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One Mouse girl + One Mage's Curse = LOTS of fun!

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A Bit Extra

"Are you sure about this?" The lion mage asked, pulling his mane back behind his head and tying it in place. He watched me over the top of his glasses, his blue eyes looking a bit worried and a touch amused.

"I'm sure," I replied, crossing my arms.

The mage tisked softly and shook his head. "It's just… this is the sort of curse I put on people who piss me off, I've never been paid to cast it on someone."

Leaning over the small table I smiled at the feline, his ears flicking back in the process. "That's how I found out; your curse does attract a certain amount of attention."
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Mall Daze By Theo Winters (Bimbo, BE, MC)

Postby TheoW » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:03 am
I was in a silly mood tonight, so I thought I would write a quick Bimbo TF story for your enjoyment. Nothing major, just some silly fun. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, it's not a furry story this time ;)


Mall Daze
By Theo Winters

Alison walked quickly through the mall, cursing the fact that Ben wanted to meet here of all places. She hated going to the mall, to many preppy girls and fancy clothing hanging off of the local jocks. It made her shyness even worse. Still, she didn't have a choice, after flunking her gym class the only way she could get the passing grade she needed was to tutor someone, and of course it had to be one of the basketball jocks.

As she walked she found herself puling her bag to her chest, holding it against her slight belly and under her small chest. The position of her head allowed the bangs of her brown hair to hang down and cover her face, keeping her hidden from the world around her. She heard a few whispers as she walked past some of the other girls from school, making her hunch her shoulders.
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The Pony Girl


There were a lot of rich girls like Alex. There always have been. She only cared about one thing. Horses. She had been riding almost before she could walk, had been bought her first pony when she turned eight. Now sixteen, she owned her own full sized horse and thought about little else. Normally she was vacuous, bored, listless, not a little stupid. Put her on her horse and set her galloping around her father's extensive estates, however, and she was transformed. Her pretty blue eyes shone, her full lips curled permanently into a smile. She even willingly attended to the hard work of looking after her horse. She wouldn't do her homework, let servants cater for her every need but happily mucked out her stable and rubbed down her beast each night.

Alex certainly seemed to care more for horses than she did for people. Her parents were idly despised, even though they had given her everything she wanted since she was born. All her friends were ones of convenience only. The servants of the mansion had all borne the brunt of the spoiled girl's temper one time or another. Most often, the recipient was Tom.

Tom was a trainer hired part time to look after the horses of Alex and her father. He was quite a wealthy man, owning a small stable himself. But his family had served Alex's for many generations. A sense of tradition kept him bound to the estate. It allowed him to put up with Alex, though only just. For she truly loathed Tom. For the way he always seemed to know a little more about horses than he did. For his habit of criticising her excessive use of the whip in her endless search for greater speed. And for the fact that, alone of the servants, he wasn't afraid of her. He answered back, he cheeked her, he met her tantrums with quiet fortitude. Sometimes he was positively rude. It had been Tom who suggested that Alex, with her slightly bucked teeth, was actually starting to resemble a horse.

She thought about that as she mucked out the stables one night. It was nonsense. Her large teeth were unfortunate, but otherwise she was extremely pretty. Soon, she believed, she would be beautiful. And she knew Tom thought that too. She had noticed him watching her more and more. The thought made her shudder. A wizened, ugly little man like Tom! One day he would try something, she was sure. But she would be ready for him; and then she would be able to persuade her father to sack him at last. Even if he didn't, shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Graduate to Maturity
By Kronostar

Oooo, I'm so excited! In just a few minutes I'll be getting my diploma and it'll be the start of my new life in the world. It feels like I've been stuck at University forever. And technically that's true since the paper work says it's been 22 years even though in reality it's only been 5.

My new life as an accomplished woman really began back then in the summer of 2004. I was a 17 year old freshman getting a head start on University life. I was so naive and immature back then, but that was soon to change.

Getting accepted to an out-of-state University on a full scholarship my Mom and I were so proud. I was scared to leave home for the first time to a place where I didn't know anybody, but my Mom knew it was my best chance at getting a better life than she had.

My Mom's a hero and she raised me on her own after a teenage indiscretion left her pregnant with me. Only 16 she was abandoned by her family and the dead beat boyfriend and from then on it was just the two of us depending on each other. Being so young she treated me more like an older sister than a mother and one of my goals in life was to return the favour to her.

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Survey Part 1
by Bigdooger

Angela looked at the man standing on her doorstep; 30-ish, brown hair, average height, not bad looking, though not overly good looking either. The sort of man one would never pick out of a crowd. Looking over his shoulder her fine features pouted in disappointment that there wasn't a delivery van behind him.

