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Straight transformation fetishes.
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Trading Everything

By Jason(I believe this is the correct author. If not I am sorry.)


Mary Anne

The bus ride to school had, as usual, been terrible. You’d think that after four years the shit heads of this world, and of bus route twenty-one, would get sick of tormenting me. Yes, I’m short. Yes, I’m fat. No, I can’t start forest fires with my glasses. Yes, I know that most freshmen have bigger boobs than I do. Anything else? Right, black went out with the 90s, and since I don’t dye my hair, no I don’t think another color would be better than black. You know you’ve hit the bottom when even freshmen will take a swipe at you without hesitation.

Three months to graduation and I could be free of this hell. Three more months. Then, if I was lucky, I could vanish into the obscurity of some mediocre job without further torment. Life sucks. It’s not fair and it sucks. In the grand scheme of things, having shitty looks and a tough life was supposed to balance out. I was supposed to have amazing geek powers and brains. But the only class I was passing was art, and if I heard one more crack about how I was a senior in sophomore English, I was going to scream.


The morning sun had barely climbed above the west hills as Jenny finished her last set of twenty-five sit-ups. The six-thirty alarm had buzzed perhaps twice before she’d clicked it off and launched into her morning routine. Two hundred sit-ups, alternated with pushups, light weights, and plenty of stretching. She threw a towel over her shoulder and left her personal gym for a shower.
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The Frustrations of Ms. Jana Trimble (new story)

Postby bozox00727 » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:09 am
By Bozox00727

Sally Grayson was a beautiful 24 yr old blonde who worked as a teller at the local bank. She was the constant focus of the male customers, both young and old, who yearned for her attention. Not only did Sally have a gorgeous face with perfect teeth but her body was the envy of every woman who laid eyes on her. Sally was five feet 3 inches tall with very perky D cup breasts, an extremely shapely rear end and of course, an overall well toned physique maintained by her constant workout regimens and strict dieting.

Wealthy Jana Trimble was one of those women envious of Sally. Jana was not blessed with good looks and although she wore copious amounts of makeup, she was unable to hide her homely appearance. Her overweight body was a disaster with stumpy legs and pendulous breasts that hung down to her stomach. Jana’s nature was one of dominance, partially because of her wealth but mostly as a desire for power. Jana, however, was unable to exert any influence or power over Sally at the bank. Sally rebuffed her intentions of domination and rude behavior whenever their paths crossed. As a result, Jana grew increasingly frustrated and was always daydreaming of a plan to take control and humiliate the vivacious beauty. Jana not only wanted to exert her influence over Sally but was also strangely attracted to her sexually. Sally was to be her eventual toy she hoped!

One day Jana Trimble had an idea that would hopefully forever change the course of Sally’s future. Her plan was to pay off the gambling debts of patrolman Dave Andrews. Dave was well known to Jana and an habitual gambler. A financial favor would put the young policeman in Jana’s debt. The patrolman would then be forced to do the biding of the wealthy socialite. Jana’s scheme was to have the patrolman pull over Ms. Grayson on a routine traffic stop and at the same time plant some illegal drugs in the beautiful blonde’s car. Once the gorgeous woman was brought into the jail, the young patrolman would allow the elder Ms. Trimble to take responsibility of Sally on her personal guarantee. And, only if she obeyed Ms. Trimble and her future guidance, would she be able to remain free.
Jana Trimble’s plan worked to perfection. She explained to the confused Sally that because of her wealthy status in the community, she often aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Don't Change Yourself (WG, Race, Slob)
Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:46 am

This is a story I wrote in a four hour burst of inspiration. I have no idea if it's any good, so I'll post the first part and if there's enough interest, I'll post the rest. Also, this story is based around racial and cultural stereotypes, and is therefore probably offensive to everyone. Sorry about that, but I just liked the idea too much not to write it.

Rebecca White was excited to be heading off to college. Doubly so because she'd be living with Sarah, her best friend from high school. It was an adventure for both of them; they had grown up together in a posh New England suburb, and were going to a school on the other side of the country in LA. As the weeks went by, Sarah quickly adapted to their new environment. Rebecca, less so.

"I'm just saying you need to be a little more open to new experiences."

"What are you talking about? I'm plenty open."

"Look at the people you hang out with. Look at the guys you've dated. They're all from within 20 miles of where you grew up."

"What about Stephen?"

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Wow, glad you all liked it. Also, after writing it, I realized it's quite similar to Jared86's excellent Europe Trip, so if you like this, you'll probably like his as well. Anyways, here's part 2:

So when they got back on campus, Sarah set her up with Nick. Nick was Asian, born in Northern California, and while he was indeed incredibly smart, he was also quite funny and personable as well. While it was a bit awkward at first (Nick seemed a bit intimidated), as she got to know him she grew to appreciate his quiet charm. Sarah noticed a change in Rebecca, too. She was back to her old, reserved self, which was a welcome change, although it began to seem like she may've been even more quiet than usual. And while she continued to flaunt her newfound cleavage, she moved away from plain white tanktops, and began buying t-shirts online and modifying them to suit her… assets.

