross-eyed expression of confusion. Her angelic face had been warped and although she was still obviously pretty she now sported a pig snout that took up most her face.

Cécilia managed to pull her eyes away from the point of her triangular nose and looked at Lacey with disgust, “What have you done to me?”

“Oh, it’s not done yet,” Lacey purred. She stood up to better witness her victims impending downfall and because she knew it would intimidate Cécilia all the more, especially with what was about to happen next.

Cécilia squeaked as she inexplicably lost her balance and fell backwards. It felt as if her legs had been swept off the floor when in reality they had shrunk in an instance into stumpy little trotter. There was a brief moment of panic as she tried to flail her arms to keep from falling only realize she had no arms at all, just another matching pair of chubby pink pig trotters. She landed with a soft thud on her now bare bottom. Her panties and skinny jeans had dropped to the ground the instant her legs shrunk.

The cute artist gasped as she looked at her warped body. It was like her midsection had been squashed becoming shorter but filling out other parts of her body. Her torso was smaller now and the cute chubbiness she previously had, had now bulged into a rather round pot belly that peaked out from her top. Beneath her now tubby tummy, she could see that even her pussy had puffed up. The little hillcrest between her hips and thighs had swollen and her lower pink lower lips were pleasantly squished between the soft hills of her labia majora. Lacey licked her lips at the girls delicious looking “camel toe” and, for a very brief moment, Lacey thought it was a shame to let such a perfectly puffy pussy devolve into dirty piggy parts but the girl was ripe for the porking.

As Lacey watched, Cécilia changed once more and this time her top was pushed right up past her belly to rest on her breasts. Her ruined bra fell away, landing in her lap. It had ripped at the seams in the instant her body was reshaped and, now she was practically nude. Her belly and cheeks weren’t the only things to get bigger this time. Her gorgeous breasts had blown up into a pair of melon sized jiggling fat titties.

Cécilia blushed, desperately wanting to hide the enormous things but finding her little arms inadequate for the job and with trotters instead of hands, she couldn’t even pull her top down. With one swift movement Lacey tore Cécilia’s top from her, leaving her as bare as the day she was born.

“No!” Cécilia whimpered, but it was much too late, the top was gone and her bountiful bust already bare. She looked around, hoping no one would see her naked and exposed in the park but also wishing someone would come to her rescue from the humiliating and horrifying situation that she could hardly believe she had found herself in.

“This can’t be real,” Cécilia shook her head but she could feel her breasts and belly wobble as she moved.

With a sinister smile, Lacey grabbed hold of Cécilia by the girls trotters that were only moments ago her hands and hoisted her up on to her other set which had formerly been her feet. Cécilia gasped though it came out sounding something between a squeak and a grunt. She now had to look up to face Lacey. Her stumpy limbs and short, plump body had left her barely taller than Lacey’s navel.

“My, my. You’re turning out wonderfully. You really are a work of art. Just look at you!” When Cécilia’s only reaction was to tremble in fear Lacey’s eyes narrowed darkly.

“Go on. Look.” Lacey commanded. Cecilia looked over her body that had been twisted into some odd mix of woman and pig. She was short but stacked, not to mention belle bottomed. Still, when she peeked at her rear she was shocked to see the little curly tail she now sported above her two very plumped up butt cheeks.

“This can’t be real. I’m a freak!” Cécilia shook her head but the evidence was there jiggly in front of her. Her inflated knockers bobbed and bounced on her chest as her pointed ears flipped and flopped at her sides. Even her spiral tail swung like a spring as she moved. All the while Lacey looked down on her with a smug smirk of self-satisfaction. It angered her but she felt powerless to do anything. What could she do when Lacey had the power to morph her body in such an incredible and unbelievable way? She was now so small and chubby and helpless. If she ran, she didn’t think she’d make it more than a few steps before she stumbled due to her added weight and new centre of gravity. She was utterly powerless and that scared her. So terrified was she, that she was beginning to feel a desperate need to pee and if she didn’t go soon she wouldn’t have much choice but to run for the nearest push to squat in or piss herself where she stood. What made things worse was that Lacey seemed to sense her desperation the moment her eyes flitted over to a nearby shrub.

“Don’t you dare move, pork buns. I’m not finished with you yet.” Lacey’s tone was sharp and threatening but it was not Lacey’s voice that frightened Cécilia most, it was the predatory look in Lacey’s eyes. The thought occurred to the helpless pig-girl that Lacey was already changing her into a pig, what more could she do? The answer that first sprang to mind was obvious and terrifying.

Lacey walked around her slowly, eying her like a piece of meat. Without warning Lacey swiftly dropped down and bit one of Cécilia’s round pink buns. Cécilia let out a shrill squeak and squeezed her thick thighs together tightly, muscles clenched in an effort not to pee.

Lacey was chuckling to herself and wiping a tear from her eye, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Your bum just looked so round and scrumptious. I would say you were bitesize but you’re far too big with that booty.”

Is she really going to eat me or is she toying with me… or Cécilia gulped. Her bottom stung but Lacey’s teeth hadn’t broken the skin or caused anything other than a painful bruise in the shape of a bite. is she playing with her food?

“Please, I have to pee.” with her fear and desperation addled mind, Cécilia asked permission to go to the bathroom like a child. She certainly was looking at Lacey from a child’s perspective and it somehow felt fitting. There was still so much she did not know about the world, the existence of magic for one thing, and Lacey was like a teacher showing her how ignorant she had been. There was little good that knowledge would do now, though.

Lacey laughed aloud, earnest and heartily. She had to hold her sides because she was chuckling so much. She had to wipe a tear from her eye and whispered “how pathetic” to herself before responding to the humbled half-hog girl who hopped from one foot to the other, her desperation so great she couldn’t remain still any longer.

“You can go anytime and anywhere, Pork Buns. You aren’t bound by human rules anymore. You see, you really do look delightful like this but I can’t keep you this way, as fun as it would be,” Lacey bent over to pat Cécilia on the head condescendingly, “It would be far too much trouble if Miss Piggy squealed on me. No. You’ve got to go ‘the whole hog’!”

Before Cécilia could react Lacey was pouring a potion she had hidden in her palm over the poor pig girls head. The effects were instantaneous. Cécilia’s raven black hair started to melt together with its green highlights into a muddy ooze that dripped down her shoulders and back. The further her former hair trickled down her body, the more she changed.

“Noo!” Cécilia half shrieked, half squealed as she saw her enormous boobs each divide into two, splitting like cells, until she sported a second pair beneath her first. From the second set of pert pink sweater puppies she sprouted a third and then a fourth. Each new pair she grew was a little smaller and bestial than the last and soon, Cécilia had five pairs of jiggling pig tits all the way down to her thighs. She panicked as she tried to remain steady on her shrunken legs, the added weight on her chest and abdomen was pulling her forward and she came to the sickening realisation that soon she wouldn’t be able to stand at all.

The very moment Cécilia felt the first drop of the cursed potion on her scalp she had forgotten her desperation and her dignity and began to piss all down her inner thighs, ankles and all over her little trotters. By the time that the wet muck, that had been her sexy black hair dripped off of her bubble behind and into the puddle beneath her, the bizarre feeling of being twisted and contorted had reached down to her genitals. She felt like she was being poked and prodded in her most private places as her pooter and puckered bottom shifted and reshaped into porcine equivalents. It was all happening so quickly now. She didn’t have long left at all until she was completely pig, at least on the outside. She had to beg Lacey for forgiveness now, whilst she could still speak like a human.

Her jaw reshaped to matcher her now flat and cylindrical nose, giving her a truly piggish snout, which grew out further and new teeth popped from her gums. She rolled her tongue over her teeth finding two large, protruding incisors at her bottom jaw. She was quickly becoming something bestial and primitive with bristles sprouting all over her body.

“PleeEEEase! PleeEEEEase change meEEEEE back!” she squealed, her throat and neck thickening by the second. “What am I supposed to do as a pEEEEEEg?!”

Lacey shrugged, “I don’t care as long as you learn your place.”

From her neck down to her hips, Cécilia’s body swelled until she became a fully barrel shaped pig. She fought to stay standing as long as she could as she grew in girth by the second until there was no trace of the girl she had been save for her intelligent eyes. Even her nose ring seemed like it belonged on the plump pig she had become. She oinked and squealed long after her human voice was forever lost and she fell onto the fore hooves that had been her hands. She finally lost the battle to stay standing against her new nature and dropped to all fours like any other common swine.


Cécilia stood in the park unsure what to do as she watched Lacey leave. The witch, or sorceress or whatever she was, had taken Cécilia’s portfolio with her as a memento warning her not to follow unless she wanted to end up on a serving plate, hog-tied, with an apple in her mouth. The thought, which would have once sounded like a kinky fantasy now sounded like a nightmare and had been enough to stop Cécilia in her tracks.

Now the pig was left naked and alone in a now unfamiliar looking park in an even more unfamiliar body with nothing but her thoughts and the smell of her own desperation. She looked and prayed for some way out, some escape or help handing but it was already looking hopeless.

There were other people in the park. Surely someone must have seen what she did to me! No one seemed to be paying attention to her at all.

Where do I go? What can I do? Looking around at the remains of her clothes she decided she could root through her discarded belongings for her phone. She lifted up one of the legs of her jeans in her snout and shook her head, trying to dislodge her phone from the skinny jeans but it was tightly secured in her pocket. Standing on the jeans with two hooves to keep them steady, she tried to chew through the pocket, careful not to bite down on the phone itself.

She couldn’t unlock it let alone dial a phone number, and if somehow she could, she wouldn’t be able to talk. I can text though. Probably. I have to try, at least!

She had almost managed to free her phone when she heard the amused voices.

“Mummy! Look there’s a pig!” A little girl stood pointing at Cécilia and giggling. “It’s got a curly tail above its bum, mummy!” The mother and daughter had a clear view of her rear end. If she had not been a pig, Cécilia would have blushed. She spun around to face them and hide her shamefully exposed privates.

The mother looked concerned that the seemingly feral pig might attack and grabbed her daughter by the hand and quickly led her away. Things were bad enough before but now Cécilia had to deal with the shame of being naked and laughed at by small children and actively avoided by wary adults. Cécilia the pig sighed in an almost human manner, at once relieved and disappointed that her first interaction with humans as a pig was over, when out of the corner of her eye she noticed a new threat. Cécilia froze. A girl was staring at her. Directly at her. Did she see what Lacey did? Is she going to help me? Cécilia dared to hope but her hopes were dashed when the girl lifted her cellphone to her ear.

“Hello? Hi, I need to report that there’s a runaway pig in Queen’s Park. Umm, It’s got a nose ring so maybe it escaped from a farm or something. It doesn’t seem frightened.” Cécilia’s eyes widened as she heard the girl speak.

No! Cécilia squealed. Can’t you see I’m trying to make a phone call! I’m not a pig! Don’t call the authorities!

Cécilia had to act fast and get her phone immediately. It was going to be the only way she could communicate with a human and now she had a time limit. How long will it be before some pet control or something show up? Damn it! I should have grabbed my stuff and hid. Fuck!


The phone idea was a bust. Her nose was too flat and wide to work the touchscreen and it didn’t even recognise her trotters. The idiot school girl had merely laughed as she watched the stupid pig fumble about with a phone attracted to the lights or something. She was tempted to go and bite the bitch for ratting on her but thought that would only make things worse. They put dogs down for less and she was now even lower on the food chain.

They could really cook and eat me, Cécilia shuddered at that chilling realisation. They won’t. I have a new plan. They’ll see I’m not really a pig and I’ll get help. It’ll be fine. She reassured herself as she shoved her nostrils in into the sticky, brown muck. It disgusted her, shoving her face in the mud, but she didn’t have a lot of options. When the men had come to capture her she had barely managed to escape the first time. There was no going back to check if any of her art supplies were left so she had to use what was available and what was available was mud and plenty of it. Mud was her medium and the wall by the skate park was her canvas. All she needed was to write “help” on the wall and she would be saved. Nothing ever goes according to plan though.

They caught her as she trotted back to the mud free skate park from the old mud filled footpath. There was never a convenient muddy puddle around when you need one and she had to travel back and forth between the two to complete each letter, leaving a dirty trail of footprints behind each time. They had been able to ambush her and catch her unawares. She squeal ed and tried to scramble free but she was a little pig and they were two fully grown human beings. It was hardly a fair fight and she ended up unceremoniously dumped inside a cage in the back of a van.

Do they have an animal pound? A petting zoo? A farm? Some sort of animal sanctuary? She could not help but contemplate where they were taking her.


The van had been parked for a short while when she heard the muffled voices outside. They were a little too far to make out the conversation but Cécilia could already tell she had been brought to a farm. She could smell the other animals and their waste though she couldn’t tell what they were or how many though she thought her big, floppy ears had picked up the braying of an ass and the bellow of a cow.

It was a short wait in the back of the van before the doors were flung open but it felt like an age to Cécilia. Each second of not knowing what awaited her, her anxiety grew stronger. Her heart raced when she was finally lead down a ramp by a leash and into a large barn. The dragged her into a waiting cage locked her in and left her. She was once again left with little to do but contemplate her fate.

There were several stalls in the barn occupied by the donkeys and cows she heard earlier and it appeared that she had piqued the curiosity of a few of them. One donkey looked down on her and brayed. Cécilia wrinkled her big nose. Even a dumb donkey was looking down on her with pity. She snorted

She heard the loud clack of a woman’s shoes on the floor. A pair of long, slender legs in slinky black tights strutted into view. Cécilia had to look up to see the pretty face sadistically grinning down at her.

“Why hello, Pork Buns! What a complete and utter surprise this isn’t.”

Lacey! What’s she doing here? the sows jaw dropped. Of all the scenarios she thought might happen once she reached her destination, this was not one of them. She didn’t think she would ever have the chance to Lacey again.

Is she… is she here to turn me back? Cécilia dared to hope that this was all just to teach her lesson and that she would soon be back to her usual sexy self.

“In case you haven’t guessed, I phoned straight after I left you and said a pig had escaped from this farm. I suspected it wouldn’t be long before they caught you but I at least thought you might make it a day or two. Most of the other little piggies at least try to make it in the big, bad world when I give them this chance but you must have given up straight away. I guess you’re more of an indoor sow, hmm?” Lacey’s smug.

I didn’t give up! Cécilia squealed, angrily but of course Lacey couldn’t understand and just laughed before patronisingly saying, “You’re a pig, darling. I have no idea what you’re trying to say nor do I care.”

Lacey took hold of the pigs’ leash and unlatched the cage, letting the door swing open. “Come, pig.”

Cécilia had no choice but to follow as Lacey led her by the leash into another part of the barn. She was immediately hit with a new smell. It was somehow completely new and familiar at the same time. Next she heard the noisy. Animals, grunts, snorts and…

Squeals! Wait, Lacey said something about ‘the other piggies’. Has she done this to others? Is that why everyone avoids her?

Lacey opened a gate, removed her collar and simply said, “In.”

Cécilia was shocked. There were dozens of pigs in there. She could tell their sex by the males musky smells and the rows of teats hanging beneath the females but these were clearly not normal pigs. Most had distinctly human features that distinguished them from other swine, features like tattoos and ear piercings. She could see from her new hog’s eye view that a few of the sows had nipple piercings and a certain sow, with rose thorns tattooed up her arm, even had her clit pierced. It reminded Cécilia of her own nose piercing that would forever distinguish her from the pig.

Oh shit! I must look exactly like them.

If all of the swine herd were once humans then it was proof that Lacey had been doing this for quite some time. If Lacey had been doing it for some time then she would probably continue and that meant Cecilia would be a pig got a long time to come. Perhaps even the rest of her life.

“Well, Pork Buns. This is your new home. I’m sure the other hogs will make you feel right at home.”


“Good morning, Pork Buns,” Lacey said happily as she strolled in happily pushing a wheelbarrow filled with slop.

