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"Controlling" by Jared86 - Weight Gain, Nerd, Mind Control

I created this story as a special commission. If you'd like me to help bring to life your idea, please give me a PM or get in touch with me via my web site. Enjoy the story.

Chapter One:

“Close your eyes,” Simon instructed, as he surveyed his class. The small group of mostly women complied, bowing their heads on the thatch mat in deep meditation. He studied their faces intently, deciding which pupil to select with great care.

Katie’s face was the least relaxed - her brow was furrowed and her eyelids fluttered, as though in a dream. Her face was cute, but her mousy brown hair was just a little plain, and the meditation robes made it obvious she was carrying an extra 15 pounds. Her slightly rounded shoulders visibly shook as she struggled to remain calm.

Simon walked as silently as he could and placed a piece of paper on her lap. He commanded his pupils to open their eyes, and concluded the session. Katie didn’t notice the note at first - but she caught it fluttering to the ground when she stood up. “See me in my office,” it read. She groaned a little, and then reluctantly made her way to Simon’s office.

“What’s this about?” she called out to Simon as she opened the door. The room was adorned with dark, gothic art and candles encased in skull shaped holders. She was taken aback by the ambiance, but continued forward.

“Shut the door,” Simon replied, and Katie did as she was told.
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And another Clown TF story I had laying around!

Clownitization by Nosey T. Clown

I think I'm going crazy. Or I'm in a coma - maybe I'll wake up soon. This must be a dream - it certainly is the weirdest dream I ever had. How can I wake myself up?

I heard once if I concentrate really had on reality, maybe I'll wake up. How to concentrate? Maybe I can try to write some of this down! Maybe that will cause this dream - I hope it’s a dream - to end!

Okay - where's the paper! Boy - it's become hard to write! Maybe if I sit sidesaddle or something…….. How should I begin…..?

My name's Candace Reems. I know - most girls with a name like "Candace" get called "Candi", but not me. Oh, sure, I was Candi in high school, but in college it was more professional to be called "Candace." And when I went to work and Water Pricehouse, it seemed an accountant should be called "Candace" instead of "Candi." Or "Miss Reems" - that was way better!

<I should concentrate on what I looked like - I mean LOOK like>

I am 26 years old, and I had - HAVE - blond hair. I have blue eyes. I'm five foot-six inches tall. I'm single, and broke up with my last boyfriend a few years ago - he was such a dork! I tried to be serious - 'cause I am a blond and you know what reputation I could have - but he was so SILLY!
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Here's an old clown TF story I found laying around my hard drive. It's weird but also fun!

DeDe the Clown
By Mikey Vincent

Deanna was in need of a change. As she pulled into a parking space in the strip mall, she studied her reflection in her rearview mirror. Tan skin, blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, her slender neck led to modest, B-cup breasts, a slim waist, a pert bottom, and long sexy legs. By anyone else’s standards she was a total babe.

That was the problem.

Sure she loved the sun and the beach and staying in shape, but in terms of looks, she looked like every other beach girl. She wanted to stand out, to be the center of attention. For all eyes to be on her when she entered a room.

That’s when she came across an ad in the paper:

“Want to be noticed? Want to STAND OUT? Want to be someone new?
One Week Only!
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Another oldie but goodie. I'm not the original author, but I might do a follow-on story if there is interest.

I feel old for even saying this, but this story involves two characters from the original survivor from back in 2000. Kelly Wigglesworth was a very petite young brunette who was athletic and had small perky tits. Joel Klug is from from Wisconsin. During one episode, one of Joel's teammates, Dirk (who is a Dairy Farmer) made the statement that "nothing is dumber than a woman, except maybe a cow." Joel laughed so hard that the quote was eventually attributed to him, and Kelly and the other women banded together to vote him off of the island.

This story is about Joels revenge on Kelly… Enjoy!


Joel had never gotten over being kicked off the island by three ungrateful stupid women and was out for revenge. After watching the Survivor series at home Joel realized Kelly had been back-stabbing him all the way.

