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Straight transformation fetishes.
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(Woman into Toad)

Britt was out for a walk in the park on her way from high school. She couldn't stop thinking about the rock show she was going to tonight, and if she would be able to hook up with the singer from any touring band. She had just turned 18 a little over a week ago, and she was more than determined to check her favorite bands off her list.

Britt knew that she was capable of seducing them too. She was a shorter girl, but she stuck out in a crowd; not only because of her bright pink teased hair layered over blonde hair with pink hair extensions, but her petite nose, snakebite piercings on her lips, and her long dark eyelashes that accentuated her light blue eyes. She was probably one of the only scene girls in town that could pull it off with very little makeup. She was never seen in public without her dark eyeliner on though.

She had an excellent body as well, slightly curvy, but in all the right places. She had smaller breasts, barely C cups, but she had an incredible ass, and a soft voice that could easily work a phone sex line.

As she was walking through the park, she passed a red-headed woman looking down at a toad who appeared to be croaking in a panic. The woman raised her head and looked at Britt, and smirked. Britt wasn't going to take that from some redheaded woman.

"Hey, how about you go back to talking to your toad instead of bothering me!" Britt snarled, "You two make quite the couple!"

The woman was taken aback, "That's quite humorous coming from someone like you. How about you tell me that without all that makeup on sweetie?"

Britt was not wanting to deal with this lady anymore, and continued walking by shaking her head, but as she got close she let out one final insult.
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(Girl to donkey TF)

Joan was taking a walk on top of a grassy hill outside of her hometown like she always did every weekend. It was a way of relaxing herself from all the stress from either her folks, college or her little brother Steve who always does her head in with questions nonstop. As she travelled, with the wind blowing against her brown hair, she felt her leg bumped into something made of steel, hurting her shin as it made contact, making her yell in pain and hobble.

"Whose the dumbass who left this out here?!" She cries, until she sees something shine in the sun. She allowed her curiosity get he better of her and decided to take a closer look at the gleaming of….coins? Gold coins? Was this someone's hidden treasure? Life savings maybe? To hell with it, she found it, and as they say finders keepers losers weepers. Joan quickly tried to gather some of the coins from the cauldron and stash them into her purse or pockets in her trousers until she heard a "Ahem!" behind her, startling her to turn around.

There stood a tiny man with a small ginger beard, a green coat, a hat with a four-leaf clover on the side, shiny pointed black boots with golden belts on them, green striped socks and brown set of trousers. Apparently this little man was glaring his baby blue eyes at Joan angrily.

"Lass," He rumbled, in his gruff thick irish accent. "Didn't ye mother taught ya not to steal from a leprechaun? It's as if ye got no brains in your head! Harumph! This is me pot o gold! Me hard work earned keep! And ye decide to go and steal it ya greedy little ass!"

Joan scoffed. "Go find another pot. I found this first. And you can't do nothing about it! "Leprechaun" ha! There's no such thing as leprechauns here. If you are one, I say prove it! Do something magical, you little midget!" She spat, not believing the being in front of her.

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File: 1482704851890.png (181.65 KB, 299x439, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google


Warning: The following story contains cowgirl transformation, breast expansion, udder expansion, lactation, and sexual themes. If these do not appeal to you, then do not read this.

Scotty nearly whimpered as the huge black bull laid her down in one of the piles of hay in the barn, the hay tickling her bare back and butt and getting into her long brunette hair. The farmer, a young man in coveralls and a plain red ball cap, strolled into the barn and began to look over the short naked woman, making her blush as she tried her best to cover her bare breasts and exposed vulva. “Please,” said Scotty weakly, “I’d like to just go home.”

“Aww sheeeet” drawled the farmer while the bull stood off to the side of the barn, “it’s too late fer seconds thoughts missy! You signed the doc-cue-min-tations: you legally sold yerself as breeding stock to this here farm!”

Scotty’s face suddenly burned with heat. She was breeding stock?

“And besides, there’s no turnin’ back after drinkin’ that there trans-formative milk.”

Her blue eyes went wide. “Trans… formative…?”

“I’m still surprised you wanted to be a permanent resident of our farm” chuckled Scotty’s new owner. “I mean, not everyone wants to be a cow for the rest of their natural life.”