Cécilia grunted her annoyance her thick nostrils vibrating wetly. She was getting used to the slop made from stale leftovers and bits of vegetables no human would eat but this was worse than the usual crap they were fed. She kept coming across flat and dry pieces that took forever to chew. She had quickly learnt not to look at what it was she was eating as she was better off not knowing but this time curiosity had gotten the better of her. Cécilia looked down and saw a slither of shredded paper. She snorted in confusion. Mixed in with the mushed vegetables and gravy like slop there was a face on a piece of scrap of paper. Cécilia knew those big wide eyes and mischievous lips. How could she not know them? She was the one who drew them! It was such a pleasant surprise at first, being reunited with one of her comic characters but then she realised what that meant. She turned to see the other pigs were beside her with their snouts in the trough.

My comics? No! They’re eating my work! Cécilia released a series of shrill and panicked squeals. They were eating her work. Lacey must have found it all in her portfolio and shredded it! Why would she do that? Cécilia didn’t know but pure jealousy had made Lacey decide to shred her comics.

All those hours she’d spent painstakingly perfecting each panel and now her comic was getting gobbled up by a bunch of fat pigs. The worst part was that she knew she had eaten some herself. She felt the coarse paper on her long porcine tongue and chewed it thoroughly with her snout before swallowing. She squealed again, demanding they stop, and nudged the fat angel wing tattooed sow next to her but the pig seemed to cluck its tongue as if tutting at her.

“Such an attention hog,” Cécilia watched with a lofty sneer on her face as Cécilia tried to get the other pigs to stop eating and listen to her. The pigs paid no attention to the hysterical sow. Blissfully unaware they were eating her pride and joy.

How can they not understand me? I’m sure they used to be people too!

“I suppose you’ve noticed the special ingredient in today’s slop?” Lacey laughed, “You thought your stuff was so great but soon it’ll be nothing more than pig shit! But look at you now. You couldn’t paint a fence, let alone a comic, pig.”

Lacey bent over the fence and held a hand to her mouth as if to whisper conspiratorially to Cécilia, “Want to know a secret? That wasn’t the only special ingredient. I added a little seasoning as well. You should all start feeling the effects any second now.”

Cécilia oinked, fearfully and wondered what else Lacey had done to torture her but the feeling was already taking hold. Her crotch felt warm. Hot even. And painfully empty.

You didn’t!? she oinked again but she could feel herself getting wet and even smell her own sex as the barn filled with intoxicating pig pheromones. She was so horny that she and the other sows were practically gushing. Mating seasoning, she thought to herself as she started to picture herself being fucked from behind.

It made Lacey excited to see the girl she had so recently turned into a sow, wiggly her rear for the attention of the other hogs. It had been a week and still the girl hadn’t presented herself to a boar. Lacey came to think that Cécilia fancied herself as a queen, too good for the lowly boars. Well, this will show her, her place.

As the little sow raised her bum and shook her buns, Lacey couldn’t wait to play with her own hungry pussy. It always drove her wild to see her victims transformed and to see them give in to their new instincts, especially when she was the one to give them a little push.

“One last thing before I go, and before you go hog wild. I made a little amendment to your self-portrait,” Lacey presented Cécilia’s self-portrait. The one she had been so happy with. The one with the splash of green in her black hair. The one that now sported a pig snout and ears, “What do you think? It’s very you.”

Cécilia was still staring at the portrait when she allowed the first boar to mount her, his twisting cock making her head spin as it drilled deep into needy pussy. She was blissfully rutting like a pig.


Cécilia the brood sow huffed. She’d woken up covered in muck and grime again after a pleasant dream in which she did not walk on all fours and talked in more than just squeals and oinks. It had been several months since her life changing encounter with Lacey but she still clung on to her humanity, especially in her dreams, and it caused her to roll about happily in the mud whilst she slept.

She felt so uncomfortable, so exposed, whenever Lacey or anyone came to visit. Years of wearing clothes couldn’t be washed away with a few days of being a naked pig with a layer of bristly hair and grime.

Even worse was the fact that she was certain she was a bigger pig now than she had been when she was first transformed. She had gained a significant amount of weight during her time as a pig simply from overeating and she had no one to blame but herself. It wasn’t that her appetite had increased. She wasn’t overcome with an unquenchable hunger. She just ate and ate because she was bored. The consequence was that she’d grown fatter and lazier by the day like the other pigs.

She had difficulty thinking of them as other people now but still she felt like they were equals. Does that mean I feel like less of a person? she wondered. She’d been fucked multiple times by the boars now and had delighted in it, much to her never ending shame. She wasn’t even certain which ones had taken her. It was difficult to turn her head back to look at which pig was mounting her and, at first, she had difficulty telling the pigs apart by sight. It was much easier once she learned to pick them apart by smell.

Lacey had already been in and delivered their morning slop. There were no surprises this time, thankfully, and Cécilia had gotten to work munching on it immediately like a real pig, slobbering and the feed noisily squelching in her mouth as she greedily devoured it without a care for how fat she was now getting. It was thirty minutes or more before she was full and lazily left the trough only to notice something was amiss. The gate to the pig pen had been left wide open.

Cécilia looked around but shockingly none of the other pigs and former humans paid it any attention at all. Why don’t you all leave? Now’s our chance. she oinked and quickly trotted out of the gate and into the other part of the barn where the donkey jenny she had seen previously greeted her with a lazy “heehaw”. Cécilia hadn’t noticed when she had previously been in there but the donkey had a splash of pink dye in her black mane, a sign that she was once a person too. Cécilia considered freeing her but the latch to the donkeys paddock was simply too high for a pig to reach. Instead, she resolved to come and free all the animals, no, people, if she managed to somehow restore herself.

At the open door to the barn, she hesitated. How would she do that? Who could she turn to? Who would even guess that a fattened sow was once a young woman? She doubted any of her friends would believe something so fantastical. It certainly hadn’t worked out well the first time she had a chance at freedom. What would happen if she was found this time and Lacey didn’t report a missing pig on the farm? Would she be caught by the authorities and shipped off to another farm. How long would she have before she would end up on a dinner plate? They eventually put stray dogs down, didn’t they? It must be the same for stray pigs.

What would I eat? Cécilia thought. She was so much fatter and hungrier now. She felt something funny. Like a nudge deep inside. It isn’t just because of how much I eat is it?

Lacey watched her newest brood sow willingly return to the sty. Cécilia had decided to remain on the farm. To remain a pig.

“I’m not surprised,” Lacey said to the curious jenny, “she makes a much better pig than a girl and is much more productive as a breeding sow than as an artist.”
R: 0 / I: 0

Chimp-mercial (Bonobo Ape TF)

Chimp-mercial (Bonobo Ape TF)

I sighed as I matted my brown hair, and set up a nearby camera. I couldn't believe I agreed to do this! There was movie due out in theaters in just a couple of weeks called "Animal Crackers" and I was asked to transform myself live on camera as a sort of viral marketing campaign. I was used to transformation, so I seemed like the perfect candidate to help market this film. I was clad in nothing but a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I could not have warn a more plainer outfit even if I tried!

I looked down at the yellow box of Animal Crackers, situated right next to my bare feet. I bent over and glared at the box, knowing that I had to do this advertisement if I wanted to get paid! I gulped as I tore open the yellow box and closed my eyes. I decided that I was going to go into this blind and choose a cracker at random, even if it meant ending up as a pig or hippo! I shuffled my hand around in the cardboard box, as I knocked the various crackers about. After a while, I finally swallowed my pride and grabbed one.

With my eyes still closed, I scooped the biscuit up and move it towards my lips. I opened my mouth wide and took several bites. Afterwards, I swallowed the bits of chewed cookie as I opened my eyes. I didn't feel different, at least not as first. I sat there quietly on my chair, waiting for something to happen. That's when I felt my skin start to chafe. I looked down at my flesh and founding it changing color. My white flesh became charcoal black in color as my skin became somewhat wrinkled.

My face became dotted with a ton of wrinkles as I felt my muzzle started to stretch out. My lips remained pink in color, but the area around my lips as well as my entire face turned charcoal black. My eyes started to water as their makeup changed completely, while at the same time transforming into a pair of emotionless animal eyes. My eyes became beady and black as my ability to see certain colors dimmed.

My face stretched out into a small muzzle as my nose melted into my face, leaving me with two large nostril ridges in place of them. I felt the muzzle with my hand, and took of its rather wrinkly and dry nature. It didn't take me long to figure out what I was becoming, this muzzle belonged to that of a chimpanzee! My transformation continued as my ears grew larger. They still retained their human shape, but took on a much larger size. My sense of hearing increased greatly as a result of this.

My feet were the next thing to change as I felt them starting to tingle. My toes twitched and pulsated as my toes started to expand. The soles of my feet flattened out and became more like palms as my toes became thin and long like fingers. Within moments, my feet had become a second pair of hands! I looked down at my feet as I twitched them about, forming them into fists in the process. The articulation of my new "feet" were bizarre to say the least. All four of my hands started to grow thicker and larger, becoming bulky ape-paws in the process. My arms grew longer as both bone and flesh alike stretched out. My new lanky arms dangled precariously from my sides, giving my form a rather primal looking appearance.

The transformation was about to get a lot worse though, as I found myself starting to shrink. My body grew smaller as I found thick black fur sprouting from every skin-pore. My form continued to shrink as my body became blanketed in thick and mangy black fur, which pressed against my baggy clothes. My clothes became baggier and baggier, until I had shrunken down to be 3 and a half feet tall. I removed the baggy and slightly ripped clothes from my hairy body. As I did so, I felt my back starting to ache, while my spine produced several cracking noises. My posture shifted as I found my body lowering itself onto all fours. I felt as though I could stand on two legs for a brief time, a four legged stance now felt natural for me.

I found myself producing grunting noises, though I could still speak English. I looked down at my new body, and was rather disappointed with what I had become. I was hoping for a lion or a tiger, or something cool like that! Instead, I was turned into a chimpanzee. Not even a cool chimpanzee, I was a Bonobo, a pygmy chimp! Most of my body was covered in thick and unkempt fur, which produced an awful smell. This stench wafted into my much larger nostrils, which nearly caused me to gag. My skin was charcoal black in color and fairly wrinkly, while a pair of large ears stuck out from the top of my head.

I scratched my hairless chair as I looked down at my tiny pink ape nipples. My new appearance was bizarre! I stood at barely four feet tall, which is saying a lot since I could barely stand at all! I was stuck in this stupid four legged stance. I lifted my long hairy arm in front of my face and stared at it. I then used to scratch my hairy butt as I looked up at the camera. I cleared my throat, while at the same time grunting like the ape I was. "Well, everyone, that was my transformation! Hope you enjoyed it and all go to see Animal Crackers when it comes into thea—" While talking, I accidentally attempted to stand up, forgetting that apes aren't the best at that. I stumbled backwards, smashing my body against the box of animal crackers.

I let out a panicked grunt as I stared as the mashed up crackers! The only way I could transform back is by eating a human-shaped cracker, but now they were all mashed to bits. Not only that, but the crackers were sent to me by the film studio themselves, and they said that the can't send out extra copies. I gulped as I came to the realization that I would be stuck as a Bonobo, possibly forever!

Then again, I could still talk and Animal Crackers was still looking for animal stunt-doubles for it's film… Yes, maybe I could try applying for a role in the film! Then I could ask for some human crackers as payment! Which reminds me, I still need to get the payment I did for this sponsored video… Oh well! Regaining humanity comes first, getting cash comes second.

I lifted my left arm and used my right arm to mindlessly scratch my armpit, all the while trying my best to fight my new ape instincts. My new primal mindset was the most annoying part of my new transformation. Having instincts was not part of the deal! After scratching my armpit, my right index finger uncontrolled darted towards my nostril which I promptly slapped away with my left hand. I was pretty annoyed at this point, I decided I need to contact the film studio right away!

I went to go get the phone, only to realize I wasn't in my room anymore… Suddenly, I was outside and in some sort of cage! Fake grass lined the bottom of the cage beneath my wrinkly feet. Several other Bonobos were mindless wandering around the cages. I sat there as I scratched my wrinkly chin with my ape palm, wondering where I was. As I did so, another Bonobo came up and sat behind me. She started to pick fleas off of my back and eat them, as if she was grooming me. All I could think about was how in the blazes I got here!

Nobody said that the animal cracks would teleport you as well as transform you! Then again, I didn't really read the box… So now, I was stuck as a Bonobo inside some random zoo cage with another Bonobo picking fleas off my back. I knew I should really feel bad about my situation, and lament over my lost humanity. All I could think about though was the fact that I no longer had any responsilibilites. No longer had to mow the lawn, work, all I could do was just sit in a cage, play, and contemplate the inner-workings of existence and life itself. In short, it was a simple life and was something that I was starting to enjoy.

That's when I realized something, maybe this was my payment for the promo. A life of being a hairy ape in a cage, no responsibility, and no problems. Just eating bugs and bananas, while interacting with other apes. In a way, it is a genius form of payment, providing the advertisers with a new life for the price of word of mouth. Plus, I still possessed my intellect and ability to speak. So, even though I felt that I was cheated, I believed that the reward made up for it. Then again, I was just a smelly chimp, so what do I know?
R: 1 / I: 0

National Defense: Part 1

Women to Anthro Sow and Cow & Baby to Calf.

National Defense

As she slowly regained consciousness, Stacey became more aware of her surroundings. She was being dragged down a long, white corridor. The fluorescent lights burned her eyes and the rough hands carrying her were practically pulling her arms out of their sockets. Try as she might, she couldn’t get her feet under her and eventually stopped trying as she was brought through a set of double doors.

She found herself in a large laboratory with a set of four windows along the opposite wall. Three had their lights off, the fourth and nearest had light inside but had its set of blinds closed, denying visual access. A tall, broad man with black hair and lab coat stood next to the window with his back to the doors. The two men sat Stacey in a chair facing the window. The cold metal of the steel chair made Stacey suddenly aware of her nakedness. She crossed her legs, folded her arms across her chest and leaned forward a little, in part to keep herself warm in the cold room.

As she sat there she looked about the room and tried to recall everything that had happened. The last thing she remembered was driving home from a party with her friend, Ruth. The two had been best friends since seventh grade. Both were attractive young ladies but Ruth was the homecoming Queen and track star, Stacey was the science whiz. The two of them were in their junior years at TCU. Ruth was there on a track scholarship and Stacey was studying pre-med. As Stacey surveyed the room, the tall man in front of her spoke, “You’re probably wondering where you are and why you’re here. The very existence of this facility is classified so I can’t tell you its location but I can tell you its purpose.”

The tall man turned to face her. He wore a pair of reading glasses that he took off and set on a nearby counter. He had a strong jaw line and dark piercing eyes. He was athletically built and was barely balding. After setting down his glasses he put his hands in his pockets and leaned forward a little bit, staring at Stacey.

After a second he finally spoke, “This facility was created in 1997 as a response to the growing threat of biological terrorism. The existence of this facility is known to only those who work here and a few men and women within the CIA, not even the president knows we’re here.”

He took a deep audible breath through his nose and when Stacey finally gave him her full attention he continued. “Five months ago we became aware of a small terrorist group in southern France that was developing a weapon that won’t kill a single human but can wipe out the entire human race.”

Stacey couldn’t understand what he was saying and she squinted at him to illustrate her lack of comprehension. He stood up straighter, cleared his throat and continued, “This terrorist group has created a serum with the ability to radically alter the physical state of a human being. That is to say that they can do anything from change the sex of someone to transforming them into another form of mammalian life.” Before Stacey could express her confusion he elaborated. “They can change a person into any mammal known to this earth, a dog, a lion, an elephant, a blue whale, a moose, anything.”