While she at first enjoyed having the old Rebecca back, she soon began to worry again. As she got back from soccer practice one night, she flicked on the lights, and jumped.

"Jesus! Sorry, Rebbeca, I didn't realize you were here."

Rebecca sat at her computer with her headphones on, snacking on a bag of chips.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. I'm playing a game with Nick and I forgot to turn the lights on."

"Yeah… So listen, Scott McKenzie is having a party tonight, wanna come out?"

"Nah," Rebecca said, sipping on a large soda "Nick and I just started a quest. I'm probably gonna be here all night."
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By: Badcompany8888

Despite the cool September afternoon, Josh wiped sweat from his brow as he waited in the parking lot of Sawgrass Women’s Penitentiary. He was sweating because he was nervous. He was picking up Traci, his longtime fiancee, and hadn't seen her in two years. They decided it would be easier on them if they didn't have to endure painful visits through thick Plexiglas walls.

Once Traci went away, Josh volunteered for a tour of Iraq. There was no reason for him to stay in an empty house alone. Iraq helped him get his mind off things. He spent the last two years in a desert with sand in his pores while she served her two year sentence for shoplifting.

Josn shook his head, thinking of the awful luck they had. For the simple thrill of it, while in a department store Traci had grabbed a few things and stashed them in her purse. She thought she got away with it till the cops showed up at home and searched her car. There they found the hot merchandise, along with some cocaine that one of her ‘friends’ forgot in her car. Traci knew nothing of the coke but the damage was done.

Josh pulled out a picture of Traci and stared at it. She was no doubt a little hottie. Cute face with a small nose. Chestnut brown hair that she took immaculate care of and let grow to the middle of her back. Nice shaped D cups. He’d be lying if he said his favorite feature of her’s wasn't her tits. Curvy body, with maybe a little extra that Josh didn't let bother him too much. She tanned year round and always knew how to get her tone perfect. Never too white, but never too dark. She was wearing the smile that Josh fell in love with. While they hadn't talked or seen each other, by the way Traci's letters sounded she was in good spirits.

A tubby streetwalker had exited the prison’s door and was waving goodbye to the guards. Josh figured that if they were letting this skank out, Traci should be along shortly.

She was wearing a white tank top that was a few sizes too small. At least three inches of pale belly flesh showed above the waist of her painted on cutoff denim shorts. Every step she took in Josh’s direction caused her flabby midsection to jiggle and caused the tank top to work its way up, displaying more and more flab with each step. Her hair was bleached blonde and obviously done a while ago, evident by a good inch of brown roots. She wore a big pair of sunglasses. Josh didn't look at her face too much, he was aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks everybody! I agree, at this point Traci would be my kinda girl too, but Josh, well, not so much…

Things didn’t really get better. Josh went out and bought diet food and diet pills, but Traci wouldn’t touch them. She insisted to go out to eat every day, saying she wanted to enjoy the foods she missed out on while she was inside. Josh couldn’t bring himself to tell her no, at first. Buffets seemed to be her favorite. She would send Josh up to get her plate after plate of food. All she did was talk about food. How she missed things like McDonald’s fries and takeout Chinese and different meals she had on the inside.

Being seen with a fat, trashy girlfriend was embarrassing, but the way she acted in public made it worse. Traci must have left her table manners in jail, because she had none anymore. She would push too much food into her mouth, dropping crumbs down her cleavage. She didn’t always use a fork for her cake and pie, instead piling it in with her hands. She had no problem releasing gas whenever she felt the need. Traci didn’t bother to hold in her farts or stifle her burps. Instead she would rip one and then joke about how much it was going to stink, or belch loudly and follow it up with a giggle.

Josh bought P90X and other workout dvds, hoping Traci would make an attempt to get into shape. They went untouched. Traci made no attempt to get a job again either. Josh wished she would get back to work, not only to bring more money in, but so that maybe she’d meet some new friends who could help bring her back to some level of normal. But she preferred to stay at home on the couch, munching while watching stupid reality shows.

One day about a week after their reunion, Traci stated she was going shopping. Josh happily handed over his credit card, hoping she would buy some suitable clothes. Since she had got out, Traci was wearing nothing but super tight sweat pants and Josh’s t-shirts. And the ill-fitting cutoffs and tank top that she was wearing when Josh picked her up. Her old wardrobe didn’t even come close to fitting her anymore.