Cow?! Rest of my natural life?!?!
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A group of college campers were driving along a forest road looking for the perfect spot to set up camp.

"Oh, how about there?" Cathy asked.

"Too many trees." Chloe sighed.

"Oh oh! How about there." Samantha asked.

"Too much sunlight." Chloe sighed.

"Okay, how about there?" Susan asked.

"Too much…leaves." Chloe sighed.

"Damn it Chloe, what's with the sour attitude? You used to love camping." Johnny asked.
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Elam smiles as he gazes over the boxes stacked in the living room. Finally after more than a year of misery his mother was throwing his step-father and his two bratty children out of the house. Elam had no real problems with Taylor, the eldest of the two, who was simply an ignorant teenage boy. But Aerial on the other hand was one of the worst people he had met in his life. Elam lets out a sigh and looks down at the small bag in his hand, giving it a light swish. He may have hated his job, but the kind old woman who he tended to every morning had given this to him to help say goodbye to his rude step sister. He closes his eyes and thinks back to the woman's words. "Remember to hold your own breath when you open the pouch and spray the powder over the girl…..she will become what her inner self is and reality will bend to fit her new existence." She had said and give him the small leather pouch. With a sigh he opens his eyes and heads from the living room and down the hallway towards Aerial's bedroom, everyone else would be gone for a few hours so he had no better chance to at least attempt to prank his step sister, although his expectations of this magic powder were very low at best.

He stops outside her door, listening to her music playing as he goes over everything she had done while he had known her. She would scream about not getting her way, cuss and threaten people, ignore all the house rules, tattle on everyone for everything, started sleeping around at 15 because her friends were doing it, and had no respect for anyone else or their possessions. Elam takes a deep breath and knocks on the door lightly. "WHAT!?" Came the shrill reply to the knock. "Um…Aerial can I come in real fast?" He asks, gritting his teeth and trying to stay as polite as possible. "Sure whatever…" She replied. Elam opened the door and stepped inside the small bedroom, where his 16 year old step sister was lazily packing her things into boxes, wearing one of her normal slutty outfits. Elam blushes and averts his gaze from her plump thighs on display as her ass was barely covered by a tight pair of shorts while a long t shirt reached down to almost the groin of her shorts. Elam opens his mouth to speak but looks away when he realizes Aerial was not wearing a bra and her pert nipples were pressing obviously against the sky blue t-shirt. "So what do you want creeper…." She huffs, turning to look at her soon to be ex step brother. "Well AerialPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cow Ray Invasion (Anthro Cow TFs)

Gleam was a small coastal city, oddly known for its cow farms and milk imports of all things. Caitlyn just so happened to work for a small farm that dealt with some of the big brand named milk products. It wasn’t the most exciting job, as she worked as an accountant there, but it gave her enough free time to practice her passion: photography. Her lunch break had just started and having eaten earlier, she decided to use her extra time to take some pictures of the beautiful rolling grass fields, peppered nicely with specks of the farm’s cows in the distance. She leaned forward against the sturdy wooden fence, happily taking pictures of the peaceful landscape, unaware of a single cow that seemed to be studying her. As her camera flashed and captured each moment, the cow quietly stepped over to her, keeping near the fence to stay out of sight. Lowering her camera, she nodded satisfyingly before noticing something in her peripherals. Turning to see what came so close to her, she was instead given a surprising lick across her face. Falling over on her behind, she sputtered, wiping off the cow spit all over her face before looking up to face her assailant. She was shocked to see that it was a cow that got the jump on her, but her shock slowly faded as the cow’s pupils stared deep into her own, penetrating her mind, the camera in her hand going haywire as its programming started to rewrite itself, a glow beginning to radiate in the lens…

Abby was humming happily down the road, excited to see her best friend since her shift was over. Caitlyn had texted her that she got a new camera and wanted to test it out with her. Thinking about her reminded Abby about the strange feeling she had today: as she was working in town, she seemed to have randomly seen Caitlyn in her mind, first as a human before quickly fading into an image of her as a anthro cow girl. ‘That’s silly,’ Abby thought to herself, ‘There’s no way she would look like that! I’ve known her ever since she was a calf to know she has always been a cow girl!’