Stacey sat up straight, her arms falling to her sides, finally she asked “how?” and he went onto his explanation. “The serum they have created uses the human body against itself. The serum isn’t what actually carries out the transformation process; it simply provides the body with the instructions on how to do it. You see, the serum is designed to interact with the cells of the human brain. Once introduced into the body the cells of the serum make their way to the brain, once there they attach themselves to brain cells. After they’ve attached themselves they begin to alter the information being sent throughout the body, specifically the instructions for the immune system.”

He pulled a chair over and sat down facing Stacey, leaning towards her and gesturing with his large hands. “The various parts of the body that support the immune system quickly begin to turn out a new kind of antibody, we call it the X antibody, along with all of the other normal antibodies. It’s the X antibody that actually performs the transformation. Once the X antibodies are created their task is to go in search of any alien DNA.”

Stacey piped up, “What do you mean, alien DNA?”

“The transformation cannot be executed with the serum alone. The X antibodies the serum instructs the body to produce must link up with the cells of a mammal foreign to and different in sex and or species from the host body they are in. That foreign, mammalian DNA can be introduced into the body a number of different ways but the most basic is through ingestion.”

“So you’re saying that if I’m infected with this serum and then I eat a hamburger I’m gonna change in a cow?”

“That is exactly what I am saying. The X antibody links itself to a foreign cell, creating what we call a Y cell. Once a Y cell is created it links itself to the nearest human cell it can find and transforms it to match the DNA of the foreign cell. Once it has finished the transformation the new cell is released to link itself to another X antibody creating another Y cell. The new Y cell and the original Y cell then link to two more human cells and change them. Those transformed cells link up with more X antibodies and begin transforming other cells until every human cell in the body is changed into the foreign cell.”

Stacey was quite taken back. She was studying nursing and was well aware of how the human immune system and antibodies work. “That sounds pretty bad.”

The tall man stood up from his chair and again turned his back to Stacey. He let out another loud breath, clearly it was a topic of great import and passion to this strange man. “Obviously, if this terrorist group released the serum into a highly populated region they could transform millions of people into all sorts of animals in a matter of a few days if even that long.”

“What’s stopping them?” Stacey asked.

“So far the only way to introduce the serum into the human body is with an injection and that is not an effective way to infect millions of people with anything. Also, we believe they are trying to develop both an immunity to protect themselves and a cure to use as a bargaining tool once they do begin to infect people.”

Stacey remained puzzled; “I still fail to see what this has to do with me being here.”

The tall man turned around again, folding his arms across his chest. “As I said before this facility was created to find ways to counter any threat of biological terrorism. This case most definitely meets those qualifications and so the burden falls on us to find both a vaccine and a cure so that we can protect ourselves from this threat. A CIA operative within the terrorist group was able to obtain a sample of the serum for us and we have since replicated it for use in our experiments. Naturally our experiments must be tested and the only way to do it is with human test subjects. We can’t ask for volunteers because releasing this kind of information into the public could create chaos, so we have to resort to abducting our subjects. Like we did to you and your friend Ruth.”

Stacey was horrified. She stood up, “you mean you’re going to inject with that serum and hope that I don’t turn into something? Don’t I get any say in this?”

“No you don’t,” and he motioned to the other men to reseat the young woman. “Both of you were given our experimental vaccines while you were unconscious. We’d been following you two for some time, learning your routines and habits. When the two of you got lost coming home, the opportunity was just too good to pass up.”

Stacey was looking around the room for any possible escape as he went on, his back turned to her, preparing something. “You know it’s interesting, the process will work if an animal product is eaten after being infected or shortly before being infected. What is truly fascinating though is that if a certain animal product is consumed with habitual frequency, it’s as if the body becomes saturated.”

Stacey was on the verge of tears when she asked, “What are you saying?”

“It’s been nearly 24 hours since either of you have eaten anything, normally far too long for any foreign DNA to be left behind from your last meal. However, we noticed that both you and Ruth have very consistent diets, often eating the same things every day. Did you know Ruth has a ham sandwich before and after track practice every day?”

Stacey was almost motionless, “Whe…where’s Ruth?”

The tall man reached his hand over to the drawstring and drew up the blinds. Stacey ran to the window, plastering her face to the thick glass with her open hands pressed to the window on either side of her face. The sight that met her was both stunning and horrible. Unable to control herself, her legs buckled beneath her and she fell to the floor, her hands sliding down the glass, her eyes never leaving the spectacle within the small room.

The window stopped only a couple feet from the floor and Stacey sat there sobbing uncontrollably as she looked upon the disfigured form of her friend Ruth. The tall man stood next to Stacey looking into the room, hands in his pockets. “The vaccines we are trying to develop are supposed to change the way the brain interprets the instructions it gets from the serum. Hopefully resulting in either a harmless X antibody or no X antibody at all. The vaccine we gave Ruth has produced very encouraging results. Rather than the Y cell changing human cells to match the foreign ones, it appears to change both cells into some sort of hybrid of the two.”

Stacey was barely listening, all she could think about was her once ravishingly beautiful friend, crawling about on all fours. Her cute little nose had turned itself up to the air and her nostrils were flared. Her face had elongated just a bit and two little white tusks could be seen sticking out from her lower lip. Her brow had bulged and jutted out over her still green eyes. Two thin, pointy ears were protruding from under her full head of shoulder length, dirty-blonde hair.

Her forelimbs still vaguely resembled something human but they were much shorter and much meatier than the beautiful tan arms Ruth used to have. At their ends, Ruth’s fingers and hands had changed into small white hooves. As Ruth moved about, Stacey could hear the hard sound of the hooves upon the tile floor.

Ruth’s slight but shapely breasts hung limply from her chest like the ugly digs of a sow. Down her fat, swollen belly, more digs of equal size to Ruth’s original breasts had grown creating two rows along her torso. Her soft, tanned skin had turned a pale white and was visibly coarse and hairy.

Her once small butt and gentle hips were now thick and heavy with fat. Her pelvis had stretched and widened to undoubtedly accommodate an expected litter of young, significantly larger than was within the realms of the human body. And a small curly tail could be seen extending from the end of her spine.

The beautiful legs that had carried her to so many victories on the track and had received so much attention from the boys walking by her on a summer day were now heavy and stubby. Her shapely thighs had been transformed into disgusting, fat globs of hideous flesh. Her lovely feet and cute little toes had met the same fate as her hands.

In all she stood taller than was normal for a sow and her mid-section was longer, not as squat. Her neck was not the same slender one Ruth had before. It was longer and thicker but still distinctly human. Her face was still recognizable and her beautiful curly hair had remained unchanged. She wasn’t quite as obese as a sow but she was much flabbier, her skin not as taught as customary for pigs.

The tall man flipped a switch next to the glass and from a speaker above the window Stacey could hear Ruth grunting and squealing. Although guttural like the noises of a pig, these sounds were somehow more human, as if faint whispers of human words were intermingled with the ugly tones of a fat sow. The last vestiges of a human consciousness repressed within the crude, animal mind of the monstrosity that Ruth had been changed into.

Stacey remained on the floor crying, as the tall man began to speak again, “of course it would be irresponsible of us to test this vaccine on only one subject and declare it a victory for our cause. No, no, we must test this on several subjects to determine if the results witnessed in Ruth’s case were an anomaly or the norm. So, of course you were both treated with the same vaccine.”

Stacey stopped crying for a moment and looked up the broad back of the tall dark man. He made a gesture towards his assistants who pounced upon Stacey, placing her back in the chair and strapping her into it. She had not noticed earlier that the chair was bolted to the floor and any attempts she made to break free of the stiff leather straps were useless.

The tall man continued to talk to her as he prepared a syringe. “I said earlier that the serum must be injected into the body to be effective, however the exact truth is a bit more complicated than that. The serum is very susceptible to attack from the human immune system and if the injection is administered into the arm, per say, the white blood cells in the blood would destroy the entire dose before it ever reached the brain.”

He lifted up a large vial filled with a pink substance, plunging the needle into it and drawing out a large amount. “So, to give the serum a chance to reach the brain and take hold, the injection must be administered into one of the arteries of the neck.”

He said this while he placed the empty vial back on the counter and walked towards Stacey. At the word “neck” one of the assistants grabbed Stacey’s head with astounding force and wrenched it around to one side, exposing a large section of her neck. Try as she might Stacey couldn’t free herself from the brutish grip. As the tall man approached, syringe in hand, Stacey began to panic. She was hyperventilating and straining violently within her bindings.

But it was useless, the needle plunged deep into the sinew of her neck and the thick contents were slowly administered into her blood stream. She could feel the serum moving along the artery, inexorably towards the confines of her skull. When the serum reached her brain she could feel it begin to course throughout the fibers of her mind.

As the needle was retracted from her skin, Stacey was overcome with a headache of a kind she had never experienced before. As the tall man cleaned up his countertop, he continued to talk to Stacey. “I must admit I was rather amazed at your love for dairy products, especially whole milk. I would have thought that a young girl such as yourself would have chosen a less fattening beverage to drink with such frequency. Oh well, it certainly leaves no doubt as to the form your body will at least attempt to assume.”

As the pain subsided, Stacey took in two short, large breaths. A strange warm sensation was building in her chest and it was making it difficult to breathe. The tall man gestured to his assistants with two fingers and they unstrapped Stacey and led her through another door to a small hallway. They passed a door from which wild squealing could be heard and entered into the room next to it. Stacey was thrown on the cold hard floor and the door was slammed behind her.

A light flickered on to reveal Stacey in a prone position on the floor, breathing heavily. A voice crackled through a speaker mounted high on one of the walls, “don’t worry, it shouldn’t last long.” She looked up expecting to see the cold stare of the tall dark man glaring down upon her but found that from her side, it wasn’t a window but a mirror. The heat in her chest gone, Stacey propped herself up on one hand, using the other to wipe some of the moisture from her bright red cheeks.

She waited for something to happen but nothing did. She examined herself and found nothing altered. For a moment she thought maybe the vaccine had worked but soon discovered those notions to be misplaced. Just as she let out a little “hmph” she was doubled over by pain in her stomach. She let out a quick cry and clutching her abdomen fell back to the floor on her side.

Her breaths were coming quick and short as she tossed about on the floor. She could feel her organs rearranging themselves; her kidneys and liver, warping and twisting as they reshaped themselves and found a new place to reside, her intestines squirming into new shapes and finding new pathways. She could feel her stomach contorting and then divide to create a more bovine digestive system.

She put her hands back on the floor and slowly raised herself up to see what was happening. Her belly was a mass of convulsing flesh. Stacey watched her perfect, flat abs lose their definitions and then disappear beneath a swelling mass of bulging, bristling fat. Struggling to stand up, Stacey could feel how greatly her girth had already increased. Clutching her burgeoning belly, she finally got her feet under her, but groaned and staggered backwards, hitting the wall and sliding back down to the floor.

The space below her breasts had become tender and sore to the touch. She moved her hands away and saw the skin stretch and bulge. Atop the two growing domes of flesh appeared two small red welts. The welts grew and in their midst appeared two tiny bumps. As Stacey realized that she was producing a second set of breasts, an explosion of fatty tissue issued through her chest and all her breasts swelled to an incredible size. Her nipples began to protuberate and stretch away from her areolas, eventually extending to over half a foot in length.

Stacey’s breasts continued to swell but her attention was drawn away to another part of her body. She crawled towards the center of the room and looking in the mirror could see her buttocks and thighs grow thick and plump with heavy fat. She could sense her butt cheeks and her hips spreading apart in connection with the enlarging breadth of his pelvis. Which she realized was expanding to accommodate a larger womb. A larger but simpler womb designed for the needs of the animal world, not the human one.

As her pelvis rotated within her, she could feel the entry to that womb stretched and dragged low between her round, bulky thighs. Then lower to her fat, round buttocks so that the only access to her crude, basic vagina was only from behind.

At the base of her spin, Stacey could feel a sickening, writhing sensation under her skin as if some serpent was trying to tear its way out. The writhing grew into a bulge, then the bulge into a small fleshy tail. The tail continued to elongate, finally concluding in a tuft of dark hair.

Stacey again tried to stand but it was difficult and she was thrown towards the mirror. She landed against it with her hands and was horrified to see her fingers and hands growing thick and blunt. Her thumbs began to shrink back into her hands; her index and middle fingers fused together and she struggled in vain to keep her pinky and ring fingers apart. She looked down to the floor and saw her feet and toes fusing and growing as well.

She could feel her joints twisting and warping and as she took a step back from the mirror, her hips clicked into place with a loud “snap” and threw Stacey back to the floor. She found herself walking about on all fours after her shoulders popped into place as well.

She let out a scream, “Aaaahhhhhheeeeewwwww.” The sound of her cry deepening into a bovine lowing was too much. Despite the terror the sound infused her with, she cried out again even louder, but each wail became more and more cow-like, “Aahhheeeeeeeewwwwwwww, aaaeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.”

Dark tan patches of skin had formed and a light fuzz covered her body. The only thing that remained unaltered was her face and head, but naturally the transformation process quickly took root there too. Her nose widened and stretched outward, elongating her face. Her tongue grew thick and heavy, her teeth became large and blunt.

Stacey continued her high pitched lowing as bumps on the sides of her head became two small horns, peeking out from underneath her thick brown hair. Her brow bulged a little and her ears stretched out from her head. The vaccine had performed the same way it did for Ruth, neither human nor animal, the girls had been changed into a grotesque mutation of the two.

But Stacey’s ordeal was not yet over. She soon became aware of a new presence within her. A life force not her own but connected to her. She could feel it, blossoming deep within her belly, and she realized what was happening. She could feel her womb fill with some strange offspring and Stacey raced through her mind, trying to understand how this was happening. She soon remembered a meaningless quickie she’d had with a friend at the party. She’d thought nothing of it, an activity she had partaken in many times before. But now an aspect of the serum previously unknown was rearing its head and was quickly bringing about the consequences of Stacey’s actions less than a day in the past.

The tall man’s eyes widened as he watched Stacey’s distended belly swell and grow. Never before had the serum produced such results and this new development was fascinating. He knew he would have to do further tests to determine if this was a result of the serum or the vaccine they had created. But the possible breakthroughs could be astounding.

But Stacey didn’t care about breakthroughs. She could only think of the deformed child growing inside her. She wanted to cry, knowing that in nine months she could have given birth to a beautiful little baby, an event she had dreamed of. But because of the actions of the government laboratory Stacey’s child would be a mutant like her.

But in her swollen belly, already having reached full term size, she found a heightened sense of awareness. She could feel feet and hands and felt a surge of happiness at the realization that her child was human. But the joy was turned to horror as her child began to thrash about within her womb. She could feel her child transformed within her and continue to grow, expanding her fat stomach to an astounding size.

The pressure was remarkable but it soon reached a climax and then stopped. Her child calmed down and Stacey was left to absorb everything that had happened. But she was given more to absorb when she again began to transform.

The tall, dark man pressed his face to glass, watching Stacey’s face elongate even more. Her hair being drawn into her skull and the fuzz all over her body growing dark and thick. Her high pitched lows were deeper and again her belly began to writhe as her child continued its own transformation. He looked in on Ruth, but the half-pig remained unchanged. Stacey was alone in her condition, and clearly it was a product of her unborn child.

Stacey was trying in vain to fight this new wave of transformations. She could feel her breasts fusing together and sliding down her chest to her belly. Her body swelled with more fat and her horns grew bigger and longer. The hardest part was feeling her child pounding at the sides of her gravid belly as it was put through the same terrifying pain.

To Be Continued

R: 4 / I: 4
Female race change sequence

We see a very materialistic, and heavily socially influenced bimbo, Kitty, being observed by the far more natural beauty of Monique. Monique, as my characters tend to be, is a magical woman. She sees the poor and repressed Kitty starving herself and working far too hard to fit the idealized version of beauty and wants to help her out.
R: 5 / I: 15

Nasty Beast by locofuria

Nasty Beast by locofuria
R: 1 / I: 1
Transformation Horse Comission
R: 0 / I: 0

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

(Woman into Toad)

Britt was out for a walk in the park on her way from high school. She couldn't stop thinking about the rock show she was going to tonight, and if she would be able to hook up with the singer from any touring band. She had just turned 18 a little over a week ago, and she was more than determined to check her favorite bands off her list.