"I'll show Kelly how stupid she really is! When I'm done with her she will be wishing she was as smart as a cow."

It was now six weeks after the CBS Survivor show ended and Joel had started to put his plan in action by visiting Dirk the dairy farmer. "Hi, Dirk. I was sorry to see you go. The rest of the survivors really did not know how good they had it with us around until it was too late."

"Thanks Joel, I felt bad getting kicked off after working so hard, but I have gotten over it and am back to milking the cows now."
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Girl turned into frogs
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this is wierd


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last froggy for today


File: 1482337738417.jpg (303.52 KB, 1088x1280, 1340940306.bastianmage_lat….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I lied


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Those do look tasty


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(Weight Gain, mind control and mental / physical age regression)


Sarah stood in front of the large oak trim mirror, elevating her head and closely scrutinizing her hourglass figure.

“Not too bad”, She though to herself with a cheeky smile though pouting upon releasing the strings of the corset and snatching her rubbery potbelly in her hands.

The plumpness of her belly wasn’t overly large but for Sarah Palmer, the minor bulge marred her appearance. Even her once athletic thighs appeared larger and spongy in texture.

Sarah’s career was currently null and void, one time a big league fashion model, the 38-year old woman now circulated the various east coast malls hawking Revlon cosmetics. However, the crowds weren’t showing up to garnish a peek at the woman who once flaunted her figure in Vogue magazine.
Whether Sarah would admit it or not her career was hitting the skids.

Perhaps that’s why she was neglecting her usual physical fitness routine. She hadn’t exercised in months as illustrated by her out of shape figure. Sarah had put on 15-pounds, revealed by her miniature potbelly and flabby thighs. Though lately Sarah had felt increasing fatigued, perhaps due to stressing over her career.
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Sarah brought her eyes to the TV screen, something about the cartoons riveted her interest but didn’t interrupt her eating.



It had been almost Two weeks since Brandi had abandoned her mother at Eloise’s place and was anxious in seeing the results first hand.

Absolutely spunky in attitude and neatly attired in a peach colored jogging outfit. Brandi rang the bell then stepped aside and waited for Eloise to answer.

Brandi’s flowing brown mane was peppered with streaks of blond, rolling over her shoulders, showing off her beautiful face.

Eloise answered the door, “You look stunning, my dear. I see the effects of the weight loss tonic.

Brandi swung around in slow motion, “Oh yeah! I’m down to 130-pounds.”
“Nice outfit, suits your figure well.”, Eloise smiled.
“It’s my mom’s, she won’t have any use for it anymore”, Brandi condescendingly stated.
“I should say not”, Eloise blissfully replied, “Come in. I was about to change her and feed her lunch but you can do the honors.”
“Cool!”, Brandi snickered.
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Brandi hadn’t seen her mother in over 6-months and while filming her TV show went on hiatus, she boarded a plane and flew to New Jersey.

Naturally Eloise kept Brandi informed of her mom’s development through E-mails, her spurt of weight needed to be seen first hand. However, things were much more askew then she could possibly realize.

Eloise promptly opened the door for Brandi, attired in a sporty blue jacket over a T-shirt and trendy blue jeans.

“You really look sharp, don’t you”, Eloise smiled.
“Thanks Eloise”, Brandi’s stance showing off her slim figure.

“What about my mom? Is she a big chunk of lard?”, Brandi inquired.

“Let’s talk outside before I take you to Sarah.”
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Many Months Later ……………………..

Eloise opened the door and welcomed Brandi into her home.

Brandi’s curlier then ever mane was dyed a lighter shade of brown, flowing over her shoulders, outlining her sweet features while her splendorous figure was garbed in a tight leopard pattern dress that accented her womanly curves.

Eloise invited Brandi for some cake and coffee in the kitchen, the Reality-TV star agreed on the coffee, the cake was out of the question.

“Even though I’m thinner than ever, whenever I overindulge, I start gaining weight”, Brandi conveyed to Eloise before sipping her coffee.

Eloise slid her wide caboose onto a chair facing Brandi, “Maintaining your weight might be a little difficult for you, you may have a fat gene.”