Pushing the thought aside, she continued her trek, reaching the scenic outlook area they agreed to meet at. Sure enough, Caitlyn was already there, sitting on the small concrete barrier with her udders spilled out in front of her and tail lightly whipping back and forth behind her. She gave a small smile, licking her broad, dark nose with her thicker and longer tongue. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Pig Stock Citizens (Anthro Pig TFs)

Casey had gotten herself into a sticky situation… and it wasn’t even her fault! She had just been walking down the street when the curfew bell rang. As soon as she turned the corner, she found herself assaulted by several dark figures that were quick to knocking her out with a sedative of some sort.

She could barely tell what was going on as her head lightly tapped against the moving van she was shoved in. She couldn’t tell very well, but it seemed that there were others there as well. After about an hour of moving, the van finally stopped and Casey and the other occupants were lead out of the van and into a large building. She could barely tell what was happening, let alone control her movements as her body naturally followed the blurry figures before her. What she could make out was that it seemed everyone groggily walking in line from the van were other young women about the same age as her, ranging from their late teens and early twenties.

The further they moved deeper into facility, the more things in her vision became clearer, although her mind could still not comprehend the situation. The hallway they walked down was filled with many doors and windows with different labels and other girls within them. One window was labeled ‘Horsepower Conditioning’ with many young women within the room, pulling carts on a looped track. She couldn’t tell in detail, but somehow, the girls’ faces and legs appeared ‘off’ but before her slowed mind could make them out, her body had already moved forward. Later, she noticed another window labeled the ‘Clucking Conditioning’ Inside, there were more young women inside, but this time, she could see many of them were squatting down oddly with their hands tucked under their pits. They all seemed to be spacing out as giant speakers were vibrating loudly with some kind of noise. Casey couldn’t hear anything come from the room, but their strangely pointed mouths seemed to be opening and closing in sync with the vibrations. Again, before she could see more, her stumbling body moved on, along with her equally groggy mind.

By the time she came to, Casey found herself in a similarly large room as she saw before. Looking down, she noticed her clothes were gone. She looked up in a panic and attempted to cover her naked body, only to notice that she was not alone. The other young women from the van were also waking up from their knocked out stupor, some of them hadPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1482634377534.jpg (267.93 KB, 912x1280, lessons.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Dora moaned out, in front of the whole class full of were-animals. Students were already in various states of transformation and undress when she started her lesson, juices leaking from their crotches as many were already well into their seasonal heat, barely holding it together. Today Dora was supposed to show them how to deal with their urges, control their lust, but she was a bad teacher. She had come in wearing barely anything at all, lacy panties, no bra, just a tight fitting top and a miniskirt that showed…well…everything. As she started her lesson about pheromones she began to pace up and down the classroom. As she tried to keep her lesson going her body began to change into her curvaceous bovine form. This was the most important part of the day's activities, showing the students by example.

Even as her body was going into sexual overdrive she could still teach, could still show the students how to control themselves. Her breath hitched in her chest as her breasts began to balloon outward, pushing at her top with swelling pink nipples. Her vision began to go white as her hips cracked wider, her lacy underwear pulling tightly between huge swelling pussy lips. Dora's lesson was faltering as her hands began reshaping into thick bovine digits, digits whose purpose was increasingly to ply and knead her erogenous boob flesh. Dora was barely paying attention to her class’s increasing din of sexual fervor taking place front of her. Many students splintering their desks, sexual juices splashing and flying through the air as they coated writhing freshly grown pelts of fur. Her legs cracked into digit grade as she moaned, spurring them all on with her own ministrations, her breasts the size of beachballs, sloshing with her sweet liquid. Dora half-screamed, half-moaned as the liquid pushed her boobs ever larger. She was too full! Her legs quaked below her as short brown fur coated her body, her face pushing into a short bovine muzzle.

She could feel the pressure building deep in her loins as her body tensed and released, sinewy muscles hardening under fur. Her pussy burrowing deeper and deeper into her body as her love canal expanded to take even the most monstrous of were-creature cocks, Dora's thickening labia rubbed against her thighs as her mound swelled, pushing outward as it puckered around the straining panties. The gates to her womanhood convulsing and pulling at an invisible lover as she shuddered, the pressure building.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Dora’s whole body bucked, her body shaking as sinewy muscles convulsed right below her sheer brown fur. Her mouth gaped open as she tried her best to hold back a long bovine “Mmmmrrahhhhhhhh”. Her voice deepening, becoming huskier as her boobs filled with ever increasing pressure. Dora felt rivulets of her sweet womanly juices starting to making their way out out of her pulsing lower lips. The lubricant was scalding hot as it wove its way through the soft fur on her thighs.