Britt knew that she was capable of seducing them too. She was a shorter girl, but she stuck out in a crowd; not only because of her bright pink teased hair layered over blonde hair with pink hair extensions, but her petite nose, snakebite piercings on her lips, and her long dark eyelashes that accentuated her light blue eyes. She was probably one of the only scene girls in town that could pull it off with very little makeup. She was never seen in public without her dark eyeliner on though.

She had an excellent body as well, slightly curvy, but in all the right places. She had smaller breasts, barely C cups, but she had an incredible ass, and a soft voice that could easily work a phone sex line.

As she was walking through the park, she passed a red-headed woman looking down at a toad who appeared to be croaking in a panic. The woman raised her head and looked at Britt, and smirked. Britt wasn't going to take that from some redheaded woman.

"Hey, how about you go back to talking to your toad instead of bothering me!" Britt snarled, "You two make quite the couple!"

The woman was taken aback, "That's quite humorous coming from someone like you. How about you tell me that without all that makeup on sweetie?"

Britt was not wanting to deal with this lady anymore, and continued walking by shaking her head, but as she got close she let out one final insult.

"Do you have any idea who I am?" Britt barked at the woman, "Just who the hell are you? Nevermind, don't tell me, I'll leave you with your prince charming."

The woman shook her head and laughed and walked up to Britt as she was walking away. "My name is Marona, and you should've just walked away sweetie. I didn't need to do what I'm going to do to you now, but I think you need to be knocked down a few pegs, and I'm sure 'prince charming' over there could use a new friend."

Marona leaned in and kissed Britt, and slapped her ass. Britt didn't know how to respond, she was caught completely off-guard, she wanted to be angry at this woman, but she didn't understand what she was talking about. And now she was just so damn sexy.

Marona leaned in again and grabbed Britt's freshly manicured hand with pink nails, and kissed her again, sliding her tongue against Britt's as it grew longer; Britt hand's became webbed as Marona ran her fingers up and down them. Marona pulled away and giggled as Britt's new long tongue fell out of her mouth, "My, you have quite the tongue there!"

Britt looked down and shrieked, "What did you do to me freak!?" as she looked at her hands and the webbing growing in between her fingers and felt her long tongue; she rolled it back inside her mouth hoping that it would go back to normal. A fly buzzed by, and Britt instinctively shot her tongue out at it, catching her prey and pulling it back in for one quick gulp.

Marona laughed at Britt, "Did that fly taste good honey?" she teased, "I'm sure you'll be having a lot more of them!"

"Please stop this!" Britt begged, "I don't want to have this long tongue and webbed hands!

"You think this transformation is stopping here?" Marona smiled evilly, "I'm just beginning dear…"

Marona leaned in and rubbed Britt's face, from where she touched, her perfect yet pale complexion started becoming darker and turning brown. Marona rubbed Britt's hands and they started becoming darker and slimier.

Britt pulled away as she felt the slimy feeling start spreading all over her body, "EW! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" she screamed as she started feeling her tight fitting clothes become looser on her.

Marona put a finger to her lips, "Shhh! Fat slimy toads don't speak honey, and you're going to be one soon, so I'd enjoy talking while you can. If you keep screaming, I'll just take away your voice right now."

"Ribbit!" Britt croaked, "Please…. CROAK!… Make this stop, you're a very beautiful woman, I was being a bitch… RIBBIT!"

"Why yes you were," Marona teased, "You had the personality of a toad, so I am just making your outside match your inside dear."

Britt started shrinking fast, she pulled her feet out of her now overgrown shoes, she felt herself getting smaller by the second, her thighs becoming more muscular, and her slim belly now getting fatter.

Marona grabbed Britt's shoulders and pushed her down as she shrank, making Britt squat and go to all fours. She croaked loudly as the last of her sexy voice slowly dissipated.

"Croak! Ribbit!" Britt croaked in vain.

Marona leaned down to kiss Britt's eyes and nose, and they slowly readjusted to the sides of her head, while her cute nose sank into her face, and the last of her bright pink and blonde hair fell out. The only thing that remained were her snakebites, which would forever remind her of her human life.

Marona laughed, "My, a toad with snakebites, I'm sure you'll catch a lot of attention like that!" she laughed evilly, "Don't forget about prince charming!"

The toad from early hopped over towards Britt, and unfortunately for her, it was DEFINITELY a male. The toad mounted Britt as she croaked loudly and tried to struggle to get free.

"I'm sorry your night didn't go as planned, instead of getting to bang famous rockstars, you will spend it getting fucked by a horny toad" Marona cooed viciously, "I'll have to be on my way now though, I see you are busy anyway, have fun with your new boyfriend!" Marona snapped her fingers, and all Britt's clothing and hair that had fallen out disappeared.

Britt croaked pleadingly as Marona walked away laughing, she saw a few of her friends walk by and she croaked as they walked past.

"It's almost like that fat ugly toad is croaking at us!" one of them teased

"Well I don't think she's enjoying her time as much as her boyfriend there," the other one snickered.

"Speaking of sex, we need to find Britt, she'll get us the hookup with the band tonight so we can backstage passes."

Britt croaked sadly as her friends walked away, and she felt the toad climax and hop away. A fly came by, and Britt shot her tongue out and caught it. She gulped it down, and let a human tear fall from her eye.
R: 0 / I: 0


(Girl to donkey TF)

Joan was taking a walk on top of a grassy hill outside of her hometown like she always did every weekend. It was a way of relaxing herself from all the stress from either her folks, college or her little brother Steve who always does her head in with questions nonstop. As she travelled, with the wind blowing against her brown hair, she felt her leg bumped into something made of steel, hurting her shin as it made contact, making her yell in pain and hobble.

"Whose the dumbass who left this out here?!" She cries, until she sees something shine in the sun. She allowed her curiosity get he better of her and decided to take a closer look at the gleaming of….coins? Gold coins? Was this someone's hidden treasure? Life savings maybe? To hell with it, she found it, and as they say finders keepers losers weepers. Joan quickly tried to gather some of the coins from the cauldron and stash them into her purse or pockets in her trousers until she heard a "Ahem!" behind her, startling her to turn around.

There stood a tiny man with a small ginger beard, a green coat, a hat with a four-leaf clover on the side, shiny pointed black boots with golden belts on them, green striped socks and brown set of trousers. Apparently this little man was glaring his baby blue eyes at Joan angrily.

"Lass," He rumbled, in his gruff thick irish accent. "Didn't ye mother taught ya not to steal from a leprechaun? It's as if ye got no brains in your head! Harumph! This is me pot o gold! Me hard work earned keep! And ye decide to go and steal it ya greedy little ass!"

Joan scoffed. "Go find another pot. I found this first. And you can't do nothing about it! "Leprechaun" ha! There's no such thing as leprechauns here. If you are one, I say prove it! Do something magical, you little midget!" She spat, not believing the being in front of her.

This made the leprechaun very, very angry. "Ye don't got no brains in yer head! You be as stupid as a mule! Ye think everything ye touch is yours to keep! I be teaching ye a very important lesson, yes I will!" He gathered something from his pocket. A pile of golden dust it seemed.

"For yer selfishness and ignorance of other people's property, I punish thee Joan!" He blew the golden dust in Joan's face, making her cough and splutter. "If ye act like an ass all yer life, I say BE ONE!" He screeched. Joan soon saw the dust clear from her face and rubbed her eyes.

"Okay, what the fuck did you just- HAWW!" She uncontrollably brays. Shocked, she covered her mouth with both hands!

She then saw her hands mould together, grown onto thick black hooves, thus her change begins. "Haww heehaw heehaw!"

Her ears stretched out long and pointy like a donkeys as grey fur sprouts all over her face, her skull pressing out and changing shape with new bucked teeth, soon a tail sprouts out of her trousers, which rip revealing her fatter ass, her sex also changes into a jennys breeding lips.

"Please, I'm sorry! I dont wanna be an ass- HAW HEEHAW!!" She begged as her vocal chords change shape and her neck grows grey fur and slightly stretches, her face now a complete donkey muzzle and the leprechaun just stood by the side, watching Joan's punishment.

Joan was terrified as her legs and arms extend in length, her new donkey hips forcing her on all fours, all of her favourite clothes shredding as she grew bigger. Her breasts then travel down her body and became two teats in between her hind legs for to feed donkey foals.

The leprechaun approached the new ass before him. "Learn this, ye selfish jenny. Once an ass, always an ass. Only asses like ye would steal. And this is how you shall be for the rest of yer miserable life. Ye are greedy, ignorant, selfish and poorly mannered. May ye find redemption in this form if some farmer takes ye in. I can only pray that it's…..a breeding farm." With a snap of his fingers, he vanished, his gold with him leaving Joan in the fields alone….and to top it all, the jenny was in heat.
R: 0 / I: 0

Breeding Stock

Warning: The following story contains cowgirl transformation, breast expansion, udder expansion, lactation, and sexual themes. If these do not appeal to you, then do not read this.

Scotty nearly whimpered as the huge black bull laid her down in one of the piles of hay in the barn, the hay tickling her bare back and butt and getting into her long brunette hair. The farmer, a young man in coveralls and a plain red ball cap, strolled into the barn and began to look over the short naked woman, making her blush as she tried her best to cover her bare breasts and exposed vulva. “Please,” said Scotty weakly, “I’d like to just go home.”

“Aww sheeeet” drawled the farmer while the bull stood off to the side of the barn, “it’s too late fer seconds thoughts missy! You signed the doc-cue-min-tations: you legally sold yerself as breeding stock to this here farm!”

Scotty’s face suddenly burned with heat. She was breeding stock?

“And besides, there’s no turnin’ back after drinkin’ that there trans-formative milk.”

Her blue eyes went wide. “Trans… formative…?”

“I’m still surprised you wanted to be a permanent resident of our farm” chuckled Scotty’s new owner. “I mean, not everyone wants to be a cow for the rest of their natural life.”

Cow?! Rest of my natural life?!?!

An itchiness enveloped Scotty’s crotch, and she looked down to… wait, what had happened to her skin?! Scotty all but flailed as she inspected herself; most of her skin had turned a shade of rich light brown, while an even lighter strip of brown extending down the center of her torso to her crotch, all the while darker brown spots began to speckle her darkened skin. Speaking of her crotch, a patch of healthy pink skin had appeared on her crotch, and four nubs had sprouted up from the now swelling patch of skin.

“Awww, look at that cute lil’ udder” drawled the farmer, as he pushed up his baseball cap.

And indeed it was a cute little udder. And it was also becoming a progressively bigger udder.

Scotty held her udder in utter dismay as it grew, and grew, and grew, barely processing the tingling sensation that had enveloped the sides of her head. She did notice the dull pain of her ears beginning to lengthen, and of a set of horns growing from the sides of her head. Eyes wide, she felt at her increasingly bovid ears and her still growing horns, and quickly crawled over on hands and knees to nearby water trough to get a better look at herself, her expanding udder bouncing against her thighs as she did.

While her reflection still showed a human face, it had changed to match the new coloring of her torso, with a light brown stripe splitting her face. Scotty gingerly touched her ears as they became large floppy cow ears, with very light brown fur sprouting up inside of them, and a darker brown fur covering the outside that matched her long brown hair.

“Well ain’t those the cutest ears you’ve ever seen?”

Once again, Scotty’s face flushed with heat, and she ducked her head, although with her new large ears her hair could not fall forward to obscure her burning face as she took in her new horns. They were grey, about eight inches long, somewhat wavy, and had sharp tips that curled out to the sides. There were certainly worse horns to be stuck with, she silently admitted to herself but… why were her breasts suddenly touching the dirt floor?

Scotty quickly looked down at her breasts, only to have her horns clang against the metal watering trough. The thoroughly odd sensation caused her to sit back on her butt with her back to the offending tough while she held her head and took stock of her additional changes: which were a VERY large udder and matching humongous breasts… that were leaking milk?! Indeed, a pair of easily H cup breasts hung heavily from her chest and leaked milk onto her bare lap.

“Well I’ll be tarred and feathered, we got ourselves a new dairy cow too!”

Oh god, what’s next??

As a general rule, once should never tempt the universe, as Scotty soon found out as a dull pain enveloped the area near her tail bone, and her toes all went numb. She couldn’t feel, but she could see the skin of her toes become a dark grey, and simultaneously harden, fuse, and stretch into hooves.

Hnnng! I take it back! I take it back!!

With one shaky hand Scotty felt behind her as she watched her feet begin to stretch into cow pasterns, and felt her spine begin to grow and extend into a cow tail; HER cow tail. She slowly guided it out from behind her and stared at tip and part of the length of it as fine brown hair, not unlike the hair atop her head, began to sprout from it and grow, and grow, and grow. Sullenly she looked from the nearly foot and a half long brown switch on her tail to the brown shaggy fur that had begun to sprout from her pasterns. Scotty had wanted to try a temporary cow transformation at some point, but nothing like this. Not being a dairy cow meant for milking bulls for life!

“Bosco, could you go ready the next step fer our little dairy cow here?” asked the farmer of the large black bull. “I reckon she’s about ready.”

The brown moo looked up in horrified disbelief at the farmer as she held her fluffy switch against her chest. “Wha- what do you mean about ready? What more is there-? Augh!!” Scotty’s eyes went wide and she gripped her face as she felt a familiar pressure behind it. “No…” she breathed.

But her body did not listen to her.

She clenched her eyes shut and curled up on herself as she felt her skull begin to change, her nose and mouth slowly extending out into her hands which desperately and unsuccessfully tried pushing on it and keeping herself mostly resembling a human. “No no no nooooo!” wailed the brown cow into her hands as her face continued its transformation; her nose flattening and becoming soft and slightly wet as her nostrils elongated. And eventually the changes stopped, and Scotty reluctantly opened her eyes with a sob as she saw her cow muzzle and pink nose.

“Noo-ho-hoooo!” cried the moo in dismay as she felt her muzzle. “Please just turn back! I don’t want to be a… muh… muhhh….”

“What’s that darlin’?” asked the farmer with a smile. “You don’t want to be a what-now?”

Her eyes started well up with tears as the realization of what had just happened hit her. “Muh- Moooooo!!!” She couldn’t talk! She couldn’t talk! She could only moo!!!

“Weeeeeeeell, this has been fun, but I do believe it is time for us to finish up with our newest addition to the farm so she can get on with her new duties here. Bosco! Is that there brand ready?!”

“Moo” rumbled the large black bull as he walked back into sight carrying a red hot brand.

“Moooo!” shrieked Scotty as she saw the brand, and she was instantly on her hooves and running as fast as she could out of the barn. Which she soon found out that that was easier said than done. Running with hooves for the first time was like running in heels, in that while it’s possible to do, it’s cumbersome and awkward as all get out. Even more so when you have a huge udder and matching breasts heavily bouncing with milk.

Correction: a huge udder and matching breasts that were still swelling with milk.

Scotty fled in a panic out into the warm rays of a midday sun, eventually picking up her own udder so she could run easier. What was she going to do? Where was she going to go? And why was she producing so much more milk?! These were the thoughts racing through her mind as she ran to the best of her abilities down the dirt road outside the barn, passing other anthropomorphic farmyard animals as she did. But none of that suddenly mattered, as her udder had other plans for her.

The barn still very much in sight behind her, her udder and breasts (but especially her udder) had become so absurdly swollen with milk that moving on her own was all but impossible. Her arms aching, she let her udder fall heavily to the ground with a sobbing “moo”, its size comparable to a beanbag chair. Breasts the size of small yoga balls hung heavily off her chest, milk still spraying from her teats, and she admitted to herself that in her condition there was no hope in escaping. And so with tears streaming down the sides of her muzzle, Scotty let her breasts pull her down onto the ground, her body bobbing and then finally resting on top of her ever swelling breasts and udder.