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A little more than a year later …………….

Sarah Palmer the exquisite fashion model had faded out the public eye. Rumors circulated deducing that she had simply retired after her figure acquired a little too much extra padding.

Only Eloise knew the truth; Sarah Palmer was now Bertha Palmer, a very overweight Twenty-something woman whose education never advanced beyond the 8th grade and resided in a low income housing project in a deplorable Newark New Jersey neighborhood.
Bertha worked part-time at a garment factory making $9.00’s an hour which wasn’t so awful since she was able to collect public aid and get food stamps.
Bertha seldom socialized outside her dumpy apartment, though when she did occasionally hang out with her few friends, it was either at someone’s home or the parking lot adjacent to her building where many of the down and out chicks mingled while drinking beer.

Friday evening, the end of her shift. Bertha maneuvered to the ladies room, her once elegant stride now reduced too a maladroit shuffle. Once inside, she stood in front of the grimy mirror over the filthy sinks and reapplied her cosmetics.

Bertha’s chocolate brown hair lacked shine and limply dangled above her shoulders, reinforcing the pudginess of her features. Bloated cheeks and whopper of a double chin, Bertha was still somewhat cute but the fatty tissue produced a categorically dumpy quality to her facial appearance.

Bertha applied the cosmetics in an amateurish manner, like a teenage girl unfamiliar with makeup, presuming that the more she used, the better she looked.
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Your Traits Are Mine
By Krista

Cara was a very unhappy girl. True, she was smart. And she was interested in magic and witchcraft which made her life at least a little interesting. But she had always been a very plain, undeveloped girl. In fact, although she was 18 and in college, she was frequently mistaken for a middle schooler or worse. Her short brown hair, completely flat chest, and lack of curves because of some small amount of baby fat didn't help.

But the young girl was determined to change that. For the last few weeks she had been reading a book she found in her grandmother's attic. It was hard to understand because it was in old English, but she thought had finally found something she could use. It was a complicated thing to "cast" (even she felt silly thinking about casting magic) and also to get to work.

If she understood it correctly, the spell would let her steal the traits of other people. But it wasn't as simple as just casting it and wishing for the traits to come to her. Another person would lose it, obviously, but that didn't bother her. They also had to want her to have it, even if just for a split second, and it had to be a trait they valued highly, so she couldn't take chubby thighs from a girl that was trying to lose weight. Cara was disappointed at how hard it all seemed, but she had to try it. If it worked just a few times, she could totally change her life!

So one Friday night she decided to try the spell. Locked in her dorm room, she said the incantations and placed the proper candles. The entire process took hours and grew frustrating, but at the end she felt a rush of energy that was so powerful it exhausted her. She fell asleep knowing it had worked and looking forward to a wonderful day.

When she woke up the next morning, she wondered if it was all a dream, but a feeling of power inside Cara convinced her that the spell was genuine and successful. But she still wasn't sure, so she had devised a test. She had asked Thalia James, a girl in her hall, if she could jog with her this morning. Cara thought she had a way to make Thalia willingly part with a treasured trait. She quickly dressed, putting on a pair of sweatpants, a tshirt, and a baggy sweatshirt. She sighed when she looked in the mirror and hoped this was the last time she'd have to dress so plainly.

Thalia was already waiting impatiently at the track when Cara walked up. Thalia was tall, with long dirty blonde haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


She drew back from the pretty redhead and stroked both pigtails with her hands. In some ways Pam had made out better than Gillian; she at least looked the same. But both Cara and the red haired sophomore knew everything that was lost (and gained). Pam started to cry.

"Don't cry love," Cara said. "It could have been much worse." She kissed her one last time before sliding off the girl and moving back towards the flat chested Alex, who was still holding her huge bra in her hand, staring at Cara. Cara took it from her and removed the stretched tshirt, giving Alex a good look at the huge rack, most of which had been hers just a few minutes ago. The 34FF bra didn't fit very well, but it was better than the C cup bra and Cara enjoyed the cleavage spilling out from the top of the bra cups. She jiggled the breasts a bit in front of Alex and then moved closer to the dark haired girl.

