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Straight transformation fetishes.
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Female Cow Transformation
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cow sequence



yes yes yes


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Her First Time

"It's just the next street on the left," said Alice to the taxi driver.
"Happy Birthday again sis" Alice said reaching over to her sister and giving her a peck on the cheek. "You are finally a big girl, all grown up!" she joked.

"Hey! You are only two years older than me!" Sarah laughed drunkenly.

Alice had invited her sister over to her student apartment for her 18th Birthday party. A quiet afternoon was spent there relaxing and preparing for the evening festivities, followed by a crazed night out clubbing.

"Wow I don't know how you do this every night!" Sarah gasped, the alcohol heavily acting upon her.

"Well sis…you learn to get used to it," Alice grinned.

Alice beckoned to the taxi driver to stop. The taxi pulled over towards the curb and both sisters jumped out. Alice shoved a handful of notes into the taxi drivers hand and turned to see her sister near face plant onto the pavement.

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Distressing by deegecamaro

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Nken transformation art


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more nken


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Girl to lucario


Sticking Her Nose In [Pig TF]

Lacey Taylor was hard at work sketching, under her favourite tree, in a secluded spot of the park. She had immersed herself so fully in her craft that she hadn’t noticed the pair of eyes watching her from across the park or that the owner of those sparkling eyes had snuck up beside her to take a peek at her work. It was no surprise that Lacey burned with frustration when her concentration was rudely interrupted by the onlooker’s gratingly sweet voice.

“That looks pretty good,” the girl said. Lacey recognised the girl immediately as the towns’ resident comic artist. Her name was Cécilia and she would quite happily talk about and show off her sketches in the bars and cafes.

Cécilia had heard people say steer clear of Lacey Taylor but no one would ever say why. She felt sorry that people seemed to avoid Lacey for no apparent reason and wanted to reach out to her. Now that she knew that they had something in common, she had the perfect way to make friends… or so she thought.

Cécilia stood nervously looking over Lacey’s shoulder. She was waiting for a reply from Lacey but none came and so she stood there in awkward silence. Cécilia concluded that she would have to say a little more to start a conversation so she looked Lacey’s sketch over and said the first thing that came to mind.

“I think you need to work a little on the proportions though, those arms and legs look a little chunky.”

Chunky!? Lacey twitched from sheer annoyance but Cécilia continued with what she thought was a helpful critique. Lacey did not appreciate the unsolicited appraisal and quietly seethed as she listened. Not only was this girl breaking the flow of her art but now she was criticising her work as well. Lacey only grew more frustrated as she realised that Cécilia’s assessment was actually quite accurate.

“Here, let me show you one of my pieces so you know what I mean,” Cécilia placed her portfolio onto her lap and pulled out on of her most recent sketches. It was a simple self-portrait that she hadn’t bothered to ink but the resemblance was clear and she had added a splash of colour to it to bring out the green highlights in her shoulder length black hair. It was clear from that one picture that Cécilia was the more talented artist of the two, a fact that drove Lacey over the edge.
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Chimp-mercial (Bonobo Ape TF)

I sighed as I matted my brown hair, and set up a nearby camera. I couldn't believe I agreed to do this! There was movie due out in theaters in just a couple of weeks called "Animal Crackers" and I was asked to transform myself live on camera as a sort of viral marketing campaign. I was used to transformation, so I seemed like the perfect candidate to help market this film. I was clad in nothing but a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I could not have warn a more plainer outfit even if I tried!

I looked down at the yellow box of Animal Crackers, situated right next to my bare feet. I bent over and glared at the box, knowing that I had to do this advertisement if I wanted to get paid! I gulped as I tore open the yellow box and closed my eyes. I decided that I was going to go into this blind and choose a cracker at random, even if it meant ending up as a pig or hippo! I shuffled my hand around in the cardboard box, as I knocked the various crackers about. After a while, I finally swallowed my pride and grabbed one.

With my eyes still closed, I scooped the biscuit up and move it towards my lips. I opened my mouth wide and took several bites. Afterwards, I swallowed the bits of chewed cookie as I opened my eyes. I didn't feel different, at least not as first. I sat there quietly on my chair, waiting for something to happen. That's when I felt my skin start to chafe. I looked down at my flesh and founding it changing color. My white flesh became charcoal black in color as my skin became somewhat wrinkled.