The brown cow blushed as the other residents of the barn came up to the iron fences on either side of her as she continued to swell with milk. Bit by bit she felt herself rising higher off of the dirt road, which was turning to into milky mud under her. She was so humiliated, and all she could do was blush and moo as another cowgirl watched her, and… she looked familiar. In fact, a number of the residents of the farm that were watching her looked familiar. And then it clicked.

Some of her friends were in the crowd.

The cowgirl watching her was her friend Olivia. And although more bovine in nature than Scotty was used to, it was her “hair boner” of a cowlick as well as her now bovine fiancé Sofi that was next to her that gave her away. Lilly, a belly dancer in Olivia’s burlesque troop was also there as a cowgirl watching her, and so was Scotty’s portly piggy friend Jenny; she could recognize that blue hair anywhere. Even her bovine roommate Belle was there. But it made no sense, why would her friends and acquaintances all be living at this farm? It was like…

…like a dream.

Things suddenly made sense; she couldn’t remember arriving at the farm or signing the contract she had apparently signed, and it explained why her body was behaving the way it was and why all these people she knew were here. And if she thought about it, she could feel her bed under her. Acting quickly she focused on the dream, not wanting to pass up an opportunity at lucid dreaming, and especially now knowing that she was in no real danger.

Now smiling, Scotty pressed her hands into her breasts in front of her that had lifted her a good four feet into the air, and milk began gushing from her teats and udder. She happily mooed as her body took on normal proportions again, and focusing on her face, she pressed her hands against her muzzle and pushed it back into her head, her face regaining human features. After standing up on her hooves again she belatedly remembered a trust exercise she had partaken in long ago, so she held out her arms to either side of her and let herself fall back into the waiting arms of Bosco, who took her up in his big strong arms and carried her back to the barn and a crowd of waiting bulls.

What was the point in lucid dreaming if you didn’t have some fun?

The barn emanated lust-filled mooing as every one of Scotty’s holes were filled by an eager bull while she happily serviced them all. Nothing was too big, and no hole incapable of stretching to accommodate her extremely well endowed partners as they filled her time and time again. Each and every one of those bulls came, some in her, others on her. By the time they were finished, Scotty was happily rubbing a cum-filled belly the size of a extra large beach ball, and didn’t care that she was partially covered in cum and her own milk, or had “slut” “breeder” and “cum dumpster” written on her. She had climaxed so many times, and felt wonderful. So wonderful that she could just lay back in her pile of hay and just…

With a sleepy moo, Scotty opened her eyes to the sight of her bedroom’s ceiling, and was welcomed by the distinct feeling of being wet, and having an udder. Confused, she tried sitting up, only to have something tug at the left side of her head. With one hand she determined that one of her… horns, had punctured her pillow and was stuck inside of it. Memories of her recent mix up at the Fur Life clinic with a new doctor came flooding back to her. She had accidentally been turned into a cowgirl… permanently.

Scotty, an actual brown cowgirl now, quietly groaned to herself. She needed to get new clothes to accommodate her milk producing udder and breasts, along with some wine corks for the tips of her horns while she slept, and a new pillow, and new clients who were okay with a cowgirl as a submissive for hire, and… fuck it. All of that could wait.

Still turned on by her dream, the cowgirl freed her horn and retrieved a large dildo and a bottle of lube from her bedside stand. Her bed was already going to need fresh sheets, so she figured she might as well lightly milk her teats while she enjoyed herself; starting the day on her own terms.

Hopefully she wouldn’t wake her roommate Belle with her mooing…
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The forest of cow girls

A group of college campers were driving along a forest road looking for the perfect spot to set up camp.

"Oh, how about there?" Cathy asked.

"Too many trees." Chloe sighed.

"Oh oh! How about there." Samantha asked.

"Too much sunlight." Chloe sighed.

"Okay, how about there?" Susan asked.

"Too much…leaves." Chloe sighed.

"Damn it Chloe, what's with the sour attitude? You used to love camping." Johnny asked.

"Yeah, emphasis on used to and that was before I realized how stupid it is."

"Listen Chloe, you've been stuck inside your dorm for almost a month now. You gonna get some fresh air and I don't care if you like or not."

"Geez, since when you became my dad?" Chloe said as she slumped in the passenger seat.

"There's a good spot, over there." Samantha said pointing at a nearby forest clearing.

"Perfect." Johnny said as he parked the van. "Alright, everyone get started unpacking the bags. Hopefully we'll be done by sundown."

The group did so and with everyone's help the entire camp was set up perfectly. Well, almost everyone's help. Chloe sat in the passenger seat playing app games on her phone the whole time, seeing this Johnny took the electronic away from her.

"What the hell Johnny?" Chloe yelled out in protest.

"You've spent too much time on your phone, why don't you come and appreciate nature with us?"

"I'd rather eat a cactus." Chloe said as she turned away from him.

"Fine. Be like that then." Johnny said rolling his eyes before he left.

"Hey Johnny! Are we still going hiking?" Cathy asked.

"Uh, I don't know guys. It's getting pretty dark out here already."

Cathy looked disappointed and Johnny hate seeing his friends upset.

"Okay, okay. One quick walk shouldn't hurt."

The group cheered before gathering their bags and began hiking down a forest trail, meanwhile Chloe sat in the front seat of the van feeling bored out of her mind. She decided to go ask Johnny for his keys so she can at least listen to music only to realize they left without her. She groaned aloud for she had to follow them into the woods in order to get the keys.

"Man I hate nature." she groaned as she swatted away a swarm of mosquitoes. "Stupid trees, stupid bugs, stupid-whoa!"

She slipped and fell down a muddy ditch, in front of her was a small wooden cottage.

"Huh, that's convenient. I wonder if anyone's home, hopefully they have something that I can use to wipe the mud off my hands."

Chloe approached the door and knocked loudly, the door slowly eased open by itself allowing her to enter. The inside of the cottage had a warm and cozy feel to it like a loving family have lived here for years, she found a roll of paper towels on a dining room table right next to a plate of cookies and happily helped herself to both. As she ate she failed to notice someone else entering the cottage, and she was displeased to find someone in her house without permission.

"Who are you? What are you doing here in my home?" A voice asked.

Chloe turned around to see a tall Latina women wearing a sparkling red dress, she had an unamused expression on her face. The young girl tried to apologize but was cut off by the women.

"Little children roaming around my woods coming to my home unannounced helping themselves to whatever they find just like filthy animals, well let's see how much you enjoy being animals."

The women smiled wickedly before she began chanting in an ominous tone, completely weirded out by the entire situation Chloe ran out the cottage as fast as her legs could carry her only to run into her friends. She immediately tried to explain to them what happened but they looked at each other in confusion, Johnny dismissed it as Chloe's imagination from lack of phone usage and told everyone that it was time to head back now. Sunset fell soon after that as the group decided to turn in for the night, the girls slept inside the tent while Johnny slept outside near the campfire. Late that night Chloe woke up to the sound of someone groaning aloud, she poked her head outside the tent to see Samantha walking off into the woods. She called out to her friend as she followed after her, the chase was short lived as Chloe found Samantha in a forest clearing.

She was crawling on all fours eating grass.

"Samantha? What are you doing? I know you like to eat salad but-"

Samantha didn't answer, she was too busy eating grass. Chloe grabbed her friend by her shoulder and was shocked to see what was happening to her, she was fattening up on grass. Her belly had already burst through her jean button and was hanging low and heavy as more and more fat piled on. Suddenly her top burst at the seams as her tits grew too much for it to handle and the back of her jeans suddenly exploded as her ass nearly triple is size as it jiggled wildly. Small horns sprouted on both sides of her head and a slim tail poked out just above her waist as her skin turned a creamy shade of white with black spots.



Chloe screamed as she ran back towards the camp, she ducked back inside the tent and quickly zipped it closed. She sighed heavily as she laid back on something large and soft, she slowly turned around to see she was laying on top of a giant ass which belonged to a now cow version of her friend Cathy.


Chloe screamed again and ran out the tent to see cow Susan literally gorging herself on the camp food cooler, her belly sloshed loudly as she continued to cram more fatty foods inside her drooling mouth as her jean booty shorts fought to stay attached to her rapidly growing waistline. She slowly backed away in sheer horror of what has become of her friends, she tripped over a sleeping Johnny.

"Johnny! Johnny please wake up! We need to get the hell out of here!" Chloe yelled as she shook him awake.

"Huh? What? What's going on?" He asked half asleep.

Just then cow Susan waddled over to him and nuzzled her nose against his shoulder.

"Hm? Oh, hey Susan. Still hungry girl?"

He pulled out a crème cake from his pocket and handed it to her.

"Moo!" She squealed happily accepting the treat.

She began nosily chewing the cake, Johnny chuckled as he gave her ass a firm slap causing it to jiggle.

"What the hell? You know about this!?!"

"Of course, it was my idea to visit my aunt in the first place."


"That's right." A familiar voice chuckled as the mysterious women phased into view.

She now sat next to Johnny as they both shared the same evil smile.

"No way, I-I can't believe this."

"Believe it. Now, why don't you join the rest of there cow sluts."

With a snap of Johnny's fingers Chloe's body shook violently as if she was possessed. Her transformation began with her flat chest which suddenly sprouted twin bouncing orbs of jiggling flesh the size of watermelons, her skirt was then torn to shreds as her ass grew cartoonishly big, her skin turned white with black spots as she grew horns and a tail.

"Moooooo!" She cried out.

"A major improvement don't you think Johnny?"

"Much, so…you in the mood for some milkshakes?"
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Kiss My Ass Goodbye

Elam smiles as he gazes over the boxes stacked in the living room. Finally after more than a year of misery his mother was throwing his step-father and his two bratty children out of the house. Elam had no real problems with Taylor, the eldest of the two, who was simply an ignorant teenage boy. But Aerial on the other hand was one of the worst people he had met in his life. Elam lets out a sigh and looks down at the small bag in his hand, giving it a light swish. He may have hated his job, but the kind old woman who he tended to every morning had given this to him to help say goodbye to his rude step sister. He closes his eyes and thinks back to the woman's words. "Remember to hold your own breath when you open the pouch and spray the powder over the girl…..she will become what her inner self is and reality will bend to fit her new existence." She had said and give him the small leather pouch. With a sigh he opens his eyes and heads from the living room and down the hallway towards Aerial's bedroom, everyone else would be gone for a few hours so he had no better chance to at least attempt to prank his step sister, although his expectations of this magic powder were very low at best.

He stops outside her door, listening to her music playing as he goes over everything she had done while he had known her. She would scream about not getting her way, cuss and threaten people, ignore all the house rules, tattle on everyone for everything, started sleeping around at 15 because her friends were doing it, and had no respect for anyone else or their possessions. Elam takes a deep breath and knocks on the door lightly. "WHAT!?" Came the shrill reply to the knock. "Um…Aerial can I come in real fast?" He asks, gritting his teeth and trying to stay as polite as possible. "Sure whatever…" She replied. Elam opened the door and stepped inside the small bedroom, where his 16 year old step sister was lazily packing her things into boxes, wearing one of her normal slutty outfits. Elam blushes and averts his gaze from her plump thighs on display as her ass was barely covered by a tight pair of shorts while a long t shirt reached down to almost the groin of her shorts. Elam opens his mouth to speak but looks away when he realizes Aerial was not wearing a bra and her pert nipples were pressing obviously against the sky blue t-shirt. "So what do you want creeper…." She huffs, turning to look at her soon to be ex step brother. "Well Aerial….I have needed to tell you a few things for a long time." Elam whispers and looks up, eyes narrowed with months of held back anger. "Well fucking spit it out then." She huffs, crossing her arms in classic teenage attitude.

Elam takes another deep breath. "You are possibly the most disgusting excuse for a human being I have ever met in my life! You sleep around at 16 years old then have no idea why your friends call you a slut! You refuse to respect anyone else in the house but are the first to scream at anyone else for not treating you like a princess! And in all honesty even though we have supposedly been brother and sister for over a year I am not sad at all to see you go….watching your self centered ass walk out that door fills me with joy! So eat this!" He smirks and closes his mouth, holding his breath as he flings open the bag to spray a cloud of sparkling pink powder all over a shocked Aerial, causing her to begin to cough lightly. After the powder settled Elam smiles and laughs a little. "And kiss my ass goodbye!" He smirks and stomps out of the room, slamming the door shut as a wave of relief washed over him for getting that off his chest after such a long time.

Aerial coughs and flinches as the door slammed, looking up. "What the fuck was that stuff!?" She calls out, her voice sounding a little hoarse from the powder. After a few moments of silence Aerial would kick her door. "That rude fat assed….bastard!" She shrieks and kicks her door over and over to let out her anger, knowing that Elam all to well would just ignore her like usual from this point on. "I am so glad I will never see that asshole again after this weekend…" She huffs and turns around, blinking as she realizes the sudden lack of pink in her bedroom. Whatever that strange glitter was that he had thrown all over her had now vanished.

Aerial huffs and takes a step away from the door only to have a sudden wave of dizziness wash over her. She drops to her hands and knees, eyes wide as her vision swims for a moment, the whole room feeling like it was spinning. "D…did….he drug me…." She groans out, unaware as her ears began to heat up and slowly lengthen against the side of her head. As Aerial tried to collect her thoughts, her ears grew longer and longer, short grey furs beginning to sprout from the lengthening ears. Soon her ears were covered in dull grey fur and stretched nice and long through her hair to stand atop her head as proud asinine ears. The first step of her true self had started to show, and the teenage brat was none the wiser as she slowly sat up on her plush butt, blinking a few times as the spinning sensation vanishes and her equilibrium returned.

Aerial closes her eyes, placing her hands on the sides of her head to keep it steady. Although her fingers tickle the fur on her changed ears, causing them to twitch as the new muscles formed and attached to her head. She opens her eyes and lets out a gasp and a pile of her clothing evaporates into a cloud of pink smoke, vanishing from sight and existence. "W…what the fHAAAWk is that!?" She tries to say, only to let out a very animalistic sound. Her hands cover her mouth in shock, a strange tension growing in her teeth. She runs her tongue over her teeth, feeling them become flatter and blunt, her front teeth becoming bucked and asinine. She lets out a pathetic whimper, eyes wide in terror as she watches another pile of her clothing vanish in a cloud of pink smoke with her wide, frightened blue eyes.

Aerial tries to lean forwards, preparing to get to her feet. But a sudden pressure made her let out a startled cry as her panties and shorts began to dig into her ass. She places her hands on the carpet of the floor, letting out another cry as her ass began to swell larger, muscle and fat forming in her rump. The seam of her shorts gave way to reveal her panties digging deep into her cavernous ass cheeks, leaving Aerial crying out in mild pain. As the pain and discomfort grew a second, more animalistic bray, exits her lips with a few stray strands of drool as her soft pink panties gave a loud rip and split apart under the growing bulk of her ass. The sudden cool air washed over her swelling ass as her pucker and pussy began to migrate upwards between the large rump cheeks. Her pucker swelled up, taking on a deep leathery black color as it clenched from the tingling of its change. Her tight pink flower lasted only a moment longer as her lips began to thicken, taking on a deep leathery black color of their own. Her clitty began to swell larger in its hood, giving an unwilling wink as her new jennet pussy let out a few drips of heat onto the carpet. As a wave of grey fur began to wash over her ass, her tailbone began to rapidly lengthen, the grey fur spreading over the base of her new tail and traveling down it, a large tuft of coarse black fur sprouting from the end. Her new tail draped between her asinine ass cheeks, giving the sobbing girl a small shred of modesty. At least until the muscles finished forming and her tail flicked to the side as if to swat at flies, revealing her swollen pussy lips and winking clit as well as her still quivering and clenching pucker.