"Pam gave me three wonderful presents, Alex," Cara said, getting very close to her. "It isn't really fair for you to give just one, even if it was the truly great gift of your fabulous bust." She kissed the girl's cheek. "Don't you want to give more? Just a few more little things? Things you won't even miss since you won't be able to attract the boys anymore with such a little, itty bitty chest?"

Alex wanted to protest, but she also wanted to please Cara. Part of her thought she could still get back her breasts if she was nice, and she was very attracted to the girl.

Cara kissed her flush on the lips and then drew back and pinched the full, red lips on Alex's face with her hand. "You must have noticed when we were kissing that you had a much better pair of lips than me? Didn't you, sweetie? Didn't you feel like you were kissing a little girl's lips? Mine just don't compare with these. Yours are so full and wet and luscious, you must have wished to be kissing them instead of mine. Why don't you just wish that now and I promise I'll kiss you all the time?" Cara's second hand was pinching the tiny little nipples left on Alex's chest, which were still very sensitive and the girl did wonder what it would be like to kiss Cara if she had better lips.

And that was the end of Alex's nice set of kissing lips. They seemed to pop between Cara's fingers and shrink into very thin, dry, perpetually chapped imitations of a woman's lips. Alex could see Cara's lips change color and grow. It added a new dimension to Cara's already cute face. The younger girl lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Relationship Realignment
by Jared86 (Ghostly Spectre)

Tags: WG, AP, AR
A story I wrote by hand a long time ago, finally typed up. Something slightly different than the usual around here. Enjoy!


“Congratulations,” Maggie said as she squeezed William’s free hand. “I’m so proud of you.” Maggie placed the envelope containing his employment offer in the back seat.

“Thanks,” William replied, nodding while keeping his eyes on the road. “Working for this hospital really is an opportunity of a lifetime…but I’m sad that things will be different. We’re lucky that we were both in college together this year. But I’d rather not go off to the East Coast without you.” Maggie, still in her undergrad program, had a quite a few years to go before she would be were William was, finally starting his residency as a doctor.

“You’re sweet, William,” Maggie responded. “But, you know, there are other options.”

“We agreed that this the optimal decision. It’s not perfect, but we’ve already analyzed all the alternatives…” William said.
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I have been posting a series of transformation fiction on deviantArt called "Clowntopia" which is a simple concept that beyond our world there are several alternate realities. One of these is called Clowntopia, and the doorway to this reality is located in the back of an old Joke shop. The people that find themselves there don't stay the same for very long. Someone who read this on DeviantArt suggested I post it here, so I figured I'd test the waters with the first story I ever wrote in the series. Please be adviced. It is very strange. Clown transformation is a weird thing, I know, and not everybody likes it (espeically those with a fear of clowns) but If you like it, and wish me to post the rest of the stories, I would love to. I love this place, and I hope I'll be able to contribute with this series and even more.

Clowntopia: The Storefront

Jennifer stared at the sign that hung above the door to the shop she had never seen before. Being in a popular beach town, new shops sprung up all the time, but this one looked, for lack of a better word, old. Old, as if it had been there for years, and yet, she, who had lived there all her life, had never ever seen it. The old wooden sign above the door swung in the open air read in gold letters "Chuckle's Joke Shop. "

"Joke Shop" she said to herself with curiosity in her voice. "This should be interesting."

She opened the door which instead of ringing a bell, honked a loud horn. She peered into the store, not knowing what to expect. She then walked in and saw shelves going down the length of the very long shop.

"Hello?" she said, trying to judge who was inside the store, if anyone. She looked around, not really seeing anyone as she let the door close, which let out another loud honk.

"Oh Hello there!" said a friendly male voice. Suddenly a man popped up from behind the checkout counter. He wore a friendly painted on smile, his skin was pale as snow, his cheeks were dotted with red, and his hair was a bright blue.

"Welcome to Chuckle's Joke Shop! I am Chuckles. How may I help you?" he smiled.
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