“C..class…pay..pay attention!!!” Dora managed to bellowing a mix of an orgasmic scream and as stern of a teacher voice as she could manage. It was all she could do between hot heaving breaths, her body doing its best to hold itself together. “You can…uhhnnnhhh…tell the female is in heaahhhHHHH!!!!” Dora screamed, her head rearing backwards as her body finally hit its limit. Her fingers grabbed and gripped her engorged nipples as they began to swell slightly, spurting small arcs of white milk into the air.

Any instruction she had hoped to impart was subsumed by her orgasmic moans of pleasure as her breasts jiggled and thrummed under her needy hands. Her pussy was growing again as it was engorged with massive amounts of heat-filled blood. Thick outer lips sucked and plied at her panties, gushes of her juices splashing out of her deepening birth canal as she moo’ed uncontrollably. Dora’s legs thickened as her hoofs became more feral, growing several inches as they clattered loudly on the floor under her shaking spasming form. Milk was squirting out her breasts faster and thicker as she came, a widening puddle of her sexual juices forming at her feet. “AAHHHHHHHRRMMMMMRAOOOOOOOO” she screamed as her breasts heaved upward on her chest, pulled up by her thick bovine digits. Spurts of her lubricating juices splashing every inch of her furry thighs until they were sopping wet.

She couldn’t stop cumming as she hit orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave. Her inner walls spasming uncontrollably. Without a thick log of meat filling her she had nothing for her snatch to latch onto. The expansive emptiness she had inside only made her buck harder, her hips thrusting needfully. Several students attempted to make their way to Dora to satiate their own needs by sinking themselves deep into her waiting chasm. However they were all intercepted by their equally needy classmates, smotherePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Mind control, adult baby, weight gain)

There was no mistake, Meg Ryan loathed Roxanne Davenport but since their mother’s were best friends she tried to get along with her. Tried and failed.

Roxanne was on top of the social ladder in school, popular and attractive. Roxanne often boasted of her status, especially being cheerleading captain and prom queen candidate.

But there was more.

Roxanne wasn’t especially fond of the less than popular students; nerds, science geeks and those socially and physically inferior. Snubbing them entirely or on occasion, speaking to them in a demeaning manner.
But for Meg it was worse. Roxanne intentionally ridiculed her, at least at school, around their mom’s she usually treated Meg decent, on the verge of nice.

However, Roxanne routinely flaunted her figure and made snide comments about Meg’s weight, inadequate fashion skills and lack of male attention.

Meg took it all in stride due to their mother’s long - thriving friendship. Why chance damaging a perfectly fine friendship. It was senior year of high school, in just a few months she’d be rid of Roxanne and her torment. Anyway Roxanne’s mom Tracy always treated Meg especially sweet.
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(Humiliation, adult baby, pseudo race / culture change, weight gain)

The HARKLORN CENTER FOR WOMEN .. A psychological hospital and research center located in a rural portion of New England. The tall yellow stone building, surrounded by a 15-foot tall chain link fence, resembled a medieval castle, originally it had been a medical school when it was erected back in the late 1800’s.

It was now a government sponsored mental health facility that had a classroom for disadvantaged females along with a staff of social workers to aid their clients in enrolling for public aid and various other benefits. There was indeed a small functioning hospital and research department.
Doctor Louise Devoux was the acting CEO, who made a name for herself in the study of the cause and effect of poverty on women.

Louise was an attractive, intelligent woman, an overachiever some might say (including herself), for she was still in her twenties.

Brown hair, delicate features and slim figure. Fashion model gorgeous her appearance opened many doors for her. And this was obvious when it came time to select somebody to run the establishment after the former CEO moved on. The only other contender was Doctor Jane Hena, an intelligent woman as well, though thought quite eccentric by Louise. Jane Hena was a plump middle-aged women with graying black hair and granny style eyeglasses, not especially attractive and dressed ridiculously frumpy. It was apparent why Louise was selected over Jane, even though Jane’s credentials were just as noteworthy.