Aerial remained on her hands and knees as the strange wave of lust washed over her from her freshly changed pussy, a thin strand of drool leaving her lips as her eyes stare in wide terror at the ground as her vision blurs in and out. Her thighs began to thicken even larger than they already were as the grey fur slowly traveled down her thighs, her knees letting out a sickening pop as they reverse direction, causing Aerial to let out another bray of pain. As her calves grew the same coarse grey fur, her toes began to merge together. As they form together into a strange ball of flesh, her toenails began to thicken and cover the changing feet, soon leaving her with dull black hooves. As the changes force her from her knees to her new hooves, causing her to raise her ass into the air as a strange thought begin to form in Aerial's mind. She licks over her lips and bucked teeth, imaging the thick cock of a jack plunging into her burning folds, pumping her with his meat until she was swollen with his foal. Aerial blinks her eyes and shakes her head, clearing the corrupting thoughts from her head, only to open her eyes to watch as more of her possessions began to evaporate into pink smoke. "H….HAAAWLP MEEEEEHAW!" She tries to call out, letting out more of a bray than human words.

She was now a donkey from her waist down and over half of her possessions had vanished into a cloud of pink smoke. Aerial whimpers, tears streaming down her cheeks as she feels her petite C cup breasts begin to migrate down her belly, slowly dwindling down along the way. Her nipples lengthening slightly into leathery black teats as her breasts shrank down into a smooth black udder, ready to fill with motherly milk as soon as she was bred for the first time. Her chest was now flat, but she had no time to worry about that as her belly button ring suddenly popped from her belly onto the carpet, only to vanish in a small pink sparkle. Her belly began to swell larger into the classic pot belly of a donkey, the fur sprouting up her belly and under her shirt as it was slowly forced up to her armpits. Aerial could only continue to let outs brays and sobs as she continued to change, now more donkey then girl.

As her hands began to cramp, she could only watch as her bed began to dissipate into pink smoke, her dresser following suit. Her fingers began to merge together as her fingernails formed together as well and began to thicken, darkening into the same deep black color of her hind hooves. Her elbows rotated until they were facing towards the front of her body while her arms lengthened to make her new quadrupedal stance more comfortable. Her chest began to broaden and thicken, the grey fur sprouting from her changed arms and chest, leaving only Aerial's neck and face unchanged for the moment. Aerial squeezes her eyes shut as she feels her organs beginning to squirm around withing her thick new body, causing her to shudder all over before her tail lifts and a thick stream of urine splashes against the pink wall of her room. Aerial's cheeks burn in humiliation as she realizes that she was unable to stop herself and that she was losing more and more control of herself as her changes continued.

Aerial looked around her now empty room with sad eyes, her neck beginning to grow thicker as she looked around. She lets out a pitiful bray as the final remnants of her possession had vanished into thin air. Her neck continued to thicken and lengthen as her once pretty blond hair begin to fall to the carpet, only to shortly vanish into pink smoke as her new, dull black mane pushed its way through her scalp. As the grey fur sprouted over her neck, her face began to push outwards, her nose flaring larger as her jaw and nose were forced outwards into a long rounded blunt muzzle, the fur soon covering her new muzzle. Her nostrils flared as her eyes migrated to the sides of her head, darting back and forth as the room around her shimmered and vanished, soon being replaced by small paddock. Aerial began to breath faster and faster, her life was gone, she was now just some animal, how long until her daddy noticed she was gone? All these thoughts rushed in her head, her tail flicking to and fro in agitation. The human brained jennet was thinking so deep and hard, she was unaware of the presence behind her until a sudden breath of hot air washed over her swollen sex, causing her tail to flag against her will.

Aerial turned her head, looking back at the very obvious male donkey now snuffling at her ass. She lets out a bray, trying to scream at the animal to get away from her, but only managed to sound like she was asking for it. The jack reared up, placing his forehooves on either side of her flanks as his 14 inch cock began to prod around against her thick ass cheeks. Aerial brayed and whimpered before the flared head of his cock suddenly found its mark and plunged into her swollen pussy. Her eyes rolled up in her head as her mind began to melt, years of her humanity began to slowly vanish. Her high school prom, her first time, her father's face. Even her own name soon melted, almost literally dripping out of her needy pussy. Soon the mindless jennet let out a bray of pleasure, her eyes opening as they began to darken deeper and deeper into a dull mindless brown. As her jack eagerly pumped into her the jennet could only bray her delight, soon her stud exploded into her womb and dismounted. The jennet blinked mindlessly as a glob of sperm dribbled from her well used cunt onto the dirt, a wave of contentment washing over the animal as she lowered her head to begin to graze next to her mate. Aerial was now gone from all existence as a final stream of pink smoke exited her large asinine ears, sealing her fate as all memory of the teenage girl named Aerial soon faded from all of humanity.
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Cow Ray Invasion (Anthro Cow TFs)

Cow Ray Invasion (Anthro Cow TFs)

Gleam was a small coastal city, oddly known for its cow farms and milk imports of all things. Caitlyn just so happened to work for a small farm that dealt with some of the big brand named milk products. It wasn’t the most exciting job, as she worked as an accountant there, but it gave her enough free time to practice her passion: photography. Her lunch break had just started and having eaten earlier, she decided to use her extra time to take some pictures of the beautiful rolling grass fields, peppered nicely with specks of the farm’s cows in the distance. She leaned forward against the sturdy wooden fence, happily taking pictures of the peaceful landscape, unaware of a single cow that seemed to be studying her. As her camera flashed and captured each moment, the cow quietly stepped over to her, keeping near the fence to stay out of sight. Lowering her camera, she nodded satisfyingly before noticing something in her peripherals. Turning to see what came so close to her, she was instead given a surprising lick across her face. Falling over on her behind, she sputtered, wiping off the cow spit all over her face before looking up to face her assailant. She was shocked to see that it was a cow that got the jump on her, but her shock slowly faded as the cow’s pupils stared deep into her own, penetrating her mind, the camera in her hand going haywire as its programming started to rewrite itself, a glow beginning to radiate in the lens…

Abby was humming happily down the road, excited to see her best friend since her shift was over. Caitlyn had texted her that she got a new camera and wanted to test it out with her. Thinking about her reminded Abby about the strange feeling she had today: as she was working in town, she seemed to have randomly seen Caitlyn in her mind, first as a human before quickly fading into an image of her as a anthro cow girl. ‘That’s silly,’ Abby thought to herself, ‘There’s no way she would look like that! I’ve known her ever since she was a calf to know she has always been a cow girl!’

Pushing the thought aside, she continued her trek, reaching the scenic outlook area they agreed to meet at. Sure enough, Caitlyn was already there, sitting on the small concrete barrier with her udders spilled out in front of her and tail lightly whipping back and forth behind her. She gave a small smile, licking her broad, dark nose with her thicker and longer tongue. Her rounded ears twitched in the wind as they slowly grew out, not yet developed, though all of this seemed normal to Abby.

“Mmmooo! Gooood to see you, Abby! Ready to be the best moooodel for me?” Caitlyn asked, holding her camera up in her three-hooved hand. “You betcha Caitlyn! So, what did you want me to do first?” Caitlyn smiled, pointing at the barrier with her other hooved hand, “How about yoooouu lie down here?” Nodding, Abby gently let herself down, her hair spilling over the other side of the barrier. “Like this?”

Caitlyn nodded, raising the camera over her friend before taking a picture. The camera gave off a soft flash as Abby tried to pose for her. “Make sure toooo relax; look like you’re relaxing with nature,” Caitlyn instructed, snapping several more pictures. With each flash, Abby felt more sensitive, feeling more dazed with every burst of light. Had she been aware, Abby would have noticed that the flashes were also bringing changes about her. Her pants started to tighten as the area there and above her waist it started to swell with milk, starting the growth of four tiny nubs. Her fingers began to fuse together, leaving her with two melded fingers and a thumb, both starting to harden.

“I feel really strange Caitlyn… Caitl-“ Abby’s dazed concerns were silenced by Caitlyn’s hoof lightly pressed her broadening lips. “It’s ooookay Abby, just give in to the cow… Feel the cow girl that yoooouu are, embrace her and be her truuuuue yoooou~” Speaking into her bovine ears then caused a strange yet alluring feeling that pushed from inside the back of Abby’s jeans; a familiar, pleasurable sensation that seemed to press and whip about her pants, as if yearning to be free. Overwhelmed by the feeling and her friend’s words, she pushed the feeling against her pants, causing a bump to tear a bit near the waist of the pants. That’s when she gave in to the bovine assault, “M-mooooo~!” Her bellow giving her body the last push needed for her newly grown tasseled tail to break the blue fabric as well as her front button and zipper to snap off, udders spilling into the air.

Giving a sigh of relief, she sat up, noticing Caitlyn was no longer standing over her, but rather standing in beside her, hooved hands placed neatly on top of her udder as if she had them in her lap had she been sitting. Abby immediately stood up, taking the same position to face her, as she knew it was the stand to attention. Along with her transformation, she remained unaware that her mind was also changed; knowledge of things unheard of swam through her brain, replacing her old memories with a new, obedient mind with instructions programmed into it. Caitlyn only smiled obediently at her fellow cow girl.

“State yooour designation and mission,” Caitlyn ordered her voice almost robotic if not for her bovine accents. “I am Abby M00-102. I am the 102nd cow of our suuupreme species, the second tooo be made from a huuuman. We are tooo establish dominance over all life by reprogramming all huuumans into becoming obedient cow people. After assimilating mooore sisters intooo our cause, we shall expand our influence through our milk. All will moooo~” Caitlyn M00-101 moo’d in agreeance, tails whipping about happily to be reunited with her ‘sister’ Trotting back to civilization, they made their way back to the farm where Caitlyn had been transformed where they were happily greeted by the rest of the herd, their pure blood masters welcomed them into the group as they planned on their next course of action. Both cow girls smiled at each other as they knew their younger sisters in school where they were in need of a photographer for the class photo day was soon approaching. The herd soon went to work on a plan, the former human girls mooing happily at the thought of seeing their sisters and the rest of class as calves…
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Pig Stock Citizens (Anthro Pig TFs)

Pig Stock Citizens (Anthro Pig TFs)

Casey had gotten herself into a sticky situation… and it wasn’t even her fault! She had just been walking down the street when the curfew bell rang. As soon as she turned the corner, she found herself assaulted by several dark figures that were quick to knocking her out with a sedative of some sort.

She could barely tell what was going on as her head lightly tapped against the moving van she was shoved in. She couldn’t tell very well, but it seemed that there were others there as well. After about an hour of moving, the van finally stopped and Casey and the other occupants were lead out of the van and into a large building. She could barely tell what was happening, let alone control her movements as her body naturally followed the blurry figures before her. What she could make out was that it seemed everyone groggily walking in line from the van were other young women about the same age as her, ranging from their late teens and early twenties.

The further they moved deeper into facility, the more things in her vision became clearer, although her mind could still not comprehend the situation. The hallway they walked down was filled with many doors and windows with different labels and other girls within them. One window was labeled ‘Horsepower Conditioning’ with many young women within the room, pulling carts on a looped track. She couldn’t tell in detail, but somehow, the girls’ faces and legs appeared ‘off’ but before her slowed mind could make them out, her body had already moved forward. Later, she noticed another window labeled the ‘Clucking Conditioning’ Inside, there were more young women inside, but this time, she could see many of them were squatting down oddly with their hands tucked under their pits. They all seemed to be spacing out as giant speakers were vibrating loudly with some kind of noise. Casey couldn’t hear anything come from the room, but their strangely pointed mouths seemed to be opening and closing in sync with the vibrations. Again, before she could see more, her stumbling body moved on, along with her equally groggy mind.

By the time she came to, Casey found herself in a similarly large room as she saw before. Looking down, she noticed her clothes were gone. She looked up in a panic and attempted to cover her naked body, only to notice that she was not alone. The other young women from the van were also waking up from their knocked out stupor, some of them had woken up earlier than Casey and were even wandering around the room. Her panic soon passed when she noticed none of the others were panicked or even flustered by the situation, so her mind figured that she shouldn’t either.

She wandered around a bit, trying to make sense of their predicament with the others. Most of them seemed to be just as confused as she was, only being able to recall their names, but nothing else of what they were doing before their abduction or even their past! Some of them seemed to be uninterested with talking and just wandered around with glazed eyes and incoherent grunts.

Casey took a moment to try and recollect her own thoughts until an audible buzzer rang out through the room. Everyone’s attention was directed towards the side wall of the room, where what appeared to be a feeding trough appeared. While the more ‘unhinged’ girls immediately lumbered over to the trough and began eating from it, Casey and the others were more reluctant to do so, until their own stomachs began to growl loudly. Well if they were hungry, they should eat, right? And so, their simplifying logic finally caused each of them to give in, one by one, with Casey being the last to approach the trough.

She looked into it, observing the various bits of vegetables and fruits mashed up together in a semi-slop form. She looked over to her side to see the other girls had been cautiously, but eagerly picking up and eating handfuls of the mix, while the others immediately began stuffing their faces in the trough, devouring mix by the mouthful and without using their hands. Casey herself picked up a small handful and gave it a sniff. It didn’t smell… terrible, but her stomach seemed to cry out for sustenance, so she gave the mix an experimental bite.

The bite seemed to trigger something in Casey’s mind, throwing away all preferences of taste and smell, leaving only the desire that what she was eating was indeed food. Her inhibitions began melting away as she started picking handful after handful of the slop, vaguely tasting its contents such as apples and corn. Soon, like all the rest of the girls, she leaned her head in and began eating away at the trough. All the while, she was none the wiser to notice her body mass beginning to expand. With every bit of food her stomach took in, its size also began increasing. Her body ballooned outwards, closing the width that separated her chest and her abdomen. What more was that her arms and legs began expanding with her stomach, becoming fatter and softer. Her bottom soon followed suit and began to widen, although a nub formed where her tailbone would be, as with the other chubbier girls. With every lean into the trough, the nub spiraled out little by little until everyone had a curly tail over their bottoms.

While the young women weren’t becoming obese, their curves began widening out, giving them round and healthy appearances. Throughout their swinish feast, their breaths in-between gulps seemed to devolve into snorts through their noses, allowing them to eat more efficiently.

Eventually, the long trough was emptied and another buzzer went off, causing everyone’s ears to perk up in the direction of the sound as the trough disappeared into the wall. Their ears seemed to point a bit at the tips as they curiously followed the source of the sound, their movements almost autonomous.

When the group got to their destination, they were greeted with a large patch of dirt, similar to a small field. The girls with the more simplified minds seemed to get their first as they immediately dropped onto their hands and knees, sniffing the ground furiously with their noses nearly in the dirt. Casey and the others were confused at their actions until a curiously enticing smell swept through their noses. Feeling determined to find the smell for some reason, they followed the sniffing girls’ lead and began dragging their own noses through the dirt as well, not caring how dirty it may have been. As they sniffed away, more changes went unnoticed as their nostrils and noses began widening out with every snort. Their movements also seemed to become less awkward on all fours, much to Casey's delight, although none of them noticed that it was because of their legs. The bones in their chubby legs began to pop and shift with every crawling step until they resembled a hybrid mixture between a human's and a pig's legs. Their legs were now structured to make walking on all fours natural and comfortable for the girls while still enabling them to stand just on their hind legs.

Casey was about to question why she and the others were behaving strangely until her nose came upon a small patch of dirt that caused her smelling senses to go wild. At first she tried digging with her hands, which felt stiff on a side note, but then her nose seemed to switch to ‘auto-pilot’ and began pushing the dirt aside with her growing nose. Her brain went wild as soon as her nose brushed over a strange, dark mass within the dirt. She’d never seen a truffle before, but her mind didn’t care what it was; she knew she just had to eat them at any chance she got. She scarfed it down with no hesitation, even with some of the dirt still caked on the mushroom.