"Good day mam, A friend of yours a Mrs. ah, um…" He flipped through the papers on his clipboard to find the name.

'MAM?' she thought indignantly. This loser certainly wasn't winning any points. 'I'm 24 for Chrissake!'

"…Janice McCullen recommended you for this survey."

The utterance of Mrs. McCullen's name changed Angela's train of thought. In rapid procession her mood changed from disappointment to anger to suspicion. After all the wife (ex) of her current boyfriend certainly had to have ill intentions. Being that Angela was also the cause of their divorce made that doubly so.

She moved to close the door thoroughly disgusted. The only reason she'd left the poolside to answer the door at all was because her maid Gladys had the day off. Well that and she was expecting their new 72" flatscreen. Angela didn't even care to speak as the the carved oak swung closed in the man's face.

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Grein, an amazing short story. took some time to find but i believe this to be the rest, enjoy :D

part 2

"$500.00 up front!"

The door opened.

"All you have to do is answer a few simple questions." He smiled while brandishing the clipboard.

Angela merely crossed one arm under her pert breasts as she held out her other with a flourish.

"I do believe you mentioned $500.00 up front."

"Oh yes."
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Don't Take "Candy" From Strangers
by Othrmee

don't know where I got it from. kinda took stories from everywhere and placed it in the multi-mutations forum.

Lainy was not just a rebellious teenager. She was out of control. A very pretty, girl she was 5' 7" with long brunette hair and curves in all the right places. A nice round ass and big beautiful breasts, especially for her tender age of 17. She had it and knew how to show it off in her many revealing outfits. But, as pretty as she was, she ran with a bad crowd and had no respect for her parents. Parties, drugs, stealing and sex with lots of guys were her favorite things to do.

Tired of her parents as well as the police trying to ruin her fun, she decided to run away to the big city that was a 2-hour drive from her small town. She was able to hitchhike for about 50 miles before the driver told her that this was the end of the line and he was nearly home. "Know any good party hang outs?" she asked the driver. He told her there was a farm just on the outside of town known as a place where teens would sneak off to party, drink and do drugs. "Weird guy lives there, tends to look the other way. His kid can party with his buddies as long as the cops don't show up," he told her. He agreed to drop her off near there and assured her that since it was a warm Saturday night that there would be some action.

He was right. There was a bonfire with teens around it drinking, smoking pot and laughing a lot. They noticed her emerge from the shadows and welcomed her into the circle. "Always room for one more," they said as they handed her a beer and passed her a joint. "This is awesome," she thought to herself. She laughed and talked with the group who seemed to be mostly farm kids, none of the guys very attractive. There was one though who said his name was Edward that she found to be rather cute. She was talking to him more and more and he seemed very interested in her story of running away to the big city. "No one knows you're here?" he asked. "Fuck no, and I don't want them to either!" she said back in her drunken and high state.

Edward asked Lainy if she'd like something a little more fun. "Like what?" she asked curiously. "Well, you're a damn hot girl and I wouldn't mind a little fun in the barn. Plus I happen to have some acid stashed there. Wanna trade?" Lainy happily agreed and they got up from the circle and went off.

"There's the barn," he said to her. "Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


If it is already posted here… Sorry theow… I looked for it and found nothing so

Just out of college, Naomi Smith accepted the most difficult of teaching
jobs, moving to a remote part of the Appalachians to teach children of all
ages, many of whom had had no previous education at all, in a one-room
schoolhouse. But Naomi was young and energetic enough to take on the
arduous job with optimism.
Naomi was a vivacious blonde from a small town in Kansas, slender and
confident despite her inexperience. She had a fresh-faced, good-girl,
clean-scrubbed beauty that had made more than one of the boys she had known
think about marrying her. But she was idealistic and determined to do some
good in the world. Though she wasn’t quite the virgin that her wholesome
looks suggested, she didn’t flinch from leaving her social life behind for
a world of poverty and hardship. Love and marriage would come in due time.
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Pigs in a Cabin
by Tdep

Haley and Becky were glad that their husbands were finally out of the cabin. As soon as the guys left for their day hike, the two girls rushed to Haley’s room. Haley was 21 years old, 5’7, 130 lbs, and had shoulder length brown hair. She had on a pink tank top and booty shorts. Becky was 21 also, 5’5, 125 lbs, and had medium length red hair. She had on a skirt and green t-shirt. Once in her bedroom, Haley pulled a duffle bag out from under her bed. Out of it, she pulled a pill container. Smirking, she tossed the container to Becky. “One of a Kind Costumes’ Pig Face” was the name of the contents, with the subtitle reading “Guaranteed to win you best in show at any costume party.”