It was a late afternoon when Louise was finishing her work and was about to take a four day weekend at a cozy ocean side resort in Maine.

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Over the course of the four day period Louise Devoux now Louise Doe was treated like any other patient of the hospital. This was quite humiliating for the vain, intelligent young woman, especially since her room was in the lower level. Patients in the lower level could never leave their rooms, were without phones and it was light’s out at promptly nine o’clock.

Her RN was a young trim African-American woman who ignored Louise’s rants about not belonging there and that she was actually a psychologist. Violet Washburn brought Louise her meals, bland hospital food with a glass of milk, and upon taking her vitals every morning, gave Louise sponge baths, though naturally sedating the patient first.

Four days later Violet walked into Louise’s room and sugary announced, “Hey sweet pea, your doctor will be in here shortly to see you.”

“Why can’t I convince you that I’m a psychologist myself and run this place”, Louise muttered before yawning,

Violet affectionately smiled, “Now don’t get upset, Miss Doe, you’ll be well taken care of.”

Louise sat upright in her bed, “Violet, Jane is crazy, she’s going to experiment on me. Please help me get out of here.”

Violet humorously snickered, “Dr. Hena, crazy? I’ll tell ya sweet pea, everyone around here thinks she’s marvelous! Give her a chance, you will too!”
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Kim stood along side the crib, a baby bottle in her arms while Wanda coated Louise’s ass with baby powder.

The nurses conversing over various trivial subjects, nothing pertaining to Louise Doe, previously known as Doctor Louise Devoux.

Louise impatiently listened to the drivel but finally irritably squawked, “How long will I be kept here?”

Wanda grabbed the overly large, plastic adult diaper, “Honey, interrupting adults while they talk isn‘t polite.”

“At least give me some real food, I’m getting tired of milk”, Louise said, nibbling on her thumb.

Wanda ignored Louise’s comment as she proceeded to diaper her, and instead resumed her conversation with Kim.

Once Louise was securely diapered, Kim gently handed Louise the bottle.
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Louise was given a schedule that was dutifully carried out by the nurses.

She was usually fed a breakfast of oatmeal and baby cereal and given a bottle that included hormones. Some TV before her nap and then another bottle.

Lunch included various kinds of baby food and bottles before and after.

Some free time in the playroom with Sesame Street on the TV, then a bottle before her nap.

Dinner, more baby food and a bottle of milk.

After dinner Louise was placed in an adult size playpen and given a bottle.

A little snack usually ice cream or pudding before bedtime which was at nine o’clock.
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…..The days seemed to blend together for Louise. Eating, sleeping between watching mundane children shows that against her strong will were starting to become enjoyable.

Kim did start to treat her vaguely nice again after the incident where Louise knocked the bowl of baby food on her. Though she continued to get on Louise’s nerves with her relentless bragging about her popularity and beauty.

Wanda was much more sincere with affection and sometimes would treat Louise to candy bars and ice cream. Calling her little sister or Lulu.

Whenever Dr. Hena would make her visits, she would taunt her rival with comments about her weight, “156-pounds! Still getting enough to eat?” And her status as patient, “You’re progressing well, in a few months we’ll see about housing you in the main hospital.” And her potential, “We’ll give you an aptitude test and see about a career. How does garment maker or bathroom attendant suit you?”


Wanda was sweetly humming while diapering Louise, “Wanda is so proud of you, yes she is! Finishing two whole bowls of oatmeal and then a bowl of melted cheese and noodles.”

Louise giggled as Wanda patted her bloated tummy.
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Louise sat against the side of her playpen, nourishing on a bottle while watching a cartoon program on TV. The prestigious psychologist snorting between sips, questioning how much longer would she be trapped as a patient and treated like a child.
“If me not outa here soon, my brain will turn into mush”, Louise mumbled at one point.

Wanda entered the playroom, humming out loud, and wiping the drool from Louise’s lips before picking up the empty bottle.

“Dr. Hena said you can have a little time in the recreation center”, Wanda announced, “Lulu want to go bye-bye!”

Louise’s expression soured, leaving the confines of the nursery and being put on display in front of other patients wasn’t at all amusing to her.

Kim came to Wanda’s aid in preparing Louise for her outing.

They put her brown hair into pigtails and dressed her in a frilly pink top and a fresh plastic diaper.

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