As soon as she munched the last of it down, the next buzzer went off, once again causing everyone’s ears to perk up and lift their piggish snouts out of the dirt. This time, their ears began to fan out and resemble pig ears as they now mindlessly walked to the other side of the room without question. They soon came to a large patch of grassy land with a wooden fence creating the border. What caught the group’s attention though was the center area, which held a large square of mud. The girls squealed in delight as they rushed towards the mud pit and began wallowing in the cool mud, rolling and rubbing into it shamelessly. At this point, everyone now only thought simplified instincts of swine, though they still held some resemblance of human-like logic. Even Casey found it easier and more enjoyable to think simpler thoughts as she ran her chubby body into the mud, her ears flopping over slightly with every trot and her snout connecting with her upper lip and extending with every pig-like snort.

Words were lost and incoherent as the girls’ speech fully turned into snorts and squeals as they rolled and bathed in the mud. Casey felt so relaxed and carefree as she rubbed the mud over her heated body as her skin began to change texture, becoming more like an animal’s hide. A prickling, yet sensual feeling washed over her body, causing her to shudder as small hairs began poking through her new pink hide and the mud. She gave a moaning squeal as the sensation came over her face, covering her face with a layer of fine, swine hairs. Her nose flattened out with every snort and even squished back into her face a bit, creating creases on the bridge of her nose.

As she dug her hands and feet into the mud, she could feel her fingers and toes melding together until she had two hands with two thick fingers and a thumb on each and two feet with only two thick toes, their nails hardening and resembling hooves.

Though the group tried cooling their heated bodies with the mud, their bodies still felt hot and needy due to the hormone inducing truffles they had ingested right before. Unbeknownst to them was that small piglets were released into the mud pit, dozens of them wandering about the wet dirt before converging onto each changing pig girl. Upon seeing a group of piglets approaching her, Casey rolled onto her side to allow the piglets to be drawn to her underbelly. While some of them went straight for her breasts as expected, the rest seemed to be more attracted to her belly, sucking on the bare skin.

She squealed contently at their sucking, as it caused a row of red spots on her hide that lined up with her breasts to appear. The red areas began to swell slowly, gaining mass and forming mounds around every spot. The spots themselves stiffened in the center of the newly formed mounds, forming teats, while her internal structure underneath her fat belly reorganized itself to allow milk to flow into her multiple breasts. The mud pit was filled with squealing and snorting pig girls who now no longer desired to escape their fate as pigs or care about their past lives as humans, which also faded from their memories as well.

Casey was just one of many girls who now only had thoughts of being a happy pig girl, content with eating slop and relaxing in the mud all day, feeding her piglets and hunting for truffles for her new masters that watched through the observation window to the side. The shady government officials looked in unemotional satisfaction at their successful conversion of their human female citizens into subservient pig girls. The girls themselves had nothing to worry about either. Their masters know that they are too valuable to end them in… violent means. After all, their intentions are to keep every citizen safe and happy, no matter what shape or form they may be.
R: 1 / I: 0
Dora moaned out, in front of the whole class full of were-animals. Students were already in various states of transformation and undress when she started her lesson, juices leaking from their crotches as many were already well into their seasonal heat, barely holding it together. Today Dora was supposed to show them how to deal with their urges, control their lust, but she was a bad teacher. She had come in wearing barely anything at all, lacy panties, no bra, just a tight fitting top and a miniskirt that showed…well…everything. As she started her lesson about pheromones she began to pace up and down the classroom. As she tried to keep her lesson going her body began to change into her curvaceous bovine form. This was the most important part of the day's activities, showing the students by example.

Even as her body was going into sexual overdrive she could still teach, could still show the students how to control themselves. Her breath hitched in her chest as her breasts began to balloon outward, pushing at her top with swelling pink nipples. Her vision began to go white as her hips cracked wider, her lacy underwear pulling tightly between huge swelling pussy lips. Dora's lesson was faltering as her hands began reshaping into thick bovine digits, digits whose purpose was increasingly to ply and knead her erogenous boob flesh. Dora was barely paying attention to her class’s increasing din of sexual fervor taking place front of her. Many students splintering their desks, sexual juices splashing and flying through the air as they coated writhing freshly grown pelts of fur. Her legs cracked into digit grade as she moaned, spurring them all on with her own ministrations, her breasts the size of beachballs, sloshing with her sweet liquid. Dora half-screamed, half-moaned as the liquid pushed her boobs ever larger. She was too full! Her legs quaked below her as short brown fur coated her body, her face pushing into a short bovine muzzle.

She could feel the pressure building deep in her loins as her body tensed and released, sinewy muscles hardening under fur. Her pussy burrowing deeper and deeper into her body as her love canal expanded to take even the most monstrous of were-creature cocks, Dora's thickening labia rubbed against her thighs as her mound swelled, pushing outward as it puckered around the straining panties. The gates to her womanhood convulsing and pulling at an invisible lover as she shuddered, the pressure building.

Continued in part 2!
R: 0 / I: 0

Getting Even by Anonymous Q (MC, AB, WG)

(Mind control, adult baby, weight gain)

There was no mistake, Meg Ryan loathed Roxanne Davenport but since their mother’s were best friends she tried to get along with her. Tried and failed.

Roxanne was on top of the social ladder in school, popular and attractive. Roxanne often boasted of her status, especially being cheerleading captain and prom queen candidate.

But there was more.

Roxanne wasn’t especially fond of the less than popular students; nerds, science geeks and those socially and physically inferior. Snubbing them entirely or on occasion, speaking to them in a demeaning manner.
But for Meg it was worse. Roxanne intentionally ridiculed her, at least at school, around their mom’s she usually treated Meg decent, on the verge of nice.

However, Roxanne routinely flaunted her figure and made snide comments about Meg’s weight, inadequate fashion skills and lack of male attention.

Meg took it all in stride due to their mother’s long - thriving friendship. Why chance damaging a perfectly fine friendship. It was senior year of high school, in just a few months she’d be rid of Roxanne and her torment. Anyway Roxanne’s mom Tracy always treated Meg especially sweet.

At least she though so.

At the supermarket Meg was walking down the aisle. Her red hair in a bungled ponytail, her chubby apple shaped figure in a burnt shade of orange T-shirt and orange and black checkered stretch slacks.

Meg noticed Roxanne with her mom walking toward her.

Roxanne’s wavy chocolate brown hair cradling her shoulders, showing off her beautiful face while her trim hourglass figure looked scrumptious in a baby blue colored blouse and designer jeans. Tracy looked equally as sharp, a business attorney, still clad in her black blazer and matching skirt. He brunette mane worn upward in a trendy style that complimented her pleasant features.

Meg felt thoroughly uncomfortable while looking at them, after all, they were gorgeous and trim, she felt fat and flabby.
But even more so, Meg wasn‘t in the mood of socializing with Lincoln High’s reigning princess or to listen to her mom sing out her laurels.
A habit Tracy had probably acquired without realization.
Thus she abandoned the same aisle for the next one over.

As Meg looked over the boxes of cereal, she could distinctly hear mom and daughter gab from the other aisle.

Meg overheard Tracy clear her throat, then strictly telling Roxanne, “That item is overloaded with calories, remember your diet.”

“I only gained ten pounds over the summer and I lost most of it”, Roxanne answered back.

“Still”, Tracy huffed, “You know how easy you put on weight. I don’t want a roly-poly daughter.”

“I won’t become a stupid fat cow!” Roxanne giggled.

Tracy laughed as well, “Don’t bring up Meg!”


Meg couldn’t believe what she just heard. Mrs. Davenport was making fun of her!

Meg continued to eavesdrop, the conversation continued, neither female aware that their subject was on the other side of their aisle.

“You’re going to an exclusive college in the autumn, you have beauty and brains, one day you’ll be a successful attorney like your mother.”

Roxanne agreed though she was more interested in sports medicine as a major but conceitedly added, “Yeah, I’m totally beautiful.”

“Meg will probably go to some inferior junior college”, Tracy blathered, “If she goes to college at all.”

Roxanne scathingly replied, “I surmise that fatty will eventually find a suitable career in the fast food industry or perhaps as a nanny or housekeeper.”

Meg left her shopping cart and was about to desert the supermarket but not become hearing Tracy state, “Whatever, if she gets any fatter, she’ll most likely live on public aid.”


WEEKS WENT BY ……. Prom where Roxanne was voted queen and graduation …


Meg searched the internet and visited several libraries and book stores; her goal was to put the haughty females in their place.

Through various bits of mumbo-jumbo and the macabre, Meg was ready and able to unleash her revenge.

Meg lit the insidious looking candles, photographs of Roxanne - Tracy inches apart on the nightstand. Meg gazed longingly into the mirror ….her mind focusing on her subjects ….

Roxanne had just finished putting on her expensive red gown and quietly roamed to her mother’s study.

“I won’t be out too late, mom”, Roxanne chirped.

Tracy glimpsed at her daughter from her desk, “That’s fine. Have fun, remember, next week you’re leaving for school.”

“I can hardly wait!” Roxanne cheerfully replied.

Tracy left her desk and approached her daughter, “That dress looks gorgeous on you, aren’t you glad you heeded my advice about counting calories.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes, a silly grin on her lips, “Mother stop it!” she then giggled, “How fat could I possibly get.”


Meg picked up Tracy’s photograph, and scribbled an arcane message then did the same with Roxanne’s photograph.


Roxanne and Tracy momentarily froze, a strange vibe manipulating their cognitive thought.

Roxanne crinkled her nose, wrinkles forming in her brow, “Gosh mom, I feel funny.”

Tracy held unto her daughter’s shoulder for balance, “Oddly, I do too.”

“I’m not sure I should go out”, Roxanne softly uttered.

Tracy blinked, then sighed, “Just stay in, we’ll have a cozy night together. Watch some TV and have ice cream.”

Roxanne likewise blinked, “What about your work? You …have that New York deal to …finish..”

Tracy yawned, “I don’t know. I don’t feel like tackling that assignment anymore tonight.”

Roxanne shrugged her shoulders, “I guess watching TV with you mommy will be fun.”

Tracy squinted at Roxanne, “Did you call me, mommy?”

Roxanne yawned, a confused expression on her face, “If I did, it was accident.”

Tracy elevated her eyebrows, “Well run off and put on your sweats, and meet me in the living room in 15-minutes.”

Roxanne shook her head, adding with a profound giggle, “I’ll call Rod, tell him I can’t make it tonight.”


Meg began adding an inscription to the photographs, rearranging their personality and behavior.


Roxanne had called her boyfriend and cancelled their plans, then put on a comfortable old T-shirt and some baggy sweats and joined her mom in the living room.

“What would you like to watch tonight?” Tracy asked as she handed Roxanne a bowl of ice cream with a few cookies.

Through Roxanne’s funky expression, she admitted, “I’m in the mood for um, something cool. You think the cartoon network might have something we’ll like.”

Tracy took a seat on an opposing sofa, lapping up a mouthful of ice cream, she questioned her daughter, “I was thinking of maybe something like a Julia Robert’s movie.”

“EW!” Roxanne sounded off, “Not a gooey love story. I want cartoons!”

Tracy shrugged her shoulders and turned on the cartoon network.

The night continued, and after consuming ice cream, they devoured an entire cheesecake. Between cartoon shows the mother - daughter conversed, sharing a few details about their lives that up to now were completely foreign.

Roxanne wasn’t sure she was ready for college, opting to take a break from studying altogether and perhaps finding part time work.

Tracy agreed, noting that it sounded like a smart idea since Roxanne’s IQ was overrated.

Tracy sloppily pounced on the cheesecake while sharing some information with Roxanne.

“I think I’m done being a lawyer. It’s hard work and it’s making my brain hurt. I’m going to see about getting a halfway decent job somewhere, something real easy to do.”

Roxanne happily sighed, “That be cool. You’ll have more time home with me and cook big meals and stuff….

Roxanne felt a weird jolt in her mind and blinked, “Um, could I have some milk.”

Tracy stood up, sighing while leaving the comfortable confines of the sofa.

Upon Tracy’s return, she discovered Roxanne sucking her thumb.

“What’s come over you?” Tracy awkwardly questioned.

Roxanne released her thumb from her lips and reached for the milk, “Me peachy mommy!”


Meg ripped the photographs in half, then lit them on fire.


Tracy gazed over Roxanne, the glass slipping out of her fingers once dry of milk, then slipping her thumb back between her lips. “Mo icz crème”, Brooke warbled in baby talk.



Meg had lost a good deal of weight and was looking quite cute in a halter-top and jean shorts. Her red mane in a trendy fashion, outlining her pretty features.

Knocking on the door, Meg patiently waited for it to be answered.

The door opened and there stood Tracy, the former lawyer, now McDonald’s employee.

Tracy’s short brunette mane was turning to gray, a modest assortment of cosmetics over her pudgy face. The uniform stretched over her hefty figure, especially her big breasts that sagged downward and her bulbous belly and large ass that advanced outward.

Tracy invited Meg inside, the house a complete mess.

“Thank you for watching Roxanne tonight, I hope you don’t mind.”

Meg smiled, “What are friends for.”

Tracy inquired if Meg wouldn’t mind cleaning up a bit; she’d gladly give her a few extra dollars.

Meg took much pleasure that Tracy had become a slob, and agreed with a sly grin.

“Sure, I could use the cash for college!” Meg enthusiastically divulged.

Tracy stood with her hands over wide hips, “College is really working out for ya.”

Meg smiled, flaunting her slender figure in the manner in which she stood, “Oh yeah, I have excellent grades and I’m dating a new guy whose studying finance.”

“Peachy”, Tracy uttered with a broad smile that inflated her chubby cheeks, though very envious.

“I might be a little late”, Tracy told Meg, “I have a date with a guy myself.”

“Do tell”, Meg chirped.

Tracy rolled her eyes, “He’s an out of work janitor but he’s friendly enough. Says he’ll buy me a few beers at this bar on 15th and Racine.

Meg smiled as she nodded, knowing full well that the location of the bar was in an impoverished neighborhood. “You have fun, Ms. Davenport. Don’t be bashful with your womanly charm.”

Tracy let loose a low-brow giggle, “Too be honest, I’m looking to get me some attention if you know what I mean.”

The females spoke a while longer, eventually Tracy was about to leave for work.

“You know where everything is, so don’t be ashamed to help yourself to snack, Roxanne’s upstairs in her playpen and you know where the diapers and bottles are.”

Tracy swayed her portly figure toward the door as she added, “I hope Roxanne will recover from this meltdown or whatever happened soon or else I’m going to have to quit and apply for public aid.”

Tracy then hurried out the door and to the bus stop since she could no longer afford a car.

Meg took the stairs up to Roxanne’s room, an untidy establishment corresponding to the rest of the house. Roxanne was in her playpen nourishing on a bottle, a few other empty bottles scattered around, her eyes glued to the TV.

Roxanne’s brown mane was a long chaotic mess, stringy and greasy, seemingly glued to the sides of her swollen face. Chubby chipmunk cheeks and doughy double chin, erasing her once delicate features.
Even the tip of her nose had widened due to the excess of unwanted fat.

Her billowing belly distending over her diaper, her flabby waist coated with rolls and her blubbery thighs were tremendously thick.

Eye-contact was made and upon slurping away the contents of the bottle, Roxanne softly whimpered.

“Does baby want more milk?” Meg cheekily asked.

Roxanne’s double chin expanded as she nodded.

“Well, I’ll get you another bottle then make you some dinner. How does an extra portion of baby food sound?”

Roxanne giggled.

Once Meg returned with the bottle, she handed it to Roxanne.

Roxanne greedily sucked on the nipple, obviously enjoying the milk.

Meg reached over and gently massaged Roxanne’s soft round tummy.

“Ah, such a fatty you’ve become. No more fancy dresses, parties and worthwhile men for you. But in another month I’ll release you from the spell. Then with the little skill you have, perhaps you could find work in some menial trade.”

Roxanne released the nipple from her lips and burped, then continued her feeding.