Before she left, Josh told her she was more welcome to put a gym membership on his card. He also hinted that she go to a saloon to do something about her hair. He could deal with her being blonde, but her brown roots made her hair look even worse. Five hours later, Traci came through the door with four shopping bags of clothing, but it wasn’t what Josh haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Africa Valley Changes - Horde of Travesties

"Why have you invaded our valley?" roared the elder of the tribe in his native language.

"Forgive us," stated twenty six year old Josh Green, "it was not our intent to invade your lands."

Having said that Josh was glad that his wife Anna had gotten him to learn many of the tribal languages of Africa because at that moment it was coming very in handy.

"Why have you come here!" roared the elder once more.

"It's like this," responded Josh who had been informed by his wife to tell the whole truth, "in our home lands we found that my wife could not become pregnant so I bought her to this land, one that she cherishes so much."

"Go on." stated the elder with a raised eyebrow.

"You see soon after coming to this land we were chased by evil spirits who drove is into this place."
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Birthday Wishes (AP, AR) by Jared86
Postby Jared86 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:24 pm

Birthday Wishes (AP, AR) by Jared86. A short story about a mother and daughter on their shared birthday…

“Excuse me,” the mother called out to the waiter as he passed by the table for two. “I wanted to let you know we have a birthday over here,” she said, gesturing to her daughter.

“All right, one birthday,” the waiter said with a beaming smile.

“Actually,” the eight year old girl called out. “It’s two birthdays!” she said as she pointed back at her mom.

“Wow, you two were both born on the same day?” the waiter asked, and both mother and child nodded in reply. “All right, two birthdays coming up.” Soon, two scoops of ice cream were presented, along with blazing candles and an artless rendition of “Happy Birthday” by a trio of waitstaff.

“What will you wish for, Christie?” her mother, Sandy, asked.
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Brenda's revenge (WG mind control humiliation)
Postby atilde » Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:03 am

Hello friends

Another Old story I've reworked a little.

Take Care, it is still for Adults


Sophie was vain. She was vain and had always something unpleasant to tell about
other girls.

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Down on the Farm
by Jared86. Contains weight gain, downgrade, pig, gas, and incest transformations.


The large house at the end of the street belonged to Milton and his mom, a brilliant, successful financial consultant. Milton was a bit of a nerd at school and was frequently bullied for it.

Milton’s mom, Julia, had become pregnant with Milton in high school, and when he found out the father split. Neither of them ever heard from him again, and after that, the only man in Julia’s life was her son.

It was early morning on a Thursday. Milton was looking forward to graduating high school in a few short weeks, and Julia was anticipating a long overdue promotion at work. Both of them performed their usual morning routines without suspicion or alarm, as thoughts of the future danced in their heads.

A dingy pickup truck slowly coasted to a stop outside their house. Before long, two large men wearing straw hats, greasy looking tattered shirts and suspenders exited the vehicle. They trudged towards the front door, kicking it down before running inside.

The front door swung in the wind, and from the street screams could be heard, followed by thuds and shatters and then by the distinctive sound of duct tape being unspooled. In another few moments, the two men hustled out of the home, each with a body over their shoulder. They deposited their abductees in the back of the truck and covered the vehicle’s bed. With a piercing “yeehaw,” they burned rubber and drove off down the street and into the distance.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The perversity of the Web (WG, MC, love…) 1/2
Postby atilde » Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:38 pm

Hi Friends.

I've decided to rework a little one of my old stories.

I hope it will please you.

As usual, it is for real ADULT. You have to know that this story is comming from my imagination. Do not want to do these things in the real word

Good reading, Take Care.

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The perversity of the Web (WG, MC, Love…) 2/2
Postby atilde » Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:41 pm

From part One, it's part two, and the end of the story.

Take care, For adults !!!!

Same remarks that the one I wrote on first part



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Media Whore by Changeme (MC, Slut, Downgrade?)

Bianca reviewed the paperwork again. She could have had someone do it for her, but she preferred to put in the hard work herself. “These numbers are terrible. What am I going to do?” She said aloud to no one in particular.

Picking up the phone, she dialed up her assistant, “Get me Mr. Marks, I have to speak with him.”

Bianca Davies didn’t like to speak to the media often. In fact, she rarely went outside at all. Some people called her a recluse, but she just didn’t crave the attention unlike many other rich folk she knew. However, this was a particularly desperate case; it was going to take more than business skills to save her charity, so she put aside her dislike for the media to call the king of all media, Johnny Marks of xWorld Media.

“Right away Miss Davies,” the assistant replied.

The phone clicked, and a gruff voice on the other end spoke, “Bianca Davies! I’m elated you would call! What does the ‘billionaire princess’ want from me?”

Bianca sighed—she hated the nickname. “Don’t call me that Mr. Marks. And don’t sell yourself short either; it’s not as if your media empire is a joke.”

Mr. Marks laughed, “Hoho, you flatter me, Ms. Davies. What can I do for you today?”
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