My face became dotted with a ton of wrinkles as I felt my muzzle started to stretch out. My lips remained pink in color, but the area around my lips as well as my entire face turned charcoal black. My eyes started to water as their makeup changed completely, while at the same time transforming into a pair of emotionless animal eyes. My eyes became beady and black as my ability to see certain colors dimmed.

My face stretched out into a small muzzle as my nose melted into my face, leaving me with two large nostril ridges in place of them. I felt the muzzle with my hand, and took of its rather wrinkly and dry nature. It didn't take me long to figure out what I was becoming, this muzzle belonged to that of a chimpanzee! My transformation continued as my ears grew larger. They still retained their human shape, but took on a much larger size. My sense of hearing increased greatly as a rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Women to Anthro Sow and Cow & Baby to Calf.

National Defense

As she slowly regained consciousness, Stacey became more aware of her surroundings. She was being dragged down a long, white corridor. The fluorescent lights burned her eyes and the rough hands carrying her were practically pulling her arms out of their sockets. Try as she might, she couldn’t get her feet under her and eventually stopped trying as she was brought through a set of double doors.

She found herself in a large laboratory with a set of four windows along the opposite wall. Three had their lights off, the fourth and nearest had light inside but had its set of blinds closed, denying visual access. A tall, broad man with black hair and lab coat stood next to the window with his back to the doors. The two men sat Stacey in a chair facing the window. The cold metal of the steel chair made Stacey suddenly aware of her nakedness. She crossed her legs, folded her arms across her chest and leaned forward a little, in part to keep herself warm in the cold room.

As she sat there she looked about the room and tried to recall everything that had happened. The last thing she remembered was driving home from a party with her friend, Ruth. The two had been best friends since seventh grade. Both were attractive young ladies but Ruth was the homecoming Queen and track star, Stacey was the science whiz. The two of them were in their junior years at TCU. Ruth was there on a track scholarship and Stacey was studying pre-med. As Stacey surveyed the room, the tall man in front of her spoke, “You’re probably wondering where you are and why you’re here. The very existence of this facility is classified so I can’t tell you its location but I can tell you its purpose.”

The tall man turned to face her. He wore a pair of reading glasses that he took off and set on a nearby counter. He had a strong jaw line and dark piercing eyes. He was athletically built and was barely balding. After setting down his glasses he put his hands in his pockets and leaned forward a little bit, staring at Stacey.

After a second he finally spoke, “This facility was created in 1997 as a response to the growing threat of biological terrorism. The existence of this facility is known to only those who work here and a few men and women within the CIA, not even the president knows we’re here.”

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National Defense part 2

������ Stacey's beautiful breasts had at first multiplied and swelled to an enormous size.� Now they had fused together and were sliding down her chest to her fat, parturient belly.� Heaving and rising as the

child inside thrashed about in throes of its own painful transformation.

�������������� When the process finally ended she was led out of the room, down the hall and up a corridor to the outside world.� Looking around she figured out the lab was housed beneath a farm.� A wise choice because all the transformed test subjects could be added to the herds of livestock without anyone noticing.

�������������� Stacey was led to a stall in a large barn where she quickly went into labor.� After caring for her young calf for a while.� She was introduced to a large bull.� The two of them mated but when their union produced nothing but another calf she quickly joined the ranks of the milk-producers.

It did not take long after her transformation for her bovine brain to suppress the last remnants of her human mind.� With the passing of each day she found the instincts and desires of a cow taking hold of her mind.

�The incessant urge to eat, to grow as thick and as meaty as she could.� To feel her teats stretching and swelling with fatty milk possessed her every thought.
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Female race change sequence

We see a very materialistic, and heavily socially influenced bimbo, Kitty, being observed by the far more natural beauty of Monique. Monique, as my characters tend to be, is a magical woman. She sees the poor and repressed Kitty starving herself and working far too hard to fit the idealized version of beauty and wants to help her out.


File: 1483176295460.jpg (272.97 KB, 571x800, cmsn__one_tribe_part_2_by_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

part 2


File: 1483176358007.jpg (277.81 KB, 571x800, cmsn__onetribe_part_3_by_w….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


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one more after this


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The end

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Nasty Beast by locofuria


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Nasty beast continued


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If from mamabliss not locofuria


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Transformation Horse Comission


File: 1482821175320.jpg (194.11 KB, 688x1162, horse_2nd_sequence_comissi….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

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