Meg did keep her promise and a month later lifted the spell.
Roxanne’s mind reverted back to an adult though her social skills and beauty were unconditionally contaminated.

Meg later learned from her mom a few interesting details concerning the Davenports.

Tracy got fired from McDonalds and was now living with that former janitor in a tiny apartment in a low class neighborhood. She was currently employed as a housekeeper, cleaning up the same building where she was once a lawyer.

Roxanne’s weight continued to soar and eventually became pregnant by a carnival employee who skipped out on her. Now at nearly 350-pounds, and with another child by a fleeting romance with a geeky accountant with poor hygiene, lives on public aid in a rundown housing project.

Meg presented Roxanne with the option of working for her as a maid for cash but the former cheerleader and prom queen was much too lazy to take the position.

The End
R: 5 / I: 0

The Transformation by Anonymous Q (Hum, AB, Race, WG)

(Humiliation, adult baby, pseudo race / culture change, weight gain)

The HARKLORN CENTER FOR WOMEN .. A psychological hospital and research center located in a rural portion of New England. The tall yellow stone building, surrounded by a 15-foot tall chain link fence, resembled a medieval castle, originally it had been a medical school when it was erected back in the late 1800’s.

It was now a government sponsored mental health facility that had a classroom for disadvantaged females along with a staff of social workers to aid their clients in enrolling for public aid and various other benefits. There was indeed a small functioning hospital and research department.
Doctor Louise Devoux was the acting CEO, who made a name for herself in the study of the cause and effect of poverty on women.

Louise was an attractive, intelligent woman, an overachiever some might say (including herself), for she was still in her twenties.

Brown hair, delicate features and slim figure. Fashion model gorgeous her appearance opened many doors for her. And this was obvious when it came time to select somebody to run the establishment after the former CEO moved on. The only other contender was Doctor Jane Hena, an intelligent woman as well, though thought quite eccentric by Louise. Jane Hena was a plump middle-aged women with graying black hair and granny style eyeglasses, not especially attractive and dressed ridiculously frumpy. It was apparent why Louise was selected over Jane, even though Jane’s credentials were just as noteworthy.

It was a late afternoon when Louise was finishing her work and was about to take a four day weekend at a cozy ocean side resort in Maine.

Louise was at her desk when her assistant Molly Aberdeen entered her office.

“Doctor Devoux. I just spoke with the resort, the arrangements have been made for your stay and a car will be picking you at you here in an hour.”

Molly was a chubby brunette, around fifty years of age and professionally attired in an orange blouse and brown skirt.

Louise responded with a simple, “Fine.”

Upon shutting down her computer, Louise noticed Molly still in attendance.

“Is there something else?”, Louise’s firm tone was highly condescending.

Molly nodded.

Louise stood from her desk, “Well speak up, I have a schedule to keep!”

“Yes doctor Devoux”, Molly demurely uttered. “Doctor Hena called and asked if you went over her notes from the previous staff meeting?”

The look of scorn upon Louise’s alluring face was overdramatic.

“That inane woman knows how I feel about her and her theories. Bad enough I have to deal with an incompetence staff. I needn’t have her harassing me. First thing back from my vacation and I’m going to terminate that moron.”

“Yes ma’am”, Molly replied, “That’s a shame.”

“Really now”, Louise deviously smirked, “And why is that?”

Molly explained about how well Dr. Hena got along with the patients, clients and staff and that she was incredibly smart.

Louise begged to differ, “If Jane was that smart she would know that I would have gladly surrender my office to her once I’ve finished my tenure here.”

“You’re leaving?”, Molly asked.

Louise leaned her shapely ass against her desk, “It’s obvious I don’t plan to spend my entire career in this rat house. The patients and clients are socially dysfunctional. After I make a name for myself in the psychological world, I plan to move on, work with the more affluent members of society and get away from these vile stupid women.”

Molly nodded, Louise added, “Most of the females we work with are suited for menial occupations at best and the others, will end up on welfare and public aid.”

Molly politely excused herself, Louise strolled over to her private restroom.

Removing her lab coat, Louise washed her face and ran a brush through her wavy brown mane.

It was then she noticed a purple glass bottle of perfume. It wasn’t hers, where did it come from?

Louise crinkled her nose as curiosity got the better of her, she opened the bottle and sampled the aroma. The sweet aroma was extremely intoxicating and she smelled it again.

It was then that Louise was overcome with a bout of lightheadedness and she blinked several times.
Feeling quite dizzy, she wobbled out of the restroom and promptly took a seat.

The room kept spinning, and Louise then developed a mild headache.

“Molly…Molly!”. Louise called out.

The door opened and Doctor Jane Hena walked into Louise’s office.

“You’ll be alright in a few minutes Louise, don’t worry”, Jane smiled, a serene sound to her voice.

Louise squinted at Jane, “Where you come from? I thought you left for the day…”

“I took the evening shift at the clinic tonight”, Jane hummed, “I’m anxious to greet our new patient.”

All at once, Louise felt terribly drained, she stretched out her legs, holding her head as she asked, “What new…patient..?”

Then everything went black.


When Louise opened her eyes she was on a hard metal chair in an examination room.

Louise looked around, noticing the clock on the wall, she realized that she was out for somewhere around four hours. It wasn’t the only thing Louise noticed. Her designer dress was swapped for a metallic blue T-shirt with black trim that was clipped high at the waist to show off her flat tummy and a black mini skirt. Louise’s hand glided over the cheap material, her lovely 36-B breasts unconstrained from a bra, mildly jiggling in the process.

Though the headache had subsided, she was nonetheless lightheaded, and she softly peeped, “Hello?”

A tall, heavily built nurse entered the examination room. Her silver hair in an old fashion style bun, her expression was unnaturally coarse, and so was her voice.

“I’m Sally, I’m the attending RN, do you have any questions?”

Louise nodded, her voice fragile, “No, um. I’m Doctor Devoux, I run this place..”

Sally’s expression was of rid of humor, “Get up on your feet missy, undress and we’ll proceed.”

“You don’t understand, I’m a resident psychologist, I’m in charge”, Louise told her.

Sally folded her arms over her enormous size breasts, “That’s where you’re wrong, missy. I’m in charge and I need to process you before the doctor sees you.”

“But I’m a doctor!”, Sally protested in which Sally replied with a mocking smirk, “And I’m the Queen of France.”

Sally walked over and picked up the phone, asking for another nurse to help her.

A few minutes later another RN entered the examination room.

A younger woman with short blond hair in a second rate bob style and just as heavy though reasonably pretty in looks. She introduced herself as Abby before yanking Louise out of her chair.

As the nurse’s forcibly undressed Louise, she did put up a fight but feeling unusually exhausted, soon relinquished. Louise stood naked with exception to her K-mart brand of panties.

“129-pounds”, Sally loudly chuckled as she weighed Louise.

Sally then turned to Abby, “Should I write undernourished in her chart? Fattening her up during her stay might take some of that beauty out of her face.”

Louise sneered, “I’m perfectly healthy, not undernourished besides, I won’t be staying here.”

Abby directed her attention to Louise, “Keep the comments to yourself”, she then turned to Sally, “Yeah, she looks too be the type that gains weight easily, has a breeders figure, she won’t look so attractive with a big gut and hefty thighs.”

The examination continued; blood pressure, temperature, the works.

Eventually Sally held unto Louise as she was given a sedative by Abby, “Doctor’s orders miss, she wants you easy to handle.”

After dressed in a greenish-blue hospital gown, Louise was placed back into the chair.

“Doctor will be here in a couple of minutes”, Sally informed the abnormally relaxed Louise.

It was then that Abby swiped Louise’s upper arm with an alcohol pad and gave her another injection.

As the nurse’s began walking toward the door, Sally momentarily paused and insidiously grinned, “Maybe after your educated, you could start a career here in housekeeping or food service.”

Louise mumbled as the nurses left the room, “I’m..educated..u..stupid fat cow….”

A few minutes later Doctor Jane Hena entered the room.

“What you do to me?”, Louise spitefully asked Jane.

Jane took a seat, “I haven’t a clue to what you’re talking about miss.”

“You know very well….”, Louise paused, thinking was becoming difficult, “…I’m your superior, dotoc…doctor Devoux.”

“I don’t think you’re anybody’s superior”, Jane answered back, opening the chart, asked, “Name.”

“You know my..m..name”, Louise irritably exhaled.

Jane nodded, “Very well. Louise Doe.

Louise sat, her mind numb, her body fatigued, listening as Jane vocally announced everything she put in the chart.

“Age, 20.”

“I’m 27”, Louise sneered.

Jane continued.

“Education, high school drop out, on the low side of average in intelligence.”

Louise grimaced, “That’s not true..I went to several colleges….I’m genius level in intelligence.”

“We’ll see”, Jane replied, “Occupation, I’ll put unknown.”

“Race!”, Jane snickered as she looked at Louise.

“Since most of our clients and patients are African-Americans I surmise it’ll be to your advantage if I list you as bi-racial.”

“I don’t even look black let alone bi-racial!”, Louise snapped.

“Aren’t you the brat”, Jane snickered. “For practical purposes your mother was African-American your dad was Caucasian.”

Jane put down the chart and walked over to Louise.

Jane gently cupped Louise’s chin and stared deeply into her eyes, “You were always a spoiled brat.
Always getting your way, achieving a status you didn’t deserve and obtaining the role of CEO based on your appearance when I’m much more competent for the role.”

Louise cringed but softly capitulated, “Let me go, Jane and I’ll see that…”

Jane pulled Louise upward, firmly holding her by the arms, “It’s doctor Hena, Louise! Patients never call doctors by name!”

“I’m not a patient….I have a degree myself with honors…”

Jane smirked, “No. You’re not a psychologist but a patient, an incompetent young lady known only as Louise Doe. You were brought here by social services due to your incompetence.”

“I’m not a patient!”, Louise shouted, “You’re crazy Jane, I’ll have you locked up for this!”

“Aren‘t you cute, speaking as if you have any authority”, Jane condescendingly smiled as she sat Louise back down in the chair.

Jane arrogantly peered at Louise, “I have a pet project that I’ve been working on. It was dismissed by the previous CEO because she thought it was much too far fetched, she called it science fiction.”

Louise understood what Jane meant, she was the CEO who dismissed Jane’s theory as science fiction.

“Jane, I read your notes, you can’t do that to me, it’s preposterous.”

Jane ignored Louise and continued, “It’s called re-establishment and development. Basically transforming your personality and behavior. The program might be a little drastic, reducing you to being a baby but you should achieve some kind of competency by the time you’re released.”

Jane’s voice then grew cold as she disclosed, “I can even revise your IQ and body, so it’s wise if you stay on your best behavior.”

Louise loudly protested, “You can’t do this to me!”, and began yelling for help.

Jane calmly picked up the phone and called Sally into the room, “Please bring a wheelchair and take patient Doe to the hospital’s lower level for confinement.”

Louise was still yelling as Jane approached her, though she stopped when Jane firmly told her, “Stop it or you’ll be spanked.”

Louise’s eyes grew wide as Jane serenely hummed, “Relax Louise Doe, that first injection was a sedative, it took the fight from you. But that second injection was a serum that I produced, it’ll take your mind from you.”

Louise gaped, “Huh? That’s unrealistic, thoroughly impossible.”

Jane ran her hand through Louise’s gorgeous brown mane, “Hush now, it’s alright. Think Louise, imagine yourself as a child. Release all your ideals and rediscover the comfort brought by sucking your thumb as a child. Do this and you’ll feel much better.”

Louise didn’t want to suck her thumb but strangely felt required to do so.

She shoved her thumb between her lips and noisily began to suck.

“Feel better?”, Jane asked as she gently patted Louise’s head.

Louise actually felt ridiculous and hesitated before nodding.

Sally entered the examination room with the wheelchair and helped Louise board it.

“I’ll stop by and see you Miss Doe in a few days. I’m taking a four day weekend at a nice ocean side resort before beginning my appointment as CEO.”

Louise blinked, a tiny stream of drool running down her chin as she sucked her thumb, “Weekend……CEO?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be pampered in the mean time and when I returned, I’ll start the reconditioning.”

Louise whimpered as she was wheeled down the hall in full sight of the various staff members and a few patients who hadn’t a clue to her identity. Louise Devoux was now Louise Doe, no longer lead psychologist and CEO but patient.
R: 0 / I: 0

Controlling by Jared86 [WG, Nerd, Mind Control]

"Controlling" by Jared86 - Weight Gain, Nerd, Mind Control

I created this story as a special commission. If you'd like me to help bring to life your idea, please give me a PM or get in touch with me via my web site. Enjoy the story.

Chapter One:

“Close your eyes,” Simon instructed, as he surveyed his class. The small group of mostly women complied, bowing their heads on the thatch mat in deep meditation. He studied their faces intently, deciding which pupil to select with great care.

Katie’s face was the least relaxed - her brow was furrowed and her eyelids fluttered, as though in a dream. Her face was cute, but her mousy brown hair was just a little plain, and the meditation robes made it obvious she was carrying an extra 15 pounds. Her slightly rounded shoulders visibly shook as she struggled to remain calm.

Simon walked as silently as he could and placed a piece of paper on her lap. He commanded his pupils to open their eyes, and concluded the session. Katie didn’t notice the note at first - but she caught it fluttering to the ground when she stood up. “See me in my office,” it read. She groaned a little, and then reluctantly made her way to Simon’s office.

“What’s this about?” she called out to Simon as she opened the door. The room was adorned with dark, gothic art and candles encased in skull shaped holders. She was taken aback by the ambiance, but continued forward.

“Shut the door,” Simon replied, and Katie did as she was told.

“Look, I’m thinking about quitting. I’ve taken three hypnotism classes and I’ll done is try to meditate and relax!” Katie said, feeling frustrated.

“Are you upset because you are unable to relax? One must know thyself before one can know another,” Simon said, his eyes staring directly into Katie’s.

“This just wasn’t what I was expecting,” Katie said, feeling a little uncomfortable. A plush looking chair sat in the middle of the room, and Katie lowered herself into it, though she fidgeted nervously.

“That’s why I asked to see you,” he said. “I know you’re struggling, and I want to help.”

“Ok,” Katie said with a long sigh. “What do you want me to do?”

“Why did you really take this class?” Simon asked, probing. Her mind was so open, so frail. It would be almost trivially easy for him to enter.

“I…” Katie began, but the words stuck in her throat. When she signed up, she said she wanted in increase her confidence, but that wasn’t exactly the truth. For some reason, though, looking right into Simon’s seductive eyes, she didn’t feel comfortable lying to him again. The truth, though, was embarrassing.

She found herself unable to break free from the eye contact, and the words came tumbling out of her mouth. “My best friend, Jennifer. She’s always showing me up. I just wanted to be able to do something she couldn’t, for once,” Katie said, almost stuttering with nerves.

“I see,” Simon cooed. “You’d do anything, give anything, not to be ‘showed up’ by your friend, is that right?”

“Yes,” Katie said, as her comfort level slowly increased. “Anything.”

“I think you took this class for a good reason, Katie,” Simon said as Katie’s eyes glazed over. “I’m going to help you with hypnosis and give you what you want. Everything you could ever want.”

“You will?” Katie asked as her vision started to blur.

“Oh yes,” Simon whispered. “But first, allow yourself to relax just a little bit more…”

Chapter Two:

The next day, Katie showed up for work feeling far more confident than usual, though she couldn’t place why. She remembered a relaxing session at her hypnotism class, but couldn’t recall exactly why she had enjoyed herself there.

Her newfound sense of calm and confidence, however, did not last long. Soon, Katie heard the firm’s manager making an announcement.

“Everyone, I wanted to let you know we’ve come to a decision on our new partner. Congratulations, Jennifer!” Thunderous applause echoed over the cubicles, and Jennifer rose from her little cube to shake hands with the boss.

Katie’s ears burned. She had been in contention for that partner slot for months. She and Jennifer both started at the