“Wow, you really did find this stuff,” Becky said.

“Yeah, I can’t believe you doubted my skills,” Haley responded.

“Well, are we going to try this stuff out?” Becky asked, looking uneasy.

“Why not? What’s the worst that will happen?” Haley said.

“Well, our husbands will come back from their wives with pig faces,” Becky said, “and actually, that’d be really funny.”

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State Road 9336
By badcompany8888

don't know if this has been posted yet. I looked and didn't find it. so if bad company is okay with it I'll place it here.

Jessica couldn't believe this. Yeah, she was speeding, but not that fast. Now here she was, sitting in her Audi A4 Convertible about to be late for her photo shoot. It was a hot Florida day, the type of hot that makes it hard to breathe. She had the top down so she could stay cool and enjoy the wind-in-her long-blonde-hair feeling. If the damn photo shoot hadn't been on the other side of the state, she wouldn't have had to drive across this frickin' swamp. Half this state was a frickin' swamp and the directions she had sent her through the Everglades! The cop car in her mirror had been the only vehicle she'd seen in 15 minutes on this desolate two-lane known as State Road 9336.

But she was prepared to drive to California to break into modeling, so she didn't complain. Her rich parents weren't going to keep paying her bills and told her she needed to get a job. They always said "You've been out of high school for 3 years now. You need to occupy your time with something besides the mall, boys, and our MasterCard. We had to work for everything we have." Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a doctor, but she found no interest in either profession, or any at all for that matter. If she could model, all she had to do was pose for the camera, right? She certainly had the body for it; 120 lbs, firm C-cups, nice tan and a pretty face. Oh well, this whole work thing was their idea, they can pay for the damn ticket.

"License and registration, please." The cop stood next to her car just behind her shoulder. Jessica turned to face him, but the hot sun shone down in her face and she couldn't get a good look at him. She could tell he had short hair and the standard-issue cop sunglasses. She thought to herself 'he must be undercover or something. I don't see a badge on his shirt and his car is unmarked, just a little magnetic light on top'

Jessica shifted sexily in her seat and cooed, "Is all this really necessary, officer?"

The cop shook his head slightly and replied, "No, it really isn't." With that he roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head over, then quickly stuck a syringe in her neck.

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Day 2

Sydney woke the next morning in the bedroom. The last memory she had was the pills. Now she was alone in the bedroom and the door was open. She climbed out of the bed and took a better look around the room. The dresser drawers were pulled open and clothing spilled out on to the floor. Clothes were all over the floor, along with food wrappers, dishes, beer cans, and other garbage. She moved to the bare window and looked through. Nothing but swamp could be seen for miles. It was littered with debris. She thought of her car, somewhere out there, making her escape difficult. She looked down at herself to find she was still wearing the odd arrangement of what she now realized were bandages. They covered her nipples, her crotch, and odd places around her body. She nearly began tearing them off, but stopped herself. She wasn't sure if she were ready to see what was underneath.

Instead, she crept to the door and peered down the hallway. The living room was empty, aside from the old furniture and litter on the floor. She moved along the hall and looked into the kitchen. There stood Jessica, wearing only a pair of pale blue panties that struggled to hold her asscheeks in. She was at the counter with her back turned, making sandwiches. She had about a dozen finished already, piled high with lunchmeat. She paused, reached into her panties to scratch her butt, and went back to making sandwiches.

Jessica shuddered. Thoughts of that butt rushed back to her. The humiliation, the smell, the taste. She crept to the front door and quietly unlocked the deadbolt. She turned the knob and the door cracked open.

"Sydney, stop. Turn around."

Sydney stopped and turned to face Jessica standing a few feet away. Part of her mind was screaming 'Run! Don't stop! Run!' but it was being overpowered by the part of her that wanted to obey Jessica. A part she didn't know she had. 'Listen to Jessica. You must listen to Jessica.' a tiny voice inside her said.

"Come here, Sydney." Jessica told her. Sydney stood face to face with Jessica.

"Give me a kiss." Jessica licked her lips. Slowly, Sydney leaned in and locked lips with her pimpled-faced friend. Jessica pushed her tongue into Sydney's mouth and showed her first hand how bad her breath was. When the kiss finally ended, Sydney took a step back and wiped her mouth. "Wha.. Why did I…? Why am I doing this?!" Sydney stuttered. "Ha-ha, you think it's been 2 days since youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sandra's Surprise~


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better version

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